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2023.06.09 19:55 InaMinorKey Frame Rates - 23.976, 24, or 25?

i'm shooting a short promotional video for a couple of musicians. it'll be about 45 seconds showcasing them performing to promote on social media and their websites.

We're in the United States, but since it's just going online to post on their social media pages and websites, does it really matter whether i shoot true 24 fps, PAL (25 fps), or NTSC (23.976 fps) format?

i will likely use just one camera for this project, but if we continue to work together in the future, i'll likely end up incorporating multiple cameras, especially for any live performances.

i'd like to shoot and edit in 24 fps, but only one of my cameras (GH4) shoots in true 24 frames per second. The other cameras i have access to shoot 23.976 and 25, and so does the GH4, so i've considered using one of those frame rates to keep my camera options open.


Any insight about this would be helpful. Thanks.
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2023.06.09 19:54 BobDaisuki Your Ultimate Guide to S-rank every single Challenge song! Part 3: Nijigasaki(Finale)

Your Ultimate Guide to S-rank every single Challenge song! Part 3: Nijigasaki(Finale)
Apologies for getting this out extremely late, real life hasn't been too kind in my free time. But now that I have some more once again let me finish off this trilogy of guides once and for all! This will be the finale so if you want to see how to beat all the Aqours songs instead or want more context on why I'm doing this, I'll be linking Part 2 and Part 1 here respectively.
With that out of the way...let's begin. Starting off with Love U my friends.

Love U my friends(Natural-attribute)

Ah, this song. Let's look at the base gimmicks now shall we...
[Show Specialty] During the Live Show, base appeal of Non-Natural attribute school idols will fall by 50%
[Show Specialty] During the Live Show, base skill Activation Rate of non-Natural school idols will fall by 50%
Just like Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai, do not bring anything but natural-attribute URs into this song(unless they are the appeal boosters). But unlike that pure-attribute abomination, this one is significantly easier. Will still be very rough if you lack strong natural frontliners however. The main things to watch out for in this song are those 80% stamina dmg notes that pierces through shields. Those will hurt a lot if you face-tank them, luckily there's a way to deal with them that doesn't involve too much RNG. Those being DR on swap LSAs.
The first one shows up quite early, on note #16 to be exact. If you have Fes2 Hanayo(Natural GD), she'll make this song much easier to deal with. All you will have to do is either swap into your blue strategy(of GD-type healers) and tank it before swapping back after, or just start the song in your GD-side strategy and then swap to your frontline then. No worries if you do not have her, try to look for one as the guest assist in that case. She will also work just fine here despite the 30 note cooldown because all the 80% max health piercing notes are spread very far apart.
Not much to say about AC#1(Gain a total of 1,298,000 Voltage) and AC#2(Gain a total of 2,465,000 Voltage). They're pretty standard voltage ACs, the first one boosts all SP-type skill activation and the second one boosts all SK-type skill activation. Relying on those buffs will not be mandatory though so no need to stress over these(and the other voltage ACs in this song tbh).
AC#3(Maintain 80% or more of your Stamina). I hope you were very healthy after eating that first 80% note in the beginning because you do not want to swap back into the GD side-strat for this AC. If you didn't pass it either spend more time healing back at the start of the song or reset for better frontline healing RNG. The reason you do not want to swap back into the GD side-strat too early is because of the upcoming 2nd 80% piercing note. If you waste Fes2 Hanayo's swap on DR LSA it's gonna make eating this note very painful. Otherwise it comes right before AC#4 begins. So swap into your side-strat, and immediately swap back to green strat because...
AC#4(Gain a total of 801,000 Voltage with SP Skills). Oh boy this appeal chance. I hope your frontline has at least one SP-type UR because otherwise you're going to fail this AC. It demands over 800,000 voltage...and you only get 23 notes to pass it. There is not enough time for three SP-skills so you better two-shot it. At least it buffs both SP-type fill rates and skill activation, on top of adding a single trick note that fills the SP gauge by 10%.
AC#5(Maintain 80% or more of your stamina). If you need to swap back into the GD side-strat to pass this AC that's fine. The 3rd 80% piercing note doesn't come for a long time so you can heal back up if your frontline wasn't able to keep you green during the AC#4. AC#6(Gain a total of 2,074,000 Voltage) is just another standard voltage AC so not much to talk about.
AC#7(Gain a total of 400,000 Voltage with SP Skills). If you passed the 800k SP AC this one is much easier, so no need to sweat. It's shorter but it's also significantly smaller of a bar to pass so you should likely be fine. AC#8(Gain a total of 1,560,000 Voltage) is the final standard voltage AC, not much else to say. However after it's over be prepared to swap into the GD side-strat one last time because the 3rd and final 80% piercing note arrives.
AC#9(Maintain 90% or more of your Stamina). Either stay in your GD-side strat to heal back up or swap back to your frontline after eating the 3rd 80% piercing note. It'll be a gamble but either way, pray your healers are strong enough so you can pass this very last appeal chance.
Some of the good URs for this song:
-Fes3 Yoshiko: Best Natural frontliner in the entire game. Extremely good here. -Party Karin: Yoshiko but slightly lower stats. Still extremely good here. -Fes3 Nico: Solid filler, will help towards passing the voltage and SP ACs. -Fes2 Dia: Nico except she comes with SP-Overcharge instead. Really helpful for that 4th AC where you need 801,000 voltage from SP-skills. -Fes3 Nozomi: Solid frontliner in general for this song. -Fes2 Hanamaru: Same as Nozomi -Fes2 Rin: Same as Nozomi -Fes1 Mia: You don't really need SP-skill voltage boosters in this song but this UR can probably help pass AC#4 if she's paired with an actual SP-filler. -Party Eli: Best natural healer in the entire game. The strongest frontline you can ask for if you're gonna be frontlining a sustain this song. Extremely good here. -Dream Kanata: Weaker version of Eli but most likely can work as well. -Fes2 Hanayo: The best GD for this song period, there is no one that can replace her in the side-strat. Is the song doable without her though? Yes, but it'll be much rougher. -Vampire Riko: The UR designed specifically for this song. Heals on tap skill and can also simultaneously shield with her LSA. Really good here. -Fes1 Hanamaru: Riko but reversed. She primarily shields and has a chance to heal on her own taps. Not as good as Riko but can be used. -Summer Nozomi: Solid natural healer. -Cheer Lanzhu: Same as Nozomi. -Sakura Dia: Healers are better than shielders here but at least this Dia can give you three free shields at the beginning of the song which is nice.
Honorable Mentions: -Fes4 Hanamaru(Natural SK): Was released after I had already finished with this section of the guide, but will be an amazing frontliner here.
This was the team I used to S-rank the song:

-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Standard appeal boosters, the higher the tech the better so your SP-skill will hit very hard. Two belts is more than enough, when I beat this song my 3rd one was only LB1. s(group) insights go here. -Green strategy(GD side-strat): Not much to say, best natural GD-healers go here. I didn't have a 3rd one at the time so I used this Dia instead. I started the song in this side-strat only because swapping twice for the 1st 80% note was pretty annoying. s(group) insights go here. 3 necklaces go here. -Blue strategy(frontline): Yes that is indeed a LB0 Fes2 Ruby and Fes2 Dia, only my Party Eli was MLB in the frontline. This song gives so much voltage if you can pass all the ACs so super strong frontliners weren't 100% necessary from what I saw. Ruby and Eli also didn't have board 100 at the time either. Same strategy/attribute insights go here. Brooch + double bangles is recommended.
For the guest it's highly recommended to borrow Fes2 Hanayo if you don't have her. If you do have her though then any other appeal booster like Thanksgiving Mia can work just fine.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters higher is better, but board 35 for level 84 URs will be the bare minimum. -For the frontline get at least board 50 for the 10% attribute match. -For the GD side-strat anything past board 35 is nice but not mandatory.
This song overall would probably be like a high 6, maybe even a 7/10 on the difficulty scale depending on your roster of natural-attribute cards. For me personally it's like a 4/10. Borrowing a Fes2 Hanayo guest as well just made it so the 80% piercing notes did next to no dmg whenever I swapped into the GD side-strat. Frontline Party Eli also meant healing wasn't an issue whatsoever. I have seen the nightmare this song can be for the people that lacked one or even both of those URs however.

Cheesing Love U my friends

Do you have Natural healers? If you answered no then skip right ahead to the next section because otherwise you'll likely just die. Borrow a Fes2 Hanayo for the guest, as her DR on swap LSA actually matters a lot here.
-Red strategy: Any 3 URs sorted by highest stamina, you won't be tapping with these. 3 necklaces go here but can be replaced by bracelets. -Green strategy: Your 3 best natural sustain go here. It's fine to run one or even two shielders if you're lacking healers, but you will want at least one. 3 necklaces go here but can be replaced by brooches. -Blue strategy: Any 3 SK-type URs. You don't want to be staying for very long here. Can use 3 GD-types if those 80% stamina notes are really giving you some issues though. 3 necklaces go here.
Swap into blue whenever you're about to tap on those stamina-piercing trick notes. Immediately swap to green asap. Face-tank everything else otherwise.

Nijiiro Passions(Cool-attribute)

Oh...this song. If you don't have Party Shioriko, Fes3 Ai, or Christmas Lanzhu I'd recommend just skipping over to the next section to be honest*. The reason being because this song passively reduces the base appeal of all non-Cool attribute cards by 50%. There are a decent amount of 30k notes as well but those are the least of your concerns when this song has very large SP ACs that boost specifically Nijigasaki skill activation only. How large exactly? Well...
-AC#1(Gain a total of 662,000 Voltage with SP skills). Starts immediately upon song start and you only have 30 notes to two-shot this thing.
-AC#2(Gain a total of 457,000 Voltage with SP skills). Only lasts 7 notes so you need to one-shot it.
-AC#5(Gain a total of 1,133,000 Voltage with SP skills). You get 33 notes for this AC, but at least there's time to get three SP skills off in here if you had saved one to use at the very start.
-AC#6(Gain a total of 381,000 Voltage with SP skills). Only 6 notes long but if you can pass the others before this you can one-shot this one as well.
-AC#9(Gain a total of 471,000 Voltage with SP skills). Only lasts 6 notes as well so you need to one-shot this one too.
*Edit: Fes4 Ayumu(Cool SP) came out after I had already finished writing this section. She’s easily the best frontliner here if you can use her.
The pool of strong Cool-attribute fillers is very small. How small exactly? Let me show you with these recommended URs...
-Fes3 Ai: The best cool filler in the entire game, and will remain that way by the looks of it. Extremely good here. -Party Shioriko: The second best cool filler in the entire game. Extremely good here. -Christmas Lanzhu: Good thing the ACs boost all Nijigasaki skill activation because this card isn't a SP-type. 11% chance to fill is really unfortunate but at least her LSA and those Niji buffs will help remedy it. -Spotlight Ruby: This over two year old card is unironically...our third best cool filler in the entire game as of me typing this. However she won't be receiving the Niji buffs so it'll be much more RNG compared to the two best options. -Fes2 Chika: Lanzhu but is a limited UR and also doesn't receive the Niji buffs. Will be extremely RNG, even more than Ruby. -Fes2 Nozomi: Pair her with either of the two best fillers and you can do just fine. Not an ideal choice here but at least she's cool-attribute. -Fes1 Karin: Nozomi except much weaker. At least she'll be receiving those Niji buffs unlike her though. -New Year Yoshiko: The best cool healer right now. Won't need those Niji buffs to keep you alive as long as she doesn't sleep too hard. -Fes3 Kasumi: She might be losing 50% of her appeal because she isn't cool-attribute, but with those Niji buffs and her 2022 stats she's still more than strong enough to be frontlined here. -Fes1 Mari: Yoshiko but weaker. -Fes1 Shizuku: If she's MLB she can be frontlined here with ideally little to no issues. -New Year Emma: Can go in a side strategy to help you pass those skill activation ACs. -White Day Rina: Same as Emma. -Knitting Setsuna: Same as Emma.
Honorable mentions: -Fes3 Kanata(Cool VO): Like Fes2 Nozomi, if you pair her with one of the two best fillers she can be frontlined here. -New Year Ayumu(Cool VO): Same as Kanata. -Moonlit Umi(Cool VO): Same as Kanata
This was the team I used to S-rank this song:
-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Highest technique appeal boosters go here, those belts need to make your SP skill hit super hard. I needed at least one bracelet in this clear so that's why instead of putting 3 belts here I moved the 3rd one to the frontline instead. s(group) insights go here. -Green strategy(frontline): Pulling Fes3 Ai off a reroll banner a very long time ago was really lucky, she's by far the best UR for this song. It meant I could pair her with Fes2 Nozomi and two-shot all the super large SP ACs(except for the 1st one which I just failed on purpose). Same strategy/attribute insights go here. -Blue strategy(GD side-strat): Those 30k dmg notes both come in triplets before the skill ACs starts so I needed healers to bring me back to green stamina. Luckily the song boosts Niji skill activation so they didn't necessarily need to be cool-attribute. s(group) insights go here.
For the guest I recommend borrowing SP-Overcharge if you don't have Fes3 Ai who comes with her own. If you are using her then any standard appeal booster like Fes3 Dia or Party Nozomi will work too.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters get it as high as you can. Board 35 for level 84 URs should be the bare minimum though. -For the frontline get them to board 50 for the 10% attribute match bonus at least. -For the GD side-strat anything past board 35 will be nice but not necessary.
Actual difficulty-wise this song would be like 3 or a 4/10. I'm giving it an 8/10 simply because your options of good URs for this song are extremely small. Unfortunately if you lack one of two good URs for this song, better hope you have that Lanzhu UR MLB or I'd recommend just skipping over this song to save the sanity that'd be spent resetting for RNG again and again.

Cheesing Nijiiro Passions

Unlike S-ranking, cheesing this song is very easy to do.
-Red strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces or bracelets go here. -Green strategy: Your three best Nijigasaki healers or shielders go here, they don't even have to be cool-attribute. I'd personally recommend 2 shielders and a healer but I've cheesed this song with 3 shielders in the past before. 3 necklaces or brooches go here. -Blue strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces go here.
Stay in green and just face-tank everything, that's all you have to do.

Neo Sky Neo Map(Active-attribute)

Oh boy...this song. If you don't have at least 3 MLB Nijigasaki VO cards I'd recommend just skipping onto the next section. First off you’ll be dealing with this base gimmick of the song:
[Show Specialty] During the Live show, base Appeal will be reduced by 50% for all school idols not members of Nijigasaki.
So don't bring anyone but Niji girls then? Well not exactly, if the girls are both active-attribute and are VO-typing they might be usable despite the appeal loss but you'll have a much rougher time. The bigger emphasis for team-building will be that the frontline mainly consists of VO-type cards.
Why the need for VOs specifically? This song heavily...and I do mean HEAVILY buffs them to the stars above. Also, if you want to S-rank this song then playing on manual is going to be next to mandatory. From here on out I'll only be going over how to S-rank this song on manual. The difference between the two ways of playing is massive and even that in itself is an understatement. To get a small glimpse on what you'd need, I don't recommend trying to use autoplay unless you have 6 MLB Nijigasaki VO cards.
This is the team we'll be using: -Red strategy: Appeal boosters, preferably VOs. -Green strategy: 3 MLB VOs. Non-Niji ones can be used but I would not recommend trying with more than one. Non-Active Niji VOs will work just fine though. -Blue strategy: 2 shielders and a healer. They all need to be active-attribute to take advantage of the massive skill activation buffs you'll be receiving later.
These are the appeal chances and how you tackle each one:
-AC#1(Gain a total of 237,000 Voltage): You're supposed to use VO cards that give a percentage of their own appeal upon skill activation to clear this AC. If you fail it just try again because it is slightly RNG. It is possible to pass this with only 2 VOs that do this while having the 3rd one boost all voltage gained with their tap skill instead, however it will be much more RNG.
-AC#2(Gain a total of 2,194,000 Voltage): Just fail this AC on purpose, it's not worth trying to pass it. This is because during the AC you'll be constantly barraged with 30k dmg trick notes again and again. After passing AC#1, swap to your blue strategy immediately and just start building up those shields. With all the skill activation buffs you'll be receiving you'll just barrel through all those 30k notes and the AC failure dmg. If you swap at any point you'll lose the skill activation buffs and you're going to have a much rougher time trying to pass the next AC. Speaking of...
-AC#3(Maintain 100% or more of your Stamina): By the time you enter this AC you should have a pretty sizable shield built up. This is why two shielders is recommended, because there is zero room for error here. Once you pass this AC swap back to your green strategy, and you'll notice that your SP gauge is starting to fill really quickly. That's because of the buff obtained from passing the 3rd AC, save your SP skill though because you'll need it for...
-AC#4(Gain a total of 2,952,000 Voltage): This AC will nerf all tap voltage to zero like AC#1, but there's no possibility of gaining that much voltage off tap skills alone so you'll want to save your SP skill for the very start of the AC and then use it again asap to clear this AC. That way you cleanse the debuff and can start scoring again. Once you pass this AC swap to your blue strategy and then swap back to green asap. This is to cleanse all the SP-gauge gain debuff trick notes you just barreled through. Then...comes the roughest part of this song.
-AC#5(Gain a total of 3,764,000 Voltage): This AC has four of those -50% voltage gain reducing trick notes if you tap on them. Key word being if you tap on them. This is why manual is required, you need to purposefully miss every single one because then it allows you to keep tapping with your green strategy. If you can pass this AC while dodging all those trick notes, you're on the home stretch towards beating this song.
-AC#6(Gain a total of 4,096,000 Voltage): Our first "regular" AC. Nothing too special about it, ignore the buff to GD-types and continue tapping with your green strategy.
-AC#7(Maintain 100% or more of your Stamina): Also why two shielders is recommended. Your shields should not have broken by this point, so if you still have some left you can simply continue tapping with your green strategy. There's a single -50% voltage gain debuff trick note, but it's easy to avoid. Technically you only lose the VO-type appeal buff(from AC#5) if you swap more than 3 times so you could swap back into your shielding strat to pass this if you need a couple more shields, but I recommend just staying in your frontline if you can by this point in the song.
-AC#8(Gain a total of 10,007,000 Voltage): Oh boy that's a lot of voltage needed. Luckily if you passed AC#7 you will currently temporarily be able to spam the SP-skill which'll help towards passing this beast. The final four -50% voltage gain debuff trick notes are in this AC, they're much easier to avoid compared to AC#5 so just focus on tapping everything else. This AC also gives a massive boost to your appeal based on the number of Voltage types in your team, which is why it's recommended for your appeal boosters to also be VOs.
By the time you enter AC#8 you should have around ~39 million voltage. You will indeed get the other 12+ million voltage needed off this AC alone, it's crazy good. If you made it to the end after dodging all those trick notes I hoped you scored enough for S-rank!
These are some of the good URs for this song:
-Fes3 Rina: The single best frontliner in this song. Extremely good here. -Fes2 Karin: Not the same power level as Rina but still really strong. Extremely good here. -Cheer Ai: The non-limited UR released for this song specifically. Pretty good here. -Fes1 Setsuna: Despite being well over 3 years old if you have her MLB already she is actually really good here. -Fes2 Ayumu: Probably the single best non-Active Niji frontliner for this song. -Fes3 Setsuna: Her tap skill isn't ideal for AC#1 but otherwise she's extremely good here. -Fes3 Dia: Probably the best non-Niji Active frontliner you can use here. -Fes1 Kanan: Dia but much weaker. -Jewelry Ai: Probably one of the best, if not the best shielder for this song. Extremely good here. -Fes2 Eli: Same as Ai. -Snow Mia: Thick shields will allow you to stay in your frontline for longer. -Fes1 Rina: Same as Mia. -Chinese Maid Rin: Mia but much weaker. -Initial Ruby: Mia but much weaker. -Around the World Kasumi: Solid choice of a healer here. -Sweets Deco Ayumu: Same as Kasumi.
Honorable Mentions: -Fes3 Shioriko(Elegant VO): Pretty good here -Party Mia(Elegant VO): Same as Shioriko -Fes2 Shizuku(Elegant VO): Same as Shioriko -Easter Shizuku(Active GD): DRs GDs aren't ideal vs. a 2nd shielder...but they can work if your other two defenders are strong enough.
This was the team I used to S-rank this song:
-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Preferably these ones are VOs as it makes AC#1 less RNG the more you have. All 3 girls are on s(group) insights. 3 necklaces go here. -Green strategy(frontline): My three best Nijigasaki VOs. Rina is on same school, Karin is on same strategy/attribute, and Ayumu is on same strategy insights. Choker + both bangles is recommended because even without extremely good boards it's super easy to tap for 300k+ each during the final AC. -Blue strategy(shieldehealing side-strat): I did not have any of the good active defenders when I S-ranked this song so I was forced to limit break these super old URs instead. Ideally they all have s(group) insights. 3 necklaces go here.
For the guest just borrow any standard appeal booster like Thanksgiving Mia, Party Nozomi, etc.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters anything past board 35 for level 84 URs will be nice but not necessary. -For the frontline I strongly recommend board 50 for the 10% attribute match bonus minimum. If they are non-Active or even non-Niji URs, then I recommend getting it as high as possible. -For the shielding/healing side-strat anything past board 35 will be a nice little bonus.
This song is an easy 10/10 on the difficulty scale. Requires super specific URs, your frontline + side strategy of shielders/healers need to be pretty much MLB, and to top it all off purposefully missing some notes is clearly not intended by the developers but trying to play the song normally will just turn this behemoth into an even bigger of a headache to play.

Cheesing Neo Sky Neo Map

It's relatively simple to do.
-Red strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces go here but can be replaced by bracelets. -Green strategy: Three active-attribute shielders or healers. They do not need to be GD-type, but you do want them to be active at least so they can take advantage of all those skill-activation buffs. Either 3 necklaces or brooches go here. -Blue strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces go here.
Just sit in the green strategy for the entire song and eat all the AC failures. If you are going to be using GD-types however, you will need to cleanse the -100% skill activation debuff for GD-types. After AC#5 is over just switch into either side-strategy after eating that trick note and then swap back to green.

Love the Life We Live(Pure-attribute) I even begin with possibly the worst Challenge song in the entire game? First off I strongly recommend just ignoring this song altogether. While there isn’t a massive debuff to appeal for non-pure cards you will be dealing with these two gimmicks for the entire song:
[Show Specialty] During the live shows, the activation rate of SP-type basic skills is reduced by 50%
[Show Specialty] During the Live show, base Appeal will be reduced by 25% for all school idols not members of Nijigasaki.
So don't bring SP-types and bring only Niji units? Not necessarily, you will see later that despite not being able to use any skills SP-types are far and away still the best choice for frontliners here. As for the non-Niji debuff it's only -25% so you'd still be able to use girls from the other schools...assuming they have a mega strong bond board. While there are no 100k dmg notes, shield-piercing max health notes, or even a massive -50% appeal debuff to non-pure cards...there is just one tiny little category of trick notes. That single one turns this song from a complete and utter nightmare.
Trick Notes: 100% Voltage reduction(Decreases voltage gained by all cards for 15 notes. Always activates.
Well that doesn't seem so bad at first glance right? The real problem lies in the number of them...NINE OF THEM...and THEY APPEAR IN EVERY ALMOST EVERY SINGLE APPEAL CHANCE. How do you deal with these then since neither swapping into another side strategy nor avoiding them like in Neo Sky Neo Map works? Well, do you remember your little old friend called cleansers? These are all the ones in-game if it helps jog your memory.
You will have to win the 20-30% chance on swap(depending on the card), or the 50% chance on SP-skill, for ALL NINE OF THOSE TRICK NOTES. Though technically only 7 of them if you do run a cleanse on SP card, since there's no physical way to get your SP-skill in time for the first two -100% voltage notes. If you do use those however you'll still need a second cleanser that activates on swap because getting rid of the first two trick notes is mandatory. The sad thing is it's not like passing the voltage ACs is any easy either if you do successfully cleanse those awful trick notes. All the voltage ACs require over 100k taps on average to clear them, so you will need not only strong cards but also ones with really good bond boards.
You'll also want them to be SP or SK-types preferably as well. All the ACs except the stamina ones give a massive 200% appeal boost to those types upon AC success, so despite SP-types being unable to use any skills in this song they're easily the best choice for the frontline here. Unfortunately you lose the massive -200% appeal buff the second you do any strategy switching so you'll want to take advantage of them for as long as possible. That may or may not be a little hard to do however since...
To add insult to injury, there are 30k dmg notes that appear before every single stamina AC begins and while inside of them they'll also increase the dmg taken by 700%. You will need a side strategy to DR this dmg or your stamina will just fall apart.
Luckily there isn't much to say about AC#5(Gain a total of 478,000 Voltage with SP skills). It only lasts 7 notes long so you better one-shot it or you'll eat an unnecessary 28k dmg.
Some of the good URs for this song:
-Fes4 Rina: Really good stats, is part of Nijigasaki, and SP-type. Comes with SP-Overcharge too so you might not even need a second belt to pass the 5th AC depending on how strong your frontline is. Extremely good here. -Fes3 Karin: With a 200% appeal buff she should be tapping extremely hard after passing the ACs. Extremely good here. -Fes2 Rina: Fes4 Rina except with smaller stats. Still a pretty good choice here. -Fes1 Kasumi: Same as Fes2 Rina, only with even smaller stats. -Party Nozomi: She might not be Niji but the appeal debuff is only -25% so you could probably make her work here with really good boards. -Fes3 Riko: Same as Nozomi -Fes3 Chika: Same as Nozomi. -Christmas Dia: Same as Nozomi. -Party Honoka: One of the few frontline sustains you could probably use here. -Halloween Umi: Honoka but instead shields and is much weaker. -Fes3 Eli: Still our strongest Pure healer in terms of raw stats. -Jewelry Kotori: Pretty comparable to Eli, if you have her MLB she can work just fine too. -Initial Riko: DR lasts for a long time and comes with the ability to cleanse. Extremely good here. -Carnival Dia: Pretty solid choice of a DR here. -Wonderland Kasumi: Same as Dia -Halloween Ruby: Appeal boosting passives are pretty hard to find on GD-types, probably a decent choice here.
Honorable mentions: -Party Shizuku(Smile SK): She might not be pure-attribute but she’s still far and away your best possible choice of a frontline defender for this song. -Fes3 Kasumi(Elegant SP): She might not shield a single time in this song but she still has the recent high af base stats and will be receiving that massive 200% appeal buff upon passing ACs. -Fes2 Ayumu(Pure VO): Will not be receiving the 200% appeal buffs being a VO-type but she’s still usable if your other two frontliners can take advantage of those buffs instead.
This was the team that I used to S-rank this song:
-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Your best ones go here. M(Group) insights are highly preferred on them, but s(group) might be fine depending on your frontline. Fes3 Rina is on same school insights though. I was able to get away with only one belt in the past, but for this one that actually S-ranks the song I needed two of them. 2 necklaces because this song does a lot of dmg. -Green strategy(frontline): I've experimented with a lot of cards, ultimately using ones that were both Niji and also SP/SK-types tended to have the best results. They were all on same strategy insights, but same attribute also works if your frontline is mono-pure. Needed a second belt to pass AC#5, otherwise brooch + double bangles will be good. -Blue strategy(GD side-strat): The recommended strategy uses double cleansers minimum, this song is indeed that awful. Riko and this specific Emma SR act as DRs so they can fulfill multiple roles at once. s(group) insights go here. 3 necklaces go here.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters board 35 for level 84 URs should be the bare minimum. -For the frontline board 100 is next to mandatory. But I personally highly recommend board 120 for the pure frontliners. Scoring in this song is extremely tight so you really need to be able to pump out as much as you can with every single tap. -For the GD side-strat anything past board 35 will be nice but mostly unnecessary.
For the guest I highly recommend borrowing Party Nozomi if your frontline is all pure-attribute. Otherwise Fes3 Dia instead or Thanksgiving Mia if you do decide to run a single off-attribute as well will be fine.
Final thoughts on this song...whoever designed this monstrosity is beyond worth saving. You will need to reset for crit RNG, cleanse RNG, DR RNG, and healing/shielding RNG all at the same time. There are so many possible things that can go wrong in this song that it'd be physically impossible for anyone to lay out every single scenario. This is an easy 100,000/10 on the difficulty scale. Simply because there are one hundred thousand other better things you could be doing than playing this abomination of a song.

Cheesing Love the Life We Live

Luckily, cheesing this song is infinitely easier than S-ranking it. Essentially plays out the same way as you'd cheese Snow Halation.
-Red strategy: Any 3 URs sorted by highest stamina. 3 necklaces go here but can be replaced by bracelets. -Green strategy: Your three best sustain(either shielders or healers), doesn't necessarily have to be GD-types but I recommend them for the 5% DR each you get for using them. 3 necklaces or brooches go here. -Blue strategy: 3 DRs or 2 DRs and a healer. Shouldn't matter what kind of DR you use but 4-5 note ones will be good. 3 necklaces go here.
Just stay in the green strategy until those stamina ACs appear. Swap into blue for those and then swap back to green once they're over. Rinse and repeat until you're done with the song.
Oh my goodness it's finally over...this took me forever to complete, apologies for that. Nijigasaki just has some of the most awful Challenge songs to both beat and explain how to beat by far. Well with that I don't have much else to say but good luck on your attempts if my guides gave you the inspiration to try any of these Challenge songs. If you have any further questions though feel free to leave them down below.
Otherwise...take care everyone. This has been u/BobDaisuki, signing off o7
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2023.06.09 19:33 Jakzeti1453 I(M19) matched with my ex(F18), I am still not over, on Bumble, she instantly blocked(or unmatched) me and it hit me like a bus.

So some context. It seems quite important.
TL:DR Two year relationship ended out of the blue, or even worse after the other person assured me shedefinetly wants to be in a relationship with me, i was ghosted during and after the breakup, she didn't tell me why at all, it appears she kinda hates me now. Nonetheless she mathced me (so she liked me) on a dating app. Also appearantly a common friend could set up a talk no problem even though she ghosts me the entire time.

She broke up 7 weeks ago.(On Saturday so you know the time periods)
8 weeks ago on Sunday, so 6 days before the breakup, we were out with friends at the cinema and after the movie she had a bit of a breakdown.
So like thing is we went to the same school, I graduated last year, she graduates in a year, she always said her plan was to not be in a relationship until graduation because she has no time at all, and then I am suddenly there and I am the best person and the love of her life and I am definitely worth it.
So she lives 80km away, she didn't have time because the school also was a boarding school, so during the week she was at school, on weekends after I graduated the plan was she is at my place every second weekend and at her parents every other weekend, in practice she was with me every third, but okay, well during the relationship it was kinda what we always fought about that she feels she is giving up so much for me already and I feel she is giving me way to little time, but for me at least it was always okayy because it will be over when we live together. Retrospectivly it probably destroyed her because she didn't get appreciated for the time she sacrificed to be with me.
Anyways why am I telling you this, so she had a breakdown where she told me since the relationship she always knew she wanted to marry me after school, 2 kids, when we both move out have some turtles etc. bassically we planed our future, and she has told me back then it scares her because she now can imagine a future again without me, and it scares her how interconnected we are and how she never had the chance to go outside and have a "normal youth" because of Corona. And we after an hour of talking we were like, yeah that's totally understandable, and we gonna work on that. And since the following weekend was a weekend we were going to spend together we like agreed let's just talk about it in detail next weekend.
So on Monday I drove her to school, Sunday was great afterwards she didn't wanna leave as usual and like asking if she can't just be "sick".
On Tuesday after writing abit, she like told me, oh i know what's happening (in reference on Sunday) it's that the honeymoon phase ended for her, and here is what we can do, should do.
We were talking about going on a date on Saturday and scheduled/bought tickets for one Saturday Morning at a museum.
I was like yeah good idea, she said that is what she needed to feel more comfortable again and I was like yeah makes sense.
On Wednesday, she wrote me a long message again on how she thought about what she wants and that it scares her that she is so much with me and that we aren't like seperate people anymore but that she knows that she loves me sooo much and I make her feel like the happiest person ever, and she wants to spend her entire life with me and we will get through this together.
So Friday I picked her up after school, Friday morning I asked her hey, so like you said you feel a bit uncomfortable rn you wanna do something specific that would help, she told me nah she thinks best is to just ignore it for now because thinking about it would make things wierd.
So I went with it, like on Thursday she told me I was kinda annoying her with me being scared about what's happening and that she loves me and that everything is going okay, as she said it's just the honeymoon phase beeing over for her (something that can appearantly happen after 2 years, she sent me articles about it and everything) and that everything is okay, I don't have to panic. So yeah Friday she said just don't act on it so I didn't.
We normal Friday together, just watching stuff, cuddling talking. On Saturday we had our date scheduled, we went to the museum and I thought it was fine, just a normal date with my love, afterwards we both said we feel kinda incomplete with the date, so we went to get lunch and after that we both agreed that was nice now let's head home and play cuphead (she bought it so we could have a new couples game we can play together)
After we get home, she wanted to watch Yt and Pinterest for a bit, so i am Like yeah sure, sat to my pc and played Witcher for half an hour, I asked how she feels rn while playing, she told me she feels empty. Well okay, so naturally I paused and sat on the bed with her, I told her, okay, look I can't help you if you don't talk about it, she told me it's okay I shouldn't worry about it and continue playing, I was like no, I will not if you feel sad, I am here to help you that's what you wanted, that went on for an hour bassically, well mostly it was cuddling and crying not much talking but after an hour she went up to go to the bathroom, after 10 minutes she came back, looking at me differently and I was like, okay so do you wanna talk about it now? She sat down and after she didn't want to go back to cuddling and us just sitting there looking eachother in the eyes for 10 minutes crying, I said, you are breaking up aren't you, she just sat there, so afterwards all she told me is her father is going to get her, he needs like 4 hours to get here so I just talked while she was sitting there on her phone, but I was having a monolog, she just didn't respond when I asked her stuff, only listening for the most part, like she responded sometimes nothing with importance, just something like we gotta tell my dad etc, my dad came in, I was like I mean you want to tell him? She just sat there, I told him she broke up after 5 minutes of my father beeing likely hey what's happening.
So yeah after those 4 hours she was gone, couldn't sleep for the night, Sunday morning I wrote her stuff I loved, and if she wanted to talk, and if that really just happened just like that, she didn't respond.
After writing some stuff I was like, hey wanna just go for a walk and talk about it, I know tomorrow (afternoon) you have no school we could go for a walk, I will be there at 2 if that's okay with you she blocked me.
On Monday our friends first get involved one of our friends told me hey, leave her, I was like yeah she blocked me I have to. I mean she was talking to our friends a bit, only thing I really got from them is, yeah she kinda gates me now and told them she will never go back into a relationship with me, I couldn't accept that at the time because it didn't make sense. Also they were mad at me because she told them I threatened her to be Infront of her boarding school house and that she is scared af, and asked all her classmates to go with her this day, and whats wrong with me, I was just absolutely confused, like yeah I wrote her because she wanted to talk, she was always indecisive so I just said, so what about tomorrow 1400 at your place I can just drive there, she didn't respond so it was of the table for me, but now people were mad at me for threatening yeah. That was basically the first week after breakup.
I kinda lost contact to our friends because we were online and talking bassically every day and she was there to and ignored everything, like just pretend I am not there, it was destroing me, and my friends didn't support me, and after they didn't support me, and they just wanted me to feel better but I didn't and it's my fault bassically, well I just was thrown out by like 2 of the friends who were mad at me, for "not just acxepting what they tell me and that's frustrating".
Was hard af, waited 4 weeks so up until last week's didn't contact them, they contacted me and we're like are you ready to talk about it now. I was yeah I guess, sure I was suffering through 4 weeks of loneliness so my friends can get a break, what they told me is they are mad at because they (the 2 friends who contacted me) were talking about me and how I made them all sorrows for 4 weeks, and it's my fault and how I can't just accept that j am a problem for not just accepting what they say, I tried to talk to them for 4 hours, after that I just gave up, they told me they tried to help me, spend weeks of their time to help me and talked to me for 4 hours and I couldn't just accept what they told me, wich is exactly the problem.
So i Just ignoriered them, like okay bad friends after all. After a week almost all the other friends I didn't even talk to in the first place so about 12 people all blocked me, some said they hate me.
I was devastated, I went through the breakup and bassically put talking to my friends about it on pause so they would feel better. And after I did that they and friends of the group I talked to hate me, I was absolutely devastated, that happened about a week ago, 2-3 days ago I slowly started to accept it, And like 6 hours ago, i was thinking about my ex the entire time, how many great things happened, I realised hey I bassically sidelined the whole breakup for the drama with those two friends, I mean she blocked me didn't talk to me, I was sad about it, all the great things that happened and she went from I am the love of her life to ghosting me without anything really happening, and since all the friends who were our friends are now only her friends and they appearantly hate me, eh, etc.etc. those thoughts I had for the entire afternoon now.
After that I decided eh i will just look at dating apps, to get some distraction from everything (I had some installed after the breakup for exactly that reason distraction, but I forgot after the drama with our friends)
So i opens bumble, what do I see first thing, profile of my ex, ah, okay, well, I thought, wierd, I thought she always said she didn't want a relationship until graduation, she didn't graduate yet, I mean she didn't talk to me, she blocked me after 2 days, she was on the same discord voice channel with our friends the first 2 weeks and ignored me, kidna hated me, we were in like 15 of the same WhatsApp groups and she ignored my existence there, friends told me 2 weeks after the breakup after I told them I feel awful "that it makes her happy when I feel awful rn", I called her once after the whole friend group thing happened (2 days before almost the entire friend group blocked me I was talking to one of this friends and told him, yeah she never will talk to me about it I just gotta accept that, and he was like oh nononoono if you want to talk to her, no problem I can set you both up, at the moment I just thought, unless she is ready to talk to me and calls me it will just make things worse). She immediately declined after the phone ringing once.
So yeah I was kinda getting to accepting that she just doesn't like me anymore for some reason idk about and I never will.
The moment I saw her profile, i didn't care that much, I just used the one free compliment you get, and wrote her lol.
It's a match, I was confused, I thought about if sending a compliment automatically matches, it doesn't I sent compliments to other people on bumble, they didn't match, did she like my profile? What why, then I thought hey wait a minute,she lives 80km away, how is she the first person I see when opening the app? Did she match me and use the super match thingy where you appear in the top of the matches of the person you liked? What, and while I was like completely confused, she unmatched me/blocked me or something?
And I wrote way to much for people to actually read through this shit, so yeah, but like what, why how? I am feeling everything at the same time rn, Idk what's going on. I kinda still love her. I think about her everyday and this happened?
It doesn't make sense at all, I was at a point where I could accept that it doesn't make sense, she is gone and I will never know why, people told me that's what I needed to do, because i will never know, but now? What, I don't get it.
Please if someone read this entire thing, any thoughts on it?
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2023.06.09 19:31 daballerwy21 High Ping Spikes

Hi, I was playing rocket league over Wi-Fi on my gaming pc and have been getting really bad ping spikes. It’s a pretty consistent trend that happens each match I’m in. Basically I start out with a really good ping around 14ms and then a few minutes into the match it’ll spike up and fluctuate between 70-220ish ping and the game becomes super laggy. This maybe lasts for a couple minutes and then it goes back down to the steady 14 ping. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
I am getting an Ethernet cable to hopefully resolve this but I’d still appreciate any recommendations to fixing this over wifi in the meantime.
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2023.06.09 19:31 colit-astra A week of work outfits for a Left

A week of work outfits for a Left
I have been really enjoying the weekly or even monthly roundups and I think it will be really valuable for me, so here is my week if outfits for my nonprofit desk job. I liked all of these outfits but all of them except Wednesday still felt a little short of effective.
I am definitely Left but still feeling out how up or down, I'm resonating a bit with Wildflower but leaning further Up even. I want to make the impact but struggle when I don't feel internally that I've nailed it. Although this week I was still observing my existing process rather than applying a specific style key, I tried to employ the keyword of Elemental and the energetic signature of "grounded flow" which both felt pretty authentic. I noticed that getting the balance of visual interest and the flow of energy through the body just right were the major themes this week. I should also probably add that I did not start out with the images in the collages as inspo. Rather, I looked for images afterward that I thought matched the energy of the outfit.
Monday - this purple top is something I like in theory but struggle to style, as it can quickly go really boho or really little girl. I think this is the best I've done in the 10+ years I've owned it, tbh. I like the juxtaposition of warmer and cooler purples, the belt has a floral motif that doesn't really show here, the belt and shoes provide rhythm and grounding, the jewelry provides the downward flow. I originally put on a collar-style necklace but it concentrated the energy in the wrong place, I found.
Tuesday and Wednesday I'll gloss over, as I posted them for the Ocean challenge. I'll just reiterate that I loved this challenge, that I'm struggling with the button down shirts that I hypothetically love (and thought were supposed to work on soft naturals? I have not done a deep dive into working with Kibbe lines, but am skeptical that I could be anything other than SN).
Thursday - I went through literally 4 pairs of pants, 2 camis, and countless iterations of tucking and untucking to get this to an ok place. The main points were to try out an unbuttoned shirt and to play with the textures of the shirt layers. I like it but I noticed feeling sensitive that it was maybe not making the impact I wanted, and that could be due to not being intentional enough about that impact? I dunno.
Today, Friday - I came up with this print mix a couple weeks ago and today was the day I felt like wearing it. I was afraid it would be too extra but it's totally not. The thing I don't like is how the shirt folds and bunches and blouses at my waist - I can't quite get the tuck right. I had fun adding these earrings in the same color family, the thick pinky ring added a little elemental edge to an otherwise gamine-ish combo, and the plain black shoes I think ground the outfit, give the eyes a place to rest from the busy pattern, and make a satisfying, powerful little click as I walk.
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2023.06.09 19:25 LazerCat121 Question about stopping bullying.

My son is 12 years of age and in a cricket team. When he started playing last year, most of the team would not speak to him only a couple of Indian kids.
Cricket team has a very dominant of 13-year-old let’s called him Jack.
Jack is loud and vocal swears all the time, and appears to give lots of children, insults and hits them .
He’s had a few snide words at my son which I’ve just put down to kids being horrible. In the last match, my son was surrounded by the whole team and Jack said ‘get out the way you little shit. My son just got out of the way and said nothing. This may sound insignificant, but Jack is just got away with this, and this is going to get worse now.
Do I tell Jack’s dad that his son is a bully and he needs to sort it out .
Do I tell my son that next time this happens, punch Jack in the throat, kick him in the testicles, and then punch him on the nose .
Sounds like I’m being flippant, but I really think parents do not care these days .
What should I do?
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2023.06.09 19:23 Bigtime1234 UEFA Champions League Final?

My daughter, and her boyfriend are visiting us from L.A. Her boyfriend is from England and a huge soccer fan. I am not, but I am willing to learn, and looking for a place showing the game locally where we can grab a couple of beers. I know we can go anywhere and ask them to turn it in, but are there any “soccer bars” in the area where people might be into the match?
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2023.06.09 19:19 Mountain_Counter929 Best and Worst Card Artwork?

EE: Worst: Yeah, I'm gonna pick the low hanging fruit and this one and choose the cards from the base set. They've definitely shown their age with each expansion with it being the start of the series and all. The worst offender for me is honestly Tachyons deck in general, some cards are worse/better than other and not just in her deck. But if someone asked me why the artist hated their original art, I'd point to her. The worst offenders being sucker punch and synaptic interrupt. Dishonorable Mentions comes to Original Setback character card. Maybe the angle he's in but the proportions make him look way too different than he should be, not in a good way. He actually reminds me of Wide Rye from the first SF6 Trailer.
Best: I don't know the later cards are generally really good but none of them stand out to me from the top of my head too many good ones to choose from, but if I'm gonna pick right now, I like the stylization of the Enclave of the Endlings.
DE: Best: Well like I said, I like stylization. And I'm also a fan of the variety of styles in each deck. I know some fans prefer a more consistent art style but, that's not me. I like the really exaggerated art of Robot Reclamation it looks like something from an album cover, and gives me some real Gorillaz vibes. Another card that surprisingly grew on me is Quelle Surprise, especially that kind've style on Tachyon. I can't really explain why except it stands out as being more 'modern' (though I'm not sure the era it's representing). Also Shout out to some of the cards we see in Desperation Previews Omnitrons new plating cards from how much of a glow up they are compared to simply changing the color, and Projected Paralysis/Outer Demons for having another stand out crazy style.
Worst: One other criticism I see with the new cards is that sometimes the art doesn't match well with the function of the cards. While I can see that in some, I actually like how Absolute Zero's module cards and Haka of Recovery are framed more than what we got. Pride and Prejudice was a neat gimmick too in EE. Though, I can see why they had to merge the two in DE. But they're usually not distracting... though Bolster Allies I think is my least favorite when it comes to framing. Only till recently I realized there's some actual allies in the background but, I still think they can be emphasized more to make the card feel more inspiring and supportive.
Also dishonorable mentions to FA Unity. I get why, and it's a cute piece of 'historical' authenticity but, having Haka at center stage makes it hard to find for the first couple times when I got the game.
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2023.06.09 19:18 BattleSuper9505 The €40 cakes we’ve been buying are €10 frozen supermarket cakes.

My sister’s birthday is in 2 weeks, and it’s my job to buy the cake.
We live in a pretty remote area. There aren’t a lot of cake shops around here, but “luckily” I found a guy online a couple years ago who has a small catering business, and we’ve been getting our birthday cakes there ever since. Prices range from €20 to €40+ per cake. We were happy to pay it because the cakes taste good, but lately his delivery costs have gone WAY up, and he also massively overcharges for add-ons like birthday candles.
Anyways, going back to my sister’s birthday. Money is tight right now and I’ve been picking up extra work DESPERATELY trying to make extra money to pay for this cake. It’s been incredibly stressful. While browsing through his website, comparing prices and deciding which cake to buy, I started getting the feeling that some of the cakes looked familiar and similar to what I’d seen in the frozen foods section at the supermarket.
So I go to the supermarket website and have a look at the frozen cakes, and sure enough, a bunch of them from this one specific brand are EXACT matches for his cakes. Same photo, same weight, same everything.
The orange cheesecake he charges €23 for is €8 at the supermarket. Same with the more expensive cakes too. They all come from this one supermarket frozen cake brand.
I’m so relieved because it means I can now EASILY afford my sister’s birthday cake, but I am so PISSED. I was always so nice and friendly to this guy, thinking I’m getting lovingly home baked cakes, so grateful for his contribution to our family parties, meanwhile he’s actually been duping all his customers the entire time.
Such a POS.
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2023.06.09 19:13 Monstermel_ AITA for making my girlfriend choose between her best friend or me?

I started dating this girl about two months ago, and from the beginning of the relationship, her friend didn't approve of me being with her. He made several derogatory comments, explaining why I wasn't a good match for her. He even gave her an ultimatum that if she continued to be in a relationship with me, he would stop talking to her. At that point, I took the attitude of not letting it bother me, thinking that he would have to accept our relationship whether he liked it or not.
Later on, she and I became intimate, and I left some marks on her neck. This guy saw them sometime later and became very upset. He violently took her phone, blocked me from her social media profiles, and called me from her WhatsApp. He insulted me and threatened that if I continued to be with her, he would physically harm me.
Now, a bit of context about their relationship: I know that they were once a couple, and after that, they maintained a friends-with-benefits type of relationship. After the previous incident, this guy apologized to her and confessed that he still had feelings for her.
After learning all of this, I honestly told her that I wouldn't feel comfortable with her continuing that friendship, at least not while she and I are in a relationship. However, I've always had the idea that your partner shouldn't limit who you can associate with, so I feel like I might be acting wrongly.
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2023.06.09 19:11 oldSailor93 Looking for a Config file for CoreXY and MKS Gen-L V1.0

Hi, I have a home designed and built CoreXY and want to move to Klipper. It has the Gen-L V1.0, Marlin and the full graphics LCD controller. Been working fine for a few years but finally tired of messing with Marlin.
I have found a few Klipper example .cfg files here and other places, but nothing that matches the setup I have. I looked at editing a couple of them but it got out of control fast due to conflicting Pin assignments etc. Even the GitHub example files mention **not** using Arduino (Marlin) Pin assignments.
Is there a config generator similar to the RepRap Configuration tool?
Or, does anyone have a config with this combination they would be willing to share?
X and Y end-stops switch, Z bed proximity sensor
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2023.06.09 19:10 WePutTheYeeeeeeeehaw Feeling disillusioned - could I get some crit on my portfolio?
(Some backstory that's irrelevant but still sort of relevant.) I shoot cars for a small boutique dealership and today I found out that my boss hired another photographer to reshoot his neighbor's Ferrari. When he sent me out it was very early in the morning on an overcast day. The person that reshot the car went out closer to the evening and got some beautiful shots in the golden light. It has made me feel incompetent as a photographer overall and is giving me imposter syndrome.
Now, I don't feature cars on my website. It's not what I want to shoot. My passion is capturing people's creativity. Bands, performance art/theater, and artisanal crafts from small businesses (The flower crowns in my first few portraits)
I like to take an artistic approach to photography and present myself as more of an artist. Someone who doesn't just capture a moment but helps deliver images that match the voice of those I'm working with.
I try to present myself as a person to collaborate with instead of a business for hire. My ethics are inspired by punk & diy ethics of bands like Fugazi. I don't use hashtags as I think they don't fit my anti-advertising voice. However I do use geotagging and I tag the creatives I shoot. That may be foolish, but it actually works for me. I have a good little network of local creatives I work with all through word of mouth and being seen as a member of a community. Engagements on my posts feel genuine and since I don't use hashtags I don't get dumb bots commenting. It feels like a free creative space and I love it!
None, or very little, of my work is paid though. I do charge small businesses like the wrestling group, and I tell people that booking me guarantee's me to shoot your event. But for the most part I like working with other diy creatives who are just as broke as me.
I'm not looking to monetize on my fellow creatives but I don't understand why I'm not as "successfull" as most of my photography peers that live off of their work shooting for magazines and bigger bands. I've worked for a couple magazines, 2 shooting concerts and 1 that bought my images to use in an article about the wrestling group. But the pay was very very low. I don't think I've ever gotten any connections from the exposure shooting for those institutions.
I really love my work, and I'm confident that it's good. So I guess my questions are:
As an unbiased viewer what do you think of my work? What can I improve on? How do I get to a place where I can live off of my passion work?
Gear used: Canon Rebel SL1 + kit lens 16 - 35 F/2.8L Sigma Art 30mm Canon 6D 24 - 70 F/2.8L
(Sorry for being long winded)
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2023.06.09 19:08 dezsopista which one should i buy? Or both?

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2023.06.09 18:46 cloud_mom The NOT Not notfredrhodes Love Island Recap S10EP4 - lipsy business

S10E1 ; S10E3
Majorca baby !! It's Whitney's first night and the islanders are playing a game called "Ready Sex Go"
Andre dares Molly (who owns a chicken) to make out with three islanders and her first pick is Zachariah. They kiss for about 7 seconds of screen time which was 6 seconds too long !! Mitchell Red Bottoms is facing SEVERE Luca Bish accusations and damn he’s fighting for his LIFE. Secondly she kisses Red Bottoms who says “I can taste Zach”. Well I FOR ONE can taste BILE because the way he wipes his mouth after is absolutely illegal!! - 92 points to Red Bottoms for causing physical distress +30 hours of community service. Molly (who owns a chicken) kisses Tyrique and she is really …. Committed ! +3 points to Molly (who owns a chicken) for stage presence
Jess (Assistant Director of the Villa Bureau of Investigations) did NOT check the schedule this morning because her dress is very cute but very inconvenient when competing in a sex position game. Red Bottoms has to snog an Islander who has the potential for him to turn his head and he picks Ella Rose Depp.
Whitney is a Champion in this game. +4 points for 3D printing this challenge before arriving. Andre picks George (-187 points to the stinky producers) for a 10 second 3 way kiss with two islanders and George (-187 points to the stinky producers) picks Molly (who owns a chicken) and Ruchee. Molly is such a theater kid and takes these games Very Seriously but not Competitively. She is an Acteur on the World Stage and she has LHL (Learned Her Lines) + 12 points for learning her lines
Ruchee looks like she would rather serve Mitchell Red Bottom’s + 30 hours of community service but alas, she is once again cornered by George (-187 points to the stinky producers) and the smooch begins. +4 points to Ruchee for lasting 4 seconds. The girl HAD to come up for air !! Jess (VBI) dares Red Bottoms to have a dance off with Zachariah (the Man who Molly Kissed). Someone nominate her for a Pulitzer Prize !!! Zachariah manages to do some robot bits n bobs and Red Bottoms does some sliding fancy footwork.
“Kiss the cheek of the islander you’d like to be with for a long time, and snog the islander you’d like to be with for a fun time”. Tyrique kisses Ella Rose Depp on the cheek and follows that by PLANTING ONE on Jess (VBI). Ella Rose Depp is a Girls Girl and gets annoyed with him because he’s clearly leading Jess on! +2 points to ERD for intuition and -3 points to Tyrique for kissing a girl he already friendzoned !!
Zachariah is dared to kiss the Islander he’d like to have a sneaky link with if CATHERINE all caps wasn’t there. He kisses Molly (who owns a chicken) and Red Bottoms is NOT IMPRESSED!! In fact he SAYS IT OUT LOUD. Game Over.
CATHERINE all caps and Red Bottoms sit on the covered couch to discuss the game. CATHERINE all caps thinks that Red Bottoms took it well - 1 point for being wrong. Red Bottoms makes a good point - he has to recontextualize the experience because Love Island is NOT the real world.
Ruchee, Molly (who owns a chicken) and Whitney are on the L couch and didn't expect Zachariah to kiss Molly. Whitney accuses Molly of being in a relationship (because she is) +1 point to Whitney for being right. Whitney’s been in the Villa for 30 seconds and is already the MVP (Most Valuable Producer). She hits the NAIL on the HEAD !! “He’s ready to tussle for you”.. Molly doesn’t say the word ICK but she (and all of us) are thinking it.
On the daybeds, Zachariah asks the boys if Red Bottoms and Molly are as sturdy as they seem. The boys come to the conclusion that Red Bottoms likes Molly WAY more than Molly likes Red Bottoms. Tyrique gets +7 points for calling Zachariah out for being a lipsing menace. Zachariah tells the boys that the kiss was good and that he started enjoying it a little too much.
Whitney and Red Bottoms are chatting and she gets down to BUSINESS, first asking if and then TELLING Red Bottoms that he’s in love!!!! Red Bottoms FIGHTS the accusations but does admit that he’s closed off. He then says that Molly is ALSO closed off? Molly hasn’t been FULLY transparent about how she feels but he’s also taking everything a BIT too seriously !! They had a kiss and now it’s official?? It’s day THREE for god's sake. Whitney (MVP) is all of us and decides to tell him “no, but it’s good though” because what else is she supposed to say !! Whitney confirms that her biggest speed bump is Andres age.
While Whitney talks to Red Bottoms, Jess joins the girls on the L couch, Ella Rose Depp asks about Jess’ kiss with Tyrique. Jess is (rightfully) irate because could have kissed literally ANYONE else and Ella Rose Depp jokes about giving her a side eye after. The girlies quote a tiktok and all is right in the world. The four girls cast a spell to bring Jess a MAN. “We wish a pretty boy, sexy, bombshell to walk in for the best funniest girl in here” +3 points to Jess for Witchcraft
Bed Time! The boys are in the bedroom and George (-187 points to the stinky producers) says that his top 3 is Molly but four times. They love to give Red Bottom full body sweats but it’s all LAFFS. Jess tells Molly that the kiss with Zach was long as hell and Molly’s like “tee hee he’s a good kisser”. Ruchee and Andre are laying in bed and CATHERINE all caps brings this to everyone's attention. Good !!!! RUCHEE get your MAN!
Jess (VBI) gets into bed and loudly announces that someone pissed in her bed !!! She’s working OVERTIME to bring the daily news. Everyone laughs and George (-187 points to the stinky producers) confesses that he spilled water in the bed. CATHERINE all caps and Zachariah are smooching in bed, so are Red Bottoms & Molly and Tyrique & ERD.
In the morning everyone is loving on Whitney (MVP). Jess finds a mysterious object (a shoe horn) and starts scratching the back of Zachariah's head with it. The girlies are all cuddled up in one bed and CATHERINE all caps tells them that she’s been kissing Zachariah int he dark.
Ruchee is feeling GOOD about Andre, Whitney has to explain the word “territorial” to Jess and Molly, Jess (VBI) has no real connections at the moment because Tyrique “claimed” ERD with a kiss. Whitney brings up Molly’s kiss on the terrace, and asks Molly if Mitchell knows that she’s open. Sigh ..
Tyrique tells Zachariah that he’s basically a lipsing bandit (paraphrasing) +1 point for being right. This entire Molly/Zachariah storyline is fake as hell !! They don’t actually LIKE each other, they're just horny. Mehdi is interested in Whitney and I agree. Jump to the kitchen where Whitney, Jess, ERD and Andre practice their French and Spanish. Impressive ! +13 points to each
Boys are sitting around the fire pit talking about how hot the girls looked last night. Mitchell Red Bottoms says that Molly looks so good he almost proposed !! He is not joking !!!!! He “doesn’t want to rush anything” but also he IS rushing EVERYTHING !!! Molly cried because she’s open but her partner is very closed off which makes her uncomfortable :( Ruchee is a good friend and Molly finds it hard to communicate her wants and needs to other people
#TEAMWEHDI ! Mehdi and Whitney have a one on one in the fire pit and express interest in each other I LOVE.
Ella Rose Depp gets a text !! BOMBSHELL ALERT - Sammy is taking three !! girls on a date in the hideaway. The girls enjoy it a LOT as they SHOULD! ERD gives Tyrique a hug before getting ready which was very cute!! She tells him she’ll be thinking about him, also very cute !! ERD thinks she was a little TOO excited and the girls tell her it’s ok to be excited +5 points for caring about her partners feelings
Sammy’s waiting for Ella Rose Depp with a margarita glass full of what looks like frozen juice. Sammy is 6ft3 and BIG TEEF!! Jess, your spell WORKED !!! He’s a Project Manager which, he explains, means “putting a tasty little suit on, doing a bit of this and that, and then going out for a couple drinks after”.
Molly and Zachariah chat about their kisses, he mentions that Mitch is VERY into her and that made it hard to even entertain the potential. THEY DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER !! They’re just HORNY !! -100 points to the stinky producers Zachariah tells Molly he’ll talk to CATHERINE all caps about it and Molly just nods.
Ella Rose Depp returns and tells Jess (VBI) that Sammy is Her Type!! She also gives Ty a hug to reassure him that nothing’s changed. She’s very sweet! ERD describes Sammy's appearance, and other than having Turkey Teef (veneers) he’s exactly what Jess is looking for. Boys are interrogating Ella Rose Depp and Molly gets a text. Who is shocked? No One !! Red Bottoms says he’s not worried but … he IS worried !! Miscommunication is RAMPANT BETWEEN THESE TWO. Molly didn’t talk to Mitchell before the date, which is like, FINE, but again - be honest !!!
Date Two is more of the same, Molly is OPEN and also an actodancesinger. Sammy likes to sing in the shower.
Ella Rose Depp, Jess, and Whitney comfort Mitchell on the daybeds (cute!) He’s not wrong for having his feelings, he really likes her and she likes him too ! He’s better at communicating his feelings and desires but not as good at confirming that Molly feels the same. Everyone is being kind but also honest and telling him that he needs to try to be more open. He takes it well !!
Tyrique SMOOTH AS HELL tells Ella Rose Depp that he wishes he could go on three dates with her !! Cute !!
Molly likes Mitchell more than she likes Sammy but enjoyed her date. Mitchell confirms that he won’t hold anything against the new guy (duh). TEXT ALERT! No one knows who the text was for because JESS left her PHONE in the KITCHEN !! Jess is going on a date !!!! Everyone is rooting for her and SO HAPPY !! The boys line up and salute her on the way to her date. Heart Warming !!!! Mitchell is happy that Jess has a potential match, but let's be real he’s also happy that Molly isn’t into the guy.
Date Three - Sammy asks Jess if she goes to the gym and she doesn’t. She realizes her mistake and decides to tell him that she DOES go to the gym (jokes). She finds it boring but thinks if she went with a boy it would be fun. Sammy likes a girl who can eat and Jess likes to cook SpagBol. Sammy and Jess compliment each other. Sammy gets bored easily so needs someone to keep him entertained. He is VERY excited to meet everyone
Jess brings Sammy into the villa and he’s giving weird vibes !! But he’s right, there are soooo many people there and he’s being interrogated !! Same old “I’m not scared of anyone I’m not afraid to step on toes” WE SHALL SEE
PS I read that Zachariah looks like handsome squidward and it's true
SEE YA TOMORROW xoxo cloud_mom
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2023.06.09 18:40 homemade_hairdo In light of the news that Kelis and Bill Murray are apparently a couple 🤯, what are some other Hollywood couples that seem(ed) like a weird match?

In light of the news that Kelis and Bill Murray are apparently a couple 🤯, what are some other Hollywood couples that seem(ed) like a weird match? submitted by homemade_hairdo to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 18:28 Diobut any advice for motion inputs?

I'm used to the forgiveness of anime fighters like Guilty Gear or DBFZ motion inputs and having trouble finding consistency with my sf6 motions. To be specific my super inputs. I play classic Luke and find whenever I want to use a super such as 236236p It wont happen during combo or after combo (I did get it during combos couple of times) or at the start of the match do a fireball ex (don't remember Luke's moves by name) but instead do his rising uppercut. I understand it will come with practice but it never hurts to get tips. I play with a duel sense pad.
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2023.06.09 18:23 Rasielle Long Awaited Pink Chair

Long Awaited Pink Chair
I first saw this chair back in February at an antique market. However, it had no price on it and the market employee couldn't get a hold of the stall owner to get a price. Unfortunately I had to leave it. I left my contact info just in case. I came back a couple weeks later and the chair was gone. The market employee said that the stall owner was no longer interested in selling it and took it home.
I stopped by the market in May and low and behold the stall owner was in rearranging her stall. I asked her about the chair and she said she still had it. She said if I was still interested she would go home and grab it. In a few minutes, she came back with the chair and I paid about $125 for it. A little more than I wanted to spend but I'm really glad I got it. The chair matches a stool I got off Facebook Marketplace last year (also in the picture) for $20.
The pink chair and stool
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2023.06.09 18:18 throwaway_cs_v Thinking I might be gay shortly after marriage: Feeling like a failure

Using a throwaway because some friends know my main account.
I am 25 y.o., married to my husband for about a year, after dating for 6.5 years. I've identified as bisexual since I was 17, had some sexual encounters with women which I enjoyed (ofc). I told my now-husband I was bi from the very start and it was never an issue for him, but for many years I have pushed that part of myself waaay back and not considered it a "big deal", I'm not out to my family and only to some of my friends (as bi). I considered it a non-issue bc who cares now that I'm with a man.
In the year leading up to our wedding, I had some doubts about the relationship but couldn't pin-point what it was exactly, I partially lost interest in sex with my husband and never really felt emotionally connected during it. It was like I was trying to get the intimacy I was craving through sex but didn't really find what I was looking for. When I brought up my concerns, we always concluded together that it had to be due to the other stuff going on in our lives (we were doing long-distance at the time after previously living together, we were renovating an appartment and both generally very stressed at work). I had incredible anxiety around wedding planning, which I thought was just general social anxiety.
But there was nothing "wrong" in our relationship, nothing wrong enough to cancel the wedding (which would have been synonymous with breaking up). It was just a bit of a gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. Since I've never been a person to trust my gut really, I went with the "rational" decision: "Here is your boyfriend who you've loved for 6+ years, who you have an incredibly fun and easy relationship with and who wants to share his life with you. Don't throw that away on a few difficult months."
The feeling never fully went away though and in the past few months especially, I've become increasingly obsessed with wlw content (even more so than my normal bisexual girl baseline lol), I would notice a random lesbian couple and get so envious (?), feeling like that was supposed to be my life. I've been fantasizing about being with a woman while my husband was going down on me. I fantasize about kissing women, cuddling women, waking up to a woman, introducing a girlfriend to my friends. I feel like a horny teenager but this time in a definitely gay way. I've also been increasingly frustrated with the world seeing and treating me as straight, it just doesn't sit right.
Throughout all this I was still thinking I was possibly just bi-cycling. Then I saw Alayna Joy's coming out videos 2 weeks ago and had to pause multiple times throughout to process because her descriptions matched what I was feeling/experiencing to a tee. I read through the masterdoc, highlighted what resonated's like 50% highlighter in there.
I feel so so so dumb. I didn't grow up religious or in a homophobic environment at all. I was always comfortable being bi, how was I so repressed? I feel like such an idiot for getting married (some ppl thought it was early to marry at 24 but I was so convinced that 6+ years in a truly wonderful relationship meant more than the jitters a few months before the wedding). I feel like I messed up so hugely...and I know I shouldn't but I keep having to think about what everyone would say if I came out/divorced my husband. The "I told you so's" and the possible ridicule. Plus, I'm pretty sure most people in my life wouldn't really believe me. I just feel trapped and messy and like a failure.
I am also extremely scared that I'm getting it wrong (again?)....I just don't trust myself to make such a decision, what if my attraction to men returns? Add to that the fear of not finding someone again: Who would even date a divorced 25/26y.o.
I know I sound like pretty much every other post here but am currently so upset and confused and I don't know who I would possibly talk to about this so I needed to vent and get it all out there in writing I guess. I appreciate any wisdom/advice if you have it.
Thanks for taking the time to read if you made it all the way down here!
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2023.06.09 18:16 Wizzix Feeling left behind and worried I’ll [29M] be forever alone

I have only ever had a couple of short-lived ‘relationships’ in my lifetime, and both of them fizzled out after just 3-4 months for reasons that were never made clear to me. I was given the “it’s not you, it’s me” treatment on both occasions, but if I knew what the reasons were I could have used it to grow as a person.
Meanwhile, most of my friends have already settled down with their partners, moved in together and some are married and/or have started a family. Even though I spent the majority of my 20s single, it hadn’t really bothered me until recently when it dawned on me I’m almost 30 and still haven’t found anyone.
I do occasionally check the dating apps (albeit reluctantly, in an ideal world I would rather meet someone in the right place at the right time) but I never seem to match with anyone on those either. I’m not exactly the most attractive male, so I know that doesn’t help. On the very rare occasion I do match with someone, she either never replies/messages, ghosts me after a while or if the conversation has been going particularly well, comes up with a last-minute excuse to cancel meeting up.
I would like to have kids of my own one day, and I’m only interested in women my own age, but most of them either have kids by the time they’re 30 (raising someone else’s child just doesn’t appeal to me personally), or they don’t want or can’t have kids in the future. In short, my hopes of starting my own family are starting to feel more distant as more time goes by.
I am wondering if there are still any good places/activities out there for people in my age group that would increase my chances of finding the right person. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 18:13 KevSC721 BVB US Tour - Supporter Sections

We're going to the San Diego and Vegas matches and are very excited.
I saw a couple threads here from BVB fans about individual games asking which sections they should choose to be with fellow Dortmund supporters. This is from an email I received from BVB that has the specific info for anyone interested:
Dear BVB-Fan, Borussia Dortmund is going to play San Diego Loyal SC! It will kick off at Snapdragon Stadium on 27th July at 7:30 pm local time. The general public sale starts today. If you want to have more BVB fans around, get your seats in blocks 116-119!
MANCHESTER UNITED AT ALLEGIANT STADIUM The second stop of Borussia Dortmunds US tour is Las Vegas where BVB is playing Manchester United at Allegiant Stadium! If you want to find other BVB fans around you, choose the sectors: 118-128, 218-232, 318-332.
CHELSEA FC AT SOLDIER FIELD The third match will be a clash with the English Premier League club Chelsea FC in Chicago. It will kick off at Soldier Field on 2 August at 7.30 pm local time. The BVB fans behind the goal are in the sector 148 to 155. Further fans are located in the areas above.
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2023.06.09 18:10 Smash_Brews [6/17] NYC Smashers! Come out to SMASH BREWS next Saturday at a Brooklyn bar! One drink included at this casual-focused Super Smash Bros party

We have been running this event among friends every couple of weeks. Join the Smash Ultimate party on SATURDAY June 17th from 2pm to 6pm; chill out with casual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate games at Crystal Lake Brooklyn (647 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211). All skill levels welcome.
EVENT SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY! For sanitary reasons, we highly encourage you to bring your own controller. If you cannot bring your own, we can provide an official Gamecube Controller to use during the event for no additional cost. Smash Brews provided controllers will be sanitized after each event. You will be asked to leave a government issued ID at the door if provided with a controller, to be returned when the controller is. Our supplied controllers will be limited on a first-come, first-serve basis
We’re back in the flow with the following fun:
Have a blast on the main event, 8-player Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 8-players at the same time, all on 1 HUGE projector screen!
Stop by one of our several Side Smash Stations for some standard 1-v-1 or 4-player, 3-stock friendly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate matches. No salt to be found here.
THREE lucky smashers will be selected at random to receive a goodie at the end of the event. STAY TIL THE END for a chance to win!
Test your might against the Smash Brews Crew! THREE attendees will be selected at random to compete against the one of the Smash Brews hosts in a 1-v-1, 1-Stock match. If you manage to take us down, you will be awarded with a free drink on the house!
Towards the end of the night, strap in for the lightning fast Nightcap Smash Clash! Everyone in the room will have a chance to compete in a 1-v-1, 1-stock only competition. Winner to make it to the end wins a free drink ticket!
Limited quantity of pre-sale tickets available online for $17.
Tickets at the Door are $20.




Ticket to event includes admission to the private venue space within CRYSTAL LAKE BROOKLYN and one (1) select drink.
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2023.06.09 17:33 gainrigi A girl who i met and talked for about 3 months ghosted me after the 4th meet

Hello, first of all im new to this sub because i have been experiencing some issues whilst getting to know a girl and being not so expert in the field of dating or meeting women im fencing with a lot of thoughts and confusion towards this particular situation. I will try to put everything on context in order for you to understand as much as possible and to get some advice for a better turn around :).
So here it goes, in March i met a girl who was visiting my city becuase she has family there. She is my neighbour´s niece so she asked me if i could get her out to meet bars and so something else because felt a little bored (shes my same age 26). I took her out on a Tuesday and we repeated on thursday and friday. That friday was great, we talked all day and went for dinner and the kissed a bit. She told me that she expected more rapid response from me but oh what the hell. The next day i reached out texting her and she was cold, i didnt understand why tho. I reached again on monday because she was leaving on tuesday and i wanted to ask her what was wrong. Long story short she claimed that it was just a kiss and she was on vacation no more than that blabla. I asked if we could stay connected at least and she happily agreed. A couple of days later she dm me on instagram with some cat reels and we started talking, days passed by and we continue talking even more, we asked questions about us, things we liked or not, plans we will do in the future such as going art shows, food, coffees, etc. For 2 months we talked till no end and everything was great because i was going to move to the city where she lives (not because of her but my studies and work). I told her that i was moving and she didnt show a GREAT emotion towards that at the moment, but continued planning things for the future.
As in May i arrived to the city and of course we continued texting. One day i came across a coffe shop she told me and i said to her hey, i just happen to came across the place you told me about, want to come one day? She answered that weekend could not make it but next one surely yes. I was like ok no problem and continued talking as usual. That weekend came down and i invited her for saturday, she told me already had plans but if i wanted to move it to sunday and i agreed, after that we talked a lot that same day, i saw her texting me like she was very and eager to meet. That sunday came and hours before i texted her to meet at certain time because i finished a footbal match sooner than expected. An hour or so later she replied to me saying she had a headache and would text me a little later when she felt better. (i already began to think that she would possibly say no, and she did). She texted me the classic “oh you are going to hate me but” message and i said ok no problem, get well soon and we shall meet the next time. Days passed and i didnt talk to her again, she responded to my ig messages i left her on sunday (yes we talked mainly on IG but always talk about the date on WPP, crazy i know) She told me sorry for the delay and if i was ok, i replied her that i was fine in a cold (but not in the jerk way). We soon started to talk as before again and i propose on a wednesday a date again to what she agreed on a beer on saturdays night. When the day came up she told me that she could not make it for the night but instead offered me going to a 6pm coffe. I agreed but well, i must say i saw her with low to non effort for the date whatsoever, as it was like an obligation she had. I mean it was the first time we saw each other after 3 months and she was acting like whatever. The meeting lasted just 1:30 hs because she was in a hurry and tho i felt happy in that moment, i started to realize she didnt see it that way, she was weird, a little distant and not so eager after not seeing each other for almost 3 months. I took her near her house, it seems that she didnt want to let me know where she lives and told her that we eventually would talk during the week to that she said yes indeed. I did text her on tuesday about a food place she recommended me and i noticed some cold messages from her again, she took hours and hours to respond and made me feel like what happened? At this point i was already aware that something was happening. So enough of texting i offered a meeting again on saturday after a couple of messages and she said she had plans with friend for a birthday (back in the coffee shop she told me that she was already planning it but i forgot) However in any moment she counteroffered me so at that point i was ready to move on and stop trying. I replied the next morning saying that it was ok, no problem and at least we could fix another time. She never replied to this last message which happened a week ago. She still has me in Wpp contacts, she follows me on IG too but doesnt see my stories so she knows maybe i could reach her anytime.
I went for friends and family for advice and help, everyone told me that for them she seemed interested at the beggining but if she didnt make the effort of at least setting up another day for a meeting then she was not that into me. Im very sad at the moment trying to understand what could have happened, and the fact that she isnt capable of text me after knowing me for more than 3 months its driving me crazy!, its not like im a tinder match that she never got to met. I have been single for a long time, i love spending time for and to myself. Im a nice guy with job, hobbies and friends so its not like im trying to find a hole in my heart just because im bored, when i see someone worth i go for it. This might not be the right girl for me tho after all.
I ask here for any advice, help and whatever helps me cross this emotions of dissapointment because some days i ask myself if i should text her explaining myself what i feel (i already know what she doesnt want with me but i would like to stay in contact tho because we shared a lot of interests and was funny to be with her) but at the same time i know that i did nothing wrong. However i sadly have the hope that she will text me anytime and that feeling is the most difficult one for me to erase.
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