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2023.06.02 09:54 psychic-vegan GOA jobs - Possible to negotiate remote/WFH?

I saw a job posting on GOA that I'm thinking of applying for. I'm assuming that it requires being in the office, but before I commit the time to apply and to prevent wasting the recruiters' time (and my own), I'm wondering how negotiable is it to have the position be remote.
My question's spurred by some advice a friend gave me. He applied for an in-office job and he negotiated for it to be remote. He said that's an easy negotiation. I'm also currently redefining my career trajectory and this is a job that interests me with an employer whose mission matters to me. Working from home has also been crucial in helping me balance my family's needs with my professional commitments. That said, my friend's not working for the GOA, which brings me here to see how relevant his advice is to this particular employer.
Can anyone share any insight?
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2023.06.02 09:53 Ambitious_Abies5736 Does she think bad of me to react i looked at her coworker?

I’m a 21 year old guy who goes to appointments to a woman job advisor aged around 32-33 I only see her like 10-15 mins a week. Iv been going to her for like 5-6 months
I told her about an interview I passed by email and she make me an appointment
She Always seems moody and strict type tbh gives me grouchy looks often but I’m always very quiet and polite
I was sitting to her 9pm angle left and I was facing her left side
Anyways this one morning she was using her mousse on the computer not saying anything for the moment and I looked around to my left down the long office a bit then looked further left to like a 8pm angle seen a 40 ish year old attractive blonde woman in a short dress no tights etc about 15-20 metres away and looked away after 2 seconds with my head down as normal as tho no one was there.
Out of nothing 3-4 seconds later my advisor (whilst she was looking at the computer screen scrolling with the mousse) giggled under her breath and said ‘you looking at her there?’ Under her breath whilst slightly giggling
I didn’t say anything
What I mean is how did she notice so easily and even mention it when she seems moody and distant towards me
I was brief about it and didn’t turn my head juts to look at her as I didn’t know she was there there before I turned to look around
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2023.06.02 09:49 Maceyyy_12 Affordable Ozempic Options with (or without) BlueCross in TX?

Does anyone know of any websites, pharmacies, doctor offices or places that offer Ozempic or the other comparable weight-loss medications at an affordable price? I currently receive mine at a med spa near me but it's hundreds of dollars a month & gets pretty pricey. I initially decided to get it through this med spa 6 weeks ago bc it was recommended by my Dad and step Mom. My Dad paid for the first month but said he would only be paying for 2 out of 4 weeks after that & that I would be responsible for paying for the other 2 weeks if I still wanted to get it.
Obviously this is completely understandable and I'm very grateful that he's even paying for any of it at all. However, this does mean that I'm still paying a few hundred dollars out of my own pocket each month. I currently only have time to work part-time at my job as I'm taking summer classes full-time and like most other college students, I don't have a lot of money 😅).
I really do love the med spa I go to but if there are other, cheaper alternatives then of course I would like to pursue those instead. Any input, suggestions, or advice would help a lot & would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!
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2023.06.02 09:39 sammyglumdrops New jobs blues

I’m currently a final seat trainee in Scotland at a mid-size firm. I have an NQ job lined up at a larger firm upon qualification in September, and I feel very melancholy and sad about leaving.
I also had an NQ offer at my current firm and I enjoyed working here and initially intended to stay here.
However, my home life has changed dramatically (family found out I’m not religious and it’s just an argument, harassment, and crying/pleading me to “follow the right path” every day)
I therefore now want the option of being able to move to England if I ever felt I had to. I know I could try elsewhere in Scotland first, but it doesn’t feel distant enough because I have a lot of family here and they are very persistent. Plus, the jump to the larger firm at least means I have options.
At my current firm, I wouldn’t be able to move straight to England, because we only have 1 office in Scotland, and, though it is a fairly well known firm here, I doubt any English outfits will care much for it. The new firm offers more mobility because it’s larger, has an international and London presence. So, I could more feasibly make a move to London or at least elsewhere in England.
I’m a natural over-thinker and absolute anxiety case. When I left my retail job (chain clothing store) a couple years ago to start my training contract, I felt the same melancholy, anxiety and fear.
I’m sure I’ll get over it, but I just wanted to express this because I don’t have anyone else to tell!
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2023.06.02 09:28 Spicepun Should I take this new job offer?

Hey all! I’ll try to keep this concise but looking for some advice. Right now I work as a Jr Systems Admin at a prominent credit union making about 72k a year. The facilities and company are just spot on. Amazing offices and on site cafe, coffee, gym, etc. The actual work I do itself is NOT where I wanna be.
Recently got my CCNA and Sec+ and just now got an offer for a Jr Network Engineer which is the job I want to be doing. Salary is 82k, for an ISP servicing my county. They work on the courthouses, fire stations, public libraries. They do the infra for the county basically.
Problem is I went in for an on-site and the facilities and building are VERY run down and the offices and desks are really old and worn out. Basically the work itself seems perfect for me. But the location is a huge downgrade.
Thoughts and advice?
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2023.06.02 09:22 akshitayadav Best Health Tips For A Healthy Life That Helpful For Call Boys In India

Best Health Tips For A Healthy Life That Helpful For Call Boys In India
Keep mosquito bites at bay
One of the deadliest critters in the world is the mosquito. Mosquito-transmitted illnesses, including dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and lymphatic filariasis, continue to plague Filipinos. Simple precautions may be taken to safeguard you and your loved ones against illnesses spread by mosquitoes call boy job. Ask your doctor whether you need to get vaccinated against diseases like Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever, or if you need to take antimalarial medications if you’re going to a place where there are known mosquito-borne illnesses. Use bug repellent and dress in light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Use window and door screens, bed nets, and weekly house cleaning to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds at home.
Obey traffic regulations
Over a million people worldwide are killed and millions more are injured in traffic accidents. Through a number of policies put in place by the government, including strict legislation and enforcement, safer infrastructure and vehicle standards, and improved post-crash care, road traffic injuries can be avoided call boy. By abiding by traffic rules, such as using a seatbelt for adults and a child restraint for your children, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, not drinking and driving, and avoiding using a cell phone while driving, you may also help to reduce traffic accidents.
Breastfeed children up to and including age 2
The greatest approach to providing babies and infants with the right diet is to breastfeed them. Within an hour of giving birth, moms should start nursing, according to WHO. For a baby to grow up healthily, breastfeeding is essential for the first six months call boy job salary. It is advised to continue nursing for up to two years and beyond. Breastfeeding is healthy for kids, but it’s also good for moms since it lowers the risk of postpartum depression, type II diabetes, and breast and ovarian cancer.
If you’re feeling sad, talk to someone you can trust.
Over 260 million people around the world suffer from depression, making it a widespread illness. Depression can show up in many different ways, but it often leaves you feeling worthless or hopeless, thinking a lot of unfavorable thoughts, or experiencing excruciating pain. Please keep in mind that you are not alone if you are going through this. Discuss your feelings with a trusted person hyderabad call boy, such as a member of your family, a friend, a work colleague, or a mental health professional.
Only use antibiotics as directed.
One of the major concerns for public health in our age is antibiotic resistance. Bacterial infections become more difficult to treat as antibiotic effectiveness declines, which raises healthcare expenditures, lengthens hospital stays, and increases mortality. Due to abuse and excessive usage in both people and animals, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness. Make sure to only take antibiotics on a doctor’s prescription if necessary call boy video. Additionally, follow the prescribed treatment schedule. Don’t ever give out antibiotics.
Clean up completely
Everybody ought to rehearse hand cleanliness, not simply medical services experts. With clean hands, the transmission of irresistible illnesses can be halted free call boy. Assuming your hands are apparently filthy, you ought to hand wash them with cleanser and water or utilize a liquor-based hand sanitizer.
Prepare your feast appropriately.
In excess of 200 illnesses, from malignant growth to looseness of the bowels, are brought about by polluted food containing destructive microorganisms, infections, parasites, or synthetic substances. To ensure the food you purchase at the market or general store is protected, read the names of the actual item indian call boy sex video. While planning food, follow the five keys to more secure food: spotless, separate crude from cooked Eat, cook well, keep food at a protected temperature, utilize clean water, what’s more, unrefined components.
Routine check-ups
Medical conditions can be recognized at the beginning phase through normal check-ups. As your possibilities of treatment and recuperation increment, well-being experts can help you recognize and analyze conditions. Visit the clinical office that is ideal for you to study the well-being administrations, tests, and medicines that are accessible.
Work out
That’s what you anticipated, isn’t that right? The practice has a few advantages, including further developing heart well-being to decrease the gamble of coronary illness and working on confidence and cognizance, which diminishes uneasiness and gloom and works on mental health. The American Heart Affiliation (AHA) suggests 75 minutes out of each seven-day stretch of overwhelming cardiovascular activity bangalore call boy (yellow and red regions on the Myzone pulse screen) or possibly 150 minutes of the seven-day stretch of moderate high-impact workout (blue and green regions on the Myzone pulse screen). rate screen). By practicing 30 minutes five days every week, we can without much of a stretch accomplish these objectives.
Running, paddling, trekking, swimming, strolling, climbing, and moving is only a couple of instances of vigorous activity. To decide your power level, utilize a Myzone pulse screen to guarantee you are observing heart well-being rules.
Decrease destructive fats.
Illness risk is expanded by soaked fats and trans fats, which can raise LDL cholesterol levels. Limit your admission of broiled food varieties, cold cuts, red meat, and desserts to keep away from these fats.
Supplant them with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in food varieties like olive oil, avocados, almonds, cashews, salmon, and anchovies chennai call boy job.
Stress Help
Stress can truly harm our bodies, increment our pulse, and negatively affect our brains and feelings. It additionally debilitates our resistance and improves the probability of falling into destructive propensities like smoking and gorging.
Working out, contemplating, dozing, snickering, turning off gadgets to unwind, and having a decent visit with companions are only a portion of the counter-pressure exercises. For more, you can find out at
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2023.06.02 09:22 galacticsharkbait Stressed about missing work with Covid and need advice

I started a new job 3 months ago. I love it, it’s been great and they have been incredibly understanding about me missing so much time. I am a single mom with no help and my toddler is within her first year of daycare so she is literally constantly sick. I have gotten 2 full paychecks since I started, all the rest have been partials because of missed days. A few weeks ago the transmission on my new car blew and I had to miss 4 days of work while it was in the shop. Not even two weeks later, last week, my daughter spikes a fever of 103° during the night and I had to stay home Thursday and Friday with her. Monday was a paid holiday and I woke up sick and tested positive for Covid Tuesday morning.
I messaged the owner (he’s the only phone number I was given besides office number which I can’t call outside of office hours and I get bad anxiety making phone calls calling out) letting him know and saying “the DOH website says 5 day quarantine from when symptoms first arise which was Monday” and asking if they had any company specific policies regarding Covid.
He said “We have no specific requirements anymore. It is more up to the individual and their beliefs and how they feel. It is always best to certainly wear a mask even if it is just a cold. Get well and keep us appraised. “ I told him that I would come back when my symptoms went away then because I was worried about saying “I’m not comfortable coming back before my 5 day quarantine is over”. Tomorrow is day 5 and I am not comfortable going in, but I’m worried that I’ll look like I’m making excuses and I just don’t know what to say or how to word it so that it doesn’t sound that way, especially since I didn’t say that in the first place. What would you do in my situation? A year ago I wouldn’t even think twice about saying I won’t come in until after the isolation period, but now that the pandemic is considered “over”, my state doesn’t require masks anywhere anymore, and I feel like people look at it more as a “recommendation to quarantine” opposed to the requirement it was seen as before.
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2023.06.02 09:22 ArticulateAquarium Car tax and change of owner issue solved

Sorry if this doesn't go here, mods please delete if inappropriate.
Recently my elderly father passed, so I quit my job and came to stay with my elderly mum for a few months (to relieve my brother as he'd recently taken weeks off work to do the same when mum and then later dad was in hospital). The car's in dad's name and the tax, MOT, and service are due around now. Mum was really worried as dad had zero charge road tax for being disabled, and she thought she couldn't drive it until it was sorted - as the log book part can't be found it would be up to 4 weeks to get it in her name and taxed properly. First thing I did was call 111 and speak with them about the situation; after a long chat with experienced officers they said because we're trying to sort it we'd not be charged if found driving on dad's road tax. I had to go to a couple of post offices as it's more complicated and the process took nearly a week, but now the road tax is paid fully and the car should be in mum's name in a few weeks.
While we were out the other day, another visit to a PO being one of the reasons, we parked up as mum wanted to pop into Greggs for a couple of sausage rolls. She fell last December and broke her hip and had a replacement fitted, so I parked as close as possible which meant it was on a business's drive and she walked over with her stick. I sat in the car in case the business needed me to move, and saw a guy bend down in front of the car and pick something up then walk off. As he walked off, he had a big red thing in his hand which looked suspiciously like my mum's purse. Took me longer to process than it should've but after a few seconds I got out to see what he'd picked up, by then mum had come back and said she'd left her purse in the car. I ran in the direction the guy had gone and there was a big DIY independent place there followed by a row of houses, so went in and asked the 'keepeowner if he'd seen a guy with a big red purse. Mum followed and as (they said) he hadn't entered the place I went out to see if I could see him.
By the time I got back, the shopkeeper was leading mum to the CCTV screens in the back while she was explaining dad's funeral expenses were in her purse - in cash. I called 999 and they spent at least 10 minutes on the phone with me and then mum, telling her 2 cars and several 'spotters' are in the general location now. The CCTV showed the guy walking past, then walking back with a red thing in his hand. After we'd gone through everything we could, we got in the car to go home for a coffee but the Police called again for questions so we pulled over. After a few minutes they called again and said they'd got her purse - we were only 2 minutes away and headed straight back. As we were pulling up outside the DIY place the police car was too, the (very!) young officer handed over mum's purse and it had everything inside it - completely untouched. Apparently the owner of the DIY place found it in the alley next to the building, even though he'd taken mum there earlier to look to see if the thief had dropped it. Mum went in to the DIY place to thank the guy, and I had a little cry as her luck has been so shitty for the last year.
First time I've called the police since the Bradford Manningham riots back in the 90s, when I witnessed from my flat a police van crash and topple over late at night. Very helpful and kind people!
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2023.06.02 09:15 PSEcho I want to quit my job, but I don't/can't.

I don't even know where to start with this.
I was diagnosed with GAD and Social Anxiety around the time that I was in high school. I also have ADHD (diagnosed at 14). I'm currently 23 and I'm a university graduate. At the moment, I'm living at home with my mom, step dad and (more recently) my slightly older step brother. I also work full time (well come back to that).
Lately, I've been dealing with some pretty bad ADHD paralysis (which is contributing to my anxiety) on my days off and after work. I have things I want to do, should do, and need to do. It's rare that I do any of them either on my days off or after work. After work I'm usually so tired that I tell myself that it's okay, I can get to it on my days off. On my days off, I'm lucky if I move from my bed at all.
Basically, at home I'm in a constant state of procrastination that I have no motivation to break free of despite the fact that my anxiety is slowly killing me for it.
Meanwhile, at work, I work the worst hours I have ever worked in my life. I work 5 days a week as a server in the kitchen of an assisted living. I work 11pm-7pm most days and 6am-2pm on my Fridays.
I love what I do, but I hate how I do it. I love working with my residents, but I hate working with my coworkers. Especially my manager.
Most of then aren't that bad, we just don't really click. and that can be really hard for me because of my social anxiety. I don't really ever feel comfortable at work. It's an environment that really puts my social skills to the test and somehow I keep failing. It takes so much energy for me to not only do my job, but try to communicate with my co-workers without making a misstep.
It's kind of a long story, but basically, we were understaffed for a long time and then we finally got more staff, we were running fairly efficiently when we were understaffed and then we finally got somewhat properly staffed and it kind of threw us off. And I also now have to deal with new people.
The kitchen has kind of developed a reputation for being lazy now and the other departments hate us. And the whole building doesn't communicate very well so we often times have to pry information out of the aides and then they get mad at us for not doing something that we didn't know we were supposed to do.
The thing about us being lazy is...complicated? It's not super important, but basically, when we were understaffed, we got used to not really taking our 15 minutes breaks and would instead take like...5 minutes here or there whenever some kind of pause came up while we were waiting for something. And for those of us in the kitchen that are ADHD, this is kind of a hard habit to break. I actually work better when I can take multiple small breaks and refresh my brain. I try my best to be finding things to do, I even asked my manager to make a list of things to clean, But I can control other people. We were also told not to take our breaks together so it doesn't look like we are just sitting around doing nothing when this was never an issue before. They have even said that this is the only reason why, there is no practical reason for it.
See, our new manager is a lapdog to upper management. We all hate her. Her entire personality just gives me anxiety to be around. She has no business running a kitchen, especially not ours. But uppermanagement loves her because she will just do whatever they say without question and not defend us or ask us our side or anything. None of us respect her. That doesn't mean that she does nothing right, there are descisions that she makes that make sense, but the way that she tells us to do things, or reasons she gives as to why just passes everyone off. I try very hard not to have an "us vs them" additude because of my anxiety, I try my best to be the middle man, but there are some things she says or does that just pisses me off.
She also has no understanding of neuroatypical issues such as anxiety or ADHD and has made comments that were insensitive of such issues. She has also made jokes about a 30 year old employee having a crush on an underage co-worker. She said one of my coworker's name wrong for months (a coworker who worked there longer than her). She constantly misgenders two of my coworkers who either only or primarily use they/them pronouns (I'm not getting into an argument about this, a manager should not be doing that reguardless of beliefs). She is constantly focusing on the littlest things that aren't important while ignoring our input on larger issues (some of which, we are more qualified than her to speak on (but I won't go into details)) and not trusting that we might actually know what is best for our residents and us as a whole.
I know how some of this looks and sounds, and I will admit to my own failings in dealing with this situation. I know that I don't handle change well, it takes time for me to adjust to things, and I have a hard time trusting my own emotions as a result.
I've also been struggling with the new coworkers as one women is very hard to read and is basically a yes man, but has reported things to our manager that we didn't realize was an issue and while I tried my best to fix what I was spoken to about, I don't control my other co-workers, especially because the things that she complained about, I'm used to and am able to counteract them in a way that is comfortable for me. But she doesn't have the same report for us so I don't really blame her for talling to our manager.
However, our manager seems to have taken the fact that I'm more or less complacent to means that I am responsible for it and even called me into her office today to discuss the continued issues where she spent at least half of the time talking about how one of my coworkers is too bossy. I was the only one in this meeting.
Point is, I'm probably one of the few people actually trying my best to follow her changes in a way that is comfortable for me and I keep getting dragged into all of the drama. Maybe if that was the only thing I had going on, it would be one thing, but this is on top of everything I'm struggling with doing at home, and constantly spraying politics with coworkers in general just at a conversational level. I've been spoken too about butting into people's conversations (something I didnt realize I was doing) and correcting people (I was trying to help) and have done my best to stop doing both of those things. I'm a very expressive person and have been accused by multiple people of being mad at or yelling at then or being rude when I was actually just excited (I do get easily frustrated and it's something I have a hard time controlling, but frustrated and mad are two very different things for someone with ADHD. A lot of this was just miscommunication).
There's a lot more to all of this as well, but I don't think I can sit down and write everything out.
Point is, my job stresses me out so much. I've been working since I was 17 and I have NEVER struggled this hard at work. My only reprieve is one of my friends works on the weekends, but they are one of the people who does not get along with the manager at all and has had much more explosive encounters with them. They are also one of the people my manager is blaming me for their actions. Actions that I do understand and somewhat frustrate me, but as I know them, I understand why they do what they do and can also counteract them if I feel that I need to, but I don't like doing so and don't normally find it worth it. They also struggle with any health issues and have to call into work often which stresses me out as I'm worried they will get fired and I wont have anyone I'm comfortable around left at work.
I cry at work at least once a week. I am constantly in my head. I even had my first panic attack while picking up a shift and vowed never to work outside of my routine again. I know that I've done things wrong, but the environment that I'm in at work is not one that in which I can focus one one thing at a time and work through my issues because I'm constantly dealing with everything all at once. And then I come home and it's the same thing. I'm so tired. I think about quitting all the time, but then I think about our residents and I don't want to leave them.
Plus, I need the money and I'm only supposed to work there until mid-August. I just...I don't know if I can last that long. I don't know what to do.
I can't handle all the change, or the clashing personalities, or the constantly having to use all of my energy to keep myself in check. Even when I try my best, and I think I do everything right, I do something wrong. And someone gets upset, or they get mad, and I just cry because human interaction should be thia hard. Why can't it just be simple? This job is draining the life out of me. But I don't think I could find another job that would hire me for just 3 months.
I was doing a lot better mentally when I was working 4 days a week, but now is crunch time. I have a money goal that I need to reach and I don't know if I can afford to drop down to 4 days a week. Because I don't know if I'll be able to work for the next two years as I'm going to grad school overseas in a country where I'm not fluent in the language.
Does anyone have any advice? About anything? How to let things go? How to let myself be less than perfect? On what I should put my energy into first?
TLDR: My job is sucking the life out of me, it's taking all of my energy just to keep functioning but I keep breaking down. I don't want to quit, but I do. I need the money and I don't have time to find a new job. People frustrate me.
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2023.06.02 09:08 Limp-Ad-5174 I’m falling behind in my job. A result of that is killing me inside

Hey there!
I’m currently working in sales in the US. My consistency is wavering but I’ve been doing it for 2 years and find a-lot of passion in helping people and the growth opportunities inside the business.
I’m (22M) and I’ve fallen behind in the most horrific way. For context my business is extremely high energy and we are all incredibly close at my office. I would take a bullet for my boss and he is my closest friend/mentor. When I first started this job there was just 3 of us, all like brothers, they are older than me but still made me feel equal.
A few months in the business I began building a team, interviewing, getting public speaking around are office and overall incredibly essential to the growth and productivity for all reps in the office. I work 10-12 hour days 6 days a week and only get paid by commission for 5 out of those hours and I don’t really mind. My mindset is that I’m learning how to run a business on someone else’s dollar and I’m glad for the opportunity to learn and develop.
It was after I established myself that we had a guy we hired ( we’ll call him Mark) blew are socks off, he is (34) and has run a successful business before. Mark immediatly became competition and was piling up sales and I was sincerely happy for him.
Fast forward a few month later we were neck and neck with are teams, and he was somehow making 2x the money I was making. It began to get very competitive between us from there. Mark was a fairly odd guy, very cool guy but odd. He would say very outlandish things and even say things cat could very easily be mistaken as sexually harassment to someone just starting. Nobody seemed to care, he’s gay so maybe that had something to do with it.
Are opportunities to earn money isn’t too impressive but when you move up in the company like I’ve seen many do, you can be earning high six to low seven figure income if you work hard at that position. So obviously I’m very motivated and hopefully a year away from that promotion. Fast forward to a few months ago from today me and mark were getting close, by that time he was orderi and bossing around everyone like his shit didn’t stink and acted as if he had authority over everyone including myself.
I regretfully always compared myself to mark. He always kept me on my toes and he was sometimes a great motivator to work even harder. Mark is the kind of guy who believes he is better than anybody and his leadership style is through threatening and yelling, which really annoys me. The reason why is because since I started I was taught a sense of morals and the importance of our office culture, “ we are in the people development business not the sale’s business” and we need to uphold the light, fun, and big brother mindset of the whole office. He does not uphold this 95% of the time and not even my mentor stops him. A few months ago I was injured and couldn’t work, for a month I lost momentum in the business and I watched from the sidelines as he steamrolled everyone and got the only thing I’ve wanted for 2 years…the promotion.
I have since lost my team, my consistency, and respect. I am now treated by the people I trained like I am a new hire. People treat me like I have not been in the business for 2 years and it’s made me feel like I’m not capable. I question myself constantly, I have no motivation because I’m starting to think their right. My best friend/mentor has not been reaching out to coach me like normal, he’s been spending all his coaching time with mark, and I feel forgotten. Worst of all I get to see mark living the dream I’ve worked relentlessly for and I’m stuck in this pit while he replaces me by my mentors side. I say this with a very heavy heart and open ears to solutions to what you would do in the scenario. PS, sorry this was so long!
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2023.06.02 09:08 GlobalHornyTraveller 26 [M4F] Edmonton/online - Distract me from the job search

Hey! Like everyone here I'm mostly just looking for some people to chat with for a bit and pass the time however we decided. I am pretty used to internet friends being temporary, but I have made time friends that have lasted years. So if you are into talking regularly, I'm very much down with that.
I recent graduated so am looking around for jobs to try and pay off my student loan I took to go study in Germany for a bit pre covid. After that, I'm not sure if I'm going to go straight into grad school for library/archive stuff, or maybe disappear to Japan for a bit to teach English, or who knows. I recent fell in love with scuba diving and have thought about maybe learning to sail for the next few years and the sailing around from dive school to dive school helping out. But who the heck knows. Equally possible I find some office job I do until I'm in my 60s.
As for how I spend my time, I try to keep up on reading and writing as much as possible. I find when I have both as a strong habit, everything in life tends to feel a bit brighter. I also try to work out daily (though I like eating an entire pizza to much for it to ever show to much lol). Right now I've been focusing again on running and body weight stuff as a rehab a back injury. But hoping to get been to lifting heavy circles soon again! I usually describe myself as a nerdy jock. I love media (movies, TV shows, anime, games, etc) and tinkering Ruth tech, but can also talk for ages about F1, hockey, both footballs, etc. Though I love learning new things so if you have a hobby you are into, let me know!!! I'm happy to explore it.
I usually write way to much so I guess I'll try to wrap this up here. If anything piqued your interest, I'm obviously happy to chat! I've been told before that people worry about time zones or age differences. Both really aren't a big deal to me, as long as you are over 18. Some of my best internet friends were much older then me, and my sleep schedule is so messed up that I often am awake in Asian or European timezones lol. So feel free to send me a message whenever you wish end I hope you find some fun people to chat with!!!
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2023.06.02 08:54 Amazing_SpiderLAN Should I [M26] breakup with my girlfriend [F26] because she lost interest in me.

Hey, I’m from Delhi[M26] athletic body type. this post is going to be little longer, pardon for that. I'm feeling really conflicted about my relationship with my girlfriend of five years, and I could really use some advice or perspective. We spent the first four years of our relationship in a long-distance setup, but whenever we were able to meet, we felt genuinely happy together. However, for the past year, we have been meeting twice a week, and I've been driving 130 km each time from her office to her house and then back to mine she didn’t show any affection at all during this long drives, she just sit quiet and pretend to be happy. She doesn’t even touch me and it’s been ages now.
What's been bothering me even more is that she recently helped a friend from her office get a job there, someone she has a history with. I can't help but feel uncomfortable about this situation, as it seems like she sought out this support from someone she has a past with.
I'm feeling confused and unsure about what to do. I still care about her deeply, but these issues are putting a strain on our relationship. Has anyone else been through something similar? Any advice on how to address these concerns and find a resolution would be greatly appreciated.
TLDR: I've been in a five-year relationship. my girlfriend has become bossy, lacks affection, and prioritizes her own career. She helped a friend with whom she has a history get a job, which makes me uncomfortable. We also have a lack of physical intimacy, and she claims it's not important in a relationship.
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2023.06.02 08:52 CorvidsIndia Industrial-Grade Extension Ladder Advanced Methods and Advice

Industrial-Grade Extension Ladder Advanced Methods and Advice
extension ladders
Construction, maintenance, and telecommunications industries are just a few of the sectors where industrial-grade extension ladders are crucial equipment. They enable people to work effectively and safely by providing access to elevated regions. For professionals who need sturdy tools that can withstand the demands of their work, an industrial-grade extension ladder is ideal. This ladder's reliable features include its solid aluminum construction and telescoping design, which allows experts to adjust it to match any height.
The adaptability of this telescopic ladder is one of its best qualities. It can be used as a scaffolding foundation, a staircase ladder, a straight collapsible ladder, or even an a-frame ladder. This implies that you can utilize it for any work, no matter how challenging.
The safety features of this heavy-duty extension ladder, nevertheless, might be its best feature. Anti-slip feet ensure that it stays firmly in place even on slippery surfaces. Additionally, there are roomy stairs that give you a secure area to stand while working. Before making a multi-purpose professional extension ladder purchase, we need to carefully consider the uses, benefits, and other variables. However, using the extension telescopic ladder safely necessitates the right expertise and commitment to safety procedures. In this blog article, we'll look at cutting-edge methods and offer helpful advice for using industrial-grade telescopic ladders safely and effectively..Stay tuned till the end of this blog, as we discuss the benefits, the types, and the eBay places to buy yourself the best Extension ladders.

Portable industrial ladder: Benefits:


These Telescoping extension ladders offer a robust and stable platform for working at heights when used correctly. When operating on terrain with uneven surfaces, they reduce the risk of falls and accidents.

Attaining Height:

Industrial-grade extension ladders are used to reach high shelves, arching ceilings, and rooftops. As a result, they make jobs simpler that could otherwise be difficult or difficult to do.


Because multipurpose Heavy duty extension ladders are available in a broad variety of sizes and styles, we may use them for a wide range of tasks. For instance, extension ladders can be used outside to reach high places, while step ladders are the best choice for internal use.


Telescopic Ladder was invented to make work easier and increase productivity. These compact, lightweight, multi-use Extension ladders with locking mechanisms speed up processes and enable access to otherwise inaccessible locations.


These Industrial-grade extension ladders are lightweight and small in size, making it easy for us to transport them from one place to another.


When compared to other access equipment like scaffolding and aerial lifts, collapsible ladders are incredibly affordable. As a result, they offer a suitable replacement for the vast majority of applications. Telescopic ladder prices can start at a range of INR 3000 and above, depending on the height and the accessories.

Which multi-purpose Adjustable extension ladder is the best for your needs?

Telescopic ladders and industrial ladder accessories are useful and adaptable, but it's crucial to pick the proper one for your particular needs. Given the variety of choices, it could be challenging to select the ideal telescopic ladder that meets all of your unique needs and preferences. We would like to give you some guidelines to assist you in selecting the best Extension ladder for commercial applications.


An industrial-grade extension ladder can extend from a few meters to over 20 meters in height. Choose a multi-purpose collapsible extension ladder that can therefore stretch to the required height. You can choose a telescopic foldable ladder with an adjustable height once you've determined the highest height you need to reach.

Weight Capacity:

You should also take the collapsible ladder's weight capacity into account to make sure it can securely handle both your weight and the number of objects you are carrying. Having too much weight on one's person increases the risk of accidents and injury. As a result, bear this in mind while selecting a multi-purpose portable industrial ladder.


Industrial-grade extension ladders can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. The degree to which the suitable material can matter will depend on the user's planned use and the range of storage options. It is important to pay close attention to the material that best meets all requirements.


Due to its versatility, the telescopic folding ladder can be utilized both indoors and outside. Here, a telescopic ladder's portability—one of its main advantages—comes into play. A lightweight portable multi-purpose Industrial-grade extension ladder is simple to transport over long distances.

Safety equipment:

Whether a ladder is telescopic or not, safety should always come first. A simple disregard for safety could have negative consequences for the user. So it's a good idea to search for telescopic Ladders with safety features like locking mechanisms, non-slip rungs, and fixed feet.


Pick the Right Ladder:

It's important to pick the right High-capacity extension ladder for the job at hand. Think about things like weight capacity, material structure, and industrial-grade extension ladder height. Compared to regular ladders, an industrial-grade telescopic ladder is built to support big loads and provide more stability.

Inspect before use:

Before each use, check the collapsible ladder for the home for any signs of damage, like twisted rungs, broken rails, or loose connections. Verify the functionality of all parts, including the locks, hinges, and ropes. Never use a telescopic ladder that has been compromised structurally.

Placing it Carefully:

Place the Industrial-grade extension ladder on a solid, level surface and secure the base. Use stabilizers or telescopic ladder levelers as necessary to guarantee stability. By using the right foot pads or anchor points, you can secure the ladder's base. If you're working on uneven or slippery areas, think about using a telescopic ladder stability device.

Set the Right Angle:

Place the Portable Ladder at a 75-degree angle for maximum stability. This entails setting the Industrial-grade extension ladder's base one-quarter of the working length from the wall or other support structure.

User Biomechanics:

Apply the 3-Point Contact Rule by keeping two feet and one hand, or one foot and two hands, in constant contact with the Telescopic Ladder while maintaining a strong grasp with both hands. This method offers stability and lowers the chance of falling.

Extend the Telescopic Ladder Correctly:

Adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations when extending an Industrial-grade extension ladder. Before climbing, make sure the locks are securely in place. To extend the ladder smoothly and safely, use the rope and pulley system, if it is there.

Avoid Overreaching:

Never stretch yourself too far while using a telescopic ladder because doing so compromises stability and ups the chance of falling. Rather, adjust the ladder as necessary to preserve the correct 3-point contact and keep your body centered between the rails of the aluminum ladder.

Secure the Top and Bottom:

Use fixed attachments like hooks or ropes to tie the top of the Industrial-grade extension ladder to the supporting structure to increase stability. Additionally, if at all possible, employ appropriate bracing to stop any movement by stabilizing the Telescopic Ladder's base with a coworker or by yourself.

Consider the Weight Capacity:

Industrial-grade extension ladders have ratings for their weight capacities. Before using the telescopic Ladder, consider the worker's total weight along with the weight of their tools and equipment. The integrity of the ladder may be harmed and accidents may result from exceeding the weight restriction.

Keep Your Balance and Posture Correct:

When ascending or descending the Industrial-grade extension ladder or working from it, keep your balance and posture correct. Avoid leaning or leaning too far to one side with your body centered. Be sure to step slowly and deliberately, and distribute your weight evenly.

Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

To safeguard yourself from potential risks when working on an Industrial-grade extension ladder, put on the proper PPE, such as non-slip boots, a hard hat, eye protection, and gloves.
Ensure that all employees who use industrial-grade Telescopic Ladder are properly trained in ladder safety procedures and are informed of the most recent best practices. Hold regular safety meetings and periodically update training.

Where can I buy the best Industrial-grade extension ladder in India?

Corvids are prepared to revolutionize mobility with a staff devoted to providing premium and flexible Telescopic Ladder, seats, tables, and casters for all of your needs!
Corvids introduce telescopic ladders reaching up to 2.6 meters (8.5 ft) in height. 12.5 feet, 3.8 meters, and 16 steps are needed to reach 20.5 feet (6.2 m). There are 13 stairs, each measuring 2.0 m (6.5 ft) and 5.0 m (16.5 ft) high. 14 stars and a distance of 2.9 meters, perfect for a range of commercial and residential projects, including painting homes, changing light bulbs, and working on construction sites.
The fiberglass, aluminum, and steel Corvid multi-purpose Industrial-grade extension ladder is not only strong and versatile but also very safe for anyone using it. Their heavy-duty Telescopic Ladder offers unmatched safety and stability while making it simple to customize the ladder for home use to the user's needs thanks to its multi-position safety locking hinges and stabilizing bar at the bottom. The anti-skid PVC shoe, which prevents unnecessary swaying or shaking of these foldable Telescopic ladders, ensures the user's safety.
Because Corvids offers twin Industrial-grade extension ladders in a variety of configurations, customers may choose from alternatives like (12.5 ft (3.8 m) - A Type, (19 ft (5.6 m) - A Type, and (16.5 ft (5.0 m) - A Type with simplicity., Perfect for any home, office, godown, storage facility, or retail location.
In addition to the advantages already mentioned, Corvids' 2-year warranty against manufacturing issues guarantees clients the best after-sale support conceivable.


One can dramatically lower the danger of accidents and injuries at work by implementing these cutting-edge methods and advice for using industrial-grade aluminum telescopic ladders. To buy a telescopic ladder, the user is provided with a wider range of heights than ordinary ladders, which are constrained to a particular height and dimension. This demonstrates that a tall building's roof may be reachable using just a single extension ladder, even in spaces with low ceilings.
The multi-purpose Industrial-grade extension ladder is incredibly adaptable and useful thanks to its telescoping mechanism, which also permits height adjustment. The Non-slip extension ladder's capacity to be folded down into a more compact size for both storage and transit is another advantage of the telescopic design. Everyone who needs to access a high area, whether at home or work, can benefit from owning an Industrial aluminum ladder. Visit the official website to learn more about the Commercial-grade extension ladder.
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2023.06.02 08:48 Round_Stay8227 Did dmt change your life?

Wondering how it changed you.
I think about Psychedsubstance, how he had an office job and was experiencing with psychedelics and then immediately "knew" what he had to do and just dropped everything to educate people on psychedelics.
When I tried dmt. It shook me because it felt more real than reality itself and I didn't even breakthrough. So I'm particularly interested in those who broke through and how it changed your perspective.
I've known about dmt for ages and it's bugging me about the breakthrough experience but it makes me wonder if it'll just shatter me. And I'll be left fragmented or if I'll have found some internal bliss. I don't know.
Last time I tried it though, I wasn't afraid, maybe ballsy. Mid way through though, I forgot what I was doing and the vibration was intense. It felt like my whole body was wet and like my soul was a puddle, like a singular droplet hit my soul and my body rippled in resonance.
Not sure how to think about it anymore. Lmao.
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2023.06.02 08:47 Ambassador_Short When should I quit my job?

I've been at a job for 8 months that is both incredibly draining and yet there is more freedom than I can find myself using. I get paid just over 6 figures (although my Masters advisor and checking online says that I'm getting 30% less than I should be).
I got poached by my manager who visited a class of mine in the pandemic, liked me and my project, and reached out later. He offered to create a position theoretically working with exactly the technology I wanted to work with at a pretty major company for me, but I was debating doing my own startup, pursuing a music career that had microscopically started getting some traction, and was also starting interviewing at FAANG companies. I decided to accept this offer partially because Mondays and Fridays I can work from home and can commute directly on my train line. In my mind, this allowed me to pursue music and some of my side projects, but in reality it's been incredibly difficult.

The work is in a cutting edge technical field, but the software and hardware seem to be evolving at a slower rate than they or I expected for the particular missions we've established. Additionally, I am a collaborator and a socially energized person, and I was hired as the sole person working on the projects I work on. In fact, I technically don't even have a manager directly, although the person who takes over is the one who offered me the position. I'm also invited to meetings with higher ups from cross-company collabs with FAANG companies etc as essentially the resident Gen-Z with proficient technical and design knowledge, but I haven't said anything in meetings in months because A) I don't care about what the company creates at all (and I've given it a darn good try) and B) it's getting harder and harder for me to participate in the showmanship of everyone feeling valuable in these mandatory meetings where we know more or less what we're looking for, and they know the words to say to squeeze money or features out of us, and we know how to fight back, yadda yadda.
At the end of the day, I know this is a key part of business that I'll eventually have to deal with if I go down my own entrepreneurial path with products, games, and songs that I already have in development, but I feel like I've gotten more or less all I can out of being in these meetings. Sometimes I feel like I could practice speaking up more, but I did when I got started, and now that the ball is rolling in all honesty I just don't have anything to say and I find myself just waiting for them to be over as fast as possible.
My manager is quite kind, but he is like a grown child. He is the only competent manager in my department (potentially in the whole company), he's somewhat at corporate speak in an innocent, playful way to get people on the other end to do what he needs, and has his toes dipped in every project pond, but I don't know how healthy this is. I've got a lot of thoughts about him, and I'm grateful for the opportunity he gave me, but I feel like he regrets getting me into this mess. I think he hired me honestly as a bit of a quirky person in the office after finding out like 4 people quit our department right before I joined, and also I think my presence in meetings just shows that we tick the checklist for collaborators that we have a person who "does what I do".

As a selfish thing, I'm in my upper 20s and it's summer time, and I would love to have a liiiittle more free time to just enjoy and not feel like I'm living for the weekends lmao. I need to use more vacation days regardless, I was losing my mind until I took a week off and it's kicked this sentiment into overdrive of how passively I've been letting life fly by.

The things keeping me around in no particular order are:A) 1, maybe 2 coworkers who are the people I interact with the most outside of my relationship, and they're both hatching escape plans that are just much slower than me, but they both are excited for me to spread my wings and I'm excited for them! Honestly my coworkers in general are sweet, and a few of them I would love to stay in touch with, but the majority are not people who inspire me, there's almost no one that I look up to at a managerial level, etc.B) when I negotiated my salary, I got offered a 10k bonus for sticking around for a year. As a caveat, I talked to my manager a month ago about thinking about getting ready to quit, and he said he wants me to stay for a few more years, but I should invest my time in what I want to, and the only thing that would explicitly make him upset is if I leave 1 day after I accept the 10k.
C) AFAIK hirability is worse when you don't have a job, especially now that I might be competing against all of the ex-FAANG tech people who are getting laid off, although I'm likely not trying to immediately get back into the workforce in a traditional sense. I got an offer to teach a college class a few months ago, and they said the offer will stand for fall, but I haven't contacted them, and I'm afraid that it being low paying and probably more hours of investment per week than they assume it will be will be detrimental, although it might be able to keep me on track with obligations and keep my resume alive.
D) probably the largest point is that one of the projects has I would guess an above 50% chance at winning a relatively prestigious award, and I've worked on it quite a bit. However, I personally don't give a shit about it other than that it would be hilarious to say that I have it, although for resumes etc. it would be a nice advantage. I could however just say that I worked on "award winning" XYZ, which in all reality is probably fine but I would love opinions on this. The project finishes in less than 2 months, and the award would be given right before my 1 year mark.
E) healthcare, food, and rent (lmao) although I do have some savings. If I tapped into my savings I'd be able to take the next year to focus hard on pivoting myself, commission a few things here and there, and be able to start making money in a more meaningful direction. However, then I might just be OUT, and although I feel extremely and optimistic, determined about any and all of these futures working out for me, I have so much fear of falling into a slump of hedonism with drinking, drugs, social media, or gaming (never let me touch an MMO again lol). I genuinely don't think this would happen but it would be devastating and it would be so hard to forgive myself over.
I put a lot of stress on myself to perform even though the stakes are relatively low, and I have constant anxiety that I will be fired at any given moment for little to no reason (realistically imposter syndrome and just never getting used to how slow things work in the corporate world). I should note that it is my first non-academic "Career" type job, and for the sake of my personal story arc, I want to quit before I get fired 😅 I have so much more to say but I need to go to sleep so I can attend another meeting tomorrow 🥴 I would love to answer any and all questions if people want to ask them, and thank you for reading this!
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2023.06.02 08:45 -eira- 7 Months in.. Should I ask for a raise?

Hi, just for some context I started a new job in November in a Solicitors office as an Admin/Office Assistant, I started on £6.50 an hour (the minimum wage for 18-20 year olds in the UK) and then received a raise in April although this was due to the minimum wage for my age increasing to £7.50. I'm 19 and this is my first full time job since completing my A Levels. I was told during the interview process that after my probationary period of 6 months my wage would be reviewed. That would have been early May so my probationary period is technically over - yet I've heard nothing from supervisors or HR regarding a review of my work or anything like that.
I started this job on the same day as another girl in a different office (same company), she has the same job title and expectations as me. we have become very close and she has told me that due to her being 21 at the time of starting work there she is on £10.19. We are coming in every day, doing the same level of work yet she s being paid 4-5K a year more than me. I've done some research on the average wage for a 19 year old in the UK, and the ONS says that it's around 18-19k, I'm on 14k. I've also looked on Indeed at admin jobs in the area and all are on starting salary's of about 20k.
My job has also been a bit more complex than first advertised, as a majority of the work was advertised as general admin and secretarial duties (phone calls, correspondence etc) but there are many duties that I feel are a lot more complex than these roles that i am expected to do.
At first I was happy to go with the flow, I really love this job so jumping ship isn't really an option for me but I'm very quickly realising that £7.50 an hour simply isn't liveable and me and my partner are beginning to struggle. We were planning on buying a house around this time and have worked incredibly hard to build a deposit, but we've now had to pause that for the foreseeable as banks simply won't lend us enough for a house and are adding huge rates of interest on top of the already inflated interest purely because of what a low wage I am on. My partner is on a great wage for his age, when looking at mortgages I compared mortgage offers to his and my wage compared to his and a £10.19 wage and basically it goes from impossible to a very reasonable mortgage offer. It's beginning to get quite frustrating and affecting both of our mental healths.
Would this meeting be an appropriate time to as for a raise? and would it be appropriate to ask for a raise of £2.60 (so i would also be paid £10.19, the same as my colleague)? If anyone has any idea how I can approach this then that would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance!
Edit: apologies but I thought it would be important to add that I've been in customer service and admin jobs since I was 14, so this is my first full time job but I already have a lot of experience.
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2023.06.02 08:42 Swagmund_Freud666 I've been thinking I'd prefer night shifts

I'm a 19M and tomorrow I start my training for a 9-5 minimum wage job (in Canada that's $15 which isn't too too bad). It's teaching kids how to bike basically which is definitely a lot better than working retail or fast food. I honestly dread 9-5 hours tho. At first I thought it was cuz of all the time I spend at work, cuz like 8 hours is a third of my day, but when I think about it, something like 7 PM - 3 AM or 6-2 doesn't sound that bad at all. It genuinely feels way more manageable to me, especially since it would be late at night and I don't have to interact with many people. I'm literally writing this at 12:30 at night and prolly I'll be up till 2, whether I try to sleep now or not. If I worked 7-3, I'd be able to do all the things I'd want to and like doing earlier in the day, put all my energy into that, then I'd go to work, and the boss would get whatever energy I had left. But 9-5, I wake up much too early for me to feel ok, I have to force myself out of bed to go to something that'll suck up all my energy that I don't really want to do, and then I get home and have to do all the things and responsibilities unrelated to work. I don't think I'd be able to manage really, I'd lose my mind. If the ambience of the workplace was good (basically just not shit lighting, I think I'd be down for a night shift so easily. Even for like a white collar office job, night shift totally sounds preferable if I'd just be sitting in front of my screen all day. Anyone that feel this way?
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2023.06.02 08:39 Godhelpme97 What do you do for extra income?

Hi all!
What do you guys do for extra income?
I recently landed a job with the District Attorney’s Office as a Public Records Clerk. My first day is Monday! The starting salary is $40k with great benefits.
I’m currently enrolled in an online program getting a bankruptcy law specialist certificate. I already have a BA in History and a paralegal certificate. I’m eventually going to start the process of getting my notary license. I live in Louisiana and I know the notary exam is like a mini bar exam, lol. So, I know it’s going to take a while to get my notary license. I’ve been working in the legal field only two years so I feel like I’m not ready to start freelance legal work. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Do you think I could get a part-time job for a law firm working late in the evening?
Do you guys have any advice for me?
Thank you.
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2023.06.02 08:29 m1313s My mother kept me sick so she could take care of me. I struggle with resentment towards her, I want to find forgiveness

I’m having a hard time coming to terms that I really don’t like my mother. What makes my feelings more conflicting is on the outside, she portrays me to be her entire life to the outside world. So I feel like no one believes me when I tell them what I went through.
with age, research and reflection I came to the self realization that she does not have my best interest at mind, only the facade of being a good mother to showcase to the family and friends how devoted she is to me and only me.
These are some things my mother has done to me throughout my life, I want to get it off my chest. Maybe just to see if anyone else can relate, or if I am over reacting since I have always blamed myself
When I was 3-8ish years old my mom would let me have all types of babysitters, I remember crying, fearful, not wanting to go, explaining I don’t like our neighbours house. She would always tell me oh but the wife of the couple is just so nice and sweet, they always buy you gifts! There was a few married couples I would get passed around to, but one of couples the male did rape me at 4 years old. I remember being sore and telling my mom about it, she disregarded completely.. well actually told me not to be talking about my private parts. There is another graphic part that makes me remember this moment vividly that I can’t bring myself to talk about in detail. But let’s just say, as a child I knew that when my lips were dry and cracked it would take the pain away, I resorted to my strawberry lip balm and got in lots of trouble for this. Because of this trauma I assume, I developed a eating disorder around 7-8 years old. To the point where I would take huge containers and throw up my food in them and hide it in the my mom found these, because well I was 7 I hid them terribly and it was most likely obvious something was wrong. she didn’t say anything she would just dump them and pretend like nothing was an issue. This eating disorder years down the line almost killed me, I suffered for 10 years and only until I reached my lowest weight, my hair fell out did someone outside of my biological family stepped up and I went to an inpatient care unit for about 8 months.
my mom loved the attention it brought her, to this day she still talks about how many times she drove my to the doctors apts. how she made friends at the grocery store who’s daughters also are struggling with an ED. Etc.
I would go to a psychiatrist because of my ED and the program I was in. When I was a child i was prescribed these medications all at the same time. Seroquil, zopliclone, trazadone to help me sleep (Idk how to spell them lol.. also tho, that psychiatrist should have their medical license taken from them) Anyways, I was allowed to take all of these pills everyday, along with Benadryl to put me to sleep every night, I took Benadryl long before being prescribed these medications however. My mom would give me one every night and I felt like I got addicted, and could not sleep without one. I always remember being at our family doctors office as a child, always being sick and my mom loving going to the doctors. Like the doctor and his wife (the nurse) were basically my moms best friends. I remember being there a lot.. like a lot. For some back story, my mom has only had one job in her life when she was 21 then met my dad. My dad was an alcoholic growing up, not to the point of unemployment and he had a respectable job, but a drunk when he came home. he was absent emotionally and physically abusive. He only really hit or kicked me badly 3-4 times, but it was mainly emotional. My brothers got it worse when it came to getting beatings when they were kids.
I remember watching Oprah or something like that with my mom. This was a little after an incident had happened with my dad, kicking me or something. This episode was a special on children who were abused and survived.. but these were serious, serious abuse cases like children being chained to their beds, starved, regularly beaten types of stories. My mom made me watch this, she told me how lucky I am to not grow up in a house like this with parents that loved me so much and who gave me such an amazing life, this felt confusing to me as what I was seeing was horrifying and heartbreaking. I felt as if I was just making things out to be worse than they were. I later learned that this is gaslighting, my mom enjoyed doing this even in small ways. For my whole childhood, I was told my favourite colour was blue. When I would say it was pink constantly. My room was painted blue, family friends were told I loved blue… to this day I’m almost 27 my mom STILL buys me blue coloured things. I. fing. Hate. My mom loves to cook, it is the one hobby that she has. My mom also disregards allergies and has made both me and my brother extremely ill from sneaking our allergies into our food. We don’t have family dinners anymore because of this.
My fingers hurt from typing and sadly I could have gone on, maybe I can do a part two if anyone is interested. I feel terrible and guilty that I feel this way towards my parents especially my mom. I have moved away before, like to a different country then moved back .. loads of therapy and still I carry the burden of resentment that I wish I could release from myself. Maybe one day I will wake up with forgiveness, that’s all I want. I don’t want to have moments when I remember my mom never loved me, because that isn’t love that was illnesses.
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2023.06.02 08:28 -eira- 7 Months in.. Should I ask for a raise?

Hi, just for some context I started a new job in November in a Solicitors office as an Admin/Office Assistant, I started on £6.50 an hour (the minimum wage for 18-20 year olds in the UK) and then received a raise in April although this was due to the minimum wage for my age increasing to £7.50. I'm 19 and this is my first full time job since completing my A Levels. I was told during the interview process that after my probationary period of 6 months my wage would be reviewed. That would have been early May so my probationary period is technically over - yet I've heard nothing from supervisors or HR regarding a review of my work or anything like that.
I started this job on the same day as another girl in a different office (same company), she has the same job title and expectations as me. we have become very close and she has told me that due to her being 21 at the time of starting work there she is on £10.19. We are coming in every day, doing the same level of work yet she s being paid 4-5K a year more than me. I've done some research on the average wage for a 19 year old in the UK, and the ONS says that it's around 18-19k, I'm on 14k. I've also looked on Indeed at admin jobs in the area and all are on starting salary's of about 20k.
My job has also been a bit more complex than first advertised, as a majority of the work was advertised as general admin and secretarial duties (phone calls, correspondence etc) but there are many duties that I feel are a lot more complex than these roles that i am expected to do.
At first I was happy to go with the flow, I really love this job so jumping ship isn't really an option for me but I'm very quickly realising that £7.50 an hour simply isn't liveable and me and my partner are beginning to struggle. We were planning on buying a house around this time and have worked incredibly hard to build a deposit, but we've now had to pause that for the foreseeable as banks simply won't lend us enough for a house and are adding huge rates of interest on top of the already inflated interest purely because of what a low wage I am on. My partner is on a great wage for his age, when looking at mortgages I compared mortgage offers to his and my wage compared to his and a £10.19 wage and basically it goes from impossible to a very reasonable mortgage offer. It's beginning to get quite frustrating and affecting both of our mental healths.
Would this meeting be an appropriate time to as for a raise? and would it be appropriate to ask for a raise of £2.60 (so i would also be paid £10.19, the same as my colleague)? If anyone has any idea how I can approach this then that would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance!
Edit: apologies but I thought it would be important to add that I've been in customer service and admin jobs since I was 14, so this is my first full time job but I already have a lot of experience.
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2023.06.02 08:18 alexazii Co-workers

Hi guys,
I’ve been really really depressed these past few days/weeks.
As you see the title, co-workers. = the cause
I joined the company jan 2023 & my team consists of 6 ( including me & the admin )
3 of them have their own office & 3 of us are outside ( cubicle)
Im new to the team whereas they .. all know each-other. It just gets sadder and harder for me to see them not trying to communicate with me. They always go out on a lunch with their preferred person. They always talk in a circle about what they did over the weekends.
I tried my best to get out of my comfort zone and go out on lunch whenever they would ask ( in 7 lunch they did since I’ve been there, they only asked me 2 )
At lunch : i talk abit then they started to do the talking, as every one was engaging in the conversation I noticed who ever would talk would not look at me while talking? That really hit my heart. I didn’t talk or engage conversation anymore . The topic was not even related where I can share my insights.
After the lunch i went to the washroom and thought about how all this time I’ve been treated like an outsider, like a taskmaster, like a introvert. I literally bursted into tears. Am I weird? Am i not worth knowing?
The only reason I’m posting this today because it happened again at lunch meeting . ( 5 members of my team including me )
I spent 2 HOURS eating with you guys and not single of asked if i liked my food? If i can share my learning experience & no one was even looking at me while talking. Worst part is the people around our table what if they can see me scrolling thru my phone while they r talking.
Idk if i should resign i do not know if i will find a job any soon. I love my job, not the people.
Can anyone help me how overcome this or has anyone experienced this?
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2023.06.02 08:16 Spiritual_Web1752 Is it bad that I just want to be told what to do?

So I've just realized that I lack a strong voice in the office (I always just want to be told what to do/never ever want to partake in decision-making discussions). I'm early in my software engineering career, which helps to understand why I lack a lot of confidence at work. However, my whole life I've always been pretty quiet and never cared at all about what decisions are being made. I work at a startup and it's clear that they need as many people as possible to partake in product and design discussions. I don't have much product or design background and I don't want to. I just want to deliver the code that is needed, but I wish I was one of those people who can be a major contributor to design and product. I feel like this makes me not really a good fit for this job. I've only been at this job for a couple months but I keep thinking that this is definitely not a good fit for me and for them and that I probably should be at a more established company where I can just focus on delivering code..
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