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2023.06.07 21:22 KeeganTroye [Event] The State of Rwanda 2024-2026

Rwandan Statistics

2024 – 132,305
2026 – 182 231
Due to pledged Rwandan support and increased hostilities in the Kivu region, as well as issues in Burundi stemming from tensions between the governments of Rwanda and Burundi resulting in lowered service delivery in Burundi there was an increase of 49,926 refugees into Rwanda.
Energy Production
2024 – 421 MW
2026 – 515 MW
2025 saw large gains in power predominantly from the diverting of energy from the Rusizi III Hydropower dam from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi but further energy production improvements were limited with long-term energy plans aimed further ahead.
% of Agriculture
2024 – 75% non-productive subsistence farming
2026 – 71% non-productive subsistence farming
Current non-aggressive policies have proven ineffective at reducing subsistence farming.

Projects Ongoing

  • Peat to Methane Power Renovations enter their final year– as the existing infrastructure is already in place and the technology is well developed and inexpensive estimates put completion by Q1 2027.
  • North Akanyaru Peat-Fired Power Plant broke ground in late 2024 under development by the Punj Lloyd Group (PLG) since then construction has moved forward sporadically due to intermittent funding over concerns between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Construction is once again moving forward and should be operational by Q2 2028.
  • More successfully the Bugarama Natural Gas Power Plant has received positive private investment reaching 30% completion it will be a landmark in independent energy for Rwanda and Africa as a continent.
  • The Kigali Electrification Plan which started off slowly has sped up dramatically as more and more infrastructure and local logistics chains have expanded with the growing demand. Government has maintained current investment and electrification as of Q1 2026 is at a very impressive 34% of public transport, mostly due to the growing confidence in Rwandan power distribution.
  • After one year since full construction has moved ahead on the Green City Kigali project the challenges on what is not just an African first but a field lacking even internationally has led to hiccups delaying the completion of the project to 2030. Foreign and tourist interest has renewed government confidence to build two more simultaneous expansions at half the size of the main project due to be completed by 2033.
  • The second and final phase of the Kigali Urban Transport Improvement (KUTI) aims to finish construction by Q4 2026 as the city has seen a heavy infrastructure overhaul to both support the electrification of public transport and also push toward non-motorized transport facilities through various international charities aiming to distribute bicycles to the poor.
  • With funding from Libertad Ventures the Tanzania-Rwanda Isaka–Kigali Standard Gauge Railway began construction in late 2024– the standard gauge rail which is planned to stretch from the inland container depot at Isaka, in the Kahama Rural District of Shinyaga Region Tanzania for 571 kilometers through Rusumo and ending finally in Kigali. Time to completion remains on track for four years of construction putting the project at halfway to completion.

Projects Completed

  • With the upgrades to nearly a dozen hospitals around the country to improve access to to teaching facilities and spur the creation of healthcare professionals under the National Strategy for Health Professions Development (2030) the government managed to hit all targets on overhauling the medical facilities and with foreign Chinese funding providing the necessary equipment and technical training for local staff. The Minister of Health Dr Daniel Ngamije instituted a new educational programme for nurses and doctors to pursue part-time studies of healthcare fields– pointing out the difficulty in developing nations to dedicate the years of study without the financial support in more developed nations this programme has been designed to allow and support Rwandans in their efforts to financially support their educations.
  • Included in these upgrades is the renovation of the Masaka District Hospital in cooperation with Rwanda’s Chinese allies the hospital has finally opened its doors tripling in beds it can now more fully service the community with the introduction of various specialities in the hospital. The government has already asked the People’s Republic of China to consider a second renovation to the hospital with the goal of adding an additional 700 beds and providing state-of-the-art medical technology that will make Rwanda a regional center for medical treatment in Africa.
  • The MIDIMAR Agriculture Cooperative reached 90% penetration in refugee camps across the country bringing these refugees into a government-sponsored assistance programme– this has allowed these small agricultural holdings and livestock to use modern techniques and development to evolve beyond subsistence for those involved. Magofarms and Eza Neza Ltd two start-ups engaged in proof-of-concept work in the refugee communities have now begun scaling up development on a national scale.
  • Through the start-up grants offered by MIDIMAR and the UN Environment Programme’s Share the Road Initiative and the Global Green Growth Institute multiple local companies have begun producing Recycled Bicycle companies using plastic waste to provide cheap biodegradable bicycles to the various refugee camps with companies moving to production in Kigali to service the poor with transportation in conjunction with the Kigali Urban Transport Improvement projects success at providing safe non-motorized road access for the city.
  • The RZipper National Drone Delivery Partnership has been a massive success in urban areas providing fast and affordable deliveries without relying on and tearing down local road infrastructure with heavy delivery vehicles– the second generation of ZipLine drones are more economical and nearly silent and the addition of the Rwandan surveillance system which has been controversial has proven to be invaluable to law enforcement agencies who have begun integrating the constant air surveillance into their everyday use. Viebeg Medical has provided their logistical artificial intelligence framework services in conjunction with RZipper’s medical contracts keeping costs low and medicine and medical technology constantly up-to-date and stocked as necessary reducing overhead immensely.

New Projects

  • Pushing forward the new Safe-At-Night Initiative, Inspector General Dan Munyuza announced that it is now a national priority to ensure Kigali is the safest nation in Africa addressing crime and inequality in a fair but just practice. The Safe-At-Night Initiative would see a reorganization from the ground up on Rwanda’s approach to crime starting with investment in the Ruhengeri National Police College to add a further development programme that would be required all officers ranked at Captain or higher excluding Senior Management to undergo a one-year advanced training course to be developed in conjunction with Rwanda’s international allies– the course will focus on community engagement, corruption, internal management, and public perception. The police force will be expanded by 25% of its current pre-reorganization manpower with 10% of officers to be moved to Social And Welfare Services as joint coordination officers with both the police department and Social and Welfare. As a pilot project various departments in Kigali will be receiving non-optional body cameras for non-commissioned officers equaling roughly 30% of the police force in Kigali. All electric public transport will be equipped with new security observation equipment and a new surveillance task force will be created to more efficiently monitor the new systems.
  • In the agriculture industry Minister Ildephonse Musafiri has announced that following the success of the MIDMAR Agriculture Cooperative the government will be implementing a National Agriculture Cooperative (NAC) that will be slowly phased in over the following year wherein all private agriculture projects not registered as commercial entities will be placed under local government cooperatives to incorporate these entities into the nation’s GDP and provide support to scale the operations above unproductive subsistence-level farms which currently accounts for 75% of agricultural production
  • With the added funding from Libertad Ventures for the Tanzania-Rwanda Isaka–Kigali Standard Gauge Railway, Rwanda will pursue former independent financing options for the Kigali-Rubavu Extension that will allow future expansion into the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo should relationships improve. In addition to improve infrastructure capabilities in the area an RZipper Depo facility will be built to assist with humanitarian aid given the highly unstable nature of the area.


The 2024 elections for Rwanda concluded on October 12th at the 23rd Rwandese Patriotic Front congress where President Kagame earned 96.4% of the vote being elected for his fourth term as President elect of Rwanda-- Kagame who has served as President for nearly thirty years spoke to his party following the confirmation of his elections and stating that this will be his last term. Kagame had already spoken that he did not intend to be ruler-for-life when congress voted to allow the president to run for a fourth term in 2017.
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2023.06.07 20:01 Wingnut762 Questions for anyone that works in receiving

I work for a small startup coffee company in one of the midwest markets. We are getting ready to launch in 35 stores in about 2 weeks, and I will be making some deliveries but have not received any guidance from the home office. So far I've just been told that no appointments are required, but I dont want to just show up not knowing some of the protocols and being generally unprepared. Going forward we will be one of the vendors that replenishes our own stock, but first deliveries will be before the floor set so I assume Ill be leaving the product in the back.
What kind of paperwork will you guys expect when making our deliveries, just BOL's or will new purchase orders need to be made at every delivery?
Come in through the front or back of store? Who should I be asking for(title or position who can best help)? Should we find said person upon arrival or not bother them until we are ready to leave and need to take care of paperwork?
Anything else I should know so we are not inconveniencing anyone too much?
I have spent many years in retail ops working for stores that basically had no receiving paperwork because it all came from the DC(Macy's) and stores where I had to create 15 POs a day because of constant small vendor deliveries(Home Depot), but its been a while so forgive me if I'm out of practice. Thanks
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2023.06.07 19:27 pocketpryscila Cluster box keys - help me please!

Hi everyone!
I just moved into a 10 unit city building with a USPS cluster box located out front. I contacted our landlord and they stated we have to get our mailbox key from USPS directly.
I went to the appropriate post office (the main annex) and they said I need to go to Home Depot, buy a cluster mailbox lock, and hire a locksmith to get it installed.
Does this sound right? The USPS website says that they provide the lock, key, and installation for a small fee, and I doubt a locksmith is going to even touch the box since they would have to open the main panel, correct?
Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you!
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2023.06.07 18:10 BattleBra Was let go from Disneyland last Fri

I was a Ride Operator, which means most of the time you do no work, unless you're in a safety critical position. That day I was in it for 30mins, a lost phone is turned into me. Phone rung while I was at the machine that controls the entire ride; I answered and told them we have their phone. My union could not represent me due to me still being in my probationary period (I was 2 months into the 4 months)
From someone who only has been a retail cashier his entire 38 years of life, this is devastating to me. I got paid more than minimum wage, got 36+ hours a week, and I was so happy to be there 6 days a week (as a new hire Im only scheduled for 24 hours a week, so I called in every day to either extend or come in so I never got anything below 36)
I created voices and characters for myself to be in character for the show. Traded pins with people and talked to them. Played with puppets to entertain kids. That was the majority of my work and I was so happy.
In the 60 days I was with Disneyland, I received exactly 38 guest compliments (a metric I was told during my termination). In my 12 years in retail how many did I receive officially? At least one?
And now that's all gone because I was an idiot and thought, "oh, it must suck to lose a portable super computer (phone), lemme answer it so they know where it is and can get it back."
Now the only thing left for me is retail again because that's the only skill I have. I have no car btw so that greatly limits what jobs I can work
Back to being occassinally told by customers, "you deserve a raise!" because of my personality and or knowledge of electronics, but only getting a pittance of 30 cents each year
Back to being paid minimum wage even though I have 12 years of retail experience
I was really hoping that some random talent scout might see me doing my voices at Disney, and go, "I want that voice for a commercial," but that avenue is gone now
I applied to Apple Retail but haven't heard back yet. I go in for a job fair tomorrow at Office Depot
I even wanted to kill myself. I Googled up, "best highest sights near me" but every place that was high enough to kill me instantly without pain unfortunately was walled off to prevent idiots like me from doing exactly like that. The only ways left are painful ones that I'm too much of a coward to do
I just wanted to be happy, man. That's why I quit Target back in March. I wanted to live up to the potential I knew I had and what other co-workers and customers have been telling me my entire life in retail
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2023.06.07 17:57 Ineedtherapysobad How to handle breaking up with significant other when we live together. Need advice please

tl:dr: currently living with my significant other and the relationship is not working out anymore. stuck in a lease that ends in 6 months. trying to figure out another living situation but i have no where else to go until I would get a new apartment. can anyone give me advice on the steps that are needed to be taken to get out of a lease and to move my stuff and find a new place?
Can anyone give advice on how to handle a break up when you live with your significant other? I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and we’ve been living together for a year and a half. Unfortunately it’s not working out anymore and I’m planning to break up with him. I would give more details but I don’t want him to find this post. We are stuck in a lease with 6 months left until the lease is up. I can’t live with him anymore due to a multitude of reasons. I don’t want to wait 6 months until I can leave. It’s very urgent that I get out of this situation ASAP. I also have no family nearby that can help me. My nearest family is a 10 hour drive away. I don’t plan on moving back in with my family since there’s a reason I moved out. Moving back to my hometown where they live is not an option. I moved out here to live with him since his family is here. I’m looking into other apartments nearby and planning on calling and seeing if there’s a waitlist. I tried looking online and throughout all my documents to see if I can find a copy of our lease agreement so I can view the terms and see how to break our current lease but I can’t find anything anywhere. I’m planning on just going down to the apartment front office today to discuss it but I want to make sure I approach this situation the correct way. I also have a decent amount of coworkers that are aware of the situation and have offered help and support so I’m sure I can lean on them for a couple things. One of my coworkers is also looking to move out from where they are living and we discussed the possibility of being roommates. If that falls through, I’m sure I can find someone else or I should be able to afford low income housing on my own.
I have a good job that I like and I plan on staying there. I don’t have a car unfortunately and don’t even know how to drive since my family never wanted to teach me and neither did my boyfriend or his family. That’s one of the things that’s been holding me back from being completely independent. I have an electric scooter which I use to commute to and from work and I don’t have much need for a car since I mainly just work. I just worry about how I would move my stuff out of the apartment and how I would go grocery shopping. I usually use Uber if I don’t have a ride but that’s not practical with a million grocery bags that I have to carry. I guess I could use instacart and get groceries delivered. I’m sure I could find someone to help me move out my belongings but if not then I can’t rent or drive a u haul so I’d have to hiring a moving company or something. It all seems so complicated but I’m not going to delay any longer if I know this relationship won’t work out. My coworkers have shown me that they are a strong support system so I think I can rely on them for some things.
I feel very lost and don’t really know where to start. This is my first relationship and I’ve never been through a breakup before and obviously not one where I live with the other person. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice on how to approach this situation. I would like to know the steps I need to take to get out of this situation. I have a lot of stuff and I’m not sure where I would store it until I find a new place. I need some guidance on how to divide up belongings and figure out who would take what. I know I would also have to get a new mattress since I don’t even have one. The mattress is his. There’s also a dresser that we have that I would wanna take and we have two TVs, one of which is mine. We also have a dog which he paid for and I was planning on allowing him to keep it anyways. I hope there’s not anything important that I could be forgetting. My mind is so fuzzy I feel like I’m going through something very traumatic.
If anyone could give me some advice and walk me through the steps I need to take to get out of this situation and get into a new living situation then that would be greatly appreciated. I know I’m obviously not the only one who has gone through this so if someone else who has can give me advice I would appreciate it. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 17:40 Shirogitsune09 I’d like to share a story about how being a milk man was the second worst job I’ve ever had

So, to set the scene here: I was homeless at the time and was desperate for any source of income. This was in 2018, and work was steady enough to be found rather quickly in the area I was living in. I get a call back after a few days of applying, and it’s a job as a milkman for a local dairy depot. The pay isn’t by the hour, it’s $125 a day, and there are absolutely no benefits and no time off. I knew going into it that it wasn’t a good deal, but we’ll touch more on why later.
I was crashing in a family friend’s fifth wheel for the time being, and unfortunately, said friend’s camper was roughly an hour away up into the mountains from where the job was located, and my shifts were from 9 at night until I finished the job, which typically took 12-14 hours. (The employer knew this, which is why they paid “by the day” instead of by the hour. $125 is less than minimum wage when spread over 14 hours and it was a legal loophole for them to pay less.) This meant that I would spend two hours a day driving to and from work, on top of driving all night for work. This probably sounds bad already, but I was truly in a worst case scenario position and if I didn’t grab a source of income, I could’ve lost everything I had left. So, reluctantly and begrudgingly, I took the job.
This is where I wish the story ended. But no. Oh no no no. The working conditions and manager for this place made Jeff Bezos look like Mother Goose. I’ll gloss over the setup details for the job: you clock in and get your route. Company favorites would only have 100-150 houses to do a night, while the new hire cannon fodder like me would have to hit 400-500 a night in locations that were usually at least an hour away from the depot, just in case I wasn’t driving enough already. You would go pick up a box truck. The trucks had no cooling or refrigeration, so you would have to drive over to the “Ice Box,” which was a giant tank full of ice, grab a shovel, and chip and scoop out enough ice to fill the back of your truck. After that, you would drive over to the depot bay, load your food and drinks (we didn’t just do milk: bread, cheese, green chili, we did a whole variety. More on that later.)
Now, with all your product loaded and cooled, let’s talk about rules and guidelines and potential violations before you start your wonderful dairy delivering departure. The company had more penalties listed every night for deliveries than they had employees. If your load was out of temperature? You had to buy all the products in the truck out of your paycheck, no discount. If the truck got stuck somewhere or broke down? You had to pay to have it towed out of your own paycheck. Any deliveries aren’t delivered in full due to lack of product? You’re not gonna believe who’s paycheck that’s coming out of. All of this for a job paying less than minimum wage for 12+ hours of extremely physical and manual labor. But now, for the main event: let’s talk about the job.
Your job is as follows: you drive to house, you grab order, you run order to house, then run back and check it off the scanner. But wait. It’s not that simple. Because it’s never that simple. Most of these houses are owned by ultra rich ultra snobby assholes who don’t want you to drive your filthy peasant truck onto their luxurious driveway. These same people also would order 8 gallons of milk at a time, along with cheese, bagels, bread, and god only knows what else. The coup de grace, I mean the big dingleberry cherry on this shit sundae, is that company guidelines say you’re not allowed to walk while delivering. No matter how much you’re carrying, no matter how long this rich asshole’s quarter milk long driveway is, you run that order, rain or shine. 400+ houses. Massive orders. No pulling up the driveway. Even in the freezing pouring rain. At 2 AM.
Sound bad enough to quit? Well hold on now campers, because I’m not done yet. We haven’t talked about my trainer. We’ll call him Bill. Bill was so burnt out and dead inside he just did this all unblinkingly. He seemed fine enough, until I asked him about using the bathroom or taking a break over the course of the shift. No breaks allowed. If you stop to poop, the company will log it and deduct your idle time. Then, he says if you need to pee, there’s a hole in the truck. He gets up out of the driver seat, climbs the small barrier into the back where we keep the ice and product, and starts pissing on the floor by a little drainage hole for the melted ice. At this point, I’ve decided I’m done.
There’s just one last hurdle, truly the final boss: telling my entitled cheap ass slave driving boomer boss. After a week of grueling work and little to no compensation, I go into the boss’ office and tell him I quit. He goes ballistic, screaming and berating me and pounding on his desk. He screams about how he spent $5000 on my training (I spent a week working and they gave me a hat and shirt. The hat and shirt were not $2500 worth of quality between them, so I’m calling bullshit.) After his temper tantrum, he refuses to speak to me any further about the job, and just keeps screaming for me to leave. About a week later I got my check for my week of hell.
Moral of the story kids: don’t be a milk man.
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2023.06.07 16:35 resurrective Chapter 23 - Bunnies, hares, and rats

Chapter 23 - Bunnies, hares, and rats
The sunset – all days have a beginning and an end, no matter what happens, no matter what tragedies or celebration might befall those who’re on this earth, this phenomenon would never change, at least not for the millions of years that still lay ahead.
The refugees had stopped for a small rest. Some wanted to eat, to have something to drink, and some needed to relieve themselves. All of that was to be done behind a thick wall of conjured stone. But to even witness it, one would first have to spot the dome of magical darkness; Eve’s camouflage spell hid the reinforced camp from the rest of the world. She, Freia, and Ellen were put in charge of guarding it, while the others…
Keyaruga stood aside, witnessing the extravaganza of brutal wildness clashing against Setsuna, carrying the gilded egg on his back. She battled a monster, a weird and creepy horned freak with the body of a boar, a human-like head (which looked much more like a clay parody of one) and the front legs of a horse. The world’s ambient mana produced many such creatures, much of them were rather normal-looking, but this… Calamity, as it read in the view of the jade eye, looked like a hand-made chimera of some mad sorcerer.
Ghh! Ha!” Setsuna yelled, mutilating the massive behemoth with her claws of ice. Each blow of hers shred through the monstrosity’s flesh, bleeding white bile out of the monster. She danced around, masterfully avoiding each and every blow the wrathful monster could send at her in an acrobatic flurry of dodges. Each flip she combined with a slash. Blessed by Caladrius, her frozen gauntlets easily pierced the thick skin of the pinkish hairless abomination. In a war of attrition, it stood no chance.
That’s when another of its abilities would be revealed – It could ‘blink’ over small distances, leaving nothing but bluish rifts in its wake. Once it’s activated, there’s nothing you can do – the monster just teleports inside your body, blasting it from the inside with its gargantuan mass.
No, you don’t!” The hero snarled, shooting the abomination with a beam of light. He wasn’t just standing around, instead monitoring the fight through his new power. The Carved eye, how he called the purple cross, granted by the divine bird, allowed him to see two seconds into the future, and since nothing was set in stone, he could glance at a few variations at the same time. Well, this time everything ended in the same horrific manner for the ice-wolf girl, and so…
GRROUMNGHUGO-O-O!!!” When the piercing light punched through this aberration of nature, it bellowed an enormously gruesome shriek of rage and pain. It lost focus, allowing Setsuna to get closer to its head. The she-wolf plunged toward the monstrosity and slashed its twisted neck. And she did so in style – it was finally mortally injured when copious amounts of blood spilled from the monster’s insides.
“You’ve gotten faster, stronger.” The man admitted, looking at his companion, brutally finishing the poor beastie off by sticking her armored hand inside the flesh just to break its neck from the inside. It cracked, and everything was over. “I like what I see, Setsuna.”
“Uh-huh. It’s thanks to my new powers.” The huntress happily replied, getting ready to butcher the revolting carcass. The Hero of Healing just happened to have a spare cart standing not so far from them, in which he’d pull the meat toward the camp.
As for the ice warrior, she now had a level of fifty-nine, while Keyaruga enjoyed a mark of seventy now. An impressive result, seeing as the gray-haired girl could now stand toe-to-toe even with a hero. What was the most impressive, though…
“You’ve seen what happened to Ellen. It took her a whole day to even get used to walking around after the surge of strength Caladrius gave her. You, on the other hand… Let’s just say, I never expected such battle prowess from you, Setsuna.”
“Uh-uh, I’d be dead if not for you.” The wolf girl admitted, shaking her cute head with the ears pressed against it. It was interesting how this cutie preserved that gorgeousness of hers, even while doing something as gruesome as butchering a forest mutant.
“How could you tell?” The red-haired lad asked, placing carved chunks of meat (after a little blood draining and cleansing, of course) on the cart. The thing she killed weighed at least half a ton, so the food would be plentiful for the time being.
“Intuition.” Setsuna revealed, getting rid of the lungs and stinking stomach, just as morbidly twisted, as the rest of the chimera. The huntress masterfully cut the meat from the bones with nothing more than her claws, sharp enough to act like an excellent knife.
“Not really surprising for a genius like you. Your senses and agility are just superb.” The man praised the girl, helping her with his keen reddish saber.
“Uh-huh…” The ice warrior mumbled in reply, focusing on the task at hand, rather than flustering at the compliment. Something wasn’t right. Keyaruga never saw Setsuna this depressed, and it saddened him as well. “Is there something on your mind?”
“Nothing, it’s alright.” She answered without even trying to hide her displeasure or, rather, the girl thought that maintaining her neutral expression would be just enough.
“Well, I don’t believe you.” The healer uttered, masterfully carving the last slices of flesh from the dead abomination. It didn’t look particularly appetizing, but at least its meat wasn’t that different from anything else. “You know, I’m worried about you, Setsuna, and I don’t want you to hide anything from me.”
“What’s the point? You’ve got everything you want now, even a child.” The she-wolf lamented, kneeling above the reddish skeleton of the monstrosity; at least three hundred kilograms of meat now rested in their cart, waiting to get delivered to the camp. And so, she had nothing to do anymore other than to dispel her claws, letting them melt along with the fat, blood, bile, and gruesome viscera.
“The point is…” The lad began, crouching right next to the she-wolf. First thing first, he washed her hands. Water pumped from his palms, which were shining with sorcerous sigils, but magic aside, he simply wanted to offer her a human touch. “…I really care for you. Ellen says it’s my weakness, and I could treat it as such. You know, I could get rid of my empathy, and that would be that. But I don’t want to. I want to feel and sympathize, so now I sense your distress.” Keyaruga deadpanned, still holding the girl’s arms, even if they were as clean and can be, even if there was no sorcery to see and feel anymore. “I want to help you, Nayuta, just like you’ve helped me.”
And as he spoke. The man remained right where he was; ready to stay there as long as he needed, he gently put his palm on the huntress’ shoulder. There was nobody to hear them, and so, he addressed the girl with her true name.
“Keyaruga… I…” It wasn’t easy for her, all those contradictory emotions, loyalty clashing against what her very soul wished for – it metaphorically speaking, tore Setsuna apart from the inside, making her chest severely ache. To do nothing would ensure the status-quo, nothing would change, and there would be nothing to worry about. Yet… “I’m feeling sad, and lonely.” To say these few words, Setsuna needed all of her bravery and might. It was literally harder than facing the dangerous monstrosity and defeating it in a battle.
“What… about Ellen?” The hero asked of the girl, trying to not be too persistent. Everyone had their highs and lows, and now it was the turn of the she-wolf.
“It’s… not the same. I want you. And you’re with Eve.” The huntress admitted what’s been bothering her all this time. The oppressive solitude she felt couldn’t just be healed by pairing her with someone else, and although spending time with the princess had its merits, the ice warrior craved someone different. And yet, she understood how much the black-winged lady needed him right now, but that didn’t make it any easier.
“Setsuna… Listen, you’re precious to me, no matter what. I won’t abandon you.” The healer promised softly. He wasn’t the type to loudly declare his love, but someone who’d support the ones he was close to, no matter what.
“Um…” Setsuna growled, rising back onto her bestial feet. When Keyaruga rose as well, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him for a kiss, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. “Then fuck me, right here.” She demanded with a blushing, yet aggressively seductive expression. There was only one thing to do now.
“Bend down.” The lad demanded, unfastening his belt to reveal his penis. It wasn’t erected enough to show its full glory, but a few strokes got the work done, all while Setsuna herself leaned on the nearest tree, wagging her tail and pulling down the white sheet that served her as an underwear. She was jealous of Eve, Ellen stole her exclusive morning duty, feeling abandoned; the huntress had suffered in silence, but not anymore. “We don’t have much time, so no foreplay this time.”
“Uh-huh…” The girl nodded, enticing the man with the majestic sway of her hips. “A-a-ah!” Setsuna gasped, as the lad thrust his manhood into her up to his balls with a single thrust. Keyaruga grasped her fit butt, the rippling muscles underneath the girl’s pale skin were just as enticing as the warm wetness of her narrow vagina – even without any preparation, the huntress could easily take the man’s cock. “Agh! A-ahh!!!” She yelled and moaned, swaying her hips and wagging that tail of hers.
“Ugh…” Keyaruga felt it – the suppressed lust, the passion, the fervor – they burned like raging fire, threatening to scourge everything and everyone. “A-a?!” The hero felt it first – Setsuna, unhappy with how slow he was, pushed him aside, stood up… and jumped onto the lad, bringing him to the ground, pressing against his chest with her hands, recklessly collapsing onto his penis.
“Keyaru…” First of all, the she-wolf was a predator, a dangerous and an aggressive type. Her humanity was always there too, but even that temporarily fell to the onslaught of her bestial urge to mate. “A-a-ah! Keyaru-u!” It wasn’t just a slip of tongue, the girl, jumping on his dick, called upon his true name with a vicious grin on her face.
“He-he-he-heh! I know, Nayuta!” The lad sneered, grabbing his companion’s butt with a juicy slap. “I’m here for you.”
Setsuna had the most loyalty among the man’s companions, and since none of them would betray him anyway, that spoke a lot for her conviction. But such devotion had its cost, and now, lying on the ground and pounding the wolf-girl hard and fast, with a maniacal grin on their faces, Keyaruga was paying this price.

Eight days – this was how long it took to reach the walls of Dantoma, and oh boy, was it a pretty ride. The entire day the man marched forward, while looking around to make sure nothing ambushes him, his girls, or their charges, babysitting those thirty-two (thirty-three, apparently, one women got pregnant) people, and four more – Keyaruga wanted nothing more than to end this already.
The heroes are often romanticized, their feats are turned into legends, and their personalities are washed away by the images they make for themselves. The healer got everything a historic figure like him would want: a clear goal, power, money, an entire arsenal of equipment, a harem… The latter was a little problematic, though.
Each morning, he was sucked off by Ellen and Setsuna, every afternoon the she-wolf would take him for a hunt, where they would have some crazy sex, just the two of them, over their fallen prey. It was still fine for the hero while they were dealing were monsters, but one time they butchered an enemy scout and made love while the body was still cooling, and another day they did it, surrounded by the corpses of murderous geese! Yes, these woods were just that dangerous!
After the daily outing, though, it was just more walking and keeping everyone safe. Not bad, not terrible, especially when it came to the evening encampment, when everywhere they stayed turned into a small citadel of enchanted stone. It didn’t save everyone from sleeping on blanketed ground, but at least Freia’s fortifications were safe and sturdy.
Mayala would always bother Keyaruga each time he was around, Ellen experimented with new and dangerous diseases, testing them mostly on herself, just to feed them later to her patron (oh, was she disappointed to find out her power didn’t agonize her, like it did to others), Freia would simply stick around the hero, annoying him just enough to get a rough retaliation each time it was her turn to kneel before him, and Eve… Well, ever since the tragedy at Visou, she mostly spent her time studying magic with the elder princess, and politics with the younger one. And how could all of them reinforce their bond other than with sex? Oh yeah, the five of them had sex, lots and lots of it.
It wasn’t too bad, in all honesty. Even with all the insects and parasites around, Keyaruga had a lot of fun just walking around and witnessing new things. It’s just that he hated being responsible for others, even caring for his girls left a toll on his paranoid mind, and leading an entire commune…
Get used to that, man. If you’re up for a usurpation, that’s what you’ll get soon enough, but ten times worse. Or better. Can’t care for every subject, when they’re millions of them.
Turna, turna! (Daddy, daddy!) Nanue karu? (What’s that?)” Right as the man was about to sigh and get back to monitoring the vicinity with his jade eye, the girl, riding on his shoulders, cheerfully yelled while pointing across the massive ravine with a raging river on its bottom.
Karu… (This…) Mayala pora arua musnak. (…is your new home, Mayala)” Keyaruga spoke, standing on the edge of a gully. There was a long bridge, and across it everyone could see a fortress. An impregnable-looking stronghold on the edge of gargantuan cliff that looked nothing like Keyaruga imagined it would. Simply the scale of the ‘settlement’ already betrayed its nature as a great city with at least fifty thousand or so in population, and its great ramparts clearly showed that Dantoma was not like some village amidst the fields, but a regional center of trade, art, craft, and governance.
“Pff, ‘settlement’ my ass! That’s the best bastion I’ve ever seen!” Ellen exclaimed, looking around. She could certainly spot a whole lot of eyes, looking at the black-winged vagabonds. To even approach the gates, they had to pass a massive bridge, full of traders, adventurers, prowlers, and even a circus troupe. All that time they’ve been avoiding major roads, and now they were finally back to civilization.
“They’re watching.” Setsuna pointed out, unmistakably recognizing a few highly-trained sentries among the bystanders. There were quite a few of these: panthers, goats, toads, horse-men, deer, but what’s drawn the huntress attention the most were… “Rabbits.”
“Rabbits, huh? I guess, we’re in the right place, then.” Freia uttered with a smile. While others marveled at the beauty of the stone walls and towers, she already picked a few spells to ruin them for the worst-case scenario.
“Don’t drop your guard.” The healer urged, placing Mayala next to him, so that her mother would take her away. The child complained a bit, but even a single look at the man’s troubled face was enough for her to understand how little he wanted to play with her now. “These aren’t rabbits, they’re hares.” He said cautiously, as if it was supposed to somehow scare the rest.
“Ehm, Keyaruga, what’s even the difference exactly?” Eve asked dumbfounded. The queen-to-be just walked in the front, she was sure that the only reason they were still safe, and nobody claimed a reward or two for a kokuyoku was because of the multiple patrols guarding the peace.
“Rabbits have short ears and rounder bodies, they’re pretty much domesticated, and you can keep them as cattle. Hares… Well, those are bigger, their ears are massive, and they eat everything, from grass and carrion to shit, and even their own kids. Ugh, awful creatures, especially when you try to raise crop, and they just come to munch it all.” The former farmer declared with clear signs of revulsion. It seemed, like only the language barrier spared him the trouble of being called out for his slurs, but knowing the truth about their leader didn’t really help Keyaruga with his bias. He could swear Ellen was giggling at him right now.
Ushigma denue (who’re you all)? Nezah Dantoma shia kane (what’s your business in Dantoma)?” And it certainly didn’t get any better, when a tired-looking guardsman among the star… hares stopped their little column for a check.
“Shall I?” The hero offered help in handling this to his white-haired companion. Just one touch – and the guardsman would become their docile marionette.
“No. I’ll handle this.” And having said such, the Me-ua kahul stepped forward for negotiations. This would be the first true test of Eve’s charisma and her ability to persuade others. And she…

“Alright, I’ll admit, you nailed it.” …succeeded. Not only had she gotten a few houses for their little winged commune, but the whole party now was to meet with the man himself. Very soon they’d meet with Carol, so the hero had only one thing to say. “You’ve really handled it well.”
“I couldn’t have handled it without you, Keyaruga. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me… for us all.” The lady in red paid tribute to the red-eyed man, placing a faint smile on his face. She sat next to him on the top of the citadel in the center of the city, waiting on a bench before the traitor would be ready to properly meet them, since he was such a busy hare, and all.
“Hey there! We’ve also helped!” The Apostle of Caladrius exclaimed like the small child she looked like. Seeing the all-knowing queen sulk like a maiden amused her so much, the younger princess could bully her for the whole of eternity.
“Don’t disturb their cuddling, Elly.” Fortunately, though, Freia was also there to suppress her sibling’s attitude. After all… “She’s just too precious to do that.” …the sorceress had her own ideas of how to fluster the kokuyoku princess.
“I hear you! Please, shut up!” The white-haired woman snarled at the sisters, but that only made their glee even worse. Better to ignore them completely, it seemed. “I bet you’ll miss Mayala.” So instead of putting up with the princesses, the tanned girl attempted to bother Keyaruga a little.
“Not really. But, I know I’ve known them for two weeks, if something happens to her or her mother here, I’ll raze this whole place to the ground.” The man promised, noticing a slight grin of mockery on the lips of a nearby guardswoman.
“Dantoma is big, and there are many ma-zok here.” Setsuna pointed out. It’s not like she had any doubts in the hero, but even he wouldn’t find it that easy.
“What else did you expect from the heart of the opposition?” Eve mused, addressing the she-wolf.
“To get crushed.” The ice warrior answered in her usual phlegmatic manner.
“Now that you shouldn’t worry about.” Suddenly, a door had opened, and a middle-aged hare-gentleman with a monocle emerged from it to greet the party. It was Carol himself, and he spoke near-perfect Phasian. Everyone got tense, finally meeting the betrayer. Everyone that is, besides Eve and Keyaruga. “Kokuyoku have received four homes, and we’ll build five more for them shortly. As for Hakuo, you can rest assured; his forces cannot breach these walls, however much they try. We’ve got enough troops and resources to drive his marauders out.” The man with an annoyingly-looking short mustache proudly declared, sitting behind his desk. Although his remark was meant to be soothing, it was filled with lies. Even if Dantoma was a powerful fortification, it stood no chance against a full-scale invasion from the sky. Ellen held a smug grin on her face, since there was too little this place could do to counterpose Flare, mounted on a gryphon’s back, and the current Me-ua had an entire tribe of dragon-mounted troops.
“Thank you for having us, Carol-murnaz (Lord Carol).” Eve stood up and said this graciously, yet her words were merely a ceremonial formality. Keyaruga rose as well. First things first, he offered his arm for a handshake, knowing all too well, how uncommon this gesture was here.
“I must thank you for stopping by.” Just as the healer predicted, the hare-man refused his hand, instead placing his palm on his chest while bowing to the two of them. Did he just dismiss the hero completely? Oh, that was good. “Come on, have a seat.” Carol invited the future queen to take the sofa before him, and so she did. “It’s been some time since we’ve last met. You have changed a lot since then, my fair princess.”
“You’re too kind, Carol-murnaz.” Eve responded with just as hypocritical of a smile as her host. This man leaked every bit of info he could to Kinacrith, and so, he couldn’t be trusted. Not this time, not like she did before. “We’ve come here to strike a deal with you.”
“Certainly, your people are already being given an accommodation here, as well as our guarantee of safety.” The long-eared warlord spoke, rhythmically tapping against the table. One-two, one-two, one-two-three. It clearly meant something, since one of the guards just went out.
“No words would be enough to express my gratitude for you and your people.” The queen-to-be said almost unemotionally. How could she show any amiability to a traitor?
“That was nothing. Our alliance with your people still holds on, and I would be ashamed to look at your late mother’s face if I were to reject you now.” Carol responded, making Keyaruga, unwilling to sit down, as he was playing the role of Eve’s knight, ready to strike down everyone who dares to endanger his suzerain.
His awareness came especially in handy when the guardswoman, who sneered at the lad’s ambitions, returned with a plate of two cups of tea. Oh, how the man hated those!
“Please, drink. This will restore your strength.” The hare-man offered, tinkering with his monocular. At first, Keyaruga took a cup, he smelled it – nothing, he tasted it – nothing. Whatever the iuei saraga put in it – it didn’t work on him. But he still had his jade eye – this little present of the star nymph allowed him to spot… the serum of truth. Which was actually just a relaxant, which would merely cloud one’s awareness. Either way, the man simply bit though his lip and drained one drop of his blood, making sure it’d neutralize any effects and restore Eve’s focus, instead of literally popping her head, for example.
“That… is kind of you.” The lady in red spoke, taking a cup from the hero’s hand. It was common for a lady of her scale to have a taster, who’d be the first to spot the venom, and so Carol could say nothing in opposition. He did seem rather troubled, though. “But we’re not here to hide.” And much more so, when the Me-ua kahul was finally read to speak about her goals.
“Please, don’t be so shy. We know about your power, and we know of what happened to the Gramgrim. Caladrius’ grace is with you, I see.” The elder of the ‘rabbits’ tribe (Tarenago had no distinction between those two sub-species) spoke, rather pleased to see he wasn’t called out for poisoning, as the lad just chugged the entire cup in a single gulp.
“W-what? No, how could I-?” Eve played an act of innocent ignorance, and that looked rather convincing coming from her in all honesty. All Keyaruga could do for her was to maintain his apathetic expression.
“You’re wise to keep silent about this power, but no kokuyoku can grow horns without his blessing.” The hare-man said, feeling rather proud of himself for this insight.
“Caladrius is a woman, and I’m carrying her egg.” The hero revealed, pointing at the treasure, strapped to his back.
“And… you are?” Only now Carol properly recognized the lad’s existence as something more than Eve’s henchman.
“Keyaruga. I’m Eve’s knight, and these girls are her courtiers.” The healer introduced himself, simply holding his left hand on top of his saber’s crude handle, really unassuming compared to its reddish blade. “I was the one to battle with Gramgrim. And I won.” The man admitted in a deliberately ambiguous manner. Could a hero defeat the entire brigade all on his own? Definitely, but to come to this conclusion, one must realize who he was dealing with, and judging from the traitor’s disregard, he didn’t.
“That is strange company to keep.” The first of the ‘rabbits’ mused, stretching his arms. A sign of carelessness? Or outright disdain? One could certainly win a one-on-one battle with a southern tribesman, but to slay hundreds? No… “Still, my data suggests otherwise. Caladrius is with you, and you’ve destroyed Gramgrim with her power, Eve-maran.” Carol admitted, unimpressed with Keyaruga’s boasting. He just knew of limitations of a human.
“Ha, alright-alright. I did. I really did.” The future queen played at frustration from being chased into a corner. She even took a sip of the cured tea to imitate distress. “Anyway, now we’re seeking vengeance.” Eve spat through her teeth, slamming the cup against the table. This blow wasn’t strong enough to fracture the porcelain, but clearly mighty enough to sprinkle the liquid around. Was it a farce? Or the true emotion of hers, concerning the tragedy of Visou and Carol’s treachery? One could only guess.
“That is… inspiring.” The hare-man uttered, silently urging a guardsman to bring a towel. He had only two warriors there, a man and a woman, and both were elites, hardly a match for any of the party, but still. “We’re always glad to have you on our side.”
“Thank you for agreeing to give refuge to the black wings. Your help won’t be forgotten.” The healer pronounced, trying to sound regal. Not like he had a lot of success, but that was fine. Carol had to think of him as a muscle-head, playing a knight.
“The pleasure is mine Keyaruga-ugal (Sir Keyaruga). My name is Carol, Carol of the star rabbits.” Only now did this bastard think it was appropriate to properly introduce himself, which the lad couldn’t fail to notice.
“You’re a hare, Carol. Not a rabbit.” The former farmer pointed out with a reserved smile on his face. That was for the scorn he gave him.
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! A good joke, indeed.” The leader of iuel saraga chuckled, yet there was no true amusement in his faked laugh, just a formality.
“Carol-murnaz, how did you know about Caladrius?” Eve wondered, knowing all too well he upheld a double-sided connection to Kinacrith.
“That is easy to answer. Your graceful bird is a legendary god, and when the fiercest battalion of Kinacrith had vanished in Visou, while trying to attack it, I would guess there was only one answer as to how that happened.” The long-eared chieftain replied rather carelessly. For him, this tragedy was but a skirmish on the outskirts of his domain. But for Eve…
“They weren’t ‘trying to attack it’! They razed it, burned it, murdered my people, and even danced on their bones! How dare you tone down this tragedy, Carol?!” Saying this, the white-haired woman felt like she’d lost any semblance of control, that she was being pulled inside a vortex of terrible emotions, that’d lead her to saying something unreasonable for the current situation. “You!..” As she descended into this pit of traumatic reflexes, though, Keyaruga simply put his palm on her shoulder and gave his lover a potion of violet hue – this would calm her nerves. In the meantime…
“I’m sorry; my suzerain’s wounds are still too fresh.” The hero spoke, resisting the urge to pat the lady’s head, as she calmly drank his remedy. Something he and Ellen brewed together for the suffering black-wings. They even resolved the possible addiction issue by combining their expertise. Still, this wasn’t about wonders of alchemy. “Let’s cut the formalities a ‘hare’ short, Carol. Now that Eve’s past that trial, we want to kill Hakuo and raise the new Me-ua to the throne. The Reese dynasty will once again rule over Tenanulic.” The red-eyed man declared, dramatically clenching a fist on his chest. It should’ve been enough to dispel any worries within the long-eared governor, but it didn’t.
“That… seems quite possible indeed, with your current strength.” He still pretended to be involved with the overthrow plot, but small actions, like tapping against the table, or tinkering with his monocle betrayed Carol’s anxiety. “Yet, to so easily overpower the strongest of threats… I do not believe such might can be given out unchecked. There must be a price to pay for that, to be sure.” Oh, that was it! The very thing the man was placed here for. Certainly, his only function was to get any useful info about the true opposition and leak it to Hakuo. This wasn’t an exception.
“Yes, indeed. There are conditions to call upon Caladrius, Carol-murnaz.” Eve, pale and distressed, replied with a slightly gravelly voice. The betrayer never even bothered to apologize for the lack of empathy, and now he wished to know her weaknesses? Fine!
“I knew it. And what are they?” For a moment, the ‘rabbit’s’ excitement got better of him, and that was a serious mistake.
“Why’re you asking?” Keyaruga asked with all due seriousness. This man never even bothered to sooth his lady’s grudge, so he didn’t deserve a respectful tone.
“Oh, Keyaruga-ugal, to strike Kinacrith means to take it whole, or be taken by it. No other option, and when we do, I wish to be ready for what’s to come. Logistics, supply lines, troops – I cannot provide that without knowing the entire picture beforehand.” Although true, this reasoning really smelled more like a quickly made up excuse, rather than a serious argument. Much too ambitions for what’s still to come.
“The moon and stars – Caladrius drains her power from them. The only way to use it is to wait until the stars align properly. That… would be one month later.” The lady in red spoke an obvious lie. She simply needed time, and giving herself three weeks to hone her magic and gather true allies seemed like a good deal to her anyway.
Norpaga (september)…” Carol mused, now tapping against his own temple. This gave him time, and a lot of uncertainty along with that. The state of ignorance was never what you’d call a power, and so, only one thing could be done about it. “Are there any weaknesses to contrast Caladrius’ strength?” The leader of the iuel saraga wondered assumingly. He seemed to believe that the serum worked, and that would be his downfall.
“Yeah! She’s a bitch!” Ellen exclaimed, raising her arm, like a prudent student, always ready to present an answer without even being asked. It made her look rather childish, but this remark was to be used to the fullest.
“She’s right. Caladrius is fickle, so if she doesn’t answer the call, it can’t be helped.” Eve said with a sad smile. That was truth, and it was worth revealing. In the end, this notion played in their favor anyway.
“And, as if that’s not bad enough, you can only eat one apple to protect yourself from her poison for an entire day.” And if the current deception wasn’t good enough, Keyaruga added one more piece of disinformation there. It was literally the first thing that came to the former holder of an orchard’s mind, and seeing Carol’s eyes widen just enough for his monocle to fall on the floor was worth more than anything to the lad. “Apples are fruits of life, so those who ate it were unharmed. It didn’t save them from me, though.” The hero added, shrugging his shoulders. Right now, he had to gather every last bit of his willpower to not laugh like a madman.
“That’s… fascinating.” The hare-man marveled at the new ‘discovery’. So much so, that he got ready to finish the audience. “Eve-maran, Keyaruga-ugal, it’s getting late, and you deserve some rest. Caryl!” The long-haired traitor yelled, summoning a boy from behind a door. This youngster looked awfully distressed, making the party wonder, just what kind of job this fellow was doing. “This is Caryl, he’ll accompany you to your new mansion.”
“A-ah… Youmela. (Nice to meet you.)” The kid spoke, getting all flustered standing next to four beautiful ladies. So much so, that Keyaruga had to drag him away toward the door, trying to figure out how could one blush so much just by being next to a woman.
“We’ll meet again. Your strength will greatly help us in overthrowing Hakuo.” It was those words, that Eve spoke exiting the office. Indeed, the traitor had a lot of uses, even if the most probable of them was to parade his head as a warning.
I saw it… This was the head that Panakea showed me.
“Rot.” The she-wolf quietly murmured. For that stench is what she smelled coming off of Carol.
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2023.06.07 13:00 swarnav_1 Why is everybody so rude in Delhi?

So I'm a student at DU, came to Delhi for studies and the very striking difference between people from my state and Delhi is that the latter got a lot that's rude and frustratingly arrogant. During the initial days while looking for an apartment, I came across this broker. As the conversation goes I asked him whether any friends were allowed to visit. He was like, "randikhana nehi banana idhar!" The tone was passive aggressive. Good thing I found an apartment elsewhere.
Another incident involving a paan wala. I asked him if I could exchange 100 RS UPI for cash. He said no. I needed some cash for riksha and the nearest ATM was a km away. So I requested him again. To that he was like, "mereko dena hi nhi hai tumhe." It is possible the dude was having a bad day but my experience in the city says otherwise. Everybody's either a creep, clown or an arrogant douchebag.
Edit 1- Since some of you have been saying it's just two incidents and you cannot judge everybody for that. You're right. But there are other small or big incidents as well. I ignored this one as I believe the fault was mine (legally). It involved an uncle abusing me for siting on the stairs leading to his pg/office. But the stairs were adjacent to a local tea stall. I was just enjoying a cup. He hurled local Delhi cusses, you know the drill. At the end he told me to finish sipping and get lost. I gave him a cold stare and he stopped. I left.
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2023.06.07 12:13 RCragwall There Is No Fiction - Titanic

There Is No Fiction - Titanic
Edward J. Smith
The movie Titanic is one of the most popular movies since it's release but the real story is even better.
Two authors imagined this happening in life.
In 1886 W.T. Stead, a spiritualist and investigative journalist wrote a story about it.
"How the Mail Steamer Went Down in Mid Atlantic, by a Survivor" and it tells the story of an unnamed ocean liner that sinks in the Atlantic. In the story, the protagonist is a sailor named Thompson, who grows concerned over the lifeboat shortage on deck. Sure enough, the liner collides with a small sailing ship in a fog.
As the ocean liner sinks, women and children are given priority seating on the lifeboats, but chaos reigns and only 200 passengers and crew members of the original 700 people on board survive the disaster. Thompson himself survives when a lifeboat circles back around and pulls him from the water.
W.T. Stead ends his story with a word of advice: "This is exactly what might take place and what will take place if the liners are sent to sea short of boats."
Stead lost his life in the Titanic disaster, and was convinced he'd die by either lynching or drowning and so he did. He imagined it, convinced himself of it and so he drowned just as imagined but not before giving out that warning. Too bad he did not pay attention to the very fact he warned about. He couldn't really. He had already sealed his fate and it was meant to be so others would read his tale after the disaster and take heed - more lifeboats.
14 years before the Titanic - 1898 -the book Futility - The Sinking of the Titan was written and published.
"The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility" by Morgan Robertson imagined more similarities to the sinking of the Titanic.
Like the Titanic, the Titan was described as the largest ship afloat at the time. In fact, the sizes and lengths of the ships are quite close, as well as the speed at which they crash into the iceberg.
Both liners have a dangerous shortage of lifeboats. In the story, the Titan was both dubbed "unsinkable," and proceeded to sink on a cold April night. The Titanic sank on April 15th.
The similarities between the Titan and the Titanic go far beyond a name and an iceberg. The length of the titan was 800 feet, the Titanic 882. The speed at which the Titan cruised into the iceberg was 25 knots. The Titanic’s was 22.5. The Titan held 2,500 passengers. The Titanic held 2,200, though both had a capacity of 3,000.
Both ships were British owned. Both ships were hit on their starboard bow, around midnight. Both sank in the North Atlantic exactly 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland. Both had a severe lack of lifeboats, the Titan holding 24, and Titanic carrying just 20. Both had a triple screw propeller.
Edward John Smith the captain of the Titanic stated before heading out "Even God himself couldn't sink this ship,". He mocked God so he had to go.
These authors wrote it, imagined it. One of the authors and the captain lived it and in order for it to happen a Man who did not respect God - thought men were better - had to be the captain. We all learned of the need for more lifeboats but few realized the real lesson - one does not mock God for God although invisible is everywhere and is inside and he knows what you say.
Words are a form. God takes that form and becomes THAT. He doesn't discriminate. You mock him - He mocks you right back. You in the human form are the operator of the power not the power. Have a little respect.
Edward John Smith presided over an Anglican service in the Titanic's first-class dining saloon. He was for all intents and purposes a God fearing man who mocked God.
Smith was accused of ignoring ice warnings from other ships and failing to reduce the ship's speed to fit the conditions at hand. It was noted he did what any captain at the time would have done so he was exonerated. His body was never recovered.
Smith and his crew spotted a ship that appeared to be no more than 5 miles away and gave the order to send out a CQD, the universal distress call that was soon replaced with an SOS.
The ship they spotted in the distance didn’t answer, but several others did. The nearest, RMS Carpathia, replied that it would change course and hurry to the Titanic’s position. But the Carpathia was 58 miles - or four hours away. It was just after 12:30 a.m.
Still hoping to get the attention of the mysterious ship nearby, the captain ordered the firing of distress rockets at 12:45 a.m. At the same time, Boxhall - one of the ship's crew - tried to contact it with a signal lamp, flashing a plea for help in Morse code. There was no reply to either. The mysterious ship was never identified.
Although Smith had ordered the lifeboats uncovered some 40 minutes earlier, he didn’t give the order to begin loading and lowering them until Second Officer Charles Lightoller reminded him by asking, “Hadn’t we better get the women and children into the boats, sir?”
In shock? Probably at first. Did he realize he was going down for mocking God? Probably. Up until this time his life had been charmed. In more than 40 years at sea he had rarely been involved in an accident and never held accountable for one. He loved and feared God so he was well taken care of until he mocked God. Then as we are told in the Bible will happen - he became confused, could not think, made mistakes - sinned. God was not listening to him. More importantly God meant it for good. To have more life boats, slower speeds in icy waters, and to know all things are possible. No such thing as unsinkable to God.
It was reported that Smith jumped off the bow holding a baby, swam to a lifeboat and handed the baby to those in the lifeboat and headed back to the Titanic. If nothing else in the face of such disaster he kept trying to save the women and children. He died saving others.
I think he knew what he did and I think he was concerned about showing God he really did love life and that he was indeed sorry for mocking God.
It was imagined, it was lived and so it is done. Those who died were meant to die so this lesson would be learned. It was to remain a mystery until it was time for oceans to reveal it. Oceans are deserts and the sands of time have been revealing these things to us for a while now.
The movie is fantastic for sure but the story behind it is even better.
What do you think?
As Neville stated - There is no fiction lol.
Blessings to you and I look forward to hearing what you think!
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2023.06.07 11:34 Ralfop Accelerated Pest Killer Widely used - Our product can be commonly been purchased & used in family, warehouse, store, hotel, hospital, office, room, garden, hotel, and other grain depots Works 24/7 - The repellent will constantly emit 20~55KHZ high-frequency ultrasonic wave so you will always be

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2023.06.07 11:13 Shytitmouse Apartments not enforcing disabled parking spaces?

Greetings denizens of the web. I've come to you in need. I am a tenant of an apartment complex in the state of Arkansas. I was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2020 and lost a leg (below knee amputation). It is my opinion that there are too few parking spaces for the number of tenants that these apartments can house. There are disabled parking spaces provided, however they're treated like any other spot. I work nights, so I come rolling in late and all the spots are taken rather consistently. The spaces have the paint on the ground and the typical signs on posts directly in front of the spaces. The closest space to my door is coincidentally directly under the brightest street light at the complex. So people know what they're doing. And I sympathize. I've spent the last two years biting my lip and walking the distance from the next nearest open space, handicap or otherwise. I'd guess around 150+ feet. They raised my rent nearly $100 one month before my lease renewal, so I kinda got pinched there. But, that was the last of my patience. So I've called the offices to make a formal complaint regarding the issue. I've resigned myself to call every time, every day someone without tags or placards is parked in the space. Just the space I'm interested in. I'm not playing hall monitor here, going around the complex auditing every handicap space. I'm also calling at all hours of the night, cuz that's when I'm up. Of course the call goes straight to a machine. "this call may be recorded or monitored for training purposes" "a member our our staff will get back with you during our next business hours" kinda thing. I state my name, apartment number, and the reason for calling. Ending with a polite "thank you for your time". I've got 5+ years here, and hated every day of it. But housing/rent crisis in America, am I right? Any who. I started calling this month (June). I've called and left 5 messages in 7 days so far and have received no response. I know I'm asking for eviction, but at this point any hill looks good to die on. I was just looking to prepare for the backlash and further educate myself on what rights I have and what responsibilities (if any) my overlords are legally bound to. Thanks much.
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2023.06.07 09:50 LawbirdBringer A new home, an introduction

So, I'm feeling an itch to try and do another crossover, this time with Frostpunk of all things. Thus, I am gonna try it. However I must state some thing. In this universe, as the date Frostpunk is set in. Or at least, The scenario "A new home" is happening in. Is somewhere during 1886 to 87. And the invention of the Nukes are during 1933. So for all intents and purposes, The Federation never stumbled upon humanity. At least, in a way they stumble upon them so much earlier than they should. This way, the feds never had a reason to exterminate the species in the first place. They didn't know they existed.
In terms of things regarding the Laws of New London. In this story, both Order and Faith are mixed together. The laws leading to Faith Keepers and The Temple are signed as well as the laws leading to Patrols and Foremen. As for Adaptation laws. Child Labor, Extended Shift, Soup, Extra rations for the Ill, Prosthetics, Ceremonial funerals, Public house. Nearly everything is researched.

For the purpose of the City, they haven't crossed the Line yet. But as any who played the game knows. The other side of the Line is so tempting. So very, very tempting.

Memory Transcript: Felix Hawthorn - Captain, leader of the last City
Date: [standardized human time]: Day 47
I can no longer see the lights out there. The Little fires and candles that lit up the city. The houses are all but covered in ice. The automatons are barely managing to work through the frigid winds. I turn to check the thermometer, even in my office. Built at the base of the Generator. The winds could reach me through the cracks in the walls. I blinked the ice out of my eyes as my vision locks with the thermometer. "Negative... 150 degrees..." I croaked out. Speaking aloud as I slowly turned to face the cloak on the wall.
To my bewilderment, and amazement. It was still turning away. Even when frost threatened to break it. Just a few more hours... just a few more...
I weakly lifted my arm, If I survive. It'll need amputating. I couldn't even feel the burning cold that was coating its' senses yesterday.
No guardsmen, Faith Keeper, or anyone has came to alert me to anything new... The infirmaries were the only buildings with enough warmth for people to at the very least. Feel chilly... Heh... "Should probably go to one..." I shiver at I felt Jack Frost threaten to tear my insides apart, speaking my thoughts won't help much... thinking things out will keep me focused...
I can't go to a Infirmary. We have no space for a new one to be built, nor do we have enough space for everyone... Thus, here I sit. In my chair. Watching the frost grow on my windows... I pray to myself, that whoever plunged us in this Frozen Hell. Would have mercy on the children and the elderly
As the glass in my window gets overgrown in ice and snow, I slowly close my eyes. And lay back. If this is the end of the human race as we know it... I rather sleep through it than see the results. I already wrote down notes so whomever finds me, will know what to do.
Sleep takes me, the frost won't win that battle at least. In the realms of Dreams. I'm sitting under the warm sun, my daughter and son playing in the grass not too far from me. My wife and I play a game, pointing out the different shapes the clouds made in the sky...

There is a pirate ship... a bird... that's a whale... "No, silly. That's a dolphin!" she'd laugh, I would respond with a chortle and a "Well, when you're right, you're right."
Such warmth... It's not even that warm in actuality, it is as average a day as any other... but I feel so... warm.
Memory Transcript: Jannim, Junior Venlil explorer
Date: [standardized human time]: Day 47
I shivered as the ship struggles to handle the temperature of this planet. Of course, sometimes a explorer will never come back. Be it through running into Predators, a error in the systems. Or just bad luck. But I never thought it would happen to me.
I boot up the terminal, thankful it still worked at least. "Explorer Log 21. Jannim. Horkle, our exterminator. Succumbed to the wounds he sustained during the crash. Day 7 after the crash, our pilot, Thalk and captain Fonn still haven't came in from checking on the damages the ship sustained when the storm hit us. Should've left when we noticed it but no... we just had to be heroes to a race we don't even know how to find." I panted as I glanced to the ships' walls. Thanks to the ship I'm alive, but how long will the power last? If Fonn and Thalk were still alive out there... I took a deep breath and continue the log "The captain and pilot left the ship sometime yesterday, to check on external damages and on the engines.-" A growl from the predator-like winds stole my attention away.
You survived a Arxur raid, and this is how you go out? Fearing for your life because of alien nature?
Yes, I was...

I take a bite out of my emergency rations, the blandness of it was much better than the chill in the air. "-I-if anyone finds this, leave this planet. Don't go looking for the natives, LEAVE. Before the scans broke down, it appears the planet is gonna undergo various storms similar to the one I am in. Leave at once and mark the planet down as a Deathtrap." I managed to keep myself from stuttering as I continued the message "The planet itself seems predatory, if this is anything to go by. I believe the natives of this planet will have succumbed to the frost during this storm. If not this one, then the next one. Or the one after that. However long it takes. Nothing should be able to survive such harsh winds in this temperature."
I stop myself, taking a few deep breaths, then another bite of my ration. "... If you're stationed near Venlil Prime. Please, find Pallhen. He's my father... tell him... I love him, and that I'm with Mother now." I choke past a tear as I looked to the systems. "Looks like the lights are about to fail, if the controls are anything to go by. Even if the pilot and captain return. We won't be able to even launch... Final log of Junior Explorer Jannim. Protector watch over us." I sighed before ending the Log. Left in silence, I listened to the predatory-storm beat on the ship. And watch Horkles' corpse lay on the medical table of our ship.
Silently counting the emergency rations, and what regular rations we have left. I would last around a week. Perhaps longer if I space my meals out... I think I'll just keep my meals as is, having to do with spacing meals out will just raise my hopes... Can't really have that if this storm lasts much longer.
I resumed eating my ration as I try to guess what the natives were like before this planet became a great, big, Temperature Predator. ------------------------------------------------ Memory Transcript: Felix Hawthorn - Captain, leader of the last City
Date: [standardized human time]: Day 48
"Captain!" A harsh voice awakens me, I use my one good arm to push the Faith Keepers' hands off me. He was apparently shaking me awake. "I'm up, I'm up!" I cried out as I sighed. I could see the relief worm its way onto Brother Collins' face. "Captain. We made it" he exclaimed as a mix of relief and pure joy radiates from his face to his voice. I grumbled in tired bewilderment as I turned to look at the thermometer.
"The storm has passed!" Collin cheered as I mentally froze at the sight on the Thermometer on the wall. -20 degrees Celsius... "Brother Collin! don't just stand there!" I cried out as I stand up with as much my renewed vigor would allow me. Causing the Faith-keeper to freeze in place. "Get out there, and tell the Guards to check the people, check them yourself it you have to. I need information on how our population handled this storm before we move forward!" I shout my orders at Collin, before grabbing my scarf off my neck. The ice still hasn't thawed off my scarf but... I fashion it into a sling for my arm "I'll be here after I have my arm amputated. Can't die now after all we went through." I allow a slight snicker escape my lips as I walk out the doors of my office and marched to the nearest infirmary. I could hear Collin run out of the office shortly after me and went off to find the guards, check families. Maybe both.
To my relief, the infirmary I first arrived at had a place open for me. Due to overcrowding, I was given a seat on the floor. And now... here I wait, listening to the doctors and nurses comfort and calm the ill and wounded. A few shot nasty glares at me... I'd like to see them try and prepare the city for a storm like that. I think I did pretty well... ---A few hours later.--- "So... we're at 307 able bodies, a hundred dead. Five missing. And finally, 246 amputees" I stated to the Head guardsmen, Matthew Williams. And there beside him stood high Priest Jenkins Anderson. "Moral will go up of course, everyone who survived the storm will feel nothing but joy for a while. But now we have to deal with reverting the city to what it was before the storm." I point to Matthew with my newly attached arm, the claw couldn't point fingers but it works when I need to grab something. I shift to point at Anderson as this was for them both to do. "Spread word that we are sending hunters back out and are putting the hothouses back up. I want scouts looking through the wilderness for anything they can find out there. We're not out of the storm yet" I declared as I brought my prosthetic back down. "Take stock of what rations we currently have, and spread them out as much as you can to the population. Send word to the Factory to start churning out Prosthetics... And when you have the scouts ready, inform me." Mister Williams saluted me before leaving the office, while Anderson stays there, watching me... "Did... the two come back?" I asked him, the silent shake of his head told me everything... "We don't have the bodies... find out the name of that father and his daughter, then make a pair of graves for them." Anderson nods and with a respectful bow, stepped out the door.
Finally left to my thoughts, I sat back in my chair. Staring at my desk. So many lives lost... I did what I could, but should I have done better? I could have done better... they are all dead because of me, how many of them were parents?... how many children?
I sat in silence as I start a prayer to the dead. Praying they forgive me for failing them. Praying again that they pass on to a place better than where we are. And finally, Praying that someone up there actually is listening...
Once my prayers were done, I looked to the reports brother Collin had placed on my desk during my time in the Infirmary. Apparently something had crashed during the start of the great storm. There was something flying out there... Going by the calculations the engineers did under Collins' request. The crash is relatively close by... a three day travel on foot, two via riding one of the automatons through the days and night.
I stand from my desk and walk out the door, Paying some mind to a picture of my wife on my way out. I had to be one of the scouts. For this at the very least... if there is some hope there is a survivor out there, if the father and his daughter is there... I have to be certain... we have enough automatons and able bodies to use the coal mines and coal thumpers. And after the storm, I do not believe we required the other laws. I'll leave the high priest in charge until my return. Matthews is a good man but... Anderson is the more compassionate of the two. He'll keep up the moral while I'm away.


This wasn't a lot, but hey. Hope you liked the introduction. If anyone has any questions regarding New London in the story, please feel free to ask. If anyone has anything to just say, feel free to share your thoughts.
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2023.06.07 06:46 CornerCornea Old Traditions for a Night Wedding

I had been contacted by the magistrate to investigate a night wedding in the countryside that had involved the loss of human life. There seemed to be a recent rise in tourists involved in ghost dowries over the years. However, from my research I believe it was a man in search of night weddings for personal gain that was the cause of so many deaths.
When I received the request, I was nearby on Green Island, and addressing a rather unique matter even for my line of work. A little girl from the mainland had arrived two weeks prior and claimed to be the recently deceased husband of the grieving widow.
The child claimed to have woken up in the hospital where the doctors informed them that they had drowned and was clinically dead for 4 minutes when the body inexplicably sat upright in the gurney. This would have seemed to be great news, except when the child looked into the mirror, it was not their face staring back at them.
In old Taoist texts I have read of such events, where the bodies of the recently deceased are not put to ground quickly enough, and their souls are left to wander. They could get carried away by the Northeast or Southwest wind. Depending on the location from where they died. And possibly attach to an empty host.
This seemed to be the case, as the wife acknowledged that due to the wet season, they did not bury her husband's body right away. Because the grounds were so wet, that any graves would wash away, leaving corpses laying in the street. Still, I had the responsibility of testing the child. Whom passed a simple test of naming names. Where they used to live. The wife's habits. A conversation they recently had, and even childhood memories. All were confirmed by friends and family. But it would be the child's handwriting that ultimately convinced me. They were a perfect match, down to the signature.
Upon my approval, the villagers had no choice but to accept that this child was indeed the man come back to life. And when I left, he was sitting outside of his house cleaning fish as he had always done for 32 years, except now in the body of a 10 year old girl.
I didn't have much time to dwell on this case as I was needed at the aftermath of the failed night wedding. Ghost dowries have been in use for thousands of years, and traces of it can be found in many different cultures. From the Aztec to the Egyptians, and more recently from old Spain to the streets of Southeast Asia. Though in recent times, only a few remote places continued the practice, and there are a limited number of priests today who are qualified enough to handle such a case. Luckily, I had plenty of experience in this matter.
In my early years, I had married many ghost brides.
And was often asked, "But you're a priest, how can you get married?"
"Zhengyi Taoist priests can choose to take a wife or not. In fact, in order to pass on my Celestial title, I must have an heir."
The man looked distraught, "And you're sure this will stop her from whispering into my ear every night?" He clutched the bag rather tightly.
"Don't you worry," I took the bag from his hands. "Everything will be fine."
We would perform the customary vows and the following night the man reported no more whisperings from his daughter, yet a week later, the police raided my hotel in a different district. The man had claimed that I had swindled him. That his daughter had returned and continued her whispering of terrible, horrible things that he dare not listen. Clanking and banging away in the walls as he covered his ears in fear until sunrise.
Fortunately, I was allowed to prove my innocence.
I returned and stayed in the man's room, waiting with him for signs of his daughter. And surely enough, late in the hour, I heard the wretched scraping and dragging in the walls. The man stopped breathing in his bed and laid perfectly still. Even I was afraid to move as the most dangerous aspects of my job are in the unknown. My mind began racing, wondering if I had somehow botched the night wedding. Or worse, that the ghost bride wasn't his daughter at all, and I had inadvertently given this mysterious entity a special anchor to this world, a holy man.
The walls shook without reason. And a tiny noise could be heard near the man's bedside. He jumped off his mattress and ran to my side. The two of us watched as the noise traveled back and forth against the back wall like wooden clogs.
"My daughter did always carry around a rattle drum when she was little," the man whispered.
"Hush, don't let it capture your breath," I warned him. "Whatever this is, I don't believe it is your daughter. And because of the ritual, we may have increased its hold on this realm."
He whimpered, "Not my daughter?"
I held up my finger and traced the noise as it traveled in an odd form. I began to wonder if the entity was creating some sort of symbol.
"What are you drawing," the man cried.
"It may be creating a portal," I told him. "Now hush before it turns its attention toward us."
"Please, there must be something you can do?"
I reached into my bag and pulled out some incense. I lit the ends and began chanting. From my waist I pulled out a long yellow parchment. And drew on it a sealing spell. "Spirit," I called as I stepped forward. "I am a guiding light." The noise rattled with conviction as I drew closer. "Let me lead you to peace!" And with one quick motion I punched my hand into the wall, clutching the sealing spell in my palm, at the last place I heard the noise. To my displeasure I felt something wriggling in my grasp as something long and thin wrapped itself around my wrist, its end clawing at my forearm. I screamed when I felt its teeth sink between the soft flesh of my thumb and index finger. But I did not let go. Instead I pulled out this demon from the wall and threw it roughly to the ground.
The man screamed as he jumped onto a chair and screamed, "Rat!"
Yes. A simple field rat. That had a trap stuck on its tail which caused its movements to rattle in the wall. That had been rummaging near the man's nightstand because in one of the drawers he had left a bag of watermelon seeds.
Not all cases are this simple, and plenty are true to life supernatural encounters. Over the years my experience has taught me to be more cautious in my evaluations. Which was why when I finally arrived at the house of the massacre due to a failed night wedding. Every hair on my neck stood on end as I tried to be objective as possible.
But there was no denying that something heinous had occurred here. Bodies were still laying on the floor. Some with their faces in the dirt. Some missing their heads completely. And those with their faces up, were unrecognizable. And my first wife leaned into my ear and whispered to me, "This is the work of a ghost bride."
"How do you know?"
"I recognize her anger. It was mine before we were married."
"How do I know what?" A man walking toward me asked. "Are you the priest they called out here?"
He was average built, and in plain clothes, "Detective, why yes. I am here to assist you in anyway that I can."
The detective spit on the ground, "Assist me? As far as I'm concerned we're wasting valuable time carrying on with this hocus pocus bullshit. The killer's trail will be cold by the time we get through all this religious tape." He wafted the air in front of his face, "And the dead bodies boiling out here. This is all your fault as far as I'm concerned. Assist me," he snorted.
"Are there any eyewitnesses, Detective?"
"Several. But they're all saying the same damn thing. Spouting a bunch of nonsense. Which is why those religious nuts down at the station dredged you up."
"All non-relatives to the home owners?"
He snorted again, "Coincidence."
"Let us hope so," I told him. "Because the alternative is much worse." I walked the scene, going around the upturned tables, tracing the steps of carnage in the courtyard, to the main living room. There I saw the body of an old man, both hands clutching his chest, his face was completely missing. "Any surviving family members?"
"Some are still left," he grunted. "But we've gathered most of them under police protection."
"Have you located the husband?"
"Yeah, we're extraditing him as we speak."
"The foreigner took off in the middle of all the commotion. Boarded a flight back home according to our investigation. We've contacted the airline, and the airport security in America will hold him when he lands. As he is currently my number one suspect."
I circled the area in front of the shrine. Noting the spilled bowl and its contents on the ground. The position of the spoon next to it. Before standing in the spot on the left side where the effigy would have stood. "What about the bride?"
The detective shook his head, "What bride?"
"It was a night wedding," I told him. "There must have been a physical object acting as a stand in for the daughter's soul."
"Nothing more than bags of cotton usually," he paused. "But they did report that the stand-in this time was some sort of department figurine. A mannequin of some sort."
"Have you looked into that?"
"Why would I look into that. Are you crazy?"
"Right, you're right of course. You'd have to wait until after sunset to be able to figure out which mannequin serves as the ghost bride's earthly form."
The detective stormed off as if I had said something outlandish. Leaving me to my own devices, I interviewed a few of the neighbors who attended the night wedding, gathered some evidence and sorted with the other officers at the site, and then left for the nearest hotel in the city.
It had been a long month for me and I couldn't think of anything that I would enjoy more than a cold beer. So after checking in I went down to the bar, where an ethereal creature sat alone. She was beautiful to say the least and I had to strike up a conversation lest I live a life of regret, "S'il te plaît ma chérie, dis-moi comment on t'appelle pour que quand je sois perdu dans les ténèbres. Puis-je demander la lumière."
"Oh, American. I apologize. I thought you were French."
"On my mother's side," she brushed away her hair.
I noticed the ring, "Ah, you are married. My sincerest apologies miss."
"Newly married," she commented. "My husband is speaking with the concierge."
"Activities on vacation," I mused. "How wonderful."
"It's nothing like that. It seems someone has left him a note. And we're technically on our honeymoon." She paused, "Though this isn't where we're supposed to be. We're supposed to be in Hawaii."
I ordered a beer with the bartender and sipped my drink, "Hawaii is wonderful, but this is also a beautiful island. In fact, when the Portuguese came here, they named it Formosa. Which translates to beautiful island. It may not be where you're supposed to be, but perhaps you'll find that this is exactly where you need to be."
The woman sighed, "I don't even know anymore."
"Ah, I know what this is. I've great experience in these matters. Having been married many times. You feel doubt."
She laughed, "How many times have you gotten a divorce?"
"Divorce?" I laughed. "I never leave a woman after we have been wed."
She looked taken aback, "Oh. I didn't know polygamy was so common in these parts." She glanced behind her to where a tall man was standing with what looked to be the hotel's concierge. "I guess we're in the same boat."
"It's not what you think," I told her.
"Where have I heard that one before," she rolled her eyes.
"Larissa!" The man called for her.
She stood up, "Well, it was nice meeting you. Tell your wives I said hello."
I smiled as she left, glancing at my sides. "If only you knew," I said while sipping my beer.
Now in hindsight, if I were not so fatigued after nearly a month of hard work and constant traveling. I would have perhaps picked up on the fact that she too was familiar with the concubine lifestyle. Which was unusual in itself for an American. Or perhaps I would have picked up on the fact that Larissa was an uncommon name. As I had read Jim's article. But there was no such luck, which is why, when I say that I am deeply regretful of what I read on the news later about the couple, I am truly at a loss for what I could have prevented. But that is not my story to tell.
After I finished drinking at the bar I made my way to the elevator and got in. When a man coming towards me waved as a sign to hold the door, I called out, "It's full." He looked at me bewildered as I was the only person he could see in the elevator, before sticking his hand out to stop the elevator from ascending. Huffing and puffing as he glared at me angrily before pressing his floor number. Except the elevator pinged. The weight capacity light had turned on above our heads. "Like I said, it's full." The man shook his head in amazement. Pressing his floor number again. The elevator pinged again. Unwilling to budge. I sighed and got out, "I'll wait for the next one."
And wait I did, even in my room I waited for night fall instead of resting. The thoughts of a botched night wedding swirling in my head. For the many things that could go wrong. Because even though I had much practice in these matters, I was still always nervous before a fight. So when night fell, I was red eyed and exhausted, but better mentally prepared than before.
But when I arrived back at the scene of the crime, I was not prepared for all of the commotion.
"Ka-kin-eh Ka-kin-eh," a man shouted as the fire blazed.
I grabbed one of the men running by with an empty bucket, "What happened here?"
"T-the villagers, they set the p-place on fire. Trying to rid the evil demon."
I let him go and shook my head. The fools! I made my way toward the courtyard where I saw the detective from earlier moping his forehead as he was helping put out the fire. "Detective! This is terrible," I yelled as the flames licked the night.
"No shit dumbass, it's a fire."
"You don't understand," I told him. "Now the entity has nowhere to return. We may never find it."
He threw the bucket to the floor and whirled around, "Enough! I've had enough! Listen here, there is a fire. F-I-R-E. This a real problem. If it catches to the fields, it could light the newly laid fertilizer on fire and catch the entire mountain!"
That was the only word I had to say before he punched me. It was a dark night out, but stars had suddenly appeared. He hovered over me and I thought he would strike me again but then suddenly he froze. "What is that?"
I turned my head and looked out into the field. The heat of the fire burning the back of my head as I tried to stop my nose from bleeding. "Where?"
Neither one of us moved as we watched the tall field.
"Right there." He pointed.
I reached up and threw his hand down, "No! You never point at entities," I told him. "Now you could be marked!"
He ignored me and reached for his gun, "Stop! Hey you! I order you to stop or I'll shoot!"
I looked into the field, scanning the endless rows before my eyes stopped and froze in horror. At one point in time the thing must have been a simple plastic mannequin. Standing in a department store perhaps. But now, it was twisted and gnarled. Its face dirty and unrecognizable. It stood on all fours sometimes threes as it swayed slowly back and forth. The thing was also without form because it didn't need to bend or move as normal people. It was still objectively, plastic. It swung its arms behind it and used that as leverage to run, turning its head - cracking the seams that had somehow still held and took off.
The detective rung a shot out at it. I think it struck but it didn't matter as the mannequin disappeared in the field. The detective must have lost his mind because he gave chase.
I couldn't let him go alone so I followed. Pulling out my long yellow parchment as I wrote on it the symbols for sealing, hoping the simple spell would work. As we entered the tall field.
It was chaos. The ground was mushy beneath my feet, and the smell of fecal matter assaulted my senses further. In the brush I had lost the detective, so I was forced to tell my wives to help me locate his whereabouts. They didn't often leave my side, and some were reluctant but ultimately agreed.
I stood in the field, waiting with bated breath as I heard further gunshots in the distance. I couldn't wait for my wives to gather as I tore after the detective. And just in time as I saw him standing, looking absolutely terrified as he shot blindly into the fauna until his pistol clicked. The mannequin lunged for him. But I got there first. Pushing him to the ground, causing both of us to tumble.
He was eating a mouth of dirt as I pulled him to his feet. "We have to get out of this field! The ghost bride will pick us off in this thicket!"
Stumbling, and running, the two of us were covered in more than dirt. Several times we heard rustling nearby as if something were running alongside us. But eventually we made it out into the open plain. The detective trying to catch his breath as he reloaded his pistol.
"Shooting it doesn't work," he panted. "But maybe I can disable it from moving."
"Shut up," I told him. "Listen."
He stopped for a moment and we waited. Then all of the stalks before us shook wildly as if a hundred people were running through it. The detective raised his arm but I stopped him as my wives ran out of the field.
They were terrified as they ran right through us.
I hadn't experienced the feeling in awhile but the coldness as their ghostly forms went through our bodies was cold as ice. It was enough to bring us both to our knees, clutching our chests as we struggled to breathe. I had passed through one or two in a row before. But never 10 or 20 at a time. I lost count.
"What was that," the detective managed to gasp, his fingers in a death grip around his gun.
"A blue procession," I told him. "Something caused all of my dead wives to flee."
We looked up as the leaves in front of us rustled.
"Is it..."
I shook my head, running forward to catch her. My 13th wife, Ah-ren. Her arm was missing, and a part of her shoulder. She was an innocent girl that had drowned when she was alive. Her innocence carried on with her to the afterlife where many souls generally grew up embittered. But never her, always sweet my girl, just weary of water.
"I didn't want to go," she told me.
"I know," I held her. "I'm sorry."
"It got some of the others too. But Meita got in its way and told me to run." She cried.
"Don't cry I told her. You know how you hate getting wet."
"I don't want to go. I wanted to stay with you. All of us together."
I could do nothing but watch as her soul splintered and disappeared forever.
I had never felt such fury. In all my years, a womanizer, a liar, a cheat at cards, a scoundrel, a bastard even. But an undutiful husband? Never.
Without thinking I approached the field and cast a spell that was forbidden.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm purging the field. All beings alive or dead will forever feel displaced when they enter here. A feeling of unending dread and doom will overcome them, causing madness if they do not leave or are unable to. But I have no other choice." I reached into my side and threw a handful of salt. It landed on the ground as I chanted. The winds carrying it into the field, the small white morsels rolling obediently into the darkness.
"Nothings happening," the detective's word stuck in his mouth as a horrible scream echoed into the night. It sounded like two pieces of steel being twisted together.
"There," I took off after it. The jumbled figure of the mannequin fled toward the village.
We followed it through the streets and between alleyways; the villagers screamed and fled when they saw it. We barged through home after home as we chased it. Until we cornered it at an abandoned building at the edge of town.
"It was supposed to be a mall," the detective told me. "But the developers ran out of money."
We walked quietly into the empty building. Shells of stores stood in various degrees of construction. Checking a few of the fronts before venturing further inside.
"You've got to be kidding me," the detective said as we came near the center of the complex. There next to the escalators and the fountains was an army of mannequins of all shapes and sizes lined up like terracotta warriors. "They must have stashed them all here when the place was being built, and forgot about them when it closed."
"There are hundreds."
"We'll go through together. Quickly and quietly." He added, "Stay alert."
We moved through the rows, staring at all of the stuck faces, searching for one covered in grime and bullet holes. But it was more difficult than it sounded. Many of the mannequins were in bad shape, weathered, broken, laying in pieces on the ground. It was hard to tell if a pile of parts was indeed our culprit.
Slowly we began to clear the rows and I could see the other side in sight.
"There!" The detective shot his gun. The surrounding mannequins dropped like dominoes when the entity scattered. Falling down all around us, drowning in a sea of plastic arms and smiling faces. I was struggling to stand as I looked up and saw the entity come rushing toward us. The detective fired his gun blowing out one of its knee caps. I hurriedly reached for my parchment but could not find my pen. Another shot, another hit, but the scorned bride kept on charging unable to feel pain.
It jumped into the air and the detective blew a part of its face away. But then he began screaming as the bride began to eat him. Pieces of his sinew was launched into the air as he was torn apart. I rushed forward trying to help but the creature grabbed me by the throat and lifted me into the air. My feet searching for the ground as my lungs folded trying to breathe. The thing turned its head toward me and said, "Will you marry me?" As the darkness closed into the corners of my eyes.
The fight was leaving my body as I saw several of my wives rushing forward. Their ghostly forms bloodlusted as they began tearing at the mannequin, slowly pulling out pieces of her soul, causing the mannequin's arms and legs to go limp as they dragged her out of the corporeal form.
I scrambled the floor blindly with my fingers searching for my sacred parchment but could not find it amongst the rubble and the ghost bride was fleeing, leaving the shell of her mannequin in a heap on the floor. My wives chasing her, screaming their fury for killing the others. For destroying their souls.
I chased after them into the open air, where she was being cornered. Crying as I approached, trying to escape into the Southwest wind. I knew what I should have done, but could not bring myself to do the right thing. Instead I bit my finger and drew symbols on my forearms with my own blood. Approaching the bride that never was and tore her soul into pieces.
When I was done my wives sat down around me before slowly dispersing as the sun began to rise.
"We did it huh?"
I continued staring at the sun, "Yeah."
"Well then," the detective said before disappearing. "Maybe in the next life I'll be sooner to trust you."
Later they would find his body in the abandoned mall. Still clutching his gun. The department gave him a 21 gun salute at his funeral and a medal as commemoration. I was just glad that his soul had not been eaten.
I, on the other hand, went back to the hotel. To the bar and ordered a well deserved drink. Where I saw a pretty woman sitting alone, "Did you know that in order for me to pass on my Celestial title, I must bear an heir?"

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2023.06.07 03:43 rocco-o Could these be fake Auras or just batch discrepancies?

Could these be fake Auras or just batch discrepancies?
I bought some masks from Amazon because I needed them for work and Office Depot has been sold out for a week now.
But the color of the box seems to be quite different. The left box is from Office Depot and the right box is from Amazon. It was purchased from an Amazon listing. Also the “Use by” font is quite different. On the Amazon box the numbers are a lot bigger.
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2023.06.07 00:36 CrippleWitch “Sorry for the inconvenience” or, when what is an annoyance to most is a big problem if you’re disabled

My apartment complex has three elevators. The main one is in the lobby and is the most used (especially by delivery people and guests), the other two are on opposite ends of the building and require a key fob to operate. There are also four sets of trash/recycling chutes at each corner of my building on every floor.
The main elevator has been broken for weeks. According to the latest email from the office they are still “waiting on parts”. The trash/recycle chutes nearest me are backed up and are supposed to be cleared “soon”, but it’s been this way for over a week and I’m not confident that soon means anything.
For most, it’s easy enough to take the stairs or walk around to the next set of garbage chutes, but for me it means my grocery deliveries are on pause and I have to take the long way if I want to leave my apartment. The trash thing is even worse, considering with one chute down now the other three are overworked and instead of actually putting the trash down the chutes people are leaving their bags and boxes just stacked next to them which makes it precarious and gross for me to try to get over them to toss my own trash.
The email gives a limp “sorry for the inconvenience” tag at the end of each non-update email and all I can think of is that the main elevator is the ONLY elevator that doesn’t require stairs or heavy doors to get to. I don’t know if we have wheelchair users in this building but I know that I struggle enough as it is with those things, anyone using mobility equipment would probably have even more difficulty.
I’ve emailed the office asking for updates. I’ve politely reminded them that with the main elevator down no one is getting deliveries to their doors like groceries. I’ve even mentioned that as a disabled person having to go around, negotiate stairs, and literally wade through trash is less an inconvenience and more a dangerous situation.
I’ll give you three guesses as to their reply and the first two don’t count.
I’m lucky. I have a support system of friends who are willing to bring me groceries by shlepping up four flights of stairs and other than my mountain of cardboard my trash only fills up one paper grocery bag a week. But I shouldn’t have to BE LUCKY, and I just wish my leasing office could at the very least acknowledge that these problems are more than slight inconveniences for people.
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2023.06.07 00:35 jellybeansplash Apply for Precheck when I have Global Entry in maiden name?

I signed up for Global entry under my maiden name 4 years ago. I just got my new passport and went to change my name with TSA but it looks like I need to go through Global Entry to do so. The issue is I’m now a 4 hour trip (more if traffic is bad) from the nearest airport with an enrollment center.
Any idea if I’d be able to apply for Precheck on its own with my new passport? There’s an office a little over an hour away which is much more manageable.
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2023.06.06 23:50 binnjdrinking Appointment chaos

My partner and I were conditionally approved and looking to book in person interview appointments. We called the nearest office and they let us know what day appointments should be released for September.
On the day they mentioned we woke up and both successfully booked appointments, but when she went to screenshot the appointment details her confirmation disappeared from her account. We tried a few more times and she kept getting a 99 error.
We called the nearest office again and they said that it shows she has an appointment on the day and time we thought she had successfully booked. However, on her ttp account it shows she hasn’t booked an appointment. Everything on my account looks fine and I see the confirmation details of my interview.
Do you think this could cause an issue for her? I expect the next steps to be the interview then to receive approval a few days later and the card in the mail. However the ttp account issue is giving us concern. Please provide some guidance if possible. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 23:22 Unicorneggskt Do you think I’ll get in trouble for this profile picture?

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2023.06.06 23:06 ActualFactualAnthony New Multitool Upgrade?

I recently lost my Suspension NXT thanks to a really trash pouch I bought. Luckily, I'm only out a total of roughly $35 (pouch and tool) but it sucks.
Does anyone have suggestions on a good upgrade for a new tool?
Needs: General purpose is the way to go for me. The Suspension NXT was pretty awesome but between having to exchange it three times to get non-damaged stock and seeing some nicer options. I do office work and hobby stuff and I find myself occasionally fixing or tinkering things.. Fixing a loose screw or bolt, or whatever. The NXT and the original Suspension before it certainly seems to work good, so maybe something higher quality? IDK.
Nice-to-haves: I wouldn't mind some modularity with this tool, either with screwdriver bits or the ability to mix and match components as I need. If not that, then at least the ability to service the unit, getting replacement parts if possible (i.e. replacement blades, screwdrivers, etc). I also want a SECURE pouch. Had some third party pouch from Home Depot for my FIRST multitool that had this fancy clip that effectively locked the pouch onto the belt unless you very deliberately pulled the clip open and carefully slid it off the belt - that thing never came off. Sadly it eventually broke and fell apart and I can't find something like it. So whether the tool comes with a pouch or you can suggest a good third party solution...
Budget: I'll say I've got two budgets. First budget is around $40-$50. I haven't found anything as good as the NXT at the same price point, so I'm figuring if I stick with this budget, I'm looking at just getting a new NXT (unless you all have an idea). Second budget is around $100ish.
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2023.06.06 22:43 9876_ I ordered 3 parcels to my local post office, nine turned up despite one saying delivered

I ordered 3 parcels
One is untracked but should’ve been delivered by now
One is tracked and says delivered
One said failed delivery incorrect address returned to sender
The two which should’ve been delivered are definitely not at the post office. What’s going on? What should I do? The parcels contained items of moderate value and I can’t really afford to lose them. Could I try the nearest sorting office?
Thanks in advance.
Edit: the title is a typo, I meant ‘none’
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2023.06.06 22:30 Mox_GT-V Average 6-man experience

Fought off some squad at spawn, and a minute later one of my squad-fills has invited 3 other guys. After the usual cluttered comms, I persuaded them to go to Koschei through the Oasis for the weapons case after my last attempt failed horribly. I then tell them we need rad blockers and I pick up a hummer to get to the nearest hospital.
Some guy picks up a hunt squad and now all 5 of my teammates have no plates and are packed into an SUV. I'm at the buy station next to the post office, and the hunt squad is near the gas station by the blue warehouse stronghold on the eastern edge of Mawizeh Marshlands. My team is gunning it through the city construction site (with the two construction towers). I tell them they have zero plates repeatedly.
Their response: "Ehhhh we don need em" "We'll be fine" "There's six of us! Let's go fug em up"
For the record, I squad filled because I was NOT facing the Rhino on my own again, and I don't enjoy hunting squads all match (to each their own, I just enjoy missions more), much less as a six man. But these guys were already past halfway there, and if I wasn't going to get them to cancel the contract, I at least wanted them to make it to Koschei with me.
My guys PLOW into the dead center of the hunt squad circle (which has been stationary for a while, they were hunkered down) while I buy plates and park the Hummer a distance away from the hunt while I advance on foot. Their health bars start to flash red one by one, so I try to make sense of their callouts so I can help. I'm too far from both the Hummer and the best vantage point closes to me (fire station) at this point, so I have to make do with using normal cover next to the road.
The callouts: "Awww man, there's one by the... garbage truck...?" "On me on meeee" "Damn I didn't even see him"
There are now 5 revive markers on my screen next to a wrecked SUV. One spotter scope scan and there's two on the roof of the blue warehouse, and I assume the third in in the yard below (garbage truck callout). I snipe and down one on the roof but I miss the finish. I'm about to actually use my brain and reposition when my dead squad starts saying this:
"Aww man I don't wanna die" "I'm pleadin" "We were friendly, we didn't wanna shoot you"
I started to ask them what the hell they were saying and ended up dying while bickering.
I just wanted the freaking weapons case and these guys sounded cool enough to have a good round with.
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