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2023.06.07 20:42 Extreme-Logical Ripped off and looking for advice

2005, Hyundai, Elantra
Sent my car in for a new wheel bearing at a place called Ice Cold Air. They charged me almost $400. Got it back and went to a different place for new tires since Ice Cold said they don’t do tires. The tire place I went to told me the same wheel bearing was still loose. At the time I thought they might’ve made a mistake and called Ice Cold back and they were extremely rude saying “you explain that to me” over and over again. New place said they cross threaded an axle nut and now I need a new axle and a bunch of other parts. They cut me a deal and are only charging me for about $1200 to fix the issues Ice Cold caused. The going theory is that Ice Cold never replaced my bearing at all, but instead crossed threaded an axle nut as a means to prevent the wheel from coming off (which is extremely dangerous and makes my car a roulette game on wheels).
I’m really not sure what to do. I commute everyday over an hour to work, just graduated college so I don’t have any money saved up aside from help from my parents, and I had to move multiple states to be remotely close to work. This might not be the right sub for this post but I’m really just looking for advice on the situation. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.07 20:41 thelucas2000 Let's talk about Jessie - Is she redeemable?

Jessie is one of our beloved Super Rare brawlers in the game right now, being a fan favourite by many but severely weighted down by her kit right now thus making her a very ineffective brawler in competitive.

Jessie's role and flaws

Jessie's role is to be a support brawler who has a bouncing shot that helps control enemy teams (similarly to Belle), by having an attack that bounces up to 2 extra times after shocking an opponent.
Her other role is to use her turret too to help hold off specific choke points (mostly behind unbreakable walls), while having a gadget that helps turn Jessie into an aggro brawler.
Jessie however has a flaw - there is not much reason to use her.
Currently, in the meta there are better support/controller brawlers like Crow or Penny who have better splash potential or better slowing abilities (slowing toxin, clay pigeons, Bea's super). Because of this, Jessie is severely outclassed and playing her in other maps where these brawlers are not as good is not an option either since Belle fills her role and her turret has not enough range to compete against other turrets like Penny's.
In addition, there is also the problem that the Star Power energize is too influential for Jessie to even consider using shocky, I'm inclined to saying that it does not matter how much one buffs shocky, energize will ALWAYS be be the better star power unless Supercell purposely kills this Star Power.

How COULD Jessie be rebalanced to be more viable while not breaking the meta in lower trophies and such?

I have had an idea the past two months or so for a Jessie touchup to help her stand out more and give her more utility that I shared in a post made by u/Adrian_Supercell on Twitter.
The idea would be to implement Jessie's Energize Star Power into her main kit, but rework it.
This would be her new TRAIT:
Alongside with a health buff of 300 HP at max level (4,500 to 4,800) to help even out the balance between Jessie and Penny.
This would require a new Star Power to replace the Energize one, probably being one that gives turrets a "boost" after being energized for a few seconds or maybe something else unrelated.

Explanation behind the rework

The reasons behind this rework are three:
You could also argue that her rarity probably prevents something as complex as this, but I don't think this is the case as we have:
Essentially, I do not think that giving Jessie a unique ability like this would be too crazy for a super rare brawler. It would for sure be the most unique ability out of all super rares, but it also has its niches like other abilities in this rarity so that is a good balance imo.

Rerun of her stats

To summarize, this would be Jessie in the meta:

Let me know your thoughts below and thanks for reading!

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2023.06.07 20:41 TobbieDatBoi Is this normal? Cant remember seeing the starport on fire before..

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2023.06.07 20:41 newsupdatehindi Top Women Boxers in the Wirld

Top Women Boxers in the World-

We Are Listing the Top Women Boxers in the World can be subjective and may very depending on Various Ranking andPersonal Opinions. However here is a list of Accomplished and Highly Regarded Women Boxers who have made significant contributions to the Sports-

List of Top 20 (Twenty) Women Boxers In The World

📷Photo: Top Women Boxers In the World1.Claressa Shields

2.Katie Taylor

3.Cecilia Brækhus

4.Amanda Serrano

5.Jessica McCaskill

6.Terri Harper

7.Seniesa Estrada

8. Mikaela Mayer

9. Delfine Persoon

10.Heather Hardy

11.Mariana Juarez

12.Nicola Adams

13.Hannah Rankin

14.Jelena Mrdjenovich

15.Maiva Hamadouche

16. Daniela Romina Bermúdez

17.Yesica Bopp

18. Ewa Piatkowska

19. Ramla Ali

20. Savannah Marshall

Read More....
Cholesterol Lowering Treatment : कोलेस्ट्रॉल कम करने का रामबाण इलाज
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2023.06.07 20:40 JCglitchmaster Why Did You Remake the Gun Sounds For the Throwback Pack?

Like, you had 1 thing to do. Just rip the audio of the guns and slap em on the new ones. That's it, that's all anyone wanted. Why did you remake them? Someone is going to say "well they would sound out of place".
Guess what, they ripped other audio. Semtex's, killstreak counters, killstreak notifications, introduction countdown, bomb planting, nuke countdown and the freaking level up sound. All these things have the OG audio in the lower quality of 2009 with the skin on and I love it (it's sad COD has gotten to a point where hearing a low quality Semtex brings a bigger smile to my face than the actual gameplay of this game but here we are).
Why didn't you just do that for the gun guys? The current sounds sound nothing like MW2 (the MP5 is actually so loud it hurts my ears). Could you please add an update to toggle the actual OG sounds for shooting PLEASE. You're putting more work in for worse results. Just port em. I'm sure people would rather 3 guns in a bundle with ported audio than 2 with "remastered".
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2023.06.07 20:40 redbricktuta Received this email from Canary after deleting the app

Received this email from Canary after deleting the app

Honestly, the very fact that I got this automated email is a bit surprising, but not in a good way and only reinforced why I deleted the app. Why is my mail client emailing me?? While not per se a violation of privacy it certainly feels self-important and like the priorities are in the wrong place for the company. Canary is a mail client. That is all. They have a competitive advantage with their AI integration but that is becoming more commonplace day by day with this new burst of AI powered everything.

Canary needs to focus on actually providing basic email client features before it focuses on goddamn AI and emotionally blackmailing clients with some sort of appeal to emotion to keep using the app.

For example, I pay for the app, so why the fuck do I still have elements in the user interface that are trying to teach me features or advertise the app's features? Get out of my way and show me only directly email related UI! Why can I not properly rearrange my different email accounts? Why are Profiles with fancy signatures a feature on the Mac but not on the iPhone??

Canary can be a great app but it will no longer differentiate itself with just an AI copilot. Focus on design and power-user features that are made more accessible through the A.I.
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2023.06.07 20:39 Mehmet6931420 Game crash?

So i am going for the platinum on this game on ps4 but for the golden run trophy i have been struggling. Game was crashing every hour or two and the last track in the peaks before it loaded it, the game crashed again. Am i the only one that has this problem, and the game isnt running smooth enough its lagging.
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2023.06.07 20:38 Debbie_Henry Significance of Account Abstraction in Web3 Gaming

Significance of Account Abstraction in Web3 Gaming
🎮🌐 The rise of Web3 technology has transformed industries, including gaming. 🚀 With blockchain and DeFi, gamification in Web3 is gaining attention. Enter account abstraction (AA), a game-changer in Web3 gaming. Let's dive into its significance! 🔍
🔑 Understanding Account Abstraction: In the EOA paradigm, the signer and account are combined, posing security risks. Account abstraction transforms EOAs into smart contracts, separating signer and account logic. This boosts flexibility and allows for various operations like multi-key authorization and signer rotation. ✨
🎯 Key Significance in Gamification: 1️⃣ User Sovereignty and Ownership: AA empowers users to switch between games without creating new accounts. They have control and ownership over in-game assets, fostering value and ownership in the gaming ecosystem. 🛡️💼
2️⃣ Cross-Game Interoperability: AA enables using digital assets across different games, increasing utility and value. A rare sword in one game can be wielded in another, creating rich and interconnected gaming ecosystems. 🤝🌐
3️⃣ Transparency and Trust: Blockchain's transparency and AA promote trust among players and developers. Users can verify asset authenticity, mitigating concerns of counterfeit items. Trust strengthens the gaming community and encourages participation. 🔒🔍
4️⃣ Incentive Mechanisms: AA enables complex incentive systems through smart contracts. Developers design rewards and challenges using DeFi concepts, enhancing gameplay and encouraging engagement. 🎁💰
5️⃣ Decentralised Governance: AA facilitates on-chain voting and decentralized decision-making. Users influence game development, fostering community and strengthening the bond between developers and players. 🗳️🤝
🎮🌐 Trikon Gaming, a leader in Web3 gaming, leverages account abstraction to deliver an immersive experience. With user sovereignty, cross-game interoperability, transparency, trust, incentive mechanisms, and decentralized governance, Trikon Gaming pioneers the Web3 gamification revolution. Join the journey to decentralized and engaging gaming adventures! 🚀🎮
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2023.06.07 20:38 Ouariachi03 Hi guys. Looking only on the nintendo seal of quality logo, it seems original or not?

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2023.06.07 20:38 badassbisexualbitch Andromeda Advice

Hi guys! You probably remember me from the frustrated post about ME3.
I decided that ME3 not working was a problem for future me on another playthrough, googled the ending (am still in denial lol) and now plan to start Andromeda.
I know people have some….opinions about it but I’d like to experience it for myself. Since it’s a Mass Effect game, and Mass Effect games can have some pretty terrible outcomes if you don’t do the right thing (the suicide mission comes to mind) I was wondering if there were any general things to do to get the best outcome. Nobody dies, world doesn’t end, that sort of thing.
As before, any advice will help. Thanks so much, and Keelah Se’lai!
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2023.06.07 20:38 JOHNNY6644 little yellow beast re-shelling

any thoughts an advice on new case an mods for my old build an layout as ill soon be transferring my previous LITTLE YELLOW BEAST
to my new case the nzxt h5 flow - paint job still in the works
the case needs two more even coats long with the
io & pci plates hard drive , bottom angled fan mount an rad mount brackets before gear would be transferred
still waiting on vertical mount to arrive so i can paint that to
all the previous setup's gear is to be moved aside from a ram upgrade im going from 32gb to 64gb
my current game plan for gear layout in the new case is to vertical mount gpu as before but with Coolermaster Universal Vertical GPU Holder Kit Ver.2 an to mount the aio in the front top fan position in the pull config
with both 120mm fans as front exhaust on the outer of the rad bracket mount also with the bottom angled fan as exhaust to an a 120mm Fan Size Cooler Exhaust Shroud
on the other side of the aio as a intake scoop aimed torwards the top front fan to be set as intake along with the other an rear also as intake
ther are two main reasons i down with some of my builds
1.positive pressure with some case an my room air flow an temps an gear just works better my home has a shitty stucco ceiling the just flaks fine paint dust that cake my filter on pc's an other gear a as the home is a rental i cant do a thing about it so
ease of cleaning is a must especially not having to open up the case every week to clean but rather just taking my shopvac over the outside to off an out the filters is better
an iv got some good filter mesh to put between the top an rear fans that iv used before the collects the paint fleck an does hinder air flow
so thats the jest your thought advice , or gentle criticism
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2023.06.07 20:37 Initial_Depenmmmmm World GT Series Car Suggestion?

Fairly new to this game(but not the series), started playing when I got PSVR2 a few weeks ago. Any suggestions on a car for this series? It seems like cars are either too powerful or need a bunch of upgrades to compete at 800PP. I'm hoping theres something with no roof / no windshield, or at least good visibility since that really helps the VR experience for me. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 20:37 BloodWagon On September 15, 1958 someone deliberately caused the crash of a Soo Line passenger train in Hamel, MN, and got away with it

By Rail to Canada, no Passport Needed
The clock showed 9:30 PM, Central Standard Time, September 15, 1958. Soo Line Train 9/13 was 21 minutes behind schedule as it cruised along in the fall Minnesota night, heading into the shallow bend towards the town of Hamel. There was no need to slow down from 58 MPH (93 kph) as the approaching station was not a stop for the train on its way to Portal, North Dakota and Winnipeg, Manitoba. From Minneapolis to Glenwood, Minnesota the two trains, also known as the “Dominion” and the “Winnipeger”, ran together before being split for their final destinations. The Dominion would be picked up by the Canadian Pacific for connection to Vancouver, British Columbia the next day.
GP9 diesel-electric locomotive No. 557 lead the train with the engineer and fireman aboard, followed by cabless power unit 503B. Behind them came six baggage cars, five sleepers, three coaches, and a lounge car, not in that order. Aboard the cars were 75 passengers, about five Pullman Company sleeping car porters, three dining service employees, three mail clerks, two baggagemen, the conductor (H.M. Ratje), and two brakemen.
Bright headlights shown ahead in the dark. The firemen, seated on the lefthand side of the cab, was observing a road crossing ahead of them. The engineer, Herman J. Steinke, was keeping an eye out on the tracks ahead. One detail was missed by both men, however. A green light supposed to mark the switch for the siding that served local businesses in Hamel was dark. In fact, although they never could have seen it, the lock had been bashed off and the switch thrown so it pointed into the siding. The lamp extinguished. At full speed, Train 9/13 rocked hard and as it hit the siding curve 120 feet later, jackknifed across the tracks at 9:35 pm.

The Accident
Miraculously, no one was killed as the first eight cars and both locomotives derailed spectacularly. Sixteen people were hospitalized for their injuries among the dozens treated at the scene. Witnesses in Hamel reported the crash impact felt like an earthquake, calling in to the Hennepin County Sheriff to notify them of the disaster. The Sheriff’s emergency calls were answered by Civil Defense rescue teams and six fire departments within thirty minutes to begin the process of extracting those unable to escape the cars. Uninjured patrons were bussed back to Minneapolis by the Soo Line for the night, to figure out ways of getting them on to their destinations.
It was during the rescue efforts that a Hamel Fire Department firefighter noticed the damage to the switch lock that prevented tampering. While it was locked to point into the switch rather than the main line, he noticed that the shackle of the lock had clearly been battered open before being re-closed. Investigation by police and ICC officials also disclosed that someone had tried to batter the lamp’s connecting bolt so it could be rotated to give a false ‘clear’ indication. When that had failed, someone had apparently settled for extinguishing it. Five hours before Train 9/13 came through Hamel, about 4:30 PM, the local track maintenance foreman had inspected the line. He reported the switch had been set correctly at the time but could not remember if the lamp was lit yet. It was fueled twice a week, having been topped off three days before.

The Suspect, the official Verdict, and the Aftermath.
By the first of October railroad police were seeking a man known to peddle sewing needles door-to-door in the Hamel area. He was in his fifties, stoop-shouldered, an ‘eccentric dresser’ who wore a flap-eared cap. Local residents had noticed the man in the area of the siding earlier in the evening but thought nothing of it at the time. Police apparently failed to locate him, or cleared him of wrongdoing, as no further remarks on this suspect appear in the newspapers.
On December 17, 1958 the Interstate Commerce Commission officially rendered its report on the incident. After examining the crew, witnesses on the ground, passengers, and the incident scene itself, they concluded the crew was not at fault for the accident. The ICC official accident cause was listed as malicious tampering, by person or persons unknown, who had deliberately forced open the switch, changed its direction, and extinguished the indicating lamp. From the transportation safety end of things, it was case closed.
Engine 557 and 503B were returned to service, as did the injured employees. Rail traffic was disrupted for several weeks until the line could be fixed. Today, perhaps the last survivor is Engine 557, still operating in Hanska, Minnesota as Farmers Co-Op of Hanska No. 124.

Conclusion and Questions
In 2023 it seems highly unlikely that the September 15, 1958 derailment will ever be solved. No one died, and the newspaper headlines of the day were occupied with the tragic Newark Bay bridge accident on the Central Railroad of New Jersey that killed 48, so it quietly slipped from memory. However, that does leave us with some room to speculate on the cause.
  1. The ICC Got It Wrong: There was no deliberate sabotage. Railroad locks take a beating even without deliberate tampering and investigators followed a path that would absolve the company and its employees of fault for incorrectly positioning the switch. The investigation makes no remark on when the switch had last been legitimately used before the accident.
  2. The Peddler: A convenient target. Marginalized and possibly without a home, as he is also described as ‘dirty-faced’, it would be convenient to latch onto a sighting of him near the switch as an explanation. We’re given little motivation to why he might have tampered with the switch. However, after examining several cases like this, there often doesn’t seem to be much motivation amongst those apprehended. Children playing around, wanting to see the train wreck, without any more information its hard to say much more.
  3. Someone Else: Local children, teens, another resident. Someone wanted to see the train crash. Notably someone had to wield a heavy tool against the switch lock and lamp bolts, no Lockpicking Lawyer here, which would seem to point towards an adult.

The Interstate Commerce Commission Report of the Accident Investigation occurring on the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad at Hamel, MN:
The Soo Line Public Timetable in effect at the time of the accident:
News Articles and Photos (As a warning, this does include images of a non-fatal railroad crash and injured persons being transported):
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2023.06.07 20:36 SwordedNinja Competitive Game Fail

So, this game is a sport essentially. Imagine if you took the salary cap off pro sports and just let whoever had the most money buy all the talent. It's a system set up to destroy itself. Now maybe I'm wrong and this game is meant to burn bright and burn out fast but I suspect that isn't the goal of this game. If it is, then keep at it and shut it down in a year or so. However, if you want to keep raking in money and engaging players hear me out:
In sports games you have about everything you need to rebuild the clan system in this game into being one of the most interesting e-sports on the market. Drafts, free agency, salary caps, currency, budgets, earning, marketing, concessions, merch, training, seasons, playoffs, it's all there to conceive and implement a means of allowing clans to have dynamic competitive experiences. It's not reinventing the wheel.
This would increase player engagement and make the entire cycle more exciting across the board. Since players would earn "salaries" there would still be incentive to increase power and resonance and become an even more profitable and fun system. With salary caps clans would need to bring in new players and balance their rosters to be both competitive and affordable. With things like concessions and merch, players would have new ways to interact with their clans and deepen the social experience with the potential for earning and purchasing both in game items and real life merchandise in their clan markets. With trading and free agency, players who stand out because of cleverness, talent, skill and technique would be rewarded for the value they bring. It just sounds like an all around win to me, for both the players and the developers.
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2023.06.07 20:36 CD_93 Let's RP 2.0 Launch Trailer QB, Whitelisted, Cinematic Story-Based, Custom Heists

Let's RP 2.0 Launch Trailer QB, Whitelisted, Cinematic Story-Based, Custom Heists

Why Let's RP?

In early 2022, Let's RP was launched to do things differently in the GTA roleplay space. We have fostered a culture of trust and transparancy to create the premier FiveM server for cinematic storytelling, character development and content-driven roleplay. Since then, we have grown to over 200 players whitelisted across the UK, EU & US - and Let's RP has become known for its high-calibre drama and emotional character arcs.
Our culture holds no place for toxicity or the "win mentality" which hampers other FiveM servers and stifles true story progression. Our rules of engagement for cops and criminals alike ensures the best possible outcomes for players on both sides as well as providing ample avenues of roleplay for everyone in between. We hope that our reviews from our diverse playerbase reflect the unique position our server has grown in to.
Our in-house development team of programmers, texture artists and clothing experts meet regularly to respond to bug reports and player suggestions as well as creating custom scripts and experiences exclusive to Let's RP. They are aided by a dedicated support team, assisting players old and new in navigating FiveM and GTA RP.
Our support for the content of our players extends beyond the confines of the game itself. Our content team supports all of our streamers and content creators in highlighting their work and contributions to our city. Our in-house web designer curates an in-character intranet (EyeFind) as well as managing our local Weazel News outlet which our local journalists and news reporters can contribute to (and get paid for). We have recently launched the Let's RP Wiki as well as the first season of the Let's RP Trading Card Game. Our events team empowers our players to create and engage with unique one-off and multi-part events (such as our incredibly popular month-long Halloween arc in October '22).

What's new in 2.0?

Season Two of Let’s RP brings with it a major injection of content for LEOs, civilians and criminals alike.
We are excited to be introducing a raft of social recreational activities & minigames such as Tennis, Pool, Basketball, Air Hockey and more to bolster the “downtime” options for your characters between going about their civilian jobs, criminal activities, or public service duties.
A whole new fleet of PD, EMS and FIRE vehicles - including specialised rescue vehicles - keep our public servants ready for any eventuality. New custom NPC missions give our Pillbox workers a chance to earn a bump on their paycheck by attending medical emergencies across the city.
We have revamped the Hunting hobby to include a skinning system, adding extra value to your expeditions. We are putting spray cans in the hands of our gang members to leave their mark on their turf... and on that of their rivals. We are also consolidating a number of vendors at the Vespucci Markets to create a hub of buying & selling – with some products now offering buffs to some character abilities!
New businesses and career opportunities are cropping up across the city. So take a look around and explore what is on offer for yourself. But if you fancy a complete change of pace, ask at the job centre about a career in beekeeping!
We have enhanced the Diamond City Casino with whole new games – yes, even the slot machines! Now that the locals have been invited in, you will now be able to test the luck of you and your friends against AI players at the card and roulette tables. Whole new animations and interactions bring the Casino to life in a way we haven’t seen before. With alcohol being served behind the bar 24 hours a day, it is sure to be a popular venue for many (not least the dealers).
Criminals in the north beware, for response times are about to drop dramatically! The Blaine County Sheriffs Office is now open to bolster law enforcement in the state. We’re bringing custom liveries and infrastructure to make the Sheriffs Office in Sandy Shores feel like a second home for those stationed there.
What's that ringing payphone all about? Well you'll have to find out for yourself.

Custom Heists?

Yes – they are finally here – Heists have come to Let’s RP!
Developed by our in‐house team, these new challenges are exclusive to Let’s RP. Players will need to take on a series of escapades above and below sea level to earn the big prizes on offer, if they can evade the authorities in the process!
These Heists will require planning to execute successfully (and to survive). We really look forward to seeing how you and your gangs choose to navigate these capers! As for the where and how... find out IC!


We truly believe that have built a special roleplay space and Let's RP is growing every day. For a further insight, clips and shorts can be found at LetsRPOfficial across Twitter / YouTube / TikTok. Or you can follow the LetsRP tag on Twitch to see what our streamers have been up to.
Take a look at our launch trailer for Season Two and then JOIN US at or

Let's RP 2.0 Launch Trailer
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2023.06.07 20:35 DudethatCooks I find the AOW attachments to portal weapons to be very underwhelming

I am going to preface this post with the disclaimer I wasn't expecting much from AOW attachments in the first place, but man the lack of options actually added still comes short of my already small expectations.
I'll go weapon by weapon for anyone interested.
M16A3- I have little issue with the M16A3. It has a plethora of barrel options, most grip options, although I personally would have loved to see the MGL laser sight added. Puzzlingly the OG red dot 1.25x was removed and the only 1.25x sight options available is the kobra sight or TR-1 thermal. Overall this is what I expected AOW attachment options to look like on vault weapons minus the puzzle exclusion of sights I'd consider to be std across the board like a 1.25x red dot or K8 holo.
ACW-R- This is where it already goes off the rails to me. There are plenty of sight options, minus the K8 holo again. However, the barrel options are underwhelming to put it lightly. You have a whopping 4 choices. Standard barrel, wrapped suppressor, 6KU suppressor, and a warhawk compensator. There is no champion muzzle break, tactical compensator, or arcom tactical muzzle brake which IMO is pretty bad. The underbarrel attachments are not much better. The only new attachments are a bipod and STNR laser sight. You get 6 total options. Standard underbarrel, bipod (yay?), flashlight 😑, STNR laser sight, foregrip (worse than it was before), and a LS-1 laser sight. To not even get the LGW or BCG light grips at minimum is ridiculous IMO and I'm just curious at why even the MGL laser sight couldn't be considered considering the lack of options altogether. Also the UI is wrong on the extended mag. It isn't 36 bullets its 40 for the extended mag. How does know one catch that?
A-91- The sights are fine unless you like the K8-holo like me, the barrel options are fine too as it covers what I'd consider to be the standard for AOW weapons. It has the champion muzzle brake, wrapped suppressor, warhawk compensator, arcom tactical muzzle brake, tactical compensator, and 6KU suppressor which I would consider to be the minimum all vault weapons should have. What I do have a problem with is the under barrel options. There is literally nothing new. It is std underbarrel (nothing), a flashlight, LS1-laser sight, and a forgrip which again is worse than what it was before this update. I find it laughable that the A-91 can't even get any other grips or laser sights when the foregrip fits. You can't convince me a BCG, LGW, or MGL laser sight wouldn't fit if the large foregrip does.
M416- Sights are fine, K8 holo users get disappointed. The barrel attachments are pathetic like the ACW-R. You get the standard barrel, wrapped suppressor, warhawk compensator, or 6KU suppressor. Thats it. The underbarrel is where DICE really lose me. Now I'm sure there are people who love under barrel GL/shotgun options, but how much time was spent and was necessary to add every M320 option (frag, smoke, bucks, and armor) AND 4 options for the M26 (mass buck, dart, frag, slug) option while failing to add a single STNR or MGL laser sight. At least there is the option for a BCG and LGW grips, but to only have the LS-1 laser sight while offering 8 under barrel weapon options feels like bloat when I rarely see those options being used.
MTAR-21- Our first sighting of the K8 holo. As with the other vault ARs no real complaints about the sights on offer. The barrel options though are just a real head scratcher. Once again it seems the champion muzzle brake, arcom tactical muzzle brake, and tactical compensator are too cumbersome to add, but we get the ability to attach the type 4 heavy suppressor and the PB heavy suppressor. Had the other attachments been included I wouldn't have a problem with the heavy suppressors being an option, but outside of just wanting to use them for the cool factor who is attaching the suppressors that dramatically increase TTK? Who was saying "you know what the MTAR-21 really needs? The heavy suppressors!"? The underbarrel options are abysmal. You get 5 whopping options. Standard (nothing), flashlight, LS-1 laser sight, foregrip, and LGW grip. You want to use a better laser sight or BCG grip? Kick rocks.
AEK-971- You get the K8 holo option, the OG red dot, and anything else you'd want really. No complaints on the sights. The barrel options cover the minimum I'd accept so no real complaints from me. With it being a Russian weapon I'd expect this to be a candidate for the PB heavy suppressor, but it doesn't. Not a big deal it at least covers all the compensators, muzzle brake, wrapped, and 6KU suppressor. The underbarrel as with most of these guns is underwhelming. We have the GP-30 frag, smoke, buck, or LVG option, a bipod 🫠, forgrip, or LS-1 laser sight. That's it. Once again no BCG light grip, LGW, MGL laser, or STNR laser sight.
Once again I had low expectations coming into this update to vault weapons, but IMO for not ever vault weapon to have at minimum the warhawk compensator, tactical compensator, champion muzzle brake, arcom tactical muzzle brake, wrapped suppressor, 6KU suppressor as barrel options and for underbarrels to not offer at minimum the BCG light grip, LGW grip, foregrip, one of either the MGL laser sight or STNR laser sight is IMO a complete lack of effort from DICE. You cannot convince me that a gun that can fit a forgrip on its underbarrel is incapable of fitting one of those other options listed above. Sure I'm probably nitpicking that the K8 holo isn't included in every weapon, but that is a std site on most weapons in the game.
Overall DICE somehow managed to fall short of my already low expectations for the vault weapon AOW attachment update. To know that we get this sad of an update on vault weapons and that to do so will cost us getting more vault weapons this season makes the update feel even worse. I will have even lower expectations on the rest of the weapons as this season progresses I guess.
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2023.06.07 20:35 LynzGamer Would anyone be able to try any of these games using the new porting tool on M2 Pro? I’m curious about how well they’d perform using this chip.

I know some of these aren’t DX12, but all the same; if someone has or can attempt to play them I’d like to know how well they play before I get my hands on my MacBook.
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2023.06.07 20:35 BouchWick Portingkit Skyrim SE?

We need performance stats for the best open world RPG of games.
I had Skyrim but it would run poorly on crossover & parallels, can someone tell me how it runs on your Mac?
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2023.06.07 20:34 Hedge--Wizard Tips for winning after 22 successful escapes from dungeon

After beating game 22 times the difficulty spikes a lot buts it’s still really fun! Here are some ways to survive and not die on first floor. Also applies to Erebus mod and library mod.
  1. Use Wands, Bows, Bombs, Traps, offensive Scrolls/Potions and Cups as first line of offense whenever possible. Most enemies will one or two shot you in close quarters especially on first 3 levels. Don’t risk CCQ if you can at all avoid it.
  2. Use/Keep Fast, Lethal, Reach weapons only! Have at least one high damage dagger, and one speastaff/halberd/whip and make sure all weapons are excellent or fine. You won’t last in a attrition match with worn iron weapons.
  3. Save at least 1 elite fast weapon or high power wand for lich so you can kill him and cut down bodyguards fast! There will also be a lich /guards at every exit door on way up so be ready. Use all buffs you can when you charge him (magic shield, iron skin, cola, haste, invisibility)
  4. Keep health at max level at all times. You can only take a few hits before you die especially with low armor so dont wait unless you’re going to lvl up soon.
  5. Prioritize Hp defense and speed stats over all else. You need to dodge or tank all hits cause endgame is all about running away
  6. Break all pots/crates from afar! Use wands bombs or spears. Primed bombs/jars and baby spiders can kill you one hit with armor and jump like purple druids.
  7. Organize hot bar and inventory so you can grab anything you need without thinking cause spiders will kill you while you search for your spear. Keep teleport scroll and restoration potions and wand in hot bar so they’re always ready.
  8. Extra enemies appear in spider hole after first big drop and enemies respawn faster too. All mobs take many hits to kill and hit hard! Be ready. Sometimes they jump you as soon as you appear in new level so always have fine steel dagger ready to spam asap
  9. Avoid all high risk rooms with spike pits and fireball blasts if you can the loot ain’t worth it
  10. Buy shop items at all levels if they’re good price if they don’t fit in inventory leave on floor near exit to take as you go up.
Good luck. Pona tawa Sina :) praise the sun
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2023.06.07 20:34 vstapbutch1734 Question about Farmer flaw and Feeding on Kindred

The farmer flaw requires you to take two superficial damage to your willpower track when feeding on humans. How does that translate to slaking hunger from kindred? Had a gangrel in my game who used a bite attack in combat and he slaked one hunger from the attack. Would he take superficial damage? Does the flaw focus on the victim being “not an animal”, or is it’s specifically humans that causes the superficial willpower damage? Am I misinterpreting the rule entirely? (New DM, this is my 7th session running V5)
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2023.06.07 20:34 wertraut [Online][PF2e/Other][Fridays 4-8 pm GMT][LGBTQIA+ Friendly][New Player Friendly] Newish GM looking for 3-4 players to join weekly PF2e game.

About me
I've always loved stories so TTRPGs have fascinated me basically since the moment I found out they're a thing. This was some time ago now and since then I've played some and GMd some but never found a consistent group that was as excited about creating stories in our collective minds as I was. So I said fuck it and decided to make this post to seek out like-minded individuals.
About the Game
I'll be running Pathfinder 2nd Edition with a heavy focus on roleplay with some tactical combat sprinkled into the mix. If you're looking for a combat focused game this won't be it.
I'm expecting everyone to be somewhat serious, tho I won't stray into Grimdark territory (except if this is something everyone wants). I expect our first few games to be heroic fantasy, we're playing Pathfinder after all. General type of campaign/story we'll discuss once I've found enough players so everyone gets a say in what they'd prefer to play.
If you haven't played PF2e before: Fear not, I will teach.
An important note
Everyone is welcome. No matter your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, color of skin, mother tongue, species, planet of origin etc.
We'll be using Discord for Voice/Video, scheduling, chats etc. and Foundry VTT (I've got a license, you don't have to pay anything) to actually play the game. Other tools we'll be using are free as well (Pathbuilder, Archive of Nethys etc.). If you have an at least somewhat stable internet connection you'll be golden.
If you've made it through the entire wall of text, first of all: Thank you. If you're interested, fill out this quick form. I'll get back to everyone via Discord.
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2023.06.07 20:34 Robftw Was AT discontinued

I just hopped on GWs website and everything is out of stock & the games placard is no longer a clickable link.
I've heard rumors of a new epic 40k so maybe it's just rebranding. I've been thinking about getting into A/T but I'm wondering If I should hold off now.
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