2023.03.04 16:44 UnnappreciatedAgent ASEXUAL TRANS MEN ARE TRENDERS

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2023.01.31 17:04 Alejo18content Sexxxxxxx

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2023.01.11 00:00 Prio102 SEXXXXXXX

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2023.01.05 23:37 Maya_Vibez exposing images pt. 2

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2022.08.30 06:18 Loadedbuttmag Dunno if I was lucid dreaming but was kinda weird

So idk if I was lucid dreaming. May have been half way but I was really horny. So I was in some sort of castle and there was some random woman just sitting on the ground. She was wearing something like the dress the mom from rapunzel wears. Anyways I am a virgin so I was like oh crap oh crap ima have sexxxxxxx then I kinda dry humped her until I woke up. Also some sort of dragon appeared in the middle of it. And another one was where I was at home and my brother and his “girlfriend” ( he didn’t have one at the time) were at home. He kinda disappeared but she was naked on some sort of masseuse table and I ran up to her, played her ass cheeks like bingos and ran away like a mischievous monkey laughing at the same time. ( idk if last one was lucid)
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2022.06.25 23:05 Ardaxza Sexxxxxxx

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2022.05.14 15:42 SlyShone Phone Sexxxxxxx

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2022.04.28 01:36 Pizzaboiiguy sexy sex sex sexy oo LA LAAAA

The penis balls with the sexy sex sex sex sexy time and then the vagina like does stuff and you go like oh yeahhh🤤🥛🥛🤤🥛🥛🥛then the balls do stuff and cum cums out ur pipi hole and you all like OOOOO YEAAA LALALALLALA BUTT SEX JS FUNND N and the birth giver is all like SEXYYY SEX SEX SEXXXXXXX and you all like OOOOO YEAAA LALALALLALA ANAL BUTT SEX and then you get the uh the balloons that you put over your pipi so the birth giver doesn't give birth and the once you put it on you can be all like OOOOO YEAAA LALALALLALA ANDDD THE BUTT SEX LALLALAL
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2022.02.19 07:15 jannnnneeeee Does anyone else get into an existential mood when thinking about how upsetting this woman is?

Please, by all means, I’ll delete if this sort of discourse isn’t allowed. But, I just watched her recent tik tok or reel regarding what she, as a Christian woman, doesn’t approve of. I’m sure the list isn’t exhaustive, but it includes abortion, premarital SEXXXXXXX (it’s a word; use it) amongst, ya know, the other general objectively healthy concepts a typically educated and compassionate individual is able to understand are valid and arguably vital facets of society and maybe even the human experience. Also - not entirely relevant to my point here, but her inclusion of “new age beliefs” in there just goes to show how she ran out of ideas for that specific content she was “creating” because that phrase essentially just generalizes everything she mentioned.
Idk. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working as a therapist in a very odd time to be a therapist seeing people with a wide variety of issues due to pandemic, political climate, and/or general mental health concerns as are present regardless of societal/political/ worldly external factors. I’m fairly current when it comes to general fundie snark. I find value in exposing myself to cultures/beliefs/values that differ from mine so that I’m able to engage in religious discourse with the intention of productivity and conversation when it comes to my own clients. (Self disclosure: I do also hate watch/read, thus enjoying the snark.)
BUT - this specific tik tok really upset me. Maybe it was my two glasses of rosé this evening. Maybe it’s the accumulation of exposing myself to this abhorrent content for a long time.
I guess my question with the intention of discussion is: Does anyone else have moments where they feel emotional specifically due to the fact that people like her exist? I know that as a mental health counselor, I am required to have self awareness to keep my beliefs compartmentalized and a sense of radical acceptance that the world is a place that contains people with views that are not only separate from mine, but that also actively hurt people. But, for some reason, tonight, I am at a point where it is truly upsetting to me that I’m experiencing in real time a woman who has been met with probably the most consequences she will ever be met with and is still producing this content. As someone who talks intimately with people who have experienced religious trauma, and not just religious trauma, any type of trauma. I think just from an an existential perspective, seeing this sort of hate (and “hate” is lenient here. This sort of discourse kills people), at a certain point gets to me. And, again, I am educated, very literally at a graduate level (this is not a flex; I am in debt and after 6 years of school barely maintaining livable salary, which admittedly adds to the bitterness of miss donkey from Shrek brows making the coin that she does), to compartmentalize this sort of existential disappointment. So I can’t help but wonder, what you all are feeling especially to those who are sensitive and empathic and admittedly a little too existential sometimes as I am.
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2022.01.17 15:41 BabeeChillVibes SEXXXXXXX

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2021.10.31 08:10 Ryzhemzd SEXXXXXXX

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2020.09.14 07:11 RegularNoodles Ooooooo monke sexxxxxxx 🤯🤯😵😵

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2019.11.18 15:18 likebrrr SEXXXXXXX

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2019.04.13 16:44 removalbot 04-13 14:44 - '"AAALLLLLLLLL let's have sexxxxxxx." / "No Peg, I'm still nauseous from the last time..." / "Al Bundy is a sexist pig!"' by /u/lifewontwait86 removed from /r/HistoryPorn within 1146-1156min

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"No Peg, I'm still nauseous from the last time..."
"Al Bundy is a sexist pig!"
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2018.02.12 06:48 Twewyttst777 Friend of the Week #44: Domestic Dog!

The Lunar New Year is right around the corner, and we’re about to leave the year of Sexxxxxxx and enter the year of...

Friend of the Week #44: Domestic Dog!

The Domestic Dog is a species of Canis, a genus which includes wolves and jackals. The modern-day Domestic Dog is thought to have been domesticated around 10,000 years ago, give or take several thousand. One factor which makes it difficult to tell how long ago the domestication occurred is that current science suggests that domestication occurred in two separate populations at different times. Whenever domestication occurred, the Dog is thought to be the earliest domesticated animal. The Domestic Dog is the most diverse animal on the planet, with over 300 breeds, all of which bear extremely different characteristics. The friend version of the dog is based on the Shiba Inu, which is a very good breed of dog (not to say all the other breeds of dog aren’t good dogs. They’re good dogs Brent.) The Shiba Inu is best known for its appearance on the Doge meme. The average litter of dog contains 6 young. A young dog is called a pup, pupper, smol doggo, or a puppy, although you are free to come up with synonyms as you please.
Unfortunately, not all is cute and happy with the dog. Here, we’ll use the Bulldog as a case study. While you may think they’re adorable, what with their squashed in faces, the bulldog suffers from many severe health issues. That cute squashed face makes it incredibly difficult for the bulldog to breathe. Male French Bulldogs are unable to mount the female for mating, and so require artificial insemination for reproduction to take place. At the same time, the females’ hips are too narrow to properly give birth, so 80% of French Bulldog births take place through C-section. Extremely inbred breeds aren’t the only issue facing the dog. 700,000 shelter dogs are put down in the US yearly. In conclusion, if you’re gonna buy a dog, don’t support the currently held practices. Try to adopt a shelter dog, and a mutt preferably, although many breeds of dogs are relatively healthy (you should look into the health risks associated with each kind of dog).
What a glorious friend! Let us know what you think of her! See you next week!
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2018.01.16 06:05 Twewyttst777 Friend of the Week #40: Red Junglefowl!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Friend of the Week #40: Red Junglefowl!
The Red Junglefowl is a chicken. Well, to be accurate, a chicken is really a Red Junglefowl. (Gallus Gallus Domesticus is a subspecies of Gallus Gallus) While the native range of the Red Junglefowl is Southeast Asia, they are also widespread on the Hawaiian islands, most notably the island of Kuai. However, the Hawaiian variants are the descendents of domestic chickens, who escaped captivity. When a male Red Junglefowl comes upon food in the presence of a female, he will do a mateship display called "Tidbitting", which ends when the female takes the food from the male. They then have sexxxxxxx. The Red Junglefowl bathes in dust, to make sure their wings don't get too oily. The dust falls off with the oil later. While the Red Junglefowl can fly, they almost only do so to reach their roosting areas in the treetops, where they are safe from predators.
What a sexxxxxxxy friend! Let us know what you think of her! See you next week!
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2015.04.26 21:52 baby_ham How does ANYONE feel in the "mood" when there is a baby kicking you inside?

My libido. Its gone. It's even MORE gone now that the baby is kicking and I am bonding. It's just too...weird.
Does anyone else have this problem? How did you solve it? I need sexxxxxxx. hahahahahah.
But seriously I do.
Edit - there is someone on this sub that hates me. No, it's not the reddit algorithm. Someone in here sees my name and downvotes literally every single comment and / or post that I make! WHO ARE YOU MYSTERY HATER!? SHOW YOURSELF!
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2014.09.05 03:25 aion98 [H] Legacy Dog [W] Offers =)

This sexXXXxxx Dog
b/o - 30 Clean Bettable Arcanas :)
Looking for offers,
Add if interested
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2014.07.25 22:44 weesnov The worst night of your life

Okay this is the story of quite possibly the shittiest night of my life. Some back story I'm a junior in highschool currently on summer break (so I'll be a senior when school starts up). I'm hanging out in my room at around 9:30PM when I get a text from one of my best friends to hang out with him at the beach with some girls to drink. I'm not really a fan of alcohol but I'm always down to hang out with friends so I say I'll pick him up. After picking up my friend we head to the beach. Supposedly these girls are going to meet us at the entrance to the pier overlooking the puget sound (I live in Tacoma, WA). Hanging out on the pier, my friend and I start talking to some people from school we know who are also hanging out at this beach, when the two girls finally arrive. Now my friend had brought one 40oz malt liquor, and I knew that wouldn't be nearly enough for all four of us, but when the two girls brought out a gallon of sky vodka one of them had stolen from their parents, I wasn't so sure of what to expect. One of these girls was really attractive, with long brunette hair and a rack to die for (not trying to be a pig that's the truth), and the other was decent, but pretty tall with a really burly stature, almost like some nord chick from Skyrim. This beach is extremely rocky, so to get to the point where you can actually walk on the beach, you have to walk about a mile across a paved walkway and then through some hills in a dense forest. As we make our way on this path, the girls say they've both never been drunk before. This is when I started to fear the possibility of these chicks getting white girl wasted. Now standing on the beach, we set up a blanket over the rocky and sandy terrain. At first we just talk about music, but eventually the drinking starts. I'm known around my friends as the guy with an ungodly tolerance to alcohol, almost on the same level as captain america, so I usually don't drink at all with friends for the fear of wasting precious elixir. But it's not like I had to say no, because before we know it, nord girl is chugging vodka like she was in the Siberian tundra. The other two are drinking as well, but not to the same degree, as I just listen to the music I'm playing on my phone for everybody. After a bit, we all realize how completely shitfaced nord girl has gotten, as she starts drunkenly running on the beach, heading towards the water. By this time it's started mildly raining, and everybody is getting wet. We all drag nord girl back to the blanket (which took a lot of effort, as she's even heavier than she looks) and as I try to get her to settle down, I notice my friend has started making out with the hot girl. So by this point, everyone is drunk except for me, my friend has stolen the hot one from me, and the other is completely incapacitated. Going good so far. But then I hear my friend say that he and the girl want some privacy, and they start walking further down the beach. I try to convince my friend not to, because he has no condom, and he's drunk (BTW everyone present in this story is a virgin, me included). As I argue, nord girl starts rolling on the sand, getting completely soaked. By the time I get her back on the blanket, the two drunken lovers are gone. So I sit down on the blanket and contemplate the choices I have made in my life so far. Before I reach an epiphany on the reason I'm always dragged into shit like this, nord girl says repeatedly "I'd toooooootally suck yer dick if you want". As I politley decline, offers for sexual acts turn into demands, until shes flat out telling me that she wants me to fuck her. I had promised myself that I would never take advantage of a drunk person, and I stuck to my belief. So to get her to stop talking about sex, I put her arm around my shoulder, and we go looking for our friends. Getting to the edge of the beach, I see a small bonfire, and I call out my friends name. The silhouettes at the fire look at me, and one asks "who's that". I explain that girl I'm with is pretty drunk, and that I was just looking for someone else. So with no success, we head back to the blanket. When we get back, the demands for sex intensify, when some dude bro from the up the staircase asks if we want to join a bonfire further in the woods. I say no but thanks, and nord girl blurts out "I want sexxxxxxx!". The guy laughs and walks off, and I restart contemplating my life. That's when I start chugging the alcohol we have left, a little less than half a gallon. I almost get to the end of it, when I realize that I still felt nothing besides maybe a slight buzz. By this point I was actually really fucking angry that I had this god damn tolerance. Suddenly, nord girl lays on top of me and asks if I would at least make out with her. So fed up with the situation, I say fine, and she slobbers on me like a golden retriever. After what felt like hours of "making out" with the dragon born, I leave her on the blanket and continue to look for the others. I find them next to a dead tree on the beach that we had passed before, both completely naked. I tell them about what nord girl has been doing, and before I can finish, the hot girl stands up, completely nude, and faces me. The moonlight through the clouds casts soft light on the right side of her body, showing her perfectly proportioned tits and gently curving hips, leading down the rest of her body that can only be described as something god had made. It was as if Raphael had painted a moving picture for me to admire for five glorious seconds. This was the first girl I had ever seen completely naked in real life, and I felt privileged that it was her. Before I could contemplate the beauty I was beholding, she runs over to her drunken friend, and starts talking to her. Nord girl seizes her chance, and reaches up and kisses the her. The two make out for a couple seconds, and the hot girl runs back towards me. As my mind processes the slow motion bouncing titties accelerating towards me, my friend behind me says "dammit dude I only got it in twice before she said it hurts and wasn't turned on, still counts though". They both get dressed and make their way back to the dovakiin and the blanket, and begin totally flipping out. The nord girl is beyond the point of ever walking, and her shirt is torn and wet, showing her bra. The two that had just done what cannot be described begin to argue and yell at each other, as I try to firemans carry nord girl. I almost had her up, until her weight shifted and I fell forward, slamming my head into the rocks and sand. I'm a pretty strong guy, and I go the gym quite frequently for strength training, so i knew the only way up these stairs was for me to carry her. I got the two to stop arguing, and told them to get the girl stood up. They did so, and for a second time I put her on my back and slowly made my way up the stairs. I had given my friend my keys so that they didn't strangle me around my neck ( the girl was moaning and make sex noises at this point, while violently moving her limbs, making the whole process that much harder). After going up the stairs, I found a clearing in the forest and laid the girl down so I could rest. I was sweating pretty hard but it didn't matter. I knew the chances of a police officer checking the beach for people was pretty high this late at night, so I had no time to spare. My friend and I tried carrying her over our shoulders at the same time, but it was futile, as the girls legs were dragging on the floor, and she kept slipping off of us. We at least got to the beginning of the concrete walkway, when we both laid her down. The hot girl was behind us carrying everything else. For one last time, I got her into the firemans carry, and started the long trek back to my car. When I could see the lights of the pier, fatigue really started to hit me. I remembered how my brother had gone through marine boot camp, so I told my self to stop being a little bitch, and get this girl to the car. I even started to slightly jog, keeping up with the cadence in my mind of marine drill instructors yelling at me. I was only ten yards from the car after what felt like an eternity of carrying dead weight on my back. I told my friend to open the doors because I couldn't hold out any longer. This is when he said " oh I forgot the keys at the beach". It was too late. I was barreling towards the car, and I did what any of you would do. I angled the girls head towards the car, and with a sound like Thor's hammer hitting the anvil, nord girls head hit the car door. I slumped over, and she did too, as we both laid on the sidewalk in the beach parking lot. Hot girl was still with me as my friend went for the keys. She meekly asked me "Do you want to make out?". If it weren't for the journey I had just taken, The answer would have been obvious. But I was done. I flat out said no. My friend got back with the keys, and we left.
So that's the story of the worst night of my teenage life. I don't regret anything that happened because I learned a lot, and it's actually pretty funny looking back on it. Sorry it was so long, but I felt a detailed story was best. Please share your worst night below. I'm interested in what you guys have. Thanks.
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