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2023.06.09 19:18 decadehakaisha Rorschach was in Kingdom Come???

Rorschach was in Kingdom Come???
I just reread Kingdom Come trying to recognise all the numerous amounts of cameos. Look who I see! Rorschach with Phantom Stranger and Obsidian!
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2023.06.09 19:18 Soft_Video_9128 Is it possible to plot market structure via TTM Squeeze?

On the image below, I drew those grey boxes manually by looking at when the TTM Squeeze has peaked. Is it possible to do something like this with code? I'm using a version of TTM Squeeze found online instead of the built in TTM Squeeze in TOS, though they are seemingly identical.
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2023.06.09 19:17 oceanhexes i'm debating not finishing acotar (don't come for me pls)

So I read the drama audiobook and lemme just say the actors were fantastic! The BG noises/music sometimes felt too loud compared to the narration but it was fine otherwise. Also the narrator who voices Feyre sometimes felt like I couldn't differentiate between a thought Feyre was having or if she was actually voicing it to others. Overall, very good dramatization!! Thank you VAs, you saved the book for me honestly!!
Now to the reasoning why I don't really wanna finish it, below are some personal reasons and some are definitely critiques.
I- I have so many qualms about this. I was so excited to read something centered on fae, and fairytales/mythology etc is so fun and has such potential to be twisted and morphed into something fantastic! However...this was NOT it for me...
I'm in my 20+ something now and I cannot tell you how many people recommended this series to me. SO. MANY. FRIENDS. This is pretty much a cross between Beauty & the Beast, Twilight, with an odd sprinkle of 'a sex ritual' during a part in the book...all of which entirely felt like a highschooler discovering fan fic or self-insert. I think for younger me on wattpad would've loved this back then. However...the me now...this book was so very uncomfortable, I just couldn't take it.
The recommendation was that it evolves and gets better, however I find myself not even wanting to finish (the series, i persevered through the first book) at all.....
:::Spoilers Below::: (in no particular order, and definitely not chronological to the novel itself)
It's still fresh in my mind so my thoughts are a bit scattered cause I'm still flabbergasted I even stuck out for the whole book. It truly got decently interesting when the time came for the rigged trials (the wrym fight? Super fun!!).
  1. The main character is so darn inconsistent, it hurt. I had to pause/rewind often and question how they knew something oddly specific when Feyre CONSTANTLY bagged on herself about being illiterate and uneducated. Yet, for some reason, when she felt even an OUNCE of awe of the fae world (or horniness, yes) she suddenly KNEW what an 'arpeggio' was or what the word 'ethereal' meant. Like...girlie how do you know those terms and how to use them if you are constantly written like you don't know more dynamic diction???! How did you know how to use those words but couldn't read words above a lever?? Those two things dont really equate but its inconsistent is all. Yes, you can definitely not be able to read the language you speak but her sisters didn't bother educating her so how, how, HOW does she know these things?! Idk I couldn't stand her except when she was being snappy to others or hunting, everything else about her...irritating (because she was written so inconsistent).
1a. This bit feels like a huge personal issue rather than a critique, but i wanna know thoughts so here: The story also paints (heh) her as an 'innocent' and 'pure' kid (yea sure she's 19 but uh theres lots of high key experienced and very old men in here), yes Feyre endured certain hardships and they never got to be a 'kid' then a 500 yo dude hits on her because he (has to) finds her 'interesting'. Yes. Great. It's part of the curse, he HAD to do this. ugh. I don't even want to get too into the odd age gap bits. Much of it's 'spicy' scenes were written, as I said above, like someone's first brush with writing fanfic. Writing/reading about a genre you love always feels new, exciting and thrilling but I could not stand how silly it felt when certain spice was supposed to be...passionate and fierce, instead it just felt so awkward you could cut the awkward with a kn!fe sort of awkward! I couldn't help but just laugh at the spicy bits!! I wouldn't even count this as slow burn as I never felt quite right about the two love interests. One being too young and one being faaaaaaaaar too old...idk beings with longevity is an odd grey area right? It just wasn't done well, MC felt too baby/gullible considering they're a 'hunter' and supposed pessimist to the world around them.
  1. the (male) fae, with the exception of Tam, all just seem the same a$$hole frat dude. At least, that's how it felt like they were written? I don't know how to describe it further other than a frat dude (not to say all frat dudes are alike but the typical movie frat guy you know?) If not for the different actors voices with the dramatization version...I really would've thought these guys were all the same character?? Messing with what is essentially a CHILD to them, bullying them, preying on their naivety, and uh well non-consent actions of course too cause they're pretty much typical frat dudes. I feel bad saying frat dudes but it's honestly how they felt?? Typical, Movie Frat Dudes. Sure, there is a curse that limits telling the truth of what exactly it is and how it can be lifted (worst riddle btw, come on Amarantha, you were a baddie sheesh not to commend her tyranny or genocide behavior but the fact she enacted a huge plot for revenge and even tricking so many dudes lmao that she came up with a silly riddle about love??? Sigh), but we really went down the circumstantial rabbit hole of a bunch of dudes nearly borderline abusing this kid to secure their freedom... Oh she also got forcibly drunk a whole lot and made to 'entertain' (dance and not really get touched but still, she was basically eye candy) many a male fae. Yahoo!
  2. "fire night" holy heck what a creative name for dancing around bon fires lmao, this book had me cackling at how ridiculous most of it SOUNDED (audiobook). I died when they needed to mate all night long to give back magic to the earth for prosperous growth in the next season. K!lled me, too funny.
  3. the truly, tiny part that irked me most: the world is centered around humans and fae. And the main character's name is FEYRA. I just- okay. Creative. Idk, personally things that are too literal seem less interesting (yes I know who Feyre is in mythology, this just was too close sounding to Fae). Idk idk idk I'm sorry it just bothers me so 🙃
  4. last thing: the magic, and concept of it, makes no sense. I guess it's in the next books that explains it more? A friend that has actually read it ALL, shares this same issue with me, and if it still isn't explained it really that good to begin with?
My overall favorite line from the series (likely also misremembering how it exactly went word for word, so, forgive me) while I was driving home from work with the windows DOWN: "Tamlin, why does [this human] want you to bite her breasts?", I was hollering at how absolutely rolled and called out Feyra got just then. Like, imagine a parent walking in on you drawing/looking at p0rn or even finding it amongst your family members/friends visiting...the absolute embarrassment!! Rip faeruh's dignity, not like she really got to keep any of it. I had the window down too cause I wasn't expecting an interrogation to be that explicit in her last filled thoughts then and there lmaooo. Rhys is a POS but godamn was he funny and witty when I wasn't expecting it.
Friends are encouraging me to continue to finish the series as they've assured the evolution of the author's writing gets better (that's a seriously cool thing to experience in a series), but this book and the characters weren't for me. Often found myself making a disgusted, soured face whenever I'd be listening to this...
I don't think this was supposed to be a comedy but it definitely had me laughing most of the time!
So what else other than the writing improving would make this encouraging to continue reading the rest of the series? I don't mind some mild spoilers or hints at some unique aspects of the world building?? I accidentally read a post about fated partners being a thing and idk I face palmed 😞 so if this is happening for me now should I continue?
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2023.06.09 19:16 MiningToSaveTheWorld Have you ever regretted 3d printing instead of buying the legit GW models? Planning on printing for a large GSC project that would cost me over $1000 if it was GW, friend is printing for $250.

TLDR: I'm considering 3d printing for both GSC and Guard and wonder if others have regretted 3d printing instead of having the authentic models?
Hey there, I recently finished my first army which included 3 Decimators after nearly 6 months of accumulating the parts and building.
I like GSC and Imperial Guard and want to build both forces both for playing and for my collection.
I do appreciate GW's quality and enjoy the models I have from them but can't really spread out as much as I'd like with these prices.
I am also leaning more in this direction because I've been disappointed by GW's decisions in my brief time as their customer. E.G. selling me Decimators then putting them in Legends ~6 months later, making the value boxes monopose so I can't even build the variants I'd want to field in a competitive list after spending $$$ on them.
I am thinking I'd be in better shape printing. What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.09 19:16 An0maIyy Holt, Rockstead, JK Knives

Hey guys, I just bought a grail so I’ve got to get rid of these. I am leaving town early tomorrow, so this sale only goes through this evening. I will re-post anything left when I’m back home in a week. Per usual, YOLO is king!
First up is a really cool knife from Poland, it’s a JK Knives, Dwarf. This is the 8th dwarf and has an unreal action. The detent is light but crisp and the blade falls shut beautifully. It’s in m390 steel with titanium handles. I carried this a few times, but it’s in great shape. I don’t see any snails/scratches, but there is some handling wear on scales. This was $800 from polish customs after shipping/fees.
Asking for $450
Next is my Rockstead Higo J. This is the DLC version on both the scales and blade. Its in overall great shape, but there are two areas of concern, both of which I pictured. 1st is the small chip in the dlc next to the clip, the second is a small imperfection on the mirrored blade. I have zero clue how it got there and what it would take to get it out, but it’s there for now. The blade has zero chips, and is extremely sharp (think laser beam). The action is like the most perfect/broken in CRK that you could imagine!
The blade is hardened to an unreal 65.1 HRC, and is made of DLT571. These come from Japan and are as much works of art as they are knives. This is an older model and is safe to assume that the warranty is no longer in place as it has had multiple owners.
I am looking for $625
Last up is my haptic. It is an early haptic and is in awesome condition! I just got it back from a spa and haven’t carried since. The action is the typical unreal holt, it comes with the box, selinko, and detent tool. Picture of the selinko in pics. please read the reason it’s so cheap is that the previous owner ano’d the hardware. I had holt return it to factory and am unsure of its warranty status. Not that it means much as the knife has no issues and just came back from them, but worth noting.
I am not looking for trades at this time.
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2023.06.09 19:15 oopsimesseduphuh Redoing My Closet?

This is a silly little thing, but I'm currently debating redoing my closet of clothing because, simply put, I (the host) am goth. I've been in the alternative sphere since I was a young teen, and worked quite hard to sustainably aquire a lot of goth clothing over the years to match my love of the music and culture, but a tiny problem: most of my alters are not goth as well.
I'm now like well--shoot. Guess I gotta redo my closet, lol. Anybody else have a weird experience where they're like "This is a life adjustment I didn't anticipate"?
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2023.06.09 19:15 theSaltyScallop Lenovo finally paid out my warranty claim and refunded my original purchase amount for my ThinkPad X1C G6

It's been a tumultuous few months trying to have my X1C fixed. After five different warranty repairs I had reached the end of my rope when my laptop was shipped back from the repair depot in a crushed box with no protective sleeve or padding. It arrived with a broken housing, cracked back cover plate, and my WQHD screen had dead pixels. Lenovo refused to fix it initially but I had taken videos before I shipped it to the depot (thankfully.) I submitted the before and after videos to my case manager and my refund was approved today!
This is a bittersweet end to a four month battle with Lenovo Corporate. I didn't want the money - I wanted them to fix my computer but they proved incapable of replacing a simple LCD ribbon cable. I'm officially done with Lenovo. Although, I do appreciate the $2300 payout because I just ordered the new MacBook Air 15". I've been using ThinkPads for the duration of my IT career but today I return to the promised land.
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2023.06.09 19:15 Shes_Like_A_Rainbow Interested in a trip through Germany with the Deutschland-ticket & meet-ups 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏻

I’m Dutch, 29y F. I want to travel from Aachen to Frankfurt, to Munich basically, and then to Berlin before going back to NL. 7 to 14 days depending on the funds I can save. I want to travel (on a budget) somewhere in July. I’m going to solo travel (going through a relationship break up of 3 years and wanna enjoy life a bit before going back into the rat race) I’m looking for nice people interested in traveling along or parts of - Or a meet up. I don’t have any ‘requirements’ so long as you’re not misogynistic, lgbt friendly, not a racist, not creepy (idk if I’m interested in anything dating-ish, mainly looking for nice days and evening, gemutlich/gezellig is the most important.
I’m very open minded. I’d like to see Bavaria, Neuschwan castle is on my bucket list. I’d also love to see Berlin and the clubbing / lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 scene there.
I’m adventurous and like to see where the ‘Flow’ brings me. I don’t have a certain schedule, just places and cities I want to see. I’m a casual smoker, tabacco & weed, same for drinking, I love German beer. I speak fluent English, Dutch and I can understand German and speak it a little. I’m a bit shy initially but with a bit of poking and getting me out of my shell I can be really extroverted. I do like peace and quiet and solitude too, however. Girls, guys and anything in between is fine - as long as you’re not going to be creepy or clingy I’m fine. I don’t care about age but 21+ would be better. And please no racists or mean people. I love nature and walks. I’m also up to camping etc. My condition is OK but can be better (working on it) if someone’s interested in meeting up and going explore for a day or several days or knows a group of nice people that want to ‘take me in’ that’d be great. I’m mainly looking for nice and friendly people/contacts , moving to Germany is on my mind, and I’m open to dating because you never know. But mainly looking for some kind & sweet (travel) buddies or natives that can show me around & have fun with. I plan on traveling with the Deutschland-ticket as much as I can, & sleeping in hostels, I wanna save money for beer & excursions haha. I’ve been sheltered for way to long and stressing badly, but I want this summer to be my ‘summer of love’ - I’m not a hippie lol but close. Love 60’s & 70’s music. If you’re serious we can chat in the DM’s and see what’s possible.
Mods I hope I’m not breaking any rules, enschuldiging in advance.
Tschüssies! <3
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2023.06.09 19:14 popcornsnappy Despite my high stats, my pre-med college advisor discouraged me from applying to top-tier MD schools. Do I have a chance?

I'm a 25M, CA Resident, URM (3.86 from a T20 and 523 MCAT). I check the rest of the boxes (research, volunteering, shadowing, etc.) My goal was to apply to top-tier MD schools this cycle, though I spoke to my college pre-med advisor and he said I had too many red flags. Do you think I have a chance at an acceptance or where might I want to apply? The two red flags are:

  1. I had to withdraw for a year in between my first and second year for personal reasons
  2. During the remote class period (Spring 2020-Spring 2021), I took my courses remotely. They were mostly P/F, though one science course I took for a grade was unfortunately a C. I'm most concerned about this, as my GPA has a downward trend.
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2023.06.09 19:13 Lonely-Plankton-538 Hello & My New YA Fantasy Epic

Hi All -
I'm new here, and I wanted to post a quick blurb about my new YA fantasy novel, The Soothsayer.
"Colin Devereaux is a teen in crisis. He’s an outcast at school, a target for bullies, and a helpless bystander as he watches his single mother wither from cancer. But those problems pale to the things he can’t explain – the dark creatures he’s spied lurking over his sleeping mother’s form, the strange old shopkeeper at the marina who seems to know Colin’s mind, and the mysterious puzzle box that the old man trades for Colin’s name.
The line of reality blurs as the puzzle box opens, revealing a path to another world and a clue that may save his mother’s life. Stranded in a kingdom devastated by darkness and war, Colin joins a ragtag resistance against evil forces to find salvation for his mother and himself."
The story deals with finding your calling, courage, and carrying your faith. It should be opening up for pre-orders on Amazon soon. If you're interested, please check out my author website -
I'm looking for ARC readers who would be willing to leave a review. If you're interested, please let me know. I'll try and post again when the pre-order page is available.
Thanks much!

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2023.06.09 19:13 jafch1990 Adapter for BNC to Ethernet for new NVR?

Hi everyone - I've got a couple questions surrounding my security cameras I was hoping you could give me your input on...
  1. My Swan DVR for my security cameras has started to act up when it comes to saving footage. My IT guy mentioned to me that our Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro can replace the Swan DVR box if he puts in a hard drive to the Ubiquiti. The Ubiquiti 48 port POE switch we have below it would serve as the new 'input' for the cameras to plug into and would feed up into the Dream Machine for recording. - Is this true?
  2. My current cameras are not IP cameras. They are BNC cameras that have a plug for power and a coaxial twist plug. The IT guy said I need to buy an adapter for them that will take those two plugs and output an ethernet plug for me to then plug into my POE switch. However everything I see online shows that this is used to run ethernet cable runs, but revert back to BNC on both ends (camera side and DVR side). -- Can this adapter be used too for converting the output to the NVR to Ethernet? If not what are my options here?
Any help is appreciated. The purpose of this task was to hopefully reduce a box in our server rack, by integrating the cameras into our Ubiquity system. The thought of upgrading all cameras to IP isn't in the pipeline just yet, so we are constrained on using the older cameras for now. If its not possible, would we then just simply buy a new DVR to connect all the BNC cameras too? Thoughts and advise is appreciated.
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2023.06.09 19:13 cornchiptit Looking for new wired headphones $100-$200 that are portable for music listening :)

hi everyone! i’m looking to invest in a new pair of higher audio quality headphones for everyday music listening use. i’ve been using JBL tune 500s for the last few years and have honestly loved them especially for the price point. one of my favorite things about them though are the general portable size of them, and the earcups, like the way they sit on my ears instead of over them. not a huge fan of the big over the ear cups for when i’m just out and about.
so overall, a pair of similar sized, wired, improved audio quality and frequency response (ideal for music listening), and between $100-200 headphones is what i’m looking for!
thanks so much i’m excited to check out recommendations!! appreciate you all! :)
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2023.06.09 19:13 RyeonToast I tried the inputalpha, but the abilities screen sometimes hangs.

I'm running Qud on a Linux box through Steam. The new abilities screen looks nice, and I like being able to change the order of abilites. The icons are cool. It just hangs every now and again. Is there a log file I should be collecting?
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2023.06.09 19:12 frms_1813 Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. Sony Xperia 5 IV ?

The USB-C port on my Pixel 5 is no longer detecting my wired earbuds. (I've tried multiple dongles and multiple earbuds.) I use Etymotic wired flanged earbuds to listen to music and podcasts for 8+ hours per day, so I gotta replace the Pixel ASAP. I'm trying to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S23 and the Sony Xperia 5 IV. Any input you guys have on the questions below would be so so appreciated!
  1. How's the audio on the S23 with wired earbuds/headphones + dongle? I know it depends on a LOT of factors -- DAC, earbuds/headphones, S23 developer settings... But any experiences you can share would be great!
  2. Any issues with the USB-C port on the S23?
  3. How's the S23 do with wired Auto Android? My Pixel disconnected frequently. I could never tell if that was an Android Auto problem or a USB-C port problem.
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2023.06.09 19:12 Skier284 Advice for shipping from US to NZ when moving back?

I'm moving back to NZ from the US soon. I'm working through all the stressful logistics of that. I was hoping someone might have advice on shipping items back. I don't want to ship a huge amount of stuff. Mainly just a few decent sized boxes of miscellaneous and if the price were right a few more boxes and a couple items of furniture.
I know everyone says to just take extra luggage, but there's a hard limit of 3 suitcases and one of mine will be a ski bag. That's not really much space.
I checked with the Air New Zealand cargo department and passengers cannot ship extra luggage as cargo from the US because of TSA requirements. Shipping a box with USPS is really expensive, so it's not feasible to send much. I care about this stuff, but I don't have an urgent need for it in NZ. For example if it has to sit around for a while waiting for a container to fill up then that would be fine.
Does anyone have any advice for a good company to contact about this kind of thing? Maybe someone that would do a partial container. Any advice would be appreciated. I have tried searching the Subreddit, but it's hard to find results that aren't about shipping individual items and aren't UK focussed or telling people to take extra luggage or are for people who are shipping a whole house worth.
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2023.06.09 19:12 agggressive What could I add to my game to make it unique?

I'm currently working on (yet another) ROBLOX game and am looking for gameplay ideas. It doesn't have to be amazing or incredibly grindy, but it should add variety to the game.
Similar to Garry's Mod Zombie Survival, you must all work together to avoid being infected by other players. There are four player classes and three zombie classes, so there is no annoying meta to deal with.
I'm thinking of adding loot boxes or just basic levels, but I'm not sure what more I could add to make the game more fun.
TL;DR I'm looking for game ideas, but I don't have any.
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2023.06.09 19:12 filmreddit13 Successful refund from Big Apple Collectibles?

I finally got my two big back orders from Big Apple. Only problem was that they did not contain everything in the order that they said was being shipped! The first contained 3 of 12 pops and the second 4 of 10. So now I have to figure out how to get my money back for orders 1-2 years old. Has anyone had success doing this? Also they don’t give AF and just threw the pops in shipping boxes. No protection whatsoever. I’ll sign a class action lawsuit if there is one 😅
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2023.06.09 19:11 nsfwnachobowmen untitled fresh server [Vanilla] {1.20}

I host a Minecraft server for my friends, but none of them are around to play right now. So I figured I would host for the internet instead. There is a limit of 20 players at once.
Right now there aren't many rules. If anything becomes a problem we can discuss what actions to take as a community. I'd like to practice moderating and hosting a server for people. So come join me if your interested :)
We are vanilla, but I have some data packs that do server side changes that I think are fun. And I'm open to suggestions for more.
Custom Datapack features - 2 Cactus will now craft leather - Rotten flesh smelts into leather with a furnace Exclusives -Notch apples can be crafted again! -Phantom membranes can be used to repair elytra 25%, so why not also use them to craft elytra? 4 Membrane will now craft an elytra. -Diamonds can be smelted from dirt in the blast furnace, it takes upwards of an hour to do this for one diamond. -obsidian is craftable from combining a bucket of lava and water.
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2023.06.09 19:11 Express_Yellow4758 Not sure if i should go with my husband to his friends house

My husband and i have a little bit of an age gap by 7 years. His friends are having a barbecue on the 18th and he's asked me to go. Im not sure if i want to. We went with these same friends to a small trip to florida two summers ago, and i didn't have a very good time. I just felt this weird vibe around them. They kind of gave me the cold shoulder, and it was difficult to connect with them. Im kind of socially awkward anyway, but this felt different. You know that weird tense feeling when you can tell someone doesnt really like you? I felt that way around them at all times during the florida trip.
Honestly, they're also just incredibly boring. All they talk about is work, and they drink a ton. Maybe it was me going to bed early on the trip that made them weird about me because i did not want to drink as much as they did. I really dont enjoy getting so drunk that i get sick, i know my boundaries, and i stop at a certain point. Maybe they felt i was acting stuck up or something?
The tense feeling might also be because of the age gap and that we dont really have the same interests. I like older music or television, and I can obviously connect with my husband no problem. However, the type of stuff they were into was just different. I have never listened to rap or hip hop. I'm more into country or rock. The whole trip, they kept blasting rap music, and i wasn't saying i didn't like it, but i also just wasn't familiar with it, so maybe they picked that up?
My husband thinks im just being paranoid/sensitive, and he wants me there. Every time i think about it, i just have this dread feeling like i know i will not have fun. I will feel self conscious and awkward if they act the same way as before. I can make an effort, but it goes both ways. If they dont like me, then they don't like me. There's nothing i can do about that. What should i do? If i do go, is there anything i can do to maybe seem more personable or likable?
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2023.06.09 19:10 IOnlyFoundIt Subreddits without moderators - 2023-06-09

This post is a summary of 100 subreddits that have no moderators (or only have request_bot as a moderator). Subreddits found by the bot have not been reviewed by a human, as the database is currently in the hundreds of thousands of subreddits. The bot did not create the subreddits, it is only reporting them here for your review. Some subreddits will show as having moderators, this is most likely request_bot and/or automoderator.
Subreddit Subscribers Moderators
ShortDocs 246 None
EntrepreneurXPromote 379 None
JobsCanada 1074 None
NaturalFoods 487 None
unexplainedorigins 225 Yes
TechnologyTeachers 228 None
PokeGoSpoofing 330 Yes
LagoonIsFun 186 None
Lightify 225 None
IndieBookClub 452 None
kahootspam 236 None
Cubanos 184 None
funny2 732 Yes
awefuleyebrows 2536 Yes
Lgbtchristianity 896 None
furfinder 196 Yes
musicianswanted 600 Yes
SWCircleJerk 153 None
mediaplanning 209 Yes
StephanieFantauzzi 222 Yes
NoNewsMMA 1259 None
gamestream 702 None
VideoGamesAwesome 200 Yes
FFAwakening 195 Yes
ows 469 Yes
postproduction 1661 None
CollegePlanning 417 Yes
NetHunter 2833 None
Sampha 1083 None
siegequalmemes 656 Yes
Vsauce3 332 Yes
LetsBePartners 1626 None
TexasCountryMusic 279 Yes
A10Warthog 334 None
guitar_mods 708 Yes
ElderlyAssistance 209 Yes
ATXCommCollege 197 Yes
ddlgcringe 213 Yes
Good_Cop_Yes_Donut 209 None
2snekirl4snekirl 390 Yes
ItalianGaming 822 None
luke_draws 181 Yes
metalwallpapers 1577 None
Edmonton2 235 Yes
TTIFU 238 Yes
TeacherStories 1001 Yes
APMicroEconomics 172 None
earthview 483 None
MLAlgoSuggestion 185 Yes
Historia 2180 None
coh2 569 Yes
survivalgardening 305 Yes
jeepyj 1521 None
mpcmusicmakers 393 Yes
LuigiDeathStare 282 Yes
FootballCoaching 777 None
CreepyCringe 1615 None
Kinetic_Typography 173 Yes
simpsonshitposting 700 None
RayHudsonQuotes 3828 None
animalshavingfun 233 Yes
VirginPussies 462 None
flstudioproducers 4831 None
FacialGirls 2606 Yes
japanese_movies 341 Yes
PanasonicG9 277 None
DebateTranshumanism 554 None
mccustomized 169 None
blogola 517 Yes
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2023.06.09 19:10 ruralcricket Insulated box around bath exhaust fan (MN)

I'm having a problem with condensation on the room side of the fan in winter. The fan is in an attic space.
I have some left over 2" XPS insulation board. I'm wondering if I can use this to build a insulated box around the fan. I know that on interior spaces this needs to be covered, but not sure if this is true if installed in an attic space.
Or do I need to use that foil faced insulation board.
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2023.06.09 19:10 Longjumping-Alps1049 26/I/USA: Searching for new long term friends to chat with

Hi there, I'm Longjumping-Alps1049 from the USA, and I happen to be an intersex person and part of the LGBTQ community (I'm pansexual).
I have a lot of different interests such as video games (mainly nintendo but I play the occasional playstation game with friends), researching history and historical facts, learning new mathematical theories, debating political situations in history, learning languages (I know a few, and I enjoy innovating things like the intersection of computer science and language translation), finding new connections between subjects, public health, and playing classical music (and just music in general).
Furthermore, I really enjoy teaching and learning from others, and would like to pursue a career as a teacher. But yeah, even if you don't have many interests in common with me, I'd still like to hear from you, just as long as you like to hear about some of the stuff above.Just please be between the age of 19-33.
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