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Chonkers that lost the chonk

2019.02.24 14:14 radditersaysihategd Chonkers that lost the chonk

A sub for chonkers that have decided to become healthy/less chonk

2014.02.03 23:29 mr_bag Dogs with Jobs

This is a community for real working dogs. These are jobs or tasks a dog is specifically trained to perform such as Guide Dog, Service Dog, Herding Dog, Police Dog, Sled Dog, etc. Silly/Fake jobs are NOT allowed in our sub. Read the full rules in the sidebar before posting.

2013.12.08 08:44 NOT_A_NINJA_ Dogs...wearing socks

Welcome to /DogsWithSocks! This is the sub for dogs with naturally built in socks.

2023.06.09 20:38 tinyspiny34 SMG4-Based Tamarian Words

Hello everyone! I thought I’d come to you today with an interesting idea. So, in Season 5, Episode 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the crew of the enterprise meet an alien race that communicates through citing references to stories and mythologies they knew. For example, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” refers to two people coming together through a common enemy to become friends. I thought it would be interesting to do some based on SMG4, and ask you for some too!
I have a couple already in mind. For example:
“Mario, his mouth wide”. This would be a word for hunger, as Mario often has his mouth open for food.
Another example might be “Bob, in winter.” To reference when someone has betrayed or failed their friends, referencing his arc. Basically, a person and an action, place, or event to mean something.
One more I’ll provide is “Meggy, on the ocean”. Which could mean a great transformation in someone, referencing her transformation to human.
So in the comments, show me your own! They can be SMG4 based, or any glitch-property if you wish. Write the word and what it would mean, and why! Or maybe just the word and let people guess what it could symbolize. Have fun!
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2023.06.09 20:37 BruceAxel Struggling to choose which Dog breed to get, Advice would be much appreciated!!

Hi Everyone,
So my family have decided to get a Dog but we aren’t 100% sure on which dog breed is the best to get. My Dad works 5 day a week and My mum works part time and me and brother are both University student who only go university 3 times a week for like 2-3 hours and live at home. So most of the time we always have someone at home and rarely no one will be at home but at worst there might be no one at home for 2-3 max. Me and my brother are both very active so talking dog on walks will be no issue for us. We have never owned a dog so we will be first time dog owners and would prefer a dog that doesn’t shed a shit ton. My parents are a bit hesitant so would love a dog which would not be too much of a headache and will allow my parents to be relaxed.
We live in the UK and have considered Labradors, Staffies and Cavapoo/Cockapoo.
However concerned about Labrador excessively Shedding and Staffies potential to being dangerous.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thank You!!
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2023.06.09 20:37 Technical_Kale_7204 Help! Apartment requires a ton of documentation.

Moving in July and I sent my ESA letter to my new apartment complex and got this back... "When the completed documentation has been received by management, a review will be performed by MAA's Legal Department, and the accommodation request decision should be received within 10 business days. Once an approval has been received by management, any pet fees/pet rent will be waived."
Sorry this is long but- this is a part of the form they want filled out:
You are requesting an assistance animal accommodation in housing. As a housing provider, we require verification of the existence of a disability if it is not obvious, and, when not obvious, how the requested animal lessens or assists with disability-related symptoms, allowing you equal use and enjoyment of your apartment and the apartment community.
Please complete and return Parts I and II of this form. Part I is to be completed by you, including the Acknowledgement and Consent portion. Part II may be completed by a professional who has knowledge of your disability as a result of a therapeutic relationship with you. Your provider may choose to submit other forms of documentation instead. We will review whatever documentation (“Other Documentation”) you provide.
The completed Provider Verification Form and/or Other Documentation, and the attached Acknowledgement and Consent, fully completed, should be returned to the property where the accommodation is being requested.
Part I – To Be Completed by You:Please provide the name of the MAA property from whom you are requesting an accommodation: Property Name: _____________________________________City: _____________________State: ______
If you are providing a letter from your provider, was your request for the letter initiated through a website that, through its provider network, and for a fee, issues verification letters based on completion of an online questionnaire and/or a one-time brief interview?
____ Yes ____ No
If yes, please provide the name of the website you accessed for purposes of obtaining an assistance animal accommodation verification: _________________________________________________________
Did you complete an on-line questionnaire or survey in order to obtain your letter? ____ Yes ____ No
Have you had personal interaction with the provider who issued the letter (i.e. in person, via telephone, WebEx, Zoom, etc.)? ____ Yes ____ No
Have you had more than a brief interaction with the provider who provided your letter for purposes of assessing your need for an assistance animal? ____ Yes ____ No
Please provide dates of the first and most recent therapeutic interactions you have had with your provider with regard to your disability:
Date of first therapeutic interaction: __________________________________ Date of most recent therapeutic interaction: ______________________________
I am requesting that MAA permit me to have an assistance animal reside with me in an apartment community owned and operated by MAA as a reasonable accommodation for a disability. In connection with my request, I give consent to my provider to respond to additional questions that MAA may ask related to this request for accommodation to assist MAA in making a determination regarding the reliability and credibility of the information submitted.
Individual’sName: (Print)Individual’s Signature: Date:
Part II – To Be Completed by Your Provider
For your convenience, you may have a third party professional who is familiar with your disability as a result of a therapeutic relationship with you in regard to that disability complete this Provider Verification Form (“Verification Form”). You are not required to use this form and may submit a letter or other documentation from your provider for our review.
Provider Verification Form
The individual named below is requesting an accommodation under the provisions of the Fair Housing Act to allow his or her animal to reside with the individual in an apartment community owned and operated by MAA.
In situations where the individual’s disability and/or disability-related need for an assistance animal in housing is not obvious, we are entitled to credible and reliable documentation of the existence of a disability and a disability-related need for the accommodation. This documentation should reliably support that: (1) the individual meets the Fair Housing Act’s definition of disability; (2) there is a need for the assistance animal in the context of residential apartment living, and (3) there is a relationship between the individual’s disability and the need for the requested accommodation.
A provider must have personal knowledge, consistent with the provider’s professional obligations, of the requesting individual’s disability and disability-related need for the requested accommodation “Personal knowledge” is the knowledge used to diagnose, advise, counsel, treat or provide health care. or other disability-related services to their patient/client, or knowledge of the type that providers ordinarily use for diagnosis and treatment.
Under federal law, an individual is disabled if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment. A limitation is substantial if it significantly restricts the condition, manner, or duration under which an individual can perform a particular major life activity as compared to the condition, manner, or duration under which the average person in the general population can perform that same major life activity.
Under Fair Housing laws, a person requesting a reasonable accommodation must demonstrate the need for the requested accommodation. Courts have held that any accommodation must be proximately related to the limitation faced by the disabled person. To preliminarily establish need, the disabled individual must demonstrate that the requested accommodation, if granted, would ameliorate the alleged limitation the disabled individual encounters in the use or enjoyment of his or her apartment. In simple terms, the accommodation must serve a disability-related need, - i.e., lessen the impact of the disability.
Provider Information:Name (Please Print):Title:Professional License Number(s) and State(s) of Licensure:
Physical Address:
Phone Number: Fax and/or Email Address: Name of individual seeking an accommodation (“Requestor”): What services do you provide to the Requestor?

  1. Do you (or have you in the past) provide(d) therapeutic services to the Requestor related to this person’s disability for purposes other than verifying the stated need for an assistance animal in housing as a reasonable accommodation for that disability? Yes No
  2. If yes, please indicate the approximate date that you began providing therapeutic services to the Requestor, and the method by which your services are/were delivered:Start Date:Date of Most Recent Therapeutic Interaction: ______________________________Method: In Person Telephonically Online Assessment Only Teletherapy (WebEx, Zoom)Other _______________________________________________________________
  3. Was this request for an assistance animal verification initiated through a website that, through its provider network, issues verification letters based solely on completion of an online questionnaire and/or a one-time brief interview that issues such letters for a fee? Yes No
  4. Have you had more than a brief interaction with the Requestor for the purpose of verifying the need for an assistance animal? Yes No
  5. Do you have personal knowledge (defined above) consistent with your professional obligations of the individual’s disability and disability-related need for the animal? Yes No
  6. Does the individual have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities? Yes No
  7. Identify the Requestor’s assistance animal for which a reasonable accommodation is requested
(ex: cat, dog, etc.): Dog Cat Other (please describe): _________________

  1. Does the assistance animal:
    1. perform work, provide assistance, or do tasks for the individual due to the individual’s disability? Yes No
    2. provide emotional support that alleviates one or more identified effects of the individual’s disability? Yes No
  2. If the answer to Question 8(a) is “Yes”, has the animal been trained to perform work, provide assistance, or do tasks that ameliorate one or more symptoms or effects of the individual’s disability? Yes NoIf so, what training has the animal received? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
  3. If the answer to Question 8(b) is “Yes”, pleases explain i) how the disability substantially limits a major life activity:__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________; andii) how the animal ameliorates the symptoms of the individual’s disability so as to make the animal necessary for the individual’s use and enjoyment of his or her apartment and the apartment community:__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
I reaffirm that the Requestor is a patient/client of mine in my professional practice and that the information provided is accurate to the best of my personal knowledge, consistent with my professional obligations.
Further, I recognize that a brief one-time interaction does not demonstrate the level of personal knowledge required to provide reliable documentation for verifying the need for an assistance animal.
Provider’s Name: (Print) ___________________________________________
Provider’s Signature ___________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Note to Providers: Falsification of the need for an assistance animal in housing is against the law in many states, potentially subjecting the violator to civil, criminal, and/or professional licensure penalties.

Is this allowed? How do I fight this? The office manager said she would be fine to send just my ESA letter to the management's legal team, but it would likely be denied without this form.
Can they do that?
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2023.06.09 20:37 Little_Viking23 Infantry combat overhaul is a step in the right direction, but it still lacks an essential thing to achieve its purpose

According to the devs, they want to deliver immersive and realistic combat mechanics, but this cannot be truly achieved until there is "no fear of dying". I was disappointed to find out how such a tactical and immersive FPS puts so little emphasis on death and self-preservation, which is arguably the most primal and determining behavior in war and human nature.
The devs mentioned in their notes: “One significant hurdle is the tendency towards individualistic gameplay under their current iteration. Instances occur where a lone wolf flanker can single-handedly decimate an entire squad, undermining the emphasis on teamwork and coordination. This individualistic nature detracts from the intended immersive and cooperative experience.”
You can slow down movements, make aiming harder, increase recoil etc. but this kind of behavior won’t go away as long as the only bad consequence for acting as a suicidal lone wolf à la Rambo is dying, which means -1 ticket and 30 secs cooldown before repeating the same reckless behavior.
Punishing death more harshly will lead to the desired results of more teamwork, communication, coordination, longer distance engagements and “careful realistic behavior”. This has been proven to work in other games and game modes. Anecdotally and ironically, the best and most natural teamwork, coordination, tactics and communication I had, was in Battle Royale games (like COD: Warzone) because dying even once potentially means being out of the game, so you naturally tend to stick with your squadmates, be revived, cooperate and use every tool at your disposal to stay alive and gain advantage over the enemy.
I don’t think that permadeath is the solution either, it will make the game unplayable and frustrating. There are however some middle grounds that can be done to make death more "painful" rather than just a slight annoyance. For example, a limited amount of lives after which you cannot spawn anymore with a front line combat kit, you will be only able to drive vehicles, repair, build stuff etc. Or losing 1 ticket the first death, 2 tickets the 2nd and so on, or much longer spawning times or whatever, but valuing human life just -1 ticket/point while a kill gets you 10 points, you can easily see why players prefer kamikaze assaults rather than realistic tactical movements.
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2023.06.09 20:37 Negative-Breakfast83 I am a bad person and thats ok

I have a strong dislike for most humans. I cant get over it. So much rage and I want to distance myself from everyone. Meditation does not change our personalities, all I want to do now is live in the wilderness and meditate. I am anti-social and tired of life.
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2023.06.09 20:37 Cryptocrisy Any updates on hotels for Denver?

Last year was an absolute fiasco in Chicago with booking hotels, the company organizing it, and stay to play rules. My club got absolutely raked over the coals with high hotel costs without notice and no options due to threats and circling rumors about teams getting match bans or restricted from play if they didn’t adhere to the stay to play rules.
I know there was some contention at the national AGM about this but i don’t trust a word from the USGAA about finding a better path to lower financial barriers for clubs to attend Finals. As we gear up for Denver, have any of you heard any news?
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2023.06.09 20:37 smell_smells_smelly Is my 5 month GSD mix puppy underweight? How much weight should she gain a week? And other feeding qs.

Hello everyone!
So my girl is going to turn 6 months on the 18th. She is 35lbs, shoulder height is 19 inches, and her length is 23 inches. I haven't consulted a vet about this but I can take her if that's recommended, just wanted to source any info from others with a similar experience first :)
I was told by the rescue when I adopted her on March 25 that her mom is a German Shepard. I just recently sent a swab of her saliva for DNA testing with Embark and I am awaiting results. But in the meantime, I've been following German Shepard puppy growth charts.
According to this chart, she is tall for her age (5 months 12"-14" whereas 8 months is 18" - 20" -- as stated earlier, she is 5 months and has 19" shoulder height). Now what I am uncertain of is that she is at her weight for her age of 5 months (35lbs), granted, the lower weight in the range for that age. At 6 months, the chart says she should weigh somewhere between 44 - 49lbs so that's what I am shooting for her to gain/catch up on. But if going by height, she is underweight by 14 to 18lbs (43 to 53lbs from the lower range of an 17" to 19" 7 month old puppy).
I'm kicking myself for this as I just realized I haven't been giving her enough of her kibble (2 1/3 cups instead of 3 1/3 cups per day).
Should I follow her weight by age or by her height? How much should she be gaining a week?

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2023.06.09 20:36 flamingpineappleboi1 Screw it. Rutherford B Hayes appreciation post

Screw it. Rutherford B Hayes appreciation post
In my opinion he's a criminally underrated president. He helped the economy through building the government's gold supply in the 1875 Specie Resumption Act. He was socially progressive, protecting African American rights and was humane towards Native Americans. He reformed Civil Service and picked people on merit. Also he was a very brave civil war veteran who survived being shot multiple times. And his beard is the most badass presidential beard hands down
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2023.06.09 20:36 ShillSimmons Our Queen Jess

Our Queen Jess

The Queen places the royal fingertips upon the royal brow
Our Queen Jess is also our savior - let me explain.
If Jess doesn't quit on Kendall on the morning of his father's funeral, Kendall doesn't ask Hugo to become his dog. If Kendall doesn't get such a positive response from Hugo (woof woof), he doesn't ask Colin to be his driver. If Kendall doesn't have his briefly-formed superteam, he doesn't have the confidence to turn into Lord Fuckleroy and put his feet on Logan's desk. If he doesn't put his feet on Logan's desk, he doesn't irk Shiv just before the big vote.
If Jess doesn't sacrifice herself for the greater good of all society, Kendall is crowned the successor and Mencken becomes the undisputed president of the world because that's how cable news works. Our Queen Jess saved us all from fascism for the next hundred years.
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2023.06.09 20:36 _Remesis_ 2nd Year PSYC Course Debate

Hey guys! I'm having trouble choosing between some courses, and was wondering if anyone had any insight? I'm debating between PSYC 2P12 (Lifespan Development), 2P90 (Community Psyc), and 2P96 (Human Learning).
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2023.06.09 20:36 ranchpirate Vacuum recommendations?

I live in a small apartment and I would like to purchase a vacuum for a few rugs and hard to reach spaces
There’s two dogs in the house and we live next to the beach so quite a bit of dog hair and sand embedded to the two rugs in the place. it’s just gotten to the point where I find myself wishing i had one everytime my boyfriend and I beat out the sand and hair outside
I would like to get a small but versatile vacuum but don’t know what to get, I have space for a slim upright vacuum but thats about it
I was thinking about the $28 bissel 3-1 corded vaccum from walmart but i figured i’d ask for option’s because I don’t live in a carpeted home anymore I’m very unsure as to what is worth buying
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2023.06.09 20:36 lambchopafterhours How should I handle excessive screaming coming from neighbor’s back yard?

Most days of the week (especially now that it’s summer) their neighbor kids play outside in their pool for hours. The problem is that every time they are outside, they scream. Nonstop. I’m not talking about squeals of delight from young kids either— these are bloodcurdling, roaring screams and curse words from middle school aged tweens. It’s constant and it truly doesn’t end. And I can hear what they’re screaming word-for-word from INSIDE my house. When I first noticed it three years ago, I thought someone was seriously injured. That’s the kind of shocking scream I’m talking about. And where are their grown ups? Idk but every once in a while the mom will scream right back at them. Then their three outside-only dogs (two hounds and a doodle) bark their horrific barks and the mom screams at them. And the cycle continues. For hours. I wanna emphasize here— these aren’t normal screeches from kids having fun outside. And I’m a teacher ffs so I’m no stranger to noisy kids using their outside voices. But this is excessive. It’s nerve-wracking. Like, I seriously cannot relax in my own goddamn house because it sounds like a murder is going down 50 feet away from me. It physically makes me anxious and I don’t have clinical anxiety at all.
I don’t know this family but they don’t seem very nice. The mom swears at the kids, the kids swear at each other, so I don’t even know if the adults in charge would be receptive to my complaints. I don’t have access to noise-cancelling headphones either, but frankly I think it’s ridiculous that I would even have to wear those INSIDE MY OWN HOUSE to block out the noise they’re making. And I’m worried about the kiddos’ safety because it sounds like they’re playing really rough with each other. What should I do here?
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2023.06.09 20:36 Impossible_Big_2312 Question about training my own Diabetic Alert Dog

Hi! Im 20 and about to live on my own, and so I thought that getting a service dog would be a good idea. I’ve had dogs before, and am pretty good @ training them. Also I was excited to get my own puppy to train, so I’m wondering what breed makes the most sense? I’m not a bit golden retriever fan, but was thinking about adoption through a shelter. So would any lab/gsd/mal/Pyrenees mix make sense?
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2023.06.09 20:36 Ragna677 So there are still hackers in D2? Just encountered a team of them in Trials.

As soon as the game started they were on top of us and head shotting every shot. And knew exactly where we were. Sure headshotting could just be skill but not being next to us as soon as the match starts. Thats bs.
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2023.06.09 20:35 ManyIn1 Ah the Wolf, hello

Ah the Wolf, hello
Apparently the wolf of wall street makes an appearance. Also can you see shirt names, I need to see what if it’s wolf or something
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2023.06.09 20:35 FartherConcuss21 Wiggles concert

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2023.06.09 20:35 Mr_Meng Shaolin Monk vs MMA Fighter NO RULES DEATHMATCH

So I realize that this has been debated on and posted already in Reddit and the consensus seems to be that the MMA fighter would win. However, from what I've read all those scenarios are in official matches with rules and restrictions that would affect the Shaolin Monk more than the MMA fighter whose fighting style is more appropriate for official matches.
So lets up the ante: Shaolin Monk vs MMA fighter in a fight to the death with no rules. Both are in peak physical condition and masters of their fighting styles but now the Shaolin Monk is able to use their full move set including eye gouges, fish hooks, and scrotum tearing.
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2023.06.09 20:35 Neat_Ad_1460 Filterfunction multiple conditions including dates in between another datesframe

I struggle to formulate the correct Filterformular which shows only the Names i need. I have a long Table with Startdates (B), Enddates (C), Names (D) and Subjects (E) in one sheet. In another sheet i want a list of all Names which meet following conditions: 1.Show all Names without Subject "Tagespraktikum" 2. Show only if the actuall Monthdates (B16:AA16) matched with either Startdate motnh, Enddate month or Dates in between them.
<>"Tagespraktikum" works fine, but the time conditions makes it horrible.
So in May the Filterformula should give only one match "MayJuneOr", in June (with the appropiate celldate) four matches "MayJuneOr, MayAugOr, MayJulOr, JuneJulyOr"
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2023.06.09 20:35 Cwconlon What slide goes with a subcompact frame?

What slide goes with a subcompact frame?
I am a beginner with firearms in general so bare with me. I have this added to my cart and I plan on matching it with a complete black slide kit. I know with my full size frame I just matched it with a Glock 19 slide. But I know this won’t fit a subcompact frame, so what slide do I look for for this as I don’t see any subcompact slides…?
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2023.06.09 20:35 not_a_dog_person Can't wait to have this dog roaming my neighborhood with an unexperienced and naive owner

Can't wait to have this dog roaming my neighborhood with an unexperienced and naive owner
"looking for someone experience with a fighting breed but if you don't know what you're getting yourself into then that's okay!"
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2023.06.09 20:35 EnderMoon93 I turn 30 soon

Just wanted to get this off my chest and i dont feel like i can talk to anyone about it.
I turn 30 in a few weeks and everytime I think about it I feel like crying. I don't know why, I know it's just another day of another year. I don't want to do anything on the day as I work nights and I'll be working into the day.
I also just feel so distant from my friends as well, I've tried talking to them and meeting up but it just seems so one sided. I feel like its all probably in my head and I know they have their own lives but I haven't seen them since last year. I don't want to do anything in my spare time and everything just feels like so much effort and I loose interest in things quickly.
I tried online dating recently and I thought I had found a good match, we got on so well and then he asked for my number but I don't give it out straight away, I would prefere to meet then first, and when I went back on he'd disconnected and I didn't enjoy talking to other people so I deleted my account on there.
It just sucks.
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2023.06.09 20:35 No-Capital7818 A guy (35M) that I(29F) went out with is best friends with his ex

I (29F) started dating this guy(35M) recently, and although I ended things I wanted to get some thoughts on the issues we had because he saw nothing wrong with it. He's best friends with his ex girlfriend. They talk almost every day or just send memes back & forth on IG, they regularly go out to dinner each week and because he bought a puppy during the relationship and she helped raise it, she still has keys to his place and is over frequently. She'll even take him home to her house during his longer work shifts. He told me they were friends with benefits for 2 years and then had a tumultuous on again/off again relationship for 2 years after that. The last 6 months they've been broken up, haven't had sex but they have kept up appearances, i.e his family doesn't know they broke up, neither do his friends except maybe his twin brother. He said he loves her but didn't want to be in a relationship with her but also can't stand losing her. He also said she's the most important friend of his. Apparently they had issues because he couldn't accept the boundaries she placed on him constantly staying in contact with past hook ups via social media and it made her "nagging and annoying". He checks in with me regularly asking how my day is going and stuff but doesn't do that with her. She tried leaving him and cutting contact but he kept pushing to stay in her life and now they're doing this. I'd love to head some thoughts on this because he doesn't see anything wrong with what he's doing or the way their relationship is but I disagree. TLDR; This guy hangs out with his ex every week, she still has keys to his house to help with his dog, either talks to or sends memes back and forth every day. He says he broke up with her but she is his best friend and he doesn't want to lose her even though she has tried cutting contact.
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