Gun shop in California can get me a Gen 5 19?

2022.08.03 03:58 wanderer6029 Gun shop in California can get me a Gen 5 19?

So I'm Active Duty and I called this gun shop in the Central Valley and the guy was super friendly and told me that by using the Glock Blue Label Program he would be able to get me whatever I wanted based on what their distributor was able to acquire, using the gungenie website. I asked the store manager how they were able to acquire it since it's off-roster, and he said that they were able to get it because I was AD military and other stores didn't want to go through the hoops of getting off-roster guns. I just have to come by, show my orders, and do paperwork this weekend.
Has anyone gone through this process?
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2012.09.07 06:48 FirearmConcierge How to PROPERLY order from Davidsons GunGenie / Gallery of Guns

Okay, since some of you are new to this I'll give y'all a brief primer of how this works......
As my chocolate custard cooks in the oven. Shameless plug.
Davidsons is a large wholesaler of firearms and firearm related accessories. They have a huge IT staff that put together Gun Genie / Gallery of
They have a portal that lets individual dealers setup profit, special restrictions (if you live in a shitty state, the system tells me the serial number and as a result some dealers can start your wait/registration/etc), background check, paperwork, sales tax, etc. What you see there isn't retailer inventory but it's wholesaler inventory. They will take a deposit on the gun, credit my account and ship the gun. It is 100% automated. You order the gun, they take a deposit on credit card. They ship the thing. NO INTERVENTION IS REQUIRED ON YOUR PART BEFORE/AFTER ORDERING. When the gun ships, you will get an email with the tracking number and usually it arrives without a problem.
Everything is automated! You don't need to call me before or after. They have automatic ship dates that they kick them out of the warehouse. They program in a delay because a lot of folks will order the wrong gun or change their mind, so there's a built in fudge factor for that so they aren't having to call Fedex and turn an overnight package around when it hits Memphis.
Shameless plug: All in all, it's a pretty cool system! Plus, Davidsons will warrant all of their products so if you have an issue with a gun that came from them (or any Davidsons product that your local retailer ordered for stock for that matter) they will swap it out with a new gun on a best effort basis. Obviously they can't do this with really hard to find items like an FN SCAR 17S in FDE or a Smith & Wesson Shield, but they do the best they can. Their prices are higher than other distributors but they do a great job.
In summary:
Now that we know how to properly do it, we can discuss how NOT to do it.
I got a call at the crack of 10AM today. For the uninitiated: my urge to kill is pretty high before noon. I am not a morning person. Some lady wants to order some whatever. I honestly did not pay much attention to her. She wanted it through Gun Genie. Okay, no big deal. I have a really low mark up set to Gun Genie orders because IT IS ALL AUTOMATED. I DON'T HAVE TO DO A FUCKING THING. THE LESS TIME I HAVE TO LOOK AT SOMETHING THE LESS MONEY I WILL CHARGE YOU. I tell her to order it from there and I'll call her when it gets in.
Fast forward to this afternoon. I'm trying to get home and my rep at Davidsons calls. Well call him Bob. Bob is a pretty cool dude, he never gets mad, he takes care of business, I wish all my reps were like Bob.
Bob: Hey what do you want me to do with this whatever the fuck gun here my give a damn's busted
Me: Um what?
Bob: Yeah the order that was called in this morning.
Me: Wait a second. Some lady called about a gungenie......
Bob: Okay, looks like Tibor took the call and entered it in....
Me: So let me get this straight.....
(The vein in my forehead starts throbbing and my hairline starts receding just a bit more)
...some lady calls in, says she's me and orders a gun to be charged to my account?
Bob: Yep.
Me: Who's listed as the authorized buyer on the account?
Bob: You.
Me: Anyone else?
Bob: Nope.
Bob: Well this actually happens pretty often....(?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!!) but thats why we call and double check things.
Me: Cancel the fucking order. Call Tibor. Find out what the fuck happened and send me a fucking after action report in the morning.
Bob: Alrighty. Sorry for the mess.
Me: I need a chewable vitamin.
‡ - It was actually a very calm conversation with very little profanity but I needed to type/mash that on my keyboard because I'm so damn frustrated today there is much relief to say FUCK FUCK FUCKITY GODDAMN STUPID FUCK ARGTHAKLTJETKLJEKLTJASK:LTJEK:TEKKLETKLEJTKLAJTLKJAETKLJET(@)%I*@(%@(!%()@U%U@()!%U!@(!~!~()!U!@()[email protected]~~~~@(U()@%U()@U%()JGPIOJGKLJEGKEIO:TPU#TP(UI(TPUJ#U"POGBU(&
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