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All about the most isolated city in the world and the fabulous people who live there.

2023.06.09 20:18 yournailsupplier SOME OF THE BEST NAIL DRILL BITS

Nail drill bits, often known as E- files, have multiple uses. Given its multiple uses, it is easy to agree that nail drill bits should be included on the list of best nail equipment to buy in 2023, notably for fashion fans who consider manicure and pedicure essentials.
For those who are still perplexed as to why this nail equipment is required;
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In short, nail drill bits are one of the most valuable possessions for the care of your nails. And, fortunately for you, there are numerous brands of nail drill bits available for purchase. Here are some of the top nail drill bits for you to consider:


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Nail Drill Bits MZCMSL

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And now you've got it! You not only receive access to the functions of these nail drill bits, but you also get to learn about their individual functions as you pick which ones are perfect for you.
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2023.06.09 20:18 ppxto Wine Fridge - Need to make space. Suggestions?

Unfortunately I have to use a small wine fridge due to space limitations. I have to make space for 2 bottles. Here are some candidates to remove (to either consume this year or store in room temperature conditions for 1-2 years). What wines would you recommend?
2015 Castelgiocondo Marchesi de' Frescobaldi Brunello di Montalcino
2016 Domaine du Grand Tinel Châteauneuf-du-Pape
2017 Antinori Badia a Passignano Gran Selezione Chianti Classico
2017 Château La Nerthe Red
2009 R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva
2018 Le Vieux Donjon Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge
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2023.06.09 20:18 hfwk Unpopular Opinion: The new buy menu and weapon restrictions are bad changes and shouldn’t be celebrated just because they’re ‘new’ and ‘different’

I’m going to preface this by saying I’ve played counterstrike for a very long time, have played in tier 3 CSGO teams, I’m not allergic to change I just don’t think the changes that have been made in this recent update add anything whatsoever and actually detract from the game.
Firstly, the new buy UI is good for a player who has never touched a counterstrike game before to see everything immediately. However, actually trying to buy things quickly is a nightmare.
The way the wheel works is good because you are simply moving your mouse in small radiuses from the centre of the wheel into the different segments so the actual movements you make are tiny making buying very fast. On the new ‘Valorant’ style grid, yes you see everything at once but it’s incredibly clunky.
This brings me on to the second point that it feels as though the restriction of 5 weapons per category has only been done to fit into the UI grid and provides no good gameplay change at all.
We will now never see certain guns being used, all the pretty skins people have made for the guns, the rounds where your team try to stack with auto shotguns or whatever other fun stuff you have the freedom to do will become less frequent.
What is the point of having to restrict yourself with 5 rifle slots when 4/5 of the slots are basically essential for every player? Give me a single reason other than to fit into the new UI that weapon variety restrictions benefits gameplay. Your CT teammate has $2100 left over and you ask for a drop? “Sorry I have the auto equipped from playing Cache and spamming through garage wall, here’s a MAG-7, good luck!”
This trend of oversimplification for accessibility detracts so much from the mastery of the game in my opinion. There doesn’t seem to be a respect for the players who know and love the game and play it at a high level, for instance, I saw FREAKAZOiD die yesterday on stream because his feet blocked view of someone pushing underpass on mirage. What is competitive about seeing your feet? “hOw OfTeN wIlL yOu DiE fRoM tHaT?”. It doesn’t matter, it only needs to happen once for it to be a problem (see the Overpass train incident). Think of all the maps with elevation that require you to be looking straight down.
Just my thoughts, feel free to call me dumb.
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2023.06.09 20:18 CheapFalstaff Electric to shed

Hi Everybody, I recently built a new shed and I would like to run electric to it, ideally a double socket and an overhead light.
We have a utility room which is about 8 metres from the shed. This contains a double socket with a spare plug socket (the washing machine is in the other). The double socket is on a B32 breaker, from the main board.
My idea was to dig a shallow trench between the shed and utility, and bury a run of plastic conduit. I could then run a cable (2.5mm?) through the conduit.
The cable would attach to a plug, which I plug into the spare utility room socket. In the shed, the cable would attach to a three way terminal, one side going to a light, the other to a double socket.
Does this sound somewhat sensible? Is it safe to run a cable that length from the plug socket, basically a fixed extension cable? Could I even just wire it into the existing socket? Is there any extra device I could place between the utility socket and shed cable plug, which would provide some extra protection to the house circuit or safety to the shed user?
Very grateful for any help!
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2023.06.09 20:17 Glorious_Noob17 What can I realistically do in this situation?

Hello there fellow Redditors, I have been a long-time lurker on this sub and now I'm finally asking for some advice (I'm very sorry if this doesn't belong here or if it's a stupid question). I was working under a professor at my university to write a research paper but the professor quit the university for whatever reason. I have tried asking other professors if I could work on my research paper under them at my university but all of them said no. What options do I realistically have now? I live in a very small country and we don't have many research universities here. I tried contacting some other universities too but none of them replied. So, now I can either work on the paper on my own (which is probably not gonna end up good because I have zero experience with writing papers) or I can try reaching out to universities outside of my country. The second option doesn't seem too realistic to me tbh. I have all of the data and findings for my paper and just need help with how to proceed. I'll appreciate any advice that you could give me. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 20:17 sahil_parakh30 [Store] Diretide 2022/Aghanim's/Nemestice/TI10/TI9/TI8/TI7 Collector's Caches Sets

200+/1000$ Gift Trades in 5 years


Made a google doc because the list is long

My Steam Rep:



CACHE Price Increases as I stock out & Reservation is Compulsory

Want items worth listed Amount or items (1.2x - STEAM TAX). I will not go first. The link to add me :LINK to ADD ME

Ultra Rare Immortals 2022

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Bloodfeather Finery (Queen of Pain) 1 50$ or Items Ultra Rare Immortal 2 LastLeft
The Strings of Suradan (Hoodwink) 1 30$ or Items Ultra Rare Immortal 1 LastLeft

Diretide Collectors Cache-2 2022

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Sublime Equilibrium (Void Spirit) 2 45$ or Items Very Rare Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold Last Left
Brands of the Reaper (Anti Mage) 5 13$ or Items Rare Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Two Sold
Grudges of the Gallows Tree (Treant) 6 15$ or Items Rare Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Four Sold
War Rig Eradicators (Techies) 5 4.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 One Sold
Sacred Chamber Guardian (Huskar) 5 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Two Sold
Acrimonies of Obsession (Vengeful Spirit) 5 3.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 None
Freeboot Fortunes (Ogre Magi) 5 3.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 None
Withering Pain (Clinkz) 5 3.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 One Sold
Darkfeather Factioneer (Phantom Assassin) 5 5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 One Sold
Feasts of Forever (Night Stalker) 5 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Two Sold
Cursed Cryptbreaker (Pudge) 5 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Two Sold
Dawn of Darkness Foretold (Doom) 5 6$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Two Sold
The Wilding Tiger (Brewmaster) 5 4$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 One Sold
Transcendent Path (Oracle) 5 3.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 None
Darkbrew´s Transgression (Alchemist) 5 6$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 Two Sold
Grand Suppressor (Silencer) 5 4.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 One Sold
Bird of Prey (Legion Commander) 5 4.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache 2 One Sold

Diretide Collectors Cache 2022

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Dark Behemoth (Primal Beast 2 25 Very Rare Direteide Collectors Cache Sold Out
Angel of Vex (Invoker) 3 18$ Rare Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold One Reserved One Left
Blue Horizons(Marci) 4 16$ or Items Rare Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold Two Reserved Last Left
Shadowleaf Insurgent (Hoodwink) 3 10$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache Two Sold Last Left
Scarlet Subversion (Riki) 3 10$ Direteide Collectors Cache Two Sold Last Reserved
WhipperSnapper (Snap Fire) 3 8$ Direteide Collectors Cache SOLD OUT
Hounds of Obsession (Chen) 3 7.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache Two Sold Last Left
Seadog's Stash (Clockwerk) 3 6$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold
Starlorn Adjudicator (Dawn Breaker) 3 10$ Direteide Collectors Cache Two Sold Last Reserved
Spoils of the Shadowveil (Spectre) 3 $8 Direteide Collectors Cache Sold OUT
Chines of the Inquisitor (Faceless Void) 3 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold
Trophies of the hallowed hunt (Ursa) 3 9$ Direteide Collectors Cache SOLD OUT
Crimson Dawn (Phoenix) 3 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold
Forgotten Station (Terrorblade) 3 4.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache None
Dirge Amplifier (Undying) 3 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold
Champions of the Fire Lotus (Monkey King) 3 7.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache Two Sold Last Left
Deathstitch Shaman (Witch Doctor) 3 5.5$ or Items Direteide Collectors Cache One Sold

Aghanim's Continuum Cache 2021 / Ti-11

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected (Ogre Magi) 4 15$ or Items Aghanim Cache Rare Three Sold Last Left
Scales of the Shadow Walker (Phantom Lancer) 4 12$ or Items Aghanim Cache Two Sold
Test of the Basilisk Lord (Razor) 4 10$ or Items Aghanim Cache One Sold
Secrets of the Frost Singularity (Ancient Apparation) 4 5$ or Items Aghanim Cache None
Perils of the Red Banks (Chen) 4 7$ or Items Aghanim Cache Two Sold One Reserved Last Left
The Chained Scribe (Grimstroke) 4 5$ or Items Aghanim Cache One Sold
Widow of the Undermount Gloom (Broodmother) 4 9.5$ or Items Aghanim Cache Two Sold
Forgotten Fate (Mars) 4 5$ or Items Aghanim Cache One Sold
March of the Crackerjack Mage (Rubick) 4 10$ or Items Aghanim Cache Two Sold
Cosmic Concoctioneers (Alchemist) 4 12$ or Items Aghanim Cache Two Sold
Blightfall (Abbadon) 4 8$ or Items Aghanim Cache Two Sold

Nemestice Cache 2021 / Ti-11

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Twilight Hex (Dark Willow) 3 10$ or Items Nemestice Cache 1 Two Sold Last Left
Astral Terminus (Enigma) 3 9$ or Items Nemestice Cache 1 1 Sold
Caerulean Star (Enchantress) 3 6$ or Items Nemestice Cache 1 One Sold
Arcane Inverter (Gyrocopter) 3 15$ or Items Nemestice Cache 1 2 Sold Last Left
Red Sands Marauder (Shadow Shaman) 4 20$ Nemestice Cache 1 Three Sold Last Left
Herald of the Ember Eye (Grimstroke) 3 8$ or Items Nemestice Cache 1 Two Sold LAST Left
Creed of the Skullhound (Lycan) 3 18$ or Items Nemestice Cache 1 Two Sold Last Left

Collector's Cache 2020 / Ti-10

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber (TA/Templar Assassin) 3 15$ TI-10 Rare Cache 2 Two Sold Last Left
Clearcut Cavalier (Timbersaw) 3 5$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 One Sold
The King Of Thieves (KOTL/ Keeper of the Light) 3 4$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 One Sold
Talons of the Endless Storm (CK/Chaos Knight) 3 7.5$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 One Sold
A carousel of the Mystic Masquerade (Rubick) 3 10$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 Two Sold Last Left
Crown of Calaphas (SD/Shadow Demon) 3 5$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 None
Blacksail Cannoneer (Sniper) 3 7$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 None
Blaze of Oblivion (Phoenix) 3 7$ or Items TI-10 Cache 2 None
Songs of Starfall Glen (Enchantress) 3 4$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 None
Flashpoint Proselyte (Huskar) 3 10$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 One Sold
Signs of Allfather (Nature Prophet) 3 10$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 Two Sold Last Left
Beholden of Banished Ones (Warlock) 3 6$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 One Sold
Fissured Flight (Jakiro) 3 8$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 Two Sold Last Left
Mindless Slaughter (Pudge) 3 11$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 One Sold
Fury of Righteous Storm (Disruptor) 3 4$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 None
Apocalypse Unbound (Ancient Apparation) 3 6$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 One Sold
Herald of Ember Eyes (Grimstroke) 3 8$ or Items TI-10 Cache 1 One Sold

Collector's Cache 2019/ Ti-9

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Fowl Omen (Necrophos) 4 13$ TI-9 Rare Cache Set-2 Three Sold Last Left
Prized Acquisitions (Batrider) 4 7$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Two Sold
The sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful (Drow Ranger) 4 10$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 One Sold
Directive of the Sunbound(Clockwerk) 5 7$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Three Sold
Distinguished Expeditionary (Tusk) 4 7$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Two Sold
Automaton Antiquity (Broodmother) 5 6$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Three Sold
Fury of the Bloodforge (Bloodseeker) 5 7$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Two Sold
Tribal Pathways (Warlock) 5 6$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Two Sold
Verdant Predator (Venomancer) 5 9$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Two Sold
Tales of the Windward Rogue (Pangolier) 4 20$ TI-9 Cache Set-2 Sold OUT
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan (Chen-Long Live Harambe) 3 5$ TI-9 Cache Set One Sold
The Arts of Mortal Deception (Enigma) 3 9$ TI-9 Cache Set Two Sold Last Left
Poacher's Bane (Tidehunter) 3 6$ TI-9 Cache Set One Sold1
Riddle of the Hierophant (Oracle) 3 9$ or 3 Keys TI-9 Cache Set Two Sold Last Left

Collector's Cache 2018/ Ti-8

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin (Queen of Pain) 4 12$ TI-8 Cache Set Three Sold Last Left
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge (Underlord) 4 18$ TI-8 Rare Cache Set Three Sold Last Left
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript (Axe) 4 10$ TI-8 Cache Set Three Sold Last Left
Pattern of the Silken Queen (Brood) 4 8$ TI-8 Cache Set Three Sold Last Left

Collector's Cache 2017/ Ti-7

Item Quantity Price Type Reserved
Eternal Testament (Death Prophet) 4 12$ TI-7 Cache Set Three Sold Last Left

Made a google doc because the list is long

My Steam Rep: (Mirana Ti-10/2020 Super Rare, Sven Rare Ti-11, Mars Ti-10 Rare, Clock Ti-9, Sandking Ti-7 Caches Sold Successfully) (Nemestice Sky Set, Ti-10 Sky, and Ember set Sold Successfully) (Lina Ti-10/2020 CacheSold Successfully) (Nature Prophet Ti10/2020 Cache Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Axe Set Sold Successfully) (Ti-9 Disruptor Rare Cache Sold Successfully) (2019 Pudge Cache Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Ultra Rare CK, Rare Ogre, PL, Rubick, Alchm, DK, Axe, Mars, Abbadon, Razor, Chen, Grim, and 2020 Rare TA, Ember, CK, Doom, Tide, Timber, KOTL, SKY, Rubick, Nemestice Gyro, Shaman, Winter, Doom Sold Successfully) - Man God Bless this guy (2020 BB Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-9 Slark, UL & NS 2020 Cache Sold Successfully) (WitchDoctor Super rare, Diretide Spec, Ti-8 Ember cache Sold Successfully) (Pudge Super rare Cache Hook Sold Successfully) (Agahnim Axe Cache and Enigma 2020 Cache Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Dawnbreaker Cache Sold Successfully) (2020 Pudge Super Rare Hook, Tiny Rare Cache, Aghanim Clockwerk Sold successfully) (Ti-9 Abbadon Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-9 Pudge Cache Sold Successfully) (Agahnim Drow Cache Sold Successfully) (Rare URSA immortal bundle Sold Successfully) (Agahnim Drow Cache Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Brood and 2020 Arc Cache Sold Successfully) (Agahnim Rare CK, DK & 2020 Rare Tiny, NS, Jugger, BB, Grim Cache Sold Successfully) (2020 Juggernaut, Underlord, Warlock, Nature, Enigma, Ancient Apparition Sold Successfully) (Nemestice Doom, Enigma, Nature, and Lycan Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Drow Sold Successfully) (Rare Disruptor Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-8 Magnus Cache Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Clock Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-10 Arc Warden Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-9 Earth Spirit Cache Sold Successfully) (2021 Dawnbreaker Cache Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Abbadon Cache Sold Successfully) (2020 Silencer Cache Sold Successfully) (2020 Silencer and Bounty Hunter and Aghanim DK Cache Sold Successfully) (2020 BH Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-10 Arc Warden Cache Sold Successfully) (2020 Silencer and Bristleback Cache Sold Successfully) (2019 Brood and Pudge Sold Successfully) (2021 Enchantress Cache Sold Successfully) (Ti-10 Sky Set Sold Successfully) (2022 Cache 1 Spec and Cache 2 Night Stalker Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Dawn Breaker & Alchemist Cache Sold Successfully) (Rare Necro & 2019 Abbadon Cache Set Sold Successfully) (2022 Primal Beast Very Rare Cache, Legion Cache, 2020 NS Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Brood, Diretide Cache - 1 Hoodwink, Riki, Spectre, Clockwerk, Ursa, Phoenix, Witch Doctor, Dawnbreaker, Alchemist, MK, Undying, Chen Dire Tide Cache - 2 Rare Treant, Clinkz, Doom, Huskar, Night Stalker, Pudge, Brew Sold Successfully) (Nemestice Tiny Sold Successfully) (Nemestice Shaman, Diretide Riki Sold Successfully) (Diretide Cache 2 Rare Treant Sold Successfully) (2019 Doom, Tusk, Batrider, Nemestice Nature Sold Successfully) (Diretide Rare Treant Sold Successfully) (Diretide Snapfire Cache Set Sold Successfully)- Repeat Buyer (Nemestice Lycan and Tiny Cache Set Sold Successfully) (2022 Rare Treant and 2021 Rare Ogre Cache Reserved Sold Successfully) (Ultra Rare Primal, Ultra Rare Void Spirit and Agahnim DK, PL, Diretide AM, PA, Void, Huskar, Ursa Sold Successfully) (Ultra Rare Void Spirit Reserved - 5/15 Keys Paid Advance) (Ti-9 DP Set Sold Successfully) (Diretide Rare Invoker Set Sold Successfully) (Aghanim Rare Ogre & Clockwerk,Ti-10 Rare TA& Pudge, Nemestice Tiny and, Ti-9 Rare Necro Cache Sold Successfully) (Diretide Cache 2 Techies, Doom, Alchemist & Cache 1 Snapfire Sold Successfully) (2022 AM & Chen Diretide and 2020 Huskar Cache Sold Successfully) (Diretide Rare Marci, Snapfire, Hood, Silencer, and Dawn Breaker Cache Sold successfully) (Nemestice 2021 Grim Cache Sold Successfully) (2019 Pango Cache and 2020 Jakiro Cache Sold successfully) (Diretide 2022 Ursa Cache Sold Successfully) (Diretide Collectors Cache 1 Rare Voker and Riki Cache Reserved - 7/28 Paid Advance) (Pango Cache Tales of Wind Sold Successfully) (Two Rare Marci Sets Reserved - 6.5/27 Paid Advance)
Wall of Shame: (This clown added me and when I asked to reserve which I have clearly stated in my post backtracked on trade offer, has no idea how 30-day steam gifting works so beware)
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2023.06.09 20:17 Tight_Couture344 How strict is Amex’s 2 cards in 90 day limit?

Long story short, I got 2 business cards (BBP and Delta Gold Business) recently. I don’t believe the current Bonvoy card offers were live at the time I got those.
I already have 5 nights booked at Marriott properties for a vacation in July…but ran into Amex cancelling my application, telling me that because I got 2 cards in the last 90 days, my application can’t be processed.
So, I’m wondering…has anyone gotten around this? Or is it as strict as Chase 5/24? I initially would have thought business cards wouldn’t count for this limit…
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2023.06.09 20:17 Its-ah-me DAE hate the grocery store?

The grocery store gives me so much anxiety. I hate the crowds, decisions, the possibility that my usual brand/product is out of stock, the parking lot, etc. It's like all of my least favorite things in one place, and I have to keep going regularly or I don't get to eat.
I often take a long time to decide on an item if it's new or if they're out of my usual. I consider the ingredients and the price of everything. It feels like people come up and stand behind me impatiently every time, even though I try to be overly conscious of leaving room to pass and pulling my cart out of the way. Half the time I just panic and walk away without choosing anything.
I know many grocery stores now have delivery and/or pickup options, but I hate using those bc they're horrible at picking out produce, and they will substitute for items that are out of stock which usually just doesn't work for someone as particular as me, so I end up having to go in anyway.
DAE feel this strongly about the grocery store, or is it just me?
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2023.06.09 20:17 nearbygarlicc I want to believe there's a version of us somewhere that worked out.

Months ago, before I even considered that our relationship would ever end, I drafted a letter on this very same subreddit addressed to you, my then-lover. I shared my fears of losing you one day, and my fervent desire to do whatever it takes to make everything work. I never posted the letter. And unfortunately, we did eventually end.
You and I were big fans of Everything Everywhere All at Once. And just like Waymond and Evelyn, I want to believe that there is a version of us somewhere in this universe that worked out. A world where I'd be neurotypical, perhaps. Where you would have the emotional availability to meet my needs. A world where we learned how to love each other best faster than we managed to let everything crumble. A world where you fought a little bit harder, and I stayed.
I want to believe that somewhere in this universe, you and I don't have to part ways. Where you'd show up at my door with flowers, an "I'm sorry" and a hug, like I'd always hoped you would. Where you'd hold me when I'm scared instead of push me away, where you'd let me in instead of shut me out. Where my love would have been enough.
In that world, I want to believe we'll still get married. Build the home we deserve, grow together to become the people we always told each other we wanted to be. I'll come home after a long day and you'll greet me at the door with a kiss. I'll complain too much about my exhausting job over dinner, and you'd tell me I still did great. You'll ramble about your new boring coworker, and I'll ask too many questions that'll eventually move the entire conversation to an unrelated topic. But we'll be happy. It'll be mundane but in that world, I believe we'll be so happy that we wouldn't know where to put all the happiness we feel. In that world, we'll slow dance in our living room, like I always dreamed we would.
No fighting, no shame, no guilt. No misunderstandings or yelling over the phone. Just you and I, holding each other until we fall asleep and face everyday again, together. Where I never have to feel alone again. I want to believe that version of us exists, and I want to be happy for them. May they never know the grief and pain that follows the end of what felt like the most perfect thing, until it no longer was. And I hope they know and cherish the love they have, because it truly is something worth fighting for.
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2023.06.09 20:17 hootie_patootie Visitor parking options?

Hi! I just moved to the Falkland Chase complex just west of downtown silver spring and I have no idea where a visitor can park if they visit me for the weekend or longer. My partner is long distance so he visits for 3-5 days in a row usually. Any suggestions? I saw the metro has free parking on weekends but they're switching it in July to be only free on Sundays. Is there some kind of permit I can get him so he can street park without getting ticketed? DC has a visitor permit like that.
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2023.06.09 20:17 ThrowRAnumber1122554 My (25M) Girlfriend (25F) gave a stranger her phone number. Could this be considered normal?

Extra context that is needed:
Over a year ago GF and I purchased a 2 year old cat ( for this thread I'll call the cat sprinkles) online from a guy who no longer wanted her. We'll call the guy Richard. Well we needed Sprinkles' medical records so my GF reached out to Richard to see if he had them from when he originally got Sprinkle's her shots. She reached out since she was the one who originally found the ad for Sprinkles and started messaging Richard to set up the purchase. Long story short; Richard starts getting really flirty and weird with my Girlfriend so she blocks him on everything. (he also added her on snapchat at the time of purchase so that he could still see Sprinkles through social media, I knew about this and did not care)
GF then receives an unsolicited d*ck pic the next day from a number she's never seen before. This really upset her as she is currently home alone, house sitting for a family member. While she was telling me about this picture incident through her tears, she also told me about another person she gave her number to just one day earlier.
My girlfriend was recently flying home from her parent's and was approached by a young man before she boarded her flight. She said that he started making friendly casual conversation with her before asking for her number. Apparently he seemed "harmless" and she just wanted to be left alone. So, she gives him her number thinking he'd never actually use it. She thought he wouldn't use the number because apparently the last time someone asked for her number, (years before we met) they never ended up contacting her. And that person years ago was being much more pushy with her before she gave in and gave them her number.
Low and behold, airport guy starts trying to message her with "Hello" and "good morning" so she blocked him.
She told me this because she wanted to know if I airport guy could be the penis-pic-perpetrator. We are looking into filing a police report but will probably wait to see if they do it again. I'm 99.9% sure that it was Richard who sent his lil' richard to my GF's phone.
What I'm really hung up on is: Why did my GF give this other random guy her phone number?? I can kinda see where she's coming from with her past experience, but at the same time I also feel like a fool for believing something so illogical. Like if you wanted someone to leave you alone, wouldn't giving that someone your phone number seem like an invitation for more contact? Like that's literally the only purpose of sharing contact information.
I genuinely don't think she's cheating, or would ever cheat. My GF was raised in a sort of sheltered environment and I don't think she realizes just how desperate and gross my gender can be. I don't know why she would tell me about this if there were any ill intentions.. but at the same time I don't know why she didn't tell me about airport guy until the d*ck pic happened. I really want to get some other points of view on this so any advice or takes would be much appreciated, especially from the female prospective. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the whole situation.
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2023.06.09 20:17 docock329 Was this comment meant to be rude

I was home and receiving the child my mother babysits for because she was running late I was in sweat pants a long sleeved white crop top that shows about half of my tummy. So the mother walks in and I say hi my mom is late and I’m receiving the child she will be home soon and she’s nice says ok and hopes I have a good day then she motions to like have way on her belly with both hands and says “your shirts a little too short no” then I kind of just look at her somewhat shocked and she says “haha no I’m just kidding” and again says have a good day what did she mean by this.
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2023.06.09 20:17 Jcampbell1796 As an American into Madness for a long time, I had a convo with my brother what the US band equivalent of Madness in the UK would be. In terms of longevity, popularity, and # of albums. He thought Motley Crüe. I asked Chat GPT and it said The Beach Boys, which I think is more accurate. Thoughts?

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2023.06.09 20:17 sbrueding How soon after sex(act) should I get tested for STD and HIV?

How soon after having sex with a new partner should I get tested for STD and HIV?
I'm trying to understand whether these virus's (STD or HIV) have an "incubation" period during which they won't show up in test results, leading to "false negatives" in test results.
If so, how long should I wait out the incubation period?
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2023.06.09 20:16 Astonish_Skagen Deleting Files Properly on Linux? Emptying root trash..etc

Hello everyone,
I am a happy user of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on both of my computers for 3-4 months after using for arpund 20 years both windows and mac os. I thought that I was tech savy till I started using Linux. 😂😂
Today I noticed something. Well long story short, I installed timeshift, made a backup of both root and home folder (I learned that it is not advised to backup home folder with timeshift, but well, we make mistakes and learn.) but something did not go quite smoothly and the backups did no appear on timeshift even tho they were there on root folder.
Well i also saw that my free disk space went from 530 gb circa to 350 gb. So I wanted to delete it. I deleted timeshift app with purge and then opened nautilus with sudo command and deleted all the timeshift files/folders. After this operation, my free disk space was always around 350 gb (even tho timeshift folders were around more than 100 gb). Well, then I found out a folder called Trash.0 on root folder and it was around 200 gb more or less. I restarted the computer to see if something changes, the free disk space was always the same, 350 gb free space.
So I learned that the deleted files are kept busy by processes. I found the commands and tried on terminal but there are tooo many lines listed, I could not really find out what to do.
Then I found a magic app called -if i am not wrong- Trash cli and it emptied completely that trash in the root folder and it gave back the space. It is 550 gb empty space now.
In the future, what is the correct way to delete files ? I never had to do these things on Windows or Mac, that is why I am asking to learn the correct way to avoid my disk's free space "occuppied" by some processes.
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2023.06.09 20:16 NearbyAd231 Adult Friend Finder Scam

Long story...I apologize if it gets choppy or any grammatical/spelling errors.
So I just wanted to share my experience with an Adult Friend Finder scam and hopefully help someone. On May 25th 2023 I made an Adult Friend Finder profile and paid for the membership so I could find someone to sext with to get off. I am married (6 years in August of this year and a tremendous amount of guilt and shame at the moment). Not soon after I got on and started looking at the profiles, which all seemed fake, there was one that looked normal. I messaged the individual and we began talking. Overjoyed to be speaking to someone we started chatting and things looked promising. The phone version of the site isn't that great so I suggested we move over to a texting app to communicate. They informed me they couldn't use any apps because their husband checked their phone and that I could be placed as a co-worker contact which they could delete soon after. Like an idiot and only thinking with my dick I text the number given to me from my cellphone number. After some back and forth and a couple pics later with my face (I'm such a moron) things were looking good.
May 26th there was a little communication in the morning and then silence until the evening time. When I checked my messages it was a complete profile of myself (address, phone number, email, work) and the pictures I sent, along with a complete profile of my wife (address, phone number, email). They also mentioned sending the information to my wife's family and friends if I decided to contact the police or anyone else. Complete and utter panic! I was given the ransom amount of $10,000. Texts were flying into my inbox of what they were going to do if I didn't pay. I told them I didn't have that kind of money and I could only give them a certain amount not to do anything with the messages and pictures (in my mind what I was going to give them would be more than enough to end it). I ended up paying them $1,600 through purchasing Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM and sending it to the wallet address they gave me. After they were paid they kept pressuring me and saying I still owed them $8,400 and that I needed to pay them $500 a week. Well needless to say I told them I didn't have the funds to do that and we agreed on $100 a week. Freaking out at this moment I didn't know what the fuck to do, pay the remainder or not give them another dime. After the $100 agreement I received a message on my WhatsApp stating I needed to communicate with them everyday and say good morning.
May 27th through May 31st I complied and sent a good morning text. During this time it was all hands on deck on how I could scrub myself and my wife from the internet. I coined the term No Social Media Summer (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter deleted). Found a paid service provider to remove our information from the internet. I went line by line through Google searches of my name and my wife's name and requested Google to remove it from the search (this actually worked better than I thought). In the case of my wife I made a fake Gmail account to request her stuff be taken down so she wouldn't find out what I was doing. I also found a gentleman online who will give a paid consultation and more if you have the money on some other measures to take. One of the measures suggested was to make a fake business website with an altered name of myself and my wife with fake phone numbers and fake emails and fake profiles of coworkers, which I did. Bought a domain on GoDaddy and started making a fake business website and attached Google Analytics to it (hopefully to see where they accessed the site from).
June 1st was supposed to be my next payment to the scammer, needless to say I chose the latter and not a single dime more was going to be paid. With the fake website completed I went ahead and wrote a text to the scammer on WhatsApp and said that my phone and phone number were hacked and that they could contact me at my new number (TextMe app number) with a link to the fake business website. Later in the day they responded on WhatsApp that my payment was due in all caps. Being prepared and at my computer at the exact moment it came through I was ready and pasted an error message that the number they were reaching was disconnected. I never heard back from the number again. Some precautions I took on the WhatsApp was reported the number and blocked it. At night time I received a message on the TextMe app from a new number with a scare tactic type of message that I simply replied to...Who is this? with a link to my fake website.
June 2nd through June 6th I kept doing anything and everything I could to wipe mine and my wife's online presence. I finally received a message from the scammer (June 6th) on the TextMe app with another scare tactic type of message. Well after that I decided to make about 5 other TextMe numbers so I could message them from later down the road.
June 8th I recieved a promotional email from LinkedIn for a free month of premium which I took. Well if you don't know when you have a premium subscription you can see every person who looks at your profile unless the other person has a premium subscription themselves. Well guess who looked at my LinkedIn profile last week.....the scammer with a location in Lagos, Nigeria (but who knows if that is true). The same username on Adult Friend Finder is the same name they used on LinkedIn. Well that became a complete scrub of all my info and contacts on LinkedIn. I thought if you have certain settings on they can't see your information, but I am guessing that's how they knew where I worked. Anyway, I haven't heard from them since the 6th and decided to enroll the number they're using to message me on the TextMe app with daily Cat Facts for $2.99 a month. I also decided to make another website through Wix with Google Analytics attached (couple hits from Europe, but I'm guessing they're using VPNs) with all their Bitcoin wallet addresses and sent it to the numbers they messaged me with and threated them about sending Bitcoin in a timely manner and making sure they're sending to the correct wallet addresses.
June 9th I am writing this post and will update as things progress. These past two weeks have been completely miserable. Sick to my stomach, can barely sleep miserable. Behind on work because of this. I look at myself in the mirror each day with disgust. But after the initial shock I got to work and said I wasn't going to pay and was going to do whatever I possibly could do to get these pricks to leave me alone. Me doing what I did on AFF is something I need to work on. If anyone gets caught in this situation make sure you chat on an app, never use your own cell phone number or email. NEVER send a pic with your junk and face in it. I have reported every single phone number they have contacted me with to the FTC complaint website and the FBI complaint website, along with their Bitcoin wallet. I am just going to keep doing what I need to do until it ends (and hopefully it ends soon).
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 20:16 hcheese Two week Itinerary in September Critique

Hi, my SO and I are planning our honeymoon in September and wanted to see if people have any thoughts/suggestions for our highlevel itinerary of 2 weeks.
Day 1-5 Nusa Dua: We are huge beach lovers and really enjoy just relaxing in the water so it is a emphasis for us to stay in Nusa Dua where the resort facilities are also super nice to start out and end our days. *We hope to explore to Sanur and even take a day trip to Nusa Penida but still having Nusa Dua as our base.
Day 5-8 Sidemen: Aiming to enjoy some of the more cultural exploration in Bali but not be among too many tourists and emphasizing on the peaceful scenery. This is why we thought to choose to stay in Sidemen over Ubud. Will for sure travel to Ubud during the day as it has more activities to offer.
Day 8-11 Canggu: Traveling down back and aiming to do more exploring of the towns and restaurants/cafe Canggu has to offer. Not really planning anything specific here than just walk around the neighborhoods freestyle. Will aim to check out Seminyak for some nightlife/food/shopping.
Day 11-14 Jimbaran: Close off the trip with more beach but mainly because it's close to the airport. Nothing specific planned.
Overall we aim to do alot of lounging/watehiking/walking but acknowledge that we won't be able to see everything. I didn't want to stay at too many different resorts as carrying luggages just becomes hectic so wanted to focus on staying at resorts that offering very peaceful vibes while still being able to drive to some famous sightseeing spots.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve this and maybe correct some of the misconceptions I'm stating so we could tweak the trip even better. If you have any recommendations for resorts in these 4 areas or restaurants we would much appreciate it as well! Thank you so much all!
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2023.06.09 20:16 Abject_Patient_1046 Finally started dilating

I’ve struggled with vaginismus my whole life - from not being able to swim when I’m on my period due to not being able to put a tampon in to not being able to have PIV sex.
I was given dilators years ago but I was always too scared to try, I could have PIV sex when I was drunk even though it hurt but I just told myself that it was fine and completely avoided dealing with it.
I’ve now started seeing someone and I don’t want to have to tell them straight away so I started using my dilators to see if it would make a difference.
In just a couple of days I’ve moved up to the next size and I feel so much more comfortable with my body and confident about what feels good. I could actually cry with how happy I am and kicking myself that I didn’t start earlier. I still have a long way to go but I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who was wondering whether to start or not - don’t wait years like I did !!
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2023.06.09 20:16 hahawhatjpg DID I HAVE A HEART ATTACK?? 27 YR-OLD FEMALE

27F, I am healthy and not overweight at all (5’9, 144). I do have some heart issues running in my family, but they have never shown in anyone before middle-age to late-life. Father had heart attack about age 50 (is okay now) but was very unhealthy at that point already.
I was sitting just feeding my baby niece and felt something strange in the right side of my chest, I thought it was maybe my bra strap too tight but something just felt really “off”. I sat and felt it get worse and spread across my chest—the feeling was exactly like when you get something dry like bread stuck deep in your throat near your chest and need water to rinse it down (if you know what I mean by that).
It was like a tight feeling that gradually got worse over the span of a minute or two and I got really stressed out. I then began to feel slightly dizzy and a little like everything was too bright and I could see stars (VERY mild, I’ve had much worse). I don’t know if I was short of breath or I was just very afraid to breathe too deeply bc of the ache/tightness but my breathing was slow and shallow.
The chest pain was definitely the worst part and the rest was pretty mild but noticeable for sure, like I was still able to pretend to smile at the baby, I was just too afraid to lift her in case I fainted. I was able to speak and would have definitely been able to stand and walk around so none of this was like awful horrible pain but it was just tight and scary.
I thought of maybe removing my sports bra that’s pretty tight in case that was affecting it but it has very slowly eased while laying down over the 20ish minutes it took to call my parents and write this post. Hence why my title is panicked and I now feel ok, just frightened and subtle headache.
I am scared to go to ER especially as I already feel much better and would be afraid of wasting time since I’d have to wait in the waiting room for several hours while nothing feels wrong.
Does this all sound suspicious? Is it worth getting a doctors appointment at some point or something? Or can it be explained as being fine?
I ate nothing unusual. Came back from walking my niece in stroller about 30 mins before problem started. I take Gabapentin and Phenelzine/Nardil. Only recent change is that as of 2 days ago I take 45 mg of Nardil in morning and 15 mg at night, instead of the reverse.
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2023.06.09 20:16 tayranee_ 3 year engagement.

I am getting married 6/12/26. AITA for getting upset when people try to make me feel bad for waiting three years. When In all reality it’s actually 1000 days away, booking things in advanced is hard because people have already booked. No one understands. Three years isn’t that long and it will come fast. Im just annoyed. Thanks for reading my rant
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2023.06.09 20:16 CancerMoon2Caprising Shallow Men. To Date? Or Not To Date?

My definition of shallow men/dates represent those who date solely based on appearance, status, bragging rights, obsess about materialism, and always looking for "fun", so they can quickly post it on social media. But the fact is im a total nerd, i dont take selfies, i dont have social media, I shop at thrift stores for books and dresses to tailor, I collect history and mental health books. I keep my appearance but I dont play it up. I probably wear makeup once a week if that. Im a curly natural but its always in a basic bun.
Broke Man & Shallow: For example, my ex from 2 years ago, I was lured in by his desire for a family and his sensual romanticism but then all of the superficial stuff started popping up after a few dates. He was obsessed with money, bragging, vacations, his resume, blah blah blah and tap dancing for his "faux friends". I didnt realize how bad he was until after I watched him talk down about his friends behind their back and tell white lies super comfortably to their face. I was focused on an emotional connection and marriage, and all hed obsess about was money, status, and impressing people. Even started bragging to an uber driver about his resume as if to assert a hierarchy. My ex was broke so thats why I initially didnt pay it any attention, but after he showed some signs of insecurity, lying, and broken promises, that was it for me. But I also pinch myself for not leaving him sooner than 4 months despite my initial concerns.
Rich Man & Shallow: I had (thought) I learned from my shallow ex so i had already given this new guy my monologue about me looking for something serious, emotional chemistry, maturity, and compatibility in goals/values etc etc BEFORE he told me he had money. But not long after our first date confessions, he starts going on about his social status and bragging to me about how much hes spent on this or that, and people using him blah blah. He avoided eating and shopping at certain places because he felt it was for poor people. And im blankly staring at him and reminding him im looking for depth not money. (Financial Stability is very welcome, but thats a small piece of the pie) When I would talk about mental health and philosophy, hed poke fun at it like a little kid who doesnt care or understand what I'm saying and try to change the subject. He took me to fine dining restaurants a few times. I felt so confused on whether I was supposed to want this and give him a chance or not, because hed treat me well but then kind of spit in the direction of lower class. Felt like I was in a room full of mannequins with wine glasses, chuckling in unison at candlelit tables, looking for their next come up. It was disappointing but also like Damn, Damn, Damn I allow this man to care for me? Or do I continue to hunt for that puzzle piece thats missing?
This guy wants to show me off, care for me, and pop out a few kids in a traditional family. But his skull is filled with dollar signs and nothing more. Im just someone to potentially carry his heir. So im sitting silently with him thinking whether if this is as good as it gets, or should I find that missing piece. Only dated the rich shallow man for like a month.
To deflate that whole you attract who you are nonsense, I keep getting approached by conservative men when im a stark liberal and make it known. I dont want to raise kids in a homophobic, discriminatory, radical religious home. I always end it as soon as I find out. But any thoughts? Should I just enjoy the offer, or continue on my hunt for a humble liberal philosopher? Shallow men tend to collect human trophies and then replace you when youre not in trend anymore. I dont want to fall into that cycle.
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2023.06.09 20:16 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Headset Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Headset Available on Amazon
When it comes to gaming equipment, having a high-quality headset is essential. A good gaming headset can help you immerse yourself in the game’s audio and enhance your overall gaming experience. With so many options available on Amazon, it can be challenging to choose the right one for you. However, after thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gaming headsets available on Amazon.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset
HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is one of the most popular and highly regarded gaming headsets on the market today. Known for its exceptional comfort, superior sound quality, and durable construction, this headset has become a go-to option for gamers of all skill levels.
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SteelSeries Arctis 7
SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a wireless gaming headset that has been designed to provide gamers with a high-quality audio experience. This product stands out from its competitors due to its unique ski goggle-style headband, which was developed with comfort in mind. In this review, we will delve into the specifications, design, performance, pros, and cons of the SteelSeries Arctis 7.
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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is a wired gaming headset that promises to deliver high-quality audio and comfort during long gaming sessions. This product has been designed for serious gamers who want to immerse themselves in their games with exceptional audio clarity and precision. In this review, we will dive into the specifications, design, performance, pros, and cons of the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition.
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Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless
Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless is a gaming headset that promises high-quality audio and comfort during long gaming sessions. It features a wireless connection, a detachable microphone, and a stylish design. In this review, we will delve into the specifications, design, performance, pros, and cons of the Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless.
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Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset
Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset is a wireless headset that promises high-quality audio and comfort during long gaming sessions. It features a sleek design, DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound, and a long battery life. In this review, we will dive into the specifications, design, performance, pros, and cons of the Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset.
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