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2023.06.09 19:32 _fluffydreamer God has his own cruel way of making my life miserable.

Hindi naman ako masamang tao? Pero why do I feel like I'm being punished by God. Growing up Ako yung klase ng bata who has to prove himself everytime. Nothing is freely given to me. I have experienced things that no child should have ever experienced. At the young age of 19 years old (I am now 26) I was diagnosed with diabetes, and every day for the rest of my life I have to take numerous tablets a day just to live. Sobrang sama ng loob ko. Why of all people sakin binigay to. Feeling ko wala na patutunguhan buhay ko. Why bother if probably maggng miserable lang naman ang buhay ko because of this. But then I saw a reason to fight. To hold on. I met my ex-gf of 5 years. I thought maybe ito yung reason kng bakit need ko lumaban at wag sumuko. I finally have something to live for. A future to look forward to. This woman left me for another man. Probably because alam nya na hirap lang ang dadalhin ko if this disease progresses. Gumuho mundo ko. I nearly killed myself because of this. Time have passed and I slowly recovered from an attempt to take my own life. I have met someone so different. Someone who understands me. Someone who thinks like me. Someone who got very close to me. I grew attached to this person only to be taken away from me again (I wont go into much detail as the wound is still fresh).
And somehow, my family wants me to be a believer. How can I believe something who has been very cruel to me. Hndi ako masamang tao, I do good deeds without expecting something in return. Pero kng totooong may Diyos, why would he be so cruel? Why? How can I believe kng puro ganto. I've heard all the "it's all part of his plan" responses. What plan? Plano na maging miserable ang buhay ko? Im growing tired of it all everyday.
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2023.06.09 19:31 ThrowRAmyprobstbh I was on an anti-convulsant that is also used for treating bipolar disorder for four years. I suffer from neither of thise. Will this affect me long term in the future?

Hello. Female, age 24, overall healthy. I have PTSD and ADHD and used to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression due to my PTSD. Thankfully, with a lot of hard work on my end and love and support from my loved ones, I have been able to completely turn my life around! I am fortunate enough to say that things have been getting better every day :)
However, for about 4 years, I was on lamictal. I was prescribed it for mood swings caused by my depression and ADHD. I started off on 50 mg for the first 2 years, and then went to outpatient rehab, where they increased me to 100 mg. The initial prescribing psychiatrist then kept me on the 100 mg.
I was not made fully aware of the side effects of lamictal and over those 4 years, I experienced symptoms that increased in severity. The last year i took the medicine, I essentially felt chemically lobotomized. I couldn’t hold a train of thought for more than maybe 5 seconds at a time and cried almost every week due to the fear that my mental illness had left me handicapped.
Near the end of it, I was unwillingly resigned to the idea that I was intellectually disabled and would never be able to complete my degree or hold down any sort of job. I was failing almost all of my classes and my performance at work had severely deteriorated. I was looking into registering myself as disabled and living off of welfare as I could barely hold a conversation for more than a few minutes before getting overwhelmed and confused. I slept almost 10 hours a day, but even brushing my teeth left me exhausted and out of breath.
I eventually took myself off of the medicine, and it’s been uphill ever since. It took about 3 months for me to notice a noticeable improvement in my cognitive skills, and about 6-8 months for me to really feel more normal. It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve gotten off of the medicine, and things have completely 180’d, but I still worry.
I find myself not as quick witted or clever as before, but I’m working on that and looking into neuroplasticity for a sense of comfort. Is there any reason that I should be worried about long term effects the medicine may have had on my cognitive skills?
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.09 19:30 Nonreality_ They should have build specific looting

So how many of yall do dungeons all day get 20 legendaries and not a single aspect is for your build? yeh this happens all the time to me then the 1/30 aspects i get that are actually for my build are low roles and useless. im simply asking for a setting that you check that basically prios aspects for your build. not only drop those aspects but a higher chance so i can atleast feel like im going for something obtainable.
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2023.06.09 19:30 Panic-Panic-Panic (US) Spending more than what we are making – what's the best route to stop drowning?

Between poor decisions, hours cut due to the pandemic, and just being down on our luck, my family and I have found ourselves absolutely drowning in debt and bills. On paper, we make a lot of money, but we are spending way more than we are bringing in. After taxes, health insurance, FSA, etc. we bring home a little over $7,100 monthly. Last month, we spent over $9,100. Holy shit.
Here is a breakdown of our May finances:
Daycare $2,235
Rent $2,056
Debt $1,800
Car $1,500
Groceries $560
Utilities $341
Food $290
Entertainment $160
Daycare – We just put a deposit down at a daycare that is $1,450/mo and will switch in August. The current tuition is about $450/wk, and it's over 35 minutes away one way (near my husband's old job). When we were planning for our kid, MIL committed to two days a week, my husband was off one day during the week, so we initially only needed care 2 days a week. This was discussed many times throughout the pregnancy. Since I've given birth, she's only visited maybe once a month, never to really help out – just to see the baby. We started off with a part-time nanny that didn't work out. I tried working remotely while caring for our baby, but I felt I was neglecting both him and my job equally. Daycares in our area have a 2+ year waitlist and usually require a deposit of at least $3,000. Also, daycare was on my credit card which as of now has been maxed out and over the limit.
Car – We used to be a one-car family ($560/mo in car payments), but right before I gave birth my husband was absolutely panicking about me not having a car for emergencies with the baby while he was at work. He worked in sales and was consistently in the top 2 salesmen, so at the time it was feasible to get a second car, albeit not the one he chose. He ended up leasing one (trust me, this was a very sore subject in our relationship for a while) and now trading it in would land us in so much negative equity. I got in an accident a couple weeks ago (not at fault), so now the value on the other financed vehicle dropped. This bucket also includes replenishment for tolls which I've now removed from autopay.
Debt – Yep. It's a big one. We lived in a state with a slightly lower cost of living, and my husband's employment was severely affected by the pandemic. We accumulated a lot of debt. Some of this is furniture that has no interest, but a large chunk is credit card / personal loan debt meant to keep us afloat. The personal loan initially was to consolidate student loans and a much smaller credit card debt.
Groceries – This includes baby and pet supplies. We only shop at cheaper grocery stores like Aldi.
Food – We absolutely need to get better at just cooking. We just feel like we're hardly surviving with the sleepless nights and long workdays.
Entertainment – Normally this is only $24 for streaming services, but we did celebrate my first Mother's Day.
Like I said, I do acknowledge that a lot of this is consequences of poor decision making. In January, we had a pretty solid snowball debt payoff plan, we deleted our food delivery apps, and we really tried to cut down on spending. We don't go out and try our best to keep our spending to a minimum. Unfortunately, the economy hit car sales pretty hard and while my husband was consistently a top performer across multiple dealerships it was still not enough. He finally got a job with much better hours and consistent pay. But in the last two weeks alone, we've had to pay for bed bug treatments, emergency vet bills, and the insurance deductible from the accident (not at fault and the other party has insurance, but they went through mine first then are pursuing his? Idk it's all been a headache). And yeah, as you can guess, the credit card became the emergency fund.
So – what's the next step here? Another personal loan? We're trying to sell as much as we can but that's just a temporary fix.
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2023.06.09 19:30 _gmenon_ My house was destroyed by a falling building in Anna Nagar

My house was destroyed by a falling building in Anna Nagar
I’m here to share my story of how a building collapse ruined my home and disrupted my life. Two days ago, on June 7th, around 3 pm, I heard a loud noise and felt the ground shake. I ran outside and saw that the adjacent building had fallen on my house and completely broke the side of the wall it fell on. It was a horrifying sight.
The building was under construction and had been declared unsafe by the authorities. Apparently, the contractor had used substandard materials and violated safety norms.
My house was unlivable after the incident. All the water, electricals and sewage lines were completely destroyed. The debris had damaged my furniture, appliances and personal belongings. I had to immediately find another place to stay because of this.
I’m currently staying in a temporary accommodation with my family, but I need to find another place near 14th main road, anna nagar for the next 2-3 months until my house is repaired or rebuilt. I’m looking for a 2 BHK flat with basic amenities and reasonable rent. If anyone knows of any such place or can help me in any way, please let me know.
I’m grateful that no lives were lost in this tragedy, but I’m still devastated by the loss of my home. I hope that justice will be done and that such incidents will not happen again.
Thank you for reading this and for your support.
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2023.06.09 19:30 OnlyKaz Changes The Casual Player Wont Notice and The Enthusiasts Need

  1. Minor increase to nightmare dungeon XP
  2. Minimum item power level assigned to nightmare dungeon tiers (drops)
  3. Make overworld item power drops equivalent to highest nightmare dungeon completion
  4. Reduce level difference penalty. Item/build power should dictate advancement. Not chasing XP
  5. Sacred items are far too common in world tier 4. Ancestral gear is NEEDED to advance
  6. Blue items ARE LITERALLY useless before Act 1 concludes. Remove them or expand on crafting
  7. Reduce rare mat requirement for codex imprinting on weapons
#3 - This would solve many issues when combined with #2. Let me give an example. Youve hit world tier 3. Nightmare dungeons are 1-20. Item power is X-715. Tier 1 establishes X as 600. Tier 2 is 610. Tier 10 is 700. Now, its important to note that this solution only establishes the minimum, allowing RNG to still spit out the occasional large upgrade. BUT this also allows the player to incrementally increase power and nightmare tiers. This solution would also increase the relevancy of nightmare dungeons across the board. Now the kicker, the highest tier the player has completed also establishes this item power minimum in overworld content so they can CHOOSE to pursue content they enjoy most.
#4 - This one will require the most finesse. Likely not a simple adjustment but Im positive that every player will appreciate chasing loot instead of XP/levels after entering end game. As it stands right now, the latter is HEAVILY WEIGHTED and arguably the most important chase in the game.
#5 - Sacred items continue to drop most frequently if you are able to complete capstone prior to 70. This makes levels 55-70 feel pretty bad. Im not really sure why sacred items continue to drop at all. But what do I know?
7# - Legendary weapons are far less common to come by and target farming them is incredibly tedious. The codex system gets trivialized by how difficult Baleful Fragments are to acquire. I often cannot equip upgrades because imprinting necessary codex aspects runs me 12+ fragments. My options are completely RNG (hell tide chests, tree rewards, obol gambling) in a genre designed to have players chasing upgrades.
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2023.06.09 19:30 Livid-Raspberry- Which step should be my next step ?

Which step should be my next step ?
What should the next steps be for me?
Have had dry eyes for 3 months.
The trigger could be a lot of screen time, stress from depression, rosacea on the face or finasteride, which I took for 4 days, after exactly 2 weeks I developed dry eyes
My symptoms begann in February could IT BE allergy ? I have since 1 year a allergy for Cats and Grass . Im actually 24 and Starts with 23. I have No contact to Cats only rarely by friends . .
furthermore i have a pressure Feeling behind my left eye and since 6 months Neck pain on the right Side .
. Use eye drops, used Berberil for 5 days, after that I was almost symptom free for 1 month.
Then I sat in a bar full of smoke, my eyes never recovered from that.
Then started IPL 3 weeks ago. Currently 2nd session, the first was with expression after 1 1/2 and a half weeks after the first I noticed a clear improvement, after the 2nd not yet that is now 2 weeks ago.
The oil that came out on expression was clear but slightly thickened.
Other routine: AM: washing the eyelids with water, Afternoon: wiping the tee tree (burning 20 seconds after, is that normal and i have the Feeling my eyelids on one eye Side are sweeling or hanging more since Tee trea use ?
) Soolantra on the face and tape my eyelids shut. + Humidifier in the room What should be my next step,
I still have dry feeling and red eyes especially in afternoon .
For me the best thing to do is blood, thyroid, hormones and vitamins .
At the moment I am also coping with a lot of future drugs that are to come, I think and hope that I will have this under control to some extent for the next 3-4 years and then new good and promising drugs will come out. Further steps would be relevant for me Maybe try Evo tears, drip Hylo Gel Thealoz Duo drip , systan complete Maybe try Restasis, Xidra or Cequa?
I will take Lipiflow after my 4th IPL then maybe plug or scleral lens Unfortunately, Tyrvaya is not available in Europe
At night, take a night gel with manuka honey (hopefully it helps)
Buy a humidity chamber for work and training Actually try the paleo diet and vitamins like maqui berry , lutein astaxanthien rtc . according after my my blood tests are Done ?
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2023.06.09 19:30 MoxPuyne [Q] CSGO Drop: Bad Luck or Something else afoot?

Basically, I've been playing a lot since the drop reset on Wednesday but the only thing I've gotten so far is a graffiti through ranking up.
All my friends have gotten their crate and gun drops for this week, all except me. To add salt in the wound, a recent match had four total non-graffiti drops within it, yet none of it for me. I can't even try to get to a rank up to chance a drop there, because I hit this week's regular XP cap.
What is even going on?
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2023.06.09 19:30 dank7477 Why is everyone so adamantly against signing Chris Paul?

I get it, people don't like him. But put your biases aside and look at the situation objectively shall we? This off season, a new CBA is being introduced. This new CBA will essentially screw over any team that is deep in the luxury, like us, and thus prevent any of those teams from being able to offer any contract above the minimum. That means no MLE for us this season. Now let's look at our point guard situation. In an ideal world, we resign Russell Westbrook. But is he willing to forego a bigger contract for a minimum deal? I mean I hope he would but it is highly unlikely.
Now with that knowledge, let's look at the current state of our roster. We have two point guards, Jason Preston and Bones Hyland. If we aren't blowing it up and trying to make another run that rotation is not going to cut it. Say Russ does leave for a bigger deal, who are our options now? Judging from the current point guards that will be available this off season that would take a minimum deal, we are looking at Jevon Carter, Reggie Jackson, Dennis Smith Jr. Kendrick Nunn and a long list of more point guards not even worth mentioning. So in a hypothetical situation we lose Russ these are our options at point guard. So again I ask. Why on earth would it be a bad idea to sign Chris Paul??? I will admit he's obviously injury prone and not nearly as good as he was two seasons ago, but look at that list and tell me he's not better than all the other options available.
This is literally the same exact situation with Russell Westbrook and John Wall. Take a flyer at literally 0 risk because it would be a MINIMUM contract, and have no impact on our salary cap. If it doesn't work out oh well we trade or cut him like we did with Wall. If it does work out, great now we have a legitimate point guard that can run the offense at our disposal. There just isn't a downside to this and it makes no sense how people are freaking out. People freaked out just like this with Russ and that worked out pretty well.
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2023.06.09 19:30 toxicspocksyndrome 35 [F4M] - Just a lady looking for a bromance.

I'll get to the point: I have a wonderful group of ladies around me but am missing the same in a dude or two. Can men and women just be friends? Absolutely. So let's be friends. Me: supernerd, career driven, generally happy, bleeding heart liberal, home cook, baker, traveler, adventure seeker, gamer, all around weirdo. You: similarish. You can be anywhere in the world, doesn't matter to me. Just have something to say.
Send me a DM, tell me all about you. I have ADHD, so long-form works best for me at first (almost like a pen pal). Eventually, moving to Discord or WhatsApp or whatever is fine. Priority will be given to those who put some effort in, but I'll do my best to respond to whoever drops me a line.
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2023.06.09 19:29 Sad_Tale1957 my 'real' sister no longer exists

I'm not close to my sister at all, but I still care about her. It's sad to see what's happened to the person I've grown up with. Someone with her own unique personality, that is what I admired her for. But that person is now gone. She's now the most selfless and kindest person I know in my life at the cost of her personality being taken away and replaced with superficiality. And given how horrible this world is, I can only see it ending sadly. After all, the most selfless people suffer the most. I don't want to see other people take advantage of her. And I'm not even close enough to help her if something does happen. I know it's very selfish of me to think this, but I'm not okay with it. Unless this world was full of selfless people, I am not okay with it. But how could anyone else think differently if they were in my position? If you have someone close to you, it's only natural that you don't want to see them get hurt. But at the same time, you would agree with their selflessness. And selflessness always comes with a cost. So why did I put this here? Because my sister is someone I think about nearly every day, even though I don't talk to her and she probably hasn't thought about me since the last time we spoke (several months ago). I don't have anyone else in my life that I grew up with, so I can't help but think about this, right? And I hate myself for not being able to mend our relationship every day. I will never forgive myself, until the day I die. You might think, 'why do you think so much about someone who might not even care about you?,' and even I don't know the answer to that. If I could go back to the past, I would give myself a good beating and tell myself to treat my sister nicely. I was a troublemaker as a kid and fought a lot with my siblings. It's something I seriously regret to the point that it makes me suicidal because of how things have turned out. I'm alone now, and I fully deserve it, but sometimes I can't help but to think of how much it hurts.
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2023.06.09 19:28 One-Statistician-114 25 [M4A] fun in qc?

Anybody near Cubao area? Someone who can preferably host or may car sana. Description for you & me in my other posts! Trans guy here btw
Momol, sides or full on fun g. B for guys, Dom for girls. Can definitely promise good head for either. Hmu? See you!
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2023.06.09 19:28 kmap1221 My Drag and Drop Weekly Meal Planner

Not sure if this will be interesting or useful to anyone, but I made this document a while ago and recently shared it with a colleague who thought it was helpful. This system has helped me stay organized, plan for what foods I already have, and save money at the grocery store without eating the same meals over and over again. Since covid, my grocery bill has actually gone down significantly by becoming an "ingredient household". I spend between $70 and $100 a week on groceries (and toiletries) for two people in a HCOL area. I do have a Costco membership, but I rarely go and when I do, I buy paper towels, detergent, etc. I have bought eggs there as well, but that's only two times per year. I'll try to make a post in the near future about my grocery budget and how I keep it under $100 each week for two adults (one male one female). Anyway...
Here is the spreadsheet I use for my own household weekly meal planning. They are color-coded to indicate if they are vegan, vegetarian, have fish, or meat/dairy. They include all of the main ingredients and meal names. Some of the less intuitive recipes are hyperlinked to external recipes that I like. Many of my favorite spice combos are there. There is a section dedicated to what I typically have stocked in my kitchen. I am also slowly beginning to add to a sauces and marinades section. This is not a comprehensive look at what I eat, but it's the baseline.
How to use:
Sheet 1: Cabinet stock.
This sheet breaks down the items that are sometimes, often, and always in my kitchen. It breaks them up into the ways I stock and think about them. Those items are color-coded to indicate how frequently I use and purchase them. There is a checklist next to each item which can be used to indicate what you have or what you need.

Sheet 2: Meal Plan.
I am not a vegan, but my diet is plant-based. In here, I have the name of the dish (some of which are hyperlinked to external sites with recipes that I like to loosely follow). Next to the dish name are the ingredients. These are the main ingredients, but not everything. Items that may not be listed: olive oil, salt and pepper, other seasonings, marinades, etc. Again, this is not a comprehensive recipe but rather a guideline to base your meals off. Each dish is color coded to the corresponding dietary base. For example, yellow for vegan, green for vegetarian, blue for seafood, and red for meat and/or dairy. Obviously you know your own dietary restrictions, but I find this helpful to get an idea of what your diet is really comprised of. For me, this helped me realize that I eat mostly plant-based (completely by accident). Are you eating more meat than you really want to? Do you want to be a vegetarian or vegan but think it would be too hard to start? By tracking your meal bases, you can get an idea of where to make adjustments if desired.

Sheet 3: Marinades & Dressings
This is a new sheet. I don't really use this because I just sort of store this in my head and pull from it as I go. If I want salmon tonight and I have cauliflower, I could take that a number of directions: Asian style soy-based sauce, garlic and herb forward, Middle Eastern, Latin, etc. I'm the kind of home cook with a ton of spices and tend to just get inspired once I pick the main ingredients, but I think it would be good to have it organized. Keep posted for more on this sheet.

Sheet 4: Notes?
This is sort of a catch-all page. Sometimes, I learn something while making a meal that I want to log for later. For example, a fun rice recipe that I think goes well for burrito bowls. This is the place to leave yourself tips! I might delete this sheet in the future because I don't use it much, but I am trying to.

Sheet 5: Spices!
Spice combos! This is just a picture I found online with a few easy seasoning combinations to make at home. Today, I have a ton of spices, but I didn't always. It can be a huge money saver to learn how to combine spices you already have rather than buy premixed spice blends.

That's it! This document is a work in progress (and it wasn't made for anyone's eyes but my own) so bear with me! Please feel free to copy this document to your google drive and make edits and suggestions so that I can make it more helpful and user-friendly. I will continue to use and update this document so check back for more additions that I will include in additional dated sheets. Hope this helps someone! If there are any questions at all, please let me know and I'll try to answer!
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2023.06.09 19:28 SpaceGirlKae Breast implants after 3 revisions, and problems with dropping

I have been having a long time issue, and I'm beginning to feel hopeless. I originally had breast augmentation done back in 2018 (350cc under the muscle silicone implants). Over the first 6 - 18 months, I noticed originally the my right breast never fully dropped. Upon bringing up my concerns to my surgeon, he mentioned he keep giving it time. Eventually at 18 months be had me schedule another followup.
He ruled that although I had some normal scar tissue at the incision under the breast, he ultimately ruled out capsular contracture. He offered a revision as an option, and part of the process he asked if I wanted to try to see if I would have better luck having the implants over the pectoral muscles. After considering it, realizing that the end result my make the implant look slightly less real, I decided to try and scheduled a revision for another couple of months after that.
The first revision came and went, and it was different, but it wasnt as noticeable. However, he mentioned he opened up the pocket a little more and cleaned up the scar tissue, etc. After the first 6 to 12 months, I began to notice the same issue: my right breast wasn't dropping leaving almost an inch difference between nipple height between my breasts. I had been discouraged and tried not to think about it, doing everything from compression bands to massages for more than a year after the revision and not much success.
Another year or so came and went and no change, however , my quality of life improved through a promotion at work, I began looking into other clinics, doing even more extensive research into reputable doctorsabd having many consultations again for a second revision explaining the problems I've been having. Settled on a highly reputable surgeon, we agrees to go bigger under the assumption that it may help the dropping aspect and would align better with my underbust size (36"). Scheduled the 2nd revision in 2022, went back under the pectorals with 550ccs. Lo and behold as more time waiting went, continued to have the same problem after 12 months. Surgeon didn't quite know and attributed to maybe inelastic of my skin or even the tightness of my pectorals (I was an avid rock climber in my early to mid 20s (I'm 34 now).
So he offered another revision under a warranty for his service which I had taken him up on set for this year, and I had my third revision early May. Granted it's only been a month, but I already feel that I'm having the same problem again. Every time my surgeons say they widen the pocket, clean out scar tissue, etc, and I can't assume this is simply coincidence? Could there be another underlying factor? Surely the surgeons having to widen the pockets can't be a normal thing? I know I haven't given it enough time yet this go around and I am afraid I will just have to live with the fact that my right breast will ever refuse to fully drop. And every surgery carries additional risk of implications, infections, and according to some studies may make me more prone to capsular contracture in the long term. I just feel defeated and trying to reconcile the severe asymmetry after paying lots of money to have this done.
Does anyone else have any experience or some other method I can use that may help the dropping of my right implant?
TLDR; over the span of 5 and half years, having had BA and a later revision with one surgeon, and my right breast never dropped and settled. Had 2 more revisions with another clinic, and encountering same issue. Don't know why or what is causing it after both surgeons ruling out capsular contracture and feeling defeated and let down
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2023.06.09 19:28 HawkspilotLoad Part 141 + Own Hours

Currently at a 141 right now working on instrument. After I get through my CFI and CFII, I plan to instruct at my university because the airline pipeline program requires me to instruct here. The question I have is, can I rent out my own plane at a near flight school or when I am back home on break to get to my 1000 hours faster? I know the rATP mins require 250 PIC time, 200 night time, and 200 XC time. After I get my commercial, can I rack up my own hours in a rented plane while also working as a CFI so I can get to the 1000 faster, or does being at a 141 not allow you to get your own hours to count towards the 1000?
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2023.06.09 19:28 Wise_Finish5859 Valvoline instant oil change potential fail

So on 5-12-23 I took our (my live in partner and I) car to Valvoline for a premium oil change. The car is a 2018 with 82,000 miles. The oil change seemed to go well until about 6-7-23 approx 3 weeks later my change oil immediately error light came on so of course I pull over and try to see whats wrong.
The car is leaking oil. Not a ton its only a few drops at a time but its probably been steadily doing this for the entire 3 weeks and we just didn't notice because we don't have a driveway and have to park in different spots around the neighborhood everyday depending on availability. I'm not expert but I don't think the oil pan is cracked. The one weird thing I have noticed is the car seemed to be going through gas more than usual but I thought maybe it was just the increasing gas prices that made it seem that way in my head.So now the car is parked in a random culdesac an not safe to drive, there is technically oil in in but way less than anyone should consider driving with.
I called valvoline and at first spoke to an assistant manager who was super helpful and even offered to drive some oil out to us so the car can make it back to the shop and can be repaired by them at no cost. When I went to return his call the next day I spoke to who I assume is the manager and he was very rude and unhelpful, obviously not wanting to deal with it.I hungup and called Valvoline corporate who now is doing and investigation and will get back to me within 2 business days (Todays a Friday) so meanwhile I have no car which 2 people rely on for income and just normal errands we're ordering food off Ubereats which is something I never do I'd rather just go get it myself than pay a premium fee.
Is it unreasonable to think that Valvoline should pay all expenses including tow to fix my car? Should I just pay for all of this now and sue valvoline later? Do you think the damage could go deeper into the engine since the car drove with dangerously low oil levels?
Thankyou for your time and advice.

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2023.06.09 19:27 Evandogibb Unpopular opinion: hardstyle has become too focused on kicks

Listening since around 2005. Always loved hardstyle because of the energy, the unbeatable melodies, the mood it creates, the sound design, the slow evolution of kicks over the years that defined the genre, the atmosphere at events, the party people that attend, the crowd reactions and general unity/family feeling that was unmatched at any other type of event. I like all forms of hard dance and electronic music in general but harsdstyle wins every time. For the first time in my hardstyle life, I feel a little lost with the scene. We have slowly gotten rid of other hard genres from Defqon like hard trance (orange) and jumpstyle (brown) as examples. I always felt that these were great additions at hard dance festivals as it provided variety and made sure that all spectrums of the harder styles were covered. Throughout the years there has always been this ideology of 'going back to the roots' but this has disappeared almost entirely imo. The best event I ever attended was Dediqated in 2020 which is not so long ago but I can't help but feel that since Covid there has been a huge push to get rid of the melodies and overload the scene with more and more distorted kicks which often times are more noisy/loud than actually hard. They seem to be designed to get a momentary 'oooh' reaction from the crowd instead of taking them on an actual journey throughout a set. This and fake drops have made me feel that a lot of the things I mention above that initially made me fall in love with hardstyle are no longer there. Yes we have classic events/stages that I am thankful for but the production quality is definitely lacking with them. Yes we have euphoric but in my opinion, euphoric has gotten very cheesy much like what happened with hardcore in the happy hardcore era and this has actually increased the gap between regular hardstyle and xtra raw even further. I don't know what this post is about but guess I just wanted to rant a little and see if I am not the only one feeling a little stranded with the scene. It saddens me that the scene has changed so much so fast. Its worth nothing that I have kept up with and for the most part appreciated every change in the scene in the last 18 years but it just feels a little too much in the last year or 2 and puts me off going to modern day hardstyle events. Is this relatable for anyone?
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2023.06.09 19:27 Kyle-SB Will QuinnXCII play this song??

Another day in Paradise!
Me and my brother came across this song years back and we’ve recently discovered he was coming to Glasgow where we are from. We got pretty hyped as we loved the track and been listening to alot more of his music recently.
Are there any fans that know if he will play this track or not? Like is it a popular song amongst the fanbase and in his usual setlist? I can tell he has alot of bangers so I’d understand if not but we are proper hoping he drops it for us in July!!!
Thank you, we’re buzzing!
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2023.06.09 19:27 CompetitiveWord24 I broke up with my boyfriend...

Came here on reddit to vent out...
Today i broke up with my boyfriend or to be more precise i was forced to break up with him. Why you may think. Answer: he was from a lower caste than i am. Here in India, people are more invested in other persons life than their own. Such is the situation in my case. Some 'well wisher' called my dad and told him that he saw me and my boyfriend(who is now my ex...) near a temple where we went for my birthday to seek blessings.
Long story short, my parents gave me no choice but to choose them or him. It isnt as simple as one might think. I was given the choice to either leave my home and never come back and consider them to be not even show up when they die...or leave him. I had to choose my parents.
i am the only kid to my parents and they have dedicated their life towards me. But they have been so blinded by the societal norms and so called high class and low class mentality that they have decided that my relationship is doomed and that my guy would never rise above his background.
So here i am, feeling numb to the core and completely heartbroken because apparently we shouldn't get involved with a guy from lower caste and class. And if i do my parents would disown me and consider me dead.
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2023.06.09 19:27 ThrowRAllygutter I (25M) went through my (27F) gf’s phone and I broke their trust.

Looking for advice. Long story, buckle up. For backstory, we have been in a long distance relationship for over three years with no problems. We both have been struggling with anxiety and depression and both have been recently prescribed medication for said problems.
I started suspecting something was going on when my gf posted a Spotify playlist that she described as her “lesbian sex playlist” which was innocent enough, but somebody liked it and I got a gut feeling. I talked to her about it and she said it was just a compilation of songs inspired from her sexual experiences in the past and that if I wanted it taken down she would, I brushed it off. After that she wanted some space and explained it as her avoidant attachment style needing independence. Not a break or anything, just less texting and neediness on my end. It was hard on me due to my insecurities and anxious attachment style, but I really did the work and started seeing a therapist for my inner insecurities. We started to get into tough times as we were trying to navigate our attachment styles.
We started getting better and she started going out to meet with school friends and parties, which I encouraged since she doesn’t get out much. We still had great communication and she would let me know when she would be going out and meeting friend groups and the like. I was jealous because I felt pushed away, but I knew that she needed her own time to make friends. She was appreciative although she could sense my insecurity and started addressing it. All the time assuring me that she only wants to move in with me soon after school ends and that a stranger wouldn’t get between us. I always felt shitty for putting her in the position of a therapist, constantly having to validate my bad feelings. So I continued to brush it off as me not having a grip on my emotions and that I was the one who was stirring up trouble.
When we were together on a trip recently, I noticed she started getting more notifications, which I thought was normal since she just started going out after her medication helped her deal with her depression and anxiety. She was more physically interested in me, which I attributed to the medication. She then started turning her phone over which is a behavior she would normally never do. With all three of these things swirling around in my head I decided to go behind her back and check her phone. It wasn’t the right thing to do but I did it anyways, I guess if you look around for shit you’re bound to get hurt. I found almost nothing, except for two things. She was very friendly to a guy that goes to her school, and I felt off put by that. Second a month old received message on Snapchat from a guy she used to sext.
When she woke up I told her I looked through her phone, and her reaction shocked me. She started asking why I didn’t just ask her to go through it together and that she understood that it was my anxiety. She asked what she did to make me want to do that since we pride ourselves on our communication and I stated that she had been flipping her phone over and she was more physical with me when that hasn’t been the case in a long time. She told me she was turning over her phone because she had a lot of assignments she was behind on and didn’t want to be reminded of school when she wanted to have fun with me. She said she was being physical because she felt safe but due to my behavior it seemed like I was projecting and she was now second guessing if she should be physical with me at all if I felt that way. The message she sent to the old hookup was a happy birthday message that she remembers because it’s close to her dads birthday, that he has a gf, and that she told me when we started dating that she broke off the sexting once we started dating. The timeline backed that up. The guy from school apparently was a bigot and she recently found out, leading her to not talk to him anymore, which was why he was dming her and she wasn’t responding, not because she was just around me. She asked multiple times if I wanted to go through her phone with her but I declined, learning my lesion feeling fucking awful. She consoled me which I found odd when I betrayed her trust.
After she got home, she told me how she really felt. Betrayed and hurt that I would act on my insecurities in that way. She kept asking what she had done to prompt this behavior and why I thought that she would do something like that when all she wants to do is to start a life with me. She said she can’t handle a relationship if it means she’s under a microscope, fearing that I’ll accuse her in the future. Which I understand. Her trust was broken and I am holding my breath for the other shoe to drop, convinced that she is going to break it off. Ever since then she has been more reactive in sending me texts throughout the day and affectionately texting me as well. I don’t know what to to do from here. How do I let go of this jealously? I have never been this way before and I just can’t handle how much I think about it all. All she does is reassure me and I’m tired of feeling insecure.
TLDR; My gfs behavior and phone habits changed and I jumped to conclusions and looked through her phone, looking for advice to get my confidence back and rebuild our trust.
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2023.06.09 19:27 Firm1_2345 guys when i try to login to warframe site and i click to login through my nintendo account the page loads but stays on login screen. idk if i do something wrong anyway its not working. (It would then suit me to be able to recover my drops by linking my account with twitch)

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2023.06.09 19:27 justsomedude1111 Occurrences, the law, and the importance of getting a Dr's note

There's a lot of grey area surrounding this topic, so I wanted to provide some insight on how occurrences are categorized, what your rights are under the law, and how medical documentation, or Dr's notes, come into play under the statues of Texas Employment law.
First, occurrences are categorized by your manager based on the reason. When they acknowledge the occurrence there's a drop down menu they use to label the occurrence. Examples are: Tardy, Left Early, Call Out-No Doctor's Note, Call-Out with Doctor's Note and Call-Out Consecutive. This acknowledgement determines your steps and flags HR to communicate that medical documentation is involved in the occurrence.
Texas law allows for termination of employment due to absenteeism for medical reasons. However, you are still entitled to unemployment pay if your medical problems are beyond your control. Employers will not contest your right to receive unemployment benefits, they will however ask that their tax account not be charged for your unemployment pay. They will not try to present your termination as a performance issue if you are terminated due to medical reasons.
In extreme cases where time off is required for medical reasons (whether they be personal or due to a family member) H-E-B participates in the FMLA program, which protects your job while you tend to your medical leave. You have to be employed for one calendar year and have worked 1250hrs total during that time. If approved, you are given 400hrs of unpaid leave every 12 months to be used continually if on short or long term disability, or as intermittent use if you have a health condition that keeps you out of work from time to time.
In order to protect themselves from liability and paying unemployment, H-E-B uses the occurrences flagged as Call Out-with Doctor's Note as a write off when a partner hits their 8th step. In the majority of cases HR evaluates the file and if the partner has occurrences with Drs notes attached, HR approves dismissal claims or overrides termination claims from the Unit Director. If they feel there's any chance at all that the company's assets are in jeopardy due to unemployment lawsuits, partners will have some, if not all, of their medically documented steps removed. The reason is that in an unemployment hearing, a judge will not recognize absences with Drs notes attached. The employer must then justify termination as an attendance issue and cannot justify their case as a performance issue.
The occurrences that will give H-E-B justifiable reason for termination are Tardy, Left Early and Call Out-No Doctor's Note. That said, H-E-B will work with partners on their steps if you're experiencing hardships that are affecting your attendance. It's important to speak with someone such as your manager, store leadership or your admin if there are difficulties you're facing in your personal life. Never suffer in silence. If you don't feel comfortable talking with anyone in your store, Partner Guidance is always available with licensed professionals and a strict privacy policy. Their number is 1-888-327-4432. All calls are confidential under HIPPA law.
The remaining factor in the equation is the cost of seeing a doctor. The fact of the matter is that H-E-B knows that not everyone has medical insurance or can afford a doctor bill. In the event that you cannot get medical documentation for your absence, call Partner Services at 1-800-597-0653 and ask to speak to someone in Human Resources. Explain that you had to miss work due to medical reasons (either your own or a child/family member) and you don't have medical insurance or cannot afford to see a doctor. H-E-B has programs in place that can assist partners with financial aid, such as a pay advance or a one time only financial assistance payout. Ask if you qualify for any of these programs and connect with your Unit Director for approval so you can get medical assistance.
While the Attendance and Punctuality system at H-E-B is meant to track patterns, behaviors and justify disciplinary action, it is not something to be feared. It is not, under the law, a means of gauging performance. It's a very simple tracking system that is not set in stone by any means. Providing a Drs note for your occurrences (and keeping copies for yourself) is a way to protect yourself from termination in most cases, and as a way of justifying unemployment benefits if you're terminated due to A & P. Also, connecting with HR when you're unable to see a doctor adds notes to your file, and while that in itself is not considered medical documentation, it's something that's considered before they turn your file over to a judge for review. If you communicated the inability to pay for medical care and asked for financial assistance, a judge will take that into consideration.
I hope this clears some things up, and if you have any questions feel free to chime in or msg me anytime.
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