Used golf cart for sale by owner


2020.06.10 23:33 Another_Question4u ForSaleByOwnerFSBO

Home sellers and buyers asking questions, sharing best practices, lessons learned, where to get help when they buy or sell residential real estate without the help of a broker or agent. For Sale By Owner Home Sales in the fsbo realty market. Ask diy home selling buying questions about purchase agreements, disclosures, real estate contracts, closing, escrow, appraisals, inspections, moving, negotiation, mortgage loans, and getting house keys. Sell homes Do It Yourself without a Realtor.

2012.04.27 20:56 iPodAddict181 Volkswagen GTI

/GolfGTI is a place for GTI enthusiasts to discuss and share information related to the best car that can be had for less than $40K. We entertain beauty shots and thrive on discussing mods, whether purely cosmetic, functional, or both. We welcome discussion of all things GTI.

2011.06.25 02:43 emptyvoices Golf Classifieds - Buy & Sell Golf Equipment


2023.06.09 19:21 AutoModerator [] ✔️Rachel Rofe – Mini Income Streams ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 19:20 i_enjoy_silence What to charge for press event (uk)

Well I'm a wedding photographer but one of my regulars has asked if I can do a press/media job (3 hrs or so) of an opening event with some UK politicians present. I'm expecting my images will be used at the very least by the company for self promotion.
I have no idea how to price myself. Easily 2 hrs travel each way.
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2023.06.09 19:19 thewesternbloc LPs: what are your predictions/hopes/expectations for the outcome of the internal/external pay studies and CBA negotiations with Treasury Board?

Although we got a high-level update from the AJC yesterday, I’m guessing it will be another long while before we get any substantial news on either the pay study or CBA negotiations. In lieu of any further news for a while I thought I’d start a discussion here to see what hopes, expectations and predictions other LPs might have for both processes.
It’s obviously not realistic to expect compensation comparable to big law salaries, but as an LP-02 at step 1 ($120.5k) seeing my friends in the same year of call at national firms earning $200k before bonuses, the thought of exploring a possible switch to private has definitely crossed my mind. Though I acknowledge that’s easier said than done, I have much more litigation experience at this point in my career than the vast majority of my graduating class. The difference in the number of hours I am working in a given week is steadily increasing to the point that the expected trade off in work-life balance/compensation between public and private isn’t what it used to be, at least in my experience at as a litigator. That said, the significant factor of our DB pension needs to be factored into any comparison as well.
For comparator on the public side, it appears that Ontario MAG/SOLGEN counsel are paid higher across the board. My understanding from speaking with a MAG lawyer I recently worked with is that they don’t need to be promoted out of classifications like we do, so they get yearly lock-step increases between what appears based on my quick and dirty research to be min/max salaries of $93k and ~$230k respectively (the min figure may or may not be accurate as it's from a forum post, and I got the max figure from the Ontario public salary disclosure page by searching “crown counsel” and looking at names employed by “Attorney General”). For reference, LP-01s earn between 85 and 113k. Most Justice counsel don’t progress past LP-02, which ranges between $120k - $160k for counsel outside of Toronto.
I’m hopeful that these gaps will be borne out in the pay studies, which according to the AJC “provides the greatest opportunity for potential gains” in comparison to CBA negotiations. Interestingly, yesterday’s AJC update says that without-prejudice negotiations with TB are underway on sorting out market adjustment without the need to complete the pay studies. AJC wants the market adjustment sorted out before they start substantive CBA negotiations so that any CBA increases would be calculated from where we end up after a market adjustment. As any adjustment will be retroactive to May 2018, it has the potential to be a big global number..
Let’s hear your thoughts, hopes, predictions etc.!
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2023.06.09 19:19 OnlineDandy M24 F23 am I overthinking?

relationships and relationshipadvice won’t let me post this there because I’m asking non-“yes or no” questions:
Am I (24M) overthinking about the coworker (23F) I’m talking to?
I’m in a bit of a confusing situation right now. I see three possibilities that could be at play here.
  1. She’s into me but is shy/introverted (I’m obviously hoping this is the case)
  2. She’s uninterested but doesn’t want to hurt my feelings
  3. She has not yet made a decision
I can’t tell which one is happening, so I guess I’ll start from the beginning:
I met her (I’ll call her “A” for anymonimitiny or however you spell that word) at work, and would talk to her sometimes. At some pointed I asked if she was doing anything during the weekend and wanted to hang. She gave me her number, and I began texting her.
The next day, A and her friend come invite me to go dancing with them. I accept, but I’m weirdly nervous so I keep a straight face, which came off as weird to her friend.
A few minutes later, A comes back alone to talk to me some more. At some point she says “My friend thinks you don’t like me.”
I obviously deny that, but it has me thinking that she’s at least sort of into me if she’s telling me this. She must be trying to gauge if I do like her or not, right?
Anyways, that weekend we go dancing, and admittedly it’s awkward as fuck cause I’m just nervous the whole time. Still, she agrees to go bowling with me and some of my friends the next day.
We text afterwards, she said she had fun and had me let her know when I got home safe. The next weekend, I asked her out, specifically using the word “date” this time. She doesn’t accept or decline, but says she might have to do something else that day.
A couple days later I ask again but for a different day. She accepts at first, but then says she’s sick and asks to reschedule.
During the work week I make some food and ask if she wants to try some. I end up leaving her some in a container in the break room. Little did I know though, I accidentally undercooked the meat like a dumbass and got her sick again.
She tries to avoid telling me cause she doesn’t want me to feel bad, but I end up putting 2 and 2 together.
Later that week she brings some of her own food to let me try. It’s not a disaster like mine. I saw this as a sign she was at least sort of into me but I can’t say for sure.
When the next weekend comes around, I ask if she wants to join me and my friends (other coworkers) for some sorta get together (I forgot what it was). She apologizes, saying she wants to keep her distance cause people keep spreading rumors that she’s talking to multiple guys at once.
I misinterpreted this as her saying she wanted to distance herself from me, so I figured she just wasn’t interested and stopped messaging her. I mention this to a friend of mine when he asks if I’m still talking to her, and a few days later I get a text from her saying she meant that she wanted to distance herself from the other coworkers, rather than myself, and that she thinks I’m “a great person”.
In that same conversation she also wanted to make it clear that she’s not talking to anyone else aside from platonically (not that it would bother me if she was, I’m not controlling).
I see that as a pretty big indicator that she likes me at least a little bit, but I’m biased since I’m hoping this is the case.
However, the next few times I asked her out she would often cancel at the last minute for different reasons each time. This ends up becoming kind of a pattern, but an inconsistent one. She won’t use the same reasoning every time, and occasionally we actually will hang out. However, it’s always in a group setting.
I also noticed she’s more reluctant to talk to me in the workplace than everyone else (she talks to absolutely everyone, which makes it noticeable if she actively avoids someone).
Normally I’d take the hint and move on, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that we had some kinda connection. So I asked myself, what are other possible reasons besides her being uninterested that could explain everything? Maybe it’s just weird for her or this kinda thing makes her as anxious as it makes me?
I ended up asking her if she had anxiety, which she confirmed. She seemed to know why I was asking though, which made her feel bad (not my intention).
Shortly after that conversation, she asks if I want to do something with her and promises to show up “this time”. We end up going to the park, and I think it went pretty well. While walking together she brought up rumors people had about her sleeping with other coworkers, and wanted me to know they weren’t true. By the time we left she expressed interest in hanging out again that seemed pretty genuine, but I’m not psychic.
After that though, my stupidass started overthinking again to the point where I barely texted her during this week. When I did, she either wouldn’t respond or gave short responses (which isn’t too unusual now that I think about it).
We’re both kinda quiet people (I’m a lot worse about it) and she’s mentioned being very introverted. I don’t have much experience with introverts so maybe this is just how it is with them at first, but I really don’t wanna fuck this up.
I have a two week long work trip coming up where I’ll be pretty busy the whole time. I’m thinking the move now is to pull back for a little bit, then reconnect when I get back with hopefully a clearer head.
She’s very hard to read sometimes, but she’s extremely kind to everyone around her. I feel like she has a kind of indiscriminate love for everyone, if that makes sense?
But what do you guys think? I could use an unbiased perspective. Am I being delulu or are there signs here that she does see me as a potential partner?
Tl;Dr: I think my coworker might be interested in me but I can’t tell
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2023.06.09 19:19 StartingMyJourney123 What More Can I Be Doing

Hey All,
I'm using a throwaway because I don't want to embarrass my partner further by putting out to every casual acquaintance what I've done to her, but I wanted to post here. I'm really grateful that this community and resource exists.
I betrayed my partner. It's the single worst thing I've ever done in my life. We're at a week past D Day now, and it's by far been the most painful, awful week of my life. I disclosed everything about my 6 week affair, full transparency, and watched as the impact of that basically dissolved the most important part of my life. I can't believe how much I hurt her, I can't believe how fucking stupid I was. It's an ugly, cowardly, selfish side of me that I'd never really acknowledged or believed existed. I thought I was better than this. I wasn't.
She is currently willing to work with me on reconciliation and healing. I'm insanely grateful for that, I feel like I would give or do anything to fix this. I know this is going to be a really long road, but I want to walk it. And this sub is going to help, I think. We had another fight last night, or rather, I asked an extremely stupid question about if it was ok for me to talk with a new neighbor of mine as a friend (answer is obviously no, especially a week from D Day), which brought all the trauma back to the surface, and she unloaded all of her hurt and pain and anger on me again. We don't live together and she doesn't want to see me right now, our main means of communication is text messaging. During that fight she said that it wasn't her responsibility to be my relationship moral compass, that wasn't being a partner it was making her do all the work. She says that she feels like if she chooses to work on this with me she's choosing to micromanage the relationship and put in all the emotional work, and setting herself up to be hurt again. Which, that is more than fair. That's why I'm grateful for this community. I can read through what people are thinking and feeling rather than expect her to tell me everything she needs. I bought a few of the books on the list and am slowly reading them. I'm probably going to read all of them before it's through. I've also signed up for therapy with a counselor who specializes in helping couples get through infidelity. My BP has a lot of other stuff and commitments in her life right now (she was a few kids that aren't mine). She said that she'd be maybe willing to do couple's therapy with me, but not right now while she has so much else going on.
I guess my question is, what more can I be doing? I want so desperately to fix this, to help her hurt less and support her, and I don't know how. It feels like I can never do enough, and that the things I could do will just hurt her more or push her away. What are things your WPs did that helped you feel in some way more secure, or loved, or anything remotely positive. WPs that have made progress, how did you approach things or discuss things in ways that didn't re hurt or retraumatize your partner?
Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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2023.06.09 19:19 AgentP-501_212 Did anyone else start taking it slow and then became more goal-driven by the end?

I was a man on a mission by the end unphased by all the game had to throw at me because I became used to it and was eager to catch all the fish, fully upgrade my boat and see how this game ends.
I think this was meant to be a relaxing game despite the mystery but I was playing it like it was Call of Duty or something. Whether or not I was getting subconsciously bored and wanted to get it over with, I can't say. But I was going back to it an hour or two later even after calling it quits for the day, deciding it was just a break because I knew I was close and wanted to finish.
I don't think I'll ever play this game again unless they add worthwhile stuff because this game felt like a one and done experience.
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2023.06.09 19:19 LordRocker Help with mATX Build & Top Mounted 240 AIO

Hi folks,
I'm in love with this build: PCPartPicker Part List
Here you'll find the photos. I'm a bit worried by the ram clearance. I was thinking about using Fury Beast (41mm instead of 44 aof the Trident z) but the Ram would still be behind the radiator and the hose will still be pretty close to the rear Fan. Can this cause any issue? It would be my first build and I'm afraid of the radiator overheating and eventually damaging the RAM.
Gear seeker has the same build for this case, here you'll find the the moment in which he puts the AIO and you'll see how the RAM fit
Would it be better to build it ATX instead to have more space and to be safe? (meshify 2 compact instead of mini)
Really appreciate your comments! If you will share builds or any other recommendation please take into account that I'm in Ireland so I have Amazon UK Prices. Thank you!!
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600 3.5 GHz 6-Core Processor Purchased For $123.52
CPU Cooler Fractal Design Lumen S24 RGB 56 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Purchased For $152.24
Motherboard ASRock B550M Steel Legend Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard Purchased For $123.52
Memory G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory Purchased For $95.08
Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive Purchased For $102.35
Video Card NVIDIA Founders Edition GeForce RTX 3080 10GB 10 GB Video Card $615.98
Case Fractal Design Meshify 2 Mini MicroATX Mid Tower Case Purchased For $123.52
Power Supply Super Flower Leadex V Gold Pro 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply Purchased For $163.11
Case Fan Fractal Design Aspect 12 RGB PWM 56 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack Purchased For $70.68
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total £0.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-09 18:12 BST+0100
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2023.06.09 19:19 Theroonco Possible Press Release for Persona 5 Tactica (translated from German)

The Phantom Thieves have returned for a new mission! On a seemingly normal day at Café Leblanc, our heroes are suddenly transported to another world of war and oppression. They join forces with the leader of the rebel corps to lead the coup and free themselves from tyrannical rule. Spark a revolution, traverse the kingdoms and discover the truth behind this mysterious world.
Inspire Uprising
Learn more about the Phantom Thieves’ latest journey, set between the events of the “Persona 5” series. New faces also join you as you raise the flag of revolution in this emotional story.
Dynamic Strategy
Control your units across grid-based levels to advantageous positionent. Use special attacks, such as Summon Persona and Powerful Attacks, to lead your team to victory.
Unmistakable Style
Battle your way through kingdoms inspired by three historical revolutions depicted in the popular, eye-catching design of the acclaimed Persona series with its cartoon style.
Rich in content
Choose your path to freedom with 10 playable characters and over 230 demons to fuse and equip. A fresh look at the Persona series that is easy to play yet challenging.)
"10 playable characters" doesn't sound good for those not on the boxart since we're missing 3/4 people so far.
On a lighter note, what do you think the third revolution will be? We have the French one, probably one with Nobunaga and... well, I guess it won't include anything from China since it'd immediately get banned there, but are there any other famous revolutions in an era equally distant from both of those?
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2023.06.09 19:19 saucewafflescarbon Chegg St Coupon Code

Click the link for Chegg St Coupon Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.09 19:19 Fake-Chef Buy or build planer stand?

Awhile back I purchased a used DeWalt 734 planer and I want to get it off the ground. I’ve sketched up some ideas for a stand but I’m also considering just buying the one DeWalt sells to save time. The disadvantage to this approach for me is lack customization potential. Some of my stand ideas involve extension wings for in-feed-out-feed support. Do these make a significant difference in performance? I hate snipe but I also know you can more or less account for it in your cuts and minimize it by tuning the machine.
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2023.06.09 19:19 AutoModerator [] ✔️Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales ✔️ Full Course Download

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These 21 shortcuts will help you double or even triple your chances of getting a reply from a potential client and even landing a new one.
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2023.06.09 19:19 airr-conditioning i worry i’ll never be free from my sh addiction.

it’s been something i’ve struggled with since i was 12 and now i’m 20. i managed to get clean for about four months when i was 16 (and not even really by choice, my parents caught me and made me throw out everything i was using) but then i relapsed and it’s been so hard to find the motivation to keep trying ever since. i’m actually doing really well right now. i decided to start seriously trying to get clean again after i was caught by my roommate last fall, and though it took me until march to work up the nerve to throw out my main tool, i did it. i still had other tools i used (and once, and i’m really ashamed to admit this, i stole something from a very close friend and used that) but even those i haven’t used in five weeks. this is huge for me. i’ve only had a month-long clean streak a few times in the eight years i’ve had this problem. but i still feel the urges nearly every day. even if it’s not a particularly bad day, i just want all the feelings that come with the act of doing it. some of my older scars are starting to fade and it stresses me out. i don’t even trust myself to buy a fucking pencil sharpener because i’m worried that just having something that sharp in the house will tempt me into relapsing. i don’t want my family to worry. i don’t want more of my friends to catch me. i don’t want my girlfriend to have to see any more new scars. i have so many external reasons to stop, but i know at the end of the day, i have to want to stop for myself, and i just…don’t.
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2023.06.09 19:19 Environmental_End_16 Introducing SOLARA: A Game-Changer in the Audio World, Powered by the Sun

Hello Fellow Audiophiles,
I'm thrilled to introduce you to SolAudio, a groundbreaking startup that's poised to revolutionize the audio technology landscape. Our vision? To liberate listeners from the shackles of charging cables, battery replacements, and restricted playtime.
Enter SOLARA, our flagship product. Named after 'Solaris', the Latin word for 'of the sun', SOLARA is the world's first solar-powered headphone. No charging, no cables, just endless, superior sound quality.
Why SOLARA? Let me throw some light:
Sun-Powered Audio: Harnessing the sun's energy, SOLARA can recharge under bright light conditions with up to 0.5A charging capacity.
All-Light Performer: Low light? No problem! SOLARA operates on net positive power, even in the faintest of light.
Power Bank in Disguise: Equipped with a 4000mAh battery, SOLARA can also fuel your other devices on the go.
Comfort Meets Style: With a low clamp force design, SOLARA promises comfortable, prolonged use without compromising aesthetics.
Industry-Standard Features: Enjoy Active Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, a companion app, and much more.
Now, here's where we need your help. SOLARA is soon to debut on Indiegogo and we're offering early supporters an exclusive discount. By signing up now, you will secure a whopping 70% off the retail price when we launch.
Join us in our journey towards a wireless and sustainable audio experience. Sign up here\_soon/edit/a#/preview, and together, let's usher in an era of 'Audio Forever'.
Thank you for your time and support!
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2023.06.09 19:19 Runic_reader451 St. Paul to spend $20,000 on e-scooter tracking software that could be used for bike-sharing

From the Pioneer Press article by Fred Melo
Bike-sharing vendors haven’t rolled through St. Paul since 2018, when LimeBike briefly operated dockless bikes in the capital city. Neither LimeBike nor newly-defunct Twin Cities bike-share nonprofit Nice Ride Minnesota returned the following year.
That could still change. “Currently, the city is in conversation with vendors to explore bike sharing opportunities in St. Paul,” said St. Paul Public Works spokesperson Lisa Hiebert, in an email.
In what could be construed as a positive step forward for bike-sharing, the city council on Wednesday authorized Public Works to use $20,000 of the revenue from the electronic scooter program to purchase a software program that would allow city staff to better track and monitor the location and usage of scooters across the city. The software could be used for bike-sharing products in the future, Hiebert said.
If you do happen to spot a LimeBike around St. Paul, that’s not necessarily a sign that Lime has returned. It’s more likely a sign of an adventurous cyclist crossing over from Minneapolis, where the vendor still operates.
“St. Paul does not have a bike sharing program at this time,” Hiebert said. “There are however several Lime bikes that are making their way across the border. I think the geo-fencing programming might shut them down so they can’t go too far. They need to collect them and redeploy them in Minneapolis.”
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2023.06.09 19:18 CoolSaladMustDie Harassed by two girls for months

The story of why I'm being harassed is quite weird but I want to know what the legal ramifications of going to the police would be, how easy is it to get a restraining order and is it possible to deal with the police without them sending letters or visiting my house?
I used to work with a girl and we became good friends. She quit the job and we started hanging out and going on drives with her other friend. The main reason I started hanging out with them so much was because I recently at the time just went through a bit of a heart break and needed out of the house.
As time went on I did get a bit closer to her friend and while it didn't amount to anything we did start to like each other and kissed a couple times but that's it. After a while I started to get busy with college and needed to concentrate on that so I didn't go outside as much or text people as much, they took it personally and kept badgering me about it. I told them it wasn't personal and I just felt quite exhausted, especially since I was someone that rarely went outside before meeting them. I like my own space and after spending a few months with them every single day I just needed a break from socialising with anybody.
After like a month of me concentrating on my work and focusing on giving myself time to recharge they decided to blow it out of proportion and got mad at me, even though I had no hard feelings towards them. I fully intended to start hanging out with them again, once I had the time and energy. They kept arguing about it though and when I eventually did hang out with them again it wasn't the same and the one I worked with slapped me over a joke I made and broke expensive glasses that I had just bought.
I stopped hanging out with them and messaging them as much but then a few months later my car is randomly covered in eggs and flour, I ask if it was them (cause it couldn't be anyone else). They deny it and a week later it happens again, my car gets egged, so I go to one of their houses a couple days later to investigate their car in case they stupidly spilled an egg or flour onto their own car so I could get evidence. They actually see me, then drunkenly phone me the same night and left a voicemail admitting to the second egging.
Once my car was egged the second time I actually spent days sat outside in my car until 3am in fear they'd return and even resulted to parking my car in another street. I figured it was over though but I was wrong
This is where I mess up a lot... I debated the whole time about going to the police but knowing that all that will happen is the police will just say "stop" I decided to enact my own vengeance. I egged their car in return, in the same way, however I didn't even use my own car and made certain to leave no evidence.
I am then phoned 72 times during the night by them.
A month or two passes and all is fine but just a couple days ago they show up in my street where I park my car but luckily I caught them. I question why they're there and ask them to leave as they have no reason to be here. I drive my car out of my street and up the road a little bit to get it away from them, they then follow me and park right next to me, blocking traffic. I continue to ask them to leave me alone. I engage in dialogue and actually get them to admit on video that they done the first egging as well.
They were here for about 40 minutes and I was scared to leave my vehicle unattended so I decided to phone the police which scared them away. The police phoned me back saying they never had any cars available but they got a phone call from the two females involved after they left. (nothing has happened since in regards to the police call)
I took videos of them being in my street for 40 minutes and not leaving me alone, I have video and pictures of both eggings as well as the 72 calls and voicemail of them admitting to it.
There are other things that happened over the last few months that I suspect was them but I have no proof of it so I have just not bothered to mention it.
My question is did I screw myself over by egging them back? Can I still get a restraining order? They also seem psycho enough to throw false allegations which scares me... Luckily I am moving away for university in 3 months so they can't get to me anymore but I shouldn't feel like it's a bonus going to uni as I get to flee my own home because of them.
The main question is : What's the best course of action now?
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2023.06.09 19:18 Critical_Rain4951 Best fitness communities for women near the centre of Exeter?

Hi! I used to lift weights and train for events (like races and that kind of thing) with a fitness group, and I’m wondering if something like this exists in Exeter. Here’s the type of thing I’m aiming for:
I’m totally open to ideas, just looking to combine fitness with a fun social element as I’m new to the area. :) thanks!
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2023.06.09 19:18 0321Reddit ORV: "Your trailer is a recreational vehicle and not intended, nor manufactured, as a permanent residence" - are any?

lurker for a few months, disappointed in the options we have in 2023. we were supposed to have flying cars by now, and instead all i see are RV bathrooms with materials that are damaged by water...right by the shower and sink!
i figure FullTiming and GoRVing are my best bet, but i really can't find the 'perfect' travel trailer. these aren't crazy wants, but what i think most people would desire for recreation or residence. this was sparked by my Winnebago manual that says something like 'only intended for weekend trips and not full-time occupancy' and was further incensed by Outdoors RV manuals (supposedly ORV is a company that makes a 4-season travel trailer, yet they use the same lines) stating as the title of this thread shows, "Note: Your trailer is a recreational vehicle and not intended , nor manufactured, as a permanent residence." (from 2017 manual online)
  1. quality travel trailers should have insulation for summer and winter, with enclosed/heated tanks. i see Grand Design, ORV, Lance, inTech, BigFoot, ArcticFox, and Imperial Outdoors all have varying levels of insulation, but it seems only the $70,000-$155,000 campers are explicit about having ratings of -40F to 140F.
  2. full-timing should be an option, at the least. i know there are legal reasons why a manual would say 'don't live in this full-time' but that's wholly different than if the RV was designed to be capable. i really don't believe there is a difference between spending 2 full days in the winter inside a camper, and spending 365 days in nice weather. the problems of mold, humidity, CO2, CO, etc. are all going to be much worse for 2 days cooped-up in an ORV for a ski/ice-fishing trip than they will be for my lifestyle of being outside a lot, and going inside for sleep or when mosquitoes are around. what's the difference? legal reasons could be a disclaimer; ORV is specifically saying the trailer wasn't manufactured for fulltiming. are any campers/companies actually standing behind their product, other than the 156k ROAMER-1 by Imperial Outdoors/ROA? i'm not buying a 100k new trailer, and i don't have the skills to oversee a cargo trailer custom-built by a stranger with 12V A/C and solar.
  3. i see giant 5th wheels like Arctic Fox are insulated and seem to be closest to what should be the industry standard, but i want something 20-30 feet long because i want to actually be able to drive under bridges and get into national parks/forest land. i don't understand what i'm missing between the apparent choices of 200k RV that you can't take anywhere, and pop-ups by Conqueror that don't have insulation or dry baths. can anyone steer me in the right direction for something livable that actually has ground clearance, weight under 10k#, cost under $100k USD, real insulation, a dry bath (Laveo dry-flush toilet is fine if it has an actual private place for it), and a queen bed that 2 people can actually use? i'm open to Toy Haulers with the bed going up during the day, but it seems like all Toy Haulers even by inTech have 1,300# tongue weights and are massive/heavy/long and thus unable to actually go anywhere remote.
  4. and what's with the lack of solar prep, Starlink prep, etc.? really, only a handful of models are thinking about this, even post-COVID-lockdowns?
if anyone is working remotely with 2 humans and a dog, wanting a simple Queen bed and actual enclosed shower, with insulated tanks/lines, please let me know! i've been intrigued by the inTech Terra Rover, but it is only 3-season!! so weird. anyone else? the closest is the ROAMER-1 but i don't need a $156k moon lander that can siphon a creek for water filtration :P there's gotta be something in the middle that has full-time capability, right?
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2023.06.09 19:18 bluelifesacrifice Rights to Freedom, Security and Wealth

You can arm the entire population with guns and not see a change in governing or just see constant uprisings of crazy, ill informed, paranoid wealthy or influential people that overthrow whatever government that's around every 4 years leaving nothing but an unstable society ready to be controlled by others.
Anyone who wants to separate you from Freedom, Security and Wealth is your enemy.
To quote a man who died in 1532, just to get an idea of how long we've known better...
“For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”
― Sir Thomas More, Utopia
Today's society in the United States is pushing to keep people poor and in permanent debt. Gun rights won't save people from that because the people who are profiting from such behavior are convincing the masses it was their fault for falling into so much debt for one reason or another.
After the war against slavery in the States, the South created Neoslavery. A method of permanent debt with high costs of living and low wages for the slave owners who were also given money from the Federal Government to free them.
This wealth trap works. We see it today with healthcare, rising costs of living and student loans to keep the educated enslaved.
This is what we get when we empower businesses and ownership against workers and the people. It's why Fascism (An ideological government that uses companies to control the population) and Slavery are bad ideas.
The Founding Fathers were against corporatism and a federal reserve for these very reasons. They saw what the banks did to England and understood the dangers of letting corporations control society.
Today's Republican Party is against nearly everything the Founding Fathers stood for.
They wanted free speech but not slander.
Arm the people but with regulation through local militias and accountability.
Keep people free from federal agents on their land.
Safeguards people from harassment from the government.
A regulated process of law to protect the people from abusive leaders.
A fair trial by peers that can be chosen to be fast to avoid being personally hindered by legal issues from a legal system.
Right to trial by jury in civil disputes.
A regulated confinement of prisoners to guard against political leaders abuse.
Additional rights not listed in the constitution to be granted against abuse and fraud.
A way to reserve powers needed to the government, state or people in situations of need.
I'll say it. If the only part of the constitution you can say is the last part of the 2nd Amendment and ignore the first part, then try to warp the opinions and writings of the Constitutional authors to fit that bias, you're mistaken.
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2023.06.09 19:18 LilKarmaKitty Secateur review and PSA

Secateur review and PSA
This is somewhat of a public service announcement for new gardeners who might not know about the options out there for garden shears/pruners (fancy gardeners call them secateurs). For years i had used whatever the local home depot had on their shelves. The main brand they carry near me is fiskar. I’m not sure where i bought the flexrake brand. The quality of both fiskar and flexrake is poor (flexrake is VERY poor quality) and i was always frustrated having to buy a new one every year or two knowing i was spending money on junk. Then about a year ago i discovered the felco brand. The felco 2 specifically. Game changing. I absolutely don’t work for felco or have any financial conflicts of interest whatsoever, i just made this post out of appreciation for a product that is so good. The Felco 2 is amazing. it increases my enjoyment of gardening immensely. Its an example of something that is well thought out, well designed and does its job exactly as its supposed to. They cut better, stay sharper, don’t get the blade and bypass surface misaligned and are more comfortable. After a year they function much better than a fiskar pruner does brand new. In an age of planned obsolescence and decreasing quality, it drives me crazy spending my hard earned money on things that end up breaking or degrading soon after. Its very satisfying to find something that seems basically “buy it for life” and so vastly superior to the competition i was used to seeing. And Felco sells all replacement parts so you never have to chuck the whole thing and start over, you can buy a new blade or spring or whatever and easily repair it yourself. Felcos are expensive (70ish$), but i have no doubt in the end i will save money by not needing to replace them and over that time span will have a much better experience doing something i enjoy. I made this post after reflecting on how great the Felco 2’s held up over a year and wishing someone had told me about them sooner. Hopefully they will make someone else as happy with their performance as they did to me. Cheers and happy gardening!
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2023.06.09 19:18 reindeermuffinbeet Gorjana Banks Coin Necklace Discount Code

Click the link for Gorjana Banks Coin Necklace Discount Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.09 19:18 ta-blue-otter-cone Best way to request basic professionalism from boss

I have 20 years of experience in my field, a graduate degree, and several certifications. All of my experience includes hands-on technical work in my field and more than half of my experience includes leadership and management experience overseeing teams of 3 people up to 40 people and managing budgets of $10k up to $1M. I work now as a direct contributor on a very small team (3 team members including my boss) in a very large organization (over 100k employees). The work is highly technical knowledge work that has a lot of impact across the entire organization. All 3 of us have been with this organization for less than 3 years (my boss has been here for a little over 2 years, I've been here for 1 year, my peer on the team has been here for about 4 months). The team, and the concept of this particular team, are new to the organization (the team officially started when my boss started here). The team is in a department that has drastically grown and changed over the last 3 years (from about 10 people to almost 150, the department's responsibilities have gone from afterthought to integral to the organization). Because of the nature of the work, we often work independently of each other and in close contact with senior leaders, managers, and highly technical team members from other teams. Our department has two enterprise-level tools to track work assignments and tasks, however neither tools is used consistently by anyone in the department and most of the communication is via email or teams. Each team leader in our department is required to have weekly staff meetings for their team with an agenda, so my boss has linked a spreadsheet to the team meeting calendar invite and instructed my peer and me to add agenda items as we see fit. I added agenda items for clarifying processes, roles, responsibilities, and deliverables to the agenda, however we have not covered these items in previous meetings.
I generally enjoy the challenge and complexity and creativity required of the work when I know what is expected and who I need to work with, but I don't know what my boss expects from me, how I should expect him to assign or communicate work, or to whom my work should be delivered. I have asked for documentation, asked my boss to describe what he wants, asked him to send me notes or examples or templates, and have repeatedly prepared and proposed process, procedure, and standards documentation as well as templates and guidelines for deliverables. I've been repeatedly recognized for the quality and maturity of my work by other teams' leaders (for example, I was named during an all hands meeting for our entire department for my work on an urgent issue that resulted in 7-figure savings for the organization) however my boss has indicated that he is unhappy with my attitude and performance. Specifically, he said I am technically sound but my attitude is poor and I am demeaning to others and have been disrespectful to him. He's repeatedly cited the same example of me demeaning others, a former team member said I demeaned him when reviewing a work product that did not follow foundational industry and organizational principles (again, highly technical knowledge work with impact across the organization).
His example of me being disrespectful to him was a situation in which he sent an email to my peer and me less than 15 minutes before a day-long on site team meeting was supposed to start at an office location which neither of us could access without an escort (my peer and I were both hired as fully remote employees, company policy is that employees must use their badge to swipe into offices, neither of us have been issued badges or have any other form of employee identification, and the office is in my boss's town but required overnight travel for both my peer and me). I sent an email reply to only my boss asking him to use text messages in the future for short-notice, urgent communications and, when required, to please include others who would be able to allow us into the office in a similar situation. He said this was disrespectful because there are paper signs printed and taped to the office doors with contact information for the security representative for the office and that, since he had stopped by the security representative's office with us the day prior, I should have known to ask the security representative to let us in. I replied that the security representative informed us that she could not help us with access until our home offices had issued employee badges, to which my boss replied he would discuss with me in person. During that in-person discussion he said I was being disrespectful (partly because I was emailing him while he was at a doctor's appointment with his son) and that my attitude needed to change, he then told me that if I was not "all-in" on his team that he could make the decision to let me go or move me to another team. I told him that I am interested in doing good work and need to understand the expectations, and he cut the discussion short to take a call. We did not talk one-on-one again, this was on the last day of the on-site team meeting, I caught COVID on the flight back from the team meeting and have been out sick until earlier this week so we have not revisited the discussion.
Additionally, he is consistently unprofessional in how he runs meetings (does not set a clear agenda, provide background/context, define objectives or desired outcomes, interrupts and talks over others, ignores questions, etc.), how he manages the team's meetings (last minute changes, is late to his own meetings or fails to attend with no heads up, etc.), how he tracks the team's work and assignments (no definition of deliverables, no definition of timelines or priority, asking for information or updates ad hoc, etc.), and how he handles the Hpersonnel management issues (late or last minute on his tasks in the HR system, late to one-on-one meetings or cancels them altogether, etc.).
I was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 years ago (in my early 30s) and prescribed Adderall, which has been tremendously helpful to staying on task and organized. The recent shortages in Adderall have resulted in me taking smaller and smaller doses (now down to 1/4 of what was prescribed, if at all) and it is affecting how I approach work when I understand so little about the expectations. I don't want to cite ADHD when asking my boss to clarify his expectations in part because I think he will respond negatively and in part because I don't think clear expectations should be a controversial ask under any conditions.
I left my last job after 5 months and have been at this job for a year (prior to my last job I was with the same company for over 5 years and prior to that I was with each employer between 2 and 10 years), I am concerned that any potential future employers will see this as job hopping if I were to leave soon.
My company is going through several major changes and I was included in a limited program which guarantees a $75k bonus in two payments if I stay on for a defined period through these changes. My boss's boss is the one that communicated with me about this program and handled the paperwork, I don't know who else was included or if my boss was included, and I do not think my boss knows that I was included.
My company recently implemented a hybrid work policy and even though I was hired as fully remote, I will be expected to go to the nearest office (a 40-60 minute commute each way) once or twice each week (my boss and my peer on the team both work at different offices than me and there are no other members of my department or division that will work out of the same office as me). This is annoying and inconvenient, but not intolerable and I would expect to work as a hybrid employee with another company if I left this role.
Ask for advice:
What is the best way to address this situation? Do I need to accept that my boss is not going to clearly define expectations/processes/etc. and just try to meet his most current demands? Is there a better way to ask for him to clarify/define these foundational concepts to running a team? Are there other factors I need to consider? Am I being unreasonable or unrealistic in expecting a new team leader overseeing a new team to define processes/procedures/standards/templates/etc.? Am I allowing my own leadership and management experience to affect my opinion too much?
Thanks in advance!
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