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2016.02.18 14:46 turkmileymileyturk NBALiveMobileBuySell: NBA Live Mobile Market

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2023.06.06 15:31 chainek Student loans and child support

Hi, I'm panicking.
Situation: I make $23/hour 40 hours per week After child support I make $16,000/year (this is under the federal poverty line right?) I've lost medicaid because they calculate based on gross instead of net I cannot afford health insurance through work Student loans are getting unpaused..
Does student loan income-based repayments calculate before or after they take child support out of me? If they calculate it before, well then they assume I have money that I do not.. I already cannot get healthcare.. I think I ruptured my fucking appendix like 3 weeks ago.. I live in a trailer.. I can't afford a used car because of my credit. a 1 bedroom apartment is too expensive.
If they calculate loan repayments based on my net, then I should be ok (until my appendix kills me.. but this is america, can't expect too much)
I was working for the public schools for three years but they fired me when I told them I can't afford a car anymore. Now I might lose my WFH job because I'm begging HR to find a way to give me health insurance.
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2023.06.06 15:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Mike Mancini – Ads Agency Unlocked (

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2023.06.06 15:30 Xyudi31331 Does emulation really hurt big companies

So after Nintendos take down of Dolphin, I wanted to ask, does emulation of older games that is no longer available to purchase really hurt companies? That’s always the excuse I hear that it hurts there stocks or ruins the chance of a remaster and so forth but does it really? Kind of want more in-depth on this topic wether to back up Nintendos claims or call them out on BS. What are y’all’s thoughts on this?
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2023.06.06 15:30 Harris_Hawk Can I increase my iterations without enabling 2FA?

So I'm getting the message about increasing my KDF iterations. However this is the exact wording:
Proceeding will log you out of all active sessions. You will need to log back in and complete two-step login setup. We recommend exporting your vault before changing your encryption settings to prevent data loss.
This makes it seem like 2FA is mandatory if I do this. Does this sound right?
My work is a secure type place and we can't take outside electronics in, so most of the 2FA options don't really work for me. Maybe email, but that becomes a chicken/egg situation for me. I can't plug in a yubikey or anything.
Or is this even something I need to be worried about?
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2023.06.06 15:29 Timely-Arachnid1394 BF (34m) says he'll go to therapy with me (31f) but keeps putting it off. Among other things.

We have been together 2.5yrs. Our relationship started off rough. He was following hundreds of local women which I didn't initially have a problem with. Then I noticed he only liked all of they cleavage/nice butt photos. I mean predictably so. Even a few accounts linked to only fans. I thought if he likes me it will stop. I brought it up and he said he understood. But he didn't follow through on unfollowing them. This was two months in. He was already calling me his girlfriend. The second time I brought it up I was more stern with the fact it was a huge boundary issue for me. He did not react well. He yelled at me and told me I was being controlling. I know this is a huge red flag but he later apologized and got rid of some of them. Some. At 6mo in I noticed he was still engaging in the behaviors. I gave him an ultimatum that if he didn't give it up I was out. He apparently did soul searching and finally gave it up.
Now I have insecurities about his phone. Which surface sometimes I reach out to him for support and he gets frustrated. Saying things like "I'm not doing that anymore, we're going to have to find a way for you to get over that or deal with those thoughts". Fine. I get it, he did stop.
Other issues. He has ED from time to time which made me feel like he badly. I am a pretty attractive woman traditionally speaking. I get offers which I don't engage with and actively turn down. Even doing oral on him doesn't get it going. Which makes me worried he's masterbating too much. Maybe it's a stretch but let me continue.. next issue.
I have given this man 100s of blowjobs. Like to the point I'm tired of it. My throat is sensitive from how hard he tries to put it in. I told him this which he acknowledged and promised he'd not go so hard. The past 3 times I tried to do it without letting him go deep he pushed it and hurt my throat. He said sorry I forgot when I stopped him but I'm already turned off.
Yesterday I was telling him a very sensitive issue that has to do with my sister. I was upset. Later comes into the room where I'm resting on the bed. He was laying next to me taking a break from work. He had a boner which was surprising bc he's been having ed issues lately so I just mentioned it, like oo nice. He replied "Why don't you give it a kiss?" I said no thank you. He then said kinda aggressively "Suck my dick." Mind you I was sitting on the bed researching how to help my sister and obviously not in the mood. I even said no once. I told him it was rude and I don't want to do it bc it's been hurting my throat and he told me that, "it's not like I told you I was going to skull f*ck you." I was super hurt and grossed out by him in that moment. He is uncircumcised and hadn't event showered (we had sex the night before). Like I said no.
So I approached him once I gathered my thoughts and told him I felt like it was insensitive they way he demanded after I said no then got mad when I told him why. He could have just said sorry or made out with me before and got me in the mood. He said "I was kidding" and basically acted like I overreacted.
I'm sick of his crass insensitive nature. He knows I have a history of SA abuse and I need more tenderness. I've told him I want to go to therapy bc I'm sick of these types of this ruining our good times. He does something insensitive and I retreat then bring it up and he gets mad when I point out how those patterns of behavior are unsettling.
I made an ultimatum 7 or 8mo ago we go to therapy or we need to let it go. He said yes I may an appt and he said he wasn't comfortable with who I chose. So he said he'd look into it. He hadn't and the fights are getting more intense and I don't even want to touch him any more.
He has redeeming qualities I promise. It's just the bad are really fucking uncomfortable at this point.
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2023.06.06 15:29 Fresh-Horror-1088 Variable speed of light

What does everyone think of the variable speed of light due to gravitational potential?
Einstein before gr paper 1911- propagation of light under the influence of gravity. His first thought of explanation of the equivalent principal after that he used the Riemann's geometry and length contraction to keep light speed constant.
What's your take on this?
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2023.06.06 15:29 Jacorrito My boyfriend is too obedient to his parents and it's sabotaging our relationship

I (M17) am trans and very much out as a gay guy, whereas my cis boyfriend (M18) isn't really set on a particular sexual orientation. We've been together for a couple months now.
My boyfriend was raised in an extremely conservative household, which was pretty apparent and even before we started dating he'd say stuff like "I'll never date a man" and things like that. He never landed anyone before me though he did have female crushes. At one point we became so much of close friends that he actually fell for me and after some time we became a couple. After that any time I would bring up the fact that we're gay he would agree and not have a slightest problem with that fact. When I confronted him about his previous reservations, he would say he was wrong and he had changed.
We came out with our relationship to my parents who are very tolerant and accepting, but agreed not to come out to his parents because they quite literally hate me and believe I am the consecration of evil in this world. This whole lying about meeting up together, going out in secret and stuff has been going on for quite some time and none of us really had a problem with that.
A few days ago he started acting strangely, he distanced himself from me, stopped telling me he loves me and in general he was very weird for a while. When I confronted him he said "I won't tell you for now, I've got something going on". I saw how this was affecting our relationship so I pressed him to tell me and he eventually spilled. It turned out he had told his family about our relationship and they lost. their. shit. They started yelling that he should cease all contact with me and that they will send him to a psychologist to cure him of homosexuality.
Now, the problem is, my boyfriend is incredibly manipulated by his family. He would do even the smallest thing they'd suggest and never question any of their choices. He completely skipped the rebellious phase in his teenage years and he just cannot think for himself, he always does everything just how his parents wast him to. So naturally, he suddenly started telling me that our relationship is wrong, making transphobic and homophobic remarks and in general being really toxic about us. When I asked whether he suddenly stopped loving me, he went "I don't know" and this was his response to every subsequent question. At one point he recalled my past words of him being manipulated by his family (we had many fights in our relationship because of his blind obedience to them) and he said that "they would never do this to him" which I find hilarious, because this is exactly what a person from manipulative household would say.
I took the initiative and although I was super livid, I calmly started asking him questions like "how are you feeling about this situation" "what are the pros and cons of this relationship" and things like that, to help him get rid of this whole mess in his head and start thinking rationally. He mentioned that he was afraid of going to a psychologist, so I explained all of the details involving such visit to him (I unfortunately have a lot of past experience in this field) and he seemed to calm down. We settled that he needs to find a psychologist on his own, because his parents want to take him to his brother's therapist and that's a big no-no. After we talked some more he said that he's much calmer now and I did help him a lot with this talk, so in the end it's kinda better but I'm still uneasy, sad and very mad because it could well be the end of a loving relationship we had.
All of this happened through text and unfortunately I can't meet up with him because he's leaving for a trip with his family for a week (even though he had time to meet up with some girl friend of his, but not me).
TL;DR: My bfs conservative parents found out about us being a gay couple and now because of them he's apathetic and questions the whole relationship. I talked to him and provided advice in seeking a psychologist.
I feel helpless and just don't know if there's anything more I can do, any advice?
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2023.06.06 15:29 I_like_cheezee Elden Ring's biggest issue isn't talked about enough

Most of the criticisms levied towards ER is about the repetition and particularly, the bosses. However I'd like to argue that the bosses aren't at fault here. They work amazingly with the game's mechanics (even Malenia), provided you learn them. And that's what I want to put forth: the game does a poor job of communicating to the players how the bosses work.
In previous games, bosses weren't as complex. The bosses had a set of moves with clear cut openings afterwards which you had to take before the boss goes into their next move chain. Most of the moves had a consistent speed across the fight. Every move of Friede is consistently rapid, and every move of Nameless King is consistently delayed. This caused the players to easily grasp what they needed to do: roll and r1. In the case of bloodborne there were more things that you could do, but the necessary aspects largely remains the same.
Sekiro was more complex in comparison to previous games, with more mixups in the speed of the attacks in comparison. But the way to engage with the bosses largely remained the same, just that instead of rolling, you had to deflect the attacks. The addition was perilous attacks with clear signals, something which fit well within the action game nature of Sekiro but wouldn't really fit in the more rpg esque soulslikes.
Elden Ring's bosses however have a lot more things necessary for you to beat them. You can't just roll, you have to roll in a specific direction to avoid the boss doing another attack or run, because the attack can't be i-framed. I remember someone complaining about the lack of openings and seeing a Maliketh video where a lot of attack opportunities were shown they still complained about the lack of "classic" openings where the boss would just stop. The game has very little classic openings as your attacks have to be inflicted within the bosses own moves. A heavy emphasis is placed on putting pressure on the boss till its posture breaks. And the bosses have a variety of attacks with different speeds which the player has to deal with. It is in spirit, the Sekiro philosophy weaved within Souls.
But the game fails to signify that for most. Yes for some with OCD like many challenge runners and a portion of the fanbase, Margit alone would've be enough. The fight would make players intuitively look for opportunities within the moves, if they look long enough. And the combo extensions would've been intuitive, seeing the bosses design and realizing that the boss wouldn't be able to hit the player with another move if a dodge in a specific direction is made, and if a move is low enough it should be jumpable. But for the vast majority, he didn't do the job.
The game fails at teaching all the new elements, while being very good at communicating the usefulness of exploration. The lack of a posture bar doesn't help either considering a lot of players simply don't consider putting pressure on the boss.
I think Joseph Anderson and Matthew's videos are terrible as they blatantly misrepresent the bosses. But I think it reveals how the game does a poor job at teaching the players how to deal with the bosses, causing a lot of the complaints to be misplaced. Which is a shame as they are genuinely fantastic bosses, just that the game fails at teaching the players about them.
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2023.06.06 15:29 Coffee_cake_101 Does anyone with legal knowledge know what counts as illegal information gathering by private investigators? Not everything they do is illegal but Harry seems to think it is.

Harry seems to think that every time he has evidence of an invoice for a private investigator it proves illegal information gathering. But surely PIs do many things that are perfectly legal, even if morally shady. For example, supposing a private investigator has a deal with a club, bar or restaurant owner or staff member whereby they pay them to phone them when someone interesting and famous comes in or makes a booking. And then they rush over, take photos, find out who they are with, chat to the barman about what they ate and drank and ask about any conversations they overheard etc. The PI would send an invoice to the tabloid for the story, but they have not done anything illegal in my view.
Harry equates a PI invoice with illegal activity and he does not seem to have been challenged on this connection. Obviously pretending to be someone else is illegal, but in most of his allegations that is not the issue. Anyone got any thoughts on this or have more examples of what is illegal?
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2023.06.06 15:28 Moony_J Tips for an Excessive Meower?

I adopted a new cat (9 months old) last Friday and he's a good cat in almost every way. The one problem I'm having though is that he just never stops meowing when I'm around. Admittingly, they did tell me he was vocal as I was signing the papers, but I've had a very vocal cat before and enjoyed it. My new boy however, he is on another level.
As soon as I step through the door he just starts following me constantly meowing and won't stop until I give him attention. He rotates between happy meows, distressed meows, and yowls all in long bursts. I cuddle/play with him for hours and he'll just start back up when I stop. Additionally he continues into the night and I haven't been able to really sleep since I got him. I've figured out that he only does it when I'm around, once he realizes I'm not home he stops.
I do understand he's only a couple nights in so he presumably will calm down as he gets less stressed and more accustomed to the surroundings. I just want to minimize this behavior as early as I can. Current measures I've been taking is ignoring him when he goes on long meow benders and giving him attention only when he quiets down. For night time, I play with him before bed and then pretend to be asleep and ignore no matter how much or how loud he meows.
I was just wondering if there's any more actions I could be taking to help reduce some of his long bursts. I know I haven't been with him long at all and he's still young, so its too early to tell if this is normal behavior for him. However, it's admittingly stressing me out, which is ironic because he's an ESA. Additionally I'm pretty sure my neighbors hate me now. I love him though and want to work through this.
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2023.06.06 15:28 MotorForsaken7303 Is my mom (70) jealous of me (41) or is she just mean and depressed?

Growing up, I used to have a wonderful relationship with my mom. She treated me the same way she treated my older brother. She was always a very anxious and stressed person but as a child I don’t remember it impacting me. Now, I’m 41 and she is a complete asshole to me…
It all started when I started dating a foreign man and moved abroad. I was 29 years old at the time. She was so angry with me, she couldn’t accept my move. She slowly started to criticise me and make me feel bad about what I was doing to her. How the distance was awful and how I was slowly killing her and my grandmother (who lived with her).
I had 4 years of constant sadness, misery and complaining until I decided to move back to my home country. The thing is, my country was going through a deep economic crisis, so when I returned it was super hard to find a good job, I’m a digital marketing exec. She proceeded to taunt me, make me feel like shit for not just taking any job. She wanted me to work at a call centre or work at a cafe and just accept anything. I know myself and it’s hard for me to quit a bad thing so I never wanted to find a job that didn’t match my career goals. At the same time, I moved with my now husband who had a good salary and could support us both so I had time to look for a job. But she couldn’t take it and ended up making me so depressed with her phone calls, there were points where I felt the best thing would be to end things.
It’s now been 8 years since I’ve moved back to my country and she is absolutely awful to me. It got progressively worse because I let her talk to me in a very awful way. She belittles me and tries to bring me down in front of my husband. She is a stay at home mom and she hates that I’m currently also at home taking care of my child. She does most things around the house as my dad is a man from another generation. And she hates that my husband does lots of things around the house. She started criticising my dad for not cooking or going to the supermarket but she hates that my husband does that at home. If she sees him feeding the baby or hanging the laundry, she will tell him to stop because I’m home all day and that’s my job. My husband has been very supportive but lately he’s also super stressed at work and his boss is old fashioned, his wife does everything around the house, so he starting doing less things around the house. He claims that my mom influenced his decision to take a step back from doing things around the house.
What should I do? Is my mom jealous or does she just hate me?
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2023.06.06 15:28 razaanaboucham pinterest organic

so i’ve created two one-product stores and i want to try out pinterest organic. because the business accounts are new, with 0 followers, i started with pinterest paid ads first and got a large reach but i want to switch to organic only.
when i would post organic, it wouldn’t get the same reach and 0 people see it.
people who are successful with pinterest organic, how do you do it? do you have any tips? does it take time to gain views and engagement?
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2023.06.06 15:28 BaronVonTwiggle An explanation of all the Star Rail mechanics the game doesn't tell you:

An explanation of all the Star Rail mechanics the game doesn't tell you:
I wrote a breakdown of how all of the less explained game mechanics in Star Rail work for my friends and figured I'd share it here in case some people found some value in it. I cover:
  • Effect Hit Rates
  • Aggro & Taunts
  • Speed & Action Advances
  • Toughness & Break Effects
There is a TLDR Summary section at the end if you just want a summary of the most important points.
Effect Hit Rate
Any time a character attempts to apply a debuff to an enemy (Freeze, Slow, Pela's Defence Down, Serval's & Sampo's DoT, etc) there is a Base Chance that it gets applied decided by the ability. This is then multiplied by your Effect Hit Rate AND the enemies Effect Resistance to get your ACTUAL chance to apply it. Most bosses have a solid chunk of Effect Resistance, so 100% Base Chance will still not always land.
EG: Pela Ult - 50% bonus Effect Hit Rate - 50% Resist on Target
1x1.5x0.5=0.75 - 75% Chance to inflict Defence Down
The same formula is used for enemies trying to Debuff you. Talent effects like Herta's & Clara's "35% chance to Ignore CC" are a SEPARATE multiplier on the formula to regular Effect Resistance.
Enemy Targeting: Aggro & Taunts
Not every character is weighted equally for how likely they are to be attacked. They have a Base Aggro level that is first decided by their Path:
  • 75 - Path of Erudition & the Hunt
  • 100 - Path of Harmony, Nihility & Abundance
  • 125 - Path of Destruction
  • 150 - Path of Preservation
This Base Aggro is then multiplied by any modifiers active - These are:
  • 5x - Clara Ult & Technique, March Skill
  • 3x - Gepard's A2 Trace
  • 2x - Landau's Choice & Moment of Victory Light Cones
  • 0.5x - Dan Heng, Seele & Sushang's A2 Traces
  • 0.4x - Yanqing Talent
The character's likelihood to be attacked is the percentage of how much of the total Aggro Value of the team is theirs.
So - For a party of March, Preservation Trailblazer w/ March Shield & Landau's Choice, Dan Heng below 50% HP & Natasha it's like this:
March (150) + Trailblazer (150x(5+2)) + Natasha (100) + Dan Heng (75x0.5) = 1337.5 Total Aggro
Trailblazer = 1050/1337.5 = 0.785 = 78.5% Chance
For the party it looks like:
  • Trailblazer - 78.5%
  • March - 11.2%
  • Natasha - 7.4%
  • Dan Heng - 2.8%
Taunt's like those applied by the Trailblazer are a Debuff (and thus influenced by Effect Hit Rate) that the Trailblazer applies to the enemy - it forces a debuffed enemy to select the Trailblazer as their primary target on their next turn.
Turn Order: Speed & Action Delay/Advance
Speed is a stat used to generate a characters "Action Value", which is how many units of time must pass before a character gets to take their turn. It is calculated as 10000/Speed, so for a standard Speed 100 Character, their unmodified Action Value is 100.
If their speed is increased by 100, their new Base Action Value would become 50.
ABSOULTELY ESSENTIAL: There is a setting in "Other Settings" that allows you to turn on Action Value so you can see the exact number on the characters turn indicators. This should honestly be on by default so I STRONGLY suggest you turn it on.
So - at the start of a battle everyone is placed in the turn order based on how much Action Value they have to wait. The game subtracts action value from everyone equally until someone hits 0, at which point it becomes their turn. After they complete their turn, they are placed back in the order at their full Base Action Value. This is how turn order works.
Action Advance & Action Delay subtracts or adds a percentage of their BASE Action Value to their current Action Value amount.
Example: Seele has a base speed of 115. Boots add 25 Flat speed and her E adds 25%, so Seele w/ Boots & E Buff has 115*1.25+25=169 Speed. 10000/169 = 59 Action Value. A 50% Action Delay like the Ice Fragmentum Pikemen do when applied to Seele would add approximately 29.5 Action Value to her current Action Value, and a 50% turn advance would subtract the same amount.
As far as I can tell, Action Value ties go in the order they were in BEFORE they became a tie. So a character with 70 Action Value and one with 50 Action Value both get advanced 100% to 0, the one at Action Value 50 will go first - but this point specifically is guesswork from me.
A change to a characters speed will adjust their current action value to be the same % of the new value. So if 100 Speed character (100 Base AV) with 50 AV until their next turn gains 100 Speed their new Base AV becomes 50 and their new Current AV will be 25 (still 50% of their Base AV).
1 Cycle in the Forgotten Hall = 100 Action Value of passed time, except for the first cycle, which is 150 Action Value of passed time.
Toughness & Break Effect:
The Break Effect stat increases the amount of Bonus Damage that the enemy takes when you break their Toughness bar and the power of the Debuff applied when you break it. It does NOT increase how much damage you do TO the Toughness bar with your attacks (that's a different stat called Weakness Break Efficiency that can ONLY be gained from certain Simulated Universe buffs).
The damage dealt by a Weakness Break's has a base value decided by the Character's Level, then their Weakness Break stat and the Max Toughness of the enemy are also factored in (higher Toughness enemies (e.g. Bosses) take much more damage from a Weakness Break). Note that the Max Toughness is only factored into the Initial Damage, NOT the DoT (Except for Quantum).
Each Element has a different multiplier on how much their Weakness Break does up front, and different multiplier for the DoT applied. It works like follows:
Break Effect Table
To go through each individually:
Fire - Largest Upfront Damage, Weaker DoT, 4x Total damage
Physical - Largest Upfront Damage, DoT deals damage based on enemies Max HP (16% for Normal, 7% for Elites & Bosses), Damage over Time ticks cannot exceed the Upfront damage for a max of 6x Total Damage
Wind - High Upfront Damage, DoT applies 1 stack to a normal enemy, but 3 stacks to a Boss or Elite for a total of 3.5x against Normal and 7.5x against Bosses.
Lightning - Mild Upfront Damage, Largest DoT/Turn, 5x Total Damage
Ice - Mild Upfront, Mild 1-turn damage tick. Enemy loses their next turn when Frozen but their following move is Advanced by 50%. Break Effect does not boost the utility of Ice and it has low damage, so BREAK EFFECT IS A VERY WEAK STAT FOR SPECIFICALLY ICE CHARACTERS
Quantum - Tiny Upfront, each subsequent attack adds a stack up to a max of 5. The detonation of the Stacks is effected by the Toughness Multiplier, so the detonation deals MASSIVELY boosted damage against a high toughness enemy like a Boss. Also delays the enemy turn by 20% x Break Effect.
Imaginary - Tiny Upfront, No DoT, Delays the enemy turn by 30% X Break Effect AND reduces their speed by 10%.
  • Fire - Upfront Damage - General Purpose
  • Physical - Anti-High HP DoT - Best Against Bosses
  • Wind - High Anti-Boss DoT - Best Against Elites
  • Lightning - High DoT - Best AoE DoT
  • Ice - Light damage, Does not benefit from Break Effect much - Best Baseline Effect
  • Quantum - Huge Boss nuking, slightly delays the enemy. - Best Against Bosses
  • Imaginary - Almost 0 damage, hugely delays the enemy. - Best Enemy Delay/CC
Please note that this is an overly simplistic summary - Pros & Cons of Break Effect by Element is extremely nuanced in what is best in what situations and when and I don't want to overload people by going psycho In-Depth.
Final Note:
Whenever you Weakness Break an enemy, irrelevant of Break Effect it will always delays their next action by an additional 50%.
Effect Hit Rate boosts the chance to apply status effects to the enemy by multiplying their Base Chance. Most Bosses have Effect Resistance that means even 100% Base Chance WON'T always land.
Characters have different Base Aggro based on their Path that can be boosted or decreased by different effects, which is what determines who is MORE LIKELY to be attacked, but it is always still random to some extent unless the enemy are Taunted.
Break Effect increases the damage and potency of debuffs applied by breaking the enemies Toughness bar, but DOES NOT increase the speed you break the bar at. Ice Weakness Break effects scale VERY badly with Break Effect, so it's is a uniquely bad stat on Ice characters.
Speed determines how quickly a character takes turns in combat, both for the player and the enemy. There is a setting in the options menu to SHOW EXACTLY how long until each characters next turn. It should honestly be on by default so I STRONGLY SUGGEST TURNING IT ON. Action Delay & Forward is decided by the characters BASE Action Value, NOT their current (which means it isn't wasted to Advance Forward someone who is only 10 Action Value away from taking their turn if they have a lot of speed OR if its a small Advance Forward).
And Finally:
Buffs and Debuffs tick down at the end of a characters turn, but NOT on Bonus Turns or Ultimates.
Hope this helps and feel free to post any corrections or questions in the comments and I'll try to keep them updated.
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2023.06.06 15:28 razaanaboucham pinterest organic

so i’ve created two one-product stores and i want to try out pinterest organic. because the business accounts are new, with 0 followers, i started with pinterest paid ads first and got a large reach but i want to switch to organic only.
when i would post organic, it wouldn’t get the same reach and 0 people see it.
people who are successful with pinterest organic, how do you do it? do you have any tips? does it take time to gain views and engagement?
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2023.06.06 15:27 ZephyrFloofyDerg I recently realised that I am demiromantic. Still lonely but trying to get by

At nearly 36 years old, I've just realised that I am a demiromantic heterosexual. There are quite a few tell tale signs which resonate with me quite heavily. When I make relationships with others they tend to move slowly, by the time I'm starting to build up a connection the initial spark has fizzled out on their side and it is hard for the relationship to continue at that point.
It's very rare that I experience a crush and I don't fall in love that often. For me it usually takes a very long time before romantic feelings start to appear, making it hard to progress. When speaking to people who have had multiple relationships and former partners, it does make me feel different that I've only had one LDR back in 2010 and very little experience at physical contact with others.
I'm hoping that things will change in the future. I'm trying to get out there more and be active as a photographer in the community. I'm someone who goes to conventions and hangs around with friends so hopefully I'll be able to meet someone who likes me for me. I try not to feel lonely but sometimes it just hits me really hard and my emotions do take a turn for the worse. I'll try and be stronger. Any advice to a new demiromantic would be helpful.
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2023.06.06 15:26 gherkinit Jerkin it with Gherkinit S41e10 Daily DD and Charting for 6.6.23

Jerkin it with Gherkinit S41e10 Daily DD and Charting for 6.6.23
Good Morning,
Yesterday seemed to mark the top of this most recent pump as we began to see longer dated call positions OTM pullback in the latter half of the day after failing to breach 4300, despite the 0DTEs being quite robust. Today is a bit light on data aside from an economic outlook survey, and there are no auctions posted from the Treasury till Thursday. If the breakdown from yesterday continues we could see the SPX drop under that critical 4250 level were the rest of the call volume falls off. But stay prepared for call positions to come back in as long as we remain above GN (4188) and MM gamma stays positive.
SPX 1h
GME saw some more covering yesterday in the first half of the day before liquidity reversed in the midday to see prices driven down with the falling market. It seems like they are preparing for earnings at this point, by slowly leeching a little bit of extra liquidity everyday without any significant covering. If GME misses they have enough liquidity to short, if it hits they aren't going to be caught exposed. My expectation is still that EPS could go both ways, cash flows should remain positive, and revenues are likely to decline.
GME 4h
UPST is digging a bit deeper in it's short liquidity and IV is starting to fall off. I'm selling OTM/ATM calls a bit more aggressively now and taking on some shorter dated (30DTE) ATM puts. My downside target is still $20 although I expect a bit of resistance at $25.
Options Data

GME - 2023-06-05
DN: 16.12 GN: 6.12 GM: 25.5 VN: 0.61

UPST - 2023-06-05
DN: 24.61 GN: 22.94 GM: 31.5 VN: 19.07

NVDA - 2023-06-05
DN: 292.85 GN: 298.74 GM: 450 VN: 264.79

As always feel free to check out the livestream from 9am - 4pm EST on YouTube
Our join the community discord
As always the information will be available here on reddit as well.
You are welcome to check my profile for links to my previous DD
GME Resistance/Support:
13.66, 15.50, 16.00, 17.46, 19.50, 21.40, 22.50, 24.68, 29.83, 30.73, 31.65, 32.90, 33.99, 35, 36.05, 37.50, 40, 42.50, 45, 50, 52.50

Pre-market Data

Shares to Borrow:
Fidelity: 80,831 @ 1.75%
IBKR: 80,000 @ 7.678%
Fidelity: 0 @ 14.0%
IBKR: 100,000 @ 19.492%

Arbitrage back to even
* Although my profession is day trading, I in no way endorse day-trading of GME not only does it present significant risk, it can delay the squeeze. If you are one of the people that use this information to day trade this stock, I hope you sell at resistance then it turns around and gaps up to $500. 😁
*Options present a great deal of risk to the experienced and inexperienced investors alike, please understand the risk and mechanics of options before considering them as a way to leverage your position.
*This is not Financial advice. The ideas and opinions expressed here are for educational and entertainment purposes only.
* No position is worth your life and debt can always be repaid. Please if you need help reach out this community is here for you. Also the NSPL Phone: 800-273-8255 Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.
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2023.06.06 15:26 shazel98 BedJet V2 Motor Noise

Hi everyone, I have a BedJet v2 and it’s motor sounds like it’s going bad. It starts up fine and I hit the turbo mode to max the fan out and it does so for a minute or two then bogs down and sounds like it’s taking a lot of effort to spin. My guess is the motor is bad and needs new bearings or brushes or just needs to be replaced. Is there a way to get replacement parts? Anyone else have an older v2 unit with alot of use?
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2023.06.06 15:26 cancerdancer420 Daily/Weekly/Monthly Planner (maybe template)

helloo there,
I've been using Notion for months now, and I do like it for several reasons but there are also some things that bug me about it. One big point being it's high learning curve when it comes to creating proper templates, such as customizable planners etc.
I know that there is the possibility of using notions code commands to build stuff but there's no way I'm gonna spend time, which I need for different stuff rn, to learn how to code in Notion.
I am pretty busy atm because live picked up speed for me. I am currently in the first year, which will soon come to a close and be followed by the second year, of my apprenticeship. One might think that I might still have enough time in the day, but the fact that it somewhat is equal to study courses you do at university, plus going to work for half the week, does show I do not.
What I've been struggling with the most, due to the already mentioned points, is creating or editing pre-created templates for planners, to cater to my needs.
Which would be:
- Daily / Weekly / Monthly planning (pref. time blocking)
- Projects planning
=> so subdividing big tasks into smaller ones for comprehendability's sake
- organized note taking
- (If possible) mobile compatibility
This is why I am asking you in this subreddit if anyone could suggest any template or way to (somewhat) easily get what I need.

thanks a lot in advance
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2023.06.06 15:25 van__minh Here's where bitcoin is going

BTCUSDT Intraday Setup:
Support: $26,640, $25,950, $24,750
Resistance: $27,500, $28,300, $28,960, $30,000
Adjust the lines. Bitcoin is having some volatility into a range area, we need a breakout to engage.
1️⃣ A bullish breakout above $27,500 (POI) should offer a long towards $28,300 and higher - Blue Projection 🚀
2️⃣ A bearish breakout below $26,640 (POI) should offer a further decline towards $25,950 or lower - Red Projection 🩸
Trade position setup has been provided for the above scenario with all necessary information including Entry, Targets, Stop Loss, RR & Criteria to take the trade.
I will be looking for a scalp opportunity today once we get more volatility, especially during the NFP data release and upcoming CME weekly closing of Bitcoin.
Whatever Bitcoin does most altcoins will follow that.
Want more free calls? join our group below
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2023.06.06 15:24 verafellini French knickers PDF sewing pattern

Does anyone here enjoy sewing silk pyjamas? I created a video tutorial on how to make french knickers + PDF Sewing Patterns in 6 sizes. Here are some pictures of the knickers on a mannequin. Please take a look if you are interested, they are beginner friendly and fun to sew. Thank you. 📷
Link to patterns:
Link to tutorial:
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2023.06.06 15:23 Junior_Dragonfruit72 FOMO

I think of myself as a versatile person..I have so many hobbies and interests. And these are not do it once or twice and then forget about it kind of hobbies. These are things that I have been interested in doing for years since I was a 12.
Now I have the issue of being indecisive and not fully committing myself to one thing so I am always here or there. Because I want to do so much of everything that I love but I know realistically it is not possible. I love origami and arts and literature and working for ngos but I also love ballet and film and physics and computer science and law and animation and I love fashion. I also love drama and acting but then I also want to be a professor and teach science to kids or be a child psychologist.
And I don't know what to pick from all these endless list of options that will surely have a huge impact in my life (butterfly effect sort of thing). And I am afraid that if I pick something then I will be discarding the rest for the time being and will always think back..what would happen if I had chosen the other option or did this or studied that.
Does anyone relate to this. I know people in my life say thaf I am still young and I have a whole life ahead of me and I don't need to do everything all at once and can do some professionally and the rest as hobbies but I am not satisfied with that. I feel like there is need for me to do all of what I mentioned right now at the same time or otherwise I will explode.but my rational side knows that if I don't stick with at least one thing then I will forever be dangling in between and never reaching my full potential.
It reminds me of Sylvia Plath titled "The Fig Tree." Here's the text of the poem: "The Fig Tree" The fig tree stood, tall and leafy, Its branches stretching towards the sky, Bearing fruits, ripe and succulent, A feast for the eager passersby. Each fig, a world unto itself, Its sweetness tempting all who gaze, But as I stood beneath its shade, I felt a familiar sense of haze. For the fig tree, in its abundance, Mirrored the choices in my life, Each fig a path, a possibility, Causing me both joy and strife. Should I pluck the fruit that's near, Settle for what's within my reach? Or should I climb higher still, To a fig that seems just out of reach? The fig tree whispered secrets, As I pondered the paths unknown, Its leaves rustled with uncertainty, As I stood there, all on my own. And as the sun began to set, I made my choice, though not with ease, To climb the branches, take a chance, And taste the fruit that fills my dreams. For life is but a fig tree, With choices dangling in the air, And only by reaching for the highest, Can we find what we seek, and dare. So let the fig tree guide you, Through the labyrinth of desire, Embrace the unknown, the possibilities, And set your spirit free, higher and higher.
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2023.06.06 15:23 Kitchen-Flounder-500 Any floor plans similar to Thor Compass/Gemini 24TE?

Starting the search for a new (at least to me) rv and I really like the bathrooms in the 24te - big guy, and I always hated the airplane bathroom feel of my old travel trailers/fifth wheels.
Curious, does anyone else do a restroom that is fairly large like that? I’ve found a coachman, but they put the sink right next to the commode - even though they had the whole back end to space it out…. The drawback to the 24te is it only holds 2 of us. We might want to take the grandkids at some point and I feel like they might need to sleep someplace - I think that’s important for kids, right?
So, figure I’d go to the Reddit to cheat a little on my research.
I’ve got tons of time to search, my 2023 and 2024 time is pretty much booked for vacations and spend - so this is a late 24/early 25 purchase for me anyway.
We are looking at a coach (don’t want to hookup and tow a TT of a 5th wheel anymore.
Thanks all for any thoughts!
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