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2014.09.19 01:24 healthyalmonds Staphylococcus aureus bacteria colonizing the body: the unifying agent of acute and chronic disease

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria that can live in the nostrils, ears, mouth, tonsils, and skin. It may cause or be associated with your congestion, swollen lymph nodes, sinus problems, allergies, sore throat, eczema, rosacea, acne, cystic pimples, folliculitis, bowel disease, chronic fatigue, diabetes, lupus, weight gain, hair loss, and other diseases. Chlorhexidine, iodine, or Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin) may stop the Staph infection. See inside for more information.

2023.06.09 20:18 Marinlik Canmore under non essential water use ban.

Canmore under non essential water use ban.
A mountain town right next to a river, surrounded by formerly snowy mountains now has to ban non essential water usage. It already seems like we are reaching a climate tipping point
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2023.06.09 20:17 Uninterrupted-Void Idea to get rid of stray animals. Do not click if animal death offends you.

I think we should take all the stray and impounded pets nobody wants and feed them to the poor and their children. In municipalies that create night soil, the pets would then be useful again as shit to fertilize the fields. We solve three problems: homeless people and their children in need get fed, useless animals are destroyed and crops get fed. Win win win.
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2023.06.09 20:10 emergentgold Dog attack injures boy in Kannur, Kerala, to undergo plastic surgery

Dog attack injures boy in Kannur, Kerala, to undergo plastic surgery
This is a different dog attack from the other recent Kannur, Kerala, India news story where a toddler was assaulted.
This victim's "crime" was to return home from school on a path where a dog was present. Now he is deeply wounded and his family has healthcare and surgical expenses, and has to go through a pain that very few empathize with.
In 2015, a study in a Kerala hospital showed that 75% of their patients that were assaulted by dogs were bitten by pets as opposed to strays. Of course, India is still largely a nation of stray dog attacks, and over the last few years, has had an average of 10,000 stray dog attacks per day, plus every attack for which no report was made. However, dog ownership in India and the attacks it brings have both gone up, and are still going up.
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2023.06.09 20:10 adventursoul Siamese with New Lymphoma in Sinus - Radiation or Chemo?? Seek Guidance Please

My beloved Siamese cat, Aries, was just diagnosed this week with "Malignant neoplasm with features of lymphoma" in her sinuses after a 1+ years of chronic sinus infections.
Thank you very much in advance for any kind input.
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2023.06.09 20:09 mrprocrastinator_ 23M I have loads of free time and figured I'd look into creating long term online friendships. Who's down?

As the title says, I have a lot of free time at the moment. Reason being I graduated not too long ago and will start with my master next year. Until then, it's mostly my part time job and relaxing honestly. I'm hoping to find a bunch of people who are actually looking for a long term, meaningful connection. So if you're here for a quick chat, or don't let anything hear from yourself after two messages, please don't bother. I'm from Europe, but with the sleep schedule I got I usually am around most of the time and therefore don't mind where you're from at all. Now about myself, I spend a lot of time gaming. For those who bother checking profiles, you'll see I'm an avid osrs (old school runescape) player, so if you play that too, feel free to hit me up and maybe we can do some bossing or other content together! Lately I've been pretty hooked on the new Zelda game too. Other than that, I sort of juggle between games I enjoy which are mostly old school games (Halo, Half life etc). Apart from that, I'm a pokemon nerd too. Huge animal/nature lover as well, meaning if you got any pets please share pictures. Personality wise, I would describe myself as an ambivert. I'm certainly not the one to stay silent and be withdrawn, but don't expect me to be all out there and carry conversation either. If this post sounded somewhat interesting to you, you are legally obligated to send me a chat. Hope to hear from you guys!
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2023.06.09 20:05 Banaanisade Health care is failing me horribly right now.

Writing here if someone has tips, but I don't have the energy to recap my whole life's story as I'd usually do, so I'm just going to preface this with short details.
I'm a long-term disabled mental health survivor of childhood abuse with CPTSD, diagnosed with GAD, MDD, and DID. I am between therapists after my previously good one became emotionally distant and incapable of providing me the working relationship I needed with therapy (essentially, I was doing all of the work of therapising myself on my own), and though I found a good replacement I'd like to begin working with who is eager to commit to a long-term therapeutic relationship for my needs, I cannot get the cost covered and all sources are bouncing me back and forth claiming it's not their business to be dealing with. Apparently it is nobody's.
My mental health has been collapsing as of late - I've just spent two weeks eating dry toast and struggling to prepare one meal a day, not showering, not cleaning up, and giving my pets the bare minimum of food and a bed to sleep in. This all came to a head with my dog developing a benign neurological condition that nevertheless required an urgent vet visit, and at that point, my depression and lack of energy has turned to straight-up constant panic, fight/flight, I can't deal with anything right now from the fear of everything, I wake up constantly overnight whenever my dog shifts, I am shaking all of the time, my chest hurts from my muscles crushing my sternum.
I have a prescription for sedatives, well, had; I tried to check out my last bottle of pills to use as prescribed, to take one per day for three days before breaking for one day in order to calm my body's "stuck" fight/flight response. They were prescribed for me for this purpose, as I tend to end up with psychotic symptoms when my brain becomes unable to return to base level.
Turns out, my prescription has expired, and since I did not pick up my last bottle due to not needing the medicine at the time, I have none left. This isn't a problem - prescriptions are renewed quickly, so I sent the request in yesterday.
Today, it was rejected. My doctor told me last time he wants me to "wean off" the medication, because he believes it's not "healthy" to "rely" on them as a back-up when I'm afraid.
I have no treatment. I am not a patient anywhere at this moment. I have no means to access treatment at this time. I have no emergency resources aside from urgent care, which I cannot afford to get to. I've ordered a bottle of CBD oil (legal in my country), which I've never tried before and have no idea if it'll work for me, but I'm looking at a weekend with stress levels that have me borderlining hyperventilation at all moments. I'm nauseous from fear and I cannot calm down, and I have no idea what to do. I was counting on the prescription being renewed today and as it wasn't, I'm not only frightened by the fact that I have been refused the last resort I have always been able to count on when things get very bad - but all resorts, as I have nowhere to go or anybody to turn to now.
I don't know what to do. Please send suggestions. I'm so scared.
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2023.06.09 20:03 emergentgold Boy injured in dog attack in Kerala's Kannur, to undergo plastic surgery

Boy injured in dog attack in Kerala's Kannur, to undergo plastic surgery
This is a different dog attack from the other recent Kannur, Kerala, India attack where a toddler was assaulted.
This victim's "crime" was to return home from school on a path where a dog was present. Now he is deeply wounded and his family has healthcare and surgical expenses, and has to go through a pain that very few empathize with.
In 2015, a study in a Kerala hospital showed that 75% of their patients that were assaulted by dogs were bitten by pets as opposed to strays. Of course, India is still largely a nation of stray dog attacks, and over the last few years, has had an average of 10,000 stray dog attacks per day, plus every attack for which no report was made. However, dog ownership in India and the attacks it brings have both gone up, and are still going up.
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2023.06.09 20:01 PieOhMyVengence Pet culture in the US is getting out of hand.

As the title says, I really feel like pet culture has gone too far. I’m starting to see non service dogs in restaurants now. And some people spend 100’s of dollars to feed animals gourmet meals, all that money wasted on an animal that wouldn’t care if you served it road kill or tartare. That money could be given to charity if those people have that much to spend. Not to mention the worship. In conclusion, not everyone likes animals or are pet owners. People need to chill tf out with this.
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2023.06.09 19:58 lessevie Dog reccomedations please!

1). Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
It will not be me and my boyfriends first time with a dog but our first time training one ouselves as they've been family dogs before- we are both quite confident with/around dogs. We've alos both only ever had small dogs (think jack russel)
2). Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a [reputable breeder](
We would love to rescue a dog but one of our fences is only 3ft high so we cannot rescue- we have to go the breeder route
3) Describe your ideal dog.
Medium sized, responds well to training as this is the part about owning a dog I love but not afull working dog as I'm afraid we could not give it that extreme level of training. A dog that doesn't mind being left alone for a maximum of 4 hours a day. Loving. Purely aesthtic wise pointy ears and not a smooth/short coat.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
I love German Shepherds due to their loyalty and repsonsiveness to training (but they are sadly too big :(). I'm not opposed to mixed breeds at all and I did love the idea of a pompsky for a while but their health complications and stubborness put me off- the aesthtic is great
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
Due to it being a first time dog I'd love to get a great basic obideince training down, but past that training them to search and find would be so fun and rewarding
.6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Not for competing but in general- Obidience mostly- but I would not be oppossed to hunting I just need to do more research
**Care Commitments**
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
Probabyly 2-4 hours
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
1-2 hours. Mostly walks and I would NOT USE A DOG PARK
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?I don't mind brushing at home 3 times a week (more or less doesn't matter)- Willing to do all those and pay a professional as I have no idea how to cut hair
**Personal Preferences**
10) What size dog are you looking for?
Medium- porbbaly no bigger than 2-3ft
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
Shedding and slobber are fine. I don't mind barking as long as its not a yappy dog
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Would love to be able to but its definetly not top priority
\**Dog Personality and Behavior**
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
More eager to please but happy to be left alone. Responds well to training
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
Would prefer them not to immedietly bark and alert but I'm aware that's something that can be trained with persistence. Prefer the dog to be friendly but not in your face
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
Resouce guarding- other dogs would frequently visit
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
Porbably around 3x a week for no longer than 4-5 hours a time
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
They all love dogs as long as they aren't big- they are happy to help house train but most training will be left to me and my boyfriends
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
1- Jack Russel
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
Yes- in future
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?England- there are some restrictions but no dogs I would be interested in are on that list
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Summer is 25-35 degreees and winter can get to -5 but thats quite rare
*Additional Information and Questions**
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.* No additional information.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
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2023.06.09 19:53 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Permanent Placement Resources, LLC Salina Regional Health Center Gypsum
Cargill Utility Helper Kansas City
Tyson Foods Maintenance Supervisor - Night Shift Kansas City
Cargill Utility Worker Kansas City
Cargill Electro Mechanical Technician Kansas City
Cargill Electro Mechanic Technician Overland Park
Permanent Placement Resources, LLC ER Physician Salina
Permanent Placement Resources, LLC Salina Regional Health Center Salina
CNH Industrial Welder - 2nd Shift Towanda
UniFirst Route Service Manager - UniFirst Wichita
Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER Cardiac Nurse Wichita
UnitedHealth Group Health and Social Services Coordinator- Field Based Pottawatomie, Riley, Clay, Marshall, Wabaunsee - KS Clay Center
24/7 Travel Stores Assistant General Manager Collyer
BG Products, Inc Technical Service Advisor Derby
Redbarn Pet Products LLC Administrative Assistant (Entry Level) Great Bend
Empowerme Wellness Clinic Director - Physical Therapist (PT) *$2,000 Sign on Bonus Leawood
UnitedHealth Group Health and Social Services Coordinator- Field Based Pottawatomie, Riley, Clay, Marshall, Wabaunsee - KS Manhattan
MTC Holding Corporation Administrative Services Specialist - Wealth Management Overland Park
Menorah Medical Center RN Medical Telemetry Part Time Overland Park
Menorah Medical Center Registered Nurse RN ICU Nights Overland Park
24/7 Travel Stores Maintenance Tech Salina
BayMark Health Services Part Time Addiction Counselor Tecumseh
UnitedHealth Group Health and Social Services Coordinator- Field Based Pottawatomie, Riley, Clay, Marshall, Wabaunsee - KS Topeka
BayMark Health Services A&D Therapist Topeka
BayMark Health Services Addiction Counselor Topeka
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 19:42 laputailaramoneta What happened to farm animals in a society who doesn't eat animal origin meat, dairy or eggs?

They survived as pets? People who have farm animals as pets will consume the dairy and eggs of their animals or it would be weird for them?
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2023.06.09 19:39 Gryffondor236 Possible food allergy, cat feels better on Hydrolized diet but still has diarhea

Species: Cat
* Age: 1.5 yo
* Sex/Neuter status: Male/ Neutered
* Breed: Domestic short hair
* Body weight: 11.9 lbs
* History: Low grade heart murmu ear infection
* Clinical signs: Diarhea
* Duration: Since I adopted him in 12/22 (he was 1 yo at the time) I think symptom existed before I adopted him
* Your general location: Florida
Test performed: Blood work and stomach echography = all came back normal

Edit: Sorry I spelled diarrhea wrong, I wouldn't let me edit the title :(
Hi everyone! I adopted a cat last december and the poor thing already went to the vet 6 to 7 times already. He was fighting an ear infection/ ear mites for 2 months and then I realized he was having diarrhea, he has had diarrhea since I adopted him but since it was consistent and I was focused on his ears, I didn't think much of it. The vet suspected a food allergy and had me switch him to hydrolized food. He was taking Hill's Z/D wet and dry food. Since starting on the prescription food, I saw a change, he was more active, cuddly, and sleeping less so I could see that he felt better, however the diarrhea continued.
He has taken proviable before, the paste worked but not the capsules and later the paste didn't work. The vet encouraged me to switch to a different hydrolized food so I switched to Royal Canin dry food and cut off wet food since they didn't carry wet hydrolized food, no improvement. He was referred to pet hospital to get an echography that revealed that everything was normal. The vet had me take him Psyllium powder which worked. He is now eating Royal Canin Hydrolized dry food and Hil''s Z/D wet food with psyllium powder once a day. If I remove the psyllium powder the diarrhea comes back.
I tried to find what he was allergic to by comparing ingredients of all the food he's taken (for example, if he eats my roomate's cat wet food, he immediately gags and has diarrhea the next time he uses the litter). Cats are being separated at meal time and this happened while I was away and told my roomate to do her best to separated them but it wasn't a big deal if she didn't because I would watch him closely when I returned). The internal medecine vet told me to keep my cat on his current food and with the psyllium powder but can he take that supplement for his whole life ? I would like to find a food that would work for him but I also don't know where to go from here. Should I keep doing test with some food ? (I suspected gluten so I bought some wet food without gluten but I haven't given it to him yet). Have you ever had a similar situation ? Otherwise my cat is absolutely fine, he loves his food and asks for more, has a healthy weight and is a loving little ball of fur.
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2023.06.09 19:38 Morgellons-Live "Does Rabies Exist?" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"Does Rabies Exist?
You claim rabies is a myth, whilst science calls it a virus. What are purported 'carriers', such as frothy-mouthed dogs, detoxifying from and is there any danger from being bitten?
In all of my travels, especially living off of a bicycle for 3 years, out of the thousands of sick dogs and cats, I saw only four who frothed at the mouth. One was a puppy who had a terrible reaction to his puppy vaccines that dissolved his digestive tract. I saw another dog with frothing mouth which had eaten poisoned food from a neighbor. The poison dissolved his esophagus and stomach.
The third was my cat. Embarrassing as this is and as shamed as I am to have done this, I will reveal the circumstance. When I became a raw vegetarian, I forced my adopted cat, a known carnivore, to be vegetarian. It was about 3 years after my autism went into remission and my nutritional studies were all I lived for. After a few weeks, he refused to eat anything raw vegetarian, even raw dairy. Even though I did that and knew that I was responsible, he stayed loyal to me and cuddled with me. Two months after that change in his diet, he died in my lap frothing at the mouth.
I performed an autopsy on him in the bathtub. The decaying odor from the inside of his body was astounding. The frothing at the mouth was the result of him digesting his stomach. The rest of his body was almost completely dehydrated. Rigamortis was everywhere but not his stomach. He continued to produce hydrochloric acid but he had no mucous on his stomach lining. The acid ate his stomach lining causing a frothy reaction.
I have been bitten by several animals in my youth. One was a ground hog that we were supposed to keep for 10 days to ensure it did not have rabies but it died 3 days later. My mother and doctor talked about giving me the painful rabies shots just in case. When I saw the needle heading for my stomach, I refused and put up the biggest uncontrollable tantrum mom had ever seen. The doctor said that they should wait to see if I have symptoms in the next 5 days. I did not develop any.
Also, I was bitten by several snakes, horses, goats, a wild rabbit and several mad dogs but no Englishmen. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I was bicycling on a narrow road in a wooded area only 3/4 of a mile from home when a dog raced from its yard, chased me and bit my ankle. I noticed he frothed at his mouth but did not know what it meant. I immediately rode home and showed my mother the lesion. After examining it, she asked where was the dog that bit me. We got in the car and I showed her the way as she drove.
When we arrived at the dilapidated wooden house from where the dog had charged me, my mother parked on the street. The dog came charging at the car, growling and barking, frothing at its mouth. My mom looked more concerned. An unclean middle-aged-looking woman came and restrained the dog and put him in the house. My mother and I exited the car and approached her.
Mother asked her if her dog had its rabies shot within a year. The woman opened her mouth to speak and revealed that nearly all of the teeth she had were rotten and jagged, some were missing. In a somewhat loud voice, she gruffly told mom that her dog did not bite anybody and that it was none of her business.
My mother showed my lesion to the woman. The woman said that I must have crashed on the bike and one of the spokes punctured my ankle and I would not admit it. Mom looked at me queryingly. I did not understand the words but I knew the woman denied her dog bit me. Mom observed me and knew the dog had bitten me. Again, she asked the woman if her dog had its rabies shot. The woman blurted back, "Yeh. Now go on and leave us alone."
I could see in mom's face that she did not believe the woman and was concerned. When we arrived home, she called the doctor and he explained the indications to look for in the next 7 days. They symptoms of what rabies is supposed to do did not happen.
In my examination and research of rabies, all of the images I saw of the "virus" were computer or somehow graphically generated. All of the other imagines that are shown are of tissue that could have been altered by any number of causes and animals claimed to have rabies. Nothing with scientific evidence. In the late 70's, after I return from living outdoors mostly from a bicycle, I investigated two cases of people who the news stated had rabies. I used the Freedom of Information act to get the names of the people reported. County health department did not have any record of the cases.
Since one of them had been shown on the news, I called NBC News and asked for the name of the person interviewed. They gave me the name but would not give me the address or phone number. I told them I was a medical researcher and asked if they would call him and give my number to him. I received a return call from NBC that the number they had been given for him was not in service. I searched for the man with that name and there were many. I called everyone over the next 2 weeks and no one admitted to having had rabies.
Finally, I asked NBC News for the hospital in which he was videotaped. They did not know because they did not take it themselves, the recording was giving to them. Again, I called the county health department and asked about the two rabies cases reported last month and they did not know what hospital was involved. I stated that it was impossible for them not to know if it were reported to them. I asked who the doctors were who reported the cases. They did not know that either. I realized it was planted news. As journalist Jon Rappaport calls it "fake news" to generate gain for someone or many.
No one has shown me any evidence that rabies really exists. To me, it is simply another myth created by people promoting health fear and profiting from it. Just think how much money is involved when politicians make laws that every dog and cat must have yearly rabies shots. Billions if not trillions of dollars are involved yearly. It is exactly the same as health departments creating a mythical disease claimed to be caused by raw milk whenever they want to promote a law against raw milk or stop one that favors raw milk."
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2023.06.09 19:24 No_Mall146 Sharing the "success"

I want to make this as short as possible but understandable!
So essentially, my mom didn't allow me to eat all that much 2 years ago and I went from 135 to about 105 in less than 6 months. She always pretended she never did this even though I was hospitalized. Recently she told me to leave my job and focus on school and then less than a week later claimed she said she couldn't help me and wouldn't be. She then took all my money and I was just stuck at home.
She told my doctors I was crazy and psychotic and making stuff up. Also told my entire family this. Luckily my doctors knew it wasn't true, but family doesn't.
Then, last month I recorded a conversation we had where she told me to reorganize the kitchen, she said for me to leave my job and focus on school and admitted that I wasn't allowed to eat but then tried to blame it on my brother.
So she tried to kick me out saying how I moved the whole kitchen around without asking (but I have the 5 minute convo where she told me to reorganize it) also said I was a lazy peice of shit for not working (I have her on video telling me to leave my job 😅) also said that it's untrue that I wasn't ever allowed to eat and that I'm delusional for thinking so (I have the proof of that too! 😆) ADDITIONALLY I got my medical records back and found out she had been lying to the doctors the whole time. When I brought this up to her, she just said the doctors are lying and she's gonna sue them (so she's admitting she understand how bad messing up medical records is!? Yet she still did it, over and over, and even now called my doctors)
So I have this entite mountain of ammunition and I just told my mom. Give me my money back and stop talking about me to my family or ill just post everything online for the world to see. I dont have the energy to defend myself from your insane and untrue attacks anymore.
Of course she screamed, cried, broke a bunch of stuff and rampaged saying shit like "YOU ABUSE ME SO MUCH, YOU TORTURE ME, YOU LIE AVOUT ME I NEVER FUCKING HIT YOU, I NEVER FUCKING STARVED YOU, I NEVER DID ANYTHING" so I would then be like okay it didn't happen? then I'll post it to prove it did. And she just freaks out saying ur trying to ruin my career and such. When it's obvious I'm just tired of her doing all these things to me that she accuses me of
Anyways I saw a post saying, how do you win or something. Well this I think is as close as you can get. You get so much evidence and information on them that they are forced to stop intruding in on ur life. You can call it blackmail, the narcissistic always will. But it's really just the truth and it doesn't make you a bad person for tracking it
I really wish I wouldve recorded it, journaled it or done something sooner. But the doctors always took my mom's side as a kid. Luckily they keep the records though
Thanks for reading, now that I got this off my chest, back to job searching. Hopefully I can go work on a resort or somewhere nice 😀 life is so peaceful now, wherever I decide I'll go
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2023.06.09 19:24 Miku_Otaku Asuna Yuuki according to AI

Asuna Yuuki according to AI

Asuna Yuuki (結城 明日奈 / アスナ) - Sword Art Online

Birthdate: September 30, 2007 Age: 15 (Beginning of Aincrad arc); 17 (End of Aincrad arc, Fairy Dance arc); 18 (Phantom Bullet arc, Alicization Arc) Height: 168 cm Weight: 55 kg Three Sizes: 82-60-83 Weapons of choice: Wind Fleuret (1st Floor), Lambent Light (Forged by Lisbeth)
Asuna is a friend of Kirito and is a sub-leader of the guild Knights of the Blood (KoB), a medium-sized guild of about thirty players, also called the strongest guild in Aincrad. Being one of the few girls that are in SAO, and even more so that she's extremely pretty, she receives many invitations and proposals. She is a skilled player earning the title "Flash" for her extraordinary sword skill that is lightning fast. Her game alias is the same as her real world name.
She is married to Kirito in SAO. They decide to live a peaceful life and to buy a house on the lower part of Aincrad and take a break from the guild Knights of the Blood Oath. But later they need to return to the front lines, abandoning their peaceful life. After the SAO incident, all the players that survived should have awoken, but Asuna is still trapped within her NerveGear. She is actually abducted by her betrothed, Sugou Naboyuki, who transfers her to Alfheim Online (ALO). In ALO, She is known as Queen Titania, yet she is only a character who is trapped within a cage that is programmed to be an unbreakable object. She was rescued by Kirito who became a Game Master by accessing Heathcliff's account, and defeated Sugou. Kirito logged Asuna off from ALO and rejoins her in the hospital after he ended his fight with Sugou in the real world.

Ai Format
Anime Format
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2023.06.09 19:23 Difficult_Swan2090 Has anyone stayed here during BASS CANYON?

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2023.06.09 19:13 northgeorgiadog What Are Some Pet Sitting Options for My Dog?

What Are Some Pet Sitting Options for My Dog?
There was a time when most families always took their dog with them on their family vacation. They would go to the lake, to the mountains, or to the beach. Their dog was always right there with them.
I also remember that was a time when many families would simply pile into the family station wagon and drive to their vacation destination.
In today’s world, this scenario is becoming more and more scarce. It is becoming more and more difficult to find hotels and resorts that will accommodate families with dogs. We now often fly to our vacation destination. Taking vacations abroad has become more and more popular. There can be a plethora of rules and regulations if we want to “cross the border” with our dog.
Many people just don’t want to go on vacation and “deal with their dog”. They could be afraid that their dog may be a nuisance in the hotel or could nip a guest or jump on a child.
So, in today’s world, it is becoming more and more prevalent to leave our family dog home when we go on vacation. This means that we have to find someone to take care of him. This may be a friend or a pet professional. We may also try and find a place we can take him near our home where he can be taken care of.
Robin and I have some great suggestions for you. You might be surprised at all the options. Please read our dog training blog titled “What Are Some Pet Sitting Options for My Dog”.
#dogtraining #dogtrainer #dogtrainingnearme #homedogtraining #obediencetraining #localdogtraining #homedogtrainer #Georgiadogtrainer #localdogtrainer #dogobedience #BruceEdwards
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2023.06.09 19:05 Crow_Cult6669 First time making a resume in years. Need criticism

I just want an entry level position at our local PetSmart but at the same time, I have no actual experience other than researching future pets and taking care of the ones around me (mine and my family's). Any help is appreciated greatly
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2023.06.09 19:05 auumgn Lost the most loving cat of three, feeling bitter about the other two

When my girlfriend moved in, she brought her 8-9 year old cat with her. The cat was great and we loved her very much, but somehow felt she was a bit too bored by herself (oh boy), so we got a calico kitten to be friends with her. The older cat would tolerate her, but every time the kitten wanted to play, the cat would hiss at her and run away. It wasn't horrible, but far from what we expected and overall a little bit sad. The older cat was quite affectionate and would comfortably stay and cuddle with us reasonably often, while the calico was a bit more distant and cold.
Fast forward about a year and someone's asked us to take care of two stray kittens (boys) who would have surely died otherwise, as they were sick and seemed to have been abandoned by their mom. We hesitated, but agreed, hoping that we'd quickly find a new owner. Long story short, we kept them, but had to give away my girlfriend's older cat back to her mother, as the kittens were sick with feline coronavirus (among other things) and my girlfriend was concerned that the older cat would get sick or become too stressed with the amount of cats, seeing as she didn't get along with the calico in the first place.
One of the young boys had fallen head over heels with the calico, mimicking everything she did and constantly playing with her. He is otherwise quite anxious and jumps / runs away from our shows of affection most of the time, even though he does come to sleep with us and does purr if you pet him the right way.
The other boy was the sweetest cat I have ever seen in my life, being very cuddly and affectionate. However, he was plagued by various sicknesses since day one and yesterday we had to put him to sleep, about 9 months after we had rescued him. That little guy showed us the kind of love we had never experienced with other animals, seeking us out to cuddle, rubbing / pushing his head against us and being generally very endearing. I know that cats can be quite affectionate, but having had about 8 of them throughout my life, this was a first.
So here we are, heartbroken and feeling like we're stuck with two cats we don't have much of a connection with. I understand that grief plays a significant role in my reasoning at this stage and we are very happy that the calico and the boy are having a good time together (one of the reasons we ended up keeping the two boys), but it does feel like we've been teased with something special, something we won't be able to experience any other way now, as we won't risk getting a third cat, and getting a dog (or even a third cat) feels like too much responsibility.
Any words of wisdom?
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2023.06.09 19:04 kelti-o (Offer) Dungeons and Dragons, Super Mario Bros 4K, Bones and All Vudu, Babylon 4K, Flashdance 4K, Mad Max 2 4K, Mulan 1998 4K, Scream 5 2022, X-Men Trilogy MA, Waterworld, SONY BUFF PASS, My List (Requests) Renfield MA, Cocaine Bear MA, Evil Dead Rise MA anything I don't have and Your Offers/list

* I split all splitable codes; so, please ONLY redeem what we agree upon. Thanks in advance!
****DISNEY HD SPLIT CODES (**port to MA)
101 Dalmations 1961 (GP)
Aladdin 1992 Animated (GP)
Aladdin Live Action (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Aladdin Live Action (GP)
Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Bad Day (MA)
Ant-man (GP)
Avengers Age of Ultron (GP)
Avengers Age of Ultron (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Avengers Infinity War (GP)
Avengers Infinity War (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Bambi (iTunes)
Beauty and the Beast Animated (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Big Hero Six (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Captain America First Avenger (GP)
Captain America First Avenger (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Captain America Winter Soldier (GP)
Captain Marvel (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Cars 3 (GP)
Cars 3 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Cinderella 2015 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Finding Dory (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Finding Nemo 4K (MA)
Frozen (GP)
Frozen (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Frozen Sing a Long Edition (GP)
Frozen Sing a Long Edition (MA)
Frozen 2 (MA) 4K
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 (GP)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (GP)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Hercules 1997 (GP)
Inside Out (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Into The Woods (MA)
Iron Man 2 (GP)
Iron Man 3 (GP)
Iron Man 3 (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Jungle Book 2016 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
The Lion King Animated (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
The Lion King Live Action (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Maleficent (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Maleficent (GP)
Maleficent Mistress of Evil (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Mary Poppins 1964 (MA)
Mary Poppins Returns (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Million Dollar Arm (GP)
Monsters University (GP)
Mulan 1998 (MA) 4K
Muppets Most Wanted (MA)
Onward 4K (MA)
Oz The Great and Powerful (iTunes)
Oz The Great and Powerful (GP)
Petes Dragon 2016 (iTunes)
Pinocchio (iTunes)
Planes (GP)
Planes (MA)
Planes Fire and Rescue (GP)
Planes Fire and Rescue (MA)
Queen of Katwe (iTunes)
Return to Neverland: Peter Pan (MA)
Saving Mr. Banks (MA)
Sleeping Beauty 1959 (GP)
Spies in Disguise 4K (MA)
Spies in Disguise (GP)
Star Wars Rogue One (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Star Wars The Force Awakens (GP)
Star Wars The Force Awakens (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Star Wars The Last Jedi 4K (MA)
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker (GP)
Super Buddies (GP)
The BFG (iTunes)
The Finest Hours (GP)
The Good Dinosaur (MA) (iTunes redeems 4K)
The Little Mermaid 4K (MA)
The Little Mermaid 2 Return to the Sea (iTunes)
The Little Mermaid 3 Ariels Beginnings (iTunes)
The Lone Ranger (GP)
The Lone Ranger (MA)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (MA)
The Pirate Fairy (MA)
Thor (GP)
Thor (MA) (iTunes redeems 4K)
Thor Ragnarock (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (GP)
Tomorrowland (MA)
Toy Story 4 (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Wall-E (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
Zootopia (GP)
Zootopia (iTunes) (redeems 4K)
SONY BUFF PASS x1 (Choose 1 of the following options...)
Annie (1982)
Boogeyman 2
Buck and the Preacher
Julie & Julia
Little Man
Not Another Teen Movie (4K)
Starship Troopers (4K)
The Suburbans (SD)
To Sir, With Love (4K)
007 Skyfall (vudu/GP)
2 Fast 2 Furious (MA)
47 Ronin (MA)
A Dogs Purpose (MA)
A Good Day To Die Hard Extended (MA)
A Quiet Place (VUDU HD/iTunes 4K)
American Girl Isabella Dances into the Spotlight (MA)
American Girl McKenna Shoots for the Stars (MA)
America Imagine The World Without Her (VUDU)
American Made 2017 (MA)
American Reunion Unrated (MA)
Anchorman 2 (VUDU split)
Annie 2014 SD (MA)
Apollo 13 (MA) Split
Atlas Shrugger Part 3 (MA)
Babylon (Vudu 4k/iTunes 4K)
Bad Grandpa: Jackass Presents (VUDU split)
Barbie and her Sisters in A Pony Tale (MA)
Barbie and the Secret Door (MA)
Barbie in Princess Power (MA)
Barbie in the Pink Shoes (MA)
Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess (MA)
Barbie Starlight Adventure (MA)
Battleship (MA)
Ben Hur 2016 (vudu split)
BlackHat (MA split)
Bones and All 2023 (Vudu)
Book Club (VUDU split)
Buttons A Christmas Tale (Vudu split)
Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie (MA)
Concussion (MA) SD
Cult of Chucky unrated (MA) split
Curse of Chucky unrated (MA) split
Daddy's Home (VUDU split)
Daddy's Home 2 (VUDU split)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (MA) (redeems 4K iTunes)
Deadpool (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Despicable Me 1 (MA)
Despicable Me 2 (MA)
Despicable Me 3 (MA)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days (MA)
Divergent (SD) (VUDU)
Dracula Untold (MA)
Dragonheart Battle For The Heartfire (MA split)
Dredd (Vudu)
Dr. Seuss's The Lorax (MA)
Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves (Vudu HD/iTunes 4K)
Eddie The Eagle (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Ender's Game (VUDU split)
Epic (MA)
E.T. (MA)
Everest ( MA) split
The Fast and Furious 2001 (MA)
Fast and Furious 2009 (MA)
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift 2006 (MA)
Fast Five Extended Edition 2011 (MA)
Fast & Furious 6 Extended Edition (MA)
The Fast and Furious 2017 Theatrical (MA)
The Fast and Furious 2017 Extended (MA)
Furious 7 Extended Edition (MA)
Fences (Vudu split)
Fifty Shades of Grey unrated (MA)
Flashdance (Vudu 4K)
Flight (vudu split)
Foxcatcher (MA)
Friday the 13th Part 3 (Vudu/iTunes)
Get Out (MA)
G.I. Joe Retaliation (vudu split)
Hail, Cesar! (MA)
Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters unrated (Vudu split)
Heaven is for real SD (MA)
Hercules 2014 (vudu split)
Home Alone (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Hop (MA)
Hotel Transylvania SD (MA)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 (MA)
Hunger Games (Vudu)
Hunger Games Catching Fire (Vudu)
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (vudu)
Ice Age Continental Drift (MA)
Interstellar (VUDU split)
Jackass 3 (Vudu Split)
Jack Reacher (Vudu split)
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (vudu split)
Jason Bourne (MA)
Jaws (MA)
John Wick 1 (HD Vudu/4K iTunes)
John Wick 3 (vudu/GP/iTunes 4K)
Jurassic Park (MA)
Jurassic Park The Lost World (MA)
Jurassic Park 3 (MA)
Jurassic World (MA)
Katy Perry The Movie (vudu split)
Kingsman The Secret Service (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Kung Fu Panda 3 (MA)
Last Knights (SD) (Vudu)
Les Miserables 2012 (MA)
Life of Pi (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Love Actually (MA) SD
Lucy (MA) 4K
Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted (MA)
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (MA) 4K
Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas (MA) split
Minions (MA)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (vudu split)
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (Vudu split)
Mission Impossible Fallout (vudu split)
Monster High Electrified (MA)
Monster HIgh Fright ON (MA)
Monster High: Welcome to Monster High (MA)
Mother! (Vudu split)
Mr Peabody and Sherman (MA)
Nebraska (Vudu split)
Noah (vudu split)
Non Stop (MA)
No Strings Attached (VUDU split)
Oblivion (MA)
Office Christmas Party (VUDU) split
Only The Brave (MA)
Olympus Has Fallen (MA)
Pain and Gain (vudu split)
Paper Towns (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Paranormal Activity 1 (vudu split)
Paranormal Activity 2 unrated (Vudu split)
Paranormal Activity 3 extended (Vudu split)
Paranormal Activity 4 unrated (Vudu Split)
Parental Guidance (MA)
Penguins of Madagascar (MA)
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (MA)
Perks of Being A Wallflower (vudu)
Pitch Perfect 1 (MA)
Pitch Perfect 2 (MA)
Pitch Perfect 3 (MA)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (HD VUDU/4K iTunes)
Rango (VUDU split)
Red 2 (SD) (VUDU)
Ride Along (MA)
Rio 2 (MA)
R.I.P.D. (MA)
Rise of the Guardians (VUDU)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Runner, Runner (MA)
Safe House (MA)
Sausage Party (MA)
Scream 2022 (Vudu HD/iTunes 4K)
Selma (vudu split)
Sherlock Gnomes (Vudu split)
Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection 3,4,5 (Vudu)
Sing (MA)
Sisters (MA)
Snatched (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Snow White and the Huntsman (MA)
Son of God (MA)
Split (MA) 4K
Start Trek 4 The Voyage Home (VUDU HD/iTunes 4K)
Star Trek Beyond (Vudu split)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Vudu split)
Straight Outta Compton Dir Cut (MA split)
Suburbicon (Vudu split)
Super 8 (VUDU split)
Super Mario Bros Movie 2023 (MA 4K)
Taken 2 (MA)
Ted unrated (MA)
Ted 2 unrated (MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (vudu split)
Terminator Dark Fate 4K (vudu split)
The Adventures of Tin Tin (Vudu split)
The Amazing Spiderman 2 (MA)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (MA)
The Big Short (VUDU split)
The Boss Baby (MA) (4K through iTunes)
The Boss Unrated (MA)
The Bourne Identity (MA)
The Bourne Legacy (MA)
The Bourne Supremacy (MA)
The Bourne Ultimatum (MA)
The Croods (MA)
The Dark Tower (MA)
The Dentist Collection 1,2 (Vudu)
The Dictator (VUDU split)
The Dilemma (MA)
The Fault in our Stars (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
The Gambler (Vudu split)
The Girl On The Train (MA)
The Guilt Trip (Vudu split)
The Heat 2013 (MA)
The Impossible (Vudu)
The Internship (MA)
The Last Stand SD (Vudu split)
The Mummy 2017 (MA)
The Mummy Dragon of the Tomb Emporer (MA)
The Other Woman (MA)
The Purge 2013 (MA split)
The Purge: Election Year (MA) split
The Scorpion King 4 Quest For Power (MA) split
The Secret Life of Pets (MA)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (MA)
The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge out of Water (VUDU split)
The Wolf of Wallstreet (VUDU split)
The Wolverine Extended (MA)
This is 40 theatrical (MA)
Top Gun (vudu split)
Transformers Dark of the Moon (vudu split)
Transformers Age of Extinction (Vudu split)
Transformers The Last Knight (Vudu split)
Tremors A Cold Day in Hell (MA)
True Grit (VUDU split)
Turbo (MA)
Unbroken (MA)
Unfriended (MA)
Warcraft ( MA)
War For the Planet of the Apes (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
Warm Bodies (VUDU split)
What to Expect When You're Expecting (vudu split)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Vudu split)
World War Z (Vudu split)
X-Men Days of Future Past (MA) (redeems 4K through iTunes)
X-Men Trilogy (One Code) (MA) (X-Men 2000, United, Last Stand)
XXX Return of Xander Cage (Vudu split)
TV SHOWS HD (Will trade for single movie)
Game of Thrones Season 2 (iTunes redeem)
Game of Thrones Season 3 (iTunes redeem)
ITUNES HD CODES unless otherwise stated
A Quiet Place (redeems 4K) Split
Alien Covenant (redeems 4K)
Alvin and the Chipmunks The Road Trip (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues (split)
Bad Grandpa Jackass Presents (split)
Ben Hur 2016 (split redeems 4K)
Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie (ports to MA)
Cowboys and Aliens (ports to MA)
Daddy's Home (split redeems 4K)
Daddy's Home 2 (split redeems 4K)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Deadpool (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Despicable Me 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Diary of A Wimpy Kid (ports to MA)
Dredd (redeems 4K)
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (ports to MA)
Eddie the Eagle (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Exodus Gods and Kings (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fast and Furious 6 extended 2013 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Fifty Shades of Grey (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Friday the 13th Part 3
G I Joe Retaliation (split) (redeems 4K)
Hansel and Gretal Witch Hunters
Hercules 2014 (split redeems 4K)
Hidden Figures (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Home Alone (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Home Alone 2 (ports to MA)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K split)
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Hugo (Split redeems 4K)
Hunger Games (split redeems 4K)
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (split redeems 4K)
Ice Age (ports to MA)
Ice Age 5 Collision Course (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Identity Thief (ports to MA)
Independence Day Resurgence (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Interstellar (split redeems 4K)
Jack Reacher (split) (redeems 4K)
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (split redeems 4K)
Jason Bourne (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Jurassic World (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Keeping Up With The Joneses (porst to MA) (redeems 4K)
Kingsman The Secret Service (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Kingsman The Golden Circle (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Kung Fu Panda 3 (ports to MA)
Les Miserables 2012 (ports to MA)
Lets Be Cops (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Logan (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Lucy (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
MikE and Dave need Wedding Dates (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Minions (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (split redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (split redeems 4K)
Mission Impossible Fallout (split redeems 4K)
Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Monster High 13 Wishes (ports to MA)
Monster High: Welcome to Monster High (ports to MA)
Mr Peabody and Sherman (ports to MA)
Nebraska (split)
Neighbors (ports to MA)
Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Noah (split)
Oblivion (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Office Christmas Party (redeems 4K)
Paranormal Activity 1 (split)
Paranormal Activity 2 (split)
Pitch Perfect 1 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Pitch Perfect 2 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Playing with Fire (redeems 4K)
Poltergeist 2015 Extended Cut (ports to MA)
Rise of the Planet of the apes (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Safe House (ports to MA)
Schindlers List (ports to MA) (redeems 4K) split
Selma (split)
Serenity 2005 (ports to MA)
Sisters unrated (ports to MA)
Snatched (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Snow White and the Huntsman (ports to MA)
Spectre (redeems 4K)
Spy unrated (ports to MA)
Star Trek Beyond (redeems 4K)
Star Trek Into Darkness (redeems 4K)
Super 8 (redeems 4K split)
Ted (ports to MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (redeems 4K)
The Best Man Holiday (ports to MA)
The Big Short
The Book of Life (ports to MA)
The Boss Baby (ports to MA)
The Bourne Legacy (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The BoxTrolls (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Change up (ports to MA)
The Fault In Our Stars (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Gambler (split)
The Last Stand (SD)
The Longest Ride (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Martian (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Maze Runner (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials (ports to MA) (redeems 4k)
The Peanuts Movie (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (ports to MA)
The Secret Life of Pets (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water (Split)
The Wolf of Wall Street (split redeems 4K)
Transformers Age of Extinction (split redeems 4K)
Transformers The Last Knight (split redeems 4K)
Trolls (ports to MA)
True Grit (redeems 4K)
Unbroken (ports to MA)
War for the Planet of the Apes (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Warm Bodies (split redeems 4K)
Waterworld (ports to MA split redeems 4K)
Wild 2014 (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
Why him (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
World War Z (split)
X-Men Apocalypse (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
X-Men Days of Future Past (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
X-Men Days of Future Past ROGUE CUT (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
X-Men First Class (ports to MA) (redeems 4K)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (ports to MA)
XXX Return of Xander Cage (redeems 4K)
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 (ports to MA)
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (ports to MA)
Alien vs Predator Requiem (ports to MA)
Alpha and Omega
Alvin and the Chipmunks The Movie (ports to MA)
Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squekeul (ports to MA)
Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked (ports to MA)
Another Earth (ports to MA)
Arthur (ports to MA)
Babylon A.D. (ports to MA)
Black Swan (ports to MA)
Bridesmaids (ports to MA)
Chronicle (ports to MA)
Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of Dawn Treader (ports to MA)
Crank 2
Crazy Stupid Love (ports to MA)
Date Night (ports to MA)
Diary of A Wimpy Kid (ports to MA)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules (ports to MA)
Doc McStuffins Friendship is the best Medicine
Dr Deuss Horton Hears A Who (ports to MA)
Due Date (ports to MA)
E.T. (ports to MA)
Fame 2009
Family Guy It's A Trap
Family Guy Something Something Darkside
Final Destination 5 (ports to MA)
From Paris With Love
Hall Pass (ports to MA)
Hangover Part 2 (ports to MA)
Hall Pass (ports to MA)
Hereafter (ports to MA)
Hitman 2007 (ports to MA)
Horrible Bosses (ports to MA)
Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas (ports to MA)
Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs (ports to MA)
IMAX Hubble (ports to MA)
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Peter Pan Returns
Jumper (ports to MA)
Juno (ports to MA)
Knight and Day (ports to MA)
Love and Other Drugs (ports to MA)
Mamma Mia The Movie (ports to MA)
Marley and Me (ports to MA)
Mr Poppers Penguins (ports to MA)
My Bloody Valentine
Orphan (ports to MA)
Percy Jackson The lightning Thief (ports to MA)
Phineas and Ferb The Perry Files
Predators 2010 (ports to MA)
Prometheus (ports to MA)
Public Enemies (ports to MA)
Rio (ports to MA)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (ports to mA)
Robin Hood (russel crowe) (ports to MA)
Saw The Final Chapter
Secret of the Wings (ports to MA)
Something Borrowed (ports to MA)
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Mysteries (ports to MA)
Taken (ports to MA)
The A Team (ports to MA)
The Croods (ports to MA)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (keanu) (ports to MA)
The Descendants (Clooney) (ports to MA)
The Expendables
The Eye
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Help (ports to MA)
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emporer (ports to MA)
The Sitter (ports to MA)
The Spirit
The Watch
The Means War (ports to MA)
Transporter 3
Unknown (ports to MA)
Unstoppable (ports to MA)
Wanted (ports to MA)
War Zone Punisher
We Bought a Zoo (ports to MA)
X-Men First Class (ports to mA)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (ports to MA)
X-Men 2000 (ports to MA)
X-Men United:X2 (ports to MA)
X-Men The last Stand (ports to MA)
Yogi Bear (ports to MA)
**ALL codes have been verified
MY ISO/Request list:
Cocaine Bear MA
Evil Dead Rise MA
Fast 10 MA
John Wick 4 iTunes
Magic Mikes Last Dance MA
Mummies 2023 MA
Renfield MA
Scream 6 iTunes
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2023.06.09 19:04 moonfflowerr 34 [M4F] US/East Coast/Anywhere - I leave my phone on silent 24/7

And I have been told that’s weird. Thoughts?
Hope you everyone’s having a good Friday! It’s been a pretty slow work day for me, just passing the time until the weekend officially starts. Would love to find some cool peeps to shoot the shit with so I don’t totally lose it.
A bit about me: - work from home and I absolutely love it, although it does tend to get a little boring and lonely - animal lover, currently just have the one dog but love pets of all kinds - music obsessed, could talk about it for hours and bore you to death - left/liberal - 6ft, average build, dark hair, glasses. Happy to exchange pics - introverted, but open up quick when I hit it off with someone
I think I’ll leave it at that for now, but feel free to shoot me a chat or message if ya like :)
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2023.06.09 19:02 Crocodire101 You need sitters for WHAT?

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