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2017.09.28 17:41 Macon Bacon

This is the official subreddit for the Macon Bacon! We discuss all things Macon Bacon and share our experiences with at the games.

2009.11.04 10:31 outsider Metalocalypse

Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!

2012.04.20 18:07 Matt872000 Dwarf Fortress Succession Forts in the Subs of Reddit

A subreddit dedicated to sharing the stories of Reddit's [Dwarf Fortress]( succession / bloodline forts and keeping the forts alive just long enough for some interesting stories of !!fun!!.

2023.06.09 19:47 AngerMacFadden I try to edit a save with notepad+ and include the "SAVxxxxxxxxx" but the game keeps crashing when loading it. For the Player Can Fight as Knight mod.

I've checked the forums that is where I found out I need the SAV tag at the top. But even if I make no edits besides reading the tag (save doesn't work without one) and then relabel to "gamedata.ck3".
I have gotten this to work once, I have looked at the file format and nothing seems wrong? All I am doing is adding employer=X where X is my character id.
I got it to work once before but now am stumped.
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2023.06.09 19:47 BeezyGee423 [OFFER] 28 yr old alt gamer with southern accent

Hiya! I'm Bri! I'm 28 years old, a southern alternative gamer. I like to consider myself an intermediate gardener and I am currently taking a comptia course for Network+. I am an 18+ Adult offering/requesting SFW companionship to other 18+ adults only.If you like southern accents, I'm the perfect girl for you (: In my free time I spend it reading, playing video games, exploring outdoors, gardening and going to concerts. I would love to make a connection with you and become someone you can rely on to brighten your day. We can send each other memes, tiktoks, new show recommendations, new games, even play games (: I hope to hear from you soon ;3 Let me tickle your brain and warm your heart Payment Methods: Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin Messaging Platforms: Telegram, kik, skype, snapchat
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2023.06.09 19:47 PirateJohn75 No Pan-American Games for me 😪

I was hoping to make the finals at the USA Shooting National Championships so I could get an invite to try out for the Pan-American Games, but a very disappointing score on Day 1 means I'm basically out of the running. I would need an insane score tomorrow to qualify.
Now I need to get prepared for the Olympic Trials in September. Going to take a week off from shooting once I get home then start my training again.
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2023.06.09 19:47 Ok-Interaction-7180 How do I invite friends to a game on PS5 (They have Xbox)

We've been trying for hours to get it to work, We've both linked and unlinked our PS and Xbox accounts from UbiConnect multiple times, we both have crossplay turned on in game and console settings. the furthest we can get is he can now send me an invite to which it tells me to press L2 to open and when I do all it does is say "You have no game invites" I even went to Ubisofts help forum to which i talked to a guy for a while he even told me to reset my router and i did (knew that wasnt the problem) then when i said i did and still doing the same thing, we reset/turned off our consoles way too many times aswell.He then ghosted me and wont let me talk anymore says im first in line then says "no agents available" (bs) Im almost of the mind that crossplay exists just not with friends. sorry for rambling i just think im going insane
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2023.06.09 19:47 yeah_i_hate_my_name I asked chat gpt to make a homebrew for me (details: i dont know anything about dnd, i dont know where the idea came from, i dont know if it is good or bad and i also have no idea if the things make sense. I thought it was funny so i decided to post it here)

"Certainly! Here's a homebrew class based on using skateboards in Dungeons & Dragons. This class is called the Skater:
Skater Class
Class Description: Skaters are agile and acrobatic adventurers who navigate the world on their trusty skateboards. They combine their love for skateboarding with daring combat maneuvers, allowing them to skate circles around their enemies and perform incredible tricks while dealing damage.
Class Features:
Hit Points: Skaters have 1d8 hit points per level. Their hit dice is a d8.
Armor: Light armor Weapons: Simple weapons, improvised weapons Tools: Skateboard, land vehicles Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma Skills: Choose any three from Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth Skateboard Proficiency: Skaters are proficient with skateboards and can perform advanced maneuvers without penalty. They can use their skateboard as a weapon, dealing 1d6 bludgeoning damage on a successful hit.
Skateboard Tricks: At 2nd level, the Skater gains access to a range of skateboard tricks that can be performed during combat or exploration. Choose two tricks from the list below. You gain an additional trick at 6th, 10th, and 14th level.
Kickflip: Perform a quick flip of the skateboard while attacking an enemy, adding a +2 bonus to damage. Ollie: Jump high into the air, gaining advantage on Acrobatics checks involving jumping or avoiding obstacles. Powerslide: Slide around an enemy, forcing them to make a Dexterity saving throw or be knocked prone. Grind: Slide along a railing or ledge, allowing you to move across hazardous terrain without penalty or triggering traps. Wallride: Skate up and along vertical surfaces, granting advantage on Athletics checks for climbing or avoiding being grappled. Manual: Balance on the skateboard with precision, allowing you to move at full speed while attempting Stealth checks. Skateboard Mastery: Starting at 3rd level, the Skater gains expertise in using their skateboard as a weapon. When attacking with a skateboard, they can roll a d10 for damage instead of a d6.
Subclass: At 3rd level, the Skater chooses a subclass that further enhances their skateboarding abilities. The available subclasses are Freestyle Specialist, Vert Skater, and Street Rider. Each subclass grants unique features and additional tricks.
Ability Score Improvement: At 4th level and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, the Skater can increase one ability score of their choice by 2 or two ability scores by 1. Alternatively, they can choose a feat.
Skateboard Tricks Improvement: At 9th level, the Skater's skateboard tricks become more potent. Whenever they perform a skateboard trick, they can choose to add an additional effect from a list provided by their chosen subclass.
Epic Trick: At 20th level, the Skater gains access to an epic skateboard trick. The specific trick depends on their chosen subclass and grants them a powerful and unique ability.
Note: This is a basic outline for a Skater class, and you can further develop and refine the features, abilities, and subclasses to fit your preferences and game balance. It's important to playtest and iterate on the class to ensure it fits well within your D&D campaign and the existing game mechanics."
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2023.06.09 19:47 kinnnsss VALORANT ASCENDANT ACCOUNT Looking to sell account (LATAM) 120 USD (price is negotiable)

VALORANT ASCENDANT ACCOUNT Looking to sell account (LATAM) 120 USD (price is negotiable)
Basic info about the account:
Advanced info about the collection of the account:
Episode 1: Act 3 (Ruin Dagger)
And 2 more battlepasses (I don't know their names)
458 Radianite
258 VP
-Origin Operator
Why do I wish to sell my account?
Imma be honest with you, the game honestly has just gotten boring for me, since I don't really play it anymore with friends. I have found interest in other games and I know that a lot of the skins and gun buddies I have, are asked for a lot. So I thought instead of keeping the account and never playing on it again, someone else could have its legacy and let it live on.
DM if you are interested on Reddit or simply text me on discord: knuv#5559
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2023.06.09 19:47 TreyThaTruth Wave Report (YouTuber)

His videos was a waste of time, just because he was wrong about his "leaks," now he wants to piss all over MK1, that's lame AF. He dislikes everything about the game, he has zero hope for it and claims he won't be "buying it" yeah, we'll see.
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2023.06.09 19:47 H0KAG302 Who is stronger?

Based on the game who is stronger?
View Poll
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2023.06.09 19:47 KerbalGamer just your age 18 year old nonbinary fellow whos looking for chats today

Howdy hey yall, hows everyones day going? my name is Murphy, im 18, nonbinary, also bisexual and a femboy (idk why i added the femboy part it really doesnt matter), and im looking for chats with whoever!! Im super into space ngl, a little bit into history, and i game when i have freetime! games i play are war thunder, minecraft, chess, and Zelda (TOTK and TP are the best Zelda games fight me) so yeah! so im down to chat with whoever about whatever, but be relatively close to me in age. and be cool and not a rude person, and be able to hold a convo, cause getting ghosted mid conversation sucks. and dont worry i am lgtbq+ friendly, idm who you are, i wont judge you at all!! but anyways, hope y’all are having a good day, and I hope to chat with yall soon!!
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2023.06.09 19:46 Charblee The perfect “gaming” chair for Jake. Hopefully he gets it and reviews it for the lulz.

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2023.06.09 19:46 DevenD9 I see it says must activate by June 17.

I see it says must activate by June 17.
If I buy a meta quest today even tho it’s past June 3rd but I activate it by June 17 will I still get the 2 games. Cause as far ask I know there are no codes in the boxes and I guess I’m asking how will they know when I bought it if I buy from Amazon and activate before the 17th??
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2023.06.09 19:46 T4nns0ldier [23][M4F][Oslo][Norway] Let's learn the ropes together! Can travel (Europe - US)!

23M, 6'1" / 187 cm, 88 kg / 194 lbs.
Blonde hair, blonde beard, blue eyes.
I'm social, easy going and interested in experiencing the first time with somebody right.
Career-focused being in the army for four years, now finally seeing lifes good side through civil eyes.
I enjoy hunting, mountain-hikes, working out occasionally, long drives, spending time with my old folks and generally spending time with people.
I do occasionally also play a lot of games like league, CSGO, Rust, even though it's not as much as I want due to studying.
I also find great interest in a little farm I've taken over recently :) I also like to travel, especially to the US! Going there in July!
I'm a social but very calm person, surprisingly with ADHD. I've always had an intense focus and an urge to pursue "the next thing", which has cost me opportunities.
Looking for someone that wants to share the experience - I don't judge anyone and have a very good understanding that everything is natural. I'm easy to talk to :-)
My goal is to hopefully unlock confidence in the both of us to take on the world with some better tools and knowledge!
Don't hesitate to send a message, I literally cannot press enough how humble and understanding I try to be of this topic.
Willing to travel for the right one!
or host!
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2023.06.09 19:46 henry_kk Pentakill with Elder Dragon Buff (So Satisfying)

Pentakill with Elder Dragon Buff (So Satisfying)
We were behind the whole match. Safe to say Mid and JG diff. Lost all three dragons and the Rift. But the tables had turned when we got second Baron and Elder Dragon. We fought the last team fight and won the game. GG, EZ
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2023.06.09 19:46 necheti Yuzu Crashes on game shutdown

As stated in the title, whenever I shut down my game (any game) the program hangs around and then crashes. It can be via the X button, alt+f4, esc or whatever else command tells the game to close and it will still hang up and crash instead of closing properly.
Have there been any instances of this occuring to anyone else and if so how did you fix it?
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2023.06.09 19:46 AutoModerator How the Video Game Industry Has Changed the World

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2023.06.09 19:46 andy_6471 I bought the battle pass of the past season but i couldn't use the 25 levels, so now i tried to use the 25 levels but the game says That i already use the levels

I bought the battle pass of the past season but i couldn't use the 25 levels, so now i tried to use the 25 levels but the game says That i already use the levels submitted by andy_6471 to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:46 Inner-breadstick2395 FM23 wonderkids below:

Decided just to create a post after a previous post asked about your go to wonderkids; as I promised 30+ but here’s about 60 or so to pick through. Some will be more known than others whether due to previous FM’s or real life. Note that all players are born between 2001-2006 so all players are 21yo or under when you start. This is a list of players from my save currently in 2030. Most these players are either world class/ were worth over €20m/ or among the most noteworthy players at their club. I have probably missed some obvious ones & potentially some other gems that I simply haven’t come across in my 45 minute sweep of the save; feel free to add your own & I hope this is a good start for some people wanting to start a new project. Happy gaming folks!
•In no particular order⬇️:
Youssef Chermiti / Matthis Abline
Ishe Samuels-Smith / Désiré Doue
Aymen Kari / Zito
Maurits Kjærgaard / Axel Guessand
Alfie Devine / Reuell Walters
Oscar Gloukh / Elisse Ben Seghirr
Leny Yoro/ Arda Guler
Noah Sahsah / Elye Wahi
Yannick Mausenhund / Giovanni Fabian
Marco Bertini / Vitor Roque
Morato / Valentin Carboni
Martin Vitik / Nicolas Jackson
Isaac Babadi / Josh Doig
Julian Rijkhoff / Elia Caprile
André Gomes / Ömer Beyez
João Rêgo / Diego Coppola
Isak Hansen Aarøen / Lucas Assaidi
Tommaso Baldanzi / Callum Doyle
Mattys Tel / Stefano Dalla Riva
Nicola Zalewski / Victor Eletu
Mario Stroeykens / Diego Moreira
Julian Duranville / Zeno Debast
Jan -Carlo Simič / Jung Sang-Bin
Lovro Zvonarek / Roger Fernandes
Benjamin Dominguez / Ivan Fresneda
Ed Turns / Noël Aseko Nkili
Kenan Yildiz / Roony Bardghji
Daouda Guindo / Samuel Bazdar
Timo Schliek / Paul Wanner
Eyüp Aydin / Khaled Razak
Dorgeles Nene / Adam Aznau
Augustin Giay / Milos Kerkez
Galdur Gudmundsson / Ethan Butera
Ângelo / Aaron Ciammaglichella
Aimar Vicandi / Francisco Conceicão
Sávio / Nelson Weiper
El Chadaille Bitsbiabu / Lukas Björklund
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2023.06.09 19:45 anchorssink Playing on the steam deck?

I currently play on my switch (OLED) and have had no issues aside from lag, but my husband just bought me a steam deck and I love playing on it. I know playing on PC is typically very good, but does the same go for the deck? Also can you increase the item limit when playing on the steam deck or only an actual gaming computer.
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2023.06.09 19:45 somedifferentguy Recordings started having way worse FPS than actual game

been using steelseries recordings for some time now and never had any issues. It's only been Overwatch 2 where the recordings had like 15-20 fps while I play with 120 fps or more.
But all of a sudden my other games also started having recordings with such a low FPS amount. I literally changed no settings, nothing.
Any idea how to solve this?
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2023.06.09 19:45 WiseCucumber7409 [H] Canva Edu Lifetime Upgrade (All Pro Features) - $2, Canva Pro 1 Year Upgrade - $4, Steam Accounts With Games, Random Steam Keys, Scribd Premium 2 Months, Deezer Premium 3 Months and more! [W] PayPal

Hey there!
I have to offer:

Canva Edu Lifetime - Upgrade Your Own Account (All Pro Features) + Warranty
Canva Pro 1 Year - Upgrade Your Own Account + AUTO RENEW
Amazon Prime Video 1 Month Private Account
Office 365 FAMILY 6 USER 1TB 1 Month Account - Win/Mac/Android
SkillShare Premium 3 Months Private Account
Scribd Premium Private Account 2 Months
Deezer Private Account - 3 Months Subscription
Crunchyroll Premium Private Account - 6 Months
Steam Account - Raft
Steam Account - The Forest
Steam Account - 7 Days to Die
Steam Account - Terraria
Steam Account - Phasmophobia
Steam Account Argentina - ARS Currency
Steam Account Turkey - TR Currency
Epic Games Account - ARK: Survival Evolved
FIFA 22 ULTIMATE EDITION (Offline Activation) (Lifetime Access + Warranty)
10 Random Steam Keys (Worth $30 on Steam) ($0.25 per key) (Games on steam from $1-$10)
Hot Random Steam Keys
Premium Random Steam Keys (Big chance for HQ games!)
and more coming soon!

Warranty for all products!
Payment via PayPal soon will be more payment methods!
300 Total Orders!
Have question? Contact me on discord: DragonZ5#5142 (I'm online from 6 PM/18:00 PM to 11 PM/23:00 PM GMT+1)

For more information about my offers check here:
Read the description about this and other offers before purchasing (because not everyone reads it)
Have a nice day and take care!
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2023.06.09 19:45 Bastephor 17m looking to talk to cool people [chat] [friendship]

Heyo! I am Sebastian and I am 17 (I turn 18 next month), I'm also Gay and Poly. I am from the United States. I would also prefer if you were 16+, but I'm willing to make exceptions.
Here are some things that interest me!
Game list:
·VR Chat (I don't have a VR but I love playing this with friends!) -The Binding of Issac ·Death Trash -Endless Space 2 ·Payday 2 -Phasmophobia ·Project Zomboid -Rimworld ·Civ VI -Borderlands 2 ·No Man's Sky -Space Engineers ·Stellaris -Stardew Valley ·Terraria -Minecraft ·The Long Drive -Gmod ·Fallout 76 -Fallout 4 ·L4D2 -Scrap Mechanic
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2023.06.09 19:45 remi_daDOOD My MCC Pride 2023 Placement Predictions!

Team Predictions:
10: Green. I tried to see if there was any way I could justify putting this team any higher, but I just couldn't. HBomb hasn't been playing as well as he could recently, getting 20th on a 5th place team, Ranboo likely won't be playing very seriously as he quit canon MCC's and will probably only be playing to have fun, and Lily and Sykkuno have very limited Minecraft experience. They could do well in Meltdown, however.
9: Yellow. They could definitely do better than 9th, but I don't think that they will be playing to win. They'll probably be top 3 in Sands of Time and Build Mart, and could be a dark horse team in Battle Box, but other than that, I think they won't do as well as they would if it was canon and they were trying to win.
8: Pink. Like Yellow, this team could definitely do better than 8th, but I'm just feeling an underperformance coming and idk why. 5up hasn't been playing as well as he can recently, and neither has Beky since her first event. It's Piso's first event, so he probably won't do very well either. Tubbo has been getting a lot better recently, but he'll probably just be playing for fun and not trying very hard. Also, Grid Runners and Sky Battle, two of their best games, are benched.
7: Blue. It pains me to put this team so far down, but I just couldn't justify putting them any higher. They will likely be competing with Purple for best Meltdown team, and they could do well in Battle Box, as Ant and Zeuz are good at PVP, and if all else fails, they can fall back on the classic Simmers strat.
6: Cyan. Illumina is definitely the best player in this event, but with two newcomers and Gumi only doing well on top teams, I think they'll struggle a little. They'll probably do good in Battle Box, as Illumina is one of the best Battle Box players, and it's one of Gumi's best games, but other than that I just see Illumina doing his thing and being cracked, and his team not pulling their weight as much (no hate tho).
5: Lime. I had this team higher originally, but a lack of PVP games brings them down a few places imo. They're a very good Meltdown team, and will probably do decently at Battle Box too, but I doubt that those will be played late. They're a decent Sands of Time team, as Kara is one of the best Sandkeepers, Sylvee is a very experienced runner, and Ollie can probably do the Gold Key parkour. Movement games, Ace Race specifically, will likely be an issue, though, as Ollie has never played it and it's one of Kara's worst games.
4: Orange. This team is definitely a wild card. They could make dodgebolt or not even top half depending on how they're playing on the day and how late Ace Race is played. Oh yeah, they win Ace Race by a mile lol. Owen and Martyn are probably both going to be top 10, Scott can be a bit inconsistent but can definitely get top 15 and probably won't go below top 25. Idk how good Guqqie is, but the other three can definitely carry. Two people in the top 10 is gonna give them a LOT of points, but if it's played earlier, their chances of making dodgebolt decrease dramatically imo. They'll also probably be pretty good at team games, tho.
3: Aqua. This is a very strong team, however the games aren't very favorable for them. Specifically RSR is benched, which is Phil's best game by a mile and TapL is very good at it as well. They HEAVILY rely on TGTTOS, PKT, and maybe Meltdown to be played later, or they likely will not have any hope of making it to dodgebolt.
2: Purple. This was many people's favorite to win before the games were announced, and they are still a top contender, as Dave and Mysti are both very good mechanically, and Mysti used to be a tester, which will probably make up a little bit for it being their first event. Sands might be a bit of a struggle, however, as Dave isn't great at it, and it's changed a lot since Mysti was a tester. I think they will dominate Meltdown, however, as Krtzyy is a top 5 player in it, Mysti is just good overall, and it's one of Elaina's better games.
1: Red. The game selection could not be more perfect for Red, except TGTTOS, Meltdown, and PKT instead of RSR, SG, and Sky Battle. They're not even that bad at TGTTOS or PKT, and could get lucky in Meltdown, especially with Grian having done a 1v4 before, showing that he has potential. Originally, I had them in 4th, but once the games came out, I immediately moved them to first.

Individual Predictions:
  1. PeteZahHutt
  2. Krtzyy
  3. Illumina
  4. TapL
  5. Ph1lza
  6. Mysticat
  7. Antfrost
  8. OwengeJuice
  9. Jojosolos
  10. Grian
  11. OllieGamerz
  12. InTheLittleWood
  13. 5up
  14. Sylvee
  15. HBomb94
  16. GeminiTay
  17. Smajor1995
  18. ElainaExe
  19. VelvetIsCake
  20. Tubbo
  21. Ranboo
  22. KaraCorvus
  23. vGumiho
  24. ZombieCleo
  25. GizzyGazza
  26. KryticZeuz
  27. Eret
  28. GeeNelly
  29. Bekyamon
  30. FalseSymmetry
  31. Guqqie
  32. Aimsey
  33. Piso
  34. Shubble
  35. Sykkuno
  36. RyanHiga
  37. Vixella
  38. xChocoBars
  39. LilyPichu
  40. DrGluon
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