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2023.06.06 22:04 randopop21 Device for PA function? I want to run an outside speaker to warn off intruders.

For security reasons, I have an external speaker outside of my vehicle. Currently, it's hooked up to a device to generate siren-type noises if I hit a panic button. It works well.
I'd like to be able to broadcast my voice outside too. I think the PA function of a CB radio can do that. (Is that right?)
I was looking to buy an inexpensive used CB radio to do this. And I may still do so and thus get the functionality of a CB radio too.
Or I could look for a device that has a mic and can drive the external speaker too.
Does anyone know of such a device? (I'm also wondering if something like that could end up more expensive than a used CB radio...)
(This is for personal security when traveling in my vehicle. If I see someone skulking around close to my rig, I want to be able to warn him off without leaving my vehicle.)
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2023.06.06 22:04 Archoholic Collin College runoff elections -- today is the last early voting day before June 10th election day

Cathie Alexander was at the Collin County Courthouse rally FOR that scumbag ken paxton, so if you want someone who believes in rule of law and separation of (alleged) criminals and government, don't vote for her.
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2023.06.06 22:03 Otherwise-Monk1582 Radon system in new home

Buying a condo in a new construction (2-family) in Middlesex county. My understanding is that the building code requires a passive radon system. Seller says there is none. Am I missing something?
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2023.06.06 22:03 hannah_rose_banana Where to Wear?

Where do you guys wear your historical costumes? Do you simply wear them around the house and then move on to something else? Do you know of any living historical events/locations that people frequently wear their historical costumes to?
For context, I live in central PA and I want to make some historical costumes for different periods, particularly medieval (for when the Ren Faire comes around), 18th century, and mid-19th century. However, I do not want to simply create these costumes and then not have anywhere to wear them. I know there are reenactments in the summertime but the deadlines are too close for some of them and the dates are very specific and overlap with work and family events.
Any advice/suggestions?
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2023.06.06 22:03 PaleontologistNo5219 Non-union co-op thinking about going Union

Like the caption says , I’m 21 with no kids or girl . I’m currently working in a non-union coop. It’s not a bad gig and the benefits are alright but I’m still thinking about going union and traveling the states for more experience instead of being in the same counties everyday. Am I an idiot for thinking about traveling than staying with the co-op and being home every night ?
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2023.06.06 22:02 zimmwisdom Best place(s) to physically try out and shop for desk/office/gaming chairs in King County?

Looking to do some physical comparisons to help find the right chair for working from home and not really sure which places have the biggest selections.
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2023.06.06 21:59 Competitive_Ice_5097 Found in northeast Scott County, Mississippi

Found in northeast Scott County, Mississippi
This oval-shaped rock looks like a chunk of lead or nickel. It is magnetic as you can see in one of the pics. It has a cool, smooth surface. It feels like metal and weighs approximately 4-5 ounces. So far no one I’ve shown it to knows what it may be. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
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2023.06.06 21:59 ScrambledEggies123 Road trip Atlanta, GA to Pittsburg, PA recommendations

Hello all! I’m an artist and am going up to Atlanta GA for a weekend in July to collab with another artist, and a few days later I have another client to collaborate with in Pittsburg, PA. I want to turn it into a 4ish day road trip but without spending any money on lodging.
For night 1 after leaving GA I have places I could crash for the night in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and Durham. For night 2 I have a place I can stay in Washington, D.C. Then I’d make my way to my final stop.
For travel days I was thinking to make stops in Helen, GA; Blue Ridge Parkway; Kerr Lake or Chesapeake Bay; Richmond, VA; Grantsville or Hagerstown, MD; drive along Sideling Hill; Phipps Conservatory in PA. Probably wouldn’t be able to hit all of these but I’m just throwing ideas out.
Any other recs? No waterfalls please I live in Asheville and have seen so many at this point. I like beaches, flowers/gardens, quick hikes with a view, visual art (museums and street art recs welcome), coffee, breweries, pizza, seafood, punk music… but I’d like to not do anything extravagant. Thanks!!
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2023.06.06 21:57 No_Spinach_6493 Helping my husband find a therapist in Utah

My husband spent about a year at LifeLine in Utah. It's been over 10 years and he's looking for a therapist in Utah for C-PTSD and trauma related to the abuse he experienced there. Like many, he can't access memories from around that time. He has trouble sleeping, has constant nightmares, etc. The challenge with finding a therapist in the area is that many have worked in a RTC or doesn't fully understand the negative effects of these places. I am posting here on behalf of my husband (with consent to share the above) because some of these discussions can be triggering for him.
Does anyone have recommendations for therapists in Utah (Utah County to Salt Lake County) or suggestions on how to find therapists that are anti-RTC?
This might be too specific, but if there's a list of therapists that are still practicing at these places or have close ties/associations, it would be good to know who to avoid. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 21:57 umekoangel Any recommendations for around Manatee county in Florida?

Family medicine/primary care doctor recommendations for around Manatee county Florida? I don't mind my current primary care doctor but it literally feels like she's moving in the dark for recommendations for my care whenever I bring up something new happening to my body and I'd like to find a doctor that has at least some level of comfort treating patients with my condition, even if their background is more related to pain management than primary care.
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2023.06.06 21:54 Estrada0618 CrossFit Gyms

Relocating from Jersey City, NJ to Essex County NJ in two months, and looking for a new CrossFit gym to call home.
Lots of gyms close to where I’ll be living, so curious if anyone can provide insight on their experience at any of these gyms.
CrossFit Roseland
Guerilla Fitness Montclair
Golden Phoenix CrossFit
CrossFit Veracity Athletics
CrossFit Millburn
CrossFit 908 Central
CrossFit TreeHouse
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2023.06.06 21:53 Rehayahem In these woods, the trees whisper

Every small town has its urban legend, utilized to pass the time as the tedious years go by. My hometown of Sour Lake, Texas, was no different. The last time I saw anyone excited was when a Sonic Drive-In moved into the old Pizza Hut building. I guess we tell these stories so the boredom doesn’t drive us insane.
What distinguishes Sour Lake from the other tiny dots on the map is the vast region of trees in our backyard. We fall right at the edge of “The Big Thicket,” a vast forest stretching over forty thousand miles and five states. There’s a trail that leads out of town and into the woods. If you follow the path for about half a mile, you’ll run into an open clearing of grass surrounded by giant, spindly Southern Live Oak trees.
And this is where our legend begins.
Texas doesn’t really have seasons. It gets hot, and if you’re lucky, it sometimes gets cold. But in Sour Lake, without fail, we get strong gusts of winds that signify the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The winds are so powerful they rattle the trees, making them “whisper.”
The legend states that if you go to the clearing around midnight, the trees will tell you a secret only you can know. The secrets are a mix of good and bad. Some learn a clue that leads to luck and fortune. Others get a premonition that leads to inevitable pain and suffering.
My grandfather, always a jokester, claimed that the trees told him my Nana had a crush on him when they were in high school. My Nana said the woods informed her of her father’s impending death. They would regale my siblings and me with tales of people who suffered horrible fates and somehow always tied it to children behaving poorly.
It was all a load of horseshit. My grandpa bribed my Nana’s brother to retrieve her diary for him to snoop through. My great-grandpappy was close to four hundred pounds and was essentially a walking heart attack. He “mysteriously” dropped dead when my Nana was in high school. Still, every year, a group of teenagers take the path out of town and listen to the trees.
There were rules, though. The winds would blow for a week or so, but you could only receive one secret per year. Those who tried to break this rule would have their secret forfeited, and they would be cursed. You could also never disclose the secret to anyone until it happened. If you shared your secret with someone, you would again be cursed. I was never sure what the curse “was,” but supposedly, it was worse than death itself.
I was always skeptical of the story but was convinced by my group of friends to make the trip during the last week of September. It was 1992. I had just started my freshman year of high school and was determined to fall in with the “popular” crowd. At the time, that meant doing whatever anyone else was doing. Plus, the idea of sneaking out of my house past curfew gave me a huge adrenaline rush.
My best friend Matt Stevens came by my bedroom window around 11:30 pm. I walked past my parent’s room and heard the loud snores of my dad giving me the green light to leave. Matt was waiting with some older kids and my new crush, Sophie Barrett. I knew I had to do something memorable to impress her.
We trekked to the clearing, giggling and whispering amongst ourselves, our only light source being a weak flashlight and the dim Harvest Moon. I remember Johnny Polk, a smooth-talking junior, smoking cigarettes and offering drags to the other girls. Sophie laughed at his jokes the hardest, and I was emboldened to make a grander first impression.
Sometimes I wonder….
We soon reached the glade and laid out blankets on the grass. The giant Southern Live Oaks formed a circle around us, with the tallest at the crest of the clearing circle. Even now, those trees make me feel so small, with their long contorting branches almost reaching out to touch you. They would have covered the sky if not for the gargantuan moon. I suddenly began to feel very unsettled. Our entire group fell silent, and you could only hear nothing but the winds approaching.
The trees began to shake and rattle, swaying their branches as the gusts moved through them. Leaves puttered down to the Earth, getting caught on our hair and clothes. I closed my eyes to listen and was surprised to hear a sound similar to whispers, though they were intelligible. I guessed this was how the legend started.
I studied the tallest tree again, looming over me like my father did while I was in trouble. There was something strange about it. I couldn’t quite describe it, but it was odd that one tree was more prominent than the rest. It didn’t just feel like a tree; it felt like something more, though I didn’t know what. I remember hiding my face in shame to avoid the tree’s gaze.
I glanced over at Johnny, who was muttering something in Sophie’s ear while she giggled with her hand over her mouth. My face burned with a confusing and unwanted rage. Now was my chance.
I hopped up and marched toward the giant tree, ignoring the other folks as they whisper-shouted at me to stop. I grabbed the first branch I could reach and began to climb, hearing the cheers and jeers from below. I arrived near the top and looked at my friends, now looking like mindless insects. I removed my shirt and tied it to the tallest branch I could reach, making my mark like Neil Armstrong did when he landed on the moon, which now seemed so close.
I shuffled down the tree, basking in the hooping and hollering of the older kids. “Jesus, that Jimmie kid is gnarly,” one of the older guys said. Sophie ran up to me and pushed my chest, “Jimmie Anderson, you had me worried sick!” she yelled angrily before starting to laugh. I puffed out my bare chest when I noticed Johnny Polk sulking in the corner.
I sat next to Sophie for the rest of the night, looking at her as the breeze lifted her blonde hair, not knowing I was in love for the first time. We stayed for a bit longer until one of Sophie’s friends said she wanted to go home. “I feel like we’re being watched or something,” she whispered, clearly rattled. We brushed her off at first, but I also remember feeling off….like we weren’t the only ones in the clearing.
We got up and made our way home. I walked Sophie back to her house when she asked me on the porch if the trees told me a secret. I replied no, and Sophie said she didn’t either, but I remember feeling like she wasn’t truthful with me. However, I didn’t protest when she impulsively kissed me and hustled inside. I floated back to my house on clouds, not even caring that my parents were waiting in the kitchen to tear my ass a new one.
The rest of my life began on that day.
I finished high school and went to college in Houston before attending law school in Austin. I passed the bar and surprisingly found myself back in Sour Lake when new mayor Matt Stevens convinced me to run for District Attorney. I won in a landslide victory and moved back home. Sophie Barrett was by my side the entire time. We married shortly after the move, and she confessed to me that the trees told her she was among her future husband that night. I laughed, thinking she was telling me a joke.
Now, I’m not so sure.
I’ve never been back to that forest clearing. After all, it was just a stupid tale to pass the time and let young adults get their first taste of independence. I was too busy anyways, spending my days locking up drunk drivers and the occasional bar fight or indecent exposure. It was a peaceful life.
I’ve been prosecuting cases in Sour Lake for almost twenty years now. Never once did I have a murder case on my docket. Never once did I anticipate that the darkest recesses of humanity from other cities would creep into our boring but tranquil town.
But they did.
Last October, Sadie Anderson, a fourteen-year-old freshman at Henderson High School, was found behind a dumpster near a campsite in the forest. Sadie had been stabbed over fifty times, and her body was initially unrecognizable until her poor mother identified her by the small birthmark on her shoulder. She suffered. There could have been no doubt about it.
The whole town was shaken. No one I talked to could remember a murder, much less that of a child. We combed the entire county for every pedophile and gutter punk, but police found nothing that could place any of them at the scene of the murder. Every hour that passed was its own personal hell. Sadie’s mother checked herself into a mental facility as she was tempted to harm herself. I remember her telling me she wanted to suffer like her daughter suffered.
The investigation began to stall until two weeks ago when Kaylin Booker’s mother found a concerning entry while snooping through her fourteen-year-old daughter’s diary. Kaylin's journal listed a plan detailing how her friends Maddie Spears and Becca Hollis invited her out into the woods.
When Kaylin arrived at the campsite one Saturday evening, Becca and Maddie were there with Sadie Anderson. The two girls then produced two cheap kitchen knives purchased from the dollar store and stabbed Sadie Anderson to death. They then forced Kaylin to help conceal the body and warned her they would do the same if she told. When questioned by the police, the two girls confessed. And when asked why they would kill their friend, the girls stated plainly:
“Because the trees told us to.”
Pandaemonium ripped through Sour Lake, and parents furiously turned on the town. Children were now forbidden to go to the woods, and a permanent curfew was instituted by Mayor Stevens. Conspiracy theories and vicious rumors spread through the town, pitting lifelong friends against each other. Thousands of dollars were spent to quash headlines like “Urban Legend Leads to Murder?” or “A New Slenderman in Sour Lake?”
The girls remained steadfast and even obstinate that the trees told them to kill one of their best friends. The friend who was always kind and loyal to them. The friend who listened to their problems and helped them find solutions. The same friend who never missed a stupid birthday or gossipy sleepover. The friend who showed them nothing but kindness and love because that’s the way she was raised to treat others.
I had to recuse myself from the case, of course. After all, what DA can be impartial when prosecuting his only daughter’s killers? The girls have now refused to cooperate with law enforcement. One of my colleagues, a lawyer from Beaumont, has been assigned to the case. He’s recommended placing both the girls in an institution until their 21st birthday and making this all go away quietly. I am too numb to feel anything about the deal. All I can think about is Becca and Maddie staring straight into my soul with dead, unflinching eyes at their arraignments. One of them seemed to smirk.
I’m sitting alone on the couch with the TV on for background noise. My oldest son, back from college, stares into space, checking his phone to see if his mother called. My middle son, a high school junior, is locked in his room. I can feel his anger and confusion seeping down the staircase. I don’t know how to talk to him.
I get up and leave the house without anyone noticing. I follow the path into the woods as the sweltering May heat sticks my shirt to my skin. There will be no Autumn winds tonight. I enter the clearing and sit down on the grass. I can feel the weight of the trees circling around me, leaning in to scrutinize me after all these years. The moon shines above me, bearing witness in its crescent phase as if it’s hiding behind a corner. I light a cigarette and let the flame of the lighter dance on my palm.
The giant tree I climbed all those years ago stares down at me like a judge on the bench. Its branches slowly sway in the slight breeze, cracking and moaning as if it’s taunting me. I close my eyes and listen to the forest hum. My ears begin to twitch.
“...this...iS…wHaT….YoU….GET….” I think I hear faintly in the distance. I nod somberly.
In these woods, the trees whisper.
Tonight, they’ll scream.
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2023.06.06 21:53 Parking-Elk-824 If finances arent a factor, what degree/trade/certification would you recommend?

Im at a career crossroads, and im tired of being flimsy about it. The title is pretty to the point, but for some backstory, here you go.
I live in the northeast, and ive been an EMT for cumulatevely 4 years. Shortly after, I joined the Army as a medic in 2020, and this helped me reenroll in college after 6 years of being out of school (was suddenly homeless). Ive got most of my general education and all of my electives already accounted for at this point. I have ~$45k in college funds to use to pursue a degree.
Those who know, know that EMTs make unproportionately horrible pay. Working 126 hours in two weeks is not viable for you or your family if you somehow make a sliver of a living from it. PA school is the typical upward progression for an EMT or combat medic, but that's four years hidden behind numerous maybes. The college guidance counsellor suggested exercise science to carry me to PA, but if i miss my one shot, I'm fiscally back to square one. I know somebody will say something something hero selfless etc, but its going to be a hard sell to my family that theres no Christmas and i wont be home for it while giving somebody a $500 uber ride. I do want to do volunteer EMS after i figure it all out, but i dont want it to harm my family as it will right now.
Anyways, to the meat and potatoes of my question/ TL;DR
I am ambivalent towards staying in medicine as a whole. Im not in love with any plan right now. I just want a direction of a career where i can make $60k/yr at least without breaking my already goverment sponsored fucked back, or not being able to be with my family and missing moments all the time.
What i have right now is $40,000 to go to learning something to have my family living comfortably at the very least. My only passion is to not work 60 hours a week until im 70 years old. Any ideas on certifications, courses, or degree paths etc to get there?
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2023.06.06 21:53 putriidx Uncertain base of tongue tumor, fatigue, and sleep apnea complications

Good afternoon AskDocs, I didn't want to do this..but I guess I will.
28M, 5'11", 195 lbs., caucasian, Navy Veteran. (US)
Primary Complaint: Diagnosed in 2018 with the comment from the VA ENT that (if you waited any longer you may have died) with a base of tongue tumor of which I complained about for a year prior with my Navy medical providers before knowing it was a tumor.
First Procedure (2018): Navy Hospital - Biopsy revealing benign, but weird results per the ENT team. Debulk was somewhat successful, tracheostomy in place.
Second Procedure (2018/19): Navy Hospital - Outpatient procedure, I forget the name but they stuck a needle through my neck to extract tissue. Same results as before.
Third Procedure (2019): TORS surgery at a civilian hospital for debulk and biopsy resulting in a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Feeding tube and ICU for a few weeks. Still benign but keeps seeming to grow back or persist.
Fourth Procedure (2022): TORS again at a new civilian hospital (Emory). Again, benign. The VA in Virginia, and now Georgia as well as EVMS and Emory all say the same thing - "What?"
Essentially, nobody knows what's going on or what caused my throat tumor but they all think it's genuinely weird, rare, and concerned that it will persistently grow back. I had complications in the last surgery where the cauterizations weren't healed and I had to come back after coughing up blood.
I should note I was decannulated in 2019 a month or two after the surgery that year.
(Suicide attempt in 2018 prior to my first surgery, but not prior to symptoms: Alcohol, Fetzima, and Acetaminophen resulting in ER using charcoal and whatever else).
Never a smoker, once a month light drinker (1 or 2 beers).
Current prescriptions: Fetzima 120 mg, Concerta 54 mg
Diagnosed Issues: Mild to Moderate OSA, GAD and MDD, Base of tongue tumor, visual snow.
After the decannulation in 2019 I was told to request an autoimmune panel from the PA/NP and I finally got one (A mix between COVID, moving, and the VA caused major delay).
My results are normal with some elevation in Liver Enzymes per my ENT who I don't have an appt with for another few months.
My concerns really are, what do I do? The tumor was and still is obstructing my airway and providers aren't sure if it's still affecting my sleep apnea of which hasn't seen improvement with use of CPAP or MAD since after my surgery in 2019 until I stopped seeing benefit in 2020. My fatigue has progressively gotten worse, but there is no sense of interest or urgency from anyone at the VA. I know it seems pretty clear cut to them, but I don't know how much longer I can go like this.
There is no clear diagnosis for my tumor. I have seen "cancer," I have seen hyperplasia, and so on but no consensus or leading hypothesis. I have a family history of High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and various forms of cancer - my father had liver, colon, and lung which was terminal and my mother had skin and I believe breast and is still alive and well, thankfully. I was exposed to Asbestos in the Navy albeit briefly.
If there are any labs or reports you want me to post I will gladly do so.
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 21:52 MustachMulester A friend (23F) of mine (25M) received plane tickets to Las Vegas from an online dating match (27M).

So I have a friend (23F) that has struggled with mental health for a while. About a month ago her boyfriend broke up with her which compounded her mental health issues and she ended up getting herself admitted to a mental hospital for about a week. Once she was out she matched with someone (27M) while she was visiting a different city. They talked for about two weeks before he bought her plane tickets and a hotel room in Las Vegas as he says he is moving from the city where they matched to Las Vegas. She also has a very open social media page where she has made clear that she is struggling mentally at the moment. She also does Only Fans to make money. Most of her close friends have told her that it seems like a dangerous trip to go on, but she is set on going. I am considering informing her parents of the situation or maybe her aunt. This would undoubtedly cause her to cut me out of her life which I’m okay with if it comes down to it. Essentially I believe that there are other ways to meet this (27M) bumble match in a safe way that does not involve flying across the county to meet someone for the first time. Essentially I’m afraid she is about to be potentially sex trafficked.
I feel like the nuclear option for me would be to inform her family, but would that be an overstep? I don’t feel like I could live with the guilt of something horrific happened on her trip to meet this person. Am I over reacting here?
Additional context (23F) has had multiple abusive relationships in the past. She has been using drugs (cocaine, percocets, weed, whippets) most of the day, everyday since she was released from the mental hospital) (23F) and (27M) have been texting throughout the days since they matched, and have started FaceTiming frequently as well, sometimes for hours at a time. (23F)’s parents pay her bills. The OF money is essentially for personal use. Her father is fairly abusive based on what she has told me. She has a good relationship with her mother and aunt.
Considering that context, I don’t believe that she would be able to truly get a read on if this (27M) is dangerous or not in her current mental state. And I don’t believe there is anyway for her to guarantee her safety in this situation. On top of that, if she did get weird vibes she would feel more obligated to ignore them as she would be dependent on (27M) for her flight home and her hotel room. Which he said he has his own place, but figured she would feel more comfortable in a hotel room so he booked her a room for a week.
I’m I overreacting about the situation? Additionally, as a friend of maybe 5 years, would it be a gross overstep to inform her family? After all she is an adult at this point.
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2023.06.06 21:52 Danciusly Merrifield’s self-driving shuttle will transport its final riders this month

The autonomous, electric Relay shuttle will cease operations after June 23, concluding almost three years of bussing passengers around the Dunn Loring Metro station and the Mosaic District in Merrifield.
Since launching on Oct. 22, 2020, the shuttle has provided 356 trips, as of last Thursday (June 1). While attracting riders was a struggle at times, the pilot project was successful at demonstrating the potential and challenges of using the technology for public transit, Fairfax County Department of Transportation Chief of Operations John Zarbo says...
The first state-funded test of its kind in Virginia, the Relay pilot was intended to last just one year but got funding for multiple extensions, as the county and Dominion Energy, which owns the vehicle, waited out the hit that public transportation took nationally during the pandemic.
According to Zarbo, ridership has increased in recent months as the sense of COVID-19 as an emergency has faded. He also attributes the uptick to changes to the shuttle’s route and schedule that took effect on Dec. 5.
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2023.06.06 21:51 OzzieSlim Ginger Getting Eviscerated and as predicted, he hasn’t realized.

Reading through the court transcript completely, Mr. Green KC (so weird to write this after so many years QC!) picked Ginger gently apart without him even realizing it. I’ll go through and select the Q&A that effectively kills each of his claims dead on each article. If room runs out on main screen, see rest in comments.
Diana article: Mr Green brings up the fact that the Press Association had reported that Princess Diana was due to visit the Prince for his 12th birthday at Ludgrove school before any of the Mirror titles did. “I wasn’t aware of that,” the Duke says. Mr Green points out that Diana’s spokeswoman had confirmed her appearance to PA.”
Rock Climbing Trip: “Mr Green asks whether the Duke thinks that some of the information in this article is a result of phone hacking, asking who’s mobile is likely to have been hacked. “I believe it could have been anyone from myself to my brother to Paddy Haverson,” the Duke responds. Mr Harverson is the former communications secretary for the then Prince of Wales, but Mr Green points out that he wasn’t appointed until 2004 so would not be a possibility. The Duke tells the court that “there’s quite a lot of quotes and suspicious information” in the article, adding that “part of the reason we were going rock climbing 270 miles away was because of press intrusion”. “
Gastropub Birthday lunch: Mirror Group deny the claims and argue that photographers had been tipped off that Harry was in the pub and that he was photographed “after being spotted” and garnering “considerable attention” from people present at Sunday lunch. They say the story contains “limited and banal” information about his lunch, and that the paparazzi pictures were not published. “But Prince Harry, there was no need for the Daily Mirror journalists to use unlawful means because the information had already been published by the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday,” Mr Green said. “That could be correct… “ came the reply.”Mr Green then brings up that the chef at the gastropub is a famous celebrity chef, Ed Baines, who is quoted in news articles about Harry’s appearance at his pub, saying that he could have called the press himself. “If those are indeed his quotes,” the Duke interjects, adding that Baines, as the chef, was probably too busy to have done that.”
On broken thumb: Mr Green has asked Prince Harry whether he has also complained to a press agency about reporting about his broken thumb. “Have you expressed any concerns to the Press Association about divulging information about the injury to your thumb?” He asks the Duke. “I have not,” Harry responds, adding that he is only now aware it was reported by PA first.”
“Mr Green then asks whether he has complained about the reporting of the same injury in the Evening Mail, the Evening Standard and the Edinburgh Evening News. “No I haven’t because it’s not systemic within the Edinburgh Evening News, I believe…unlawful information gathering,” he responds. Reading some of the article in court that is attributed to a doctor, the Duke says: “Not only do I have no idea how they would know that, but that instils all sorts of paranoia for a boy in school who needs to go to the medical centre but who now can’t trust the doctors.””
Are we not in the realms of total speculation?” Mr Green has asked Prince Harry about claims that someone was phone hacked to get the broken thumb story. “Everybody would have known that I broke my thumb at that point but I don’t believe that any newspaper had the right to talk about it,” he adds.”
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2023.06.06 21:50 elizabethe7 St. Louis County launches budget simulation tool

Hi. Elizabeth with St. Louis County government here. Wanted to let you all know that St. Louis County has launched a budget simulation tool designed to engage the community in the budget process. As well, the County will host four town halls on the budget, beginning Thursday, June 8. You can find the simulation here https://stlouiscountymo.gov/st-louis-county-government/county-executive/our-work-so-fabudget-simulato
The interactive budget tool encourages residents to explore various budget scenarios and enables them to experience the complexities and trade-offs inherent in budget planning. Those choices will help inform elected officials as they seek sustainable solutions to the County’s current budget challenges.
If you'd like to learn more about the budget process and history, please join us for one of our 4 town halls:
All meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m.
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2023.06.06 21:50 Falconerelectronics Mina Miller Edison: A Powerful Force

Mina Miller Edison lived an incredibly inspiring life. She thrived in numerous aspects. Especially since she played many roles throughout her impressive lifespan. Highly educated, confident, ambitious and determined represent the characteristics that describe Mina.
She displayed a deep committed to her family. This includes being the loving wife to inventor, entrepreneur and American icon Thomas Edison. She was also a loving and dedicated mother.
In addition, Mina demonstrated a strong passion for her community with the endless organizations that she contributed a tremendous amount of time and energy.
Mina was born into an entrepreneurial family on July 6, 1865. As the Miller family continued to grow, Mina was the seventh of eleven children born to inventor Lewis Miller and Mary Alexander. Her parents had a love for education. Mina attended and graduated from Akron High School in Ohio. After high school, she went on to study at a home and day school in Boston.

Mina’s Father the Inventor and Founder

Mina Miller Edison was born into a family that was used to being in the spotlight. Lewis Miller was a successful inventor. He also became one of the founders of Chautauqua Institution. The Miller family spent summers in their home along Chautauqua Lake. Her families love for Chautauqua was passed down to Mina. Therefore, when she had a family of her own she brought them to her family home at Chautauqua Institition.
Mina’s father and husband both had a passion for inventing. However, what they chose to invent was different from one another. While Thomas concentrated on technology and electronics, Lewis focused on farm equipment. They shared the common goal of making life easier with their inventions.

Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua Institution sets on the shores of beautiful Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York State. The Institution was originally called the Chautauqua Lake Sunday School Assembly. It was founded in 1874 as an educational experiment in out-of-school, vacation learning by industrialist Lewis Miller and Methodist Bishop John Heyl Vincent. Hence, a place where spirituality meets continuing education.
“The original scheme was a Christian educational resort . . . [where] pleasure, science, and all friends of true culture should go side by side with true religion.”

Chautauqua Institution

We call Chautauqua County home which is also the birthplace of the National Historic Landmark, Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua Institution is a 750-acre community on Chautauqua Lake that attracts 100,000 visitors each summer who explore spirituality, philosophy, cultural vitality and the arts.
President Theodore Roosevelt once called Chautauqua Institution: “the most American thing in America“.
The mission of Chautauqua Institution (or as locals call it, CHQ):
CHQ is dedicated to the exploration of the best in human values and the enrichment of life through a program that explores the important religious, social and political issues of our times; stimulates provocative, thoughtful involvement of individuals and families in creative response to such issues; and promotes excellence and creativity in the appreciation, performance and teaching of the arts.Each summer season celebrates four program areas: The Arts, Religion, Education and Recreation. A summer at Chautauqua is loaded with lectures, concerts, religious services and as well as amazing displays of literary and performing arts. Chautauqua Institution attracts world-class talent that performs ballet, theater, opera, symphony and dance. Click here to check out this season’s exciting events.

The Multiple Achievements of Mina Miller

Marriage to Thomas Edison

When Mina Miller met Thomas Edison, she was promised to her gentleman suitor, George Vincent, the son of Bishop Vincent. Edison learned that Mina would be staying the summer at Chautauqua, he arranged to spend time there to win her and meet her family. Thomas Edison’s hearing was badly compromised by this time from when he was a child so he taught Mina to send and receive Morse code. That summer, he used it to ask her to marry him. He tapped “Will you Marry Me?” on Mina’s hand, and she said “Yes.”
The next step was getting permission from Mina’s Father Lewis, to which Thomas wrote this:
“I trust you will not accuse me of egotism when I say that my life and history and standing are so well known as to call for no statement concerning myself. My reputation is so far made that I recognize I must be judged by it for good or ill. I need only add in conclusion that the step I have taken in asking your daughter to entrust her happiness into my keeping has been the result of mature deliberation, and with the full appreciation of the responsibility and the duty I have undertaken to fulfill. I do not deny that your answer will seriously affect my happiness, and I trust my suit will meet with your approval.”
This letter won the approval of Mr. Miller. The date for the wedding was set for February 24, 1886, hardly more than a year after they met. She was only 20 years old. Oak Place, the Miller home in Akron, was to be the site of the wedding. Father Miller and his Mary Valinda spared no expense in seeing that the nuptials were an occasion to be remembered.

Managing a Home Full of Staff and Children

When Mina and Thomas Edison got married she was much younger then her husband. She became the stepmother to his three children. Still being young herself she was not fully ready for motherhood. However, Mina Miller Edison took charge of the household. Often times Thomas was not around due to his work. This left Mina in charge of hiring the house staff as well as raising the children. Furthermore, she gave herself the title of “home executive”. Mina also held ownership of Glenmont. The home she shared with Thomas. Owning and managing her own home was the first of many successes for Mina.

Children of Her Own

Two years after their marriage Mina and Thomas added to their family with their first child, Madeleine. This started the same pattern of children Thomas had with his first wife. Their daughter was soon followed by two sons, Charles and Theodore.

Madeleine Edison

Madeleine was born on May 31st, 1888, the first child born to Mina. She was born in Glenmont, the Edison Family home in New Jersey. Madeleine married John Eyre Sloane. She married him in the Drawing Room at Glenmont on June 17, 1914. Madeleine and John had four sons, who happened to be Thomas Edison’s only grandchildren from either marriage.
Madeleine briefly ran for Congress in 1938, she sadly lost. During World War II she gave much of her time to blood drives for the New Jersey Red Cross. She also administered the Edison Birthplace in Milan, Ohio after her mother’s death. She died on February 14, 1979.

Charles Edison

Charles Edison was born into the Edison Family at the Glenmont on August 3, 1890. He married Carolyn Hawkins, whom he had met in 1912 then married on March 27, 1918. Finally, he became president of his father’s company, Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated, in 1927. He ran the company until it was sold in 1959.
Charles is the best known because of his second career, in public service. In the mid-1930s he served in the cabinet of President Franklin Roosevelt. First as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, then as Acting Secretary. New Jersey voters elected him as their governor in 1940. He also founded a charitable foundation that now bears his name, the Charles Edison Fund. He died on July 31, 1969

Theodore Miller Edison

Theodore Miller Edison was the last to be born at Glenmont on July 10, 1898. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he earned his physics degree in 1923. He was the only member of the Edison family to graduate from college.
Theodore did work for his father’s company after graduation. After starting as an ordinary lab assistant, he worked his way up to technical director of research and engineering for Thomas A. Edison, Inc. He eventually founded his own company, Calibron Industries, Inc. Also, he built his own smaller laboratory in West Orange. Theodore earned over 80 patents in his career. In 1925 he married Anna Maria Osterhout, a graduate of Vassar. He became an ardent environmentalist. Theodore lived in West Orange with his wife Anna until his death on November 24, 1992.

Mina’s Step-Children

With the marriage between Thomas and Mina, she took on his three children from the first marriage. Marion, twelve years old, Thomas, Jr. ten years old, and William Leslie eight years old. She continued to struggle with her relationship with her stepdaughter. Mina’s stepchildren did not take education as seriously as she did. They believed that Edison’s fame could make their future for them. Finally, due to this belief, Mina’s stepchildren went on to live less acclaimed lives as the other Edison children.

Marion Estelle Edison

Marion was the first born of Thomas Edison’s children. She was born on February 18, 1873, and gained the nickname “Dot” as a child after Morse Code. In 1895 she married Karl Oscar Oeser, a German army lieutenant. They lived in Germany through the First World War. Unfortunately, her marriage ended in divorce in 1921. Finally, she then returned to the United States, where she died on April 16, 1965.

Thomas Alva Edison Jr

Thomas Alva, Junior, was born on January 10, 1876. He had the nickname “Dash” after Morse Code like his sister. He went on to marry stage actress Marie Louise Toohey in 1899. However, the marriage ended within a year. He next married Beatrice Heyzer. Thomas Jr sold the use of his name to advertise “quack” medicines and dubious inventions. His father disapproved of this and eventually asked him to change his name. Thomas Jr. briefly went by the name of Thomas Willard. His efforts at inventing and starting a mushroom farm failed. Finally, he died on August 25, 1935.

William Leslie Edison

William Leslie was born on October 26, 1878. He went to school at St. Paul’s School, Concord, New Hampshire. Then also attended J.M.Hawkins School on Staten Island. He later studied at the Sheffield scientific school at Yale. William soon married Blanche Travers. William Edison served in the military during the Spanish-American War in 1898. He also served again in the First World War. Like his brother he turned to farm life, breeding chickens. Finally, he died on August 10, 1937.

Chautauqua Institute and Mina’s Influence

Mina’s father’s love for Chautauqua was passed down to his daughter. Mina dedicated herself to many organizations locally. She supported many land and wildlife conservation. Often times Mina would donate her own funds to projects for Chautauqua. Mina became a trustee of the institute. Others involved in Chautauqua held Mina in high regards. Also much like her father, Mina continued her involvement with her beloved Institute until her passing in 1947.
Mina was active in many different organizations and clubs including:

The Thomas Alva Edison Foundation

After Thomas Edison passed away, Mina started The Thomas Alva Edison Foundation in his memory. The foundation combined both Thomas’s and Mina’s passions. Mina’s love for education and Thomas’s love for science. However, later on, the nature of the foundation changed. It was no longer dedicated to advancements in science and education. Finally, it became a foundation aimed at preserving Thomas Edison’s name and accomplishments

Wrapping It Up

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
In addition, please click these helpful links for more info:
Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click below:
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2023.06.06 21:49 emiliabedelia [Landlord-PA, USA] Tenants left a lot of junk in the apartment

Our tenants left a lot of junk in our rental property including: bedding, shelves, enormous piles of boxes full of stuff, broken e-scooter, cleaning supplies. My husband and our close friend spent two days cleaning everything out, and since the house also hadn't been cleaned, we also hired professional cleaners to make it move-in ready. I'm wondering, can we deduct money from our previous tenants' deposit for the labotime my husband and our friend took to clean out and dispose of items left behind? We are planning to deduct for the professional cleaning, but that is itemized and we have a receipt for that work (and lots of photographic evidence). We don't have a "receipt" for the time it took us to clean out the house ourselves, unfortunately. Thanks for any input or advice!
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2023.06.06 21:48 EnvironmentalKey7274 Seeking advice on finding carnelian in NW Oregon and SW Washington

Seeking advice on finding carnelian in NW Oregon and SW Washington
Hey all! I've been rockhounding most of my life and am currently in the area mentioned above. Right now I'm prospecting for carnelian and I need some help. I'm not here to ask anybody for their spots or anything jerkly like that. Finding my own places is part of the fun for me anyway. The not-so-fun part though is that right now I'm really striking out. With the exception of two days ago, my spring has largely consisted of getting skunked and finding all my prospects to be inaccessible upon scouting. I'm looking for info on geological formations to look in, counties to search, landforms or clues to look for while prospecting, and any other info specific to this region. If you want to DM me a locale or creek name, I'm open to it, but I mainly want to find my own spots. I'm just in a frustrating situation with my search right now.
Also, if anyone would like to just drop a photo of a cool find, please do so. It's my inspiration to keep on searching (the photo above is one of my finds from the Oregon coast).
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 21:46 untitled7985 Just moved to CO, what are some good trails near the Denver/Boulder area?

I moved here from Washington state about a month ago now. Im looking for some worthwhile trails to check out both for off-roading as well as dirtbiking.
For reference, I have a 5th gen 4Runner, lifted, 33’s, winch, bumper, etc.
So far, I’ve done the Switzerland trail off of Boulder canyon, which was, meh, a 2WD road at best, and part of County Rod 68J, also near Boulder. I also stumbled upon Webster pass while camping and went about an hour up until I hit snow. It wasnt technical, just bumpy, though I took the south approach, which after googling around, I think I was supposed to start near Montezuma. In regards to dirtbiking, I found a place called Rampart Range, but that’s it.
Anyways, what are some fun off road trails that are challenging enough for a mildly built 4Runner yet are still doable? Seems like all of the passes will have snow for a while so those are probably out of the question for now.
Thanks !
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