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i want to buy a second hand SSD NVME and the seller sent this image, is this an alright ssd or is it damaged or not in optimal state?

2023.06.05 14:44 jaco2508 i want to buy a second hand SSD NVME and the seller sent this image, is this an alright ssd or is it damaged or not in optimal state?

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2023.06.05 14:40 thirdkingdom1 OSR News Roundup for June 5th, 2023

June has rolled right around, and it feels like summer is finally here. As I write this North Texas RPG Con is underway, one of the largest conventions that focuses mostly on OSR games. Let's see what has been released in the past week, shall we? *Crumbling Keep is raising funds for A Strange House, a whimsical adventure for OSE, with art by Evlyn Moreau. *Cezar Capacle has released Insurgent and is currently slowfunding it on itch. It's a game in which the players take the roll of rebels fighting against tyranny, and can be played solo or with multiple players. *Mixed Success is an interesting, bi-annual TTRPG magazine that is now accepting submissions. It is interested in articles and pieces on all aspects of gaming. *Aron Clark has released Holmes & Clark for free, their take on the Holmes basic set. *I mentioned this awhile back when it was crowdfunding, and now the Beyond Corny Gron: Adventurers Guide is now out on itch and Drivethru. It's a mountain crawl setting inspired by Polish folklore, and the art is absolutely amazing. *Issue One of Xine is out, a community published zine for the Cortex system. *Black Books: Tomes of the Outer Dark has been updated to reflect new ownership and a print version has also been released. It's an OSR take on Call of Cthulhu. *As long-time readers may know, I'm a sucker for random generators, and HungryClone has released a Local God Generator on itch that looks right up my alley. *Sivad's Sanctum is amazingly prolific, and they just released Ghosts of the Sierra Verde, a Wolves Upon the Coast inspired Wild West hexcawl. *Case File #009: Famine, written for Paranormal Society, is now live on itch. The investigators must determine the cause and source of an infection spreading amongst local farms. *Levi Kornelsen has released Appendix: Kiths, an alternate take on races for fantasy gaming. While written for Query Six, this supplement can be easily hacked for a variety of systems. *Into the Maze of Dreams, by Hexplore Publishing, is a weird fantasy adventure written for OSE. *I'd mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Colin Le Sueur was slow-funding the Ruincairn Bestiary; it's now available on Drivethru. *Troll Lord Games is offering a Player's Bundle of titles in the Castles and Crusades line. *Skellig Fuil is a new adventure by Starry Knight Press, written for OSR games, and centered around an ancient curse that draws the players towards a nest of vampires. *Ivan Richmond has written an introductory adventure for Knave 1: Keep of Shadow. *James Mishler has released a hexmap for their upcoming Hawkmoor setting, which will be written for Shadowdark. *Rot, Pox, and Worm is a new supplement that adds diseases to OSR-style games. The entirety of the book is also available in the preview, which is very generous of the author. *John Michael Topple has released Dungeon Detritus, Vol 1., a short zine he wrote. It contains mostly illustrations of dungeon furnishings that can be printed out and used as tokens, and was inspired as an aid to introduce his young children to gaming. *The Murk's Curse is a three part, micro-sandbox setting for OSE and other old school games. *Chaoclypse has released Lair of the Frog God, a short, system neutral point-crawl and adventure that has optional stats for Cairn. *It's a mouthful, but the The Mausolean Maze of Mondulac the Mad is an adventure for OSE designed to be run with little to no prep. *The Into the Wild Omnibus edition Kickstarter is still running, and art is starting to come in to replace the stock art that was originally used in A Guide to Thieves' Guilds. *I've released a bunch of new stuff in the webstore, including Issue 22 of Populated Hexes Monthly, which features the lair of a fungal horror, new monsters, spells, and items for forested locations, and a new class: the ironskin craftpriest.

Please note the use of Affiliate links in some of the above entries. Affiliate links take nothing from the content creator, and help make this weekly Roundup possible.
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2023.06.05 14:19 Ill-Instruction8495 How to predict the Cluster Tier needed for my application in Mongo DB Atlas?

I am trying to determine if I want to use MongoDB Atlas vs a self-managed EC2 solution. Storage on the clusters shouldn't be a concern. What I am more worried about is handling high amounts of writes/reads per a second. How do I determine the amount of RAM/vCPUs needed for my application?
For the most part I have a users collection that will be updated often each day as users create accounts. I also have a collection for "sessions" where each document is ~100-200B. This collection is going to be queried and written to very often.
Is there a formula or way to estimate which cluster tier I will need for heavy traffic? I know I can start with the cheapest option now but my worry is in the future when there is a lot of traffic the costs might go way up.
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2023.06.05 14:18 SourcerBot Wagner captures Russian commander as Prigozhin feud with army escalates

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-05 at 10:16, this article is written by pjotr sauer and published by the guardian. (2 minutes)
Save 2 minutes of reading with this summary:
Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner group of mercenaries has captured a Russian commander, as the notorious leader further escalates his feud with the regular army. In a video posted on Prigozhin’s social media channels, Lt Col Roman Venevitin, the commander of Russia’s 72nd Brigade, tells an interrogator that, while drunk, he had ordered his troops to fire on a Wagner convoy. Prigozhin, who has been arguing with top military officials for months, announced last week that his troops had largely pulled back from Bakhmut, most of which they captured last month after taking heavy casualties.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: The Daily Beast (2023-05-31 at 12:34) Wagner Boss Yevgeny Prigozhin Takes Feud With Military Brass to Dangerous New Level Reuters (2023-05-25 at 23:22) Russian Wagner mercenaries handing Bakhmut to regular army Deutsche Welle (2023-05-09 at 07:17) Ukraine updates: Wagner boss says Russian army fled Bakhmut
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2023.06.05 14:00 venkatedustoke Best CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad 2023-2024

Best CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad 2023-2024
Best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad For Admission 2023-2024
edustoke is India’s most comprehensive school search platform. Playschools, PreSchools, Day Schools and Boarding Schools.

Best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad, the first capital city of Gujarat, is particularly famous for some leading educational institutions and good schools.
  • Beyond the top universities, there are several paramount CBSE schools in Ahmedabad which focus on providing world class education for the students.
  • The students in the CBSE schools in Ahmedabad get a complete exposure to learning with emphasis on academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Some of the esteemed CBSE schools in Ahmedabad are Swastik Sattva Vikas School, Apple Global School, Udgam School for Children, St. Kabir School, The New Tulip International School, Delhi Public School, Global Indian International School, Shanti Asiatic School, Khyati World School.
With the rising standards of education, Ahmedabad has got a remarkable stand coping up with the pace. Learning today not only needs mere values but also cutting edge technologies, global infrastructure and a curriculum that helps students excel across the borders. The best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad are the institutions that bring world-class pedagogy to help students grow as global citizens.
1.Udgam School For Children
Udgam School For Children is a CBSE board institution with an innovative approach towards education and academic excellence. The school offers child-focused and skill-based learning to help them approach real-life problems and support them on a global platform.
Founded: 1965
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
2.Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya
One of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya carries a legacy of quality education that was started in 1993. The school believes in imparting education that faculty support that aids students to become confident leaders of tomorrow.
Founded: 1993
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
3.St. Kabir School
St. Kabir School is a part of the Janak Madan Charitable Trust. The school utilizes an engaging methodology for teaching and learning with a focus on knowledge and 21st-century skills. It is known among the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad.
Founded: 1993
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
4.Anand Niketan School
Anand Niketan School was established in 2009 to impart quality education and enrich the lives of children. It provides the perfect balance of old and new, with modern infrastructure and a focus on value building.
Founded: 2009
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
5.Swastik Sattva Vikas School
The Swastik Sattva Vikas School offers a platform to children for international pedagogy that combines global teaching and our rich traditional values where students can emerge as global citizens in future.
Founded: 2003
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
6.Delhi Public School
Delhi Public School is a part of the Delhi Public group of schools and was in 2008. The school provides a progressive, passionate and purposeful environment to students encouraging them to work for the betterment of society.
Founded: 2008
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
7.Firdaus Amrut Center School
Founded in 1965, Firdaus Amrut Center School is a student-centric institution functioning on self-governance principles. The school offers updated and tech enabled amenities for learning and has a stand among the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad.
Founded: 1965
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
8.Rachana School
Rachana School is a private co-educational school that understands education is an ever-changing process and needs to be updated with time. The school makes use of modern technology to foster learning.
Founded: 1963
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
9.Som Lalit School
Som Lalit School believes in building values, the spirit of leadership and confidence in students that can help them prosper on a global stage.
Founded: 2003
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: XII
10.Cosmos Castle International School
Cosmos Castle International School stands tall in the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad with its state of the art facilities and excellent education. Founded in 1999 by the Ramdulari Dhansiram Chandravali Charitable Trust, it believes exploring to be the prime element of learning.
Founded: 1999
Curriculum: CBSE
Classes Upto: X
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2023.06.05 13:47 lyricsraaga Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 181 Written Update - Lyrics Raaga

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2023.06.05 13:47 lyricsraaga Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 180 Written Update - Lyrics Raaga

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2023.06.05 13:46 lyricsraaga Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 178 Written Update - Lyrics Raaga

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2023.06.05 13:46 lyricsraaga Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 177 Written Update - Lyrics Raaga

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2023.06.05 13:45 lyricsraaga Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 176 Written Update - Lyrics Raaga

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2023.06.05 13:29 Liberty-Prime76 Letter of Marque - A NoP Fanfic 11

As always, thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for the wonderful universe that is NoP
Thank you to u/cruisingNW for proof reading and helping me out of some hang ups, you're the man!
First Prev. Next
Memory Transcription Subject: Christopher A. Dewey, Human Merchant Sailor, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 26th, 2136 Early morning.

The written portions of the flight training were surprisingly easy; I had expected more of a challenge, honestly.
The way the Venlil set up their cockpits turned out to be pretty similar to some of the old space sims I’ve messed with so I got the button and function portions down pretty quickly. Although learning how to actually send and identify proper codes and requests was a lot more complicated than in the sims. It was mostly automated but by god there were still a lot of them. A day's study and another shot at it and I was qualified for the simulator training portion. Seems like most of the work is hands on, er paws on, in their case, which suited me just fine, always did learn better by doing.
Videk, my flight instructor, was pretty helpful, although a bit flighty. Any sudden movements or too loud of a voice and he was out the door as fast as it would open, bleating out something about ‘not letting it happen again.’ He should probably talk to someone.
Videk’s demeanor aside he’d cleared me for the sim training portion; if it’s anything like the written tests, it’ll be a piece of cake!

Memory Transcription Subject: Taisa, Venlil Starship Mechanic, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 26th, 2136, Early morning.

Oh yea, I’ve still got it.
Those written tests were too easy! Labeling parts, marking up maintenance procedures for errors, writing out steps for disassembly of standard ships systems… It was like being back in school, just with a little bit more on the line this time.
Even the practical portions were easy, tearing down mock drives and generators for routine maintenance work came and went within a paw!
Chris’ ability to just plow through a whole paw of study and testing was awe inspiring, if perhaps a little scary; the fact that a human could focus on one task for that long was almost haunting. After a claw or a claw and a half working on refresher packets, teardowns, and tests, I was spent and needed a break. Meanwhile the big Human would just keep reading away while jotting down notes on his pad.
Bamen, one of the station's engineers, had administered my review testing. He had seemed impressed, only having a pawful of comments and corrections. I made it on the fast track to the practical test with Chris in the simulator!
During university the sim trials were just to give you experience dealing with problems as they appeared on the fly, at least for the engineers. I wasn’t sure what Chris would have to deal with, but I was sure he could handle it.
If this goes as well as the sims in university we’ll be cleared in no time!
Memory Transcription Subject: Videk, Venlil Flight instructor, Space Corps Veteran
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 26th, 2136 Mid Morning.

Humans, apparently, have a tendency to disrupt anything they touch. Not by intention, just by their very being and… temperament. It’s like the Protector-abandoned things enjoy danger, although I suppose it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.
The first simulator scenario went as expected, take off, fly straight and level on a predetermined course to another landing zone, land, done. The engineer was just there to monitor output, observe the standard gauges and gain familiarity with the space; not even any randomized failures. Easy! The Human managed the route just fine, albeit a bit fast for its first time behind the stick.
The second simulator scenario I put the Human and it’s Venlil “companion” through what was meant to be a standard shuttle run between two stations, crossing a slow moving asteroid field. Get from point A to point B with the possibility of a random minor failure while also avoiding slowly moving predictable asteroids. Also easy!
The Human, on the other paw, seemed to think that simple task to be boring, considering its insistence on pushing the limits of the simulated shuttle to their break points.
Takeoff was fine. A bit rough but the Human was still learning, practice would eventually even that out.
First the simulated failure, the alarm for the drives reserve coolant reservoir fill sensor sounds off. Grating and attention grabbing, the engineer jumps on it immediately.
Good, quick reaction and diagnosis. I mark a note for review on my pad.
She’s quick and efficient, the problem is fixed nearly immediately and she’s already getting ready to top the tank back off.
Then I hear it. The simulated groan of the shuttles frame, protesting extreme maneuvers. A quick and repetitive boop-bwawp alarm sounds from the control console, signaling that the dampeners are nearing their limits. As I turn an eye to look at the cockpit and that Protector-abandoned Human I notice 4 things:
  1. It's weaving through the asteroids like there’s an entire flight of Arxur fighters gnashing at our tail.
  2. The throttle is pinned to its maximum setting.
  3. It is preparing to pull even harder into the next maneuver.
  4. It is laughing. A deep growling sound that sets my wool on end.
A flash of panic runs through me, memories and horrors I force back down. My instincts scream at me to bolt for the nearest exit, to get away from the feral predator. But something far more pressing roots me in place.
The tone of the alarm changes, informing us that the dampeners have been ‘overloaded’. I see it coming and I manage to brace, staying upright through the crushing weight. The engineer, on the other paw, is not so lucky. A crash and loud splash is followed by a long string of curses directed at the Human.
Protector help me.

Memory Transcription Subject: Taisa, Venlil Starship Mechanic, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 26th, 2136, Mid-afternoon.

Stars, I hate getting drive coolant out of my wool. What possessed that man to fly like that? It’s a shuttle sim, not a brahking fighter! I have half a mind to make him help me get this gunk brushed out later.
At the very least the sim training was going well, once Chris realized that the dampeners weren’t omnipotent, of course. The flight's simulated onboard failure had been pretty simple: one of the drive’s reserve coolant lines had come loose, just needed to re-attach the errant line and top off the tank. Unfortunately someone hadn’t thought that forcing the sim-rig through a [Human scale conversion: 15G] turn, overloading the dampeners by [Human scale conversion: 3G] was a generally poor decision and made me tumble tail over snout while holding an open bottle of coolant.
And it’s dried into my wool now, even better.

Memory Transcription Subject: Christopher A. Dewey, Human Merchant Sailor, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 26th, 2136 Mid-afternoon.

That was, in fact, not a piece of cake. Sure I was doing alright with flying and the sim was surprisingly similar to the ones I had played around with back home, although a fair bit more realistic. The ones at home didn’t use artificial gravity to simulate overloading your dampeners… dumping your engineer, and her payload, on the deck because of it.
Taisa’s still a bit upset about that one, I think. Luckily her wool is brown; if it was white or grey I think she’d be blue right now.
Otherwise I seemed to be doing well! Videk said he was ‘surprised a predator would take to something non violent so quickly’, granted that was between his panic attacks. Guy definitely needs to go talk to someone about that
Videk says he thinks another ‘paw’ or two of sim trials and we’ll be ready for the real deal!
Memory Transcription Subject: Videk, Venlil Flight instructor, Space Corps Veteran
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 28th, 2136, Noon.

Three paws.
Three paws of terror and the unending scream of my instincts to flee every time that Protector-abandoned Human took the stick, moved too fast, laughed or spoke too loudly.
I was a member of the Corps! Now I'm a disgrace. A coward.
I stood snout to snout against the Arxur and lived, when my compatriots fell… when they were eaten… I escaped. I lived. Every rest it played through my mind: their screams, the Arxur’s bellowing grinding laughter, the revelry of their slaughter… the sound of their deaths. Sick, wet popping horror as they died, it was all I could do to run, to flee… to live.
And here I was, stuck in a shuttle sim with a predator for the third paw in a row, waiting to die. All because I thought the money was too good to turn down.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
Sure the Human hadn’t actually tried to do anything to me, sure the empathy tests painted a pretty picture but I knew. I’d seen the heart of their kind before and it was black as the night.
Every alarm on the console, engineering and pilot’s, was lit up like the stars. Alarms wailing and blasting their warnings into the cockpit. That Engineer scampered around every surface, paws like lightning fixing fault after failure, a shockingly calm display of her competence.
The Human, on the other paw, was bellowing out that laugh again, wild and feral, as it fought the stick to keep the sim on course and out of harm's way. Like it was doing everything in its power to assert its dominance over a simple machine.
It was all too much. Everything fell away, every crutch, every wall, every little method and action I used to keep myself together crumbled beneath the situation and the weight of them fell on me harder than any dampener failure.
Panicked and nearly feral bleats ripped themselves past my lips, the names of my old crew, the ones I had watched falter and die… the ones I had left behind. Pleas for safety, prayers to the Protector that I would survive again, begging the Human not to kill me. The alarms of the simulator kept trilling, beeping and screaming over me. The wails compounding in my mind, driving me further into my instincts. Further into the panic.
The alarms die out, the simulated groaning of the frame and that Human’s infernal laughter fall away, replaced by the hum of a functional shuttle. I am still trapped in my own mind, the horror anchoring me to the floor, the images and their screams still roaring behind my closed eyes. The simulator bounces lightly, signifying that the shuttle has landed, a soft chime indicating a successful completion, rings throughout the cabin.
A heavy footstep on my left, a soft tail touches me on my shoulder to the right, snapping me from my panic. The Human looms over me, staring down at me through that reflective visor, showing the sniveling, despicable, weak thing I’ve become. Cowering on the floor like an animal.
Death has finally come for me, bearing the visage of my shame, of my failures.
Memory Transcription Subject: Christopher A. Dewey, Human Merchant Sailor, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 28th, 2136 Early afternoon.

Videk was in rough shape, sobbing on the floor bleating about ‘Bidor, Heren, and Perets’ and how he’d failed them. Screaming that he’d be coming to join them in the Protector’s embrace, begging for safety.
I couldn’t just let the guy flounder, this was painful to watch. As much as Videk may not have liked me, I quite liked him! He reminded me of my Uncle when I was younger, minus the existential terror at my mere existence, of course; PTSD sucks in every race, I suppose. I don’t know what happened to him but it was obvious the man needed help, needed someone to at least talk to about whatever happened to him. But first he needed to not be on the floor.
I reached down, trying to gently pick him up by the shoulders and place him into one of the jump seats on the wall. He did not like that. A rain of kicks, claws and terrified bleats forced me to let go of him.
Taisa quickly bounded up beside me, speaking with concern in her voice, “Chris, I think he needs a bit to get himself together. Why don’t you go on ahead and get us a spot for Second-Meal, I’ll keep an eye on him.”
I nodded before stepping out, she was right, I wasn’t helping the situation. Hell, from the looks of things I’m pretty sure I was the situation. That hurt more than I thought it would. I didn’t like causing problems, especially not like that.
Memory Transcription Subject: Taisa, Venlil Starship Mechanic, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 28th, 2136, Mid-afternoon.

This was not the paw I had thought I would be having.
Videk was obviously having issues. If I had to guess it came from something that happened in the Corps, or he was just really afraid of Humans which certainly wouldn’t be surprising as a devotee of the protector.
I need to do something.
“Videk,” I beep, softly, getting the older Venlils attention, gently putting my tail back on his shoulder. “It’s alright, no-one's going to hurt you, you’re safe. Why don’t you sit down here and take a breather?”
I helped him stagger to his paws before he collapsed back into the folding seat mounted to the wall; his paws kneading into the sides of his legs as his ears swivel about erratically. He was still panicking, it seemed.
After several moments of slowly steadying his breathing he rasped his question, “How… How do you feel so safe around it? That protector-abandoned thing could snap at any second!”
I bite my tongue for a moment, keeping myself from saying anything too harsh, although I’m sure my lashing tail does more than enough to give my feelings away. “I don’t think he has a harmful bone in his body. I’ve seen him put himself in harm's way to help others, heard him speak of peace, of phil-“
“But he’s a Predator!” Videk cut me off, a crazed look in his eyes as his tail flailed about in confusion. “All he wants is to destroy! To consume! To kill! How can you even trust a being like that?”
Perhaps a different approach would work better, then. I let out a heavy sigh, sitting in the seat next to Videk, focusing my ears on him. “Chris is… complicated. I trust him because he’s one of the only people I’ve ever met that didn’t judge me immediately. That talked to me and actually listened. I trust him because he didn’t bolt. I trust him because I believe he, and the rest of his species with him, want to help, and want to be friends.”
Videk was quiet, he just stared at me. Guess I’ve got more to say then.
“Chris talks… a lot about a lot of things. One paw he wanted to talk about spirituality.” I said, waving my paws in the air in front of me, mockingly gesturing to nothing in particular. “Not necessarily Human spirituality as a whole, since apparently none of them seem able to agree on any of it, but his views on it, his spirituality, as he put it. He says that he ‘believes that the universe has a tendency to put people where they need to be, when they need to be there. Sometimes things fall through the cracks; you end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time and things don’t go well. But most of the time when you’re hurting, when you’re searching for something to reach out and hold on to, it’ll be there.’”
His eyes searched me, looking for the lie that wasn't there, “Do you believe that?” He asked, voice small, his ears and kneading paws slowing down a little.
I thought for a moment. Did I? How could I not?
“Yes, yes I do. After all that’s happened in the last orbit… going from planting hundreds of seeds for jobs and having not a single one sprout, to talking with a predator over a chat app, to meeting him in person and then getting approval to not only start a job but to actually co-own the ship I would work on? All because I clicked the ad for the exchange program?”
I took in a breath, my tail setting itself in my lap as I thought about how quickly everything had changed.
Videk spoke up, still kneading at the sides of his legs, at least his ears had stopped and focused on me, that was an improvement. “Why are you telling me, then? What do you think I’m going to get from some Human’s philosophy?”
“That this happened for a reason. Maybe it was to show you that even at your lowest a Human won’t attack you. Maybe to show you that a Venlil and a ‘big scary predator’ can be friends. Or maybe it was to tell you that you should try. I’ve not been through what you have, but what I have been through wasn’t great. Chris, for all his scariness… he helps. Having someone I can talk to, that doesn’t judge, is a good feeling.”
“So you’re suggesting I talk with the Human about… what, life? About their favorite meats?!” He sighed, his paws stopping.
I whistle in amusement, “Maybe not him… ” That one's mine.
I was taken aback for a moment at the errant thought, before shaking my head and continuing.
“But the exchange program is still open, and actively looking for volunteers. There’s no requirement to meet your partner in person if you don’t feel comfortable with it. But having someone who’ll listen really does help. You don’t have to, but I think you should try, Videk. They might just surprise you.”
He seemed to genuinely think it over, his ears swiveling in thought as he put his paw to his chin. At least the panic seemed to have passed for now. “I’ll… I’ll think about it. For now I need to review the logs from the simulator, you should catch up to…” He sighed before taking in a deep breath. “Christopher.”
It wasn’t much but it was the start of progress. I hoped he did genuinely consider it, I didn’t know anything about his personal life but he seemed lonely. Talking about his problems or not, having someone to talk to that wasn’t a student would be good for him; and Humans loved to talk.
I stood, finding my way out of the door and off to the cafeteria to find Chris. After a full claw and a half of simulations, I was starving!
Memory Transcription Subject: Videk, Venlil Flight instructor, Space Corps Veteran
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 28th, 2136, Early afternoon.

By the protector, that Human flew like a dayside wind. He’d broken half of the time records in the system for the final simulation! He hadn’t struck any debris and had maintained relative course control when the failures started piling up.
It- He passed. With flying colors at that! A lump stuck in my throat as I realized the next step of the flight training.
Oh protector I can’t be stuck in an actual shuttle with him for that long.
Then an idea, a plan, flashed through my mind. Remote training, the Human gets his stick time and all I have to do is monitor the shuttle from a comfy desk at home in Shadetree, answer any questions that might come up and keep tabs on their diagnostic reports. Easy, simple, safe.
I tapped away at my pad, sending a message to the both of them.
Congratulations, you’ve passed the simulator portion of your training regimen. You will begin on-stick flight training with remote monitoring next paw, at which time your assignment will be given to you. I will be getting the shuttle ready for your departure promptly.
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2023.06.05 13:23 bailey-c-baker234 Bwoo: A story between an ogre and his fluffy companion [Chapter 2, Full]

As darkened clouds loomed overhead, lightning tore through the sky, illuminating the dark forest with a brilliant burst of light. The crackling energy split the heavens, casting jagged veins of illumination across the landscape. The resounding BOOM that followed reverberated through the air, shaking the very foundation of Cornelia's cozy cabin. Inside, she reclined in her plush chair, enveloped in its welcoming embrace. A soft, crackling warmth emanated from the fireplace, casting a gentle glow that bathed the room in a comforting radiance. She sighed contentedly, the flickering flames casting dancing shadows on the walls, as if they were performers in a mesmerizing show.
"A good sign, isn't that right, Wendy?" Cornelia whispered, her voice a delicate murmur filled with reassurance and affection.
“Wendy wike wain,” said Wendy, with her lustrous ebony-colored fluff, nestled against Cornelia's stomach, her presence a velvety touch against her skin. The room filled with a soft, contented humming as Wendy expressed her happiness.
Cornelia smiled as her pale fingers traced gentle paths along Wendy's back, their movements a tender caress. Her gaze drifted to the window, where nature orchestrated a symphony of raindrops cascading against the glass. Each droplet carried its own rhythm, harmonizing with the crackling fire to create a symphony of soothing melodies.
As Cornelia admired Wendy, a sense of curiosity began to blossom within her. Were there other fluffies out there with the same unique hue? Elves and wealthy humans often boasted vibrant and diverse-colored fluffies in their care, while the "street-rat" fluffies that roamed alleyways possessed more muted variations. Yet, Wendy's fur was a rarity—pure black that held an air of mystique.
Whispers had spread among the villages, snaking through ears and fuelling imaginations. Tales, distorted and embellished, spoke of a sinister pact between Cornelia and the Demon Vlae. In their twisted narratives, the villagers claimed that the evil spirit-lord resided within Wendy, bestowing upon her the cloak of inky blackness.
Cornelia knew these rumours to be falsehoods, mere figments of overactive imaginations, but that did little to quell the villagers' misguided intentions. Not wanting the villagers to burn her at the stake, Cornelia made a deliberate choice to slip away into the embrace of the ancient woods. There, among the towering sentinels of bark and the rustling tapestry of fallen leaves, she sought solace and a life of peace with Wendy.
Just as Cornelia and Wendy began to settle into a tranquil nap, an insistent knocking on the cabin door shattered the serene atmosphere. The abrupt interruption stirred them from their drowsy state, pulling them back into the realm of uncertainty and peril.
Ygor knocked on the door with the force of a strong but controlled thunder. The heavy wooden door swung open by itself, revealing a flaming shadow with crimson eyes that glare into his very soul.
“You do not disturb a witch’s nap you...” scowled Cornelia but she paused upon seeing a sad yet familiar ogre standing before her.
In the ogre's hands, cradled gently like a fragile treasure, was an injured blue fluffy curled up into a ball. The fluffy's delicate hooves pressed against her belly as she whimpered in pain, her soft cries filling the air with a heart-wrenching melody. The scent of fear and desperation clung to her, mingling with the damp earthiness that permeated the cabin.
Cornelia's piercing gaze softened, her eyes lingering on the wounded blue fluffy nestled in Ygor's hands. The dancing flames of the crackling fireplace painted shifting shadows on her face, accentuating the genuine concern etched across her soft features.
“Ygor?” asked Cornelia, her voice a gentle murmur that wrapped around the room.
“Ygor need help, widdle fluffy hurt” replied Ygor, his voice filled with a mix of deep worry and desperation.
"Bring her inside," Cornelia replied, stepping aside and waited for the giant ogre to enter her home. "Don't worry, the cabin is bigger on the inside," she reassured him, her words imbued with a touch of enchantment.
Ygor carefully stepped into the cabin, his massive form casting long shadows against the sturdy wooden walls. Inside, he found himself awestruck by the magic in the cabin. The air is alive with ethereal energy, a tangible testament to Cornelia's formidable abilities.
With deliberate grace, Ygor approached Cornelia, his every movement infused with cautious tenderness. The crackling flames of the fireplace cast a soft, golden glow that danced and flickered, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadows across the room.
Cornelia placed a soft, crimson blanket on the smooth surface of the wooden table, its vibrant hue contrasting against the rustic backdrop of the cabin. Cornelia's voice resonated with warmth and reassurance as she spoke; her words carrying the echoes of countless months spent mastering witchcraft.
"It's one of the first spells I had to learn as a witch, so don't worry about trying to fit in," Cornelia assured Ygor, her tone comforting like a soft caress.
"Now, tell me what happened," Cornelia gently prompted, her voice a melodic invitation to share their burdens.
Her empathetic eyes fixed upon Ygor and the poor fluffy, eagerly awaiting their tale of woe. The fire crackled and the raindrops tapped against the window, forming a soothing symphony that seemed to draw the elements closer, eager to listen and offer solace.
“Ygor fed fwuffy raw meat, now fwuffy tummy hurts,” Ygor explained.
“wed’ meat? Fwuffies nu’ eat wed’ meat” Wendy exclaimed, her eyes widened with fear and confusion.
“Put her on the table!” Cornelia's command sliced through the air, her voice resonating with authority as she directed Ygor to carefully place the injured fluffy on the plush red blanket that adorned the sturdy wooden table.
With eager determination, Wendy scurried towards Cornelia. The little fluffy snatched a flask from a nearby shelf. The green liquid concocted from the nearby river and the roots of an ancient tree glowed inside the flask. The aromatic scent of the potion wafted through the air, mingling with the comforting aroma of burning wood. Ygor's sensitive nose caught a hint of bones in the fragrance, causing him to raise an eyebrow in curiosity.
“Ygor smell bones” said Ygor upon picking up a strange scent coming from the flask.
"It's just the potion, Ygor. You can sit near the bookshelf; I'll handle this," reassured Cornelia as she guided Ygor to a seat beside the collection of well-worn tomes. His heavy footsteps resonated against the wooden floor, creating a gentle vibration that shook the nearby furniture.
Meanwhile, Wendy, her ebony-colored fluff rustling with each hurried step, made her way to the kitchen. The soft tapping of her little legs echoed through the cabin, the sound blending with the crackling fire and the rhythmic pitter-patter of rain against the window. Guided by Cornelia's request, Wendy retrieved a bowl of ash and garlic, their distinct scents mingling in the air, creating a heady mixture of earthiness and protection.
Cornelia's hands moved with practiced precision, like a knife gliding through the cloves of garlic as if guided by an invisible force. With each expert stroke, the pungent aroma of freshly cut garlic permeated the air, mingling with the earthy scent of the wooden table.
Once the garlic lay in neat, small pieces, Cornelia turned her attention to the bowl. She poured the green liquid into its depths, a shimmering cascade that glimmered like emerald flames. As the liquid settled, Cornelia's voice hummed with an incantation, her words carrying the weight of ancient knowledge and power.
In an instant, a flicker of green fire sprang to life, dancing atop the surface of the liquid. Its ethereal glow cast a surreal illumination, transforming the ordinary bowl into a vessel of enchantment. Shadows flickered and played upon the cabin walls, as if the very room had become a stage for magic itself.
Ygor's gaze locked onto Blue, his eyes filled with concern as he witnessed her unconscious. Despite her silent state, his sensitive ears detected faint, almost imperceptible whimpering that tugged at his heartstrings.
In a mesmerizing display of magic, a radiant golden light took the form of Cornelia's hand, delicately reaching towards the green flame. As her hand made contact, a breathtaking transformation ensued. The liquid within the bowl seemed to defy gravity, soaring out of its confines with graceful fluidity. It floated in the air, suspended like a glistening bubble, casting an iridescent glow that bathed the cabin in a surreal radiance.
The floating liquid became a canvas for the dancing and shimmering golden light, which traced intricate patterns written in the runes of magic. With every subtle movement and shift, the elixir responded, guided by Cornelia's hand, as if it were alive. The soft, ethereal hum resonated through the cabin, its gentle vibrations filling the air and contributing to the enchanting atmosphere that enveloped the space.
Ygor's eyes widened in awe as he witnessed this captivating spectacle, his senses fully immersed in the enchantment unfolding before him. The delicate scent of the potion wafted through the air, an intoxicating blend of natural ingredients and mystical energies. It mingled with the comforting aroma of burning firewood, creating an olfactory tapestry that enveloped the room.
“Wemembeh’ jus’ one dwop o’ fwuffy fwend goes fowebah sweepies” Wendy reminded, her voice filled with caution and trepidation. The anticipation was palpable, causing her little legs to tremble with a mixture of anxiety and hope.
“I know, Wendy” Cornelia replied with concern. Slowly, with delicate precision, she reached out and began removing the intricately carved magic runes that encircled the floating bubble. Each rune dislodged weakened the magic, and the room seemed to hold its breath in anticipation.
As the runes dissipated one by one, a single drop from the shimmering green bubble fell into Blue's mouth, like a droplet of life itself. In that fleeting moment, the magic took hold, invigorating her senses and drawing her back from the abyss of unconsciousness. Blue's eyes fluttered open, her vision initially blurry as she adjusted to the renewed world around her. Gradually, the fog lifted, revealing the figure of another fluffy sitting in front of her, a woman with a mysterious allure, half of her face veiled by a cascade of hair, and Ygor, the gentle ogre.
Blue wakes up, her vision blurry at first. When they cleared, she saw another fluffy sitting in front of her, a strange woman with half her face covered by her hair, and Ygor.
"Mommeh?" Blue's voice trembled with a mixture of longing and confusion, seeking comfort in the familiarity of a mother's embrace.
"No, sorry," Cornelia replied gently, her voice carrying a touch of sympathy. With great care, she cradled Blue in her hands, providing a sense of security and protection.
The cabin enveloped them in a cocoon of warmth and safety, shielding them from the world's uncertainties.
"Let's give you a bath before I return you to Ygor, is that okay?" Cornelia offered, her words laced with kindness and concern. Blue nodded, a silent agreement to the caring gesture that awaited her.
As Cornelia cradled Blue in her arms, Ygor's curious gaze wandered to the bookshelf, where a plush velvet tome caught his attention. With a gentle touch, he retrieved the book, feeling the smoothness of the fabric beneath his fingertips. Opening it, Ygor's eyes widened at the sight of a meticulously drawn map, its intricate details beckoning him into a world he’s never seen before.
His gaze shifted to the strange numbers inscribed alongside the map, written in elegant script that danced across the aged parchment. Ygor traced the lines and deciphered the enigmatic message contained within.
"Two... tw-twenty-six degrees, twelve minutes, and forty-four seconds, N—No- no- north," Ygor read aloud, his voice filled with a mix of curiosity.
Cornelia emerged from the bath, her bare feet padding softly against the wooden floor, carrying Blue wrapped in a clean towel. Drops of water glistened upon her skin like scattered diamonds, reflecting the warm glow of the cabin's hearth. She approached Ygor, her presence radiating a sense of wisdom and familiarity.
"It seems you've improved since the last time I met you," Cornelia remarked, her voice carrying a tone of admiration.
The scent of lavender lingered in the air, intermingling with the comforting aroma of freshly brewed tea.
“Ygor been reading lots lately, collected many books” Ygor proudly proclaimed. The room resonated with the gentle rustling of pages, as each one whispered a tale of knowledge and discovery.
Gently placing Blue on the floor, Cornelia watched with fondness as the little fluffy’s hooves create a delicate patter against the wooden surface as she scurried towards Ygor. She nuzzled against his massive leg, seeking solace and comfort. A warm smile graced Cornelia's lips.
"That's truly admirable," Cornelia remarked, her voice carrying a gentle cadence. The crackling fire painted flickering shadows upon the walls, enveloping the space in a comforting embrace. The scent of smoldering logs mingled with the sweet fragrance of wildflowers, creating an enchanting symphony for the senses.
“Until the ‘metal people’ burnt them along with Ygor house” Ygor replied, his voice echoed with a touch of sorrow. The weight of his words hung in the air, mingling with the flickering shadows cast by the crackling flames.
"The metal people," Cornelia mused, her thoughts drifting to the relentless knights of The King. The weight of their armored presence pressed upon her mind, like a looming storm cloud on the horizon. The memory of their arrival, their steel-clad boots treading upon the sacred grounds of the Old World, sent shivers down her spine. Their presence had brought upheaval, disrupting the delicate balance of harmony and magic that once thrived.
"I'm sorry to hear that," Cornelia said, her voice laced with sincerity. "You can stay here as long as you need," she assured, her words offering solace and a sense of belonging amidst the uncertainty of the outside world.
“Thank you, Ygor will find new home soon,” Ygor replied. “By the way, Ygor find black fluffy interesting, never seen one before,” he remarked, pointing towards Wendy.
Cornelia followed his gaze, her eyes tracing the ebony contours of Wendy's fur. The contrast of darkness against light evoked a sense of curiosity and wonder.
“I saw her in an alley a couple of months ago while I was gathering ingredients,” Cornelia recalled as she adjusted her favorite chair, drawing it closer to Ygor's seat. Blue and Wendy sat side by side, their eyes filled with anticipation as they listen to the story Cornelia is about to tell.
Clad in a worn cloak that concealed her features, Cornelia blended seamlessly into the bustling village crowd. The fabric whispered with every movement, a soft rustle against her skin as she navigated the narrow streets. The air was alive with the aroma of freshly baked bread, mingling with the scent of spices wafting from market stalls.
After procuring a bundle of garlic from the local market, the distinct scent of its earthy essence enveloped Cornelia's senses. Its pungency mingled with the vibrant tapestry of smells, drawing her further into the heart of the village. With purposeful steps, she made her way through the labyrinthine streets, seeking the hidden corners where the secrets of her craft could be uncovered.
The alleyway she ventured into concealed itself in shadow, an intimate sanctuary away from prying eyes. She brushed her finger against the rough brick walls as she walked deeper into the alley. Carefully, she extracted small glass jars from her satchel, their delicate clinks echoing in the stillness of the alley. Each jar captured the essence of a captured lizard, their gentle rustling and soft scales brushing against the glass as they adjusted to their temporary confines. Cornelia observed the ethereal dance of light on their vibrant scales, the sight creating a mesmerizing spectacle that seemed to hint at the creatures' otherworldly origins.
As her task neared completion, a hushed whimpering caught Cornelia's acute hearing, piercing through the ambient sounds of the alley. The muffled cries stirred her curiosity and compassion, grounding her in the present moment. The echoes of distress resonated with a palpable weight, urging her to investigate further. With a mixture of anticipation and concern, she followed the trail of whimpering, guided by an invisible thread that led her deeper into the shadows of the alleyway.
“Ugwy babbeh, momma gib’ fowebah sweepies!!!” scowled a fat, ugly fluffy with a distinct rhotacism, muted pink fur, and a stained green mane. Its harsh yet infant-like voice reverberated off the soot-covered walls, creating a dissonant symphony in the alley.
Cornelia's voice cut through the air like a whip cracking, her words carrying an authority that resonated with power and determination.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you, street-rat!" she scowled back, her tone laced with both indignation and warning. An ethereal light, emanating from her cloak, bathed the alley in a soft, otherworldly glow, casting long, dancing shadows upon the cracked pavement.
"Smawty mommah beautiful! no gwiv biwth to ugwy babbeh!" the street-rat scowled again with its distinctive speech impediment. The creature turned to face Cornelia, its initial anger giving way to shock as its beady eyes widened in disbelief. The glow from Cornelia's cloak seemed to hold the street-rat captive, its mesmerizing radiance momentarily erasing the malice etched across its grotesque features.
“Hooman?” asked the street-rat, its voice trembling with a hint of hope amidst the chaos of its existence.
"Yes, a human," Cornelia affirmed, her tone firm yet laced with empathy.
The alley seemed to shrink around them, the dilapidated brick walls closing in as the tension mounted.
The street-rat's eyes widened with desperation, and in a flurry of movement, it scurried towards Cornelia, collapsing before her in a pitiful display of submission. Dust billowed around them, filling the air with a gritty haze, while the distant echo of passing footsteps underscored the urgency of their encounter.
“Nice wady, pweese take fwuffy wivh yu!” The street-rat's cries echoed through the desolate alley, its once-malicious tone transformed into a pitiful plea. Its snout nuzzled against Cornelia's leg, a feeble attempt at seeking solace and salvation.
“Fwuffy nu wan’ stay wivh ugwy babbehs!!!” the street-rat begged, its snout nuzzled against Cornelia's leg, a feeble attempt at seeking solace and salvation.
Cornelia, her heart heavy with the weight of the street-rat's anguish, carefully stepped over the pathetic creature, making her way toward the vulnerable baby lying at the end of the alley. Drawing closer, a chilling tableau of horror assaulted her senses. The metallic tang of blood hung in the air, intermingling with the sickly stench of decay. Before her eyes lay a grim testament to the darkest depths of despair. Foals with muted and stained bloodstained fur, their dull hues tainted with their own intestines, bore the scars of a brutal struggle. Bite marks marred their tender flesh, evidence of cannibalistic desperation, while trampled bodies bore witness to the unforgiving nature of this forsaken place.
As Cornelia knelt down to retrieve the fluffy, the air hung heavy with anticipation. The scent of damp concrete and decaying refuse mingled with the disgusting tang of blood, creating an atmosphere of unease. The dim light of the alleyway cast long, haunting shadows that danced along the walls.
But as Cornelia's hand closed around the trembling infant fluffy, a sudden, searing pain shot through her senses. A sharp SNAP echoed through the air, accompanied by the sickening sound of teeth sinking into flesh. Cornelia's cry of agony reverberated off the surrounding buildings, its raw intensity tinged with shock and disbelief.
The pink-furred mother street rat's jaws remained stubbornly clenched, its grip unyielding. Cornelia's vision blurred with tears, her vision shortly distorted by the excruciating pain. With a swift, instinctive motion, fueled by a mix of agony and surprise, Cornelia swung her injured hand in a wild arc, flinging the fluffy across the alley.
“What the?” Cornelia cried out. She has never encountered a fluffy that bites. Let alone, one that bites this hard. She swings her hand and threw the fluffy across the alley.
“MEANIE WADY! WHY TAKE UGWY BABBEH?” the street-rat's shrill voice pierced the air, its cries echoing like the wails of a frustrated toddler. The sound reverberated through the narrow passage, carrying a mix of confusion, anger, and sorrow. It blended with the backdrop of distant traffic, creating a dissonant symphony of chaos and distress.
“TAKE MUMMAH! KIWW UGWY BABBEH!” The street-rat frantically stomped the ground in uncontrolled rage. “nu wan’ meanie wady to take vewy ugwy babbeh!!!” the street-rat charged towards the witch.
As Cornelia clasped the fragile baby in her trembling hand, determination coursed through her veins, lending a renewed strength to her stance. The musty odor of the alleyway saturated the air with a pungent reminder of the harsh realities of this grim world.
But before she could fully process the unfolding situation, a searing pain shot through her leg like a lightning bolt. The sensation was akin to the piercing bite of a thousand needles, laced with the unmistakable pressure of a sharp object. Cornelia's scream reverberated through the alley, carrying her anguish and shock to the distant corners of the forgotten cityscape.
The street-rat's unicorn horn, a menacing weapon honed by the merciless streets, impaled Cornelia's left leg. The relentless strength behind the attack sent a blur of conflicting sensations—a symphony of pain, desperation, and disbelief —piercing through her body like shattered glass.
In the midst of her suffering, Cornelia became acutely aware of the grim reality that governed this alleyway. The countless deaths and constant struggle for survival had forged these street-rats into formidable adversaries. Their resilience and innate strength were evident in their very existence. It was a harsh lesson learned in an instant—the living street-rats were much stronger than one could ever anticipate.
As she fought to maintain her footing, Cornelia's vision swayed with a mixture of pain-induced dizziness and the swirling chaos of the alley. The scent of blood intermingled with the dank aroma of decay, enveloping her senses in a suffocating haze. The gritty texture of the alley's uneven pavement seemed to press against her fingertips, grounding her amidst the tumultuous storm of emotions.
Despite the excruciating torment and the formidable foe embedded in her leg, Cornelia clung to her resolve. With unwavering determination, she focused on protecting the fragile life in her arms, steeling herself for the challenges that lay ahead. The relentless struggle for survival in this unforgiving world had etched itself into her very being, and she was prepared to face its darkest truths head-on.
“Fwuffy stuck!!!” cried the street-rat, her voice trembling with desperation as she attempted to dislodge herself from Cornelia's lower leg. The sharp pain intensified, searing through Cornelia's flesh, eliciting a guttural cry of agony that reverberated through the alley.
In that moment, Cornelia's instincts kicked in, and with a surge of raw magical power, she conjured a blast wave of energy that pulsed through the air. The crackling energy engulfed the street-rat, propelling her forcefully into a nearby brick wall. The impact shattered the ancient masonry, and the street-rat lay there, her body bloodied and broken, her ability to move forever stolen.
“Fwuffy can’t move, hewp!” the street-rat whimpered, her words garbled and distorted by her injuries. The alleyway seemed to echo with her pain and despair.
Cornelia turned to leave the scene, a mix of relief and sorrow weighing upon her heart. But before she could vanish into the shadows, her eyes met the wide-eyed gaze of a villager who had witnessed her extraordinary display of magic. The villager's features contorted with shock, and his trembling voice pierced the air like a thunderclap, “Witch!”
“Witch!” The word reverberated through the alley, igniting a cacophony of shouts and gasps from the onlookers who had rushed to the scene. Their voices swirled with a mix of fear, awe, and accusation, intertwining with the faint scent of damp stone and the distant hum of city life.
Sensing the mounting danger, Cornelia slipped away, melding into the shadows like a ghost. All that remained was the street-rat, now broken and vulnerable, desperately calling out, her voice strained and pleading, “Nu take baby, nu take baby, pwease…”
“Fwuffy not know stweet-wats can make hoomans go ouchies” said Blue, her voice filled with a mixture of curiosity and concern. Her tiny hooves tapped softly on the wooden floor as he shifted in place, The air hung heavy with the scent of burning candles, casting a warm glow upon the room and bathing the scene in a gentle, flickering light..
“The alleyways are so full of death and destruction, only the strongest and most psychotic survive. I feel bad for them” replied Cornelia.
“Is like ogre life too, ogre warriors no longer live in peaceful lands, ogre fight to survive to ‘nother day” said Ygor, his voice, deep and resonant, bore the weight of sorrow.
The crackling fire in the hearth popped and hissed, casting shadows upon the walls, their movements mirroring the flickering emotions of the conversation.
“Well, we don’t have to face that depression anymore… Anyways, let’s eat!” Cornelia offered reassurance, her voice filled with conviction and a sense of determination.
The room seemed to come alive with the aroma of freshly prepared food; as if the very essence of the cast spell carried a tantalizing scent that made the Wendy and Blue’s mouths water. The tables gracefully glided towards them, their wooden legs creaking softly, while the dishes floated gently through the air, releasing a symphony of inviting aromas.
“I cooked meals using a spell the moment you and your fluffy arrived,” said Cornelia, her voice carrying a hint of pride. The room was filled with the tantalizing aromas of the freshly cooked meal. The scents of herbs, spices, and cooked ingredients mingled together in a mouth-watering symphony, infusing the air with the essence of culinary delight.
Ygor's gaze shifted to Cornelia, a newfound admiration gleaming in his eyes. Candlelight filled the room with a warm glow, casting a soft illumination on the scene, while the crackling fire in the hearth provided a comforting backdrop of pops and crackles paired with dancing shadows.
Cornelia's ability to cast multiple spells simultaneously was a testament to her skill and proficiency. Ygor could not help but be impressed by her effortless command over magic. There was a grace and elegance in her gestures, as if the very air around her responded to her every command. Despite the intricacy and complexity of the spells she had cast, there was no trace of fatigue or weariness on Cornelia's face. Her energy remained vibrant and radiant, her eyes sparkling with a sense of fulfilment and contentment. It was as if the act of magic itself invigorated her, filling her with a renewed sense of purpose.
Ygor's massive hand gripped the turkey leg, the savory aroma of roasted meat wafting up to his nose, mingling with the tantalizing scent of herbs and spices.
Amidst the anticipation, Cornelia, Wendy, and Blue bowed their heads in prayer, their hushed voices forming a gentle harmony that resonated through the room. The flickering candlelight cast an ethereal ambiance. The fragrant scent of burning candles intertwined with the aroma of the freshly cooked meal, infusing the air with a sense of reverence and gratitude.
Ygor paused, a deep respect shining in his eyes, as he respectfully placed the turkey leg back onto the plate. The flickering flames illuminated the scene, their golden glow casting a warm and comforting light. The air seemed to hum with a sacred energy, as if the very essence of their gratitude and prayers permeated every corner of the room.
“We pray before meals, we can now eat!” said Cornelia told Ygor when she finished praying.
“For ogres, pray and eating is same thing” replied Ygor.
“I remember,” Cornelia replied.
A touch of nostalgia as memories flooded Cornelia’s mind. She recalled the time spent among the ogres, their solemn devotion to the act of eating. Contrary to human myths, they were meticulous and mindful, making no mess as they communed with their god, Grunferth.
Cornelia delicately lifted a morsel from her plate, savoring the anticipation of the first bite. As she brought the food to her lips, a symphony of sensory delights unfolded within her. The succulent meat yielded to her teeth, releasing a burst of flavors that danced upon her palate. The crisp sound of Ygor's powerful jaws joining the feast resonated alongside the collective enjoyment, harmonizing with the heightened aroma of the meal that enveloped the space in a tantalizing embrace.
As Ygor took the final bite of his turkey leg, his ears pricked up, attuned to the faint but distinct sounds that drifted through the air. The cacophony of rolling wood, stone, and metal reached his senses, causing him to instinctively turn his gaze towards the window, his curiosity piqued.
"What did you hear?" Wendy inquired, her innocent eyes reflecting a touch of confusion.
But before Ygor could respond… KABOOM!!!
An earth-shattering explosion tore through the air, violently rending the walls asunder. The debris-filled chaos revealed a seething mass of enraged villagers, their figures cloaked in heavy rain and darkness. Riding at the forefront were armored knights, their steeds thundering beneath them. Amidst their ranks stood an ominous contraption, an immense rifle-cannon affixed to a sturdy bipod, wisps of smoke curling from its barrel.
The air crackled with a blend of fear and anticipation. The scent of burning gunpowder mingled with the acrid tang of destruction, permeating the atmosphere. Shadows loomed and flickered upon the shattered walls, cast by the flickering torches held by the angry mob.
"Load the slug!" bellowed the commanding voice of the knight leader, his words reverberating through the air like a thunderous declaration of imminent danger. Ygor's heart skipped a beat as the weight of the knight's authority bore down on him, sending a shiver down his spine.
With a sense of urgency, two knights swiftly inserted a sharp metal slag, gleaming like a wicked fang, into the massive barrel of the punt-gun. The weighty clink of metal meeting metal reverberated through the air, accompanied by the subtle hiss of their breaths as they worked diligently. Meanwhile, another knight meticulously poured an entire jar of gunpowder into the giant gun-cannon’s bulky breech, the grains cascading with a soft rustle that hinted imminent danger.
As the thick smoke cleared, the cracked force field revealed Cornelia standing tall, her arm aglow with a radiant aura as she valiantly upheld the shield. The scent of tainted ozone intermingled with the acrid aroma of spent gunpowder, lingering as a testament to the clash of magical forces and weaponry.
"Step out, monster!" the commander's voice boomed, cutting through the tense silence like a thunderclap. "Or you and your friends will taste the fury of two pounds of pure lead, forged stronger than your vile witchcraft!"
Cornelia's brows furrowed in bewilderment. "How did they find us?" she whispered, her voice laced with concern.
"Big, stupid ogres leave big, stupid footsteps!" the knight spat out a response filled with contempt and disdain. His words rang out, a venomous taunt that intensified the looming threat. "That buckshot was only a warning! Now step out, or face the consequences!"
Blue and Wendy, their tiny frames quivering with fear, sought solace behind Cornelia and Ygor, their small hooves instinctively covering their fragile, fluffy heads. Whimpers of trepidation escaped their trembling lips, mingling with the heavy air, adding an undercurrent of vulnerability.
Ygor, his massive form radiating determination, stepped forward, his footsteps reverberating like an earthquake that sent waves of terror rippling through the hearts of the villagers. The ground seemed to tremble beneath him, spreading whispers of fear and uncertainty among those who watched.
“What are you doing?” Cornelia asked, her voice laced with concern and near-panic, questioned Ygor's decision, desperately seeking to understand his intentions in the face of such imminent danger.
“Go find safety! Ygor fight them alone” Ygor proclaimed, his words laced with unwavering bravery.
“Ygow… Bwoo nu wike scawy guns… don’t go” Blue's voice trembled with fear, her eyes pleading for him to reconsider.
Ygor voice softened as he knelt down to her level, his words filled with reassurance. “Ygor had to… must stand up for the little ones… Ygor be strong fo’ Blue” he whispered, his voice a gentle balm amid the chaos.
With a final glance at Cornelia and the trembling foals, Ygor stepped forward, his determination carving a path through the looming danger. The weight of his responsibility settled upon his broad shoulders as he braced himself to confront the impending threat.
Cornelia's eyes locked with Wendy's, a silent understanding passing between them. In that moment, a flicker of determination ignited in Cornelia's gaze, mirroring the resolute nod of the black-fluffed creature. The air crackled with a mix of tension and anticipation, as if the very atmosphere held its breath.
"Bwoo, come wivh Wendy!" Wendy's voice carried a sense of urgency, beckoning Blue to seek refuge deeper within the safety of the cabin. The faint sound of hurried hoof-taps echoed through the wooden floor as the foals scurried away, seeking solace from the impending confrontation.
Cornelia's voice rang out with unwavering conviction, cutting through the charged air. "You don't have to fight alone," she declared, her words infused with a steadfast resolve.
Ygor's eyes stared into Cornelia's, seeking reassurance amidst the mounting peril. His broad shoulders squared with determination as he posed his question, concern etched in his voice. "Are the widdle ones safe?"
A fleeting moment of relief passed over Cornelia's features as she met Ygor's gaze. "Yes," she replied, her voice a steadying anchor in the midst of chaos.
“Last chance monster! My patience has ended!!!” The commander’s final warning reverberated through the air, a surge of adrenaline coursed through Ygor's veins. With each heavy footfall, the commander's armor resonated, the clinking sound echoing the weight of the impending clash. The ground itself seemed to tremble, mirroring the intensity that hung heavy in the air.
With one last determined glance back at Cornelia, Ygor stepped forward, his footsteps leaving an indelible impression upon the soil, each stride a testament to his bravery and the impending struggle that awaited.
"You've made a grave mistake, knight..." Cornelia's voice reverberated with seething rage, her words slicing through the tense air like a sharpened blade.
“We’re not leaving without your corpses, monsters!!!” bellowed the commander, his voice laced with venomous determination.
“I’m a forest witch, and you have entered my domain… LEAVE. MY. HOME!!!” Cornelia demanded as her eyes glowed with magic rage. The air crackled with an electric energy, a palpable tension that hung heavy amidst the looming clash of opposing forces.
The commander's signal sliced through the charged stormy atmosphere, setting the massive punt-gun's sights squarely on Ygor, while the villagers tightened their grips on their spears, preparing for the impending clash., while the villagers tightened their grips on their spears, ready for the impending assault.
A floating bubble of shimmering green liquid burst forth from the depths of the cabin, hurtling towards the commander with astonishing speed. The commander's reflexes kicked in, evading the peculiar water just moments before it could make contact.
The strange substance that once healed Blue drenched the gunner’s hapless body. Anguished screams tore through the air, echoing with torment and despair, as the gunner’s flesh withered and decayed, leaving behind a grotesque skeletal figure that sent shivers of terror coursing through the hearts of the villagers. The unsettling transformation gripped them. The sight of this macabre spectacle fueled their fear and deepened their animosity, fanning the flames of their hatred towards the forest witch and her allies.
A momentary hush settled upon the battleground, shattered by the commander's malevolent grin. From the depths of the forest, more guns emerged, revealing a hidden arsenal of lethal force.
“Did you seriously think we only brought one gun?” The commander sneered, his words laced with derision and arrogance.
Yet, Ygor and Cornelia stood firm, their resolve unyielding amidst the encroaching danger. With a single swift gesture, the commander's hand unleashed a swift resounding gesture that sliced through misty powder-laced air.
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2023.06.05 13:23 princejadid WSM: Capitalizing on Meme Coin Momentum June 5, 2023

WSM: Capitalizing on Meme Coin Momentum June 5, 2023
Wall Street Memes, a highly anticipated meme coin, has successfully amassed $4 million in just ten days since its presale began on June 5, 2023. The current coin value is $0.0271, and it's set to increase to $0.0274 when the presale total reaches $4,168,000. Investors interested in capitalizing on this initial pricing phase should act promptly, given that the final stretch of Stage 8—a mere $100k—is rapidly filling up. The team behind $WSM has a proven track record in cultivating engaged communities and leveraging social platforms effectively. Their prior success with the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in 32 minutes and garnered $2.5 million, sets a positive precedent. The coin's launch strategy involves prioritizing decentralized exchanges first, thus offering an opportunity for broad global participation. Additionally, a substantial portion of the token supply is allocated to community rewards, reflecting the founders' commitment to democratize finance and empower retail investors. As Wall Street Memes embarks on its ambitious journey, potential investors are encouraged to participate early to optimize gains. #WSM #Crypto #MarketUpdate
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2023.06.05 13:04 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 5th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 5th
1972 - Michael appears as the bachelor at The Dating Game TV show and chooses Latanya Simmons as the bachelorette and he performs “Rockin Robin”.
1984 - The Victory Tour contract is signed by Don King, Chuck Sullivan and Joe & Katherine Jackson. Sullivan pays $38.5 million to become tour promoter, of which $12.5 million is paid up front
1988 - Michael Jackson plays the first of three nights at Stadion Feijenoord (De Kuip) in Rotterdam, Holland, to an audience of 48,400
1990- Michael Jackson undergoes tests at St John's Hospital and Health Center in Santa Monica,
Cardiologist Mark Zatskis, reported that 'a temporary setback in his condition,' caused by new chest pains, delayed some scheduled testing."These diagnostic tests were rescheduled and hopefully will be completed (Tuesday)", he said.
"In the meantime, Jackson remains under observation.Michael is a positive person and his spirits are never low", spokesman Bob Jones said.
The hospital said Jackson had received 'many flowers and greetings from fans and well-wishers.'
1993-Michael is interviewed by Rick Dees on the Radio Sation KIIS FM in Los Angeles
1994 - Michael takes Lisa Marie and her children Benjamin & Danielle to Disneyworld in Florida. He also pays a visit to Shaquille O’Neal to talk about a musical collaboration.
2005 - Michael was taken to an emergency room for treatment of a back problem.
Accompanied by a bodyguard, he arrived at the Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital, about five miles from Neverland at roughly 2:30 p.m.
"Mr. Jackson's back has spurred up on him again.He’s under a tremendous amount of stress right now", spokeswoman Raymone Bain said at an impromptu news conference outside the hospital, "Other than his back, he is doing fine.″
Michael left the hospital in a SUV shortly after 8 p.m. in a flurry of activity. His aides erected white scaffolding outside the emergency room entrance to block the view of photographers gathered outside.
2009 - Michael attended rehearsals
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial day 24
No Jackson family is in court
Randy Phillips Testimony
Jackson direct
Brian Panish resumed questioning. He showed several instances where Randy Phillips said one thing in deposition, another while on the stand. Panish asked Phillips which answer was right. He answered:
"Do you want the truth or do you want what I testified?"
Panish asked Phillips if he knows the corporate structure of AEG Live. He said it was under AEG, but he doesn't know who exactly owns AEG. Panish showed a board meeting agenda on 5/26/09, in which they were to talk about Michael's tour
Panish played the interview Phillips gave Sky News saying AEG hired Dr. Murray. Phillips said he meant AEG hired the doc on behalf of Michael. Phillips said AEG's media person set up several interviews for him after Michael's death. Phillips said each interview was different, but the intention was to say AEG hired Dr. Murray on behalf of Michael. "It's called the truth."
Randy Phillips was asked about meetings with Conrad Murray at Michael Jackson's house. He confirmed Jackson's weight was discussed during at least one of the meetings. He was a bit unclear on dates, so Jackson's weight may have been discussed at two meetings. Panish tried to use a police report of an interview with Phillips and detectives to refresh his recollection
Randy Phillips (AEG Live CEO) said there were numerous inaccuracies in the report. Panish started to ask him to go through it methodically. "We don't need to do it line-by-line', interjected Judge Yvette Palazuelos. Phillips then keyed in on two areas he said were inaccurate.
Phillips said LAPD's detective made a mistake in the written police statement attributed to him. Phillips said he never told LAPD "Randy stated that Kenny got in Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy..." "The police made a mistake," Phillips said. "He (detective) misconstrued what was said and made a mistake." Dr. Murray got in to and admonished Kenny Ortega and told him not to be an amateur doctor, Phillips said he told the police.
Phillips read one statement about a meeting at Jackson's home between himself, Conrad Murray and director Kenny Ortega. Report: Randy stated that Kenny got into Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy, stating, "You are not a doctor. Butt out".
Phillips said the police made a mistake. "If you read it, it makes no sense," Phillips said.
Phillips keyed in on how the report mentioned Murray got in his face, when it more than likely was Kenny Ortega he admonished. "I believe the Los Angeles Police Department is a fine entity as I believe in this judicial system," Phillips explained.
Phillips pointed out another mistake in LAPD's report. It states Phillips/Gongaware produced 2 Michael Jackson tours but Phillips said he wasn't involved. Phillips also said the police report said he and Paul Gongaware worked with Jackson over the course of 16 years. Phillips said that was wrong - Gongaware worked with Jackson that long, but he hadn't. Those were the two inconsistencies Phillips pointed out in his police report. Interview apparently wasn't taped at request of AEG attorneys
As to Michael missing rehearsals, Phillips clarified:
"Michael was showing up to rehearsal, just not to enough of them, in Kenny's opinion"
Phillips remembers one phone call with Dr. Murray that lasted probably about 25 minutes. Phillips told Panish he'd know how many times he called Dr. Murray because the attorney subpoenaed the exec's phone records. Panish said he never subpoenaed any phone records, that it was LAPD that did. Phillips said he made an assumption. The only phone call Phillips remembers is the one that Dr. Murray called him on June 20, 2009
In his deposition, Phillips said Paul Gongaware never communicated to him about the email that AEG, not Michael, was paying Dr. Murray. Phillips said at the deposition it was the first time he ever saw Gongaware's email. Panish showed the email that was forwarded to Frank DiLeo and Phillips was cc'd containing the mention that AEG, not Michael, pays Dr. Murray. Phillips said he never received the email. Then, after being shown the email at deposition, Phillips said he didn't remember receiving it. On the stand today, Phillips said he received Gongaware's email. Panish grilled Phillips pointing out he changed his answer three times. Phillips said he answered the same thing, but with different qualifications. "Frankly, I don't remember reading Paul's email, I was more concerned about Kenny's email," Phillips said. At this point, most jurors seemed to be tuned out when Phillips didn't give straight answers
Panish showed an email dated 6/17/09 from Phillips to Dr. Tohme:
Kenny Ortega, Gongaware, DiLeo, his doctor named Conrad from Vegas and I had an intervention with him to get him to focus and come to rehearsals yesterday. Getting him fully engaged is difficult and the most pressing matter as we are only 20 days out from the first show
Phillips said it was not an intervention, but a meeting. He said it had nothing to do with drugs.
Panish asked the executive if Jackson had ever fired Tohme. "It's not a yes or no answer", he said, "The answer is yes but he kept in contact with him"
Phillips was asked about a lunch meeting he had with Jackson's former manager Tohme Tohme, at the Polo Lounge, about a month ago. AEG attorney, Marvin Putnam, was present too.
Panish: "And you were discussing his testimony in this case at the Polo Lounge with him?"
Phillips: "I wasn't"
Panish: "You know there were witnesses sitting around you? You know people took pictures of you?"
Phillips said he didn't remember exactly what was discussed.
Phillips:"I don't remember what I ate"
Panish: "I didn't ask you what you ate"
Phillips said the meeting had to do with the case Tohme filed against Jackson's estate with the state labor board for money he was never paid. Phillips was a witness.Panish said he would have a witness who could testify about what was discussed at the table later in the trial. Panish asked Phillips if he testified at Tohme's Labor Commission hearing to "try to help him out." Phillips said no. "I was completely impartial," Phillips said of testifying at the labor hearing. "I was an impartial witness." (After court, AEG attorney Marvin Putnam, who was at the lunch meeting, said it was standard for attorneys to interview witnesses before they testify. It remained unclear whether Tohme Tohme will testify during the Jackson vs AEG Live trial)

Panish: "Isn't it true, sir, that when Dr. Murray was hired no one was acting as Michael Jackson's personal manager?"
Phillips: "He had someone in that capacity. My understanding was Frank DiLeo was his manager"
Phillips said AEG advanced DiLeo $50,000 at MJ's direction.
Phillips said he didn't know anything about Dr. Tohme in January 09 other than he was a consultant for Colony Capital and repped Michael.
"With Michael Jackson and his advisers you needed a scorecard", testified Randy Phillips. Phillips said he was introduced to Tohme in a meeting at the Century City offices of Colony Capital, the investment firm that held the mortgage on Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It was AEG owner Phillip Anschutz's friendship with a Colony Capital partner that led to the firm's promotion of the planned 50 This Is It concerts. Phillips said Tohme was an adviser to Colony Capital who had no background in the music business and represented no other clients when he began working with the singer. Brian Panish asked Phillips what kind of doctor Tohme was, whether he was a physician or if he had a doctorate. Phillips said that although he had met this doctor 25 times, he never asked him
Randy Phillips was also asked about Tohme's $100k/mo. contract between him, AEG Live and Michael Jackson. Phillips said he could recall of only one other instance where AEG Live paid a fee for the artist's manager. He said it was a standard practice for Michael Jackson during his career. Phillips said Bon Jovi has a similar deal. Phillips said in Michael's career they always paid his personal manager.
Randy Phillips denied that he told Sharon Osbourne that AEG Live had kept all the money from ticket sales for This Is It. "That would be the most idiotic thing in the world" to say, Phillips said of the statement attributed to him in the Osbourne conversation.
Panish: "Did you talk to Sharon Osbourne about the show?"
Phillips: "No, not to the extent that Sharon is alluding to"
Phillips said he ran into Sharon at the lobby of their building. She asked how it was going, he said it's tough but we're going to get there. Phillips said the encounter with Sharon Osbourne was just a hi and bye. They never talked about ticket sales or anything else related to Michael
93% of the This Is It tickets sold were refunded, Phillips said. "7-8% people elected to hold the tickets as souvenirs." Out of $75 million in sales, AEG kept more than $5 million, which Phillips said they gave back to the estate.
Phillips testified it was a "miracle" that the singer showed up at a news conference in London to announce his comeback. Randy Phillips testified that Jackson was hung over, although in emails he says the singer was drunk. "The fact that the press conference even happened is a miracle," Phillips wrote to Jackson's manager.
Panish: "Was Mr. Jackson drunk?"
Phillips:"No, to the best of my knowledge no".
Panish: "Was he despondent?"
Panish produced an e-mail writted by Phillips to AEG President Tim Leiwicke the day of the news conference.
Phillips said:
Michael is locked in his room drunk and despondent. Tohme [another Jackson manager] and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference with his hairdressemake-up artist
Leiweke's response:
"Are you kidding me?"
In a second email to Leiweke, Phillips wrote:
I screamed at him so loud the walls are shaking. Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair and then we are rushing to the O2. This is the scariest thing I have ever see. He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt now that it is show time. He is scared to death. Right now I just want to get through his press conference
After showing the e-mails to the jury, Panish asked his witness if he had yelled at Jackson on the day the e-mail was written.
Phillips: "In the two-and-a-half hours this all took place, if you take it out of context the answer won't make any sense"
The executive later acknowledged, "I raised my voice"
Panish: "So the answer is no? Did you or did you not scream at Mr. Jackson? Yes, no or I don't remember?"
Phillips said he couldn't answer the question.
At his deposition six months earlier, before he was shown his e-mails, Phillips denied that Jackson was either drunk or despondent on the day of the president conference, and denied yelling, saying he merely "raised his voice."
Phillips says he was telling the truth in his deposition, and was not accurate in his email. "I was relaying what Dr. Tohme told me... I wrote it as fast as I could write it."

Panish:"You have to yell pretty loud to make the walls shake. Do you have a tendency to exaggerate?"
Phillips: "No." 
To another business associate, Phillips wrote:
"I haven't pulled it off yet. We still have to get his nose on properly. You have no idea what this is like. He is a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess... I just slapped him."
Phillips admitted, "I slapped him on the butt"
Phillips began worrying about Jackson backing out of the concert tour just a month after he signed the contract with AEG Live to promote and produce it and more than a week before the announcement.
"I was worried that we would have a mess, his career would be over," Phillips testified. "There were a lot of things I was worried about."
But instead of pulling the plug then, before millions of dollars were spent, AEG LIve chose to force Jackson ahead.
"Once we go on sale, which we have the right to do, he is locked," Gongaware wrote to Phillips.
Phillips testified it was "a very tense situation" and "frankly, I created the tension in that room. Because I was so nerve-racked, OK, the time slipping away, and his career slipping away."
AEG was hosting thousands of Jackson fans and hundreds of journalists for the anticipated announcement, which would be seen live around the world.
Court Transcript
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2023.06.05 12:44 Mulberry-Careless For the two new members here, Hi! Thank you so much for joining :D

For the two new members here, Hi! Thank you so much for joining :D
Hi, I'm extremely excited that you two are here to follow my crusade to reviving the best game of all time. I'm just gonna be doing random updates to show you were I'm up to at all times. For now, my focus is getting from where we are, to a full kickstarter for where I aim to crowd fund at least 50,000$ to be able to produce the best game I possibly can. I know we can do this, but it will take some time, but thankfully I'm extremely eager to achieve this. The type of kickstarter that I'd want my kickstarter to look like would be this: , but baby steps for now. Current goals for now: establishing music producer, establishing game logo, learning unity game engine, and help from yall. Music: I've emailed Yannis Brown, the original soundtrack designer for restaurant city, and requested if he would be interested in scoring this game for which he politely declined but recommended someone else for music. So ill just be investigating a little more to see what would be the best direction for soundtrack. For now, I like the sound of Tyler the Creator - 'Whoville' music. Imagine that song, with the sound of food cooking and people eating in your restaurant, and being satisfied with how it all looks together. My vision is very beautiful.
Game logo: So far, I've hired a friend who is studying visual communication and graphic design at university to design my logo. We want it to be simple to the eye, and attractive for everyone who sees it, luring them in to playing the game. Similar to the moonglow bay logo, with a focus on orange colour. I think orange would be the best shining colour to use for Restaurant Odyssey, but what do you think?. This friend that I've hired is also down for designing every single object in the game for a steep price :0. But that'll come later with the kickstarter, but for now, get excited for the game logo, Id say itll be till the 10th or 11th of jun till I can show you what were repping forever, or at least concept designs.
Unity: I'm actually pretty well used to using C program from uni, and did one of the hardest courses in the computer department with C as the focal language, which was the worst experience of my life. The course not the C programming. This game will be run on Unity as I think that it has the most resources for learning, and I know a lot of impressive games built on it that I think restaurant odyssey would be piss easy to make with. So far, Unity requires C++, and im not sure how similar or different it is to C but I will find out the more I research and practice. I'd say I'm a pretty smart guy, studying engineering, major in software engineering at usyd, so I don't think it will take too long before I have this stuff down pact. Id say a strong amount of time before Im ready for serious development would be a month maximum.
Gameplan: The plan rn, I have it written down, - grow reddit, - establish some graphics for the game so that I can use it to decorate all the other social medias I plan on expanding to (this'll maybe take a week or so). - force my graphic person to make some objects to show to you guys (tables, chairs, fridge). - Learn the hell out of unity.
Help from yall: I wanted to ask, how would i be able to grow this community more, and try to reach all audiences that miss restaurant city, and audiences that would be interested in a game like this in general? I'm scared to put my all into this game for only a handful of people that actually play, I would love this community to be huge, and any tips from you guys could go miles for me and I'd really really appreciate it. Rn, the goal is 10 members, and slowly get bigger along the way, how would we be able to do that? I'm extremely new to reddit but I'm extremely hungry involving all aspects of this game, including the community, so please leave comments on what I should do, and maybe share this community to people that like this type of stuff aswell. Thank you all, till next time when I have more stuff to show.
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2023.06.05 12:30 Padstow12131 Student Loan repayment strategy when abroad

Hello Reddit.
My current situation is that I am employed in Australia and have roughly £50k in student loans back home in the UK.
It’s taken until now for the SLC to notice they aren’t getting their usual PAYE contributions and want me to update my details otherwise they will apply a penalty interest rate to my loan.
I’m not about to lie to them so as I see it I have two options:
  1. Inform them of my current situation and set up a direct debit, or:
  2. Do nothing - They have no system for claiming the money from me if I’m not earning in the UK and even if I do return, the interest on the loan is already greater than my repayments anyway unless I have an increase in my income. The loan is written off in 2046 anyway so the strategy should be to minimise the total payments until this date. From this point of view the sum of the loan is meaningless. The government website states the loan does not leave an imprint on credit score, and I already have a mortgage.
Am I being thick or am I correct in thinking that option 2 is the way to go? I fully expect I’ve missed something but can’t see it.
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2023.06.05 12:15 SwearUponCoco IUD Insertion (Mirena)

Hey ladies, I’m 31, no kids and exactly one week ago I got my Mirena IUD insertion. I’m posting this to inform everyone how absolutely terrified I was after reading several painful and horrible accounts about the insertion. The main difference, I came to realise, in the painless/painful stories was the fact that alot of gynaes are not recommending dilating the opening of your uterus via orally ingesting Misoprostal or Prosotec paired with solid painkillers that you must take over the course of the day. I took the three pills orally at 8am and my procedure took place at 7pm. Once I was on that seat, I first opted for a quick Pap smear, after that the gynae cleaned my vagina, lubricated it slightly and the IUD was inserted. The most painful moment lasted only for about 15 seconds and it was not merely as painful as my monthly cramps. I’d be lucky if it was just that. It was a sharp, gnawing sensation and it was over before I knew it. Quite a seamless procedure, I would highly recommend every woman to use these pills for dilation and pain relievers. A week in I don’t feel cramps but I’m definitely spotting atleast twice or thrice a day, nothing that can’t be dealt with just panty liners. My gynae said the Mirena IUD was effective as soon as inserted as I went on the day after my period ended. I have been having intercourse daily and it hasn’t in any way been painful or uncomfortable for me or my partner. I will keep updating everybody as weeks and months go by. The gynae also told me it’ll take about 6 months (or honestly depends from woman to woman) for the spotting to end. However I’m super excited to lead a stress free sex life and totally regret not making this decision before! Better late than never!
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2023.06.05 12:15 qUxUp (OC) Old-school text review of the NYXI Wizard controller for the Nintendo Switch OLED, accompanied with photos (imgur album). Based on 27 days of testing. More than 3220 words. I was bloody surprised by the A/B/X/Y buttons.

NYXI Wizard is unique due to it's Gamecube controller inspired design and A/B/X/Y button layout. It's ergonomic for medium or large hands. The D-pad could be improved upon. Currently there is no way to turn off the blinding indicator lights, hopefully it's something that will be fixed in a firmware update. The shape, combined with mechanical triggers, mappable back-paddles, turbo and gyro make the NYXI Wizard a versatile primary or secondary controller. Lastly, the NYXI Wizard's conductive adhesive switches used in the A/B/X/Y buttons are just smashing. They are responsive and pressing them feels perfectly weighty. Whether it's GRID, Crysis, Super Smash Bros or something else NYXI Wizard has got you covered (as long as it fits in your hands).
Here are the photos that are part of the review (imgur link).
This is my second Nintendo Switch related text review in our community. The previous review was received quite well and people asked if I could do a joy-con comparison and so I asked NYXI if they are interested in providing me with their NYXI Wizard controller with the purpose of writing an exclusive review intended for the /Nintendo, /Switch/ & /NintendoSwitch/ subreddits. They were. My condition was that the review would be a pure oldschool text review with eight photos taken by me. I get to keep the controller. I won't be receiving additional compensation in any form (no commission fees, affiliate marketing or ad-revenue etc). As my Nintendo Switch controller collection grows, I might write more reviews for our Switch-related subreddits. This review is based solely on my experiences with NYXI Wizard and 27 days of testing.
About me.
Born in 80s. I've been playing videogames since the early 90s. A NES clone was my first console followed by GameBoy and a PC etc. I'm a freelance copywriter. Professionally I've been a part of the gaming tech field & tech journalism for about two decades (Europe/Estonia). It's a interesting field, but it can have an affect on how you view or enjoy videogames.
On PC my favorite videogames were Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Rainbow6: Siege & DayZ. On Nintendo Switch it's either Mario Kart 8 or Door Kickers: Action Squad. Now comes the "heartbreaking" story. I lost the ability to enjoy PC gaming about five years ago. A few years ago I wanted to buy a Christmas gift for my fiancee. She was getting burnt out at university. The users of /switch and /nintendoswitch were kind enough to answer all sorts of questions I had regarding the Switch console. So I bought her a Nintendo Switch OLED. She loved it (once she got used to the controls) and it helped with the stress. At some point I thought that I'd try one of her switch games with no expectations. Fell in love with the ability to play on a couch and less serious tone many Nintendo games have (GameBoy flashbacks). And here we are, I don't have to "borrow" her switch anymore. I have my own Nintendo Switch and too many games and controllers :)
Cheers :)
What this review is and is not.
The NYXI Wizard will be reviewed as a Nintendo Switch joycon and compared to other Switch joycons that I own. A major portion of the review will be dedicated to real life use scenarios. A limited amount of technical details will be included. This review will not cover every detail about the NYXI Wizard (such as how to change all of the settings, pair, turbo etc). The manual has all that information and can be found online.
What's a NYXI Wizard and what do I think about certain marketing?
According to some a major selling point of the NYXI Wizard you will never buy another Nintendo Switch controller again and it will never develop joycon drift. We should always be skeptical when it comes to claims that cannot be backed up by any testing or examples. How do you prove the part of "forever"? While I was never sold on the promise of forever, the NYXI Wizard intrigued me enough with its unique button layout.
The box & what's in the box?
The box for the controller itself is a sturdy blue cardboard box. Inside there is the controller, a small manual, a 127 cm regular plastic charging cable and an extra set of interchangeable joystick rings. Maybe I'm spoiled by past experiences, but I would really have wished to see some sets of interchangable joysticks inside the box (more on these later).
How's the manual?
The NYXI Wizard's manual is decently written, but it's one of those rather small manuals.
Luckily you can find the manual from NYXI's website
Lets talk about the interchangeable joystick rings & potential for modding.
The controller comes with round and octagonal rings. Octagonal rings can be helpful in 2D or fighting games for example (Mortal Kombat). The round rings are suitable for all games but octagonal rings have more limited use. It's a nice extra to have, but it is an extra. It can be tricky to change the joystick rings for the first time. Once you replace the rings about five or more times it gets easier.
I personally perform better in games with the more modern round joystick rings. Obviously it's a matter of preference here. However I made more errors in movement with octagonal rings. The difference was about 7%, but to me the difference was there. Currently I have round rings installed and I don't see myself switching back to octagonal rings.
When it comes to modding the NYXI Wizard the interchangeable joystick rings make it easier to replace the thumbsticks. You can even install original GameCube thumbsticks with some effort. A youtube video explaining the process is titled "I Made The NYXI Wizard Better..." (shoutout to 128KB).
The NYXI Wizard has A/B/X/Y buttons that are backlit and it's possible to change their brightness. Even if you turn the background light off, it only has an affect on the A/B/X/Y buttons. There are two indicator lights on top of both joycons and those cannot be turned off. It would have been a nice feature to have where the indicator lights turn off or at the very least are slightly less bright.
Note: I reached out to NYXI about the indicator lights. They informed me that while currently there aren't any such plans they might be able to fix this issue in a future firmware update.
Lets talk about the A/B/X/Y buttons.
In comparison to Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, joycons or Hori Split Pad Pro, the NYXI Wizards buttons feel more responsive. They require a bit more force to push and it's a pleasant feeling. The 8BitDo SN30Pro has similar buttons but still not quite as good. Overall the buttons have a solid feel to them and are on the heavier side when it comes to the amount of pressure you have to apply. Among the Nintendo Switch joycons and controllers the NYXI Wizards A/B/X/Y buttons have a unique place.
Note: I reached out to NYXI for more information about the A/B/X/Y buttons. Here's the reply:
"The A/B/X/Y buttons on our controller use the conductive adhesive switches. We chose these switches for their durability and responsiveness. As for the force required to press the buttons, we wanted to create a tactile and responsive experience for our users."
The layout of A/B/X/Y buttons.
One thing is for sure. The button layout of NYXI Wizard is different. My favorite feature of this layout is the massive A button right in the middle. In the games I play often, A button is one of my most commonly used buttons. Because the buttons are largehave a different layout, it also brings a small challenge to re-learn the locations. It took me about 2 or 3 days. If you end up wanting to use the controller but want to make the layout a bit closer to traditional Swtich joycons then there are a few ways to approach this.
  1. Remap the buttons in the game.
  2. Remap the buttons in Switch.
  3. Assign one of the A/B/X/Y buttons to the remappable back-paddle.
What about the D-pad?
I really like the looks of hard plastic they have used to make the D-pad. But pressing the D-pad really isn't very enjoyable. The edges feel a bit too sharp, so to speak. I'm not a fan of the D-pads position either. The D-pad is the hardest to reach out of all the Switch controllers I own.
Note: I think that a potential upgrade here could be to make the D-pad edges just a tiny bit rounder and move it slightly closer to the left stick.
Lets talk about joycon drift and thumbsticks.
Joycon drift is an issue where the thumbstick starts to give false signals to your console and move your character in a direction that you didn't intend. It happens due to dust getting into joycons or joycon wear. NYXI Wizard has addressed this by using a hall effect joysticks which is a technology that is supposed to never get joycon drift. Setting the technology itself aside, the thumbsticks feel good to use. Their movement is smooth and responsive. The Wizards thumbsticks are similar in size to Hori Splitpad Pro but bigger than the regular Nintendo Switch joycons. A standout of these thumbsticks is the rubbery finish which is very pleasant to hold. It has a nice grip and has a slightly soft feel to it. Out of all the Switch joycons and controllers I own, this is the best thumbstick finish.
With confidence I can say that NYXI missed an opportunity by not including extra thumbsticks that are taller or shorter. In the end a thumbstick is a rather cheap component but it can add extra value to the gamer. My hope here is that NYXI might release additional thumbsticks of different sizes as optional accessories. The good news is that I got confirmation from NYXI that they plan to release accessories like thumbsticks with various sizes soon.
The triggers.
This controller uses mechanical triggers. These are responsive if you compare them to joycons or controllers that use non-mechanical triggers (such as the official Nintendo Switch joycons or the Hori Split Pad pro). It takes very little force to press these triggers which may be beneficial for longer gameplay sessions. The travel distance of the triggers is pleasantly short and the trigger makes an audiable click when its activated. The short travel distance makes it easier to rapidly press the trigger. The Mobapad M6 Gemini has similar triggers. Hori Split Pad Pro, official Nintendo Switch Joycons & Pro Controller have slightly less responsive triggers in comparison.
If your hands are big enough then the Wizard is an ergonomic controller. One of the main advantages of NYXI Wizard is that while holding it, your finger position is different than when holding a Hori Split Pad Pro or the official Nintendo Switch joycon. Using different styles of controllers can be one little thing that you can do to take care of your hands and fingers. I've used it as my main controller for 27 days and am happy with the ergonomics. This means that it's my main joycon for now. At some point I will go back to Mobapad M6 and then something else or return NYXI Wizard.
Gyro, mappable back-paddles.
Gyro works well, even in FPS games such as Crysis. There are also mappable back-paddles present on the the Nyxi Wizard. The paddles themselves aren't very well placed in my opinion as they are a bit hard to reach, but they have a nice texture on them and a responsive feel. Among other buttons, you are able to map the back-paddles to triggers (which isn't possible on all joycon back-paddles).
The vibration motor.
The vibration motor is decent. It isn't HD-rumble, but in a way that's to be expected as the only joycons that have HD-rumble are the official Nintendo Switch joycons. All vibration settings work well, I personally liked playing on low or medium setting. The highest vibration setting was nice when the Switch's volume was louder, otherwise sound of the motor broke gameplay immersion.
Bonus content: what may people with smaller hands think of NYXI Wizard?
As a new part of the review I asked my fiancee (who has small hands) to test the NYXI Wizard and share her impressions. She was fond of how the triggers felt. The amount of force you had to apply and click of the triggers appealed to her. Another one of her favorite features was the way joysticks were textured. Obviously the yellow one got more praise due to its cute color. NYXI Wizard was wa-a-ay too big for her hands. She pointed out that if she had to play something that requires faster reactions, it would be nearly impossible with this controller. The size of the controller, the distance between buttons is just too great. For games like Picross it was okay, but after some gameplay time the NYXI Wizard made her hands hurt. So what's the verdict here when it comes to the NYXI Wizard if you have smaller hands? Try it before you buy it. It's likely that controller might just be a too big.
Most common questions:
Can the NYXI Wizard be used to wake up your Nintendo Switch? Yes it can.
Will it fit inside a carry case that's meant for Nintendo Switch OLED + Hori Split Pad Pro/Mobapad M6 Gemini? No it won't. NYXI offers a case for the Wizard on their website:
Can it be used as a controller? Yes it can.
Final thoughts.
The NYXI Wizard is a Gamecube inspired joycon/controller that is executed well with room for some improvement. The asking price of $69.99 seems to be fitting. It doesn't have a direct controller to compare to due to the unique features such as the layout and interesting A/B/X/Y buttons. In my opinion the A/B/X/Y buttons are among one of the best features of the Wizard. Yes, these four buttons aren't mechanical but they have a very pleasant resistance and travel distance. The price is worth it to those who like the size & layout of the controller and value features such as mechanical buttons, triggers & unique A/B/X/Y buttons.
Will a gamer benefit from the features that come with the pricetag? Yes, we will (most of them).
Will a newecasual gamer benefit from the features? Yes, some of the features (like the mechanical buttons and different layout with good ergonomics).
And here is a comparison table. Rating 1-5 (5 being the best).
I did my best to rate various features of the Switch joycons that I own. Keep in mind that such comparisons are subjective and ratings might vary from person to person (mostly depending on shape & size of your hands). All of these are rated as joycons and are not rated as a controller.
The price is for the regular model of any controller and is based on the official pricing I found/received. This does not include sales or limited edition color schemes that may cost more.
Model Nintendo Joycons Mobapad M6 Gemini Hori Split Pad Pro NYXI Wizard
D-Pad 3 4 4 3.5
Thumbsticks 3 4 4 4.5
Triggers 3 4 3.5 4.5
Buttons 3 4.5 4 4.5
Build 5 4 4 4
Ergonomics 3 5 5 4.5
Features 3.5 3.5 3 4
Included accessories 4 3 3 4.5
Vibration 4 3 - 3.5
Price $79.99 $55.99 $49.99 $69.99
Weight 99g - 152g 229g
What could be improved upon:
  1. The interchangeable joystick rings are a novelty item for most users. I would recommend them as an additional extra item/accessory that you can add to your order.
  2. It would be beneficial to have thumbsticks of various sizes. The groundwork is already done and NYXI has made it very easy to swap the sticks. Adding short/medium/tall stick options in the store would make sense.
  3. Nintendo Switch has a dedicated fanbase and a decent amount of them really enjoy changing the way their console looks. The ability to order sticks of various colors (such as yellow, pink etc) would be a treat to those who like modding their Nintendo Switch and the joycons.
  4. Additional color schemes and designs/transparent or semi-transparent casings for the controller might appeal to gamers. For example the recently released Zelda themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller proved out to be a massive hit. Bonus: I got confirmation by NYXI that more colors will be released soon.
  5. Adding a way to lower or turn off indicator lights would be a welcome change. It's possible to turn off the A/B/X/Y lights but you cannot disable the indicator lights. Be warned: the indicator lights are BRIGHT! If you are gaming in a darker room and have turned down your Switch brightness to preserve your eyes, the indicator lights will stick out like flashlights. There is an easy fix: put a sticker on your NYXI Wizard and cover the indicator lights. However most people don't want to put stickers on their joycons for basic functions.
  6. Outside of the colors themselves, the plastic used in the controller is a major factor in how the controller feels in the users hands and if users consider it to be "premium". It's worth looking into different kinds of casing materials. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has a premium semi-glossy finish and the plastic smooth. Another good example is the 8BitDo SN30Pro which uses a matte plastic casing and also feels solid.
  7. Making the D-pad edges just slightly more rounder would make it more pleasant to use.
  8. Moving the D-pad closer to the left stick would make it more ergonomic.
  9. Placement of the back-paddles could be improved on in terms of ergonomics.
  10. A compact version of the NYXI Wizard might appeal to many.
  11. Adding adjustable analog triggers might be considered.
  12. HD-rumble would make gameplay more enjoyable.
  13. A larger manual would benefit many customers.
  14. If interchangeable joystick rings ever become sold as accessories then increasing the color and finish options would be a welcome addition to the NYXI selection.
Photography equipment used: Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera, Fujinon XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR lens, Fujifilm MCEX-11 macro extension tube, Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon f/2.4 35mm lens. helicoid extension tube.
Closing notes:
I hope you liked the review :) Congratulations to everyone who made it to the end! Any and all thoughts about the controller are welcome. NYXI employees will read this post and the comments. So you can use it as a easy way of giving your own personal thoughts regarding this controller (and features you would like to see).
Mods if you need me to remove anything from the post that is against the rules, please message me. I will edit as needed.
What are your impressions of this controller if you already own one?
My personal thanks to Lyra & the entire NYXI team!
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2023.06.05 11:42 WingiestOfMirrors Taking Power Company to the Ombudsman

We've been with our power company since October 2022, after moving house then quickly changed the meter to a smart meter. In November we applied for the export MAPAN so we could export power from our new solar panels.
Throughout this time the power company have had 2 meters on record so failed to bill us despite regular calls from us, then billed us for 5 months of energy in one go, which they agreed we could pay in 2 instalments (I say this fore completeness, I feel that was reasonable on their part). They also took till February and after several nudges to get the export MAPAN, we did lack some documents, but got sent them quickly upon request (again we're not blameless here, but we acted in a timely manner).
We've threatened the ombudsman and in their response letter they have stated them have fixed the issues and updated out account. They have also offered us a written apology and £100 to close out the complaint. This has all ended in more confusion and we are now being double changed for £45.88 and underpaid £7.50 for our export.
I guess the question is, what's my next steps? could I do a conditional acceptance of the £100 if they sort out the double charge and underpayment? and would I be hampering myself if there are further issues after this?
Thank you
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2023.06.05 11:41 theknowledgeacademy- The Key Challenges of GDPR

The Key Challenges of GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has revolutionised data protection practices and privacy rights, profoundly impacting businesses worldwide. Its implementation has reshaped how organisations handle personal data. The GDPR emphasises data privacy and security. While GDPR has numerous benefits, it also presents several challenges that individuals and organisations must be aware of. This article explores the complexities businesses face in ensuring compliance with GDPR and provides valuable insights on protecting sensitive data.

Compliance Challenges of GDPR

The following are some of the challenges and issues faced while ensuring compliance with the GDPR:
a) Complex regulatory requirements: The GDPR framework encompasses complex regulatory requirements, necessitating organisations to establish legal bases for data processing, ensure privacy, and document compliance efforts. Compliance demands meticulous planning, collaboration, and constant monitoring.
b) Ensuring transparency and accountability: GDPR emphasises transparency and accountability in data processing. Organisations must provide clear and concise information to individuals regarding data collection, usage, and sharing. Maintaining records of processing activities poses a challenge, particularly for businesses operating across multiple systems and departments.
c) Obtaining valid consent: Organisations must obtain valid and informed consent from individuals before collecting and processing their data. Consent requests should be clear, granular, and separate from other terms and conditions. Complex data processing activities or sensitive data categories further complicate the consent process.
d) Managing data breach notifications: GDPR mandates organisations to notify supervisory authorities and affected individuals promptly in the event of a data breach. Establishing robust incident response plans, detecting and mitigating breaches, and assessing notification severity requires efficient processes, especially for organisations dealing with large data volumes.
e) Cross-border data transfers: GDPR restricts transferring personal data to countries with inadequate data protection. Organisations must ensure appropriate safeguards, such as binding corporate rules when transferring data internationally. The invalidation of the Privacy Shield framework adds complexity to finding suitable transfer mechanisms.
f) Data subject rights: GDPR grants individuals various rights regarding their personal data. Organisations must establish processes to handle data subject rights requests within specified timeframes and verify individuals' identities. Managing a high volume of requests and maintaining a centralised system for tracking and responding to these requests can be challenging.
g) Consequences of non-compliance: Non-compliance with GDPR can result in substantial fines and reputational damage. Ensuring compliance is an ongoing challenge, requiring continuous monitoring, review, and adjustment of data protection practices.

Effective Compliance Strategies

To ensure ongoing adherence to GDPR, organisations should adopt effective compliance strategies and best practices, including:
a) Establishing a data protection framework encompassing policies, procedures, and guidelines aligned with GDPR requirements.
b) Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to identify and mitigate privacy risks associated with data processing activities.
c) Implementing privacy by design and default principles, integrating privacy and data protection considerations into product/service/system design and development.
d) Ensuring transparent data practices through clear and concise privacy notices and policies that are easily accessible and written in plain language.
e) Implementing security measures such as encryption, access controls, regular system updates, and employee training on security best practices.
f) Providing employees with comprehensive training and awareness programs on GDPR principles and their roles in ensuring compliance.
g) Regularly monitoring and auditing compliance, conducting internal audits, and implementing policies and procedures for ongoing compliance monitoring and risk assessment.
h) Engaging legal experts or consultants to guide interpreting and implementing GDPR requirements.


GDPR has transformed the data protection landscape, empowering individuals with greater control over their data. However, organisations face numerous challenges in achieving GDPR compliance. By adopting effective compliance strategies and best practices, businesses can navigate the complexities and protect sensitive data, ensuring ongoing adherence to GDPR regulations.
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