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2023.06.06 14:12 AA7XO [OFFER] Virtual Assistance for $10/day.

Experienced Virtual Assistant.
Hey! I'm seeking for a job - Payments via PayPal or BTC - Hard working - Fast learner Timezone : UTC+2 (only serious people please)
The tasks i can do :
° Answering emails
°Managing social media sites
°research work
°data entry
°Video editing
°Photo editing
°Personal assistance
°Administrative assistance
°Writing reports
°Uploading files
°Planning schedules
°Live chat support in your website
°to-do-list reminders
°Data validation
°Keyword research
°Assistance in recruiting
I can learn anything :) * We can do a week trial
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2023.06.06 14:11 GameShowFanatic WIBTA for charging the other bridesmaids for food/drinks while they get ready at my house?

Ok going to try to make this short but I don’t think that’s possible. So I am in a friend’s wedding next month. Recently we had her bachelorette party in another city. 9 out of 11 bridesmaids went, plus the bride. I only knew the bride (high school friend). All the other girls knew each other from college/work friends. I don’t live by any of them.
We all flew/drove far to Bach. A few girls (bride included) flew to a different city airport and drove to our destination, since it was cheaper for them. It was too difficult for me to try to coordinate times so I just flew into the city of the Bach and ubered to and from airport. (Cost was similar for me).
We used Splitwise to tally all expenses. Everything was split equally. First, I shit you not, these girls spent over $700 on groceries/alcohol for Thursday-Sunday. All while ordering $130 worth of food for Thursday night (that i arrived late to and had to eat cold leftovers). Then we all ate out for two meals friday and one meal Saturday. What the hell they spent that money on, I don’t know. A few bottles of wine that I didn’t drink from because they finished it Thursday night? They also split decorations cost, about $250. In my experience that’s usually the job of the MOH. She did nothing extra btw, but she got o share the biggest room with a private bathroom with the bride.
But whatever, I wasn’t going to make a fuss. What pissed me off was when they included me in the split for the rental car they used, claiming it as a “house expense” since it was used to get groceries and alcohol. Um, if this car was available, why was i stuck spending $100 on Ubers to/from airport??? We also did not use it to go downtown, we ubered from air bnb.
Anyways, I’m pissed, and I’m hosting all these girls day of wedding at my house. I spent probably $1200 on this Bach (was really only anticipating $800 since I don’t eat much on vacation). I am obviously getting food and drinks for day of wedding and decorations for my house. Would it be bad if I asked the other girls to split the cost? I feel embarrassed even thinking about it (when you host, you provide- that’s how I do it). I can afford the food and stuff, but since these girls want to split everything so equally, I’m tempted to split that with them.
WIBTA if I sent them requests for cost of food/drinks/decorations for things I buy for day of wedding?
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2023.06.06 14:08 Crandy_12 17 years later....

I don't even know where to start with this. I am reparenting myself and have been for the last 4 years. I am 35, exhausted, and still feel heartbroken frequently.
I am my family's scapegoat. The oldest of 3 girls, all 4.5 years apart. My dad was (and still currently is after nearly 40 years) the district prosecutor in my community. He is a recovering alcoholic who drank heavily throughout my childhood. My mom went back to school to be a social worker when I was 8ish years old, and continued going through two masters degrees. This was the 90's, and online college wasn't a thing; she was frequently gone at school, when I was in middle school she split her time at home half of the week and at school in married housing three hours away the other half. We were kids at home with our alcoholic dad, who was also drunk on his own power. He was abusive verbally and physically, though not in the traditional hitting way. He would grab and push and squeeze my face while pushing me up against the wall. When I was 14, he told me I was his greatest mistake in life and that I should have never been born. I would call my mom at school, and she would side with his lies and that I was a "hysterical and dramatic child".
I started "acting out" in high school around 16. I experimented with alcohol in high school, which still feels like a really fucking normal thing for a kid to do. I had a boyfriend. I lost my virginity at 15. When my mom found out that I had had sex 3 weeks later, a huge fight ensued. Screaming, calling me a 'ho", etc. . My 15 year old brain screamed that I was leaving and my hormonal teenage brain said "I am leaving this house on my own, or you will carry me out." My mom packed me up in the car, drove me to a hospital an hour away, took me to the ER and told them that I was having unprotected sex, needed a pregnancy test, an STD test, and that I should be admitted to a psych facility as I was a "danger to myself". She dropped me off at a psych facility 2 hours from home, and I didn't see them or hear from them for a week. When I got home, my punishment was to never speak to my boyfriend again. I wasn't even allowed to tell the poor kid why, he just never heard from me again. The psych facility had me sign a "contract" that I would never contact him again.
This continued on and on for years. I turned 18 in November of my senior year and I moved out. The next 6 months were nuts. I was arrested twice. Once for minor in consumption, once for minor in possession, and my mom's sister sued me to teach me a lesson over $600 I borrowed to fix my car at 17. Each time I had an interaction with the law, the police told me my mom and dad had called me in to teach me a lesson. When I was grown, the police told me that they were always instructed to bust me first to make an example out of me. Their marriage was a mess, they were unfaithful to each other, hated each other, and the only thing they could agree on and bond over was controlling me.
It has been almost 20 years. I have put myself through college and therapy. I have been married, divorced, ignored for months on end by my family over the years. I have had my own struggles with alcohol and feeling loved. I got a DUI at age 22. I now have 3 college degrees and am a pediatric nurse practitioner. Everyday I want to be the person I needed as a teen for my patients.
I accepted a new job two weeks ago, and in applying for my state licensure, an MIP that I got at age 18 came up on my background check. An MIP that I got from my mom and dad calling me in. I was the sober driver that night, and when I was pulled over I blew 0.00 BAC. I wasn't holding any alcohol, but a person in my backseat had a case of beer. I got an MIP because it was my car and I was the driver, and my DA father set the rules.
17 years later, I have to explain to the board of nursing and my employer why I left high school with a criminal record.
So what did I do? I call my mom. My mom, who I believe has spent years "working on herself". The woman is a goddamned family therapist, and was learning techniques and skills through all of those years. My dad was lenient to everyone in town except me. I think the term was "throw the book at her" growing up.
My mom last night:
"I’m saying that you blame everything on us when you were the one out making decisions that affected your future as well. You were an adult at 18 as well."
"We had no control over your actions at that time. You need to take some responsibility for all you did that got you in trouble."
Me: "I am 35. Don't you think I have taken enough responsibility over the last 17 years?"
They deny it. All of it. I am still being gaslit.
I was a kid. A fucking kid. And now I am an adult, and I am still answering for normal kid things and my parents not being there for me.
What the fuck. What in the absolute fuck. My dad prosecuted me. They both abused their power in our town, and used it to try to control me. Who makes sure their teenager leaves high school with a criminal record to "teach them a lesson" about drinking at 18?!
There is so much else that goes with this story that includes being thrown out with my stuff in trash bags x3 growing up. Once in the rain, I was dropped off at my parent's by a friend, and my stuff was outside in trash bags and the doors were locked. I lived on a friend's couch for 6 months at 19. All the while, my upper middle class family was using ME as their scapegoat for why our family was so fucked. If I threatened to call child services, my dad would say "go ahead, call them. Who do you think prosecutes those cases? Me. Who do you think the police or going to believe? You or me? Me."
I respond like I am told to: "I appreciate that you have your truth, but please respect that I have mine too. I feel like I am owed an apology from you, Dad and my aunt, and I feel like it is time that I get that without being shamed at the same time. We are all adults. If we are going to talk about how I was an adult when I was drinking at age 18, then we should talk about how you all parented at age 45. It’s not okay to look at me at 18 under a microscope and escape any responsibility you had as my parents and aunt."
I am angry, embarrassed, sad, and so so so so so so tired of being gaslit. When I bring up my pain, they deny those things happened and/or tell me that it was all my fault as a teenager and I should hbe thought about my future at the time. My younger sisters learned from an early age that I was "a mess" and "had problems", and that is they way our relationships still play out, even though I am far more successful and driven than either one of them. I no longer have a relationship with alcohol, but by choice. I don't like how it makes me feel physically or emotionally.
Where were my parents? And why can't they see that they were the grown-ups? My heart hurts, and I am beyond embarrassed and exhausted that 17 years later, I still have to answer for an MIP at age 18 because my parents couldn't regulate their own emotions.
That's all. That is my story. I just want to feel loved and normal and have a support system in my family. I operate as an only child now and treat my sisters like cousins. But FFS, I just want someone to acknowledge they didn't make the right decisions as parents. I need the gaslighting to stop.
These things aren't okay. They weren't okay then, and they aren't okay now. I know they are different people 17 years later, but Jesus, can't they objectively look at their parenting choices by this point?
I was just a kid.
Edited to add: I questioned all of this and my reality in my late 20's. I requested my medical records from the psych facility and my criminal background from the state. When you read it, it is even more absurd and nearly identical to how I remember it.
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2023.06.06 14:05 Away_Act8298 Should I go to college?

So..... I have two choices. Complete my high school education and go to varsity or college
Option number 2 is to go college now and do a certificate for which I do not require high school.
We all wanna get away from our nfamily. Some of us get that by going to college. Maybe I should go too.
But the specific course is office administration. Now as much as I want to get away from nfamily even if it's temporary (plus a college education never hurt no one) I don't want to be stuck in a dead end course with a Mickey mouse certificate. Last thing I want is a certificate or diploma that means nothing and I'll be at home again without work.
Only benefit high school gives me is access to university and more prestigious courses at college. That's cool and all but it's gonna take way way longer to do that as I can only write high school next year as the window has passed. And then the year after that I'll be able to go study. And that's if I actually get in.
I apologize if I'm being childish by asking such advice here. The going to college plan seems really appealing to my mental health as I can possibly go next year. Unfortunately I can't do high school at a on campus location so I can't get away from nfamily and do high school that way.
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2023.06.06 14:01 Notnailinpalin Finding the right therapist

I don’t know where to start, but this was something I had tried to look into Previously. I have a good few family members who are really into psychology Both academically and having their own experiences with therapy yet it’s one of those questions they couldn’t answer. At the same time, one relative I spoken to is busy as hell, their schedule makes me look like A junior high school kid after school Back when I was working three jobs. I don’t even recall the extent of the conversation. I think it might have just been a few sentences.
I actually read the guide in the Adulting subreddit and smiled a bit, because part one and part two were completely covered even when I had first moved out. Part three was covered as well, but I did need to change my bedsheets. Just was on the bed for too long in my opinion. I was smiling more the fact when I first had moved out in my early 20s all of that was covered. I did sleep on the mattress while it was on the floor for a day or two. I think it was the best sleep I ever had because of the great feeling of leaving out of a toxic environment and finding my peace.
While there were definitely down moments and stress. I am financially at a very great state in my life. I feel as though I’m not as social as I used to be I haven’t dated in maybe four years. I was lucky enough to have a few one nighters but to be honest, I feel miserable or I can’t fully commit to the one nighter or plans. There are also many things I reflect back on that I just don’t know how to unpack. I also feel I can do better in tackling Goals or moving forward. Plus a bunch of other stuff.
I had to do a medical procedure back in April. Still healing, but able to move around. I’m not sure because a friend had an online session with her therapist, while I was at her place, or just the at home time by myself. It might have even been situation family wise that made me turn off my phone for a few days. I want to revisit finding a therapist. I just see it as an intimate activity. With intimacy you don’t want to share with everyone. Pretty much what I wanted to ask is for anyone that has gone through it are going through it. How do you find the right therapist? Even more important how do you start? Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.06 13:58 niceholmes Childhood Certification Question?

Hi All - I just got my Secondary Ed Certification in English, but have been offered a job at an Elementary School that I love.
Can anyone recommend the quickest way to get my Childhood Certification?
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2023.06.06 13:57 ch4rries IS HE INTERESTED

hey so at work these guys who dont normally work with me have came in( high chance of seeing them again) and for context they’re both polite and smiley, so you can get the idea of what they’re like a bit/its also worth noting some of this is a reach/extra detail thats probably pointless lol
So the first day i worked with him a little and it was just regular he was really smiley and said thank you a lot as i was trying to help him with the job we were doing/ but hes polite to everybody
Okay the next day we spoke a little bit more and just gossiped about like people our age ygm with his brother ( who is a lot more outgoing) and he seemed like he was trying to join in as well but he seems reserved so i’ve been like trying to smile at him a lot as a small hint and hes always smiling back Anyway according to my coworker we had to move heavy trees and apparently he hung back and waited til i went down as we were lifting them in pairs. We sort of hung around each other as much as we should but it’s pretty hard yk as we’re at work and anyway i asked where the nearest shop was and he explained and i was still a bit confused so he offered to walk down with me if i wanted( i said yea) and anyway when he came over to tell me he was gonna walk down ( i think he might have taken his brother maybe but not too sure) and i told him i had to finish up my job but id be like 20 minutes and was like but dont worry you can go ahead and he smiled at me and it was like no its okay i dont mind waiting and we walked down together like just me and him(we saw him brother in the car on the way and just said hi ( i think they’re close) but he didnt come with us) and we chatted but he was deffo shy ) and anyway later in the day we had to move some boards and i offered him a hand and he was like nah im good and i was are you sure as i dont mind helping:) and then i think it clicked for him and he was like ohhhh we can move them together if you want and gave me like a lot less to carry them him etc and he chatted little bits during the day. We were like looking at each other and smiling towards the end of the day
Anyway the last time i saw him was the end of last week thursday( i’ll see him soon i think but not sure when) and i came late and i noticed his brother was like chatting to him and gave him a thumbs up. His brother is really good at sort of opening conversations like getting them going so i think he finds that helpful?? Anyway we chatted a little bit but he(the guy i like) had to work with a different guy so he wasn’t really with me much during the day but i was with his brother who asked where i was during the day and said they expected me to be there and when i wasnt they were like”oh” and i was like the other guy i work with was here tho and he was like “yeah old school” anyway towards the end of the day we just chatted about random school shit( all of us are finished now) and his brother was telling me about a teacher they had and when he came over he explained what he was talking about quickly and he sort of took over like telling the story? anyway i was finishing clearing up and he offered me a hand like before he was leaving but idk if it was to be nice or more maybe? What do you think and do you have any advice for me
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2023.06.06 13:54 Lilmoneyshawty Where is the money?

When I first started telling everyone in my life I wanted to be a welder, the overwhelming response I got was “welders make great money!” But… where tf is it? I went through welding school and have been working a job as a fabricator for about a year now and don’t get paid shit. Company I work for doesn’t do raises unless you quit and come back at a higher rate. Looking around at all the companies hiring around me and the only jobs paying more than $20/hr are traveling pipe welding jobs (which I don’t want to do) and night shift (also f that.) Is it even worth staying in this trade?
I specialize in stainless and aluminum tig but can weld any process. And I live in the Atlanta area.
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2023.06.06 13:52 No-Sale-7781 I am a failure…

Academics always came easy to me so throughout high school and university, I was always a high achiever. Because my parents were wealthy, I was able to complete a PhD while they helped support me. However, throughout my entire life, I have felt a crippling amount of self doubt, which was probably amplified when I got into an LTR with a very critical person who would call me lazy, incompetent etc.
I finished my PhD over a year ago, and am still working in the hospitality job I was doing part-time while I studied. I actually genuinely like my job, but hate it for the fact that I know me still working there is a “failure” and a disappointment to my parents. I avoid talking to people from back home (I moved abroad mid-PhD) so I won’t inevitably have to tell them that I’m still working as a waitress (one friend even said, “you’re not still working at the restaurant are you?!” in shock and horror).
Every night I lie awake and think about what a failure I am. I came from a wealthy family and am intelligent yet I amounted to nothing. In every aspect of life, as I am also in an unhappy relationship and feel too paralysed to leave it. My parents desperately want grandkids yet I’m 34 and don’t think that will happen for me (and not entirely sure I even want kids). It isn’t that my day to day life is bad, because it’s not, but I just feel this crushing sadness over knowing my parents are disappointed and that I had every opportunity in life to succeed yet failed….
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2023.06.06 13:52 Moji15 Jobs/ financial source

Any source of income/job for someone below 18?17 years old po ako and I need to urgently find a job preferrably computer based kasi nandun mga skills ko (example: UIX design). My mom was diagnosed with cancer and wala akong magawa kundi mag hanap ng work para kahit papaano ay matulungan ko ang aking papa (Singlehandedly nyang babayaran ang mga incoming expenses and we currently don't know how to get that much money.) We are not rich to begin with so I had to do this. Most jobs require a college degree and I'm not even in college let alone graduate in senior high school. Di ko na po alam ang gagawin dahil ang laki po ng mga gastusin at I really feel guilty po without doing anything.
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2023.06.06 13:50 LovableButterfly Should I quit my job without backup?

Hi everyone.
I’ve been at my company for almost 3 years. This is the longest job I ever stayed in. I’m also a college student and planning on getting my bachelors. I have an associates in administrative office, but I work in a grocery store.
I was promoted to a coordinator position 6 months into my job. I felt I wasn’t ready but took the opportunity as a chance. It worked out great for me for a little while! It was really a great job and I loved my coworkers.
Until big changes happened.
A series of events happened that included both our store and Assitant directors leaving for different stores and changes to our store happened. We switched to a different vendor company, they changed a lot of things in my department with different policies and procedures and we have a new director who is an ass and really should be at a different store (should be at a bigger store rather than a smaller one if that makes sense). This all happened within 1 year (last year).
This year has been the worse year to date so far. More policy changes, more procedures and they now took away our paid holidays to “floating” holiday structure instead. On top of getting an assistant who really doesn’t work and I’ve been doing 2 peoples job, somedays I have to stay late at work. I also am suppose to work every other weekend but haven’t had that happened because we just don’t have reliable people for my department to do so. I took off a weekend recently thinking I would be ok to take it off. It took 3 people to do my job in what I could do in less time. It got to the point my director told me to not take off weekends for a while after my assistants struggled while I was gone and it pissed me off.
It’s now gotten to a point I really hate the job and it’s affecting my health. My best friend, husband and mom noticed my hair was thinning really badly. I’ve also been really stressed out from the job. College is way more easier than work at this point and that’s a sad thing to say. My husband has been begging me to quit for months now. I’ve been apply to jobs here and there but haven’t heard back. He has told me to just walk out and not go back. I’ve been heavily thinking about just quitting and not have a job lined up right away but I’m not sure if it’s the best decision.
Should I quit or get a different job?
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2023.06.06 13:49 supplement-p Explanation for turning your NMN or NR into reduced NMNH and NRH at home with one extra ingredient

Okay, so some have been sceptical about my turning NMN, NR into reduced NMNH NRH with magnesium, so I will give a simple explanation.
When I heard about NMNH, realising NMN and NR were already oxidised, which surprised me because there are more stable versions being made and I assumed they were dealing with the oxidation problem. Otherwise I would have made the reduced forms years ago if I knew, and surprised nobody has until lately.
The science in layman's terms...
A redox reaction is taking electrons from one substance, donating to another. When something is oxidised, it has extra electron, and to reduce it, you need something to steal the extra electron... It sounds backwards, but for a redox reaction, the substance gaining the election is called "reduced", and the substance losing the electron is called oxidised in this circumstance.
So, NMN is oxidised, so I tried a few substances that enjoy donating electrons, reduction agents, like vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is the best known, but vit c didn't get the job done, which didn't surprise me. When I had vitamin C dissolved in with my NMN in water and it did nothing, I tried magnesium as I had some on hand because I make my own hydrogen water, and magnesium in water produces hydrogen gas, but the magnesium ribbon is not good enough for hydrogen water and I use magnesium powder for that instead. Magnesium and hydrogen are both very good redox agents, so I was hopeful and it worked. Glad I have found a use for my magnesium ribbon. So, I had vit C and NMN dissolved in water, and I dropped in some magnesium powder, and it fizzed away and quickly turned orange, and I knew the colour I was looking for by looking at pictures of NMNR. The powder made the water very hot, even though I felt the effect from the NMNH, making it hot is not ideal. So, I tried the magnesium ribbon instead, taking the oxidised layer off it, and it worked. Then I tried it without taking the oxidised layer off, and the acidity of the NMN was enough to take off the oxidised layer and start the reaction, and being someone who knows the value of supplementation, and how expensive it can be, and how companies will change extortionate prices for something simple, as they already are, I knew I had to share it so people can do it at home. For about 30 meters of magnesium ribbon from ebay, is $5 to $10, and that will last you years. You can just leave the mag ribbon snippet in the glass container and keep reusing it until it has dissolved away into perfectly safe magnesium oxide/hydroxide, or put some vitamin c in with it and get some magnesium ascorbate also if you like...
Use a GLASS container, because while I was stirring the powder magnesium, it was reacting with the plastic stirrer, turning the plastic blue. Agitating the container a bit speeds up the reaction. You don't need to stir it.
If you want the reaction to happen very quickly, just use a bit of sand paper to rub the oxidised layer off the mag ribbon, but I would avoid that because you don't want magnesium dust about the place because it can ignite in air, and a small spark will ignite it, and it will burn brighter than the sun and VERY HOT...
Magnesium ribbon is the stuff you may have seen in science class in school. It burns very hit and bright when exposed to a naked flame, so avoid that.
So, all you need is... A glass container. A few ml of water. As much NMN or NR as you want. You can upscale the ingredients if you wish, and drop in a centimetre piece of magnesium ribbon, and when it has turned as orange as it can, it's fully reduced into NMNH or NRH, which ever you start with.
You can't even get reduced NR at the moment I believe and reduced NMNR is selling for a high price and would be the same when it properly hits the market... Making it at home is quick, cheap, and you know that it has not oxidised again like powder will... I suppose you could evaporate it with a vacuum evaporator and have NMNH powder, but it's too much hassle to bother imo.
Scroll across the pictures to see the reaction.
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2023.06.06 13:49 NickelNitro Help me find a work from home job

Hello india!
I'm a class 11 dropout (It's been a while since I have dropped out) who can't find a job currently.
I used to work for a media and business development company for a 1 year. I got dropped from the team due to budget cut.
Skills: ▪️Web administrator & Designer (Wix) ▪️Social media marketing & Managing ▪️Adobe Lightroom editing (advanced) ▪️Customer support ▪️Competitive Gaming ▪️Product photography ▪️Vehicle Photography ▪️Business Development
Help me find a job, Thank You.
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2023.06.06 13:46 ProfessionalCute3464 Can I get a Biology Masters with an Earth/Environmental/Geology Bachelors?

I have a Bachelors degree in Earth Science concentrating on Environmental Geology. I worked in consulting after college and got a biotech job during Covid. I’m currently an Analyst for almost year after moving up from being a laboratory technician.
Is it possible to get accepted into a Masters program for something biology related with my undergrad degree and background? I always wanted to be a doctor but wasn’t able to pursue med school because of my life situation, but my goal is to get my Masters. I really like my job and the benefits, so getting a Biology-related Masters would definitely help improve my employment and future opportunities in addition to just enjoying that subject far more than Earth Science. Can anyone give any advice or input?
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2023.06.06 13:46 Global-Ad-3134 Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

Uzbekistan's Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health offers MBBS programmes.

Are you thinking about attending MBBS school in Uzbekistan? Leading university Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health provides outstanding chances for Indian students. Let's look at the requirements for admission, the application process, student life, advantages of attending Fergana, and the cost of living in Fergana, Uzbekistan.

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health Requirements

You must meet certain requirements, such as the following, in order to be eligible to study MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health:
Academic Requirements: Applicants must have finished their 10+2 higher secondary education and have a background in science, especially biology, chemistry, and physics.
Minimum Score: According to the university's requirements, students must have received a minimum overall score in their higher secondary exams.
English Language Proficiency: For international students, English language proficiency is essential. It can be necessary for applicants to take exams like the TOEFL or IELTS to verify their proficiency in the English language. However, some Uzbek universities might carry out their own language evaluations.

Why is Fergana Medical Institute Best for Students from India?

Indian students should consider Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health for a number of reasons:

Recognition and Accreditation: The institute is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and is acknowledged by worldwide medical organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO). This endorsement guarantees that the degree earned from Fergana Medical Institute is recognised around the world.
English-medium instruction: The Fergana Medical Institute's MBBS programme is taught in English, which makes it simpler for Indian students to comprehend and participate in the curriculum. Due to the removal of linguistic obstacles, students can concentrate well on their academics.
excellent Standards of Education: Fergana Medical Institute upholds excellent standards of education and offers a broad curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical instruction. The institute's knowledgeable instructors make sure that students obtain a quality education and are adequately equipped for their future jobs in medicine.
Clinical experience: Practical training and clinical experience are prioritised at Fergana Medical Institute. By taking part in clinical rotations at associated hospitals and healthcare institutions, students get the chance to get practical experience. Their clinical abilities are improved and they are better equipped for actual medical practise thanks to this practical experience.

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health's admissions procedure

The following steps are often involved in the admissions process at the Fergana Medical Institute:
Application submission: Interested candidates should send their application forms and other supporting documentation directly to the institute or through designated agents.
Verification of Documents: According to their standards, the institute validates all of the provided documents, including copies of academic transcripts and passports.
Eligibility Evaluation: The institute evaluates candidates' eligibility based on their academic credentials, linguistic ability, and other predetermined criteria.
Entrance Exam (if Applicable): To assess students' readiness for medical study, some universities may hold entrance exams.
Admission Confirmation: Students receive a letter from the institute confirming their admission when the admissions procedure has been successfully completed.

Documents Needed to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

The following documents are often needed for MBBS studies in Uzbekistan:
Application form that has been fully filled out and signed by the applicant is required by the university.
Academic Records: Copies of certificates and grade reports from high school or a comparable institution.

A passport that is at least six months old and still valid.

A medical certificate declaring that the candidate is healthy enough physically and mentally to pursue international studies is required.
Passport-sized Photos: Current passport-sized photos that meet the requirements of the university.
Financial Documents: Evidence of your ability to pay your tuition and living costs during the study time, such as bank statements or sponsorship letters.

Life for Indian medical students studying in Uzbekistan's Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

A dynamic and fulfilling student life is what Indian students doing MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute can anticipate. The university offers a welcoming environment for international students and a range of facilities and services, such as:

Student housing is offered by Fergana Medical Institute and is both cosy and reasonably priced. These hostels provide the essential conveniences and a comfortable setting for studying and socialising.
Activities in the Arts and athletics: The Institute promotes student involvement in the arts, athletics, and extracurricular pursuits. Students can join a variety of clubs and organisations to learn more about their interests and develop their skills.
Support services for students are provided by Fergana Medical Institute to help overseas students succeed in their academic endeavours. These services could include counselling, academic advising, and help with administrative procedures.
The institute places a high priority on the security and safety of its students. Security measures are installed on campus and in the dorms to guarantee a secure setting.

advantages of studying medicine in Fergana

There are various advantages to studying MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute, including:

Affordable Education: In comparison to many other nations, Uzbekistan provides affordable education. For Indian students, Fergana is a desirable alternative because of the relatively low living expenses and low tuition prices.
Fergana Medical Institute is renowned for providing high-quality instruction, and the degrees it grants are accepted all over the world. Graduates are now qualified to continue their education or practise medicine worldwide.
Studying at Fergana Medical Institute offers the chance to meet with individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This multicultural setting promotes intercultural awareness and enhances the overall educational process.
Wide range of job prospects are available to those who complete their MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute. After passing the necessary licencing exams, graduates can choose to return to India and practise medicine, study further specialisation, or work as medical professionals.

MBBS-related questions from students in Fergana universities

Is the Fergana Medical Institute's degree accepted throughout the world? The degree conferred by the Fergana Medical Institute is accepted around the world, allowing graduates to pursue their medical professions there.
What language is used in the classrooms at Fergana Medical Institute? English is used as the primary language of instruction for the MBBS programme at Fergana Medical Institute.
Are there scholarships available for students from other countries? For qualified international students, Fergana Medical Institute may provide scholarships or financial help programmes. It is wise to inquire with the institute about any available scholarships.
How long is the Fergana Medical Institute's MBBS programme? At Fergana Medical Institute, the MBBS programme normally lasts six years and includes both academic and practical training.
Is learning the native tongue required? Even though the MBBS programme is taught in English, communicating with patients during clinical rotations might be facilitated by learning the local tongue, such as Uzbek or Russian.

Living expenses in Fergana, Uzbekistan

For international students, Fergana has a rather low cost of living. The cost of living is influenced by personal preferences and lifestyles. Some important things to think about are:
Hostels are available to students at the Fergana Medical Institute at affordable rates. There may also be off-campus housing alternatives, and the price varies according to the location and amenities.
Food: Prices for food in Fergana are typically reasonable. There are many options available to students, including university canteens, nearby restaurants, and grocery stores. It may be more affordable to prepare meals at home.
transit: Fergana's affordable public transit options, including buses and taxis, make it simple for students to get around the city.
Utilities: Fees for hostels often include the cost of utilities like power, water, and internet access. Students may be required to pay separate utility bills if they live off-campus.
Recreation and entertainment: Fergana provides a range of leisure activities and shows. Depending on individual selections and preferences, prices may change.

Students should make a budget and control their spending according to it.

Students from India have a fantastic opportunity to receive a top-notch education, experience a multicultural environment, have professional prospects, and live comfortably by attending Fergana Medical Institute in Uzbekistan.
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2023.06.06 13:45 baltimore-aureole Wait . . . what? You have $50 billion in assets, and you pay ZER0 in taxes?

Wait . . . what? You have $50 billion in assets, and you pay ZER0 in taxes?
Photo above - Take a guess: does this castle belong to Harvard, the Vatican, or the Mormons? Not Shown - the costumed characters and rituals that make those places so amazing.
I know what you're thinking. That this is going to be some rant about the Catholic Church. But actually, nobody is sure how much money THOSE guys are hoarding. If you count real estate and gold horse drawn carriages and looted art in their vault, it's probably much more than $50 billion.
But the $50 billion in my subject line is Harvard. Not including real estate, pension funds, etc. Not including the 30,000 students who may (or may not) be paying $60,000 a year (before books, fees room and board) to attend. Yikes – that's $1.8 billion a year in revenue !!! And zero taxes. In fact, Harvard's $50 billion (with a B) endowment is so high, it throws off enough cash each year that it COULD theoretically pay the entire tuition of every student and give them their education free. Without eating into their endowment principle. If Harvard wanted to do that. But they don't. They don't want to pay taxes either.
Harvard – like most universities - is a sort of magic kingdom. Where you can turn your back on the real world and pretend it doesn't exist. As long as you have the tuition. Or a scholarship. Or a student loan. A four-year visit (or possibly 6 or 7 year, if graduate school is included) to the magic kingdom. And if you have a Harvard degree look how easy it is to score an elite government job!
Harvard should pay taxes. Income tax, real estate tax, capital gains taxes - the whole nine yards.
You and I pay taxes, and we haven't got a prayer of sending a kid to Harvard. Shouldn't government handouts be needs based, instead of showered down on the ultra-wealthy? Tuition at the average (non-Harvard) college is now $41,000 (unless it's your local community college). Who the heck can afford that? You're either praying for a scholarship, or a signing up for a student loan you can never realistically pay back. $160,000 for a bachelors degree in . . . . anything. Accounting. Nursing. Psychology. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . .. no value judgements here on your chosen major. I'm just saying that most people will never earn enough salary to justify that ridiculous expense.
Okay - NOW let's move on to the Catholic Church. Another magic kingdom where the characters wear amusing historic costumes and have lifelong job tenure, like professors do. Let's agree up front that ordinary priests are probably not getting rich. Well, some of them do. But not THAT many, I'm hoping.
The internet is vague on how many private jets the Vatican owns or leases. This is why god invented shell companies and subsidiaries. But at least SOME churches have jets. Someone with a charitable mindset is using chartered jets to fly migrants from Florida and Texas to even less hospitable spots - like New York and California. THOSE states are hopping mad, and threatening to sue whoever sent the jets. Good luck. If those planes were owned or operated by churches, forget it. You can't sue churches for ANYTHING. Not even pedophilia. Well, okay . . . these days you can take a whack at that one. But almost forever, you couldn't. Try finding a law saying that churches can't fly poor people from one state to another. I dare you.
I don't think the Mormon church is involved in this migrant jet scam. But they do have assets of $100 billion. That's the equivalent of two Harvards. And the same kind of ginormous, awe inspiring castles as Harvard, the Vatican, and Disney's Magic Kingdom. How much does a lifetime pass to the Mormon-land cost? Well . . . it's a LOT. Theoretically 10 percent of your gross income. Before making student loan payments, or food clothing and shelter. But I'm guessing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is something like Harvard . . . there are discounts available if you know how to get them.
Disney. Don't give me that annoyed look. I'm not going to do an impression of Ron DeSantis here. I'd just like to point out that Disney (US divisions only) had revenue of $85+/- Billion last year. This was during the pandemic. And “profits” - after expenses and deductions and exemptions and amortization and deferrals - of around $5 billion. Disney paid less than $2 billion in taxes. Disney of course isn't “tax exempt”. But if I told you there was a way to pull in almost a hundred billion a year tithes – er, I mean ticket sales – and pay less than 2% in taxes, you'd want to know how to get in on that yourself, right? Disney is NOT tax exempt, let me repeat. It's Just sitting on millions of acres of real estate, with billions of dollars of copyrights, licensed characters, exclusive film libraries, cable TV networks, And day passes to Disney theme parks now cost $1,100 for a family of four. Is that part of the government's estimate that inflation is only 8 or 9 percent?
I've always wanted to live in a giant fantasy castle, like Harvard, the Vatican, the Mormons , or Snow White. But the odds of that are less than zero. But why do some of the planet's richest organizations get to do their thing tax free, or almost so? I'm not racist like Harvard - I don't believe in setting caps on student enrollment by race. I don't genuflect to a flying spaghetti monster. I don't believe Prince Charming is about to show up at my door and awaken me from this fitful dream, either.
So why are everyone else's taxes so high, while these guys are living large? The gods must have crazy friends in DC, no?
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2023.06.06 13:44 No-Elevator-4932 Forced to be a beadle / I don't like being a beadle.

Title says it all.
  1. The majority of the class voted for me via the Facebook group chat poll, and they announced to our professor that I was their chosen beadle. At that time, I was unaware that that class had a group chat and I was added late. I was voted because, according to one classmate in particular, she found me pretty. And so, that's how I came to be as the beadle.
  2. I wanted a "quiet" stay in law school, meaning I just want to focus on studying, passing my subjects, and eventually graduating from law school. I have a hectic job and I want time to work on my life outside work and law school. I never wanted to be a beadle, unless I volunteered. Instead, I was volunteered.
  3. I am so annoyed at my classmates who DM me asking if we would be giving our professor a gift for whatever occasion. Personally, I'd like to keep my relationship with my teachers at a professional distance. It's of course different from when I'm friends with my professors before they became my teachers. Since most of my classmates are working students as well, I'm sure that they have already taken into account the costs of higher education. Personally, amounts for gifts are not law school-related expenses. Working is hard and law school is NOT cheap. Wag na kayong dumagdag.
  4. It also gets so annoying when they constantly ask you for updates as to the coverage of the midterms and finals and recits. I am a student as well, not their secretary. I am not there at their beck and call. You're already old and mature enough to enroll in law school. It's not my job to remind you what to read or what to focus on because I have more than enough on my plate, thanks to you.
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2023.06.06 13:42 Money-Measurement961 Feeling guilty because I still haven’t announced to my family

17 weeks now and I want to tell my family, it’s not that I don’t think they’ll be supportive, I already have a 2 year old they adore and I go to school, have a full time job, my own place with my fiancé, etc.. so I’m doing alright, but I just remember how overbearing they were during my first pregnancy. Every conversation seemed to be baby related or asking how I’m feeling. I hate being the center of attention, or any attention at all really. It just makes me so uncomfortable and I can’t explain why. My mom would ask a bunch of times to see and feel my belly and then make me feel bad when I said no, or she’d keep asking. “But I’m your mom…”. Always asking me how my clothes are still fitting, how much I’ve gained, what did the dr say??? Every time I came back from an appt. It just drove me fucking nuts. I remember my aunt kept asking me a week before I was due to send her pictures of my belly and I never did and every time we talked after that she’d ask for them again. The constant stares, treating me differently. It makes me want to cry to be honest lol I can’t stand it. I don’t even know how to announce it because I’m just so uncomfortable about it . I had to text my mom and tell her I was pregnant with my first and she said that hurt her which I feel bad about it but I can’t help the way I feel. Any advice ? Anyone been through this. And I see my family several times a week so it’s getting harder to hide. I know I don’t have to tell anyone but I feel like I need too I just am really dreading it.
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2023.06.06 13:41 devo574 Need help with alot of thing's

Hey all I'm currently in college and have a job and I'm limping my way through it. It's incredibly exhausting having the juggle both work and college and I have no downtime at all. I've been finding myself taking alot of days off just to recoup. I don't have a driver's license because of fear of it and I rely on my dad to get me anywhere and he works incredibly stupid long shifts and im gone from 6am till about 5pm-6pm every day of the week I was gonna talk to my boss today if I could just have some days off regularly to maybe help with this burnout I keep getting but I have No other way of helping myself get through this other then just quitting and focusing on school. I also have no friends irl so it's incredibly boring to just get up go to school work home then sleep. I have online freinds which helps but it doesn't feel the same. I live in west Virginia so I don't click with pretty much anybody due to my "quirky interests" and ND I honestly feel like I'm a walking corpse every day and I'm stil getting enough sleep. on weekends when I don't have to leave my house im perfectly fine the second I have to leave for school and work my body just doesn't want to function. I need this job though it's relatively easy it's just I'm really struggling to do both. On the other hand I've been trying to meet some people and that water bed dried up a long time ago when everyone you meet is the same boring hillbilly that likes tractors and farming.
I really need some advice because I can't keep doing this at all.
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2023.06.06 13:41 No-Scene-9162 Hurting and it makes me sick

We were together for almost 10 years. We have been seperated for almost a year. i realize we werent the best couple but we definitely werent the worst. We would argue and fight sometimes aBout nothing, something about id been out of work for a solid couple of years and was in a pretty poor situation. She was my rock for those years. In the beginning of us being together i was the only one working and i was okay with that. Sometime around covid i ended up losing my job and finding work was seeming next to impossible, we lived together and she was the only one handling the bills. At last things got to be too much for her and we ended up seperating. It hurt it hurt bad but i was still grateful to her because of how everythingf she did.. I have a best friend who ill call tim, he has a brother named fred. I grew up with these guys. In the 2nd year of us being together i took her to tims familys house since they were hosting a get together for a fight. All went well and it was her first time meetin them and their sisters and mom and well their family. That was the first time of many years of us going to their family functions like family parties my best friends baby showers, quinceneras and such. Hell we all toasted at midnight for new years for many years. I helped fred move, id spend money on these ppl when they needed my help.i got tim a bday present that meant so much to him he started crying. I took the friend role seriously. Her and i have been seperated for less than a year but its been awhile. It hurt but id moved on, started dating someone who honestly has the biggest heart in the world. Her mental strength is astonishing and i wish i wass more like her. I finally landed a job as a cardiac analyst and things have been good. I kept busy and got lost in my work and my kid. Solo time wit my daughter really helped pull me out of the funk i was previusly in. Ok so things are good and one day out of the blue she texts me telling me shes happy i moved on but she feels cursed because guys and the dating scene are shit and its not fair that i found happiness and shes having trouble. I tell her thank you and im aorry for whatevers going on. The next message i typed was "but i dont think we should speak, i cant do that to myself and its not fair to the girl im with" whcih i should have just sent but i deleted it and after a few mins i sent her " im sorry ur having trouble buts its not a curse its karma" to which she laughed and said karma for what? Shed never cheated on me or done anything to deserve this. I said "yes u have and u know what im talking about" she was never responded to that specifically and said how much she thinks about me. So the reason i told her she has cheated is cause 3 times i brought up and asked her if she cheated on me with someone specific, she denied it to the very end. Went as far as saying im sick of this im gonna call them and straighten this out and started unlocking her phone to call. I was like ook she did not cheat cause who does that so i told her to put her phone away. This happened 3 times because i suspected, i wasnt sure exactly why but i did. Anyway, it bugged me how the last things she told me were how much she missed me and things like that. I gave in and i called her and i told her look, were not even together can admit if u did something u and i have been over. She denied anything. I pushed one more time and she finally came clean. On the 2nd year of us dating like after first meeting tims family, after they were hosting a barbecue for a reason i cant remember, We left like at 1 or 2am....we lived together but aCcording to her this time, again, for a reason i dont rmemeber i was dropping her off at her moms house. Well when she got dropped off, she called tims sister and asked for freds number and got him to ppick her up (there are holes in the story and i told her so but i just didnt care to know more i know shes lying about specifics like how he just went for her. They did not talk like that and would exchanhe a few words at best and he just got up and picked her up?) He picked her up and took her back to the get together and they slept together. She swears it was one time but that over the years they continued to kiss and fool around to which i replied that means 2 things....he either kept pickjng u up or u did that during all those time we would go their family functions...she stayed quiet and just said yes. My heart dropped, ive been cheated on before and have felt anger but never sickness. The thought of them makes me sick to my stomache. She would fool around with him and temporarily sneak off with him right in front of me! The worst part, my friend tim and his family helped give them moments qhere they can mess around whole i was there. Ive never felt this level of betrayal. Oh wait but then she said "not eveery time though" the way she said it told me not everytime but many times. I was cool with fred but tim was my best friend. Along with 2 more guys and we hung out very very often. We called ourselves the 4 alot hah....but They knew too, everyone knew. I was a joke for years. I was there clueless and i cringe thinking anytime i felt strong in their presence. For years and years snd years i was a joke. She let me be a joke. She had absolutely no issue letting me go over there for years......i blocked all my friends and her. I didnt tell them anytbing before i did i just did it. Im sure theyll figure it out. I vent some to my gf...but i cant in good conscience keep doing so and have her watch me broken because of another woman. But its more than that. I told her its not that she cheated thats not why im devastated, if i found out she cheated with a friend from the past or school or something i would not be like this right now, its not that she cheated, its who with and how and that she let me to be a joke for soo many years without a shred of care. Ive never felt this level of betrayal and humialliation. I dont have anyone else to talk to and this is affecting me deeply, my job is being affected. I start my shift in 20 minutes and ive been up for hours with such anxiety and heartbreak that i cant a matter of a couple of days, i feel like i lost so much and i dont know how to compose myself.
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2023.06.06 13:41 uglytrampbush Should I let my dad give me his 2015 Prius with 150k miles on it?

college student here. since 2020 my dad has been working from home and bought himself a lexus as well. he’s offered to give me his prius since he only ever really drives ~50 miles a week to run errands and he really doesn’t want to deal with the resale process, nor does he believe the profit justifies it. the only problem is that he stills uses the prius(a little more than the lexus) and the fuel efficiency really saves him a lot of money. additionally, the prius is paid off, but the lexus is not.
at school i often use university/city buses to get around, so i don’t need a car necessarily, but i know it would save me a significant amount of time, and allow me to get a higher paying job that’s not on the bus route. but then the cost of gas, insurance, parking permits, and repairs are also a consideration.
i’m not sure if it’s reasonable for me to ask for it, thoughts?
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2023.06.06 13:37 CommitteeMaterial210 Nursing jobs in Geneva as an Australian

Hi all
I am a nurse from Australia, and I was hoping to get some advise regarding nursing jobs & healthcare in Geneva.
My partners job has opportunity’s to work in Geneva Switzerland in about 2-3 years time. We have been discussing it and we would both really love to go. The only problem being, if I am able to continue working as a nurse. I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else.
I learnt French for 6 years in high school but I have forgotten a lot. I have a couple of years and I have started re learning. I’m just worried I will not be able to reach the level of fluency required for nursing. I managed to learn a lot of Mandarin Chinese in university, and I use it often with patients in Australia. Im not sure if it will be relevant or useful in Geneva? Are there any nursing jobs in Geneva that are English speaking?
In Australia foreign nurses who are waiting to get their qualifications transferred are able to work in aged or disabled care. Does Geneva do anything like this? Would I be able to work in any other areas of healthcare? Any advice or knowledge from nurses or other Aussies living in Geneva would be greatly appreciated.
Also what is the nursing culture like in Geneva? Are you well staffed? And what is the patient to nurse ratio like?
Thank you 🙏
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