Half baked harvest potatoes au gratin

Creative use for béchamel sauce

2023.06.06 15:13 Revelarimus Creative use for béchamel sauce

I wanted to try a personal sized au-gratin potato dish (which worked out great) so I started by making a béchamel sauce. I have no idea what I was thinking and I made about four times as much as I needed. I stuck it in the fridge and after I made mac and cheese I was out of ideas. (I wasn't going to make a personal lasagna.)
Trying to figure out dinner last night and for some reason buffalo chicken dip came to mind and that morphed into pasta in a creamy buffalo chicken sauce. Normally you use cream cheese in buffalo chicken dip, but I figured that béchamel would work. I was right and it was very tasty. Would I substitute out cream cheese on purpose? No, but béchamel worked fine in a pinch.
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2023.06.06 12:45 eatrungarden Potatoe Rolls

Potatoe Rolls
Ingredients: ▢3/4 cup whole milk ▢2 ½ teaspoons yeast ▢3 Tablespoons brown sugar (add in too warm watemilk) ▢2 Tablespoons light brown sugar firmly packed( add to dry mix) ▢6 Tablespoons unsalted butter melted ▢1 cup unflavored mashed russet potatoes (225g) (for best results use room temperature or slightly warm mashed potatoes. Cold potatoes do not incorporate into the dough as easily) ▢2 large eggs ▢1 ½ teaspoons salt ▢4 cups all-purpose or bread flour plus additional as needed (500g+), divided
Egg wash: ▢1 large egg ▢1 teaspoon water
Instructions: 1. Add milk in a microwave-safe dish and heat in the microwave until you reach a temperature between 105-115F (1 mn). Then add 3 Tbsps brown sugar and stir.
  1. Pour into a large bowl (or the bowl of a stand mixer) and add yeast. Stir briefly and allow to sit until yeast is foamy (5-10 minutes). If your yeast does not foam, you will need to start over.
  2. Once yeast is foamy, add to mix of 2 Tablepsoons brown sugar, melted butter, potatoes, egg and egg yolk, salt, and approximately half of the flour. Stir with a wooden spoon (or a dough hook if using a stand mixer) until combined.
  3. Gradually add additional flour as needed until the dough forms a cohesive, somewhat sticky ball that clings together. You may not need all of the flour called for above or you may find that you need more.
  4. Transfer dough to a clean, lightly floured surface and knead until dough is smooth and elastic, about 5-10 minutes. Add additional flour to the dough only as needed as the dough should be slightly sticky for soft, fluffy rolls. (If using a stand mixer, simply use the dough hook and low-speed for this step, it will likely only take about 5 minutes).
  5. Place the dough in a large, lightly oiled bowl and turn so the entire surface of the dough is coated with a thin layer of oil. Cover and let rise in a warm, dry place until doubled in size (about 1-2 hours).
  6. Once dough has rise, gently deflate and transfer to a clean, lightly floured surface.
  7. Divide into 5 even-sized pieces and form each into a smooth ball.
  8. Place dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, spacing at least 2-3” (5-8cm) apart (you will likely need two baking sheets).
  9. Cover each sheet with a clean towel and allow to rise in a warm, dry place until increased in size about 50% (about 30 minutes). Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 375F (190C).
  10. Once rolls have risen, remove the towel and lightly brush with egg wash.
  11. Transfer to 375F (190C) preheated oven for about 12 minutes or until baked through and light golden brown (if using two baking sheets, bake one at a time).
  12. Allow rolls to cool on baking sheet and then use a sharp, serrated knife to cut in half. Enjoy!
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2023.06.06 01:17 TheSaladDays Online it says holding a sweet potato between 135-170°F makes it sweeter due to amylase enzymes converting starches to sugars, but I haven't noticed a difference in sweetness. Am I doing something wrong?

I read that holding a sweet potato in the 135-170°F range makes it sweeter due to amylase activity - although the temp range seemed to vary slightly from source to source. I also read conflicting info about the temperature at which beta-amylase denatures (some sites said ~160°F while other sites said ~149°F).
I've tried holding potatoes at a 150°F internal temp and then finishing at a higher temp to soften the flesh, but didn't notice any difference in sweetness compared to setting it at a higher temp to begin with and baking for an hour or so (finishing at about 210°F internal).
I've tried with foil, without foil, using the same potato cut in half (and trying different methods with each half), using two different potatoes, different time/temp combos, holding it in the "sweet spot" temp range, and baking without holding.
Am I doing something incorrectly? Is holding at 150°F too high since one online source said beta-amylase denatures at ~149°F? Is it possible that once it hits the ideal temp range for amylase activity, the starch-to-sugar conversion occurs very quickly, so holding it in the range for a longer amount of time doesn't do anything?
Thank you to anyone who might have an idea
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2023.06.05 21:16 ChandlerGilbertCC Convert Desert Mesquite Pods Into Food for World Environment Day

Sustainability Effort Tastes Sweet
The desert is a surprising place. For those unfamiliar with the environment, it can feel like it’s nothing more than just hot and, well, brown. But if you look closely, the desert ecosystem is quite impressive. Kendra Stanger, Environmental Technology Center (ETC) Coordinator at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC), helps students learn about Arizona through programs that bring environmental lessons to life.
The ETC at CGCC is more than just a garden; it is a program developed by a collaboration of instructors from various departments and academic disciplines who worked with students from their classes, Honors programs, clubs, and community groups to experiment with sustainability theories. Through their collective knowledge, this group transformed a dusty, two-acre plot of land into an outdoor garden-based classroom.
The current ETC project teaches how to convert desert mesquite pods into food. Mesquite shrubs or small trees are common in the Southwest, and their bean-like pods can be a nutritious food source to humans and wildlife. For this sustainability initiative, Stanger describes the process of converting the pods to flour:
“Don’t let your mesquite pods go to waste! They may seem like a nuisance, but they are some of the most plentiful FREE food products around the valley. Mesquite is a high-protein food, highly nutritious, rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and lysine. It digests slowly, has a high fiber and protein content and is low on the glycemic index. In a few simple steps, you can turn those pesky pods into usable flour for many different recipes. All you must do is:
  1. Harvest the pods. They are available from June-September, but it’s best if you get them right off the tree. Set up a tarp underneath the tree, shake to dislodge, and all pods that fall without pulling are ready. The best way to find out if your mesquite tree has pods worth harvesting is to taste them! Here in the Valley there are several varieties, but the two most common are Honey and Velvet mesquite. Take a pod from the tree, chew it just a bit, if you like the flavor, harvest from that tree. Due to cross pollination and hybridization, some won't taste good. If you taste the pod and it's bitter, or sucks the moisture from your mouth, move on... there are better trees.
  2. Sort through and get rid of twigs, leaves and other debris you’ve accumulated while harvesting.
  3. Toast or dry the pods to get rid of beetles and other undesirables that may have gotten into the pods. (We toasted in CGCC’s Ceramics Kiln at 185 degrees F for 1-2 hours.)
  4. Blend in a food processor or mortar and pestle until you have a flour-like consistency.
  5. Sift with a mesh strainer to get all the unblended seeds or husks out.
There are some facilities that will mill your pods for you. It took me about half an hour to turn one five-gallon bucket of already toasted pods into 2 pounds of flour using a food processor. So, if you’ve got much more than that… it might be worth the trip.
Mesquite flour is gluten free. If you have experience baking with gluten free products, use it as you normally would another gluten free flour such as almond or coconut. Keep in mind it is on the sweet side. If you are wanting to use it to cook or bake with like regular flour, use 1/4 cup mesquite flour and 3/4 cup regular flour for 1 full cup. Mesquite flour has been used to make tortillas, sweet breads, pancakes, cookies, muffins and cakes because it is sweet, but it can also be added to soups, gravies and sauces, casseroles, vegetable and meat dishes, and pie crusts."
Instructions, videos, and recipes for using the flour are available online. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum offers ideas at https://www.desertmuseum.org/centeedu/docs/k-2_TIP_recipes.pdf. And if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, Stanger welcomes emails to [email protected].
Projects such as the Mesquite Pods harvest support the Chandler-Gilbert Community College vision for its students to be prepared to lead the community into a promising and sustainable future. To find out more about CGCC interdisciplinary Experiential Learning, visit https://www.cgc.edu/academics/experiential-learning/environmental-technology-center, and degree paths to support sustainability career options are described at https://www.cgc.edu/degrees-certificates/sustainability. Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it’s a way of life—and a possible career!

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2023.06.05 12:45 diggory2003 What's your go to meal when availing Bistro Group's 50% offer?

Will be eating alone again after doing some errands later this week and thinking of what to have next after having steak from Texas Roadhouse last week. Was really full, but the free rolls made me full faster that I had to take home half of my baked potato, strip, and ribs.
Speaking of comps, what are the items that they offer for free per Bistro group resto? Ito pa lang natry ko so far:
Texas Roadhouse - soft rolls Italliani's - bread TGIF - tortilla chips Denny's - tortilla chips
Sulitin na ang promo dahil until June 30 na lang for BPI, sa September na ulit ang next run.
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2023.06.05 06:07 FoodieSnark Half Baked Harvest June 5-11

General chat about HBH
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2023.06.04 21:14 Adventurous-Ear9433 Sumerian & Egyptian Origins of Humanity: Enki(Ea), Garden or Ea's-Den, Uruk kings & Apkallu (Sages) Scientific verification of sacred Waters

"show that the human form of the FOXP2 gene increases synaptic plasticity and dendrite connectivity in the basal ganglia. These results partly explain the enhanced capability of cortico-basal ganglia circuits in the human brain that regulate critical aspects of language, cognition, and motor control." Foxp2 Language Evolution
Cell FOXP2gene -(https://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(16)31081-8?_returnURL=https%3A%2F%2Flinkinghub.elsevier.com%2Fretrieve%2Fpii%2FS0960982216310818%3Fshowall%3Dtrue)
Enk(Ea)i- twin Serpent , the creator of mankind was the Genius-Scientist who tries twice to create a civilized man, until Ninmah tells him that they must add their likeness. Thus creating the perfect Man. It is when he put speech in their mouths that Enlil is enraged claiming they make too much noise,as you'll see this was the 1st cataclysm.Enki is the protector and teacher of mankind. He is essentially a god of civilization, and it was natural that he was also looked upon as the creator of man, and of the world in general. Enki Teachings
SacredTexts After his involvement with the original genetic experiment, his compassion for the plight of the Homo sapien (Man the Wise) his role shifted from genetic engineer to that of a freedom fighter. Because of the Romans(Enlils offspring) ancient text were edited, altered ,the Garden of Eden describes Enki & Ninti creating humanity at Ea’s headquarters. The House of the God of Water,Wisdom, fertility, known as the Great Serpent, the Garden was his 'den'. Naturally, humanity Would be born in Ea-Den. You will see from the text cited here, that it was Enki who created & then immediately fell in love with his creation. He earned & embraced the nickname of "Trickster', because being the wisest he tricked the other "Authorities"(Elohim- or Council of Rulers) for humanity’s sake.
"The bodies of Adam and Eve were overlaid with a horny skin that was as bright as daylight, like a luminescent garment".
In Ancient India this is also the description given of the Serpent people, benefactors & genetic engineers of humanity. (Bioluminescent i.e. they spontaneously emit light due to a chemical reaction in their body. This would explain the so-called “jewels of the Naga” that illuminates the netherworld. Bioluminescence is found in many deep sea fishes and other marine organisms like jellyfish, algae, bacteria etc., who emit light from their bodies that make the seas glow and glitter. This occurs due to the presence of a light-emitting molecule called luciferin, which produces light when it reacts with oxygen. Many organisms also produce the catalyst luciferase,
In both Sumer & the Jewish text we see the key role of the woman, who did nothing wrong, quite the contrary it is she who breathes the soul or psyche into man. Bit Shimti - "House where the wind of life is breathed in" - Ninmah is the proud mother the "essence" of the blood of a young Anunnaki male was mixed with the egg of a female hominid. The fertilized egg was then inserted into the womb of a female Anunnaki. When, after a tense waiting period, a "Model Man" was born, Ninmah held the newborn baby up and shouted: "I have created! My hands have made it!"[
Enki boasted, “A Civilized man I have brought forth. A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness. From seed they from food will grow, from ewes sheep they will shepherd. For Gods, and offspring henceforth shall be satiated.“
In Genesis, it is understood that the Serpent speaks,and was of equal footing wth "God". We saw in the Nag Hammadi, and other ancient texts from around the world. He was also most notable, because he stood on 2 feet like man, and was even taller. The Sumerian term Annun-Aki meant 'tall ones', the height of the Serpent was equal to that of a camel. Chap 3 of Genesis the argument is given that man can't be one of US. He must not be allowed to eat from the tree & live forever". Even here you see they're brothers.
"Enki, the Lord of abundance, of trustworthy commands, The Lord of wisdom, who understands the land, The leader of the gods, Endowed with wisdom, the Lord of Eridu"...
It has always been Enli, the archons who aim to "destroy mankind in his psychological function". Later, it's Enlil who tries to force the other Authorities to keep the secret from mankind.
"Come, all of us, and take an oath regarding the killing Flood!" But as all the others took the oath, Enki resisted firmly. "I refuse. Why will you bind me with an oath?" he asked, "Am I to raise my hand against my own humans?" Meanwhile, our father Enki understands the importance of love and kindness to the raising of consciousness, he acts with kindness in defending humanity and dealing with all the life on the planet.
Ninmah The Ninhursag , an mother of humanity is shown with humanity at her breast.The priesthood of Sumer & Egypt were Dolichocephalic, like mother. the Serpent Cults today still maintains the pure bloodlines that were mandated after the deluge.)
She was the goddess of the stony, rocky ground, the hursag. The H symbol, i described at all the sacred "navel' sites, especially Göbekli Tepe, Puma Punku, has the same meaning. The serpent always represents spiritual wisdom, life and healing. The first symbols of serpents were attributed to Enki or NU.DIM.MUD (Nudimmud), "He Who Fashions Thing and then Ninhursag.("Whose House Is Water") . Nag hammadi-Origin of our World
The text describes Ninti 'let fall a droplet of light, it flowed onto the water, and immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. That droplet she molded first as a female body. Afterwards, using the body she molded it in the likeness of the mother, which had appeared. This was Eve of Life namely, the female instructor of life. Her offspring is the creature that is lord. Afterwards, the authorities called it "Beast", so that it might lead astray their modelled creatures. (The interpretation of "the beast" is "the instructor". For it was found to be the wisest of all beings.)"
"Then each of them cast his sperm into the midst of the navel of the earth fashioned man with his body resembling their body.His modelling took place by parts, one at a time. And their leader fashioned the brain and the nervous system. Afterwards, he appeared as prior to him. He became a soul-endowed man"
"when the Authorities (Yahweh) had saw Adam/Eve transgressed their rule it came upon them an earthquake and a great threat, to see the result of the help that was give. Their eyes were blinded by him so they were not able to do anything to him. They merely cursed him, since they were powerless. And everything that they created they cursed. There is no blessing from them. Good cannot come from evil."
"Since that day the authorities knew that truly there was something stronger than they. They would not have known except that their commandment was broken. They brought a great envy into the world only because of the immortal human."
Enki possessed the secret of me, 'culture, civilization', which is the genius of progress in knowledge to lead humanity. He invented civilization for the people and assigned to each his destiny. He created order in the cosmos. He filled the rivers with fish. He invented the plough and the yoke so that farmers could till the earth with oxen. In the most recent thread you see each ruler from Egypt to Pharoah carries the plough, the Serpent Priest would assist the Pharoah who was in charge of a successful harvest. "Master Servant " was the Pharoah
"Enki made the grain grow. He is the father of all plants.” Of course he wanted his children to eat from the Tree of knowledge, With the Tree of Knowledge humans had the chance to figure out everything on their own in time, to be as equal or better than him, as any parent wants for there child. . Had they eaten only from the Tree of Life, they would live but not have been more the wiser.
Why should acquiring knowledge be a sin?" (the original sin) and comparing it to modern day observations ought to wake you up to the fact that you live within societal system that was engineered by the members of "God" to empower themselves while keeping those who live within it ignorant
The sacred waters of knowledge had a double meaning, it represents both the creationof the human body(mostly water) & it is talking about the water carried by the Sages in places like La Mana, Ecuador. This water has amazing healing properties, it is apart of ritual today in the Llanganates for visiting initiates. Indigenous elders working with the scientific community have had fascinating results. Electrum Water Hiv nanoparticles Silver "he interaction of nanoparticles with biomolecules and microorganisms is an expanding field of research. Wis. In this work, we demonstrate that silver nanoparticles undergo a size-dependent interaction with HIV-1, with nanoparticles exclusively in the range of 1-10nm attached to the virus"
The Dogon call our Master Teachers, The Monitors, Nummo also meanw 'to make one drink'(water of wisdom). The Hebrews termed these Watchers as nun resh’ayin, meaning “those who watch.” In the Greek this is translated as gigantes or giants, a race that even the 907 B.C. writer Hesiod featured as being monstrous (due to their serpentine aspect no doubt). Now we can understand the role of the giants 2 seen across the world of ancient script in respect to the presence of the Watchers.
The Apkallu, these priest of Enki i wrote about in the last thread, the genetic, archaeologicalevidence has shown R1b-V88 & R1b-M269 were associated with agriculture, cattle domestication, metal working, language, geopolymer construction, everywhere a Pyramid or Navel was Built the Mende/Yoruba & the Austro-Melanesian Pacific Islander Ghost Hominids dna dna is found. The Aunu/Anu people migrated across the globe. Göbekli Tepe The human ummânū is attested in the Uruk List of Kings and Sages, while other references to bird-apkallū are legion
The purādu-fish apkallū is principally attested in Berossus.These seven were each advisers for seven different kings and therefore result in two different lists, one of kings and one of apkallu. Neither the sages nor the kings in these lists were genealogically related however. Apkallu and human beings were presumably capable of conjugal relationships since after the flood, the myth states that four apkallu appeared. These were part human and part Apkallu, and included Nungalpirriggaldim, Pirriggalnungal, Pirriggalabsu, and Lu-nana who were only two-thirds ApkalluKundalini is the spiritual energy or life force present in every human being, located at the base of the spine.
They were believed to have apotropaic qualities, guarding the home from evil.Sages FigurinesThe three types of apkallū are portrayed, with the human ummânū at far left, the Nisroc bird-apkallū type in the middle, and the antediluvian purādu-fish type at far right.3 Apkallu
Remember that it was the woman who was Pharoah, her consort became king. Egypt, like most of the most sophisticated ancient civilizations were ruled by women. Ninhursags the Goddess of the stony, rocky ground that masons use to spiritually ascend higher, the H at Göbekli Tepe & Puma Punku represents mother. 'As above(ninmah), So below(Enki)'. The underworld was never a negative place before the Romans. The Pyramid, the Great house was the Woman's house. Sumerian text speak of the foundation being the stone & the water just as the Pyramid text of Saqqara. The Sumerian E.KUR - "House Which is Like a Mountain." Pyramid was put under the patronage of Ninharsag.in hymns shes recognized as mistress of the "House With a Pointed Peak" - a pyramid. CoffinText 313:Horus says "I created my Eye in flame, I made my Eye a living serpent". Remember, the serpent he saw was bipedal, always. As Robert Monroe reported in the Gateway Experiments.
"House bright and dark of Heaven and Earth, for the great ships put together; E.KUR, House of the Gods with pointed peak; For Heaven-to-Earth it is greatly equipped. House whose interior glows with a reddish Light of Heaven, a beam of energy of creation which reaches far and wide; Its awesomeness touches the flesh. Awesome ziggurat, lofty mountain of mountains - Thy creation is great and lofty, men cannot understand it"
'House of Equipment, lofty house of Eternity: Its foundation are stones [which reach] the water; Its great circumference is set in the clay. House whose parts are skilfully woven together; House, the rightness of whose howling The Great-Ones-Who-See-and-Orbit brings down the rest . . . Mountain by which Utu ascends. [House] whose deep insides men cannot penetrate . . . Anu has magnified it.
In the Testament of Amram 2 men who resembling Living Serpents were seen fighting over him in his dream-vision. Even in ancient Text later we see "battles of the Gods', but in the very beginning We see the genius, Enki described as a kind, amicable child ONLY gets aggressive when his brother comes to harm his creation. Most importantly, Enlil & his realized he was powerless when Humanity had Enki by their side. So, his campaign was to disconnect us from that knowledge starting with the Bible & the Inquisition, they killed,raped, burned all of the knowledge that had allowed mankind to thrive.. then stashes the rest away, keeping it from the people. Dagon Catholicism
-In Egypt Ptah as Ea/Enki (Sumer he's also a cthonic diety "The Artful Creator") and Ra as his Firstborn son.
After Anu, Enlil, Enki and Ninmah had fashioned the black-headed people, Vegetation that is fruitful they multiplied in the land... In the Edin they placed them..
The descendants of Ham ("He Who is Hot" and also "The Dark-Hued One").... correspond to the African nation-lands of Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Lybia as the core nations of African resettlement, again beginning with the topographically higher areas..They were the Dogon, Hopis ancestors.. The ancient Chinese or Bak tribesmen which dominate China today called the Elamites KASHTI. Moreover, in the Bible the Book of Jeremiah (xlxx,35), we read "bow of Elam". It is interesting to note that both Khaltam-ti and Kashti as the name for Elam, agrees with Ta-Seti, the ancient name for Nubia located in the Meroitic Sudan. Sumerians Had Dolichocephalic skulls Genetic Evidence for convergent evolution SE AsianElamites-Mandig](http://olmec98.net/ElamPersians.png) Semitic speakers of Akkad and the non-Semitic speakers of Sumer were both sag-gig-ga or "blackheads".Elamite language, is closely related to the African languages including Egyptian and the Dravidian languages of India. Alchemy as Taught by Children of Enki
Antediluvian Kings of Sumer were known as Kings of Kush".the major Kushite tribe in Central Asia was called Kushana. The Kushan of China were styled Ta Yueh-ti or "the Great Lunar Race". Along the Salt Swamp, there was a state called Ku-Shih of Tibet. The city of K-san, was situated in the direction of Kushan, which was located in the Western part of the Gansu Province of China.
Here we find the divine decrees presented by Enki to Inanna are those referring to lordship, godship, the exalted and enduring crown, the throne of kingship, the exalted scepter, the exalted shrine, shepherdship, kingship, the numerous priestly offices, truth, descent into the nether world and ascent from it, the music From the tree in the Mesopotamian depiction hang two pieces of fruit. To the right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of Ea; to the left is the planet symbol of Anu.
Lastly the pineal gland(pine cone). In India it is a stick of bamboo with seven knots… which represents the spinal column with its seven centers or chakras… It also indicated the spinal cord…while the serpents were symbolical of the two channels called in Eastern terminology Ida and Pinagala; and the fire enclosed within it was the serpent-fire which in Sanskrit is called kundalini." Even the natural behaviors of the pine cone have an esoteric meaning:
"as it ripens, the pine cone slowly opens to release its mature seeds."
This process is symbolic of the expansion of consciousness that accompanies the opening of the pineal gland and the awakening of the Third Eye. The metaphor is a valuable and stimulating mental lesson of an esoteric phenomenon that cannot otherwise be seen or explained since it occurs inside the brain..
The One sure way, and what's been happening wthin the last century especially is to keep knowledge away from the human race. If we as a collective are so ingrained in our beliefs, how can we ever be open to new ideas pertaining to the nature of reality?

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2023.06.04 09:07 LastWeekInCollapse Last Week in Collapse: May 28-June 3, 2023

Violence continues in Sudan, the cryosphere breaks down, recessions, harvest failures, heat waves, droughts, and floods. Mother Earth has got a terminal case of humans.
Last Week in Collapse: May 28-June 3, 2023
This is Last Week in Collapse, a weekly newsletter bringing together some of the most important, timely, useful, sad, ironic, amazing, or otherwise must-see moments in Collapse. Try not to overdose on this week’s Doom dose.
This is the 75th newsletter. You can find the May 21-27 edition (which I accidentally labeled the 73rd edition) here if you missed it last week. These newsletters are also on Substack if you want them sent to your email inbox every Sunday.
The World Meteorological Congress concluded on Friday, and it released a bunch of reports. The focus this year was on developing early warning systems for wateclimate/weather disasters. Most countries report declining ability to monitor hydrological developments, and almost half of the world’s people lack reliable access to water for at least one month per year, a figure that is expected to grow considerably by 2050.
The WMO also reported on the state of emergency for the cryosphere, those places where ice is formed (and melts). Greenland’s ice has shrunk for 26 consecutive years. Permafrost threatens to release huge quantities of greenhouse gasses over the coming years. Sea levels continue to rise…but you know this already.
Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, has come up with a plan to extend their almost-exhausted water supply: they’re adding salt to the tap water, against WHO recommendations. This causes people to drink less water—but what are the implications for health, and for small-scale agriculture?
Over 20 million tonnes of what was damaged in China by recent rain, not long before it was scheduled to be harvested. Analysts say this will raise grain prices worldwide. The scale of this blight is larger than recent blights. In the U.S. state of Georgia, 90% of the peach harvest was destroyed by abnormally warm weather; in Vermont, a freak cold snap damaged crops, potentially 30% of apples.
6 years. 800 million trees felled in the Amazon rainforest, all to create space for cattle farms. The loss of rainforest is equivalent roughly to two Corsica islands.
Environmental scientists have discovered a hopeful tool to lower CO2: Greenland’s “rock flour,” which is basically rock dust. A recent study claims that it can be scattered on fields to absorb CO2—and also boost wheat and potato yields. International lawyers are also working on the first global plastics pollution treaty that could be passed later next year.
Yet another study claims that Mother Earth is sick, and that most of our safety thresholds have been crossed. The feedback loops have been activated, the diagnosis is terminal. The Nature study lists the 8 Earth System Boundaries: 1) Climate, 2) Functional Integrity, 3) Natural Ecosystem Area, 4) Surface Water, 5) Groundwater, 6) Nitrogen, 7) Phosphorus, and 8) Subglobal Aerosols. (Not to be confused with the 9 Planetary Boundaries.)
Some insurers in California are cutting homeowner insurance because they can’t make a buck betting against wildfires and desertification. Similar risk is expanding in Texas. Summer is coming. A mysterious wildfire in Scotland is growing out of control, and threatens to become the UK’s largest ever.
Record May rainfall in Bermuda. Part of South Africa also saw record rains in May. Strong rains in southern Spain—but the parched soil can’t absorb much of it. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia area had its driest May in recorded history.
Vicious drought and Afghan dams have raised tensions between iran and Afghanistan, where fighting killed a handful of people two weeks ago. In times of scarcity, no group can have enough water; even less if they’re forced to share. Most of the world’s lakes are drying up.
An official in India ordered the draining of two million liters of water from a reservoir……so he could retrieve his phone, which he dropped in the water while taking a selfie. He was suspended. The phone was recovered—but too damaged to function. The water could have irrigated 6 km² of land.
Wildfires grow in Nova Scotia. Millions going hungry in Madagascar. Record temperatures in Japan. Normalized heat waves across Asia with new records in Central Asia & the Caucasus.
Scientists warn of potential tsunamis caused by underwater landslides in Antarctica. New cold records in Australia. Heat waves in North Africa. Increasing reliance on expensive desalination plants in Barcelona as drought and water supplies worsen.
Türkiye’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, won reelection, and economists believe it portends the further Collapse of the economy. Investment is pulling out, and the lira is expected to continue sinking. “We will be together until the grave,” said Erdoğan at his victory speech.
The UN operation to drain the *FSO Safer* has begun now that technicians have boarded the vessel. 1.1 million barrels of oil aboard the derelict tanker, stranded off the coast of Yemen, will begin being drained next month.
Petrol prices rise in Benin as Nigeria cuts its fuel subsidies; Iran is limiting fuel purchases too. China’s declining birth rate, growing debt, and ongoing international decoupling is threatening its economy. Eurozone inflation continues. Trade-GDP ratios approaching 2008 levels worryingly.
Budapest is facing bankruptcy. Refugees in Tanzania are seeing their rations cut in half as financing falls off. Vicious conditions inside refugee camps in Chad take advantage of Sudanese refugees. Debts grow in Brazil. Complicated problems continue destabilizing the world’s economic equilibrium.
Another Russian missile attack struck Kyiv last week, after allegedly pro-Ukraine Russian volunteer soldiers made an incursion into Russian territory. Wagner Group’s chief continues provoking Russian leadership as infighting appears to grow, following a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow. Zelensky says Ukraine’s counteroffensive is now ready.
Myanmar’s Civil War has entered its third year, depending on when you claim it began. In the desperation and chaos of prolonged warfare, it is the environment that pays the price. Wood, gold, jade, and other resources are being exploited by government and private actors after the old economic system broke apart.
62% of Americans agree that the COVID pandemic is over (it’s not), an increase of 14% since February 2023. 56% of Americans admit that they never mask up in public anymore. An updated booster is coming in September to address the XBB.1.16 variant. Masks may go away, but (Long) COVID will stay with us.
The WHO’s treaty to manage future pandemics is being watered down, leaving humanity less prepared for the next pandemic. Although China denies the lab leak origin story, a prominent Chinese scientist claims it is possible. COVID is never going away, and neither is Long COVID.
Cholera is spreading in several refugee camps in Kenya; medical attention comes too small and too late to prevent the spread. In Sudan, where over a million people have been displaced by recent violence, old inequities linger. Over 13M children are in desperate need of humanitarian aid (about half of Sudan’s 46M population are below 18). Their situation has never been more critical.
Experts continue warning about the dangers of AI, and push for regulation, while other actors push to use AI for economic benefits. I am uncertain which field AI will disrupt the most: military, low-skill workers, societal psyche, institutional integrity, creative jobs, politics, financial markets…? What will be the second-order effects, tertiary, etc.?
Tanzania has called an end to its Marburg virus outbreak, about 10 weeks after it declared an emergency. The UK is advising at-risk people to get vaccinated for mpox/monkeypox before their vaccine program ends in August; 10 new cases in the UK were recently reported.
PFAS, the so-called “forever chemicals” used across many household objects, are dangerous to your health. You also probably could have guessed that manufacturers knew—and lied about—their safety for decades. A study tracked the use of PFAS (since 1940’s) and the knowledge that they were harmful (since 1990’s). Companies including DuPont settled a case for a little over $1 billion USD for their role in the scheme. The billionaire Sackler family also settled a gigantic case regarding opioids, in which they must pay about $6 billion USD, and forfeit control of the pharmaceutical company they’ve held since 1952. The company (formerly Purdue Pharma) is rebranding (as Knoa). Nobody is going to jail.
A catastrophic train crash in India killed 280+ people. The crash involved 3 trains, and is India’s deadliest in this century.
Riots in Kosovo. Torture in suspected gangster prisons in El Salvador, with 153 prisoners killed since March. Ongoing protests in Israel over the proposed judicial reform.
Lebanon has been without a President for more than 7 months now—and now target dats have been missed to hold important municipal council elections. Town budgets are falling further into chaos, police are going unpaid, garbage is piling up, and would-be foreign investors and money-lenders are losing the scraps of hope they had for Lebanon’s crippled economy. No one is coming to save them.
Cartel violence is rising on the border of Mexico-Guatemala. Organized non-state armed groups conscript local guys, intimidate people into leaving, blockade towns, and shoot each other in the streets. Several thousand people have been displaced—and others disappeared. Far away, Syria is being welcomed back into the Arab fold—on the condition that it cracks down on the intractable drug epidemic of captagon.
One of Libya’s rival PMs was ousted a couple weeks ago, and now the other PM in the east is striking towns in western Libya with drones, allegedly targeting fuel/human smugglers.
Boko Haram jihadists are infighting in northern Nigeria, but the civilians are paying the price. Guerrilla territorial competition may also bring in more people into regional hostilities. In eastern DRC, violence has displaced over 80,000 people so far this year, and their regional hospitals are overcrowded.
Rumors are emerging that M23 will attack Goma, the sprawling epicenter of East Africa’s refugee situation, where human rights abuses are increasingly common and the local ceasefire is breaking down. Islamic radicals also operate in the region, targeting civilians. About 6 million people across the DRC are believed to be internally displaced, and about half a million around Goma (population: unknown, perhaps 750,000 or twice that). There are also reports of planes sighted which belong to the European mercenary company Agemira.
The Sudanese Civil War is spiraling out of control again, as skirmishes broke the incomplete ceasefire. The Central Statistics Bureau was attacked, hampering official data for various purposes. Over 1,000 people have died so far, crossing an unofficial threshold for an armed conflict to officially become a War. About 2M have fled the fighting. Rockets killed 18 and injured many more at a market in Khartoum, sanctions are being imposed by a few nations, and other countries are wading deeper into the War, complicating the situation and preventing clean avenues to another ceasefire.
Select comments/threads from the subreddit last week suggest:
-There is rain in Romania, based on this observation. But there’s also corruption, growing labor strikes, inflation, and political difficulties.
-Greenland’s climate is out of whack—and apparently the people don’t seem to care that much, judging from this rare observation from West Greenland.
-Portland, Oregon is still a cross-section of modern America’s Collapse, if this observation can be trusted. Heat, insecurity, overcrowding, loneliness, and crows… Reddit has also been affected by psychological decay, according to the poster.
-People are abandoning climate hope, if you believe this gilded thread and its many gilded comments. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
Have any feedback, questions, comments, resources, recommendations, free PDFs, manifestos, etc.? Consider joining the Last Week in Collapse SubStack if you don’t want to check collapse every Sunday, you can get this newsletter sent to your email inbox every weekend. I always forget something... What did I miss this week?
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2023.06.04 08:15 MOIKIEYWAV3 My honest review of girls camp

So the last 3 nights I’ve been at girls camp my first year going (my parents forced me) but also my last since I’m turning 18 soon. So the pros of going Ignore any spelling errors I’m dyslexic and sleep deprived 1. I didn’t have to deal with my parents for 3 days (the second I got my phone back and called them they started screaming at me😍) 2. My friend was thier who also dosent believe in any of this 3. I was a ycl so it was really easy to ditch Now the cons I’m not going to number bec it’s be way to many Day 1 I have ti wake up at 5 am to pick up my friend who was going drive the 60 miles to town and drop off my non-Mormon best friend at her house and be to the church by 7. Now we start going up the mountain and I can instantly tell it’s going to be cold the paper they gave us said the lows would be 55 and highs in the 90s (I’m guessing they put the towns temperature not the very top of the mountain) That paper also told us thier would be cabins but guess what, the cabins were for the prestod only we were in tents (but they did give us cots so we obviously should of all been so grateful after being lied to) The first meal they feed us is white rice that was severely undercooked and a mystery soup on top it was disgusting and cold basically prison food. Now the other people the ycls had gotten special permission to go a day early if they wanted (yay who dosent want to spend an extra day in the woods) but luckily I had my college orientation so I didn’t go early, but bec I didn’t go none of the other yvls knew me and they all moved into tents together to keep body heat and I was by myself in my tent that didn’t zip. And I forgot to mention the hail it hails practically the whole time. I don’t remember what dinner was but I just got the salad. Now I’m trying to sleep I’m in pain alone and freezing cold i started just silently crying myself to sleep into my pillow wanting to go home I think I got at most 2 hours of sleep the first night. Day 2. I woke up trying to plan a way to get out early maybey tell the nurse my leg was in the worst pain I had ever felt(witch wasn’t a lie if I was home I would of made my parents take me to the er for it it was so bad) or maybey I could make myself puke and get to go home that way. I get up and change then I went to breakfast and waited for my friend the second day was mostly classes with the levels you were over so I just sat in the back and zoned out. Then during grove time me and my friend went off somewhere and just messed around but bec nethire of us had a watch we “accidentally” ditched 2 of our classes but then her ycls saw us walking trying to find where to go when ppl were walking to the next activity’s so we got separated for about a hour. I was going with my level to the class when I saw them in a Ben h so I just joined them and a friend they made who also didn’t believe and we just talked shot for a hour before thier ycls were like we got this class now let’s go so I just went with my group then it was dinner and it was baked potatoes they gave everyone half of a small potato and one hawaiian roll. After dinner was the ward testimony meetings we sat thier for a hour with my ward and 2 others no one said anything one leader gave thier testimony at the beginning but we all just sat thier for a hour and then made s’mores. Then thier was a dance that was optional but they made you go they had leaders blocking the way to tents. Then they have the level awards and all I want to do is go to sleep but I can’t, at like 11:30 they finally let us got to bed I can’t sleep again and the pain is so much worse I had 5 shirts in and 3pants but still was freezing. Day 3 Finally the last day I pack my bags in the morning bec I couldn’t sleep not like I was going ti wake anyone up in my empty tent so I pack so I can take it to my friends tent to avoid walk-in g all the way up the steep hill. Breakfast is biscuits and gravy that have absolutely no flavor they give us basiclly 3 hours of free time so I just go with my friend to thier tent we just sit untill they do the skits and lunch is again flavorless itallian food and then we load up our bags and they had checked ycms off as fine but then they make all the ycls walk all the way back up to check the trash after almost 4 hours from the time we were supposed to leave we finally do drive back to town and then I take me and my friend for coffeee and subway and we get home While during the day the second and third it wasn’t completely terrible the nights were hell and I hated it not just bec it’s a shitty Jesus camp but bec we were lied to the food was ass and the living conditions were terrible. I told my parents how much I hated it and instead of the expected suck it up you need to be glad you went my mom actually apologized for making me go with shocked me and my best friend I think she’s only every apologized legitamenty like once or twice so that’s a plus but still it was hellish The cons turns into more just a schedule but oh well it was all a con Again ignore any spelling errors I’m tired and my keyboard is glitched out
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2023.06.04 06:03 twisty_mcfisty Is there any way the Mississippi Pot Roast could possibly be any better?

Mississippi Pot Roast is a staple in my house. I make it at least once a month and I always make enough to have leftovers for days. It’s such a simple, incredibly flavorful recipe that needs very little alteration.
I’ve made it in the slow cooker, braised it in the over, pressure cooked it in the instant pot, and the slow cooker has to be the best method I’ve attempted.
I’ve tried adding potatoes and carrots in the pot during the last hour or two of cooking, I’ve served it next to roasted veggies, sometimes I’ll buy stuff to make sandwiches with the leftovers, but my favorite is serving it over a bed of mashed potatoes with a reduction sauce made from the cooking liquid.
After playing around with the recipe, when I make it now I opt for the reduced sodium brown gravy mix instead of the au jus so it isn’t as overwhelmingly salty (it’s still plenty salty), and I add 10-15 peperoncini with a splash of the liquid on top of the meat before I top it with the butter and packet mixes. During the last hour of cooking, I’ll remove about half of the cooking liquid, skim the fat off the top, and reduce it down until it coats the back of a spoon.
I’m making Mississippi Pot Roast for a family dinner tomorrow and I’m curious to see if anyone has changed the recipe in such a way that they’ll never make it any other way now.
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2023.06.04 01:02 salmoapp Recipe of the week/ Low carb eggplant gratin

Recipe of the week/ Low carb eggplant gratin
Time: 30 min
Cal: 568 Cal


Step 1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Slice the eggplants into 1/2 inch thick (1cm) slices.
Step 2. Brush olive oil on both sides of the slices and sprinkle with salt. Place on parchment paper on a baking tray and bake 15-20 minutes until golden. Remove when done, set aside and turn up the oven to 450°F (220°C). Step 3. In the meantime, thinly slice the onion with a food processor or mandoline.
Step 4. Sauté the onion in butter in a medium frying pan over medium heat until softened, about 5-7 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
Step 5. Place a layer of baked eggplant slices a baking dish, then half of the onions, mint, parsley and 2/3 of the feta cheese.
Step 6. Add a final layer of eggplant and the rest of the onion.
Step 7.
Finish with additional feta and grated cheese on top.
Step 8.
Pour the cream over the entire dish and bake for 30 minutes until the gratin is a lovely golden color and the cream is bubbly.

Ingredients for 1 serving

eggplant 220g butter 7.16g yellow onion 55g feta cheese 40g dried mint 1.43g fresh parsley 1.4g mozzarella cheese 28g heavy whipping cream 45.6g salt and ground black pepper to taste

Link to recipe - https://salmo.app/blog/eggplant_gratin/

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2023.06.03 16:47 FightingUrukHai The Development of Aluwa

Prehistoric Aluwa is often thought of as a primitive society, but although the progress was slow, over the centuries they continued to advance their knowledge in every facet of their life.
Arguably the most significant advancement of this time was the gradual development of tanning leather. First, a deerskin would be cleaned by soaking it in water and scraping it with flint or clamshell tools. Then, it would be soaked again, this time in the same lime solution used in nixtamalization, in order to remove the fat and grease. Finally, the hide would be worked with deer brains, preferably the brains of the deer from which the skin had come – this was thought to improve the durability of the leather, since it was all from one animal – and stretched over an oak fire. The combination of enzymes from the brains and tannin from the woodsmoke would soften the hide and convert it into buckskin leather. The lime soaking and oak smoking also had ritual significance, being linked to similar processes in food preparation; it is thought that these elements were used in deerskin preparation for at least a century before the brains were added to the mix.
The development of tanning caused significant changes to Aluwa society. Now that buckskin clothing could be expected last for many years, it became much more common for people to wear pants and shirts during the spring and autumn, instead of only during the coldest days of winter. They also began decorating their clothing with chalk and ochre, both as a fashion choice and as a signifier of tribe loyalty. These didn’t replace earlier traditions of wearing short skirts and loincloths or decorating themselves in body paint (face painting in particular continued to be a major feature in Aluwa fashion, since it would be visible even when dressed in full buckskin), but it did begin a parallel development that would gradually overtake them in importance. Leather also replaced earlier materials for many other purposes, from wigwam coverings to waterskins to sandals.
Even as leather became more prevalent in Aluwa society, hunters themselves were becoming more marginalized. In Aluwa spirituality, birds and mammals were considered a higher tier of being than reptiles, amphibians, fish, or invertebrates. Hunters, who killed deer and gamebirds as a way of life, were viewed with suspicion. The development of tanning only increased this suspicion – the noxious smells the process produced meant that it had to be done at the border of the village, so the hunters, who also did the leatherworking, ended up living at the edge of society.
But it was not only hunters who were making technological innovations at this time. The herb-gathering wise men who had learned to identify medicinal plants improved their knowledge of healing. They invented splints made of wood and palm fiber rope, which could be used in an early form of bone-setting. The results can be seen in the healed bones of skeletons from people who lived at the time, many of which have growth patterns showing that they lived for decades after the injuries that would have been otherwise deadly.
Other gatherers, less wise in the ways of herblore, developed a new type of axe with a long wooden handle and a head made of flint or bronze. This was much more effective than earlier tree-felling tools, and the ani’Aluwa used it to clear away farmland at a significantly faster rate, the fallen trees becoming fuel for their cookfires or material for their houses and boats. With the new ease of acquiring wood, these houses and boats slowly started increasing in size, with larger constructions becoming a status symbol for powerful tribal matriarchs and wealthy seafaring merchants.
Aluwa fisherman were also innovating. Previously, the gathering of clams and oysters had been entirely passive, but now the ani’Aluwa began to shape their environment to fit their needs. They built long, low stone walls parallel to the coast, which trapped sediment that would otherwise wash out to sea and extended the width of the tidal zone. They would also clear out rocks and churn up the sand to provide an ideal environment for bivalves, and harvest said bivalves in a sustainable way. Using these new clam beds, they were able to greatly increase the clam and oyster harvest, providing more meat and more mother-of-pearl, which became quite popular for use in jewelry and decorations.
New technologies also changed the way of life for women back in the village. Previously, maize (nixtamalized into hominy) and cassava had been treated much like beans, squash, peppers, or sweet potatoes, being cooked and smoked but otherwise left in their natural state. During this period, however, Aluwa women first began to grind maize and cassava into flour using handheld grindstones. This led to the innovation of new foods: hominy flour (masa) would be baked into a flatbread called Yatilu, while cassava flour would be formed into dumplings called Plopayam, which were most frequently used in Globiplo, cassava dumpling soup. A uniquely Aluwa dish was Ha’uwam, a ball of dough like a swallow made by pouring either masa, cassava flour, or a combination of both into boiling water and stirring it until it had enough consistency to stick together. These dishes would prove to be the staple foods around which Aluwa cuisine would grow.
At the intersection of different Aluwa lifestyles and gender roles was the domestication of citrus. Aluwa lies at the intersection of the native ranges of various wild citrus fruits, with the most prevalent in their territory being wild oranges (Citrus indica), which grew to the west of the Plombalo. Male gatherers had begun the practice of grafting fruit- and nut-bearing trees centuries earlier, which reached new heights as they bred these wild oranges into a new form with more flesh and smaller seeds. The result was the Hihuwi, or Aluwa orange, a small, round, rough-rinded, red-orange, sour fruit that became a mainstay in Aluwa cooking.
The changes this brought to Aluwa society were less to do with the fruit itself than with its cultivation. Wild plants of the forest were the domain of men; cultivated plants of the farm were the domain of women. Orange trees were trees, descended from wild cultivars, but required constant careful tending and were short and shrubby enough to grow alongside other domesticated plants. In the end, the question of who should be in charge of tending the oranges came down to practicality: the most efficient place to plant the orange trees was among the farms around the village, and the women were already working those farms. This represented the first step of women, who were for the most part expected to spend their whole lives in and around their home village, expanding into the broader territory of a domain that had once been exclusive to men – even if, in this case, the trees came to the women rather than the women to the trees. Still, it was at around this time that myths and legends began to include rare examples of female heroes venturing forth to wander the world like their male counterparts had long been doing.
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2023.06.03 15:22 Royal_Supermarket469 How did they go to the bathroom during blizzards in Little House on the Prairie?

I have always been fascinated with Little House on the Prairie and pioneer life in general. One thing I can't figure out is how they went to the bathroom during those 3-day blizzards in The Long Winter. Pa used to have to tie a rope from the house to the stable so he wouldn't get lost in a complete whiteout. I doubt they would have done the same with the outhouse due to the danger factor. Granted, at the worst of it, they were only eating a half of a baked potato a day so there probably wasn't much coming out.
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2023.06.03 03:57 Haha_Stoned Tripple Elevated Phantasmal Cremation Helmet

Tripple Elevated Phantasmal Cremation Helmet
o7 Exiles! I wanted to make THE helmet for my Phantasmal Cremation / Phantasmal Unearth Necromancer this league.
Rule #10:
Step 1: Buy ilvl84 Hubris Circlet with any influence (and unearth enchant) and harvest reforge influence it until elder or shaper influence, Awakener orb the missing influence onto it with any other helmet.
Step 2: Essence of horror spam until T2 Spell Crit (1/60ish essences) or T2 Hypothermia (1/35ish essences) for a combined total of 1/25 ish to see either with an open suffix and an open prefix. It is MUCH less frustrating (because of rng in the next step) to land T2 or higher Hypothermia here.
Step 2.1: if there is an influenced mod in the prefixes or suffixes that are not desired alongside t2 spell crit or t2 hypothermia; yolo orb of dominance hoping hypo or spell crit goes up.
Step 3: Suffixes cannot be changed and harvest reforge Cold (for hypothermia if hit spell crit in step 2) 1/6 chance to hit this, or harvest reforge crit (for spell crit if hit hypothermia in step 2) 1/3 to hit this.
Step 3.1: If reforge cold hit prefix shaper added cold damage instead of hypothermia and there was still an open suffix; Yolo orb of dominance in attempt to raise spell crit. If Reforge cold hit cold resistance, yolo annul.
Step 3.2: If reforge crit hit attack crit (big rip) yolo orb of dominance to try and remove it and upgrade Hypothermia.
At this stage, the helmet looks like This (Essence mod + T2 (or higher) Hypothermia and T2 (or higher)Spell Crit.
Step 4: Suffixes cannot be changed (By using a Wild Bristle Matron beast craft its half the price of benching it) -> Harvest Reforge Cold (Guarantees shaper added cold damage) -> Orb of Dominance.
Step 4.1: Repeat step 4 until Suffixes are both elevated.

-----------------------------SUFFIXES ARE DONE! YAY! ---------------------------

Step 5. The Bazuka tank special!
Craft MANA!
Wild Bristle matron beast craft!
Repeat until T2 Concentrated effect or higher, and 1 other influenced prefix (1/76ish odds)

Step 5.1 (Optional would not recommend)
Completely scour the helmet. Twice. Oops.

Step 6. Elevate
Wild Bristle matron beast craft!
Repeat until Elevated Concentrated Effect

Step 7. Aisling / Unveil
Aisling (50/50)
Craft zombies (after chatting a bit with spicysushi, he suspects that its weighting is swapped with physical damage reduction while focused)
Talk to jun and unveil AOE (44%)

Step 7.1 Fail 38 Aisling / Unveils (Dont recommend, just get lucky)

Step 8. Vorici/sacred orb/finish with bench

I'll have an order of Popeyes popcorn shrimp with a side order of popcorn shrimp, mashed potatoes on the side, and 2 buffalo sauces, please.
Edit: Image errors
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2023.06.03 01:02 Yohnser [SELL] [US to US] Brand New NAVA, BPAL, Possets Added! Alpha Musk, BPAL, Damask Haus, Haus of Gloi, Imaginary Authors, Moonalisa, NAVA, Poesie, Possets, Pylies, Sorcellarie, Solstice Scents, Sugar and Spite, Whisper Sisters

[SELL] [US TO US] [PERFUME] [Bath & Body]New Possets and NAVA Added! Hi all! Selling samples that didn’t work out for me.
Shipping is $5 for perfume and I’ll quote for bath & body. Please don’t ghost, if you change your mind please just let me know!
**Alpha Musk**
Hard Luck - Not notes: Slink - 3.00Lies & Lace - No notes: 5mL rollerball used 2x - 13.00
Blood - A vital, bold scent, throbbing with sensuality. Essence of dragon's blood resin, thickened with myrrh and cherry, with a trickle of clove: Imp - 4.00
Bobbing for Ball Gags - Black leather, honeyed amber, and a bite of apple: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Bobbing for Blood Kisses - Gleaming red apples sloshing through lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Burial - The dark side of Earth: deep, brooding forest scents, including juniper and patchouli. The scent of upturned cemetery loam mingling with floral offerings to the dead: Imp - 4.00
Calico Jack - Sea air, driftwood, waterlogged kelp, and the memory of plundered spices sprayed over worn leathers, rough musk, and the salty wooden floorboards of revenge: Imp - 4.00
Dead Leaves, Praline, & Sheer Vanilla - Dead leaves, praline, and sheer vanilla: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Djinn - The scent of black smoke, of crackling flames, and smoldering ashes: Imp - 4.00
Elegba - Coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum: BPAL Imp - 4.00
Every Sweet Thing - Honey-dripping plakous, rose petals, caramelized hazelnut, and goat's milk: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Highest Quality Vagina - Golden amber and vanilla milk, sweet almond, honey, and soft incense: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
An Introduction to Illustrious Kabuki Actors - White sandalwood, vanilla bean, fig froth, and buttercream: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Kiseru - Red sandalwood, vanilla husk, and tobacco smoke: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Lawful - Rigid oak, blue chamomile, rhubarb, and fig leaf: Imp - 4.00
Luceat - Wispy cashmere musk, sweet amber, iris butter, heliotrope, and tolu balsam: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
A Medley of Vulvas - Bourbon vanilla, pink labdanum, pink pepper, honey, and Bushman's candle absolute: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Night-Gaunt - The scent of their thick, rubbery hides is bittersweet, ticklish, and skin-creeping: something akin to yuzu, white grapefruit, and kumquat mixed with the snow-dusted flowers of Mount Ngranek: Imp - 4.00
Obatala - Obatala's ofrenda is soft, white, and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water: Imp - 4.00
Oda a La Luz Encantada - Moroccan amber, sweet cream, lavender mist, Roman chamomile, golden musk, and pear blossoms: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Othello - Arabian musk with two roses and a bevy of Middle Eastern and Indian spices: Imp - 4.00
The Small Brown Cat - Warm brown fur, cardamom-infused bourbon vanilla, and a touch of cedarwood: 5mL used 2x - 25.00
Santa Doesn't Need Your Help - Sugar plum, lavender, marshmallows: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low - Cardamom-infused coffee bean, myrrh smoke, vanilla bean, fir needle, and warm, velvet spices: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Snow White Rider - White leather, vanilla ice, and frosted sandalwood: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Still Life With Dooting Skull - Bourbon vanilla with wildflower honey, licorice root, coconut milk, and nutmeg: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Tavern of Hell - White gardenia, ambergris bouquet, lavender fougere, orange blossom, melissa, tobacco flower, coriander, ebony wood, ylang ylang, absinthe and aged whiskey: Imp - 4.00
Tiefling Therapist - A soothing, centering blend of white and red sandalwood, champaca attar, frankincense, and brimstone: Imp - 4.00
This More Than Bloody Deed - Wildflower honey, bourbon vanilla, and lush red labdanum: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
And I Wede My Corne Well I-Now - The scent of the hay harvest suffused with golden amber sunbeams, green cardamom, a handful of hazelnuts, and a bit of clove husk - 5.00Unarmed and Laughing - Sugared vanilla amber with a pop of champagne grape: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Velvet Snow - Frosted sandalwood, vanilla slush, cacao, and myrrh: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Young Corn - Corn Husks and upturned soil, haystacks and spicy late summer breezes: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Young Pilgrim Girl - Black silk and crisp line, polished abalone, wildflower honey, jasmine milk, and rose-touched sweet cream: Ajevie Slink - 5.00
Wicked - A sophisticated, womanly scent: rich myrrh and jasmine draped in the subtlest rose: Imp - 4.00
**Damask Haus**
Damasco - A sultry fusion of spice and sweet, this scent features sweet spiced amardine, warm spicy cardamom, balsamic-spicy elemi, dark creamy vanilla custard balanced by a whisper of grounding patchouli: 2mL roller - 6.50
Fairy Dust - Fairies are not the cute little tinker bells as they are often depicted. Their magic is powerful and fluid with their emotional states. A festive fairy's dust can lull you into bliss whereas a foul mooded fae can dust your ass into utter chaos. Thank god you brought her an offering.. Notes: midnight air in the fae realm where sandalwood trees bloom spun sugar puffs, a wreath of subtle jasmine and sweets sets atop an old stump adorned with a cotton tablecloth that sways in the wind as an offering: 2mL - 6.50
La Petite Mort au Chocolat - Rich cocoa absolute unites simple creamy vanilla and the complex (tobacco vanilla almond) gourmand essence of tonka with a slide of silk across hard aromatic cedar, warm moss, and resinous honey-rich wood amber: 2mL roller - 6.50
Lavender Lace - Lavender, honey, sugar crusted lilacs, vetiver: 2mL roller - 6.50
Pumpkin Monkey - A combination of two comfort food desserts! Who doesn't love pulling apart monkey bread, sticky and sweet? Add pumpkin and it's just too much to resist, at least for us! Notes: pumpkin puree, fresh baked sweetbread, sticky sweet syrup icing, pinch of cinnamon and spices: 2mL roller - 6.50
**Haus of Gloi**
Plotter's Breakfast - Oaty porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco: Slink - 2.00
Winter Divinity - Sugary white vanilla divinity with a surprising jolt of peppermint: Slink - 1.00
**Imaginary Authors**
The Cobra and the Canary - Lemon, orris, tobacco flowers, leather, hay fields, asphalt: 2mL sprayer used 4x - 3.50
Moonlight Tuberose - No notes - 2.00
**Nocturne Alchemy**
Be My Valentine '23 - Toasted coconut, coconut cake accord, warm caramel accord, Bastet's Ice Cream, caramelized cinnamon accord, and vanilla creme: Crypta Slink - 6.00
Bois de Santal Rouge Vanille - NA Red Sandalwood (nine sandalwood blend) Bastet's Musk absolute, vanilla bean cordial, Bourbon accord infused with Madagascar vanilla beans, Ugandan vanilla bean essence, Moonstone Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), Bourbon Vanilla absolute (SL), brown sugar and Tahitian Vanilla creme: CO Slink - 7.00
C.C. Caramel Apple Chai Marshmallow Musk - Cotton candy accord, caramelized apple skin, caramel apple accord, vanilla bean, toasted mallow root essential oil and accord, chai black tea (spices of cardamom, star anise, ginger, nutmeg, clove, Cinnamon), Bastet's ice cream confection and aged Bastet's Musk: Crypta Slink - 5.50
C.C Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow Musk - Cotton candy accord, vanilla bean, mallow root, pumpkin puree accord, pumpkin spices of nutmeg, butter-cinnamon and blended into Bastet's Musk: white floral blends of tuberose, mallow, angelica, musk flower, and white lily: Crypta Slink - 5.50
Cotton Candy Vanilla Marshmallow Musk - Crystalline absolute, vanilla bean liquer, Bastet's Musk, marshmallow creme, vanilla, mallow root, vanilla cotton candy accord: CO Slink - 6.00
Crystalline #4 - French lavender, Tahitian lavender, Pink Lily of the Valley enfleurage, pink sugar accord, Kashmir Red Musk absolute Studio Limited, Bastet's Amber, and Crystalline (Studio Limited): 7.75
Crystalline #9 - Vanilla incense accord, myrrh incense, vanilla pod, white cardamom essence, white amber, myrrh wood, Amber accord, sandalwood, and Crystalline (SL): CO Slink - 7.75
Eclipse Alnaeim - Pink vanilla accord, labdanum and pink patchouli accord, eNVie saphir, tonka bean, Moonstone Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), amber (ozymandias) absolute and vanilla bean husk: Crypta Slink - 7.50
Eclipse Rakkaus - Tonka bean, Kashmir red musk absolute (Studio Limited), black patchouli, baked sugar cookie accord, brown sugar, Bastet's Amber absolute, Moonstone vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), and butter cream frosting essence: Crypta Slink - 7.50
Eclipse Tesoro - Sweet tobacco, pink peppercorn, orange blossom honey accord, Bourbon Vanille absolute, Kobalt Vanilla, Labdanum, and Madagascar Vanilla: CO Slink - 8.00
Encens Bois - Japanese cedar incense accord, Atlas cedar absolute, santalum absolute, Japanese hinoki wood incense, Roman frankincense, frankincense resin tears, and musk: Crypta Slink - 6.50
Encens Vanille - Vanilla bean cordial, labdanum resin, benzoin resin, incense accord, Arabian myrrh wood, Moonstone absolute (Studio Limited), and black vanilla bean infused Ponderosa pine: Crypta Slink - 6.50
Googly Cat - Candied peppermint accord, Egyptian sugar, dark chocolate accord, cacao absolute, Bastet's Musk enhanced with cacao and chocolate accords, and Crystalline Vanilla absolute (Studio Limited): Crypta Slink - 6.00
Halloween 2016 Anubis - Burning patchouli, incense and black honey beneath the darkening skyline. A touch of bergamot and grapefruit essential oil: 2mL - 8.50
Halloween 2022 - Caramel apple accord, green apple skin, marshmallows on an open flame, sweet vanilla caramel, Bastet's Ice Cream absolute accord, light pumpkin spices of nutmeg, white cinnamon and a light firewood and ember rounded out with vanilla bean extracts: Ajevie Slink - 5.50
Llama Llama 2 - Bourbon vanilla absolute (Studio Limited), vanilla bean liqueur, cream soda accord, caramelized patchouli essence and Bastet's Ice Cream: Crypta Slink - 6.00
Sorry I am a Monster - Cinnamon sugar, fried vanilla pastry with powdered sugar accord, sugar, mallow root, toasted marshmallow accord, Bourbon Vanille absolute (Studio Limited) and musk: Crypta Slink - 6.00
Neon Wolf - Vegan leather accord, Studio Limited santalum absolute, vanilla bean, Russian pine with vanilla laced pine needles and Canadian red pine - Crypta Slink - 4.00
V2023 - Pink sugar cube accord, vanilla bean cordial, caramelized brown sugar, caramel butter white chocolate accord, limestone amber, lemon cotton candy accord, and Bastet's Musk - CO Slink - 6.00
Zeus Vanilla Pound Cake - Vanilla, pound cake accord, vanilla bean, vanilla pod, vanilla icing, Bastet's Musk, and creamed (vegan) butter accord: CO Slink - 6.75
Bijou - Ruby red grapefruit, cardamom, a gin-inspired blend of botanicals including cucumber, rose, juniper, lemon + orange peel, coriander, caraway, pink + black peppercorns, angelica + orris root: 1.15mL - 3.50
Sleepy Ghost - Marshmallow pillows sprinkled with natural lavender essential oil and absolute for sweet dreams: 1.15mL with damaged label - 3.00
Sucre Vanilla - Sparkling white sugar laced with vanilla bean: 2mL with dip - 6.00
Spellbound and Snug - Fizzy cream soda, butterscotch ribbons, marshmallow whipped cream, rosewood desks and squashy armchairs, a cheerful fire: 2mL and 1.15mL with damaged label - 6.50 or 3.00
The Arrow of Love - Sandalwood, sweet oude, golden amber, a touch of mint leaves: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Bolero - Lilac and crystal musk. Floral but very modern: Slink with label taped - 2.00
Cupid and Psyche - Sweet black and Mexican vanilla dance with patchouli on a bed of incense: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Guinevere - Crystalline and yet warming, sandalwood is the precious main component of the blend: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Henry VIII and Jane Seymour - Red musk, hawthorne, golden honey, fine fat vanilla, and sweetest amber: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Judith - Dark Haitian vetiver, cardamom, 'white' sandalwood, tears of frankincense, a very light waft of Madagascar vanilla and a goodly portion of rosewood: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Min Min - Sandalwoods, three of them, combined with the rich enticing scent of leather, a strong and classic patchouli rounds out the central trio. However, there manages to be a soft center to the group, thanks to a slight infusion of rose (and it is not a strong rose scent but one which blended into the mix to be a sent "emollient" to the mix. Resinous, spicy, leathery, assertive: Slink with label taped - 2.00
Perpetual Motion Heart - An infusion of luan wood extract, a small amount of copra, dry vanilla liquor, a white agar note, and hellebore: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Plenary Indulgence - Strong and sweet, the ineffable scent of lilacs combined with a whiff of smoke, knit together with a shot of resin: Slink with handwritten label - 1.00
Ready to Wear Pink Corset - Musk, vanilla bean liquor, a slight tang of steel, and a mist of pink lily: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Reason - Five vanillas and three toffees and a big glop of butter and cream on it all: 6mL used 5x - 17.00
Riding St. George - A very nice bit of leather bounces off a bouquet of black vanilla, iris, and chypre: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Salome - Black and African myrrh, frankincense, cedar, ivory musk, green coffee pulp extract, and a very light misting of black Mexican vanilla: Ajevie Slink - 3.00
Silver Leather - Possets' silver base meets up with strong leather and the two live happily ever after: Ajevie Slink - 4.00
Zombie - You really need a big dose of toasted marshmallow and oude, a bit of burnt stick, and the unmistakable fragrance of the crisp autumn air. Resinous and goody at the same time. Smoky sticky fun: Slink with label taped - 2.00
Is It Fall Yet? - Pumpkin incense, stale gingerbread, a drop of honey: Pylie Slink - 2.50
**Sorcellarie Apothecary**
Frostbitten - Juniper leaf, douglas fir, fir balsam absolute, white amber, golden amber, cardamom, Himalayan cedar, sandalwood, caramelized sugar, and a hint of maraschino cherry: 1ml sample: 3.50
**Solstice Scents**
Black Leather, Red Lace - Amber, vanilla, & leather: Slink RIS - 2.00
Loggia - Mahogany, amber, musk, vanilla bean, all-spice, cardamom, black pepper, cognac, & sandalwood: Slink x2 - 3.00
**Sugar and Spite**
Bugs n Hisses - Candied apple, coconut shreds, Egyptian and white musks, red currant, vanilla and cashmere: Slink (label is damaged but readable) - 2.00
**Whisper Sisters**
Ghosts of Christmas Past - No notes. 10.00
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  1. Frugal living: Moving into a school converted into apartments! 600/month, all utilities included
  2. Follow up- my daughter’s costume. We took $1 pumpkins and an old sweater and made them into a Venus Flytrap costume.
  3. Gas bill going up 17%… I’m going on strike
  4. I love the library most because it saves money
  5. We live in Northern Canada, land of runaway food prices. Some of our harvest saved for winter. What started as a hobby has become a necessity.
  6. 70 lbs of potatoes I grew from seed potatoes from a garden store and an old bag of russets from my grandma’s pantry. Total cost: $10
  7. Gatorade, Fritos and Kleenex among US companies blasted for 'scamming customers with shrinkflation' as prices rise
  8. Forty years ago we started a store cupboard of household essentials to save money before our children were born. This is last of our soap stash.
  9. Noticed this about my life before I committed to a tighter budget.
  10. Seeds from Dollar Store vs Ace Hardware.
  11. I was looking online for a product that would safely hold my house key while jogging. Then I remembered I had such a product already.
  12. Using patterned socks to mend holes in clothes
  13. My dogs eat raw as I believe it’s best for them but I don’t want to pay the high cost. So after ads requesting leftover, extra, freezer burnt meat. I just made enough grind to feed my dogs for 9 months. Free.
  14. What are your ‘fuck-it this makes me happy’ non-frugal purchases?
  15. Where is this so-called 7% inflation everyone's talking about? Where I live (~150k pop. county), half my groceries' prices are up ~30% on average. Anyone else? How are you coping with the increased expenses?
  16. You are allowed to refill squeeze tubes of jam with regular jam. The government can't stop you.
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2023.05.31 20:48 Frank_Leroux Molossus, Chapter Fifteen

Chapter One
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Sixteen
CONTENT WARNING: This one contains some implied torture. Nothing explicit, but be aware.
United Launch Alliance main facility. Decatur, Alabama. Ten minutes before the DC attack.
Chao never thought she’d think this, but here she was, sitting at a table in a conference room which looked out into a giant assembly room holding multiple huge rockets in various stages of construction. She also was sitting next to an alien, one who was fast becoming a good friend, while talking in-depth about technical things. And yet she was bored out of her skull. It was now the sixth day of trying to somehow figure out how to best repair the Rithro. During the first day, the four engineers assigned by different companies to this task group were tripping over themselves getting to talk to an actual alien, while Grakosh had in turn quizzed them endlessly about how the rockets worked and even gotten a tour…shadowed by multiple Secret Service agents, of course. By now things had settled down to the task at hand.
Fortunately, the distant crippled ship contained a veritable army of drones capable of quite complex tasks, so manpower…or alien-power…was not the problem. The problem was more a matter of having the proper raw materials available, especially for the damaged hydrogen tanks. The latter used a specialized lightweight but low-permeability alloy; in order to have any patches hold, whatever metal the humans provided needed to be close enough to its properties to properly bond or weld to it. Chao was not a metallurgist, but she was getting a crash course in it thanks to the endless discussions between Grakosh and the four engineers.
Then there was the matter of hauling it up to the L5 point. Trying to carry the needed tonnage in the ship’s landing boats would be like trying to drink a lake dry using a straw. But humans, right now, didn’t have any single rocket capable of carrying such a payload into orbit.
She, Grakosh, and the four engineers were spread out around a small table set before a whiteboard; the latter was not quite yet full. Next to the doors into the conference room stood a pair of Secret Service agents; Chao felt a bit sorry for them having to stand on their feet for so long.
“So Falcon Heavy can do about 26 tons to geostationary,” said one of the engineers, a gray-haired balding man named Blake. He was a metallurgist from SpaceX. “That’s fully expendable, of course. We did look a while back at how much it could take in a trans-lunar injection, I think it was somewhere around 18 tons, but we’d need to go back and redo that math.” He turned to Chao. “Will TLI be close to the delta-vee needed to get to L5?”
Chao perked up, now grateful she had something to contribute. After a bit of tapping on her laptop, she nodded. “It’s not exactly the same, but for initial planning purposes using TLI figures can work.”
One of the ULA engineers, a young blonde woman named Clara, regarded the whiteboard with a thousand-yard stare. Chao knew that Clara was not really looking at it. “Vulcan can do…somewhere around five and a half tons to TLI, if you strap six solids to it. Less mass, but it does have a bigger fairing than the Heavy.” She grinned at Blake.
“So we’ll need multiple launches?” Grakosh, of course, did not have a laptop or chair, and instead sat coiled up next to Chao. “Hmmm. I’d like to have at least thirty tons of patch material, just to have a comfortable margin.”
“So two to three launches of Heavy, or five of Vulcan, or some mix.” Clara looked over at Ned, the other ULA engineer. “That’s a lot of rockets. Our pipeline isn’t set up to crank out that many, that quickly.”
Blake nodded in sympathy. “We’ve got similar issues with using Heavy. We can use side boosters that have been well-reused and are close to end-of-life, but the center core is another matter. We don’t have that many of them, just because we didn’t have that much demand. Now we’d have to spool up production on them. Not my area of expertise, but you’re talking many months.”
The man from Raytheon, a skinny guy named Dwight, tapped the table in absent thought. “We could try something else.”
“If you’re thinking of using SLS, forget it,” said Ned, the other ULA engineer. “It’s got a lot of throw, even out to lunar orbit, but way too slow of a manufacturing speed. Even if we do repurpose some of the Artemis launches, it’ll be at least a year or two.”
Dwight smiled beatifically. “Keep in mind, we’re not talking about sending up boutique billion-dollar satellites. It’s gonna be mostly metal plates, at least at first. We can afford to swing for the fences.” He leaned forward. “Sea Dragon.”
“Oh fuck no,” said Ned. “First off, the original design study is from the damned Sixties. The redesign and approval alone will take a year at best, unless you just want to slap something together and go for it and then have everything explode on you.”
“What is ‘Sea Dragon’?” asked Grakosh.
Dwight rose and walked to the whiteboard. He flipped it over to the as-yet unmarked side and began sketching. “A super heavy-lift vehicle proposed a while ago, back when we were still trying to get to the moon. It’s two stage, like Falcon and Vulcan, but a lot bigger. A LOT bigger.”
He sketched something that looked like a child’s first drawing of a rocket; a big stubby tube with a single huge engine bell at the bottom and a conical nose. Dwight then added a dimension along its height showing the scale of the thing: 150 meters.
Grakosh let out a little trill; Chao wasn’t quite sure what that vocalization meant. “Hmm, yes, that is quite large for a chemical-engined craft.”
Clara snorted. “Dwight, nobody has ever made a pressure-fed engine anywhere near that large. Damn thing’s a bomb, I mean, even more of a bomb than a normal fueled rocket.”
“Pressure-fed,” mused Grakosh. “Ah, you use high-pressure gas to push the fuel and oxidizer into the combustion chamber, instead of those ‘turbopumps’ you showed me earlier.”
Dwight nodded. “Exactly. The problem with pressure-fed engines is that the tanks need to be a lot thicker to take the pressure, which of course adds a lot of mass and reduces the available payload. But you make it big enough and it becomes more feasible. This thing was designed to be constructed at a shipyard out of steel, not out of any sort of aluminum or other fancy alloys. Then it would get floated out into the ocean and launched vertically from the water. Estimated total payload…five hundred and fifty tons into Low Earth Orbit.”
“Admit it, Dwight,” replied Blake with a smile. “Your inner nine-year old wants it built just to see the spectacle when they light the candle on that giant sonofabitch. Am I right?”
Dwight set the marker down with a chuckle. “You’re not wrong.” Then his smile faded. “But seriously, folks. Our industry is used to doing things onsey-twosey. Even our illustrious colleague from SpaceX will admit that. But now we need to get a lot of shit into orbit, and yesterday. We are so far behind the technological eight ball that it isn’t even funny. Now, yes, we hope that our new allies will help us out with gravitic drives and all sorts of other lovely tech…once the various countries stop yelling at each other about how exactly to do that. But Grakosh, let’s assume we snap our fingers and, poof, the Rithro is magically fixed. How long will it take for you to get back and bring support?”
“Well, we did leave relay drones at each system, so we’ll be able to report to them well before we get there physically, but to scramble a proper defense fleet…let’s say twelve to eighteen months before they arrive in-system. That’s assuming we head back, of course.”
“Why wouldn’t you?” asked Clara.
“Because once the Rithro is repaired, it will be the only ship in-system possibly able to fight a Breaker drone. We do not need to report in-person to the CEB; we only need to jump back to Barnard’s star to plant a relay drone and send our message. If we left to travel all the way back…well, humans would be defenseless. You have no orbital combat capability.”
Grakosh pondered the sketch. “At the moment, as impressive as that design is, it is theoretical. So. We need to have fewer launches…am I correct that if you go into low orbit, you can lift more?”
“Oh, yeah,” said Dwight. “Literally tons more.”
“Then perhaps we can do a hybrid solution. The landing boats are limited in their internal volume, but they have far more thrust capability. We were able to push our ship with them, at least for a while. If you loft the repair materials up inside a proper container, we might be able to tow them out to the Rithro using the boats. That way we don’t have any political problems with tech transfer.” He gestured with his single ‘tailhand’ in front of him, and a holographic display appeared. With great agility, he began tapping on nothing; a schematic of one of the landing boats appeared, with alien text on one side and below.
Every single engineer plus Chao looked at the display and a single thought ran through their minds.
I Want One.
Grakosh then switched to a schematic of the Earth-moon system and sketched out a rough transfer orbit out to a blinking dot at the trailing L5 point. “I do hope the visual translators are working properly. Unit conversion is such a pain in the tail. Chao, would you mind checking the math on this?”
The alien text then shimmered into readable figures. “Um sure!”
As she leaned over to examine the display, the two agents at the back of the room straightened up as one. Chao caught the movement out of the corner of her eye; by the time she glanced over both men already had pistols drawn.
One of the agents, a thin guy named Hanson, motioned towards the far corner of the room, away from the window and the door. “Everyone, please move over to there. Sit on the floor, and keep your heads down.”
Chao stuck out an arm, and Grakosh quickly coiled himself around it. Her heart started to beat faster, but she tried to remain outwardly calm. The engineers seated themselves as instructed with confused looks. She sat as well, and Grakosh unwrapped himself from her arm to sit in her lap. She tried to breathe slow, although by now she could practically feel her pulse. Hanson and the other agent backpedaled into the room; Hanson kept his pistol trained at the door, while the other agent went low and with impressive speed duck-walked to one edge of the room’s panorama out into the assembly area. He did a quick peek outside.
“Looks normal,” he said. Meanwhile Hanson was in the midst of muttering into his sleeve.
“What…what happened?” asked Chao.
“Not sure, ma’am,” replied Hanson. “There was some sort of attack in Washington, at Captain Sadaf’s speech. Some casualties, we don’t know details. There might be another attack in progress as well. The rest of the team is performing a sweep for any hostiles here.”
The other agent crouched again and gave Chao what he must have figured was a calming smile. “Just standard procedure, ma’am.”
Chao was not calmed. If the captain had been hurt, or worse…this was not going to go well.
Somehow Grakosh picked up on her inner turmoil. “Don’t worry, Chao,” he said quietly. “Captain Sadaf has the luck of the auhn’s Sacred Mothers. She’s seen us through worse.”
The engineers had finally picked up that there might be some physical danger coming their way, at least if the way the color left their faces was any indication.
Grakosh glanced at them all, again somehow intuiting that they needed something to get their minds off of the situation. “So!” he said brightly. “I believe we can solve the patching problem. I am more concerned about the damaged fusion engine. I did some remote surveying of the engine during our flight to Earth, and it is not going to be repairable with our on-board components. We’ll need to manufacture replacements here and ship them up.”
Clara made a pushing-away gesture with one hand. “Oh, no. That’s definite tech transfer, and we can’t be part of that…not yet, at least.” That was by far the biggest stipulation which had allowed the Rithro’s crew to remain on US soil. There was to be no transfer of alien technology to the USA; at the moment, most countries were in favor of setting up an international committee of scientists and engineers who would reverse-engineer what tech they could and hand out the blueprints to any country that asked.
But that didn’t satisfy everyone. Who would pay for the effort? What about countries with a smaller manufacturing base, who couldn’t properly take advantage of the new technology? For technologies with possible destructive applications, would they have to set up separate agencies to monitor and control their use? There was a lot of political and practical fiddly bits to get sorted, even among countries who were supposed allies.
Blake rubbed his bald spot. “I watched the UN debating the other day. First time ever. I have never seen so much said with so little actual content.”
Ned shrugged. “For once, I don’t envy the politicians. This whole thing is a hot potato.”
Grakosh looked with curiosity at Ned. “Hot potato?”
“Just a saying,” replied Dwight. “A potato is a starchy vegetable, you can make it a bunch of ways.”
“Ah, yes!” Grakosh perked up. “I have had mashed potatoes. Quite delicious.”
“Right, well you can also bake them whole. The notion is that after baking it’s really hot, so if you try to pick it up with bare hands…” Dwight now mimed juggling a potato back and forth. “Ow, ow, ow, too hot!”
“Interesting metaphor.”
Agent Hanson murmured into his sleeve again. “Confirm.” He kept his eyes fixed on the door. “Okay, folks, the sweep is almost over. Nobody here on campus who shouldn’t be here.”
“They might not have known I was here,” said Grakosh. “I am assuming this is an organized effort to kill me and my crew. Might be a bad assumption.”
“Could be,” said Chao. Now her guts went cold again, wondering if Sadaf or anyone else she knew were dead.
Both agents then stood, each touching their earpiece as if they didn’t quite believe what they were hearing. “No fuckin’ way,” said Hanson.
The other agent grinned, this time in true mirth. “Oh, that is too precious.” The two men looked at each other and chuckled, which Chao figured counted as a full-throated belly laugh for a Secret Service agent.
“Well?” asked Blake. “Care to let us in on the joke?”
Hanson shrugged. “It’s gonna be all over the news soon enough, reporters are already on the scene. We just got a report from the Decatur PD. About five miles from here, a delivery van was heading in this direction, well over the speed limit. The driver took a corner too fast and flipped the damn thing right onto its side. Slid into a few parked cars, but no bystanders hurt. Witnesses saw a bunch of dudes in black armor, toting rifles, un-ass out of the back of the thing and run off like headless chickens…in the other direction from here. Our guess is they were headed to this location, but we’re double-checking just to make sure none of ‘em made it to the campus. We all should be able to head out in ten minutes.”
“All head out?” asked Clara. “But we’re not a target.”
“That you know of,” replied Hanson. “Until we get this whole shitshow straightened out, right now y’all are considered potential targets. They might have some contingency in place.” He snickered. “I cannot believe that shit. You ever heard of anything like that?” he asked the other agent.
“Nah.” The man winked at the huddled people. “Important tip, folks. Never, ever let the FNG drive the car.”
“FNG?” asked Ned.
“Fuckin’ New Guy,” said Blake.
Horace raised his head with a groan as he came to. Okay…check surroundings. Darkened room, with a single light from above illuminating the area around him. He was in a chair…no he was in a chair, with his wrists handcuffed to each arm and duct-tape around his ankles. He felt like he’d been on the wrong end of a few punches from Mike Tyson. Of course, all of his gear was gone. But he still wore clothes, at least.
In front of his chair, about five feet away, stretched a big oak table. Seated on the other side of the table was a man who put Horace in mind of a college professor. The man’s light-gray suit was impeccably pressed and didn’t have a speck of lint on it. His pale blue tie was neatly knotted at his neck. He had dark, slicked-back hair and wore wire-rimmed spectacles with round lenses. The spectacles sat perched on the end of his aquiline nose as he wrote with a flowing hand in a yellow legal pad in front of him. Two manila folders, each filled with multiple pages, lay neatly before him.
The man looked up as Horace let out a soft groan. “Ah, you’re awake!” His accent was British and quite proper. “Excellent. I fear my colleagues were a little over-enthusiastic in bringing you here. I do apologize.”
Horace probed his teeth with his tongue; one of his rear molars might be loose. “I want a lawyer. You can’t interrogate me without a lawyer present.”
The man leaned back and smiled. “Of course. Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances which have turned this from a simple matter of charging you with six homicides…of federal agents, no less…into something more of a, shall we say, existential crisis. I shall do my best to explain it to you, and if you need clarification at any time, please feel free to ask.”
Horace snorted. “So you must be good cop. Where’s bad cop? Waiting behind me with a rubber hose?”
“My colleague is on his way, he should arrive shortly. There was certain information he wanted me to see…information relevant to this interview.”
“Interview? I am a United States citizen. I have my rights.”
“Of course you do, Mister Bradshaw.” The man pulled the leftmost folder towards him and flipped it open, then began paging through its contents. “Horace Eugene Bradshaw. Graduated from high school with middling grades, applied to the Baltimore police academy. Was subsequently ‘kicked out’, as you say, after a rather unfortunate altercation with a superior officer. Held multiple jobs since; retail, some building maintenance. A few cases of assault, all involving alcohol. The profile of a bitter man without purpose. Exactly the type to wind up being taken under the wing of some radical group.”
“I want a lawyer present.”
“Patience, Mr. Bradshaw. As I said, I will explain. Now, as you may be aware, there were multiple attacks on the various locations where our alien guests were located. These attacks were coordinated, and appear to be well-funded. The attack in Washington, in particular, showed a quite high level of technical competence.”
He slid Horace’s file off to one side and pulled the other file towards him. “We did recover enough of the projectile to know it was a modified mortar round. Modified to have increased range, plus it had a quite ingenious home-made and fin-guided GPS system to ensure a precision strike with only one shot.”
The man then held up a picture showing a long tube, canted at an angle, sitting on a gravel rooftop. “We found the tube itself five kilometers from the site of the strike. Longer than the standard portable mortar barrel, again for increased range. It was rather foolish of your comrades not to take it with them; we suspect they were spooked and ran right after firing the round. Which is fortunate, I suppose. Multiple rounds might have resulted in a much greater number of casualties, including Captain Sadaf. Assuming you had more than one round, of course.”
“I want…”
“Yes, I know. Please, let me finish. Right now, the FBI is searching for who purchased the components of that mortar round; it should not take them long to track down the buyer or buyers. After all, you can’t purchase such things at one’s local shop.”
The man shut the folder and steepled his fingers. “I hope you can understand our dilemma. Putting this together with your attack on Camp David, we have a well-armed, technically competent group with inside help who is seeking to murder our alien guests and perhaps trigger a two-front war against humanity, with the Coalition on one side and some genocidal robots on the other. Where there are three attacks, there could be more planned, even as we speak. Of course, we are moving our guests to a new, secure location…a location which I will not reveal, of course…and there could be ambushes already planned. You see, even if this was a normal legal case you would not be necessarily entitled to a lawyer if there is a so-called ‘ticking clock’ involved.” He smiled ruefully. “And I fear that there is some almighty ticking going on.”
Horace shook his head. Why did everybody take them the aliens at their word that these so-called ‘Breakers’ even existed? He took in a breath to tell this posh bastard that, again, he wanted a lawyer, when a door behind him opened and flooded the room with light. As he blinked, the door shut again. A lean man strolled into view, wearing military fatigues and with a folder under one arm…oh, no. It was him.
“Hey, Little Buddy-O!” said the newcomer, grinning as he saw Horace flinch.
The man at the table rose and gravely shook the other’s hand. “Good to see you, Matthew.”
“Tristan,” replied Matt. “Looking sharp, as always.”
“Well, one must look smart even with such a distasteful job before us.” Tristan turned to face Horace. “I have just explained to Mr. Bradshaw the gravity of the situation, in particular the need to know as soon as possible if any other attacks are planned. Mr. Bradshaw, were there any points I covered which require clarification?”
Matt grinned as he leaned on one corner of the table. “Shithead probably doesn’t know anything.”
“Most likely not,” sighed Tristan as he seated himself again. “If they had any sense they’ll have a proper cell structure.”
“Oh, hey, check this out.” Matt dropped his folder onto the table next to Tristan, then continued his smiling at Horace. “You’ll get a kick out of it.”
With a raised eyebrow, Tristan began reading. “Hmm…ah, yes. very nice. I see our friends at the FBI have followed up on the leads from that mortar round with their usual zeal.”
“Yeah, they’re good at tracking unusual purchases. They love that shit. But flip past that, get to the good stuff.”
Tristan did so, and for the first time Horace saw a look of genuine shock on the man’s face. “They did what?”
Matt laughed. “Dumped the fuckin’ van on its side. Then they all piled out and took off like jackrabbits.”
Tristan let out a small, sensible chuckle. “Well. It seems I may have overestimated our opponents’ competence.”
Horace tried to look stoic, but inside he felt dread. The van must be the one for the ULA attack; it sounded like they had failed.
Matt shook a playful finger at Horace. “Aw, now. Don’t try to play all serious with me. I saw that look. You know what that means, don’t you? I think you know more than you let on.”
“I don’t have to tell you anything,” said Horace. “Not without a lawyer present.” He clung to the notion like a mantra, although he was now getting a sense of just how fucked he was.
Matt walked forward and squatted, putting himself below Horace’s eye-level. “Now, my Little Buddy-O. I get it, you’re committed to the cause. You’ve psyched yourself up for this, you promised yourself that you’d die rather than roll over on your comrades. But. Let’s be reasonable. At least tell us what you know about any raids planned, even if you don't know much. You might have overheard something that could help us. Help all of us. We’ll keep the questions all about that. You don’t have to say a word about anything else. We can wait to ask you about that when you have a lawyer present, and we’ll do it all legal and proper. But I gotta warn ya, pretty much any attorney worth anything is gonna tell you it doesn’t look good for y’all. We got you and your buddies nailed. We got ballistics matches with the rounds which killed the six agents, and you were interrupted in the act of trying to kill a bunch more people…which presumably included all of the aliens at Camp David.”
Horace said nothing. This was how they did it, he knew that much from his time in the academy. The worst thing a suspect could do was remain silent. The police had to get them talking, about anything. If he started talking they’d worm everything out of him…then probably drop him down a deep hole somewhere.
Tristan sighed and stood. “Well, it seems we will be here for a while. I fancy a cup of tea, even if it is an American brand. Matthew, would you care for something?”
Matthew rose as well. “Sure! Coffee, two creams and one sugar.” He pointed at Horace. “How about you? You want some coffee?”
Horace blinked in surprise. “Um, sure,” he said automatically. “Black, please.”
“Are you sure?” asked Matt. “If I’m honest, the coffee here is kinda meh at best.”
Upon Horace’s nod, Tristan walked with an even tread behind him. There was once again a bright, brief light as he exited the room.
Horace took a deep breath. This was it, this bastard was gonna start beating on him.
But instead Matt walked around the table and began flipping idly through the second file, the one on the mortar attack. His voice was mild. “I gotta say, you must have someone in your group with quite a bit of techie knowhow. I have seen some GPS-guided mortar rounds in action, but they’re not really what you would call man-portable. And built in somebody’s basement, no less.”
He continued flipping. “Interesting mix, though. Some very competent behavior, plus your gear was first-rate. You’ve got some funding and resources behind you. But man, when it comes to squad tactics you make the Keystone Kops look like fuckin’ Seal Team Six.”
Horace said nothing, waiting for the beating to start. But instead Matt just continued his casual perusal. After a long, long few minutes of silence, however, the room was once again briefly flooded with light as Tristan entered. He walked into view carrying a cardboard tray with three Styrofoam cups. He handed two of them to Matt. “Two cream, one sugar. And this is black, as the gentleman requested.” Tristan walked back around to his chair, and picked his own cup off of the tray. He blew on it a bit and grimaced. “I do wish you Americans would stop boiling your tea with the leaves in it. Tea needs to be encouraged, not bullied.”
Meanwhile, Matt set his own coffee down and walked towards Horace. The latter flinched as the man reached into a pocket with his free hand. But all that came out was a small key; with a deft touch Matt unlocked the cuff around Horace’s left sleeve and then pressed the cup into the now-freed hand. “It’s lukewarm, I’m afraid. Pot must be almost empty.”
Now that he saw the coffee in his hand, Horace wondered if something was slipped into it. It would be the ideal way to get him to drop his defenses without realizing.
Matt must have picked up on his trepidation and shrugged. “Hey, drink it or don’t. Pour it on your foot for all I care. I’ll swap, if you want.”
With a trembling hand, Horace took a sip. As Matthew had promised, it was bitter and barely hot. But it tasted like coffee.
“I don’t suppose Mr. Bradshaw spoke of anything while I was out?” asked Tristan.
“Nope. He’s gone full clam.”
Horace drank more coffee and said nothing.
“Yeah.” Matt sipped at his coffee and made a grimace of his own. “Jesus, this is almost cold. All right, I gotta go nuke this thing.”
“For the last time, you heathen, you ‘microwave’ something, not ‘nuke’ it.” Tristan began unbuttoning his suit jacket.
Matt chuckled as he strolled off. “Oh hey, they refilled the vending machine. You wanna cherry-cheese danish?”
With great care, Tristan hung his jacket on the back of the chair. “Good lord, no. Those things are revolting.” He unfastened his tie and with equal gravity laid it over the top of his jacket.
“Nah, all the preservatives give it that extra flavor.” With another bright slam, the pair were once again alone in the shadowed room.
Horace was, by now, thoroughly confused as Tristan unbuttoned his collar. The latter then took a careful sip of his tea. “Still too bloody hot,” he muttered. “Damned Yanks. Ah, Mr. Bradshaw, forgive me. On occasion I tend to slip into the vernacular, you might say.” He walked around the desk and gripped Horace’s coffee cup. The sudden physical contact with his fingers made Horace flinch. “May I?” He pulled the cup from Horace’s unresisting grasp and turned to place it on the table, then re-locked Horace’s left hand to the chair. As Tristan walked back towards his tea, he unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves to the elbow, then took off his spectacles and placed them on the table.
“What the fuck is going on?” snapped Horace. “This is bullshit, you’re just running around, going in and out, giving me coffee, taking it away. You’re trying to confuse me and make me say something. I know how this works.”
Tristan picked up his tea and returned to stand in front of the bound man. “No, Mr. Bradshaw, I fear you have completely mis-read the relationship between myself and my esteemed colleague.”
The man leaned forward as his face hardened into an emotionless mask. “You see, Matthew is the one who always plays good cop.”
With that, Tristan up-ended his scalding-hot tea right into Horace’s crotch.
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2023.05.31 12:17 NoonicornGamer Busy in the Kitchen!

I've been busy in the kitchen this morning! The following meals are up for grabs:
Baked potatoes Bread gratin Potato curry Seaweed soup Tomato curry Gnocchi di patate Organic bread Tomato puree Apple smoothie Peach smoothie
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2023.05.31 00:23 Joeyplantstrees Less common Milk Alternatives

Less common Milk Alternatives
I’m big on on growing and preparing food in more local and sustainable ways, and it’s hard to cook a myriad of recipes without milk. However, there are a lot of reasons people can’t or won’t use dairy milk. Everything from the amount of abuse and environmental impact of the 10s of millions (low estimate) of cows raised in CAFOs (Concentrated animal feeding operations), to the high concentration of Phthalates (endocrine disrupting chemicals added to plastics to make them more flexible) in milk from contact with tubing in milking machines (Phthlates contamination if actually really low in hand milked cows), to the fact that a single dairy cow takes about an acre but usually closer to 2 worth of forage to feed (which most people wanting to raise there own food simply do not have), to trying to lower saturated fat and cholesterol intake, the fact that 65% of the global population has some degree of lactose intolerance, etc. That’s without even getting into the recent trend of drinking raw milk and how quickly people forgot how many people that used to make sick and kill through disease like E. Coli, brucellosis, Salmonella, Listeria, typhoid fever etc.
I drew this poster but stayed away from the common milks you can buy in stores like soy, rice, coconut, oat and nut milks and instead focus on milk alternatives you can grow or forage easily instead. I have no issue with those, but feel like the average person is at least already aware of them.
For the pumpkin, poppy, chia and sunflower seed, peanuts and hackberries, the recipe is basically the same. Soak seeds in water, at least 4 hours but preferably overnight. drain the water from the seeds and rinse them thoroughly. Drain the seeds and combine them in a blender with 4 cups water per 1 cup of seeds. (You can adjust depending on desired consistency.) Add sweetner and/or vanilla and a pinch of salt if desired to taste. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth. The solids you can use in baked dishes, soups or soups or as the base of veggies patties. (Maybe not the sunflower seeds unless you already like stabbing your gums eating the shell.) Finally, chill in the fridge where it will last 3-4 days if you don’t want to use it right away. For potatoes, peel and boil then follow the same recipe as above. For bananas, simply blend with water until your desired consistency. For quinoa, similar to making oat milk, boil in water. Let simmer until fully cooked. Then follow recipe as above. For cattails, clean and remove the outer layers of the tuber to reveal the starchy portion. Grate or finely chop the cattail rhizomes into small pieces. Add the rhizomes and about 4 cups of water for every 1 cup of grated rhizomes to a bowl, and let it sit 10-15 minutes so the starch separates. Add sweetner and/or vanilla and a pinch of salt if desired to taste. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Cattail milk may have a somewhat slimy or mucilaginous compared to dairy. If you’re not a fan of Okra, you won’t be a fan of this. For corn, the kernels can be blended with water and strained or you can run a knife down the dekernaled cobs to collect a linguist referred to as corn milk.
Poppies (Papaver somniferum) most well known for containing alkaloids such as morphine and codeine, which are powerful pain-relieving compounds, it is also edible with the flowers being consumable and the seeds being a common ingredient in many dishes. The morphine and codeine are concentrated in the sap, so it poses little risk to consume the flowers or seeds, but the leaves and stems are not typically consumed. The seeds can be soaked and blended to make a milk alternative.
Pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) the fruit is actually a berry, and every‪ part of the pumpkin plant is edible. ‬ Flowers, leaves, seeds, fruit. One of the oldest domesticated plants going back as early as 7000 bc. The seeds can be soaked, combined with water in a blender, and strained to make a milk alternative. The solids can be used as a soup stock or to make an alternative tofu. The word "pumpkin" originated from the Greek word "pepon," meaning "large melon” while the indigenous called them squash whichcomes from the Narragansett Native American word askutasquash, which means “eaten raw or uncooked.” It had spread there from where it was bred in the Andes
Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) The word "potato" originated from the Spanish term "patata," which was derived from the Taíno of Quisqueya (Hispaniola) word "batata." In Quechua, which is still spoken by many people in the Andean region today, the potato is called "papa." In Aymara, another indigenous language spoken in parts of the Andes, the potato is known as "thaya." It is one of the most calorie dense crops, and other than being low in proteins and fats, it could work on its own as a healthy survival food and history even demonstrates this in the increase in health it gave to the Irish who were systematically deprived of other foods by the English.
Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) although called peanuts, peanuts aren’t actually nuts but legumes and the peanut actually grows below ground from the roots. They originated in Bolivia and Peru as far back as 7,000 years ago. Also, interesting to note they were a traditional companion plant for corn, and being a nitrogen fixing plant would make a good addition to a three sisters planting.
Hackberry (Celtics spp) There are around 60 different species of hackberry trees found around the world, with the most common species being Celtis occidentalis (common hackberry) and Celtis laevigata (sugarberry). One notable feature of hackberry trees is their unique bark. It is grayish-brown with prominent cork-like warts or ridges, giving it a distinct appearance. They have small, round fruits known as drupes. These edible fruits are typically orange-red to dark purple when ripe and have a sweet, sugary taste.
Hemp (Cannabis sativa) ‪The plant has a strong and fibrous stalk that can be processed into different materials, including fibers, textiles, paper, and construction materials like hempcrete. It was domesticated in a part of Asia referred to as the Hemp belt that includes parts of modern day China and Mongolia. The seeds are edible and can be soaked and blended to make an alternative milk, and the leaves and flowers are edible but could add a psychoactive effects to food though most hemp,is bred to have very low levels of CBD and THC.‬
Chia (Salvia hispanica) A staple food in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Aztecs and Mayans. The word "chia" even comes from the Mayan language, meaning "strength." While they are usually known for their seeds, the leaves and flowers are also edible. The seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and various vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.
Corn (Zia mays) was bred from teosinte in Central America from a wild grass into the plant with large cobs of multiple kernels we know today over hundreds of generations. There are literally thousands of varieties bred for a variety of local conditions.
Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is a staple food cultivated for at least 5000 years of the plant domestication powerhouse that was the Andean region that also gave us potatoes, tomatoes, and chilies. The whole plant, not just the seeds are edible like it’s cousins, lambs quarters and amaranths. It is also a source of all nine essential amino acids, which is rare for plants. It exhibits remarkable biodiversity, with hundreds of varieties and colors available.
Sunflower (Helianthus spp) ‪First domesticated in Central America at least 30000 years ago, every part of sunflowers are edible and were a huge part of the Eastern Agricuktural complex and often uses as a fourth sister in a three sisters planting of corn beans and squash. The seeds, the flowers, the leaves, the roots, the stalks. Sunflowers exhibit a unique behavior known as heliotropism, where their flower heads track the movement of the sun across the sky during the day. ‬
Cattail (Typha spp) the entire plant is edible. The starchy rhizome can be eaten raw, used like a potato, or soaked in water to separate the starch and use that to make a milk alternative. The pollen can be collected and used as a spice or flour alternative, and the young shoots can be eaten raw and taste similar to cucumber. Since cattails grow in water, extra care must be taken not to harvest from polluted areas.
Banana (Musa paradisiaca) ‪Domesticated from Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana, which are native to Southeast Asia, thousands of years ago to remove the large seeds and produce larger sweeter fruit. They began being propagated vegetatively, which led to commercial bananas being exact clones and heavily susceptible to disease, like Panama disease that nearly wiped out the Gros Michel. Often thought of as a tree, the plant actually contains no lignon and is instead the worlds largest herbaceous plant.‬
For the pumpkin, poppy, chia and sunflower seed, peanuts and hackberries, the recipe is basically the same. Soak seeds in water, at least 4 hours but preferably overnight. drain the water from the seeds and rinse them thoroughly. Drain the seeds and combine them in a blender with 4 cups water per 1 cup of seeds. (You can adjust depending on desired consistency.) Add sweetner and/or vanilla and a pinch of salt if desired to taste. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth. The solids you can use in baked dishes, soups or soups or as the base of veggies patties. (Maybe not the sunflower seeds unless you already like stabbing your gums eating the shell.) Finally, chill in the fridge where it will last 3-4 days if you don’t want to use it right away. For potatoes, peel and boil then follow the same recipe as above. For bananas, simply blend with water until your desired consistency. For quinoa, similar to making oat milk, boil in water. Let simmer until fully cooked. Then follow recipe as above. For cattails, clean and remove the outer layers of the tuber to reveal the starchy portion. Grate or finely chop the cattail rhizomes into small pieces. Add the rhizomes and about 4 cups of water for every 1 cup of grated rhizomes to a bowl, and let it sit 10-15 minutes so the starch separates. Add sweetner and/or vanilla and a pinch of salt if desired to taste. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Cattail milk may have a somewhat slimy or mucilaginous compared to dairy. If you’re not a fan of Okra, you won’t be a fan of this. For corn, the kernels can be blended with water and strained or you can run a knife down the dekernaled cobs to collect a linguist referred to as corn milk.
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2023.05.30 21:58 TealBunnyYT I googled it. What do I do now?

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2023.05.30 15:02 SnikerPiker Are there any characters who didn't appear in the last group shots of the show, who you'd want to appear?

Just curious. I saw that some of those who had more or less notable roles and were absent include Silver Shill, Sheriff Silverstar, Sapphire Shores, Trender Hoof, Grampa Gruff, Greta, and Chief Thunderhooves among others. There is also a variety of regular Ponyvillians such as Cherry Berry, Caramel, Daisy, Lily Valley, Lucky Clover, Sunshower Raindrops, Golden Harvest etc. As well as Twilight's friends Minuette, Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine and most members of the apple family (even the more notable ones, like Apple Strudel, Apple Fritter, Hayseed Turnip Truck, Half Baked Apple, Wensley, Apple Leaves, and Apple Dumpling).
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