Bourbon red turkey hatching eggs

[Story and Pictures in post] Grinding after the first gym in the second leg of my genlock, included are the survivors of the first leg and their new legacy forms in this leg.

2023.06.06 14:09 Professional-Arm3610 [Story and Pictures in post] Grinding after the first gym in the second leg of my genlock, included are the survivors of the first leg and their new legacy forms in this leg.

[Story and Pictures in post] Grinding after the first gym in the second leg of my genlock, included are the survivors of the first leg and their new legacy forms in this leg.

A New Beginning

After the death of many Based was finally able to Retire, becoming resurrected in a small town to the far east of the Johto region: New Bark Town. She selected her brand new starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil, and named Him Crème Brule. After selecting her Pokémon she was set with yet another task of retrieving a package for the local Pokémon Professor: Elm. It took less than a day to travel to Mr. Pokémon's House after which Based tried to return to the lab as soon as possible, before she was stopped by a New face, but old name: Cringe. Based easily defeated Cringe and returned to Elms lab where she returned the Egg Parcel.

Our Journey Begins

Now setting off on her new Journey she made for Violet, where she would fight the gym leader. Along the way She discovered her PC box was full of eggs, 3 to be exact. She started carrying the eggs to see what Pokémon she could use to defeat the gym leader when they hatch. She caught a Spinarak, a Geodude, A Hootoot, and a Pidgey. She named all of them after food then returned to Violet Town. There the eggs all hatched revealing some old friends in their own, new, bodies.

Team Dynamics

  • Crème Brule: He is severely hyper and full of energy. Often running around the camp for the entire cooking time of any meal, and setting things on fire with his back. If only he could put that fiery personality to work during battle.
  • Peppermint: She likes to swim at any spot we get to, and at the places she can't, she chooses to sing instead. It's beautiful music, but it puts the rest of the team to sleep super often.
  • Cotton CANDY: She is a very aggressive Cleffa; I don't know if all Cleffa like to do this but she regularly sneaks up on wild Pokémon all by herself and pounds them over and over until they faint or I return her to her Poke Ball.
  • Sugar Cube: She tries to put a lot of emphasis on her Feminine Wiles. Often posing in Geodude fashion to try to get male Pokemon to be attracted like the move, but right now many of them mistake her for a male Geodude. Hopefully we can get a TM and teach her the move later.
  • CreepyCrawlies: named after an easy bake candy, Creepy likes to make webs to mark her territory. But she kind of marks things that aren't hers, which is annoying many of the other Pokémon on the team don't like her because she gets webs on say a seat or on another pokemon's food bowl they get mad at her. Right now she gets bullied fairly often by Cotton.
  • Yakitori: You could search for weeks and never find a more stressed our bird Pokémon. Yaki is always preening himself, trying to avoid dirt, and hesitates when attacking another Pokémon in battle. He almost lost the battle against Volkner because Pidgeotto's sand attack wigged him out. Luckily I was able to finish the job with Peppermint and Earn the badge.
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2023.06.06 13:09 DARKINTENT98 Eggs

So I've two of the ultimates so I've been playing this for a while to be sure, but I have no idea what to do with the eggs? Are there any that hatch beyond common? Rather not waste my treats if not and focus on one pet.
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2023.06.06 12:23 0ryX_Error404 Students of Robert Bartlett

Hello community, I've been lurking awhile and have been reading up on alchemy for some time and am about to start my journey by getting my first soxhlet exstracter setup. As a lurker I've seen some really interesting posts here and I'd like to try and find people in the community who have studied under the master Robert Bartlett. I am wanting to take some classes myself but for now if those are willing I'd simply like to talk to those who have already. I have some pretty basic questions like what are the red and green lions. Different staple elixirs like oil of egg and well just general basic first steps in alchemy and projects to play around with as a new alchemist. Maybe you could give me some more basic examples like the ones I've mentioned above, for example the plant stone. I already have the fundamentals down and how to make a herbal spagyric. I guess a lot of community here could answer these questions but I'd really like to hear from students of Robert Bartlett thank you
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2023.06.06 12:07 bellyrubspetfood Orijen Grain Free Senior Dry Dog Food - Belly Rubs

Meat and protein-rich to promote lean muscle mass and a healthy body weight. Orijen senior is brimming with richly nourishing protein from free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs, delivered fresh or raw in whole prey ratios. Feeding requirements will vary based on your pet's level of activity, environment and age.
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2023.06.06 12:06 lightheartedmusings the "egg event" is already over

i definitely can understand why people are tired of the quote unquote egg event, even if i entirely disagree, but the idea that the event will somehow end in the future seems kind of dumb to me?
the eggs have been here for two months, and from day one for both the brazilian creators and the french speaking ones -- they're an integral part of the qsmp to the point where they can't be divorced anymore, and while i'm more than willing to be wrong, the eggs are at the center of everything.
even using eggless creators that are active like max, jaiden and roier and analysing their arcs? max found a daughter in sofia to handle the grief of losing trump. roier and jaiden are barely grieving, and jaiden's whole federation / cucurucho affiliation is to protect the surviving eggs. whether you want to admit it / like it or not the eggs are part of the fabric of the qsmp and of why it works.
humans will pack bond with anything, and the eggs have helped the storyline develop into what is fundamentally a story about love. it's parental love, friendship, found family, the urge to protect beyond anything else and crossing bridges to keep your neighbours safe as well -- the way the french speaking creators especially were looked after immediately because everyone wanted to help keep pomme safe after they didn't for richarlyson? instant outpouring of love for total strangers.
even from a meta perspective, i think the eggs won't ever leave -- maybe they'll hatch and quests will end, or be weekly or even monthly, but i don't think they'll fly off into the sunset and never be seen again, and i don't think it'd be responsible or satisfying storytelling if they did.
my rambling, long-winded point being, the "egg event" has been over from the day the brazilian creators arrived and the admin team made the decision to not take away the eggs and instead introduce a new one... and then another. at this point, the eggs just are, and the server is incredibly active and getting upwards of 30/40k concurrent viewers at once between streamers.
i firmly believe there'll be more lore and twists coming for the eggs, but i highly doubt they'll be going anywhere any time soon.
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2023.06.06 11:40 Hunt3r_5743 Someone or something destroyed pigeon nest which hatched eggs today morning

Someone or something destroyed pigeon nest which hatched eggs today morning
Pigeon layed its eggs on my toilet window. Few kids(3rd standard) not from my building were trying to steal the eggs and I told them to not do it and escorted them out of the building.
Today morning I saw the egg hatched and the kid was beatiful. Now, someone or something like rats or squirrel or my neighbour destroyed the nest and stole them. I am so fucking angry that it happened to them. Poor mother pigeon😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
Will the pigeon ever come back again????? Is there any hope of kid pigeon being safe????
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2023.06.06 11:31 BertMacGyver Nest on the roof outside my office window. Came back after a long weekend of rain a couple of weeks ago I came back to a lack of eggs and pigeons. I can only hope they hatched and flew the nest in the space of 4 days.

Nest on the roof outside my office window. Came back after a long weekend of rain a couple of weeks ago I came back to a lack of eggs and pigeons. I can only hope they hatched and flew the nest in the space of 4 days. submitted by BertMacGyver to stupiddovenests [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 11:26 MMIR18 Eggs hatched

My parrots eggs just hatched, is there anything i can make for them to eat? Any advice on how to handle this?
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2023.06.06 11:23 Killbayne also applies to literally any animal at night

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2023.06.06 11:21 melihucan I made a poster design for International Classic Car Festival in Turkey. I used four main colors which are yellow(#f9a02d), blue(#1e417d), red(#d74d43) and white(#ffffff). I'm waiting for your comments and suggestions.

I made a poster design for International Classic Car Festival in Turkey. I used four main colors which are yellow(#f9a02d), blue(#1e417d), red(#d74d43) and white(#ffffff). I'm waiting for your comments and suggestions. submitted by melihucan to DigitalArt [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 11:16 Alone_Parsnip I just found this whilst looking for cameras on flight deck, I clicked it and it turned red. Just a silly easter egg?

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2023.06.06 11:13 Zyxwgh Final thoughts of a former Silph Road Scientist and former Pokémon Go player, 2 months after stopping playing

This is a copy of a post I made on TheSilphRoad (where it was moderated away for reasons I don't understand yet) and on pogoraids.
Dear Silph Road and PoGoRaids communities, dear Pokémon Go community,
Many of you know me directly or indirectly as the (now retired) Silph Road Scientist who used to publish raid attacker spreadsheets, actually even as "prestiger" spreadsheets even before raids existed, who predicted forced nest migrations, or as the co-discoverer (together with u/DrThod_PokemonGo) of the egg rarity tiers, or just as the guy who tried fun and funny raid challenges with teams of small unevolved Pokémon, already before raids were even a thing.
I started playing in July 2016 and I played almost every single day between November 2016 and March 2023.
My passion for statistics / quantitative analysis + geo-located stuff had me hooked, and the challenge of achieving different goals kept me in the game despite the frequent bugs and the lack of communication from Niantic's side.
I decided to stop playing cold turkey when Niantic announced the price increase for remote raid passes, but that was just the final nail in the coffin Koffing in a season full of frustrations, which in turn were only the tip of the iceberg above a huge chunk of unsolved issues.

What promped me to quit the game for good

1) The first frustration was when Master Premier Classic was removed. Master Premier Classic was my best GBL league, I had a well-balanced team (Togekiss - Snorlax - Swampert) that I knew very well and brought me twice to Veteran. Now, to be equally competitive in Master Premier XL, I needed hundreds of XL candies for my team, which were basically locked behind events and trading. That is, easy for people flexible enough to play when Niantic wants, and easy for multiaccounters, but hard for legit players with work and family obligations like me.
2) Then in March I felt for the umpteenth time the rush to remove Frustration exactly in that week because it's just one week (or less) every three months, and not even with a fixed calendar.
3) Meanwhile I was hovering in the 2000s in GBL, without much hope to achieve Veteran any time soon, and still being forced to tank and go back up to get Rare Candies (because a 1-4 followed by a 4-1 gives 3 Rare Candies while two 3-2 sets give 0 Rare Candies).
4) I also realized that the "Go Battle League Pass" locked Elite TMs behind 900-950 battles per quarter, which amount to 20 monthly hours of GBL. At a $15 hourly salary that corresponds to $300 per month i.e. $3600 per year. Not sure if everyone realizes how much time/money it is.
5) At the end of March, the "Bronzor Cup" obviously added to the frustration level.
6) So the remote raiding kill (which not only meant I would have a hard time competing for the pokeraids Phantom Drafts, but also meant that walking to a gym locally, finding no one, and asking for remote help on Discord wouldn't be a possibility anymore) was just the cherry on top.
But these are just the final hits that made me realize there are many more unsolved issues in the game.

What really needs to be fixed

1) The biggest problem of all: This game more and more feels like a series of chores. Gift sending/opening, buddy hearts, Frustration/CDs/events that force you to do something specific at set dates/times... All these things make the game an obligation to play during certain times, and no longer a game that can be played on one's own terms and schedule.
2) Related but slightly different: Rarity goes from "impossible" to "too much of it" AND BACK in a matter of days. I'd spend months chasing a rare Pokémon (e.g. Togetic), only for there to be a 3-hour window where I'd get plenty of it. But if in those 3 hours my daughter's school organizes an event, I may miss 90% of that exclusive time window and go back to "impossible" rarity at the end of the event. It also made any buddy walking or egg hatching or spawn chasing feel useless, because the game now is mostly "play in the scheduled obligation time to get what you need".
3) Being force-fed event after events also deprives players of the time to explore "natural" spawns (which are bad anyway) or nests (which nobody reports anymore because it's pointless on many levels).
4) It's very hard to coordinate with other players. For years we had to just be lucky and bump into other players by chance, and then try to find the right third-party app for that particular community (Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord...). Campfire is too little, too late, and not available for everyone yet.
5) Most game incentives cater to rule violators (mostly spoofers, multiaccounters and account sharers). Raids must be in person? "We'll fly to it." Guaranteed XL from trades? "I don't need your help, I just do 100 daily trades with my baby account." Regional exclusives? "My sister is in New Zealand, if you want I can ask her to catch a Relicanth for you." Especially multiaccounters get a lot of the good stuff: a second account, even without significant work put into it, adds firepower to raids, especially with the Mega attack bonus, it is a better Pokémon transfer "sink" than Professor Willow, who almost never gives XL candy, while "trades" with the alt account are often guaranteed, and a second account of a different team can conveniently take out the demotivated gym placeholders for 50 guaranteed coins a day. I literally emigrated away from a country that implicitly tolerates rule violators. I'm now leaving a game that implicitly tolerates rule violators.
6) Raids have been broken since freaking 2017 and no fix is in sight. I'm referring to the extremely annoying bugs called phantom hits and boss health regeneration.
7) RNG is everywhere. Spawns are random, eggs are random, IVs are random, the number of XL candies is random, GBL encounters are random, raid bosses appear randomly, nests rotate randomly, raid rewards are random, quests are random, and so on and so on. Yes, that's what keeps players trying for more, and yes, in the long term many things even out, but it's still quite frustrating.
8) Many ways of wasting raid passes. People backing out at the last moment because there is no in-game communication channel (and because the number of needed trainers and the actual attacker effectiveness are being kept obscure by Niantic), inability to re-enter when the raid has expired, and the already mentioned raid bugs make raiding sometimes just a waste of time and raid passes.
9) The GBL reward structure incentivizes tanking. Giving rewards on the basis of how many matches have been won within a set instead of overall, coupled with matchmaking based instead on Elo and therefore (roughly) on overall match wins, pushes players to lose matches on purpose in order to win more when their Elo is artificially lower but rewards are higher because of Go Battle Days or just 4-1 being just so much better than 3-2, given the poor average quality of encounters.
10) Communication sucks. It's June 2023 and there is still no way a new player can figure out that at the end of each GBL season the star piece has to be activated before clicking on Battle. And the same goes for a lot of in-game mechanics that can only be figured out by reading a lot of posts here or by trial and error. In addition, often the official blog and even Niantic support give wrong information.

Minor problems

This above was enough to make me quit. But we also have some minor problems that would be nice to be solved because they are additional nuisances:
1) The gym system is stupid. Instead of being competitive (actual battles for gym control among the three teams, with appropriate rewards) or cooperative (before the 2017 gym "reform", players from the same team could "power up" a gym by "training" in a raid-like way), it is just a race to who gets the first 6 spots in an empty gym without any effort (or with variable effort only by the first player) and then hoping that someone from the opposing team kicks out your "defender" after more than 8 hours but possibly every day, but not from all gyms but only one gym a day. Or just multiaccounting (ToS violation) and do it all yourself.
2) Too much focus on Saturdays and Sundays. For me it's a major problem, but I can understand the reason. However I'm around more often Monday to Friday than on weekends, so it's annoying that CDs, raid days and special research events (which are by the way the shortest and the ones that shouldn't be missed) fall on days when I'm not so flexible.
3) Too many pointless time sinks. Pointless animations when fighting gyms, pointless 120-second lobby when soloing a low-tier raid, pointless animations for buddy feeding, pointless need for AR when AR is not functional to the game, pointless Rocket rewards screens, etc.


I hope that someone at Niantic reads half of what I've written, knowing that they have lost one of the (many, but few in percentage) people who have contributed to the growth of the awesome community around this game, and knowing that, if the game is kept in this "alpha-version" state, many other players will leave and move on to something less frustrating and more enjoyable.
I'm thankful to the Silph Road Team (moderators, scientists, researchers, and everyone else) and to the PoGoRaids Team (moderators, draft leaders, and everyone else) and to both TheSilphRoad and pogoraids communities because they have made this not-so-short phase of my playing life more enjoyable despite Niantic.
List of my most significant posts, i.e. my legacy, for those interested:
My "David vs. Goliath" challenges:
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2023.06.06 10:30 chaitea-ana cauliflower fried rice

cauliflower fried rice
shitty bcs how cauliflower makes my stomach feel 😭😭😭 also not that filling (if ur looking for that) but taste so good and will 100% be doing again - likely with scrambled tofu instead of egg
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2023.06.06 10:19 _Diamon_ Lots of banescale hatchlings for sale

Lots of banescale hatchlings for sale
Just had a big clutch of eggs hatch :) Here's my lair: feel free to check out my other sales as well!
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2023.06.06 09:19 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 cartoon creepypasta Richard the cockroach lost DVD he watches

when the Richard the cockroach DVD was great preety much then the green mist Lois the killer i knew more out of the world i went to big w i saw some amazing things fnaf plush kinder chocolate eggs and about 50 DVDs like moshi monsters the movie but i saw a weird DVD it was badly drawn picture of Richard i love Richard main character from the background and drives to my home
i pushed the DVD into my Xbox 360 the main menu had 2 episodes Grumpy Old Man and He Watches i had never of an episode seen that before then the DVD menu appeared the menu had 2 options was Play All and Special Features i was go to the play button the title card said He Watches on a picture of windows xp desktop it cut to the right picture of the the drunken clam Richard was delivering the spy a insect board game with a mantis toy he ran back to the kitchen he was scared to the death his eyes were red Richard was saying WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ME? he said tears of the blood quamire walked into the kitchen he asked Richard why are you crying WHY ARE YOU EVEN CRYING? Richard had told him HE'S WATCHING ME! that if Richard gone insane Richard turned into a demonic cockroach NO! I'M NOT LEAVING! YOU USE GET THE MONEY! he split quamire in 2 pieces the DVD ended it went back to the DVD menu i took the DVD i put it back in the case and never touched it again
he was later who wrote the DVD i saw news report that in mental hospital also put jail in security camera for other crimes
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2023.06.06 08:57 G_D_Ironside The last 48 hours of bladder snail egg growth and development, including hatching, in 1:42.

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2023.06.06 08:39 lianaalvarao Incredible Things to do in Vegas

Incredible Things to do in Vegas
Las Vegas, NV. Just mentioning the name of the community conjures up a pictorial image of dazzling neon lights, top-of-the-line resorts, and the myriad of casinos. Sporting a popular culture of being referred to as Sin City in movies like The Hangover, Las Vegas usually takes on a negative image. For more information on things to do in Vegas, Nevada's biggest city draws an estimated 36 million visitors per year. The majority of people assume the "party capital of the world" to be Las Vegas, but that's just one small slice of the Mojave Desert's nightlife.
Las Vegas is a city in southwestern Nevada whose name is For you 'the mechanic's village,' in Greek. Therefore, this was the location of much productive work, particularly with regards to the Hoover Dam Project.

Popular Attractions in Vegas

1. Neon Museum

Las Vegas's penchant for discarding things as soon as they become old, useless, or unprofitable often leads the city to demolish old buildings, but many of its historic neon signs have actually survived and been brought over to the Neon Museum to be saved. Book a tour to tour Las Vegas's historic sites and hear the tale of eccentric millionaires, long-lost landmarks, as well as other unbelievable individuals who made Las Vegas. If you like reading such blogs then check out things to do in las vegas on Lowest Flight Fares. On this site you will find blogs on fun things to do in las vegas, best things to do in vegas, free things to do in las vegas, things to do in las vegas strip, things to do in las vegas with kids, things to do in vegas during the day, things to do in vegas for couples, cheap things to do in vegas, things to do in las vegas for couples, things to do in vegas besides gamble, cheap things to do in las vegas, things to do in lake las vegas, things to do with toddlers in las vegas, things to do in vegas alone.

2. Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street's historic area of bars, restaurants, and casinos still happens to be an incredible place to have a good time. There's always continuing improvements to the place, with new additions being constantly made within, which keeps its wide variety of entertainment purposes alive and well. The prices are surprisingly low, making it a sensible option for everybody. The overhead canopy light and sound show voids the audio when well-known songs play, in addition to the surrounding light show. Most people move on though once an automated zipline breeze speeds things up. Wander the old one-halted Vegas to pick up a no wait beer for a safe scenic walk-through.

3. Caesars Palace

A visit to Caesars in Las Vegas is a last opportunity to experience the glamor of the old-school casino industry, and few downtown casinos can match it for setting. Take a chance at the tables there to get a few chips on your enormous gaming floor, take a dip in the remarkable Garden of the Gods pool, browse the Forum Shops, see a concert on the Colosseum stage, or just enjoy touring through the spacious halls while preparing for The Hangover. Also check out the Las Vegas Tour Guide for more information about this incredible city.

4. Dig This

Found a little farther away from the Strip than the Venetian, heavily wooded and open, is a heavy equipment playground where visitors can drive thick Tonka toys. You can choose a Caterpillar D5G bulldozer or a Caterpillar 315CL with an excavator, you can build large mounds and push oversized tanks.

5. Hoover Dam

The Great Depression-era construction that dammed the Colorado River and created Lake Mead, The Hoover Dam looms large in Las Vegas history and 726 feet high is the curving facade's striking aspect from any of the vantage points reported in the guides, boat tours, or flights from Lake Mead. It took nearly 20 years and 18,000 people to build the dam on the Colorado River, and it's definitely worth taking a look at the miles at its end.

6. Park Theater

Among the biggest entertainment trends today is the changing role of production halls, with changes in entertainment patterns prompting star entertainers and notable musicians to populate casino showrooms. Bestowing praise on their followers, performers which include Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, and Cher were among the stars who were regular tenants of the park theater. The venue seats approximately 5,200, and VIP seating offers patrons the option of hiring their own dedicated staff to handle their cocktail needs.

7. The Mob Museum

Comprised of one of a former courthouse building's former sections and an amphitheater where part of the Kefauver Hearings took place, this summit narrates stories of organized crime all over the world, and, particularly, in Las Vegas, where the Mafia ran its agenda with the help of law officials. Permanent exhibits feature a vintage electric-chair model, a fragment of the Saint Anthony hairdryer.
Valentine's Day featured a wall covered in Levine's Massacre , as well as a thrilling slot machine in a speakeasy exhibiting all alcoholic beverages. For an extra fee, you may participate in special adventures like the Crime Lab, the App Store Simulation of Firearms or a private tour of the area's diamond engagement ring distillery where you can purchase a glass of champagne.

8. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

When visitors to Las Vegas find out that The Grand Boulevard is actually 40 miles of wilderness situated near a metropolitan area, they're usually quite curious. After all, the city is home to canyons and mountains, which provide the type of hiking Las Vegas visitors enjoy living here. Visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where rock walls are lined with athletic hikers along classic trails and crevasse-ridden ravines feet in length lead to breathtaking foothills. Not into hiking? Go on a scenic, 13-mile loop in the park to catch a morning or sunset view of the surroundings without enduring the heat.

9. The Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena

Las Vegas has been in need of a professional sports team for many years, and the team was welcomed to the city in 2017, fulfilling the locals' longed-for wish for its arrival at that time. A remarkable trend brought by the team's debut was cemented in Las Vegas's hearts, and the tremendous support the team received nationwide and worldwide shows just how popular the group has become. If you live near Las Vegas throughout the NHL season, stop by the Strip-side T-Mobile Arena to catch a game. This is where the black and gold and the halftime show enjoy the game, attracting devoted fans. Outside of the NHL, it is hockey à la Las Vegas.

10. The Venetian Las Vegas

An attractive resort and amusement complex that provides gondola rides and elaborate d cor, the Venetian incorporates St. Mark's Square in its expansive indoor and outdoor models. Inside the central plaza, the scenery has Frommer's around the basin. Relax in deluxe comfort at The Venetian, as it has some of The Strip's largest suites and has numerous pools across a Romanesque garden.

11. The Peppermill

Unless you haven't been to Peppermill, you haven't really been to Las Vegas. The neon front of the Peppermill 24-hour diner pulsates with bright citron paint. It welcomes guests to sit down in velvet booths that are as savory as plates of eggs, hash browns, and piled-high fruit salads. The ending section of the Fireside Lounge is an enclosure that you could go to before or after your meal, and a lovely throwback to the 1970s, a time when disco was popular and disco balls were everywhere. Consume nacho chips and a 64oz Scorpion Bowl by a fire pit so you and your guests can get away from your guests, with the fire crackling just outside.

12. Pinball Hall of Fame

Arcade game enthusiasts should make a beeline most definitely for the Pinball Hall of Fame, a world famous for its dozens of outstanding pinball machines and vintage games that not even the most hip modern Mercedes-Benz vans can match. Bring your quarters.

13. Lake Las Vegas

Just 16 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Las Vegas has a massive selection of hotels, golf courses, restaurants, entertainment, outdoor recreation and water activities. The lake is safe for stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, fly fishing, and rowing. Take a boat cruise or a dragon boat race, then tie up on the shore for ground concerts in spring, summer, and fall.

14. The Bellagio Conservatory

Part of the reason Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is such a great place for free outings is that it constantly refreshes its garden and grounds. Piling up vegetation in the 24-hour gardens will present you with an opportunity to check out a spectacular botanical display that includes a stunning combination of plants. It's akin to a miniature Disneyland for plant enthusiasts.

15. High Roller Observation Wheel

This is the largest observation wheel in the world and has one of the most magnificent views of the skyline on the outskirts of it. Take a 360-degree spin 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip or go for a 4D mix. Do you want to heighten your experience? Book your ride and enable the Happy Half Hour.

16. Mandalay Bay Beach

The National Museum of the Aztecs is a great place to visit in Las Vegas when in the warm sunlight. This center also features the tropical Mandalay Bay Beach, where lively activities will keep the whole family entertained. Three poolside bars are located near three bondways, each of which is lined by seating beach bungalows covered with numerous pillows.

17. Ferraro's Restaurant & Wine Bar

A favorite with local LV natives, Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar has been serving up fine Italian cuisine for over three decades. The establishment honors a southern Italian heritage with unique dishes featuring house-made pasta, high-grade meats and unique produce from private farms. Paired with a stunning wine list to complement your beautiful tastes, your sommelier will tailor your dining experience to your taste. Ferraro s is a fantastic option for you going out.

18. Spa at The Linq

Head to Spa at the Linq before a return trip to Sin City to effectively replenish yourself from distressing experiences from the night before. Make yourself comfortable, choose your own tunes, or even let the spa staff select an ideal fragrance combination for those struggling with pain. The spa-like Himalayan salt cave is the number one tourist attraction here. Features that help ease allergies and congestion are contained here, too.

19. Las Vegas Springs Preserve

The spa-like Himalayan salt cave is the number one tourist attraction here. Features that help ease allergies and congestion are contained here, too. The Springs of Las Vegas are known as the location of the birth of the Nevada urban area. Plenty of things to see and do in the vicinity make it worth visiting for a day. Children, bike rentals, and the Nevada State Museum are especially popular.

20. The Fountains of Bellagio

Tourists to Las Vegas go out of their way to witness the Bellagio signature dancing fountains. The fountains covering several acres are located near the hotel. MUSIC gets the water running every 30 minutes and a few times of day at night. Not just free of cost, this outstanding fountain has been immortalized by the production of Ocean s Eleven.

21. The National Atomic Testing Museum

Bear in mind that throughout the 1950s, a lot of individuals were strolling towards the street until The Strip, still watching their wild mushroom cloud pictures. The history of the development of America's nuclear weapons program is mesmerizing and horrifying. Ironically enough, Las Vegas was where lots of it happened. A visit to this wide collection of uniquely interesting stuff should most definitely be included on your Place To Get Lost list.
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2023.06.06 08:01 Potential-Row-4876 Vegetarian Food options in Istanbul

Hey guys,
I'm traveling to Turkey and looking for vegetarian fine dining restaurants in Istanbul/Goreme/Kayseri and/or Vegetarian street food (s) / food spots.
(Vegetarian indicates diary is ok, fish/eggs are not ok, meat is not ok)
Would also love to know about eggless cake options in Istanbul.
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2023.06.06 07:51 Frost_Bullet Trading these! I also have these for 1 cracked egg: snow puma, beaver, ox, parakeet

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2023.06.06 07:51 Frost_Bullet Trading these! I also have these for 1 cracked egg: snow puma, beaver, ox, parakeet

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2023.06.06 07:50 Frost_Bullet Trading these! I also have these for 1 cracked egg: snow puma, beaver, ox, parakeet

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2023.06.06 07:47 StressEquivalent2002 Testing it out!! ♥️♥️

I cracked my egg yesterday after 4 years of not being able to admit to myself that I am, indeed, trans. I stumbled upon a name that I had an instant connection with, and I'm having a mix of euphoric/dysphoric thoughts. Please give it a test run! (I will say, this is a burner account so I won't be able to respond, but any tips on how to accept and feminize myself even more is welcome. I'm currently not able to come out, and have been struggling with accepting myself. I think I have some religious trauma and this is all very new..)
Hiiii! My name is Veronica, or Ronnie for short!! I'm a transfem gal that recently had her egg crack. My favorite colors are deep cherry red, dark forest green, mud brown, bright yellow, and a mix between pink and purple. I love videogames, art, music, Dungeons & Dragons,(tabletop games in general) and fashion.. anything artistic and relating to the imagination! Idrk how to define my style, I guess it'd be a mix of goth/hippie/grunge/with some western hints. My favorite videogames are RDR1/2, Cyberpunk 2077, Stalker, Skyrim, Metro Exodus series, Beacon Pines, and Night in the Woods! (ik, all very stereotypical of me lol!!)
I hope y'all beautiful ladies are having wonderful and amazing days/nights. I'm still learning, but I'm glad that I'm finally trying to love and accept myself despite my doubts. We'll see where this journey takes me.
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