Prince avenue football quarterback

Joining the Optic DT train.

2023.06.09 20:20 lancenee Joining the Optic DT train.

Joining the Optic DT train.
I am adding to the run on DT's from Optic. At this point I am pretty sure it his more difficult to hit a Rookie Kings.
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2023.06.09 18:32 i_Dabble_In_Stocks Looking to Downsize my PC

Looking to Downsize my PC
I PC ravens and Ravens Memoribilia.
Anybody interested let me know.
Marquise Brown is numbered 7/10
Chris Moore is numbered 98/199
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2023.06.09 18:15 yohceezax Sacred Symbols, Episode 258 I Feel Summer Creepin' In

The PlayStation Showcase left many fans disenchanted, but can Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest deliver some positive energy? It turns out that yes, it certainly can. Spider-Man 2 now has a release date, Prince of Persia, Sonic, and Like A Dragon are all getting new entries, known titles like Mortal Kombat 1, Witchfire, Remnant 2, Lies of P, and Banishers all look great, and new IP were revealed and elaborated on, too, like Toxic Commando and Sandland. Let's catch up on all of that, plus much more from the week, including Final Fantasy VII Rebirth details, NCAA Football licensing issues, Octopath Traveler 2's solid sales, and more. Then, let's wrap things up with listener inquiries, as we're wont to do here on Sacred. When do we know it's time to abandon a game? Is Spider-Man 2's map too big? Why hasn't anime fully captured Colin? Did a man named Mark really kill the Vita?
Patreon Video
Patreon Audio
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2023.06.09 16:49 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Rundown June 9th - 11th

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here:


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.06.09 16:48 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Roundup 6/9-11

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here:


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.06.09 15:18 Ben5544477 Do you think these two professional athletes I know look a lot like these two celebrities?

Here are two athletes whp I feel like look a lot like two celebrities:
1. Carson Wentz - American Football player
Prince Harry - the British Prince guy
  1. Carlos Alcaraz - Profesional Tennis Player
Taylor Lautner - actor
Everytime I see these two professional athletes I think of the two celebrities right away. Do they look a lot like the celebrities to you?
There's some other athletes I think look like celebrities too, but these seem to stick out the most to me.
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2023.06.09 14:49 lunchboxthegoat 99 players / 99 days: #78 Bruce Smith - Virginia Tech

Counting down to the beginning of the season I'm going to attempt to post one player per day for the last 99 matching the days left to their jersey number. The players will be random. Use this thread to celebrate and Talk About Some Guystm
Bruce Smith did not play football until his sophomore year of high school. By the time he graduated he was all state. By the time he finished at Virginia Tech - he would change the position forever. He was 6'4" - 275lbs and ran like a linebacker. He made pass rushing an art. Even though sacks were not an official NCAA Stat until 2000 - Bruce Smith was one of the all-time greats at sacking the quarterback. He had 22 sacks during 1983 - his junior year - and was named a first team All-American. He followed that up with a senior season that resulted in him being named a first team All-American a second time and winning the Outland Trophy. During his time in Blacksburg he amassed 71 tackles behind the line of scrimmage (46 would be considered sacks).
After his incredible run at Virginia Tech he went onto be #1 overall pick in 1985 and have an equally legendary NFL career. He was an 8 time first team all pro, 2 time second team, 2 time defensive player of the year, 11 time pro bowler, a member of the 1980 and 1990 NFL all decade team and part of the 100th anniversary all-time team. He had 19 NFL seasons where he finished with 1+ sack and 13 where he had at least 10. He is still the all time NFL Sack leader with 200 over a 19 year career.
He was named to ESPNs 25 man All-Time All American team in 2019. He was inducted into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. In 2005 he was elected to the State of Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. He was elected to the college football hall of fame in 2006, in 2008 he was inducted into the Buffalo Bills Wall of fame and in 2009 he was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009, his first year of eligibility. In 2016 his #78 was retired by the Buffalo Bills.
Bruce cheesin
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2023.06.09 14:25 SpatialOmenz 2 VIRTUAL and in-person job fairs in June

Fort Gregg-Adams Club
Building 9009, Battle Drive via Gregg Avenue
Virtual JOB SEEKERS: Registration
Partial listing of exhibitors includes - Transition Assistance Program-Fort Gregg-Adams, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Careers, City of Richmond Emergency Management, Cranemasters, Henrico County Fire Department, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), Prince William-Manassas Regional ADC, Resource Management Concepts VIRTUAL, The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Virginia Army National Guard, Virginia Employment Commission (Tri-Cities), Walmart, Virginia Department of Transportation, PLUS more pending.
Continue to visit the website for NEW company updates.
If you do not have a CAC card, you must visit the Visitor Control Center Building (Dukes Building, 500 Gregg Ave., Bldg 5228, Zip 23801) to request a day pass.)

UMW-Dahlgren Campus
4224 University Drive (next to Wal-mart)
Located minutes from Dahlgren Naval Base, 10 min. Southern MD, 30 min. Fredericksburg, 1 hr. Richmond, 1+ hr. D.C.
Virtual JOB SEEKERS: Registration
Partial listing of exhibitors includes - Amentum …Baltimore City Police … BCI (Basic Commerce and Industries) VIRTUAL… / Intelligence Careers .. Chesterfield Fire Recruitment… Maryland Department of Labor Veterans Program … JobZone … Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) ... Kitty Hawk Technologies … Prince William-Manassas Regional ADC … Resource Management Concepts (RMC) … Re$ume Xpert VIRTUAL … SimVentions … Spalding Consulting …Tekla Research … The Institute for Applied Learning and Research … Virginia Army National Guard … PLUS more pending.
Continue to visit the website for NEW company updates.

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2023.06.09 12:27 AlexRD19 T-Bird 🕊️ (STB ⭐️✊🏿) was walking in Hyde Park when someone in a passing vehicle opened fire, he shot back but he was hit in his stomach, he died at the hospital

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2023.06.09 09:05 wiccanova 21 championships in 22 years… dont think ive had an athelete run this good before

21 championships in 22 years… dont think ive had an athelete run this good before
this one somehow with no sports talent too?
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2023.06.09 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion 💬 Friday

This thread is for general football discussion and a place to ask quick questions.
Quick links:
New to PSG? Read our Quickstart guide
New to football? Recommended video
How to Change my Flair
PSG news source reliability
Bored? Discover PSG's supporters guide
Learn about our notable players
Answers about tickets, Parc des Princes, contact
Have a read of our FAQ
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2023.06.09 06:03 burnt_toast808 30 [F4R] Taiwan - Friendship or can I really find the one on the internet?

Let's go on a textual adventure were I reveal a bit of me and you sit back and relax. I've got Taylor Swift's Lavender Haze playing and it's your time to feel good in your skin with me.
As a writer I've been stumped for a week but I think I put something good together to start things off, so I hope you enjoy my poem, Just:
Just a glimpse, just taste Sample me with that fever Sample me with that forever Just a glimpse, just taste Got to lock me up cause I can't get enough Can't stand it, this goes down deep, way too real, way too much for me Just a little bit drives my heart crazy You got me forgetting what drugs are You're pure stardust and I'd snort you like concaine, so insane Lock me up cause I can't get enough Sample me with that fever Sample me with that forever Nothing compares no, nothing Do we stop before we get started? We're both open for it, but I don't know Am I prepared for winter Can I be your soldier Am I gonna wanna quit you, but fight myself cause I can't It's always messy when I get involved Is this something more evolved Cause Ive only had a taste and it hints at yes Beyond compare And oh so rare What's enough for a love junkie Could you hold me down when I'm a wreck Can we keep it on track and stack all this potential to something real Truthfully I'm already addicted to the dream of it It's in your eyes And all it took was a kiss .............
My favorite childhood memory in America was walking around the mall with my single mother and spotting at the center kiosk a bunch of Pickachu stuff animals as big as me and my mother buying me one. Do you remember the early 2000s and collecting Pokémon cards?
I don't know if I shouldn't have but now I have a collection of faces of people I like that I've met on reddit. Funny how things change as you get older...
But I still love cotton candy all the same...
You know I don't think it has to be so hard. If you're struggling and reading this, you know you're ahead of the curveball right? Everything you survived made you stronger and more deserving of love, so please try not to have regrets. You're going to remember your mistakes and that shit hurts, but never stop loving yourself. No, never. The world is already harsh, so don't go being your worst critic anymore. It's cliche, but true, who can love you if you don't love yourself...
We're strangers, but don't have to stay strangers. Hi, I'm Rin or Rinnie. I'm kind of awkward at first, but so sweet, I think you're going to.want to hold on. Im Black and Taiwanese. There's internal debate if I'm curvy or built like a football player (quarterback). Either way I'm strong and definitely up to helping you move anytime, all I ask is some pizza in return. I'm currently sporting electric blue hair, but blue is not my favorite color. I don't have a favorite color, lol. Oh I'm not straight, I'd give everyone over 21 a chance. Politics Smolitics. You believe in equal rights. Abortion clinics. Feminism. BLM. Global Warming. Then we'd get along...
So the elephant in the room, lol, my last post went kinda viral or at least was awarded and I received more messages then I could go through. Like the problem was my reddit updated and I missed like 300 messages a week after the fact. I'm incredibly thankful and grateful, and happy so many people reached out, but because I was late some people deleted their account or something before I could respond. And still as you know the nature of this, people come and go even if I reached them, and that part sucks. But the beginning is always fun and beautiful...
Kind of a contradiction though right. 4 years and I'm still at this, but I'm saying if you're the right potential friend or lover, you ain't going to want to let go? Someone told me maybe the one for me just hasn't used reddit yet which reminds me of this movie TiME, about that concept...
Who knows maybe I'm best kept as a fairytale or a dream girl. So far I've been too far to commit to or too poor. And that's just the truth of the matter. I'm disabled and if we were to meet up, you'd likely have to buy the place ticket
🤷‍♀️ Feels really weird to say that on a post, but mine as well get that out of the way...
Because of that difficulty I'm more so looking for long distant friends to message, definitely voice chat, and why not video...
If you really wanna try love, I need to be comfortable too... I'm low maintenance, don't wear make up, dress in leggings allll the time. I basically dress like I'm ready to work out whenever 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️...
And that's all I actually do besides sleeping, and I'm maintaining my weight. All 230 pounds of me...
I probably shouldn't say this, and it's kind of intense but I gladly be a criminal and go to jail if I get to murder pedophiles. Then I'd never be bored. Be so cool if that's all I did cause they shouldn't get to breathe, don't you agree? So this when I reveal I'm an atheist cause hell is too good for them. They'd still exist 🤡
Anyway is covid over? Do you still wear a mask when you go out? If you read this far let's be shallow and include your height in your message 😂 I'm teasing, I rather you speak your mind on something than list hobbies, but whatever you want, I'm not picky...
Edit: words
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2023.06.09 02:40 biggusdickus2117 American football related question, what do you do if you cant hear the quarterback call the snap if you play centre?

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2023.06.09 01:42 alexfrankone 4 Reasons Why I Am No Longer A College Football Fan (Essay)

1. Teams are joining “better” conferences not necessarily because it’s better for the student-athletes, but for media exposure and more money.
-USC and UCLA are joining the Big Ten. In my opinion, this makes no sense. It’s not better for the student athletes in terms of familiarity by being unable to play schools within a few hours of them by a bus ride. The athletes have to spend extra hours on a plane for all of their away games that could be spent studying or resting, and will have to play in a time zone that is at least two or three hours ahead of them while being at least 1,000 miles away from their school. Texas and Oklahoma are joining the SEC. In my opinion, it is not as outrageous as the USC & UCLA situation because the SEC schools are closer in distance to those schools, but those schools are also joining the best college football conference mostly for the money and media exposure. And more schools do want to follow in their footsteps- there are rumors that California and Arizona want to join the Big 12 from Pac-12, as well as seven ACC schools looking to cancel their media contract with ESPN, which runs through 2035-36. The Pac-12, Big 12 and ACC could likely dissolve.
2. College athletes are getting the perks of being a professional athlete through NIL (Name, Image, Likeness). This means that college athletes are now allowed to endorse products for a profit.
-The perks of being a professional athlete are earned- by proving you can compete with the best by performing at the highest level. Only 1,696 people every year can have the perks of being a professional football player- and every single one has earned it through their talent. Choosing where to attend college is a big decision that should not be taken lightly for any high school senior. When they’re presented with an opportunity to make millions at a college, they will be easily swayed by the financial distractions rather than what is best for them. High school senior football players will now choose colleges based on where they can get the most money and media attention, rather than where they can get the best education and what colleges are good for their major or career path. This is in case that dream of playing the NFL doesn’t work out. And realistically, the dream will most likely not work out, so it’s best to have a Plan B in case Plan A fails.
3. College football players are now being treated like NFL players by the NCAA. There is a HUGE difference between what's expected as a STUDENT compared to being an EMPLOYEE, since they are as different as night and day.
-Talent- The NFL is completely different than college football in almost every way- because every NFL roster consists of those in the top 0.1% of American football players on Earth, while NCAA Division 1 football consists of the top 2.9% of high school American football players. These men are between the ages of 22 and 40. In college, the men are between the ages of 18 and 23.
-Playbooks/Schemes- College playbooks are usually curated to fit the needs of their Heisman-caliber quarterback or running back. In the NFL, playbooks and schemes require a greater time studying the playbook as well as film. In the NFL, having a star quarterback or running back isn’t enough to make a team nationally recognized- there needs to be talent from all 11 players, offense, and defense. Plus, there are always new schemes being installed in playbooks- and they are usually complex, so you will most likely be doing something wrong, even when you think you know what you’re doing.
-Lifestyle- Succeeding as an NFL player requires hard work and discipline on a whole different level than a college football player. One must know going in that they are getting paid millions of dollars to perform on the field. Dieting, working out, studying the playbook, avoiding posting inappropriate things on social media, maintaining a strong attitude and work ethic, and conducting yourself both on and off the field is what determines your success at the highest level. Also, the speed of the game in NFL is much faster paced than it is in college football. These players will injure you if you are not ready. And even if you are ready, you will most likely suffer a serious injury that will affect your body for the rest of your life.
-In the NFL, there is absolutely no room for silly mistakes when you have millions of fans watching you- whether fans are sitting in the stadium or on the couch at home. Fans are counting are you to make a difference to their favorite team, and if you don’t, you are not only looked down upon to your team, but the fans as well.
4. It is ruining the tradition of college football.
-There will be a 12-team playoff system in NCAA football coming within the next few years, which sounds similar to the NFL, only the NFL has 14 team playoffs and not 12.
-For about a century, college football had bowl games instead of playoffs. Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl- these bowl games may still exist, but will not be as exciting as they may have lower-ranked teams competing while the best teams go into the playoffs. It’s also possible that these bowl games will be no more.
-We may no longer see rivalries such as USC-Stanford, UCLA-Cal Berkeley, Texas-Texas Tech, and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, all of which have been played almost every year since the 1930’s.
Any thoughts? Feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.09 01:40 ogreatgames NFL Blitz 20-03: Action-Packed Football - Xbox Game

NFL Blitz 20-03: Action-Packed Football - Xbox Game

![video](hlg00zgu9c591 " With faster gameplay, quicker turbo meters, and some teams from the NFL, this is an action-packed football game you can't afford to miss. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xbox #football #sports --
NFL Blitz 20-03 for Microsoft Original Xbox. Play as NFL superstars and compete against the best teams the NFL has to offer. Select one from incredible teams, each with its own playbook and quarterback. Customize your character, including name and abilities. Take your team through a season in pursuit of the title. Get ready to bring the pain with new defensive moves like never before to dominate your opponents. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.09 00:00 ogreatgames NCAA Football 08: Remarkable College Football Experience - PS2 Game

![video](fitp9dy75b591 " The time is now to find your team and make your mark on college football. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #football #sports --
NCAA Football 08 for Sony PlayStation 2. Experience the college football world like never before with NCAA Football 08. Become the quarterback, wide receiver, and more of past college NCAA teams and lead them to victory. Experience the highs and lows of the college gridiron with the some of the most intense gameplay to date. Play through dynasty mode and aim for extreme victory. Hear the roar of the crowd and aim to win with touch down after touch down in the marvelous NCAA Football 08. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.08 23:29 ImaMasterDebator Good evening Boston, I am back with a list of things to do this weekend, June 8th - 11th

Here's my list for this weekend, enjoy and be yourself at Pride this weekend. WGBH has a very comprehensive pride calendar here. I'm sure there is plenty I missed so please add it down below.
At popular request you can now get this as a newsletter. Sign up and maybe one day I'll be able to afford Dunkin' more than twice a week.


Randy Feltface Comedy Show @ The Wilbur @ 7:30PM
The Wood Brothers @ Roadrunner @ 7:30PM *Shovels & Rope
PIXIES @ MGM Music Hall @ 6:45PM *With Fran's Ferdinand & Bully
Phony PPL @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
KayCyy @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM
Hot 8 Brass Band @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8PM
Trap Karaoke @ Big Night Live @ 8PM


Pride at the Museum @ MFA @ 5PM The MFA is celebrating Pride Month with a series of special Spotlight Talks to help raise awareness and uplift the voices of LGBTQIA+ communities.
‘The Watermelon Woman’ Screening @ MFA @ 7PM Don’t miss the chance to see this landmark of queer cinema on the big screen!
National Youth Film Festival @ Harvard Art Museums @ 6PM ‘Do It Your Damn Self!’ is the country’s longest-running youth film festival where you can catch the works of promising teen filmmakers
Tina Fey & Amy Poehler @ MGM Music Hall @ 7PM / 10PM
Ross Mathews Live @ The Wilbur @ 7:30PM Ross Mathews is one of the most in-demand media personalities, having worked on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ just to name a few.
Sam Bush @ Hanover Theatre @ 8PM The mandolin/fiddle/guitar-playing icon performs live at the Hanover!
Young the Giant @ Leader Bank Pavilion @ 7PM *With Milky Chance
Jay Wheeler @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Summer Salt @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Rio Romeo @ Brighton Music Hall @ 5PM
Emo Night Brooklyn @ Brighton Music Hall @ 10PM
Gimme Gimme Disco @ Big Night Live @ 9PM


New England Revolution vs Inter Miami CF @ Gillette Stadium @ 7:30PM
Boston Pride Parade and Festival @ 11AM *Organized by Boston Pride For The People
Fenway Porchfest @ 12PM Now in its fourth year, Fenway Porchfest provides a unique opportunity to see musicians perform on the steps, plazas, parks, and parking lots of the neighborhood.
Gospel Night @ Symphony Hall @ 8PM This annual celebration with the Boston Pops and Boston Pops Gospel Choir features Grammy-award winning vocalist Smokie Norful!
Charlotte Klein Dance Center @ Hanover Theatre @ 11AM Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the nationally renowned dance academy with performances by its best students.
Bryan Adams @ TD Garden @ 7:30PM *With Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Fonseca @ Boch Center Shubert Theatre @ 8PM
John Mellencamp @ Boch Center Wang Theatre @ 8PM
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue @ Leader Bank Pavilion @ 7PM
Temples @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Tumblr Night @ Brighton Music Hall @ 8PM *Presented by Fangirl Fantasy
Pride Party @ Roadrunner @ 8PM Boston’s Biggest Pride Dance Party returns with an iconic lineup featuring Baby Tate & COBRAH, and Detox.
Sapphic Nights - PRIDE @ House of Blues @ 9PM
Chris Lake @ Big Night Live @ 9:30PM


Queer Family Festival @ BCA Plaza Theatres @ 11AM This festival showcases family centered and queer friendly vendor expo, performances, interactive play stations, discussions, drag story hours, and more.
‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Screening @ Coolidge Corner Theatre @ 1PM The epic of all epics, David Lean’s ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ presented in 70mm!


THURSDAY & FRIDAY - Rick Steves’ Europe: A Symphonic Journey @ 8PM This Boston Pops performance combines Europe's most stirring Romantic-era anthems with beautiful high-definition cinematography and Rick Stevens' insights into European history.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY - Sound Baths with Guadalupe Maravilla @ ICA Join artist Guadalupe Maravilla and other sound healers for an hour-long sound bath at the ICA Watershed.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY - ‘Boogie Nights’ Screening @ Coolidge Corner Theatre For the first time, see Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Boogie Nights’ in 70mm, struck from the original 1997 camera negative!
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Kevin James Stand Up @ The Wilbur @ 7PM
All weekend - Cirque du Soleil: Corteo @ Agganis Arena Cirque du Soleil’s latest production is a unique show where tragedy meets wisdom and reality blends with magic.
All weekend - 'Evita' Opera @ Loeb Drama Center @ 7:30PM Inspired by the real life of the iconic Eva Perón, this Tony-award winning rock opera is remastered and back on stage after much anticipation!

Ongoing events

Ongoing - Musical Shows @ MoS Planetarium Museum of Science puts on special experiences adapting the music of Coldplay, Rihanna, Pink Floyd, and Prince to immersive visuals in the Charles Hayden Planetarium
Ongoing - ‘Wedding Fashion and Traditions Exhibition @ MFA NEW - The exhibition explores the origins and development of wedding customs in the United States through fashion, jewelery, and photography.
Ongoing - 'E.Jane: Drenched in Light' Exhibition @ MFA E. Jane's work explores the labor and inner lives of Black women and the future of Blackness and queerness.
Ongoing - ‘Otherworldy Realms of Wu Junyong’ Exhibition @ MFA Inspired by Chinese folklore and Greek mythology, Wu Junyong’s mixed-media works seamlessly blend diverse historical traditions with his contemporary experience to express human emotions, conflicts, and aspirations that transcend time and borders.
Ongoing - 'Touching Roots' Exhibition @ MFA This exhibition traces narratives of Blackness across the Atlantic world by bringing together work from artists who absorbed and reinterpreted African artistic practices, sacred customs, and cultural expressions.
Ongoing - 'Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence' Exhibition @ MFA The exhibition explores Katsushika Hokusai's impact during his lifetime and beyond. More than 100 woodblock prints, paintings, and illustrated books by Hokusai are on view alongside about 200 works by his teachers, students, rivals, and admirers.
Ongoing - 'Who Holds Up the Sky' Exhibition @ MFA Organized in partnership with a Ukrainian NGO, this exhibition presents the work of artists who have been documenting the war—providing testimony of Russia’s crimes and a glimpse into many Ukrainian citizens’ lives.
Ongoing - 'María Berrío: The Children’s Crusade' Exhibition @ ICA Innovative, unique, and touching, María Berrío's work is a blend of watercolor painting and collaging inspired by poetry, folklore, and realms of magic and how these elements are woven into our reality.
Ongoing - Simone Leigh Exhibition @ ICA Simone Leigh’s landmark masterpieces from the 2022 Venice Biennale are now on view along her other key works.
Ongoing - ‘American Art from the Spanish Empire’ Exhibition @ Harvard Art Museums The exhibition showcases Spanish colonial paintings from South America and the Caribbean and reflects on the colonial past of the America’s and the role of art in imperialism.
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2023.06.08 22:27 Willing_4345 Football Head Coach 23 Mod APK
Create your own franchise and start your career as the coach of the team! Lead your favorite players and manage your entire roster with custom tactics and formations that show your own play style. WIN THE BOWL IN THIS CASUAL FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE 🏆 - Through a sophisticated and robust simulation engine, manage your team in a league and the playoffs against other coaches in this truly unique multiplayer competition and claim the bowl! PLAY WITH YOUR FAVORITE TEAMS 🏈 - Unlock all the players including the most famous ones and create the perfect roster to win every game! - Need a new Quarterback or Running Back? Visit the player market now and make a bid for the next star of your franchise. BE IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING 🔥 - As the Head Coach you will be able to manage your team tactics, be able to surprise your opponents each game and score a touchdown. - Use all the well known formations in American Football or try a crazy combination to have the edge for the next down! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT 🏈 - Play the special Quick match game mode to test new formations and tactics to see how they fit your team. - Train your players every day to make sure they are at their best for the next match!
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2023.06.08 21:43 blown2smithereens My switch to a 4-2-5 defense and the career of my favorite player of my NCAA 14 history

A few months ago I cranked up the difficulty sliders and started a new dynasty file with a goal in mind: experimenting on defense. For years I have worked with offensive playbooks altering audibles, formation subs, and crazy formations, but always kept it simple running standard 4-3 defenses. A base 4-2-5 defense is by no means 'crazy' but it does afford me an opportunity to work with unique personnel and fun blitz packages. As a Buffalo Bills fan, the versatility of the safeties and the coverage skills of the linebackers in this formation was something that I undoubtedly looked towards as inspiration in my teambuilding and recruiting strategy with a college team. Implementing the 4-2-5 into my arsenal is where I was able to recruit and play with my favorite player thus far: Kevin Dodds, SS #8.
For those who might not be familiar, base defenses are typically labeled by the number of defensive linemen followed by the number of linebackers. Some of the most common base defenses are the 3-4 (three d-linemen and four linebackers) and the 4-3 (four d-linemen and three linebackers). A 4-2-5 differs in that it maintains the pass-rushing benefits of the four linemen with a boost in coverage by sacrificing a linebacker for an additional secondary defender. A common downfall of the 4-2-5 is a struggle stopping the run because typically an outside linebacker can tackle better than a secondary defender. Sometimes the fifth secondary defender is a nickel corner, but in NCAA 14 that fifth defender is the backup strong safety. The 4-2-5 formation has that second strong safety acting as a hybrid-type player in the box, close to the line of scrimmage.
The key principles behind the defense are being fast and physical. Some key personnel characteristics are as follows:
I encountered Kevin Dodds in either the first or second season of the dynasty. He was a 200 pound, 5'-11" four star recruit at the strong safety position with an overall in the mid-to high 70s. The dude had speed like a running back, strength like an offensive lineman, and tackling and block shedding skills like a defensive end.
It was early in the dynasty of a one star school so the existing talent around him was far from ideal. I decided to redshirt him his true freshman year and dedicated lots of recruiting capital to filling out the defense around him over the next couple of seasons. Dodds immediately stormed the scene of college football and asserted himself as one of the premiere defensive players - at any position - in the country. Initially, most of his time on the field was while the defense was in its base 4-2-5 coverage as a hybrid safety, but as the coaching staff learned how to utilize his strengths the defensive playbook evolved to showcase him.
The dollar 3-2-6 formation was utilized more when necessary and a formation sub put Dodds in the fourth cornerback spot behind the left defensive end. This position keeps him near the line of scrimmage to disrupt any potential running plays, but it also includes a wide variety of DB blitz packages. Dodds thrived in this formation in particular on obvious passing downs in the NCAA Blitz series of play calls, which has man coverage, cover 2, and cover 3 variations. Whether or not his blitz was disguised didn't matter. He had the speed to evade the offense's right tackle and the block shedding and strength to get past any half back in pass protection.
A bit later in his career, after a couple of off-seasons in which he could continue to be in the weight room gaining strength, the coaching staff got creative and subbed him into the 5-2 formation as the right defensive end. This effectively allowed him to play this formation in a three point stance in the 9-tech, although the right defensive end does assume coverage responsibilities in the flats in cover 2 and cover 3. A huge benefit of this formation allows him to set the edge on outside run plays when a slower, traditional edge would have a tougher time.
In all defensive sets he was afforded the chance to be on the field as a pash rushing, run stuffing, havoc wreaking disrupter. Run heavy offenses were stifled by the crowded box of the 4-2-5, not knowing which defenders would blitz and which would drop into coverage. Quarterbacks couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough to evade the rush of the 5-2, particularly the 5-2 Pinch which sent the OLB as described above blitzing alongside the five linemen. When offenses tried to spread the field by adding wide receivers: good luck. The dollar formation assigned Dodds to the tight end, the running back, or the slot receiver who he was more than capable of covering. In a pinch, many plays in the formation sent him on a blitz towards an overloaded offensive line. Even in quarter formation the strong safety lurks in the box near the middle linebacker and can control the pace of the opponent with an occasional blitz or short yard zone coverage near the line of scrimmage.
Dodds made a huge impact as a redshirt freshman, leading the team to one of the best statistical defenses in the country and joining Charles Woodson by winning the triple crown for defensive backs: the Bednarik, the Nargurski, and the Thorpe awards.
His sophomore season was cut short due to injury, but during that time the defense around him really started to take shape. He sprang right back into shape his junior season and won the Thorpe and Bednarik awards.
Halfway through his senior season he set the school record for career sacks and continues to build upon that record to the point in which it seems insurmountable. He also holds the NCAA record for the most number of sacks by an individual in a single game. He is a finalist for many of the same defensive awards he won in years past and is looking to cement himself as the greatest defensive back in all of college football late in his senior season, leading his team to an undefeated record with hopes of the national championship game.
Kevin Dodds is likely the greatest player I have ever developed in my time as a coach in NCAA 14. I had never prioritized ‘hard hitting’ safeties before installing and building around a 4-2-5 defense, so I had never been able to coach into action formations with incredible defensive back blitzes.
I hope reading this reminds you all why NCAA 14 is the greatest sports video game of all time. After a decade of playing this game on and off I still find myself returning with more to learn and more to experiment with. Thank you to those who took the time to read this and follow the career of Kevin Dodds and my journey through a custom defensive playbook.

Kevin Dodds, Senior (RS) - Player Skills
OVR: 98 SPD: 95 ACC: 99 AGI: 83 AWR: 99 TAK: 94 MCV: 80 ZCV: 82 PRC: 85 HPW: 89 CTH: 78 PUR: 96 STR: 80 PCV: 84 BSH: 93
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2023.06.08 21:24 Infamous-Advisor6007 🐗Former Hogs QB Matt Jones Blasts New SEC Football Format

Matt Jones doesn’t like the direction SEC football is headed. The former Arkansas quarterback voiced his disapproval last week about the conference’s new format that will follow the admission of Oklahoma and Texas into the league.
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2023.06.08 20:20 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 78. Navy

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
Anchors aweigh, my boys, anchors aweigh
Farewell to foreign shores, we sail at break of day, of day
Through our last night ashore, drink to the foam
Until we meet once more, here's wishing you a happy voyage home
Navy is one of the oldest football programs in the country, having fielded their first team in 1879. With that comes a history of excellence, as it should with the Navy, who as a program is top 25 in all-time wins for FBS schools, has 2 Heisman winners, and a national title in 1926. Quarterback Roger Staubach, known as “Captain America”, was the winner of the 1963 Heisman and is an NFL Hall of Famer, the only QB in history to achieve both feats.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 2015: 19. Navy: 11-2 (25.276) 2. 2019: 19. Navy: 11-2 (24.894) 3. 2009: 28. Navy: 10-4 (13.712) 4. 1996: 28. Navy: 9-3 (8.642) 5. 2013: 42. Navy: 9-4 (7.584) 6. 2004: 31. Navy: 10-2 (6.282) 7. 2010: 41. Navy: 9-4 (4.625) 8. 2016: 47. Navy: 9-5 (3.576) 9. 2008: 44. Navy: 8-5 (3.107) 10. 2006: 42. Navy: 9-4 (2.051) 11. 2014: 53. Navy: 8-5 (-0.393) 12. 2005: 45. Navy: 8-4 (-2.572) 13. 1997: 51. Navy: 7-4 (-3.492) 14. 2007: 57. Navy: 8-5 (-4.937) 15. 2012: 61. Navy: 8-5 (-5.454) 16. 2003: 62. Navy: 8-5 (-7.845) 17. 2017: 64. Navy: 7-7 (-9.488) 18. 1984: 62. Navy: 4-6-1 (-12.294) 19. 1985: 59. Navy: 4-7 (-16.923) 20. 2011: 78. Navy: 5-7 (-18.345) 21. 1995: 67. Navy: 5-6 (-20.772) 22. 1999: 77. Navy: 5-7 (-22.534) 23. 2021: 93. Navy: 4-8 (-24.879) 24. 1990: 83. Navy: 5-6 (-25.375) 25. 2022: 101. Navy: 4-8 (-25.436) 26. 1993: 90. Navy: 4-7 (-34.187) 27. 2020: 111. Navy: 3-7 (-34.632) 28. 1998: 92. Navy: 3-8 (-36.294) 29. 1989: 85. Navy: 3-8 (-36.349) 30. 1983: 92. Navy: 3-8 (-38.305) 31. 1988: 90. Navy: 3-8 (-38.616) 32. 2018: 110. Navy: 3-10 (-42.027) 33. 1994: 93. Navy: 3-8 (-43.185) 34. 1986: 97. Navy: 3-8 (-46.615) 35. 2002: 109. Navy: 2-10 (-51.419) 36. 1987: 99. Navy: 2-9 (-52.186) 37. 1992: 100. Navy: 1-10 (-54.324) 38. 2000: 108. Navy: 1-10 (-56.258) 39. 1991: 105. Navy: 1-10 (-56.694) 40. 2001: 114. Navy: 0-10 (-60.702) Overall Score: 11207 (78th) 
No conference titles? Navy’s bad! Kidding of course, they didn’t have a chance to win any as an independent until 2015 when they joined the AAC. As you can see on the list above, Navy’s clearly had some bad years, with a whopping 14 seasons of 3 or less wins. To make up for it, they’ve achieved some remarkable highs for a service academy, with 11 finishes inside my top 50. A 10-2 season in 2004 narrowly misses out on Navy’s top 5 seasons because of their 107th ranked strength of schedule that year. Despite some remarkable QB play in recent years from Keenan Reynolds and Malcolm Perry, the 2 consensus All-Americans are both from RB Napoleon McCallum in 1983 and 1985, who finished 6th and 7th in Heisman voting in those years, respectively. Speaking of Keenan Reynolds, he set the NCAA career record for rushing TDs in 2015, accumulating 88 in his 4 year career.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 2001 (0-10 overall, Independent)
Navy gets a pass for 2001. 2 weeks into the season, the September 15th game against Northwestern was cancelled shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The Army-Navy game was more than a game this year, with President George W. Bush taking part in the on-field coin toss. Army prevailed 26-17 on the day. Navy LB Brian Stann ribbed that Navy only got pregame visits from President Bush and Senator John McCain, while Army received an impassioned speech from General Norman Schwarzkopf. The game finished off a stressful year for Navy, who fired head coach Charlie Weatherbie after an 0-7 start. On-field lows were a 7-70 loss to Georgia Tech, a loss to 3-9 Tulane, and of course the Army-Navy Game. Navy hired Paul Johnson for 2002, who’d turn around the program for good. If you’re an MMA fan, you probably recognize Brian Stann who I quoted above. Stann went on to become a successful UFC fighter and commentator, joining Fox Sports after his retirement from MMA in 2013.
5. 2013 (9-4 overall, Independent)
A season with many highs. A 3-1 start included a 41-35 win over Indiana and 28-10 over Air Force. After losing 2 straight to strong Duke and Toledo teams, Navy went 5-1 the rest of the regular season, only losing 34-38 to a Notre Dame team that finished in the top 25. Wins included 24-21 over Pitt, 58-52 in 3OT over a San Jose State team coming off an 11-2 year, and 34-7 in the Army-Navy Game. A perfect ground game of 366 rushing yards against Middle Tennessee in the bowl led to a 24-6 win to finish 9-4 in Navy’s second to last season as an Independent. QB Keenan Reynolds (more on him later) threw for 1000+ yards with 8 TD 2 INT, but most importantly ran for 1346 yards and 31 TD, setting an NCAA record for rushing TDs in a season by a QB. Reynolds also ran for 7 TD against San Jose State, an NCAA record. Outside of Reynolds, longtime New England Patriots long snapper Joe Cardona was also on this team, and didn’t have a bad snap all season long.
4. 1996 (9-3 overall, Independent)
Even for as bad as 2001 was, Charlie Weatherbie’s teams had their moments. A 5-1 start featured 3 wins over Power 6 teams: 10-6 over Rutgers, 64-27 over Duke, and 47-18 over Wake Forest. That set up a Shamrock Classic game in Ireland between Navy and Notre Dame. A 54-27 win for Notre Dame set a record for the longest winning streak over an annual opponent at 33 games. Unfazed, Navy won 3 more straight including a nice 36-26 win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta. But even so, Weatherbie’s teams…left a lot to be desired. Navy watched their 21-3 lead over Army evaporate by the end of the game, stopped at the goal line twice for a 28-24 Army victory. To be fair, this was one of Army’s best teams of the past few decades, and they finished ranked #25. Navy rebounded to beat Steve Mariucci’s Cal team in the Aloha Bowl 42-38 to finish 9-3. Navy OC Paul Johnson left to become Georgia Southern’s head coach, and would go on to perfect the triple option at Navy from 2002-07 and institute it at Georgia Tech from 2008-18. WR LeBron Butts (no relation to the basketball player) had 14 catches for 179 yards and 2 TD.
3. 2009 (10-4 overall, Independent)
Oh look, one of my all time favorite players, QB Ricky Dobbs. Dobbs was a steady work horse all season. He only averaged 3.6 yards per carry, but had the 3rd most carries in the nation with 315 and ran for 1203 yards with an NCAA QB record 27 TD. The record wouldn’t be broken until 2013 by Navy’s own Keenan Reynolds. Dobbs led a steady offense combined with a great defense (19.4 PPG allowed), leading to Navy’s 2nd double digit win season since 1905. Navy had a chance to tie #6 Ohio State with 2 minutes left, but their 2 point conversion attempt was returned by OSU for 2 pts themselves, making the final score 27-31. A 14-27 loss two weeks later to Pitt turned out to be another quality loss, with Pitt going on to finish 10-3 and #15. A 10-4 final record included wins such as 16-13 over 8-5 Air Force, 38-35 over 8-5 SMU, 13-10 over Wake Forest, 17-3 over Army, 35-13 in the bowl over 8-5 Missouri, and the pièce de résistance, 23-21 over #19 Notre Dame in South Bend. Previously on a 43-year losing streak to the Irish heading into 2007, this was now the 2nd time in 3 years Navy had beaten Notre Dame, previously unthinkable.
2. 2019 (11-2 overall, 7-1 American)
After Keenan Reynolds left for the NFL, the QB position had big shoes to fill. Following a stopgap 9-5 record in 2016, 2017 arrived. Zach Abey took the majority of snaps, but Malcolm Perry was too talented to keep off the field, far and away the best athlete on the team. Perry had a monstrous year with 9 starts at slot back and 3 at QB, rushing for 1182 yards and 11 TD on 8.6(!) YPC, and was the team’s 2nd leading receiver with 13 catches for 303 yards and 2 TD. Perry started 5 games at QB in 2018, but dealt with injuries en route to a 3-10 season. That led to a mysterious 2019, with Navy picked 5th in the 6-team AAC West Division.
A 2-1 start showed potential, with a 42-10 win over East Carolina and close 23-35 loss to one of the conference favorites in Memphis. A 34-25 win over an Air Force team that would finish 11-2 showed Navy was back to their winning ways, with a real chance at a bowl as long as Perry stayed healthy. Navy reeled off blowout win after blowout win, eventually getting up to #23 before losing to #16 Notre Dame 20-52. Now at 7-2, Navy still had a shot at making the AAC title game. Perry showed up big against #25 SMU, rushing for 195 yards and throwing for 162 in a 35-28 win. After beating Houston 56-41, Navy just needed Memphis to drop one game, but the Tigers won out to make the AAC title game at 11-1. Navy played Army in the last game as usual, and Perry WENT NUCLEAR. He didn’t throw a single pass, rushing for 304 yards on 29 carries with 2 TD in a 31-7 win. In the bowl against 8-4 Kansas State, Perry again went for 200+ on the ground, winning 20-17 on a last second FG. Navy finished the year #20 in the country.
Perry went off all year long, winning AAC Offensive POTY with 1084 passing yards 7 TD 3 INT with 2017 rushing yards and 21 TD on 6.8 YPC. Perry legitimately was one of the quickest athletes in the country, if you watch his highlights he looks like a quicker but slower Kyler Murray. Because of this he was drafted in the 7th round by the Miami Dolphins as a WR, and has caught 9 passes for 92 yards and 1 TD in the NFL.
1. 2015 (11-2 overall, 7-1 American)
2015 was a magical year not just for Navy fans, but for college football fans following Navy. QB Keenan Reynolds was the darling of football, and went down as arguably the greatest option QB in college football history. Reynolds became one of football’s biggest stories as Navy kept winning throughout the year, starting 9-1 with wins such as 33-11 over 8-6 Air Force, 29-17 over 8-5 USF, and 45-20 over #13 Memphis. Navy got as high as #15 in the nation and was one of the favorites to earn the Group of 5’s spot in a New Years 6 bowl. After a loss to Houston the dream ended, but they still had the Army-Navy game to tend to. The game earned its biggest rating this century with a 5.1 overnight, mostly due to Reynolds’ star power. Reynolds finished 5th in Heisman voting, and when he wasn’t invited to the ceremony, people protested and lobbied for changing the invitation rules. A 44-28 win in the bowl over 8-4 Pitt capped Navy’s first ever 11 win season, and their highest finish in over 50 years at #18.
Navy announced the retirement of Reynolds’ #19 jersey after the season, joining a short list of Roger Staubach (12), Joe Bellino (27), and Napoleon McCallum (30). Navy’s 36 wins in Reynolds’ 4 years tied the class of 1909 for the most ever by a 4-year Navy squad. Reynolds finished as the NCAA’s all-time leading rushing TD leader with 88. In 2015 he threw for 1203 yards 8 TD 1 INT with 1373 rushing yards and 24 TD. This was the 3rd straight season he finished top 5 in rushing TDs in the country. He earned 3rd Team All-American status, won the AAC Offensive POTY, and won the James E. Sullivan Award given to the most outstanding collegiate or Olympic athlete in the United States. After the season, he was drafted in the 6th round by the Baltimore Ravens, the first Navy QB drafted since Roger Staubach in 1964.

5th Quarter

What do you remember about Keenan Reynolds and that 2015 season? How about Malcolm Perry? Who was the better passer, runner, and overall player between the two? Is Reynolds the greatest option QB of all time, even over Tommie Frazier? What other Navy moments/games/plays/players do you remember? How does Navy look to fare in the upcoming seasons? Does Ken Niumatalolo get enough credit in the college football media for what he’s done at Navy? What else is on your mind about Navy?
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2023.06.08 18:42 packmanwiscy r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season - #100-91

Welcome to the 100-91 Reveal for the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season!

Players whose average rank landed them in places 100-91 are on this portion of the list revealed today. Players are associated with the team they finished playing for at the end of the 2022 season
Below you will see some write-ups from the rankers summarizing the players’ 2022 season and why they were among the best in 2022. Stats for each player are included below. Additionally, their ranks from previous years are available for y’all to see


Link to more detailed writeup on our methodology
And without further ado, here are the players ranked 100-91 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season!

#100 - Garrett Wilson - New York Jets - Wide Receiver

Previous Ranks
Key Stat:
2nd Most missed forced tackles among WRs with 22
Written by: u/MattyT7
Garrett Wilson walked into the NFL as an immediate stud. He showed the world who he was in week 2, playing a major part in the destruction of the Cleveland Browns. Wilson caught two touchdowns, including what was the game-winner, to go along with 102 yards through the air. Despite having the worst quarterback play across the league last season, Wilson earned Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, and it is not hard to see why. He is a demon after the catch with the ball in his hands, consistently finding ways to squeeze as much extra juice as he can out of a play. His jab step/cutback is lethal; simply put, he is not easy to stop. He may have only caught 4 touchdowns all year, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that the Jets offense was… well, not great. Even so, Wilson finished his rookie campaign with 83 catches for 1104 yards. You may not have heard, but the Jets quietly brought in a new quarterback this offseason, and the sky is truly the limit for Wilson going forward. Although he may not be the most physically gifted wide receiver in the world, he’s an incredibly crafty dude and is already one of the best at what he does.

#99 - Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers - Quarterback

Previous Ranks
2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
4 1 73 95 N/A 11 29 2 26 3​​
Key Stat:
2nd in the league in PFF's Big Time Throw Rate, trailing only Josh Allen
Written by: u/IMissHarambe878
A “down” year for ARod sees him slip to the bottom of the Top 100 here. His stats may have declined since his back-to-back MVPs, but Rodgers was consistently carrying this Green Bay team on his back this season. Despite carrying a broken thumb throughout the campaign (in which he didn’t miss a game), he helped try to steady the ship despite inconsistency across all other parts of the team (defense, run game, inexperienced wide receivers). He nearly dragged Green Bay kicking and screaming into the playoffs but was only stopped by a gutsy Lions team in Week 18 ready to play spoiler. Fun fact, Rodgers actually put up his career high in game winning drives this year with 4.

Here is a highlights package of Rodgers’ last season in Green Bay. Some specific highlights within the video:
- 1:01 – Rodgers shows he can still throw a pretty deep ball out to Watkins v Bears
- 3:29 – Deep throw v the Jets to Lazard, probably explains why he wanted him to follow him there
- 4:37 – Rolling out of the pocket to find Aaron Jones for a beautiful TD v Commanders
- 5:06 – Absolute dime to Doubs for a TD v Bills
- 7:30 – Beautiful play action out to Watson for a TD v Cowboys
- 13:05 – Sideline pass out to Mercedes Lewis v Dolphins
- 14:11 – Absolute monster of a ball out to Watson v Lions in his final game for Green Bay

All good things have to come to an end at some point, and this year showed Rodgers wasn’t the immortal some thought he was. Considering his supporting cast and the offense around him, I think he did the best he could. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s still very much an above average quarterback and I’m confident he will be higher up this list, this time next year. Take care of him, Jets, and thank you for all the memories, Aaron.

#98 - Jaelan Phillips - Miami Dolphins - EDGE Rusher

Previous Ranks
Key Stat:
Phillips’s 70 pressures is the most by a Dolphin since Olivier Vernon in 2015
Written by: u/Yedic
Jaelan Phillips followed up a somewhat spotty rookie season with a much more polished sophomore campaign in 2022. He nearly doubled his pressure numbers, with an increase from 39 in 2021 to 70 in 2022 per PFF. He more than doubled his stops, jumping up from 16 to 36.
Check out this play, where Phillips, lined up at the top of the screen, uses his speed to beat the tackle upfield, and then works back down into the pocket for the strip sack in the 4th quarter of an important division game. Here's one where Jaelan Phillips lines up at 3t, against the LG, and then shows a nice motor to adjust for a 3rd down sack while fighting through a hold.
Phillips also showed off some impressive versatility. Per PFF's tracking, he dropped into coverage about six time a game, which resulted in the most coverage snaps out of all Edge Defenders nominated for this list, and 4th most of all Edge Defenders in the entire league. He even blocked a punt for good measure!

#97 - Talanoa Hufanga - San Francisco 49ers - Safety

Previous Ranks
2021 2020
N/A N/A​
Key Stat:
Only safety with multiple sacks, multiple forced fumbles, and four interceptions including a pick-6 in a single season in the last 10 years
Written by: u/TheRed_Knight
Once upon a time there was a slightly undersized Polynesian Safety from USC who played with wild abandon and a glorious main of hair, who ended up drafted in the 1st round by the Pittsburgh Steelers. His name was Troy Polamalu and as it turns out, he was one of the best to ever play the game at his position. Fast forward to 2021, and USC has another slightly undersized Polynesian Safety, named Talanoa Hufanga, who played with wild abandon and a slightly less glorious main of hair, who fell in the draft due to a poor combine showing and injury.
Snagged in the 5th round of the 2021 draft by the 49ers (praise be to Adam Peters), Hufanga played spot snaps on defense his rookie year as a rotational safety, while logging most of his playing time as a special teams gunner, with his most memorable play coming against the Packers in the NFC Divisional round, returning the blocked punt by Jordan Willis for a game tying touchdown. When Jimmie Ward suffered a moderate hamstring strain in the 2022 preseason, Hufanga capitalized on his opportunity, playing well enough to earn the starting S job when Ward came back, which in part led to Ward and the 49ers parting ways in FA.
During his 2022-23 sophomore campaign Hufanga ended up 3rd on the team/13th amongst all Safety's in tackles (97), 3rd on the team/6th amongst all Safety's in PD's (9), 2nd on the team/tied for 6th amongst all Safety's in INT's (4), including a pick-6 against Matt Stafford, and tied for 1st on the team/3rd amongst all Safety's in FF (2) EX. Despite being listed at only 6 foot 200lbs he plays significantly bigger and isn't afraid to lay wood or attack blockers in run defense. By far and away Hufanga's greatest asset is his raw instinctual play, his ability to diagnose and blow up plays based on pre snap alignment and pure gut instinct in a way offenses can't plan against. He's SF's wildcard, and on a defense laden with monsters and freaks he's perfectly positioned to reap as much damage as possible against opposing offenses.
While Hufanga's certainly has a long way to go to catch Polamalu, the similarities early in his career are apparent. History doesnt repeats itself but it sure does rhymes a whole lot.

#96 - Alex Highsmith - Pittsburgh Steelers - EDGE Rusher

Previous Ranks
2021 2020
N/A N/A​
Key Stat:
1st in sacks lined up on the right side of the defensive line with 14
Written by: u/ezDuke
Flashback to 2021. Melvin Ingram had signed with the Steelers in hopes of revitalizing his career opposite a premier Edge rusher in TJ Watt. All that stood in his way was a former 3rd round pick from the football powerhouse school of Charlotte entering his second season, Alex Highsmith. By midseason, however, it was clear that the Steelers saw something in Highsmith and Ingram demanded a trade in search of a starting opportunity.
Throughout the 2022 season, Highsmith rewarded the Steelers' faith in him. He showcased an array of pass rush moves to finish 6th in the league with 14.5 sacks, highlighted by his devastating spin move. He also led the league in forced fumbles, along with Haason Reddick. He actually graded even more highly as a run defender, according to PFF, and even showed good coverage skills for a LB.
Highsmith has blossomed into the do-it-all Linebacker they envisioned when they shipped Ingram off for a 6th round pick. While he still has some room to grow, there's no question that he and TJ Watt have as good a chance as any to finish 2023 as the league's best pass rush tandem.

#95 - Tua Tagovailoa - Miami Dolphins - Quarterback

Previous Ranks
2021 2020
N/A N/A​
Key Stat:
When throwing 5+ Yards downfield, Tua ranked 1st in EPA/ATT, 1st in Success Rate, 1st in First Down Rate, 1st in YPA and 1st in Passer Rating
Written by: u/cheesepythons
Tua Tagovailoa, perhaps the most polarizing player in the NFL presently. Some of the criticism justified and some vacuous, somewhere in the middle of all this there is the realization that what we got in the 2022 season was a much-improved player who when given the confidence, right system and weapons showed the ability of elite talent. Finishing first in league passer rating, 25 touchdowns, around 9 yards Y/A behind one of the worst OL’s in the league (24th in pass block win rate, thank god for when TA was playing) was a bright spot for his growth and maturity as a QB and team leader. On intermediate throws, Tua ranked first in EPA per drop back and completion percentage. Tua had the lowest average time to throw on these pass attempts at 2.63, the league average for throws of 11 or more air yards is 3.02 seconds. There will be arguments of course that having two of the best receivers in the league has helped, there can’t be any argument, but it is interesting to note that Tua was ranked 33rd in the league in passing yards after the catch which suggests his arm is doing a lot of the lifting as well. 2 serious concussions and subsequently missing time robbed Dolphins fans of seeing him produce at a consistent level but at 8-1 as a starter leading into December (before the wheels fell off) there was enough to have him nominated and subsequently voted into the Top 100 players for the season.

#94 - CJ Gardner-Johnson - Philadelphia Eagles - Safety

Previous Ranks
2021 2020 2019
N/A N/A N/A​
Key Stat:
T-1st in the league with 6 INTs
Written by: u/CokeZ3ro
Joining the Eagles mere days before Week 1 via trade, Gardner-Johnson would serve as the cherry on top for the formidable 2022 Eagles defense. More than just a change in scenery, Gardner-Johnson also experienced a change in position, switching from nickel corner to a more traditional safety. Safe to say, he adapted well to the change. Gardner-Johnson co-lead the league with 6 interceptions.
Gardner-Johnson often employs a ballhawk style coverage. He has a great sense for the ball in the air, and a blazingly fast approach which will often punish poor placement and deflections. Pairing with the disruption caused by the Eagle’s D-line and the coverage by their excellent corners gave Gardner-Johnson plenty of opportunities to flash those skills.
Mclaurin got Slay beat? It’s alright CJGJ will fly over to make the pick.
Underthrown? You’re done for.
Sometimes it feels like he spawns out of nowhere to make the pick.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention trash talk antics. If there was an award for instigation, C.J. Gardner-Johnson would win in a landslide. Few are better at getting under the opponent’s skin. Gardner-Johnson brings a level of grit, energy, and bravado that can instantly make the secondary better.

#93 - Ryan Ramczyk - New Orleans Saints - Offensive Tackle

Previous Ranks
2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
100 63 14 74 100​
Key Stat:
6th straight year allowing less than 20 pressures in true pass sets
Written by: u/LazyFBaby
Ryan Ramczyk turned in a solid year again in 2022. However, he happened to be on the 2022 New Orleans Saints football in 2022 as well. The offense was woefully inconsistent and particularly struggled to get anything going in the 2nd half of most games ranking in the top 5 in terms of three and out percentage during the latter half of the game. Consequently, Ram was mostly ignored throughout the season where he only allowed 3 sacks, 5 QB hits and 20 pressures (per PFF). If I was to pick any performance of his to highlight it would be his work against Nick Bosa in week 12 he stonewalled Bosa all game and his only real mistake was a false start penalty. Ryan continues to be one of the strongest tackles in the NFL in terms of his anchor and his ability to deal with any pass rush moves that an opposing Edge might throw at him. Hopefully, 2023 will see his return to the upper echelons of this hallowed list

#92 - Tee Higgins - Cincinnati Bengals - Wide Receiver

Previous Ranks
2021 2020
N/A N/A​
Key Stat:
4th in Contested Catch % (16 catches on 26 targets) +3rd highest target passer rating (121.0)
Written by: u/Letsgomountaineers5
Tee Higgins was one of the biggest draft crushes I’ve had in some time, so it was a no brainer to pick up his write up, even though he plays for one of my favorite team’s biggest rivals. He’s just a really fun player to watch from a WR coach’s perspective. Let’s dive into a few things that makes Tee Higgins a Top 100 player and an elite WR in the NFL.
The first thing you have to love about Tee’s game is his deep ball ability. That has always been his calling card, even without elite speed. So, what makes him such a threat? Well, I would be remiss to leave off his size and frame. He’s long and broad and those two things allow him to high point footballs and shield off defenders naturally. However, what separates Tee from the other thousand long and broad people playing WR at any level up and down the country is an otherworldly ability to track a football down the field, very late hands and reactions to assist with preventing a defender from getting between the ball, and most importantly the body control of a world class ballet performer. I mean this when I say that Tee Higgins has the best body control down the field of any player in football and WR gurus like Urban Meyer, Brian Hartline, and Butch will say that body control is the hardest thing to teach a receiver to do and arguably the most sought after trait of a downfield threat, moreso than speed.
Here’s a great example of this. Sauce is playing Cover 3 to his side of the field, so he’s able to open to the QB and track the ball flight. He’s in decent trail position as like I said earlier, Tee isn’t a burner. However, Sauce is late to find the ball because Tee doesn’t give anything to the ball being flight until the last possible moment where his eyes widen and his hands go up. Sauce is even able to flip his head around and get in the line of sight of Tee, but Tee still effortlessly adjusts his body to maintain eye contact with the football and track it into his bread basket. Not often did Sauce get beat deep this year, but he sure did by Tee. Another example of Tee just sonning DBs downfield. In this matchup, the Browns are playing 2-Read. As soon as the slot WR to Tee’s side goes vertical, it becomes matchup quarters and Greedy Williams is attached to Tee. This is a ball that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THROWN. Greedy is in excellent position on the fade. The safety is coming underneath on the deep out so even a back shoulder is typically a bad idea here. The Browns play this really well! But, still, here’s Tee high pointing the ball centimeters above Greedy’s hands and ripping it away from him, having the body control to remain on his feet even as gravity and Greedy are pulling him to the ground, and walking into the end zone.
An underrated part of Tee’s game is his route running. He’s very good on his release. The first clip of this cut up shows why. In the slot here, he stems his defender outside while pushing vertical. His delayed release and “out-in-out” stepping pattern freezes the curl/flat player in the cover 3. He’s in a bad spot to play the “curl” zone (he’s not running a curl) of the coverage because the backer to his side blitzes but Tee has him so frozen, he passes Tee off to no one and Tee is able to settle into wide open space. He also uses his body control to break off vertical routes very quickly, even without having the quickest of feet. Cover 3 to Tee again as most teams were scared of him getting over top of the defense. Tee options this go route off into a perfect flag comeback, using both his intelligence and body control to find open space. The defender is flipped open and running from the snap so he recognizes getting behind him is hard. But the defender is also in really good leverage to snap back down on fast break back to the football, so he has to really sell vertical. He closes space and cuts first like he’s going to run a fade/corner route. Then, he plants extremely hard vertically in one of the most unbelievable leg angles I’ve seen from someone that is still able to keep their feet and comes back to the football. The corner is completely helpless to stop this play.
There’s been this long standing whisper that Tee is a product of Jamarr. I attempted to illustrate as briefly as possible just how incredible of a player Tee is in his own right, but I would be remiss when discussing Tee in context of this list on 2022 play to mention how much he elevated his game with Jamarr out. Tee ended the year with 74 catches for 1029 yards. Nothing to scoff at. But with Jamarr out, he elevated his play to a pace of 110 catches for 1577 yards. Tee may be one of the only players in football that is held back by a top 5 WR talent playing across from him. He proved this year that both players serve a crucial role in this offense and if anything, he could stand to see more targets next season even with Jamarr in the fold. He can be the WR1 and when all the attention is paid to him, he seems to take his game to even higher levels. Look out for him next season climbing up this list even higher.

#91 - Quenton Nelson - Indianapolis Colts - Offensive Guard

Previous Ranks
2021 2020 2019 2018
82 21 18 70​
Key Stat:
4rd OL in history to make the Pro Bowl in each of their first 5 seasons, with 3 AP All-Pro 1st teams
Written by: u/Matt_Forte_
Quenton Nelson continues to be the best lineman on the Colts once again. Having a down year compared to his previous pedigree, he was not quite as dominant as his usual standards in pass protection, he allowed more sacks than he had previously, but some of that can be attributed to inexperienced QB play and poor pocket presence forcing him to have to hold up for longer. Nelson allowed 5 sacks out of the Colts’ 60 total allowed sacks, while starting all 17 games and coming close to the lead league among guards with snaps taken, showing he was nowhere near the biggest culprit on the team in allowing sacks. There were two plays that I felt summarized his pass protection. First, he does a great job picking up a stunt to give Ehlinger time in his first NFL start. Second, is simply a picture. The ball was snapped at 9:37, and approximately 2.5 seconds into the play, Q is the only lineman whose man is not pressuring Sam Ehlinger.
However, Quenton Nelson was still a force to be reckoned with in the run. Between his ability pull, or lead block for Jonathan Taylor, Quenton Nelson still retains his ability to be a dominant force in run blocking. Any Jonathan Taylor highlight will heavily feature a solid block from Q giving him the running lane he takes, or Q out in front leading the charge! He will do this on any DL in the league too, there were several big gains in the Eagles game where Q was able to move the very talented Eagles DTs. He routinely performed this well against some of the best Defensive Lines in the league, such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, where he does a great job preventing Heyward from wrecking this TD run,
Expect Quenton Nelson to be a massive cornerstone of Anthony Richardson’s development in Indianapolis, providing a solid foundation to every facet of the run game, and a source of protection up the middle against pass rushers

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