Is asurion a fortune 500 company


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This community is for investors to participate in Due Diligence, Discussion and News about the company, Inc., Inc. also known as Jingdong and formerly called 360buy, is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing. It is one of the two massive online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue, a member of the Fortune Global 500 and a major competitor to Alibaba-run Tmall.

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This is a subreddit dedicated to the CSGO gambling website, CSGO500. Use code PAPAJOHN for 1,000 bux!

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For complaints, bitchings, and the general misery that is involved in working for presumably a fortune 500 corporation

2023.06.06 21:22 Nofapper7862 Timeline for H1B Transfer or Extension?

Hi guys,
My H1B expires in Sept 2023 and I am now at the point where I must renew it for extension or transfer to another company. I am trying to get an idea of the timelines since I don’t want to pay $2,500 for premium processing. If someone has filef a transfer or extension recently, please let me know how long it took from filing to get the approval. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 21:22 giantessshay The 3rd worst management team I’ve ever had

I worked for a fast food restaurant in Highschool for about 3 years (from age 15-18) I was never a manager but over the 3 years I worked there I saw the entire management team turn over, and I trained all the new managers and did their jobs so if I was working they typically didn’t schedule a manager on shift. The reason I was never a manager was because when I was asked to be one (I was already doing management’s job) I asked what the pay raise would be. They said I wouldn’t get a pay raise but I would get the responsibility of a manager. I was 16 when they asked so I just said, "I mean, I already have the responsibility of a manager. Either I get the pay of a manager or you can find someone else to take the responsibility." So they asked the new guy I was training to be a manager and gave him manager’s pay. They still didn’t staff a manager when I worked which led to an interesting situation. When I was working as a cashier I had a guy that was clearly mentally ill walk in holding a bicycle seat, slamming it on tables and on the counter. Thankfully there were no customers or other cashiers. It was just me and 2 kitchen staff in the back anyway since there was thankfully no line he waltzed up to me and said "I want this burger combo and if I don’t get it in 1 minute I’m going to bash your head in." I gave the man his total and he handed me a $20 bill. My kitchen staff was on top of things so as soon as the order went through they had it up. I bagged it, got his drink and change, and he was out of there in under a minute. I told the store manager about the incident and asked (since this type of stuff happens often in our area) if we could get some better security. I did the store’s financial reports pretty often so I presented the argument that given the rates of the local security company the McDonalds around the corner hires, it would be well within our budget to have a security guard at least for the early mornings and late nights when this tends to happen. She said she’ll talk to the franchisee (who started charging for condiment packages, and extra lettuce). He said no of course but complimented me on what a great job I did. When I was 17 and had just graduated highschool the franchisee offered to give me extra hours (I was working 40 a week already) at his other store. It had 4 employees total and the store manager quit. I had time on my hands and wanted money so I said yes. I would finish my opening shift at my store then the Franchisee would drive me up to the other store to close. While at the other store the I found out the temporary store manager was throwing resumes out because "they all sounded too ethnic" so I fished the resumes out of the recycling and handed them to the franchisee who said, "oh but things are running fine now. I trust her judgement or I wouldn’t have asked her to step in." That was it for me so I sent an application to the restaurant everyone I knew called "the best restaurant in town" and a week later I got a phone call (no interview) saying "so when can you start?" I continued to work at my main store on openings but stopped working at the second store. Told the franchisee I couldn’t handle it. He said it was fine and that I’d done so much for the company. Fast forward to our Christmas party and the store manager is taking restaurant suggestions and my gremlin of a co-worker thinks it’ll be funny to suggest my new restaurant and the staff all unanimously agree. The store manager finds out I’m working there, tells the franchisee and he comes to me telling me that I left them in a hole and how badly the store was running. The cherry on the cake though was that when one of the other guys that would pull double shifts at both stores passed away from a heart attack in his sleep, a girl that was really close to him asked the franchisee if she could put his photo on the counter in memorial. The franchisee said she could, but only in one store and only for one week. That’s when I resigned.
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2023.06.06 21:21 throwaway-78285 Struggling with burnout-induced depression, implemented a bunch of healthy habits, but still heavily traumatized by work. What should I do?

Hi all! I'm an entrepreneur, and after a couple of years of burnout, my condition has significantly worsened two months ago, and I've been diagnosed with moderate to severe clinical depression. I've been having an indescribable feeling of sorrow, anxiety, apathy, helplessness and emptiness; in the first week of the whole episode, it was even hard to get out of my bed. For the past two months, whenever worked (or even just thinking about work), I would experience immense anxiety, fear and (sometimes) anger, as well as physical symptoms, such as massive headache, body tremors, and faster heart beats (and one time, almost hyperventilating). As a result, I've not been productive at work and in every sense of the word, dreaded it. I've been taking some time off work, been in therapy and implemented new habits (living healthier, through exercise, diets, sleep, meditation), but recovery has not been linear (some days are better, some days are worse), and the anxiety and fear around work remains. The trauma around anything remotely related to work is real -- I still can't open/reply email, or think of anything/anyone around work at all -- all of these give me tremendous fear and anxiety. I've been totally offline for the better part of the last couple of weeks, but got an urgent update that a commercial deal we had been working on had fallen through, and it may have dire business consequences. It's hugely upsetting because I had hoped that the company (my business partner and the rest of the team) should be able to take care of these things without me, and it doesn't seem to be that way. Things at work are obviously worse now, and I won't be able to go back to work peacefully. Right now, I'm just feeling a whole range of emotions -- sadness, anxiety, fear, helplessness, emptiness, anger and resentment. Maybe it's the depression speaking, but I've been thinking -- I've dedicated so much of my time, effort and personal resources into the company, and it seems that no one in the team (including my business partner) was as committed as me. At this moment, I want to prioritize healing, and even then, I'm not able to fully relax and recover. A part of me want to just abandon everything and focus on healing, but I'm too sad and anxious to even do anything remotely related to work. Apologies for the long post, but I've been feeling so sad and lonely, and advice of what you would do, would be hugely appreciated!
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2023.06.06 21:21 LandDifficult2058 At fault car collision, insurance questions

First of let me tell you that I love this community and folks volunteering to help fellow humans. Thank you.
Context: I backed out my car with the rear door open. Well, you know what happened next. The damage caused to the door and rear bumper is estimated between $4.3k.
  1. Should I file a claim? Am I eligible to get this covered and paid by insurance?
  2. What things should I keep in mind(or ask) to not coming out the other end as a loser. last time I filed a claim, I had to pay my bills + a higher insurance premium later on.
  3. Anything else should Know/Ask from body shop to not get billed more than estimate and out of pocket.
Insurance details:
I have progressive insurance-
Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability $100,000 each person,$300,000 each accident Underinsured Motorist $100,000 each person,$300,000 each accident Personal Injury Protection $10,000 Comprehensive $500 deductible Collision $500 deductible

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2023.06.06 21:21 terobau Is there a code for the placement of the AC unit outside the house? (NY)

We have central AC in our home and the AC unit is currently placed literally in front of the electrical meter box outside the house. We upgraded electrical service recently and the electrical inspector said that we need to move the AC Unit away from the electrical meter box. We are currently in process of getting quotes from the HVAC companies.
What I would like to know is if there is a code related to the placement of the AC Unit? Most especially, how far does the AC unit needs to be from the wall of the house? Currently, it is around 1 foot from the wall.
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2023.06.06 21:21 Yessirski717 Weird Delivery Experience

I ordered off GoPuff in Philly and there was something wrong with the order I wanted to change, so I casually texted the driver. 10 mins go by so I text again just to check in, 30 mins then go by and no one has responded and the tracking on the app does not work and doesn’t appear. So there’s something wrong… So I call my driver, no one picks up. Now there is definitely something wrong. It also is an hour late at this time and there’s still no interactive map tracking available. So I go ahead and bitch to GoPuff customer service, worst customer service available. They said they called the driver and no one picked up. I asked for a refund and they refused. So now no one can track this driver, no one can contact him, and I’m paying for it. I contact another customer support person, they also can’t contact them but are nicer and i’m still stuck with the bill. 2 hours go by, no delivery. Until I bitch again and then as soon as I’m done bitching it says “Order delivered”. It’s not here. Not anywhere, no clue where it could be. So now I’m furious, contact support, they say “We’ll refund you this one time”, yea one time was included like it was my fault. So I almost got stuck with a bill from a phantom delivery that didn’t exist. Customer service was probably the worst experience I’ve had from a company. Deleted the app after that experience lol.
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2023.06.06 21:20 satanweasels How do I deal with this micromanager?

I've been in administrative roles for the last 13 years, so I'm no stranger to a micromanager. The solution is usually some combination of over reporting until the micromanager feels more annoyed by your constant check-ins than anxious that you'll do a bad job.
However, the job I've been working for the last six month is a tough puzzle to solve and I honestly don't know if there is any way to make it work. I like all of my coworkers and I enjoy the work. It's not rocket science by any stretch, and it's really the most base level admin and bookkeeping work.
The procedures of the office are unnecessarily complex and involve a lot of duplicate entry and even require handwritten notations, printing digital files only to scan them in, etc. But any time I've tried to update or streamline these procedures I'm told by the owner of the company that I have to do it the old way. It leads to a lot of room for error, and I make clerical errors from time to time. The owners and other team members make them as well. However, I'm constantly receiving emails from the owners that point out anything that I've done wrong- even things as simple as a typo. A lot of times these emails are punctuated with something like "I need to be able to trust you to do your job properly" or "you must work harder not to make mistakes."
I tried the "over-updating" method, but it leads to more corrective emails- "Please do not waste my time with constant check ins and questions."
When I try to explain that updating the procedures could enhance accuracy, I'm told that I need to earn trust to be able to take over more responsibility, but they cannot trust me until I stop making mistakes. At this point, I think they think I'm really stupid. I've even listened to the owner talk to other coworkers about me, telling them I "wouldn't know how" to do something totally simple, or that I have no attention to detail.
Is this an impossible situation? Has anyone dealt with this breed of micromanager, or even worked in the type of environment whose procedures cause constant clerical mess? Should I cut my losses? I am getting so frustrated with myself and it's really wrecked my confidence.
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2023.06.06 21:20 Nestledrink Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Impacts You

Hello nvidia
tldr: Reddit recently announced significant changes to their API which will impact many users. We're joining the subreddit blackout starting June 12th.

What's happening?

What's next?

In lieu of what's happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community, and we will be supporting it.
Part of this initiative includes a subreddit blackout (meaning, the subreddit will be privatized) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours. During this time, you will not be able to browse, post, or comment on this subreddit.
In addition to our community, some of our adjacent gaming and tech communities are also joining the subreddit blackout:
For a full list of subreddit joining the blackout, click here. Communities large (30M+) and small (50k and below) are joining this action on June 12th.
On our part, this action is not something we take lightly. We understand that many of you enjoy coming here daily and this will be an interruption to your routine.
We also understand that Reddit as a company has to make money but there needs to be a way for Reddit to be profitable and still foster a thriving and diverse third party apps.
Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.
nvidia Mod Team
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2023.06.06 21:19 5213 An attempt at a brief overview of the creation and history of my fantasy setting, the 5th Age.

Feel free to ask (almost) anything about what I mention here. I don't have much fleshed out, but I have enough that I feel confident I can answer most questions.
Lux Aeterna, the White-Hot Fires of Creation, is the closest thing to a true, judeo-christian God that my setting has, but Lux is not alive. Lux is just pure energy/creation, but anything that is created is almost instantly consumed again, until Ao and Amara.
The Sisters of the Universe, Ao the Cosmic and Amara the Eternal Darkness, were born, and somehow managed to not be consumed again by Lux, allowing for the universe to form. When Ao was born, she spread her wings and cast the first shadow, which became Amara. This shadow allowed things to exist permanently, as it protected against Lux's eternal fires.
Ao took the Fires of Creation and combined them with pieces of herself to create the first aspects of life and existence within the universe she and her sister had formed. Her eyes became Solaia and Lunaia, the first star and moon. Her heart became Tor, the first world. And her breath became Sky Above All, the first of the Great Spirits.
These four beings saw only potential, and so worked together to create more Great Spirits: the World Tree, Deepest Blue, On Outstretched Wings, Raging Inferno, Stone Eternal, Green Everlasting, Gale, Always Falling, Sparkling Blue, Cloud, Gentle Embers, and Breath. The Great Spirits shaped Tor as they saw fit, creating many countless lesser spirits to aid then in their unfettered creation and giving rise to the First Age/First World, but these lesser spirits had stagnated in their existence, being functionally immortal, and only existing as what they were: a wind spirit was only ever a wind spirit, even if it could wax and wayne in strength. Until Breath sacrificed itself to create something new.
These new beings were fleeting, and in a state of constant change. Breath was the Great Spirit of Life and Willpower, and so its creations were always seeking to push the boundaries of their existence, giving rise to the Second Age. At first the other Spirits were fascinated, but one day the new beings discovered they could siphon power from the Spirits, and the first murder occurred, creating a new Great Spirit and the first god: Death.
The "birth" of Death caused the Spirits to recoil, and an arms race began. As the new beings, formerly known as Breathlings, but now known as Reath, developed new, better, more devastating ways of siphoning energy from the Spirits around them, the Spirits created new beings built for war that could withstand the energy draining machines of the Reath and fight back. However, not all Reath went down that path, and some worked with the Spirits to destroy their own kind as they saw only a lifeless world as the end result of their siphoning. Fortunately, the evil Reath seemed to grow bored with the world, and left the world in immense spaceships, leaving behind the Spirits and a handful of good Reath.
The Reath that stayed behind tore down almost everything they could of their murderous, gluttonous kin, and forbid any record of them to be kept, whether verbal or written. This act was doubly enforced by the Fae, the children of the Spirits and Amara. The Reath then spread across the world, taking up residence in places as far from their kins final standing creations, the Great Towers that touched the sky and launched their spaceships, as possible. The Spirits, still horrified by the actions of the majority of the Reath, left the world and their own creations behind, entering a pocket dimension created by Amara in case the remaining Reath also went rogue, or the others returned. This gave rise to the Third Age, a dark age of fleeting mortality, rejection of technology, ignorance, and the evolution (and subjugation) of humans.
The Reath that left flew across the universe, and discovered a bleak expanse filled with nothing, not even other stars. They flew for thousands of years until they reached the end of the Universe, where Ao's shadow and Amara's presence ended, giving way to Lux. Simply seeing this gave these Reath - now thousands of years removed from their power siphoning ancestors - incredible abilities, as now they knew the Fires of Creation. And they created a second world there at the edge of the universe, debating what to do next. Some wanted to push on, others wanted to stay, and others wanted to return to Tor with their newfound abilities to repair what they had nearly ruined. For years the debates went on, until finally the ones that wanted to push on attempted to do so, leaving their kin to watch in horor as they were pulled apart by the Fires of Creation, torn asunder and scattered like they never existed to begin with. This led the rest to leave the edge, though they seeded the universe with life as they traveled, creating hundreds of new, unique worlds. Finally, these "New Gods" found their way back to Tor, though far less of their number than had originally left the edge of the universe.
The New Gods saw a near lifeless world that had stagnated, as all but the Great Spirits had left, hidden away due to a war caused by the ancestors of the New Gods. And so they got to work, revitalizing the world, and bringing new, interesting life back to it. This new life permeated the world, creating the Fourth Age. The amount of new life that was created during this time was unparalleled, as the New Gods flexed their powers with no end in sight. But unbeknownst to then, a mental plague had taken root and was festering in some.
The Reath that pushed through the barrier of the universe and were ripped apart did not lose their consciousness, but found themselves spread across all of time, space, and creation. They permeated everything, but because their consciousness was spread so thin, they could not effect anything. Except where there concentrations of their existence, such as their ancestors, the Reath, and their descendants, the New Gods. And so these "Outer Gods" were able to concentrate themselves in these spots, infecting these beings with their own greed and insanity, twisting them into something evil. This led to a division within the New Gods, with some of them wanting to subjugate the world, and most wanting to protect and nurture the life they created. This led to a civil war between them, and to the temporary return of the Spirits and the Fae as they fought against the newly dubbed Demons and the newly created Devils (twisted Spirits and Fae). The New Gods, Spirits, and Fae won this war, but at great cost to themselves and their creations, and so they created new pocket dimensions where they could all reside and watch over the imprisoned Demons and Devils, leaving behind the world once more, and giving rise to the 5th Age.
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2023.06.06 21:19 Rage_Toast How to leverage offer in current position?

I got an offer for $30k above my current salary at a local company with great benefits. The catch is that the company is known to be toxic in some departments and I would have to work in an office again.
I currently work remotely for a company I adore and would like to stay, but I'm VERY underpaid for my current responsibilities. Should I risk letting them know I have another offer in hopes that they'll raise my salary? I don't even need the whole $30K. I just want a fair market rate. If so, how do I bring this up and negotiate it?
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2023.06.06 21:19 Former_Molasses_7073 In the coming decades, we will see a resurgence of marriages and monogamy

So I believe, based on global conditions and economic climates, in the USA, possibly also Europe, we will see a resurgence of marriages and monogamy, with a down turn in hookup culture and high earning single people. Allow me to explain:
The first is artificial intelligence. The thing artificial intelligence does very well, without much fail, is writing content and doing text based work. This is already taking over many content based jobs . Many of these jobs are held by women. Writing, journalism, documentation, text based research and more will be over taken by AI . The same with replacing only fans , instagram, tiktok, or any form of digital modeling, AI will be able to do it better than any real woman. Similar with fashion modeling. Why hire models when you can take a virtual copy of clothing and wear it on a virtual model ? So in short, any field where women had a gender based advantage will be gone, thus equalizing women and men.
The other big change will be a reduction in high earning employees. What this means is that, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc will see much lower salaries . This has been happening for physicians for years and is starting to happen to tech engineers. A lot of places and jobs people used to think set people for life, aren't that way anymore. Even software engineers are increasingly being hired in cheaper places like Eastern Europe. In the research sector, things not tied to national security or in high demand will not get grants.
What we will see is a resurgence of both manufacturing and trade skills jobs, as well as people opening their own small businesses. Manufacturing is being decoupled from China and other risky countries in terms of geopolitics. Trade skills and manufacturing jobs will be more or less require two incomes in a family to thrive. Small businesses are generally run in families. I know a number of software engineers where their SO converted from being a doctor or an IB analyst to making their own online company. The engineer does the tech side, the other one does the business side. Many many new small businesses started in the pandemic.
My view is that, we are entering a phase where education doesn't lead directly to a high earning career as an individual, less jobs that give an advantage to a single gender, and an environment where theres more money to be made in running your own business. Thus, I believe this will encourage marriage and monogamy. We will be seeing less of the "women in STEM" and more of the "men and women running a business"
Also, the rise of passport bros will increase due to developing countries being hammered by the loss of globalization. This will further increase marriage and monogamy, guys previously without a woman will find one elsewhere.
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2023.06.06 21:19 two-of-me Client wants a new walker - am I in the wrong?

I live in one city (J) and most of my daily walks and all of my overnights are in the neighboring city (H). I don’t drive, I ride a plain old kick scooter (which is really common here) back and forth between cities which only takes me about 20 minutes. I tend to be on overnights 10-15 days a month. That’s where most of my income comes from. I got this new client who lives a few blocks away from me in J who needed walks on Tuesdays at around 11am and 4pm because the client’s company decided they needed to come into the office one day a week starting in January. This worked out perfectly because my walks in H are usually from around 12-3 on weekdays, so I can easily do her walk on my way into H and on my way back home. During the meet and greet I let her know that some Tuesdays I will be unable to do her walk because I will be in H doing overnights, but I give her my schedule well in advance, as soon as my overnights are booked, which is usually at least a month in advance. She says that’s fine and on days I can’t do the walk her neighbor can take the dog out so it’s no problem. So, come yesterday I reminded her that I will be in H on overnights this week and that I wouldn’t be able to do today’s walks. She got very upset that she “keeps having to find last minute solutions to this problem because I’m always on overnights in H it seems.” I was worried that perhaps I forgot to mention this week’s overnights to her so I scrolled through our messages and I very clearly told her around a month ago that I would be unavailable today. She told me to give her the number of “the person who covers walks for me” (I never told her I had a backup walker, because I don’t) so I gave her the number of a walker one of my other clients uses and hopefully she is able to cover these walks for me. Maybe I’m just upset that I feel like she’s firing me due to my limited availability, but it’s something she was aware of when I started working for her in January and I told her last month that I wouldn’t be available today. Is it just me, or is she in the wrong here for forgetting to ask her neighbor if she was available to walk the dog today? I’ve never been fired from a job or lost a client due to my own fault before, so I’m kind of bummed and looking for reassurance that this isn’t all my fault.
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2023.06.06 21:19 Temporary_name_dgaf popular London doughnut shop

So this is a silly post really, but I thought I might as well ask someone else what they think.
I recently went to a very expensive doughnut place in London. They had beautiful pastries on offer in lots of different flavours. Great! I thought. However, when I got home and took them out of their boxes, I noticed that they smelt awful. They both had whipped cream, but it smelt as if the bakers had added bleach or super glue to it? Can anyone tell me what this might have been? My guess was some kind of vegetable oil to help prevent the cream from spoiling, or perhaps to change the consistency, but it really was not pleasant, and very surprising given the price.
Would appreciate any incites into what this mystery ingredient could have been! Their company don't list any ingredients.
throwaway account
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2023.06.06 21:19 Jhonjournalist Asian markets increase as the Wall Street declines

Asian markets increase as the Wall Street declines

Tuesday saw a rise in Asian stock markets following a decline on Wall Street as a result of worries about the state of the US economy. While Sydney receded, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong all increased. Oil prices dropped.
The Nikkei 225 in Tokyo and the Hang Seng in Hong Kong both increased while the S&P 500 index on Wall Street fell by 0.2%. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong and the Nikkei 225 in Tokyo both increased by 0.4%, while the Shanghai Composite Index increased by 0.2%.

Wall Street and The Asian Market

While New Zealand‘s economy slowed, South Korean markets were closed for a vacation. Dropping 0.6%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average. After announcing its rumored virtual-to-real-world headset, Apple’s headgear dropped 0.8%, while the Nasdaq composite dropped 11.34 points to 13,229.43.
Traders are concerned that rate increases by the Federal Reserve and other central banks to control inflation may cause a recession in the global economy.
  • Asian stock markets rise amid US economic concerns.
  • Nikkei 225, Hang Seng rise, S&P 500 fall.
  • Excessive interest rates caused bank failures, the Switzerland crisis, and deteriorating manufacturing.
They are hoping that indications of sluggish US economic growth would persuade the Fed to delay or curtail a potential future rate increase at its meeting this month.
Next week, the US government is expected to issue an update on inflation. Wall Street anticipates that prices will rise once more in July after regulators review additional data.
Three prominent bank failures, one in Switzerland, and deteriorating manufacturing have all been attributed to excessive interest rates. With a 20% climb in the S&P 500 above its low, the “bull market” for the index is about to begin.
Learn More:
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2023.06.06 21:18 Spudsforduds Going into dept with the company because of system issues

I work in sales and we are 100% commission and work on a draw system, essentially I "get paid" an hourly wage, draw, and I get paid on what I sell and if what I sell is over what I "get paid" hourly I get all the money I made in sales. but if I don't beat my hourly draw I go into the hole and my sales have to pay back the difference plus my hourly for the upcoming check. All of our systems have been down all week, there is no eta on when it's getting fixed so I cannot make sales and they're still making us come in even though we aren't able to beat draw and will in turn end up owing the company. Is this legal?
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2023.06.06 21:18 SilentJon69 Is it really important to work a job with a pension plan when you might not live long enough to enjoy it

So I’m in a dilemma where I would like to work for a company that provides a pension plan.
My issue is the inflation as prices for everything will increase exponentially every year. Even with the pension, you probably won’t get enough money during retirement as the cost of living will be too high to enjoy retirement.
I’ve heard too many stores of workers that had a pension plan retiring and then dying 1-2 years later into retirement.
My parents want me to try TSA security officer because of their amazing benefits but I don’t think I can tolerate dealing with the general public of entitle Chad’s and Karen’s for much longer.
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2023.06.06 21:18 admins_r_pedophiles The unintended consequences of the pistol brace rule.

Something I realized lately, and I haven't seen a lot of discussion about.
By making every braced pistol a Short-Barreled Rifle, the ATF (and the gun grabbers) have enabled a way to convince more idiots normies about the dangers of rifle crime.
Right now deaths by rifle are a statistical anomaly. Last I checked, and going strictly by memory, it was about 500 people per year, and I believe that included suicides and accidental deaths. These deaths do rarely include violent drug gang deaths because, as demonstrated by the University of Tik Tok, gangbangers do their thing with switch'd Glocks and the dumbest AR builds, that typically comprise a 5" barrel for .223, spiky muzzle devices, red accessories, amazon optics, a lanyard to carry on the neck and a buffer tube with a brace. Best case scenario: a pistol; worst case scenario: they also attached a vertical front grip and it's classified as an AOW.
The moment these firearms start being classified as rifles, NFA or not, the statistics will start to shift- from the statistics that no one pays attention to (the grabbers don't care about Glocks that are turned into literal machine guns, being responsible, along Saturday Night Specials and Hi Points), to "AR-15 rifles, which are weapons of war, don't belong in the streets and have increased 200% year over year".
So even if the NFA is repealed and we get to constitutionally own SBRs without the federal government infringement and taxation, it will be used to drive statistics in a way that conforms to their twisted narrative.
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2023.06.06 21:18 brmdrivingschool Housing association gave us wrong address.

Wife and I have just been moved into a housing association property. it’s on a newbuild estate and the housing association gave us a tenancy agreement for 1 XX Cresent. We have set ourselves up with all of our utilitiess etc to that address, but the issue we had was delivery companies etc couldn’t find our address and were delivering to another house that was nearby. That was also a number 1.
My wife queried this with the housing association, saying there was also another number one, with the same address to which the housing associations said they would look into.
Wife called them back as they hadn’t responded, only to be told the developer had given the housing association the wrong details and that our address was incorrect and instead was 1 YY Way.
What would be the best thing for us to do going forward as we are now having to ring up all the utilities etc to get things corrected, we believe our post has been delivered to the incorrect house that we gave no way of accessing and we have had things like signs made for us at the first address that we are now having to replace after spending money on these things?
The housing association is saying we need to sign a new tenancy agreement for the correct address so what would be our rights going forward? And are be entitled to some reimbursement for their mistakes? housing association are trying to say they are not responsible, and it’s the developers fault.
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2023.06.06 21:18 Vilijen Getting Started. Advice?

The information online is fairly limited, I find, so I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, and was hoping to get some advice here since I want to get into shape.
Some details. I'm 22, male. 183cm (6'0"), 122kg (269lbs). I run on approximately a 3100-3200 calorie maintenence diet, and have brought that down to 2600 at the most for a 500+ deficit. I've been doing this for about 4 weeks now, and I've gained 2kg. Considering I haven't started training to build muscle yet, I do not see how this is possible.
What might I be doing wrong? Is there any other information I need to provide?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.06 21:18 Break_Street Anybody selling their bed covers

I’m just curious, trying to see if anyone is trying to get rid of their bed hard covers for a 5ft bed , low price hopefully? Looking for one since ima be moving to an apartment complex sometime soon Can’t really afford to pay 500+
SoCal San Bernardino area Thank you and have a good day!
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2023.06.06 21:17 Eastcoast-stoke Overlooked 4:3 HD setup

Overlooked 4:3 HD setup
Gopro hero 9 with max lens mod. Turn max lens mode off and set resolution to 4:3 and make sure hyper smooth is turned off.
Thoughts? I’m honestly pretty impressed with the distortion. Vig is modeled after vx21k MK1 setup. Paired with wooden camera’s vx mic, could be a little beast for under $500. Thoughts?
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2023.06.06 21:17 hijoput4 What is a "Troll" ?

Many of you using reddit have stumbled with people giving obvious answers, commenting in an ironic way or just trying to make fun of your OP. In my time, those were called trolls.
But something changed.
What is happening? well, now if the OP decides to defend himself, he is the troll and the aggressive, ironic comments are just "normal users".
You cannot criticize anymore. You cannot say what you think even in a civil way.
Do this exercise: go into some brand's reddit page, and make a post about something you don't like from a product from that brand or even a software. Don't be violent, be objective. Wait a little and the first ironic, violent comments will arrive defending the brand/product.
Now, here is the thing: if for some reason you want to defend yourself with arguments from the attacks, you will be banned and treated like a troll. Why? because you will be going against the large mayority of conquered brains that support their beloved brands. A triumph of the capitalism, people now fight for products in their name. It sounds stupid?... its because it is. But as we all know, stupidity is part of the reality too.
We have these "brand knights" highjacking threads that critizise brands or products. Some are part of the staff with alternative accounts, some are real brain-washed people identifying themselves with... a brand... or a product of that brand.
I don't know when millennials/centennials started to become fanatics of objects or brands. I do know, however that they are being pushed to normalize trolling, telling them to ignore people attacking them, its like a temperance test to become "exceptionalist". Yes, they go to a point where no bullets can pass through, rationalizing with those is futile, they dropped any arguing skills. They just stay there, pretending everyone else will understand the trolls are well... the real trolls. They think they are above of all and don't argue back while the real trolls keep having fun with them being so passive.
This sounded an alarm inside my brain.

What the fuck is happening?

Why are we normalizing this inaction? Why are we letting others violently insult us? Why cannot we speak freely anymore? Why cannot we criticize a brand or product without having to fight with our own fellow users? Why are there people defending brands (companies)? Aren´t americans preaching "freedom" everywhere after all?
How it works:
1- You want to criticize something you don't like from a product (again, no violence here) so you post what you think. 2- Someone posts that its your problem because the product is good (or perfect, depending on the type of flatterer that came by) 3- You argue with real arguments. 4- Answers with more irony or direct attacks. 5- More of them come by and start voting you down. 6- There comes a point where everyone gets confused because they are lazy to read the comment trail, so they do the easy: attack the guy with most downvotes. 7- Mods lock/delete/ban the thread.
The technique is simple, they start with an ironic attack and when you reply, they turn the table around and make you look like the troll.
So, why does this happen?
My theory, I've already posted this, is that corpos, companies, bussinesses in general have gained total and complete control of the media which in turn has complete control over the minds of young people 9-30 years old in most cases. Yes, kids 9yo are growing up with these doctrine when exposed to internet.
They are not doing this without knowing very well what they are doing. They have guidelines to make this happen. They know how people behaves. This is mostly because the private data they have been gathering for years and now with AI they can easily know tendencies and behaviours of people. In other words, they know how to manipulate us.
It is really sad the state of the internet nowadays, its becoming horribly censored, and the worst part is that part of that censorship comes from the people themselves, attacking fellow people in exchange for NOTHING. Their only reward is to show themselves as "the smart guy" or showing other fellow trolls that hey had put the company shirt on.
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