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Life's tough and a bit harsh to you right now? Come and get a new perspective on things.. Tell us what moves you right now and we'll listen. And sometimes respond. It might help.

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selfies of the soul

2014.06.14 00:39 'What are my chances?'

This sub is for anyone who wants feedback from others about their chances of acceptance at colleges and universities. When you ask for chances/advice, give as much information as possible - SAT/ACT, GPA, URM, extracurriculars, college essays, scholarships, and anything related to your college application.

2023.06.06 22:12 Ok_Confection2588 Need to vent about Medicare and SSDI

Hi I hope everyone is having a much better day/week than I am. Anyways, I was approved for SSDI in February of this year and it has been anything but a smooth process. Am I grateful that I got approved for government disability? Yes. Am I frustrated with the system? Hell yes.
So when I got approved for SSDI I also got approved for $22,000 in backpay. Yay! Money! Oh wait you're going to have to jump through hoops (figuratively speaking) to get that money. I'm saying this as it is June 6th, 2023 and I have yet to receive my backpay. I have spoken with my lawyer multiple damn times and she always says wait until this date then you will get the money only to not receive anything on that date. So I finally called Social Security on the phone and asked them nicely and politely what is going on with my backpay. So the federal government employee had no fucking clue as to what was going on with it. Honestly it's such a fucked up system. She told me to call the Nebraska office (the state I live in) so I did that this morning and they knew almost nothing as well and kept giving me pathetic excuse after pathetic excuse as to why the government hasn't given me the backpay yet. Told me to call back in three weeks if I haven't received the money. That is problem number one.
Problem number two has to do with fucking Medicare. So I got approved for Medicare through SSDI and it was a good thing since I have been kicked off of Medicaid because my parents decided to set up a mutual fund for me when I was young and now I have to much money to my name. Money that I have no fucking access to for some reason. Anyways, Medicaid was great. They covered everything with no copays or expenses for me and there were plenty of medical providers who accepted that form of medical insurance. Whereas it's difficult to find medical providers that accept Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans. I had no problem with finding a mental health therapist when I was on Medicaid but now it is impossible literally impossible to find a good mental health therapist since I am on Medicare/Medicare Advantage. Like I don't care so much about the copays of $35+ now that I have a part-time job but the fact that it is so damn difficult to find a mental health therapist while on Medicare/Medicare Advantage is insane.
Sorry for posting this rant. I know not everyone will agree with what I have said but I don't care. I am just fed up with the disability system and I needed to vent in a place where I feel safe to do so or I was going to end up in a meltdown or go clinically insane.
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2023.06.06 22:11 allovertheplaceusr Opinions on Opera GX? Is it actually a secure and good browser?

I've been a chrome user for a while, and I know Opera is basically chrome as this point. For the past 6 months or so, I've started to see my friends move over to this Opera GX browser. It sounds like Opera with a bunch of gimmicks, but my friends say it's the most useful browser they've ever used.
I'd say that I'm not looking for someone to recommend this browser to me, but I just want to know from a technical standpoint if this browser would give me some kind of actual benefit. Because it looks like gimmicks that don't work, but I could be wrong.
Plus, I heard that it was basically a virus? I don't know if I believe that rumor, but I thought I'd ask around.
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2023.06.06 22:11 BlueberryMintBlues I get way too angry when I see ADHD influencers

I think I’ve let my annoyance with my disability get the better of me. I automatically scroll past (possibly) informative ADHD posts because I can’t stand how the person acts. Like even the way they’re dressed annoys me, even though I’d give a neurotypical person a pass for the same outfit. They’re not doing anything necessarily wrong just it reminds me too much of myself. I should be more supportive so good information gets out there.
Do you guys ever struggle with this (admittedly unhinged) anger when seeing educational stuff? It’s making me way too introspective for my liking.
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2023.06.06 22:11 ResponsibleTax5767 About to change careers... am I making a mistake?

I'm someone whose worked in video production for a majority of their life. Then I had a stint in live video engineering that was fun but I eventually got tired of it. I then took a job doing QC work in 2020 and have been doing that ever since. Once the pandemic hit, made the decision to attempt a career pivot, and after three years of networking and researching, I recently received a job offer for a position involving QA work at a company I admire. I'd be taking about a 4% paycut, but I'll at least be getting in the door to an industry I've been wanting to be in for a long time.
I'll admit - I'm a little scared at the moment - I'm not sure if my transferrable skills are good enough, and right now I've only seen a few YouTube videos on coding and feel very green about it all. I will say that I was very transparent about my experience during the interview process but I still was given the job. I know everyone I talked to did say that I be a great fit culture wise.
The imposter syndrome has been kicking me hard this week and I really hope that I haven't made a mistake trying to do this career pivot. I've been waking up anxious, thinking that I'll walk in on day one and won't be knowledgeable enough to be a worthy asset, and I'll be let go by the end of the week. Should continue take the plunge into the unknown and pursue this thing that I've been dreaming about obtaining for years, or just continue to stay where I'm at, knowing it'll be safe with a stable income (at the cost of being incredibly monotonous and spiritually draining)?
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2023.06.06 22:10 NoKoala8308 How do I get my ESA dog back?

Hello. I (19 female) got a dog with my ex (24 male). It was a very toxic relationship and considering that I’m much younger I might’ve been groomed. We got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy right when I moved out with him. I named him Willow. I was the only one taking care of the Willow until he was trained. My ex wanted nothing to do with Willow and would constantly yell at me when he had an accident. It was only until he was potty trained that my ex started to love Willow. 8 months later, our relationship started getting worse. He told me he didn’t love me, told me I was ugly, fat, and looked like a boy. He was constantly cheating and he blocked me from his Instagram so I couldn’t see who he was talking to. Throughout all this I still loved him so much. I should’ve let go but I was scared. The lease was on his name. My phone was under his name. All the vet bills was in his name. I felt like I was nothing without him. From the moment I turned 18 I was following him. I know now that I was groomed. A few days into June 2022, I caught him at a restaurant lying to me about where he was and who he was with. It started a fight and ultimately he said he’s glad he cheated and it will always be worth it. I became homeless that night. I lost my home and the person I loved the most. I couch surfed while my car was filled with my clothes. We still stayed in contact and I was still very much attached and loved him. I finally got an apartment in October and we had been coparenting the dog. It was going well and I was hoping we’d get back together and be a family. He would come over and I would still see the girls he cheated on me with on his phone. That is when I started to let go and love myself. I was focusing on me and Willow. In January he had asked me to get back together. I had met someone that treated me really well. We had just started talking and he was so kind, I was finally being treated the way I deserved. My ex did not take that well and started harassing me. He would climb through the window and stopped me from leaving the house. He harassed me for months and would break into my apartment and steal things and trash the place. At one point he put feces on my bed. I would call the cops but they didn’t do anything about it. During this time I had Willow full time with no help from my ex. It was extremely difficult because I lived on my own making minimum wage. My ex refused to help Willow out financially or even by taking him out. Ultimately the harassment stopped and things started to get better until I was in and out of the hospital because of health problems. I asked my ex to take willow because I could not give him the attention he needed. I had Willow registered as my emotional support animal and I made it clear that I need to see him. Now he is refusing to let me see him and I think he might’ve given Willow away. Is there anything I can do? Anything I can do?
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2023.06.06 22:10 OhioL44 My sister (28F) just got divorced

And she’s been living with who she says is a friend. A guy named Ryan. But she won’t say where and won’t say anything about the guy.
All I know is which city.
But I managed to find a pic of the guy on social media.
I don’t mean to judge by a pic but….I don’t know. Could anyone give me an honest opinion on this guy?
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2023.06.06 22:10 KevinsChili22 24M let’s [chat] I promise I don’t bite ;)

Finally off work! Just playing Xbox keep me company!
I’m down to talk about whatever tbh I’m a pretty open book. Also down to play iMessage games if anyone wants?
I like to play video games, workout, go hiking, hangout with friends and watch tv/movies. I’m kinda introverted so a lot of times I prefer to just chill at home lol.
Share some of your interests with me or goals for the year!
I’m going on an international trip next year so give me recommendations pls!
Also if anyone is from or near Ohio hmu it would be cool to make some friends nearby!
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2023.06.06 22:10 throwaway82738293 Is this normal for a male cat?

Is this normal male cat behavior?
Hi everyone,
I adopted a shorthair male cat around 3 weeks ago and they organization did not give me info on what the cat ate (until after I had to ask them) so I started him on what my cats eats, Tiki Cat.
I wipe his butt now, if I don’t his butthole will smell.
Now I’ve noticed if he sits on any fabric item (like my comforter or my carpet) after he gets up and when I smell the spot his butt was on, it will be so smelly. There’s no stain but a very bad smell. It’s tough having to keep cleaning.
Any idea on if this is normal? The rest of his body smells just fine
I also smelled my cat for reference and she isn’t the best smelling around her butt area but does not leave any trace scents anywhere
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2023.06.06 22:10 Brave-Ad-2629 I (25f) don’t know how to leave my abusive husband (25m). Help??

I’m a stay at home mom. My husband is abusive. We are currently living in my parents house as he recently got out of the military. I found out he was cheating and having affairs. During the fog I stayed because we had a baby but planned to leave when our youngest was 1. So I had more time with the baby. He used me, so I’ll take the time with our kid for a little bit. Our youngest is 1 now. Time to go.
I tried to leave a few times. One time I tried to leave he physically restrained me. And hid my phone. He says he refuses to pack his stuff and move out. I applied for jobs and he told me if I would take one he would slip me drugs and contact my work to drug test me so I would be fired. He said that more than once. He’s using the kids as pawns. Told me he would fight for full custody as if I don’t do 99% of the child rearing on his off days. (He won’t get it. We are 50/50 state). I told him he can’t stop me from filing and he said no but he can fight it in court and force me to go into debt. So it’s all about control.
I’m just scared to leave. I don’t know how. I don’t have good credit anymore because he destroyed both of our credits. I can’t get a credit card for a lawyer retainer. He blows money like it falls from trees. I’m scared if I get a job and have a secret bank account I could get in trouble. I saw it looks bad to have secret stashes.
He also will pressure me to have sex for an hour and I will finally give in. Cry after and he will say “i thought you wanted it”
He tells me to stay and he will get therapy and we can just stay together so the kids don’t have to have a broken home like he did
Tl dr; husband is abusing me and I need help getting out. Not sure how. So scared.
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2023.06.06 22:10 Veracsloner Dog trouble

I’m not sure if this is even allowed here but I moved to Orlando and I’ve had some trouble lately and had to move into an apartment complex, said apartment complex is forcing me to rehome my dog. I’ve called all the local shelters that I can get ahold of and everyone is over a month out. I was given a 24 hour notice. I don’t have any family that I can give him to. He is a 1 year old Boxepit mix named Scooby. He’s shy to new people but comes around pretty quick. Never seen been around kids but I do have another dog and he gets along just fine with him. Like I said, I don’t know if this is allowed but I’m running out of options.
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2023.06.06 22:10 Aggressive_Ideal_116 Feeling the real happiness

Prepare yourself for a pretty long post, but I just really have to put it out there. Reddit have been my output/diary and I really do hope that posting here helps not only me but also some of you guy.
Let me tell you guys I think this REALLY is worth it, I mean the recovery. (btw I always knew that it was but kinda couldn't have imagined myself to doing it). Okay so quick update I have being doing the all-in recovery since February, and by all-in I really do mean eat and eat and gain and then eat again. I would say that the first 3 months have been really tough, this involved: crying, really "hating" my body, being scared, ditching social events just to sleep, eat and relax, and being my biggest judge. Since the end of May, I am really starting to feel like myself and not someone who is only thinking about food, calories, and movement.
Main points:
-Food, I think I have eaten everything and more, I am excited to eat new things, cook, eat what I want whenever I want, spend time with my loved ones and if there is food around I enjoy it and move on. Remember there is nothing bad about eating more, and having fun around food, it is normal to share a good time by eating together. The Most important thing to remember is that there is not such a thing as TOO much food.
-Body, oh... if you guys saw me 4 months ago you wouldn't have recognized me now probably, but I did get that a few times when I was deep in my ed, people who saw me after a long time couldn't believe how sick I was. I call it sick now but before it was a compliment, now I know that they were shocked and worried. Clothes...yeah need a whole new wardrobe, good thing that my style is pretty baggy and oversized so the big tees saved me, my beautiful fluffy tummy made me go up 4 sizes in pants. My weight gain has been the hardest part, but also to be honest the best part. I can finally able to sit comfortably and my whole body doesn't ache when I sleep.
-Life, really has become so much more enjoyable, I am planning events, trips etc. and not meals. I have picked up my hobbies again and I am excited to find new things I am passionate about. I am in my 3rd year of uni, and I can finally study freely with my friends in a real way and learn, read books, watch movies, and listen to music. I am going to parties, dancing, having fun getting drunk and then eating a huge KEBAB at 4am with my bffs. These last few months have been the best months in my uni life, unfortunately, I spent the rest deep in ed. My mind has cleared up, not foggy anymore so I have so much more place to daydream and fantasize. I am taking myself on dates to the places I wanted to enjoy, including cafes, bakeries, and restaurants.
-Mindset, I can't say I am comfortable in my body to be honest but I am comfortable in my mind. I relive this is all about the mindset, I try to tell myself that I am doing this for my future, that weird process will end and I will be free. Sometimes I need to tell myself that everything will be okay, and see the bigger picture. To be honest I have stopped thinking that much about it, most days I just don't give a f*ck and just live. I spent my days watching WIEIAD, reading about ed, recovery, watching fitness videos etc. but now they have become the most boring thing ever. I don't have a place for them in my life, mind, and time.
-Reactions,yep I have gotten a few comments like: "Wow you are going so fast", my answer. okay why should I take it slow, this is my life and my way, no point in wasting it on taking it slow. "Are you going to start going to the gym again, nothing bad I am just surprised that you have changed that fast", this hit hard to be honest, cried my eyes out, and answered this is my life, my body and I am the only one deciding what I want to do with it. I just don't want to workout, too tired for that, if I am ready to start movement again I want to do it for fun. OFC I have days where I still care about other people's opinion but at the end of the day I am the only one who is spending with myself 24/7 and my opinion is the only one that matters, that is why my priority is health and happiness, so for all the people out there judging give it a break and mind your own business.
My side effects of recovery: Extreme hunger still going strong but I really can see the end of it, fluffy body(doubled my weight), water retention, sleepiness the first 3 months(now I have so much energy), HAPPINESS
Not gonna lie I go a little teary-eyed writing this, I am really glad I am doing this.
This is not the end of the recovery process, I will probably have a lot of bad days, beacuse life tends to be a bumpy ride, but I do believe all of this is worth it.
I hope this post can motivate you to start fighting or keep going, take your time, do it the way you want to do it, don't care about other people and what they have to say about it all. Be patient with the process and yourself. Go with the flow when it comes to EH.
Thank you for reading this scribble
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2023.06.06 22:10 Remarkable_Tie_144 30 [M4F] California / USA - Moving Heaven and Earth

Where do I even start...?
Seems like just about everyone here let their jobs become a priority in their lives, me being no exception. After spending years in school, getting my dream job (after doing four big career changes...), I've finally realized I'm missing something. YOU! Hahaha, well maybe you reading this, who knows? But, I'm definitely missing my person--whatever you may call it: soul mate, better half, beau, or something else.
I honestly don't want to keep going down this road solo. I'd love to start a family, kids, dogs, white picket fence? We'd probably have to leave California though, because all the nice places here are too expensive. Heard Florida is nice. Maybe West Virginia?
Well...about me now. I'm alive, breathing, heart ticks once in a while...besides that, I've got great teeth! I am a bit of a redneck (how's that possible in California?!) Dunno, just who I am. I do have a soft spot for dogs, so if you're not a fan, sorry gottah keep looking elsewhere. I am white, nerdy, outdoorsy, and tend to stay pretty active. Love my job, love meeting new people and helping every way I can! I'm traditional in my beliefs and values (hope you're the same way).
Big no nos: You don't like dogs. (Seriously, what normal person doesn't love dogs?)You're married or attached. (Sorry, I'm not here to fix that broken relationship). If you don't take care of yourself. (If you're not able to do that, how can I trust you can take care of our kids?) And a sense of humor. Life is short as it already is. Gottah lighten up and enjoy the time we have.
I'd hate to give everything away, so if something resonates with you, send a message! I'll respond back. Let's debate on who shot first, Han or Greedo (Han shot first...just saying).
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2023.06.06 22:10 itzpea Envelope not being picked up from apartment mailbox

I had put something in the outgoing drop in my mail room for my apartment on May 26th and the tracking is still showing as pending delivery to the post office.
I checked with my apartment and they advised that a lot of people have been complaining about things not being sent out/picked up from there.
Finally was able to get someone on the phone who is going to send a notice to my local office, but it is just frustrating. I had hoped my apartment would have access and could give me the envelope back so that I could take it to the office myself as it is somewhat time sensitive.
Does anyone have experience with something like this, I'm worried that it was picked up and just never scanned/lost, or still just sitting in the box.
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2023.06.06 22:10 Multievolution Just found and binged the anime over the last few days and wanted to give my thoughts on the ending

Overall I did enjoy it, normally I don’t watch anime like this, but I took a chance on it and found it to be quite addictive, I won’t claim to be an expert, but I wanted to share my thoughts to the best of my ability.
First and foremost, I don’t think it’s possible for an anime like this to not disappoint at least someone, I believe that the setup will naturally lead to that to some degree.
I’m of the opinion they bait and switched with Itsuki throughout the series, and intentionally so. That did lead to me finding it a little hard to accept the ending they went with, but I suspected at the end of season 2 they’d go the route they did so it wasn’t a complete blindside.
I guess I’m torn, the writer in me believes that leaving things open ended would be weak storytelling, a conclusion is the only way things can truly be settled, but the fan in me wanted a different outcome, and it does leave me with mixed feelings.
Now that I’ve gotten the mixed part out of the way, the things I like about the series are next.
As ideas goes they could have easily missed the mark, many pitfalls for the concept, but I believe all of the Quintuplets each work in an individual way, there’s drama to the series without losing its tone, it’s colourful, and regardless of outcome it was hard to witness a cliffhanger and not be exited about what would come next.
Would I have done anything differently?maybe, but there is something I would do next for sure, and that is to give each of them their own sequel. let them have their own conclusion that’s equally as satisfying, yes to a degree we get this, but I can’t help but feel like the other four feel like they remain in the MC’s shadow too.
Apologies if i rambled, such are the thoughts I have having binged the series over three days.
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2023.06.06 22:09 choover89 Anyone try this syrup?

Anyone try this syrup?
I have a batch of pineapple mead going and was wanting to add some coconut flavor. I know one way is to roast coconut flakes and add to secondary. I was wondering if anyone has tried Torani Sugar free syrup. I was thinking it will take care of back sweetening and give me some coconut flavor. Just wanted to see if anyone has used it and if they would advise for or against.
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2023.06.06 22:09 MVIVN I came as close to sh*tting myself as I've ever been in my adult life yesterday...

I was gonna use a throwaway, but the worst didn't happen so I guess it doesn't really matter. I had a bit of a rumbly tummy situation brewing right as I was leaving work yesterday afternoon but I thought, you know what, it's fine, I'll be home in 25ish minutes, I'll do what I need to do when I get home. What I obviously wasn't thinking about is the fact that this is Auckland traffic we're dealing with, and there's always a chance that traffic will be much worse than you're anticipating on any given day...
I'm stuck in a queue of traffic and looking at live traffic updates on google maps and I can see my estimated arrival time to get home just went from a yellow "27 minutes" to a slightly orange "31 minutes". Meanwhile, the tummy is starting to rumble a bit more and I've had to clench a few times because I know there's 0% chance of letting off a dry fart. It was guaranteed to be a wet one -- when you know you know. I'm thinking, "Don't panic" and I turn my music up louder because I somehow think if I distract myself with my playlist and don't think about the situation that's developing everything will settle down.
I make a bit more progress, get through the Ellerslie/Panmure roundabout after what feels like an eternity and I'm now on the motorway. Traffic is still backed up and moving at a crawl. At this point I'm actually starting to panic. It's very clear there's an unavoidable diarrhoea situation transpiring, and now it's not a question of if I'm gonna have an explosive trip to the toilet, but when it's gonna happen. Google maps is now showing a deep red "39 minutes" to get home. Fuck.
Traffic starts moving a bit, but it's very slow. I've turned my music up even more and I'm singing along to every song, just trying to keep my mind off my situation. After a bit of progress, traffic grinds to a complete halt again, and now it's starting to feel like every time my car starts and stops, the diarrhoea is just being urged on. I'm in the middle lane on the motorway, there's traffic on either side of me, I have no way out.
At this point my palms are getting sweaty and I'm starting to play out various scenarios in my head -- let's say I shit myself right here in my car, what kind of cleanup are we talking about when I get home? Fuck fuck fuck, I don't wanna think about that. If I open my car door on the motorway, is there any way I can angle my butt such that I can shit out the side of my car without other people realising what's happening? Even if they see me, is that a better outcome than shitting myself in my car? What if I shit on the floor mat instead of on the seat? A million thoughts are racing through my head and the adrenaline is pumping...
While this whole scenario is playing out I'm slowly, slowly, slowly making progress on my trip home, and I somehow finally made it after a 52-minute ordeal, hastily parked the car, ran inside and let 'er rip! I get to live through another day as a grown man who hasn't shat himself!
TL;DR The moral of the story is, you can never trust Auckland traffic -- don't take the risk! If you can pop into the toilet before you leave, DO IT. Better to be a bit late going wherever you're going than to find yourself trying to think of potential ways to relieve yourself on the motorway 😂
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2023.06.06 22:09 inblloom Second DVT in 6 months, this time led to PE

Hi All! I am a 37 year old male who received my first diagnosis of DVT back in December and was subsequently diagnosed as Factor V Leiden. I did a three month stint on Eliquis and then came off the medication, hoping to be clot free for the foreseeable future and as an avid cyclist and runner I thought that continuing my lifestyle would keep me out of harms way, but after four days of trail running and bike riding in Boulder and then contracting norovirus, I ended up in bed for ~30 hours which may, or may not, have led to the development of another DVT. This clot one was "extensive" and after attempting to go for a run a couple days after diagnosis to stay active, I realized I could hardly breath when exerting myself. This led to a PE diagnosis (walking the office my Sp02 dropped to 86).
I have since had a CT angiogram which showed a fairly large clot in my right lung and also showed signs of some right heart strain. It's been a couple weeks and I have been taking it easy, walking and doing some yard work, but have been experiencing some chest tightness, erratic heartbeat, dizziness, etc. Ended up in the ER today and everything looks fine, considering, and I have an echocardiogram scheduled for next week to look at my heart, but I am increasing worried that I have right-side heart failure.
My wife and I are expecting our first child in two weeks and I am scared that I either wont make it to then or that my life is going to be even more turned upside down then I know it was going to be with a new baby. I suppose I just wanted to put this out into the world to try and alleviate some of the stress and worry I am feeling about all of this.
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2023.06.06 22:09 AustralianChrono Chronologica's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 9- Local Values: International Racers

Chronologica's Drag Race Season 4: Episode 9- Local Values: International Racers
Come on, shake your body, baby
Straight into the song, Zazu springs into action, her body moving to the tune of the conga with her feet furiously twirling to match.
I know you can't control yourself any longer
Crayola tries her best to dance into action, but it’s clear she is struggling to move in her massive gown- let alone with her dance skills…
Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger
Zazu drops to the floor and takes whips out a fan, as Rachelle grins as Zazu spins around, whipping her hair.
Let the music move your feet
Crayola stumbles for a second, before holding up her dress to tapdance to the beat with a smile.
Feel the fire of desire
Bending backwards, Zazu eyes the judges panel as she hastendly lip syncs, every single utterance on the stage as the panel eats it up.
Do the conga
Zazu drops to the floor with a boom as the song ends, and the others clap, cheering with a smile.
“Zazu, Shantay you stay.”
Zazu gasps. “Thank you.”
“Crayola Boxx, the crafty Queen. Thank you for coming here, and showing us you. But for now, sashay…. Away.”
“Thank you.” Crayola tears up. “It’s been a journey, but I am happy to have been here for it.”
Crayola struts off, with a smile on her face. “Back in my box!”
Crayola Boxx: “I am sad to be going home 8th. But, I know I did well. I got two wins. I gave my heart… and that’s okay.”
Lipstick Message: “BACK HOME! You all get an A+. Well done, racers!”
The racers walk into the werkroom.
“Crayola…” Aguacate frowns, before smirking. “Wait, I'm not sad… again!”
“Hah, funny joke.” Omari quips. “You’re such a comedian.”
“Back home. You all get an A+! Well done, racers.” Zazu smiles.
“Awwh…” Aguacate grins. “She was an annoying teacher to the end.”
“Clock that tea.” Jaslene smirks, sitting down.
“Congrats to you, Aguacate for winning your second challenge.” Yasmin smiles. “It was fantastique.”
The racers clap.
“I feel like it clearly, smartly, correctly a reflection of my skillset, abilities and world renowned talent-”
The others stare at Aguacate.
Aguacate smiles. “That I win a second challenge. And I will a third, a fourth, a fifth-”
“Congrats, girl. I hope you don’t bottom like the last person to win two challenges.” Jaslene says.
“Oh, wait a minute…” Zazu gasps. “Is that true?”
“Me, Crayola…” Granny nods. “It is true.”
“Well simply put, I don’t plan on bottoming.” Aguacate grins.
“Okay, sure.” Jaslene rolls her eyes.
Fiore gets up, walking off without a word.
Fiore Stravaganza: “Not in the mood to talk.”
“Werk!” Jaslene laughs.
“Well, whatever comes next.” Jaslene shrugs. “I hope it’s a fun time, and not another comedy challenge.”
“Oh, girl-” Zazu looks at Jaslene. “Please.”
“Oh, you’ve survived 4, I’m sure you can survive 5.” Omari winks.
“No more bottoms, please!” Zazu screams.
“I say that often.” Yasmin nods.
Zazu Nova: “Like… last week was scary. But also, I felt ready. And I know this- statistically, it cannot be a comedy challenge next. So….” Zazu closes her eyes, and crosses her fingers. “Manifesting a WIN!”
“You did well.” Omari nods, looking at Zazu.
“Awwh, Omari…” Zazu grins.
Zazu Nova: “It’s my time, it’s my time…” Zazu prays.
The Next Day, Yasmin smiles, looking at a table full of food.
“Oh my god.” Jaslene says. “It’s-”
“Fried Chicken, Waffles, Pancakes, Cheese, Wine, Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.” Yasmin smiles.
“How the hell do you have the time?” Aguacate asks.
“I woke up at like 3am, out of my mind.” Yasmin laughs. “So, I thought- let me make us all breakfast!”
“This looks delicious, thank you Yasmin.” Granny smiles.
“I’ll have some.” Jaslene grins, extending her hand to grab waffles.
“Me too.” Omari smiles.
“I’ll have some chicken…” Zazu nods.
“I’m okay.” Fiore sits by the side.
“Thank you for trying my food.” Yasmin looks at Jaslene with a grin.
Jaslene winks. “Tastes delicious.”
You’ve got drag mail!
Familial Ties are important. Showcase that brand!
“Oh my god my manifesting worked.” Zazu gasps.
“That’s not real, love.” Yasmin giggles.
It’s Drag Time!
Hello, racers.
Good to see you again.
I want to introduce you to some special friends. Your loved ones!
“Woah.” Aguacate stares awkwardly as she hears the words ‘Loved Ones’.
Say hello to Zazu’s Drag Mother, Acera!
Zazu gasps as Acera comes running out. “Brazil is here, BABY!”
“Oooh yes.” Granny grins.
Fiore’s Mother, Margaret!
Fiore puts on a smile as her mother walks over.
Granny’s Grandson, José!
“My darling!” Granny hugs the tall José.
Jaslene’s Drag Sister, Paula!
“Oh, bitch!” Jaslene runs over.
Yasmin’s boyfriend, Clem!
“Baby!” Yasmin cheers, as Clem hands her a little box of food.
“She’s not single?” Aguacate says.
“Omari’s Wife, Sade!”
“My WIFE!” Omari yells, tearing up as he wraps her in a hug.
And Aguacate’s best friend, Mateo!
“Ah, yes.” Aguacate nods.
Racers, it’s time to makeover your loved ones!
For this week’s maxi challenge, you will be getting the opportunity to showcase family resemblance at it’s best. I want you to showcase your brand- and strut the main stage with your family member serving family resemblance, racers!
Jaslene Bangus: “Oh, girl. I’m ready.”
This is a strong challenge to showcase your abilities. Good luck, racers… and do not fuck it up!
The racers start talking to their partners as they prepare for the challenge.
“I am so excited.” Zazu looks excitedly at Acera. “And we’ve got an advantage.”
“Oh darling, you better werk your cunt out this week.” Acera smirks.
Zazu Nova: “Acera adopted me into her life shortly after the death of my parents. She is a fiery personality- and my inspiration.”
“But I think, my idea here is really to zoom in more in the silly side.” Zazu grins. “I love fashion…”
“As do all of my children.”
“But, like- high-fashion with a slight tinge of CAMP.” Zazu winks.
“Have you prepared?”
Zazu picks up a notepad. “I’ve drawn this.”
“This is your scope, darling. I think we need to really present an image- high class DRAG.” Acera says. “Show them South Africa’s finest.”
“Yes!” Zazu cheers.
“I can’t believe South Africa’s finest is a white girl and a Brazilian woman!” Omari yells from the table over.
Zazu gasps, as her mother look at her. “You-”
“He’s playing.” Zazu looks at Omari. “I think.”
“DARLING.” Omari’s wife, Sade smacks him playfully.
Omari chuckles, a big smile on his face.
“I am so excited to have you here.” Omari smiles.
King Omari Star: “Sade the light of my life. The one…” Omari tears up. “Consistent thing I always know has my back.”
“And I am you.” Sade grins. “From the Martial Artist’s daughter.. To your wife.”
The two kiss.
King Omari Star: “Being a lesbian couple is a challenge. But we live proudly, and she celebrates my drag.”
“I think of course, you must give ROYAL.” Omari smirks. “The Chief and his second-in-command.”
“Why can I not be the chief?!”
“Darling…” Omari looks at Sade.
King Omari Star: “However… I am thinking. My brand is very singular- specific to me. I love my looks, but I must ponder how to deliver family resemblance when Omari is in many ways a solo character.”
“Let me figure this out.” Omari purses his lips. “You can be Darweshi King Star.”
“My second in command.” Omari winks.
Meanwhile, Yasmin chats with her partner as she observes Fiore talking with her mother.
“So, Mother- we must act with class here, this week.” Fiore purses her lips.
“Of course, my darling-”
“Class.” Fiore eyes her mother. “This is how we present herselves.” Fiore stands tall. “You will not act as a peasant-”
Yasmin and her boyfriend look at each other, listening in.
“We must be the height of class and sophistication. This is important.” Fiore eyes her. “You understand this?”
Fiore Stravaganza: “I know I must deliver. This is a challenge made- for me.”
“Of course…”
“I don’t want us to lose this challenge if we don’t showcase it. I am leading this pack- stylistically, I know I have this.” Fiore grips her mother’s hand. “Fashion is important to you-”
“I remember-”
“And now I showcase it with my drag.” Fiore says. “Excellence, grace, theatrics.”
Margaret nods.
Yasmin Raiz: “I wouldn’t treat my mother like that.” Yasmin shakes her head.
Chronologica goes to visit the racers.
Hello, Granny!
“Hi Darling.” Granny smiles. “This is my grandson, José.”
José waves.
Now Granny, tell me… what is your drag family brand?”
“I’ve been asked this.” Granny smiles. “It is family.”
Your family brand… is family?
Granny nods.
That seems off to me. What will you be doing as your look?
“José is becoming Grandson Gorgeous.” Granny grins.
Granny Gorgeous: “Love, positivity- a bitch of kitsch. My dear.” Granny smiles.
Have you done King Drag before?
“I want to show I can step outside of the box. And this is a great way to do so.”
I love the idea. However… I’m going to need you to think if this is a solid reflection of your BRAND.
Granny nods.
Keep working at it.

Hi Jaslene.
“Oooh, she’s cunt.” Jaslene’s partner smirks.
“Yes girl, you.”
“Meet Jezebel Bangus.” Jaslene smirks.
I see the family resemblance.
The two grin, looking at each other.
“She’s my sister.” Jaslene nods. “A trans woman, like me, a drag Queen, a performer and a star.”
“So basically, we’re winning this.” Jezebel smirks.
Chronologica laughs.
How are you going to do that?
“Style is important. I do not have a high fashion- couture, brand. And that is okay, because I serve. I am a performer, I am a star, and I’m going to shit on these bitches.” Jaslene smirks.
Chronologica nods in agreement.
I think that’s a great idea. Focusing on it.
Jaslene nods.
Jaslene Bangus: “I want this win. It’s eating at me. I’m giving everything.”

Hola, Aguacate!
Tell me, what is your relationship with Mateo like?
“We are fabulous Queens. We’re both Maricons-”
Chronologica cackles.
“And really, that says enough.” Aguacate shrugs. “To me, this challenge is to deliver camp Aguacate drag. Mexican, beautiful, gorgeous.”
I think that’s a-
“And I have the looks- and the makeup to show it.” Aguacate nods.
The connection you have is strong here- what do you mean to each other?
“He’s my best friend.” Aguacate says. “That is simply it.”
…I want you to think about the dynamic between you two. Mateo hasn’t spoken. This is an equal opportunity challenge, and I want you to showcase that combination- AND your drag.
“Okay.” Aguacate smiles.
Good luck.
Aguacate: “I mean, this isn’t Chronologica’s crying vulnerability race, but werk.”
As they get ready for the main stage, everyone is focused.
“I’m corseting you for your LIFE.” Fiore looks at Francesca.
“Okay, dear.” Francesca nods.
Fiore Stravaganza: “This is MY moment. Every detail, every sparkle will be perfect.”
“Oh, we’re serving cunt.” Jaslene smiles, looking at Jezebel.
“We look fantastic. Like stars.” Jezebel nods.
“Oh, another bodysuit?” Fiore looks at Jaslene.
“It’s the brand.” Jaslene says.
Fiore makes a face.
“Girl, I don’t know who you are, but this bitch changed my life.” Jezebel rolls her eyes. “So like shut up and focus.”
“How did she change your life?” Yasmin asks, as she sews Roti’s wig to a secondary wig.
“I was 17, and she was a woman. A performer who was a girl like me, who made a career for herself. And I was kicked out when my Papa found out I was a girl.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Darweshi looks over, as Omari confusingly struggles to paint her face.
“But you had me, girl.” Jezebel holds Jaslene’s hand.
“We’re both stars. And we- the world is challenging enough, so I look after my sisters. Even if my real family don’t support.” Jaslene smiles. “You look gorgeous, babe.”
Jezebel winks.
“I feel the same about my mama- who gets to be my drag sis.” Zazu smiles. “Like, Mama Nova…” Zazu tears up.
Mama grins.
“When my parents died in that meta train accident…” Zazu holds Mama’s hand. “I had you. And I found drag, I found love and support…”
“All of us here have fantastic partners in drag.” Yasmin turns to Roti. “You’re the best damn boyfriend in the world.”
Roti blushes.
“To me-” Omari looks at Darweshi. “You’re the most beautiful thing in the world, and I am pleased to be your wife.”
“I love my grandson.” Granny blushes.
“Your parents…” Pitaya looks at Aguacate, who shakes her head. “Can we not?”
“We’re just observing discussions about our family, dear.” Granny smiles.
“Focus on your poor makeup and finding a brand.” Aguacate responds.
“Hey!” Omari looks at Aguacate.
“You should really be looking at achieving FAMILY RESEMBLANCE. Because I don’t see it!” Aguacate laughs.
Pitaya touches Aguacate’s shoulders.
“Emotions! Chatting! Why can’t we all just deliver drag, OKAY?! WE DON’T NEED THE EMOTIONS!” Aguacate yells.
The room is silent.
“...Exactly.” Fiore adds.
Aguacate: “We’re all too focused on the deep. No, I’m here to show Aguacate… and that’s what they’re gonna get.”
“Are you-”
“I’m fine.” Aguacate looks at Pitaya. “We’re gonna be loca girls!”
Pitaya forces a smile.
“Good luck… and don’t fuck it up!” Aguacate yells.
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2023.06.06 22:09 daughterofthelamb Women don't lose their ability to "pair bond" from having multiple partners

Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior and nobody can take that from me.
My introduction into Christianity was one of shame and regret, some healthy repentence, but mostly finding that I needed to apologize for my entire existence and see myself as less worthy and undeserving because of m sexuality and sexual history. Christians are very judgemental and hypocritical, the rumors were true. The veil of "Jesus saves and forgives and wipes the slate clean" is pretty thin and just beneath lies countless who love to use anything they can to make themselves feel better, more worthy, more Heaven-bound at the expense of others.
I couldn't take it and it made my mental health incredibly fragile and unstable. I became unbalanced and veered back and forth between total unabashed sin that was really a form of self harm because I felt that was all I deserved, and trying to be the holiest most perfect person or feeling totally unloved and unworthy of love God's love. The way my brain works, that was how it manifested.
I am no longer going to try to be the perfect Christian girl, I never will be. My celibacy has been broken and I'm not in a space of repentance right now. Because I'm not in a place of shame right now. God still loves me and Jesus still saves me. I'm still going to Heaven.
My sexual partner is a Christian who waited, very unlike me, until 25 years old to lose his virginity to a "sexually pure Good Christian" girl who was horrible to him, didn't keep herself beautiful or in shape, made his life miserable and ultimately cheated on him.
We're falling in love and yes we're having sex. And it is so amazing and we're both so much happier than we were before. He doesn't care about my past, is more confident as a man due to being treated well by a feminine and sweet woman and given a much needed outlet, enjoying life more having a fun and beautiful girl to experience the world with. And we both still love God, and in fact we are both bringing each other closer to God after falling away. Finding our true relationship with Him. And if we're wrong, God will deal with us.
Anyways, I have a quite high body count and have been in the sex industry since I was very young. I have tattoos and piercings, my appearance probably screams "sinner" to most people, no matter what I do. But I am still more loving and devoted than many "pure" girls who were always good Christians. It's such a lie that I wouldn't be able to love and pair bond. I know what loveless, superficial sex is like and now I know what sex is like when you're completely, totally in love. Knowing the latter I would never go back, my experiences only serve to give me a deeper appreciation of the love and commitment I get to experience by the grace of God. I'm going to be an amazing wife and mother and make my husband very happy, and my love for him will never run dry. I'm not damaged goods and my ability to love deeply has not been broken. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk and God bless :)
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2023.06.06 22:09 goodbadandugly1853 Is replying slowly a sign of being not interested?

I text my friends a lot (partly because of remote work so that I dont feel lonely) and its kinda normal thing for our circle. When it comes to dating I was usually taking it as a sign of interest when the other person keeps the conversation, gives long answers, replies quickly and asks questions.
On the other hand I understand that there are many different people and habits. The girl I met recently usually takes some hours to respond and during our date she told me she is a bit introvert and usually she doesnt like texting constantly, even with her long time friends.
Im totally okay with that (especially after my ex who would text me all the time and be clingy) but I have been thinking if its really a thing or maybe just a way to slowly ghost me? Im not gonna ask her about it because it would be weird I guess (we just went on one date and now Im demanding more contact lol) but I can ask you:
Do you limit texting with people you are interested in? Or if you are really into them you will show it to them by replying quickly etc?
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2023.06.06 22:09 thinkb4youspeak Got hired today. Super pro union though.

Been in warehousing and automotive assembly. Going to give Amazon a try. Serving the House of Bezos is super gross to me but how can I get involved in the unionization of an industry I haven't been exploited in yet.
I'm 45, white cis but not religious, not bigoted except toward the bigots who look like me and work at the same blue collar jobs I do. I worked in security industry, retail/ fast food, military, warehousing/ forklift, unemployment/ adult re-student phase to change industries, tier 1 and 2 IT support w lite field engineering. Treated like shit by medical professionals we supported and my co workers and came right back to warehousing/ manufacturing.
Smoking a bowl and drinking some drinks to celebrate a small win for me. Hooray team us ya'll.
Can't wait to get into arguments with old dudes about labor laws and defending the system that exploits them on break.
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2023.06.06 22:09 Fantastic-Tap5493 10 years and finally the right fit.

10 years and finally the right fit.
Hi reddit 👍
First time posting after a couple weeks of reading plenty on here. So just thought I'd share my experience and recent sizing revelation.
I've been a long time fan of red wing and have had a pair 875s for about 10 years. Despite loving the way they looked they were just never particularly comfortable to wear and as such I'd have to force myself to put them on. As you can see from the photos these have hardly seen a pavement!Well recently there's been quite a few places here in the UK doing sales on red wings so I thought I'd order a few pairs in to see If I could figure this fit issue out.
I have eventually figured out that a UK6 (1 size down from my usual nike size) was never going to fit comfortably because I'm actually a size UK7.5 brannock and around a D/E width.A UK7 fits me great and is comfortable off the bat (vs the few UK6s I tried which were instant foot agony). So here's my new RW lineup. The weekender moc in CRT, the IR in Amber harness & the classic moc in Briar.
My plan is to clean the original 875s up and give them to my brother who's usually a full size smaller foot than I am.
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