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New Bonvoy account with Amex card - how does it get created?

2023.05.16 03:57 nicodea2 New Bonvoy account with Amex card - how does it get created?

Folks, not sure if this question is best suited for the Marriott sub or Amex sub, but I thought I’d post here first. My wife applied for a Bonvoy Amex 2 months ago - she didn’t have a Bonvoy account so when filling out the Amex application, she answered “no” to the question (see screenshot) and provided her details hoping that a Bonvoy account would be created for her.
She got the credit card in the mail and she’s been using the card for the past 2 months, however life got in the way and we only just realized that we can’t find her Marriott number anywhere. The Marriott website is unable to find an account tied to her email address, yet Amex posted points to an account for the past two statements. Does it take time for a Bonvoy account to be created? Any suggestions on who to call to find out her Bonvoy number?
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2023.05.13 18:12 minutial Unable to link new Amex credit card

I have a few Amex online accounts, and I'm having trouble linking the latest online account to Personal Capital even though the other online accounts are syncing fine.
When I clicked through to add a new American Express account, it's showing up as "American Express Cards - 1" but no account is showing up under there unlike the other login accounts (see attached screenshot).
I then tried to "Add new login" anyway using the same credentials, and it seems to have gone through successfully, but my account is still not showing up.
I'm able to log in to this new account just fine on, but it just doesn't show up here.
It also looks like my other Amex accounts are able to continuously sync just fine, so I'm not sure why this is happening to just this one account. Is anyone else facing this at all, and if so, were you able to resolve this?
I have also reached out to Personal Capital support, and they said they removed the errored American Express Cards setup, but I'm still unable to link the new account still.
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2023.05.05 16:43 jio_123 Amex Annual Fee Credit

I see there is a annual fee credit you can get if you have amex corporate credit card. I have Green card from Amex that Pwc provided. And when I try to put the card numbers here:, I see I am eligible. Although I see in FAQ, it says, PwC employees are not eligible.
So, I am bit confused if we are eligible for the annual fee credit or not. Can someone confirm if its okay to apply for the card with the annual fee credit?
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2023.05.02 20:08 Dull-Refrigerator-33 The ultimate guide to AMEX syncing on Monarch Money (goodbye YNAB 👋)

Back story

🚩 First off, skip to "How is this any fucking better?" before reading on if you have skepticism or want the meat of this. Then circle back to here or the Getting Started section.
I've been dealing with AMEX syncing woes that have sent me from one budget app to the next, desperately looking for a solution that is at least somewhat manageable. With YNAB, AMEX through MX or Plaid is a disaster, and syncs only 1-3 times a month at best, and when it does sync, conflicts with any manual imports / transactions and causes duplicates and a whole mess to sift through. This last time, I called it quits and got a prorated refund from YNAB. A damned shame, but if I had to choose between good rewards and a budget app that's a headache to manage and costs me $100+/yr, then I am going to choose good rewards.

Enter: Monarch Money

Also a Plaid-powered platform, but with the added additions of Finicity (and of course MX, but we don't talk about MX). Now, I don't know if MasterCard has better engineers, or what their secret sauce is, but unlike Plaid which just gives up for weeks at a time, Finicity will re-sync with AMEX every time you ask it to\*.
Now, it's also not perfect. You will be prompted for 2FA if you are a U.S. customer, as AMEX requires it for every login. The difference is, you can do it through the Monarch mobile app or website, and it only takes about 2 minutes.
Some day, hopefully soon, AMEX will offer a native integration for these apps to sync transactions without 2FA prompts, but until that day...

Getting Started: The (mostly) smooth solution

  1. Go to: American Express - Your Email On File (you can check URL in your browser, make sure it's
  2. Plug in your email address, it may need to be a different one, but try using your same email, but this time uncheck "Send one-time passcodes to this email."
  3. In Monarch, go to: Institutions Settings ( (or go to Institution Settings through the UI)
  4. Click the "Add Account" option
  5. Look for American Express
  6. Click the (...) button next to American Express, and choose Finicity as the provider
  7. Log in with your AMEX credentials
  8. You should have the option to receive an SMS / Phone Call / Email
  9. The options for SMS / Phone Call are important, because if you didn't uncheck that checkbox for "Send one-time passcodes to this email" then you will only see Email as an option, and that's a major headache to find an email, copy a code from it, and paste it in
  10. Test out SMS and see that you get a code
  11. Did it work? Great

How to re-sync going forward (mobile)

I can only write this from the perspective of an iOS user, but if Monarch's mobile team is good, then the UI is the same for all mobile OS.
  1. Go to Monarch Money app
  2. Click on Accounts at bottom tab bar
  3. Swipe down to refresh your AMEX accounts (only works if you last checked > 1 hour ago)
  4. You can exit the app or go elsewhere if you have push notifications turned on, then continue to step 5
  5. After about 2-3 minutes, AMEX will undoubtably throw a sync error and deliver a push notification / email or it will otherwise reflect that on your Accounts page
  6. Go back to your Accounts and click on one of your AMEX accounts, and you will see the option to Reconnect, tap that
  7. You won't have to enter a password again, but you'll be prompted for 2FA... choose SMS
  8. iOS keyboard will allow you to auto-input the code that comes through in the message, and then you press continue
  9. Transactions will sync within about a minute
All told, this re-sync process takes about 2 minutes per day.

How is this any fucking better?

YNAB: Syncs 1-3 times a month with Plaid or MX, at best. Duplicate transactions. Complete mess and made me quit after wrestling with it for years now. There is no Finicity option. YNAB support team will give you a run-around on how they are working on a solution, they are not. They rely on Plaid or MX to get it working, and Plaid / MX have not, for whatever reason, been able to work around AMEX's security requirements for 1-2 years now. New AMEX customers be wary, old AMEX customers know what I am talking about.
Monarch with Plaid: Complete mess, almost made me cancel my trial. Same issues, same provider.
Monarch with Finicity (after following the steps I listed): Syncs every single day, requires just 1-2 minutes of time tapping next and plugging in your SMS code (easy on iOS with the keyboard autofill), and you don't have to type in your AMEX log in every time.

A small win.

Look, ideally it syncs every day without input like all of my other banks, but we're not there yet. This is the closest solution as someone who has been around the block.
Some people may not have to jump through these hoops. These people would be:

Anyways, hope that helps. Now we can focus more on our money and less on technical issues (at least this issue). ✊

\after at least an hour between syncs)
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2023.05.01 21:38 Dismal_Storage What in the hell is going on with their CS today?

They called me to tell me that they had locked my account. I've had my gold card for over 29 years, so I asked why. They said it was because someone in Russia was trying to login to with my username. I said I thought it was ridiculous that they allowed anyone in the world to disable my card if they guessed my username, and the guy said he couldn't help and hung up. I called back, and it took almost an hour to get someone on the phone. She just told me she couldn't unlock accounts and her supervisor couldn't. What in the hell am I supposed to do now?
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2023.04.21 22:50 xuhu55 Is $150 annual fee reduction benefit useful?

I’m interested in applying for my company corporate card to get this $150 annual fee reduction benefit on my personal card.
However I don’t know if it can be combined with good signing bonus offer. Has someone tried to combine both?
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2023.03.02 04:06 Magnetic_dud Can you reconsider about the OVH ban?

In Europe OVH is extremely popular and most web agencies just rent a server from them.
That means most small businesses with a custom email are indirectly using OVH.
I get calls from customers who are saying that my email address is wrong, because they get the rejection email. In their eyes it's an error message and users don't read error messages. It's impossibile that they will contact their web agency to tell them to ask to be whitelisted on mxrbl. They will just contact my competitor.
If i buy something from some small European online shop, there are chances i will never get the confirmation email, the invoice, the tracking, and so on
Since December i can't even login to to get the card statement because I can't receive the otp code that they send by email
I even tried to ask to a web agency (using a Gmail because otherwise they couldn't reply) if they can ask to be whitelisted on mxrbl and i got a very snark response with a screenshot of my own mx records hosted on ovh canada
So, yes, spam from OVH is a problem because anyone can rent a VPS with a few dollars and start massive spam campaigns, but between all those emails there are too many legitimate ones.
It's not like banning sendgrid shared IP addresses. Big businesses on sendgrid will use a dedicated IP address (so: not affected) and small businesses won't use the sendgrid free/basic plan because it's harder to configure and anyway because it's blocked from Hotmail it's a non starter.
In conclusion: can you reconsider your decision? Or making it opt out for an account, or giving -50 points in spam assassin.
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2023.02.28 05:50 vilusion if you have a green corporate Amex card. You can get statement credit back for your personal card annual fees.

150 for plat. 100 for gold. Plus more. Check out corporate advantage by Amex
Mark sure you use corporate advantage when applying for the cards.
Someone pointed out to use a referral to get a high sign up bonus and then contact Amex chat to apply the corporate credit for next year.
For example, maybe a public offer is 60k for gold. Instead use a 90k referral and get the card. Then message Amex chat to apply the credits for the next annual fees that come
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2023.02.16 00:06 pbjclimbing Referral Links (For Just About Everything)

Credit Cards
American Express: Business Cards, Personal Cards
Capital One: Venture X
Chase: Southwest Cards, Marriott Cards, United Cards, Sapphire Preferred, Freedom Cards, Ink Cards
Betterment: automated investing, get a period of free management
Charles Schwab: REFERTFPTJ3VQ I do not get a bonus if you use this, but the signup bonus is usually not available without a referral
Google Pay: get $$ for signing up
Robinhood: stock trading app, get a free stock
Plastiq: good way for manufactured spend for some issuers, get free fee dollars
Wise: formerly TransferWise, only of the cheapest ways to transfer money internationally
Award Travel and Travel
AirBnB Hosting
Award Wallet: the best dashboard to monitor your mile balances and expiration dates. This coupon free-scqhsg after you signup will give you a trial of premium for free. (I use basic currently)
Instacart: Grocery delivery
Marriott: Marriott actually has a referral program for people that create a new account
Uber Eats
RV Share: RV rental website
Undercover Tourist: One of the few sites that can sell discounted Disney tickets. They also sell other discounted amusement park tickets.
Crypto is not for everyone. These links include crypto exchanges and apps that give rewards in crypto.
Exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Exchange, Gemini, KuCoin
Blockrewards: Complete tasks and surveys to earn crypto
Koinly: Crypto tax software (really useful and links a lot of defi)
Presearch: Crypto search engine that gives rewards for each search you do
S Miles: pbjclimbing697 earn bitcoin based on the amount of activity you do
Shopping Portals, Cashback, Receipt Scanner (Ways to get money back that you spent)
Read this article (too much information to include it here) that I wrote on what card-linked, cashback, and shopping portals can be stacked together based on the backend network they run on. is a site that compares how what different shopping portals are offering a particular website. I use this to decide what portal to use. Airline shopping portals often have periods where they offered a signup bonus and a bonus for downloading the browser extension.
TopCashBack: shopping portal that gives 100% of the cashback back and makes their money through companies' advertising. There are a few more complaints about tracking issues than other portals. I use this one frequently.
Rakuten: shopping portal that you can link to American Express and receive Membership Rewards (MR) points instead of cash.
Extrabux: shopping portal that also offers chance of daily bonuses gains
ActiveJunky: shopping portal that often has a higher cashback rate for outdoosports sites
BeFrugal: shopping portal that sometimes has sites others do not
Swagbucks: A combination shopping portal, receipt scanner, and targeted offer site. Sometimes offers shopping portal rebates on things that traditional ones do not.
Fetch: Product-focused receipt scanner, you do not need to select items. Does take online receipts.
Ibotta: The best product-focused receipt scanner, need to select products/clip coupons. Often able to stack with other coupons. Does not allow many online receipts.
ReceiptHog: Receipt scanner that is more in the data collection business
Google Pay: has card linked program that does not require purchasing through the app. Does have some that require to click-through link. Uses Rakuten as a backend so you cannot stack with Rakuten, but you can stack with other shopping portals.
Payce: card-linked cashback program
Dosh: Card-linked cashback app
Drop: Card-linked cashback app and shopping portal
Baby and Children
Many "high-end" (I hate that term) baby manufacturers have a minimum price that must be charged for their items and do not allow coupons. A few retailers get around that by offering reward programs that provide a percentage of cashback as credit. These sometimes can be stacked with shopping portals.
PishPosh Baby: Get $10 off by using the link. They offer the best rewards program, offering 20%-24% back as rewards points on everything on their site, including brands like UppaBaby. They are also on the Extrabux shopping portal to get multiple discounts. I think PishPosh Baby offers the best rebate of any site and is my go-to site for baby items.
Good Buy Gear: Get $25 off a $50 purchase of used baby gear.
Subscription Boxes
Beauty Boxes: Allure, FabFitFun, SinglesSwag, Kinder Beauty
Kids Boxes: KiwiCo
Individual Shopping Websites
23andMe: Discounted genetic testing
Athletic Brewing: Non-alcoholic beer
Left Lane Sports: $10 off discounted outdoor gear
Indochino: $25 off custom suites
Peet’s Coffee: $10 off Peet's coffee
Puracy: green cleaning supplies. Get $10 and combine with coupon code NEWBIE (you can use two) and you get $10 off $20 and free shipping.
SidelineSwap: $5 off used sporting gear
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2022.12.12 21:05 fmusio100 AmEx Platinum default offer on their website has been lowered to an 80k bonus offer

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2022.09.22 20:58 Samysosa2005 Anyone every had this issue in the lounge?

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2022.07.26 19:48 sg77 Referral Links

My referral links. I periodically update these; let me know if one of them is expired and I'll get a new link. Note: some of the URLs below are intentionally not links, because reddit blocks posts with some links; copy & paste the URL into a new browser window (that also avoids this page being seen as the referrer, which some places might not like).
American Express Business Platinum or any other Amex card:
That's a universal Amex link; click "View all Cards with a Referral Offer" or "Explore other options" to see all the cards; or see direct Amex links below.
Chase Ink Premier, Chase Ink Cash, Chase Ink Preferred, Chase Ink Unlimited:
Chase Freedom Unlimited, Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Freedom Student, Chase Slate Edge:
Discover It:
Discover It Miles:
KeyPoint Credit Union: send me a message
Service Credit Union (SCU) $100 bonus: send me a message with your first name, last name, and email address (the same email address you’ll use to open the SCU account) (first join ACC (use code "SERVICE" to waive $5 fee) to be eligible:
One Finance:
Hanscom FCU ($30 bonus for opening checking & savings account, 5% savings account): send me your name & email address
Domain Money ($50 bonus when invest $500):
Juno Finance (OnJuno):
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SoFi Invest:
SoFi Credit Card:
SoFi Personal Loan:
SoFi Student Loan Refinancing:
SoFi DoctoDentist Student Loan Refinancing ($1000 bonus):
SoFi Private Student Loans:
Yotta Savings: code: STEPHEN8
SaverLife (get $5 for taking Tax Time Savings Pledge):
PrizePool Savings: code: MB13B (gives you 10% bonus on winnings; enter the code in the app when creating an account, on the page that asks for your date of birth)
J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing account (aka Chase You Invest):
Chase Checking account:
Novo business bank: send me a message
IncredibleBank checking account ($50 bonus after 2 $300 DD & 5 debit transactions):
DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union, $20 bonus for opening checking account and doing 5 transactions (or doing $500 direct deposit); and Savings account pays 6.17% interest on up to $1000):
Public app (get free stock slice): enter code in app: sg77
Varo Bank (bonus varies; sometimes $50, sometimes $30):
Chime (bank, $100 bonus): send me a message
Marcus (referral gives higher rate on savings account):
Interactive Brokers: (get 1% of deposits in IBKR stock, up to $1000 bonus)
Nadex derivatives exchange ($100 + $100 bonuses):
E*TRADE brokerage: ; not sure if the application mentions a bonus for the referred person, but the terms do at
eToro stock/crypto brokerage (get $30 when deposit $100):
TradeUP brokerage app (get free stocks): or code 9L66BP
Moomoo brokerage app (get free stocks):
Webull brokerage app:
Robinhood Crypto:
Firstrade brokerage (get a free stock when open account, another free stock when deposit $100):
Schwab Brokerage: or code: REFER3S78B
TurboTax Online 20% off (& gives me a gift card):
tastyworks brokerage:
TiiCKER (link a brokerage account and get gift cards):
Google Pay (GPay):
Cash App (Square Cash): or code XXTBXJR (get $5 when you send $5 to someone)
Venmo: send me a message

Uber: or code: pezyj
Uber Eats promo code ($7 off first order): eats-pezyj
Lyft: sg1234567
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Zogo (earn gift cards for taking quizzes about finance): code: STEPHENG1
Away (luggage):
Anker (gives you 10% off, gives me a $20 gift card if you spend $300):

Brinks prepaid mastercard & 5% savings account:
ACE Elite prepaid card & 5% savings account:
Netspend prepaid card & 5% savings account:


Dosh app: or code: STEPHEG1
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Receipt Hog app ( code yan25000 for free spins

Rakuten / Ebates:
iConsumer: or code: tkJgfiO
rebatesme: or code U1KLLF
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Payce: send me a message
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Temu (shopping app, can win money/discounts):
Fuel Rewards (Shell):

Ace Rewards (Ace Hardware):
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Gemini exchange:
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Or if you just want to send me a donation:
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Card-specific American Express links (also see universal Amex link above, if one of these doesn't work):
American Express personal cards:
Amex Blue Cash Preferred
Amex Blue Cash Everyday
Amex Cash Magnet
Amex Everyday
Amex Everyday Preferred
Amex Gold
Amex Platinum
Amex Delta Gold SkyMiles
Amex Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant
Amex Marriott Bonvoy Bevy
Amex Green
Amex Delta Platinum SkyMiles
Amex Hilton Surpass
Amex Hilton Honors Aspire
Amex Hilton Honors
Amex Delta Blue SkyMiles
Amex Delta Reserve
American Express business cards:
Amex Business Gold Rewards
Amex Business Platinum
Amex Blue Business Plus (BBP)
Amex Blue Business Cash
Amex Business Green Rewards
Amex Delta Platinum Business
Amex Delta Gold Business
Amex Delta Reserve Business
Amex Hilton Honors Business
Amex Plum
Amex Lowe's Business Rewards
Amex Marriott Bonvoy Business
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2022.07.11 22:15 JManUWaterloo Amex Offers / Bank Spending Offers Thread for the week of July 11th, 2022

[Last updated: July 15, 2022 22:00 PDT]

New Offers for this week

New Offers for the week of July 4th, 2022

New Offers for the week of June 27th, 2022

If you find any new offers available for your cards, comment it below and it will be added to the list.
(spending offers will be reposted for up to 4 weeks, then they will be eliminated from this list, irrelevant of whether they are expired)
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2022.06.14 21:35 HarmReductionQs Online Password Reset & Missing 3 Digit Code

So I am trying to use the online password reset at in order reset the password for my online account. However I am encountering a frustrating issue for which I cannot find a solution elsewhere online. [
Basically I have gone through most of the steps of the password reset process but eventually it asks me for a 3 digit code which the American Express website states are the " last three numbers printed on the signature strip on the back of your Card." However my card (which was printed quite a few years ago and is plastic) does not have any 3 digit code written anywhere on the front or back of the card. In the spot indicated on the back of the card directly below the signature strip is my full card # with the expiration date to the right. The signature strip has no numbers written directly to the right of it either (other than a tiny American Express logo within a blue square). There are no obvious areas on my card of smudging where the numbers would have worn off.

Has anyone else either had this issue or does anyone know of a way to find the 3 digit code they are asking for? Thanks in advance!
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2022.04.02 12:24 NeverMindUsAll American Express users locked out for HOURS: no login, no payments.

American Express users locked out for HOURS: no login, no payments.
American Express users locked out for HOURS: no login, no payments... 💳 🏧 👛 😂
Yesterday, American Express users across the world including US, UK, and Europe, experienced widespread outages lasting hours, and some users continue to. BleepingComputer was able to briefly reproduce issues right before Amex confirmed partially restoring services.
🖱️ 🖱️
SSuite Office Software

American Express

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2022.02.19 15:24 emcro I made a new way to use every Amex Offer to help you maximize your points, offers, credits, and category bonuses on every purchase using CardPointers

Hi all, last month I launched the Android version of my app CardPointers which brings over the essential features from the iOS version which I shared here about a year ago, and now I've brought over the most popular feature of the Safari Extension to Chrome, which I call Shopping Pointers -- any time you activate an Amex or Chase offer (you can add every offer at once thanks to the extension), you'll automatically be reminded when you're shopping on that site via a small banner at the bottom of the page with the details of the eligible offer. It feels pretty magical, and I hope it will be a big help to you, too, so you'll never miss out on one of the good Amex Offers (yes, there are still lots of good ones available! :)
For those who haven't used CardPointers yet, here's the quick overview:

With the web extension for Chrome & Safari, you can bulk-activate, filter, and sort every Amex Offer on the site and optionally sync them back to your account, which allows you to quickly add all of the offers you want to just the cards you want. With the new shopping pointers, you'll know when you have an offer or card bonus at thousands of supported merchants, and can now choose to show it only when you have an active Amex Offer, or always show it any time you have a card bonus for that purchase category. Absolutely no browsing data or bank logins ever leave your device to maximize your privacy and security.
I'd love to hear what you think of the app & extension and if there's anything else you'd like to see me work on, I absolutely love the direct feedback with users as I continue to build more tools for this awesome community.
App Store (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac):
Google Play (Android):
Chrome Web Store (Extension):
Have a great weekend and thanks to the mods for helping to make sure this post doesn't get eaten by the auto-mod bot!
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2022.01.16 16:49 emcro I made an app to tell you which card to use for every purchase to maximize your points and help you track and use all of your Amex offers and credits

Hi all, I just launched the Android version of my app CardPointers which brings over the essential features from the iOS version which I shared here about a year ago (and thank you for all of the great feedback, the most requested feature from that thread was the Android version, so this one's for you!) For those who haven't yet used the app, here's the quick overview:

For making Amex Offers easier, I made a super handy Chrome Extension which allows you to bulk-activate, filter, and sort them on the site and optionally sync them back to your account, as well as a Safari Extension built into the iPhone/iPad/Mac versions which also adds Chase Offers and a shopping bar so you know when you have an offer or card bonus at thousands of supported merchants (this will be coming to the Chrome version in the next few weeks).
I'd love to hear what you think of the app and if there's anything else you'd like to see in it, the direct feedback with users has been amazing and has undoubtedly made the app what it is today. There are a few more of the Apple app features coming to the Android version in the coming weeks, including the location reminders, re-ordering cards and pointers, offer alerts, and fully custom cards, offers, and bonus plans, but I wanted to get this first version out asap for everyone. To celebrate the Android launch, I've discounted the Pro tier by 40%, and anyone who was using the PWA version can log in using the same credentials and have access to all of the cards they had set up before.

Direct link to Google Play:

Direct link to App Store (also available for Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac):

Direct link to Chrome Web Store:
Edit: Few typos and formatting problems, where oh where did the preview option go!?
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2021.12.12 21:11 alexgold05 British airways how do you transfer points and where do they go?

Hi there, I got a british airways card few months ago and I'm trying to figure out how to transfer points and where do they go? I've read online that during my application they should have asked for my British Airways account details, but I was never asked for anything.
If I login into my BA account, I can connect an amex card. Which I did. In my Amex benefits page, I see that at some point, 600 points were transferred but I have no idea where they went. They're not on my BA account.
I have multiple cards and this is my first Amex but I must say the mobile app and website is very poor compared to all my other.
- The live chat doesn't work. Yes I'm logged in, tried multiple browsers even with adblock disabled. Visiting this page while logged in shows nothing.
- The mobile app doesn't even have an option for chat.
- When I'm logged in on the website, the chat section on the contact page loads for a few seconds then just disappears.
- The rewards page on the website shows me the points for each transaction and next to "Avios to be transferred" there's nothing. That text can be clicked once you click it you get a nice error page.
I'll try call in the morning but overall it has been a very poor experience. Thought I'd leave a message on here to see if anybody had the same issue or has any idea.
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2021.10.06 20:44 WarrenLee Platinum Card Not Open For Public Applications?

I noticed on the Amex cards offered page today that of the cards listed Platinum isn't one of them. I can still refer friends when I login and get a personalized link like this (this link is my personalized link FYI).
Is everyone else seeing the same thing on the cards offer page?
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2021.09.24 01:45 rkhan24 Recent College Grad, Trying to Maximize Card Benefits

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2021.08.07 09:53 J2000_ca Bookmarklet to automatically add all offers

I wanted a simple way to load all offers so I made a bookmarklet (inspired by (Mostly) Automated way to add all offers). To set it up make a new bookmark in your bookmark bar and set the URL to: javascript: (() => { const offers_url = ''; if (location.href !== offers_url) { location = offers_url; } else { let buttons = Array.from(document.getElementsByClassName("offer-cta")).filter(btn => btn.title == "Add to Card"); let previous = () => { console.groupEnd(); console.log('AMEX Offers: Done loading offers'); alert('Done loading ' + buttons.length + ' AMEX offers'); }; buttons.forEach((item, i) => { previous = ((previous, item) => { const call = previous; const title = item.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.getElementsByTagName('p')[1].innerText; return () => { console.log('Clicking: "' + title + '"');; setTimeout(call, 2000); }; })(previous, item); });'AMEX Offers: Loading offers (' + buttons.length + ')'); previous(); } })();
What it does:
Multiline code If someone wants to verify the above one line is the same - I converted with: cat amex.js tr '\r\n' ' ' sed -e "s/ */ /g"
javascript: (() => { const offers_url = ''; if (location.href !== offers_url) { location = offers_url; } else { let buttons = Array.from(document.getElementsByClassName("offer-cta")).filter(btn => btn.title == "Add to Card"); let previous = () => { console.groupEnd(); console.log('AMEX Offers: Done loading offers'); alert('Done loading ' + buttons.length + ' AMEX offers'); }; buttons.forEach((item, i) => { previous = ((previous, item) => { const call = previous; const title = item.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.getElementsByTagName('p')[1].innerText; return () => { console.log('Clicking: "' + title + '"');; setTimeout(call, 2000); }; })(previous, item); });'AMEX Offers: Loading offers (' + buttons.length + ')'); previous(); } })(); 
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2021.05.31 06:13 theoffalo Multiple Amex accounts possible, to use offers more than once?

Right now my wife and two kids are AUs on my Amex Gold. We each have a login on w/our own offers, and can use the same offer up to 4 times, once on each card, if an offer appears to all 4 cards.
If my wife gets her own Amex card, and adds it to her current account on, and makes the rest of the family AUs, and we all add it to our accounts, I assume we wouldn't be able to redeem an offer 8 times, once for each card for each person, since the offers are per account, not per card like Chase. Let me know if this is an incorrect assumption.
If it isn't, would it be possible to create separate accounts for the new card to get around this?
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