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2023.06.07 20:09 DoktorKaputt Happy Birthday Kamoi!

Welcome, Teitoku, to another Birthday Party!
Feel free to share art, but no NSFW!
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2023.06.07 20:06 IvyRoney Earnings Report for May: £442

Here is a collection of the sites and beermoney methods that I used throughout May. I would say that the type of beermoney work I was most interested in this month was Market Research, because I've come to realise it pays really well for the time you need to dedicate to it. Unfortunately though, I didn't qualify for any studies on User Interviews this month, so will have to hope for a better result in June.
I applied for the Lloyds bank switch for £150, continued with Prolific, ESL classes and Matched Betting, and also did a few other paid tasks here and there.
Also, I posted this list of about 35 different beermoney sites/methods a few months back, which may give you some more ideas of the type of stuff you can do to earn beermoney every month if you're new to this kind of thing.
Anyway, here you have my Earnings Report for May:

(1) Prolific
May Earnings: £25
This is definitely one of the top paid study sites around. With Prolific you get paid cash for engaging in the research of Academics and Universities from around the world. There are surveys and studies about scientific research, new products and public opinion. From minutes to hours, to multipart studies over longer periods, there's a respectable range of studies to participate in.
This site pays out to Paypal, it has a range of interesting surveys, and studies pay a minimum of £6.50 per hour. Each study or survey tells you the amount you'll be paid for completing the task and also gives you the hourly rate of said task, which is very useful.
If you compare Prolific to other Study/Research sites, like Respondent or User interviews, for example, you might at first notice that the pay per task is much lower. However, what sets Prolific apart from sites with higher paying studies is the frequency with which you'll receive tasks. I often leave the Prolific tab open while I'm working on something else, and it's not unusual to receive 5-6 short studies over a 2-3 hour time period. The advantage here is that you'll receive tasks based on the information you've entered on your profile, whereas on other paid research sites, you would be applying for higher paying tasks with screeners, but it may not be often that you get accepted for the studies you apply for.
Comment for May: As you can see from my earnings this month, I didn't participate in too many studies, but everytime I checked the site there were several available to participate in. My two highest paying studies this month were on Auditory Categorisation (£8 for 45 minutes) and Trauma and Resiliance (£7 for 40 minutes).

(2) Clickworker:
May Earnings: £8
Like others listed, Clickworker is a 'task for pay' site. Very similar to Neevo in that the tasks you perform are used to help train AI.
There's a decent variety of tasks available, my favourite being voice recordings of various sentences and phrases. There's also many tasks that revolve around taking photos of random things. The payment is fast and reliable and uses Paypal, never had any problems with these guys.
My advice is to get onto the UHRS section of the site to earn more money, there's a banner at the top of your jobs section which you can click to qualify for UHRS. You'll need to do a sort of exam to qualify, but it's mostly just a test of your English comprehension skills as far as I remember.
Comment for May: Just logged onto this site once during the month and completed a random task related to taking short videos. I probably wouldn't use this site at all if they didn't send me so many emails throughout the month, but some people find it to have a very high earning potential. There is actually a task available at the moment where you can earn £750 for taking photos with a DSLR or DLSM camera, which is an example of the high earning potential for certain users.

(3) My Tutor/ English Classes
May Earnings: £135
MyTutor is an online-tutoring site, I don’t see this site mentioned a whole lot but it really is a gem. This one is ideal for students and recent graduates, but if you have skills or knowledge in any teachable subject then you should check it out. You don’t need any previous experience as a tutor to work here.
You can earn up to £20 per hour and the work is rewarding and meaningful because you are helping others to learn. It’s also very “social” online work, which some people may see as a nice change.
Also, If you like the idea of tutoring but don't have knowledge in any of the teachable subjects listed on My Tutor, There is also the option of teaching ESL, which you can do a quick TEFL course on and may be worth the investment if you think you'd be interested in that type of work. It can be quite a good earner too. You can do these classes freelance or work for an online company such as Preply or Hallo.
Comment for May: As always, this one proves to be a continuous sources of decent beermoney earnings. I charge £15 per class and there is usually the potential to find more classes if you wish to. I'd like to do a few more classes per month going forward, as it's a nice change to the usual type of beermoney work like market research, studies, etc.

(4) Outplayed (Matched Betting) Non Ref
May Earnings: £118
This is a Matched betting site, It's a good way to earn £400-£500 in a very short time by completing the welcome offers, and then to continue earning £100-£300 on average every month by completing the daily reload offers posted on the site. Here is a Guide I posted which explains the process in detail.
For the time you put in, the reward is great. When I did the initial welcome offers over a year ago and earned £450 for about 6 hours work, I was more than happy to admit to my friends that I was wrong for calling it "a scam".
After completing the welcome offers, you can still easily make £100s per month, but it requires more effort on your part, Checking your email and the daily offer section of Outplayed etc.
Comment for May: I think most people who do matched betting experienced a bit of a lull with free bets and offers in May, so I was happy to be able to earn this amount for the month. The highest earning promotion I received was actually a casino promotion, which I ususally don't do much of. They gave me 10 free £1 bets which I was able to convert to £57 in profit and then cashed out.

(5) Lloyds Bank Switch: £150
Comment: This might be the easiest of the bank switches as you don't have to deposit any money to the account or switch any direct debits.
It is important however that you complete the switch to either a Club Lloyds, Club Lloyds Silver or Club Platinum account. These accounts have monthly fees so you'll probably want to close the account soon after receiving the bonus.
Overall, this is a great offer because it's essentially a free £150 for simply switching accounts, nothing else to it.

(6) Userlytics:
May Earnings: £6 Like with Usertesting, you are getting paid for your feedback as you test out the usability of apps and websites. Again, you will have to have your microphone (and sometimes video) enabled while you share your impressions of the video, website, prototype, app, etc. that you are testing. This site also pays quite well for the time you need to put in per test. Typically, the shorter tests pay around £4-£8, while longer tests can pay up to around £70, though qualifying for these is not a common occurrence in my experience.
It's important to note, that with this site and all testing sites, different people will qualify for different tests based on the answers they give in the screeners, which determine if you are a suitable candidate for the test you're applying for. With this in mind, my advice is to stay determined and keep applying, because you never really know when you'll be the perfect candidate for a test, and sometimes the test you're a perfect fit for will be one of the highest paying.
Comment for May: While I do think Userlytics is a good beermoney site with decent earning potential, I've kind of gotten tired of being screened out of tests so often. I qualified for one written survey this month which paid £6 and took around 20 minutes to complete (which is still yet to show up in my completed tests, so not sure if I'll actually see that £6). Again, the only reason I checked this site in May is because they sent me quite a few emails.

And that's it! I hope this report is of help to some people and if you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.
Also, if there's a beermoney site or method that has been a good earner for you this month, let us know in the comment section!
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2023.06.07 20:05 Garrus_Vak Introducing the R6 Hyper Series Qualifying Major, Console's Largest Summer Tournament, Followed by a Brand New Player Entry Draft.

Introducing the R6 Hyper Series Qualifying Major, Console's Largest Summer Tournament, Followed by a Brand New Player Entry Draft.
Hello again everyone! VakCasts here once more with another update on the R6 Hyper Series. I am proud to announce that due to overwhelming demand and registration for our 4th season, we have elected to make a first-of-its kind Qualifying Major.
Slated for Mid-Late July, the Season 4 Qualifying Major is an advanced and more competitive form of a relegation tournament for our upcoming 4th Season.

How It Works:

  • 16 Teams, 4 Groups of 4 Teams Each.
  • 15 Teams are open registration, the worst team from our 3rd season is forced to play in the major to keep their spot for Season 4
  • Round Robin Bo1 Group Phase, top 2 teams from each group advance to Bracket
  • Double-Elimination Bracket, all matches Bo3, Grand Final Bo5.
  • While the Top 4 teams qualify, the winning team will receive an unannounced prize at a later date.
  • Top 4 Teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Qualify for R6 Hyper Series Season 4
  • The roster that is used to qualify is the roster that must be used in Season 4, provided the team qualifies at all.
  • Discord Link: https://discord.gg/qEFu8VN

How to RegisteWho is Playing?:

At present we have 9 teams registered which leaves 6 spots open. Keep in mind 1 spot is reserved for the worst team from out yet-to-finish Season 3.
  • Teams are permitted to have a roster of 9 players (5 starters and 4 subs.)
  • MnK Strictly prohibited
  • Players from Xbox and PlayStation alike are permitted, roster mixing is A-Ok.
  • If you have a team you wish to register, please DM me on Reddit or Discord and we will get you set up!
    • All teams must follow our City-Based Franchise System
    • If you have your own Org we are more than happy to accommodate your branding and find a mutually beneficial branding package

2023 Hyper Series Entry Draft

Fear not solo players! We also have a way for you to gain entry into the fastest growing league on console!
  • The 2023 Draft is an avenue for solo players to use to get involved in the comp community. Starting this month, Free Agents are no longer permitted in the league. All incoming solo players must wait for the yearly entry draft to gain entry into the league. From there they are free to act as a free agent as they have gained entry into our player ecosystem, similar to real life sports leagues.
  • Every solo player regardless of skill is welcome to declare for the draft but being drafted is not a guarantee. If you declare for the draft but go undrafted you are able to be signed as a free agent as well, similar to undrafted NBA players.
  • The Draft for the teams is very similar to the NBA draft:
    • 2 Round Draft, every team gets 2 picks
    • Worse Teams have better odds at a better draft pick
    • Every team is allotted to special roster slots for their draft picks, this compliments the existing 9 man roster limit
  • Draft will take place following the Season 4 Qualifying Major, tentative date for the draft is August 2023
  • If you wish to declare for our draft join our discord here: https://discord.gg/qEFu8VN
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2023.06.07 20:05 Budget_External6033 Uncertainty and guilt

Hi everyone,
I don't even know where to start. I'm super happy that I found this page and so grateful for the community here. It is really so nice to hear about the experiences of others who have gone through something similar as me.
Two years ago I broke my neck in an accident (c6 incomplete, they fixed c5-c7). I couldn't move or feel anything below my neck for maybe 10-15 minutes afterwards and then feeling started to return slowly. Thanks to some time and exercise I am walking relatively normal again. But I have completely lost my strength, stamina, and am dealing with nerve pain in my hands and wrists.
One of my struggles right now is with how unpredictable these lasting issues are. The nerve pain only came up a little less than a year ago, my doctor couldn't say if it might still heal or not. Similarly, the muscles in my shoulders are severely f*cked up because of the surgery and despite PT it still bothers me a lot on a daily basis. I hope it might get better with more exercise but its been 2 years already, so I don't know what is likely. When I'm tired from walking I also start to limp a bit, even though my legs don't really hurt, so I don't know where that comes from either. And what about the titanium in my neck? Internet says it stays good up until 20 years, I had just turned 22 at the time of the accident so (hopefully) I will be around for a bit longer than that still. Will it be more vulnerable to damage as I grow older? Is my neck strong enough to replace it if it does get damaged? It's all this uncertainty that I'm struggling a bit with. I have no idea how I will be in 5 years from now, let alone more than that.
But at the same time I realise how incredibly lucky I've gotten. It feels like I've gotten a second chance at life. I've been able to start studying in a different country despite all of this, which is something I was so looking forward to do, and even found an amazing and supportive partner. I feel guilty too, simply for being one of "the lucky ones". Before anyone knew my neck was actually broken the ambulance personnel had me walking a few metres to the stretcher (with lots of support), because they said my muscles would be able to compensate for a bit and hold my head up and straight. Which was true. Until I passed out from the amount of pain in my neck and they had to catch me. There is literally no reason I'm not worse off than I am right now. There's a post on here about survivors guilt that really nicely sums up my feelings on that matter, I was so glad to see that post and know that I'm not the only one. That guilt is quite persistent sometimes, I don't want to complain about my things when I know how much more difficult it may be for others. I wish I could have given even a bit of my luck to others.
Anyway, I guess this is just me venting a bit. Does anyone have experience with these things as well? For example the pain in the shoulder muscles after the surgery? I am grateful to have found a community I can share these kinds of things with. Thanks all :)
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2023.06.07 20:03 Shanibestwaifu Happy 34th birthday to Tsuda Minami, who voices as Junko

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2023.06.07 20:02 shutterbuug Hello

Just found this sub the other day, wish I’d found it sooner to be honest. I sent the “badgebot” a message and got a counter. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure which day in September was my last. I think it was the week after Labor Day, but I’m not sure so I picked 9/15. Feeling a little proud I’ve made it this far. I was in a bad place, drinking liquor daily and large amounts of it. My body didn’t even really recognize beer as alcohol anymore, I’m sure it did, but it certainly wouldn’t scratch the itch.
I like this group’s IWNDWYT. I won’t drink today, that’s for sure. Probably not tomorrow, but never know I guess.
In the past 265 days I’ve had all sorts of experiences, I’ve lost a job at a time I was expecting a promotion, I’ve gone to ball games, I’ve played with my kids, I got a new job which is the best I’ve ever had, I went on a vacation, I celebrated a birthday, had Christmas and new years, and done much needed soul searching and relationship building and rebuilding.
Just want to say I never want to go back to the place I was when I quit. I knew it would be a rough couple days. My last scotch was later in the night after that morning I decided to quit. I drank it in a pool of sweat, with shaky hands and a body that felt like it had electric pulses going through it, my heart was racing and it was clear I either needed to drink it or go to the ER for medical attention.
I hold that shameful memory pretty close to me. I’m a husband, father, hard worker, educated and in order to kick booze I had to have one in the middle of the night not to go to the hospital and continue the fight.
The first month I thought about whiskey everyday. By the third month, I had nearly convinced myself (as I had once before) that after a period of time I could drink again like a normal person. At day 265 I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I have one more drink a year will pass and if I stop I’ll be sweating in a bed with mini bottles on the nightstand trying not to go to the hospital. At least the last time I still had a wife and children under the same roof.
She never threatened, but I could tell that if there was another 72 hour dry out required, I wouldn’t have smiling kids and a wife that respected what I was doing to greet me when I came out of the room for a cup of coffee.
The comments I’ve seen here are inspiring and supportive and grateful to have found you.
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2023.06.07 20:01 mykypunts Selling GA+ wristbands $500 each (shipping included)

Hi guys, unfortunately I will not be able to attend and so I am selling my 2x GA+ wristbands. Please PM me here on reddit if you are interested. You can also purchase them from my listing on StubHub, which is where I originally purchased them from. On StubHub you will pay 445$ per wristband + 110$ fee per wristband making it 555$ total. If you wish to avoid StubHub fees to save 55$ per wristband -we can make it a private sale for 500$ per wristband with shipping included. Happy to provide any additional proof to verify authenticity. Thank you!
If you also need a Car Camping ticket, I am selling mine for $45 (Wednesday entry). Please see my other post for details - https://www.reddit.com/bonnarootickets/comments/143jx4y/selling_primitive_car_camping_wednesday_entry/
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2023.06.07 20:01 real_eastcoastfool30 Happy Birthday to Thurman Munson Lot FS $155 shipped

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2023.06.07 19:57 Never-Any-Horses Willow is 1 today! Tuna with extra tuna juice today.

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2023.06.07 19:57 slagathorrulerofall I miss the life I thought we had

I miss when I thought my partner loved me and thought I was beautiful. That he was happy with our relationship and he loved to hold me and snuggle me. Every since last September, when I called the hospital because I thought he was going to hurt himself, it’s never been the same. I knew it would happen when I called but I was so scared for him I did it anyway. I fucking regret it every fucking moment. I miss the warmth and the love that would come from him. He’s funny and kind and the same in some ways with me, but I miss it. I want our life back. He never touches me, and flinches away when I touch him. I wish I could go back and just lie in his arms and kiss him, I wish I fucking appreciated how much those things meant to me. Even when we hug, I can see it in his eyes. There’s no love for me, that happiness, that spark. That’s the worst fucking part. Seeing what should be there but isn’t. We’ve slowly been rebuilding this past year but I’m just so lost sometimes. I want HIM. But I think that life is gone and isn’t coming back. And I need to accept that no matter how long I wait or how hard we work on our relationship, it’s not coming back. And that makes me want to scream and cry until there is nothing left. I’m just broken. I wish wish wish…
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2023.06.07 19:55 StraightTangerine558 Bi Married Guy

  1. Married. Bisexual guy here. My wife doesn't know. I've really struggled with keeping it a secret but I know that she wouldn't be happy if she found out. Not because she's hateful, but because I kept it a secret all this time and she'd likely feel insecure.
Just wondering how other married guys handle this. I call it my "dark passenger" (Dexter reference) because it's an urge that's always been with me and I wish wasn't there but I have never acted on. I love her too much to ever cheat on her, but it gets harder and harder to suppress the desires to be with a guy.
I do look at gay porn occasionally but that makes me feel bad too.
I'm just open to chatting and/or finding any support here. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 19:55 PensiveWolF My first pull on Eternal's banner. . . I wish I could be happy about this.

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2023.06.07 19:54 Timerrelaxation 7 June Best Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday Song 2023 Happy Birth...

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2023.06.07 19:54 JV_info Where should Leo Messi go? Al Hilal SC or FC Barcelona or Inter Miami CF? What is the best thing for him and not us?

Lionel Messi's future is one of the hottest topics in the football world right now. Everyone is talking about it... I saw a YouTube community like a poll where people were choosing and voting for what they think...
Idk about them all but as a Barca fan, I wanted to share my opinion.
First of all, let me say that I love Messi and I will always be grateful for what he has done for Barcelona. He is a legend and a genius, and he deserves to be happy wherever he plays. However, as much as I would love to see him back at Camp Nou, I have to admit that it might not be the best option for him or for the club.
Barcelona is in a financial crisis and has a lot of debt. They also have a lot of young players who need to develop and grow. Bringing back Messi would mean spending a lot of money on his salary and possibly sacrificing some of the future prospects. It would also put a lot of pressure on Messi to carry the team and win trophies, something that he might not want to do at this stage of his career.
Another option for Messi is to join Al-Hilal, the Saudi club that has reportedly offered him a huge contract. This would be a lucrative move for him and his family, but it would also mean playing in a less competitive league and losing some of his global influence and relevance. Messi is still one of the best players in the world and he deserves to play at the highest level possible. Going to Saudi Arabia would be a waste of his talent and legacy.
The third option for Messi is to join Inter Miami, the MLS club owned by David Beckham. This might seem like an unlikely choice, but I think it could actually be a good one for him and for the league. Inter Miami is a new and ambitious project that wants to become a force in US soccer. They have a lot of resources and potential, and they could offer Messi a challenge and an opportunity to grow the sport in America.
Messi would also enjoy living in Miami, a city that has a lot of culture and diversity. He would be closer to his home country of Argentina and he would have more freedom and privacy than in Europe. He would also be able to own an MLS team when he retires, something that MLS has reportedly offered him as part of the deal.
In conclusion, as much as it pains me to say this, I think Messi should go to Inter Miami. It would be a win-win situation for him and for MLS. He would still play at a high level but with less pressure and more fun. He would also help grow the game in the US and create a legacy that transcends borders and continents.
Of course, this is just my opinion and I respect whatever decision Messi makes. He is a legend and he deserves our respect and admiration. Wherever he goes, I will always support him and wish him the best. He is more than just a player, he is an inspiration.
btw, here is the poll...
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2023.06.07 19:52 FloretBoutique12 Choosing the Perfect Birthday Flowers Bouquet for Your Loved Ones

Choosing the Perfect Birthday Flowers Bouquet for Your Loved Ones
Our collection of vibrant blooms is designed to convey heartfelt wishes and create unforgettable moments. From elegant roses to cheerful sunflowers, each arrangement captures the essence of love and celebration. Explore our extensive range of handcrafted bouquets, personalized with care and attention. Make their birthday truly special with the perfect gift of nature's beauty. Shop now and spread joy with our exquisite birthday flower bouquets. For more information visit us at : https://www.floretboutique.com.au/
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2023.06.07 19:52 Initial_Yoghurt4052 I listened to When Reality Hits with Schwartz so you don’t have to:

Obviously didn’t get it all, but some main points touched on that I thought were interesting
• calls their relationship a full blown affair • says Sandoval needs to “lose his ego” •Schwartz feels terrible about everything •Schwartz had an “intense” year - health issues with his dad, one of the twins was diagnosed with cancer and another had to go to rehab. •says he was so self involved at the time that everything that was happening with Sandoval and Rachel was easy to ignore • Sandoval was telling him Ariana treats him like shit and that was his excuse •he thinks it’s “vile” that Sandoval has been blaming Ariana for his actions •he says people have a misconception that his life resolves around Sandoval and that’s not true •says he was never coached by Sandoval going into the reunion •he 100% found out after Scheana’s wedding •says wedding kiss was not a decoy but it was innocent and he regrets hurting katie with it •he knows the first time T + R hooked up was in a car in front of Tom and Ariana’s •he thinks they never stopped the affair or took a break like they say •has no idea the big reveal, but agrees it’s likely timeline related •his current status with katie is that he still loves her as a person but is not in love with her. Says they are cordial but mostly living separate busy lives. •he does think he was used by Sandoval and his niceness was taken advantage of •says Tom and Ariana always had buffer people around them •Sandoval definitely lied to him and was telling him different stories •BIG BEAR: says Tom was selfish to bring rachel, Tom has a “RABID DOG” like lust for her and as a result has put a lot of his friends in uncomfortable situations over it •Tom and Tom went to big bear first and then Sandoval dropped a bomb and said “I want to bring you know who” and then rachel and Jo shows up. Says he didn’t see Rachel much of the trip and she had to hide in the hotel •big bear is when things changed for Schwartz •he is single and NOT ready to mingle. He likes Jo a lot but isn’t ready for another relationship •he does wish he put more pressure on Sandoval to come clean or gave him an ultimatum •Sandoval has apologized to Schwartz several times •Schwartz didn’t know that Tom has been changing the lyrics to his songs on tour to make light of everything. He let out a huge sigh when he heard. •he’s happy Ariana is thriving • 1/2 Xanax in his system at reunion •he does feel resentful of Tom and is taking a break from their friendship •Ariana does not talk to him and he doesn’t blame her •Sandoval texted Brittany for the first time since 2020 last week and said he was performing a show in KY and could get any of her friends or family tickets to the show if they wanted to come see him. •him and Sandoval don’t talk, he doesn’t know if he’s still involved with rachel • online has been really intense for him •he thinks the show will come back
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2023.06.07 19:51 Both-Lie5316 my birthday is next week..

these past 2 and a half months for me have been hell. ive been having a flare up in panic attacks that made me quit my job and miss many days of school. i have my 17th birthday party next weekend and i’m so scared i will have a panic attack and it will completely ruin my whole day. im in the midst of one as i speak right now. i had to stop taking omeprozol because my GI told me i couldn’t be on it for too long, he didn’t explain why, and now im having acid reflex rebound symptoms which make the anxiety worse. im just so worried that something will go wrong. i want to be happy but i have more anxiety than a war veteran lol. i also have a cardiologist appointment on friday because i have unexplainable tachycardia and im also just so worried that something bad is wrong with me. i just keep working myself up. im so worried. i just needed to rant a little bit, but can anyone give their two cents on how i can feel better about all this?
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2023.06.07 19:50 aintwaifumaterial I’ve reached my breaking point with my parents.

I am 18 F and I think I am fully sick of my parents shit and this recent event has finally struck a nerve.
A few days ago I had an ear infection to the point where I was bedridden. This was also the day of my sister’s (12) graduation where I was supposed to go. I promised my mum before she and my step-dad left for holiday, I would but because of my sickness I couldn’t which brings me into asking my boyfriend to accompany my sister.
I didn’t think much of it due to be already being exhausted from the lack of sleep and the ear pain until my mum caught wind of the situation. She started berating me and calling me selfish and a disappointment alongside with my dad. I tried to explain myself but they told me to quit giving them excuses until my dad threatened to move me away to a different country, I started crying because I didn’t want to move away from my friends and that meant having to stay with them which I can’t handle.
I don’t understand why she called me selfish, because whenever she needed a driver I was more than happy to help and etc. I don’t know what to do… I am broken I wish I could run away but I still depend on them financially.
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2023.06.07 19:48 Skellezor Trading Grotto Beast Cards

Trading Grotto Beast Cards
Hi, i got a few cards i wish to trade so i can complete my collection and maybe you can too ;)
The duplicates i have are:
#007 - Jerma (rare) - x1 #010 - Jerma Moon (rare) x1 #012 - Jerma Pluto - x3 #015 - Bat Boy - x1 #020 -Otto - x1 #024 - 30's Milkman - x1 #027 - Pirouette - x1 #028 - Abacus 1.0 (rare) - x1 #034 - Brightlight Casino - x2 #036 - Cloudtop Observatory - x1# 038 - Dank Sewer - x2 #040 - Fossil Ridge - x1 #041 - Fruit Jungle - x3 #042 - Glowing Cavern - x4 #044 - Macical Canopy - x1 #045 - Maze of Many Ways (rare) - x1 #047 - Ponderer's Grove - x3 #051 - Sportball Stadium - x1 #055 - "-2" - x1 #056 - Batter Up! - x1 #057 - Bonus Luck - x4 #060 - Breakdance Boots - x2 #066 - Dire Escape - x2 #068 - Dunk Tank - x3 #070 - Emergency Rescue - x2 #071 - Encouraging Cheer - x3 #073 - Excavate - x1 #075 - Frog's Breath Potion - x3 #078 - Up in the Air - x2 #081 - Open Geode - x5 #082 - Presto Majesto - x3 #083 - Reckless Offroading - x3 #086 - Smushed - x2 #088 - Sole Survivor - x1 #091 - Surprise Snack - x3 #092 - Tactical Rocket Launcher - x1 #095 - Try Another - x1 #096 - Wild Dreams (rare) - x3 #097 - 2-Moon Jelly - x1 #101 - Awoobis - x1 #102 - Baghost - x1 #103 - Baroot - x1 #104 - Beelt - x1 #106 - Birds of Fortune - x1 #107 - Birthday Basher x2 #108 - Blademaus (rare) - x1 #109 - Bobbin - x3 #116 - Crabcha - x4 #117 - Dig dog - x4 #118 - Dragossom - x1 #122 - Dustbunny - x4 #125 - Excasaur - x1 #126 - Festive Mimic (rare) x2 #129 - Friendtriloquist - x2 #132 - Ghastlight - x1 #134 - Googlow - x3 #136 - Harlefin - x1 #139 - Hypnodaze - x2 #144 - Jukeboxer - x1 #146 - Jup the 2nd - x1 #149 - Kelpdrake Root - x1 #150 - Lavabrys Shark - x1 #151 - Leozard - x5 #157 - Moosaic - x1 #159 - Mr. Anycard - x3 #162 - Nyxwing (rare) - x1 #167 - Ponata - x3 #170 - Pteroducktyl - x2 #171 - Puddle Puppy - x1 #172 - Radroot - x3 #173 - Razzleposs - x1 #175 - Rummage Rat - x2 #190 - Stumpalump - x1 #191 - Sweet Tooth - x3 #192 - Tadpal - x1 #194 - Thingamachicken (rare) - x1 #199 - Weeniemutt - x3
The cards im missing are:
#001 #002 #005 #006 #009 #011 #013 #014 #017 #018 #023 #025 #030 #035 #039 #046 #053 #054 #061 #064 #065 #072 #076 #077 #079 #085 #087 #089 #093 #094 #099 #111 #113 #115 #119 #120 #121 #128 #138 #141 #152 #153 #154 #156 #158 #163 #165 #166 #168 #169 #174 #176 #177 #178 #179 #180 #181 #182 #187 #189 #193 #195 #196 #197 #200
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2023.06.07 19:46 Kabukimansanjoe Happy Birthday, Prince!

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2023.06.07 19:44 bobisarocknewaccount List of GOOD things the Gang has done?

The nature of the show inherently invites fans to list and debate the worst things the Gang has ever done, and that's always very fun. But I want to play the game on the hardest difficulty and list the few times they've managed to do some good.
So that it's not too hard, we can include both times their intentions were noble even if the outcomes weren't, as well as times that they do something good accidentally. Generally, though, trying to stick to positive actions rather than just passive traits like "they're at least more moral than Pop-Pop".
Here are mine (spoilers for the latest season):
- Charlie gets a lot of these moments in season 1; he told the truth when the McPoyals falsely accused their old gym teacher, tried to confront a deadbeat dad about doing better by his kid; and in "Underage Drinking" provided a listening ear to the kid and actually being a good Prom chaperone (never being creepily attracted to her like Dennis and Dee to their "dates", but acting more like a big brother)
- though the execution was chaotic, their desire to wrestle for the troops seems to have come from a genuine place of wanting to help morale the veteran community
- going back for Charlie at the end of Season 15
- Frank, in trying to cause chaos, unintentionally made a four-way lane safer for motorists and pedestrians by adding stop signs; not good intentions, but a good outcome
- a reversal of the last one; genuinely tries to help the Waiter with his life in "The Gang Chokes"
- lobbyed Kickpuncher producers into making a film the fans would actually like
- Frank encouraging Mac to come out for his own sake, with no ulterior motive
- Frank giving his friends great gifts in the Christmas special, even if they were stolen by his old business partner
- Dee being a surrogate for Carmen and her husband; even if it might have been mostly for the money, she (an alcoholic) gave up drinking for nine months and put her body through pregnancy for them, and their smiles at seeing their new baby say it all
- Mac buying Dennis an RPG and Dennis acting like a greatful friend for once
- Dennis, Mac, and putting together a special birthday for Charlie after he has an emotional breakdown. Debatable intentions given it ended with them sending him back to Charlie work, but they seemed happy that he was touched by it
- Dennis going to North Dakota so his son could grow up with a father. It didn't last, but at the time was a sincere sentiment.
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2023.06.07 19:37 JumiiFoxx Pride doggo wish a HAPPY PRIDE to EVERYONE!! 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✨ (Art by me)

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