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2023.06.05 15:09 imonchemik Please pray for me

I'm going through a very difficult time in my studies. I'm a med student and unfortunately, failed a major subject and is on the verge of getting kicked out of my program. I can still try to appeal for reconsideration but in my heart, I'm struggling to keep the faith. I'm very unstable, I keep switching from being hopeful to crying in anger, wondering why I am suffering. This is the first time in my life that I am actually considering to give up. Nothing gives me hope. I am not encouraged with what used to uplift me. Whenever I see Biblical passages, I am not filled with hope. In contrast, I feel depressed and angry, even though I know I shouldn't be. I know this is all happening according to God's will, but I can't accept it. I can't even bring myself to pray and read the Bible. I'm way too hurt and angry. Please pray for me. I don't want to lose myself but at the same time, I can't get it together.
Thank you, my brethren in Christ.
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2023.06.05 15:09 Salty-Watercress679 Account logged in on xbox, but dont know email to use same account on switch

i have an old epic games account (i think) that my son spent lots of money on buying skins etc. in the early days of free to play fortnite on xbox.
when i open fortnite on my xbox, the account is already logged in and i can play and see all my stuff.
i want to use this same account on my switch, but as i do not know the email for this account, i cannot log in to epic games and link my nintendo. (which i preesume is what i need to do?)
from the xbox i can see my display name and my epic account ID, but no other details for the account.
i have tried logging into epic games with my microsoft login, nintendo login, google login etc, but it tells me no Epic account is linked to these logins and i must make a new one. this is weird, as i would have thought that there was an account linked to my xbox login, as i can access it on my xbox.
i tried the forgot password on epic games with the 5 email addresses i regularly use, but these are not connected to an epic account apparently.
i tried to get support from epic, but they can only help with the account you are logged in to, and i cant log in!

what I am hoping to achieve is keep the account that is logged in on my xbox (with all the items and progress) and use the same account on my switch to play fortnite on both consoles. (not at the same time)

not sure if it is relevant, but my switch is currently logged into another epic account that i must have set up to play fall guys. i am not bothered about losing this account.

Can anybody help, as this is making me really angry! IT SHOULDNT BE THIS DIFFICULT!
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2023.06.05 15:08 BenneB23 Dad in short-term care (1 week), taken a turn for the worst

Hi all,
In order to give my mom (primary caretaker) a well-deserved break, my (36M) dad (65M) has gone to a nursing home for 1 week. He could no longer talk, but he could still sit straight up and be fairly conscious and eat fairly normal.
Since being there (2-3 days), he has really taken a turn for the worst. His whole posture changed, his head is hanging over like he has a huge hunchback, he is seeing things on the ground everywhere and trying to pick it up. He's constantly grabbing and tearing his clothes. He has a very hard time eating so we try to spoon feed him where we can. Washing/changing him is very difficult for the staff, so we try to help when we can. He's constantly talking incoherent sentences. He's just very confused and uneasy.
Have others dealt with this? I know it's only a week (for now), but over the last 1-2 days he looks like he's been there for 1-2 years and the disease has progressed in its near-final stages. Is there anything I can do for him? I just try to console him and gentle pat him on the back and tell him everything's going to be okay, but he's very uneasy and I don't think he really knows who I am anyway..
Advice appreciated.
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2023.06.05 15:08 kidwilks Attack, Defense, or Speed?

So I am just starting my Fusions adventure and I want to pose the question on what everyone feels is the most important stat when fusing Pokemon together?
View Poll
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2023.06.05 15:08 PerozLicinius I don't exist and I'm not alive

I was always alienated and seperated.
I don't belong to these people, I'm undesirable and I don't say this for self-pity, I'm being honest here, I don't need self-pity and kind words, this is the truth and I'm being realistic as I always was a realistic person, I have no social worth and in the social hierarchy I at the bottom unfortunately.
I always view myself as an intelligent man, I don't say this thing for an ego boost but I need to provide this thing so people don't call me a neet or someone who hides in his mom's basement for 24 hours per day, I'm 21 years old man, I speak 3 languages which are Persian ( Mother tongue ), English and Latin, and I will learn Ancient Greek in the future, I was told by many people that I consider men of culture and intelligence that I'm brilliant, I don't waste my time on social media or other things, I occupy myself with my passions like history, writing my book, etc and by all of this im still lower and below the real men aka alphas who are always dominant in society and with women, even a high level of Testosterone and muscles won't make me a real man, I will be always a boy.
I feel undesirable and unlovable, after my 4th rejection by a girl with the same interests and who I considered high value and still consider the high value I lost all of my desire for companionship and love, she led me on for 3 months and then went with an animalistic and vulgar man who was famous for being a fboy, and I feel very bad for her and what is going to happen to her. For now, I only have sexual needs which I meet through masturbation, so my romantic life ended before it even began, which is kinda funny and depressing for me.
With society and people, I'm too separated from them and their norms, and sometimes I feel like a social retard ( by retard I don't mean the insult but the term ), I can't understand their games, I don't even get their jokes, no matter how much I try, and the thing is I'm not socially awkward or anxious, I well spoken and confident but still I can't get them, and for now I completely lost my need for human connection, no im in complete isolation even if I'm around people in University or gym, and speaking of gym im tired of hearing attractive and dominate guys speaking and bragging about the degenerate stuff they do with their girlfriends, I'm tired of this degenerate society that I live in, I feel people cannot see what I see and I feel my worth and brilliance are unappreciated.
Recently I break into crying daily, I have nightmares about loneliness and rejection most of the night, I have sleep problems and sleep shallowness, and I am in a wake up half awaken state with a strange feeling of agony and terror and I can't move my body, I feel like I'm at the edge and I also feel like I'm becoming insane.
I was always a relatively calm person but now I becoming very aggressive, I called two kissing lovers my age homeless and wandering animals and I attacked the guy to show my dominance, I attack guys who are successful with girls verbally and physically.
There is a sexual revolution happening in my country which no one seems to understand ( as I said they don't see what I see ) and this is tormenting me, I always told myself what is happening to the nation and land of Cyrus, Artaxerxes and Chosroes.
I'm lost and confused and I have no hope, nothing, I feel like everything is over.
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2023.06.05 15:08 trickytetrazzini morning plumbers! “diy” mom looking for some advice from an expert on a water pressure issue.

morning plumbers! “diy” mom looking for some advice from an expert on a water pressure issue.
i am installing a new bathroom faucet. it’s mostly for aesthetic reasons but, while i’m at it, i wanted to get a better understanding of why the pressure of the hot water is so much lower than that of the cold water supply.
for instance, it took me 7 seconds to fill a small tub with cold water. in the same time i filled (at best) a quarter of the tub with the hot supply. first picture is the cold supply valve (lower) and the second is the hot supply valve (upper).
i don’t necessarily need to fix this right now. i just want to understand the cause to consider in any future renovations.
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2023.06.05 15:08 lllApollyonlll Undervolting ryzen 7 5800x to make it run stable with b450 pro vdh max mainboard?

Hey guys, im pretty new to Undervolting and stuff like that. At home i got an 5800x3d on an aorus 470x ultra gaming and with pbo2 tuner put all the cores to -30 manually. Works like a charm and i didnt need to mess with ppt, tdc or edc. They run stock and seem to be stable after cinebench multicore and core cycler and gave me like 10 degrees less and 400 points more in cb23 (14651points to be excact).
At my Girlfriends house, i build a pc with some spare parts and a used ryzen 7 5800x i got from ebay. Worked for the last month perfectly and temps are also ok (max gaming temp around 75-80 but mostly 65-75) Problem is, i read that the b450 cant support the power usage of that chip when it boosts properly and the vram will overheat if it doesnt get enough cooling. It will start to do random restarts and at one point just loop restarts after another. I hoped it would work, cause lots of people saw no proplem tho. Yesterday the first random restart happend with all stock settings, just xmp enabled to 3200. I now copied some settings from youtube to try and get it run cooler. I put in 120w PPT, 75A TDC and 130A EDC with an negative offset in bios pbo with -20 to all cores. Runs stable for now, way cooler Cpu temps aswell and i will try with core cycler to tune the cores maybe even to -30 if they can handle it.
Thing is, does this even help with the vram Problem, or am i just in need of buying a new mobo from amazon, so that i can game properly? I mean it could be another problem somewhere else, but the graphics card was running fine last years (1060 6gb) And the Powersupply was from my old pc, that worked flawlessly for years. Could be the ram because this is also a part from ebay, tho i tested it with windows memory check and it showed no issue.
Thanks to everybody reading this and maybe someone got a solution. :)
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2023.06.05 15:08 Technical-Western897 Fully open-source multi crypto wallet?

Hello, I am using Exodus atm but now after what we seen with Atomic I would gladly move to a wallet that is fully open source.
Need one that supports following: BTC, LTC, XNO, DGB, XMR, SOL
Any recommendations?

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2023.06.05 15:08 PensiveLens Tracking clicks on a shortened URL link (Bitly link) in Looker Studio

Can anyone guide me on how to track the total number of clicks on a shortened URL link to a website using Google Analytics or Looker Studio? I am new to this tool.
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2023.06.05 15:08 cannotberushed- How are people affording housing? My exhusband and I had to move back in together to coparent

I am a public school teacher, he is a mechanic. We both tried room mates but his roommates kept bringing drugs And alcohol around. He didn’t feel it was safe for the kids.
I kept interviewing single moms and it was a disaster. We would meet up for play dates and major red flags would go off.
We finally decided to move back in together as coparents only. It has been going good and we agreed to a trial of six Months.
I can’t figure out how people are affording housing. I don’t think st the end of six months we will magically be able to afford housing.
Apartments want someone to make $60,000 a year for a 2 bedroom. Moving to a cheaper location means less money.
I feel like I am missing something
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2023.06.05 15:08 sean101v iMac not enrolling with ADE - Possible issue with time

I have a 2020 iMac that was freshly wiped, and I am trying to enroll it to our MDM (Mosyle) via ADE but it’s not working. I am new to Mosyle but this is not the first time I’ve tried to enroll a Mac and it’s worked before. The Mac is assigned in ASM to the MDM, and Mosyle shows the Mac in its device list as ‘unenrolled’, but when I go to set the Mac up and connect it to the internet, it does not bring up the enrollment screen. Additionally, the setup prompts that were supposed to be disabled are not disabled.
I think the issue is related to the system clock being incorrect. The time is about 8 hours ahead of what it should be. The problem is, I don’t know how to change the time on the setup screen. Initially I tried changing it in recovery mode (opening terminal and using time command) but it does not apply when I go back into setup. I also tried launching the terminal while in setup (Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + T) and using the same command, but it will not run unless I add sudo, and when I do it asks for the password for “_mbsetupuser” account which I assume is just the default user account for the setup.
Is there some easy way to change the time in setup that I’m missing?
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2023.06.05 15:08 Minimum_Might_6594 i was able to lift my hair this light... i am fighting the urge to do the rest of my hair this icy white. i did it myself, do i dare try to lighten all my hair this much?

i was able to lift my hair this light... i am fighting the urge to do the rest of my hair this icy white. i did it myself, do i dare try to lighten all my hair this much? submitted by Minimum_Might_6594 to u/Minimum_Might_6594 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:08 sofiacarter17 App-tastic Adventures: Master the Art of Building Android Apps!

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2023.06.05 15:07 SomethingSeason Art Hive - Creative Reuse & Art Center

Art Hive - Creative Reuse & Art Center
Hi friends!
Just wanted to drop in to let y'all know about a new business in Staunton.
Art Hive, a creative reuse and art center, is set to open its doors thanks to the incredible efforts of my friends, Kirsten Schneider and Mary Pearce. I'm not exaggerating--these women are the best. They have introduced me to so many amazing people over the last couple of years and have truly helped me feel at home here. If you haven't met them, you'll want to!
Art Hive will provide a wide range of offerings, including art supplies, classes, and workspace for local makers. It's not just about the resources, though; Art Hive aims to foster a sense of community, providing opportunities for artists to exhibit and sell their work.
Learn more at ArtHive.art
This Sunday, June 11, they will be hosting a benefit brunch. This event will feature live music, delicious food, drinks (mock-and not!), and an art project that will be showcased as part of the center's inaugural display.
Learn more about the brunch: https://arthive.art/benefit-brunch/
Use discount code ARTBRUNCH for 50% off ticket price.
Interested in selling your art? Teaching a class? Simply curious? Please reach out!
I am beyond excited about this space & I look forward to meeting you there (:
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2023.06.05 15:07 bxthxnymxrxxh Boyfriend wont take kitten’s ringworm seriously. Am I really psychotic?

Last week we took in a nearly 6 m/o kitten. I wanted to keep kitten in the bathroom until medically cleared by the vet, especially bc I have a senior resident cat. He would only be in the bathroom for 4 days. My bf badgered & guilt tripped me into letting the kitten explore supervised. He said it was cruel of me to keep him locked in the bathroom. He made me feel awful & wouldn’t leave me alone about it, so I caved.
Fast forward a few days, kitten visits the vet and it is discovered he has ringworm. Culture is still pending, but his hairless patches lit up under a blacklight. The vet advised me to treat it as if it is ringworm and informed me on what precautions I should take.
My bf insists ringworm is not a big deal at all. He was a wrestler and said he had it many times. Nevertheless, I am not okay with catching it. I am not okay with having my resident cat catch it. I want this done and over with as quickly as possible. I do not want to raise the kitten in quarantine longer than I have to.
I obviously was very upset as I am now needing to decontaminate my entire home including unfinished hardwood floors. I was told I will most likely need to throw away the expensive cat tower I got for my resident cat’s 10th birthday (not even a year ago.) I decided that my resident cat needed to quarantine as well until I could disinfect the floors.
He thinks all of the precautions I am taking are “stupid and a waste of time.” He thinks I am “crazy” and “no one else would ever go to the extent that I am in order to combat this fungus.”
Despite his criticism, I spent the entire weekend working my tail off to go in the proper order disinfecting the floors. My order of cleaning the floors was: vacuum, swiffer wet-jet, sanitize with Zep fungicide & rinse with Castile soap to protect the cats respiratory health.
I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so this entire process has resulted in my body taking a massive beating. I have been struggling with mild/moderate contamination OCD ever since my mother passed away nearly a year ago. With that being said, ringworm has been quite distressing, but I am doing better than I thought I would to think and cope with wise mind.
Yesterday, he exited the infected area and walked on the decontaminated area as I was about to do the final step of rinsing with Castile soap. At this point my body is in excruciating pain. The thought of having to disinfect again pushed me beyond my tolerance threshold. I admittedly snapped. I flipped the bucket of Castile soap water and just screamed. I broke down crying in defeat. I worked SO hard all weekend. I received little to no help in cleaning. In fact, he has only made more work for me as I tried staying on top of him to not cross contaminate the parts of the house I already disinfected. I had to beg him to change his clothes, wear gloves, keep his phone out of the contaminated area, etc.
Me breaking down resulted in him screaming at me and breaking the o’cedar mop. He said he refuses to “follow my rules” and “he’s not going to live like this.” I am making him “miserable.” He kept repeating “it’s (ringworm) not real” and I am “absolutely psychotic.”
Am I really psychotic? Am I overdoing this? Any feedback would be appreciated. I don’t have anyone I can talk to about this, so if you read all of this: thank you.
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2023.06.05 15:07 Hour_Service3937 Participants Needed for Research on the Impact of Sexual Assault on Intimate Partners (Mod-Approved)

Hi, for my university masters dissertation I am conducting research to investigate the psychological impact of sexual assault on intimate partners.
I have a questionnaire exploring the impact of a sexual assault disclosure on intimate/romantic partners when the assault occurred either, by a third party whilst they were in a relationship or historically prior to being in a relationship with the survivor.
This project will be exploring your experiences of this situation and the impact it had on you and your wellbeing. Your experiences can be from a current or a previous relationship.
Participation involves completing the confidential and anonymous questionnaire, this should take between 15 - 20 minutes. You must be over 18 to participate.
Due to the sensitive nature of this subject, please take the time to carefully read all information provided.
If you would like additional information, please click this link to the information sheet and questionnaire:
I appreciate this is a sensitive subject and very difficult to talk about. I hope my research will highlight the need for support to those surrounding sexual assault survivors and ultimately help anyone who finds themselves in these difficult circumstances.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
University of Bath Ethics Reference Number: UGM 22 271
Please do not reply on social media, instead if you have any queries, please contact me via email:
Researcher email: [email protected]
Supervisor email: Dr Barnett [email protected]
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2023.06.05 15:07 Kitchenkrab I’ve never been to a meeting, but I’m three years sober

I’m 30 years old female and I’ve been sober from alcohol now for three years. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life and everything that has happened since I’ve decided to stop drinking is a direct result of what sobriety can do. I still have anxiety and I still have depression but before I drank alcohol i used to be a long distance runner. I gave it up during my heavy days of going to the bar, drinking, smoking cigarettes, Meaningless hook ups. My alcoholism started when I was 19 and it got really bad when I was 23. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and he had destroyed me down to every molecule. I then met my husband and it’s been a journey of healing ever since. It’s been a journey of growth, pain, fear, confusion, tests… For half of my marriage to my husband, I was drinking alcohol, it caused problems, and I finally realized that the best thing for me to do Was to let go of the booze entirely. It didn’t serve me anymore, it made the anxiety deeper, and it made the suicidal tendencies feel even more real. It made my marriage chaotic. Three years has gone by really fast and I would be lying to you if I said there haven’t been moments Where I miss the aesthetic of a gin and tonic, I miss playing pool and getting wasted at the bar, but I wouldn’t give up the clarity and the intelligence I’ve gained for anything.
My marriage has been growing, stronger and stronger with every month that passes. I struggle with intrusive thoughts on a daily basis, and before when I was on the booze, I had no idea how to handle those intrusive thoughts. My husband has helped me realize that your thoughts aren’t reality and it doesn’t define who you are.
I want to go to a meeting just to tell my story, but I’m scared because I don’t know if I’m worth it or if anything I have to say is important. I’ve always felt like an annoying piece of shit. A lot of my original reasons for drinking alcohol was because I grew up the nerd, I grew up with popular kids teasing me, and making fun of me, and never accepting me for who I am. I always wanted to be a part of a group and have a policy of like-minded individuals who I could tell my deepest thoughts to. There are only a handful of people in my life, who I feel have really accepted me for who I am and my ever-changing self. My husband, my best friend, and my best friend’s sister.
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2023.06.05 15:07 RushxInfinite Want to charge us extra for something that didnt happen? Have fun with your reviews tanking.

This happened a few years ago. My gf at the time (now wife) and I used to vacation in Asheville, booking cabins through a rental company. She grew up there and loved it, plus she had friends/family in the area that we would visit while there.
One of the rules the company had was that no extra guest were allowed to stay overnight, or there would be a fee. This rule never bothered us, as we never planned on having that. But, we did invite a couple of my gf's friends over to hang out for a little while. They got there around 7-8 and stayed until about 11pm before heading home. We finished the trip, had a great time and went home thinking all was good.
A couple days after we got home, I got an email from a woman in the rental company who claimed that their maintance guy saw that we had people stay over and we were being charged an extra $200 for breaking "occupancy" rules! Next came a back and forth between her and I where I told them noone stayed overnight, and that they left around 1030-11pm. But she claimed to me that "Occupancy" is anyone being in the cabin at all, which made no sense I looked up the legal definition of occupancy which did not side with her, but she told me it didnt matter and they would charge me the extra 200. Que the Revenge.
Between my gf and I, we got about 8 people with 20 different google accounts all leaving 1 star reviews on the company's google page. This took their rating of around 4.4 all the way down to the mid 3 stars (it was a local company). Well someone higher up must have gotten wind of this and they knew exactly who did it. Within a couple hours, I got several emails from the original woman and her supervisor apologizing for the misunderstanding and asking how they could get us to take down the bad reviews.
After telling them it was clearly not a misunderstanding, I told them to kick rocks since they wanted to treat us that way, and long story shorter than it could be, we ended up getting an offer of 200 off our next visit if we took the reviews down (and they obviously refunded me that extra 200 plus another 100 off that stay). Karen, I hope you understand what occupancy means now, if you still have a job.
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2023.06.05 15:07 Cheap-Selection-2406 CMV: Rushing to pay off student loans doesn't make sense.

I'm grateful for the past three years as they have given me a chance to think over how I'd handle student loans should the payments resume without forgiveness. I'm currently in school so my payments won't be resuming with everyone else's, but they will soon enough.
This veto on forgiveness has me feeling pretty bitter, especially because people with children get a child tax credit every year of $3,000 - that's $54,000 in the first 18 years of the child's life. Most people have multiple children. Some of these children are the human equivalent of liberal arts degrees, and some of them are even worse than that. I don't think I should be required to pay for them while I am also paying off my student loans, but I digress.
Here are some moves I will be making to lessen my student loan payments:
  1. I will go in IDR even if I don't need it. Simply put, this is an advantage because while I could afford to make standard payments, making payments on the IDR leaves extra money to invest and that means I can enjoy earning compound interest while paying back my student loans. I'm a firm believer in the saying, "those who understand compound interest earn it, those who don't pay it."
  2. I will change my tax filing status to 'married filing separately' from 'married filing jointly' in order to reduce the amount of income used in the IDR calculations.
  3. In addition I will put all extra retirement savings (currently saving $30,000 per year) in my spouse's name. That way, when I retire before all of my student loans are forgiven, I won't have any income for the IDR. lol.
  4. I will move my business into my spouse's name so that I make even less on paper.
and because the government is always looking to get one over on people who figure out how to get one over on them, I reserve the right to change all of these plans and become a lifelong student. Community college is cheaper than student loan repayment.
I was just a kid with two very sick parents when I was told by the "successful" adults in my life that the only way out of my situation was college. Because of that I feel compelled to do nothing more than keep my head above water in this situation. I will absolutely go above and beyond to secure my future and I will do that by making sure I don't give the government anything more on a monthly basis than I absolutely have to.
For the record, we are not independently wealthy. I know $30,000 saved per year seems like a lot of money, but we don't make that much - we just bought our house cash and have no house payment. We're not in a hurry to give the ground we've gained (in terms of money available) back to the government. At the same rate, I don't see any reason to stop paying student loans, just to pay the least amount monthly that I can until they're eventually forgiven.
FWIW, I know that I will end up paying more over time, but paying less monthly means I can take advantage of compound interest longer.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is my stance, but I'm willing to hear out solid counterarguments and perhaps change my stance. I look forward to hearing your viewpoints.
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2023.06.05 15:07 Usual-Roof-3755 Zoloft started

Hi Guys, I just started today mild dose of Zoloft. I am so scared. I don’t know what and how the side effects will be . I have never taken this type of medication in my life. I am 34. I just wanted to share as I am feeling scared… i hope i get some positive comments. 🥹🥹
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2023.06.05 15:07 rober283829_ Again?? Like what you guys want me to draw huh?

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2023.06.05 15:07 Firm-Praline-2468 I always covered myself up but my girlfriend pushes me to not do it anymore.

To fully understand my motives I have to start really early. So this might be a bit longer. Also I apologize for my english. Its not my first language.
I am hideous. When I was a born my birth didn't went without complications and this lead to me having a deformed head and a really hideous face. I grew up with that, got bullied in elementary school and when I reached high school I went a school where no one knew me. This was the opportunity for me to finally have a new start. But the bullying just got worse and I was depressive for a long time. During that time my skin condition got worse and I started to gain weight. On top of that I got into puberty really late so I had a childs voice until I was 17. I'm 19 now. I became quite thick and then I decided to cover myself up because I hoped that would stop the bullying.
I always woree a big hoodie and jeans to cover up my body entirely. I wore a beanie or the hood of my hoodie and when covid struck i finally had a good reason to wear a mask. I wore one before but it didn't went without complications either because of course teachers aren't happy if one of their students is wearing a mask during class. Lucky for me the bullying decreased indeed. I now was the weird one but at least I wasn't actively bullied like I was before. I got used to this and I kinda enjoyed that especially the newer ones were asking themselves who was behind that mask. Not that they would've been excited to find out. But I turned from the weirdo to the mysterious one. If you know what I mean.
I finished my school two years ago but my cover up remained my style. I wanted to study in an university either way so there was no reason to leave my cover up behind. My parents asked me several times to stop wearing my cover up but I refused because I was too scared that the bullying would start again once I show my face. I don't know how but I somehow found a girlfriend. She is the daughter of my moms best friend.
Her mom told her about me and my situation so she wasn't surprised when I came to our first date with my cover up. I met her before and I had a crush on her. I knew I couldn't exactly score with my looks so I just hoped she would like who I am despite my looks. And indeed it went well. We are now together for a year. She never saw me face in that entire year. We spent time with each other but yesterday I was pushed out of my comfort zone.
She wanted to have sex for the first time. We talked for many hours and she agreed to take it slow but she at least wanted to see my face. I felt scared and started to sweat. She assured me she will still love me no matter whats behind the mask. I started to undo the hoodie and put down the mask. I couldn't tell if her face was shocked or surprised but from experience I assumed the worst and wanted to put it on again but she grabbed my hand, kissed me and said that I look attractive and beautiful. I thought she was messing with me and laughed. I told her that of course she says that as my girlfriend but she can be honest with me.
But she said she was completely serious. She told me that she wanted to help me feel comfortable in my skin again. I would love to believe that I somehow went through a transformation when I got into puberty but if i look in the mirror I just don't see it. But I trusted her enough and today she almost saw me fully naked for the first time. I was so scared when she asked to see my body and started shivering while I undressed in front of her. At one point I was only wearing my boxershorts. The things she said. The compliments she gave me, the appreciation she showed to my body, the way she compared me to a greek statue felt good and almost made me cry.
This never happened to me before so it was something completely new. Afterwards she said she wants to take babysteps with me to a point where I feel comfortable enough to longer wear my cover up in public. She said there was nothing to be ashamed of about how I look. Tomorrow I promised her that we have our first time and even though I'm still nervous after today and yesterday I trust her.
Before that my room was the only place where I felt safe enough to not wear my cover up. Now I feel like I can do it with her as well. Maybe my appearance has changed indeed but why can't I see it then? Or maybe she was just nice and looks past my looks. I don't know. But one thing I know for sure. I can trust her enough to show myself to her. I love her so much.
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