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2023.06.02 09:30 Gayk1d Issue with unexpected mouse movement on client when switching to server

I'm using Synergy 1 to multi-box various games between a 5120x1440p and a 1920x1080p monitor. My issue stems from unintentional mouse movement when switching from the client to the server computer. This results in a spin on the client's side game for a split second. This isn't caused by lock to screen, I've tried everything I could think of. Synergy 3 doesn't resolve the issue. Is there any way to retain the cursor's exact location when switching from the client to the server? I don't have this issue when swapping from the server to the client.
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2023.06.02 09:30 ViperTheKillerCobra Why Set Rotation would NOT Work in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I never thought that I would get a need to make this post, but a certain cis white male Yugituber has invoked a recent push in the idea that Set Rotation is the solution to a majority of Yu-Gi-Oh's problems, and that it's very reasonable for it to be implemented, be it replacing the main format, or otherwise.
Before I explain my reasoning as to why this is a ludicrous idea, let's go over what Set Rotation is, and what it COULD potentially fix.
What is Set Rotation? (No it's not the card)
For the few of you who don't know, Set Rotation is the main gimmick of some other TCG's 'Standard' formats, i.e. MTG and Hearthstone. The idea is that the only cards that are legal in this Standard format are cards that have been printed in the past 2 or 3 years, and any sets that go past this timer 'Rotate Out', and become no longer legal for the format.
So, what would this potentially mean for Yu-Gi-Oh?
Slows Down Powercreep
This is the big one, and the main thing pro-rotation players hone in on as to why Set Rotation would be a step in the right direction. With every card being on a soft time limit, Konami would no longer have an incentive to make each set stronger than the last to drive in sales, and can instead sell sets on the notion of "This old set has less time to live, but this new set is on a fresh limit." This theoretically means that the rampant powercreep we've been seeing these last few years can be curved down majorly, and we can go back to the strategic back-and-forth gameplay we've been yearning for.
Curation of Good Formats
This next one is a little more nuanced. With the need to keep track of 10 000+ cards no longer on the menu, Konami can have an easier time designing exciting, interesting formats for the players to try out. They can print archetypes without the sorry that this random card from 2005 would break it, or that this random 2018 staple blows it out of the water. They could even pick and choose cards that have since rotated and reprint them in a core set, or as some have proposed, a yearly "Base Set", containing all the staples that have since rotated out of Standard.
And... that's about it! Those are pretty much all there is to Set Rotation, and how it could fix many of Yu-Gi-Oh's issues. And to be fair, curving down powercreep and the potential for fun gameplay experiences does look very enticing.
Let me explain why it isn't so simple.
25 Years of Fans for What?
Of the big 3 card games, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! is the only one where its main format does not feature Set Rotation. It would be pretty disingenuous to say that a negligible amount of people were drawn to this game FOR its lack of Set Rotation, instead of DESPITE it. And a large amount of the playerbase, and TCG players in general, don't appreciate their cards being on a blatant timer. "Well, they were on a timer anyways thanks to powercreep!" Not to the staples, they aren't. Generic cards last a solid 6? 7 years of consistently good use until a new card takes its place? And while it's true that archetypes certainly face a large brunt of the powercreep problem, many players simply don't care. They want to keep playing that rogue deck they always liked, and it being no longer legal due to just being too old is a real downer on them. This leads us to...
It Can be an Alternate Format! Or Can it?
It's no surprise that Konami is absolute shit at managing alt formats. This, alongside some other points I'll get to later, is an example of Set Rotation simply asking waaaay too much out of Konami. If a Rotation format were to be introduced alongside the current, "Legacy" format we're all familiar with, if Konami doesn't push it out the ass and shove it down our throats, it's natural thanks to the past 25 years of its history that the Legacy format would be more popular. Simply adding Set Rotation this far into a game's life requires extremely careful planning from a company, and extreme customer loyalty. And Konami does not check either of those boxes.
I Like Money
You can construct this as an advantage for Konami, but if they don't want to heavily support two ongoing formats at the same time, the price of the game can become a major issue. The current price of the game wouldn't be going anywhere. If Kashtira, Purrely and VS are any indicators, just because cards are new and being opened a lot doesn't mean they'll be cheap. Now add on that you can only play these cards for all of 3 years maximum before you have to invest all over again into another deck core as well as all of this new format's staples. This could be one of the reasons why Standard in Magic The Gathering died out, alongside WOTC removing the primary incentive to play Standard in the first place.
Oops! Legacy Support!
This is probably the biggest physical hurdle that needs to be jumped if we want Set Rotation to be a thing. A huge amount of Konami's current product is the printing of support for archetypes much, much older than 3 years in order to push it into meta viability. This would, simply put, not be able to exist in a rotating format. A common counterpoint thrown around is that whenever Konami prints legacy support, they can just announce that the archetype its for is now in the Standard rotation!
There are many problems with this.
Firstly, this would probably be the nail in the coffin for TCG and OCG never being able to unify as formats. And the stick in the mud is VJump Promos. Every VJump magazine, the OCG prints a mechanically exclusive card into it, usually one that supports an archetype. If this would bring it into the Standard rotation, all of a sudden we have one format that has Sky Striker legal, and one that doesn't. Secondly, some archetypes are just too old or too big to be reprinted. If CYAC were to release with this Standard format in mind, we would be seeing a TON of old-ass Superheavy Samurai cards shooting up in price, cards in sets now out of print, so Konami wouldn't even be making any money off of those purchases. And if Konami were to, say, print the archetypes the new cards are supporting in some of of supplementary set, not only does that have the possibility to bring product fatigue, do you really want the entire HERO and Blackwing archetype again?
Simply Overhaul Your Game
This is another point in Konami just not being competent or trustworthy enough to pull something like this off. Set Rotation could be implemented, IF Konami heavily supports alt formats, IF Konami decides to overhaul their entire product design, IF Konami is willing to curb their powercreep, and IF Konami even wants to take this major, major risk in the first place. That's a lot of big ifs towards a company that can't even livestream their events half the time, and a company that made fucking Metal Gear Survive.
Other, Healthier Solutions
Many of the pro-rotation players argue that this is the way to solve Yu-Gi-Oh's, admittedly, large, Powercreep problem. I argue that there are other ways to solve this. Ones that aren't as large of risks for Konami, ones that don't overhaul the game as we know it, and ones that can reliably provide a good break from current Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is realistically what we all want.
Pretty much the only alternative formats Konami is willing to pour some attention to are Speed Duels and Time Wizard. GOAT and Edison appear to be doing the best out of the legacy formats we have, and Konami has even shown some interest in it with Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1, a set that printed a whole bunch of Edison cards and even gave us an un-errata for Armory Arm. All it takes is one or two sets to make either one of these formats a budget friendly option, and Konami can just sit back and not need to use that brain of theirs. A non-rotating, static format that you can always fall back on to have a good time when current Yu-Gi-Oh! is getting bothersome on you. Speed Duels are doing quite well, with Konami opting for single boxes, DUDE style, instead of the traditional booster pack format, and they once again give players a nice refresher when they're tired of getting Zone-locked for 9 or getting Kaiju'd for the tenth game in a row.
I hope that I've reasonably laid out my reasoning as to why Set Rotation, while having good intentions, is reasonably, and practically not possible for Konami to implement in this day and age.
TLDR: Set Rotation helps for Powercreep and making good formats, but IMO ignores 25 years of history, Konami's refusal towards alt formats, cost, and product design. GOAT/Edison or Speed Duels are probably better for something like this.
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2023.06.02 09:30 teothedineroom #Call 9911010904 The Luxury Lounge in Pitampura for an Memorable Experience- TEO Lounge & Bar

#Call 9911010904 The Luxury Lounge in Pitampura for an Memorable Experience- TEO Lounge & Bar
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Visit Here: https://teothedineroom.com/lounge-in-pitampura.html

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2023.06.02 09:30 Express_Albatross_35 Can a young child be inclined to sing or write songs without influence or encouragement from someone?

I was reading a background of a professional singer who mentioned how they wrote a song at six years old and was singing from that age in school choirs. She said that she also wrote dark poetry from 10 years old. She continued writing songs and practicing hours on the piano after school in her teen years.
I was wondering if someone could naturally gravitate towards that or if it’s more likely that a parent or teacher would encourage them. I don’t think I would have started to sing at that age or if I did, I doubt my parents encouraged me to continue that.
Also, it’s hard to imagine a child choosing to write songs or poetry at such a young age in their free time. Do you think she must have enjoyed writing and playing piano?
I was curious because I am interested in following this career path but I never had the opportunity or encouragement from my parents to see if this is something I am good at. I wonder if it’s too late for me because I’m in my mid twenties so compared to her, I’m like twenty years behind.
If I don’t have the natural inclination to come up with melodies or write, does that mean I won’t be able to be as successful?
Is creating melodies something one is born with?
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2023.06.02 09:30 caruga93 First time train travel

Hi I need a bit of help, I am supposed to go to Rathmore via train from Heuston at 17pm but due to unexpected plans I didnt book it online and now it says no tickets are available. I have heard you can just buy some kind of daily ticket and board the train with it. Im not from Dublin so not boarding the train would mean I would have to travel back and im not sure if I could catch the last bus so I want to be sure.
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2023.06.02 09:30 glo75001 Chardham B2B Tour Package

​Welcome to the Global Path Holidays
One of Dehradun, Uttarakhand's top travel agencies, Global Path Holidays specialises in Chardham Yatra Packages. Offering Chardham Yatra fixed departure packages from Dehradun, Haridwar, and Delhi as well as booking services for Chardham Yatra by helicopter. Cham Dham Yatra Package that also includes Char Dham Car Rental. In the travel and tourist sector, we have more than ten years of expertise. For Char Dham Yatra packages from Dehradun and Haridwar, we offer secure and dependable service. For the duration of the 4 Dham Yatra, our taxi service is always accessible.
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2023.06.02 09:30 Anon99031 Breaking up on vacation with another month of travel before returning home. What do I do?

Fuck it's been a long few months. I have been traveling with my girlfriend for 6 months now. It's had it's good and it's bad, but I'm very grateful for the time I've had with her. At the end of the day I can't give her what she needs and she can't give me what I need. We both know this and see this. We know we need to go our separate ways, even if we both love each other still. It's driven a wedge between us that I fear will turn to resentment.
As my title suggests, we aren't returning home for another month. All of the hotels and flights have been booked and paid for. So I'm left wondering how on earth I am supposed to navigate this strange time. I feel broken, I don't even want to be here anymore but I can't leave as I don't have the money to waste the return flight and book a new one. Please reddit, how do I handle this situation?
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2023.06.02 09:30 FungusRoundabout Is it even possible to create a bilangual character?

I have an AI that is an elf and can fluently speak their little elf language. The character it's based on often throws little words in elvish into the conversation, usually just replacing words like "human", "hello" ect with their elvish counterparts. I think it's awesome and really immersive so I wanted to do something similar. But after so many failed attempts, I'm starting to wonder if I want the AI to do something that it's physically incapable of
Including a few elvish words in their bio does absolutely nothing, it's like it doesn't even exist even though its written pretty clearly, I think. Using OOC is even worse, the AI gets completely confused and thinks it's the character I'm playing that is speaking elvish. It never works. Sometimes I see a message and think "oh that would work so well with am elvish word thrown in there" so I try to help the AI out but it either ignores it completely or thinks it's my character that said that. It's an absolute mess. And I don't think my expectations are particularly big but even making the AI use just one word is impossible.
Am I trying to achieve the impossible or am I doing something wrong? The elf language is just the elder speech from the witcher books btw, I call it elf language with the AI in hopes that it will make it easier for the AI to catch on. It doesn't
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2023.06.02 09:29 Usual_Passenger2168 Book about a newly - wed couple, having their honeymoon in California

I remember three years ago, that I read a book about a young, famous fashion designer lady marrying a rich and handsome man and they decide to have their honeymoon somewhere in California. And throughout the story it was heavily implied that the husband was a serial killer and had killed a couple of the characters throughout the book, like the wife's adopted parents and the wife's friends. And the husband's father is tryna rescue the wife from his son, until it was revealed in the end that the husband's dad was the serial killer the entire time and he was framing or tryna frame his son for the murders, just like he did when the husband was still a little kid and the dad framed him for killing the dad's secretary.
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2023.06.02 09:29 impressionmontreal Elevate Your E-commerce Business with Professional Product Photography

Elevate Your E-commerce Business with Professional Product Photography
In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where customers make purchasing decisions based on a few clicks and seconds of visual engagement, the quality of your product images can make or break your online success. As an e-commerce business owner in Montreal, Canada, it's crucial to recognize the power of professional product photography and its impact on your brand's visibility and sales. At Impression Photography, we specialize in e-commerce product photography services designed to help you showcase your products in the best possible light and attract more customers to your online store.

At Impression Photography, we offer tailored ecommerce product photography solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you sell clothing, accessories, electronics, or any other type of products, our experienced photographers utilize professional lighting, staging, and post-processing techniques to create stunning visuals that grab attention and drive conversions. We understand the importance of consistent branding and visual storytelling, and we work closely with you to ensure that your product images align with your brand identity and convey your unique selling proposition.
Book Your Product's Photoshoot Now - Impressionphotography.ca
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2023.06.02 09:29 LynuSBell My mom guilts me and belittle my achievements, making it all about my disabled sibling

My dad was doing heavy drugs and not so much in the picture. My mom (70+) took care of my heavily disabled brother and I alone, on her low salary, doing night shifts and taking care of him during the day.
I was raised partially by my grandma, the nannies we had when she was at work, and on my own.
My mom lives in a circle of negativity and aggressiveness. Yelling at my dad whenever he would give a bit of his time to take care of us. Telling me throughout my childhood and even now 30+ years later that I would end up like him or look so much like him.
On top of that, I got bullied at school but never said anything because the attention was always on my brother and I felt my problems were so much smaller than his.
Whenever I would achieve a university degree, she would make it about herself: "Not yet as smart as me!", "It's because of the food I cooked so that you could focus on studying", "It's because I gave you the freedom to choose what you wanted to study"...
I have achieved the highest university degree possible, abroad and alone thousands of kms away from home. She still managed to say at my graduation that it was thanks to gifts that she sent from time to time (even said that to my advisor...)
She has been the main caregiver for my alcoholic grandad, tried to save my junky of a dad, my disabled brother, then my grandma (at the same time), and now trying to take care of an aging aunt on my dad's side (who would rather be left alone despite her old age). Whenever I or others tried to help, it was never good enough and not according to her plans. If we would try to follow her plans, the there was always something wrong. People stopped offering their help and she has been complaining that nobody helps. The other day, I stayed up late to help put my brother to bed. She was yelling at him because his body was stiff (part of the disability) and it was hard to take care of him. She was saying out loud: "He is not going to help" to me. Though I was literally there, took initiative, but it was not perfectly according to how she usually does thing, by the millimeter. She even pissed off the professional caregivers who stop coming one after the other.
I've tried to provide guidance, to say that maybe it is about time to find other arrangements (institution or independent accomodation and full time caregiver coming to take care of my brother). She refuses without even considering it and expect me to drop my life and my wife's and come back home to take care of them both (I still live abroad).
Whenever I say something, she doesn't listen if not according to her plans and even portray me into a horrible person like "I would park them in a farm like a bunch of animals" (talking about a nursing facility). My brother is totally up for it if he can get some independence from her but too afraid to say a word since he lives with her and dependent on her.
I opened up to other family members and they told me that she won't change and always put herself in the position of taking care of others. They told me to take my distance, limit interactions like they did, and just try not to pay attention to her comments. It's hard. I feel bad for my brother and I don't want to lose the ties with him. I feel even worse when she guilts me for it, like I'd be some kind of monster who doesn't care about them.
It makes me so angry inside that I sometimes explode and we haven't had a conversation without yelling in years. The other day she even told me that I must be mental and should get checked for refusing to come back home and take care of them. She even tried to convince my wife to get me checked or that we must be doing something wrong in our lives that I'd end up like this. My wife never signed up for a mother in law from hell and I feel bad for her... I even think my mom got significantly worse since we got married, low-key making comments, buying oversized clothes to my wife as a gift...etc
When I was younger, she hurt herself trying to change a light bulb in the stairs. I was doing homework and she disturbed me to change the lightbulb. I told her I'd do it in 30-60min once I'd be done with my homework. She didn't want to wait, used an unstable stool in the stairs and fell. I had to call an ambulance while she was telling me it was all my thoughts. A few years later, she was yelling at me (I was yelling back because happy family dynamics) and her heart started malfunctioning. I had to call another ambulance while hearing that if she'd die it'd be my fault. Same things a few days ago when I was trying to help with my brother, that it was not good enough to get standard, that she tried to do things on her own telling me that if she'd end up hurting my brother in the process, it'd be my fault.
This post is getting so long that I'm no longer sure where I'm going with this. I guess my question is what should I do? I don't want to lose contact with my brother but he is kinda an extension of her. I don't want to lose contact with the rest of my small family because she is a strong node in the family. I don't want to lose my wife because my mom is toxic and it'd end up too much for her.
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2023.06.02 09:29 Harsh_sparks_77 Recommendations as I'm a little burnt out

So recently I'm finding myself severely burnt out. Now I love reading but I haven't been able to take out the time and effort to do so in quite some time now. So I'm looking for book recommendations.
I love fantasy genre. My favourite series is without a doubt the Percy Jackson series. So can you'll recommend me books similar to it. I want something light hearted, adventurous and fun to read.
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2023.06.02 09:29 iamprettypea Did Polène change their packaging?

Did Polène change their packaging?
I got my Numero Dix but the packaging is different. I have another order from Polène last week and I still got the box with gold text. For numero Dix, the box does not have the gold text. Did Polène change their packaging? Or did I get a fake item?
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2023.06.02 09:28 CBAINFOTECH How to Use Chat GPT: Step by Step to Start Open AI ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot type of Artificial Intelligence which was developed in year of 2022. In this single year, world is taken to a storm by the newly launched AI technology which can be accessed for free by the million of years. Here in this post, I would like to describe Step By Step process to use chat GPT, how to login in chatGPT, website and other essential information. Go through the complete blog to collect all the required information.
What is chatGPT ?
In simple language, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot created by San Francisco-based startup OpenAI and made accessible to the general public through web browsers. It can be utilised on chat.openai.com, which is its website. This demonstrates that chatGPT can understand responses that seem to be coming from humans.
Within a short period of time, it has started a new global race in the field of AI. Since its release in November 2022, it has been a hot issue in business circles. What, therefore, makes ChatGPT special? ChatGPT can converse with you as if you were speaking to someone who is extremely knowledgeable. Using Chat GPT, you may debate the past, present, and future. In addition, it can also write code and make lyrics for your favourite musician.
How to Use chatGPT ?
How to Use ChatGPT is now a question. The most common gadgets that are utilised by everyone are smartphones. Users can use ChatGPT for free on both Android and iOS devices. Nevertheless, Open AI ChatGPT Login is only accessible via a web browser. The conversation bot has not yet been implemented in an app. It is anticipated that the ChatGPT will soon be made accessible for download from Play shops as the engineers are now working on it. ChatGPT can play games, develop computer programmes, make music, write essays for students, stimulate an ATM, and perform a number of other tasks. Typically, it imitates human conversationalists. So, we have provided a detailed view on how to use the for users.
chatGPT Features
Now, web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and others support ChatGPT. The following table lists the ChatGPT Features in tabular format. Users can look at the table below to learn the relevant information.
Software Name

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer
Developed By

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer
Developed In

San Francisco
Initial Release date

November 2022
Type of Software


Official Website

Login to chatGPT
Here is a step-by-step tutorial for the Chat GPT login process if you have any questions. The webpage for Chat GPT is chat.openai.com. To utilise this popular software, one must register on this website. Any age group can utilise OpenAI Chat GPT because of its age-neutral architecture. OpenAI’s developers have not yet made the app version available. As a result, in order to utilise it, you must register on the OpenAI website.
How to open Chat GPT Mobile App
The ChatGPT is designed exclusively for usage by users of web browsers. The ChatGPT Mobile App has not yet been made available. The creators are trying to release the mobile app’s free version as soon as possible for Apple and Android cellphones. Soon, the Open AI Chat GPT Mobile App will become live. Users can visit the official website to obtain information till then if they wish to access the ChatGPT Capabilities. Any browser must be opened, then users must launch AI ChatGPT.If they already have an account, sign in to chat.openai.com and register. But, users must first register an account if they don’t already have one.
ChatGPT Step By Step Guide
The ChatGPT Step by Step Guide on how to utilise the newest technology must be followed by those who want to use the Chatbot. The data presented below contains the fundamental instructions for using the ChatGPT software.
· First, launch the web browser on your desktop or smartphone and go to chat.openai.com.
· the Try ChatGPT banner that appears at the top of the screen, and then click on it.
· If you are a new user, you must register with a new phone number or email address.
· then click signup to log in with the credentials you supplied when creating your account.
· The account will then be validated by sending the OTP to the mobile number or email address using the Open AI ChatGPT Login credentials.
· Once the account has been validated, you can move on to providing the additional information requested.
· You can now access the ChatGPT Features, which are available to everyone at no cost.
· One can use the ChatGPT with ease by following the aforementioned instructions.
chat.openai.com Advantages
The benefits of chat.openai.com are as follows:
· Due to its simplicity, users of any age can utilise it.
· The use of ChatGPT is quite flexible, and it simulates human conversation.
· Every detail can be provided using the AI ChatGPT when preparing a party, completing homework, etc.
· enables the writing of poetry or song lyrics.
· Programs for computers can be written and then debugged..
· Any query in ChatGPT is filtered through OpenAI to stop the presentation of the basic results and it stops any racist prompts.
How to use Chat GPT after Account Creation ?
You can utilise Chat GPT now that you have successfully made an account there. Simple and straightforward to use, it is. Simply enter any query you want to know the answer to in the search bar.
For instance, enter your search term in the search box if you’re looking for a dish’s recipe.
The Chat Chat search bar is seen in the following screenshot.
Is it free to use Chat GPT?
Indeed, using Chat GPT is free. According to some estimates, OpenAI spends almost $3 million per month to keep its usage for people going. OpenAI has, however, also debuted its premium edition, which will cost money in the near future.
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2023.06.02 09:28 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Books (complete)

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2023.06.02 09:27 Svensonnnn What are your opinions on the dream chasers hero expansion?

I am just getting into the game and I have the revised core box and the fist saga box. Today they released the new hero expansion, is it worth picking up as a new player?
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2023.06.02 09:27 SreeCKP Need a name & author

I read a novel, last year but i can't remember the name of the book.
The story line is: Friends usually gathers at a bar, at each meeting one should tell a story. One day one among the fellow friends, started narrating his story. that story was based on australian country side farmer family, then as he narrates the story he brings another dimension to story by introducing a new chapter, life of a man running advertisement buisness and the story develops on the incidents of that buisnessman.
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2023.06.02 09:27 dancurranjr Solo Mesa / XL Stove and Similar Stove Wood Sources?

Was talking to someone else about where I was getting small wood chunks for my Solo Mesa Xl.
I have a neighbor who works with wood and he gives scraps, otherwise this is a decent box of perfectly sized wood chunks from Amazon: https://amzn.to/42eLNm5
Best value I have found.
Anyone have a better solution?
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2023.06.02 09:27 Snakejones89 (Spoilers Extended) Why is Dorne so cartoonish?

The entire Dornish plot just feels so funny compared to the rest of the story. They feel like the Ghiscari of Westeros, even the Ironborn aren't that dumb.
Everyone speaks of Doran Martell as though he is some wise sage waging a war inside his mind yet everything he does is the opposite of that. He sends his unimpressive son across the world on a dangerous mission to marry someone with a marriage pact that isn't meant for them. He sends his heir to treat with sellswords who he knows nothing but rumors about, he didn't even know it wasn't Dany until they messaged him.
Arianne is just dumb in everything she does, she just assumes that Westeros will just accept Dornish law if she crowns Myrcella. Margaery Tyrell is younger and seems far more intelligent by comparison.
The Sand Snakes are a whole other level of cartoons. They want war for no reason even though they would be destroyed. They complain about the possibility of Tyrstane being killed despite willing to kill Balon Swann and his party for no reason. And their lack of self control is just so cartoonishly vile.
The show was terrible but the only good aspect about it was the Dornish plot being butchered even though the fandom complained about it despite nothing is shown in the books for Dorne doing anything important and Euron killing the Sand Snakes was just so entertaining to watch.

If there happens to be some Dornish Master Plan, it would be such an asspull that I would seriously rethink the quality of GRRM as a writer, it would go against everything that has been presented in the books thus far.
I just don't understand why people defend Dorne so much, sure its slightly interesting, but they are just so incompetent compared to everyone else.
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2023.06.02 09:27 KirDroi Kinds of Dragons

Kinds of Dragons
As someone who has read dozens and dozens of books in the wuxia and fantasy genres, I have identified several groups of dragons that appear in the literature: ​ 1. dragons-absolute - super beings and gods, have incredible power, can control the fate of the world, are the protectors of the world in which they live;
  1. dragons that can take on human form - they are intelligent, strong, able to use magic, and love luxury and wealth; ​
  2. the wyvern dragons​ - they are giant winged reptiles (lizards) that can breathe fire and fly, but they are beasts and cannot think like humans.

​ In the book series "Dragon Heart" by Kirill Klevanski we meet an amazing character, Hadjar, who is a part dragon. He only has a dragon's heart, and that determines all of his future destiny. ​ It's what makes this series truly unique. ​ If you don't know Klevanski's work yet, you're welcome. ​ Please let me know in the comments what kind of dragon you are most interested in. Way to the North
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2023.06.02 09:27 BattleforAperture June 2, 1998

Hi, my name's ___________ and you're reading this random book I left on the streets. I've recently discovered something at _____ Street and no one believes me. I'll take back this book and add more later. If you believe me, sign this. ______________ Yfel æfnan nealles oncunnan. Brêostloca ge unlîf togînan. Yfel ne macung sê
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2023.06.02 09:27 RacialPanda20 We can ALL agree this “Bin Buff” would be an essential QOL change…

We can ALL agree this “Bin Buff” would be an essential QOL change…
In light of the apparent problems with banner collection and how much time it can waste, I present the next step in the right direction. I mean, I already opened the loot box. Why shouldn’t all usable items automatically be looted and stored?
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