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2010.12.12 02:37 Yiba German Bundesliga: News & Highlights

Bundesliga is Germany's top-tier football league. It was founded in 1963 and features clubs such as FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, SC Freiburg, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, and Hertha BSC .

2011.02.28 05:50 littlewing91 Gettin' faded, one day at a time

For enthusiasts of raw denim in all its forms; from the rarest Japanese heritage jeans, to the most frayed of jorts.

2023.06.05 16:41 ThrowRA232948 My BFF (f20) wants to move back abroad to her abusive ex (m50) and I´m afraid for her safety

In early 2022 my BBF went on vacation in another state "to find herself" after we graduated high school. There she met an older man and fell in love. I already posted with another account back then, because the whole thing seemed strange to me even apart from the huge age gap.
They moved in together after 1 month. For weeks they survived in a cabin in the woods without electricity and hot water. He was unemployed and introduced her to some soft drugs and smoking which she has never done before. She seemed happy but I grew more suspicious since she dodged my questions about where exactly they were. She had not told her parents as well (according to her she is of age and finds her family controlling). So growing more concerned I alerted a mutual friend which also had a queasy feeling but told me: "It is her life". My BFF also reassured me: "I trust him and I can leave whenever things go downhill".
In summer she and her boyfriend built a house and she settled in, found a job etc. But from time to time she texted weird stories: "he´s very jealous and controlling and always wants to have me stay with him". While visiting me she acted strange, was glued to her phone. But told me she´s happy overall. Until winter.
They started fighting over simple stuff almost every day. She didn´t tell me much about it up until 1 month ago after breaking down in the middle of the night at my home: Turns out her boyfriend throws a tantrum every time she visits her friends, like me. She texts him 24/7 and whenever she forgets he withdraws and stonewalls her for days. He expects her to check in with him but doesn´t do it himself since he´s "not interested in her stupid life". He suspects her of cheating with a male friend while being abroad (total bs!) and calls her names. My BFF hyperventilated and got a panic attacks repeatedly since he told her to lose weight again after recovering from an eating disorder. He makes her feel guilty for every problem and calls her stupid and immature. She hasn´t told me everything that has happened and is afraid to do so.I am shocked. She knows he doesn´t treat her respectfully and she´s dependent on him but she hopes he´ll change after setting more boundaries. So after he apologized she went back. One week ago she visited me again crying cause he didn´t change and she finally broke up with him. As she went he angrily screamed at her like never before. After she got scared he turned into a little puppy crying his eyes out bc he feels left behind. I was so proud that she left regardless!
But she can´t handle the breakup despite having a support system of friends and her brother here at home. Currently she´s with me and planning on going back AGAIN giving him ANOTHER chance. I know she is 20 and it´s her life but she is my friend! She gave up so much of herself for him.
What can I do to protect her?
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2023.06.05 16:41 Manumeq TOTK flicker lines bug on some parts of the world

Anyone know how to solve this graphics bug? I get it after playing for 10 minutes or so and it only happens on certain parts of the world map, specifically those AO heavy (Hyrule Castle, temple of time and some shrines are the worst offenders so far)
Using EA 3633 and 1080p resolution mod with 1x scale and default Vulkan settings, minus antialiasing (using SMAA instead of FXAA)
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2023.06.05 16:40 Proof-Ad-9605 When was the last time we had a fight as anticipated as Gojo vs. Sukuna in the manga/anime world?

My first instinct is to say Naruto vs. Sasuke, but by the time it happened, I feel like it played second fiddle to the major fight that preceded it, it was kind of lackluster, and the stakes were small (despite Sasuke's last minute stated intention of becoming Hokage).
My second go to would be Goku vs. Jiren, but while that was cool, the build up wasn't REALLY that well orchestrated, and more importantly it was short lived and self-contained to the universe tournament.
I think the last time we really had a phenomenon like this was Goku vs. Perfect Cell.
We had Goku incapacitated and then training while Cell dominated characters in the DBZ universe for god knows how many chapters/years.
Obviously Goku vs. Frieza had a similar and I would say an even better build up than Goku vs. Cell, but that happened a few years earlier, so Goku vs. Cell was more recent.
I know there has been buildups of anticipation for major fights in other manga/anime since then (Luffy vs. Kaido, the Demon Slayer Corp vs. the Demon King, etc...) but I don't think any of those have come close to as much of a cultural phenomenon across the entire anime/manga community and industry that the build up for Gojo vs. Sukuna has become.
Would love to hear your thoughts!
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2023.06.05 16:40 HollowSnoggle Stuck / Evac on Forbidden Journey

Over in Islands of Adventure last week and the Forbidden Journey ride suddenly stopped right under the Whomping Willow, facing upwards and tilting down and backwards for around 20mins with my wife and daughter, it was in the precise worst possible position on the whole ride - I was on the right at the end so felt the most of the tilt. With the harness around me and being a bigger than normal person it was extremely claustrophobic and uncomfortable!
I had to do box breathing to overcome the anxiety and attempt to sit up from time to time!
After the time passed the team decided they couldn’t get it going so a full evac was needed so they managed to put the carriages facing forwards and then engineers had to come around and manually move them to these side walking platforms and put barriers up to stop anyone falling. This process took an hour, to make matters worse my daughter pulled the harness tighter by accident when the ride was put upright and it was pushing down hard on her legs.
Won’t be going on that ride again I don’t think - has anyone else had any experiences like this?
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2023.06.05 16:40 Inevitable-Heart5388 אוֹת קַיִן

Hello. I would love to get this tattoed, but I’ve read on some website that some registered s#x offenders get this by court in the modern times. Is that true? serious
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2023.06.05 16:40 Clovah What is actually permanent (seasonal wipes?)

Just curious if we know how the statues of Lilith are going to be handled when the season rolls around. Basically I want to know if I should care about riding around to grab every single one or if I shouldn’t bother, there is no way I’m going to hit those all every season because I’m a lazy motherfucker but I’ll spend the couple of hours doing it if they don’t get reset. Because pvp is a thing in this game I’m having a hard time not min maxing but there are limits!
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2023.06.05 16:40 Tiverty Should r/SiouxFalls join the subreddit blackout for 24-48 hours starting June 12th in response to Reddit's upcoming changes?

Hey SuFu Crew,
Recently, Reddit has announced some changes to their API that may have pretty serious impact on many of it's users.
You may have already seen quite a few posts like these across some of the other subreddits that you browse, so we're just going to cut to the chase.
(Skip to the second section if you want to see our question to the community.)

What's Happening

Third Party Reddit apps (such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun and others) are going to become ludicrously more expensive for it's developers to run, which will in turn either kill the apps, or result in a monthly fee to the users if they choose to use one of those apps to browse. Put simply, each request to Reddit within these mobile apps will cost the developer money. The developers of Apollo were quoted around $2 million per month for the current rate of usage. The only way for these apps to continue to be viable for the developer is if you (the user) pay a monthly fee, and realistically, this is most likely going to just outright kill them. Put simply: If you use a third party app to browse Reddit, you will most likely no longer be able to do so, or be charged a monthly fee to keep it viable.

The Open Letter to Reddit and Blackout Details

In lieu of what's happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community.
Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning, the subreddit will be privatized) on June 12th, lasting 24-48 hours or longer. On one hand, this is great to hopefully make enough of an impact to influence Reddit to change their minds on this. On the other hand, we usually stay out of these blackouts, and we would rather not negatively impact usage of the subreddit. We also recognize that this would be a largely performative response and not likely to change anything in and of itself.
We would like to give the community a voice in this. Is this an important enough matter that SiouxFalls should fully support the protest and blackout the subreddit for at least 24 hours on June 12th? How long if we do? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.
Thank you all for the community found here. Building a source for connection and resource sharing for those who live in this area is why we all do what we do. Even those of you lurkers are greatly appreciated and welcome to always share your thoughts.
- SiouxFalls Mod Team

Note: This post was largely taken from the /pcgaming subreddit and the mods there; you can view their post here.
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2023.06.05 16:40 jimmy1god0 Season 20 - Changing of the Guard

Let's take a few minutes to acknowledge the leadership that Combat Medic has given this organization. He selflessly stepped up and provided this organization with purpose, direction, and motivation. He led this organization from a sub-par club to a club that consistently competes at the Diamond Divsion Level of Competition. He dedicated his time to monitoring every aspect of this game to ensure that this club's potential was realized, achieved, and improved.
The true legacy of a leader is the performance that an organization demonstrates when that leader is not present. This is the inherent debt that we owe Combat Medic, which is to excel, grow, and adhere to our tenants. Dedicated, Commited, and Communicates. He will be succeeded by Don DaDa.
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2023.06.05 16:40 Veporyzer One of my only critiques of this show was how much ‘emotion gaslighting’ was going on in some of the plots

What I mean is instances were one character was totally in the wrong yet somehow the show treated them as if they were right.
One of the the first examples was when Gina’s house was broken into, and she treated Amy and Rosa like a dick. Then Holt said they should take Gina more serious because she felt threatened?
Another one was where Jake met his half sister who he rightfully tried to take some distance from because of her behaviour, but then it turned out her boyfriend was abuse and now the audience has to take pity on her.
Adrien was also a huge dick to the cast (still adore his banter with Boyle and Jake) but he didn’t really learn to calm down, most of the times people took pity on him
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2023.06.05 16:40 TheDoomedHeretic 25F [Activities] Disco Elysium enthusiast searching for RP partner, mostly for Star Wars, Dragon Age, Warhammer, and a few other fandoms.

As the title mentions I'm an advanced-novella RPer looking for GMs or offering myself as a GM for various text-based RPs. I've provided a sample down below and will ask the same of anybody that reaches out. Outside of writing I tend to spend most of my time on games like Knights of the Old Republic 2, New Vegas, and, indeed, the Hobocop Game. I'm an Associate at Amazon with an otherwise unimpressive social life, occasionally leaving the house to play WH40K Tabletop.
Discord is more-or-less required for me to be interested; sample incoming.

The boar is not dead, though to all the other hunters’ senses it is. It lays motionless on its side within the sled, tied down by rope with two arrows sticking discordantly out of its hide like seams of broken bone. Frozen blood pools in the cracked stomach of the sled, collecting rather than leaking now that red ice has sealed the wood. Poison leaching out of the arrowheads keeps the boar docile, and its breathing so light that only Trapper can see. An ovate in too-thin robes shivers as she ties a garland of rosemary around the beast’s neck, murmuring prayers to the ancestors that they might find the kill worthy.
Winter has seized the land in its vise, its unending waves of cold and snow having transformed the Barony of Marlas into a crueler scape, one Trapper doesn’t quite recognize. Tranquility abounds along the driven snow, all through the clearing, hiding the buried world and the woes of man but unable to snuff them out. Trapper knows well what a mirage it is, the oppressive winters of his homeland no less savage than the bloodletting summers. The numbing cold does not soothe his aches, for he knows they’ll be worse come morning, come the thaw. Too soon this clearing will melt, its river gone from white to red, the whole Septima Line thrust back to war.
Baron Orys refuses to yield to midnight season, to accept its peace, and so from his great warhorse’s saddle he brazenly belts out a mixture of drunken lyrics and commands, determined to master this hunt even if he does not partake. An entourage on horseback spreads out in his orbit, ranging from eager young footmen to grizzled junkers, all in varying states of inebriation at his command. Their braying is nearly louder than the hounds’, who hungrily stalk between the sled and the hole they pulled the boar out from. Teased by the hunt but yet unrewarded, they’re too unruly to be kept in check by the kennel master.
On foot slog the unfortunates who actually have to take part in the hunt, Trapper among them. They huddle into their hemp canvas cloaks, glancing up at the moody afternoon sky threatening to crack open with another snowstorm. Dark clouds sweep in low from the south like a riptide, a single vast current swept in from the mountains already menacing the Oldwoods. Its furthest gales reach them as tongues of vengeful cold, flecks of whipped-up snow biting into Trapper’s exposed skin.
By the boar’s nest leans a typical Mallean, one of Trapper’s two erstwhile comrades. Sigorn is tall, pale, broad, with the close-set, wide-boned features of a commoner, and a shock of red hair grown out to protect against the elements. Beneath his cloak he proudly bears his blood-flecked armor, each dent a Darkman put into it a point of dear pride. He’s not the only one, either, the clearing filled with dozens of youths whose first blooding ended in victory amid a blizzard. Baron Orys, deep into his cups after six days of nonstop celebration, saw a break in the storms and gladly called a hunt. When informed he could not go on account of his shattered knee - he simply grinned, and ordered himself tied to his saddle.
Trapper remembers the moment his lord fell from the saddle, burned into his nerves. The screaming of horses, skidding hooves catching on the frozen ground. On the edges of his vision a rider smashes into a branch in the din, others don’t move at all for fear of the blizzard. His spurs dig, his borrowed steed whines, and he races for his lord - only for another to reach him first.
“What a woman.” Sigorn sighs beside Trapper, craning his neck to look at one of their lord’s companions of honor. Susannah Oye, junker unlike the others, a pretty, willowy noblewoman well into motherhood, with the lean, ruthless look of a ranger. Her two poisoned arrows are what struck the boar down, and her pride curls off her body like steam. Sigorn’s face cracks into exaggerated appreciation, and then he turns to their lord’s other honored companion. Another woman, this one as young as they are, haughtily-built and leering with none of Susannah’s refinement. Many of those looks are reserved for Trapper, forced to slog on foot as just another hunter. “Anya too. I think she fancies you, eh?”

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2023.06.05 16:39 freddiebenson4ever My job has a “summer Friday” 1pm end time but told me not to take it if I still have work to do

My job implemented a (conditional) 1pm end time Friday but said if you have work to do you can’t end at that time. They just talked to me about “you don’t have to end at 1; we don’t want you to not be caught up on Monday”. Like I understand if something is urgent or a set deadline. But if it’s minor work that CAN be pushed till Monday, we should be entitled to that.
As you may guess, the job emphasized work-life balance in the culture yet will message you or not approve things until after hours. When I set boundaries they seem annoyed.
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2023.06.05 16:39 NotJamilByTheWay After about 5 years of “nofap” I have reached a conclusion…

Allowing myself to relieve myself once a week or once every two weeks is the most optimal amount of time for me. When I am trying to retain semen, I find that I am even more destructive. I’m way hornier and watch way more porn. I make strange decisions that I wouldn’t have had I not been as horny. It becomes unhealthy after the month mark. I found that relieving myself once a week allowed me to be more productive, not be thinking about sex or watching porn 24/7, and made me way more relaxed overall. My mind was clearer and I felt better overall. Nofap became all consuming and I became afraid to nut. Now I see it as a reward for hard work at the end of every week and continue trucking along once it’s done. Open to any thoughts in the comments
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2023.06.05 16:39 Budlats Sa mga experienced sales VA, bigat ba talaga workload ninyo? Penge advice

Kakatapos ko lang ng 2 months sa bago kong client - sales account to. Una sa lahat, gusto kong pasokin tong sales position kasi I know for a fact na rewarding talaga yung sales position lalo na kapag gamay na gamay mo na yung lob. Kaso, parang overloaded na sa task.
Sa contract, gagawa lang ako ng sales video tapos isesend sa mga leads then follow up kapag walang response yung sinesendan ko. Actually, 95% of the time wala talagang mag reply. Low pay pero good commission kapag maka book ng appointment.
Pero....time goes by, ako na gumagawa sa lead gen, nangungulit na ako sa clients to ask for relevant contacts. Na compromise na yung time for making sales vid and follow ups which are my main tasks talaga. (Tas may quota pa naman)
Hindi ba parang subra na yung ginagawa ko para sa client ko? Na realize ko parang oo lang ako ng oo kahit mahirap na. When my client added those tasks (lead gen, get contacts eme), nahihirapan na talaga ako ma achieve yung quota per day sa main tasks. Sa mga experienced VA sa sales lob, ano diskarte nyo dito? Wala pa po akong experience, gusto ko lang talagang tahakin tong challenge na to pero parang di pang beginner 😅 btw, e-commerce VA niche ko for 3yrs na.
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2023.06.05 16:39 Accurate_Basis404 How much does an IELTS score matter when applying for German universities?

Hi guys, I'm only a week away from taking my IELTS. I wish to pursue an English-taught course in Germany. My question is, will a person who has the same academic qualifications as me but a higher IELTS score be considered over me? Let's say I get a 7, but the other person has a 7.5. We both have the same UG degree. Will the other person be considered because of his/her higher IELTS score, or will they consider how impressive my CV is?
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2023.06.05 16:39 UneducatedReviews1 No more resting players

I want to be optimist about Pedro but him resting Romy game one against Detroit after a day off and then resting Moncada game three with an off day the day after isn’t making much sense to me. I get we need to rest guys but with the days off we have coming up, none of the core players should see any rest time without reason.
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2023.06.05 16:39 steeltownsquirrel Rate my Riffz!

A short melodic tech-deathy track. Pushing my own limits at 250bpm, so things get a lil sloppy at times.
Listen to escape velocity by modusjonens on #SoundCloud
Thanks for listening! 🤘
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2023.06.05 16:39 Dry_Bus6192 Gf 22F accuses me 25M because I contacted an old friend she knows of

I (m25) was out for a photoshoot with my photographer friend, the setting was a concert. After the event, we saw an old female friend of ours. Princess is her name. She was very close to me until I got in a relationship. I cut her off unhealthily & 2 years later, I made effort to apologize for how I handled things. My gf (f22) was already accusing me of cheating when I got home that night so telling her I saw Princess for 20 seconds literally skipped my mind cuz tbh, I played soccer the day before & my body was sore. Plus, on the day of the shoot it was cold out there and I had lost a few items at the event.
Fast forward two months. Yesterday, I spent time with this same guy friend at a soccer game he was shooting videos for. I got home and I remembered Princess cuz bruh! It makes sense. So I thought to reach out to her & some other guys I hadn’t reached out to in a while before I went to bed.
But the text with her read “Hey princess Been a min & You crossed my mind, hope you’re good & everything is going well, I was excited to see you lol sorry it translated awkwardly even though we don’t talk and all that”
I go to sleep. An uncontrollably angry woman wakes me up berating me with profanities. My gf went through my laptop when I was asleep, saw the texts and connected her own dots. Saying, I went to see Princess at the concert and at the soccer game, saying Princess will translate that as me liking her. And all these disgusting perspectives. Am I in the wrong for this?
TL;DR! Gf mad I texted an old friend because she has a vagina and the world is fallen. And has broken up as a result. And I strongly believe I am innocent.
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2023.06.05 16:38 CheekyBreeky_v2 Api Management SDK

Hey Guys,
Hope this question won't sound silly , but I've reached my limit and hopefully some of you could help me with my problem.
So , Once I've created an API using existing Azure resources - "App Service / LogicApp / FunctionApp / ContainerApp " , would it be possible to retrieve a confirmation via python SDK that the API was indeed created from one of the Above resources?
Ideally It should look like this :
"created_by" : "appservice"
doesn't have to be JSON , any other form of data would be great , I just want to know if its possible to retrieve such thing and If I'm not completely wasting my time on this.
Every piece of information would be highly appreciated !
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 16:38 Matoe_Macadamia How would you go about owning and becoming an MMA instructor or Muay Thai instructor?

So, it’s been a dream of mine sense I was a boy. Still would love to pursue that dream one day, however I have been off and on martial arts for the longest; life has me in the wraps sort of speak. So in that case I haven’t got to train and then go fight like I’ve wanted to in order to get the experience I feel is necessary to teach others because I’ve been off and on for so many years.
Anyways, me not going into a whole life rant. What are requirements or things I should and need to work up to doing in order to eventually reach this goal of mine?
Thank you for your time!
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2023.06.05 16:38 HolyCow0224 Where am I? Part 1

I can't remember much of my life from before I entered this... Place. I can't fathom this, I just want to see my family. I was a new driver. I just got my drivers license, what, a few weeks ago? I told my family that I would just be out for a few minutes, testing out the new car that they bought me. It was a black Toyota, I don't remember the exact model, although it really isn't important.
I was just going around the block. A big mistake. If only I just stayed home, or went to that party. It's funny that my disliking of one of my classmates cost me my stay on earth. I felt a sneeze coming on, nothing too big. Although it was enough. The wall approached so fast, panic washed over me as I crashed? No not really crashed, more like passed through. It was weird; the car stayed behind but I passed through. I feel sorry for the owner of that house, but it's the least of my worries.
It felt like falling, but also floating. It lasted for at least a minute, or twenty. Time didn't really mean anything in that weird void between reality and, whatever this place is. I looked down and saw the ground, striped and yellow coming up to meet me. I braced myself for impact. Any minute now. But all I felt was a slight fall. I guess I couldn't expect gravity to be the same. Now I'm here, the fluorescent lighting is driving me crazy, and I swear I've hear distant, scraping? I don't know how much longer I can hide from whatever it is, and I hope I never need to see it. At least I have my phone, the one thing I kept besides my clothes, I guess because it was on my body? Where am I?
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2023.06.05 16:38 throwaway197623 I’m sorry that your wife has cancer but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be shitty to me.

This is going to make me sound like a horrible person and maybe I am but I just need to unpack everything. I have a colleague (we’ll call him Brian) who I had been very close to for over 5 years. He was an incredible but also very harsh mentor. I loved him so much. He was like a second father to me. However he was incredibly demanding (enough to gain a reputation for being a hard ass).He used to brag about making people work on Christmas for example. Because I truly loved this person and wanted to make them happy I would constantly drop everything I was doing to help whenever asked. When I first met Brian I was in a really,really, dark place and working for him gave me purpose again. At the time I was still a teenageyoung adult so I really didn’t understand how toxic an unfair Brian was being to me and my other coworkers. I missed out on a lot of my early 20’s because I was busy trying to please Brian. I missed out on time with my family,building friendships, my significant other, etc. I just thought that that was normal. You just had to be willing to sacrifice everything or you didn’t really love the job.
However once COVID hit everything changed. We had a bunch of new people come in and Brian starts going completely soft on them. He lets them get away with stuff that he would have totally lost his shit over if I had done it. I was really angry because in my mind these new people were just weak and didn’t care as much as me and were still getting rewarded for it.
Eventually Brian offered to move me up in our organization to something more permanent(most of our field is seasonal work unless you have another degree or decades of experience). Because it was the pandemic I was really hesitant to commit because that would mean permanently relocating to a new state, away from my elderly parents.
I figured I’d wait out the pandemic and make a decision then. In the meantime I just kept working harder and giving up more to please Brian. Then I started to burn out. I was exhausted and I constantly was feeling off. So I wrapped up my contract and took a break for several months. I went home and went to the doctor because I knew I wasn’t well. It took awhile to figure out what was wrong but eventually I found out I have a hormonal disorder that puts me at a very high risk of cancer and will very likely render me infertile. What’s worse was I also had a large mass that needed to be biopsied to make sure I didn’t already have cancer. I was devastated at the loss of fertility but I was lucky enough to find out the mass was benign. It was a huge wake up call and really set my priorities straight. So I started looking into going back to school.
Unfortunately Brian was much less lucky. Unbeknownst to me until recently his wife has been battling cancer and has taken a turn for the worst. I was crushed to hear the news. I cried for days after learning from one of my other former coworkers(they all met up at a work event but everyone has since move on to positions at other institutions). He even apologized to them for being so hard on them and appears to have turned a new leaf.
Meanwhile things have really improved for me. I landed a great new position with people who seem to really appreciate what I have to offer. I’m literally just waiting on his letter to finally formally accept. Brian is still dragging his feet and it’s driving me insane.
In the past I would have given Brian the moon on a string at a moment’s notice but he won’t do the bare minimum for me.
TL;DR: My exploitative ex-mentor want the sympathy and understanding he never showed me.
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2023.06.05 16:37 leafbladie [Partially Lost] WB's Hype (2000)

Hi, this is my first time posting here, I decided to do so because I ended up at a dead end in my own search for what I was trying to find. There was this skit I watched on YouTube as a kid, about a fake commercial for an at home silicone breast implant kit. I remember thinking it was the funniest thing at the time, and got sad when the video was later removed.

I was able to find the YT page in the wayback machine, but it says attempts to archive the actual video have failed:

Through my searches online it appears this skit was a part of the program called Hype that aired on the WB in 2000-2001. I was able to find episodes [1](, [2](\_XU0vxu92o&t=1701s), and [4]( on Youtube uploaded by the same inidivdual. I inquired if they had other episodes, and they mentioned there were still 4-5 they had to upload.

If you know of anyway to get the show on VHS or how to somehow make the video on the archive link work properly, I'd appreciate either.
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