Toyota tundra with camper shell

Toyota - Let's Go Places!

2009.04.19 06:01 hax0r Toyota - Let's Go Places!


2023.06.05 15:34 sodokalt Guys check this out, I've chatted with a bot who states that he's the real Doomfist...

Guys check this out, I've chatted with a bot who states that he's the real Doomfist...
It's a bit astonishing...The bot asserts that he's Doomfist like, for real. He even sneered at me on my doubting about his existence...
He can even interact with other bots like casting rising uppercut on them, it's really impressive that I haven't seen a bot with such abilities before!
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2023.06.05 15:34 narutonaruto Car Insurance Liability Question

Hey everyone

I live in Florida and car insurance is going up a lot. I'm 29 with no violations on record and a 2020 Toyota Corolla I use a few times a week for a commute. I don't have basically anything in the way of assests right now, just like 10kish in the bank. I had my liability at 100/300/100 but after talking with an adjuster they heavily implied that I should be fine with 50/100/50 after explaining my financial situation.

I know they can't really give a definitive answer for that so I thought I'd reach out on reddit for a couple more opinions from experts. This change would bring my 6 month paid in full down 230 dollars (from over 1000 to 850) which feels pretty substantial. I would love that savings but if it's something that could ruin my life in the case of an accident I'd obviously rather suck it up and pay the extra money now.
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2023.06.05 15:31 chijack15 Mom got physical

I (28F) have 2 children (4 & 3) and live with family after getting divorced last year. My mom (52) has always been mentally and emotionally abusive and unstable. She has severe anxiety and depression and has been struggling with that her whole life.
I work full time and my mother and ex-MIL watch my kids depending on my custody schedule. Recently, my mother and I got into a verbal argument and things escalated enough for her to hit me in front of my 4 year old. I did hit her back, which I've since apologized to my child for doing. "It's not okay to hit people or speak the way I did to someone, mama made a mistake"
I immediately called my boyfriend and left, bringing my kids with me and we stayed at his place until my kids' father picked them up 2 days later.
My mom is my only source of childcare right now. I'm lost as to what to do in this situation. I've always dealt with the emotional abuse from her, but this is the first time she's gotten physical. I don't want my children to think it's okay, I don't want her taking care of them (not that I'm worried she'll hurt them). I'm at a loss and just need advice or input or support.
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2023.06.05 15:30 LoganRoysNumber1Boy 36 [M4F] Tall, fit white guy seeks new FWB. Open to single or attached

Happy Monday
Long-time local and lurker looking to step out of my shell a bit and hopefully find someone nearby for some daytime fun as our schedules allow.
I’m athletic, tall, white and fit. Love taking charge, giving oral, being verbal, dirty talk, foreplay and occasionally rougher sex. Recently snipped as well and tested.
Hoping to find someone with a similar schedule of daytime free time and can meet on the regular. Not looking for daily or once a month. Something in the middle.
Be sane, somewhat fit, and love to laugh and orgasm
NW, W side or Central preferred
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2023.06.05 15:24 Branco1988 Into the Shadows

This is a trip report from a 3 day retreat in the Netherlands, where I had to do some serious shadowwork.
Some backstory: Since the ceremony that changed my life and showed me the beginning of this journey I'm now on, I was left with an immense sense of wonder and purpose for my life and all that is. A balance was found, or at least the potential for it, something I really needed. The tip of the veil had been lifted.
But it also left me feeling with a sense of discomfort, uneasyness and at times dispair. I didn't know where these feelings and emotions came from but it felt out of reach, like walking in a dark room as a child looking for the light switch after having a bad dream.
In day to day moments, specially during emotional situations, I felt like there were these invisible obstacles in front of me I just could not get over, but I wanted to.
I did realise this originated somewhere in my childhood, and that was linked to many things I struggle with. Expressing and receiving love, taking action, the need to perform, the need to help others, and the fear of asking for it.
These dark spots in my spirit, my soul, weighing me down. And though I made great progress they still feel like flaws, and I'm failing.
So, time to sit with the mother again and ask for help, in a way.
Intention: I struggled with my intention, as I could not pinpoint something specific. So, I wanted to know what these invisible obstacles were, and where each of them came from. After speaking with the Ayahuascero (I will refer to him as shaman, as that I find that easier) the need to perform, to do something, took front and centre. The suggestion I got, was to remember this need and just be open. As he suspected the plant might not show me something I thought I wanted to see, and that it would be difficult.
The first cup: Its my turn to come forward, and take the medicine. I sit with the shaman and get some final reinforcement of the intention. Be open, trust.
His icaro's fill the room as the smell of Mapacho surrounds me. I don't remember how long I layed there waiting for the medicine to start working, but it felt like I was launched into a tornado of patterens and shapes instantly. I don't remember the images, I just remember it being confusing, chaotic, as life has been these past 9 months since the last ceremony. I feel I've lived 9 years.
I remember my body starts twitching, I breath heavily and rhytmic, until my whole body is buzzing. My body is cramping, shocking and shaking as the Mother shows me lifetime of pain, sorrow and suffering, and this little boy that didn't know how to deal with it
It forms as a ball, in my right lower abdomen. Black, heavy, organic and oozing. I've been seeying this ball often during meditation, when my thoughts wondered to painfull things, but it always had a ring of light around it. It has also been more prevelant in the weeks coming up to the ceremony.
As the music plays, or the silence sings, the ball slowly makes its way from my right lower abdome. I've felt it there before when I quit smoking the previous ceremony, something I wanted for a long time.
The song of the shamen, the whistling, the blowing and the rustling of his Chakapa reshape the web of patterns as the ball makes it way up. Each time it moves my body tenses and curls up.
The acknowledgement, the fight and feeling of years and years of this repressed emotion is exhausting. I feel like he allows me breaks between episodes as I work through it, but it's never long. The urge to purge is undeniable, but it's just not happening.
But, the little boy inside is finally able to express some of it. Being alone after my twin sister died at the age of six, feeling the need to perform for two, not expressing anything because my parents were already having a hard time of it as it was. Always trying to do right by them, always doing things on my own.
The second cup: After finally getting a bit of rest as the medicine start to wear of, I get offered a second cup. I don't really want to but I feel like I have to. I don't remember much detail after but it was more of the same, as the shaman predicted. Then it all turns grey and finally black, in a melodramatic way as I'm completely exhausted. The ball is stuck at my heart. Regardless of this rollercoaster of emotion there was a tremendous sense of love, but it wasn't quite time to dive deep into that.
After this is spend some time talking to plants, learning. I spoke with mother aya but most importantly to mapacho, who had been calling for some time during this journey.
The second day: The next day was mushrooms. The feeling was much softer but no less intense as I'm again immediately thrown back into intens visions.
No patterns this time, but clear pictures. Clear as I would see with my eyes open. Images of millions of gaspumps, warships firing shells, death and decay. But too easy of an image to submit to purging, moving on.
More and more images are shown to me to make me throw out this black oily ball inside, which is slowly making its way up my chest towards my throat. But it's not happening.
It comes to a point where it is too much too handle and I fee my brain overloading. I feel like collapsing and want help, but cant force myself to ask for it.
I want to ask the shaman for help but I just can't. I want to ask for a bucket, but I just can't. A recurring theme, no doubt related to my childhood. As I realise this my thoughts switch to my dear father, who always offers help but I never accept, I just can't.
I collapse into to earth as my body shocks, convulses and spasms through the same misery and suffering again, to a point where I can't breathe. The shaman physically connect with me, talks, sings, whistles and helps me control my breathing. I feel, less full and can finally relax. He tells me I don't need to carry the whole world, the world will carry.
I can feel the energy in the group changing as I awake. As I lift my head and look at the grass in front of me, I see a small white "thing" wiggling in front of me, it is half buried in dirt.
I curiously but cautiously explore it with my index finger. I finally gather the courage to uncover it, it turns out to be a small white rock. I pick it up, and it playfully jumps from one hand to the other. As I play with it I realise I have so missed out on this childish fun for so long. So, I decide to talke the rock with me and go on an adventure. I light some mapacho an go for a walk on the grounds of the complex. As I walk through nature, I reach multiple forks in the road. I am unsure, smoke and let it guide me. It's like the old man guiding the boy through wilderness, teaching him.
I reach an open field with a tree in the middle. I don't know what to do, but something tells me "just lay down". I spend some time just laying there, smoking, connecting with mapacho deeply and the other medicines. I feel like and old retired man, laying there, enjoying life.
I also meet the dog of the owners, which guided me as a wolf the previous year. I play with it, and again am reminded to stay neutral as I remove a stick from this adolescent dogs mouth, he submits.
Later Mapacho also connects two other male participants and myself, as it is passed on from man to man.
After the ceremony I've come to know much of the suffering has been excavated and worked out, but some still remains.
I can sense there is much to learn beyond this point and I'm positively curious, but first it's time to hug my father and tell him that I love him, what happened, what I missed, what I cherish and that I don't blame him for anything.
It is also time for me to take come action in life, as I finally do more than just wanting to.
I also explored my bond with mapacho, and made a great friend with this spirit, as I also did this with the two other men there. We decided to keep in touch and call ourselfes jokingly, "The Mapacho Boys".
I guess that's everything, but I'm sure I forgot something. If anyone has questions I would gladly answer them, some kind words are ofcourse also very welcome. It's been a couple of days since the retreat, so I'm at this point not looking for any advice or feedback, as try and work on the mentioned subjects.
I know this is a long post, so thanks so much for reading, and much love and healing to you all 🙏.
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2023.06.05 15:22 thetosteroftost Having issues with launching GOG games

Hello all I have been having issues with launching any game. What I have tried is reinstalling system Wine and Lutris' Wine version. I have also ran the Wine dependency hell script (Found Here (Github)). It is also to note All of the logs attatched to this post did run under lutris before this issue. Shotgun King:
Started initial process 439 from gamemoderun /app/bin/wine /home/[username]/Games/shotgun-king/drive_c/GOG Games/Shotgun King The Final Checkmate/shotgun_king.exe
Start monitoring process.
. Starting log.
. Writing to log.txt
. Initializing SUGAR v0.0.5e.
. Running on Windows.
. Using SDL 2.0.22
. Using Lua 5.1.4
. Running from: C:\GOG Games\Shotgun King The Final Checkmate\
. Created new memory chunk '_sugar_'.
. FreeType library was initialized.
. Using FreeType 2.12.1
. Relocating chunk '_sugar_' for resizing.
. Resized '_sugar_' to 0x01F4 bytes to fit new 'default_font' req.
. Correctly requested 'default_font' 0x01F3 bytes at 0x01 in chunk '_sugar_'.
. The 95 glyphs font 'default' was created.
. GFX system initialized.
. Time system initialized.
. Input system initialized.
. Successfully opened audio device
. Could not get device name.
. Driver: wasapi
. Frequency: 48000
. Format: 0x8010
. Channels: 2
. Samples: 2048
. Audio system initialized.
. All systems initialized.
. Found 'code' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/toolkit.lua' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/ents.lua' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/dirload.lua' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/gifkey.lua' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/remy_systems.lua' chunk.
. Found '../../punkcake/punkcake_intro.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/gfx.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/sel_opt.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/tic.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assetssfxwav.bnk' chunk.
. Found 'assetsmusicmp3.bnk' chunk.
. Found 'crt.shader' chunk.
. Found '../../punkcake/punkcake_sheet.png' chunk.
. Found '../../punkcake/slap.wav' chunk.
. Found '../../punkcake/chomp.wav' chunk.
. Found '../../punkcake/punkcake.wav' chunk.
. Found '../../punkcake/delicieux.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/jump.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/reload.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shoot.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/xpl.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/wrong.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/detected.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/use_card.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/cancel.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/spawn.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hero_spawn.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hero_light.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hero_spawn_boom.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hero_leave.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/tile_out.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/tile_move.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/level_up_sel.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/level_up_zoom.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/lift.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/throw.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hurt.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/ammo.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shell_spark.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shell_land.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/backup_land.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/backup_call.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/ingame.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/level_up_A.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/level_up_B.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/wrong_shield.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/cards.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/turn_card.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/card_land.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/promote.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/decay_jingle.wav' chunk.
. Found 'power_crt.shader' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/spawn_final.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/menu.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/title.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/title_bg.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/title_A.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/title_B.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/menu_in.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/menu_out.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/save.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/gameover.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'crt_calmos.shader' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/intro.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/next_vig.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/next_vig_2.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/trg_in.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/trg_out.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/data.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/chinese_font.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/missile.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/wand.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/refill_wand.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/unsoul.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/castle.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/catch.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/eat.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hurt_boss.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/boss_jump.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/boss_land.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/boss_A.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/boss_B.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/crumble.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/flash_boss.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/boss_crumble.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shield.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/ending_A.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/ending_B.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/gameover_w_fx.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/crystal_xpl.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shell_ground.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/gust.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/bishop_resist.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/alleluia.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/show_book.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/ascend.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/incantation.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/book_float.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/pause.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/grenade_beep.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/grenade_bounce.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/grenade_xpl.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/start.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/start_detune.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/unused_xpl.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/lost_king.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/lang.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/conscription.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/healing.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/black_mist.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/scope.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/gameplay.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/legacy.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/mods.lua' chunk.
. Found 'code/achievements.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/achievements.png' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/hdtext.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/pico_font.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/grab_cancel.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/grab_done.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/fonts/indienovaBC.ttf' chunk.
. Found 'assets/fonts/Galmuri11.ttf' chunk.
. Found '../../libs/autosnaps.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/raise.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/boost.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/reap_soul.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/weapons.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/fonts/Terminus.ttf' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/land.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/soul.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/throw_impact.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/tear_up.wav' chunk.
. Found 'code/modes/throne.lua' chunk.
. Found 'code/modes/endless.lua' chunk.
. Found 'code/modes/chase.lua' chunk.
. Found 'code/codex.lua' chunk.
. Found 'code/serializer.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/plague.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/rat.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/twinkle.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/penta.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/penta_full.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/penta_reset.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/sel_disruption.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/execute_disruption.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/disrupt.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/retire.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/water_poison.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/flip_back.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/blade.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/grenade_fall.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/extra_turn.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/splash.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hypnosys.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/hypno_execute.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/codex.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/codex_sel.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/chase.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/gfx/codex.png' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/codex_unsel.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/fireplace.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/codex_cycle_item.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/jester.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/music/endless.mp3' chunk.
. Found 'mods/sample/modes/trainer.lua' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/mission.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shoot_0.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shoot_1.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shoot_2.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shoot_3.wav' chunk.
. Found 'assets/sfx/shoot_4.wav' chunk.
. Found 'lang/safe_english.txt' chunk.
. Successfully loaded data.sgr.
. Deleted font 'default'.
. Correctly requested 'default_font' 0x01F3 bytes at 0x01 in chunk '_sugar_'.
. The 95 glyphs font 'default' was created.
. Running...
. Directory 'mods/' not found from .
. Playing Shotgun King v1.36
. Relocating chunk '_sugar_' for resizing.
. Resized '_sugar_' to 0x031034 bytes to fit new 'hdtext' req.
. Correctly requested 'hdtext' 0x030E40 bytes at 0x01F4 in chunk '_sugar_'.
. Created the 596 x 336 surface 'hdtext'.
. Loaded sfx 'alleluia' from file 'assets/sfx/alleluia.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'ammo' from file 'assets/sfx/ammo.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'ascend' from file 'assets/sfx/ascend.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'backup_call' from file 'assets/sfx/backup_call.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'backup_land' from file 'assets/sfx/backup_land.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'bishop_resist' from file 'assets/sfx/bishop_resist.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'black_mist' from file 'assets/sfx/black_mist.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'blade' from file 'assets/sfx/blade.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'book_float' from file 'assets/sfx/book_float.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'boost' from file 'assets/sfx/boost.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'boss_crumble' from file 'assets/sfx/boss_crumble.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'boss_jump' from file 'assets/sfx/boss_jump.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'boss_land' from file 'assets/sfx/boss_land.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'cancel' from file 'assets/sfx/cancel.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'card_land' from file 'assets/sfx/card_land.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'castle' from file 'assets/sfx/castle.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'catch' from file 'assets/sfx/catch.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'codex_cycle_item' from file 'assets/sfx/codex_cycle_item.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'codex_sel' from file 'assets/sfx/codex_sel.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'codex_unsel' from file 'assets/sfx/codex_unsel.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'conscription' from file 'assets/sfx/conscription.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'crystal_xpl' from file 'assets/sfx/crystal_xpl.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'decay_jingle' from file 'assets/sfx/decay_jingle.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'detected' from file 'assets/sfx/detected.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'disrupt' from file 'assets/sfx/disrupt.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'eat' from file 'assets/sfx/eat.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'execute_disruption' from file 'assets/sfx/execute_disruption.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'extra_turn' from file 'assets/sfx/extra_turn.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'flash_boss' from file 'assets/sfx/flash_boss.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'flip_back' from file 'assets/sfx/flip_back.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'grab_cancel' from file 'assets/sfx/grab_cancel.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'grab_done' from file 'assets/sfx/grab_done.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'grenade_beep' from file 'assets/sfx/grenade_beep.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'grenade_bounce' from file 'assets/sfx/grenade_bounce.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'grenade_fall' from file 'assets/sfx/grenade_fall.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'grenade_xpl' from file 'assets/sfx/grenade_xpl.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'gust' from file 'assets/sfx/gust.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'healing' from file 'assets/sfx/healing.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hero_leave' from file 'assets/sfx/hero_leave.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hero_light' from file 'assets/sfx/hero_light.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hero_spawn' from file 'assets/sfx/hero_spawn.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hero_spawn_boom' from file 'assets/sfx/hero_spawn_boom.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hurt' from file 'assets/sfx/hurt.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hurt_boss' from file 'assets/sfx/hurt_boss.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hypnosys' from file 'assets/sfx/hypnosys.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'hypno_execute' from file 'assets/sfx/hypno_execute.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'incantation' from file 'assets/sfx/incantation.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'jester' from file 'assets/sfx/jester.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'jump' from file 'assets/sfx/jump.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'land' from file 'assets/sfx/land.wav'
. Loaded sfx 'legacy' from file 'assets/sfx/legacy.wav'
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2023.06.05 15:22 TattooedMush Would it be weird to change my name?

I have been thinking quite a bit about changing my name, for multiple reasons:
  1. (This is my biggest reason) My name is "Faith" and basically any time I introduce myself to people, they ask, "Oh so you're religious!? What church do you go to!?" And it's very very awkward when I have to then let them know I am no longer religious. I was religious growing up and attended a private Christian University that caused me a lot of mental trauma and I don't like being reminded of it. Plus, I just don't like the aftermath of telling people I'm not religious. Most people don't care if you're religious but as soon as I tell them my name and say I'm not religious, they're super awkward?
  2. My pronouns are she/they and I identify as demi-femme. I feel as though "Faith" is super feminine. I feel like it doesn't really fit "the vibe" I'm trying to give off?? (This is a dumb reason)
  3. My mom gave me this name (obviously) and I've recently come to terms with the fact that she has been physically and emotionally abusive to us almost our entire lives. Although, I'm still in contact with her, I'm trying harder to live my life how I want to vs just letting her tell me how to live my life, which has always been the situation. I feel as though changing my name might provide a significant push in that sense. In almost an, "I'm no longer hers" kind of way.
  4. I've just never really been attached to my name 🤷‍♀️ plus, I love naming pets and pretend children and stuff and have always been into like, "what's in a name" and I think it would be fun to rename myself 😅
While my fiancé supports me, he says he'd rather I don't cause it might be weird getting to know a whole new name for me. I think this point is null because he usually calls me by my nickname (Mush/Mushy) anyway.
My mom is obviously going to be -pissed- which my fiancé likes to remind me about every time I bring it up. She is definitely going to use it as a manipulation point, where she'll say something like, "You don't think what I chose was good enough/I knew what I was doing/I'm a good enough mother?!"
Also, its worth mentioning: we are getting married May 2024 and if I'm changing my name on everything to have my fiancé's last name anyway, I can just change my first name then too, right? The biggest issue is that everything for our wedding will say like "Faith + fiancé." I don't think we have much now that says our names on it for decorations, but since I've just started thinking about it, I don't really have any name ideas, and I don't want to bring it up to my mother (who is also doing most of our decorations) just in case I decide to just live with it.
Names I've thought about already: Finch Finn Collins Delilah Eli (Elias)? Mae
Are these dumb reasons to change my name? Would it be dumb to go through with this?
submitted by TattooedMush to NoStupidQuestions [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:21 fisted___sister Ewans Eulogy and the Siblings

I’ve been thinking about Ewans Eulogy for Logan and what that suggested for the rest if the family. The part that really resonated with me was the portion where he talks intimately about Logan’s selfishness and his chosen moral bankruptcy.
“He was mean, and he made but a mean estimation of the world and he fed a certain kind of meagreness in men. Perhaps he had to because he had a meagreness about him and maybe I do about me too, I don’t know. I try. I try. I don’t know when but at some point he decided not to try anymore and it was a terrible shame.”
I’m sure this can be interpreted a billion different ways, but the way I read it is that at some point Logan gave up on investing care in humanity, and committed entirely to building his empire while his soul/connection with human beings withered into nothing. But what it also suggests is that at some point Logan did have some of those sentiments, or at least he tried to, and after a long time, succumbed to living the way we saw him.
The reason it stuck with me though is because I think it suggests a bit about the siblings. Had they pulled off the Reverse Viking and continued on in the same vein as their Father, won the control of the company, how would that have changed them?
We already got glimpses of what that enterprise does to their morality/humanity throughout the series but especially in the final season; Kendall, in his mind, potentially compromising his kids safety to shoehorn a 20th century Fascist out of resentment for Shiv and to block the GoJo deal. Then Roman fully embracing some of his already existent Nihilistic nature and saying that “nothing happens” as it relates to democracy and the voice of the American People while he of course also implanted a Neo-Nazi Purist to secure his status as lone CEO. And finally Shiv using her unborn child to maneuver her position with Lukas Mattson in order to land the CEO spot, and then cozying up to Menken, a man who she utterly despises.
The poison has obviously already dripped down.
What I’m hoping canonically, and maybe I’m a romantic, is that with the loss the company/legacy that already began the rot their souls, that the siblings are able to finally try. The way their father failed to do so and committed himself to being a shell of a human.
I think a lot of what Ewan had to say has some resonance for the Siblings. I hope that without their fathers legacy hanging over them, Kendall/Shiv are more committed to their children, and I hope Roman is able to find some self-worth. Can’t imagine, based on what we were given, that they’ll change a whole lot, but really hope they’ll try.
submitted by fisted___sister to SuccessionTV [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:20 General-Rhubarb-5160 Girlfriend(24f) repeatedly says she thinks I (24m) don't love her but refuses to go into detail as to why

My partner and I have been together nearly 3 years. Lately she's been coming to me saying "I love you" then as soon as I say it back she'll respond with "Do you though" I answer yes and she just says she doesn't think I do. I ask why she think that she she'll just shrug and say she doesn't know.
It's started happening more frequently now so she'll ask me if I love her and when I answer yes she'll just repeat she doesn't think I do. I've tried getting her to talk about if she actually feels lie that or if she's just joking but she won't talk about it. I do a lot for my gf so it's started getting me down to hear it. I tried telling her how it makes me feel but she still did it. I told her she should stop saying it because I'm not going to be guilt tripped. I said I'm happy to sit and actually have a conversation about why she's feeling like that but I'm not going to be repeatedly told that she doesn't think I love her without her expanding on it at all.
She said I was being unreasonable for snapping at her when she hasn't done anything wrong. I told her she's regularly making me feel like a shitty boyfriend and refusing to actually say why she thinks that so unless she'll actually talk about it then she needs to stop saying it. She said I was being too harsh on her but I just said she's had no consideration at all for how her words are making me feel. Does anyone have any advice?
tl;dr my gf has started regularly saying she doesn't think I love her but when I ask her why she feels like that she won't answer. I've tried telling her how this is making me feel but she just said I was being unreasonable. Does anyone have any advice?
submitted by General-Rhubarb-5160 to relationships [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:19 florastise Episode Discussion – S1E20 – Debt It Be

It's time for another episode discussion! Provide your thoughts on this episode in the comments, and come back tomorrow to discuss the next episode: My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble!
Season 1 Episode 20: Debt It Be
Aired: December 1, 2006
Description: Robby Ray gives Jackson and Miley their own credit cards, only to use for emergencies. When Miley goes to the One Day Flea Market and splits her pants, she decides that's emergency enough to buy a skirt with the credit card; however, this leads to a spending spree. When she realizes how much trouble she'll be in, she decides to return what she's bought, but it's too late – the flea market is gone. She then asks Jackson to help her pay the debt. Jackson devises a plan to auction off Hannah Montana's old clothes and a fake pair of sapphire earrings, and they manage to raise the money. When Robby Ray tells them the jeweler wants the sapphire earrings back because they mistakenly gave her the real pair, Miley finds out they were sold to an old woman living at a senior citizen retirement center. Dressed as Hannah, Miley and Jackson persuade the woman to sell back the earrings by making up a lie that the earrings had belonged to her grandmother, but she only agrees if her grandmother appears in person to claim them. Jackson then dresses up as "Nana Montana" to trick her, but his plan fails. In the end, it turns out that Robby Ray was aware of the scheme and is at the retirement center dressed up as an old man, and the old woman was in on the plan.
submitted by florastise to hannahmontana [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:17 Legitimate_Syrup1240 Help needed! Planning a road trip from Massachusetts to Denver

Hey All,
I am heading out on a road trip to see some family. I starting from western Mass to Denver CO and thought it would be a fun idea to have all the expert travelers in this sub craft out my trip for me.
The details of the trip so far are:
- I have a converted camper set up so I'll be cooking most of my meals unless there is an absolute must-stop restaurant along the way.
- I'll be traveling with my pup so looking to park in areas that allow me to get him the exercise he needs along the way. I also would appreciate dog-friendly attractions as I don't care to leave him alone for long stretches at a time.
- I am a very outdoorsy person and would love to experience the best of each state along the way. Big plus to hot springs/national parks and welcoming rustic towns. While I am from the East Coast cities are fine and all but not my forte.
- I also love concerts/live music so was planning on seeing Shakey Graves in Red Rock.
- I want to be in Denver by the 21/22nd of this month
- I don't mind taking my time on the way back but was planning on getting to Denver at a faster pace than I'd be returning. Was thinking Interstate 80 was the best bet for that. On the way home I don't mind shorter stretches of driving and going more out of my way if there was a place worth hanging around for a bit.
Any and all suggestions/recommendations are appreciated. Thank you for reading through! I'll be adding an itinerary as your input comes in.

Departure date: ???
Stop 1:
Stop 2:
Stop 3:
Reach Denver: 21 night/22 morning (we hope)
Return: *shrug emoji
submitted by Legitimate_Syrup1240 to roadtrip [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:17 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/29/2023 - 06/04/2023 - OTAs Week 2!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Pittsburgh
Arizona Cardinals:
This team cannot unload folks fast enough it seems. They are now looking to potentially move on from LB Isaiah Simmons who in many folks eyes has not lived up to the hype from the draft. WE shall see if they can get anything for him if they do decide to move on. The storyline I am most interested in watching this year here is first how long Kyler Murray will be out and second how rookie QB Clayton Tune is developing. It seems like they took him so they could try out a young QB in the interim while Murray is working his way back. Apparently thus far he has been doing well in OTAs.
Atlanta Falcons:
Not too much news from the Falcons but many will be excited to hear about Kyle Pitts expected to be back for the season opener. Hopefully this is the year he can really break out but a lot will depend on the QB Desmond Ridder actually being able to throw him the ball unlike the past quarterbacks he has had who have not made things easy.
Baltimore Ravens:
Good news here because receiver seems to be a position where the Ravens have struggled to get good production. With new OC Todd Monken that should start to change and with an added emphasis on the passing game it inevitably should change as more throws are made.
Buffalo Bills:
Great move here signing Ed Oliver to his extension. He is a key piece of that d-line and helps hold them together. I personally don’t believe they or really any of the other teams that have said they are out on DeAndre Hopkins actually are. To me it appears more to be a message saying they are not going to be paying him the money that WR Odell Beckham got earlier this offseason. Only time will tell. Great news for the team that EDGE Von Miller should be back by the season opener. Personally though I would take my time with him and would be overly cautious to make sure he is fully healthy. Hopefully that is by week 1!
Carolina Panthers:
The hype appears to be real for the Bryce Young but it is what every team says about their rookie quarterback who is a top pick so hard to decipher how folks are actually feeling. I am excited about how Frank Reich will use WR Laviska Shenault because I have always been impressed with his athletic ability and expected him to break out more. It seems this could have been the type of role he has been waiting for.
Chicago Bears:
A lot of news around the future stadium of the Bears. It appeared a couple weeks ago that everything was moving along as planned and no issues had come up. This week there was nothing but concerns and problems. I wonder if these are all real storylines or if it is something they are using to try and negotiate more with the government to get help with the stadium. In more football news is appears that WR DJ Moore and QB Justin Fields are enjoying working together and developing a good connection. This is important to give Fields someone he can trust like he did his receivers at Ohio State.
Cincinnati Bengals:
Not too much football news here but they appear to be ready to take on the Chiefs again this year and make a deep playoff run. Also, it appears at this point that the team will keep RB Joe Mixon based on comments from the team and HC Zac Taylor. This offense per usual will be an exciting one to watch.
Cleveland Browns:
Good news and good vibes are finally coming out of Cleveland. Feels like it has been while. QB Deshaun Watson appears to be benefitting from having a full offseason and getting work in with his new receivers. He has been pushing hard for Hopkins and the Browns would make sense as a good landing spot for him given the prior relationship Watson and Hopkins had during their time in Houston. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well things appear to be going so far this offseason.
Dallas Cowboys:
Similar to the Bills I don’t think the Cowboys are actually out on Hopkins but probably sending a message that he needs to bring down his asking price. I wonder sometimes if they are still saving room for RB Ezekiel Elliott to come back here and play especially with them gaining the $10.9m in cap space after the deadline. Also, hopefully the team can get something done with CB Trevon Diggs sooner rather than later because he has been an impactful piece on defense despite the big plays he occasionally gives up because he can change a game with one of his interceptions.
Denver Broncos:
Not too much news here but they did find their replacement for K Brandon McManus in Elliott Fry. I would say less news from this team this offseason is better because ever since QB Russell Wilson struggled it seemed like the media was out to get him and the team any chance they had. HC Sean Payton must be running a pretty tight ship.
Detroit Lions:
All good news this week which should be good for morale. Seems they have strung together a couple good weeks during their OTAs. Great to see that RB Jahymr Gibbs is getting some reps in and showcasing his abilities that made the team feel the need to spend a high draft pick on him. Great to see as well that Penei Sewell at the young age of 22 taking on a leadership role and getting good work in as well. With that said OC Ben Johnson could be prepping and is expecting for the offense to have a big year.
Green Bay Packers:
It appears that it may be a bit tough in the post Aaron Rodgers era as expected. However, it does sound like there is less front office drama now that they are not having to work with him in the offseason. Time will tell whether the drama was more caused by a lack of good communication as Rodgers claimed recently or by the former Packers QB himself.
Houston Texans:
Good news about CJ Stroud but again as I mentioned with Bryce Young it is hard to find a team that drafted a top QB in the draft not raving about their quarterbacks progress at this point. The joint practices they have setup will be great for QB CJ Stroud. The Dolphins and Saints should each have tough defenses this year and will give Stroud a bit better of an idea of what to expect from an NFL defense in a real game.
Indianapolis Colts:
Looks like the Colts are trying to get receiver help but haven’t decided on any yet. This is the team that should go out and get Hopkins. They need a true #1 receiver and Josh Downs while I think he will be really good would benefit from having a big bodied possession type receiver in Hopkins. Also, it would give QB Anthony Richardson more of a safety net in terms of a WR that can help him progress and see things that he may not have picked up on otherwise.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
I am really excited for the Jaguars this season. They are kind of the forgotten team in the NFL most years but appear to be poised to make a deep playoff run this year. WR Calvin Ridley is going to be a huge difference maker this year and should benefit from QB Trevor Lawrence continuing to progress going into his 3rd NFL season.
Kansas City Chiefs:
Sad news to hear about Norma Hunt’s passing as the whole league mourned and sent their condolences. They are also supposedly out on Hopkins which I believe means they are really saying we need you to come down on price. The Chiefs though per usual have revealed though their secret weapon in WR Justyn Ross who many had forgotten about due to him sitting out with an injury his rookie year. It looks like Ross may be back to prior form when he was making plays at Clemson with Trevor Lawrence.
Las Vegas Raiders:
Even though the media and some fans were starting to worry about Jimmy G’s foot surgery it does not appear McDaniels has any worries about him missing time because of it. Will be interesting to see what the team ends up doing with Renfrow with all signs from earlier in the offseason pointing towards a release or trade.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Not much news here but it was great news to get confirmation from OT Rashawn Slater regarding his health and to hear WR Keenan Allen’s thoughts on rookie WR Quentin Johnson. This team should give us what they think they will every year and go far in the playoff this year.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here but signed WR Tyler Johnson who can help them make some big splashy plays on offense. DC Raheem Morris helped saved a drowning child and credited his AED training. Always cool to hear these stories about NFL coaches and players leaping into action to help and save other in the community.
Miami Dolphins:
This team appears to be click on all levels so far this offseason and there appears to be a lot more good coming with the team working to get a Wilkins extension done before the season and may even still end up with RB Dalvin Cook here soon. Tua being completely healthy at this point doesn’t feel like much of a surprise but it does appear that he is trying to take on more of a leadership role after finding his confidence last year. My main worry though with Tua is that last year he still was very much a rhythm quarterback in my mind so when he got knocked off that rhythm he had some really bad games. However, when he was able to keep in rhythm he at times looked like the best passer in the league. It will be key this offseason now that he knows the offense to be able to play off rhythm when necessary and make those plays that the top quarterbacks in the league make if he wanting to take the next step.
Minnesota Vikings:
It appears that the Vikings are in a holding pattern and I imagine are hoping to get a trade package they approve of for RB Dalvin Cook. Sooner or later though it appears that Dalvin Cook will not be with the Vikings this year. Big win though for the fans and locals in Minnesota with the team paying off their stadium early and saving taxpayers a bunch of money. Might get some more buy in from good press like that.
New England Patriots:
Not much news here but it appears things are moving along really well in comparison with last year at this time. QB Mac Jones seems happy and is working hard. It will be tough for this Patriots team with how stacked the division is but maybe a big move to get Hopkins and some improvement from the offense and Mac Jones and who knows they may be right up there with everyone else in the division.
New Orleans Saints:
Another team where things just seem to be clicking so far is here in New Orleans. QB Derek Carr seems to be doing a good job taking on a leadership role and working with teammates such as TE Juwan Johnson. Things will be going even better if WR Michael Thomas can actually return for camp and find a way to play near a level that he used to. Right now in a wide open NFC South it appears that this team will be the favorites to win it going into the season.
New York Giants:
Not much here which may be a good thing for a New York team to get a break from all the media. This season will be an interesting one with how the team went all in on QB Daniel Jones. It kind of feels like besides the Eagles the rest of the division is up for grabs with no true strong contender emerging yet.
New York Jets:
Good news on the Quinnen Williams front and in keeping Aaron Rodgers happy. Williams and the team are not far off in contract talks which hopefully means something will get done here very soon. Rodgers has been raving about the Jets communication skills which was his main gripe with the Packers. Now lets just make it clear that he does not need to be pulling the sled.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Man what a difference one decision can make. Jalen Hurts I imagine would have been in Seattle had the trade happened for Russell Wilson. I bet Eagles fans are happy this didn’t pan out but it does not mean they need to cut Wilson any slack for not wanting to play in Philly if these teams meet in future seasons or end up playing each other in the Super Bowl. Eagles appear setup to be the main threat in the NFC.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Not much out of Pittsburgh per usual but the good news is that Broderick Jones is progressing nicely and is already getting 1st-team reps at Left Tackle. I am sure QB Kenny Pickett is pleased with that.
San Francisco 49ers:
Things are moving along just fine for the 49ers. Exciting to hear that S Ji’Ayir Brown is making good progress and apparently had 4 or 5 interceptions during OTAs. I imagine the team is also very pleased with the progress QB Brock Purdy is making in his recovery from elbow surgery. He appears to be on pace with the original timeline. If this team can figure it out at the QB position they just might be the most complete all around team up there with the Eagles.
Seattle Seahawks:
Gotta love HC Pete Carroll. It seems like so far it has been pretty unanimous that all those that are playing or coaching football do not love the new kickoff rules. I am sure folks will find ways to take advantage of it though. Once again this week WR Jaxon Smith Njigba was impressive and should be establishing himself within that offense. Seahawks could very well be a sleeper team in the NFC that was good last year but that folks are paying a ton of attention to this year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
This team has all the big name weapons at receiver one could ask for as long as they stay healthy. It was great to hear that Chris Godwin is getting his explosiveness back. Now not surprisingly it comes down to the QB battle and a big part of that is gaining respect from those veteran players and coaches in the building. I still feel like this battle is QB Baker Mayfield’s to lose at this point.
Tennessee Titans:
Sad news this past week here as well with the passing of Bob Hyde. Also, finally some negative news about one of the Quarterbacks from this year’s draft. Will Levis has been struggling. However, this should not be viewed as a bad sign because every rookie is going to struggle and Levis with his situation has the benefit of time.
Washington Commanders:
Seems we are inching closer and closer to the Josh Harris Group’s bid being fully accepted by the owners after some minor adjustments. From the actual team and players it sounds like things are going really well and maybe better than a lot of folks expected. CB Emmanuel Forbes has been doing well in the slot and QB Sam Howell is looking the part and taking charge. The Commanders will be a fun team to watch this year and see how they end up when it is all said and done.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Pittsburgh - Burgatory)
Get excited Pittsburgh fans and all folks going to a game here! Burgatory is only a half mile from the stadium and has some of the best food so far from the restaurants that have been featured. One of my personal favorites is the Piggy Butter & Jelly. Yes, that is a burger with peanut butter and jelly on it. Don’t question it just try it. However, if for some reason you do not my other recommendation would be The Triple B which is a Bison, Beer Cheese, and Bacon burger. Hence the name Triple B. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu and the important thing though is that you don’t forget to grab a shake as well. My personal favorite is the Oreo Peanut Butter Pie shake. They are open every day starting at 11am and closer at 9pm everyday except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 11pm. Hop on over and enjoy this delicious food when in town for a game!
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2023.06.05 15:12 yosafbridge_reynolds Recommended smart shades in a budget

I’m looking for recommendations for smart shades to black out my bedroom in the evening and be able to schedule to open in the morning with an app. I need 4 shades total for pretty standard size windows. Don’t know exact measurements since I’m still in the process of buying the house. I would like budget recommendations since I have a ton of other renovations to make on this house and can’t be shelling out hundreds per shade when I need 4 of them. What would you say is the best bang for your buck shades to consider. Have also heard of solutions that attach to existing shades or that move curtains instead.
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2023.06.05 15:10 Koda_20 Garage Bases

This wipe I got a camper + engine + cockpit with engine and I drive around super fast and super safe with an extra kit in my camper and a respawn in there. I drive the roads looking for people farming. When I see someone, I try to run them over. If I miss I circle back. If I hit them I stop and jump out with heavy armor plate and thompson and mow them down. It's a solo only server with 150 pop.
I have angered some people. The ones who scare me are the ones on horses with roadsign horse armor and m249's. when they see me rollin' they chase me down and disable my engine, kill me, and then proceed to destroy the whole vehicle. I am fairly helpless against these horselords with insane health. Takes a full 20 shots from a thompson apparently to down them, but my heavy plate gives me like 7 shots from their ak. But they are just better players I'm still bad.
I have 2 garages now spread along the map, and 2 campers. One gets taken out, no problem, I hop in the other one and go salvage what I can, fix it if possible, or find a new 4 slot module if need be. Doesn't take long to get a new car up and running when you're already in a camper with the materials you need and can circle the map fast af.
I drive with heavy plate, thompson, syringes, flash bang, and hazmat. IF I don't wanna run slow I toss hazmat on but I usually drive with full plate while hunting for quick attacks.
The camper is so useful for other things. Trips to outpost. Farming nodes even, if they are near the road or on flat terrain. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.05 15:08 BoilingTofuboi Is it worth investing in a Diona and Rosaria?

My team for Eula will be Eula (hopefully C3 and R1 SOBP), C6 Mika, C1 Shenhe, and C1 Raiden.I don't think there will be issues with energy regen, and tbh I think she'll kill anything without the need of her burst in the overworld anyway. However, for the abyss, should I go through the trouble of using mats to lvl up and invest in my Diona and Rosaria, are they good enough for that? (Both are C6).

Note: Both Mika and Shenhe are running R5 lvl 90 Fav Lance, and Raiden is running R5 lvl 90 "The Catch"
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2023.06.05 15:08 InClerical Siege bans are dumb

Siege bans are dumb

Siege bans are dumb, because they dont actually fix the problem with siege.

What is the problem with siege?

At lower tiers siege is basically indistinguishable from Wraith, standard meta comps flood the board and nobody is even attempting to use the bonus toons.
But why arnt they using the bonus toons?
Put simply the risk-reward is completly out of whack.
The current scoring system for siege is as follows
So a 3 star victory with no bonus toons is worth more than a 2 star victory with 2 bonus toons. Theres no incentive for any player unsure of themselves to take the risk bringing bonus toons to a Siege fight if they think they'll risk a perfect 3 star victory, seriously, look at the following reward rankings and its little wonder why most people with limited rosters just stick to using the same teams they would in Wraith PvP
The extra kicker to this problem is it creates a negative feedback loop, people use meta teams because they dont want to risk losing the points, more meta teams show up on the board, more people pick meta teams because they dont want to risk the 3 star victory, which leads to more meta teams on the board, which leads to . . . . and so on, you get the idea.

Why Siege Bans Dont Work

The meta isnt quite as stale as everyone would have you believe, cutting out 1-3 toons each month doesnt completly upend the meta, as you can usually sub someone in and out, or a previous meta the current one replaced just comes back, it doesnt make people engage with the core mechanic of siege (the bonus toon system) it just asks them to pick a new meta this month that discards the bonus toons.

What is the fix?

Its really simple, just massively hike the bonus points for the monthly characters.
Less stick, more carrot
When people can safely carry multiple bonus toons through fights without running the risk of scoring less points the meta will break itself, itll become a shell of itself or start consisting of those weird little half broken teams you see off the back of PvP alliance days (low level +5s being carried by other toons).
for example, trebling the bonus points to +6 per character would mean that the above rewards starts looking like this
Look at that! look how much more enticing bringing bonus toons now is! Even a fairly major fuck up with bringing multiple bonus toons still nets you more points than playing a meta comp with no bonus toons.

In Summary

Siege bans are dumb, they dont fix the issues with Siege and the game needs to stop punishing people for trying to engage with the systems and rules its implemented and started rewarding them for it.
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2023.06.05 15:06 meem09 International Weekend Round-Up #15 for 22/23 2-4 June 2023

I'm sorry to those who thought the pre-Championships season (what do we call this? World Cup season, even though we also have Grands Prix? Regular season?) because I said so in my last post. Turns out the women's foils still had a World Cup in Tbilisi to fence. So here's the round-up of that. And now I can once again, but hopefully truthfully this time, say thank you for sticking with this project through 15 editions. It's been fun and quite informative for me. I hope it was for you as well.

Women's Foil World Cup, Tbilisi:

Individual: 1. Martina FAVARETTO (ITA), 2. Anne SAUER (GER), 3. Eleanor HARVEY (CAN) and Ysaora THIBUS (FRA)
Team: 1. USA, 2. Italy, 3. Japan, 4. France
The US beating Italy in a final is a milestone and obviously exactly the marker they want to put down in the last world-wide tournament before the World Championships. Alice Volpi is slightly out of her slump of two T-64 exits, but a T-16 isn't what she wants and far from her blistering form of the beginning of the season. Favaretto winning the fourth out of eight tournaments this season for Italy (two for her and two for Volpi) and their team winning 3 of 5 is mightily impressive, but the question is whether they are vulnerable just at the worst possible time.
Anne Sauer almost wins twice in a row after the Grand Prix in Shanghai. The final against Favaretto was a pretty lopsided affair, but winning against Kiefer and Harvey gives her a hell of a lot of confidence. And (spoiler alert for Race(s) to Paris) a huge lead over any Europeans from a non-qualifying country, should the German team not make it. After a rock-steady campaign of three T-8s, one T-16 and one T-32, Eleanor Harvey manages to fit a medal in at the end. She'll be chomping at the bits to defend her Zonal title against Lee Kiefer in Lima. And finally, Ysaora Thibus goes into the summer as World #1. Her and Kiefer were pretty neck and neck in the regular tournaments and for now, Thibus' World Championship gives her the edge over the American, ranking-wise.
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2023.06.05 15:04 CouldBeASushi GBA SP Problems

I currently dont have a picture, but I have a gba sp rayquaza edition which is fake. I built mine from scratch from buying all the parts, but multiple things are wrong. 1. The hinges are loose af. 2. When I charge it the wiree soldered at the ags 101 board starts making the screen change brightnesses with no button pressed. 3. It would be cool to have a new shell. 4. But idk how to replace the shell if the wire is already soldered. If you see a shell that has great hinges, real shell that isnt flimsy, hinge caps, maybe screws. Then please help. If you know how to fix problem 1 or 2 without desoldering the wire then help.
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2023.06.05 15:02 livrer Shell mosaic: “Diary series II: May 29th, 2023”

“Diary series II: May 29th, 2023”, 4x4”, 2023
I spent Memorial Day at the beach, and gathered some small shells and shell fragments, which came together to make this piece.
I decided to call this piece a “Diary Entry” because it was made with scavenged materials that I gathered on one day, and made into a mosaic with no plan, just whatever the materials wanted to do (I’ve done this once before with a found broken brick but I’ve never shared that one). The result is an artwork that is very tied to the memory of the day.
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2023.06.05 15:02 DifferenceFuture3610 I [M36] am considering divorce from my wife [F31].

So, I've (m36) been together my wife (f33) for 7 years, married for 6. We have a 3 year old daughter. Ever since the beginning I've felt petty much pressured into both marriage and later having a child. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter to bits! And I know I'm an adult so I take responsibility for everything I have done. But I don't think it was a good idea to do neither, as much as that pains me to say.
I'm a very chill guy who abhors conflict, while my wife (partly due to tough childhood and toxic ex) is volatile to say the least, easily gets extremely angry and says very hurtful things as some kind of reflex. My reaction is to withdraw, become resentful, and often even cry - mostly due to the unfairness of the situation, not exactly the words used. This obviously leads to a relationship where, even when things are good, it isn't exactly flourishing. I'm not even sure what we have in common any more and we spend a lot of time apart (like on phones if we are home, or with friends) , or if together, things like watching movies and stuff where we don't interact much. Even when things are good and we are both happy, she can - out of nowhere - completely snap and when I try to tell her that it hurts or please don't talk like that, things escalate quickly. This tells me it's just a part of her..
I fully recognize that I'm an adult and have accepted to be in my current situation. It's just been unfathomably difficult to fully touch base with myself in these situations. Looking back it strikes me as insane how my wife has trampled through my doubts about both marriage and having a child. Perhaps I'm just overly sensitive to other peoples emotions, but if someone expressed doubt about either of those, I would do a full stop and spend time figuring out how come we aren't aligned, talk it through, etc. etc.
For years I have had these thoughts, but like 70-80% of the time things are pretty stable, and then I super quickly revert to "well it's probably not that bad, is it?" (though that still means its like a day a week that SUCKS, sometimes more) It's just been so long that I feel like I'm just a walking shell. Even writing this post is something I've thought about for years. We have had many "talks" about our state of affairs but I have been the only one trying to repair, look forward, come with concrete suggestions for how we can change the dynamic etc. I've grown tired now. Then we have a nice weekend with friends, and everything seems rosy again. All of my family absolutely LOVE her, and my friends have a great view of her too. This makes it so difficult for me to figure out what I actually feel and should do! Is it just me? should I just deal with the occasional flare-up?
Once in a while I visit /narcissisticSpouses and I definitely recognize some things, but I don't think she's a full on "narc". The most absurd thing though, is that we can have zero talk about anything introspective. It's actually wild to observe. Asking any questions such as "why did you say that" / "can you see it from my side" / "that's hurts my feelings to listen to, please stop" etc etc, leads no where at all. I can't describe it, but she gets around giving any answer, and gets angry if pressured. Therefore we also can't have any real conversation about difficult topics at all. Actually we can't really have conversions in general, unless about extremely plain things. It's like she shuts down if anything becomes remotely theoretical/abstract.
My wife isn't happy either but I think divorce is unthinkable for her. She is mainly frustrated by the lack of romance and engagement from me. I, on the other hand, feel like I've come to some sort of end where I must fully confess just how incredibly jaded I've become. I feel like I can't see myself ever be happy here. That may lead to a real talk of actual divorce..
We have tried couples counseling twice, but both times she found it too intense to listen to how I describe my situation and the questions she had to answer. We have both been in individual therapy as well for a long while, though none of us are currently.
My question is basically : any advice for how to bring up such a conversation? Is it possible to go back afterwards, even if we both want to, or will it forever be in the background? If we end up finding out there isn't much to do, what's even the process forward? I can't imagine sleeping in the same bed afterwards etc etc. Damn I feel sick just thinking of what's on the other side. What's the process for initiating divorce if we get to that? We live in Scandinavia, where I don't think it's as common as in the US to lawyer up, but I will definitely seek advice locally as well. Has anyone got experience with divorcing with a toddler?
If you mad it to this: thanks for reading!
TLDR: Married for 7 years with a 3 year old. Considering divorce, but no idea how to proceed and what to expect. I think we are incompatible, but I'm doubting myself about everything here.
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2023.06.05 15:00 GrimmCanuck 5.7 tuners, what bolt-on supercharger have you installed?

5.7 tuners, what bolt-on supercharger have you installed?
I've got a 2019 1500 Classic (first of the post-4th gen) and I'm taking my time before installing a SC into my girl.
I want to hear from the tuners what they've bought for engine upgrades to prepare for one, and which brand/stage you went with.
My thought is that I should probably cam, and switch to ram air? I do know that I'll have to get a tuner, and I plan on taking her to the city to get it dyno'd / tuned before continuing on with her as my daily. Once the proper upgrades get bolted on she'll be a nice beastly offroader.
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2023.06.05 14:59 goobernatorialliar My first. I don't post to brag.

My first. I don't post to brag.
Out of one case, and I thought I was just picking up another supra even though I've left 3 on the pegs before.
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