China buffet aliquippa pa

Koji shipping koristiti za narudžbe iz Kine?

2023.06.07 18:16 Adventurous_Dog_3544 Koji shipping koristiti za narudžbe iz Kine?

DHL je preskup pa koja je onda druga opcija od EMSa,ePacket, POST NL, China Post itd.
Edit: Naručujem retro dres
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2023.06.07 16:30 Significant-Skin9090 Choosing school: Taiwan or Ph

Hii i dunno if im in the right group but need ko lang ng insights for this.
So i have this opportunity to study in taiwan for a work-study program, course is engineering related sa robotics. STEM graduate ako pero gusto ko talaga mag nursing or medtech. Hindi kami super well off financially and tutulungan lang ako ng kapatid ko to pursue if ever yung opportunity sa taiwan.
But my dilemma was meron akong slot para sa isang public university sa bulacan catering to medical related courses. And praying na makapasa ako sa scholarship na inaaplyan ko para kahit papano makatulong sa financial burden ng studies.
Pero gusto ko rin sana na mag-ibang bansa after college para makatulong ako sa fam which mabibigay ng taiwan opportunity.
Nahihirapan lang ako talaga magdecide huhu. Tapos meron pa kong nababasa na dispute ng taiwan and china kaya kabado me huhu
Please enlighten me lang sana.
Thanks much!
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2023.06.07 09:45 biomauricule 29 [R4R] Fermi Paradox (or, expanding my crop circles 🛰️)

Hi there! Let me apologize in advance if the title is either intimidating or pretentious or both, but I hope you read my post to completion. Apologies as well if I can't engage you on the actual astronomical concept as I am still recovering from a painful breakup with Lady Science.
To save you a few clicks, here's the Fermi Paradox. And to save your attention, basically ang problema ni Fermi ay: "Kung may alien talaga, bakit wala pa tayong nakakausap?" Di ako naghahanap ng alien dito ah, what I mean is intelligent life.
Maraming paraan para kontakin tayo ng alien. What I'm trying out is the equivalent of the Voyager 1 Golden Record. Sorry science nanaman, pero cool 'to pramis. Sinubukan ng mga gumawa ng Golden Record na kung anong sibilisasyon man makatuklas dito, kaya nilang maintindihan na may mga tao, sa planetang Earth, na pwede nilang maging friend! O kainin. Ewan, depende?
So, para sa iyo, Mam/Ser Intelligent Being, ito ang katumbas ng Voyager 1, ang mga paraan ko para mag-reach out sa yo. My main vessels are: boardgames, music (sampler playlist here), and humor. (to add: basketball and footb-- err soccer. More of the latter recently as my team's had a wonderful update 🤍) I've had success in previous missions, through all of these nahanap ko ang alien ng buhay ko! 💍
As for my Golden Records, I fully believe lahat naman ng plaka natin ay ginintuan. You'd definitely attract another lifeform if your opinions match for example. But what I'm sending out here, is a more valuable disc-shaped object. Here's a few ideas I'm open to discussing, among many: a philosophy of biological wisdom (e.g. don't work like a machine, because those break! Be an organism instead, efficient and evolving!), a mature approach to buffets (which is applicable to life in general), and something probably better than a time machine.
At T minus 0, I hit "post" and launch this satellite headed your way. The planet me and my partner are on is in search of life like yours. Kung di naman applicable sa yo, keri lang, I wish the best of luck on your own space program!

Capture your aliens! 👽 Peace out ✌️

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2023.06.07 01:54 CoastBloom333 Wedding recap: 47 people for $8500 in Colorado Springs

We just had our wedding and it all went so well! We had the goal of not going into any debt for the wedding and saving/paying as we went. Our goal budget was 6k - we went a bit over. When we first got engaged, I thought I would do so much DIY to cut costs but I was over the idea pretty quickly and tried to balance cost with ease. I also busted my ass on extra projects at work for some funds to splurge a little on my bridal outfit.
Basically, we had a ceremony in a park with a friend officiating and a reception in the event space at a brewery/restaurant. We rented decor, used Spotify for music, and had a short photography package. The brewery provided food, servers, cupcakes (which we did in place of cake), tables, chairs, a surprising amount of options in linens, set up all the centerpieces, and boxed them up for us to pick up in the morning. They also had a microphone for speeches and an okay sound system when plugged into a phone. I did my own hair and makeup and did not need alterations on my dress because I ordered it with custom measurements from Azazie. Save the dates and invites were mostly through With Joy, but we did print about a dozen for parents and older folks. We splurged on our hotel room for its closeness to the reception - we just walked across the street!
Budget breakdown:
The bar tab at the reception (~$1500) was a gift from my in laws.
A lot of thoughts:
If any future Colorado Springs brides would like info on local venues, etc., feel free to DM me! I'm happy to share what I found.
Non professional photos here
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2023.06.06 18:25 Jsbeezness Parking and tips for very short visit (4-6 hours).

We will be a few hours from NYC and want to drive there, since one of us has never been. I have been a few times, but always flew in and used public transportation. My partner has never been and is extremely excited for the opportunity and he deserves the best time we can make out of it!
We will have a car, coming in from PA, so would it be best to park somewhere (in NYC or NJ) and use public transportation or drive around and attempt to find parking?
Where could we park for an extended amount of time (using a rental)?
Would like to see in order of importance to him:
Time Square
Central Park
Empire State Building (outside only and a nice view from afar)
Statue of Liberty (passing by not on the island)
Best food to try: Pizza China town NYC must haves?
Would be arriving in late afternoon and don’t want to get back to PA too late (3 hour drive, would like to be home by midnight). We are okay with walking, okay with the subway, not as comfortable with the bus (I’m horrible at navigating and I’d be in charge).
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2023.06.06 13:40 Post_Crash_Earnheart ~SetList Slide~ (6/5/23) Star Lake Pavilion.

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2023.06.06 10:11 TomatilloCharming970 Is this a good hard drive? Because it always says 100% hard drive usage when I check task manger

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2023.06.06 07:34 Li_Jingjing Fun fact: the United States never ratified the UNCLOS. Hypocri-Sea?

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2023.06.06 07:33 Li_Jingjing Fun fact: the United States never ratified the UNCLOS. Hypocri-Sea?

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2023.06.06 07:32 Li_Jingjing Fun fact: the United States never ratified the UNCLOS. Hypocri-Sea?

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2023.06.06 07:29 Li_Jingjing Fun fact: the United States never ratified the UNCLOS. Hypocri-Sea?

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2023.06.06 07:23 Li_Jingjing Fun fact: the United States never ratified the UNCLOS. Hypocri-Sea?

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2023.06.06 03:13 DaviCB BRAPERARGENZUELAN SUPREMACY🇧🇷🇻🇪🇦🇷🦃

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2023.06.06 00:28 phroggyb [QC]Air Jordan AJ4 Retro Black Cat basketball shoes

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2023.06.05 21:11 donttouchthatknob [SETLIST THREAD] Dead & Company, The Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA, 6/5/23

Weather : Here comes sunshine
Temperature : So hard and cold
Days Since Last El Paso : 328
Days Since Mickey Last Licked the Beam : 357
SET 1 [7:11 - 8:27 PM]
Hell in a Bucket
Alabama Getaway
Jack Straw
Big Boss Man
Peggy-O A
Bertha >
Cassidy >
Don't Ease Me In
SET 2 [9:05 - 10:50 PM]
Viola Lee Blues >
Truckin' E >
China Doll >
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider >
Drums >
Space >
Althea >
Standing on the Moon >
Not Fade Away
ENCORE [10:52 - 11:00 PM]
The Weight
A Bobby on acoustic guitar
E Explicit Language
Video Stream
Set 1 Preview
Dead AiSet 2 Preview
Pre-Show Tunes to Check Out
Grateful Dead - Full Show (12/31/78)
Friends of Jerry - Dark Star > The Eleven > Music Never Stopped > Dark Star > Big River (2/17/23)
JRAD - Full Peach Set (7/27/19)
Holly Bowling - Terrapin Station Suite (5/12/16)
I got a few rules in this here setlist thread:
  1. Be Kind. You don’t have to agree with everybody, but there’s no reason to be rude.
  2. Please don’t skunk up the thread by asking for or sharing miracles. If you choose to share links, keep them in the DMs/PMs. You just gotta poke around.
  3. Please don’t award this post. While I appreciate the thought, your money is better spent on a good cause. A cause near and dear to my heart is Rainbow Railroad
  4. ​​No spoilers! If you caught soundcheck or a flash of the setlist, please spoiler tag it or do not mention songs by name!
  5. If someone says the word "tempo" we all have to take a shot (or hit, or drink of your choosing (alcoholic or non))
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2023.06.05 19:16 rbdk01 Dangerously close

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2023.06.05 17:45 dtarias This map is missing a lot, to be fair

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2023.06.05 15:20 flipmcfucker Finally, a trusted source on what is officially western europe

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2023.06.05 13:48 Pip2719496 This is how the world actually looks (real)

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2023.06.05 12:00 LaticusLad Time Marches Ever Onward: Chapter 2

(Any sentences or phrases wrapped with brackets "[ ]" are designated as inner monologue!)
Thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this wonderful literary universe!
< First Previous Next >
Memory transcription subject: Lemva, Venlil Archeologist
Date [standardized human time]: July 13, 2165
The attendant, Harold, had told me that there would be another passenger boarding shortly several minutes ago, and since then I couldn't keep still wondering who I was going to meet.As I sat on the couch, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation that Harold had just started with the other passenger. As I heard a new voice respond to Harold’s greeting my heart started beating faster. Wait, the voice sounded familiar…
My heart rate quickened as footsteps came closer down the hallway.A man wearing a black suit and indigo tie came walking around the corner and my heart fluttered a little as I looked up at his face.
“James?” I squeaked as I said his name. I jumped up off the couch and ran toward him, throwing my arms around him and nearly knocking him over. “Lemva!”
Looking up at him, I realized what I had just done, backing off slightly embarrassed. “James! I haven’t seen you in so long, what have you been up to?”
“Looking into ancient history, studying declassified documents, bringing back ancient history, that sorta thing.” James kneeled slightly and looked at me with a wide smile, I’d missed that smile so much. He opened his mouth to speak. “I wasn’t expecting to see you on this flight. It’s very good to see you!” “It’s good to see you too! So you’re one of the others that the UN’s invitation spoke of.” “It seems that way, yeah.” He chuckled slightly.
“I see you two are getting along well! I don’t even have to introduce you.” I realized Harold had been standing there watching the interaction the whole time. I straightened myself out, even more embarrassed than before. Harold chuckled. “Alright you two, we’re going to be taking off shortly. I’ll be in the cabin along with the captain. If you need me, press these buttons.” He handed us both a device with a singular blue button labeled “call”.
The man turned around and headed through the door leading to the cockpit. Leaving us alone. We both sat on a couch. James spoke, “So, do you know anything about the job being offered?” “I was going to ask you the same thing.” “Hmm, well we’re going to be in for a long flight, may as well catch up on some things.”
Me and James had known each other since we attended MIK, and had a lot of history. We met in the college’s history club, and quickly became friends. We both had a passion for learning about things that most others had forgotten, and theorizing about what life was like in ancient times. He didn’t know it but I had a huge crush on him at the time.
We stayed in contact long after we both got our doctorates, despite the large distances between us. Eventually James suddenly stopped contacting me, I never understood why. I had worried that it was something I did, that I had pushed him away. Then, after a while, he faded from memory, only existing in the back of my mind. I needed to know why. But not now, this was too soon.
“I know I already asked what you’ve been up to since we last spoke, but still. Discovered anything new?”
“Yeah, I got my hands on some recently declassified Fed info and artifacts around 8 months back. Studied them and found out they were ancient Gojid pottery, inscriptions described some sort of fertility god? Found some other inscriptions describing the site of an ancient Gojid city on The Cradle and got in contact with a dig team to go search there. Hit the motherlode and-” He spoke so enthusiastically about his findings. Just seeing him so happy about his work made me bloom, but thankfully he didn’t notice as he kept talking, waving his hands to emphasize his words. “-trying to find a museum that has the room for all of them.”
“Wow, that’s a lot more than what I’ve been doing.” “Really? Lemva hasn’t done anything interesting lately? I find that hard to believe.” James took on an amused expression. “Yes, really. I’ve been on vacation with my family for a little while, that’s all. It had been a while since I’d seen them.”
I could see his smile visibly lessen, he shifted his eyes, seeming to be deep in thought. Had I said something wrong? “Hey, are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m fine. Your mention of family brought back some… memories.” A singular tear formed below his left eye, before he looked away. I didn’t want to push, despite his failed attempt at hiding his sadness. “Oh, we can change the subject if you want.”
He wiped his eyes and shuddered, before straightening himself out. “No, it’s ok. You should probably know anyway. It’s part of the reason I haven’t talked to you in so long.” I was hoping to get some answers but now I didn’t know if I wanted to if it was making him this upset.
“A- alright, go ahead. You can stop at any time if you want to.” “Before I start I want to say how sorry I am for ghosting you.” He closed his eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply. A somber expression filled his face as he opened his eyes. “Okay. You know my parents right? Bill and Angene?” “Yeah?” “A couple years back, I was doing a small job for a little town on Nishtal. Not much pay but that didn’t matter. This was during the time when the anti-human movement was in full effect.”
My heart stopped, I immediately knew where this was going.
“I wasn’t worried for them cause they were on Earth. I thought they would be away from the violence because the rioters would be too scared to be among so many ‘predators.’” His voice dripped with malice as he spat out the last word. He was always treated… differently from other people. Even so long after the war, “predator” hate was still common. He kept speaking. “Clearly I was wrong, or maybe one of those fucking rioters hated us too much to care about their own safety.” I only now noticed that he had been shaking as he spoke, but he suddenly stopped. He looked defeated, on the verge of a breakdown. “They were just bringing home groceries, that’s all. They were friendly and happy and polite and all they were doing was bringing home some things for dinner. But because they had committed the SIN of being born with forward facing eyes everyone hated them.” “On the phone the next day, I was told that my parents had been stabbed to death when walking home. I had to attend their funeral several days later, and that night the police took me in to meet their murderer. It took every ounce of energy that I could muster to not turn their disgusting little face to orange mulch.”
If anyone else had looked at James’ face at that moment, they would have seen nothing but a rabid animal looking for something to rip apart, but I didn’t see that. I saw a man that just wanted his parents back, a man that wished the world didn’t hate him. James crumpled over and started sobbing violently, and without thinking I got up and gave him the biggest hug my small arms could allow. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and buried his head into my wool, his sobs shaking my whole body. I stroked the back of his head in an attempt to comfort him, and tried doing those shushing sounds that human mothers do to calm down their children but ended up making a strange sputtering sound instead. I heard the sounds of giggling interspersed with the sobbing, leading into a fit of coughing from James. He lifted his face from my shoulder and stared into my eyes, still dripping tears but starting to smile now. He rested his chin back on my shoulder, and I gladly let him.
“I’ve missed you Lemva, you have no idea just how much I’ve missed you. I’m so sorry I left so quickly, I’m so sorry.” “I’ve missed you too James, and you don’t need to apologize, I understand. Why don’t we go drink some water and get some sleep, okay?” The man on my shoulder croaked out a hoarse “Okay” before slowly pulling himself off of me. We both got up and walked into the kitchen to grab some water. James chugged down several glasses before he was satisfied. We made our way to our separate bedrooms before saying goodnight to each other and closing our doors. I pulled the warm blankets over myself and laid my head down, exhausted from the short but intense emotional interaction. As thoughts floated through my mind, I drifted off into a deep sleep.
I awoke to a familiar sensation, it felt as if I was standing in a shallow pool of oil. My eyes were met with black for as far as the eye could see, a seemingly endless floor of tar, and a distant orb of light. This sight had become less eerie and more frustrating the more times I had seen it. [Not this again…] I had been having this dream nearly every night for the past 3 weeks, ever since I had received the invitation from the UN. It was always the same. Endless void, endless black oil, a light always seeming within reach but always too far to catch. I decided to play along with the dream and walk towards the light, the faster I go through with this charade the faster I can wake up and talk to James again. My footsteps echoed into infinity as I waded through the sticky oil, the sensation was awful. I stopped and thought for a moment. [Know what? Fuck it, might as well do something different this time.] I turned around and walked away from the orb of light that had been taunting me for 3 weeks straight. As I walked, I could feel the texture beneath my paws slowly change. I looked down to notice that the tar floor I had grown accustomed to was now an endless field of silver sand. My paws were still sticky from the tar and were now covered with sand, great. As I stared down at the ground beneath me, it slowly started glowing brighter and brighter until it hurt my eyes. It was reflecting something.
I looked up to try to find the source of the light and stared in shock at the sight before me, despite the pain in my eyes. I could not turn away. [By the creator…]
Filling the darkness above me was a white dwarf, its brilliance seeming to burn away the darkness surrounding it. Burning streams of plasma buffeted sand in the distance, leaving only glass. I could feel it watching me, judging me. The air around me swirled and roared, picking up fragments of glass and flinging it against my face as I stood in awe. Clouds of silver shards swirled forever around me, scraping away my wool and flesh but I did not move. I could not turn away. The star seemed to fall toward me. I could not turn away. Instantly, the fury of the wind around me calmed, dropping mountains of the glittering sand onto the ground. The sands whispered to me, filling my mind with a single message.
“Find us. We await.”
Date [standardized human time]: July 15, 2165
I stood alongside James near the airlock, we were finally here. It had been two days since I and James had boarded the ship, and we were finally on an approach to Aafa’s spaceport. I felt excited theorizing what job the UN had for us, but couldn’t help but notice a feeling of dread in the back of my mind. Aafa was the capital of the Federation before the UN Coalition began their occupation, and as a result there would probably be more xenophobia on the streets. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to stick around long enough to see it.
“Attention passengers, we are now breaking through the atmosphere, brace yourself on a nearby hand-rail or other stationary object until further notice.”
Me and James grasped the hand-rails tightly as the ship jostled through the turbulent atmosphere, the surface outside the airlock view-port slowly grew larger and larger as we descended. A beautiful city came into view as the clouds’ obfuscation subsided. I had been to Aafa twice in my life before and every time I saw its grand cities I felt a sense of wonder. I could feel the ship level out and slow down, we were almost docked. I felt a small jolt as the landing gear gently touched down on the landing pad.
Harold’s voice came through the PA system. “Alright you two, we’ve landed. I’ll be with you shortly to show you to your escort group.” James and I looked at eachother, I could see a glint of worry in his eyes. Though whether he was worried about the reactions of Aafa’s inhabitants or worried about his first impressions with such important UN personnel, I could not tell.
I heard the cabin door open far behind us and heard Harold’s footsteps make their way toward the airlock where we stood in wait. He stepped past us and took a position at the airlock door.“Welcome to Aafa.” Harold pressed a button and the blast-door slid open with a pneumatic hiss. “Follow me.” We walked down the ramp and onto the hangar bay floor. As my eyes wandered around the large room I noticed how much better kept this spaceport, or at least this hangar, was than the port on Venlil Prime or Earth. Harold took us through a door and into the main hall for this level.
As we made our way to the nearest elevator a kolshian man walked toward us, his gait taking on a menacing feel as he drew closer. When he saw me he smirked. “You sure you wanna keep walking with these predators, little lady? You’d be a lot safer with me instead of them.” I was astounded by how blatant this man was with his opinions. I tried to respond calmly to the man but couldn’t hide my offense. “No thank you, I’m perfectly fine walking with these “predators” thank you. Speak your xenophobia to someone who cares to listen.” The kolshian’s smirk disappeared as he walked toward me faster. Harold’s arm shot out in front of me, blocking the man from getting any closer, the chipper smile he usually displayed was gone from his face. “Please leave sir, we have things to attend to.” The kolshian’s angry expression intensified. “I’m not taking orders from any damn predator.” I could see the man pulling out an object from behind his back. Before I could react, I heard a sickening crunch as Harold’s fist connected with the kolshian’s face, and the man tumbled to the ground. I heard a sound as the knife we were about to be stabbed with clattered to the ground, the tentacle he had been using to wield it clutching his bleeding face. Harold in a swift motion kicked away the knife and put the kolshian in a choke hold while a group of UN security officers rushed over. Two officers cuffed the bleeding kolshian and another walked up to Harold most likely to ask for an explanation.
Harold put back on his usual cheerful expression as he turned to speak to us.“You two head down to the first floor, your escort group and one of the other 2 invitees will be waiting in the main lobby, they should be pretty obvious to spot. I’ll catch up soon but I have to explain the situation with security.” I turned to look at James as we hurried to the elevator. I could tell he was angry, but he had a glint of satisfaction in his eyes, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little similar. James scrolled down the list of floors on the screen and selected the number 1. The Aafa spaceport was easily the largest structure I had ever seen, I guess there wasn’t enough room for 400 buttons. As the elevator descended, James spoke.
“Hey Lem, you ok?” “Yeah, my heart’s beating pretty fast though. Who knows what would have happened if Harold wasn’t with us.” “Yeah, did you see how fast he handled that? Guy must be a veteran or something.” The idea brought a question to the surface of my mind that I had been pondering since I first received my invitation. “Yeah… I’ve been wondering why we’ve been treated so well ever since we got aboard the ship. I mean, we’re just a couple historians, why spend so much on the ship and all the protection? What could this job possibly be?” As I spoke, James stared past the transparent wall of the elevator and into the city skyline, he seemed to be deep in thought. “Yeah I’ve been thinking about that too… I don’t think we’ll have to theorize for much longer though, just a short drive and we can ask whoever invited us.”
My attention was brought back to reality as a DING sounded from the doorway, indicating that we were at the ground floor. The doors slid open silently and revealed a veritable swarm of people walking through the main hallway loop, several people of different species squeezed into the elevator we were just in as we walked out. James and I followed the signage on the walls for several minutes and entered into the main lobby, where we could see a group of humans with a Gojid in the middle. The humans wore black suits and sunglasses, I could also barely make out earpieces and microphones hidden among their clothing. They reminded me of the secret agents in the human spy movies I enjoyed watching. They must be our escort group.
We approached the menacing humans and they turned to look at us. Before I could speak up I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Harold catching up with us. “Sorry for leaving you alone for a bit. I’ll talk with your escorts.” Harold walked up to the closest escort and flashed a badge at them, turning around once the mysterious man nodded. The escort spoke something into his earpiece but I couldn’t quite make it out. “Well, I’d best be going to sort out matters with the captain. I’ll meet up with you later.” Harold handed us off to the mysterious entourage and walked back into the crowd.
One of the bodyguards spoke up. “Follow me and don’t stray off course, we’ll be taking you to the senate building.” As our guards escorted us to our vehicle, I spoke to the gojid accompanying us. “Hi, my name is Lemva, this is James. Are you one of the other people invited by the UN?” The gojid spoke up in a soft voice. “Yeah, though for what reason I do not know why. My name is Cayek by the way, nice to meet you. Do you mind if we get some introductions out of the way before we arrive at the senate building?” James responded first and stretched out his arm for a handshake. It took a second for Cayek to reciprocate. “Sure! As Lemva told you, my name is James. I was born on Earth and currently live on Venlil Prime. I’m a historian and got my doctorate at MIK, where I met Lemva. We’ve known each other quite a while. I like coffee and hate the ocean.” “Oh cool, I attended there too! Got my doctorate in linguistics. When did you attend?” “Sent in an application in 2140, as soon as it opened. Got accepted around a month later.” “Nice, that was around when I joined too. We must not have crossed paths often. Though your face does seem vaguely familiar.” Cayek looked at me and I began speaking. “My name’s Lemva, though I already said that. I attended MIK with James. Went there to get a doctorate in archeology. Was born on Venlil Prime and I’ve moved too many times to count, but my latest home is on Earth.”
I noticed that we had reached our ride. Our vehicle was a black limousine, it looked slightly larger than others I had seen, perhaps it was armored? One of the guards escorting us, who I could only assume was the one in charge, opened the side door and we all crawled inside. Cayek, James, and I settled in our seats and the guard closed our doors before entering through a door closer to the front to sit facing us. The guard sat unnaturally still, staring directly at us as the vehicle drew out of the underground parking area, making me feel uneasy. I looked over at James and Cayek, they seemed just as uncomfortable as I. The ride to the Senate building was silent.
I watched the buildings glide past us as we drove down Main, toward the Capitol. The large dome shaped building grew larger as we crept closer. Nervousness invaded my mind as I wondered what the task we had been chosen for was. Why did the UN spend so much to get us here? What’s with all the security? Why us? We had reached our destination. The limousine passed through several security gates and slowed to a halt at the entrance of the grand building. The guard that had been staring at us spoke, “We’ve arrived, please exit the vehicle and follow me. As you enter the building you’ll undergo several security checks to make sure you don’t have any weapons or banned items. Don’t worry, this is all standard procedure.” Two guards who had been waiting to the side of the entrance walked over to the car and opened the side doors, allowing us to crawl out. Though it had only been a 5 minute car ride, it felt like I had been stuck in that cramped vehicle for hours.
We walked toward the entrance of the titanic building, a large podium with a hologram of the Coalition logo orbiting an artistic depiction of our sector of the galaxy stood just before the doors. The first time I had gone to Aafa as a child, the podium had supported a large statue of Chief Nikonus, the president of the Federation at the time of the war. Good riddance. Our group stepped past the threshold of the senate building and submitted for the security checks that our escort had told us about. As soon as we were cleared, we were led to one of several large doors, it looked like an oversized elevator. Inside was a holographic display of the building showing us our current position, along with a small keypad to the side. I braced myself for the elevator to start ascending as our escort input some numbers into the pad but nearly fell over when it unexpectedly started moving sideways. James chuckled amusedly and I looked at him with a mock pouty face, my tail flicking in slight annoyance. Our escort tried to wipe a tiny smirk off his face as he helped me back to my feet. “We had these installed after a couple instances of people passing out trying to navigate around. Most Coalition species don’t have the amount of endurance humans do and this building is quite large.”
Several moments later the tram came to a halt and the doors slid open. The escort chaperoned us down a short hallway with a decently sized wooden door at the end. I braced myself for whoever would be behind it. Impressions were of utmost importance when meeting government officials. However, I was not prepared for who I would see as the door swung open.
Is that an Arxur?
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(This is my first major post on NatureofPredators, any criticism or advice is welcome! I want to make my stories inviting and pleasant to read! Also, please notify me if you find any formatting errors, I'm not very familiar with Reddit's formatting.)
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2023.06.05 02:29 PBC456 Christmas and New Year in Pinas

Hi guys, I know ang layo pa ng Pasko and NY pero we’re trying to get ideas so sorry na kaagad.
2006 pa nung last na Pasko ko sa Pinas. We just booked our flights to Pinas this December.
Any suggestions kung saan maganda magpasko and NY around Metro Manila? Parang ayaw namin magluto, so either paluto, order, or kain sa labas. Parang hotel buffet ang #1 choice, resto/hotel suggestions?
For NY, saan pinakamaganda manuod ng fireworks? Kung may hotel na pwede pagstayan para better view, pwede din.
Kayo, pano kayo usually nagcecelebrate?
Kung meron kayong ibang suggestions na kainan, gawin, or puntahan sa mga normal na araw lang, please feel free!
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2023.06.05 01:33 loaf-kun-llama Cool map nook frl

Cool map nook frl
My mum bought me this country book for Christmas cos she knew that you had gotten me into geography so I decided to spend like half of my day one day colouring in the flags! I reccomend this is ur a geography nerd!
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