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2023.06.02 10:42 SourcerBot UN warns of new threat to global food security after Russia limits Ukraine grain shipments

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Save 2 minutes of reading with this summary:
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Warning of a new threat to global food security, the United Nations said Thursday that Russia is limiting the number of ships allowed to pick up Ukrainian grain at Black Sea ports in its campaign to get Kyiv to open a pipeline for a key ingredient of fertilizer to get to world markets. U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric expressed serious concern that only 33 ships departed from Ukrainian ports in May, half the number compared to April, and exports of grain and other foodstuffs totaled just 1.3 million metric tons last month, less than half the amount of the previous month. “In particular, we are looking for commitments on unconditional access of vessels to all three ports under the initiative, increased number of successful inspections completed per day and predictable registrations to avoid undue delay of vessels, exports of fertilizers, including ammonia, and the resumption of the Togliatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline,” Dujarric said.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: DRGNews (2023-05-17 at 17:30) Russia agrees to extend Ukraine grain deal in a boost for global food security The Independent (2023-05-18 at 17:55) UN official hopes for breakthrough on Russian food, fertilizer shipments The Guardian (2023-05-21 at 09:52) China poses biggest threat to global security, says Sunak
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2023.06.02 10:37 GurujiAdda 14

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2023.06.02 10:29 BlackSodium Advice to make the best out of my Internship

I'm a year 1 Electrical and Electronics Engineering student. I got an internship at an automobile company but I've been posted at their Electric Vehicle Manufacturing plant in a Bus Factory. This plant is the back end of line where the different electrical parts are simply assembled and connected and the chassis and all are made. The current project I was handed is basically to document the various problems/issues that are encountered in the final Electric Vehicle and the required steps to take to solve those problems in an application interface on Microsoft PowerApps. The goal is to also take photographs of the required connections and parts so that the worker understands well as to what to do to solve the problem. The learning outcome of this project as told by my mentor was that I will learn to identify various parts in an EV, learn about their function and the various issues and solutions encountered.
Now here is my concern:
While I am learning the names of various parts, their locations and how to identify them. But I only am able to briefly know about their functions and what signals the diff wires carry. Like: The traction motor receives a 6-phase AC signal from the Inverter which recieves it from the VECU which receives it from the sensors and that the motor the amount of torque to deliver. My questions like 1) Why a 6-Phase AC signal? 2) How does the motor interpret the signal? 3) Why do we implement these steps to solve a problem? And others remain unanswered. It's not because I don't try and reach out but because A. The plant has largely unskilled labour who are only concerned with assembly and cannot provide me with deeper knowledge. The supervisors also provide me only with the surface level as I mentioned above for the Traction Motor. B. It seems like my Project Guide is avoiding my questions. And when I do get answers they are similar to what others on the shopfloor give me. I'm doubting myself that whether I'm not asking the right questions and communicating properly.
Also navigating the shopfloor is so hard everyone keeps referring me to different people to ask particular information it really frustrates me.
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2023.06.02 10:22 Stock_Titan JWAC Chijet Motor Company, Inc. and Chijet, Inc., a High-Tech Enterprise Engaged in the Development, Production and Sales of New Energy Vehicles, together with Jupiter Wellness Acquisition Corp. Announce Closing of Business Combination

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2023.06.02 10:17 ar5ghu7tew47y Civilian Bravery during the Christchurch Mosque shootings

Some of these people I'm sure many have heard about, but I was surprised at the ones I had never heard or seen. These are some of the acts of bravery that occurred that day.
Dr Naeem Rashid was at the Masjid Al Noor when the gunman arrived and began shooting at the 113 people gathered there for Friday prayers. Dr Rashid ran directly at the gunman, grabbing him and knocking him to the ground. Dr Rashid was shot dead. His actions allowed at least seven other people to escape.
The selfless and deliberate act of Ziyaad Shah in protecting a ‘brother’ Shah Jahan, with his own body, without regard for his own life and safety while the gunman was shooting and killing people at will, demonstrated extreme bravery during a period of imminent threat and danger to the lives of both men. Mr Shah was wounded while preventing Mr Jahan from being injured or killed by the gunman.
Abdul Aziz Wahabzadah challenged the gunman and was shot at from very close range. He threw items including a discarded firearm at the gunman’s vehicle before chasing the departing vehicle down Linwood Avenue.
Carl Pomare was travelling along Deans Avenue with Mark Miller and witnessed people being shot outside the mosque and stopped to assist. The two men entered the live firing zone to drag victims to safety with gunfire overhead and in their general direction.
Liam Beale was travelling north along Deans Avenue when he saw a male stumble and fall and heard rapid gunfire all around. Liam dropped to the ground and began assisting victims.
Wayne Maley was travelling with Michael Robinson on Deans Avenue near the mosque when they heard popping sounds. They saw the gunman firing shots outside the mosque. They parked their vehicle across the northbound lane to stop vehicles heading directly into the live danger zone and then went to assist the victims.
Lance Bradford was driving near the mosque on Deans Avenue when he saw an elderly lady lying on the ground in distress. He then observed eight to 10 people scattered on the ground. Realising something bad was occurring, he stopped his vehicle and walked toward the mosque to help. As he did so, he could hear gunshots and people screaming. He stopped people who were unaware of what was happening, from entering the danger zone. He then assisted victims who were being attended to by other members of the public.
Zulfirman Syah selflessly and deliberately protected his son Averroes Omar Syah with his own body, without regard for his own life and safety, demonstrating extreme bravery during the imminent threat and danger to both their lives. Both were wounded.
Senior Constables Scott Carmody and Jim Manning intercepted the gunman’s vehicle, resulting in his arrest. At the time, and up until they apprehended the gunman, the two constables believed they were dealing with multiple active shooters. They identified the offender’s vehicle amongst heavy traffic on Brougham Street. Carmody and Manning maneuvered their patrol car to disable it and hopefully the driver, pushing the car up onto the curb in such a way that contact did not damage the patrol car or deploy the airbags, both of which would have prevented them from exiting the car quickly. Within seconds they had the gunman out of his car. Manning searched the vehicle for more offenders and discovered a large incendiary device in the rear, while Carmody kept his weapon trained on the gunman. The offender was reaching into his ballistic vest and fearing he was trying to detonate the bomb, Carmody rendered him unconscious with his rifle butt and was able to handcuff him. The two senior constables knowingly risked their lives by going into a highly volatile and dangerous situation involving an active gunman. They apprehended the gunman, preventing further danger to members of the public.
Source -
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2023.06.02 10:13 fourleaffungi Missing Person - Urgent

Missing Person - Urgent
This is a good friend of mine who has been missing for over 3 days. **NEWEST UPDATE: License plate read in Henderson Nevada on I11 (right near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, Hoover Dam...) He has been to Vegas a few times in the past few years and enjoyed it, especially walking down the strip, Area 15, and most likely any nearby secluded nature areas. He made mentions of suicide and disappearance before leaving while his fiancée and 2 children were asleep. ** Please be on the lookout for this car (silver 2022 Toyota highlander - CT license plate BE35285 - generic pic attached) *** Left from Manchester CT on 5/30. Originally thought he could be in CT, NY, PA, MI, or along the Appalachian Trail. Received one license plate reading from Binghamton NY 3 days ago, one in Illinois heading west on Rt 55 2 days ago, an ATM withdrawal in Tonganoxie Kansas yesterday ***
Concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Feel free to share to any communities. *** Please call Manchester CT police if you have any information. Attached photos of his car type, and the bag and tattoo described in the alert.
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2023.06.02 09:14 Windsorhelmets The Science Behind Brain Damage and Helmets

Traumatic brain injuries occur when a sudden blow or jolt to the head disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. This can happen in various situations, such as falls, sports-related collisions, or motor vehicle accidents. The consequences of TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe, long-term impairments.Helmets play a vital role in mitigating brain damage by absorbing and redistributing the force of an impact. They act as a protective barrier between the skull and the external environment. Modern helmet designs incorporate multiple layers of materials, such as foam, that are engineered to absorb and dissipate the energy generated during an impact.

Safety Helmets: The Guardians of Workplace Safety

In industrial and construction settings, safety helmets are crucial in protecting workers from head injuries. They are designed to withstand impacts from falling objects, collisions with structures, and other occupational hazards. Safety helmets typically feature a hard outer shell made of high-strength materials like polycarbonate or fiberglass, combined with a cushioning liner for impact absorption.
To ensure optimal protection, safety helmets must meet specific standards and certifications established by regulatory bodies. These standards dictate the helmet’s ability to withstand impact, penetration, and electrical hazards. Regular inspections and replacements are essential to maintain the helmet’s integrity and effectiveness.

Open Face Helmets: Striking a Balance Between Safety and Comfort

Open face helmets offer a compromise between safety and comfort, particularly in motorcycle riding. They provide head protection while allowing greater visibility and increased airflow compared to full-face helmets. However, they lack the chin protection provided by their counterparts, which raises concerns about their effectiveness in preventing brain injuries.
Despite the potential limitations, open face helmets still offer significant protection against skull fractures, abrasions, and other injuries. They are particularly suitable for low-speed urban commuting or situations where facial recognition and communication are crucial. Supplementing the protection of open face helmets with additional safety measures, such as wearing a face shield or goggles, can further reduce the risk of facial and brain injuries.

Education and Advocacy: Promoting Helmet Usage

Encouraging the widespread adoption of helmets requires a multi-faceted approach. Educational campaigns play a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of helmet usage and the potential consequences of neglecting head protection. These initiatives should target various audiences, including children, parents, athletes, and workers.
Legislation also plays a crucial role in promoting helmet usage. Many jurisdictions have enacted laws mandating helmet use in specific activities such as cycling, motorcycling, and certain sports. These laws act as a deterrent and help establish a societal norm of helmet-wearing.
Moreover, healthcare professionals have a responsibility to educate patients about the benefits of helmets and provide guidance on selecting appropriate helmets for their activities. By integrating helmet discussions into routine medical examinations and emphasizing the long-term benefits of brain safety, healthcare providers can influence behavior change.


As our understanding of brain injuries deepens, the significance of helmets in preventing brain damage becomes increasingly evident. Safety helmets and open face helmets offer essential protection in various settings, including workplaces and recreational activities. By wearing helmets correctly and selecting the appropriate type for each situation, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries.
However, it is crucial to continue advocating for helmet usage and educating others about their importance. Through educational campaigns, legislation, and involvement from organizations, healthcare professionals, and individuals, we can create a culture that prioritizes brain safety. Protecting our brains is not just a personal responsibility but a collective effort to ensure a safer future for everyone. Remember, when it comes to preserving cognitive health, wearing a helmet is a small action that can make a significant difference in preventing life-altering brain injuries. Together, let’s embrace the importance of helmets and work towards a society where brain safety is paramount.
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2023.06.02 08:21 danksion Is anyone else concerned about the rise in uninsured drivers on the roads due to cost of living?

Seeing a lot lately people saying that as part of cutting back due to inflation/cost of living they were going without insurance on their cars as they simply can't afford it anymore.
While your insurance will go into bat for you if you do get hit by an uninsured driver, it can blow out wait times for repairs/claim approval and if for whatever reason they or the police can't track that driver down later on it becomes very messy.
(Have experienced this first hand and been given the ultimatum from insurance of paying the excess to get the car repaired straight away and then insurance will reimburse this IF they can get the money out of the other party or courts etc which is no guarantee).
It will also have a roll on ripple effect slowly of:

I 100% understand times are tough, we are cutting back majorly on every day essentials however insurance is something that absolutely shouldn't be ignored in an attempt to save money. Murphy's law is the moment you cancel it will be the moment you need it.
Imagine if you cancelled your insurance to save say $70 per month, then hit a $100,000 car, you are going to be a lot worse off financially having to pay that off because the courts aren't going to take "sorry, but I couldn't afford the insurance" as an excuse.

As a bit of advice from someone who's been through several insurance claims (mainly non at fault) and also worked with crash repairers and assessors. If you can't afford your insurance renewal for full comprehensive insurance, drop down to 3rd party property which will give you coverage for if you hit someone else. It just means your car won't be covered if you are at fault in the accident but at least you won't have the courts chasing you for damages to other peoples properties.
Just remember if you hit another car and don't have insurance, you are liable for all that damage and with the average cost of cars rising higher and higher and crash repair costs skyrocketing this could cripple you financially for the rest of your life in the event of a decent smash that wrote a car off. (I've seen people lose their homes over uninsured debts etc). I can guarantee if it's hard to pay the mortgage/rent now, it will be even harder when you are paying off a $60-100,000 car that got written off, let alone the repairs/replacement of your own car etc.
I really wish we could get property insurance mandated for vehicles in this country, a minimum of 3rd party property should be required not just the 3rd party bodily that comes with registration.
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2023.06.02 08:13 RockRevolutionary182 Love the Google pixel hate that I will never own one again because Google refused to understand the issue

I've been fighting with Google for 2 months as a result of Google's horrible customer relations and partly my fault I've been billed and accidentally paid with auto pay $599 for a Google pixel 5 just black and I'm not talking about in 2020 I'm talking May 2023. In March I had a Google pixel 7 pro I dropped it the day after I got it without the case on a hard floor and broke the back glass. I don't know if anyone's ever done this but I was upset about it even though it will always have a case on it I'll know it's broken. Well it doesn't matter after about a month I was having issues with the charger port and it could only be charged wirelessly I have the phone on the wireless charger and I had to take it out the case to charge better my cat decided she wanted to play with the wire she knocked the phone off onto a dumbbell with two metal weights on it it hit in the screen so perfectly that it destroyed the phone. I had traded in my Google pixel 2 and with some other promotion Verizon was offering it turned out that I had more money in promotions than the phone cost and it is the only reason I got this 7 pro they take a few dollars off my phone bill each month for owning it when I say few I'm talking $2 and change. I solve a regular phone bill and insurance just not a device payment so after breaking I did not want to pay the $200 deductible and started using my old phone which was a Google pixel 5A 5G. One day the screen went black me and my son both tried fixing it with suggestions from YouTube videos careful one of them makes you call 911 and without a screen there's no way to stop it. My son did it twice I did it once. So I call Verizon thinking that the phone was covered under my insurance plan because it said it was on the My Verizon app it's actually says that the 2 plus the 5a and the 7pro were all covered. Anyway I call Verizon to try to get it fixed without a deductible because there is no damage to the phone to phone was in fact replaced right before I got the seven with a refurbished phone. They say no problem they send the next day phone out when I open it up it's a Google pixel 5 black I call them back they say all we are so sorry they send another phone again it's the Google pixel 5 black. Now for people not familiar with Google phones the Google 5A is not like the Samsung series a phone it's more of an in-between in the case of the five the five a has a lot bigger display and some other features the 5A is a superior phone to the five by getting the five I was downgraded. So after receiving this second five I call again they send another phone except this time they were slick they didn't actually send anything so after waiting the two days I called back and they said oh well the order was never processed so they send another phone guess what I get the five again I called back and this was happening because Verizon doesn't sell the five a I don't know if they ever did but I had bought this phone from Google directly and I'm still making payments on it btw. so now I'm very frustrated I call Google Google says the phone's out of warranty even though I'm still making payments on it but the screen going black problem since there was no damage is covered under the extended warranty because it's a known issue. They said take the phone to the local asurion AKA I break you fix. I do this they replace the screen and the battery the phone still doesn't work they said the logic board needs to be changed but they couldn't get it in or something I call Google back they said no problem send them the phone. I send the phone and a few days later I get a letter in the mail saying that the cost of the repair is more than the phone is worth that they would have to send me a refurbished but because the phone was damaged I would have to pay $129. I immediately call them and say what do you mean damaged and they say well did you use our packaging or your own I said my own well it was damaged and shipping was there immediate response I told them no. I have an Etsy business where I sell crystals literal crystals and I shipped them the people all over the country I have never had a product damaged in shipping in a crystal is a lot more delicate than a phone. I explained this to them and I don't know if the employees are told not to listen to the words that the customers are saying or if they just think that all the customers are liars and don't bother to listen but he kept insisting that it must have been damaged during shipping. Now Google apparently doesn't have a way for a different departments to talk so the customer service guy had no way of contacting the people that worked on the phone and asked them what the actual issue was. I asked for manager they reluctantly gave me one after an hour wait I was told the manager call me back the next day two days later I missed a call but they emailed me I emailed them back I finally got to talk to the manager. He told me that back glass was cracked the phone doesn't have a back glass and I must have got damaged during shipping because I didn't use their packaging. After explaining to him that didn't have back glass he finally started believing me a little he said that he was going to talk to the people higher up than him and get it resolved he said that there's no way for me to contact him and higher than him he's the end of the line that he has to plead my case and this was on Friday he said he'd contact me Monday. Well Thursday rolls around I still don't hear from him I contact him back I hear nothing. I then get the phone back in the mail. I opened a packaging and I noticed that the damage you're talking about was it improper ly installed screen I will add a photo of the so-called damage device that got damaged and shipping I'm packaged it so poorly that the phone didn't get cracked at all or broken but the bottom of the screen slightly popped off of the phone are they really expecting me to believe this. So after I tell them that the phone was actually damaged by asurion the people they sent me to the manager that I've been talking to had someone else contact me saying that he was out and that Google was ready to resolve my issue by giving me $25 credit in the Google store. I also got a separate email saying that Google store was lowering my credit from $1,500 to $200. Now this is a total coincidence I'm sure even though I've bought a 300 doller smart watch ,phones ,Chromecast devices all from the Google store on credit and have never missed a payment and have never been late in years but they still lowered my credit limit negatively impacting my credit score by six points. After telling them I'm not happy with this they apologize and tell me that they're sorry but this is the way that Google does business and all the guidelines have been followed in that I cannot contact him again on this or something because the case has been closed. I've never been so disappointed with a company in my life I've had people switch from Samsung more than one to Google after getting the Google pixel 2 XL I loved that phone and it saddens me that I will never get to use another Google pixel device because I will never buy one again I will never buy anything from Google again normal any of my immediate or extended family so they've lost thousands of dollars because they wanted $129 to fix a phone that their partner company broke on me. Oh and here's the kicker I go back to you fix I break last week and the location that I went to that had all the information in the repair person that worked on my phone is gone. They closed the damn location down I contacted asurion corporate office and waiting for a response from The resolution team. And the reason I said that it cost me $599 is because I still have the Google pixel 5 that they had sent me because I know other device to use Verizon told me I can use the device until I resolve this issue with Google then I had to ship this device or the 5A back to them but I had to give them a phone back that has no physical damage. Verizon reluctantly refunded the $599 that they took out of my bank account after I turned off auto payments and I only bounced my car insurance payment that automatically comes out the day after because it took 3 days to get the money back into the account the best part is I didn't know this until I got a letter in the mail saying my insurance was about to be canceled. I'm not saying like most of society would that that is Google's fault it is mine I was negligent in keeping up with my account balances and because of that almost lost my insurance. I would have been able to get it back but probably not at the same rate and if there was a lapse in coverage I probably would have had to have the vehicle inspected by them before they would cover it fully again. I'm really disappointed and surprised that the disrespect by Google technical team and customer service is treated me. And the way they told me well this is how we do business go kick rocks. I said somewhere in this book of a message that I would add photos I didn't realize at that time that I could not add photos to this community I apologize.
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2023.06.02 06:01 k_thed 2017 Ford Explorer Sunroof Issue

I asked over at fordexplorer, but thought I would check here as well. I’ll preface by saying I’m not a mechanical novice and I’m definitely not afraid to remedy a problem on my own. I’m not a huge fan of our local Ford dealer, and after researching this topic, I felt confident I could fix this on my own. Now I’m stumped.
Last week, my wife's 2017 Explorer sunroof got stuck open unexpectedly while she was at lunch one day. I didn't realize that was a common issue on these Explorers because we've literally never had a problem with it at all and it gave no indication or symptoms of failure. She got about halfway home and tried the button again and it closed flawlessly. I started researching and realized this issue is more common than I realized (which was a relief because I was thinking the worst with a broken track or something along those lines). So I ordered a replacement motor (Motorcraft brand) from RockAuto and received it. Pulled everything apart to swap it out and realized I had gotten the wrong motor. Ordered the correct one and it arrived today so I went back to put everything back together this evening. Got the new motor installed and attempted the reprogram procedure for it- this is where I ran into problems. Doing the door open, ignition on, then off, then back on, pressing the tilt button and releasing then pressing and holding again. Both times when I press the button the glass moves backwards about 1/2" and stops. When I release and press and hold it, does the same thing. I've tried every combination I can think of, but it will only move back. Now, it's standing completely open and can't go back any further. If I let it sit with the ignition on for like 10 seconds and press the buttons, I can hear the motor click, but it won't do anything else. Luckily we have a garage so the car is covered but I can't find anywhere showing this as being a problem with the relearn procedure. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the new motor and starting over, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery on the car and starting the procedure over. Nothing works. So now the sunroof is wide open again, and I don't exactly know what to do now aside from tucking my tail and scheduling an appointment with my local dealer to see if they can resolve the issue which I'm afraid will result in them telling me this new motor is bad and needs to be replaced again or some nonsense. (Mind you, I called them to price a motor before I ordered one online and they told me that same Motorcraft glass motor was $485. It was $135 from RockAuto and it arrived in a Motorcraft labeled box with Motorcraft stickers on it.)
Any advice or help would be appreciated!
UPDATE: took the new motor out and swapped back in the old motor to see what would happen. When I initialize the learning procedure, it's wants to try and tilt the glass up even though it's in the fully open position. It's like it's binding up and wanting to tilt up and slide forward at the same time. I have no clue what I've done here. I don't know why it would only slide backwards when I tried to initialize the new motor and now it's like it's stuck and can't figure out what to do. What a pain in the ass. I've had countless vehicles with sunroofs and never had a single issue. I guess I was long overdue.
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2023.06.02 05:58 EatMyCurls Registration Renewal Online

My vehicle registration expired yesterday. I’ve been trying for days to renew it online. For lack of a better word, the website is absolutely dysfunctional. I don’t have the time to go into the city for a while to use a kiosk. Of course there is nothing online that can help me out. Anyone else have issues? It’s almost like it doesn’t allow you to add the renewal to your cart.
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2023.06.02 05:54 Geezer__345 Why can't I post, this?

This comes from PBS' "Newshour", and may be an upcoming program, on PBS' "Frontline":
The railroads are coming under more and more scrutiny, partly because of the East Palestne, Ohio; disaster, along with several other derailments. First responders have long complained, that "parked trains", and trains, slow to clear crossings; have caused serious problems, especially as trains have gotten longer, and longer.
According to "Newshour", tonight (June 1, 2023); railroads are now allowed, to assemble trains, of almost 4100 tons (about 8,200,000 pounds, or 3,727,200 kilograms), and up to 2 miles long (almost 3.2 Kilometers). The "upshot" of all this, is that fire equipment, ambulances, and police vehicles; are being seriously delayed in situations, where any significant delay, because emergency vehicles have to "go, around" these trains, at the nearest clear crossings. The delays; cost lives, and allow fires to get more "out of control. In Hammond, Indiana; southeast of Chicago, school children are forced, to climb onto, crawl under, or otherwise endanger themselves, around "parked" trains, to get to school; there is no warning, that the train may "start up"; maiming, or killing them; and the nearest "clear" crossings may be, more than a mile, away.
This is a very serious problem, and needs to be addressed; by either Congress, or The Biden Administration, by Pete Buttigieg's Department of Transportation. If The Supreme Court acts to "block" any actions, they need to be held to account, as well. The regulation of the railroads, has been an ongoing problem; going all the way back, to the 1880's; and the days of the "Robber Barons". Some regulation of the railroads, had been done because of the abuses of those times, but those have been "watered down", or "done away, with" by recent Administrations, and Congresses, mainly at the hands of the Republicans. I cannot provide further documentation, because it was done quietly, and out of public sight; at the commission level, or by Congress, at committee levels, or attachments to bills.
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2023.06.02 05:53 Dorothy2023 9 things to prepare for when encountering sovereign citizens - by a police officer

9 things to prepare for when encountering sovereign citizens. Sovereign citizens fancy themselves outside of the laws of the land and don’t recognize the legitimacy of the U.S. government

Here are nine indicators that you may be in contact with a sovereign citizen.
1. A sovereign citizen’s license plates are sometimes completely and obviously fraudulent. They may refer to the “republic” of a given state or have the word “sovereign” on the plate itself.
2. A Sovereign citizen may give you a pile of paperwork when simply prompted for a license. The paperwork is often totally unrelated to your request for identification. If they do give you identification, it may very well be fraudulent or from a place that doesn’t even exist. These documents are designed to frustrate, confuse, and most dangerously, distract you. You know what your state’s driver’s license looks like. You know what your state’s registration looks like. Don’t fall victim to this tactic.
3. A sovereign citizen may ask for your “Oath of Office.” Sovereigns believe an officer is required to carry a copy of the oath taken upon appointment to law enforcement. Obviously, this is not something most of us carry with us — nor is there any legal requirement to do so.
4. A sovereign citizen will not refer to their vehicle as a “vehicle.” They will refer to it as their “conveyance.” There are no legal requirements (registration, mechanical statues, insurance, etc.) for a conveyance. It is a shell game used to try and subvert the vehicle code.
5. A sovereign citizen doesn’t drive their vehicle. They “travel” in their “conveyance.” Again, this is a semantic attempt to avoid responsibility laid out in any given state’s vehicle code. If a person isn’t, in fact, “driving”, but rather “traveling”, how can a vehicle code apply?
6. A sovereign citizen may refer to the 14th Amendment or the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Sovereign citizens believe the 14th Amendment caused Americans to become federal citizens instead of sovereign ones. The UCC was created to “harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions.” Sovereign citizens believe that once the United States adopted the 14th Amendment, it became a corporation and thus, the UCC (an oppressively convoluted document) is the effective law of the land.
7. A sovereign citizen may mention they “have no contract” with you and may refuse to sign a citation. Again, this goes back to the belief that the United States is a corporation and you are an agent of that corporation. Thus, according to the UCC, they are not beholden to you or the government.
8. If you are able to get them to sign a citation, the sovereign citizen may very well sign it, add “under duress” and include a UCC section.
9. After the stop, you may receive a bill for the time you have spent with the sovereign citizen. You may be aware of it and you may not. Sovereign citizens have been known to put liens on officers’ homes that go for months or years completely unbeknownst to the officer until he or she attempts to sell or refinance a home. This is known as "paper terrorism."
Conclusion Many of these tactics used by sovereign citizens are designed to confuse and distract law enforcement. Don’t let a situation you are unfamiliar with throw you or, worse yet, distract you to the point where your focus is off the situation at hand. You own that stop — the driver and any occupants are yours until you make the decision to cut them loose. Cops get so caught up in the job with doing things fast. Much can be gained by slowing down, taking a breath, waiting for backup and doing one thing at a time.

Source 9 things to prepare for when encountering sovereign citizens (
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2023.06.02 05:46 Salt_Shoe_841 I'm just tired of the rat race

I've been working my entire adult life, I'm now 30. My financial situation is more fucked than when I graduated highschool. I just want a job that will pay for rent, food, utilities, car insurance, cleaning supplies, toiletries, vehicle maintenance, health insurance, vehicle registrations. There are so many things that cost money but after over a decade of hard work I have nothing to show for myself but an ever deepening hole, because nothing pays enough to survive with all the basics taken care of, let alone seek self improvement. There's no such thing as luxury in my life. I've never taken a vacation that wasn't unemployment. Every employer I've ever had acts as if I should be grateful to have a job, even if I have to drive on an expired tag with no license, because I couldn't afford car insurance and electricity, then I couldn't afford the attacking late fees, or the tickets that make it harder to get a license back. There's nothing left at the end of the week, and I have no wiggle room to save. I just don't understand why I've been fired for asking for a raise, or treated as ungrateful when I can barely afford the gas to get to work. I just want a break from this cycle of neverending poverty, I just want my hard work to actually pay off. I'm tired of being told to do things that cost money I don't have to somehow make more money. How can I go to school with no money, and a full time job? How can I start a business without money to buy tools or materials? How can I get licensed in anything without money to take the tests or pay for the license?
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2023.06.02 05:31 Taxi_Dancer ***excerpt*** TALES OF THE DEAD IN SPACE UNIVERSE: THE MARCHING DEAD CORPS ***excerpt*** (The first part of the follow up to the Dead In Space Series)

*** excerpt***
The Terran Space Marines...
They are, hands down, the most elite fighting force that has ever been sent into space to protect, defend, and conquer in the name of mankind. Highly trained in surface, subsurface, and space combat, they are almost unbeatable in a fight. In the nearly two-hundred and forty years of the existence of the Terran Space Marines, there is a near zero record of them ever being defeated in incursions, rebellions, insurrections, wars, and even encounters with hostile extraterrestrial entities.
They are, hands down, the best equipped of all branches of the Terran armed forces, each Terran Space Marine packing the most advanced arms, armor, and equipment that the intergalactic military defense industry can supply. Employed only for the toughest missions, the Terran Space Marines are only called upon when the Terran government needs the very best, most elite fighting force in the galaxy, to accomplish the most impossible jobs. Their exploits have been legendary, from a regiment of Space Marines recapturing Norfolk Orbital Station from a plague which turned the quarter million inhabitants into crazed demonic horrors, to a platoon of Space Marines who killed a literal giant skeletal death god on a planet named Willow’s World.
The elite Space Marines are the few, they are the proud, and they are the exact opposite of the person who I am. I am definitely not Space Marine material. Hell, I’m not even Terran Space Regular Army material. Naturally, there are more regular Army Joes than there are elite Space Marines, the Army being easily ten times the size as the Space Marines.
I’m a trooper in the most non-elite, non-glamorous, and most expendable of all the branches. I’m part of the FODERR (fodder), or the Federal Optional Deployment Enlisted Reserve Regiments, and ‘yes’, we are all painfully aware that we are literally ‘fodder’ both in name and in mission. Probably the only thing that the FODERR has going for it is that we are the largest branch of the Terran military, far larger than even the Army. To give you an idea of how numerically massive our numbers are, for every one Space Marine there are about ten regular Army GI Joes. And for every one regular Army soldier, there are about fifteen to twenty of us reservist troopers. Our numbers need to be far greater than the other branches of the service due to the genus doctrine which our genus political masters came up with which states that if the enemy has twenty high impact rounds for their weapon, we will send twenty-one reserve troopers to take the enemy down. Such is the gallows humor which the average trooper such as myself has grown used to. The fact is, the only thing that outnumbers us on the battlefield are usually the enemy and the number of rubber body bags which the Terran government sends with us.
Artillery prep? Never heard of it. Flanking maneuvers? Don’t make me laugh. Armor support? Sure, if you’re the enemy. Not for us, though. In the FODERR, we have just one combat doctrine which is, ‘Hey, diddle-diddle, straight up the middle.’ Have you ever seen a full on FODRR frontal assault? It’s pretty impressive for the first few minutes. After that, however, it usually turns into a slaughter. That’s why the FODERR Corps are known throughout the galaxy simply as The Marching Dead.
Okay, okay, okay... maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit about us not having artillery and armor support. After about a month of basic infantry training, those of us basic trainees who have shown the aptitude for it, basically those of us who can’t find their asses with both hands, are sent to artillery and armor school. And those few of us with the ability to find their asses with just one hand may even be selected to go to aerospace flight school as a gunship pilot. For the rest of us, however, after basic infantry training we were sent to advanced infantry training for an additional three weeks where we were taught to operate mortars, anti-armor and anti-aircraft weapons, correctly breaking those heavy weapons down, putting those heavy weapons on our backs, then marching that heavy shit from one end of the galaxy to the other.
Oh, and by the way, don’t think you are going to get out of the Marching Dead Corps by simply falling out of the training. Once you sign the contract to be in the Corps, you are in until your three years is up or until you become the creamy filled center of a rubber body bag. If you fall out of training, all you end up doing is earning a front row seat to the spearhead of the assault, and that tends to be detrimental to your 25% chance of surviving to the end of your three year contract.
So, you might ask, why would otherwise mentally stable young people sign on to become a FODERR Trooper? Well, to tell you the truth, most of us didn’t. Most of those who signed the contract, the ‘Federal Option’ of the Federal Optional Deployment Enlisted Reserve Regiment, are convicted criminals who are facing long jail sentences. And in this day and age, criminal offenses such as saying or thinking something which might be a threat to the Party is enough to land you a date in court standing in front of a judge and a recruitment officer with a Federal Option military contract in hand.
For me, I was working at the main city library as a lowly librarian assistant, trying to scratch out a living while also trying to pay my way through college indoctrination. Our local Party officials voted themselves a 40% annual raise so, naturally, the loyal citizens’ taxes increased. I had been saving to pay my loyal citizen tax from last year when the Party officials voted themselves a raise, and finally had enough to pay. I took a day off to drive to the Department of Taxation, a twelve story complex that took up a full three city blocks downtown. Parking was scarce, so I had to drive around the block for almost an hour before I landed a parking space. After waiting for another three hours, I finally paid the taxes that I owed which, I found out, went directly into a fund that paid for the annual vacation of the Party City Council to the tropical paradise of the Vega X System.
As I returned to my car, I was greeted by an enforcement officer writing me ticket for a parking violation. It seems that the back bumper of my old lemon-mobile extended 2.2 centimeters into the parking space behind me, meaning that I was obligated to pay for two parking spaces instead of one. I was charged on the spot for attempting to defraud the local party government and, two hours later, I was hauled to the twenty-two story tall Department of Justice building across the street which took up six city blocks and, after a thirty minute wait, was standing in front of a judge. I was faced with multiple criminal charges including illegally occupying more than my fair share of public spaces, attempting to defraud local party government, disrespect of party mandates, illegal storage of a personal vehicle on public property, and because of my race, I was also charged with sympathizing with white supremacy.
Unfortunately, because I had just paid my yearly tax increases, I did not have the money to pay for these additional penalties and fees, which added the additional charge against me of illegally not having enough money in my bank account to pay for additional government mandated taxes, penalties, and fees, the recommended amount being at least 45% of your total bank account.
The judge sentenced me to sixty-five years of hard labor on a mining asteroid in orbit around Saturn or, if I so chose, I could take the three year Federal Option. As my car was being impounded, I signed the contract placed in front of me by a military recruiting officer who told me that the storage fees for my piece of shit vehicle will be taken from my first year of federal service. Along with about another five hundred people between the ages of 18 to 40 who became instant convicted criminals that afternoon, I was led to the west wing of the Department of Justice building where we waited for three more days, sleeping on cots without blankets in large, freezing, open bays, subsisting on toast and potato soup twice a day while under constant armed guard. There were no separate spaces for males, females, and those who identified as part of the LGBTQXRWYVF779+++ community. Fights were rarely broken up by the guards, but the three dozen or so people who tried to escape were quickly rounded up and handcuffed to braces on the walls for their entire stay, not being released even when it was feeding time or if they had to relieve themselves in the filthy restrooms which could barely service one hundred people. After three days, the two thousand people who were there before us were taken away and finally it was our turn to board the cattle trucks which would take us directly to our FODERR infantry basic training sites.
Since the Terran government declared a war on terrorism against the Alpha Centauri Colonies, over seventy FODERR infantry basic training camps were opened throughout the country, mostly abandoned or underused military bases which had been reopened and expanded, together adding nearly a quarter million troopers annually to send into the wars in space beside the regular Army and the Space Marines.
So, almost exactly two months after I was declared a hardened parking violation criminal, I found myself stuffed into a rusty space freighter along with two hundred other troopers on our way to war in the Alpha Centauri system...
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2023.06.02 05:27 stroml0 Seeking opinions: do you have experience with rc Dakar trucks & thoughts on this one

Seeking opinions: do you have experience with rc Dakar trucks & thoughts on this one
So I have become fascinated by the idea of a Dakar truck, not as a crawler, not as a basher but as a all terrain monster that has capability to skid around on loose surface.
I've seen a lot on YT but seems like hardly anyone makes them and most people have heavily custom built. I found a place in the EU who do it and there is a company call JD Designs who do rc truck models too.
Does anyone here have any thoughts on what such a unique style of vehicle would be like? The specs of one I found are below and a picture attached too. They are 1:14 so big boys and seems pretty heavy duty.
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy, Iron, Copper, ABS and Polycarbonate Hard Plastic European Style Front Cab Full Metal 2 Speed Transmission (Planetary Gears) Transfer Case (Billet Aluminum) Super Scaled Leaf Spring Suspension Setup Scale Rims (Billet Aluminum) Remote Lockable Rear and Front Axle (Locking Differential) Full Metal Front and Rear Axle Housing Steel Scale Drive Shaft Rear Light Guard (Protects Against Rocks) Fully Painted Brushed Driven Motor Basic 4 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio Supply Voltage: 12V, (XT60 Connector, We Recommend = 3S, 25C Lipo Battery) Maximum Speed: 25KM/H (3S Battery) Incline Driving Angle: 35° Road Driving Angle: 20° Decline Driving Angle: 56° Truck Net Weight: 6.8KG
Wheelbase: 12.8″ / 325mm Length: 21.3″ / 541mm Width: 7.8″ / 200mm Height: 9.9″ / 253mm Ground Clearance: 1.26″ / 32mm Final Drive Ratios: 1st – 41.6:1, 2nd – 10.4:1 Weight: 15.0Lbs / 6.8Kg
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2023.06.02 05:23 PlanesandWhisky Can we be real about the 2023 presidential election for a moment...

TLDR: I cannot be the only person who sees this.... Biden is too old and frail, a bit shady, and his VP is clueless and completely unqualified.... Trump is a criminal and also too old and unfit for office and totally corrupt.... Can we please please please get a couple of reasonable candidates to vote for... literally any regular ass American would be better.
Let's start out with my intention. I would love for this post to get 69 million 420 thousand upvotes... but seriously, I want as many people as possible to see this because the media is starting to make me feel like I am the only person who sees that this election cycle is nuts.
This Presidential election is looking to be a choice between two terrible options... I will outline all of my demographics followed by my thoughts and I would really like to hear some alternative opinions because as a regular ass voter, I see nothing but terrible options from the two parties and I am starting to feel like I am the only one who sees that the current political landscape is a total shit show.
Demographics: Ethnicity: Caucasian Gender: Male Age: 35 Occupation: Military Officer Education: BS (it was a bullshit degree but also a bachelor of science) Relationship: Married (divorced once but I deserved it. I was a total shithead the first time) ... happy to provide any other demographics but at the end of the day I am a regular American with a regular salary, a regular job, a regular everything else.
Biden Let me start off by admitting that I was wrong about this guy. I voted for him in the last election because I felt like President Trump was unstable as fuck and presidential policy should not be posted on social media or be based on how one man is feeling that particular day. Biden promised a lot, I didn't expect much from him, to be honest, but I had hoped that we would at least get a president who was able to fill the role at a basic level. I was not looking for Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln. I was simply hoping for a President who would show up to work, have a reasonable foreign policy, who would put some pressure on the corporations and their CEOs making millions of dollars, and who would address the issues that the majority of Americans were dealing with like student loans, health care, unfair taxes, and loopholes that benefit the 1% and fuck the 99%. End of the day I was hoping that he would look out for the 99 and not the 1%. So far we have got some good and bad in terms of policy... he got us out of the war in the middle east even though that was completely fucked up... poor planning... total rush to failure. Thank God that more people were not killed or injured and God bless those service members who sacrificed all for this shitty plan, they were patriots and I am thankful every day that we have Americans like them willing to "stand the watch." He got some relief for parents who could use the help financially when times were tough during covid but he totally fucked it up when he fumbled the ball when it came to supporting the unions like the rail workers, amazon, etc, he fucked up student debt relief (we shouldn't ONLY forgive loans...we need to address the outrageous price tag on education in addition to the loans)... He appointed Mayer Pete who had one job as Transportation Secretary and totally fucked that up by prioritizing his image over actually dealing with airline travel (I am a pilot so a bit read in on this topic... he screwed the pooch on this one), trains, and the supply chain.... he also has been a bit short sided on Ukraine support.... (Ukraine deserves independence but there needs to be an explanation of what we are getting as taxpayers for our money... Please explain to me what the return on investment is for the billions we are spending. I do not have an issue with spending our tax dollars on helping make the world a better place but I need to know how my $50B+ is making a difference before you spend it.) Also his sons.... Beau was a naval officer who allegedly did a bunch of drugs.... should have been booted out of the military and Hunter absolutely took dirty money and it was all covered up. President Biden may not have been involved in any of that but at the end of the day, all of the sins of his sons were covered up for the benefit of their father.
Trump As a white male military officer, I thought I was definitely a Republican before this guy came into office. I mean come on, I was basically their prime demographic. At least that is what I was told my whole adult life. I was unsure when he was elected as I thought this was a publicity stunt. Then he put "Mad Dog" Mattis in office as the Sec Def and I thought "America, Fuck YEA!" he had a bunch of crazy ass tweets and I wrote most of them off because I trusted that General Mattis and the rest of the cabinet would keep the country on the right track. And then he fired Mattis. This was the point when I realized this dude is a sociopath who only cared about being "right". He gave no fucks about what the correct decision was... all he wanted was to be "right." The most respected military General since Colin Powel was fired/resigned from the office of Sec Def under President Trump.... This was shocking. But who knows what happened behind closed doors.... perhaps this was for the best. Then the election and Jan 06. And since then this dude has been the sorest loser I have ever seen. It has been 3 years and he is still talking about how the election was stolen and if you disagree with him he will blackmail you into agreeing with him or he will support your opposition candidate. Fuck this dude. That is not how democracy works..... I do not disagree with his foreign policy as a military officer... He made some solid decisions regarding China and his critique of NATO was not completely incorrect. He said things and made decisions that others were afraid to say and do and I was into it but he also said and did things that was I absolutely not into... if you want America's help then there has to be some benefit to the American taxpayer... if you want to fuck around and find out with OPEC and your pilot students shooting up an American Military Base... then enjoy fighting your wars with Iran on your own.... I full-heartedly believe that the American Tax Payer should see a return on investment for their taxes but President Trump seems to only actually give a shit about his own personal gain. Let's not be naive, his son-in-law totally got paid off by Mohammed bin Salman. He 100% had the support of the Putin regime. He gave himself and his buddies tax breaks that he did not afford the 99%. He said a lot of crazy shit. This guy is nuts and doesn't give two shits about the 99%. He will gladly give you a MAGA hat for your donation but when it comes to actual policy, he has shown that he will take your money, put some in his own pocket, some in the pockets of his friends, and then give you just a little bit back so that you feel like you got the good end of the deal.....The average American made much less than the 1%... he gave you some back in covid relief to make you forget that you were getting royally fucked.
I am not running for president but if I was this would be my platform... in other words, this would be the platform that I wish we could vote for!
There are a lot of other policies that we can go through here and no POTUS is going to have all the answers (that's why he or she needs a strong cabinet). I hope that there is some discussion started here... but at the end of the day.... the two candidates that we are likely looking at are both unfit. We deserve some quality candidates and not the old crazy reality TV star and the Old washed-up politician with a terrible VP. Give me someone reasonable to vote for, please!
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2023.06.02 05:06 k_thed 2017 Sunroof Issues

I’m hoping someone can help me out here. Last week, my wife’s 2017 Explorer sunroof got stuck open unexpectedly while she was at lunch one day. I didn’t realize that was a common issue on these Explorers because we’ve literally never had a problem with it at all and it gave no indication or symptoms of failure.
She got about halfway home and tried the button again and it closed flawlessly. I started researching and realized this issue is more common than I realized (which was a relief because I was thinking the worst with a broken track or something along those lines).
So I ordered a replacement motor (Motorcraft brand) from RockAuto and received it. Pulled everything apart to swap it out and realized I had gotten the wrong motor. Ordered the correct one and it arrived today so I went back to put everything back together this evening. Got the new motor installed and attempted the reprogram procedure for it— this is where I ran into problems.
Doing the door open, ignition on, then off, then back on, pressing the tilt button and releasing then pressing and holding again. Both times when I press the button the glass moves backwards about 1/2” and stops. When I release and press and hold it, does the same thing. I’ve tried every combination I can think of, but it will only move back. Now, it’s standing completely open and can’t go back any further. If I let it sit with the ignition on for like 10 seconds and press the buttons, I can hear the motor click, but it won’t do anything else.
Luckily we have a garage so the car is covered but I can’t find anywhere showing this as being a problem with the relearn procedure. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the new motor and starting over, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery on the car and starting the procedure over. Nothing works. So now the sunroof is wide open again, and I don’t exactly know what to do now aside from tucking my tail and scheduling an appointment with my local dealer to see if they can resolve the issue which I’m afraid will result in them telling me this new motor is bad and needs to be replaced again or some nonsense. (Mind you, I called them to price a motor before I ordered one online and they told me that same Motorcraft glass motor was $485. It was $135 from RockAuto and it arrived in a Motorcraft labeled box with Motorcraft stickers on it.)
Any advice or help would be appreciated!
UPDATE: took the new motor out and swapped back in the old motor to see what would happen. When I initialize the learning procedure, it’s wants to try and tilt the glass up even though it’s in the fully open position. It’s like it’s binding up and wanting to tilt up and slide forward at the same time. I have no clue what I’ve done here. I don’t know why it would only slide backwards when I tried to initialize the new motor and now it’s like it’s stuck and can’t figure out what to do.
What a pain in the ass. I’ve had countless vehicles with sunroofs and never had a single issue. I guess I was long overdue.
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2023.06.02 05:03 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/1/2023

Date: 06/01/2023
Reading time: 5 minutes, 1154 words

Azerbaijan spreads disinformation attempting to justify targeting farmers in Nagorno Karabakh

Azerbaijan is spreading disinformation falsely accusing the Artsakh Defense Army of breaching the ceasefire, the Defense Ministry of Artsakh warned. Azerbaijan's statement accusing the Defense Army units of opening fire on June 1, around 10:00 at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the occupied territories of the Shushi region.

Azerbaijan falsely accuses Armenia of opening fire

Ministry of Defense of Armenia denies Azerbaijan's accusation of opening fire in north-eastern part of the border. Armenia says Azerbaijan has spread a usual disinformation.
Armenpress, Armenia denies shooting at Azerbaijani positions

Artsakh President discusses existing challenges at extended consultations with government

President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan held an extended working consultation in the Government. Issues related to the military-political and socio-economic situation around Artsakh were on the agenda.

A tripartite meeting of the Deputy Prime Ministers of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan will take place in Moscow on June 2

Nikol Pashinyan: Tripartite working group of Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Mher Grigoryan, Russian Federation Alexey Overchuk and Azerbaijan's Shahin Mustafayev will meet in Moscow on June 2.
Armenpress, EU-mediated Armenia-Azerbaijan summit underway in Moldova

It seems that Armenia and Azerbaijan are not opposed to 1975 maps being used as basis for delimitation works. Pashinyan

Armenia and Azerbaijan, in all probability, are not opposed to the 1975 maps being used as a basis for the border delimitation works, says PM Nikol Pashinyan. The Almaty Declaration was signed in December 1991, after the collapse of the USSR. The Declaration was about countries recognizing each other's territorial integrity.

Pashinyan, Aliyev, Michel will meet again on July 21 in Brussels

Meeting of Nikol Pashinyan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and European Council President Charles Michel is planned for July 21 in Brussels. Issues related to the unblocking of regional transport and economic infrastructures, border delimitation and border security between the two countries were discussed.
Armenpress, Pashinyan, Aliyev, Michel to meet in Brussels on July 21

Speaker of Parliament presents Armenia’s red lines in talks with Azerbaijan

Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan ruled out signing peace treaty with Azerbaijan. He also ruled out providing Azerbaijan with any corridor through territory of Armenia. All centers that hosted the talks have expressed readiness to be guarantor for a peace treaty.
Armenpress, EU expects Armenia and Azerbaijan to reiterate political will to normalize relations

Problem won’t be resolved without Baku-Stepanakert dialogue, says Speaker of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan said direct dialogue between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan would also be highly important for Azerbaijan. If the dialogue fails to take place the problem won’t be resolved, he said. He added that international pressure and the international factor have big role.

Georgia supports Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks – PM Garibashvili

Georgian PM Irakli Garibashvili supports peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He said the peace talks are in the interests of the entire Transcaucasian region. Georgia played a highly important mediation role in 2021, after the Karabakh war, he said.

Armenian church leaders in U.S. call on Biden to stand firmly against any attempt to force Artsakh under Azerbaijan

The spiritual leaders of America’s Armenian Apostolic, Catholic, and Evangelical faithful have joined forces in a powerful public warning to President Biden. forcing Artsakh under Azerbaijan is a “death sentence for Armenians of this sacred land, home to 120,000 men, women, and children," the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) reported.
Armenpress, United Armenian Church leaders warn Biden that forcing Artsakh into Azerbaijan is a death sentence for Christian Armenians

European Political Community Summit: PM Pashinyan, Anna Hakobyan attend concert at Moldova Palace of the Republic

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has arrived in Chișinău, Moldova on a two-day visit. On June 1, the Prime Minister will participate in the second European Political Community Summit. He will have bilateral meetings with international partners.

Belarus aims to develop comprehensive partnership with Armenia – Lukashenko

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on birthday. Lukashenhenko says he looks forward to the development of a comprehensive Belarusian-Armenian partnership.

Volume of deposits, credits continues to grow; highest figure recorded in April

Deposits of Armenian commercial banks grew 31,21% in April 2023 compared to the same month of 2022. The total bank deposit portfolio of Armenia comprised 5 trillion 134 billion 447 million AMD.

14 patients transferred from Artsakh to Armenia with their companions through ICRC

14 patients transferred to Armenian specialized medical centers with the mediation and escort of the International Committee of the Red Cross. 14 children are in neonatal and resuscitation department in "Arevik" medical unit. At the "Republican Medical Center", 8 patients are in the intensive care unit.

Armenia, US to cooperate in nuclear safety

New agreement expands cooperation on nuclear and radiation safety regulation in the field of atomic energy use. It will contribute to the exchange of advanced experience and knowledge on security issues and the introduction of new technologies. The cooperation offered by the agreement is aimed at strengthening the regulatory infrastructure in Armenia.

Armenian, Azerbaijani FMs to meet in Washington on June 12

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan will take place on June 12 in Washington, USA. Ararat Mirzoyan and Jeyhun Bayramov will meet in the United States, he said.

Kazakh president congratulates PM Pashinyan on birthday

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev congratulates Armenia's PM Nikol Pashinyan on his birthday. He wishes him big successes for the benefit of Armenia’s prosperity and welfare. The Kazakh-Armenian relations are based on strong friendly ties.
Armenpress, Putin felicitates Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan on birthday, Russia appreciates constructive dialogue with Armenia: Putin congratulates Pashinyan on birthday

Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to Pashinyan

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent birthday greetings to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The Belarusian president said he looked forward to further constructive dialogue aimed at developing a comprehensive partnership with Armenia.

On the occasion of June 1st Karen Vardanyan provided 115 million drams to the parentless children of Yerevan

There are 461 beneficiary families registered in Yerevan, having orphans under the age of 18. The International Day for Protection of Children benefactor Karen Vardanyan donated the financial support of 250,000 drams.
Armenpress, On the occasion of June 1st Karen Vardanyan provided 115 million drams to the parentless children of Yerevan

Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan visits Consulate General of Armenia in Batumi

Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan visited Consulate General of Armenia in Batumi as part of her visit to Georgia. She was accompanied by the Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Ashot Smbatyan.

Azerbaijan should have no control over Lachin corridor, Armenian PM says

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said Azerbaijan blocked the Lachin Corridor since December. The corridor is not only a road, but also a 5 km wide safety zone, he said. The blocking is therefore illegal, the Prime Minister said.
Donations to Armenia:
Armenian Wounded Heroes
If you'd like to support me: Patreon
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2023.06.02 04:48 fingerlickingoodnyc [NY] Hit by police car, I'm mostly uninjured, is there still any compensation I could expect?

Location is New York state. I was driving a family member's car with them as the passenger while we ran errands. As I was making a left turn at a green arrow, a red-light runner sped past in front of me and I came to a halt. I saw pursuing police cruisers racing after them in my direction, and I kept the car stopped, only a few feet into the intersection, to remain predictable to the police so they could drive around me. One of them didn't make a tight enough turn and ended up crashing into the car I was driving.
The car is totaled and there's no doubt my family member will be compensated for the car's value. They have insurance for their vehicle and the claim is filed.
We both walked away without any obvious injuries, though we did go get checked out at urgent care later that day after initially refusing an ambulance but later thinking our necks felt sore. Now a week later, I think maybe I'm cracking my back and shoulders a little more than I had before, but again, no obvious signs of injury, and neither me nor my relative have noticed obvious mental trauma. I think I've felt a little more irritable generally, but not something substantial.
Please sympathize with me if this is a stupid question because I've never found myself in this situation, but would there be any sort of compensation I could still expect to receive from the police department or municipality as a victim of the accident? Although I didn't lose property and I'm not injured... is there such a thing as being awarded compensation just for being on the receiving end of that shake-up of an experience? Or compensation for something I haven't considered? I guess I feel confused about being hit by a car and thinking I should be entitled to something, but is that often not the case for uninjured occupants in a vehicle they don't own?
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2023.06.02 04:46 QuebecCopWatcher CDP - MAY 19, 2023
Agent GUILLAUME AUCLAIR , registration number 1164
Agent MARC-ANTOINE MONTMINY , registration number 1180
Agent CHRISTOPHE GAUDETTE , registration number 1034
Agent MICHAEL LÉONARD , number 1083
Members of the Laval Police Department
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2023.06.02 04:43 ActivityStrict8896 Tesla Finance Example

Tesla Finance Example
Wanting to share info for those who are curious about the fees, taxes and interest difference for $5k down or $10k down. I was approved today through Tesla finance . This purchase was made in CA.
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