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2023.06.06 20:52 subscriberverify Three SMS Marketing Sins That Will Kill Your Business

Let's confront the harsh truth: integrating a call-to-action (CTA) or mobile compliance language beneath a user information collection form might impact your conversion rates negatively.
However, if your lead-generation business leverages outbound calls or SMS text marketing, adhering to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) isn't a choice, it's a necessity. On the bright side, it's entirely possible to devise compelling express consent language that still motivates users to hit the "Submit" button.
Ignoring the implications of non-compliant practices can be a perilous gamble. Depending on the nature and the intent of your marketing, infringing upon TCPA can levy mandatory damages on your firm, ranging from $500 to $1500 per message. To put that into perspective, dispatching a mere 100 unsolicited text messages might cost you a staggering $150,000, and that's excluding legal fees. In 2022, about 2,000 U.S. companies found themselves embroiled in TCPA litigation, with some businesses having to settle TCPA claims for payouts running into millions.
To sidestep TCPA-related pitfalls and protect your revenue, steer clear of these three common yet fatal SMS marketing mistakes:
  1. Sending an SMS without securing "express consent", or your customers' explicit permission to receive texts. As a key player in the lead-generation industry, understanding compliance and collecting phone numbers within TCPA guidelines is essential.
  2. Neglecting to maintain express consent records for at least 4 years. Whether it's an individual or a collective group (in a class-action scenario), they can file a lawsuit up to 4 years from the date of receiving an unsolicited text message. Therefore, keeping these records for a minimum of 4 years is critical should litigation arise.
  3. Failing to retain transaction records when migrating SMS traffic from one short code or long code to another. This encompasses opt-outs, replies, and date/time stamps. Additionally, these transaction records need to be imported from your chosen SMS gateway service provider.
Despite these hurdles, there's a silver lining. Properly executed SMS marketing can be exceptionally effective. With the right strategies and access to high-quality data, we've seen SMS marketing campaigns in the lead-generation industry yield an astounding 5,000% ROI.
If you're accumulating mobile phone numbers without utilizing the immense potential of SMS marketing, conducting SMS marketing campaigns, and wishing to boost your ROI, or if you're unsure about the TCPA compliance of your express consent language, we're here to offer our assistance.
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2023.06.06 20:51 DuttonPeabody PIMO First Counselor Calls It Quits Part 2

First, allow me to say THANK YOU to all those commenting, responding, sharing your experiences and otherwise sending good wishes and wonderful vibes. I had no idea I would stike such a nerve with so many and the response has been overwhelming to say the least! Sharing my experiences here has been very therapuetic and I truly do appreciate the comments- I love the online community and there is indeed support to be found here.
Having said that, I'm also absolutely terrified! I'm not an eloquent speaker (or writer) by any stretch, and I fear that the ensuing continuation of my experience this past Sunday may be a let-down for some folks. I'm not trying to rack-up likes or faves or blue checkmarks or whatever the heck makes things work as they do on these social media sites. I tend to really ramble and sometimes my words and thoughts get the better of me, so my apologies if Part 2 isn't up to par. I'll do my best to stay focused as I write this but it may be a bit long.
Second, I really do love my Bishop and I'm not trying to paint him in any particular negative light because he really is a great guy and I consider him a friend. He is STRUGGLING to do what he thinks is right, in the name of Deity, out of a higher sense of purpose, to truly help when and where he can, with impossible mandates/expectations from higher leadership and all the while sacrificing his time and even his family to do it. He is a YES man through and through but I find NO PLEASURE watching someone devote so much and then on top of that have to deal with his own problems/anxieties/issues. And you should see the guy that's been his First Counselor the last few months! NO ONE should have to put up with that guy either! He really is a good guy, in fact all of our local leaders are fantastic people. I do think our ward and stake won Leadership Roulette with our Bishop and our Stake President, but alas, sometimes even they cannot see the forest for the trees, thus my posting this. I just wish I could've done more. So here goes..
So immediately following our Bishopric meeting this past Sunday, Bishop hurriedly dragged me into the Clerk's office to question me. I was admittedly nervous, but also thinking how long it would take before word-of-mouth spread to the rest of the ward. I have a vivid imagination and as I walked into the clerk's office, I was imagining the other members of the Bishopric texting their wives "Honey! You'll never guess what happened in Bishopric Meeting today!!" So I had a stupid grin as the Bishop began to question me. He simply asked what was up and I told him that I was going through quite a lot right now, and, of all the problems I was having that were BEYOND my control, my calling as First Counselor was something I COULD control. He asked me if there was any one particular reason why I thought I couldn't handle my calling and I told him there were several:
- I told him that our ward wasn't growing and that this was evident to me for several reasons (this becomes a very interesting if not humorous point in Part 3). Of all the units that meet in our building, ours is the only one that CLOSES the curtains to the overflow for our Sacrament Meetings. That Sacrament attendance has been steady if not in a slow decline for the last 2 years since they split our ward, and there is a clear dearth in leadership as a result. They gutted our ward and gerrymandered the boundaries just to create one additional unit. I've harped to him about this before because while we gave up half our active members and priesthood holders to 3 other units, we gained nothing but hundreds of inactive members on our roster while almost tripling the size of our ward boundaries. I mention this point specifically because it comes into play later. High Priests in our ward are few in number and finding such to fill leadership positions is a futile endeavor. This lack of priesthood holders, I think, is leading to some very desperate callings being made. Got any evidence Bro. Peabody? Yep: my very own calling. I reminded the Bishop that the Lord didn't call me, but HE did, simply out of desperation. And once Bishop realized I was having my own faith crisis, questioning so much about the church and having real serious issues about the organization HE STILL OFFERED ME THE CALLING. If that's not desperation I don't know what is.
- We average about 120 members or so attending Sacrament each week and that hasn't changed really since the Pandemic. So it's the SAME families each and every week, and yeah, the dread when I approach them to speak/pray is clearly evident. I told the Bishop I am tired of calling upon the "SAME TEN PEOPLE" each and every week.
- I have NEVER been trained as a counselor (was previously on the HC), will NEVER be trained as a counselor, and the calling as I understood it has drastically changed since I last served in a Bishopric in the mid 2000s. And the Handbook of Instructions is of NO HELP in this regard. The stake doesn't see fit to train us either and the SP and his counselors will be released this October so I doubt anything is coming down the Pike training-wise in the months ahead.
- I told Bishop that I have more than enough "duties" in my calling that I will NEVER complete/finish because the higher ups seem to think I live for this. I reminded him that while Church has been an important part of my life, Church IS NOT MY LIFE. I also reminded him that before I was set apart that I wasn't available for most of what HE thought I was responsible for, and that I was NOT the solution to his manpoweleadership problems. I agreed to do what I could, when I could but handling the Youth and supervising the Young Men were not my problem. I was trained my entire life in the Church to be a Scout Leader, and since the Church dumped the Scouting Program and all the good that went with it, I have no idea what this new youth program is about or what I am to be doing with it (see previous point about lack of training). When he reminded me that Young Men was part of my responsibilities, I reminded him once again what I agreed to before I was set apart. (I've posted this before, but it seems appropriate to again share this example of me pointing out the absurdity of some Church Leadership Decisions: Bishop was giving me the what for about how I was supposed to be doing X/Y/Z with the Young Men as part of my calling, and I told him "What you need Bishop, is to call a Young Men's President." [Very Long Pause] I continue in a very sarcastic voice while rolling my eyes- "Oh, yeah, that's right, Jesus told his One True Prophet to do away with that calling. I wonder why Jesus would do that?" If looks could kill, but he knew I was right, so I told him "Be that as it may, you CAN still call someone to do that calling, just don't call it YM President" and that's exactly what he did and the guy he called to do it is PERFECT for that role.)
- He asked me about what I would do to retain my relationship with God and Christ, and I told him it will be just like old times- that my family was left to our own selves during the Pandemic and we never felt closer to our Redeemer or Heavenly Father than during that time. Turns out Church needs us more than we need Church, and as for continuing that relationship, my faith is now on me, and will be more real than at any other time in my life, because it will be a faith through action, not just to put checkmarks into little boxes, or pass a quiz to gain entrance into an expensive white building.
- My faith crisis never went away. I may be more "mellow" as he puts it, but my life is way more chaotic then it was a few months ago. I don't sleep well, I have anxiety, I'm sure depression is part of that mix and my relationship with my wife isn't exactly the Cleaver Family ideal. Some of the things we talk about in Ward Council HAUNT ME. I mean it. I have actual nightmares about it. These are real people with real problems needing real help being discussed by people who aren't trained in such matters inviting themselves into other's problems with no real solutions and then patting themselves on the back for all the good they thought they did. WARNING: relevant true story coming. The sister missionaries in our ward were teaching a young unmarried couple. The young woman, an unemployed mother of 3 I think, really wanted to get baptized. The young man was a college student, owned the only car they had, and it obviously was a relationship of convenience. I think he had a part-time job while also trying to go to school so he was the only bread-winner of their little family. The problem of course is that this couple was COHABITATING. Gasp! They're living together, unmarried, in sin! The Sisters were advising her that in order to qualify for baptism, she would either have to marry the guy or leave him and they were leaning heavily that she should leave him. So the discussion in Ward Council was along the lines of how they could somehow convince her that this guy was nothing but trouble and she could do better, and that since they were having issues in their relationship, leaving him wasn't so bad. And right in the middle of that, in the midst of some levity of the moment I asked- "so how many kids does this mom have?" Sister missionary: 3. "And how old is the youngest?" An infant, maybe a few months old. "And who is the father of the youngest child?" This guy, the college student. And suddenly the room got very quiet. I looked at the Bishop and I said, "how does this work? In order for this young woman to be baptised, she has to leave the father of her youngest child. That poor baby will literally be orphaned from their father just so their mom can join the Church?! Where is Jesus' love in that?! And worse, since this would be a convert baptism, it falls not under the Bishop, but the local mission, so a 20 year-old Elder who has NO time invested with this woman would be making that decision, NOT the Sisters who have been working with the family. And that Elder would be looking to boost their baptism numbers at all costs, the needs of the infant to have a father in the home be damned! So she leaves the father, gets baptised and loses her only means of financial support and now it will be left up to the Church to take care of her?!" There was no more laughing in Ward Council. There were no smiles. Slowly the stupidity of the process was crossing their minds and the Sisters were slowly coming to the realization that they were breaking up a family just so one person could be baptized and a +1 added to their stats. THAT ONE CASE in Ward Council kept me up at night for the next several days, so yes, it truly HAUNTED me. Why did an infant child have to lose their real father just because their parents weren't married and the mom wanted to be baptized? It also pissed me off that I was the only idiot in the room to question the situation and what possible future outcomes could result for that child. I would like to say there was a happy ending, but, like so many other Ward Council outcomes, it will be taken up at the next meeting.
- I accepted the call more as a means of payment-in-kind for all those great and wonderful church leaders I had while in my youth, because our ward HURTS desperately for such leadership. You know, giving back and all that Jazz. And not just accept the calling but to do so knowing full well all of the problems and issues with the larger organization. I couldn't think of a better analogy but I asked Bishop if he ever believed in Santa Claus. He said he thinks he did, but it was too long ago. Did you ever write letters to Santa? Maybe. Well for me the Church is like Santa Claus. How did you feel when you realized that Santa Claus wasn't real? Multiply that horrible feeling times 250 billion (thanks Ensign Peak Advisors!) and that's where I am faith-wise. No amount of believing can bring Santa back to me, but I'm still a huge fan of Christmas- I like the smells, the food, the lights, the feelings. So I may not believe in Santa anymore, but I can still be a good elf and serve the cause of Christmas right? Mormon means "more good" and that's why I accepted the call. Bishop knew my baggage before I accepted so he was truly impressed I held it together for as long as I did, but neither of us were surprised.
- I told him I have even more issues with the Church then ever before. When my non-member neighbors, my non-member friends and my non-member co-workers are doing MORE in my community than my church, I have issues with that. When other churches in my community, with paltry resources compared to Mormon Inc., are doing more to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and visit those in prison than my church, I have issues with that. It's never been more plain to me what Jesus taught, and what we as a church should be doing yet WE ARE NOT. I was a Stake Auditor and I know exactly what our stake spent in this community last year ($25,591.82 for a city of 270K+). I told Bishop that I would be supporting those organizations in my community with both my time and money that at least are doing things to help people here. [That dollar amount is exact for the entire year of 2022 for ALL expenditures in our Stake. So that includes re-imbursements, YW's Camp as well as all Fast Offering expenditures to help those in need. So subtract the re-imbursements and other costs and you quickly see that even LESS was spent in our stake for the poor and needy than the paltry $25Kand change would suggest.]
- He asked if I wanted to be "left alone" and what future church involvement might be and I said I wasn't sure. My wife, who has been quite content not attending church, mentioned to me recently she might want to resume attending. I told Bishop we're not asking to have our names removed, and if nothing else, we're here and available for others who will soon be questioning their faith and perhaps can be supportive about that. I got a blank double-blink from him on that one!
He asked me if he could call the Stake President, which seemed silly to me. Of course! He's gonna find out sooner or later and probably needs to know! Our SP is currently in Europe and I cannot wait to hear from/visit with him about this. I spent about 12 minutes alone with the Bishop by which time other members of the Ward Council had arrived and then we headed into our next meeting. Now I really do love my Bishop and he's the one I feel most sorry for. He has shared with me some of the issues his own family is dealing with and I remind him constantly that HIS top priority is HIS family. And I feel for the 2nd counselor too. I love these men, they are great people yet they cannot see the forest for the trees sometimes. However, the best part for me about church Sunday, and maybe even with some schadenfreude added too, came during Sacrament meeting...
- End of Part 2 -
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2023.06.06 20:51 Affectionate_Table61 Part-time non customer service work besides warehousing that doesn't require experience if that even exists?

I'm based in London, England. I graduated from an economics degree last summer but I'm pursuing a web development career as a result of enjoying learning about it since the first lockdown. No luck yet with job hunt, didn't start until October because I was taking a break between end of exams and October. Current proper thing I'm going for is an IT apprenticeship with a university. I had an initial screening call today, sounds like the whole process will take at least a month (won't know if I've been put in for an assessment day for a week and a half and the assessment day won't be until the 29th so regardless I need a job for now).
Why haven't I done any part time work all this time? Looking back, I'm not even sure. I guess I was too comfortable with living off left over money under the illusion of being fully dedicated to finding a full-time job. I also don't know what part-time work would be something I'd actually manage as I'm a reserved person and don't see myself having the patience to deal with general public which seems to have gone worse since the pandemic.
Besides job hunting, I've been spending my time focusing on increasing my numbers at the gym and refreshing my coding ability through freeCodeCamp's JavaScript curriculum (since I failed a coding test somewhat recently which was for a web development internship with a start up). I also have my first shift of voluntary data entry tomorrow (just two hours a week but it involves using MS Access, hopefully it will fulfil me unlike the voluntary warehousing I did in August for a food poverty charity, I couldn't do more than two warehousing shifts because of how unstimulating that kind of thing is and they were only four hour shifts).
I'd like to hear as many ideas as possible for part-time work that might actually suit me. I'm willing to do 2-3 days a week while seeking something full-time in my desired career. I don't have anything against more physical or outdoor work, I just didn't enjoy warehousing - I'd gladly cut grass or or garden or something if I happened to come by an opportunity like that that doesn't need experience.
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2023.06.06 20:48 KiaraAuditore A senior Karen accuses me of violance in public

I (36f) am not the one to vent about things too often, but today something happened, and I really don't know what to do. It was basically encounter with local Karen, because I can't find any other description to her. Still the things she said about me and my mom...I need to vent it out and perhaps have some advice, because leaving it to be doesn't feel like an option. I have often read Reddit stories about entitled people etc, but never before thought I would actually end up in situation where having need to speak of it will bring me here to make a post. I'm not native English, so sorry for any mistakes.
A short backstory - my mom and I live in this small parish (I believe it's the correct word), population 653 people. I work in local social care center, my mom works in culture house, teaching people to sing. She have ensembles of various ages. Music has always been her one true passion, and she's devoting her entire time for it, in addition she also works with amateur theater, in short, everything creative.
In past couple of years, my mom's health has not been the best, she had been in hospital once, she had blood clots in both legs, she had serious surgery on one leg, the doctors were not even sure if they will manage to save it, thankfully they succeeded to save at least one artery. Currently she is in hospital again - this time the issue is caused directly by stress, and Karen was big part of the cause.
Anyway, this senior,I will call her Karen, (70+f) is well know for having gossiping tongue, she often stirs trouble between other members, etc. Typical country woman with too much free time on her hands. Short version of the issue that started it - we had annual season closing concert. After that, the ensembles were given cakes - one for 2 groups. After the concert, there was outdoor kitchen where Karen made the soup for everyone who came to listen the concert and all participants, children group included. My mom passed the cakes to two members of male vocal group and it was up to them to pass the cake to those who had to receive it.
A day or two later, Karen called my mom and began to yell and cuss at her for leaving right after concert and not bringing the cake to kids in person, claiming it was her personal duty to give them cake while they were eating soup. She was very rude, didn't even let my mom to explain anything, just yelled. I was right beside her and could see that she was getting really stressed out from this verbal assault, so I took the phone out of her hands, told Karen to shut her cakehole (no pun intended), and hung up. It was not the first time when Karen stirred trouble in senior group and out of it, but enough is enough, so I intervened and did not let Karen to continue the verbal attack.
3 days later, my mom developed serious breathing trouble. We called ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. Sadly, her absence doesn't mean the rehearsals have to stop, considering that we have summer solstice celebration coming up in June (with theater making performance - Karen is part of it too) and one event where male group have to sing. The keys to culture house are currently with me, because director is not local, so I went to unlock the door so both groups could rehearse their parts, both theater and men, and that's how today I came face to face with Karen.
Now, this is where I might be a bit of AH. While waiting for others outside, one of men asked me how's my mom - Karen was sitting a bit further away on a bench. I told what I knew, and she chimed in that it was caused by stress. I responded "And who's fault is it?" And that's when she fully leashed on me. I won't repeat everything she said, it would be too much and too long, but then she made the one mistake she didn't had to - that one thing she said was - (exact quote) "Your mother's life would've been much better if she had fed you as baby to pigs."
After that I took my phone out, turned video on and began to record - she saw it, laughed at me, didn't objected, mocked me by saying I'm probably gonna post it on Facebook, said she doesn't care - so by our laws at that moment the recording became very legal. Next thing, she literally accused me of assaulting my mother physically on regular basis, claiming my mother comes to work with black and blue face because I hit her, tormenting her mentally, and that each and every health issues she has, it's because of me and that I'm brutal person, entire community knows it and talks about it, and that I should keep my mouth shut because we are so poor and have begged money from people (that had happened few times when I didn't had job yet, and the minimal salary in our country wasn't raised to current amount, so yes, admit, there were times when people did helped us with food or money). She said several other mean things, but the violence accusation was the worst. She treated me like 12 years old, who dared to interfere with adult conversation, haughtily mentioning how many years she's been living here, how many years she had worked in one place (she's a cook in local school), and that I should respect her. She also made fun of the fact that I know other languages, like English, and mocked it as it's something to not be proud of at all. Her overall attitude was like she's from rich society top circle, and I'm poor beggar who should not even have rights to say a word to her, and Karen also did not liked the fact itself that I was talking back to her (at least at start, because once I began to record, I simply let her talk, only once or two asking some questions on purpose to coax her admit some more things she said before, so I would have them on camera).
My mom is my only family. Yes, I have reputation for being harsh, I don't take crap from other people, and especially when someone decides to be mean to my mom or give her unnecessary stress. Mom is one of those diplomatic people, always tries to get along with everyone which often results in people trampling over her, knowing that she won't retaliate. She will rather ignore people like Karen in order to keep things peaceful, and sadly it doesn't turn out well to her. I have seen how she looks every time when she comes home after senior group rehearsal - she's drained and exhausted, and even though she doesn't show it, I can see that the mean words and attitude they are giving her, does hurt her. And I am merely trying to protect her. I don't have any other family member, no father, no siblings, I'm very introvert, so I actually have only like one or two friends I talk to on daily basis. But I don't take it lightly when someone is messing with my mom and trying to upset her like this.
Right now I don't really know what to do about this. It seems like no-win situation. If I will try to fight back, it will establish Karen's opinion how awful I am, because she keeps pulling her senior card (in my opinion, being senior doesn't give free pass to be entitled and superior, behaving like she did) causing her trouble etc. If I won't do anything, it will establish her opinion anyway, because "if I don't fight back, it means I'm guilty and she was right in everything she said". Sadly going to police is very useless, I can do that and show them video, but it's just her words, and even though by the law it can be labeled as slandering, it still can not be enough grounds to have legal action against her. The video I took, had only one purpose - to have evidence she actually said that, so later she could not back out of it by claiming it never happened, despite at least 4 other people being present and hearing her words.
It happened yesterday. Today morning, I had another small encounter - I had unknown number calling me. Now, I never pick up unknown numbers, and everyone who knows me, knows that. If they need me, they text me. But since I had my laptop open in front of me, I typed the number in google just to see if it comes up (usually it doesn't). For my surprise it did - on gay dating site, it showed ad with a guy from nearby location looking for another guy to hook up. And contact number was same that was calling me. Of course, I did not responded, but I'm fairly sure it was related to this whole thing - Karen doesn't have internet herself, but she have best friend, another Karen (with nickname Titanic), and Karen #2 grandson is taking up after his grandmother, so do the math.
I really don't know what to do. Restriction order would be a good thing, but it's granted in domestic violence cases, which this isn't, so not really sure if I can have one for myself and my mom against this person. It's something that had gotten me very deeply hurt inside, and I really don't know what else to expect from person who thinks I should've been fed to pigs as baby. Any advice?
📷📷All reactions: 22
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2023.06.06 20:47 puff_puffash 34F 5'2 202lbs, white, Adult born premature with comorbidities. FL,Long post

Hi there, I am Ashley- I am 34 and I was born 1lb 6oz. I was 3 months early and stayed in the NICU for 3 months. I only really had fainting spells and seizures here and there into adulthood. I have ADHD. I have suffered a lot of physical trauma in the last few years from surgical error and an assault. prior to 2019 I had very few medical issues- and my decline has been progressive. I am now currently homebound, unable to drive anymore within the last year. I have lost most of the vision in my left eye. I found out I have a tumor on my brain behind my eye that is putting pressure on the back of my eye. I am living with chronic pain, chronic anxiety and I feel so isolated.i am so very grateful for the love and support from my family and close friends.. I am going to therapy weekly. I am trying to reach out and find support. I keep trying to tell my drs how I was born early and my neurological issues have really amplified since my nerve damage... but no one wants to listen. I guess I'd just like someone to listen.
I use a walker with a seat for stability and for a seat :)
First Seizure was in 3rd grade, Grand Mal. averaged a seizure every 2 years. my triggers are hearing or seeing anything medical surgical related. strobe lights.
I have Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disk Disorder, C-PTSD, I am anemic. I have neuropathy and now nerve damage from an SA. I am going through menopause. History of a TIA.

in 2019 after an exploratory surgery for suspected endometriosis- which was found and my right ovary was removed it was 3x the size...
January 2020- 6 months after the first surgery, I ended up needing an emergency total Hysterectomy because my uterus had prolapsed.
During the surgery, my body was placed in a position that tore my Acetabular Labrum.
I have not been placed on any sort of HRT and I am fully feeling the effects from menopause the first year was the worst IMO so far..
I didn't find out about the tear until months later when I hadn't been healing from the surgery.
I got an MRI arthrogram done and it showed the tear.
the day after that procedure I had an appointment with a new dr and I had a new patient consult...
I was SA'd and assaulted by the MA while he was injecting me with medication.
That has left me with C-PTSD, crippling anxiety, soft tissue damage, nerve damage and I feel this pain every single day.
In May of 2021 I had a TIA.
Was pushed back and forth from Orthopedic Dr to Surgeon and no one knew what to do with they pushed me off to pain management.
I went to pain management and was pushed for opioids- I said no because I am on the medical cannabis. It was then suggested I get a lumbar epidural for the pain relief in my lower body.
The procedure was rushed and I was not allowed to lay on the table, I was not given any instruction or what to look for. I fell asleep when I got home, woke up with a migraine- I googled everything myself and I saw that that was a common side effect.
(There is waaaaaayy too much to explain but I was calling the Drs for weeks after telling them about my symptoms and I was bullshitted and lied to and finally-)
I ended up in the hospital from a wet tap for a a blood patch done, that failed a couple days later. and since then-
All of my symptoms have progressed and my health has rapidly declined.
I started off with just vision issues in April/May, now I have lost most of the vision in my left eye.
I went to the hospital because I was losing my vision in September- did MRIS and they told me I have a meningioma on my brain behind my left eye. it's 2cm but it's showing mass effect.
I fell and fainted was November 2022- I had a concussion for weeks and went to the hospital for it, I still don't feel right.
I have been suffering from horrible vertigo and bedspins since.
When I was in the hospital twice so far this year, my imaging showed more mass effect and it shows that my spinal cord is being flattened.

I am just taking my medical cannabis (I lie in FL it is legal) I am prescribed but rarely ever need to take my Xanax 1mg I take my Prozac 80mg daily I am on Trileptal 300mg daily I take Atorvastatin since May 2021 40mg I take Iron and my biotin gummy.
I am in so much pain when I turn my neck, when I try to move....I shouldn't have to be stuck in bed.
I know I have so much going on, but this is my life....does anyone have any advice on where to turn now?
I just got approved for Medicaid and I have no idea who to turn to next. Because I don't know what to tackle first...
I appreciate whoever takes the time to read all this. I am very grateful.
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2023.06.06 20:46 Then_Ice_1353 I am done

I am done
Long story but worth the read I’m an 18(M) undocumented immigrant I turn 19 next year been here since I was 12 and ever since I was 13 I have been obsessively counting down the years till I would be 18 I promised myself the moment I turn 18 I won’t even spend a single day I would get a job and move out I would plan what I would do but it was all for nothing I graduated highschool at 16 and started college a day after I turned 17 there was a big scare when I got accepted to college that I wouldn’t be able to go because I didn’t have any papers and no processes were started to get me anything I was eventually able to get into college but I was classified as out of state and I also could not claim my scholarship the process for my papers did not start till 2022 I got into college fall 2021,in 2022 the I-130 was filed for me, my father is a textbook narcissist and my mother is an enabler, i remember when we were applying and I told him we should go for bachelors degree not an associates because that’s what we came for and he started hitting me, if I were to sit here and say all the things he does this text would be longer than it should, my mistake when I was 13 was that I trusted that they would have my papers ready before 18 and I did not know how important they were, after I turned 18 I decided to look at what happens after the I-130 (they thought I-130 gave green card)and I found out that we were basically doing the process wrong so I told them and it ended up in yelling and name calling almost a year later may of this year the immigration lawyer said exactly what I said one year ago now we are one year behind they didn’t even bother bringing up what I said my words must really mean nothing to them, what prompted me to write here today is that my grandma came from Nigeria I love my grandma and I thought now that she is here he would hide his narcisstic tendencies but boy was I wrong we were waiting for him Sunday morning because he woke me and my brother up for church and out of nowhere he says he was going to take all our electronics to his office for 7 days even my laptop he didn’t buy when we got back I hid my laptop and left the rest of his devices but come Monday he still demanded for it so we went to our grandma and told her I thought she was with us until we got to talking to him and she actually gave him permission to take my laptop because I live in his house like I have any options since I have zero documents she also made us do this cultural thing where we bow down to say sorry to him, I was in shock she just powered up a narcissist but she was still able to make it so that he didn’t take anything anywhere, I am going to talk to my grandma again today because I was not able to get a word in as he lied and said all I care about is “games” now that we have our stuff back a person who truly only cared about game or was addicted would leave it be but no narcissist know how to twist the situation he has used his trump card now I can talk and tell her the real issue, I have so much more to say but this has gone on for too long already
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2023.06.06 20:44 ThrowRA-12734785 AITA for making someone lose out on a commission?

So first time apartment hunting. I was talking to this one woman, Sally about seeing a place. I really liked it and asked about seeing it but she didn’t respond right away and I was in the area so I checked the listing directly online and a different agent, John, gave me remote access to it. It’s not like he gave me the tour himself, I just called and he gave me the access code of the building and I went and checked it out myself.
Anyways, I loved the place and called him after I left to talk about it some more but he didn’t pick up. At that moment, Sally texted me saying she could do a showing. I told her right away that I already saw it and was interested in it. She texted me back immediately about the details and now she’s my agent for the place since I completed the application with her. Whilst texting, she did say that it would be better to stick to one agent. Tbh, I wasn’t even thinking about commission or anything-John hadn’t texted me back and I wanted to put the application in ASAP since it’s a really nice place. So I said I’d use Sally as my agent. John did call and text afterwards but honestly I just didn’t response until today (I saw the place yesterday).
I called today after he texted “please call me back.” He wasn’t shouting but he was definitely rude and asked why I hadn’t responded to him and why he saw on his GC that Sally was my agent. I explained to him that it was more of a convenience thing since I wanted to put in an app right away. I did say I’m sorry briefly but explained that I just needed quick responses. He said he wouldn’t make a stink about it or do anything to my application but said I was taking away his commission and bread and butter. And that for future it wasn’t great practice and then he hung up before I could respond.
This is nyc jest time apartment hunting so I’m not sure what to think. I feel like I would be an Ah if he’d gone out of his way to show me the place but all he did was give me the access code. And Sally was the first person I reached out to anyway, she was the one who sent me a video of the place after the first place didn’t work out for me and she’s been good with answering questions. But I’m not sure if I was an AH to John. I also wasn’t really thinking about anyone’s commissions at all. Maybe that makes me AH too.
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2023.06.06 20:44 Then_Ice_1353 I am done

Long story but worth the read I’m an 18(M) undocumented immigrant I turn 19 next year been here since I was 12 and ever since I was 13 I have been obsessively counting down the years till I would be 18 I promised myself the moment I turn 18 I won’t even spend a single day I would get a job and move out I would plan what I would do but it was all for nothing I graduated highschool at 16 and started college a day after I turned 17 there was a big scare when I got accepted to college that I wouldn’t be able to go because I didn’t have any papers and no processes were started to get me anything I was eventually able to get into college but I was classified as out of state and I also could not claim my scholarship the process for my papers did not start till 2022 I got into college fall 2021,in 2022 the I-130 was filed for me, my father is a textbook narcissist and my mother is an enabler, i remember when we were applying and I told him we should go for bachelors degree not an associates because that’s what we came for and he started hitting me, if I were to sit here and say all the things he does this text would be longer than it should, my mistake when I was 13 was that I trusted that they would have my papers ready before 18 and I did not know how important they were, after I turned 18 I decided to look at what happens after the I-130 (they thought I-130 gave green card)and I found out that we were basically doing the process wrong so I told them and it ended up in yelling and name calling almost a year later may of this year the immigration lawyer said exactly what I said one year ago now we are one year behind they didn’t even bother bringing up what I said my words must really mean nothing to them, what prompted me to write here today is that my grandma came from Nigeria I love my grandma and I thought now that she is here he would hide his narcisstic tendencies but boy was I wrong we were waiting for him Sunday morning because he woke me and my brother up for church and out of nowhere he says he was going to take all our electronics to his office for 7 days even my laptop he didn’t buy when we got back I hid my laptop and left the rest of his devices but come Monday he still demanded for it so we went to our grandma and told her I thought she was with us until we got to talking to him and she actually gave him permission to take my laptop because I live in his house like I have any options since I have zero documents she also made us do this cultural thing where we bow down to say sorry to him, I was in shock she just powered up a narcissist but she was still able to make it so that he didn’t take anything anywhere, I am going to talk to my grandma again today because I was not able to get a word in as he lied and said all I care about is “games” now that we have our stuff back a person who truly only cared about game or was addicted would leave it be but no narcissist know how to twist the situation he has used his trump card now I can talk and tell her the real issue, I have so much more to say but this has gone on for too long already
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2023.06.06 20:43 HotEntranceTrain Time series analysis in trading using AI

Time series analysis is a way of studying how data changes over time. It can help us understand the patterns and trends in the data, and also make predictions about the future. Time series analysis is widely used in many fields, such as finance, economics, retail, and more.
One of the applications of time series analysis is trading. Trading involves buying and selling financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, etc. Traders use time series analysis to analyze the historical prices and volumes of these assets, and to identify opportunities and risks in the market.
However, time series analysis can be challenging for several reasons. First, time series data can be noisy, irregular, non-stationary, and affected by many factors. Second, time series data can be high-dimensional, meaning that there are many variables to consider at each time step. Third, time series data can be dynamic, meaning that the relationships between the variables can change over time.
To overcome these challenges, some traders use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their time series analysis. AI is a branch of computer science that aims to create machines or systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. AI can help traders with time series analysis in several ways:
These are some examples of how AI can help traders with time series analysis. However, AI is not a magic solution that can guarantee success in trading. AI still has limitations and challenges, such as data quality, interpretability, robustness, ethics, etc. Therefore, traders should use AI as a tool to complement their human expertise and judgment.
Time series analysis is a useful technique for trading that can help us understand and predict the behavior of financial assets over time. However, time series analysis can also be difficult due to the complexity and variability of the data. AI can help traders with time series analysis by using advanced machine learning methods to learn from data and generate insights. However, AI also has its own challenges and limitations that traders should be aware of.
If you want to learn more about this topic or other topics related to machine learning for finance, you can check out some of these resources:
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2023.06.06 20:40 snowlights New and worsening mottling?

I've never officially been diagnosed with dysautonomia itself, to be up front, but have always had numerous symptoms that align. I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, and chronic migraines (though the migraines are under better control lately so I can likely lose the "chronic" part). I suspect I have undiagnosed POTS and possibly MCAS, but haven't been able to seek specific testing for those.
This past year I've been feeling significantly worse than my version of normal. I was first diagnosed with CFS/ME two decades ago when I was in highschool, and not long after was forced to temporarily drop out because I was physically unable to go. I'm no stranger to feeling like shit and have long been very aware of what my body is doing, just not the "why." I have essentially all of the CFS/ME and fibromyalgia symptoms, plus others my doctor couldn't figure out, like permanent spots in my vision after a bad flu in 2017 and phantom smells (wet cardboard anyone?). There are probably countless times when I should have seen a doctor or gone to the ER, but I'm very used to being dismissed as a hypochondriac, and I often can't tell when something is serious enough to go because I literally always feel like shit anyway.
My doctor retired in early 2022, and there is bit of a medical crisis where I live, so I no longer have a doctor and can't find one. I'm lucky if I can get 5 minutes over the phone with a walk in clinic to renew my prescriptions. I'm going to try the walk in soon, but I feel like I need some preparation to make use of the 5 minutes they give me, and am hoping I can get some additional insight from this subreddit. What do I need to say to get my point across, that something is wrong and I need to be taken seriously?
What has changed this last year or so:
What's new:
I don't think I have caught covid, I've always been careful about wearing snug N95 masks in public and have no social life. It's possible I was sick with covid at some point and just didn't notice because I already have so many flu-like symptoms day to day. Also, I broke out in serious hives on my arm and chest from my Pfizer vaccines (first two doses) and the rashes lasted a week or two. The third one was Moderna and I had no reaction that time. I've never reacted to other vaccines in the past so I can't guess as to why these were problematic aside from my immune system not reacting normally?
My (retired) doctor would send me for bloodtests once a year just to make sure everything was looking okay, so I have no real reason to believe I'm deficient in anything like iron or B12, my diet hasn't changed much since the last tests and I still take supplements (multi, B, D, C, K2, magnesium). My A1C has also always been very good so diabetes was never a concern. Thyroid results have always been normal. My doctor usually included testing immunoglobulins which were always within normal ranges, but I'm not sure if me having to take allergy meds daily would influence some of those results. My only results that were of consistently of concern was the CRP, which is a bit non specific, but it was normal in 2021, from my last set of bloodtests.
Any suggestions on what I can try to request when I manage to see a doctor? How do I word things so they understand I'm not just whining about being a little uncomfortable? I'm just so fucking tired. I'm tired and sick of feeling like I constantly have the flu and not being heard. Appreciate any help you guys can offer.
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2023.06.06 20:40 Ad-Nauseam91 2020 Madone SLR 6 Speed (3k) vs. 2023 Emonda SL 6 AXS (4k)

Some quick background - looking for my first big upgrade to my road bike. I have been getting into triathlons so the Madone Speed is interesting for that, since i'm not ready to get a dedicated TT bike, but also expect to ride either bike often as a traditional road bike, so view that as a nice 'pro' to the madone but not deal breaker.
2020 Madone SLR 6 Speed:
2023 Emonda SL 6 AXS:
High-level summary in my eyes:
Thanks all and look forward to any thoughts!
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2023.06.06 20:39 PodCatt Advice for Cats with Humans who Break Up?

So I care very much about the well-being of my cats, to the point that this has been giving me anxiety attacks: I'm likely going to be breaking up with my bf soon. We adopted 2 cats during the course of our relationship (December 2020 and March 2021), and I'm worried about how much pain I'll be causing them.

TL;DR: Bf's cat is attached to both of us (him slightly less), and doesn't seem to like my cat. My cat is attached to me, but seems to love bf's cat. Our first cat, who I'll call "Kitty," was chosen and paid for by my bf. She was a year old and was raised as a house cat, so she loves people but doesn't seem to like our second cat too much. Our second cat, who I'll call "Kitten," was chosen and paid for by me about 4 months later. Kitten was 7 months old when I adopted her, and she was a stray. She was not fond of humans when I first got her, but she really bloomed when she met Kitty. She followed Kitty everywhere and seemed to take cues from her on "how to be a house cat." She doesn't seem quite as attached to Kitty anymore, but still takes some cues from her. She also seems to be trying to get Kitty to like her- she will go up to Kitty and groom/rub her- and Kitty will sometimes reciprocate, but she usually seems annoyed. They get into tiffs on occasion and Kitten seems to be bullied by Kitty during these tiffs (Kitty will chase Kitten into a corner and Kitten will have flattened ears and sometimes hiss), so I can't tell how attached they are to each other.

So... it's probably pretty clear that Kitty will go with my bf and Kitten will go with me, based on who adopted who. I will say that Kitten is much more attached to me than to my bf, and Kitty is probably equally attached to us (maybe a bit more to me). But is it cruel to separate Kitten from Kitty? Should I let them both stay with my bf?I feel very sad because it's not their fault that their humans can't get along. I won't make this mistake again- I shouldn't have adopted pets with someone who wasn't a sure thing.
I would love any advice on what the right thing for them is, and also how to help them adjust if they do end up separated. TIA.
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2023.06.06 20:39 PedroFSO The Diablo IV GeForce RTX 40 Series Bundle Help

Hello, i bought a RTX 4070 GAMING X TRIO 12G and one of the reasons i upgraded from a 2070 was that it came with a Diablo 4 key.
Sadly the GPU was dead on arrival and by the store rules they gonna swap it for another new one (exact model) but it will take a little bit more than a week. I have some days off this week that i would like to sink in the new Diablo.
Im going for a leap of faith here, any kind soul with a RTX 4070 interested in helping and willing to redeem it for me?
Im from west Europe, due to the codes being region locked.
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2023.06.06 20:39 ScurvyBay I've got a European eShop download code for DLC

I've got a European eShop download code for DLC
I have a download code for the DK DLC for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but it only works on the European eShop. I don't live in Europe. So I'm giving it away. I'm posting it here and the first person who redeems it gets it. You're welcome.
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2023.06.06 20:37 Best_ofGaming Call of Duty 1 Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty Part 7 Alps Chateau

Call of Duty 1 Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty Part 7 Alps Chateau submitted by Best_ofGaming to AdvertiseYourVideos [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:33 NA-1_NSX_Type-R Looking for chrome or vs code extension that overlays visual representation of css on screen

Hi there,
I’m a newb who is still learning but i’m looking for an extension that would give me a visual representation on screen as an overlay on the site i’m working on to show the css. Like padding and such.
I found a vs code ext called css preview. but i want something that overlays on my site to see how these properties effect it.
I’m aware of inspect element, i just wish I had something more visual and quicker to do it.
Any suggestions for extensions for chrome or vsc that do this? Like perhaps in vsc from live server ?
Pardon my newb-ness. I’m a visual learner so everything helps to see in front of me how it works.
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 20:33 piQ5o Trying to kill a subprocess when it is running within a "while" statement

hey all -
working on a project and am just stumped. Here's the situation:
Python script is running on a Raspberry Pi when one of the GPIO's is switched to LOW I call a That process runs for about 60seconds. What i need to do is that if that GPIO is returned to HIGH, i want to kill the process... I'm not good enough to figure out how to break/kill that subprocess during the time that it's running... if the GPIO stays low, I need the script to continue to run but wait() for the process to continue...

EDIT: The code below is shorthand - not expecting it to run.
I've tried a new While, if, try/except...
Hoping I've given enough information here is basically what it looks like:
while True:
if GPIO.input(23) == GPIO.LOW:
p = subprocess.Popen(record, shell=True)
if GPIO.input(23) == GPIO.HIGH: raiseException
print("here's the pid %s" %
else: p.wait()
except CustomException:
I'm confused just typing this... don't think/know if the try-except approach is the right one, etc. hopefully I provided enough for better minds to solve!
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2023.06.06 20:33 Adonandr Where Heaven Meets Earth: Exploring the Mystical Arctic Pole

Behold the Arctic Pole, a realm of ethereal beauty where icy landscapes blend with the infinite sky. Here, amidst the frozen expanse, nature's raw power reigns supreme, shaping a world of breathtaking wonders. From the dancing Northern Lights to the resilient wildlife that calls this place home, the Arctic Pole reveals the harmony of extremes. As we stand in awe of its vastness, let us remember our duty to protect and preserve this fragile sanctuary for generations to come. Venture into this mesmerizing realm and discover the boundless magic of the Arctic Pole.
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2023.06.06 20:31 SubstantialAd9766 software and econ background, but looking to do whatever

need a job, my current position isn't doing it for me, preferably software but if not at this point I am willing to do data entry or anything that I can do from a computer albiet until I find a software gig, working as a resueracher I had contributed to several papers, with the professor with whom I was working never metnioning my name. I don't wish to be mistreated anymore.
Cumulative GPA: 3.6
Siena College, Loudonville, NY
BA in Computer Science and Economics December 2020
Programming Experience
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, React.js, bootstrap, Node.js, Express,Java, Nextjs,Tailwinds,Typescript
MongoDB, MySQL, Stata, Python, and R (statistical computing)
Relevant Links: LinkedIn(, GitHub(
Work Experience
WEL, Software Engineering Intern, Siena College, Loudonville, NY June 2020 – December 2020
● Corroborated in a team of 4 to develop a web application using React and sampled viability of component layouts as dictated by web designers
● Conducted rigorous stability and reliability testing through JestJs and ensured implemented code was responsive in both mobile and desktop format (subject to NDA)
Sage Journals, Research assistant t September 2021- present
● Used JavaScript visualization libraries (D3.js) to present data outcomes of research conducted with regards to the rise of kleptocracy in the developing world
● Used MySQL and Stata to run data analytics efforts and compiled results for presentation in an academic publication
Infinity Wealth Management, Software Engineering Intern, Denver March 2021 - September 2021
● Implemented a new front-end for the IWM’s proprietary investment simulation portal with React, and auxiliary JS graphing libraries, resulting in a 20% increase in engagement amongst clients
● Implemented a dashboard system using Ant design pro, React, and auxiliary tools to consolidate streams of data the firm relied on into a single body
● Ported web-applications into executables, optimizing ease of use for less technically inclined employees resulting in smoother workflow
Campus Involvement/Leadership
Siena Research Institute, Research Consultant May 2018 - June 2018
● Collected voting preferences from individual potential voters via phone call and assessed accuracy and quality of information provided
Club Vice President, Economics Student’s Association September 2018 - May 2019
● Organized invitations to respected academics from different institutions
● Routinely gave talks regarding economic development and the vagaries of FDI inflows
● Performed managerial duties which included recruitment, training and development of members
ITS, Student Consultant May 2019 - September 2019
● Installed software & certificate updates and provided IT support for students and faculty
Awards & Certifications
● Presidential Scholarship, Siena College, Loudonville, NY August 2016 - December 2020
● Certifications: Web developer bootcamp, MySQL, Responsive Web design, React
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2023.06.06 20:29 Best_Algae2346 Playstation 4 Pro temperature too hot error message

So I have PlayStation 4 Pro, ever since I got it (brand new in box December 2019) it has been so loud, no kidding, it sounds like I'm mining bitcoin or some shit. It was a gift with a phone contract so I couldn't return but alot of people say its common with this version so I thought nothing of it. It only seems to be loud when I'm playing a big game ( like call of duty) and used to run quiet on minecraft untill we put our world on server since the world was way too big to run (it's not as bad on mc but it's got progressively worse as the world got bigger).
It has been cleaned thoroughly about 3 months ago, took it apart, new thermite paste of the cpu, the whole shabang. It was a little quieter for a while. Now for the past 2-3 weeks it's been showing an error message when I load call of duty, saying the temperature is too hot and to turn it off, the message is dismissable so that's what I've been doing.
So today, load in, start a game, error message, dismiss it, 2 minuets later the whole thing shut down. Loaded her back up and to my surprise it actually turned on but it sent me to the setup page (language, Internet settings ect, like it's a fresh ps) went through the settings, and all of my games are still there (also to my surprise). Been signed out of my ps account and had to setup Internet again.
I'm gonna try and go into a game after I posted this but I feel like it's gonna shut down, what parts do I need to fix my baby?
Also a note, it's not overly hot ( we'll I say that but it's the same temperature it's always been when running a big game) also the fan holes aren't covered and it's well ventilated, faced flat down and not on it's side.
Tia for the advice.
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2023.06.06 20:29 BlueShades_11 Unused argument error when using map function

Unused argument error when using map function
I'm trying to read in a folder of .txt files together so I can manipulate them all at once. I'm running into an unused argument error in the map function "unused argument (path = as.character(.x))"
This code worked for me in the past while reading in a folder of csv files. Should I be using a different function other than read_csv? I was able to read in an individual txt file with read_csv so I figured it would work here as well. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
Here is my code:
LowerArrayDetectionFiles2021 <- list.files(here("2021_Long_Creek_Array_Downloads/Lower_Long_Creek"), full.names=TRUE) Lower_Array_Data_2021 <- data.frame(fullpath = LowerArrayDetectionFiles2021 , filename = basename(LowerArrayDetectionFiles2021)) %>% separate(filename, into=c("MasterController", "Initials", "Array", "Date"), sep="_") %>% mutate(data = map(.x=fullpath, ~read_csv(path = as.character(.x)))) %>% unnest(data)
Above is a screenshot of one of the individual txt files.
below is a screenshot of my error in the console as well as the data frame created by running the code without the mutate and unnest lines.
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