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2023.06.07 20:17 pickledquestions Looking for this specific video

Looking for this TikTok, help!
It’s a couple, a tall black guy and short white girl. They’re doing a cringey POV to a song where they hug, and notice a girl smoking, and tell her to stop basically but the lyrics of the song are them “talking” and there’s words on the screen that say “we’re worried about you!”
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2023.06.07 20:17 GatorBoy26 Questions about mastering related to Ozone.

This is my first post in the community but a longtime follower, you are all so helpful. Thank you for sharing your insights.
I have been struggling with mastering for a bit now. I have Ozone 10 Advanced and have had some pretty good success with that tool. Specifically in terms of loudness, and balance. However, I am noticing 100% of my mixes lack “fullness” or “warmness”.
Is a “maximizer” the area that will be providing that fullness? Is it an Equalizer thing? Or just a combination of everything?
I feel like I am so close but when I compare my song to others in my same category, mine sounds sharp, and dull.
Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 20:16 grandstandtrash Facing the music

This year I'll be 31. I've spent my life convincing myself I'm better than my parents, and I'd never be like them especially when it came to alcohol. I know my mother never meant harm, but I remember being little and having to deal with an angry drunk for a father and a mushy lush for a mother. I'm a mother now. My baby is still young enough that he won't remember mommy drinking whole bottles of wine or too much gin. He doesn't know why some mornings we watch a lot of TV and mom won't read him his books. I don't want this life for us. My husband hates when I drink. We've had many conversations about it, and Ive just been in denial that i should stop all together. It's always a conversion where I say I'll cut back. I do for a little, but it always resurfaces. I stopped while I was pregnant. Why is it so hard to stop for myself?
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2023.06.07 20:16 DKrame2 Pitch Correction Live

This has been bothering me for a while and I still can’t figure it out. Does Matty use pitch correction for entirety of their shows? There are songs where Matty is clearly using auto tune or pitch correction and it’s not subtle and intentional, we all now these songs. Then there are songs where it’s obvious but not intentional but likely used because he can’t sing it well live, prime example of this is I Always Wanna Die. Then I hear him sing songs like Oh Caroline and I’m in Love with You and while I can’t clearly pick up on the pitch correction I can’t help but think his vocals sound a little too perfect, especially consider older performances where he is really pitchy. I’ve seen plenty of speculation but do we know the truth? By the way this doesn’t change my opinion on him as a singer in terms of delivery, which is excellent.
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2023.06.07 20:15 No_Introduction_1561 Is it weird for friend to want you to meet their mother after the first time of meeting them?

I (23F) decided to make a friend (23F) on bumble. She seems really nice but sort of sheltered since she’s been homeschooled since 7th grade. We plan on meeting up soon and said her mom will want to meet me because she’s overprotective. I don’t mind meeting her mother eventually but I don’t even know if we’ll click yet in person. I also haven’t had to do anything like this since I was a kid. Am I wrong for feeling like this is weird?
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2023.06.07 20:15 untimely-meditations For anyone who likes Chet Atkins, here's a free tab I made of Chet's solo from the 1975 "Pop Goes the Country" live TV version of Jerry's Breakdown, including the harmonized guitars ending section played by Chet and Jerry Reed.

I love this particular version of "Jerry's Breakdown" but couldn't find a tab for this version anywhere. So I slowed the video down to 50% in YouTube and transcribed it myself. It's a great solo and even features Chet doing some sweep picking (before it was cool!). As mentioned the tab also features the harmonized guitar parts that follow the solo.
Here's the free tab I made on Ultimate Guitar:
And here's the link to the video of the performance:
Chet's solo starts around 52 seconds in.
Also, if you want to learn the rest of the song (the parts before the solo I transcribed), here's an accurate tab for that (based off the recorded version):
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2023.06.07 20:15 kwilcox7 Anyone wanna contribute a guitar solo to one of my tracks? :)

Hey, I am writing a song that's sort of has post grunge and pop punk vibes..
But i feel like i just ran out of creativity writing a guitar solo for it... Does anyone of you wanna collaborate on it and maybe feature a sick solo?
It would be 8 bars and it follows the chord progression of A - G - C - D.
If you are motivated, hmu and I'll send you a demo! :)
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2023.06.07 20:15 Pasquale1223 Far-right 'Moms for Liberty' listed as a hate group for first time

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2023.06.07 20:15 Relevant_Note_2147 How do I prevent turning into my mothers?

My stepmother was a narcissistic and controlling woman. I swore I'd never be like her but unfortunately I find myself slowly turning into her. I have random outbursts, and I have to stop myself from snapping at people. I keep to myself because I don't like people, but I'm scared that I've "protected my peace" way too much that I've turned into someone who always puts myself first. I feel like a selfish person.
But that's not all. My biological mother killed herself because of her struggles with mental issues. She had depression, and likely had bipolar as well considering I have it too. I see myself in her, the way we both struggle with mental health. I'm scared that one day, I'll just break like her and kill myself, leaving the people I care about behind. Like I don't blame her for what happened, she was struggling obviously and I was just too young to realize. But now that I'm getting older I see myself in her and it's just scary because like? I'm scared that I'll inevitably follow in her path because of how genetically similar we are and well, she's literally my mom and I am her daughter.
I'm going to weekly therapy appointments but it's not like that'll just automatically fix all my worries. I feel like I'm constantly living I'm the shadows of my mothers who have shaped my childhood and my future as well. I'm permanently scarred by both of them and promised I wouldn't end up like them, but I fear that I'll inevitably turn into one of them in the end. Obviously I've never had like a stable or consistent mother figure, so I feel lost and I struggle to find an identity for myself. I feel like a lot of daughters build their identity by taking some traits of their mothers, but that is something I just can't do without being scared I'll turn into them.
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2023.06.07 20:14 ChaosUndAnarchie Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back [HipHop] (live, orchestral 2014) (How a song, which first got criticized to be sexist, then became a symbol for female pride and against size-0 and fat-shaming :-P!)

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2023.06.07 20:14 anxietybunnyhotdog I don’t know which path to take to getting my BSCN

I don't know which path to take to becoming a nurse.
Im F 18 (19 in 2 weeks!) and it's my biggest aspiration to have my BSCN in nursing (I'm in Canada, so Bsn in US). I am in a very complicated situation and I don't know where to turn. So even if this is a bit lengthy I'm hoping even one or two people can give me advice. I dropped out of a teaching program I was in, in February of 2023 to pursue becoming a nurse. I began taking my prerequisites online at home. I needed 7 prerequisites to be applicable for BSCN (now 5). So it took me about a month and a half per course including taking the final exams. The plan was to attend my local college for hairstyling for this year (sep23-apr-24) while finishing the last 5 BSCN prerequisite classes online. Then, I would begin BSCN September 2024. I spoke to the head of admissions for nursing at my school, and he sent me a practical nursing offer. (In Canada this would allow me to become an LPN, in America it would allow me to become an RN) He sent me the offer because I had 2/4 of the prerequisites with great grades. He said as long as I was finished by September I would be good to go. So I know I can pull that off, because I'm already halfway through one, and the other is a high-school english course- it won't take me too long. There are two problems with this offer. It means that I would have to stick with PRAC (practical nursing) for the full two years, meaning that I would have to bridge to BSCN after. If I take the bridge online through an American school I can complete it in 12-24 months. So this ends up being shorter than waiting one year and starting BSCN Sep. 24. However if I for some reason cannot take the bridge online I will have to go to the bridge program at my local college. This will mean it will take me 6 years to get my bachelor in nursing- one year longer than waiting this year out in an easy program. I will have to live on campus. The offer I have is an hour and a half away from my home. So, I would be living on residence. On my own. I have a car, and a supportive family, and all of that. So I could come down on weekends and whatnot. But doing nursing alone? My boyfriend is an amazing nursing student and I really wanted his support and help with my program (he only lives 10 mins away). But how can he let me draw marker on him labelling the bones if he's an hour and a half away? I'm worried it will make us break up, or I'll get homesick, or fail without my support system. So now, I don't know what to do. I have three options. take hairstyling at my local campus while finishing my last 5 BSCN prerequisites online, then starting BSCN September 2024. start Practical nursing September 2023 and live on campus away from home. After two years, take an online bridge program for 12-24 months to get my BSCN. Since I could stay home 24/7 and only do school I'm hoping I could get the bridge done in one year if I work on it every day. (The bridge program is on "Post University" and is 100% online. To do this I would have to get my practical nursing license first in Canada then learn on an American online school, then take the final RN exam in Canada) start Practical nursing September 2023 and live on campus away from home. After two years, take a 4 year bridge at my local college to get my BSCN. I don't know what to do. The shortest is option 2, but I'm worried getting my BSCN online will make employers hesitant to hire me. I just want to bridge as quickly as possible. The shortest local bridging programs are 2 years but you need one year of experience as a practical nurse before you can take it. If I do that, I'll be 25 when I graduate. That's still young, but I don't want to bounce all over the place. My mom thinks I should do 2, but take my BSCN prerequisites at the same time. So it's basically 1, but taking practical nursing for one year. My boyfriend thinks I should do 1. I want to do 1 or 2. But I really don't want to live away from home. I'm cocky and want to get school done quickly so I want the fastest option which is doing the online bridge program. If I do this though, I'll be living on campus for two school years and I don't feel ready. I do have severe ADHD and I'm worried I won't do well constantly living at school, unable to 'escape' into my own home. Can I please have some advice? Thank you if you read this whole thing, it means a lot to me.
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2023.06.07 20:14 thefaboman How colors were used for CRAZY foreshadowing in Into & Across the spiderverse.

Guys, I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I just noticed a mind-blowing detail while watching Across the spiderverse at the cinema.
Let's go back a few years. At the beginning of Into the spiderverse, when Peter of earth 1910 was fighting Kingpin, he & Miles had a little spider-sense feedback which made both of them realize they had similar spider powers. At first, Miles' spider sense was drawn in GREEN & PURPLE, but after causing a "feedback" with Peter Parker's Red & Blue spider sense, Miles' spider sense transitioned into Red & Blue as well, which are classic Spider-Man powers. However, that's not all!
Now let's jump back to present day. When I was watching Across The Spiderverse tonight, there was a scene where Miles apparently returns to his home universe via the go-home machine. (However, if you paid attention to the text, it stated that Miles landed on Earth-42, which is the original universe where The Spot took the radioactive spider which eventually bit Miles in the first movie, indicating that it's not our Miles' home universe). Before the ACTUAL reveal that Miles was on the wrong earth, a sneaky, inconspicuous detail foreshadowed it: When earth-42 Rio (Miles' mom) entered the room, Miles quickly put on some clothes to hide his battle-damaged Spider-Man suit, and what clothes are those, you ask? A PURPLE jacket over a GREEN hoodie. Why do these colors matter? Keep reading.
As I rewatched the "feedback" scene from the 1st movie after finishing the 2nd movie today, I noticed the green & purple color scheme once again and wondered why Miles' spider sense was in that color because those colors were never present in Miles' regular design. I thought it would at least make more sense if his spider sense was Black & Red. At first, the color scheme reminded me of green goblin, but after further contemplation, I realized that purple & green are the main colors for Prowler in the comics.
With what we now know after Across the Spiderverse, earth-42 has no Spider-Man to save Brooklyn because the radioactive spider on that earth was taken away by The Spot. As a result, Miles on earth-42 became Prowler with the help of uncle Aaron; while Miles on earth 1910 gets bitten by spider 42 as an anomaly. Of course, we don't know much about the backstory of earth 42 miles, but it seems to be suggesting that the fate of the Mileses of earth 42 and 1910 were accidentally switched. Perhaps our Miles was "destined" to become Prowler Jr. until the anomalic event of getting bit by spider 42 & meeting Peter Parker of his earth changed the course of his life dramatically, at the same time, Miles of earth 42 didn't get bitten by the spider so he becomes the prowler instead.
This is probably why Miles' spider sense was originally green & purple but after the feedback with Peter Parker, his fate changes from becoming the villainous Prowler to becoming the next Spider-Man. Moreover, this is why when Miles quickly grabbed the clothes from earth-42 Miles' room, his clothes were in Prowler's color themes.
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2023.06.07 20:14 BritneyDelMercury My mom doesn’t walk her dogs, what can I do?

My mom clearly has mental health problems. I’m watching her dogs while she’s on vacation. She lives in a basement in they’re constantly locked up in there all day. They go out in the yard for 5-10 minutes a few times a day that’s it. She’s badgering me all day about making sure they eat and that they go outside. I said they’re bored and that I would take them on a walk but I know she’ll flip out. She said no walks. This is ridiculous they are not getting any stimulation or fresh air other than a couple minutes a day. Growing up with her she neglected my cats and let them die a slow painful death. She cares more about these dogs than me, but won’t take them on walks, I just know what to do.
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2023.06.07 20:14 GanapNaEmpleyado I felt sad on my birthday last week

Felt bad lang for myself kasi pag birthday ng ibang churchmate ko kasama ako sa pag-surpise. Gumagawa pa kami ng bagong gc to plan. Part pala ako ng ministry sa church and 15 kami sa GC. We're all close to each other (I think)
In our fb group, we usually post about the birthdays of those who have their special day a week before and on the day itself, so everyone will know who has a birthday.
Early morning pa lang everyone in the group chat will greet the birthday celebrant/s na.
Pero nung ako na may birthday, biglang tahimk na lang sa gc.
May isa akong ka-birthday, sya unang binati sa GC. Night before our birthday, may nag-greet na sa kanya. So medyo awkward for me kaya hindi ako nagsi-seen.
Then kinabukasan, nag-greet na ulit sila, pero sa kanya lang. It was already 6pm when I received greetings, and only 3 friends greeted me, while the rest just heart reacted the birthday greetings for me.
They even gave her a cake last Sunday, baked by one of our friend. Sakin wala, kasi if meron, pwede naman nila ipadala yun sa mom ko na nandun. Good thing I didn't physically attend church that day and just joined the online service.
I am always the person to tell my friends happy birthday at midnight and I would always write them a long, heartfelt message saying how much of a good friend they are etc. I'm also very active in planning the surprises for them because I genuinely appreciate all of them.
I thought they would appreciate me too. I'm not expecting any gifts, cake, or surprises naman. Just knowing that they remembered me on my birthday would make me feel kilig.
Wala lang, I just felt sorry for myself. I know I shouldn't be feeling this way, but it hurts. :(
Wasn't able to celebrate din my birthday last week dahil busy sa shelter, so I guess I should celebrate it on Friday and move on. Hindi ko na dapat sineseryoso to. It's such a little thing. It's MY birthday, anyway, and for everyone else it's just a day.
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2023.06.07 20:13 Powerful_Ad_1369 AITA for asking my mom what she needs help with

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2023.06.07 20:12 depressedpalmtree67 Post Ted Depression

Ahhh finally recovering after watching last week. It felt so surreal and that a new episode was coming out next week.
As a 26 year old who has gone through a lot this year, I first appreciate the show as a fan. I had some rough moments this year that looking forward to this show just made better. The fun vibrant cast and attention to storylines of so mushy characters, the running jokes, the joy I felt when I understood a reference :’). I loved Jason on SNL and seeing him finally get to make this show was beautiful
And being at my age and feeling jaded it’s always been humbling to see Ted’s growth. I mean his life got turned upside down with the divorce, he started therapy for the first time in his life, he begun the process of unpacking his trauma from his youth. It’s just a reminder that life is consistently a work in progress.
I was so happy Roy went to therapy too. He has so much to work on before he can be a good partner. The shows portrayal of mental health is some of the best I’ve seen on tv.
Jamie and his dad. Colin and his bf. Sam joining the national team. Rebecca getting to be a mom. Beautiful. I love the overarching theme of forgiveness and I feel like this show made me a better person!! So cheesy but true
Going to miss this show so damn much.
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2023.06.07 20:12 jscn_ I (F34) didn't end it at the first red flag from bf (M37) and now I feel like it's too late

TL;DR if my bf is gaslighting me to stay with him, how do I break it off?
I’m pretty sure I posted about the first big issue my bf (M37) and I (F34) had back in April in Las Vegas. But I gave him a second chance because I was honestly unsure how to end the relationship.
I’m kicking myself now because things have gotten worse (imo).
I’m sorry this is so long, I felt like backstory was needed. Also we’ve only been dating for 4ish months.
The bf was back home visiting family for a week and when he came back, he had to immediately go back to work. He sometimes works nights and if I don’t have my kids that week, I have invited him to stay at my house and sleep so I can at least see him in the morning before he goes to work. He was on nights after his trip so he showed up to my house on Thursday AM with coffee for me and I left after giving him a hug and kiss so I could make it to work on time. He then made a comment that he’s surprised I wasn’t waiting for him, naked, so we could have sex before I had to leave. I explained to him before and after he came over that I am busy at work and didn’t have the time.
That same day, I had a zoom call with some friends to watch the VPR reunion (lol I know) and he kept calling me during it. I told him I was in the middle of a video call and I would call him back (I didn’t have time to explain because I was on the zoom from my phone). I didn’t think this would be a big deal because he was at work anyway. Well, he called me 6 more times until I hopped off the zoom to talk to him. He was livid that I didn’t explain to him everything I was doing that night. I told him I didn’t think it was something important enough to share beforehand, but I was going to tell him about it after it was over. He wasn’t happy. Then after the zoom (about an hour), he called and said he forgot his lunch, could I bring him something? He works 45 min out of town so this was a big ask. I didn’t have anything else going on and an audiobook I like, so I agreed. The rest of the night was fine and he was appreciative.
Friday morning was the same as Thursday. He brought me coffee and I zoomed off to work after a hug and kiss. He didn’t have to work that night so I knew we would be spending time together.
I had a hard day at work Friday, and I was on my period, so he promised he would make me dinner or order us something. I got home (to my house) and he was sitting around drinking beers. I got changed into comfy clothes and sat with him on the couch, kinda just waiting to see what dinner would be. Well, it was all of a sudden 10pm and no dinner to be had, so I got up and ate some salami and crackers and went to get ready for bed. He asked why I was upset and I explained my frustrations, which he apologized for and we went to bed.
Saturday was amazing! We spent the day together and took a little road trip. No complaints. He did ask me about someone, let’s call them Bob, and who it was? I replied, oh the guy I dated after my divorce, why? He said that I’ve been saying Bob’s name in my sleep which is wild because I never dream about him. He was acting weird but got over it and we went along with our day.
Sunday rolls around and I shoo him out of my house so my mom and I can spend time together, she helped me build my new bed and clean up my house a bit. My bf was hesitant to leave and kept asking why I wanted him to go so bad. I haven’t introduced him to my parents yet and didn’t want the first time to be after he had slept over.
When he got back, he started pounding beers and was acting weird. My (male) cousin called to chat and the bf got very irritated and told me I shouldn’t be talking to other guys, even my cousin. I was super defensive like wtf bro. I decided it was time for bed. Something snapped in the bf while I was getting ready and he asked me about Bob again. And then, he goes to my drawers of my nightstand and pulls out a letter I had written Bob but never sent. Started screaming about the date on the letter (it was right before bf and I became exclusive) and asked what other guys I was talking to. I EXPLODED at him for going through my drawers when I was at work and he was a guest in my home sleeping. I was screaming at him to get the fuck out of my house (I’ve never screamed at anyone in my life like this) and he wouldn’t go. I locked myself in one of my kids rooms (they were with their dad still) and he was banging on the door yelling at me about cheating on him (I never have or would). I got my stuff and sat on the couch. He then proceeded to drink a half bottle of vodka straight out of the bottle and got extremely wasted. He was screaming at me that no one loves or cares for him and he might as well unalive himself. This is where I started to internally freak out because he has pewpews and I don’t trust him at all. I spent all night on the couch, not sleeping, and he finally passed out at 2am in my new bed, continuing to call me a “fucking slut who can fuck whoever she fucking wants” until he just fell asleep. In the morning, he had no recollection of any of it and was apologetic to a point. He continued to blame me for not telling him about my previous bf and I apologized that I hurt his feelings but I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong, I wasn’t ready to share that part of my past yet. I told him I don’t trust him anymore, especially after letting him have free range of MY home and broke any trust by going through my belongings. It felt malicious because it was malicious, he was trying to prove something.
Anyway, he is gaslighting me like crazy now and telling me to “not give up on us. I only went through your stuff because you were acting weird. I’m going to work on myself and be better for you”. I keep trying to end it but I am such a people pleaser I am having a hard time. I thought I might want to work on it, but the more I think about it, I don’t want this guy to meet my kids or be around them. Even if he stops drinking and goes to therapy, that doesn’t mean I trust that he won’t do that in front of my 9&7 year old boys. I couldn’t even fathom that and want to just nip it in the bud now. But then the gaslighting hits and I’m like “I don’t want to be a quitter. He was so good before all this. I’m never going to find someone who loves me” etc. how do I get through this gaslighting??
Also, I was going to discuss this with my therapist today but of course my appt was cancelled due to childcare issues lol dang it
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2023.06.07 20:12 kimdrey What even is happening

Howdy moms! Yesterday two things happened that were so unbelievable I thought the internet should know.
Context: pollen count is up around us so everybody's been pretty snotty. I always keep tissues and spare napkins handy for this. My children had other ideas
Yesterday one of my kids blew his nose with the shirt he just took off, then put it back on. Later the other one blew her nose with a piece of bread, mushed it up, and fed it to the dog.
This is my life
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2023.06.07 20:11 drpepsiman [TOMT] [Song] need help to find song containing sample from breakfast in america by supertramp. But not the one from GymClassHero..

Im looking for a song using sampling from Breakfast in america from Supertramp but not the gym class hero one. It was a song i listenned to between 2007 and 2012. It had lyrics avout rolling up with their ride or trucks and was more of a party vibe if not mistaken. Thank you for helping me find this one.
This is song from Supertramp
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2023.06.07 20:11 Nikittymeow416 ENGENES Do you prefer Drunk Dazed or Fever?

Hey everyone I'm just curious about how other ENGENES feel about Drunk Dazed vs Fever. For the longest time I thought I liked Fever more, but as time has gone on... Drunk Dazed has grown on me.
If you held a gun to my head I'd pick Fever (that song is SENSUAL) but if not I wouldnt be able to choose lolol
Border: Carnival is by far my favorite album of theirs... (I do like most of their newer stuff but Pass the mic I was lukewarm about)
My favs are Jay and Ni-ki (his dancing blows me away)
I never did watch I-LAND... (Only survival shows I've watched all the way through are girls planet 999, my teenage girl, and street woman fighter)
Would y'all recommend that I do? OH! And when does the girl version of ILAND come out? I'm definitely gonna watch that one. Hybe can do no wrong when it comes to making new groups lmao
Thxxx all <3333
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2023.06.07 20:11 Taha-632RMF Question about Aisha's height

Hadiths seem to indicate that aisha was as tall as muhamamd, which apologists use to prove that children back then used to be more mature and thus grew taller. What are your thoughts on it? Read the bold part of the hadith.
Narrated Aisha:
Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) (p.b.u.h) came to my house while two girls were singing beside me the songs of Buath (a story about the war between the two tribes of the Ansar, the Khazraj and the Aus, before Islam). The Prophet (p.b.u.h) lay down and turned his face to the other side. Then Abu Bakr came and spoke to me harshly saying, "Musical instruments of Satan near the Prophet (p.b.u.h) ?" Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) (p.b.u.h) turned his face towards him and said, "Leave them." When Abu Bakr became inattentive, I signaled to those girls to go out and they left. It was the day of `Id, and the Black people were playing with shields and spears; so either I requested the Prophet (p.b.u.h) or he asked me whether I would like to see the display. I replied in the affirmative. Then the Prophet (p.b.u.h) made me stand behind him and my cheek was touching his cheek and he was saying, "Carry on! O Bani Arfida," till I got tired. The Prophet (p.b.u.h) asked me, "Are you satisfied (Is that sufficient for you)?" I replied in the affirmative and he told me to leave. (
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2023.06.07 20:11 cynycal Moms for Liberty Has Been Designated an Extremist Group, and Trump Is a Big Fan

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