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2019.12.16 03:10 bombat 5th Generation Ford Ranger


2023.06.05 16:07 Devigiorno Introduction and Information - (In Progress)

Welcome to FordRangerEngines!
Whether you're a proud owner, an aspiring enthusiast, or simply curious about Ford Rangers, you've come to the right place. This subreddit is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of Ford Ranger lovers, where we can share knowledge, discuss modifications, troubleshoot issues, and celebrate our passion for these remarkable vehicles.
If you're new to the world of Ford Rangers, fear not! We've put together this introductory post to help you get started. Below you'll find a collection of useful links and information that will aid you in exploring the depths of our subreddit and understanding everything there is to know about these versatile trucks.
Buyers Guides:
  1. TRS Guide
  2. fordranger -> guide <-
Lima (2.0, 2.3, 2.5) Engine Tech:
  1. Lima Engine School Part 1: 2.3l "LL23" specs (REVISED)
  2. Lima Engine School Part 2: 2.5 liter "LL25" (REVISED)
  3. Lima Engine School Part 3: Cylinder heads (REVISED)
  4. Lima Engine School Part 4: The lego engine that was
  5. Lima Engine School Part 5: A low-effort post on closing arguments!
Cologne (2.8, 2.9, 4.0, 4.0 OHV) Engine Tech:
  1. 2.8L V6 - American Engineering with German Manufacturing
Ford Ranger Diesel Info:
  1. 83-87 Diesel Engines (2.2 and 2.3)
  1. The Ranger Station
  2. Ranger-Forums
  3. Ranger5G (5th generation only)
  4. FordRangerForum
  5. North American Turbocoupe Organization (NATO) (2.3T, turbo Lima)
  6. SVO Club of America (2.3T, turbo Lima)
  7. The Merkur Club of America (MCA) (2.3T, turbo Lima)
  8. Four Eyed Pride (2.3T, 2.3L, turbo Lima)
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2023.05.04 02:25 semiproblematicvirgo Is it wrong to attach a fastrak like this?

Is it wrong to attach a fastrak like this?
I sent a pic of my fastrak to a dude to say we’re twinning and he called me an idiot for attaching it this way cause the cameras can’t see the barcode? am i stupid?? lol i thought it was just a sensor
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2023.04.27 22:27 Mozark_Adventures Crossing Grounds Creek

Crossing Grounds Creek

Ford #FordRanger #FordTrucks #Ranger5g #5thgen #Ranger #Fx4 #GroundsCreek #MarkTwainMafia #SMSoverland #Missouri #gettoknowMO

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2023.01.17 22:06 LethalGuineaPig Hauling sheet goods

I'm rocking the standard super crew 5ft bed and I hope to haul some 4x8 sheet goods here soon. I see that there's a lumber slot for a 2x6... 2x8? That would be flush with the wheel wells and I'm curious if anyone has done this already and how it went?
I see over at ranger5g that many folks built out some custom contraptions for hauling their sheet goods, but countless other truck beds have 2x4 indents in the wheel wells, other lumber slots, and even the Maverick has the lockable tailgate for the occasion so I was hopeful there would be something comparable already available.
I'm concerned about the amount of support it would provide for some drywall since the wheel wells + a piece of lumber in the slot would only be supporting roughly half of the material. Is building out some form of support my only option?
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2022.11.22 03:31 Top_Wasabi_7514 Flatbed Ranger

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2022.04.08 08:27 Ok_Refrigerator2110 Control your Truck with Siri

I found this site searching for a way to make sure my car is locked. We’ve had a lot of car break ins near where I live. But you can do way more.
link to Siri Shortcuts
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2022.02.03 05:39 jav49319 Livernoise vs Ford Performance Tune

I have been searching here and on ranger5g forums for a while. I've seen many posts debating this, but have not really seen many answers as to how many miles you have put since being tuned? and if you have had any problems with your tune. I currently am leaning more towards Livernoise for the performance 91-93 mix tune.
I have two questions after hours of research before pulling the trigger on Livernoise, just for a bit more feedback.

If you have one of the mentioned above tunes, how many miles have you put on your Ranger since you have been tuned and have you had any issues at all? Also, if you have tried both the livernoise and Ford performance tune, is the difference VERY noticeable?
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2021.11.02 15:45 MasturChief Terrain Management Upgrade on 2021 XL 4x4 STX Package

I've read a few forums and followed a big thread on ranger5g about upgrading to the terrain management system if you don't have the FX4. Looks like it's totally possible by changing out the knob/switch and using Forscan to enable it.
However, I have an 2021 XL STX Special Edition package 4x4 with the regular black and blue screen. I do not have the upgraded dashboard. They mention some XLs in the main thread but I can't seem to find a straight answer:
Can you enable the terrain management system on an XL trim Ranger? I'm sure the knob/switch will fit fine but can you enable it on this trim without the full center dash screen that XLT+ trims have? Maybe it can get enabled but you just can't see which mode you're in?
Anyone able to shed some light?
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2021.07.23 15:41 HatManToTheRescue Weird jerking in morning, goes away once heated up

Posted this on the Ranger5g forum but figured I'd ask here too...
2021 Ranger, just over 4100 miles on it. On my way to work in the morning, up and down some small inclines/declines, I've noticed a weird jerking feeling that happens seemingly at random. It almost feels like a misfire or the transmission slipping, but I've hit the +/- button and watched the gears while it's happening and it does not line up with any shifting. It most often happens under light throttle at 40-50 MPH. I have noticed it happen very sparingly if I've driven the truck previously the same day, but this isn't nearly as common and wouldn't bother me.
Has anyone else noticed something similar to this? I haven't tested if this happens when driving in sport mode or not, but I've seen that as well as a tune recommended for better shifting and overall throttle response. My truck also did not do this until recently and I've had the truck since February in upstate NY, so if this was an issue with the engine being cold I assume I would have noticed during the first month or two of ownership. I'm wondering if it's some part of the whole "adaptive" transmission learning.
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2021.05.15 17:25 foghornleghorn5 Fifth Gen Ranger - Need to transport bikes

Hi all - I have '21 SuperCrew Ranger. I bought this truck with the intention of just getting a tailgate pad, but then read a bunch on how tailgate pads are risky because they can cause damage to bikes/trucks.
So my next thought was picking up RockyMounts DriveShaft Track (https://rockymounts.com/products/driveshaft-track.html), but that would mean that I'd end up having to drive with the tailgate down. I'm not worried about driving with the gate down for short distances, but for 100km +, it doesn't seem like a great idea.
I'm curious as to what other people on here have done. Have you found a tailgate pad for your Fifth Gen Ranger that you're happy with?
I know about the ranger5g.com site (I'm still waiting to be approved on there), and they mention things like Ride88 and LatchitRack, but those would have the same inherant problem of having to leave the gate down.
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2020.06.17 21:21 Silentnine Blend door actuator failure

Anyone else run into this issue? My blend door was stuck on full hot. Took it to the dealership and they confirmed it was the blend door actuator that had failed. They did something to get the blend door in a more neutral position so while I still can't get A/C I can run defrost to defog without cooking myself. The part is on backorder with no ETA.
I found one post online in the ranger5g forum about the same problem and the replacement actuator failed again shortly after and it appeared that they had the replace the whole HVAC assembly under the dash to finally fix it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and if they also needed the whole HVAC assembly replaced or if just the new actuator was enough.
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2019.12.16 03:10 bombat 5th Generation Ford Ranger has been created

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2019.10.15 22:47 jheaven27 Heaven Designs LLC - Ignition Trim Ring Bezel 3D Printed Compatible with Ford Ranger 2019+ XL and XLT

Heaven Designs LLC - Ignition Trim Ring Bezel 3D Printed Compatible with Ford Ranger 2019+ XL and XLT
I recently purchased a 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 4x4. I love my truck! However, there was just one part missing that drove me crazy and made my brand new $40,000 truck look unfinished: a decorative trim bezel around my ignition cylinder. It was also very frustrating to keep jamming my key in the crack next to the ignition cylinder.
This is the \"intended look?\"
I asked my local Ford parts department to order me my missing trim ring, and according to them the part is not listed on the assembly drawings. It appears this part was overlooked entirely for all XL and XLT models (the Lariat has push-to-start). I then did some research and found a Ranger5g message board with nine pages of people complaining about this missing part.
As a product design engineer, with a decade of plastic part design experience, I took it upon myself to design, prototype, test, and 3D print my own trim ring bezel. I posted my design process on the Ranger5g message board and received a large amount of interest from people wanting to buy my design.
Heaven Designs LLC - Ignition Trim Ring Bezel 3D Printed Compatible with Ford Ranger 2019+ XL and XLT

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