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DAE 10 minute song too short?

2014.04.13 01:09 randomfanboy1 DAE 10 minute song too short?

A place where we go to worship our God, John Petrucci, and where we bow down to the sophisticated genius of Prog Metal!

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2023.06.02 10:16 khanshakeeb Composing a song is a challenge for me

Hello everyone,
I have studied C Major scale and knows basic open chords. I can play chord progression as well. Challenge I am facing is that, I cannot able to compose a song. Is there any online workshop or YouTube link where I can see one example that how song can be compose that would be great help for me. Also I am not a lyricist so how I will be able to get few sample song and exercise?
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.02 10:15 Reasonable_Worry_385 [17F] How can I feel comfortable around male schoolmates again??

Hi! I'm going to college soon with in-person person classes. Due to the pandemic and as well as my personal choice, I spent most of my high school years online. In-person classes really traumatized me and my relationship with men because my (girl) friends and I experienced diff kinds of sexual harassment and remarks from our male classmates to the point where I always feel insecure about my body with the fear of being perceived sexually by literally any men in my life (family members, friends, churchmates, etc.)
With that being said, I want my college experience to be different, you know?? cause obv I can't hide forever... How can I feel comfortable around male classmates again?? How do I stop feeling insecure about my body or how I look with the fear of being perceived sexually by the men that know me?
Also, what should I do if I get sexually harassed again in college?? Cause at that point, I spent all this time hiding, spending my high school years at home, and building myself just to go back to square one. I might actually just die
pls don't say therapy im broke.. i also cant open up to my mom or my friends due to some private reasons ahaha
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2023.06.02 10:14 Maksyme Bulk Upload & Mint NFTs in June 2023

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2023.06.02 10:14 LunaRey10 AITA for filing for divorce and I'm staying at the house still?

AITA? I'm (40) and my partner is (40), our marriage has been rough for several years, we have been married for 8+ years and have children together. I will give you a little background about myself. My mental health was not great a few years back. I didn't want to feel how I was feeling any longer, so I seeked treatment. Happy to say I'm stable and doing great with my mental health. With medication and therapy I've become a better individual and a better parent. With therapy I had to take responsibility for my actions and the pain that I had caused my family. I actively change how I react and interact in situations. My partner pointed out things that upset them, and that is something that I needed to change. It's been a lot of hard work and I have a lot more to do. I've also tried to open up about what causes me pain by their actions, and for years I feel that was being disregarded. Due to the continuous actions my partner does that still causes me pain. About 10 months ago I told my partner that I can't continue to be in pain and things will need to start to change. No effort was made, until divorce paperwork was starting to be filled out. While they are in therapy now, our marriage is the same. No I do not expect an overnight change within my partner, I was once there starting therapy. I had really think about what is best for me, what do I want, am I emotionally drained from this marriage, can I continue to stay in a toxic relationship? It was a lot to process and difficult to really sit with myself and ask these hard questions. I filed for divorce a few weeks ago. I have been out of work for a bit, I inform my partner that when I get a job and receive assistance for moving expenses, I will move out, until then I will stay here. I personally would like to try and keep disruptions/changes to a minimum. I am also trying to keep calm, friendly and strong while being here. I feel that our children will benefit from it. I hope to have a job within the next few weeks which is in a high demand career field, and hopefully move out mid June. I truly cannot wait to move out, I need to find myself. They wanted me out this week, there is no stable place for the children (the one's that chose to be with me during the week) and myself. They wanted my to stay at another house, that is also toxic. I truly don't want to move from one toxic environment to another toxic environment. I also do not have any friends I can stay with either. So, AITA?
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2023.06.02 10:14 Sagaritu 26 M4F SoCal

26 M4F SoCal
Name: Matt
Age: 26
Gender: M
Pronouns: he/they
Orientation: heteroromantic ace
Location: Southern California
Hey! I'm a freelance creative, currently working in film. I work mostly on the audio side of things - I also mix, produce, and write music. INFP. I can be a bit shy at first, but I open up slowly in time! I'm a very chill person, just kinda going w the flow of where life takes me.
I'm intrigued by the technical details of how our world works. I appreciate the small details and intricacies of art/media. I'm the type of person that dives in 1000% into new stuff I'm interested in until I burn out lol. Currently learning how to play 5 string bass guitar! My YouTube feed is full of long form gaming retrospectives, lifestyle vlogs/cooking/travel videos, and hip hop sample compilations. I love to cook! I would say I'm fairly above average at cooking. Really want to try baking more complicated things than cookies lol, bread being first on that list.
Occasional gamer? Not so much lately but I used to play a ton of fps shooters, Insurgency Sandstorm, CSGO, Val, etc. Been playing Project Zomboid the most recently.
Some of my current fav films: Memento, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Truman Show, Get Out, Parasite, Knives Out, Nightcrawler, 28 Days Later, Everything Everywhere All at Once.
Looking for: romantic relationship or QPR - would really prefer someone I could meet up with and get to know in person. But still open to long distance as well. I'd like to meet someone who I can talk to and rely on for support - and vice versa. Would be keen to eventually building a life with someone ie, living together, pets, meeting each other's families, etc. I tend to gravitate towards gentle souls, wholesome spirits. I do have certain aesthetic attractions - so please don't be offended if I'm just not into you like that!
Deal Breakers for you: I drink sometimes socially. I also smoke weed regularly. Have taken psychedelics in the past, if that matters. I am not religious in any sense currently nor do I have any plans on changing that. I grew up Catholic so I do have that past experience.
Deal Breakers for me: I don't have a lot but in general the more open minded you are the more we'll get along lol. Not a fan of super judgmental people, as well as those who lack compassion for others.
This was like a novel lmao sorry!!! Feel free to message me, I just ask that you include a photo of yourself. Appreciate ya reading this far :)
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2023.06.02 10:13 fire_walk_with_me_7 Not drinking just feels like another loss

I didn't drink in a while after the last time I got very drunk. I'm in a limbo where I want and don't want to drink, but it's different than the stuff people usually talk about, I am not fighting myself and trying to stop myself from drinking, trying to suppress the urge or debate myself out of it.. not at all. I am open to the idea of drinking and getting drunk. If I did it today, fuck it, my health won't suffer, I can take it. My drinking at this point is pretty low, and I never put any value in counting sober days, it's a childish game.
The problem is something else. I allow myself to drink if I want to. I want to drink in order to help myself reach something or unlock something that's currently unobtainable for me. But, I fall short and it's disappointing. This last year, most of the time I can even start drinking just to stop without any imperative that stopping is the right thing to do and all that shit. And I'm not glad about it, I'm disappointed, not because I want to drink but because I lost something. I don't know how to explain it well, I get that if your main issue is fighting the urge to drink this almost sounds like a brag, like "look at me here, I want to drink today but I stop myself", what a problem in life. But that's not the point, it's not anymore about changing my lifestyle, I'm already not drinking much anymore, blacking out and all the shit that was an issue before.
Now I lost any fucking ability to be anything except for completely empty. I can't even let myself get out of this obsessive control in my head that blocks me from everything. The last few days again I feel like I'm going to go completely insane, I have the constant urge to break things
But I think I understand how everything is going to shit, how nothing will be better, everything will be lost, and nothing is missing, that is just the normal state, nothing was ever there, I don't know what I'm looking for because there is nothing, nothing is a substitute for something else, just for itself not being there. Everything is missing.
I don't know, I really feel life is a horror movie and there are no options available. I swear I wish there was a comfort, if I could believe it I would, I wish I was wrong about everything. I can't force it and pretend but if there was anything I could genuinely hold on to, good or bad, I would. But that thing doesn't exist.
Alcohol is just another thing I lost. So being sober doesn't make me happy. I didn't achieve anything, I just lost.
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2023.06.02 10:12 Endle55s Completely stuck now. How do I purge this damn app?

I've been using the webapp-manager (which is a python script), but after some crash I had yesterday, (I was probably impatiently clicking it too fast) it created 5 entries of the same webapp in Gnome and it won't open at all anymore.I've been looking for config files and folders but I'm unable to find them (supposed to be in /lib64 I believe). there is nothing in /.config .
Google is not giving me any answers as all, everything always talks about Mint's version of the app.Uninstalled and re-installed it, but the created apps remain and the app itself still doesn't open.
Can anyone advise this noob where/how to find and/or purge these config files?
I'm completely fine with having to re-create these couple of webapps but atm I'm stuck on this.Debian/Ubuntu has **purge**, which I don't believe dnf has. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.02 10:12 esquarcit [ADVICE] Account restricted and under review: wrong allegations

Hi guys, Fiverr recently restricted my account in false allegation of selling a product that was against the Community Rules. I went through the whole documentation but in all honesty the only reference to this gig was related to "Services that can pose financial risks for our users" BUT please bear in mind that the gig was related to a simple gsheets dash monitor to control stocks prices and get an email alert when a certain value SET BY THE USER of the spreadsheet is hit, in no cases there is a suggestion of buy/sell that is coming from the software/algorithm. Hence, I strongly believe that there has been a mistake. Anyhow, I want now to permanently delete my account and open it one again from scratch that focuses only on web designing (which is my field). After all I only had 1 review so far, but after months not moving finally started getting traction, lost three potential orders thanks to this. Anyhow, is it possible to do it? Cause first of all annoys me a lot to wait 90 days for that and I'm so disappointed that I want to start one from blank, reading every single word of the TOC. Thanks for reading this rant. I'm really upset in all honesty as I've realised also how vulnerable we are.
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2023.06.02 10:12 JenCity4Eva AITA for being mostly straight?

I (F29), long story short, grew up in a small town, conservative family on one side, religious family on the other. I live in same small town (home town) again after being away.
Sexually, I LOVE being with men and women. Just me and a man. Just me and a woman. Threesome any kind of way; haven’t had an orgy but sounds cool.
Relationship-wise: I’m in love. He (30M) knows me completely. Emotionally and sexually monogamous unless we feel like a threesome (or otherwise - haven’t yet but both open and possibly interested). Full trust, trying to get pregnant, etc.
I was told by a friend (26) who firmly identifies as bisexual and a part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community that making out and/or having sex with women does not make me bisexual and does not make me a part of the community.
In conclusion: I am in love with one man who is the love of my life, and we are “monogamous” in love with each other in our relationship. We experiment consensually with sex together, but we do not want anybody to be a part of our intimate partnership and family planning.
My main question is: Is it okay that I consider myself as “Q” for “questioning” because I don’t know where I fit on the sexuality spectrum? Or should I always identify as a cisgender straight woman because that’s how I appear (because of my relationship)?
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2023.06.02 10:12 pleasurealien I made a snake cozy ♥️ little old lady slis loves it

I made a snake cozy ♥️ little old lady slis loves it
To give an idea of how i made this, i made a guess on how many single crochets i want ted to bee the size of the inner cirkle and i increased and decreased by deviding my stichtes to i the and be come wider, than constant for about 3 or 4 rows and than started decreasing. I made the opening bij just calculating how many stitches i wanted to skip so make a big hole half way and connected them later in a quite dubious manner haha.
I watched a youtube video on how to crochet a donut and then just decided half way to not make it two parts a bottem and top but a one piece cozy.
Hope it helps. It was a gift for my girlfriends pet snake and she absolutely loved it ♥️
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2023.06.02 10:11 bat117 A data driven(xG and xGA) look at our season

A data driven(xG and xGA) look at our season
There has been a lot of discussion and contention about how we did this season, especially in light of the travesty that was the final. I thought it would be helpful if we can approach our performance with some more context, especially since we might need to focus much more on the league next season.
All the data for this post comes from understat ( Serie A xG Table and Scorers for the 2022/2023 season ). It provides xG and xGA data, which is basically general performance/chances created without consideration of finishing (more on that later).

1. General Position and Performance
xPTS is a model that further extrapolates predicted results based on the two team xG. For example, the Atalanta away loss Atalanta 3 - 1 Roma (April 24 2023) Serie A 2022/2023 xG had an xG of 1.53 to 1.15 in our favour, which translates to 1.69 expected points for us(we were more likely to win than draw, and both are more likely than a loss). With this mind, here is how we did through the season.
3rd in xPTS
In short, we are expected to be third in our general performance, but grossly underperformed. Napoli is very close to Inter in terms of quality of play, but their hot form and Inter's bad form meant that in practice they are clear and away the undisputed winner. The team that over performed the most is actually Lazio. In terms of actual positioning, they are where we should be and we are where they should be.
For more context, we are 4th in chances created, and 2nd in chances conceded. In general, it would suggest that Mourinho's tactics is working reasonably well, it's just that we have some gaping problems in the squad.
4th in chances created

almost tied with napoli for chances against
The problems with us is that we are abysmal in finishing, and dire in shot stopping. This can be mainly attributed down to Tammy, Belotti and Pellegrini in attack, and mostly Rui Patricio in defense.
In the following sections, I will dig deeper in detail on the problems and underperformance in detail. As a short note, I see a lot of calls for us to get a new striker and I do think that's important, but having a better shot stopper would also do wonders for our chances. Hell, if Rui was like his past self in the final, we might not even have lost the penalty shootout.

2. Defensive Woes
A lot of us probably underestimate how badly we are in need of a better gk because of our defence, but as we see in the Sevilla match, that was utilmately the biggest part of our loss. Bono saved 2 or 3 shots point blank, and the Mancini own goal could have been saved by a gk of Bono's quality, nevermind the penalties. In this section I hope to highlight how much this would improve our game.

Look at the xGA, not the xG
The picture above shows the chances we score and concede and the relative performance. We will cover the offensive woes next chapter so for now only focus on the xGA stats. As you can see, we do very well in set pieces but sucks in open play. I think this is due to the fact that Rui has experience and is generally ok at the none reaction time part of the game, such as low pressure sweeping, claiming crosses and command of the box. What he sucks at is reaction time, probably given his age. If you dont believe in this, just take a look at his proportion of chances saved against chances conceded.

We block 20% of all chances conceded, a good showing for our defenders, of the remaining shots on target, Rui is saving 5.93 XG and letting in 11.90 xG. This means he save roughly 33% of the chances created

To put this into context as for what a good GK bring to the game, here is what Allison is doing at Liverpool. He saves nearly as much as he lets in, at nearly 50% saved. This is what a world class GK can do.

It's not just Allison. Our inter city rival Lazio is also managing a 50% save rate, which is why they are wildly over performing in the league.

Even Inter, who is also underperforming at a lesser rate, has Onana saving 37.5% of all chances. This is the deficit we can make up if we find a better GK.

With this in mind, I think I appreciate Mourinho's defensive strategy a bit more as it's essentially built in a way to minimize Rui's deficiencies. This is why we invite crosses and sit deep. With a better gk, we might be able to play more aggressive, even go back to Mourinho's favoured 4231 formation.

3. Finishing and Attackers
The above chart shows the offensive contribution of all our major goal source. Expected assist under performance essentially means other players they pass the ball to sucks at finishing, so we should only focus on the xG underperformance. With that in mind, we can see that despite how Tammy gets clowned for under performing his xG's and missing sitters, Pellegrini and Belotti is technically far worse at converting. But these three together contributes our scoring woes.
In terms of percentage of xG wasted, Tammy is wasting ~38%, Pellegrini is wasting 47%, and Belotti is whiffing all of his xG. It's important to note that Pellegrini is much more valuable than just his xG contribution, as he is our second best creator, below Dybala and above Tammy, but it's still notable and something to critique. Similarly, despite being shitty at finishing, Tammy is pretty useful because he can still convert goals, and he brings a lot of goal facilitation through winning his headers for our other attackers, maybe just not at the price of 40 million. But in general, having a better striker and or someone that can fill Dybala/Elsha's role but is clinical would do wonders for our attack.
There is a lot of speculation around squad building because of how a lot of our key players are in limbo in regards to their future, but in short, if we are trying to build around Tammy (who brings a lot to his game), we want to find someone in Dybala/Pellegrini's role to provide rotation, who should be clinical. If we are building around Dybala/Pellegrini, we need a more clinical finisher up front. Since we have more CAMs like Pellegrini, Dybala and even Solbakken, I prefer to look for new strikers that are clinical.

Here is a short list of recommendations for that, based on the little data scraping I can find from understat. It's important to note that strikers, or any players for that matter aren't simply just slot in replacements, and for example if we lose Tammy, our counter attacking approach would change, and xG itself represents a lot of the game a striker brings such as off the ball movement and ability to find goal scoring opportunities, either through game sense or physicality (for all of Tammy's faults, he isn't terrible off the ball, and is also both pacey and tall). With that caveat out of the way, here are some of my picks with our FFP regulation in mind.
La Liga (similar statue/profile to Serie A, so everything should translate well):
Cyle Larin - Player profile 22/23 Transfermarkt
Similar xG/90 to Tammy, clinical, not over 30, 8 million.
Memphis Depay - Player profile 22/23 Transfermarkt
Decent xG/90, clinical, proven history in top 5 leagues, plays in a similar styled team in Athletico Madrid, affordable at 16 million. However, game time is low which might speak to attitude problems or injury, and its unclear if AM would let him go for 16 mil.
Bundesliga (more offensive league, but talent level is decent):
Serhou Guirassy - Stats 22/23 Transfermarkt
Decent xG, not horrible at finishing. 10 million, and Stuggart is tettering on Relegation so he might want something new.
Marcus Thuram Borussia M.Gladbach xG Shot Map Goal stats
Soon to be free agent. Perhaps too high profile for us though.
Donyell Malen - Player profile 22/23 Transfermarkt
youngest player on this list, decent xG and performance with room to grow. At 24, he also has great resale value.
Ligue 1
Terem Moffi - Player profile 22/23 Transfermarkt
Young, prolific, somehow only 20 million. Might be a gem.

Overall, I think our team is doing better than the results suggest, only to be let down by a few players that aren't playing to our standard. Roma, and Mourinho for that matter, deserves support and appreciation, and I hope we make good signings and have better luck in the years to come
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2023.06.02 10:10 Dutchie_PC Interior Tips, Tricks, and Ideas You Learned Over the Years

I thought it would be a nice idea to share some practical tips and tricks you may have picked up over the years. No hard do's and don'ts, as taste is subjective, but guidelines that should work for every home could prove really useful. Of course, many tips will be incredibly individual or subjective, but we've got to start somewhere.
What are your Tips, Tricks, and Ideas? I will gladly add them to the list!
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2023.06.02 10:09 prime2608 29M 22F confusion

Warning!!!Long post ahead. So last year i(29M) started working on my startup around april. During that time i managed to gather a 11person team. Then i needed a content writer. So one of my co-founder reffered a girl(22F) whom he friends with. I hired her and started working with her through phone call on a daily basis. At first i was hasitant to talk anything beside the work but after some time when she started to open up about her past and her family so i thought she is being friendly and started to talk about personal stuff also. So a friendship began during that time i was dating my ex and she was also dating someone. So around july she broke up with that guy whom she was dating.
Then our conversations through phone increased apart from work hours. During that time i used to do parties in my home she is always seems so excited to come to my house. She used to be super flirty, i have to hold back. (Its not that i am shy bcz my body count is in double digits) warned her many times that don't wanna talk but she's always like a chatterbox. So around october one day she was behaving like a child constantly trying to annoy me for 2/3 days. So i asked my cofounder to talk to her so which she said to him that she was taking a revange on me because acc. to her i was trying to be bossy and doesn't respect her. I was super annoyed that day so by evening she was trying to annoy me more it was like she was waiting from a reaction from my end, she was calling me every 15-30 mins to rescedule the time for work happend atleast 6/7 times that evening. I waited till 11.30 that night then called and lashed out at her.( i know super fu○king wrong, have no right to lashed out on someone). On the very next day called her appologised her for my behaviour and told her my situation that, why i lost my controll. And my breakup with my ex and the problems with investors. That night for the very first time i felt something about her. The way she was trying to giving me the solutions and courage. I was just awwstrucked.
So started developing feelings. But deep down felt wrong because didn't want her to be a rebound. Then after 15/20 days when we met again in my house party something triggered in us both we had our first touch that day spent the entire evening in the kitchen. I was cooking and she was helping me with dishes. Felt i found the one that day. Then our bond gets stronger after that started talking more and more after work like 4/5 hours everyday. Then the day in november came when unknowingly i spilled her that i like her (never had any intention to say that) i know things were going to get fucked up from this point on because it was too early. Now she started distanceing her self. For 10 or 15 days i was quite at that time but after that she initiated contact and told me indirectly that she like me too. I didn't reacted that day. Acted like i didn't get what she was trying to say. After couple of days we had a fight because of the co-founder whom she was reffered by bcz he was always trying to slut shame her to me. And i told her the things he told me about her which she got furious that how i didn't take any stand for her or fight for her. Which i reassured her that i trust her and i don't believe what he was saying. So why wasting any energy trying to fight a person of that kind. We fought for 5hours that day ended up owning up my mistake that i let her down.
Again for 15 days no talk. And stared talking around mid december. Around that time she said that she is emotionally unavailable right now. So she doesn't want to start anything. Which i said okay. Knew she need peace and her time to sort out the things. And the problem started from there when she was trying to test me by trying to tell me about her guy friends. (Those guy friends with whom my cofounder try to associate her name with.) I try to stay calm but my evil brain trying to act extra smart and poked her by confessing again, just to tease. She got furious that day. Haven't thought about the outcome. So took it as a rejection just to move on. After 7/8 days she told me that she likes me back. Haven't reacted on that just drift that conversation to some other topic. Now it's been 3.5 month after that incident she isn't talking to me properly gave her enough way out saying if you feel any uncomfort you can leave, and she denies everytime. But her action speaks otherwise. Now my work from her side reduced to 24days a months to 6/7 days a month. Now she is getting irritated on small things and cut off contact for 4/5days. I don't want to fire her now because it will leave a bad impression on me. My co-workers can think i fire her because of the rejection. Which is not true.
Now my dilemma is, A- i want her to leave on her own. B- Not contacting her from my end but she always manage to initiate contact and dissapear after that. C- cant say anything to her to set boundries because everytime i want to she takes it in a wrong way and gets irritated. D- Now the final nail in the coffin i think i love her now. But don't want her anywhere near me.
TL;DR : girl i am working with being flaky. Affecting my work. Can't fire her because don't want to be a jerk who can't handle rejection.
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2023.06.02 10:09 PyromanticMushroom I wish there was something akin to femboy beauty pageants.

My girlfriend has been trying to get me into drag shows a bit lately and I was thinking about how much more relatable they would be to me if it was more about being a femboy. Like, as opposed to being gaudy/campy for the sake of humor, if it was more about genuinely passing as woman for your own satisfaction, or at least being conventionally attractive in a feminine way, but as a guy.
Just to be clear I don't think there is anything wrong with drag, and I even get entertainment value out of it, I just think it would be really cool to see people openly expressing themselves in the same way/motivation I have. Because otherwise there is just literally nothing for us in mainstream culture. It could be really inspiring and validating for those of us who want to look like girls but don't identify as one to see other guys doing that successfully and being praised for it. Maybe even learning something from it like makeup tips and tricks. And of course it wouldn't be totally beauty based and encourage a bimboish ideal for femboys like some of those more misogynistic ones have for women. Personality and charm would matter too but I'm not too sure how to work that into the concept. Beauty pageant was just the simplest analogue I could think of for this.
Most importantly, I think it could also do a lot for femboy visibility. A drag queen is probably what most people think of when they hear "crossdresser" (either that, or in a sissy fetish/BDSM context). So something like this could challenge a lot of people's expectations.
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2023.06.02 10:08 Mental-Crow-5929 What's the actual state of humans in The Command?

This is a bit of a weird question that i had in my mind and i'm not sure if the game openly answers it: how is life for humans in The Command once the laws of ninun are introduced?
At the start of the game Humans are clearly not integrated in the command and they are just "conquered people" but at a certain point the hobgoblins realize that humans are not too bad so they start a process of "Integration" of the conquered people (we may argue if it's actual integration or just cultural genocide) and from that point onward there are multiple texts that reference humans fighting together with the hob and being a part of the empire in general.
But how good is their actual condition?
Are they still seen as completely inferior or they are equals to hobs?
When they become part of the army do they have the possibility to rise through the ranks (since the command is basically a military meritocracy) or they are unable to rise after a certain point?
Is this a process that will lead to real equality (probably in the vic3 timeline) or it's just a different version of the caste system that the harimari used?
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2023.06.02 10:06 Tillmedic I’m a MJ fam but can anyone explain this?

I recently read up on how Gavin Arvizo is going and not only did he invite the prosecutor of the 2005 trial to his wedding (which is huge) but he also shrugged when the DJ played an MJ song.
Michael’s been long dead after this. He invited the prosecutor for a reason! He didn’t invite him for publicity but as a thank you. Theres no other reason. Let’s be serious now. Gavin has never gone to tabloids or anywhere else and sold his story for money.
I’m open to any all reasonings and discussions.
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2023.06.02 10:05 twhauthor Question for guys who like shelves / bookshelves: I'm building a bookstore and wonder how YOU'D do it.

Hi guys. I'm building a bookstore in rural Massachusetts and am doing a lot of the work myself. In the coming weeks I'm installing brand new wood flooring, and after that the next stage is to build shelving for the entire store.
The space is 20 feet wide and 90 feet long, 100% open with no interior walls or rooms. For that reason, I think continuous built in shelves mounted directly onto the wall would look incredible - think each row literally being 90 continuous feet long, totally flush, totally level. My thoughts with this is that I'd use large L brackets (we're talking 8x12 brackets rated for 600 pounds of weight) and simply float them down the whole length of the store, basically times 6.
How would you go about doing something like that? It's a one story building, but I'm concerned that this could put enormous strain on the walls and that it might actually be potentially dangerous to load up both of the walls with 10,000 pounds+ of weight. On the other hand, the building was built in the 1960's and is in incredible shape, steel beams / 2x10 construction etc.
To that end, I've also considered just building extremely simple bookshelves out of the same material - as wide as possible, each unit identical, all of which would still be pushed up to the wall and mounted to the wall for safety's sake (but would obviously be held up by the floor, rather than the studs, as the shelves in the first version would be).
This seems like a lot more work to me, and a lot more potential for messing things up (having to build every single unit exactly identical versus simply lining up all the L brackets to be level which would be pretty easy with a laser level). I also think the floating shelves - and I say floating realizing that you'd be able to see the L brackets, although the books would probably hide that - would look a lot better.
I'd love your thoughts / opinions on this. Thanks.
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2023.06.02 10:05 Financial_ED_101 5 Lucrative Real Estate Investment Strategies

5 Lucrative Real Estate Investment Strategies
Discover 5 powerful real estate investment strategies used by wealthy individuals to generate substantial profits with debt. Explore proven methods for maximizing your returns in the lucrative real estate market and create long-term wealth through strategic investment opportunities.
Have you ever wondered how wealthy individuals generate substantial profits through real estate investments? The real estate market offers a plethora of opportunities for investors to create long-term wealth and financial stability. In this article, we will delve into five powerful real estate investment strategies used by savvy investors to maximize their returns and build a strong portfolio. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a beginner looking to enter the real estate market, these strategies can help you make informed investment decisions and achieve your financial goals.
Investing in real estate can be a lucrative endeavor if approached strategically. With careful planning and knowledge of different investment strategies, you can leverage debt to your advantage and unlock the potential for significant profits. Let's explore five proven real estate investment strategies that have stood the test of time.
Buy and Hold Strategy
The buy and hold strategy is a popular approach among seasoned real estate investors. It involves purchasing a property and holding onto it for an extended period, allowing the value to appreciate over time. By holding the property, investors can benefit from rental income while waiting for the market to mature. However, it's crucial to carefully analyze the property's potential for long-term growth and consider factors such as location, market trends, and potential cash flow.
Fix and Flip Strategy
The fix and flip strategy involves purchasing distressed properties, renovating them, and then selling them at a higher price. This strategy requires a keen eye for identifying undervalued properties with potential for improvement. Successful flippers understand the importance of accurately estimating renovation costs, managing timelines, and finding the right buyer to maximize their profits. However, this strategy also carries risks, including unexpected expenses and market fluctuations.
Rental Property Strategy
Investing in rental properties is a reliable strategy for generating passive income and building long-term wealth. Rental properties provide investors with a steady stream of cash flow while benefiting from property appreciation over time. When selecting rental properties, factors such as location, rental demand, and potential return on investment should be carefully considered. Additionally, landlords must be prepared to handle property management responsibilities, including tenant screening, maintenance, and rent collection.
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, offer a unique way to invest in real estate without directly owning properties. REITs are companies that own, operate, or finance income-generating real estate. By investing in REITs, individuals can gain exposure to diversified real estate portfolios while enjoying the benefits of professional management and liquidity. However, investors should be aware of the associated risks and consider factors such as the performance of the REIT, fees, and the overall real estate market conditions.
Wholesaling Strategy
Wholesaling is a strategy that involves acting as a middleman between motivated sellers and real estate investors. Wholesalers find distressed properties at discounted prices and then assign the contract to another investor for a fee. This strategy requires strong negotiation skills, the ability to identify lucrative deals, and a solid network of investors. Successful wholesalers can generate quick profits without the need for significant capital or long-term commitments.
Real estate investment strategies offer opportunities to generate substantial profits and create long-term wealth. Whether you choose the buy and hold strategy, fix and flip, rental properties, REITs, or wholesaling, it's crucial to thoroughly understand each strategy's intricacies and consider your risk tolerance, financial goals, and market conditions. By diversifying your investment portfolio and staying informed about the real estate market, you can position yourself for success in the dynamic world of real estate investing.
1. Are these real estate investment strategies suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! While some strategies may require more experience and capital, beginners can start with strategies like rental properties or wholesaling, which provide opportunities to learn and build a foundation in real estate investing.
2. What are the risks associated with fix and flip investments?
Fix and flip investments carry risks such as unexpected renovation expenses, market fluctuations, and difficulties in finding suitable buyers within the desired timeframe. Conducting thorough market research and proper due diligence can help mitigate these risks.
3. How do I get started with investing in REITs?
To invest in REITs, you can open a brokerage account and purchase shares of publicly traded REITs. It's important to research and select REITs that align with your investment goals and have a track record of consistent performance.
4. Can I invest in real estate with limited funds?
Yes, several strategies, such as wholesaling, allow you to start investing in real estate with limited funds. By leveraging your skills in finding lucrative deals, you can generate profits without the need for substantial capital.
5. Should I consider hiring a property management company for my rental properties?
The decision to hire a property management company depends on your availability, expertise, and the number of rental properties you own. If you prefer a hands-off approach and have multiple properties, a property management company can handle tenant-related matters and property maintenance on your behalf.
We have dedicated a full video to this topic on our channel, check it out here!!!
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2023.06.02 10:05 Villageidiotcityy I almost died tonight

I was doing my last ride. Picking someone up to take them to the airport and as I was making a right onto the alleyway that is just a left turn away from the pick up spot, I did the eye contact gesture to another driver, who is partially blocking the entrance so he would know that I saw him.
This black guy must have thought it was a gang sign or some thing because he sped off and then while I was parked outside this person’s apartment, he drove down the opposite of the one-way direction at what seemed like 40 miles an hour.
I had to reverse at light speed, turning my wheel to the right and driving down the wrong way of the one-way I just came up, making lefts on red lights. Speeding, running.
Seriously people need to stop getting offended when they aren’t sure if the person is trying to offend them, and in this case, try to literally kill me by a head on collision.
I have great reflexes. Amazing reflexes. and I’m telling you that if I didn’t back up and turn left, going the wrong way from where I came from, I would have been totally obliterated from the front. I would be dead.
I called 911. But I was driving, being chased, and the police are asking me where I am and I have to open up my Maps app to figure that out and I tell them and the operator asked me if I want to wait for a police officer? How can I wait if I’m speeding, making illegal, turns etc?
I was told there’s nothing more he could do, and so I had to summarize all of my knowledge about being tailed from TV shows, and I was able to get away, but unfortunately, I didn’t cancel the ride, so the rider was texting me, asking me why I wasn’t right outside their place like I just was and so I just messaged them “I’ll be right back, there was a crazy person chasing me.”
I’m shaking. Like are people really that crazy? Like what did he think I did with my hand? And like he’s offended so he has to kill me? What an idiot.
submitted by Villageidiotcityy to lyftdrivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 10:04 elevenmile Weekly Ochiai's Interview Question with Naoki Yoshida Regarding Sales Projection and Simulation

General summary of the thread goes here
The following two questions discussed on how Naoki Yoshida (YoshiP) answered the following questions that involve the game sales, projection and predictions of how well FFXVI (or his knowledge on games today are sold.) This won't be summarized and will be given a full transcribe and translation due to how most people tend to translate pre-order or first week sales as the success of the game, but do note that I may need to do some paraphrasing as to minimize mistakes.
Ochiai: This might be a weird question to ask but since you have put so much passion and effort into creating this game, when it comes to management, how do you think about the sales aspect here (read: translate it into profits and sales)? In terms of timing and your target audience and so on. YoshiP: So when it comes to product, when I first submit my proposal, it's a given that I would attached together with the budget documentation, like this will be the platform where the game will be released, development wise it'll take a grand total of this amount, when the game will be released, the cost for marketing and PR will take this much, and the projected profit will be around this much...these will of course be included into the documentation...but I can tell you that I wouldn't want to look at the first week sales for FFXVI (laughs).
Ochiai: (laughs) But still, I take that the board of directors came together and approved the budget you're issuing during the meeting I assume
YoshiP: Yes that was indeed the case, but when it comes to FF, there are places where you can't turn back once you get into it. but I'm being quite drastic here, and precisely because I'm a creator here, I have to be particular about the business aspect, and if I'm just creating this game out of self-satisfaction, it will definitely not connect to the next. So even though if I get told that it was a fun game, but if this doesn't translate to sales then we won't be able to create the next game. So our policy at Creative Business Unit 3 here is that at the very least, create a game where you yourself think it's interesting, and make the game earn in black numbers (※A Japanese word meaning "profit", loss of profit is "red numbers"), even if it's just a little. By doing so, we will still get money and we'll be able to work on the games we like or things that we think are interesting so I think this time.......well......well if I think this wouldn't work out, I'd actually go destroy those projects myself, like, "I'm sorry this is impossible" and then work on other projects to supplement it, and yeah I would tell them to cancel this project. I mean, I've already done this numerous times throughout my career but still, yeah since I can't turn back this time when it comes to creating this game and I told them that we'll try to sell it all out so allow me to put this amount of budget I need for this game. The answer I got from them was "Yeah, do your best" But then I've been generating profits from FFXIV anyway, and manage to contribute a lot to the company and it was thanks to the Warriors of Light that made it happen, so it was hard for the company to say "no" to what I've proposed I assume (laughs).
Ochiai: Since I do not have any experience in game sales here, but you previously mentioned that if you go with the selling out pattern, then you can somewhat see the how the next implementation will be, and sometimes there are cases where this isn't what's the approach taken when it comes to sales pattern so my question is how, or at which timing would you be able to grasp on how the sales of the game will end up when it comes to today's context? YoshiP: By the way, the system of lump-sum payment is applicable only in Japan※1 but when it comes to overseas, basically if you can just "break in" if you want to. This can be weird, but they basically just go "just purchase a shelf". What this means is that, let's take a street-level store for example: when release date approaches there will be other games released along with your game, yes? You can brush all of them aside and say you want to place one huge portion of the segment to sell, say, FF16, then you can ask them how much do you need to pay them to do so, and they'll do so. They would also tell you that you can ship them as many copies as you want to and they'll return the extra copies that they couldn't sell. Therefore to see how sales would fare will be starting from...the amount of pre-orders...but when it comes to pre-orders, anyone can pre-order whenever they want to these days and not many would do sales wise we'll look at the first week, to see how many have purchased the game digitally as well as from wholesale dealers, so the sell out starts there, and the rest will be predictions: How much the game has reached to the hands of gamers, so predictions will be made. So we'll use those detailed data in advance and create a simulation. The reason is because we'll have proof at hand on how much the copies have reached the players. For example, for FFVII Remake, we calculate based on what we can see how many user base do we have and calculate from there, so judging from the content we have this time, we can estimate that there are certain generation base that hasn't played a single Final Fantasy game purchased this game but since we are making it a full real time action, we can calculate once on how much it has dropped in percentage for certain player base who would prefer turn based Final Fantasy games and create a simulation based on that, but ultimately the results cannot be certain until we open the lid (read: release the game) so it can be hard to tell.
1 - YoshiP's original Japanese sentence was "ちなみに買取なのは日本だけなので”. 買取 in Japanese can be different depending on the subject discussion on hand, and the standard meaning for this word is buyback, as in trading in used goods to get back some amount of money. But considering that's definitely NOT what it means... See here for more info
Ochiai: Like for example when it comes to movies, as movies run a duration of usually 2 hours when it comes to content, so in a way we can easily see how it performs, but when it comes to games, it takes time to complete them from start to finish so it's tougher to grasp how the behavior would change. So this is my personal thoughts on the matter but how do you approach the post-release sales period like there's a change in certain behavior, and what kind of marketing strategy would you take after the game is released? YoshiP: When it comes to sales extension, well, this can slightly different from country to country, but when it comes to Japan, I can bring up one good example which is Slam Dunk (which is recently aired in theaters).
For the generations who are fans of the show, they would be extremely interested about it, but there was a commotion when it comes to the promotion prior to its release and this caused everyone to have doubts. But once the fans watched the movie, they'd go "You better watch this movie!", or they'd go recommend those who haven't watch the movie but expressed interest in it and nothing beats that kind of attraction when it comes to what PR can do even today. Though as for me, I'd go back to my roots, and convey properly on how the game has been made and released properly, and if people find the game interesting, streaming from all around the world who will be streaming this game will convey their comments and the louder those voices are, then it might encourage others who hasn't buy the game yet to give it a try, purchase a PS5 along. Another thing I've realized that younger generations don't tend to be particular about the release date, and tend to based their purchase on what's popular within their community circles, and what everyone is playing. In fact this is what happened when it comes to Apex, Fortnite, and this is definitely what the flow goes for today, so what I did is to make estimations on budget, laying out the plan saying "FFXVI is coming out", and making simple approach to try getting the staff members in the shop to convince gamers to buy FFXVI along when they purchase a PS5. So this time, I've laid out a plan on sales that would last about 18 months.2 Even when looking at the ownership ratio for PS5, there's no mistake that there will a drop in absolute ratio rather than looking at the games that are released for both PS4 and PS5.
Ochiai: Yeah, that's right.
YoshiP: I mean, yeah, it would be idiotic for anyone to not make these calculations beforehand, which is why it's important to consider the sales in a long term and extend them for as long as it can be, and then from the sales that have accumulates in these long months, we can see up to which extend people have played the game, and since we can see data in the achievements people obtain in game, we can tell how much people are stuck at certain aspects, and so on. From there we may make adjustments so that it'll be easier for people to obtain them, and we wouldn't need it to be an online game to do so. Therefore, I'm not looking at the short term sales at all.
2 - In Japan, this method is called じわ売れ (Jiwa Ure), an internet lingo literally translates to "Gradual Selling".
This is it, this ends the all the relevant info you need to know from Weekly Ochiai's talk show with Naoki Yoshida.
As YoshiP encourages the collection of responses of how FFXVI would perform, I figured that I could make some little advertisement (which I don't always do so), and if you want to help YoshiP see how his game would perform, do feel free to make a visit on my Youtube channel which I'll stream the game on Day 1. But only do so if you're:
A) Not planning to get the game just yet B) Doesn't mind spoilers
While there's no guarantee that YoshiP would even look at it, but at least the data will always be there, so please feel free. Of course, watching other streamers are fine as well, but the main point here is to give YoshiP the data he needs.
That would be all. I apologize if the translation doesn't seem coherent, but hopefully it gets the point across.
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2023.06.02 10:02 vrlkd Mogwai remixed my band's song...!

So excited by this opportunity. I've been a huge fan of the band for 20+ years so to have them remix our song is as close to 'dream come true' as has ever happened to me.
The story is - we released our debut album in 2021 and discussed the concept of asking a bunch of artists to remix those original songs for a follow up record.
We joked about asking Mogwai because we knew they do a lot of remixes and we are superfans of the band. We are a tiny band on an independent label so had no expectations at all. There is no chance Mogwai will have heard of us before. I reached out to Barry on Twitter and asked about their remix process, and if there was any likelihood of this even being possible.
To my surprise he responded positively, explaining how he has his own studio next door to their main studio and that he has some time over the next couple of months for a side project like this.
We got lucky with timing - this was late 2021 when the UK was in strict COVID lockdowns and so the band was spending a lot of time in the studio due to being unable to do anything else much at all.
6-8 weeks later he got back to me with a draft version on which Martin had also provided percussion. A couple of edits later and the remix was submitted!!!
We're only now able to release this song because we also worked with 7 other artists and so the whole project took ~18 months to come together.
If you want to listen to the Mogwai remix, you can do so on Spotify: Transatlantic Alliance - Saint Wulfstan (Mogwai remix) or Bandcamp
It sounds good when you crank up the volume - it gets pretty loud/rowdy with the synth layers during the main crescendo section. 🤘🏻
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