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The weed documentary American Pot Story: Oaksterdam will have its East Coast premiere at the Lighthouse International Film Festival.
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2023.06.06 22:49 Euronotus Biporjoy (02A — Arabian Sea)

Latest observation

Wednesday, 7 June — 2:16 AM India Standard Time (IST; 20:46 UTC)
ATCF 11:30 PM IST (18:00 UTC)
Current location: 12.3°N 66.2°E
Relative location: 1,023 km (636 mi) SW of Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
Forward motion: NE (45°) at 3 km/h (1 knots)
Maximum winds: 130 km/h (70 knots)
Intensity (SSHWS): Hurricane (Category 1)
Intensity (IMD): Very Severe Cyclonic Storm
Minimum pressure: 982 millibars (29 inches)

Official forecasts

India Meteorological Department

Tuesday, 6 June — 8:30 PM IST (15:00 UTC)
Hour Date Time Intensity Winds Lat Long
UTC IST IMD knots km/h °N °E
00 06 Jun 12:00 5PM Tue Cyclonic Storm 40 75 12.3 66.0
12 07 Jun 00:00 5AM Wed Cyclonic Storm 50 90 12.7 66.0
24 07 Jun 12:00 5PM Wed Severe Cyclonic Storm 55 105 13.3 65.9
36 08 Jun 00:00 5AM Thu Severe Cyclonic Storm 60 115 13.9 65.8
48 08 Jun 12:00 5PM Thu Severe Cyclonic Storm 65 125 14.5 65.7
60 09 Jun 00:00 5AM Fri Very Severe Cyclonic Storm 75 135 15.1 65.6
72 09 Jun 12:00 5PM Fri Very Severe Cyclonic Storm 80 145 15.8 65.5
96 10 Jun 00:00 5AM Sat Very Severe Cyclonic Storm 85 155 16.5 65.3
120 10 Jun 12:00 5PM Sat Very Severe Cyclonic Storm 85 155 17.4 65.1

Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Tuesday, 6 June — 8:30 PM IST (15:00 UTC) JTWC Warning #2
Hour Date Time Intensity Winds Lat Long
  UTC IST Saffir-Simpson knots km/h °N °E
00 06 Jun 12:00 5PM Tue Tropical Storm 55 100 12.3 66.0
12 06 Jun 00:00 5AM Wed Hurricane (Cat 1) 65 120 12.9 66.1
24 07 Jun 12:00 5PM Wed Hurricane (Cat 1) 70 130 13.4 66.2
36 07 Jun 00:00 5AM Thu Hurricane (Cat 1) 70 130 14.0 66.3
48 08 Jun 12:00 5PM Thu Hurricane (Cat 1) 75 140 14.6 66.3
72 09 Jun 12:00 5PM Fri Hurricane (Cat 1) 75 140 15.9 66.1
96 10 Jun 12:00 5PM Sat Hurricane (Cat 1) 80 150 17.6 65.5
120 11 Jun 12:00 5PM Sun Hurricane (Cat 1) 80 150 18.8 65.1

Official information

Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC)

India Meteorological Department (IMD)

Other national/multinational meteorological agencies

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC, United States)

National Hurricane Center (NHC, United States)

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA)

NOTE: PAGASA assigns local names to cyclones which differ from the official WMO list. This system has been assigned the local name Cheseng by PAGASA.

Radar imagery

India Meteorological Department

Satellite imagery

Floater imagery

Single bandwidth imagery

Multiple bandwidth imagery

The options to select individual bandwidths on each of the following websites may vary.

Regional imagery

Western Pacific Ocean

Analysis products

Best track data

Surface analysis products

India Meteorological Department

Wind analysis and storm intensity estimation products

Sea-surface temperature analysis products

Model products

Disturbance-specific model guidance

Storm-centered guidance

Track guidance

Track and intensity guidance

Regional single-model guidance

Regional ensemble model guidance

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2023.06.06 22:40 AbhiN1289 Proto Dravidian Religion

I have been comparing the Dravidian cultures to reconstruct what the Proto Dravidian religion is. Let us compare:

Tamil Nadu: Mariamman, the goddess of rain and more importantly smallpox. Women like Kannagi were worshiped. Murugan was a spirit that would possess the priest called Velan. Veriyattam (spirit possession of women) and veriyattal was done. Aiyanars were spirits of local heroes that would protect the village. Theyyam is a Keralan rotial centered around a possessed man dancing as a goddess.
Kotas: They have a villager diviner. One source mentions a diarrhea goddess (beydamn. Likely from the Todas, the Nilgiri people in believe in a primordial creator god sometimes identified with Rangasvami(form of Vishnu). Due to their hunting lifestyle, they have a deity presiding over hunting. In a Rain ceremony, the diviners are possessed by these gods.

Toda: They have many "deities" (in an animistic sense). Examples include a Bell God (Hiriadeva) who is worshiped in the form of a bell tied to buffaloes. Hiriadeva is worshiped with milk offerings. According to Shortt, the Todas have a “hunting God” to whom prayer is offered for a good hunt. Interestingly, the Todas worshiped the sun as a deity. Todas believe in Huma Norr, or a theory of transmigration of the souls, but it seems that it was not too well understood. Their religionis centred around buffalos. When a man dies, buffaloes are sacrificed at the funeral so he may have them in the after life. They belive in omens and witchcraft.

Erravar: These people are described as being animists, believing in demons “Boodamn”), worshiping trees, animals, stones, hills etc. However all of the members in the 1991 census claimed themselves to be Hindu.
Mudugar: These people also identify themselves with Hindus. However we have a glimpse of their folk practices that survived from their ancestral days prior to the contact of mainstream Hindusim. The worshiped natural geographic features and material objects like stone , ancestral relics which included animal bones, and “movable deities” who are kept under the care of mannukaran.As a part of their Hindu life they go on an annual pilgrimage to the Peak of Malleswaran on Shivaratri.
Mallasar: They worship a spirit called Mallung in the form of a stone encircled by a wall. Mallung is offered goats and cocks. Even these people mainly identify themselves as Hindus.
Kadar: They believe in Mala Devatam or Makannimar deities which amount to as many as seven. They are worshiped for the provision of a plentiful supply of tuber, roots, and other lesser forest products. The kadar worship male and female tree spirits called muni. They have regional and village deities that they worship in conjunction with the Hindu deities.
Telugu: Amongst several goddesses, Poleramma is the goddess of disease (especially smallpox). She is angry and disease is her expression of anger.Jatara and buffalo or chicken sacrifices are done to appease her to save the sick person. These goddesses serve as village goddesses that preside of ver harvest and children aswell. Some examples are Bucchamma, Lingamma, and Usuramma. Worship of dead married women is called Perantalu. Katama Raju was a 13th century hero who fought the King of Nellore. Katama Raju is worshipped in villages and he grants protection from diseases. Divination an Excorcisms are common in rural village folk.
Gonds: Devi/MAta is their Earth Goddess. She presides over fertility and diseases. The Austroasiatic tribes have a disease mother as well. According to their legend, spirits were created to preside over various parts of nature. GOds and demons reside everywhere in nature. For example, Bhimsen is a spirit that dwells in the fields and in water places. Dulha Deo, god of the hearth, started as a Gond bridegroom who was either killed by a Tiger or struck by lightning. He became a god of households.

It seems reasonable to believe that the Proto Dravidians were very animistic. They believed that their world is full of spirits. Some of these spirits caused diseases and other malevolent phenomena and needed to be appeased, often with a bloody sacrifice. They may also have believed in an Earth-Mother or related goddesses connected to fertility but also disease. The dead sometimes were worshipped as "gods" if they have a distinguishing quality. Divination and "Shamanism" naturally may have been a part of the Proto Dravidian religion, including the idea of spirit possession. The idea of a village deity suggests that each individual Proto Dravidian community had a patron spirit that may have been their guardian spirit. The spirits of the dead went to some sort of afterlife but may have played a noticble role in the realm of the living.


From my analysis, it seems like the Proto Dravidians
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2023.06.06 22:37 Nobody12123 Conversations with Modern-Day Followers of Hellenism

Conversations with Modern-Day Followers of Hellenism
May this AI-generated concept art picture serve as a token of my appreciation for the wise Athena and the rich cultural heritage she represents, with her statue standing proudly in front of her temple in this modern city.
Dear followers of Hellenism, I would like to express my utmost respect for your beliefs and practices. I understand that religion is a deeply personal and important aspect of one's life, and I do not wish to diminish or undermine anyone's faith. My questions and curiosity about Hellenism are strictly for research purposes, as I have a genuine interest and curiosity in learning more about this religion that has such a rich history and influence on ancient civilizations. I hope to approach this topic with an open mind and the utmost respect for your beliefs.
I want to emphasize that my interest in learning more about Hellenism does not stem from a desire to persuade anyone out of their current religious beliefs. I want to make it clear that this post is not intended for proselytization and I have no intention of attempting to convert or persuade anyone to follow any specific belief system. I understand that religion is a deeply personal matter, and everyone has the right to practice and believe in the manner that resonates with them. My inquiries into this fascinating subject are purely for academic and personal reasons. I hope that my exploration of this religion does not offend anyone, and I want to assure you that it is not my intention to undermine or disrespect anyone's faith.
I find myself drawn to Hellenism, although I hold semi-interventional monotheistic and monorealistic beliefs which I can't be 100% certain of due to the limits of human knowledge beyond our universe. These beliefs include a belief in one God who exists as a single, objective reality independent of human perception or interpretation, and who gets involved in the world to some extent, though not necessarily in every situation. Also, I don’t associate myself with any religion. Intense curiosity has driven me to seek answers and understanding about this ancient religion. While some may question why I don't simply read books on the topic, I feel that engaging with followers who have spent time exploring and accumulating knowledge and experience in this area would be more beneficial for me as a beginner. By learning from those who have dedicated themselves to studying Hellenism and its practices, I can gain a better understanding of this fascinating religion and the impact it has had on the world.
The growing popularity of Neopaganism and polytheism is a drift that has not gone unnoticed, and it is one that I find intriguing. It is fascinating to see how people are exploring ancient spiritual practices and alternative belief systems, and how these beliefs are being reimagined and adapted for modern times. The richness and diversity of Neopaganism and polytheism are truly remarkable, and it is understandable why so many are drawn to these faiths. As someone who is curious about different religious traditions, I am excited to learn more about these evolving beliefs and understand their appeal to a growing number of individuals.
I want to preface my questions and points by acknowledging that some of them might be influenced by my own cultural, informational, and personal biases. As someone who comes from a different background, my understanding and interpretation of Hellenic Paganism may not align with those who practice this religion. However, my goal is not to offend or disrespect the beliefs of this religion but rather to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for a completely different view of the world. I believe that asking questions and deconstructing our own biases is an important step toward promoting understanding and empathy across cultures and religions.
These questions and points are ones that I have been pondering for some time, and I hope that they may spark deeper discussion and exploration of important topics. I want to make it clear that these questions are not necessarily intended to be taken in any specific order as they touch on multiple aspects of various beliefs and perspectives. Also, some of the questions may overlap with each other. Please understand that while I may bring up some points that challenge or question certain beliefs, it is not my intention to be disrespectful or dismissive, and I have attempted to phrase my arguments in a respectful and sensitive manner as much as I can, and any fallacy present isn’t intentional. It should be noted that while I may use terms like 'pagans,' 'Hellenic,' or 'polytheism' interchangeably, my focus is primarily on those who believe in the existence of Greek gods and worship them. As I delve deeper into each part with its respective questions and points, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the complexities of these ideas.
  1. What drew you to choose Hellenism over other polytheistic beliefs, and what aspects of this religion do you find particularly compelling, such as its social, personal ethical, and moral implications for believers? Why do Hellenism pagans choose to worship the gods and goddesses of ancient Greek mythology, who are characterized by their mythical stories, rather than new gods who represent similar qualities?
  2. For those who worship multiple gods from different pantheons, what is the logical basis for this approach, and do the gods not clash with one another theoretically? If the gods can work together in harmony despite being from different pantheons, wouldn't the concept of multiple pantheons be rendered unnecessary, as it could be condensed into a single pantheon? If the deities from different pantheons share similar basic qualities, are they considered the same deity with just mere differences due to the normal evolution and variations in myths based on the culture that worships them?
  3. Do Hellenism pagans consider their religion primarily ethnoreligious, meaning that it is tied to a specific cultural or ethnic group, or do they believe that it is a universal religion that can be practiced by anyone regardless of their background or ethnicity? For example, the article I will provide explores the potential for cultural appropriation and how this may impact the authenticity of non-Greek Hellenic pagan faith. This suggests that such faith may be limited by its reliance on cultural myths and ancient beliefs specific to the Greeks originally, which can make it less universal in perspective and understanding of the concept of god or gods. The link: https://greekcitytimes.com/2023/04/03/stealing-hellenism-the-erasure/. Based on the second link I will be providing, how can it be argued that Hellenism should be considered the true religion since the deities were shared in Phoenician paganism, regardless of whether the deity existed as itself or was just a representation or aspect? If religious belief is universal, shouldn't the same deity be present in every culture? The link: https://phoenicia.org/greek.html
  4. How do you understand the nature of the gods in your belief system? Are they representations of various forces and powers within the universe, or do they possess sentience and consciousness with specific expertise in aspects of nature?
  5. If the gods are seen as personifications of different aspects, are they considered to exist independently as gods, or do their existences rely solely on our imagination and the presence of these aspects? In other words, if a particular aspect were to hypothetically disappear, would it render the corresponding god nonexistent if the god is merely a personification and dependent on the existence of this aspect?
  6. Do you believe that the gods were merely a way for ancient humans to intellectually comprehend natural phenomena they couldn't explain through science and reason, or do they represent an ongoing source of guidance and inspiration in the present day?
  7. What is the perspective of Hellenic pagans on the absence of a specific holy book or text to clarify their religion? Based on the reliance on ancient philosophies and myths, which were subject to change due to time and translation, doesn't this make the religion unreliable for the followers, and wouldn't the concept of creating a new "holy book" make it subject to human biases and influences, potentially tainting the religion and its understanding of the gods?
  8. How do the principles of respect and coexistence between different polytheistic beliefs differ from those in monotheistic beliefs, such as Abrahamic religions, particularly in the context of potential conflicts and segregation between groups based on their respective gods?
  9. Many people associate idolatry with polytheistic religions, and in the context of Hellenism, your gods are often depicted through statues and artwork. Do you ever feel that this representation of the gods limits their true nature and complexity, or do you view it as a helpful way to connect with the divine? Additionally, during prayer and worship, do you see the statues as simply symbols or as objects to which you direct your devotion and attention, and what role do the concepts behind the statues play in your spiritual practice?
  10. How does anthropomorphism play a role in your relationship with the gods, and to what extent do you believe that your gods possess human-like qualities and emotions? How does Hellenic Paganism view the use of anthropomorphism in relation to its deities and are there specific practices or beliefs that address concerns about assigning flawed human traits and ever-changing human standards to divine beings?
  11. Offerings are an important aspect of many religious traditions, including Hellenism. Could you share your understanding of the role that offerings play in your spiritual practice, and why the gods would desire them? For example, why would an all-powerful deity want a piece of food or drink, and what significance does the physical offering hold? Additionally, what happens to the offering after it decomposes, and how does this tie into your understanding of the spiritual world and the gods? Would it be more advantageous for a community to redirect the resources and materials traditionally offered to the gods towards supporting those in need and contributing to society, rather than solely towards ritualistic purposes if it is understood that these offerings are merely metaphorical in nature?
  12. Henotheism, or the belief in one supreme god while acknowledging the existence of other gods, can often create divisions between people of different beliefs. How do you interpret the authority of the gods in Hellenism, and how do you account for the multiplicity of gods within your belief system? Do you believe that one god holds supreme authority over the others? How do you believe that these beliefs can be a unifying force rather than a dividing one, and what steps can be taken to promote mutual understanding and respect?
  13. Can you provide information about when new gods ceased to be accepted within Hellenic Paganism? Was there a specific point at which this occurred, or was it a result of religious oppression that made it impossible for new gods to be added since it is probable that the existence of new gods was dependent on the evolving myths, which served as the primary way of understanding and knowledge about them?
  14. Many of the myths and stories about the gods depict them as having complete authority over the world and the ability to issue commands independently, without any coordination with other gods. This could create chaos and confusion if taken literally. How do you interpret these myths, and how do you reconcile them with the need for order and harmony in the world? How do you believe the gods coordinate their actions, if at all? Additionally, how does this understanding of the divine impact your beliefs about the interplay between order and chaos in the world around us?
  15. What are the qualifications that make a god, a god in your belief system? Are there specific attributes or qualities that a deity must possess in order to be recognized as such? How do these attributes help you understand the role of the divine in your life and in the world around you?
  16. Do you consider yourself a soft polytheist, seeing the gods as aspects of a broader divine force, or a hard polytheist, seeing the gods as distinct and individual beings with their own unique personalities and attributes? Absolute Reality that underlies all existence, without being dependent on any other entity. This Ultimate Reality which can be called "God" or the "Unconditioned Reality," is fundamentally different from what is called "Conditioned Reality," which includes all other entities that depend on some other factor for their existence. If one considers the Greek gods as distinct individual beings with unique attributes and limitations, rather than omnipotent and ubiquitous entities, then the idea of their marriages and the birth of new gods through various methods suggests their mutual dependence on the existence of each other. As similar notions apply to the preceding gods, this leads to the conclusion that all gods are dependent on each other until we reach the requirement for an "Unconditioned Reality," to commence the chain of conditioned realities. This invalidates the idea of distinct beings, as they must be composite and part of one another, creating a requirement for an "Unconditioned Reality" from the beginning. Nevertheless, the idea of an "Unconditioned Reality" creating another "Unconditioned Reality" is a logical contradiction.
By definition, anything that is created cannot be considered an Unconditioned Reality (UCR). If UCR1 creates UCR2, then UCR2 is, in fact, a Conditioned Reality (CR) because it was created by UCR1. Furthermore, the existence of more than one UCR is not possible because it would imply that each UCR is composite and made up of constituent parts, making it a CR rather than a UCR. If this were the case, each UCR would have a shared property and a unique property, indicating that it is made up of two parts - the shared and unique properties. However, anything composed of parts is caused by those parts and, hence, cannot be unconditioned as UCRs are. Suppose we presume that there are two UCRs; each would have a shared and distinguishing feature. But this would mean that each UCR is composed of two parts - the unique and shared property - and, therefore, not unconditioned. Even if God were to create a copy of himself, it would be proof that God1 and God2 are composite beings and, therefore, not UCRs. They would be demigods at best, and we would have to go back to the need for one UCR to sustain the conditioned realities.
The link: https://ismailignosis.com/2014/03/27/he-who-is-above-all-else-the-strongest-argument-for-the-existence-of-god/
  1. How do you make sense of the conflicts and rivalries among different gods in the Hellenic pantheon?
  2. What are the various interpretations of the Titanomachy in Greek mythology, and what do they tell us about the beliefs and values of the ancient Greeks? Considering the ancient Greek perception of the Titans' fall, what insights may we gain into the complex relationship between power and worship in the context of Hellenism? As we contemplate the vulnerability and weakness of powerful gods, how might this influence our personal faith and collective understanding of divinity? What values and beliefs regarding protection, vulnerability, and agency can we discern from this myth, and how might they still resonate with us today? Lastly, do you interpret the war as a struggle between different generations of gods, a metaphorical battle between order and chaos, or as a succession of different cultural and ideological systems?
  3. According to the myths, even the gods can feel threatened and weak at times, such as when Zeus consumed his wife Metis, how do we reconcile the notion of vulnerable divines’ guidance and assistance with the reality of challenging situations we might face in our individual and communal lives?
  4. How do Hellenic pagans reconcile with the fact that according to myths, gods have done "negative" things, and when and how do we know when a myth is created in the eye of ancient people and when is it truthfully describing their gods? Furthermore, how do Hellenic pagans approach the interpretation of myths and the concept of literalism? With the possibility of extreme interpretations and justification of acts based on these stories, how does the Hellenic pagan community ensure that their practices are not negatively impacted by such interpretations?
  5. Hypothetically speaking, given that the theory of everything would provide a comprehensive and unified understanding of the universe, how do you think such a theory would impact the beliefs and practices of Hellenism? Would it challenge or confirm your existing beliefs about the gods and their role in the universe? How would you reconcile the scientific potential of a theory of everything with the spiritual traditions of your faith?
  6. Would scientific knowledge challenge or confirm existing beliefs about the gods and their role in the universe, and how might the Hellenic Pagan community navigate any potential conflicts between scientific understanding and spiritual traditions?
  7. Do the gods exist within our universe, outside of it, or beyond the limits of a single universe, considering the possibility of multiple universes as proposed by some scientific theories? Hypothetically, if new aspects and discoveries of the universe were made that were unfamiliar to both ancient and modern civilizations, how might the Hellenic Pagan community incorporate these concepts into their beliefs and practices? Would new gods be created to represent these discoveries, or would they be understood in a different way?
  8. In Hellenism, beliefs about reincarnation vary, but some followers do hold the belief that souls can be reborn into new bodies after death. If you personally believe in reincarnation, can you speak to your beliefs about why it happens and whether you see it as a fair and just process? Additionally, is there a reason for souls in the first place, and if so, what is it?
  9. In a hypothetical end-of-the-universe scenario, do you believe that souls would still be subject to reincarnation, and if so, where would they be reborn, or would a new universe be created for them to live in?
  10. Is Hellenism considered an orthopraxy or an orthodoxy religion, and how does the emphasis on correct practice or belief shape your understanding and practice of the religion?
  11. What are some reference books that Hellenism followers use to study Jurisprudence, Theology, and Mysticism? Does Hellenism promote secularism or is it engaged in Politics and governance?
  12. How does your religion address issues of morality and ethics, and how does that relate to the beliefs and practices of Hellenism?
  13. Did Hellenism historically promote Social justice and activism, such as efforts to address poverty, inequality, and discrimination?
  14. In Hellenism, are the gods considered interventional, semi-interventional, or non-interventional? Are there devotees who work with patron gods to change the course of events through practices such as witchcraft and magic? If so, do you believe it is fundamentally ethical to try to alter the course of the universe based on the desires of the devotee, even if the intention is positive? What is the general consensus among followers of Hellenism regarding this topic?
  15. As a hypothetical scenario, if a country were to adopt a theocratic Hellenic rule, how would non-believers be treated, and what laws would govern their treatment? What sources would these laws come from and how would they align with the ethical and moral principles of Hellenism?
  16. As a hypothetical scenario, if a country were to adopt a theocratic Hellenic rule, how would wrongdoers be treated and punished according to the religion's moral compass, and how would they handle individuals who cause miasmic influences in the community? Additionally, what would be the economic and political structure of such a country, and how would they align with Hellenic principles and values?
  17. In Hellenism, what is the concept and definition of evil, and do Hellenism pagans believe that it is created by the gods or caused by humans? If it is believed to be caused by humans, how do Hellenism pagans reconcile this with the idea that the gods created humans imperfect and predisposed to such moral directions? Additionally, what is the Hellenism view on free will, and how does it relate to the concept of earthly fate and the afterlife in the religion?
  18. What is the perspective of Hellenism pagans on having a set of rulings and laws that are placed on a spectrum from forbidden to disliked to neutral to permissible to advocated and liked? And if such a set of laws doesn't exist, wouldn't the followers be spreading corruption due to the lack of clarity on this topic?
  19. Does Hellenism support the process of legal reasoning and hermeneutics through which the jurist derives or rationalizes law on the basis of its principles? Or does it only promote conformity to old principles? What principles do Hellenic pagans have to follow and what are subject to change?
  20. The concepts of morality and ethics are heavily debated. Despite the diversity of human beliefs and practices across time and place, some argue that adhering to a consistent moral code is essential in all circumstances, given the supposed universality of religion. In the face of such diversity in human beliefs and practices across time and place, how can Hellenic Paganism reconcile the imperatives of a consistent moral code with the changing moral standards of different societies? How might shared ethical principles help to bridge these differences and sustain the universal nature of the faith across generations?
  21. How does Hellenism promote the safety of its practitioners in a reality where things that are acceptable and unacceptable change over time without a set of clear laws and regulations? How do Hellenic Pagans view the classification of their beliefs and practices as either a religion or a spirituality, particularly in regards to the absence of a uniform set of morals and rules because what seems virtuous for some isn’t virtuous for others? Does the absence of these structured beliefs and practices, which are often associated with religious systems, make it more appropriate to consider Hellenism as a spiritual practice rather than a formal religion?
  22. As someone who is curious about belief systems and religious practices, I am interested in hearing from individuals who have recently converted to Hellenic Paganism. I would like to know how you perceive your decision to transition away from your previous belief systems and what factors drove you to make this choice. Did a lack of evidence supporting your prior beliefs play a role in their transition, or was it based on a logical basis for the change?
  23. For those who may have previously followed belief systems with strict laws or prohibitions, how do you reconcile the absence of these regulations within Hellenic Paganism, and why did you decide to switch faiths rather than not following certain laws within your previous religion or selecting a less strict sect of your previous faith? Or is it simply that you cannot identify with your previous faith because of a negative experience?
  24. Have mystical or pure emotional experiences played a role in your conversion, and if so, how have these experiences influenced their current beliefs? I would like to know whether you view this experience as a sufficient reason to change your faith, and how Hellenic Paganism has provided a positive and inclusive spiritual experience.
In conclusion, I want to express my sincere appreciation to all those who decide to contribute their experiences to this exchange. Each insight and perspective shared will be valuable and will help broaden our understanding of the diverse belief systems and traditions that shape our world. I am eager to listen to thought-provoking and insightful answers that will open my mind and allow me to appreciate the beauty and importance of individual spiritual journeys. Having these conversations with dignity, empathy, and a respectful attitude is key to creating a harmonious and equitable society. As someone who is fascinated by ancient history and mythology, I have always been intrigued by Hellenism paganism, and the spiritual traditions of the ancient Greeks. I find it interesting that there is a growing movement among individuals who are interested in reviving these ancient beliefs and practices. As an observer, I am particularly interested in seeing how this revival will unfold and what aspects will influence the surrounding community. I hope to learn more about the spiritual practices of these modern-day Hellenism pagans and the ways in which they integrate these beliefs into their daily lives. Ultimately, I believe that the revival of ancient traditions can offer valuable insights into our collective human history and the evolution of our spiritual and cultural practices. Therefore, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who will take part in this exchange, and I hope that it will be beneficial not only to me but also to those who will read it.
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2023.06.06 22:37 caunsequent SYH.v CEO Interview

SYH.v CEO Interview
SYH.v SYHBF continues to advance their uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin. This interview w/ the CEO gives some updates on recent news and the ongoing 10,00m drill program at Russell Lake Project.
South Falcon Property
  • Recently optioned it up to 100% (SYH’s 8th partner company in their prospect generator business - CEO estimates drilling at the property to commence in the next 6-12 months)
Russell Lake
  • Just starting the next phase of drilling which will take them through June (says to expect lots of news flow over the coming months
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2023.06.06 22:36 caunsequent Interview w/ SYH.v CEO

Interview w/ SYH.v CEO
SYH.v SYHBF continues to advance their uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin. This interview w/ the CEO gives some updates on recent news and the ongoing 10,00m drill program at Russell Lake Project.
South Falcon Property
  • Recently optioned it up to 100% (SYH’s 8th partner company in their prospect generator business - CEO estimates drilling at the property to commence in the next 6-12 months)
Russell Lake
  • Just starting the next phase of drilling which will take them through June (says to expect lots of news flow over the coming months
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2023.06.06 22:36 caunsequent SYH.v CEO Interview

SYH.v CEO Interview
SYH.v SYHBF continues to advance their uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin. This interview w/ the CEO gives some updates on recent news and the ongoing 10,00m drill program at Russell Lake Project.
South Falcon Property
  • Recently optioned it up to 100% (SYH’s 8th partner company in their prospect generator business - CEO estimates drilling at the property to commence in the next 6-12 months)
Russell Lake
  • Just starting the next phase of drilling which will take them through June (says to expect lots of news flow over the coming months
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2023.06.06 22:34 chrish9999 Right to Buy Options

My parents have rented for 39 years and have the right to buy. This year, the housing association increased the rent (again) but haven’t maintained the property (double glazing for example is now 29 years old and in a terrible state)
They have applied and heard back that the price after discount is £21k, which is a huge discount and an amazing opportunity. The conversation soo far is that I can gift them the entire amount for them to buy (as I have no right to buy) and they can repay the debt to me at a rate lower than the rent. I will foot the bill for maintenance, insurance etc.
I’ve been very clear that the money I was saving was to invest in property.. and this is essentially the first. Hopefully it’s a win-win situation with them getting lower rent per month (and all the things like the windows replaced) and I might make some return on the rent but ultimately will benefit from the property longer term as it’s eventual owner.
The part I’m struggling with is what to do about ultimately acquiring the property. A few thoughts I had below, but very keen to hear any others!
  1. I buy it from them after 5 years.. and they become my tenants. Appreciating I would become a landlord and that will have its challenges.
  2. Become a 99% owner through a transfer of interest. Does them mean id effectively own it and receive 99% of the proceeds but I’m not a landlord and they don’t pay me rent (as far as the tax man is concerned)
  3. They are both nearly 70, and sadly the day will come. Do I just acquire it through inheritance. I’ve no intention of selling until that time happens or they want to.
  4. I could setup a limited company, and the company buy the house. I’m a higher rate tax payer soo keen to not see 40% of the rent I’d receive disappear if I ended up being a landlord receiving rent.
Any advice greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.06 22:31 Shybella_1114 [Forge] IP: play.cobblemon.ca - Jobs/PlayerShops/Skills/BigLotto/Events/Veinminer/Towns/Poketrade/PokeBreed/Join and Play! No sign-up

Welcome to Cobblemon!
Join our server for an amazing Pokémon and Minecraft experience!
IP: play.cobblemon.ca
Website: cobblemon.ca
Launcher: Cobblemon.ca Launcher
Features: - No sign-up required. Join and Play! - McMMO (Skills) - Poketrade, Shout, and Gifting - Jobs (Miner, Digger, Hunter, and 12+ more) + Quests - Player Shops - Custom Structures (Poke Stops, Traders, and Random Loot) - Events and more (everything that makes a Cobblemon server great) - Veinminer (Break ore veins with 1 break) - ChopTree/Timbermod/Treedestroyage (Break a whole tree in one punch) - Griefdefender + Towns - Taxes feeding into a big lottery (win big!) - Create clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
Useful Commands: - /RTP (random teleport somewhere on the map) - /sell (Sell items to the server) - /marry (Yes) - /top (Teleport to the surface) - /battle (Battle other players with your Cobblemon) - /poketrade (Trade Cobblemon with other players) - /pokeshout (Summary of the Pokémon in your designated slot in the chat for others to see) - /pokeivs (View the IVs of all Pokémon you're battling) - /top (Teleport to the highest block at your current location) - /back (Return to your previous location) - /sethome (Set a home location) - /home (Teleport to your home location) - /shop (Access the server shop) - /claim (Claim land) - /kits (Access available kits) - /license (Obtain a Minecraft license) - /f (Manage friendships) - /townclaims (Claim land for your town) - /basicclaims (Claim basic land) - /bal (Check your balance) - /baltop (View the top balances on the server) - /trust (Trust players with your claims) - /vote (Vote for the server to receive rewards) - /mcstats (View your Minecraft statistics) - /jobs (Access and manage jobs on the server) - /ignore (Ignore a player) - /abandonclaim (Abandon your claimed land) - /claiminfo (View information about a claim) - /pay (Pay another player) - /msg (Send a private message to a player) - /mail (Send in-game mail) - /lotto (Enter the server lottery) - /marry (Marry another player in-game)
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2023.06.06 22:31 Dyzone ETFs ex-distribution date

Hi everyone,
I own some obscure ETFs which have semi-annual dividends that have been historically distributed in June. For tax reasons, it is better for me to sell them before the ex-dividend date and then buy them again afterwards.
I have already spent like 4 hours looking through the prospectus and KIID information and still haven't found anything. Am I doing something wrong? How could this be so difficult to find?
Where would you recommend me to look?
This is one of the ETFs: iShares € Govt Bond 20yr Target Duration UCITS ETF
Thank you.
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2023.06.06 22:31 autotldr “Religious Indoctrination”: Oklahoma Officials Approve Catholic Public School. “It’s hard to think of a clearer violation of the religious freedom of Oklahoma taxpayers,” one opponent said.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)
A state school board in Oklahoma has voted to approve what would be the nation's first publicly funded religious school in a move that opponents, including the state's attorney general, are saying is blatantly unconstitutional.
The application to form the school, an online public charter school that would serve K-12, was submitted by the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma.
The purpose of forming the school is very clearly aimed at spreading Christianity: in the "Vision and purpose" section of the application, the Archdiocese wrote, "The Catholic school participates in the evangelizing mission of the Church and is the privileged environment in which Christian education is carried out."
The Statewide Virtual Charter School Board approved the application for the St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School by a 3 to 2 vote on Monday.
"It's hard to think of a clearer violation of the religious freedom of Oklahoma taxpayers and public-school families than the state establishing the nation's first religious public charter school. This is a sea change for American democracy," said Americans United CEO Rachel Laser in a statement.
In 2020 the Supreme Court decided that it is unconstitutional for Montana to grant certain funding to public schools but not religious schools - essentially forcing states to fund religious private schools.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: school#1 state#2 public#3 religious#4 fund#5
Post found in /politics and /VoteDEM.
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2023.06.06 22:31 majesticfloofiness You need never buy blinds or curtains again.

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2023.06.06 22:27 eusebiopanillo45 👉Have a blessed "DAY" to you in Jesus's mighty name amen🙏🙏 Lord Jesus protect and cover him with your precious blood the person reading this prayer 🙏PRAYER FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS🙏 Eternal Father, I offer you all the Wounds of your dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ the pains and the ago

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2023.06.06 22:25 Additional-Comb-4477 Dad is being extremely critical of house we’re buying

My husband and I are closing Monday on a farmhouse built in 1860 on an acre. It has a beautiful view, a stream, and we’re next to horses and across the street from sheep. It’s a 40min commute but my husband loves the location and how quiet it is. We got it way under our budget, $175k. Low taxes.
It needs work, of course. Our contractor lives down the road and has already done work on the house, like renovating the bathroom and the stairs, and gave us a quote of around $40k for stuff like renovating the kitchen, repairing the sill and floor in the addition, improving drainage, replacing windows, replacing the roof, and a bunch of other odds and ends. We have the money for this. We have been saving for a long time.
Plus, they’ve done work: the well, septic tank, electrical, plumbing, stairs, and bathroom were all done. Plus the entire upper floor was replaced with local reclaimed wood. I thought there was a fair amount of work done, and from several inspections, it was done well.
My dad is adamant that the house is a waste and we can do better. He bought his house in 1990 for $107k in a nice neighborhood with a half acre, and it needed minimal work. He does not understand why we can’t find something similar and thinks we need to just wait it out. He is incensed that the sellers didn’t get their stuff off the property yet, he thinks the house is too old, he thinks wells and septic tanks are too risky, and he thinks it’s overpriced.
I don’t disagree that we’re taking a risk, but I also feel like it makes the most sense for us. I told him the alternative is a house that’s in the middle of our budget but will need updates anyway, or we’ll end up wasting it covering an appraisal gap, and we’ll be spending roughly the same amount either way up front. I told him it’s too expensive to live around him and my mom and he keeps telling me to just wait.
Anyway now this whole thing is soured and it sucks. Everyone is mad I’m moving 40min away and no one understands that we can’t afford to have the house we want closer to family. I like the house, I can afford it, and I have had many, many inspections by different professionals done, including a structural engineer. But I’m second guessing myself now and wondering if I should just wait.
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2023.06.06 22:22 Tanckom Anyone ever reproduced International Klein Blue (IKB, also known as Yves Klein Blue)?

Anyone ever reproduced International Klein Blue (IKB, also known as Yves Klein Blue)?
I've visited a Yves Klein Blue exhibition a couple of years ago in Nice, south France. I was instantly drawn by the depth and beauty of the blue color. For years, I've been wanting to own a piece with the intensity and found several copies in French flea markets. Those, however, were rather expensive for the lack of missing intensity and depth.
I started digging around and found a similar Reddit question from a couple of years ago. From that post, it seems that all you need is Ultramarine Blue pigment color and polyvinyl acetate (found in Wood Glue). After some research and online shopping, I was able to get my hands on Ultramarine Blue Dark Pigment Color (probably should not have been the dark version?) and Titebond All Purpose Glue (which is of type polyvinyl acetate).
I've started mixing these two compounds and painted it on stones and dry wood.

The top stone + dry wood (top right) were painted with a mixture of Ultramarine Blue, Wood Glue and some very little water. The left stone was painted with a mixture of only Ultramarine Blue and Wood Glue. The bottom, big stone, was painted with several layers of Ultramarine Blue and Wood Glue.
Following this test:
  • I had a hard time drawing a consistent blue. Some spots are darker than others.
  • The wood glue is white. Does this affect the intensity of the color?
  • Was it a big error that I (erroneously) ordered Ultramarine Blue Dark instead of Ultramarine Blue?
  • Painting the color on items doesn't create this velour / "fluffiness" effect that can be found in original art creations. This Reddit comment mentions something about that glass powder (hazard ???) was added, which likely created said feature?
Did anyone ever successfully create an IKB which came close to the original, or has anyone any additional tips?
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2023.06.06 22:22 Jhonjournalist In Binance Lawsuit Withdrawal $700M Triggers

In Binance Lawsuit Withdrawal $700M Triggers

Crypto markets did not indicate easing up on Tuesday after the U.S. Protections and Trade Commission (SEC) sued crypto trade Binance and its pioneer Changpeng “CZ” Zhao on claims of abusing government protection regulations.
Information from Nansen.ai shows that surges from Binance across all conventions hit $719 million in more than 24 hours.

Binance Lawsuit Withdrawal

During the U.S. exchanging hours, net outpourings hit $230 million after the SEC declared its claim against Binance.
Regardless of the amazing net outpouring, that makes it clear that things are not pulling back, Nansen information likewise shows that Binance’s stablecoin balance stays sound.
The trade as of now has a stablecoin total of simply more than $8 billion, with a seven-day surge of $519 million, or generally 6% of possessions.
  • OKX, the trade with the following biggest property, has a total of $4 billion.
  • The vast majority of these tokens proceeded into the red during the Asia Exchange Day.
In a Twitter string, Seoul-based crypto examination firm CryptoQuant brought up that the withdrawals are well inside verifiable standards.
In the objection, the SEC likewise claimed that various tokens, including Binance’s BNB token, Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), Coti (COTI), and Algorand blockchains (ALGO), Filecoin organization (FIL), Universe center point (Molecule), Sandbox stage (SAND), Axie limitlessness (AXS) and Decentraland (MANA) are protections.
Metaverse majors SAND and MANA drove the decays, with SAND down 13% to $0.52 and MANA down 11.6% to $0.45.
Learn More: https://www.worldmagzine.com/crypto/in-binance-lawsuit-withdrawal-700m-triggers/
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2023.06.06 22:21 autotldr Say “No” to Religious Charter Schools

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 61%. (I'm a bot)
Supreme Court precedent basically says this about school choice: Including religious schools among options at which families can use a voucher or other government‐​connected funding does not violate the U.S. Constitution's Establishment Clause because families, not government, determine where the money is used.
Given the rationale behind the latter - government should not be able to single out religion for exclusion - there is a growing movement to allow religious charter schools.
For purposes of the Oklahoma Charter Schools Act, "Charter school" means a public school established by contract with a board of education of a school district, an area vocational‐​technical school district, a higher education institution, a federally recognized Indian tribe, or the State Board of Education pursuant to the Oklahoma Charter Schools Act to provide learning that will improve student achievement and as defined in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, 20 U.S.C. 8065.
This is very different from private school choice, in which government does not decide which schools can exist and families freely choose among religious and secular options.
There is significant evidence that charter schools - seemingly private schools without tuition - end up enrolling students who otherwise would have attended private schools.
Religious chartering would carry a strong incentive for private schools to give up much of their autonomy in exchange for the financial security of being "Free" public schools.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: school#1 religious#2 charter#3 government#4 private#5
Post found in /politics and /neoliberal.
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2023.06.06 22:18 Mightyguard27 Mullin and Lee both Nominated for Goal of the season.

Mullin and Lee both nominated for goal of the season click the link to view all nominations and cast your vote!
For me it’s got to be Mullins!
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2023.06.06 22:17 Better-Protection-23 Making of the Meme King

Here is a video of the original GameStop (GME) technical analysis provided by Keith Patrick Gill (Reddit username DeepFuckingValue) who turned $53,000 (US) into nearly $50 million.
Here is what happened during the Volkswagen short squeeze.
However, unlike the Volkswagen short squeeze GameStop's incredible bull run was made purely by a severe increase in buying pressure.
According to the SEC:
Against that backdrop, in January 2021, more than 100 stocks experienced large price moves or increased trading volume that significantly exceeded broader market movements. For some of these stocks, the amount of “short interest,” measured as the number of shares sold short as a portion of the total shares outstanding, exceeded the market average, while others had frequent mentions on social media, including Reddit. Notably, many of the stocks were consumer-focused companies that were familiar names to the public.
In other words, there was a systemic failure of market makers somewhere within the transactions and over 100 stocks broke free from Citadel Securities LLC's algorithm. This was made purely by buying pressure, the DTCC's subsidiary, National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) had contacted Robinhood on the behalf of Kenneth Cordele Griffin (founder of Citadel Securities LLC) stating that there was the risk of systemic failures due to the amount of cash-on-hand requirements for T+2 settlement. Instead of allowing this to happen, the DTCC and Citadel Securities LLC committed conspiracy and racketeering across several PFOF applications and then later committed Perjury during the Gamestop congress hearing about having no contact with Robinhood.
2 years later, and now Gamestop has $1.39 B cash-on-hand, is net positive, and is soon to make the S&P500 with a market cap of $7.52 billion with a growth rate that outperformed the bank index (such as the failing meme banks UBS & Credit Suisse who are among the Banks in the DOJ's Russian Sanction probe). Gamestop shareholders continue to direct register and lock the float as short sellers continue to short and distort with hit pieces such as the one of the title. Today approximately 30% of Gamestop's float is direct registered by retail alone. With the self reported short % of the float being 21.41% short sellers continue to struggle as Gamestop gets closer to earnings with the past 3 months being green.
For perspective, the Volkswagen short squeeze only had 12.8% of outstanding shares being short that drove its share price up from €210.85 to more than €1,000 in less than two days and the only reason that it stopped was because Porsche showed mercy. Regardless if there is the argument that "Gamestop already had it's short squeeze" it still has the potential to reach higher highs than that considering Volkswagen was not involved in naked short selling. On December 31, 2020 GME had a short interest of 313.82% (go to chart> fundamentals> % Short Int> and view the 5Y chart timeline) this is physically impossible to close. The only reason it would be shorted that much is if an abusive short seller were to illegally attempt to drive a company into bankruptcy and not have to disclose their illegal short data.
Illegal naked shorting and stock manipulation are two of Wall Street’s deep, dark secrets. These practices have been around for decades and have resulted in trillions of dollars being fleeced from the American public by Wall Street. -SEC comment
Gamestop imposes Wall Street's biggest threat. This is why 2 years later CNBC is still making hit pieces on Gamestop as they push the UBS bank that had recently bought Credit Suisse's baggage. Just as Credit Suisse did with Volkswagen in 2007, they have made another very, very, bad bet. UBS is the bag holder that faces the risk of unlimited losses. We aren't trapped in here with them, they are trapped in here with us.
Buy, Direct Register Shares (DRS) transferring to BOOK, and HODL. Double check. Educate yourself and educate others. Just be glad you aren't an abusive Gamestop short seller and don't have to commit white collar crimes just to hide it while paying news channels billions of dollars to make hit pieces and articles hoping shareholders sell in a thriving company.
Edit: Left a stone unturned while searching sources.
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2023.06.06 22:16 SrWobblesLot Capital Gains Tax Inquiry

Seeking a little guidance from those more experienced with properties containing multiple homes. For context, my wife and I are looking to buy a 24 acre plot with a stick built home and a double wide trailer both on the property. Unfortunately the mobile home doesn't have a permanent foundation and therefore it doesn't qualify for a traditional mortgage from our contacted lenders. Our realtor recommended we request the trailer convey free and be left off the loan. Meaning, we go with a loan that involves the primary residence only and accompanying land. Our plan would be to sell this trailer along with some surveyed off land shortly after purchase. Naturally work would go into this such as placing it on a permanent foundation. My question is, would this be considered a 'gain' and be eligible for taxes even though it was part of the property that we are purchasing. I will note that all of the funds from this purchase would be placed toward the mortgage on the other, stick built property. Thank you all in advance for any advice you may have.
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