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2018.12.09 01:18 zamboroza BlackInkCrew

Black Ink Crew chronicles the daily operations and staff drama of an expanding Harlem tattoo empire -- now with a shop in Atlanta -- that serves a growing celebrity clientele. The diverse cast includes Ceaser, owner and creator of the Black Ink brand; quick-witted and fiery receptionist Sky; shop manager and Ceaser's cousin Ted; and tattoo artists Donna, Walt, Melody, Young Bae and O'S**t.

2023.06.09 20:05 Effective-Honeydew81 Need help finding color changing ink.

Ok, so I hope I explain what I mean correctly. I am looking for inks that dramatically change color as they dry. I know most inks look slightly different between wet and dry, but Im looking for more dramatic changes.
I love to watch the slow change from one color or shade to another as I write a page of text. Almost as if the words are sinking more fully into reality. Moving from an ephemeral to a permanent state.
This aspect of inks never seems to be mentioned or talked about by sellers, so finding inks that fit the bill has been difficult.
I have found three that are really entertaining, to watch dry on the page, but would love some others if anyone knows what I'm even talking about.
The three I've found are:
Platinum Citrus black - it goes down bright yellow gold but dries into a dark yellow black.
Taccia Ukiyo-e Hokusai Sabimidori - goes down a rather vivid bright blue that slowly dries into a lovely swampy cloudy turquoise.
Dominant Industry Romania Red - My favorite ink writes a bright rich deep red which slowly dries into a dark rust color very similar to Oxblood. This one is the most entertaining to watch.
I know I might be wierd for liking this, but I hope some of you can help me out. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 20:03 benjaminblakebubsie Spiraling. Please help.

On Wednesday, I got a tattoo on my thigh - a fully-filled icosahedron that is about 4" x 4." The place I went was very reputable, and they use Solid & Fusion Ink brands.
Because it seems like the entire world is getting a tattoo these days, I assumed it was completely safe. Why would so many people get it if it weren't entirely safe to do? Turns out I was wrong....
I'm looking at this Binghamton University study which points to the presence of heavy metals and possible carcinogens, azo dyes, and studies like this that indicate that ink particles move into and stain your lymph nodes, and I'm panicking. I barely slept last night.
To make things worse, apparently laser removal causes increased activation of possible carcinogens by degrading the azo dyes and then spreading them through your body.
I know that this is my fault for not looking into it before getting tattooed. I would do anything to get this out of my body, but am not sure if surgical excision is even an option because it's so big.
Can anyone help me? I'm mainly wondering:

Thanks to anyone that can help. I'm losing my mind.

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2023.06.09 19:52 ariadis27 My first gold nibs arrived on the same day! (bonus points if you can guess what book the excerpt is from)

My first gold nibs arrived on the same day! (bonus points if you can guess what book the excerpt is from)
Left: Pilot Custom 823 inked with Diamine Writer’s Blood
Right: Sailor PGS Dragon Palace inked with the black cartridges that came with it :)
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2023.06.09 19:46 Jdelerson Jerry Garcia Werewolf Short Story

The moon hung low in the ink-black sky, casting an eerie glow over the sprawling forest. The night was alive with unseen creatures, their presence felt in the rustling leaves and distant howls. It was in this desolate wilderness that the legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, began to unfold.
In the summer of 1995, Jerry Garcia, the frontman of the iconic band Grateful Dead, was found dead in his sleep. The world mourned the loss of a musical legend, but little did they know that Jerry's fate had taken a most peculiar turn. Instead of meeting his demise, he had transformed into a creature of the night, bound to roam the earth for eternity.
Jerry's transformation was far from ordinary. Every full moon, when the moon reached its zenith, he would undergo a metamorphosis, becoming a fearsome werewolf with a supernatural musical prowess. His unearthly howls reverberated through the forest, creating a melody that chilled the bones of anyone unfortunate enough to hear it.
As the years rolled on, the legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, spread like wildfire. People spoke of his haunting presence, warning others to avoid the moonlit woods during the full moon. But there were those who sought to uncover the truth, to witness the spectacle firsthand.
One such brave soul was Alex, a die-hard fan of the Grateful Dead and a self-proclaimed adventurer. Fascinated by the tales, he embarked on a quest to capture the enigma that was Jerry Garcia. Armed with a silver-tipped bullet soaked in LSD, the only known way to end the musical werewolf's cursed existence, Alex ventured deep into the heart of the forest.
As the full moon reached its zenith, casting an ethereal glow over the ancient trees, Alex prepared for the encounter. He knew the dangers that awaited him, but his determination outweighed his fear. With each step, the forest grew darker, and the air became heavy with anticipation.
Finally, he found himself in a small clearing, a place whispered about in hushed tones. The legends spoke of an ancient rock formation, said to be the epicenter of Jerry Garcia's power. Standing before the towering rocks, Alex felt a shiver crawl down his spine.
The sound of footsteps echoed through the silence. Alex spun around, only to be met with the glowing, golden eyes of the musical werewolf. Jerry Garcia, in his lupine form, stood before him, a monstrous embodiment of music and darkness.
Alex raised his weapon, aiming for Jerry's heart. But the werewolf, sensing the threat, unleashed a thunderous howl that sent tremors through the ground. The forest seemed to come alive, its trees twisting and contorting as if in pain. The very air vibrated with a haunting symphony.
Fueled by his love for the Grateful Dead, Alex fought against the enchanting melody that threatened to consume his mind. He steadied his trembling hands, took aim, and fired the LSD-soaked bullet towards Jerry's heart.
The moment the bullet pierced the werewolf's chest, a cacophony of sound erupted. It was a clash of joyous music and agonizing pain, a symphony that echoed through the trees. Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, let out a final, mournful howl before collapsing to the ground, lifeless.
As the echoes of the music subsided, the forest returned to its former stillness. Alex stood in the clearing, his heart pounding with a mix of triumph and sorrow. He had witnessed the end of an era, the final chapter in the twisted tale of Jerry Garcia.
Word of Alex's encounter spread, and the legend of the musical werewolf slowly faded into obscurity. Some dismissed it as
a mere myth, a figment of collective imagination. But there were those who believed, who carried the weight of that encounter in their hearts.
Years passed, and Alex's tale became a whispered legend, shared among the most devoted fans of the Grateful Dead. Some sought to retrace his steps, venturing into the moonlit woods, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ethereal presence that was Jerry Garcia.
Among those seekers was Emma, a young woman whose soul was steeped in the melodies and lyrics of the Grateful Dead. The stories of Jerry Garcia's transformation had ignited a flame of curiosity within her, and she yearned to experience the haunting beauty of his music, even at the risk of encountering the musical werewolf.
On a balmy summer night, when the moon was full and radiant, Emma embarked on her pilgrimage. Armed with a relic passed down from her father, a guitar pick said to have been touched by Jerry Garcia himself, she ventured into the heart of the forest.
Emma followed the path carved by the echoes of the past. The moonlight bathed the surroundings in an otherworldly glow, casting long, ghostly shadows on the ground. She felt a presence, an ethereal energy guiding her deeper into the wilderness.
At last, she arrived at the sacred clearing, the very place where Alex had faced Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf. The rocks stood tall and imposing, a silent testament to the legends that had brought her here.
A haunting melody floated on the air, carried by a gentle breeze. Emma's heart quickened, recognizing the familiar strains of the Grateful Dead's music. It was as if the forest itself had become an orchestra, playing a symphony in honor of the fallen legend.
In the midst of the symphony, a figure emerged from the shadows. It was Jerry Garcia, no longer a werewolf but a spectral presence, his form shimmering with a soft luminescence. His eyes held a mixture of sadness and longing.
Emma approached with reverence, clutching the guitar pick in her hand. She spoke words of gratitude and admiration, her voice carrying the weight of every Grateful Dead fan who had ever danced to their music. She asked Jerry to share his essence, his music, one last time.
In response, Jerry Garcia strummed an invisible guitar, his fingers moving with ethereal grace. The sound that emanated from his ghostly form transcended the earthly realm, reaching depths unknown. It was a song of joy, pain, and everything in between—a bittersweet symphony that encapsulated the essence of the Grateful Dead.
Emma closed her eyes and let the music wash over her, filling her soul with a profound sense of connection. She danced, twirling amidst the moonbeams, feeling the energy of Jerry's music reverberate through her every fiber.
As the song reached its crescendo, a tear escaped Emma's eye. She knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a communion with a musical deity. With a final strum of his spectral guitar, Jerry Garcia faded away, leaving Emma standing in the clearing, her heart overflowing with a sense of fulfillment.
From that day forward, Emma became the guardian of Jerry Garcia's legacy. She shared her encounter with others, keeping the memory alive for future generations. She spoke of the musical werewolf and the bittersweet symphony that could only be experienced under the light of a full moon.
The legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, would forever be etched in the annals of musical folklore. And those who dared to venture into the moonlit woods would carry the essence of his music within them, an eternal connection to a soul who had touched the hearts of millions.
In the realm where myth and reality In the realm where myth and reality intertwine, Jerry Garcia's spirit continued to resonate through the fabric of time. His music lived on, a testament to the power of creativity, unity, and the ability to transcend mortal limitations.
Emma, now a revered storyteller, traveled far and wide, sharing her encounter with the musical werewolf. She became a beacon for those seeking a connection to something greater than themselves, using her voice to spread the message of love, peace, and the transformative power of music.
Through her words, countless souls found solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. The spirit of Jerry Garcia resonated within each note they played, carrying the message of harmony and the freedom to explore the depths of one's creativity.
As the years passed, a new generation of musicians emerged, drawing inspiration from the ethereal presence of Jerry Garcia. They crafted melodies that echoed the essence of his music, forming a bridge between past and present, honoring the legacy of the musical werewolf.
The forest that had witnessed the birth and demise of Jerry Garcia, the heart of his werewolf transformation, became a sacred place. People from all walks of life gathered there, their voices blending harmoniously with the whispers of nature. Together, they celebrated the indelible mark left by the legendary musician.
In this mystical space, on the night of a full moon, a grand concert took place. Musicians, fans, and curious souls came together, carrying the torch of Jerry's spirit. The music that filled the air was a symphony of gratitude, a joyful lamentation that resonated deep within the hearts of those present.
And as the final notes faded into the night, a sense of fulfillment embraced all who were fortunate enough to bear witness. The story of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, had come full circle, leaving a lasting imprint on the tapestry of human experience.
Though Jerry's physical form may have been lost to the world, his essence remained alive in the hearts of the devoted. His music continued to inspire, uplift, and ignite the flame of creativity. The legend of Jerry Garcia, the musical werewolf, transcended mortality, etching its name in the annals of time.
And so, on every full moon, when the moon reached its zenith, the echoes of Jerry's music could still be heard, carried by the wind through the moonlit woods. Those who listened closely, with open hearts and a yearning for something greater, would find themselves enveloped in the timeless embrace of the musical werewolf, forever touched by the magic of Jerry Garcia.
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2023.06.09 19:43 Palkia220 Merch sizing confusion

Merch sizing confusion
So I wanna preorder the silver scream tee but I'm a bit confused on the sizing. The page with the shirt itself has different measurements than the official size guide page. I measured the circumference of my chest and its 35 inches. I'm typically a male small. According the the page with the tee I would be a 3xl and the size guide says I would be a small. Am I just dumb and reading this wrong?
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2023.06.09 19:33 nndelgado [Bulk] L&F Switches: Epsilon, Marshmallow, Gateron Black Ink V2s, Silent Alpaca, Alpaca

Switches Number of Switches Lubed/Filmed/Ultrasonic Cleaned Price Quantity Avaialble
Epsilon x70 Ultrasonic cleaned then Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $85 3 Packs
Marshmallow x70 Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $80 3 Packs
Gateron Black Ink V2 x70 Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $90 2 Packs
Silent Alpaca x70 Ultrasonic cleaned then Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $80 3 Packs
Alpaca x70 Ultrasonic cleaned then Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $80 3 Packs
Switches Number of Switches Lubed/Filmed/Ultrasonic Cleaned Price Quantity Avaialble
Gateron Black Ink V2 x90 Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $118 2 Packs
Silent Alpaca x90 Ultrasonic cleaned then Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $106 3 Packs
Alpaca x90 Ultrasonic cleaned then Lubed with 205g0, Springs lubed with 105, Filmed with tx films $106 3 Packs
Payment method: Paypal
US only for now.
All switches are new and ready to be shipped. Comment and message me your Zip and Email.  
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2023.06.09 19:25 Aldoro69765 Hearts on Fire - 001 New Orders

[First] [Prev] [Next]
This fanfiction is based on The Nature of Predators. Thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this amazing universe. Please read and support the original work!
It was also inspired by u/YakiTapioca’s Recipe for Disaster and u/Acceptable_Egg5560’s Nature of a Giant. Please give them a read as well, they’re amazing!
Memory transcription subject: Alexander Wolff, Human firefighter
Date [standardized human time]: September 13th, 2136
“Absolutely fucking not!” My frustration with my station commander is almost visibly, but definitely audibly, bubbling out of me while I furiously pace back and forth in her small office. The situation is going splendidly. She called me into her office not even three minutes ago, and we are already almost shouting at each other. “I’m not running away!”
Nicole lets out an equally frustrated sigh. “Alex, you’re not running away. You have to listen to me. I wouldn’t be asking this of you if I wasn’t certain it was the best for you.”
“The best for me?” I stop dead in my tracks and stare at her, a lone tear slowly running down my cheek. “Leaving my family, my colleagues, my friends, my city, my country, and my planet behind?”
She wants to get a word in, but I simply talk over her. “And why me? Karl or Peter or Julia are more deserving of that spot than I am! All three have more experience on the job than me. Karl has been squad leader for years before I even looked at the training manual. Julia’s an actual mechanic and her material knowledge saves our collective asses on pretty much every other call, and Peter has-”
“And they all have their own families here. Partners. Children. In Karl’s case even a grandchild.” Now she interrupts me, her voice carrying a very familiar tone. Our boss spoke like this only when she was making announcements and I learned the hard way that it was always a bad idea to interrupt her at such a moment.
She continues, visibly straining to calm herself down to not escalate our differences into a proper volume contest. “I’ve already asked them and they’ve all refused.”
Nicole stands with her arms crossed in front of her chest, fingers nervously wiggling against the fabric of her black shirt. It is obvious that she’s still fired up from our mutual outbursts as she leans back against the piece of wall next to the tall windows of her office. She turns her head to look outside, watching the fire station’s courtyard where two of our colleagues are doing a routine check on some equipment of one of our fire engines.
After a few more long seconds she forces her gaze away from the window and focuses her aging pale blue eyes on me again. “Look, I know how you feel. I don’t like this entire situation either. But these instructions are signed by senator of the interior Manning himself. Each fire station has to send one member with the preliminary evacuation group. And for our station, that can only be you. You’re the only viable option left.”
“No, you’ll hear me out!” She cuts me off before I manage to get out a second word. “I’ve talked with everyone else who meets the requirements stated in the order. Karl, Peter, Julia, Tascha, Ivan, Markus, Günther, Anisa, and Bernd. They all want to stay with their families, no matter what. And the rest of the unit is missing one qualification or another, or hasn’t been on the job long enough.”
Her arms drop and she shuffles around her crowded desk to stand in front of me. The late afternoon autumn sun filters through the half-lowered blinds, making her slightly graying blonde hair glisten like strands of gold. Her days of duty on a fire engine are years in the past, but she is just as passionate and dedicated in her position as our station commander.
Nicole draws in a deep breath. “All of them told me in no uncertain terms that they would only go if they could take their families with them. But since that’s not possible…”
Her voice trails off for a moment before she continues. “Alex, I’ve heard the discussions and rumors as well as everyone else here. If nothing happens then you can simply mark this down as a fancy extended vacation paid for by the government and then tell us how Venlil Prime was. But in the worst case… we will need people with your knowledge, your heart, and your passion to rebuild.”
I’m biting my cheek while listening to my boss, whether out of frustration or nervousness I can’t tell. A moment later I breathe a defeated sigh and nod my assent with my gaze cast at the ground. “Okay, I’ll do it. But for the record, it still feels like running away. I will be gone for so many months, and you’ll be down one crew for all my shifts. It just doesn’t feel right for me to leave you guys hanging like this.”
Hearing my response a warm and caring smile appears on Nicole’s lips. “Thank you. And you’re not leaving us hanging, Alex. I know only very few other firefighters that are as engaged as you are. You put in so much effort and passion even outside your shifts.”
She continues, rattling down the list of things I do as if it was anything special. It doesn’t feel special to me, I’m just doing what felt necessary to help out my colleagues and the fire department.
“Don’t think I wouldn’t notice!” She teases me with a smirk. “You put in several hours with the youth brigade every other weekend, you’re first in line to volunteer for PR work at schools and universities and sports competitions, and when there’s a festival or any other event you always show up for at least one shift of EMS.”
I jump a little when she places her hands on my shoulders, but her now calm and almost soothing voice quickly puts me at ease. I lift my eyes and meet her gaze. “Whether or not you see it that way, you’re one of our best. I know you won’t let us down. And when this whole thing has blown over, you’ll come back to us and tell us about the aliens you met and how you showed them how firefighting is done properly. Okay?”
“Okay, boss.” I force a weak smile.
“Good. The shuttle for your group will leave Tuesday at 0800 from terminal 3, so be there at 0700.” Nicole releases my shoulders before she turns and grabs a stack of papers from her desk. “Here’s the details, the boarding gate, how much baggage you can bring along, what the shelter on Venlil Prime will be like, and so on.”
She huffs apologetically. “I know it’s on rather short notice, but the entire government is basically in emergency mode, from our Senate here all the way to the big guys in Berlin, and they wanted this evacuation happening yesterday.”
Still feeling dejected, I take the documents from her. “Thanks, boss. And… sorry for getting loud.”
She waves her hands. “Eh, don’t worry about it. I know you only mean well, and these times are difficult for all of us. You know I’ll never hold it against you that you basically wear your heart on your sleeves.”
I turn to leave but stop when she suddenly continues.
“Oh, one more thing. I’ve already cleared you from work for your remaining stay on Earth. You’ll probably need the next few days to prepare your things for the trip.”
I nod and reply softly. “Thank you. I appreciate it, really.”
Without any further words I quietly slip out of her office, closing the door behind me with a sigh. After closing my eyes for a second and taking a deep breath to help me calm down, I turn left, the direction of our locker room.
You can do this, Alex. You heard your boss, it’s just a precaution ordered by our government. Once the panic settles you’ll come back and tell some great stories.
My walk to the locker room only lasts a handful of moments and I absentmindedly key in the combination to my personal compartment. Before putting the documents away I give them a quick browse.
Let’s see… boarding via gate F5, baggage is a locked box with two sets of my personal protective gear provided by the station, plus a total of 150 liters of luggage in any form… Okay, that’s quite a lot. Not sure I’ll need that much.
Then I get to the pages about the camp. The buildings look simple and functional, and the units inside appear to be clean and good enough for human habitation. Depending on your needs you’d get differently sized rooms with an appropriate number of beds and other furniture, plus a small attached bathroom.
No communal showers and I get to shit in peace. Okay, that sounds better than I expected.
Automated laundry service like in a hotel. That was nice, the last thing I’ll be needing on an alien planet is having to worry about the reserves in my underwear drawer. Seems that whoever runs this shelter really did their homework. It definitely could have been much worse. But we’ll see how well the actual location manages to hold up to the promises made on the flier.
The following pages are a description of the general area and the local attractions. Small town, quite rural surroundings.
Oh well, let’s hope their rural folks are a bit less judgemental than some of the backwater villages on Earth.
I finally put the documents away, not wanting to waste my precious downtime staring at some paper. You never know when the next call comes in, and once it does we have to be on the road within the next 90 seconds. You learn pretty quickly to be very aware of your time management, especially regarding the toilet. Nobody wants to be in an audience with the porcelain god when the alarm goes off.
After closing my locker, I make my way to the break room. I get barely a single step into the room when I see the heads of the six colleagues sitting on the couch turn at me in perfect sync.
“And?” Karl’s slightly graying buzzcut combined with his stupid, wide, shit eating grin immediately stands out from the crowd. “How was your chat with the boss?”
I quirk a brow. “What do you mean?”
“Yeah, how did it go?” Julia quips, her auburn hair dangling from her head in two thick braids perfectly framing her pale freckled face. “We could hear your little shouting match all the way to here. We even had to pump up the volume on the TV to not accidentally eavesdrop!”
Aw crap. Well, time to rip off the bandaid.
I take a deep breath, and after a short moment of hesitation I spill the beans. “I’m leaving for Venlil Prime on Tuesday. I’m sorry.”
Julia and the other five all but jump to their feet. She rushes me and grabs me in a tight embrace. “What do you mean, you’re sorry? That’s great news! Especially since Nicole really didn’t have much choice left. Glad you picked up her offer before she had to order you to go.”
“Uh huh. She told me you all said no to her already.” I reply, returning the embrace which is getting even more stuffy now with the others eventually joining in.
“Yep. No way we’re leaving our growing families behind.” Günther speaks out, hinting at his daughter due to be born in two months. When I see his lips curl into that grin I already know something incredibly silly will be coming out of his mouth in the next few seconds. “We all have our roots settled here already, but you’re still young and can fly like a teeny tiny birb across the galaxy.”
“I’ll give you ‘tiny birb’ once I get out of this group hug!” I tease in return, earning a laugh from everyone around. “But seriously guys, it’s getting hot in here.”
Eventually they relent and release me, moving to stand in a circle around and peppering me with countless questions and comments.
“You’ll have to send us a message when you get there, okay?”
“Don’t forget to exercise, would be a shame if you came back all withered away.”
“You do realize that Venlil Prime has like 20 percent higher gravity than Earth? Tiny birb here will have problems walking around… ouch!”
“Do you think they have a proper fire brigade over there? I somehow can’t imagine people so skittish and easily frightened being able to put up with this stuff.”
Everyone was laughing and joking, especially Günther whose deep rumbling but jovial voice easily carries through the corridors of the station, when suddenly the all too familiar alarm klaxon sounds and the incident announcement echoes around us.
All joking and laughing is instantly forgotten while everyone runs towards their assigned vehicles and quickly changes into the heavy duty clothes. Barely a minute later the gates of Station 23 open, and my unit’s vehicles rush towards the accident with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Inside HLF 2 I went through my mental checklist while putting on my gear.
Heavy RTC, probably some leaking liquids, chance of compromised battery cells. With that many involved vehicles we have to prepare at least two squads for fire suppression and prevention, while the rest will work on getting the trapped people out. Okay, gear check: hood… mask… air tank… respirator… data uplink… radio… IR… ELoc…
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2023.06.09 19:15 possibility204 Overwhelmed with all the printer models - is this a good choice?

After switching ink printers twice in the past 5 years I want to get a laser printer that will actually last. I need a printer that doesn't die in a couple of years and prints easily/wirelessly in black and white for under 200$. Scanning easily is another feature I would appreciate (my previous printers had this feature but you needed to create a special email it would scan to or other ridiculous/ complicated ways of scanning so I never used it).
I'm in Canada and I can see the Brother HL-L2320D sold at staples for a good price (155.49$). Is this a good choice? As I said in the title I'm overwhelmed with the five million different models that exist! Thank you for the help
Edit: will buy the HL-L2370DW as the original one I listed isn't wireless
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2023.06.09 19:04 StoopSign Homemade Ink Recipes

Dark Blue ink: 40 cheap blue pens. Ethanol or Isopropyl. Kiwi Shoe polish, Dot 3 Brake Fluid. Stains like a bitch.
Black ink. Same deal but with a dozen or more sharpies. Stains deeper.
Red ink. Pens again with the same other stuff
Sky Blue. Same as Blue but with white Kiwi polish
The Kiwi polish bottles themselves make good mops
Here's some dark blue tags using the ink..
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2023.06.09 18:57 phineastheblob WTS: StrongShank, Dark Olive, Med / 3x FU GT, Small / 1x Cut 2 UFT, Dark Navy / Veilance LT Spere - Small, Black - Mackenzie Billboard, XS Charcoal + items from Asket, UniformLA, Hoka One One, Yellow Label Co.

WTS: Not shipping any cheap items solo. Deals for multiple. Shipping from NYC. DM for pics or with any questions!
Items (most here)
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2023.06.09 18:52 Groo21 Destroyers, Wraiths, and randoms FS

I’ve accumulated too many Destroyers and Wraiths over the years so I’m cleaning house a bit. Prices listed include shipping. I can do Paypal or Venmo. The post-its in the photos show my scale’s weight but I think my scale shows a gram or two heavy on everything so I’ve listed the penned weights (when available) in the description below. Chat or PM with any questions, thanks!

  1. Calvin Heimburg 2020 tour series Star Destroyer. 173-5. Never thrown, 9/10 for minor storage wear, no ink. $60
  2. AJ two-line Star Destroyer. Penned *DS 175. Thrown a few rounds 8/10, no ink. $50
  3. Steve Brinster 2018 tour series Swirled Star Destroyer. Thrown, see pics of scrapes. 175g 7/10 no ink. $18
  4. Philo Brathwaite 2020 tour series color glow Destroyer. 168g, 8/10 for light wear, no ink. $28
  5. Star Destroyer. Day glow yellow w Infinite bomber stamp. 175g, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $20
  6. Echo Star Destroyer. Old run. Orange w green stamp, penned E*DS. 175g, never thrown 9/10, no ink. Taking offers.
  7. Halo Star Destroyer. White w orange halo & stamp. 173-5, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $25
  8. Halo Star Destroyer. White w yellow halo & stamp. 173-5, field tested 8/10, no ink. $20
  9. Halo Star Destroyer. White w black halo & purple stamp. 173-5, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $30
  10. Star Destroyer. Orange w black f2 stamp and prism Infinite whale stamp. 173-5, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $15
  11. Bottom stamp Star Destroyer. Bubblegum pink w black stamp. 173-5, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $15
  12. Star Destroyer. Blue w navy/black Huk stamp. Don’t know if it’s a real Huk stamp or not. 171g, thrown 7/10, ink on bottom and inside rim. $15
  13. Star Destroyer. Orange/peach w faded Ricky raptor stamp. 173g, well used 5 or 6/10, ink on bottom and inside rim. $11

  1. Star Wraith. Orange w Infinite bomber stamp. 173-5, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $18
  2. Nathan Queen tour series Star Wraith. 173g, thrown 7/10, “DA” inked in rim. $15
  3. Garret Gurthie Halo Star Wraith. Chartreuse with copper stamp. 173-5 never thrown 9/10 no ink. $25
  4. Garret Gurthie Halo Star Wraith. Black with copper stamp. 173-5 never thrown 9/10 no ink. $28
  5. Garret Gurthie Halo Star Wraith. Purple with copper stamp. 173-5 never thrown 9/10 no ink. $25
  6. Garret Gurthie Halo Star Wraith. Purple with copper stamp. 173-5 never thrown 9/10 no ink. $25
  7. Echo Star Wraith. Green with red & black “zen” stamp. 173-5 never thrown 9/10 no ink. $35

  1. Star Max. Peach/yellow with black stamp. 174g. Thrown 7/10, big faded ink on back. $15
  2. Star Max (PFN). White with purple stamp. Well used 6/10, big ink on back and inside rim. $15
  3. Champion Eagle. Purple with blue tourney stamp. 170g, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $13
  4. KC Roc. Yellow with blue shatter tourney stamp. 180g, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $13
  5. Star Dark Rebel (Fairway Disc FD). Blue with copper stamp. 173-5, thrown a few rounds 8/10, no ink. $15
  6. Star Dark Rebel (Fairway Disc FD). Pink with rainbow stamp. 173-5, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $20
  7. Champion Mako3. Peach with black F2 stamp and purple shatter Infinite tractor stamp. 175g, never thrown 9/10, no ink. $13
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2023.06.09 18:50 Fantastic-Energy-536 [WTS]: Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport! FWP, Colorverse, Vinta inks!
SOLD- Lamy Safari Pastel Blue Macaron 1.1 stub [B] Condition - $12
SOLD- I also have 3 additional nibs (M and B in black, EF on silver) - $20 for all 3
SOLD- Kaweco Sport Iridescent Pearl EF - [B] Condition, only inked a handful of times - $15
Galen Leather Kaweco single case -$6
SOLD- FWP Pack (new) - tanzanite key, bluegrass velvet, candy Marsala - $5
SOLD- FWP Pack (new) - beaver dam brown, moss park green, goose poupon - $5
Vinta Pagtangi (90% remaining) -$10
SOLD- Colorverse Mini’s - Sea of Tranquility and Morning Star (used once on both)- $5 for both
Ostrich Inks - lake baikal and blue moon lake (both new) - $5 for both
$5 flat rate shipping CONUS
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2023.06.09 18:45 Firelite67 MTG Theme Song Contest: Golgari (Black/Green)

MTG Theme Song Contest: Golgari (Black/Green) submitted by Firelite67 to MTGmemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 18:13 Jakubambro Difference between outlining ink and general ink

Hello! I'm new in this subreddit and I have a question for all of you. I'm new in tattoo art and I really like working with world famous limitless obsidian black. But they sell it only in little bottles. Now I found the obsidian limitless outlining 120 ml and I would ask whats the difference between an outlining Ink and a general one. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 18:02 dai-lou Big ass cosmetics & skincare beautyboxkorea haul

Big ass cosmetics & skincare beautyboxkorea haul
Sorry for the flashlight photos 🥲 no choice
Item names by photo:
[Photo 1] - Etude x luvistrue Love Is Cheek - Etude x luvistrue Play Color Eyes Palette - Rom&nd Hanbok Project See-Through Melting Cheek (Melting Lavender) - Rom&nd Hanbok Project Better Than Eyes (Dry Violet) - Rom&nd Hanbok Project See-Through Veilighter (Moon Kissed Veil) - Muzigae Mansion Fitting Blush (Odd)
[Photo 2] - 3CE x toiletpaper Oval Hand Mirror - 3CE Black Mirror (part of a random set) - 3CE Mini Mirror (also part of a random set) - Hera Sensual Powder Matte Mirror - [gift] Peripera Bare Water Mirror
[Photo 3] - 3CE x toiletpaper Palette (Rosy Muhly) - 3CE x toiletpaper Palette (Overtake) - 3CE x toiletpaper Blush (Rose Beige) - 3CE x toiletpaper Matte Lipstick (Cold Space) - 3CE x toiletpaper cat thing x2 , idk what this is but it was part of the set, and one came as a gift
[Photo 4] - 3CE Velvet Lip Tint (Taupe) ((it was supposed to be the TP collab one but it’s out of stock💔)) - 3CE minis in Definition, Laydown, Drizzle Love, Grapeful (each pair are part of the aforementioned sets) - (gift) 3CE mini Lipstick (Kiss Woo) - Etude x Kakao Friends Fixing Tint (Orange Mojito) - Etude x Kakao Friends Fixing Tint (Pink Yam) - Etude x luvistrue Fixing Tint (Lilac Cream) - Clio minis in Namsan Peach Pink & Dawn Clouds Coral (set)
[Photo 5] - Hello Talk Cotton Pads 100 x 5 (a tower of them) - Aritaum Mugwort Fresh Essence Mask x3 - The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Remover - Clio Microfessional Deep Cleansing Foam x2 - Clio Micro-Fessional Deep Clean Lip & Eye Remover mini (part of the mini tint set) - TTAT Yuja Radiance Toner - Rom&nd mini Clear Cover Cushion x2
[Photo 6 is almost entirely mini Hera gifts] - Hera Bag - Hera Black Foundation - Hera UV Protector Multi-Defense - Hera Age Away Collagenic Emulsion - Hera Age Away Collagenic Water (drink it?) - Hera Firming Serum - Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Caramel)
[Photo 7 is the remainder of the 3CE sets] - Pink pouch, pink bag - mini foundation x2 - Multi-use Brush x2 - Eye Point Brush x2 - (gift) Lip Brush (it’s so pointy.. how is it used..)
[Photo 8] - Etude x Kakao Friends Palette+Table Mirror set (Orange Mojito) - Etude x Kakao Friends Play Color Eyes Palette (Pink Yam) - 3CE x toiletpaper Mini Bag + Gift Bag - 3CE Mesh Pocket Cross Bag
[Photo 9 is also full of freebies] - Tonymoly Gold 24K Mask Sheet - Feev Hyper-Fit Cover Serum x5 - fmgt Ink Lasting Foundation x2 - Etude blush brush - Skinfood Carrot Carotene Handmade Soap - Isaknox Sun Pro Sun Serum - One-day’s-you pore and sebum mask - Aperire Blue Toner Pad - Wonder Veggie To Go Kit - Intermission Rest up cleansing serum
The last photo is a shoutout for the cartons because they’re 10/10, plus showcase of Etude x luvistrue bag. I got two of it, but it’s childish for my taste so I gave one to my sister..
Feel free to ask any questions ☺️
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2023.06.09 17:58 SenseiMilo My first gold nib - Pilot Elite95s M

My first gold nib - Pilot Elite95s M
I’m using the Con40 converter, and TWSBI black ink in it at the moment. Absolute smoothest writing pen I have and my favorite to use. For sure not my last gold nib!
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2023.06.09 17:37 tjh4zc Anyone tried these headlights?

Anyone tried these headlights?
Price seems too good to be true. Less than half of the normal post factory lights
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2023.06.09 17:31 Khan_Entertainment The geekiest campaign ever: The Eternal Cohort

So, I basically made a multiverse-spanning campaign...enjoy!
Warning: This campaign incorporates elements from multiple universes and involves complex lore from sources such as Lord of the Rings, Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series, the Alien Anthology, Terminator (especially Terminator: Resistance), and Magic: The Gathering. To fully understand and appreciate the story, a significant amount of knowledge about these respective universes and their lore is required. Readers who are unfamiliar with the lore from these sources may find it challenging to follow the intricacies of the plot and the connections between different storylines. It is highly recommended to have a solid understanding of these universes to fully grasp the nuances of the campaign. If you are not well-versed in these sources or find complex interwoven narratives overwhelming, this campaign may not be suitable for you. However, if you enjoy delving into intricate lore and relish the challenge of connecting multiple universes, this campaign may offer a rich and rewarding storytelling experience. Please consider your familiarity with the relevant lore before diving into this campaign, as it may greatly impact your ability to engage with and enjoy the story. I will explain the story the way it turned out for my party. This is a very basic rundown of the story, basically the core of the campaign.
Also, these might greatly help you:
One wiki to rule them all:
Moorcok's Multiverse Wiki:
MTG Wiki:
Terminator Wiki:

The Lord of the Rings: Where the Shadows Lie
The first part of the campaign takes the party to the year 2000 of the Third Age of Middle-Earth. The Realm of Angmar has been defeated and the Nazgûl are gathering in Mordor. The Elven Lord Glanduril of Mithlond, brother of Gildor Inglorion and wielder of the black sword Anguirel, recieves a message from a Stranger. It tells about the actions of the other Nazgûl during the Witch-King's campaign against Arnor, including third of the Nine, Gothmog, once a great Númenórean lord who fell to Sauron and led the black númenóreans to Dark Land, where they established a colony and became the Hyarmenóreans. Now, nothing is left of them but the city of Nazgkadar, led by a powerful necromancer named Mordu (who would much later become the Mouth of Sauron). And the elves suspect that Gothmog might have been preparing them for war. They also suspect a Nazgûl in Dol Guldur, Rhûn and Harad, who have recovered one of the remaining dwarven rings and unleashed the black plague upon Gondor. (yes, I made this)
Glanduril and Galadriel assemble a group of heroes to investigate this threat and the other Nazgûl's plans. (This and subsequently the next adventure are the only ones where I'll incorporate my players' characters into the summary, because they sometimes are key elements.) Among the group were Galadhorn, an elven lord of Doriath and brother of Celeborn who now lives in Lórien and posesses a ring gifted to him by Melian with the power to heal others, but it has been broken during the second Kinslaying at the hands of Fëanor's sons; Tauriël, the lost daughter of Eluréd, and therefore heir to the Kingdom of Doriath; Arathar, Brother of Aranarth and Prince of Arnor, a Dúnedain of the north; and Elethrond, an elf of Nargothrond and apprentice of Finrod, who now lives in Mithlond with Glanduril. He also carries the sword of Ecthelion.
With the exception of Elethrond, they first meet in the Prancing Pony in Bree, where they also encounter a Stranger who ensures (in whatever way you see fit) that Tauriël and Arathar eventually fall in love. When the group travels to Dark Land and enter Nazgkadar, they have to avoid being spotted. They break into a Melkor temple/library and find out about the Hyarmenórean's history and that Gothmog had returned to recruit them for Sauron. After fleeing from the city, the group and Glanduril stop in Minas Ithil on their way to Dol Guldur, their next stop. Then the 2-year siege of Minas Ithil at the hands of the Nazgûl begins. After a fierce battle, the heroes depart. At the outskirts of Greenwood, while the others are sleeping, one of the player characters' wakes up and sees Glanduril talking to the Stranger they've encountered in Bree, a concerned expression on Glanduril's face. They can not understand what they're talking but they see that the Stranger carries a sword identical to that of Glanduril, on his finger shines a ring like the one Galadhorn possesses one if it wasn't broken and on his head sits a helm adorned with a dragon figure. The next morning Glanduril tells the group that what they thought to be a Nazgûl in Dol Guldur could be Sauron himself, according to the same Stranger that told him of the other Nazgûl, as he has encountered him last night. And that he will depart for a while to search for an ally that might be challenging to recruit. He sends the players north to the land of the Éothéod to help Fram slay the dragon Scatha and recover one of the dwarven rings of power from his hort to delay Sauron, if it is really him. (So this is kinda like a Hobbit scenario, including Fram's dragon sickness; Also, the ring tempts the players.) Following that adventure, Gildor arrives at Framsburg to give the group a message from Glanduril that tells them to investigate the ruins of Utumno in search for Sauron's past and maybe find a clue if he's hiding in Dol Guldur. They have to pass by the orc-infested Gundabad to reach the ruins in the far north. Once deep underground they encounter the fellbeasts, which would later become the mounts of the Nazgûl during the War of the Ring:
"Nonetheless the Valar did not discover all the mighty vaults and caverns hidden with deceit far under the fortresses of Angband and Utumno. Many evil things still lingered there, and others were dispersed and fled into the dark and roamed in the waste places of the world, awaiting a more evil hour; and Sauron they did not find."
But then they are confronted by a Balrog, and Glanduril comes to their aid, and they slay the balrog using Anguirel and Elethrond's sword, as it has slain many balrogs in the hands of Ecthelion and could wound their fire.
They then travel to Amon Ereb north of Mithlond, where once was the fortress of the sons of Fëanor. On their way, a group of Dúnedain bring Arathar a gift from a stranger: The Dragon helm of Dor-Lómin. Once they arrive at Amon Ereb, they are greeted by Maglor, last living son of Fëanor, who Glanduril has recruited for one final mission. Though he's first met with Suspicion and hatred from Galadhorn and Tauriël, Maglor wants to at least partly redeem himself and (as a son of Fëanor) repairs Galadhorn's ring and gifts the recovered treasure of Doriath to Tauriël and agrees to join them. Returning to Dark land, Maglor sings a song to recruit the huorns and ents of the forest, which is destroyed by the Hyarmenóreans for their industry. The ents destroy the city and the huorns kill any fleeing Hyarmenóreans, while the group (without Glanduril and Maglor) face Mordu in his palace. After this final boss fight, Mordu manages to escape and Gothmog turns up and takes the dwarven ring from the group, before Maglor and Glanduril arrive to drive him back. Afterwards, Glanduril offers the group to join him in searching for the legendary city of Tanelorn in the new lands in the west. With nothing holding him in Middle-Earth Maglor joins them.
Michael Moorcock’s The Eternal Champion: Stranger in a Strange World
Years later, Arathar and Tauriël have an adult son, Heledir, that lives with them in Tanelorn. Being a descendant of Lúthien, Tauriël had chosen a mortal life with Arathar. Heledir is gifted Glanduril's sword Anguirel, as well as the dragon helm of Dor-Lómin.
One day, the black ship arrives at Tanelorn and the captain recruits the group. On the ship, they meet with Dakkon Blackblade from the MTG universe. They learn that Dakkon and Heledir (and Turin Turambar before him) are both incarnations of the eternal champion and wield incarnations of the black sword; and that Glanduril is Heledir's eternal companion. They also learn that the group is an incarnation of another archetype: the Eternal Cohort, which will always help the eternal champion in one way or another, if he himself is not able to fulfill his task. They don't have to be with the champion though. (Also, Heledir has a dream avatar: Valentine Michael Smith from "Stranger in a Strange Land")
They travel the second ether until they reach Elric's world. Their mission is to defeat the nemesis of Dakkon and chaos demon Geyadrone Dihada, who wants to disrupt a meeting between the lords of chaos and law. They travel to R'lin K'ren A'a, where Dihada's Unholy Citadel is located. Upon arriving on the jungle continent, they are ambushed by Mairon (Sauron), or rather his incarnation in Elric's world. Turns out, that Melkor is actually a chaos lord and Mairon a chaos demon in his service. But his power in this world isn't strong, and the players are able to drive him back. (Mairon)
After defeating some of the reptilian Olab, they meet with a man called J'osui C'reln Reyr and the departing royal family of R'lin K'ren A'a, as they made a deal with Arioch to leave for Melniboné and leave the gods their land for their meeting. (They also see the great jade statue of Arioch). Heledir and Dakkon forge their helmets together, creating a black shimmering helmet adorned with a dragon figure; they gift the helmet to the king, and it would later become the dragon helm of the melnibonéan emperors. Before they launch their attack on Dihada, they return to the ship, where they are met with a strange group of people, that kinda look like this:
They give Heledir a vial of a silver liquid, before the group must depart. They ultimately defeat Geyadrone Dihada by becoming The-Two-Who-Are-One and banish her with the black sword before Dakkon planeswalkes away. Then, Mairon returns and after this final fight, Heledir banishes him from Elric's world using Anguirel. But this evokes a bloodlust in the demon sword and kills all of Heledir's companions. Heledir curses Anguirel and swears to defeat Sauron once and for all. He takes Galadhorn's ring and travels the multiverse via the moonbeam roads... (the Two-Who-Are-One)
Aliens: Nemesis
These last two parts are played in the Alien RPG System by Free League
It's the year 2183, the USS Corum has been dispatched to locate survivors of the Hadley's Hope incident, that have crashed on the nearby moon of Lv-223, while trying to escape with the Onager. Among the crew is the android Evans.
Upon landing on the moon, they notice the jungle that has been created by the black goo emitted from the crashed Juggernaut. While investigating the terrain, one of the marines is infected with Neomorph spores. The Neomorph emerges from it's host in the shuttle's medbay but breaks out, so that it isn't safe to return to.
Soon they find a boy who has been surviving on the hostile moon (kinda like Eric Kirby in Jurassic Park 3): Timmy Jorden; Newt's brother. He then leads the group to the engineer temple, where Evans discovers that the engineers have created humanity and have created the black goo out of some sort of (phyrexian) oil that they have encountered during their travel around the multiverse, as they are a highly advanced species. He also finds out that the Deacon is an incarnation of the "Black Sword" and that the engineers worship it as a symbol of the cycle of sacrifice and creation, that drives the whole multiverse and the balance of chaos and order. Evans takes one of the black goo vials and creates a silver liquid out of it's nano-material, that david had already discovered; an alloy that can form into anything.
After several Xenomorph attacks, Timmy leads the group to the wreck of the Onager to get it's transmitter to call another shuttle, but it is now a xenomorph hive. The group eventually floods the hive with liquid nitrogen, but they only have a limited amount and not much zime. They place explosives within the hive, but don't make it out before the Xenomorphs attack them again. The group sacrifices themselves, destroying the hive with the queen for good. The last thing one of them sees is Evans rising from the flames, but his skin is gone, revealing that he is not a normal Weyland-Yutani android:
Suddenly, the group seems to wake up in a shattered city, dispersed, and with their memory of their adventure fading like a dream and being replaced with others...
Terminator: Renegades
The group awakes in the middle of a battle, they are part of the 124th, Colorado division. The group is marked for termination and an infiltrator tries to kill them but is then attacked by another terminator. Both get destroyed in the process. The group recoveres the chip of the other terminator and brings it back to the shelter to investigate why it saved them.
They find out that the chip has been altered using a mimetic polyalloy. Apparently, these "Renegades" have been appearing lately, sabotaging SkyNet's assets. But there are more pressing matters. After destroying a SkyNet train transporting titan for new terminators, they recieve the coordinates of the SkyNet central core from Jacob Rivers and John Connor gives the order for the final attack.
The 124th attacks the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, where the core is; But it is too heavily defended. Suddenly, the renegades launch a massive attack on SkyNet, diverting SkyNet's forces away from the complex and giving the 124th the chance to attack. The players place the explosives and hack the central computers before destroying the core. The resistance is victorious, but SkyNet has sent three terminators back in time, among them the "T-1000". After the battle, they are met by a figure who reveals himself to be a "Heledir", the creator of the renegades. He explains how he has used the polyalloy to alter the terminator's programming to defeat the servant of the singularity called SkyNet. But SkyNet has captured one of them and recreated the polyalloy, creating the T-1000. He then goes on to meet with John Connor together with the group. He explains that he has to go back in time using the captured time displacement equipment to ensure his own birth and defeat of Sauron: He is the Stranger from the first part. He also explains that the group is the Eternal Cohort and explains that they and a renegade (Evans) have to go back in time too and travel by the black ship, to ensure that he recieves the polyalloy.
Heledir would go on to inform Glanduril of the Hyarmenóreans, bring Arathar and Tauriël together and live by the Gladden Fields to ultimately ensure that Déagol and Sméagol would find the One ring, ultimately sealing Sauron's fate; before joining the warriors at the edge of time.
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2023.06.09 17:21 CommanderAuri Searching for a longterm partner! Prompts listed below

Hi there! Name’s Auri and I’m a 28F. I’ve been rping for roughly 10+ years now and am searching around for another partner for a thread or two. I'm not replacing anyone!
General overview:
Prompt idea:
*Mass Effect 2 or 3: I created an original elemental race/character to use in the Mass Effect universe. This could take place during the second game and start off as a recruitment mission or start off with with third game after Shepard leaves the Mars archives. For either prompt here, I would like to try and follow Shepard's crew during both games. I'm currently not looking to do anything for Mass Effect: Andromeda at the moment
The second: Our characters are assigned to a backwater colony world that's now inhabited by both humans and ex-covenant forces. Our OCs/CCs are essentially made to be a temporary peace keeping force, a supposedly easy op. After meeting up with the colony's human governor, time passes and things start seeming a bit... off. The colony world isn't what it appears to be and there's a hidden menace that we need to uncover deep below ground and stop before it's too late.
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2023.06.09 16:56 CommanderAuri Searching for a longterm partner! Prompt listed below

Hi there! Name’s Auri and I’m a 28F. I’ve been rping for roughly 10+ years now and am searching around for another partner for a thread or two. I'm not replacing anyone!
General overview:
Prompt idea:
*Mass Effect 2 or 3: I created an original elemental race/character to use in the Mass Effect universe. This could take place during the second game and start off as a recruitment mission or start off with with third game after Shepard leaves the Mars archives. For either prompt here, I would like to try and follow Shepard's crew during both games. I'm currently not looking to do anything for Mass Effect: Andromeda at the moment
The second: Our characters are assigned to a backwater colony world that's now inhabited by both humans and ex-covenant forces. Our OCs/CCs are essentially made to be a temporary peace keeping force, a supposedly easy op. After meeting up with the colony's human governor, time passes and things start seeming a bit... off. The colony world isn't what it appears to be and there's a hidden menace that we need to uncover deep below ground and stop before it's too late.
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2023.06.09 16:55 Heavy-Weight6182 Using one screen for under-base + top coat?

I have been experimenting with printing a semi-sheer glow in the dark green ink on black shirts. My process has been:
White ink: print flash print flash Green ink: print flash print
Now my question. I have been using the same screen for both inks but have found it can be tricky to keep the white underbase from mixing and diluting the glow in the dark green on the screen. Has anyone had success with this process before? Any tips and tricks for keeping inks from mixing on the screen and/ or cleaning up between colors?
Should I just suck it up and burn 2 identical screens to keep the inks separate?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.09 16:30 khoafraelich789 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 First Test Review: The SUV That Does It All

2023 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 First Test Review: The SUV That Does It All
Need to do, well, just about anything? The Tahoe can handle it.

Aggressive approach and departure angles
Soft-touch interior details
Great versatility for family adventuring

5.3-liter V-8's lackluster performance/economy
20-inch wheels aren't practical for off-roading
Push-button gear selector is fussy for no good reason

In these SUV-crazed times, and when gas prices are a lesser concern, the Chevrolet Tahoe just might be the quintessential modern family vehicle. As a jack of all trades, it can tow toys, haul stuff, transport people, tackle a trail, and hold its own in the valet line. But as the saying continues, as a master of none, the 2023 Chevy Tahoe Z71 we tested isn't overwhelmingly excellent in any one category, instead aiming for a well-rounded, realistic target that it mostly nails for families (and businesses) with lots of things to do. For these customers, versatility beats being a master of one, as the saying sometimes ends. And hey, it's way more stylish than settling into minivan life.

Z71 Trim: What It Includes
The Z71 is the Tahoe's most off-road-oriented trim, falling below the Premier and High Country in terms of starting price. Exterior visual differences up front include a skidplate and a high-clearance fascia with red recovery hooks. Seasoned off-roaders know GM trucks have poor approach angles that often result in stuffing the front end into obstacles and ripping off valances, so this adapted front end is a definite positive for those who will actually take their Z71 on the trail. That fascia combines with the Z71's available air suspension (good for a 2-inch boost over normal ride height) to provide an approach angle of 34.5 degrees; the Z71's departure angle is 22.5 degrees, and both angles represent useful improvements over more road-oriented models.

The Z71 also features machined aluminum 20-inch wheels wrapped in 275/60 (33-inch) Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT tires, black assist steps, and black roof-mounted side rails. The Z71 Off-Road package, available for another $6,000, bundles the Luxury, Max Trailering, Driver Alert, and Off-Road Capability packages, allowing buyers to pack on tons of features with one check mark. The last package specifically adds an electronically controlled limited-slip differential (eLSD), Magnetic Ride Control dampers, and adaptive air springs. You cannot order a Z71 with GM's excellent Super Cruise hands-free driving system, however.

The adaptive air suspension automatically adjusts for road conditions, lowering to improve aerodynamics and efficiency. You can also adjust it manually. Once in park, it kneels (lowers) for easier egress—though it's a rather slow process. The system is quiet with no loud air compressor sound and pretty seamless.

The setup offers nice ride quality, but does it make or break the Z71? Not really, as Tahoes on the regular suspension aren't uncomfortable. On the plus side, we used it to adjust heights when hooking and unhooking trailers. Why jump on the tailgate to disengage the ball when you can air down and lower the hitch?

Why We're Testing It
About that electronic limited-slip differential that we mentioned: When we previously tested a Chevy Tahoe Z71, the eLSD wasn't yet available; instead, that truck had a mechanical rear limited-slip diff. Again, this isn't a feature that's going to make or break the Z71 for the majority of customers; most of the time, you'd never know it was there. In certain low-range limited-traction circumstances, it could make a difference. That said, our colleagues at Four Wheeler put it to the test: "Our crew found that [the eLSD] wasn't tuned quite as well as the competition's. It's almost as if GM's engineers designed the Tahoe's eLSD to require a lot of wheelspin before engaging. An actual electronically controlled locking rear differential would make a world of difference." It becomes even less of a necessity considering most folks won't want to have our test SUV's 20-inch wheels if they're going to do regular trailwork.

Ain't So Peppy But Gets It Done
Our Radiant Red four-wheel-drive 2023 Chevy Tahoe Z71 housed the 5.3-liter V-8 making 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. It gets the big SUV up to speed with little fanfare and works through a 10-speed automatic transmission that happily works away in the background. If you love the good ol' sounds and experience of a trusty V-8, the Tahoe's for you—your gas engine choices are this V-8 or a different V-8. (A torquey 3.0-liter turbodiesel is also available.) However, long gone are the days when V-8 automatically means quicker and faster than the rest.

Our Z71 accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds. Not bad, Jack, but the problem is that nearly all the four-wheel-drive full-size three-row competition betters that time. The Ford Expedition and Toyota Sequoia with their twin-turbo V-6s are both quicker, with the former reaching 60 mph a full two seconds ahead of the Z71. Rather than hanging with the zippy V-6s, the Z71 sandwiches nicely between its V-8 competitors, the Nissan Armada on top and the Wagoneer on the bottom. (Of course, the Wagoneer's V-8 Hemi is going bye-bye in favor of the excellent Hurricane twin-turbo inline-six.) The Z71 is the only one of these SUVs under 400 horsepower, and the fact that it's light—only the Expedition is lighter—doesn't make a difference. Maybe it's good there's a new sixth-gen small-block in the works.

Stick With The 5.3-Liter
The other available V-8, the 6.2-liter, is good for an additional 65 hp and 77 lb-ft of torque. Maybe more displacement delivers more awesome? Naturally, the 6.2-liter offers stronger foot-to-the-floor acceleration, but it also results in a heavier Tahoe that can tow and haul less than the 5.3-liter. Plus, the option tacks on an immediate $8,605 or so. And it requires premium gasoline.

Unless you absolutely insist on having the biggest V-8 you can get, we'd stick with the 5.3-liter. Any benefits of the 6.2-liter just don't outweigh the 5.3-liter. The 5.3-liter pulls the Tahoe around reasonably well in regular driving, and no one in the school drop-off line will really be the wiser.

All Those Trades This Jack Of An SUV Covers
Let's look at all the trades this jack covers. First, it's good for four people. The Chevy Tahoe Z71 can seat seven, even eight, but it's really in its element with four aboard. They each have their own captain's chair to stretch out, and the rear entertainment system with dual 12.6-inch screens now comes with built-in apps, making it more broadly useful. It's perfect for a family of four, with room in the third row for occasionally carrying grandparents or your kids' friends. Getting the whole crew out the door to dinner can be like herding cats; taking everyone in one car is a definite bonus. With the third row down, there's also enough room for all four folks to bring a decent load of luggage. If you plan to use the third row consistently, however, things get cramped very quickly. You gain people, but with the third row in use, you lose luggage room for those extra people. For families greater than four considering a Tahoe, we'd recommend a Suburban.

It can haul and tow. The Z71 has a payload of about 1,700 pounds and as equipped here can tow 8,200 pounds. Sans kids, we once flipped all but the driver and passenger seats down and hauled a metric ton of overlanding gear to install on another project. The enclosed, upright space handled everything like a boss, and it would have been much harder to secure the load in a pickup. Plus, the Z71 has automatic load-leveling thanks to that air suspension.

As for towing, we hitched an 8,000-pound 21-foot toy hauler to the Z71's cousin, the GMC Yukon AT4, and dragged it on a 2,400-mile road trip. We faced white-knuckle wind at the Bonneville Flats—the strongest we've ever experienced—steep grades, and everything in between. It did the job with confidence and stability. It's not all glowing, though. We averaged less than 9 mpg mpg while towing. Combined with the 24-gallon fuel tank, we were stopping for gas literally every time we could.

It's not miserable off-road. Short of "death-wheeling," proceed with confidence. The Z71 does not feel like it'll fall apart off-road. For sketchier trails, it has four-low, the eLSD, an Off-Road drive mode, 10 inches of ground clearance, a bumper made for moderate step-ups, and multiple camera angles for seeing obstacles. You probably won't go buy a Z71 specifically for off-roading—and if you do, again, you probably want to fit smaller wheels—but our colleagues at Four Wheeler named the GMC variant its SUV of the Year.

In The End …
The Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 isn't the most glamorous SUV going; even the GMC Yukon is perceived as more prestigious. But it can tow, it can take you far off the beaten path without shaking itself to death, it can swallow a ton of cargo, and it's as comfortable for long trips as almost anything you can buy. If you don't crave extra power or stout acceleration and aren't a fan of flashy SUVs, it's worth a look.

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