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Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin

2023.06.02 10:00 bushiredublin Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin

Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin
Dublin, as a major economic hub and home to numerous businesses, often requires efficient and reliable transportation solutions for corporate travel and staff transportation. Whether it’s airport transfers, shuttle services, or corporate event transportation, Dublin offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses. Here are some of the top corporate travel and staff transportation services in Dublin:

1. Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are a crucial aspect of corporate travel. Dublin has several reputable transportation companies that provide reliable and efficient airport transfer services. These services ensure that employees, clients, and business partners are promptly picked up from the airport and transported to their destination in comfort and style. Whether it’s a small group or a large corporate delegation, these services offer a range of vehicles to accommodate varying group sizes and requirements.

2. Executive Chauffeur Services

For businesses looking for luxury and professionalism, executive chauffeur services in Dublin are an ideal choice. These services provide highly trained and professional chauffeurs who offer a premium level of service. From executive sedans to luxury vehicles, companies can choose the most suitable option for their corporate clients or senior executives. Executive chauffeur services ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience, allowing passengers to focus on their work or relax during their journey.

3. Corporate Event Transportation

When it comes to corporate events, transportation logistics play a significant role. Dublin offers specialized transportation services for corporate events, including conferences, seminars, and team-building activities. These services handle the transportation needs of attendees, ensuring timely arrival and departure from event venues. Whether it’s a shuttle service between hotels and the event location or coordinating transportation for a large group, these services take care of the details, allowing businesses to focus on organizing a successful event.

4. Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution for staff transportation in Dublin. Companies can arrange dedicated shuttles to transport employees to and from the workplace, ensuring punctuality and convenience. Shuttle services can be customized based on Bus Hire Dublin specific requirements, such as multiple pick-up and drop-off points, fixed schedules, and route optimization. These services not only help reduce traffic congestion but also provide a reliable and stress-free commuting experience for employees.

5. Corporate Car Rental Services

Corporate car rental services are another popular option for businesses in Dublin. These services provide a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. Whether it’s for business meetings, client visits, or employee travel, corporate car rental services offer flexibility and convenience. Companies can choose from a variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and vans, depending on their specific requirements.
In conclusion, Dublin offers a range of corporate travel and staff transportation services that cater to the needs of businesses. From airport transfers to executive chauffeur services, shuttle services to corporate event transportation, and corporate car rentals, these services ensure efficient and reliable transportation for corporate clients and staff. By utilizing these services, businesses can enhance their professionalism, improve logistical efficiency, and provide a positive travel experience for their employees and clients in Dublin.
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2023.06.02 07:07 yesrentals Browse The Best Rental Car From Auckland Airport

If you need a rental car from Auckland Airport, what do you do? The best choice for you is Yes Rentals, which provides 24/7 automobile pick-up service and offers affordable and practical ways to tour New Zealand. We also give top-notch customer care to all of our clients.
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2023.06.02 05:25 AxlCobainVedder Avis ad (2/1/1988)

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2023.06.02 05:21 witchshark Andalucia/Madrid 17-day itinerary - suggestions/critiques?

Hi everyone, I'm taking my elderly mother (67) to Spain in late Sept/early Oct. We're both into food, pretty scenery, culture, and architecture, so we're really excited to go to Andalucia! I made a draft 17-day itinerary based on some internet research, but I'm not sure if the pacing or sequencing is right, and if we could potentially add or remove things to/from the mix. My mum likes to do things somewhat leisurely, while I'm the must-cram-in-highlights kind of traveller. Hoping to get your feedback! The plan so far:
Day 1: mid-day arrival in Madrid
Day 2: Madrid
Day 3-5: Seville
Day 6: Day trip to Cordoba
Day 7-9: Granada
Day 10-11: Nerja, sleep in Malaga on Day 11
Day 12: Pick up car at Malaga Airport, drive to Ronda with detours at Olvera and Setenil de las Bodegas
Day 13: Ronda
Day 14: Drive to Zahara de la Sierra and Grazalema before returning to Malaga, night train to Madrid
Day 15: Madrid
Day 16: Day trip to Toledo
Day 17: Day trip to El Escorial/Segovia
Day 18: mid-day departure from Madrid
Is this too ambitious? Too slow? Are we missing anything must-see? Would you add Cadiz/GibraltaMalaga into this itinerary, and if so, what would you remove? Any other White Towns you think are great? We haven't emphasized the Costa del Sol because we're both not big beach people, but I think it might be nice to sit by the ocean and eat seafood and I hear that Nerja is much nicer than Malaga.
For Madrid, it seems like the museums are the must-sees, so that's going to be our focus, probably to the exclusion of exploring the city. Would we be better served swapping one of our Madrid day trips for wandering around town?
Lastly, would it make more sense to do a clockwise or counter-clockwise trip so clockwise eg. go to Cordoba/Granada first then leave Seville to the end before Madrid? Doing it in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner would require a one-way car rental between Malaga and Seville and that would cost more $, but might make more sense from a backtracking perspective.
Many thanks in advance!!!
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2023.06.02 04:41 stevebx2 Robbed at OAK gas station

A buddy of mine was just robbed at the chevron outside OAK airport on his way to returning a rental car. They got all his electronics and passport. What do thieves do with the passport and stuff? Any chance it will be found and returned??
Just sad and angering.
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2023.06.02 04:07 Sweaty_Tonight8567 I (23M) think that I'm still in love with my ex even though I've found someone who treats me like I begged her to...

I feel like I'm drowning. I'm currently sitting in bed with my girlfriend as I type this because I have no one to turn to on this, for context I'm 23M, I was in a relationship with someone about a year ago who I genuinely thought I was going to marry.
She was so smart and pretty and had a great sense of humor. I loved her for her. We only spent 7 months together, but she made me feel like I actually had a family or someone I can turn to. Around the 7-month mark, near the end of that month we broke up. I had just moved to her same state because we were long distance for a few months, and I decided to take the leap because I trusted her and thought she would be there to catch me.
She had messaged me this last year in February when we were dating after a few months. I think it was around 4.
"I wish you were here. I don’t even need you to be awake I just need you physically near me. I keep thinking about the joke crimson made and I’m not mad at her because she didn’t know and that’s totally okay but I haven’t been able to recover like I usually do. For the first time I was actually tempted. I wasn’t going to do it but. That was the first time after a joke that I was tempted. The last time that it actually crossed my mind was when suede broke up with me and I was convinced that there was no more life for me and I could never be loved again. I had built a life for us in my head because he basically forced me to and when that life was cut off I didn’t think there would be a way to live. I never thought there would be a way to recover. Lo and behold I did but that’s the last time it actually crossed my mind. And then today I kept wondering what it would feel like and thinking of how free I would feel if I just didn’t exist anymore. I don’t know why im sending this message honestly because I don’t want anything to happen because I sent the message ya know. I don’t want anything to change in the slightest but I just. Idk I guess communicate feelings? Just say something so im not holding it in anymore? Say that I love you so much and I can’t wait to be able to hug and cuddle and kiss and cry while you comfort me."
This message me fall more for her, it was the first time someone had been so honest and loving towards me. I come from a broken household where I was abused emotionally and didn't allow me to express my feelings safely. This caused me to be unable to process really well what I was feeling, and it really damaged my ability to communicate my emotions. We had both just gotten out of bad relationships and when we first started talking, one of the questions I asked her was "what are you looking for in a relationship?" And she wanted something long term and so was I. I made sure to say that communication was something I really love and wanted, something that really made me feel safe. I didn't get that in my childhood. I got it in the form of screaming and fights so I'm not really scared of confrontation or disagreements, but I can handle them calmly because of it now.
She's neurodivergent and has some ticks and ADHD and other things that would make her a difficult partner, but I comforted her best I could. After she sent me that message, I flew out (against my controlling parents' wishes) to see her and spent 3 weeks with her. She was in college at the time and was finishing her degree and I had just changed career paths from nursing to computer science because I loved coding more. The thought of creating something in code really makes me happy. We both had similar goals and ideas and saw a future together.
Once she finished her degree she moved back home and about a month later we talked seriously and she had mentioned how if the relationship was to move forward, we need to find a way to close the distance. I had enough money saved to move and my family situation had gotten really abusive the more independent and defiant I got towards the abuse.
I decided to take the leap of faith. I moved to a state near hers, about 30- or 40-minute drive because we had talked, and she wanted to move there since it was close-ish to home. During my stay with her the first time, she had a break down and opened up to me about how she might be using me to cope, those were her words. I comforted her and said I wasn't going anywhere but if she ever felt like she didn't love me anymore or that the relationship wasn't good for her, she could leave, I explained that it would be okay because then she wouldn't be with someone she didn't love and how that would not be fair for her or me in that scenario. A few months later, I was very vulnerable with her and told her how my greatest fear was someone not loving me anymore and leaving me for someone better, months had passed by this point, I think 2 and I opened up about my abuse and even how a teacher took advantage me sexually when I was in first grade and another time in college when a roommate placed their genitals on my face while I slept and took a video and photos (as a prank).
I had never told anyone that. She comforted me and I loved her for it. I had spent a month in the new state before she decided to break up with me. I was honestly having trouble adjusting, it was truly the first time I was alone and supposed to adult with no guidance, no one taught me anything or how people can take advantage of you. I found a job that paid 200 a week (it was 9 to 5) and had a job at GameStop that paid decently well but I didn't know how to manage money, and this was a big stressor for both of us. When I first moved there, she wasn't there to pick me up from the airport because she was busy having just moved in with her parents and there were 3 other occasions she would be "too tired" to drive up to see me, I didn't have a car or license because my parents weren't keen on teaching me or letting me try to drive so I never learned. Anyway, we started having more disagreements, small things like how she spent more time with her friends and we didn't get to see each other as often even though we were closer. I saw her maybe once a week or every two weeks. She stopped wanting to fall asleep on call because she felt weird and I explained that it was fine, I just liked it because it was nice seeing at least her name on screen when I woke up. It gave me comfort during a difficult time.
I remember when she was still studying and she had gotten really depressed and suicidal, I was worried and stayed with her on call until she fell asleep, I guess I gotten used to it. Fastforward and its been a month with me in this new state and I had used my money on her because she had driven so long to see me and I wanted to spoil her and show her how much I appreciated it. We got groceries and we had a talk in the car about what was happening and if I was lying about my money troubles. I explained that I wasn't lying but she then asked me if I had ever lied about anything and I said yes, small things like saying I'm okay when she asked because I knew she would be worried or some poems and things I sent her that quite frankly I passed off as my own. I wanted to impress her, and I couldn't communicate very well what I felt before but the poems and things I found online did and felt that it would be more special to her if it was something "I made". I see how dishonest it was now and how it was one of the many things I did that tipped over my relationship.
Eventually, on one of the few days I had off from work. I asked if we could meet and hang out, we hadn't done it in a week or two and I really wanted to. I asked to meet at a McDonald's that was nearby, and she tells me she doesn't love me anymore and my heart sank. She had already packed my things in a bag, they weren't a lot and after sitting in silence for a moment, we went to the car to get it. I hugged her and I still remember the details. It was 2 weeks before my birthday and she broke up with me at 1:30pm. I remember glancing at my phone and looking around, like I was in a bad dream.
I know I had done some stuff to push her away, I was too clingy and probably asked for too much. I remember asking her if she could send me a check in text once and while because I always checked in to see how she was doing around 12:00 midday and then later at 7 to remind her to take her meds because she had some problems remembering it.
Looking back, it was a lot to ask and shouldn't have. I simply wanted to feel like she cared, and she was getting more and more distant. She did it for two days and I never got them again. I also remember telling her about my past and my abuse and acting like it really didn't bother me because I didn't want her to think of me as a victim or feel bad. I feel so lost. After she broke up with me, I got into a really bad headspace and the landlord kicked me out so I was homeless and spent that way for months, struggling to cope with losing her and the things I had done wrong. I know I wasn't perfect but I tried, her birthday was 4 days after mine and I sent her happy birthday and she never responded but saw it. I found out that 3 days after we broke up she was telling everyone that she had moved on. She's been one of those people who don't stay single for long and I was scared, I was working on getting better and doing better. To work on my mental health, my trauma and communication, my toxic behaviors and clinginess but she found someone, and I was alone. I eventually got back on my feet, got an apartment and decided to jump back on the horse about 7 months later after that. I met this wonderful, amazing girl. She treats me like I begged her to and communicates with me like I wished her would because my ex would shut down and not talk to me about how she was feeling, I gave her the spaced she asked for but I'm sure I let my anxiety get the better of me and invaded that space which probably didn't help her.
But the girl I'm with is amazing. She is what I begged for, and I'm lost and drowning because my ex is still on my mind. When I started dating again, I thought I was over her but today I got curious and looked her up and she had posted. She has a Twitch and watching her smile and play games really brought back memories of how we used to be and how much I miss her and love her still.
I feel like shit because here is this amazing, wonderful person, we just moved in together and I feel like I could never love her like I did my ex. She doesn't know a lot about my past or my fears or my insecurities because I feel like those negative things about me were that tipped over my previous relationship, and I want to do better. I feel horrible because I feel like I don't truly love her, with my ex I felt it and knew it, but I don't see that kind of love or future with my current girlfriend.
I wish I was over her, I wish I didn't feel anything towards her so I could move on truly and build a life with this woman because she really makes me feel safe and loved and I try really hard to do the same and it seems like I have because she's told me everything and has opened up to me about things she hasn't told anyone and trust me entirely. I'm just... lost. I don't know what to feel but I feel so horrible, and she deserves better but now I'm again in a position where I've moved for someone, and they truly love me, but I feel scared to give myself fully again like that.
I feel scared to hurt her like my ex did. That pain she doesn't need to feel because I can't get my emotional shit together and move on from someone who didn't bother checking in or wishing me happy birthday or even bother to call me.
I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.02 03:10 lexingtonluxury AIRPORT SERVICE

Picking up clients or business partners? Need to arrive from the airport to a meeting with prestige and pizzazz? Look no further than our collective fleet of classy cars to get you there. A limousine rental in Lexington, KY is your solution for airport transportation needs.We provide transport to and from Bluegrass Field (LEX), TAC Air at Bluegrass Field, Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), Louisville International Airport (SDF), Bowman Field (LOU), or other smaller regional airports in cities like Danville, Frankfort, Cynthiana, Georgetown, Mount Sterling, Morehead and Stanton.
So whether you or your colleagues need transportation to and from Lexington, Cincinatti, Louisville or other area airports and airfields we provide luxurious accommodations to and from departure or destination. With ample space to sprawl out and work on a laptop or tablet you’re sure to meet those last minute deadlines and TPS reports.
We are happy to provide limousine service from Lexington to Cincinatti. We also will provide a limo shuttle from Lexington to Louisville airport. It’s also no problem for us to return you back home upon your arrival to the airport. Just let us know upon booking of your flight so that we may reserve a limousine for your next airline destination.
Often times travelers need a ride from one of the area airports to a city or town away from the airport. We have taken passengers from the Lexington airport (Bluegrass Field) all the way to Pikeville, KY. If you need airport transportation, just give us a call. Our friendly staff will gladly arrange for limousine service from the airport for you, your clients or loved ones.
Single engine airplane or jetliner, commercial and commuter planes, or private chartered flight. We don’t care. Just let us get you there!

Why do so many choose us for their ground transportation needs?

1. Prompt, punctual and particular. Depend on us to be there waiting for your important arrival or departure. We’re ready and reliable in getting you there on-time.2. Luxury is never compromised. We realize you’re embarking on a long day of travel. Relax in our lavish and meticulously maintained limousine for your next arrival or departure.3. Impress. Arrive in style and pamper yourself or clients with a first class commute to their next destination.4. Accommodations. Our limousines are equipped with ample space for hammering out reports on your laptop or simply for stretching out.5. Airline travel is stressful enough. Allow us to lighten the load and assist you with luggage. Let us do the heavy lifting while you recline in one of the finest motor cars on the road. Count on us for your all your airport limo transportation needs! Call us at 859-298-3106 for details! The Lexington limo rental company with class. Lexington Luxury Limousines Lexington Luxury Limo838 E High St Ste 126Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 298-3106
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2023.06.02 02:57 LAthrowaway35 My (33M) MIL (65F) is watching my son and broke my trust

I want to get a third party perspective on this. Wall of text incoming.
My son is now just over a year old (first and only child) and for the past 7 months he has been watched full time by my mother in law (MIL – 65F). My wife (33F) and I pay MIL the same amount monthly as we would pay for a local daycare since she watches him from 9am to 6pm M-F. We live five minutes away from her. She loves watching my son and he ADORES her. Additionally, my grand-parents in law (in their 90s) come to her house for two hours every other day to watch and play with my son. This has brought them new life and they love and adore him too.
Background on MIL (65F): She is a retired elementary school teacher who is amazing with children. She is a bit zany and likely has undiagnosed ADHD (as many elementary teachers are), but that is perfect for watching our son. She lost her husband three years ago and began dating someone last year, a few months before she began watching our son (and after we had moved to a place near her with the agreement she would watch him).
Boyfriend (~65-70M): He seems like a nice guy, but we don’t know him too well. He has diagnosed ADHD, so the interactions between him and MIL often are a bit all over the place (many new projects daily, many unfinished ones, not much focus). Now the boyfriend lived in a different state and was a lifelong friend of father-in-law that passed away years ago. MIL and Boyfriend started talking to support each other in their shared grief and it turned into a relationship. He would come out to visit for periods of time (weeks) and stay at her house. The last time, he just never left and has been living there for months (there was never a specific conversation about moving in together). My take is that it could be either intentional mooching to get free rent, free food, and a place to stay in a different state, or it could be unintentional overstaying because he doesn’t realize and MIL isn’t assertive in her boundaries. Don't know him well enough, so I give it a 50/50 shot. Boyfriend is not retired and is a lawyer, so workload fluctuates based on case load.
Safety Rule: We set safety rules for her and our son, which MIL has respected, except one. MIL is great with my son in all aspects except this one (loves him, safe play, teaching him words, relatively baby-proofed house, safe sleeping practices, etc). The one rule that is the issue is that we asked for her boyfriend to be out of the house during the day when she watches our son. The reason for the rule is that (1) we don’t know him that well, (2) when she began dating him she was infatuated to the point where she was unreachable when needed, blew off her obligations to the family dinners/meet ups (think high school crush type of singular focus), and (3) made some poor choices that put her in a situation where she may have been unable to be there for her first day of watching him (she was in Tampa, FL with Boyfriend at his apt and decided to stay and weather out Hurricane Ian since it would be a “fun experience since she hasn’t been in a hurricane before” and they were on the 10th floor). MIL said it was a good choice to not come home early from her trip since she was watching the news and had a day or two to get a flight (also mentioned before that flights were too expensive and rental cars were too expensive). It ended up that Hurricane Ian hit a different city and the airport remained open and she was able to get home, though the news for that whole week was that she wouldn’t be able to make it home. I felt she played fast and loose with her safety and family obligations to my wife and son. If the hurricane stayed on the original path, she may not have been able to get a flight out or rent a car to leave (she feels otherwise). Hurricane Ian hit on Sept 28th and she was set to watch our son starting Oct 3rd. Issue: She does not like the rule that her boyfriend can’t be in the house at all, and if he did come home either we pick up my son or she comes to our house 5 min away to watch him here. She agreed to that rule, but secretly was resentful of the rule without making that known (we found out recently). For four months her boyfriend was working out of the home anyway, so it wasn’t an issue. About a month and a half ago Boyfriend was set to come home early. MIL called, told us, and we asked if she was coming over to our house (per that rule/agreement). She said no, she is not coming over. My wife and I had work calls that were mandatory, were under a lot of stress and it was the middle of the day. Wife hung up in frustration, I put someone else in charge of my work call to go pick up my son. When I got there, I admit I was curt, short, and was focused on getting my son home and not on conversation. MIL felt we were rude to her (and I can see how we were that day given our frustrations and brevity). MIL then unilaterally decided, because we were rude that day, that she would no longer be following the “no boyfriend in the house” rule and just not telling us about it. She has been letting him be in the back room (not connected to the house and on other side of the patio, but he has to come in to use the single bathroom) and after we found out has told us that she made her own rule of Boyfriend can be in the house, but stay in the back room or do projects in the yard, but not to come and interact during working hours. Of my original concerns, I will admit that the infatuation phase appears to be over and she is once again prioritizing her family over her Boyfriend (with this arguable exception).
Yesterday: We confronted her about her breaking the rule. She has apologized for breaking the rule, not telling us, and keeping it a secret. We spoke about this and she now wants the rule amended to be her own rule of “Boyfriend in the back room only” and has said she cannot understand our rule of no Boyfriend in the house during working hours. She has said that rule is unreasonable. MIL doesn't like this rule because she interprets it to mean that we don't trust her to keep an eye on our baby and to keep him safe. For MIL, she says it's not really about having Boyfriend there, it's about feeling we don't trust her. My wife and I are on the same page here and have discussed this in depth.
My Thoughts:
• I don't think our “no boyfriend in the whole house from 9-5” rule is unreasonable. I may be wrong.
• MIL is so great with my son (except this). The whole family loves being able to go see him (can’t do that at a daycare). I worry about this being an issue.
• I feel weird about agreeing to the demand of changing the rule. If she would have discussed it beforehand and said she wants to change it, it may have been more open, but she broke our trust. Agreeing to allow the continuing of the thing that broke our trust doesn’t sit well with me.
Our options:
  1. Give in and let her have BF there in the house if he stays in the back room and doesn’t interact or distract her during the day.
  2. Ask that they follow the broken rule for 2-3months to the letter to show that they respect our boundaries, then if they do that, allow option 1.
  3. Enroll my son in daycare and be thankful for the six months that my son had with MIL.
My Question:
How would I go about showing my MIL that I trust and respect her (what she wants) while also being assertive about my boundaries as a parent (along with my wife) and also not have this cause a major issue in the family?
TLDR: We had a rule that MIL’s new BF should be out of the house when she watches our toddler son at her house. She felt we were rude to her one day and decided to not follow the rule anymore and have BF there without talking to us about it. Everything else (except for this) is great with MIL and the situation with our son.
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2023.06.01 23:01 AdPale6250 Late airport Uber?

I’m flying into savannah airport at 1am. Will there be an Uber around to take me to Bluffton, SC? That’s close to Hilton Head. If not i guess I can get a hotel or a rental car…
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2023.06.01 22:15 mxxvi Rental car for the weekend

Hi everyone - My wife and 3 small children are going to visit my brother in law who lives in Austin in August. We need to rent a minivan for the weekend wondering if any of you have recommendations or companies to avoid when renting a vehicle Austin (AUS) airport? I’ve experienced some less than stellar service in other states and just wondering if anyone had any valuable feedback to share? Or has anyone used Turo? Or another rental car app they would recommend? Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.01 20:24 Blue_Grapefruit How the coordinates-based map lines up with Southern Florida.

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2023.06.01 18:48 covfefeer Car rental options

My family and I are travelling to Halifax in July and I am wondering if there are any local options for car rentals? We are visiting from July 2-18 and it would be nice to have a car during that time. The options through airport car rental places is around $2200 for this period. Anyone have any suggestions for a more economical option?
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2023.06.01 18:38 smoothdrift94 Connecting from Fort Lauderdale to Colombia advice

Sorry if this has already been asked ( I could not find an updated answer when I searched). Im flying Spirit Clebeland to Colombia, next week and have a connecting flight in Fort Lauderdale. I will be checking my luggage. I have read that there isn't a connecting terminal from domestic to international inside FLL airport. That would mean that I have to go to baggage claim first to get my checked luggage, and re-check it for my connecting flight/go through customs/TSA again. Is that still the case? I have an hour and 20 minutes of layover if there isn't a delay. Is that something that is possible in that time? Im considering chalking up the carry on bag fee to circumvent that whole situation since I read horror stories on missing connected flights. Anyone have any advice? My ticket is a round trip from my city to Cartagena and back to my city Thank you!.
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2023.06.01 17:22 perappsvenicali Musikkology

"Tim McGraw" Hint: blond guitarist with yellow jacket and red shorts on occasions
He said the way my blue eyes shined
How are her eyes? Needing sleep? So worried for her, she needs to eat more warm food. When she went to Vegas she was panhandling with song and she got $21 or so with her mom after throwing trash on the fountain like Detti soaped the fountain with a bar and got quickly bailed, and after the first girl scolded the security guard after the littering event. But what she earned with her mom that night was for 1 buffet that night. Not for breakfast. How is her mom? How is her makeup supply? She smeared her guitar with kohl from her tears?
Put those Georgia stars to shame that night
What do you mean? No more singers or celebs from Georgia could come to Nashville then/anymore? Or they were blinded by the LED light? Or the constellations put on a veil?
I said, "That's a lie"
Do you really have blue eyes? Or sunflowers are coming? You uplifted the homeowners of Georgia/ I heard real estate was quite affordable there. But your penthouse is $15K a month - does that include Lisa's 1800GOTJUNK services?
Just a boy in a Chevy truck
How old? Legal to drive? Tall enough to drive that truck? No limb fractures? Eye health OK? Is he wearing his mascot costume, eg Banana SLUG? Sun Devil? Blue Devil? Cardinal?
That had a tendency of gettin' stuck
How? Elmer's glue? Gorilla glue? Uhu?
On back roads at night
Oh, did you have special car lights on like according to the DMV book? And where did the back roads lead to - the stones?
And I was right there beside him all summer long
Why do you expect me to be with my date 24 hours all summer long? How can one date practice swimming in the pool when I am singing a duet with Alicia Keys or Beyonce on my phone in the gym nearby? How can another date earn money for us by Uber Eats while I'm at the office for Uber? How can a third date play tennis while I bargain with the sports store salesman about getting Penn balls vs Onix balls? How can a fourth date record his song in the studio while I coordinate the concert venue? How can fifth date comfort a downcast kid - not her own - with a Happy Birthday song while the peer circle arrange the audiovisual equipment on stage called Rhino Co.?
And then the time we woke up to find that summer gone
"When September Ends" was a cool song? Are you Sleeping Beauty? Who fought the dragon and the thicket for you? Who woke up the castle crew for you? Did you eat pufish? Who almost found a cliffhanger for you? So... what are you going to do in the Fall (Sem.)?
But when you think Tim McGraw
So you had his EP like Goodbye, Norma Jean single in CD? Cool. On Autoloop? What do you like about his songs?
I hope you think my favorite song
Which one? What do you love about it?
The one we danced to all night long
How many hours of dancing? How many calories burned? Was it like with Ed Sheeran for Perfect? What did you wear? What did he wear? Where did you dance? How many stars were in the sky that night? What styles of dancing did you do? How was "Loki" and "...Wonderland strummer"?
The moon like a spotlight on the lake
Cool poetry. Who do you think is worthy of performing on stage? Of having the spotlight? By the way, which lake were you talking about? Do you want to get an MFA degree and upon the conferral, you can write/perform for Equine Therapy Ranches where kids with sadness may go?
When you think happiness
Do you like Gretchen Rubin's work? Do you like Pharell's song, which is on Wii? What do you think of the emoticon deodorant?
I hope you think that little black dress
Do you know Jomaire Studio's sister in a little black dress and black stilettos for weddings? What do you think about Meghan Markle in a little black dress at a baseball game? I liked the white belt a lot.
Think of my head on your chest
Got the ALS challenge? How long did you have to wait for it? I thank Coleman too for supporting the neighborhood around Galleria, which had a cafe and their version of Sparkletts.
And my old faded blue jeans
Can anyone help her get Wrangler jeans? Or Rock Republic trousers? Or jeggings eg from the pharmacy? Or Old Navy blue denims?
When you think Tim McGraw
How often do you think of his name/face? Why? Do you pray for him?
I hope you think of me
Do you like Phantom of the Opera? What do you think if her dress? What if there was a modern version for Jabbawockeesz?
September saw a month of tears
What kind of tears? Was it because of first day of school again?
And thankin' God that you weren't here
Oh, what were the advantages of him not being "there"?
To see me like that
Were you wearing makeup in September - and what brands if so? Did you lose much weight in the summer(s)?
But in a box beneath my bed
Is it from ULine? Was the bed from Ikea or from Sleep Number?
Is a letter that you never read
I remember I had letters foregarding different people, like one of the top human/child traffickers of China and one on a cover for a football player and some for a farmer and some for a colleague and I regret one which was like under hypnosis (I praised his enumeration of "Crayola") - which I sent to someone whom I wanted to say goodbye and I found him as a storekeeper who shooed me away, as a guy who hung around the doorway of my bedroom at 3 am or so, as a guy wanting to know how to get a Peruvian passport, as a guy who bragged abou eating cat dumpling, maybe trying to gain 9 lives (is that the canned cat food?).
From three summers back
Oh you met him at around university? Thanks for your loyalty.
It's hard not to find it all a little bittersweet
You like Dove dark chocolate like fortune cookies? The Ghirardelli dark cocoa squares? The dark chocolate bars by the checkouts of dollar stores? The dark chocolate at the airports? Do you like black coffee? Like Colombian coffee? Do you like Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"?
And lookin' back on all of that, it's nice to believe
How often and how long do you go into nostalgia? Did you do Throwback Thursday posts?
When you think Tim McGraw
What do you share about Tim McGraw?
I hope you think my favorite song
What is your favorite song, if it's okay to ask?
The one we danced to all night long
Was it a country song? Fast? Duet? With banjos or fiddles? Any props when you danced?
The moon like a spotlight on the lake
What was the phase of the moon then?
When you think happiness
What three things minimum would you do today to be happy?
I hope you think that little black dress
How is your weight (I am concerned with your photos, and you look like a politician in a Christmas green dress in front of a mic, with empty row before her)? When did you buy that little black dress (the song's topic) for yourself? Waist size? Do you think Lululemon or Walgreens leggings would go well with it, like a ballerina?
Think of my head on your chest
Did you have to sanitize the Coleman? What was in it?
And my old faded blue jeans
What brand? When did you buy it? Was it fashionably torn?
When you think Tim McGraw
Someone said he has an MBA - would you be inspired to get an MBA degree as well?
I hope you think of me
What are your three hopes before the weekend? And when someone remembers you, what are the top three qualities of yours that people can publish/televise/discuss/promote action about you?
And I'm back for the first time since then
Where did you return? How?
I'm standin' on your street
What have you been wearing on that street? How long/what time have you been standing there?
And there's a letter left on your doorstep
Can you summarize the letter in a Tweet? What's the color of the envelope? Does it need the HMat?
And the first thing that you'll read is:
What is the first thing that you think of every morning? And every sunset?
"When you think Tim McGraw I hope you think my favorite song Someday you'll turn your radio on
What is your favorite radio show and your favorite radio channel? Your favorite song on the radio? Who is your favorite DJ? I hope it takes you back to that place"
What place? How does it look like?
When you think happiness I hope you think that little black dress Think of my head on your chest And my old faded blue jeans When you think Tim McGraw I hope you think of me
Oh, think of me Mmmm
He said the way my blue eyes shined Put those Georgia stars to shame that night I said, "That's a lie"
Whom do you accuse to be lying?
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2023.06.01 15:48 astongroup IFZA Dubai: You’re Guide to the Free Zone and Navigating Dubai's Transportation

IFZA Dubai: You’re Guide to the Free Zone and Navigating Dubai's Transportation
IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) Dubai is a prominent free zone offering businesses a strategic location and numerous benefits. If you're considering establishing your company in IFZA Dubai or simply interested in exploring the area, it's essential to understand the free zone's features and how to move around the larger city of Dubai. This guide provides valuable insights into IFZA Dubai and offers tips for navigating transportation options in Dubai.
· IFZA Dubai: An Overview:
Discover the key features and advantages of IFZA Dubai as a free zone for businesses. Learn about the types of licenses available, the industries that thrive in IFZA, and the benefits of operating within this dynamic economic hub.
· Setting up in IFZA Dubai:
Explore the step-by-step process of setting up a company in IFZA Dubai. Understand the registration requirements, necessary documents, and the services and facilities available to support your business operations.
· Navigating Dubai's Public Transportation System:
Dubai offers a well-connected and efficient public transportation system, making it easy to explore the city and reach IFZA Dubai from various locations. Learn about the Dubai Metro, buses, trams, and water taxis, along with their routes, schedules, and ticketing information.
· Transportation Options to IFZA Dubai:
Discover the best transportation options to reach IFZA Dubai from different parts of the city. Whether you're arriving from Dubai International Airport, other free zones, or the city center, explore the most convenient modes of transport and their respective routes.
· Taxis and Ride-Sharing Services:
Taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available in Dubai, providing flexible transportation options for commuting to IFZA Dubai or exploring the city. Familiarize yourself with the different taxi options, such as regular taxis, luxury taxis, and ride-sharing services like Uber and Careem.
· Renting a Car:
For individuals who prefer more independence and flexibility, renting a car in Dubai is a viable option. Discover the process of renting a car, recommended rental agencies, traffic regulations, and parking options near IFZA Dubai.
· Essential Tips for Getting Around:
Gain valuable tips for navigating Dubai's transportation system and ensuring a smooth journey to and from IFZA Dubai. Learn about peak hours, fare payment methods, and cultural norms that can enhance your overall experience.
By Aston Advisory Group the IFZA Dubai offers businesses a thriving environment within a strategically located free zone. By understanding the features and benefits of IFZA Dubai and familiarizing yourself with Dubai's transportation options, you can efficiently establish your company in the free zone and navigate the city with ease. Whether you choose public transportation, taxis, ride-sharing services, or opt for renting a car, this guide equips you with the necessary knowledge to make the most of your experience in IFZA Dubai and explore the vibrant city of Dubai.
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2023.06.01 12:44 0xFU3K70U I feel helpless with my friendships. Need some mentorship

Hello people of the internet! I am really tired of all my friends. They are fake AF! Untrustworthy. I am currently in my 3rd yr of engineering. Since my childhood I have not only 2 actual close good friends. And the problem is they both are in different cities in different colleges currently. In my school time of about 13 years (I did not change schools since lower KG), I did not have one single friend. I passed out my 12th in 2021 (without any exams - COVID batch) and luckily I got admission into my dream college.
Since 2021, my college classes were being held online and I had new friends. Soon I had my own group in college with good friends (at least I thought so). We all were cool with each other. All of us from different parts of India. We came to campus after a year since joining the college. We saw each other for the first time and were very excited. The first few months in the hostel was like honeymoon period. For the first time in my life I thought I really knew what friendship was and was really happy, until a few months back. There was this boy X in our group whose mentality, thoughts and creativity was just like mine. Soon he was my bestfriend (LOL!). Everyone knew that our bonding was great. The hostel was not great to we decided that we would move out of the hostel from the next sem and found a rental flat.
After returning for the next sem, we vacated the hostel and moved into our newly rented flat. We thought that being away from the hostel and the really disgusting mess, we would have more time to focus on our skills and studies. We were really cool with each other, even bought a 2nd hand car to go to college. Things were going really beautifully. I really thought he was my best friend at this point. We used to share our thoughts, hang out, chai sutta etc etc. BUT. NOT NOW anymore. For the past couple of months (6), he has turned out to be one of the biggest lies of my life.
He is fake AF! He is that sort of person that will be with you until he sees that he can have some advantage or profit from you. Fully self-centered. We had decided to contribute together on a project that would have been really great for our portfolio but he ditched me. He literally ditched me for another guy he met, a common friend Y. Y is a really rich, well versed and cool guy from a big metropolitan city. Now since X has met Y, X has felt that since Y is rich, well exposed and might help him in different fields. Be it networking, connections sources etc., X, who was once my actually really close friend has been ditching me ever since. I had even left my own group who were good to me so that I could work with X, but I feel like de betrayed me. I have no friends left. I just have so call friends.. normal friends. I don't have anyone to share my thoughts with, or anyone with whom I can work on my ideas and so on.
Our 2nd yr is about to end soon and I feel like I lost all my good friends just to have 1 close actual good friend who also turned out to be a real snitch. I feel all alone. I ghosted people to hang out with X when he did not have any other friends. Now he just leaves me and is now befriended the same people I ghosted. I feel all left out. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to hang out with. Nobody to chill or have chai sutta with.
I trust people very easily. I literally don't think that much and guess that they might be a good human since they come from such good well educated families. But everyone is fake. All my friends. HELP ME PLEASE. I NEED SOME ADVICE ON HOW SHOULD I CONTROL AND HANDLE MY EMOTIONS AND NOT TRUST EVERY OTHER PERSON I MEET. I know no one would read this much but I really needed to rant all this out to someone. And since I have nobody to share anything with, Hello my internet friends. Please advice me on how I should handle this, my friendships and specially, how to handle my friendship with X and be sane.
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2023.06.01 12:19 iirisconsulting Artificial Intelligence in Security

Artificial Intelligence in Security
In the late 1970s, academics and industry has worked on the subject of AI and with the advent of numerous connected networks and big data, Neural Networks and Deep Learning have emerged as key application areas of AI based. Last 24 months have been interesting for the Security Industry with new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Machine Vision making mainstream appearances; products getting smarter & sophisticated; and the overall adoption roadmap of these technologies seems much wide spread now than ever.
The growing number of companies innovating in AI applications for physical security is a clear indication that these are more than a passing phase.
These technologies have been identified as ‘Exponential Technologies’ as technology for which performance relative to cost and size is doubling every year.
The concept of Artificial intelligence is not new at all. It has been at the core of our smartphones since the last five years in the form of Siri, Alexa and Assistant (for Apple Amazon and Google environments respectively). For that matter, let’s go back a decade: ‘Text to Speech’ is a classic example of consumer genesis of AI.
This ‘Natural Language Processing’ will go beyond just speaking into the phone and resulting in typed text, rather these smartphones and other similar devices will even understand what has been entered. With smart elements such as smart tagging, key word identifying and geographical tagging: these systems will correlate the inputs and provide a better topic identification. A sentence such as ‘someone forced entered through main door’ will not be read just the way it sounds according to the English language, but these machines will apply the technology to decipher the outcome / output result by identifying it to be an ‘act of intrusion’.

Artificial Intelligence in Security
A major deep learning breakthrough occurred in 2015, which radically reduced the machine vision error rate. During a machine-vision competition, a large visual database designed for use in visual object recognition software research - succeeded for the first time in surpassing the five percent average human error rate, when analyzing a database of images. Such a rapid enhancement was caused not only by progress in advanced algorithms, but also by the development of new and much faster hardware systems based on graphics processing unit (GPU) cores, instead of traditional central processing units (CPUs). These new marriage of hardware and software architectures allowed for faster learning phases.
Understanding these Technologies
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the body of science, algorithms, and machines that are able to perform some version of learning and independent problem solving, based on advanced software and hardware components. Data is core to AI; large datasets are the foundation for recent performance improvements across market applications. Within the AI subject field there are other sub-fields such as machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning.
Machine Learning involves collecting large amounts of data related to a problem, training a computer using this data and employing this model to process new data. Deep learning, which is a branch of Machine learning, is a way to emulate the functions of the human brain using software algorithms.
With deep learning, you can show a computer many different images and it will “learn” to distinguish the differences. This is the “training” phase. After the neural network learns about the data, it can then use “inference” to interpret new data based on what it has learned. For example, if it has seen enough cars before, the system will know when a new image is a car.
For this to happen, the system “learns” by looking through large volumes of data that need faster processing time to achieve artificial intelligence (AI). This is where Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) comes in, and is making artificial intelligence accessible to the security industry. By improving surveillance efficiency and accuracy with AI during the course of time - the technology is already being added to existing cameras to more efficiently search for objects or persons of interest. In surveillance applications, AI could eliminate the need for humans to do hard laborious work such as look at hours of video footage.
A system relying on neural networks differs from conventional pattern-recognition systems, in that it will continuously learn from experience, and base its ability to discern and recognize its surroundings like human beings do: by learning from real sounds, images, and other sensory input.
Enabler of Competitive Advantage
In the recent past, the usage of machine learning – primarily in the applications for image processing and natural language processing, machine translation has exploded in the industry and allied sectors. Most of these capabilities are based on open-source libraries, and can be deployed easily and rather cost effectively in the cloud or distributed cloud – the entry barriers are on an all-time low and is on the rampant decline further. This will always give way for product and services innovations and the benefits will be beyond standard automation based tasks.
The proliferation of these technologies have especially resonated with the c-level business leaders who have embraced these in order to differentiate themselves from competitors.
As per a recent study conducted – 45% of businesses have deployed these technologies in the financial sector that are core to their business and about 10% are still experimenting – thus taking the overall count to more than 50% of the total businesses who are leveraging these technologies at some level.
Let’s take financial and human capital organisations for example – the adoption of AI and ML lies in the motivation to saving money – where in these technologies cut costs and increase productivity by a factor of billions of dollars. However, the main focus of these technologies over a period of time is well timed and informed decision making. About 60% organisations use it to drive decision making – and data is at the core of all of this. Any innovation that makes better use of data, and enables data scientists to combine disparate sources of data in a meaningful visualisation that could have the potential to gain competitive advantage. The areas where these are used are: Risk Management, Performance Analysis & Reporting, Ideation and Automation.
The key adoption drivers are to these are: Extract better (read ‘meaningful’) information, increase the pace of productivity, reduce overall operating costs and extract more value from data available (or data mined).
AI and the Security Industry
AI, ML and Deep learning technologies offer a much higher level of accuracy and reliability to recognise an object or behaviour, and accurately classify significantly higher than the traditional / conventional rules-based algorithms.
New age algorithms make deep learning solutions to view a scene as intuitively as a human being. The ability of deep learning algorithms to view a scene intuitively, as a human viewer would, means that detection accuracy increases dramatically. Neural networks allow a computer to apply a series of algorithms to a given situation learning to identify increasingly more sophisticated features such as shapes, colors, tones, textures - unlike rules-based solutions which are limited to the limited inputs. Also, as compute power continues to increase, the neural networks will leverage for improved accuracy.
Deep learning has demonstrated its capacity to increase the effectiveness of a computer to reliably classify objects and behavior. Security software companies are now marketing analytics that can leverage deep learning to turn vast amounts of video footage into usable information in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the past. In the video surveillance analytics market, some algorithm developers are using AI in the form of deep learning to maximize their output efficiency. Most of these software companies are training the algorithm mostly in the cloud, using solutions such as Amazon Web Services or Azure as heavy computing power is expensive so it is leased. This has bolstered the growth of the security could market by a factor of 35% yearly.
Programming and coding methods have also been optimised for rapid deployment. In the past, the speed and quality of the analytic was directly impacted by the team’s size. Now, analytics can be developed for niche applications quickly and with far lesser resource requirement boosting up competition amongst niche players. Furthermore, most of the large companies are focused on one-size fits all, leaving opportunity in niche applications.
Video processing software also allows users to interact with the surveillance footage using a search engine like interface with natural language search terms such (such as ‘man in a red shirt’, or ‘blue car’). This makes searching video like a breeze and much easier to use and search, there by significant reducing time and human effort to pull footage from hundreds of thousands of cameras. In addition to this, the ability to detect multiple objects and classify them allows for much greater insight – for example, this extends the ability to recognizing a cars color, type, make, model, and analysing which direction and speed it is moving at - making it possible to provide trending analysis, draw patterns and conclusions based on historical data.
This coupled with the concept of Command & Control Centres, the industry is moving in the direction of ‘Usable and Actionable’ Result oriented framework for security information management and security operations.
Face Recognition Applications and Biometrics:
Most facial recognition analytics on the market today feature some kind of deep learning. Not only does it increase the accuracy of facial recognition sensors, it also enables faces to be identified in larger and more crowded scenes. In the wake of recent terrorist attacks in crowded locations, this capability could change the whole approach to security monitoring, allowing law enforcement to track suspects with greater speed and efficiency.
However, deep learning analytics are doing more than just improving accuracy rates. They are also enabling the system to make assumptions and provide business intelligence on a detected face. Age and sex recognition algorithms, which are particularly popular within retail applications, allow end-users to profile potential customers and target marketing material appropriately. Furthermore, some vendors claim to be able to recognize a person’s emotions through analytic algorithms. There remains some debate as to the accuracy of these solutions currently.
One area where facial recognition has the potential to disrupt, is in the access control market. Facial recognition solutions have been used for a number of years at passport control in airports. However, as the price of the technology and cameras reduces, it is expected that facial recognition will be used to prevent access to restricted areas.
Risk Based Access Control:
In nearly all access control systems, the authentication process is a singular event; a credential is presented and access is granted or denied. However, by leveraging the advanced capabilities of neural networks this process can be made more intelligent.
At a basic level, risk based access control can be summarized as follows: in many sports stadiums public office space is combined with the actual sports stadium. Access to the office locations needs to be open when workers are accessing it during the week. However, when the sports event is on this access should be restricted and only provided to key personnel with the correct access control credentials.
In the example given the authentication process is dynamic, depending on circumstances. This allows the system to shift gears and provide a higher level of building security when certain events happen. By introducing the intelligence of AI to a risk-based access control authentication decision, the process can be made more complicated. Instead of defining risk levels by looking at the events currently on in the building, the system could pull data from other security or building management systems or social media alerts to make decisions based on this data. The main barrier to developing this level of complexity using traditional rules-based analytics is that there are simply too many variables to account for. The use of neural networks means developers do not need to write rules for the system to follow, they simply need to provide the algorithm with objectives and training data. Over time, the system will be able to decide how all of the inputs should relate to the current risk level.
Real Time Crime Analysis
Predictive analysis tools have come a long way since the first products and solutions. Police agencies can now make use of a wide range of data inputs and advanced data mining techniques to predict where criminal activity is likely to occur. This approach is called the predictive crime center and it is becoming an important part of modern policing.
Data from video surveillance, traffic management cameras, audio analytics, gunshot detection, weather systems, and other public safety systems are analyzed in parallel to identify patterns and potential threat events. Over the past few years, social media has also become a viable tool in public safety. In many cases, incidents are first reported on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Analyzing the data “hose” is challenging but can support quicker emergency response times when applied successfully.
The future predictive command center will be reliant on powerful analytics software to extract intelligence from the unstructured data sources routed into command centers. The solution must be open to ensure that enough data is fed into the big data solution. Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in navigating this data, recognizing patterns and making intelligent decisions independently of the human operators.
Related, a more localized solution to predictive alerts could be implemented in the suburban environment. AI could be used to identify criminal behavior such as burglary and theft. Deep learning video surveillance cameras could support the process, alerting to triggers such as loitering, repeatedly walking past the same spot and wearing clothing that makes it hard to identify an individual. Artificial intelligence in this case could also make better use of the crime data available – in terms of frequency, time, approach, and direction, to more accurately predict future criminal events.
Managing Large Data Volumes (Big Data), Privacy and Cyber Security
AI supports more detailed statistical analysis of the operations of security departments. However, one of the challenges for “big data” is in having enough data to make reliable statistical conclusions. As we have already highlighted, the short-term data analysis opportunities will likely be in situations where large data sets are created such as in safe city projects. Smaller companies may not be able to make accurate decisions based on a more limited data set. Ultimately, AI is required to identify that thing that does not belong in the data: this requires enough data to recognize anomalies, not just new content.
Another challenge is in normalizing the data. Social media represents an important new source, but in order to alert to abnormal behavior there needs to be an assessment of what is normal behavior. Consequently, normalizing the data set is critical to assess what is the typical amount of conversation around a specific topic.
The physical security market could also learn from other industries in applying AI to customer service. Natural language processing is improving and chat bots are increasingly used by consumer facing companies to provide an artificial intelligence interface for their users. This type of technology could be deployed to support physical security and employee security applications in the future.
As discussed, the performance of an artificial intelligence algorithm is linked to the quality and size of the available dataset. In an increasingly connected world, new physical security sensors are being deployed all the time, driving different data types into the AI solution. While this is great for the evolution of deep learning algorithms, it does present a threat in terms of cybersecurity. Historically, the biggest challenge for cybersecurity in the physical security market has been the lack of awareness throughout the route-to-market. End-users often underestimated the force of cyber threats and integrators and equipment suppliers were not focused on building cyber protection into their solutions.
More recently, equipment vendors in the video surveillance and access control markets have shown more commitment towards cyber security. Responses have included product hardening guides, encryption certification, the auditing of firmware code and partnerships with dedicated cyber security solution providers.
However, many of the connected device start-ups entering the physical security market don’t have the resources to focus on cyber security and will remain a threat to the overall solution. As the large IT companies improve their cyber defenses, it is likely that attacks on IoT vendors will increase in regularity and intensity. Ultimately, these companies will provide an easier target to hackers looking to maximize their impact.
AI is also relevant in terms of cyber security technology. For example, the defense market is already using deep learning applications to analyze cyber data to better protect critical national infrastructure. Many industry observers think that hackers will use this technology to escalate their attacks in the future too, increasing the cyber threat further. There are also some concerns related to how AI solutions interpret inputs and whether this could be manipulated by cyber criminals to cause confusion and damage in the future.
Related to the cyber threat, data privacy and risk will also be important considerations as AI solutions become more pervasive. Data encryption of video surveillance images is not common at the moment; mostly it is used in healthcare or critical infrastructure. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU could define video as unique personal data which may change the encryption requirements for video feeds.
GDPR could also impact what data is stored and how it is shared, impacting the analytics market. In particular, face recognition and person classification analytics will be considered personal data and have constraints on what can be done with the information. In response, Belgium announced that it will be banning the use of facial recognition for private use. The legislation does allow access control law enforcement applications but is an example of how data privacy could impact the physical security AI market.
Future is NOW for Artificial Intelligence
AI will be disruptive to many industries – not just the physical security market. Moreover, the impact of AI will not be just on industries and finance, but our entire society, especially in the areas of privacy and data security, labor, and ethics. The need for data security and privacy is more essential today than ever, given the availability of such powerful technologies.
The physical security market is primed to benefit from AI for two reasons:
• AI, in the form of deep learning algorithms, has the potential to revolutionize the video surveillance analytics market providing face recognition, object recognition and behavior recognition at a reliability level that will really matter to end-users.
• The physical security industry generates data. Video surveillance images, access control data, audio analytics, social media, police records management systems and other IoT sensors all generate data that can be correlated and analyzed by artificial intelligence systems to build a safer society. Intelligently managing this data is huge challenge. AI can help solve this problem.
The challenge for physical security vendors, end-users, and integrators will be how to make the most of the AI opportunity. This will involve investment, education and judgement to best apply this transformative technology to the individual challenges faced by each participant.
For More Info.
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2023.06.01 12:17 0xFU3K70U I feel helpless with my friendships. Need some mentorship.

Hello people of the internet! I am really tired of all my friends. They are fake AF! Untrustworthy. I am currently in my 3rd yr of engineering. Since my childhood I have not only 2 actual close good friends. And the problem is they both are in different cities in different colleges currently. In my school time of about 13 years (I did not change schools since lower KG), I did not have one single friend. I passed out my 12th in 2021 (without any exams - COVID batch) and luckily I got admission into my dream college.
Since 2021, my college classes were being held online and I had new friends. Soon I had my own group in college with good friends (at least I thought so). We all were cool with each other. All of us from different parts of India. We came to campus after a year since joining the college. We saw each other for the first time and were very excited. The first few months in the hostel was like honeymoon period. For the first time in my life I thought I really knew what friendship was and was really happy, until a few months back. There was this boy X in our group whose mentality, thoughts and creativity was just like mine. Soon he was my bestfriend (LOL!). Everyone knew that our bonding was great. The hostel was not great to we decided that we would move out of the hostel from the next sem and found a rental flat.
After returning for the next sem, we vacated the hostel and moved into our newly rented flat. We thought that being away from the hostel and the really disgusting mess, we would have more time to focus on our skills and studies. We were really cool with each other, even bought a 2nd hand car to go to college. Things were going really beautifully. I really thought he was my best friend at this point. We used to share our thoughts, hang out, chai sutta etc etc. BUT. NOT NOW anymore. For the past couple of months (6), he has turned out to be one of the biggest lies of my life.
He is fake AF! He is that sort of person that will be with you until he sees that he can have some advantage or profit from you. Fully self-centered. We had decided to contribute together on a project that would have been really great for our portfolio but he ditched me. He literally ditched me for another guy he met, a common friend Y. Y is a really rich, well versed and cool guy from a big metropolitan city. Now since X has met Y, X has felt that since Y is rich, well exposed and might help him in different fields. Be it networking, connections sources etc., X, who was once my actually really close friend has been ditching me ever since. I had even left my own group who were good to me so that I could work with X, but I feel like de betrayed me. I have no friends left. I just have so call friends.. normal friends. I don't have anyone to share my thoughts with, or anyone with whom I can work on my ideas and so on.
Our 2nd yr is about to end soon and I feel like I lost all my good friends just to have 1 close actual good friend who also turned out to be a real snitch. I feel all alone. I ghosted people to hang out with X when he did not have any other friends. Now he just leaves me and is now befriended the same people I ghosted. I feel all left out. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to hang out with. Nobody to chill or have chai sutta with.
I trust people very easily. I literally don't think that much and guess that they might be a good human since they come from such good well educated families. But everyone is fake. All my friends. HELP ME PLEASE. I NEED SOME ADVICE ON HOW SHOULD I CONTROL AND HANDLE MY EMOTIONS AND NOT TRUST EVERY OTHER PERSON I MEET. I know no one would read this much but I really needed to rant all this out to someone. And since I have nobody to share anything with, Hello my internet friends. Please advice me on how I should handle this, my friendships and specially, how to handle my friendship with X and be sane.
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2023.06.01 12:13 JellyfishSpecial1929 Travel

We are taking our 11 month old on her first plane ride. A few questions…. -does the stroller get beat up when stored on the plane? Did you find a need for the stroller or is baby wearing a good idea for the airport?
-we did not purchase her a ticket since she will be on my lap. What do you do about a car seat… check one? Are there baby rental companies to get one when there?
-staying at a house. What do I do for a crib? Are there rentals somewhere? Buy a pack and play on Amazon and ship to the house for a safe place to sleep?
Anything else I need to know?
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2023.06.01 11:50 JiveBunny Have you taken advantage of home/hybrid working to move far out of London (or anywhere madly expensive) and commute in? Would you recommend?

We (M44, F41) currently rent a flat in London. Renting in London is becoming even more unpleasant and unsustainable, and I genuinely spent three months of the year anxious, genuinely incredibly stressed, that we will have to move/the rent will go up beyond our budget, even though we've been in a reasonably priced flat for ten years with a landlady who likes us - a flat in our building is up for rent at a local estate agent for 50% more than we pay a month and that's what landlords use to determine rent increases, so I don't know how much longer that will be the case for us. I don't want to deal with bidding wars for rentals or the general shittiness of it anymore, I'm in my 40s and it's feeling less and less sustainable to be unable to plan more than a year in advance because we can't guarantee where we'll live or how much it will cost, if nothing else, and I'm not sure I can have that and still live in London. We could potentially buy in the next couple of years once a few things are in order but realistically that would mean shared ownership or at least leasehold, neither of which feel like much of an upgrade from renting, and banks being reluctant to lend generally might still be an issue.
We also both mostly work from home and it feels a bit like we pay a lot of money to do something we could do anywhere, and I've lived in London for 15 years now so would be happy to think about doing that and getting to know a new place. I have colleagues who have moved to Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton and Eastbourne during the pandemic and it appeals more and more - I'd have to be in the office at least once a week (or not come in if there are strikes) if we moved further away rather than the current two, partner's work is more flexible. Colleagues seem pretty happy with their choices despite the long Friday commute and the organisation involved in getting tickets for a reasonable price. We could afford to buy somewhere in theory in three of those places (not Brighton lol) which would be an easy walk to the station for that one day a week commute. Would it be mad to consider this?
(To save further questions: we don't drive; we would prefer to live in a city to get what we need from where we live; I don't want to live in a traditional commuter belt place because they are generally more car-centric and work out just as expensive overall, and partner has said that if we move out of London he'd rather we just moved entirely; we would be happy with a flat as we have no kids, and 'needs renovation' is fine if that means crappy wallpaper or planning to replace a bathroom rather than subsidence or total rewiring; both our industries are quite London-centric but there may be opportunities in other cities if we are patient, Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool most likely to supply those; I do not give a fuck about 'the property ladder', ideally we would move somewhere and hopefully never have to think about it again, I am not thinking about this in terms of investment but security; our families are in the NW and Scotland)
TL:DR: if you took advantage of WFH to move out of London etc. entirely and just come in for your mandatory office days, would you recommend? Or is it completely insane?
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2023.06.01 11:44 actowiz How Traveling Companies Can Utilize Web Data for Winning Customers?

How Traveling Companies Can Utilize Web Data for Winning Customers?
Utilizing web data has become essential for travel companies to attract and retain customers. By harnessing the power of web data, these companies can gain valuable insights into the travel market, including regional dynamics, pricing trends, inventory availability, supply chain information, and consumer behavior. This data not only reveals what customers are currently doing but also uncovers crucial trends and even enables companies to anticipate their competitors' next moves.
In this blog, we will explore the following topics:
  • The unique challenges of collecting data in the travel industry
  • How travel companies are leveraging web data to optimize their operations and gain a competitive edge
By understanding the challenges associated with data collection in the travel industry and learning how successful companies are leveraging web data, readers will gain valuable insights into the strategies and tactics that can drive success in the ever-evolving travel market.

Challenges of Gathering Data in the Traveling Industry

Challenges of Competitor Intelligence
The travel industry poses unique challenges when collecting data, particularly in the context of competitor intelligence. Two primary challenges arise when attempting to gather real-time travel data, such as pricing and bundled offerings, from target websites:
Competitor sites implementing rate limitations: When a single IP address generates a high traffic volume, competitor websites may detect this as data scraping activity and block or restrict access. These rate limitations hinder the collection of comprehensive and up-to-date data.
Accessing GEO-specific information: Many travel websites tailor their information based on the user's geographical location. This presents challenges for businesses operating in different regions as they may encounter distorted or restricted access to data when trying to gather information from websites in other geographies. For example, a hotel in New York may face difficulties accessing and analyzing pricing information from Japanese online travel agencies (OTAs) to understand how prices are displayed to Japanese consumers.

Overcoming these challenges requires innovative solutions and techniques to bypass rate limitations and access GEO-specific information effectively. By overcoming these obstacles, travel companies can acquire accurate and comprehensive data to inform their strategies and stay competitive.
API-Associated Challenges
Using an API for data collection, both in general and specifically in the travel industry, presents several challenges that need to be addressed:
Stale Data: One of the common challenges is retrieving stale data, which refers to obtaining information that is not the most up-to-date version available on the target site. This can be problematic for travel companies offering the most competitive deals based on the latest information. Relying on outdated data may result in missed opportunities or inaccurate pricing.
Concurrent Requests: Many APIs limit the number of active sessions a user can run simultaneously. These limitations can become a significant constraint for online travel agencies (OTAs) that need to scan numerous industry sites concurrently to stay competitive. It hinders their ability to efficiently gather comprehensive and real-time data across multiple sources.
API Call Limitations: Another challenge is restricting the number of API calls that can be made within a specific timeframe. Travel sites must carefully select the target data to retrieve and calculate precise batch sizes to optimize usage. Such limitations can hinder the company's ability to freely monitor the web for emerging travel trends and consumer behavior, limiting their data-driven opportunities.
Batch Size Limitations: Some target sites may limit the batch size for data requests. For instance, if a target site allows only 100 records per request, retrieving a significant amount of data will take multiple requests. This results in slower data retrieval, making it more challenging for companies to quickly pivot, react, and proactively respond to market shifts.

Addressing these API-related challenges requires companies to implement efficient strategies and techniques. They may need to optimize their data collection processes, carefully manage API call limits, and find ways to overcome stale data issues. By overcoming these obstacles, travel companies can effectively leverage web data to make informed decisions, identify market trends, and gain a competitive edge.

How Companies Leverage Web Data to Optimize Operations

Case Study: A Hotel Chain Monitoring Third-Party Distribution Channels
Company Profile: The hotel chain is a mid-sized establishment located in the US, primarily serving leisure customers. Their business heavily relies on online travel agencies (OTAs) for room bookings.
The Challenge: The hotel chain faces a common issue with OTAs adjusting prices without their knowledge, potentially impacting its brand reputation. To address this, they must collect accurate data from various third-party sites to gather evidence and enforce their operating agreement.
The Solution: The company has adopted a data collection network that utilizes a Rotating Residential IP network. This network assigns real individuals' IP addresses globally, ensuring unlimited concurrent requests. By routing each request through different devices, they can bypass rate limitations and obtain real-time data directly from the live target sites.
Key Benefits: With this solution in place, the hotel chain can now accurately monitor third-party vendors' pricing practices. They can identify instances where rates fall below their pre-defined and agreed-upon thresholds, enabling them to take appropriate actions to maintain pricing integrity.
By leveraging web data effectively, companies can overcome operational challenges and make informed decisions to optimize their performance in the competitive market landscape.
Case Study: An Online Travel Agency (OTA) Analyzing Competitive Offers
travel bundles, including flights, rental cars, and accommodations. They face numerous market competitors operating in a highly competitive and dynamic industry.
The Challenge: The OTA needs to gather real-time data on how their competitors present similar offers to diverse target audiences across geolocations. However, their head office being in Germany, poses difficulties in accessing specific sites due to IP blacklisting and regional restrictions.
The Solution: The company has implemented a Web Unlocker tool to overcome these challenges. This tool automates IP rotation and incorporates Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to overcome target site blocks and restrictions. It allows the OTA to access competitor sites without triggering rate limitations or encountering geographical restrictions.
Key Benefits: By leveraging the Web Unlocker tool, the OTA can stay competitive and tailor their travel bundles to their specific ecosystem. They receive real-time updates on changes in competitor offers, enabling them to strategically adapt and pivot their bundle offerings accordingly.
With enhanced access to web data and the ability to analyze competitive offers, the OTA gains a competitive edge. It can make data-driven decisions to optimize its services and meet the evolving needs of its target audience.


In conclusion, the travel industry faces various challenges when effectively collecting and utilizing web data. Issues such as stale data, concurrent requests, and limited access to competitor information in real-time can hinder a company's ability to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share.
However, companies can overcome these challenges by leveraging advanced solutions and technologies. A reliable network can enhance data collection capabilities and success rates. By accessing real-time and accurate information, companies can make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive in the crowded travel market.
Embracing data-driven strategies and utilizing web data effectively can empower travel companies to optimize operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. With the right tools and insights, companies can make strategic moves, offer competitive pricing, optimize inventory, and cater to customer preferences, ultimately leading to success in the dynamic travel industry.
For more information, call Actowiz Solutions now! Contact us for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping or instant data scraper service requirements.
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