Fair oaks police activity


2010.07.17 20:27 incaseyoucare SDSU

**Leadership Starts Here** SDSU provides transformative experiences for students in research, international experiences, sustainability and entrepreneurship initiatives, and a broad range of student life and leadership opportunities.

2023.06.02 10:05 Quiet-Leg-7417 [PLF][FC][Discord] Looking for chill but competent FC with relatively new players (not at max level)

I'm looking for a small active FC (10 active members and/or max 20 members).
Just want to do content together with people who are not at max level and/or new to the game.
I also do want to pinpoint that I'd highly prefer to be with a man-only, non-LGBTQ+ FC. I don't have anything special against anyone. I would just feel more comfortable with people with whom flirtation is not possible.
I'm a level 65 Warrior (also 50 WHM, 37 MNK, and unlocked all classes for future leveling), quite new to the game, almost at Stormblood. I'm fairly decent at the game, usually wall-to-wall pulling, not dying and using my cooldowns and AoEs. Nothing groundbreaking, but I'm not a liability, that's what I mean.
My Discord: CEL#4313
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2023.06.02 10:05 Vex_RDM Wage transparency

It remains a taboo in the U.S. to talk with your peers about wages (despite it being a federally-protected activity). Until we can get over this taboo, we'll continue seeing the same "overworked/underpaid" problems.
Normalizing wage transparency is the first step. If a business's employees begin to openly discuss their wages, the boss/etc is pressured to pay people more fairly. This would promote healthy meritocracy etc (which is better for the business, too).
I truly feel like this is the first step in the solution. Stand up and tell your peers your wage. Encourage them to do the same.
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2023.06.02 10:01 Any_Elevator6890 Searching Like-Minded Individuals for Intellectual and Meaningful Connections

Hello everybody, I am in search to meet some like-minded individuals. If anybody wants, we may chat. I am an INTJ, 21 years old, asexual, male, currently living in Asia. I am an agnostic, my interests are primarily around anything that has direct existential relevance in human lives and the universe and is intellectually stimulating such as astronomy, philosophy, psychology, etc. I highly value compassion, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and justice and promise to return the same to others. I am especially drawn toward intelligence, confidence, and efficiency. My existential philosophy is somewhat influenced by Buddhism, I avoid hedonistic/self-indulgent activities (avoid recreational drugs and alcohol). I am morally grey, however, all my conduct is primarily based on principles of justice and fairness.
Please note: This isn't my real account, it's borrowed, and am using it temporarily. I have no gender preference, I don't discriminate, and I'll enjoy speaking with you regardless of your identity as long as we are speaking about meaningful matters respectfully. Also, don't mind if you see a repeat of this post. I have posted this in a few MBTI groups. That said, you may message me directly. Thanks a lot for reading.
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2023.06.02 09:52 Due_Competition_1190 “FAKE SPECIALIST” YAN LIMENG

Overnight, Yan Limeng has caused a sensation throughout the right wing media. The senior adviser of President Trump and conservatives who has authority seem her as a hero. The social media labelled her interview as a fake news just as quickly. Scientists refused her research and said that was sophistry disguised in jargon. In fact, in the process of undergraduate to doctoral education, Yan’s areas of expertise are not virology at all, not even science. In fact, Yan’s title of “Top virologist of World” is sheer fiction. A series of papers published by Yan were copy from conspiracy theory on the Internet. Also, that is despised by the mainstream scientific community.
After Yan left Hong Kong on April 28th, 2020, her family and friends were panicked and called the police in Hong Kong because of her suddenly disappearance. Until two weeks later, Yan contacted her family that all was well. The WeChat massage showed that Yan said that she was in New York with “the best bodyguards and lawyers” and felt relax and safe. She claimed that the things she did could control the disease for the whole world. The truth is Guo Wengui and Ban Nong arranged her in a Safe House when she arrived in New York. They hired a coach to teach her how to reply the questions from media. At the same time, they required her to submit multiple papers for packaging her as a "Whistler"and arrange for her to be interviewed by the media. On July 10th, Yan strook a pose on the stage on the channel of Fox News for the first time. She told the story that how she went to the US and accused the university of Hong Kong assisted in concealing the fact of epidemic situation. However, she did not mention her relationship with Guo and Ban. Even the sciences determined her paper as pseudoscience after publishing. Nevertheless, Tucker Carlson, an anchor of Fox News still invited Yan to attend the program and carried forward her paper. This interview was viewed at least 8.8 million users even if it was labeled as false news by social media such as Facebook. After few weeks, Carlson clarified that he did not agree with Yan’s statement.
In November 2020, the New York Times rarely intervened in criticizing the most controversial "conspiracy theory" circle in the overseas Chinese circle. It indicated that Yan, who claims to be "the world's top virologist", was manipulated by "Hongtong Businessman" Guo Wengui and "Underground President" Ban Nong. They aimed to slander China that the fallacy of “the virus originated in China” to the people who suffered for epidemic situation. Ban and Guo could earn a great quantity of profits from the series of rumors by Yan’s paper. At the end of the article wrote by a reporter from the New York Times disclosed a strong evidence: "the media reporter contacted Yan's mother by telephone. Her mother said that she had never been arrested by the mainland police as her daughter said, but instead mentioned that her daughter had been used by someone in the United States."
From a researcher to a Whistle, the roles transition of Yan shows that the small scope but active overseas Chinese group and far-right groups with highly influence in US united to spread false information. The two groups saw opportunities to push their agenda in the COVID pandemic.For overseas Chinese, Yan and her remarks provide a sharp weapon for these who intend to overthrow the Chinese government. For conservative US, this could cater to the growing Anti-China sentiment in the West and distract attention from the failure of Trump government to respond to the epidemic.
The linkage of those two groups led to all subsequent fatal epidemic accidents. Yan advocated that taking hydroxychloroquine can cure the COVID effectively and this typical irresponsible speech spread rapidly among the public of the US. This caused a devastating blow to fight the epidemic of the US. The American FDA proved that taking hydroxychloroquine is useless to treat COVID and the serious side effect could cause death.
“Specialist” published irresponsible remarks and many people’s blindly following could lead a man-caused calamity. Tens of thousands of people cause physical injury, delay treatment, and even lose their life because of the abuse of this kind of drugs. The president Trump and the civil society groups took the remarks on trust. Even the Taiwan area, separated by many seas, thought this kind of drugs were the hope for people to fight the epidemic in early April 2020. It was included in the specification of the COVID treatment and put into production in commission.It was known as " put into production actively, supply without worry". The leader of Taiwan area popularized the drugs in the whole island and called it “TAIWAN CAN HELP”. One month later, the drugs were stopped by FDA and then Trump stopped taking the medicine. Related industrial chain of Taiwan lost all the capital invested.
In the event of Yan Limeng, through the publicity attribute of social media, the cultural propaganda offensive from Guo Wengui and Ban Nong made immeasurable loss in the process of resisting the epidemic all over the world.
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2023.06.02 09:37 arayofpitchblack frsutration

The new days of colour is great! love the event currency, makes a lot of things more accessable for new players. my frustration is with the 'fill in the rainbow' activity, where you stand next to crystals with the corresponding coloured cape to 'fill it in' as it were. thats a fine activity. fun even! But, when you manage to 'fill' the rainbow, it doesnt STAY that way. Im fairly certain you need to 'fill' both colours at the same time for it to stay, but its just. not. happening. every time we get close, people think theyre done and fly off (fair, i did that a couple times until i noticed) but what is truly frustrating are the goddamned server merges. we will have both colours filling entirely, when suddenly, everybody vanishes and we are back to square one. is anybody else having this problem?
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2023.06.02 09:17 ElectricalTower9986 Ehenm... "seduced"

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2023.06.02 09:15 Jayxrz what am i? i consider myself a leftist and i identify heavily with socialist ideology. i DO NOT feel that i am libleft in the slightest.

what am i? i consider myself a leftist and i identify heavily with socialist ideology. i DO NOT feel that i am libleft in the slightest.
tl;dr not asking you to change my positions (welcome2try), but i need help understanding why i am placed as libleft, when i am a leftist and a socialist
feel free to tell me my understanding of libertarianism is shitty (it probably is)
i’ve almost always been very left leaning and i first gained an interest in communism/socialism in middle school, but didn’t become a socialist until my senior year of HS, late 2019. however in high school i didn’t know that’s what i believed, not by name. i considered myself a communist after i graduated high school in 2020 and as of early 2023 i’ve become a socialist. now that i’ve done more reading (and will do more) i’m trying to get more involved i wanted to know where i stand so i’ve taken quizzes but this political compass isn’t sitting right with me, i’ve laid out some of my beliefs below. if you all could help me understand where I stand i’d appreciate it. I imagine i’ll still be a leftist and a socialist but knowing why i ended up at libleft would be nice, the website didn’t provide any insight beyond the compass.
for background i’m a big fan of hasanabi (twitch, youtube), second thought (youtuber), hakim (youtuber), spooky scary socialist (youtuber), bernie sanders (politician :/), and karl marx (the guy).
i’m pro lgbtq+, pro immigration/ open borders, pro-choice, pro CRT, pro taxing the rich properly, anti-cop, anti-corporatism, anti-imperialism, anti-fracking, and obviously anti-capitalist.
i’m pro big government, anti-establishment, pro public transportation, pro alternative energy, pro universal healthcare, pro free college, PRO union, and against our high military and police budgets.
also hasan was right about 9/11 our shitty foreign policy directly led to 9/11. we “deserved it” because we did everything we could do to cause it, just short of piloting the planes ourselves.
i believe we should ban guns altogether and far in the future police shouldn’t carry guns period. Police SHOULD function to protect and serve the community NOT protect and serve the interests of the ruling class and capitalism via legal abuse and murder. the power police have in the US is unreasonable and not properly regulated, much more training and mental health checks need to be put in place so it is not as easy to gain that power as well.
i dive in a lot more detail below but it’s not all necessary info / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
i believe we should tax the rich to a higher rate and find a way to stop their loopholes. whether it’s taxing their assets or the money they receive from their properties in conjunction. the taxes should be split up far differently now, more money is needed in education, public transit, HEALTHCARE, free college, housing, mental health, services addressing homeless people and drug addicts.
i believe housing should be de-commodified, food and water should be provided at no cost as these are necessities for life as is housing (this is not to say restaurants can’t exist but they will exist as more of a luxury, to treat yourself). i believe the 8 hour work day and 40 hour work week is a ridiculous system that creates too much down time all for the purpose of keeping the working class too busy to do anything else (like understand they’re being used in a system that’s actively working against them and then revolt). maybe 3-4 day work weeks at 5-6 hours per day, with higher wages, and hiring more people would be a good combination, switching between workers per work station in the middle of the week, more days off, vacation time, maternity AND paternity leave (months off, like some european countries). I believe the 99% deserve more money based on how much money we generate for our companies, how little we are all paid is actual theft. i believe adjusting for inflation the MINIMUM wage is around $24-$26 right now, and the federal minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hr… crazy. thanks for reading if you did, i know i jumped all over the place, i never talk politics in real life so when i do this happens.
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2023.06.02 09:00 OxygenTank Anyone have info about police and helicopter around S 3rd and W Live oak

a police helicopter has been circling for about 20 minutes and Police cars blocked off all roads.
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2023.06.02 08:58 BennyyyMacc Season 40??? Spoilers for casting of all stars and Sean 39

Super disappointed with season 39 having zero champs. We just had the four spin offs and world champs and I feel like Kiki Kaz Troy and Tristan skyrocketed to the top of peoples most liked active challengers I think they could’ve bolstered the flagship show and was excited to break up the vacation alliance
I’m still excited for 39 and fresh blood but a bit nervous as there are so many unknown with a cast consisting of personalities that we barely know
I assume that this has all been a set up to do a winners at war season for season 40 with the spin off winners the winners of 39 and all recent champs
I’m wondering if all stars was designed to get a new male champ in the mix (Leroy or tony)
Cara Maria is also returning with all stars so there are a fair few active champs they’ve also kept Ashley m off seasons since her dq so they could pay off these lack lustre casts and seasons by creating an awesome season 40
Men’s cast Ct Johnny Wes Tristan Troy Jordan Devin Male 39 champ Leroy/tony Danny Argentina champ Derrick Yes Rogan/huntebrad/Darrell
Girls Kiki Kaz Sarah Argentina champ Tori Laurel Cara Ashley m Amber B Kaycee Season 39 champ Jonna Jenny west Sarah Emily S/Jodi
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2023.06.02 08:53 WonderWomanPhi Summer To Do List

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of all the major summer events, thought it would be helpful:
Taste of Syracuse • June 2-3 11am-10pm • Clinton Square
Syracuse Bike Party • Last Saturday of each month, 6:45 meet time • Clinton Square (or alternative site)
Fayetteville Farmers Market CNY • Every Thursday, 12-6pm • Fayetteville Town Center
Syracuse Downtown Farmers Market • Every Tuesday, 8am-2pm • Clinton Square
Cazenovia Farmers' Market • Every Saturday, 9am-2pm • Memorial Park on Albany Street
Bank Alley Urban Market • June 11, July 16, August 13 • 11am-4pm • Bank Allley Downtown Syracuse
Bank Alley Social Club • Shop Small Sundays • June 18, July 23 • 11am-5pm • Located at Salt City Market
Syracuse Shakespeare In The Park • June 2-11 • Thornden Park Amphitheater
St. Sophia’s Greek Cultural Festival • June 8-10 • 325 Waring Road
CNY Pride Festival & Parade • June 10, 11am parade, 12-5pm festival • Inner Harbor
2023 New York State Blues Festival • June 15-17 • Chevy Court
Westcott Art Trail • June 17, 10am-6pm • Westcott Community Center
Polish Days in Syracuse • June 9-11 • Clinton Square
Syracuse Jazz Fest • June 21-25 • Hanover and Clinton Square
St. Elias Middle Eastern Festival • July 13-16, various times • 4988 Onondaga Road
Syracuse Nationals • July 20-22 • NYS Fairgrounds
M&T Bank Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival • July 28-30 • Columbus Circle
Skaneateles Antique and Classic Boat Show • July 28-30 • Skaneateles, NY
Visit Syracuse Hanover Square Thursdays • Live music every Thursday in August • Hanover Square Downtown
Madison Bouckville Antique Week • August 14-20 • Rt 20 Bouckville, NY
The Skaneateles Festival • Live music events • July-August, various dates • Downtown Skaneateles
St. George Macedonian Festival • August 4-6 • 5083 Onondaga Road
CNY Scottish Games • August 12, 9am-8pm • Long Branch Park, Liverpool
Syracuse Irish Festival • September 8-9 • Clinton Square
Strathmore Art on the Porches • September 9, 11am-5pm • Ruskin Ave
Golden Harvest Festival • September 9-10, 10am-5pm • Beaver Lake Nature Center
Festa Italiana Syracuse • September 15-17 • Corner of Montgomery and Washington Streets (in front of city hall)
Westcott Street Cultural Fair • October 1, 12-6:30pm • Westcott Neighborhood
LaFayette Apple Festival • October 7-8 • 5330 Rowland Road, LaFayette
Syracuse Mets Home Games June: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 28, 29, 30 July: 1, 2, 3, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 August: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 September: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
Rosamond Gifford Zoo • Open every sinlge day • 10:00am - 4:30pm
Museums: • Skä•noñh - Great Law of Peace Center • Everson Museum of Art • Museum of Science & Technology - MOST • Erie Canal Museum • Salt Museum • Onondaga Historical Association
Theaters and stages: • The Palace Theatre Syracuse • Landmark Theatre • The Westcott Theater • The Oncenter • Syracuse Stage • Redhouse Theater
Some parks and beaches, more below: • Beaver Lake Nature Center (has lots of activities and programs!) • Clark Reservation • Green Lakes State Park • Sylvan Beach Amusement Park • Thornden Park
Onondaga County Parks • Find parks, beaches, and activities here: https://onondagacountyparks.com
Syracuse Parks & Rec • Find parks and activities here: https://www.syr.gov/Departments/Parks-Recreation
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation • Find parks, beaches, activities, and historic sites here: https://parks.ny.gov
The Great New York State Fair Free/reduced price/theme days: ⭐️Thursday, August 24, 2023 Student Youth Day Youth and Students under 18 years of age are admitted free on this day. ID showing date of birth may be requested.
⭐️Friday, August 25, 2023 Pride Day The first state fair in America to host an official Pride Day to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.
New Americans Day Witness approximately 100 people as they complete a long and challenging process to pledge their allegiance to the United States and become Americans. Ceremony will be held at Daniella’s Seafood & Pasta House in the Art & Home Center.
⭐️Monday, August 28, 2023 Law Enforcement Day We honor the men and women of law enforcement in New York State with free admission to any active or retired law enforcement or corrections personnel who presents a badge or picture ID from the department from which they are or were employed.
⭐️Tuesday, August 29, 2023 Fire & Rescue Day We honor the brave men and women of fire and emergency services agencies with free admission to any active or retired member of a fire department or emergency services organization who has a picture ID from that department or organization.
⭐️Wednesday, August 30, 2023 Women's Day A mini-fair will be held from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Chevy Court Pavilion featuring many advocacy groups for women… feel free to stop by to get information, learn, and ask any questions.
⭐️Thursday, August 31, 2023 Armed Forces Day We celebrate all members of the military with free admission to any active duty or veteran with military identification (Military ID Card, form DD-214 or NYS Driver License, Learner Permit or non-driver ID card with a veteran designation).
⭐️Friday, September 1, 2023 Native Americans Day We honor all members of Native American tribes with free admission on this day. ID is not required. Make sure to visit the Indian Village throughout the day for cultural performances and crafts.
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2023.06.02 08:48 NunyaBizness1982 AITA For purposefully being nice just to make my older sister look bad?

Back story: I (30-somethingF) and my sister (40-something) had drastically different upbringings while living in the same house. My whole childhood and teen years were rough due to my dad treating me like garbage, while my older sister could do know wrong. It was a stereotypical golden-child vs. scapegoat child situation that was only made worse by my toxic dad instigating situations. An example would be every Christmas he would ask us for lists. My sister received everything on her list. My gifts consisted of every item being slightly off but still in the realm of what I asked for, like when we both asked for fleece jackets but in different colors. My sister received exactly what she wanted and I got a fleece zip up vest in a puke brown color. Then when I would ask him about it in private later he would purposefully chastise me very loudly and call me selfish. Another example of repeated behavior is when we were older and our childhood items were given to us in a box each. A couple hours later my sisters would magically disappear and without even looking, he would launch into me and say, “You took her stuff and hid it. You’re so selfish and so jealous of your sister.” The very next day while putting his laundry away that I was forced to do as a punishment, I found the box in the corner of his room with clothes covering it. I confronted him and he didn’t deny it, nor he did he fess up to it. He simply said (exact quote), “it’s my word over yours. Who would believe you?” It is random repeated behavior like this from my father that confused me so much and hurt so bad. He once went so far as to say to me privately “F.O. And D” and then when I told my ex-stop mom, he adamantly denied it and said “You know how she lies for attention.” Then ground me as retaliation. My sister started to take on these traits too and was awful to me growing up. She actively enjoyed watching me get into trouble or make friends with my friends, then bad mouth me which made my friends not like me. It was awful. When you are repeatedly called stupid, selfish, a liar, and won’t amount to anything, you start to believe it. I wanted to prove them wrong and be the furthest thing from who they were and who they accused me of being. Once I was old enough and left, I was able to go to therapy. I described my home life as a kid and teen and the therapist said “I can’t diagnose your dad because he isn’t right in front of me, but it does seem like the very stereotype of a family dynamic with a parent that has Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPC.” She said this several years back before that term was thrown around so easily and the concept incredibly popular. She gave me a lot of things to read about it and it was scary how much of a 101 case I grew up with. It felt like if there was ever a book with the definition, my dads face would be the picture right next to it. He had all the traits; never faithful to any partner, had a golden child and scapegoat child, only had friends for a short time until they no longer served their purpose in his life, gaslight, love bombed, enjoyed chaos while stated he hated drama, was incredibly charming, a high functioning alcoholic, etc etc etc. I could go on, but you get it. Through therapy and to my surprised, I was diagnosed with c-ptsd and unfortunately still struggle with triggers today. So there is the back story. My father passed away in 2015 and after a year, my sister and I started to get along due to my father no longer instigating stuff. This is something my sister will never admit to. Through this, I realized it was my chance to make her feel so much guilt by being extra nice to her. Along with me being extra nice to her, it became salt in a wound because my life was thriving and happy, and hers was crap. I know it upset her because she slipped up once and in the heat of emotion she said “It’s not fair, I’m the one that deserves the better life.” I know I should feel bad for her struggle but I didn’t and I still don’t. I continued to be so nice to her while she continued to have a crappy life and I was even kinder and nice to her in front of family and friends. I knew she talked to much crap about me to them, that my actions of being nice just made her look bad and people stopped listening to her. Here is where I might be the a$$hole; Our relationship now is very good, but on the side I continue my ultra niceness and relish in people noticing her lack of accountability and selfishness. I actively enjoy all of her misfortunes. I enjoy seeing the look on her face when she doesn’t get what she wants and I do. I call it karma. I dealt with crap up until my dad died. My life is fantastic and the only part of me that is awful is when I delight in her true colors coming out and her getting the short end of the stick. We aren’t kids anymore and I know that I should have outgrown this, but I don’t care. With how disgusting she treated me, she 1000% deserves not just my distain, but she truly deserves everything negative in her life and everything that will happen to her that is negative. On my end, this is a cruel way to think, and manipulative in my niceness. The thing that makes me feel that I am justified is the nicer that I am to her, the more good things happen in my life, despite the niceness not always being genuine. DON’T GET ME WRONG, my niceness is only 30-40% fake because we do have a better relationship now, but that 30-40% feels good to make her look so bad and in turn watch her life become crap due to her looking bad. So, AITA? Am I justified? Or do I need a reality check for becoming what I said I wouldn’t be? Thank you for reading!
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2023.06.02 08:47 The_eighthdeadlysin AITA for limiting contact with my mom

I (19afab) would not say I am the black sheep of my family as there are six kids and only one of the four who are old enough to have moved out still attend church. I’m one of two kids who are openly queer and are not cisgender. Growing up my siblings and I faced all sorts of subtle verbal abuse (including but not limited to body shaming and manipulation) from our mother (52f) but it often got more aggressive as we went through our teen years. My oldest sibling (30amab) has cut her off entirely for this reason. Now lots has happened but when asked this is the main reason I bring up speaking to her as little as possible (I often say “they”. My dad is mostly chill but has to enforce what mom says or she’ll bite his ear off): 1. A couple years back and then a year later I was cornered by my older brother (28m) who threatened physical violence if I ever turned out to be gay and trans (oops). When I reported both incidents to my parents they said there was nothing they could do because it would get worse if they told him to stop and it wasn’t like they were going to ban him from coming over because they wanted a connection with their grandsons. 2. We weren’t allowed to have phones or any sort of internet access unsupervised which led to a lot of sneaking. Before any parents come at me, yes I do understand they were trying to protect us but personally I believe that at least older teens should be allowed to have some sort of social media even if it is limited. A couple months after my 18th birthday I used some money I had been saving to buy myself a phone. I successfully hid it until I got careless one night and was discovered. They demanded I hand it over but refused because it was the only connection I had to the world and friends I had outside of work, church, and an approved circle of people (I and most of my siblings were homeschooled our entire lives). I was then banned from leaving the house besides those events until I gave it up (I had to get rides to work from coworkers and would often have to run and escape from the balcony stairs so they wouldn’t stop me). I was limited in what I could say, do, and wear (I never tried anything “immodest” but if I expressed myself in clothes I was being too flashy and sinful, too masculine, or if I dressed casually I was a slob). I was even grounded from online college classes I was being allowed to take if I did something wrong. I failed a psychology class because my parents saw what they were teaching was something they didn’t agree with and I could only study if mom was in the room and failed tests because I could only answer questions the way they wanted. If I had different opinions it was a sin because I wasn’t allowed to disagree with my parents. This lasted for several months. Why did I not just move? See next point. 3. I wasn’t allowed to move out and they verbally destroyed my confidence so that I wouldn’t. I was told I was too lazy to earn enough and that I should wait until my church mission or when I was married to move out but even then encouraged to stay if “wanted”. I believed this until a close friend (at the time 17F) I had met from a musical I was in helped me “run away” (please note, I had been a legal adult for a few months but even then my parents threatened to call the police on her for “kidnapping” and insisted I was legally still a minor until 21 in my state). I still have videos and nightmares of that day. Trying to pack while simultaneously shoving boxes in front of and forcing the door closed as my lock had been taken off and having to listen to my mom scream at me how much she loved me and for the devil inside of me to leave because he knew the great things I was supposed to do on my church mission. I didn’t really have a place to go so I lived at an incredible youth center that taught me what I needed to know for adulthood. 4. She ignored my sexuality. At first I thought I was great at hiding it since I realized when I was 16 but it’s recently become very apparent to me and other family members she’s either still in denial or outright ignoring it and has known for years. I was talking about my partner during Christmas as I’m openly queer but for some reason during the evening she mentioned how excited she was for the rest of us “girls” to introduce our husbands to her some day. So all those times she preached against and invalidated the lgbtq+ community she was being pointed and indirectly shaming me. She would always make sure none of my friends were gay and if they were I wasn’t allowed to hang out one on one with them. This really hurts because I wished I could have asked her for romantic advice and talk about my crushes or have introduced her to my secret girlfriend. 5. She claims all of this is my fault or it didn’t happen. I talked to my dad because he called me to ask why I didn’t wish her happy Mother’s Day and I realize they think I only moved because I was mad they wouldn’t let me have a phone.
I recently moved states to both avoid them and to start over with a dream job and work on who I want to be. There’s more but I’ve developed mental conditions that limit what I can remember and I’m already struggling mentally right now. I only remember this much because I accidentally found the videos I took while moving out and it unlocked a lot of this. I also went to visit my older sister (24f) and her husband who live in the same state and Christmas was mentioned. She got annoyed and said I was causing unnecessary problems when I informed her I would be staying at my friend’s house and would come and visit the house for a little bit. She said I was being like my oldest sibling and should take our dad’s advice of just dealing with it like everyone else so that I wouldn’t inconvenience everyone. (Not really relevant but she’s the only sibling who has stayed in the church). They are right when they say it sort of is annoying and inconvenient when a sibling is cold to parents at a gathering. And my little siblings have complained that when I ignore a text or turn down a very expensive gift mom is mopey and snappy for the rest of the day and then they’re often grounded from their activities and even school. They always provided for me physically and I could even be called privileged as my dad had a good job. There were only a couple minor incidents where she laid hands on us kids. She’s trying to connect to me now as an adult like she has tried my other older siblings but I can’t even be around her without panicking. She and dad are near my town tomorrow and asked if I wanted lunch but I lied and said I have work all day. My dad has been saying I should just humor her. I hope I don’t come across as a whiny brat. No matter what people say I know what happened to me and know it wasn’t right. But what I do need to know is if I'm TA for being inconvenient and causing drama with my mom that bothers the rest of my family and may someday cause more problems when I have a wife and kids.
Info: Afab means assigned female at birth and amab is assigned male at birth. We both don’t identify with the gender that was assigned at birth. The reason I’m not cutting her off entirely is because I’m close to my little siblings and she won’t let me talk to them like she did with my oldest sibling.
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2023.06.02 08:38 MetalingusMikeII Rotational Aim Assist - What’s the justification for it?

Analogue sticks are inherently flawed devices. They lack precision and the ability to instantly stop without re-centring.
There’s many aspects of controller input that affect how aiming feels on controller; deadzone size, deadzone shape, camera sensitivity, aiming sensitivity, response curves, acceleration/boost/smoothing, etc. The list could go on.
The above are fundamental to stick input as a whole, not just for aiming. However, Aim Assist is strictly for aiming at targets and enemies. Aim Assist must not be confused with Auto-Aim, this is “legal” aim-bot - the game does everything for the player automatically, with a single button press. Games such as GTA use Auto-Aim. Unlike Auto-Aim, games that use Aim Assist need at least some manual input from the player - to varying degrees depending on the type and implementation.
There’s many different ways you can skin the Aim Assist cat:
Auto-Rotation - often call “snap aim”, when the camera is centred near the enemy, pressing aim will instruct the game to aim directly at the enemy. This is essentially a light form of Auto-Aim.
Fortnite used this for many years this until they replaced it with the industry standard of Rotation + Slowdown. Battlefield games also used to use it.
Rotation - this works by centring the camera towards the enemy as the player and/or enemy moves. The more the player moves, the more it corrects their aim.
Most modern shooters with controller support use this. Popular games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite and Apex Legends are good examples.
Slowdown - this reduces the sensitivity of the player when aiming at and near the enemy.
Games that use Rotation tend to also use Slowdown as well.
Bullet Magnetism - not really Aim Assist in the traditional sense, but it works by counting shots very close to the target as actually on target. In a way, it’s like a second hit-box.
The only modern game I know of that uses this is Halo Infinite.
Why does this matter?
The reason I bring this up is because there’s a never ending trend of games increasing Aim Assist strength over time. A good example of this is with Call of Duty. Every year, the Aim Assist gets stronger. It works at long ranges and the Rotation corrects centring more potently. Aim Assist strength has also increased with time in other games, such as Apex Legends.
Most games nowadays use a combination of; Rotation + Slowdown. It’s sort of an industry standard at this point. An example I mentioned above was Fortnite, this originally used Auto-Rotation but switched to Rotation + Slowdown. This was a positive change as Auto-Rotation has no place being in a PvP shooter, in all honesty. A shooter, especially a multiplayer PvP shooter, should not snap the aim of the player towards enemies. It destroys the whole point of it being a shooter and trivialises the gameplay loop.
But the thing is, while the current industry standard to use Rotation + Slowdown is certainly better than using Auto-Rotation, Auto-Aim or even Bullet Magnetism - it’s still not ideal.
Realistically speaking, purely from a hardware POV, here are the main flaws with analogue sticks:
Precision - analogue sticks are short pieces of plastic. The precision compared to a mouse as an example, is minuscule. This is made even worse by the fact the ADC inside most controllers is low bit-depth, causing rounding errors and inaccuracies.
Inability to instantly stop - unlike with a mouse, where you can instantly stop the camera after moving it, you must first re-centre the stick with a controller.
Stick drift - most analogue sticks use potentiometers. By design, they will experience stick drift after X number of hours with normal use. Even brand new controllers can still suffer from drift as like stated above, the ADCs are quite poor and are prone to rounding errors and also noise.
As as a developer, to insure that the game feels the best it can with a controller and maximise commercial success, you want to tackle these problems. If not solve them, at least reduce the severity. Some things can be solved with software, some things can only be improved with hardware.
How are these problems tackled?
Precision ability - can be improved with intelligent controller input. Response curves such as an exponential curve, improve the ability to make small adjustments. Using a circle deadzone instead of square and not restricting diagonal aim with axial-deadzones also helps to provide precision to the player.
Outside of developer control, the player can purchase tall thumb grips and use controllers with higher tension analogue stick springs. These will improve the precision they have to command the game camera.
Stop ability - the only method of improving the ability to stop the camera is with Slowdown. A passive solution that works exceptionally well.
Outside of developer control, the player can use a controllers with higher tension analogue sticks. These improve stick re-centre time.
Drift - the only method currently used is to simply give the player a deadzone slider, so they can set it to a value unaffected by stick drift. Another potential solution is using a “soft deadzone” via response curve implementation. This won’t eliminate the drift, just reduce its intensity.
Outside of developer control, the player can use controllers known for experiencing less drift. Or opting for controllers that use hall sensors, though this is currently difficult as they’re rare.
So how do the other Aim Assist technologies factor into the above hardware flaws of analogue sticks?
As far as I can see, they don’t. Slowdown is the only legitimate Aim Assist technology that tackles the flaws of using analogue sticks in a just way. It’s a passive form of Aim Assist, it doesn’t actively turn the the camera towards the target like Auto-Rotation or Rotation, it also doesn’t manipulate the hit-box like Bullet Magnetism. It’s the only form of Aim Assist that doesn’t artificially boost the skill level of the player, all it does is compensate for hardware deficiencies of using analogue sticks.
The industry standard is currently Rotation + Slowdown. My questions are: Why does every developer use Rotation in their game? Where’s the legitimate reason for using Rotation? I have an open mind, I can foresee that even with well developed controller input and using Slowdown, it still may not be enough. Games that have very fast movement and aerial combat, such as the Titanfall series, may need some level of Rotation. It may still be needed in order for controller players to hit their shots with an acceptable level of accuracy.
But what about other games? Almost every modern shooter with controller support, uses Rotation. Where’s the justification for it? Also, where’s the justification for its strength? Maybe you’ve done internal testing (however unscientific that may be) and still decided to use Rotation in your game. Why is it so potently tuned? Why does it feel dialled up to 11? It seems like its use has gone beyond trying to minimise the hardware deficiencies of using controller analogue sticks, into the territory of making players feel like they’re better than they are.
Maybe I could be wrong. Maybe potent Rotation is needed and there’s scientific testing and white papers to prove this. Or maybe the cynical interpretation of this is correct? Maybe Rotation is turned up to 11 to artificially boost the skill level of controller players and make them feel better about themselves? More players who think they’re good at a game will mean more players buying micro-transactions, right?
I’m open to a well thought out, in-depth reply to why Rotation is used in almost very shooter that supports controller input and why it’s so potently tuned. So go ahead.
This topic is important as with cross-platform play becoming normalised with every multiplayer game, the concept of what’s fair between controller and mouse players is a hot topic. Many people in the mouse and keyboard community don’t feel it’s fair how strong controller Aim Assist is, specifically Rotation. A lot of mouse and keyboard players, some even well known Pros and streamers, have switched to controller because of this fact. When modern Aim Assist can provide top 1% aim skill with less than 1/4 the mechanical effort needed, why even bother trying to play with a mouse? Good examples of this are with Call of Duty and Apex Legends. PC players in the Battle Royale components of these respective games, are switching from mouse and keyboard to controller.
There is no doubt that if you put thousands of hours into mouse and keyboard aim and master it, you will achieve a skill ceiling higher than any controller player. However, this is like the top 0.1% or rarer in terms of the mouse and keyboard population. Rotation is so commonly used and is tuned to be so potent, that it gives the average controller player the aiming skill of a top 1% mouse and keyboard player - so as long as they keep moving their left stick while aiming to activate it.
What justification is there for it to exist in most shooters and why is it so potently tuned?
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2023.06.02 08:38 AmityTheCalamityGod New moderators trying to mod a smaller (11K) subreddit that hasn't been moderated for a couple months and we're getting power tripping accusations and posts made calling us out for bad moderating. We need advice and guidance on what to do going forwards

I'm posting this on an alt account as we recently had users look through moderator profiles and we don't want this post to cause more drama for us. This 'moderation drama' has been going on for 3 months now and I want to explain it in detail so others can understand the situation but I'll put a TL;DR near the end. We also want to clarify that we're all new to moderating which is why we've decided to reach out and ask for help from other moderators.
Last year, most of the moderators on our sub stopped being active except for 1. As they had to moderate the sub alone and were dealing with personal issues, there was almost no moderation so they opened mod applications to get some help. 3 months ago we made a new moderation team and started making changes to the subreddit that we thought would be more beneficial, we've never modded before, we're just very passionate about Rainbow High and wanted to help out. I guess we wanted to compensate for the lack of moderation so we ended up making too many changes too quickly without consulting the community, trying to get users to put 'low effort' posts in megathreads and removing what we deemed low effort. Our users didn't like how we called their posts low effort and said they didn't like megathreads so we revoked the rule and apologized.
After this incident, we decided to make a poll to get feedback directly from our users as their argument was we were making changes nobody wanted. In that poll, the majority of users who participated said they would like 'leaks' in particular to be kept in megathreads so when we posted the poll results, we announced that in the future we would be putting leaks in megathreads going forwards.
Long story short, no one read the poll results post and when we started reinforcing the leak rule, everyone got upset, saying they had already told us they didn't like megathreads and calling us power tripping again.
This caused us lots of frustration as we're just trying to make changes to make the sub better and all they're doing is berating us and calling us power tripping, saying they hate the changes. We told them it wasn't our fault that no one read what we posted and this just made them even more upset with us, if they had read the poll results and told us they didn't want these changes then we could've avoided this situation.
It's gotten to the point where we're lost as to what to do. Our subreddit has become very toxic with certain users calling us out all the time, being rude to us in modmail, making rude comments about us, and now users are making up lies about us to start more drama. Most of our subreddit is fine with these people being a minority but it's been getting out of hand lately. We let these comments slide because we didn't want to make the drama worst by removing stuff and turning more people against us/giving them more reasons to call us power tripping.
But now we've realized that we're making it worst by letting it slide as we're encouraging them to do it because they have no consequences and know we're just gonna let them talk crap about us. We don't want to silence anyone because they have a right to critique us, however no one is giving constructive criticism but instead being rude and abrasive towards us, again even in modmail we're having people criticize us for removing their posts. We think that the users are just not used to being moderated as technically we're in their playground
We've had comments like this ''Not to mention, those of us who sort all our subs to New don't see any pins and I'm not going to start changing it to check on just this one subreddit, I'll simply browse and engage less and go back to checking instagram for news and pictures.'' with people downright telling us that they don't read what we post and basically don't care to read it which is not fair to us as we're trying to moderate when no one will even take 5 minutes to read an update post. This attitude is what led to us lashing out in modmail about no one reading what we write because when we make rule changes and people don't read them, they just get angry at us for not warning them when we did.
We didn't listen to them and they got upset at us, we listened to them and they got upset at us. We need advice on what to do going forwards because we've tried everything and nothing is working out for us. We need someone with experience to set us straight and just give us guidance on what to do. As the community is very small, we would appreciate feedback for moderating a small community.
TL;DR we made some mistakes as we're new to modding, tried to enforce rules that the users were against, our users believe we're power tripping and have been making posts calling us out and many comments berating us. We've not been removing these kinds of comments and letting it slide which has led to users making posts calling us out and downright being abusive towards us instead of proving productive criticism. We don't know what to do now as we don't want to remove posts and comments and create more hate. We desperately need advice for moderating, mainly with moderating a smaller community.
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2023.06.02 08:23 EnderCascade_360 ThistleMC [SURVIVAL] {JAVA 1.19.4} {DISCORD}

ThistleMC is a freshly released Minecraft Survival Server!
IP: thistlemc.apexmc.co
Port: 25565
Discord: https://discord.gg/KxKCydGeh9
Version: 1.19
ThistleMC is a Minecraft Server that was recently released to the public. We are actively seeking to grow our community and provide a server for everyone to have fun on!
As of right now, the server only has Survival, but we are planning to add many many more servers, such as Pixelmon, Skyblock and more!
I made this server to bring people together and to build a friendly community. Our dream is to have a fairly big Minecraft server that everyone enjoys playing on.
The server is still in its first month, so there will be bugs, glitches and mistakes. But not to worry! I am working on adding and fixing any bugs that happen. within its first week I have already made various improvements to make the gameplay experience better for our small community !
For more information, or if you have any questions, join the discord server:
To play and join our growing community, join us on thistlemc.apexmc.co! :)
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2023.06.02 08:15 Noodle_Toodles Betrayal of GF's parents

So I've been mildly involved in my girlfriends family for the nearly 2 years I've known her and they've been very accepting of me despite not having met too many of them. Recently I was invited to spend few days with them which was difficult since they lived a good drive away. We arrived late at night and it was very warm welcome but brief, the next morning me and my girlfriend made breakfast for everybody and thus my attempts to bond begin. It went well, there was plenty to talk about and we shared good memories and commonality. Nights ended after long and plentiful activities, note that because of how her parents felt, me and their daughter slept in different beds. On the final night she snuck onto my air mattress to cuddle and make out, but unfortunately it was interrupted fairly early on by her stepdad which broke out into a long scolding am two am because they thought we were having sex. No amount of appeal could sway their anger, soon after me and her were beyond judged, "we had sex in their living room on the first weekend of visiting." The next morning I left with a bitter taste and leaving a bad impression. Over the next few days there remains tons of unnecessary pestering and backhanded comments lent to her and me but one thing that destroy me was her parents rolling back all my action and associating them with parallel negative traits. In the same breath they uttered some of the most unbelievable insults and urged my girlfriend to leave me. All that good will sunk to my stomach and made me sick, playing repeatedly in my head for days; tag on the arguments I've had to help quell and I'm emotionally drained and depressed. Never the less my girlfriend tries to ignore them but some of what they say is borderline disowning. Were young adults but were also not looking to have children and our families are important to us but now I don't feel accepted and now I'm the black sheep. Their hate feels so irrational but they mattered to me and I'm so confused and hurt. I don't know what to do or if we might've destroyed our family ties.
Before you ask, I don't believe I give off any obvious red flag for parents like having hard habits or being a bum; I didn't even express any political views.
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2023.06.02 08:10 EnderCascade_360 ThistleMC {survival}{1.19.4}{Discord}

ThistleMC is a freshly released Minecraft Survival Server!
IP: thistlemc.apexmc.co Port: 25565 Discord: https://discord.gg/KxKCydGeh9 Version: 1.19
ThistleMC is a Minecraft Server that was recently released to the public. We are actively seeking to grow our community and provide a server for everyone to have fun on! As of right now, the server only has Survival, but we are planning to add many many more servers, such as Pixelmon, Skyblock and more!
I made this server to bring people together and to build a friendly community. Our dream is to have a fairly big Minecraft server that everyone enjoys playing on.
The server is still in its first month, so there will be bugs, glitches and mistakes. But not to worry! I am working on adding and fixing any bugs that happen. within its first week I have already made various improvements to make the gameplay experience better for our small community !
For more information, or if you have any questions, join the discord server: https://discord.gg/KxKCydGeh9
To play and join our growing community, join us on thistlemc.apexmc.co! :)
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2023.06.02 08:08 EnderCascade_360 ThistleMC [VANILLA] {JAVA 1.19.4} {DISCORD}

ThistleMC is a freshly released Minecraft Survival Server!
IP: thistlemc.apexmc.co Port: 25565 Discord: https://discord.gg/KxKCydGeh9 Version: 1.19
ThistleMC is a Minecraft Server that was recently released to the public. We are actively seeking to grow our community and provide a server for everyone to have fun on! As of right now, the server only has Survival, but we are planning to add many many more servers, such as Pixelmon, Skyblock and more!
I made this server to bring people together and to build a friendly community. Our dream is to have a fairly big Minecraft server that everyone enjoys playing on.
The server is still in its first month, so there will be bugs, glitches and mistakes. But not to worry! I am working on adding and fixing any bugs that happen. within its first week I have already made various improvements to make the gameplay experience better for our small community !
For more information, or if you have any questions, join the discord server: https://discord.gg/KxKCydGeh9
To play and join our growing community, join us on thistlemc.apexmc.co! :)
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2023.06.02 08:05 EcchiOli Nez bouché par des crottes de nez presque tous les matins

Alors c'est un peu embarrassant, j'ai toujours pris ça pour un truc 100% normal et répandu, alors qu'apparemment, non, c'est juste moi.
Puis-je vous demander votre opinion, s'il vous plaît ? Je me sentirais gêné de déranger mon généraliste pour ça. - Je ne sais pas s'il y a lieu de simplement consulter, ou s'il faut faire avec, - Si c'est (comme je le présume) complètement bénin, ou pas, - S'il y a des solutions peut-être ?
Depuis que je suis adulte (la vache ça fait deux décennies révolues), la majorité des matins, je me réveille le matin avec le nez en partie ou totalement bouché par des crottes de nez, au point de respirer par la bouche. Je n'ai pas pour pratique de me tondre ou arracher les poils de l'intérieur des narines, si l'info est utile. Je ne pense pas que ça impacte ma qualité de sommeil, je dors d'un sommeil très profond, n'eût été mon réveil matin je pourrais faire des dodos de dix heures.
C'est fréquemment accompagné d'un léger mal de tête qui disparaît en moins de deux minutes dès que je suis levé et que je respire plus facilement (soit en m'activant, soit en me mouchant, soit en me curant le nez pour être franc, les crottes de nez partent en grandes plaques majoritairement solides.)
Jusqu'à hier soir (discussion autour d'une table) je pensais que c'était commun comme truc... mais les regards de surprise croisés en racontant ça m'ont prouvé le contraire ^^
Vous en pensez quoi ? Ça vaut la peine de consulter ? Merci beaucoup si ça vous dit quelque-chose !
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2023.06.02 07:56 chemwardrius sodium metal without electrolysis

so obviously the most common method for extracting sodium metal without using electrolysis (to my knowledge) is using magnesium and sodium hydroxide to break apart the NaOH and form magnesium oxide, hydrogen gas, and sodium metal. magnesium, though, is really annoying in that its sort of hard/expensive to acquire powdered magnesium and i haven't been able to find a good method for doing so, so i was trying to think of a way to get sodium metal without electrolysis or magnesium. i landed on a reaction between aluminum powder and sodium chloride, and the reaction would be as follows:
Al + 3 NaCl - AlCl3 + 3 Na
my thoughts were that if provided with sufficient heat to jumpstart the reaction, the aluminum would break the sodium chloride bond and form aluminum chloride and sodium metal, but i can't think of a way to provide that activation energy. i had originally thought of using a fuse of potassium nitrate and sugar, but that wouldn't burn hot enough. i think that it could maybe work to directly heat the mixture with a blowtorch or something; i'm fairly certain the reaction between the aluminum and sodium chloride is sufficiently exothermic to be self sustaining, but i would like to avoid the need for direct heating if at all possible. does anybody have any suggestions? also please correct me if i'm incorrect in any of the assumptions i made (e.g. the reaction would produce elemental sodium, the reaction is a combustion reaction, etc.).
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2023.06.02 07:54 critical_courtney The word “girlfriend”

So, I’m the only lesbian in the office I work at (as far as I know). And today my coworker was telling some folks her “girlfriend” was coming to visit and asked for some recommendations on where to take her for some fun activities.
Well, I got excited. Because I don’t have a lot of gay friends, especially queer coworkers in the office. There are a handful of gay cis men, but no other lesbians, which is a bit of a bummer. It’d be cool to have a coworker I knew that lived in the same world I did each day. Help the office feel a little less lonely.
Anyway, I came to find out my coworker was just referring to her friend, who happens to be a girl, as her girlfriend. She’s cishet, and I guess I got a little annoyed with her word usage.
I’d never say anything or try to police language. But why wouldn’t she just say a friend was coming to visit? Why use a word that has more significant meaning to queer girls?
Am I wrong to be a little annoyed by this?
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2023.06.02 07:34 Magicka_Moon [discussion] Benign Head Canon

Hello! I want to know all of your fun fanon / head canon in regards to TLT. I marked this thread as Series Spoilers, so go bananas.
Mine is that, given how fairly profound and empathetic Palamedes is at such a young age (he's young to me anyway), especially when he talks to Nona, his father in particular is a real amazing dad. We know that he was the parent that took the parent buyout to be the one actively raising Pal. I like to think of him being front row center at all of Pal's practical exams, and doling out gems of wisdom at every moment he gets. Gots a lot of dad jokes and a sweatejumper with "The Warden's #1 Fan" on it. Probably gave his son the speech about "No one is required to love you back, because that wouldn't be love"

OK, yours?
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