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2023.06.09 19:19 Mountain_Counter929 Best and Worst Card Artwork?

EE: Worst: Yeah, I'm gonna pick the low hanging fruit and this one and choose the cards from the base set. They've definitely shown their age with each expansion with it being the start of the series and all. The worst offender for me is honestly Tachyons deck in general, some cards are worse/better than other and not just in her deck. But if someone asked me why the artist hated their original art, I'd point to her. The worst offenders being sucker punch and synaptic interrupt. Dishonorable Mentions comes to Original Setback character card. Maybe the angle he's in but the proportions make him look way too different than he should be, not in a good way. He actually reminds me of Wide Rye from the first SF6 Trailer.
Best: I don't know the later cards are generally really good but none of them stand out to me from the top of my head too many good ones to choose from, but if I'm gonna pick right now, I like the stylization of the Enclave of the Endlings.
DE: Best: Well like I said, I like stylization. And I'm also a fan of the variety of styles in each deck. I know some fans prefer a more consistent art style but, that's not me. I like the really exaggerated art of Robot Reclamation it looks like something from an album cover, and gives me some real Gorillaz vibes. Another card that surprisingly grew on me is Quelle Surprise, especially that kind've style on Tachyon. I can't really explain why except it stands out as being more 'modern' (though I'm not sure the era it's representing). Also Shout out to some of the cards we see in Desperation Previews Omnitrons new plating cards from how much of a glow up they are compared to simply changing the color, and Projected Paralysis/Outer Demons for having another stand out crazy style.
Worst: One other criticism I see with the new cards is that sometimes the art doesn't match well with the function of the cards. While I can see that in some, I actually like how Absolute Zero's module cards and Haka of Recovery are framed more than what we got. Pride and Prejudice was a neat gimmick too in EE. Though, I can see why they had to merge the two in DE. But they're usually not distracting... though Bolster Allies I think is my least favorite when it comes to framing. Only till recently I realized there's some actual allies in the background but, I still think they can be emphasized more to make the card feel more inspiring and supportive.
Also dishonorable mentions to FA Unity. I get why, and it's a cute piece of 'historical' authenticity but, having Haka at center stage makes it hard to find for the first couple times when I got the game.
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2023.06.09 19:19 nursejessa RN Travel to Hawaii- best agency?

Hey all, pretty well what the title says. What travel agency are the best in the states? Who have you had a good experience with? Looking at maybe taking a contract in Hawaii. I am a Canadian RN. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 19:19 Madinykol Father’s Day Gift for Pacific Ocean Trip

My dad and his best friend bought a jet in Australia. I am not sure what type of jet it is. They are planning to fly it back across the Pacific Ocean making stops at various islands to California then back to Georgia where we live this summer. My dad and his best friend have years of experience and are known for doing crazy things like this. They went to training for this and have been in contact with people who have done this flight many times. They are taking the seats out of the plane to put fuel bladders inside.
This makes me very nervous that he is doing this, as my dad is older. He is set on achieving this goal though. Is there anything I could get him for Father’s Day that would be useful during this trip? Or are there any “good luck” tokens in the flight community that I could get him?
If any of you have made similar flights, I would love to share your experience with him as well!
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 19:19 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Lana Sova – Launch Sequence Secrets ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Lana Sova – Launch Sequence Secrets ✔️ Full Course Download
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During this training I’ll take you by the hand and will show you:
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During this part of the training, I’ll take you by the hand and will show you:
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These 21 shortcuts will help you double or even triple your chances of getting a reply from a potential client and even landing a new one.
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2023.06.09 19:19 Environmental_End_16 Introducing SOLARA: A Game-Changer in the Audio World, Powered by the Sun

Hello Fellow Audiophiles,
I'm thrilled to introduce you to SolAudio, a groundbreaking startup that's poised to revolutionize the audio technology landscape. Our vision? To liberate listeners from the shackles of charging cables, battery replacements, and restricted playtime.
Enter SOLARA, our flagship product. Named after 'Solaris', the Latin word for 'of the sun', SOLARA is the world's first solar-powered headphone. No charging, no cables, just endless, superior sound quality.
Why SOLARA? Let me throw some light:
Sun-Powered Audio: Harnessing the sun's energy, SOLARA can recharge under bright light conditions with up to 0.5A charging capacity.
All-Light Performer: Low light? No problem! SOLARA operates on net positive power, even in the faintest of light.
Power Bank in Disguise: Equipped with a 4000mAh battery, SOLARA can also fuel your other devices on the go.
Comfort Meets Style: With a low clamp force design, SOLARA promises comfortable, prolonged use without compromising aesthetics.
Industry-Standard Features: Enjoy Active Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, a companion app, and much more.
Now, here's where we need your help. SOLARA is soon to debut on Indiegogo and we're offering early supporters an exclusive discount. By signing up now, you will secure a whopping 70% off the retail price when we launch.
Join us in our journey towards a wireless and sustainable audio experience. Sign up here\_soon/edit/a#/preview, and together, let's usher in an era of 'Audio Forever'.
Thank you for your time and support!
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2023.06.09 19:19 Argylesox95 Which Gfuel flavors are blue in color

My wife likes the blue flavors the best. Blue ice, Shiny Splash, Raidens were among her favorites. No matter how many times i explain that not every blue flavor is the same, she will still choose the blue one, even if its not that good.
What flavors are blue in color but not super obvious based on the label? For example, Raidens is very blue even though the flavor is watermelon lemonade, and issacs tears is a very light blue.
Followup, Is the remastered ocean potion blue, the old one was but im not sure if it is still blue
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2023.06.09 19:18 127peter George with Jackie Stewart at Donington Park, June 1979

George with Jackie Stewart at Donington Park, June 1979
George is happy as a pig in shit. Loved race meetings with one of his best mates.
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2023.06.09 19:18 CoolSaladMustDie Harassed by two girls for months

The story of why I'm being harassed is quite weird but I want to know what the legal ramifications of going to the police would be, how easy is it to get a restraining order and is it possible to deal with the police without them sending letters or visiting my house?
I used to work with a girl and we became good friends. She quit the job and we started hanging out and going on drives with her other friend. The main reason I started hanging out with them so much was because I recently at the time just went through a bit of a heart break and needed out of the house.
As time went on I did get a bit closer to her friend and while it didn't amount to anything we did start to like each other and kissed a couple times but that's it. After a while I started to get busy with college and needed to concentrate on that so I didn't go outside as much or text people as much, they took it personally and kept badgering me about it. I told them it wasn't personal and I just felt quite exhausted, especially since I was someone that rarely went outside before meeting them. I like my own space and after spending a few months with them every single day I just needed a break from socialising with anybody.
After like a month of me concentrating on my work and focusing on giving myself time to recharge they decided to blow it out of proportion and got mad at me, even though I had no hard feelings towards them. I fully intended to start hanging out with them again, once I had the time and energy. They kept arguing about it though and when I eventually did hang out with them again it wasn't the same and the one I worked with slapped me over a joke I made and broke expensive glasses that I had just bought.
I stopped hanging out with them and messaging them as much but then a few months later my car is randomly covered in eggs and flour, I ask if it was them (cause it couldn't be anyone else). They deny it and a week later it happens again, my car gets egged, so I go to one of their houses a couple days later to investigate their car in case they stupidly spilled an egg or flour onto their own car so I could get evidence. They actually see me, then drunkenly phone me the same night and left a voicemail admitting to the second egging.
Once my car was egged the second time I actually spent days sat outside in my car until 3am in fear they'd return and even resulted to parking my car in another street. I figured it was over though but I was wrong
This is where I mess up a lot... I debated the whole time about going to the police but knowing that all that will happen is the police will just say "stop" I decided to enact my own vengeance. I egged their car in return, in the same way, however I didn't even use my own car and made certain to leave no evidence.
I am then phoned 72 times during the night by them.
A month or two passes and all is fine but just a couple days ago they show up in my street where I park my car but luckily I caught them. I question why they're there and ask them to leave as they have no reason to be here. I drive my car out of my street and up the road a little bit to get it away from them, they then follow me and park right next to me, blocking traffic. I continue to ask them to leave me alone. I engage in dialogue and actually get them to admit on video that they done the first egging as well.
They were here for about 40 minutes and I was scared to leave my vehicle unattended so I decided to phone the police which scared them away. The police phoned me back saying they never had any cars available but they got a phone call from the two females involved after they left. (nothing has happened since in regards to the police call)
I took videos of them being in my street for 40 minutes and not leaving me alone, I have video and pictures of both eggings as well as the 72 calls and voicemail of them admitting to it.
There are other things that happened over the last few months that I suspect was them but I have no proof of it so I have just not bothered to mention it.
My question is did I screw myself over by egging them back? Can I still get a restraining order? They also seem psycho enough to throw false allegations which scares me... Luckily I am moving away for university in 3 months so they can't get to me anymore but I shouldn't feel like it's a bonus going to uni as I get to flee my own home because of them.
The main question is : What's the best course of action now?
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2023.06.09 19:18 r3crac NEWTRAL Ergonomic Office Chair Standard [EU] for 299.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: 305.99 USD) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): NEWTRAL Ergonomic Office Chair Standard [EU]
Current price is 299.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 305.99 USD.There're already 7 records in DB. Price monitoring since 29.8.2022!
Damn, coupon doesn't work anymore? Currently best price is here: You can also set price alert there. Have a nice day!
That is a deal! That is a discount!
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2023.06.09 19:18 ParticularLuck2797 Best legs in the game

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2023.06.09 19:18 0321Reddit ORV: "Your trailer is a recreational vehicle and not intended, nor manufactured, as a permanent residence" - are any?

lurker for a few months, disappointed in the options we have in 2023. we were supposed to have flying cars by now, and instead all i see are RV bathrooms with materials that are damaged by water...right by the shower and sink!
i figure FullTiming and GoRVing are my best bet, but i really can't find the 'perfect' travel trailer. these aren't crazy wants, but what i think most people would desire for recreation or residence. this was sparked by my Winnebago manual that says something like 'only intended for weekend trips and not full-time occupancy' and was further incensed by Outdoors RV manuals (supposedly ORV is a company that makes a 4-season travel trailer, yet they use the same lines) stating as the title of this thread shows, "Note: Your trailer is a recreational vehicle and not intended , nor manufactured, as a permanent residence." (from 2017 manual online)
  1. quality travel trailers should have insulation for summer and winter, with enclosed/heated tanks. i see Grand Design, ORV, Lance, inTech, BigFoot, ArcticFox, and Imperial Outdoors all have varying levels of insulation, but it seems only the $70,000-$155,000 campers are explicit about having ratings of -40F to 140F.
  2. full-timing should be an option, at the least. i know there are legal reasons why a manual would say 'don't live in this full-time' but that's wholly different than if the RV was designed to be capable. i really don't believe there is a difference between spending 2 full days in the winter inside a camper, and spending 365 days in nice weather. the problems of mold, humidity, CO2, CO, etc. are all going to be much worse for 2 days cooped-up in an ORV for a ski/ice-fishing trip than they will be for my lifestyle of being outside a lot, and going inside for sleep or when mosquitoes are around. what's the difference? legal reasons could be a disclaimer; ORV is specifically saying the trailer wasn't manufactured for fulltiming. are any campers/companies actually standing behind their product, other than the 156k ROAMER-1 by Imperial Outdoors/ROA? i'm not buying a 100k new trailer, and i don't have the skills to oversee a cargo trailer custom-built by a stranger with 12V A/C and solar.
  3. i see giant 5th wheels like Arctic Fox are insulated and seem to be closest to what should be the industry standard, but i want something 20-30 feet long because i want to actually be able to drive under bridges and get into national parks/forest land. i don't understand what i'm missing between the apparent choices of 200k RV that you can't take anywhere, and pop-ups by Conqueror that don't have insulation or dry baths. can anyone steer me in the right direction for something livable that actually has ground clearance, weight under 10k#, cost under $100k USD, real insulation, a dry bath (Laveo dry-flush toilet is fine if it has an actual private place for it), and a queen bed that 2 people can actually use? i'm open to Toy Haulers with the bed going up during the day, but it seems like all Toy Haulers even by inTech have 1,300# tongue weights and are massive/heavy/long and thus unable to actually go anywhere remote.
  4. and what's with the lack of solar prep, Starlink prep, etc.? really, only a handful of models are thinking about this, even post-COVID-lockdowns?
if anyone is working remotely with 2 humans and a dog, wanting a simple Queen bed and actual enclosed shower, with insulated tanks/lines, please let me know! i've been intrigued by the inTech Terra Rover, but it is only 3-season!! so weird. anyone else? the closest is the ROAMER-1 but i don't need a $156k moon lander that can siphon a creek for water filtration :P there's gotta be something in the middle that has full-time capability, right?
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2023.06.09 19:18 Hairypotsmokr Best high elevation trails to train for a hike?

Greetings fellow earthlings. I’m planning a hike to Machu Picchu and would like to train for the elevation there. What are the best trails in Arizona to train my lungs and body? I’ve been there before but didn’t do the hike but the elevation was challenging for me.
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2023.06.09 19:18 ta-blue-otter-cone Best way to request basic professionalism from boss

I have 20 years of experience in my field, a graduate degree, and several certifications. All of my experience includes hands-on technical work in my field and more than half of my experience includes leadership and management experience overseeing teams of 3 people up to 40 people and managing budgets of $10k up to $1M. I work now as a direct contributor on a very small team (3 team members including my boss) in a very large organization (over 100k employees). The work is highly technical knowledge work that has a lot of impact across the entire organization. All 3 of us have been with this organization for less than 3 years (my boss has been here for a little over 2 years, I've been here for 1 year, my peer on the team has been here for about 4 months). The team, and the concept of this particular team, are new to the organization (the team officially started when my boss started here). The team is in a department that has drastically grown and changed over the last 3 years (from about 10 people to almost 150, the department's responsibilities have gone from afterthought to integral to the organization). Because of the nature of the work, we often work independently of each other and in close contact with senior leaders, managers, and highly technical team members from other teams. Our department has two enterprise-level tools to track work assignments and tasks, however neither tools is used consistently by anyone in the department and most of the communication is via email or teams. Each team leader in our department is required to have weekly staff meetings for their team with an agenda, so my boss has linked a spreadsheet to the team meeting calendar invite and instructed my peer and me to add agenda items as we see fit. I added agenda items for clarifying processes, roles, responsibilities, and deliverables to the agenda, however we have not covered these items in previous meetings.
I generally enjoy the challenge and complexity and creativity required of the work when I know what is expected and who I need to work with, but I don't know what my boss expects from me, how I should expect him to assign or communicate work, or to whom my work should be delivered. I have asked for documentation, asked my boss to describe what he wants, asked him to send me notes or examples or templates, and have repeatedly prepared and proposed process, procedure, and standards documentation as well as templates and guidelines for deliverables. I've been repeatedly recognized for the quality and maturity of my work by other teams' leaders (for example, I was named during an all hands meeting for our entire department for my work on an urgent issue that resulted in 7-figure savings for the organization) however my boss has indicated that he is unhappy with my attitude and performance. Specifically, he said I am technically sound but my attitude is poor and I am demeaning to others and have been disrespectful to him. He's repeatedly cited the same example of me demeaning others, a former team member said I demeaned him when reviewing a work product that did not follow foundational industry and organizational principles (again, highly technical knowledge work with impact across the organization).
His example of me being disrespectful to him was a situation in which he sent an email to my peer and me less than 15 minutes before a day-long on site team meeting was supposed to start at an office location which neither of us could access without an escort (my peer and I were both hired as fully remote employees, company policy is that employees must use their badge to swipe into offices, neither of us have been issued badges or have any other form of employee identification, and the office is in my boss's town but required overnight travel for both my peer and me). I sent an email reply to only my boss asking him to use text messages in the future for short-notice, urgent communications and, when required, to please include others who would be able to allow us into the office in a similar situation. He said this was disrespectful because there are paper signs printed and taped to the office doors with contact information for the security representative for the office and that, since he had stopped by the security representative's office with us the day prior, I should have known to ask the security representative to let us in. I replied that the security representative informed us that she could not help us with access until our home offices had issued employee badges, to which my boss replied he would discuss with me in person. During that in-person discussion he said I was being disrespectful (partly because I was emailing him while he was at a doctor's appointment with his son) and that my attitude needed to change, he then told me that if I was not "all-in" on his team that he could make the decision to let me go or move me to another team. I told him that I am interested in doing good work and need to understand the expectations, and he cut the discussion short to take a call. We did not talk one-on-one again, this was on the last day of the on-site team meeting, I caught COVID on the flight back from the team meeting and have been out sick until earlier this week so we have not revisited the discussion.
Additionally, he is consistently unprofessional in how he runs meetings (does not set a clear agenda, provide background/context, define objectives or desired outcomes, interrupts and talks over others, ignores questions, etc.), how he manages the team's meetings (last minute changes, is late to his own meetings or fails to attend with no heads up, etc.), how he tracks the team's work and assignments (no definition of deliverables, no definition of timelines or priority, asking for information or updates ad hoc, etc.), and how he handles the Hpersonnel management issues (late or last minute on his tasks in the HR system, late to one-on-one meetings or cancels them altogether, etc.).
I was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 years ago (in my early 30s) and prescribed Adderall, which has been tremendously helpful to staying on task and organized. The recent shortages in Adderall have resulted in me taking smaller and smaller doses (now down to 1/4 of what was prescribed, if at all) and it is affecting how I approach work when I understand so little about the expectations. I don't want to cite ADHD when asking my boss to clarify his expectations in part because I think he will respond negatively and in part because I don't think clear expectations should be a controversial ask under any conditions.
I left my last job after 5 months and have been at this job for a year (prior to my last job I was with the same company for over 5 years and prior to that I was with each employer between 2 and 10 years), I am concerned that any potential future employers will see this as job hopping if I were to leave soon.
My company is going through several major changes and I was included in a limited program which guarantees a $75k bonus in two payments if I stay on for a defined period through these changes. My boss's boss is the one that communicated with me about this program and handled the paperwork, I don't know who else was included or if my boss was included, and I do not think my boss knows that I was included.
My company recently implemented a hybrid work policy and even though I was hired as fully remote, I will be expected to go to the nearest office (a 40-60 minute commute each way) once or twice each week (my boss and my peer on the team both work at different offices than me and there are no other members of my department or division that will work out of the same office as me). This is annoying and inconvenient, but not intolerable and I would expect to work as a hybrid employee with another company if I left this role.
Ask for advice:
What is the best way to address this situation? Do I need to accept that my boss is not going to clearly define expectations/processes/etc. and just try to meet his most current demands? Is there a better way to ask for him to clarify/define these foundational concepts to running a team? Are there other factors I need to consider? Am I being unreasonable or unrealistic in expecting a new team leader overseeing a new team to define processes/procedures/standards/templates/etc.? Am I allowing my own leadership and management experience to affect my opinion too much?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 19:18 SavGAMale34Throwaway 38 [M4F] #Amarillo, TX-mosh pit groping, grinding, making out, and more! FUCKIN' SLAYER! 🤘🤘🤘

38 year old white male. Long brown hair, long brown/salt and pepper beard, 5'10, 200 lbs (dad bod, but getting fitter), trucker tan, 6", circumcised and natural. VERY into heavy metal. 420 friendly and open to other stuff too if that's your thing. I'm going to a gig tomorrow night (Saturday, 6/10/2023) and I'm looking to have some fun. I don't want to know too much about you before the show. I want to make my move once the music starts. I'm mainly an in front of the stage head banger, but I mosh a bit too. I want to know what you look like and what you'll be wearing so I can walk up behind you, grab your ass and ask you "do you bang here often, you little metal slut?" That's how you'll know it's me (although we will exchange pics, so you'll know what I look like too). Expect for me to grope, feel you up, and generally treat your body as my property all night. I will of course extend the same courtesy to you, but keep in mind that if you touch my beard, I WILL touch your boobs. If you aren't a metalhead, that's cool. I'll initiate you into our cult, take your metal virginity, and let you don a battle vest for the first time (before you slide down onto my cock, that is. You will be wearing ONLY the battle vest). I live over an hour outside of town, so we will have to either get a room or use your bed as an altar when we offer you up in our pagan sexual sacrifice to the metal gods. Are you down to party, rock and roll, and bang in more ways than one after you do your best Ian Anderson impression on my skin flute and I play the cunning linguist on the lips between your legs? Hit me up. Orange envelopes only on this one. In my experience, most chats are scammers or hookers. Disease free with recent results to back it up, but I'll have condoms if we need them. If you're a seasoned hesher, put your three favorite bands in the subject. If not, put "metal virgin". Tell me a bit about you, ask any questions you may have, we'll exchange pics, and go from there. FUCKIN' SLAYER! 🤘🤘🤘
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2023.06.09 19:18 Negative_Day648 Shadow Manifestation

So, with the way the story is progressing in the recent chapters, and how Sunny's Shadow Manifestation is being developed so rapidly with all these hurdles in Antartica and him having to carry most of the cohort, I believe we may soon be able to see a breakthrough in Sunny's third Aspect Ability.
At first, there was the long bridge that caused Sunny's eyes to darken — which may or may not indicate his deep connection to his Aspect Ability, kinda of like how Nephis's eyes when she uses her first Aspect Ability — as well as the recent battle with the Fallen Titan, Goliath.
With these recent power-ups and Sunny's essence control leveling up like crazy all of a sudden, with the reluctant help of the Sin of Solace — which seems to like helping Sunny sarcastically as an effect of its enchantment [Cursed], and the unfortunate disappearance of the Undying Chain, we might witness Sunny might take more risks and push himself even harder to defend the convoy.
However, as all things in this webnovel, I don't believe this will be happening any time soon. For 50+ chapters, at least.
Firstly, there is the Mantle of the Underworld. While bearing an inferior mind damage resistance than the Undying Chain, still has decent defense against the Sin of Solace. Along with the fact that it may soon be getting a Rank-up or an increase in its Tier or a new enchantment, since it has become Sunny's strongest armor currently, it may further hinder the effects of [Cursed].
Second is Sunny's own will to live, which is stronger than most, really. Sunny refuses to be a slave to anybody, even his own mad ravings. He prefers to be cold and rational, calculative and logical rather than rely on instinct and intuition all of the time, though he has relied on the latter more than a couple of times. He'll do his best to resist the [Cursed] enchantment, though with the stress the current events in Antartic has done to him, I doubt it will last long.
However, these points also have a counter which might expedite his advancment in Shadow Manifestation: the Nightmare Creatures. The abominations he'll have to fight from now on will only grow stronger and more vicious, especially with what seems to be the reoccuring Scavenger, which may soon turn into his Echo/Shadow.
Which brings me to my main point, the advancement of Shadow Manifestation.
Namely Sunny manifesting his own soul/shadow.
This is one the things Sunny has evaded from the start, practically the same time we received an explanation on his third Aspect Ability: Shadow Manifestation.
As his invaluable helper and a piece of his own soul, I believe the manifested shadow would bare the power of an Ascended Beast.
Why an Ascended Beast? Well, there is the fact that his manifested shadows bare the same rank as his own: Ascended. There is also the fact that his shadows are a direct reflection (hehe Mordret) of the number of his own cores. One shadow = one Shadow Core.
As his own shadow, we might also see these [Shadow Clones] bare the same ability as Shadow Blade Kurt's [Awakened] attribute — I think that its name, though I could be wrong — allowing the [Shadow Clones] to use memories and even his own Aspect Legacy: Shadow Dance.
The four shadows have been shown to have their own personalities, which may grant them autonomy when fully manifested. Sunny won't have to actively control them in the heat of battle, though he still could control them if he wanted to, just like how he normally does.
This will grant him the vast versatility he desperately needs in the ongoing hell that is Antartica.
After all, what's better than his own shadows, besides himself?
Idk, what do you guys think?
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2023.06.09 19:18 donnyj1981 Anybody know about 2048 x 1536 21.3" 4:3 Medical Radiology displays?

So I'm a huge aficionado of old school 4:3 & 5:4 monitors and simply can't stand 16:9. My first monitor was a 5:4 1280x1028 Samsung syncmaster 931BF my mom got me from best buy when I was a teenager, this was back before widescreen became normal, that lasted for maybe 10 years and then went kaput, then I got a brand new Sony SDM-s204 20.1" 1600x1200 off craigslist for 50$ which was a MAJOR upgrade and has to be the best monitor I've ever had in terms of image/ease on the eyes. It's still kicking, but I've recently expanded my number of computers and had to buy some more monitors. I picked up a 16:10 eizo ev2216w, which, although it proved to me that 16:10 isn't that bad, I'm not that impressed by the panel of and find quite fatiguing, and then my latest find, the Eizo s2133 21.3" 1600x1200, which seems to be basically the consumer holy grail for 4:3. Basically all I haven't tried is the LG Dualup, and I almost pulled the trigger, but it's hard for me to justify 600$ when I'm buying these nice second hand eizos for around 100$.
That leads me to this morning when, looking for some specs on the old sony, I came across the fact that 2048x1536 "3MP" 21.3" medical monitors exist. Some model numbers are Sony Lmd-dm30c, Eizo rx320, rx340....
Does anybody know anything about these monitors? They wouldn't be bigger than the Eizo s2133, but the res would be better. Are these the absolute holy grail of 4:3 out there? There's a bunch shipping from Japan on ebay for 150-250$.
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2023.06.09 19:18 DonnyLamsonx The ups and downs of sibling dynamics(aka why Pandreo+Pannette are rad and Clanne+Framme are sad)

In light of recent discussion about Engage's writing, it got me thinking a bit more critically about my own views on it. For context, I'm someone that generally prefers gameplay over story/writing, but the split is pretty close (like a 60:40 ratio). I'm generally pretty neutral about Engage's writing overall with its characters. But I think what sours me a bit more than it should is that Engage's character writing shows specks of potential, which gets my hopes up about the overall quality, but fails to consistently deliver.
For my own personal tastes, I am a fan of sibling dynamics in video games being a middle child of 3 myself. So, when I learned that there was not just one, but two non-lord sibling pairs in Engage, I was pretty excited to see how they would be tackled. One pair became two of my favorite characters in the whole franchise, the other will probably fade from my memory sooner rather than later.
I wanna start by talking about what "works" about Pandreo and Panette to showcase what I feel is lacking from Clanne and Framme
The underlying subplot behind Pandreo and Panette is their shared backstory of being raised by crappy parents and how each of them decided to cope with that. Pandreo turned to the church in an attempt to find meaning in a harsh world ultimately choosing a healthier way to cope, while Panette ran away from home and took her frustrations out on bandits in the countryside. This by itself is a great set up because it allows Pandreo and Panette to escape the trap of siblings being "too agreeable" with each other and just being two slightly different versions of the same character.
Pandreo can be generally described as someone who likes to be the light in a world filled with strife. He views worship of the Divine Dragon less as a dedicated organized religion, and more of a way to give people something to believe in to look forward towards the future. It's for this reason that his congregation is all about partying, howling and dancing as these are pretty physical activities that can release a lot of stress if his support with Alcryst is anything to go by. I particularly find his supports with Vander and Seadall to be highlights in his support log because they have something that I feel is lacking from a lot of Engage's supports; interpersonal conflict. Vander is initially mortified by Pandreo's congregation, going so far as to straight up call it a circus, while him and Seadall beef with each other on what it means to "truly dance". Conflict is simply a natural part of fiction writing because it forces characters to grow. And the cool thing about character growth is that both parties don't necessarily have to see eye to eye at the end. Vander doesn't magically see things from Pandreo's PoV during their A support, but the important part is that he's willing to try even if "these motions are beyond me" and he even throws out his back in the process. Pandreo doesn't suddenly just accept Seadall's views on dancing, but he's still willing to learn from Seadall so long as the style of lesson changes. I think these two supports in particular show Pandreo's ability to talk with people rather than at them and why his supports feel like two people talking to each other, rather than one just reacting to the other.
The arguably most important Panette support is the one with Timmera. It shows that Panette's noble persona is borne from her own personal desire to not embarrass Timerra and as a way to distance herself from the hatred filled personality that was born from her parent's neglect. Then you have this facet of her personality expanded on in her supports with Etie and Yunaka. This naturally has interpersonal drama baked into it. Etie literally attacks her in an attempt to draw out her true nature while Yunaka and Panette take turns calling each other out on their respective fake personalities. But both of these supports turn the conflict into a positive direction by giving Panette another person that she can be her "true" self around. But her noble persona isn't always treated as a good thing as Saphir gives her a lot of pushback since Panette attempts to push "proper manners" into her without really considering Saphir's feelings. Her supports with Ivy and Saphir show her that what works for her doesn't necessarily work for everyone even if she has good intentions. It's quite easy to pick out the little lessons that Panette is picking up from her supports which overall builds a well-fleshed out character.
Finally, both Pandreo's and Panette's character come to a head in their support with each other. It starts with Pandreo immediately telling Panette to drop the "silver spoon" act which really sets the tone for the entire thing. It becomes very apparent that Panette does not approve of Pandreo's decision to become the head of their parents' congregation and Panette even straight up says that she'd rather be dead that set foot in the church again. From this single C support, it's clear that there is a lot of unsolved tension not just between the sibling's relationship with their parents, but with their relationship with each other. The crux of their B support focuses on Pandreo's attempts to reconcile with Pannette. He explains why he didn't scold her for running away and even congratulates Panette on her ability to become a royal retainer on her own. It ends with Pandreo telling Panette that their parents looked for her after she ran away which throws Panette off. But the important part is that Pandreo doesn't attempt to use this information to justify their parents' treatment of them, nor does he use it as a way to guilt Panette about running away. He simply just lets her know and allows Panette to do whatever she wants with that information. Lastly, their A support primarily revolves around Panette's attempts to reconcile with Pandreo. It's important to note that this support takes place within their parents' old church as Panette talks about how she really didn't want to come there. However, she comes anyway because she recognizes that her relationship with her brother is worth more than the hatred of her parents. From her supports, it's implied pretty heavily that Panette has likely been ridiculed for her aggressive behavior, born from the mistreatment from her parents who might've done the same, and that that might be a huge part of her personal drama. But Pandreo is the only one who never pushed her to be something that she's not. In fact, their support straight up starts with Pandreo telling her to be real with him. Even though Panette is not ready to forgive her parents for their mistreatment, she is willing to at least sit down with them and have an honest conversation out of respect for Pandreo. Although the fate of their parents is unknown, the support ends with Pandreo begging for Panette to survive the war as he can't stand the pain of losing more family with Panette playfully snapping back that he's got nothing to worry about even saying that she'll protect him. This support again exemplifies Pandreo's ability to talk with people, while we get to see Panette in her rawest, and most emotionally vulnerable form. The way that both of these characters are written just feels very human and real and I love it. You can see the effects of their parent's mistreatment throughout both of their supports and their support with each other wraps up that conflict nicely even if it's not a "perfect" happy ending.
On the flipside of things, Clanne and Framme are a bit....lacking. The main thing I feel like the young stewards are missing is a shared conflict to grow from. I get that they're both training under Vander as the next generation of Divine Dragon Stewards, but the situation feels like it lacks a personal stake for Clanne and Framme. Sure, Vander talks alot about how the two are his successors, but why were they chosen? What drove Clanne and Framme to become stewards? I feel as though Clanne and Framme's characters are severely gimped due to the lack of world building surrounding the Stewards in general. We don't really get to hear a whole lot about what they actually do and how they differ from other guardian groups like the Sentinels of Solm or the Royal Guard of Brodia which is pretty important considering that the Stewards are the guardians to Elyos's equivalent to God. This lack of world-building is really exemplified in Clanne's A support with Vander where Clanne spends the whole support chain feeling frustrated since he believes that he's just being used for menial tasks for Vander to suddenly reveal that these tasks are the true duties of a Steward. I get that Clanne is young, but if Framme's support with Alear is anything to go by, the two have been training to be Stewards for a non-trivial amount of time. Why is it only now, once the Divine Dragon has woken up, that Vander and Clanne have this heart to heart?
Being a hard worker is not a generic character trait in and of itself, but it feels that way with Clanne without a greater understanding of the what the Stewards actually do. Thus, Clanne has to draw on something else to stand out, and that's his love of pickles. It's a cute gimmick, but the issue is that Engage's writing doesn't really do anything with it. Pandreo's "gimmick" is being a party animal, but the writing uses that as a way to segway into his desire to ease people's suffering. I think the writing easily could've created a running gag where Clanne seemingly has a pickle for any and every occasion in order to show off some form of innovation. The support that comes the closest to using his pickle obsession in a character-building kind of way is his support with Veyle, but Veyle joins super late and tbh I think the way they transitioned into the more meaningful topic felt a bit forced. Honestly, I feel as though the greatest missed opportunity in Clanne's character is utilizing his weird growth spread as a character-building block. To illustrate what I mean, L'Arachel's support with Joshua is one of my favorites and largely centers around L'Arachel falling for the allure of gambling and Joshua accidentally getting in over his head when he realizes how "lucky" L'Arachel is. You can primarily view this as a humorous support that's not meant to be taken that seriously, but it should also be noted that L'Arachel has the second highest luck growth of the playable cast(65%) behind Tethys while Joshua's luck growth is thoroughly average(30%). It's uncertain if it was intentional, but knowing this, you could view their support as a form of gameplay and story integration due to the disparity of their luck growths. In their A support, Joshua even accidentally admits that he's been fixing the outcome of every game in his favor and L'Arachel still wins in the end due to her obscene luck. The support ends with Joshua throwing up his hands and refusing to gamble with L'Arachel further and L'Arachel falling so deep into the gambling rabbit hole that she thinks it's a great idea to build a gambling hall in Rausten despite the fact that she called gambling "a boil upon the fair skin of mankind" at the start. I bring this up because Clanne's growth spread and starting class are at odds with each other. His strength growth is significantly higher than his magic growth and yet he starts the game as a mage. I can think of lots of plotlines that can stem from that. Perhaps Clanne is physically fit to be a Steward, but Vander's vision of a Steward is required to at least have a basic understanding of magic. His supports could largely revolve around his journey into a subject that he's wholly unfamiliar with and you can use his hobby of making pickles to show what he does in his downtime to unwind from his studies. Perhaps his moments of low self-confidence could stem from his inability to quickly understand the concepts behind magic(hence his low magic growth). Character gimmicks are fun and they can make a character more memorable(Zelkov's craftiness and random emphasis of words is a good example within Engage imo), but a character that is entirely defined by their gimmick isn't particularly interesting.
Imo, Framme is ironically a half decent character because her supports don't talk about her Steward duties all that much so she isn't hurt as much by the lack of world-building behind the Stewards. The best way I'd describe Framme is an erratic people pleaser. She has the desire to bring people together, even if she doesn't have all the ideas on how to do that figured out. I find that her support with Diamant is a genuinely great support for both of their characters. She can be a bit one-note-ish but I blame that more on the lack of easily understood personal stake in becoming a Steward which prevents her from having a more meaningful outlet to channel her positivity into.
Overall, Clanne and Framme feel more like vessels for stereotypes and traits more than full-fledged characters which is why it all falls flat in their support with each other. The lack of a shared personal conflict of some kind really rears its ugly head as the "main" conflict between the Steward siblings is only introduced in their B support and is very quickly wrapped up in their A support. Since Clanne was very much on board with Framme's idea in their C-support and Clanne's lack of self-confidence is not really explored that much in his other supports, his suddenly refusal to go through with the plan feels artificial for the explicit purpose of creating drama between the two. The twins call each other the co-presidents of the Divine Dragon Fan Club, but with the way that their support is written, it really doesn't feel that way. Framme has the reins of the conversation for pretty much the entire support chain until the very tail end of the A support. It also doesn't help that Clanne is pretty much treated as the sole "problem". Framme should theoretically be the one that understands Clanne the best and the fact that she can't seem to recognize that he's super uncomfortable during the beginning of their B support feels weird. Framme doesn't have to change anything about who she is because, in the eyes of the support, she hasn't done anything wrong. The sibling dynamic doesn't really come across to me because only one sibling(Clanne) has grown from their interaction with the other, rather than both growing with each other. I think it could've easily been written that Framme's over eagerness overpowered any ideas that Clanne had and Clanne just silently accepted those ideas because he didn't want to rain on his sister's parade. You can keep things largely the same and then have Framme recognize in the A-support that she should tone it down a touch so that the siblings can truly be co-presidents of their fan club. It's not some deep storyline, but it helps me better see how the Steward siblings look out for each other.
TL;DR Pandreo and Panette feel like genuine siblings because they share a conflict whose effects can be seen in both their individual supports and their support with each other. Clanne and Framme on the other hand come across more like best friends which isn't necessarily bad but is a problem when I'm supposed to see them as brother and sister.
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2023.06.09 19:17 Melitopol2023 What went wrong in the preparation of the Offensive (2 min read)

What went wrong in the preparation of the Offensive (2 min read)
So recently we saw multiple videos of Ukrainian Armor(Leopards, MaxPros, Bradleys, Humvees) getting annihilated by Russian Defenses in the south. Russians claim 300 Vehicles destroyed, 70-100 is much more likely. The cause of the destruction was mostly Artillery but also mines. The obvious solutions would be;
-Mine-clearing vehicles -Anti Battery Fire -Better Concealment -Better Air Defense (against targeting drones)
Now in some regards (mostly Air Defense) the problem is that of a lack of a equipment. But the main problem that causes the disasters in the south was, and we have to be honest here, incompetent leadership. They failed to create a safe path through the field, they failed to spread out when under fire, they failed to choose the right time to attack and they routed and abandoned their vehicles. This is very bad and sad news. I think the main problem is that our guys were collecting new vehicles and systems in the west, while not improving leadership on an operational level. Because the army grew so much there are countless new company and battalion commanders that are inexperienced. Sure the tank commander is well trained and the single crews know how to fight but leadership sent them to die. We had a great generation of leaders in the first year of the war but by now, most if them are incompetent and have reverted to soviet doctrine as we see in the videos. These attacks are honestly almost like the attacks on Vuhledar by the Russians. Our guys were immediately spotted by their drone operators and targeted within moments. In this situation i would propose a halt in attacks until the new units are competent enough and the Russian defenses are degraded due to strikes on their logistics. A senseless series of attacks against their best units in the south would be strategic suicide, giving up our reserves…
Слава ЗСУ!!
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2023.06.09 19:17 Wisheechia Ancora non hai giocato a Zelda Breath of the Wild? Fallo in compagnia con noi!

Qualcuno forse si ricorderà di un vecchio post che avevo fatto a riguardo di un games club (NB: per un ~ mese si gioca tutti allo stesso gioco per scambiare opinioni/consigli/chiacchierare per recuperare insieme titoli magari non recenti e su cui l'hype/attenzione pubblica è svanita)
Avevo creato un gruppo telegram per raggruppare le persone interessate e casualmente in 3 ci siamo ritrovati a recuperare appunto Breath of the Wild, quindi abbiamo pensato di sfruttarlo come primo titolo da giocare in compagnia per il games club.
Se volete unirvi siete i benvenuti, abbiamo iniziato praticamente ieri ed abbiamo tutti pochissime ore di gioco.
Ci si vede ad Hyrule!
Non linkerò nulla qui per non spammare e non andare contro il regolamento, ma se siete interessati scrivetemi pure in privato.
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2023.06.09 19:17 BTCJJ I believe what was in the Las Vegas video was a raccoon, or at the very least, some sort of animal. Hear me out...

I believe what was in the Las Vegas video was a raccoon, or at the very least, some sort of animal. Hear me out...
Playing devils advocate here.
Granting that there actually is something in the video, which it vary vary vaguely looks like something could be moving and not just some sort of compression effect... I believe it is a raccoon.
This is the best video I believe. Credit to this user for noticing movement on the roof. This for me, paints a much clearer picture.
Look closely when he zooms and circles, right above the white line (roof) of the front loader, you see something turn then climb down the back. Look closely at it before it starts to climb down. There appears to be a tiny face with a band across its eyes (raccoon). It turns around, notices the people, climbs down from the roof (stretching its body down to lower itself) probably making it look like something long that's as high as the front loader.
As for alien head with 2 large black eyes blinking? I think the large round circles are just the gaps of darkness under the raccoon and between its legs. As the racoon turns its body the "eyes" or circles change shape and size, making it appear to be blinking. This is just the space between the racoons legs moving. Classic case of pareidolia. And the light grey 'alien head' is just the body fur of the raccoon. ( SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS BELOW FOR WHAT I MEAN!)
Decent video of the head and the eyes "blinking"
You can vaguely see the little tiny leg in between the "eyes"
My guess? They heard a bang. That's enough to get most people worked up... But then, they hear walking on the roof, most likely a pack of raccoons, I have hoards of raccoons in my area, and when they walk on the roof they are loud as fuuuck. The raccoons were also probably startled by the sound so they jump down and start scurrying away and that's the 'footsteps' they heard outside. The racoons hear people coming outside and start making their way away towards the back... where we see them , or one, on the front loader.
The family goes outside, and now completely freaked out that they've heard footsteps on the roof, just like i would be, any single thing they see is going to startle them. The raccoon stepping down from the roof of the front loader extends his body, making him look super long and gray, also could have been a couple as they stay really tight. The family sees movement, freaks the fuck out, calls police. Hell i wouldn't have gone back there either if i were them.
My guess, is that they went back and looked at the ring footage later, realized it was racoons, was embarrassed, scrubbed the 2 minutes of footage (assuming govt didn't take it) and decide they could run with the story seeing as even the cop sort of believed them.
Anyone who lives around racoons knows they can be super fuckin camouflaged. So they aren't going to come out perfectly clear, especially on such a bad quality video, far away in the dark.
Racoons are uncommon but not unheard of in this part of Vegas. They mostly live in the south. Could even be another animal.
TL:DR- Racoon induced pareidolia.
Couple other questions I have...
Did they inspect the are for footprints?
Where is their home located in relation to the meteor path?
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2023.06.09 19:17 wizard_hat_and_staff Getting passport with a delayed (1+ year) Birth Certificate and no supporting documents form first 5 years.

My first passport application got rejected because I didn't get my first birth certificate until a year after my birth and didn't supply supporting documents. On the website it says -
Early public or private documents

If I send them a Form DS-10 along with public school records from Kindergarten on will that work? I was born in bum fuck no where in what was essentially a cult. No Baptism, no hospital, no midwife, US Census or anything from the first 5 years besides a physician in the middle of no where who was 80 back in '97 and is probably dead.
I also have vaccination records as child I could send in. I also called PA vital records and asked them what would have been submitted to create the BC so I can list those as well. I noticed it said list not supply those docs.
Is it best to throw the entire book and just see what sticks?
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2023.06.09 19:17 thisissoannoying2306 I finally paid 2 years of bills today! Yay me!

Ok, this is only possible because it’s Croatia and it’s tiny tax bills, and no one really seems to care (which doesn’t help), but I am still very proud of me, as this has been something I have been procrastinating for so long that it ended up in full blown anxiety crisis.
For some context, I inherited a house in Croatia with my brother, which is great in many aspects, but also a nightmare in many others. I come from a 100% adhd family, with for my brother a serious dose of autism, which really makes it hard to him to function. As the high functioning Adhd person in this context, basically the whole management of the inheritance lies on my shoulders.
But the house is thousands of miles away, rather hard to access from I live (flights only in the summer, etc…), I don’t speak Croatian, everything is complicated as I don’t know how to navigate administration and systems, and I have a crazy job and barely manage myself at times. So I try to go at least once year, but last year, prices for rentals cars were so crazy I couldn’t get there.
I asked a friend who went to take the bills with her, but of course, I put them in a corner and gave it my best not to think about them (not too hard to be honest). And I knew it would become more and more as month went on, so I tried to ignore it, and of course, it transformed into intrusive thoughts & nightmares until I couldn’t take it anymore and booked I flight.
So here I am, less than 2 days here (first night crying in the garden because of the mess and the accumulation of bills in the postbox). 2 days of full blown anxiety and hyperfocus and I finally managed not only to open the 20 something letters (huge anxiety of mine), but to organise them, fill them and pay them all in one go ! And I have cleared the garden roughly, maybe found a help, and even maybe someone to sell the house to. First evening where I feel relaxed in month! Finally enjoying a beer in the garden, and having my vacation! Feeling a little bit proud of me :-)
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