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Events, get togethers, and suggestions on what to see and do in Columbus, Ohio!

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2011.06.09 03:29 o_Oskar Professional eSports in a Bar

----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal]( ----

2023.06.06 21:44 kilianwegner Long-Covid Symptoms - Sharing my story

Hey everyone, long but maybe a helpful post incoming.
I wanted to share my experience in depth with getting ill very suddenly in October of 2022 (8 months in) so this will be a bit of a longer post. I’m posting this to see if there are some similarities out there, maybe if anyone had some advice for me or even just share some progress, treatments or approaches.
Also for anyone reading that’s having a hard time with symptoms & long covid, I am keeping positive and will keep this post positive too. I strongly believe we will find the mechanisms at work; there is already so much research, testing etc. going on so please try keep your head up there’s a lot of people in this and a lot are getting better too. I am 28, male, active and healthy before this and had little to no health problems prior.
What happened to me at the beginning:
Went on a weekend away with friends at a quiet Airbnb near a beach from Friday through to Monday. Stayed at the airbnb all weekend and had some alcoholic drinks, using the hot tub and just hanging out.
I woke up on Monday morning and immediately started to projectile vomit and could not keep even a sip of watefood down. Vomiting at all is a very rare occurrence for me even after drinking so this was immediately a red flag. After about 3 or 4 hours this eventually subsided during the trip home.
After feeling not the best (flu-like symptoms with upset stomach, hot & cold, sore lower back) for 2 days after arriving home; on Wednesday I felt a dissociation/spaced out feeling come on suddenly while working at home & had what I felt was similar to a panic attack (heart racing, cold hands and feet, lightheaded) and after lying down from this I was slammed with the worst headache I've ever had. And this is where all my symptoms started. I can’t remember exactly when I tested (maybe 2 or 3 antigen tests at home) for covid during this time but it may have been a few days or maybe even a week after this but it was a negative test so for a long time I did not suspect covid. I was leaning more towards a bacterial or virus from the hot tub initially.
What followed:
Below are the symptoms I’ve experienced since then, I also contracted covid at the end of February so I’m unsure if I had Covid twice, or a post viral syndrome from another virus or bacteria that was exacerbated by Covid. EBV, Cytomeglo and further virus testing has come back negative and reading symptoms I feel that there is a lot of similarity with long-covid symptoms mentioned by everyone here.

Newer Symptoms (After contracting Covid):
My experience:
I wanted to add how things have been for me personally. I feel like I’ve been through my own hell so far. In the first few months I was doing fine as I assumed it would get better in a few weeks, maybe next month, definitely before Christmas etc. while managing symptoms and hanging on to the words of my favourite google search “does post viral syndrome go away” which always brought me the answer I wanted “it is temporary”. During February my mother was diagnosed with cancer and as an only child I think this is where my mental health began to suffer. In March when my testicular pain began I seen another doctor who mentioned central sensitization and my mind and ability to cope plummeted. I was scared out of my mind and I began to wonder if I would survive and had relegated myself to permanent disability for life. I would get a lot of awful feelings out of nowhere, an impending doom sense that was pretty engulfing. Thankfully I have an incredible partner who has been with me every step of the way and she has kept me from some very dark places, I am extremely lucky to have her. I worked for the initial 6 months after getting sick (work from home job) and told my work straight up that I needed support and to role back my responsibilities. Unfortunately as my mental health declined around March I had to step away from work (thankfully insured for now) but was unable to properly look at my work screen, do complex tasks or manage my work without feeling sluggish and needed to step away every 10 or 15 minutes.
The medical side:
I have seen a number of doctors, specialists including 2 A&E visits. Listed below are who I’ve seen and what I’ve done in chronological order. Thankfully have a close family friend who specializes in virology and took my case on to dive into deeper. After tons of testing for what feels like every variation of medical issue, the only thing that has shown up from all the testing done was a very recent positive test for Anti-CCP-AKS which points to polyarthritis as a symptom not a diagnosis. I have a gamma camera scheduled & a colonoscopy too for the summer. In terms of medication I did about 2 months on Amitriptyline, it probably helped some symptoms but I gained a lot of weight so stopped, I have found it hard overall to tell what helps and what doesn’t. One day I’ll try something I think “oh this helps” and then a few days later I’ll suffer symptoms while trying it out. I have tried my best to avoid taking medication and stick to supplements only.
Diagnosis per doctor
Specialists diagnoses
Here’s what I’ve been supplementing & doing to support.
Overall I feel a bit better but having plenty of attack/relapses/waves or whatever we want to call them. I find the biggest help is sleeping or resting as much as possible, hot showers and eating right. I’m happy to answer questions and see what compares. I would love some more advice on supplementation as I know its basic at the moment.
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2023.06.06 21:42 Ickles100 AITA for telling my husband his sister was overstepping and made me feel uncomfortable

My (36F) husband (40M) and I wanted to have our parents meet for the first time back when we were engaged. In my culture, a couple that is serious about marriage usually will have the parents get acquainted before the next steps (engagement etc). We thought my parents layover in Philadelphia (en route to another trip) would be a good, casual opportunity for a 2-3 hour dinner near the airport since his family lives in NJ. My then fiancé and I were going to fly up to attend but last minute I got Covid, so we cancelled. We nonetheless thought it would still be nice if the parents independently met up without us so I agreed to that plan. As the date neared, his sister who also lives close to the Philly airport offered that instead of a restaurant meetup, they all come to her house for a home cooked meal and to have “home hospitality”. I agreed to this without much thought at first, because it sounded OK. But on the day my parents went there, the meetup was pretty much all about her, her house, her new baby, her garden, her life. My SOs parents were chilling in the background. She took the lead in entertaining my parents and got really involved. The weird part about it, is that throughout the process she never once communicated with me about anything (FaceTiming with us, my parents dietary preferences, etc). What made it even weirder is that my husband and I were not there, so it felt like the point of the meeting was eclipsed and lost. It was all about her being a hostess. I tried my best to see the positive and see her as helpful, but it came across as overstepping and looking for a special thanks as the involved sister. I told my SO and he defended her, saying she was just trying to help. Throughout our time together, I’ve noticed that there is some enmeshment in his family (his sister and parents come in a package deal). I’ve never experienced this with a sibling coming into every conversation or event.
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2023.06.06 21:31 pinedchup Where to get some good steak?

Got myself randomly craving steak , do you guys have any recommendations for any decent restaurants that are near the city centre?
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2023.06.06 21:31 JoshAsdvgi THE ORIGIN OF THE YAYAATU SOCIETY


A Hopi Legend

Ishyaoí! In Oraíbi they were living. In the home of the Reed clan lived the Yáyaa-mongwi.
This Fraternity has now died out, but its altar paraphernalia are still kept in the house.
A long time ago a man and his wife had one little boy.
Some children of the village would often visit this boy.
They were lazy, though their parents often told them to work, and get wood, herd sheep, etc.
They would not listen, but often assembled at this house where they would prepare some food in the corners in front of the house, having stolen the food in the village.
In a corner in front of the house they would build their fire,
The wood they stole from the different houses in the village.
So the men in the village were very angry at them and so were the mothers of these children.
"You are lazy," they often told them. "You do not want to work, and we are not going to feed you."
So they would go and steal some food in the houses and eat that.
One time the priest's son suggested to the others: "Let us go and get some wood ourselves. Some one go and steal a hide strap (piqö'sha) somewhere."
So after they had eaten they went through the village and gathered up piqö'shas of different lengths and returned.
They left the village on the east, drank at K'eqö'chmovi, and then went farther east and gathered some dry brush in the valley.
After they had all gathered their bundles the priest's son said: "Are you all done?" "Yes,'' they said.
"All right, then let us go home now," he said.
But just when they were ready to start a Hawk in the form of a man carne upon them.
He wore many strands of beads around his neck and had a black line painted with specular iron running over his nose down to the cheeks.
The hair of all of the children was very much disheveled, so he laughed at them.
"Are you getting wood?" he said.
"Yes," they replied, and he again laughed at them.
His kiva was close by.
"You come in here," he said to the children, so they went in.
It was a kiva just like those in the village.
He invited them to sit down on the banquette that ran along the wall, so they sat down.
He then took a seat near the fire-place, filled a pipe and took two puffs from it.
He then said to the children that they should take a seat near the fireplace, too.
He handed the pipe first to the priest's son, who smoked, addressing the man as "My father" (Ínaa), which pleased the man very much.
All then smoked, one after another, all exchanging terms of relationship, the older ones addressing the younger ones, "My younger brother," and the younger ones the older ones as "My older brother."
He then said to them that they should remain, as he was going to feed them, and after having eaten they might go home.
Hereupon he went into another room and brought back a large roll of qö'mi (a bread made of the meal of roasted sweet corn-ears) which he fed to them.
After they had eaten he went into another chamber and brought forth a large roll of kilts, eagle wing feathers (kwávok'i), ear pendants, eagle breath feathers, to be tied into the hair, beads, etc., and handed all these to the children.
Hereupon he dressed up all the boys, tying the kilts behind.
He then handed an eagle feather to each one and directed them to stand in a line.
Hereupon Kísh Taka, the Hawk-man, took a mö'chápu, which is a native cloth or ówa, wrapped it up, and holding it under his left arm, took a stand at the south end of the line, saving to the youths:
"Now then, whatever you see me do, you do the same."
Hereupon he commenced to go around the kiva crying, "Ow" (long drawn).
They went around in a circle in the kiva four times emitting the same sounds at short intervals.
Hereupon he went up the ladder, the youths following him.
Outside he again told them to do as they would see him do.
He jumped off the kiva, ran about through the brush, the youths always following him and all constantly saying. "Ow, ow."
Suddenly he threw down the mö'chápu, spreading it on the ground, grabbed the priest's son, threw him on the cloth, and then asked the other youths to take a hold of the cloth at different places and in this way they carried the priest's son to the kiva, throwing him through the opening into the kiva.
Hereupon they waited, and in a little while the youth came out of the kiva again, unharmed.
Hereupon he grabbed another of the youths and they threw him down, and in this same manner every one was thrown into the kiva and came out unharmed.
Then the Hawk-man went into the kiva, being followed by all of the youths.
He was called the uncle of the youths.
After they had entered the kiva, he drew aside a curtain from one of the inner chambers and in the room behind the curtain were four round ovens (kóici) dug into the earth, in which an old woman kept up a fire.
The Hawk-man then grabbed the priest's son, threw him into one of the ovens, the old woman spurting some medicine on him as he fell in.
Hereupon the other youths were thrown into the ovens.
As soon as the costumes were burned off the bodies, the Hawk-man took them out again and placed all the, bodies north of the fireplace in the kiva, and covered them with the aforementioned piece of native cloth.
When this was done he sat down and sang a song over the bodies.
Soon the bodies under the cloth began to move and the priest's son was the first to come out, the others following soon, all now being alive again.
Hereupon he told them to sit down on the banquette on the west side of the kiva.
The old woman now came out and washed the heads of the youths, giving a perfect white ear of corn (chóchmingwuu) to each one.
The Hawk hereupon addressed them, saying:
"Thanks, that you are now done.
You are now prepared.
You can go home now.
Take your wood to the Blue Flute (Cakwálânvi) kiva, and enter that kiva and remain there.
Do not go into the houses to get something to eat, but wait for me there.
After sundown I shall come to you."
Hereupon he handed an eagle wing feather (kwávok'i) to the priest's son, whereupon the youths left.
When they came with their bundles of wood to the Blue Flute kiva the people saw them and said: "Aha! the lazy boys have gotten their own wood.
Now maybe they will not steal any more."
When they had put down their wood, they ran to the houses where they had gotten the burden straps and threw them on and into the houses, without, however, entering them.
They all returned to the kiva at once without having partaken of any food.
The sun had now gone down.
They waited awhile and after the evening dawn had disappeared and it was quite dark they heard somebody come.
It was the Hawk, in whose kiva they had been, and he at once entered the kiva.
"Are you all sitting here?" the Hawk asked.
"Yes, we are all here. Sit down," the youths replied.
So the Hawk took a seat near the fireplace and at once filled a pipe and they all smoked.
The Hawk had brought with him a small bowl and some kwíptoci (meal from white corn that has first been soaked and then popped).
Of this meal he made a gruel in the bowl, which he fed to the youths.
He then told them that they should not go home, but early in the morning some of them should take a seat in the north end of the kiva and the others in the south end of the kiva.
The first should be fire jumpers (Tövúchochoyanik'am) and also Yáyaatus.
The others should be the singers (Tátaok'am).
Between the two parties he sprinkled a meal line on the floor of the kiva.
One he selected to act as watchman.
He should keep up the fires at the fireplace and keep out intruders.
He told them that they should remain in a sitting posture in the kiva all of the next day and that they should fast all day.
In the evening he would return and feed them again.
Thus they were assembled here in the kiva, and each one had his "mother" (his white corn-ear) standing against the wall by his side.
The people were wondering the next day why the little thieves, as they called them, were not coming out to hunt something to eat.
Finally one of the women approached the kiva, looked in, and saw them sitting in an erect posture.
"Oh," she said to the people, "they are assembled (yû'ngiota) in there."
They remained in this way in the kiva for four days, their uncle coming every night to feed them and look after them.
Early in the morning after the fourth clay he washed their heads.
The following day it was Totókya (a name always applied to the day preceding a ceremony).
In the evening of this day the Hawk-man brought with him the costumes for the youths, consisting of kilts, beads, eagle feathers, twisted yarn (naálöngmurukpu), ear pendants, ankle bands, and also some yellow paint (sik'áhpik'i).
All these he placed on the floor north of the fireplace.
During the night the youth who had been watching the fireplace in the kiva dug four ovens on the plaza south-west of the kiva, while the others buried a long cotton string in the ground on the same plaza.
They also stretched long strings along the houses of the village, pasting them to the walls with qö'mi dough.
Early in the morning the watcher of the kiva went around through the village begging for some wood.
With this he heated the four ovens on the plaza.
The people wondered what he was going to do, some suggesting that perhaps he was going to bake some píkami (a food prepared in small ovens outside of the houses for festal occasions).
While this youth was beating the ovens the Hawk dressed up all the others in the kiva.
He painted a wide yellow band from shoulder to shoulder running down over the chest; the lower arms and lower legs he also painted yellow, and a yellow ring around the abdomen.
Their faces he covered with corn- pollen.
They had many strands of beads and also some strands of the twisted yarn consisting of dark blue and brownish red yarn.
Large bunches of eagle feathers were tied to the top of their heads, and an eagle tale feather was tied on each side of their head in such a manner that their points extended backward.
From these tail feathers were also suspended strands of the twisted yarn.
Old Hopi Women's belts were tied over the kilts.
Strands of the same yarn were tied around their wrists.
At about noon the singers came out first, each one throwing a pinch of sacred meal towards the sun.
The Hawk-man and the old woman remained in the kiva.
As soon as the singers had emerged from the kiva they went with long strides to the plaza (the same where now the Snake dance takes place) where they lined up and sang.
As soon as they had formed in line the Yáyaatu also emerged from the kiva and went to the plaza with long strides, the priest's son carrying this time the möchápu which the Hawk-man had used when initiating the youths.
While the first party continued singing, the Yáyaatu rummaged through the village, ascending the roofs of the houses, jumping onto the people, tearing up and throwing down chimneys, taking hold of children and people and swinging them over the edge of the roof and threatening to throw them down, etc.
The people got very angry at them and beat them with sticks, so they finally returned to the plaza.
Arriving there, the priest's son, now the leading priest of this order, banding the möchápu to one of the others, jumped into one of the ovens.
The others drew him out dead, wrapped him up in the möchápu, took him to the kiva and threw him into it.
Here he was at once resuscitated by the Hawk-man and the old woman and came up apparently unharmed, having on again the same costume as the one that had been burned off his body in the oven.
While this was going on, others had jumped into the various ovens and were drawn out immediately, thrown into the kiva, and treated the same way.
By this time the parents and relatives of these youths became very much alarmed and began to cry and complain that their children were killed that way, but the young man that had been watching the kiva told them not to come near, saying that they were going to have a dance yet.
After they were through with this performance, their leader went into the kiva and brought out a möchápu, in which he had something wrapped up.
This he placed on the ground on the plaza and all the Yáyaatu crowded around this bundle. Covering another large möchápu over them, they occupied themselves for a short time with the bundle.
They then threw off the covering and standing in a circle around the bundle they sang.
In a little while they opened the bundle and there were many fine, large watermelons in it. Leaving these watermelons on the plaza, the leader again went Into the kiva, brought out another bundle, over and around which they went through the same performance.
Uncovering this bundle a great many little cotton-tail rabbits jumped up, which they distributed. among the children.
The singers kept up their singing during all these performances.
The Yáyaatu now all entered the kiva.
Soon they came out again, some hunting and uncovering the strings that they had buried and attached to the houses.
Others that followed them wound the strings up on balls.
Whenever one string was found and wound up, another one was hunted and wound, so they all went through the village hunting and winding the strings that they had buried.
Suddenly they all proceeded to the house of the Cotton- tall Rabbit clan (Táb-ñamu), where Homíhoiniwa and his family now live, and here one of the strings ran into a water-jug.
This they lifted up without drawing the string out, and carried it also to the plaza where they split it in two.
It was found that on the inside a cloud symbol was painted in each half jug.
They lifted up the two parts of the jug and showed the cloud symbols to the people. Hereupon they covered up the two parts, sang over them, and when they took the covering off the jug was whole again as before, whereupon they returned it to the house.
The leader once more went into the kiva and came back with a bowl containing some diluted white kaolin (dûmákuyi).
This they took to the top of the Maraú kiva, which is so situated that from it a long high bluff, which is called Canávitoika, can be plainly seen in the distance (probably eight or ten miles to the west).
The Yáyaatu now gathered around the bowl and putting eagle feathers into the white kaolin they moved them up and down in the air, as if whitewashing that distant bluff, and behold, the bluff, though far away, at once assumed a white color.
All the people could plainly see that it was being whitewashed, though it is far away.
Hereupon they returned to the plaza. the singers now stopping their singing.
They cut up the watermelons and distributed slices.
All then entered the kiva again, the mothers and the relatives of these youths now crowding towards this kiva wanting to get their children.
The watcher of the kiva kept them back, saying, however, that they had not yet been "discharmed".
When they had all entered the kiva the Hawk-man "discharmed" them and then set nö'ekwiwi and white píki before them, saying:
"Now eat and then you sleep in the kiva one night.
In the morning when your people come for you, you can go with them."
In the evening the mothers again came and clamored for their children, but the youth, that was watching the kiva, told them to go home, as they were going to sleep there one night.
The Hawk-man and the old woman then wrapped up all the costumes and other paraphernalia returned to their kiva in the valley east of the village.
Only the corn-ear mothers they left for each one.
In the morning the youths all went to their homes, and after that they were no longer bad and dangerous.
They formed the Yáyaatu Society and directed their prayers towards the place where their uncle, the Hawk-man, lived, and where they had been initiated.
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2023.06.06 21:24 hardrocknick_2001 Why aren’t the eggs on the opposite side of the store to where you told me they would be

Okay so very quick story I had.
I’m working, dragging some stock back to the warehouse. Someone stops me and asks where the eggs were. We were near by them anyway, so I just pointed about 2 isles down and said it’s in the bakery isles with cakes and bread in. I usually take people to items if they ask or if i feel the directions would be too complicated. Otherwise most people don’t like getting escorted around the store. But in this situation I didn’t, as we were, 2 isles away (about 20ft away). I also had a cage full of stock and no where to put it that wasn’t in the way. Oh and this isn’t my department.
I put my stock away, come out of the warehouse to find this person the opposite side of the store loudly complaining about not being able to find eggs. I’m like, miss?? I told you where they were why did you ask if you’re just gonna wander off. They aren’t gonna be in the freezers.
Another person pointed to the eggs for them before I came over to help and eventually they did get their eggs. So happy end I guess.
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2023.06.06 21:22 giantessshay The 3rd worst management team I’ve ever had

I worked for a fast food restaurant in Highschool for about 3 years (from age 15-18) I was never a manager but over the 3 years I worked there I saw the entire management team turn over, and I trained all the new managers and did their jobs so if I was working they typically didn’t schedule a manager on shift. The reason I was never a manager was because when I was asked to be one (I was already doing management’s job) I asked what the pay raise would be. They said I wouldn’t get a pay raise but I would get the responsibility of a manager. I was 16 when they asked so I just said, "I mean, I already have the responsibility of a manager. Either I get the pay of a manager or you can find someone else to take the responsibility." So they asked the new guy I was training to be a manager and gave him manager’s pay. They still didn’t staff a manager when I worked which led to an interesting situation. When I was working as a cashier I had a guy that was clearly mentally ill walk in holding a bicycle seat, slamming it on tables and on the counter. Thankfully there were no customers or other cashiers. It was just me and 2 kitchen staff in the back anyway since there was thankfully no line he waltzed up to me and said "I want this burger combo and if I don’t get it in 1 minute I’m going to bash your head in." I gave the man his total and he handed me a $20 bill. My kitchen staff was on top of things so as soon as the order went through they had it up. I bagged it, got his drink and change, and he was out of there in under a minute. I told the store manager about the incident and asked (since this type of stuff happens often in our area) if we could get some better security. I did the store’s financial reports pretty often so I presented the argument that given the rates of the local security company the McDonalds around the corner hires, it would be well within our budget to have a security guard at least for the early mornings and late nights when this tends to happen. She said she’ll talk to the franchisee (who started charging for condiment packages, and extra lettuce). He said no of course but complimented me on what a great job I did. When I was 17 and had just graduated highschool the franchisee offered to give me extra hours (I was working 40 a week already) at his other store. It had 4 employees total and the store manager quit. I had time on my hands and wanted money so I said yes. I would finish my opening shift at my store then the Franchisee would drive me up to the other store to close. While at the other store the I found out the temporary store manager was throwing resumes out because "they all sounded too ethnic" so I fished the resumes out of the recycling and handed them to the franchisee who said, "oh but things are running fine now. I trust her judgement or I wouldn’t have asked her to step in." That was it for me so I sent an application to the restaurant everyone I knew called "the best restaurant in town" and a week later I got a phone call (no interview) saying "so when can you start?" I continued to work at my main store on openings but stopped working at the second store. Told the franchisee I couldn’t handle it. He said it was fine and that I’d done so much for the company. Fast forward to our Christmas party and the store manager is taking restaurant suggestions and my gremlin of a co-worker thinks it’ll be funny to suggest my new restaurant and the staff all unanimously agree. The store manager finds out I’m working there, tells the franchisee and he comes to me telling me that I left them in a hole and how badly the store was running. The cherry on the cake though was later when one of the other guys that would pull double shifts at both stores passed away from a heart attack in his sleep, a girl that was really close to him asked the franchisee if she could put his photo on the counter in memorial. The franchisee said she could, but only in one store and only for one week. That’s when I resigned.
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2023.06.06 21:07 POTATOCHIPS2333 First to the league 10 in June season

First to the league 10 in June season
Oh boy,the league 9 is so disgusting,nearly every one is highly build 5military or disgusting abby shit,but with good luck and blessing,i finally rolled a 14 wins in a round and promoted to the league 10. So Mobirate when will the damn abby get nerfed???
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2023.06.06 21:05 longdaysaita AITA For not switching venues for my mom's retirement party to a more accessible location

My mom retired from her teaching job last week after over 30-years at the same school. I have been planning a retirement party for her for about a month, it's coming up this Saturday. It's not a surprise party, she's been included in the planning. I was able to book a private room at her favorite local restaurant and the guest list is just local family members, less than 20 people. Mostly aunts and uncles of mine, but a few cousins as well.
My dad's brother and his wife were at the bottom of my invite list because they aren't anyone's favorite people. But I also didn't want to just exclude them since every other local family member is invited. Last week I extended them an invite and they accepted. Within 48 hours, I was already regretting it.
First, my aunt texted me that her husband called my dad at midnight to ask questions about the dinner, but my dad couldn't answer them. Which, of course he couldn't, he's not the one planning it. Then, she asked if their 19-year-old daughter, Steph, could come since she wasn't included on the invite. I told her I didn't know Steph was back in the area since she attends college across the country. But my aunt told me she would be back the week of the party and she should be included since other cousins are too. Ok, fine, adding one more to the guest list isn't the end of the world.
The next day, she texted me again asking if we can switch the venue to a different location because the one I picked isn't handicap accessible. Steph is in a wheelchair and the restaurant we picked is in a 100+ year old building that doesn't have a ramp, only stairs. My aunt said that she and my uncle have been to that restaurant before and it's too cramped for Steph to get around.
I told her that it's a little late in the game to switch venues, especially since this restaurant was one my mom specifically picked out. I told her we could probably have some people help lift Steph up the stairs and once we get her inside, we could figure out the rest.
She said that would be humiliating for Steph and that we should switch the venue to a more accessible one so that we aren't singling anyone out or putting anyone in a humiliating situation. She said I should have planned better to make sure the venue is accessible for everyone.
At that point, I told her that I am not going to change the venue and that the party is going to go ahead exactly as planned. I told her if she and her family don't feel they can attend for whatever reason, we would miss them, but we would understand.
She has since gone on a crusade, contacting nearly every family member she can, trying to convince them to talk to me about changing the venue for Steph. I've been bombarded with calls and texts since.
I finally sent out an email to everyone telling them that the venue will NOT be changed and that the party is going ahead as planned. I've gotten mixed reactions from a lot of family and I'm wondering if I did the wrong thing.
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2023.06.06 21:04 k-kat93 There are better ways to spend your time waiting at a restaurant..

Not sure if other Dashers here run into this a lot, but something that has baffled me in my area over the past few months is -anytime- a restaurant gets backed up and has several dashers waiting, I often look around and see nearly everyone doing one of the following three things:
  1. Watching the restaurant workers non-stop like a cat watching an aquarium
  2. Staring blankly at the Dash app on their phone
  3. Huffing and puffing and complaining loudly to other Dashers, or giving the restaurant workers grief in some way
And I can't help but think to myself, can they really not think of *any* better way to spend their time?!
You've got the power of the internet at your hands in your phone. You can play a game, read some articles, study something or learn something new, check social media, scroll reddit, open youtube or tiktok, just about anything!
If your phone has limited space or a limited data plan then you can pack a small bag with some reading materials like a book or a kindle, a sketchbook, a journal, a handheld game console, etcetc..
And perhaps most importantly, you can UNASSIGN! Consider the value of the order and if it is worth waiting 5, 10, 15, 20+ minutes including the drive to the customer (which you can also check while waiting?!) and unassign if it is not!!
Now, people are free to do what they want with their time, if someone genuinely enjoys just staring and occasionally sighing in frustration good on them. Maybe it's my ADHD brain but I can't imagine just standing there doing nothing when there are so many ways I can think of to fill my time in a more enjoyable or practical manner.
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2023.06.06 20:45 Forsaken-Problem6758 "You're probably not that ugly/unattractive"

Anyone else hate hearing this online? As if our day-to-day experiences aren't valid enough?
I was flying home from a work conference last night. On one of the smaller regional jets American Airlines flies. There were 9 seats in first class.
When boarding group one was called, I lined up towards the back, as I was in no rush to get home. Maybe 6-7 people ahead of me. As we crowded towards the entrance of the plane, the flight attendant was welcoming everyone gleefully with "yes sir" and "yes ma'am."
When I was next to step onto the plane she put her hand up and said "please wait here while I assist our first class passengers." I gave her a confused look, but apparently it didn't register. She helped with overhead bags, hanging coats, and asked what they'd like to drink before takeoff.
After about 5 minutes, with now a line of people behind me, she says "thank you for your patience, you may proceed."
I sat down in 2A. She just looked at me and down at her paper, as if to check if my seat had been sold/booked.
I just? I was dressed well (no sweats, flip-flops, etc.) Had an expensive bag on me. Yet, by simply looking at my face, she somehow deduced that I wasn't a first class passenger?
Anyways, point of sharing this is to validate any similar experiences that y'all may have. People are quick to assume "oh it's all in your head" when really, it's not. We're treated differently at restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc. and it's disheartening.
Edit: not y'all proving my point in the comments. WheatWaffles rated me a 3. Photofeeler put my attractiveness at a 3.2 - I'm not "young and beautiful" ffs.
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2023.06.06 20:38 yorocky89A Rare Pokémon Deluxe Edition & Pokémon: I Choose You Steelbook for sale!

Rare Pokémon Deluxe Edition & Pokémon: I Choose You Steelbook for sale!
This is a gem of a Pokémon collectable, it contains the first 5 series of the anime, which spreads across 19 seasons on DVD. The box is near mint, and is a great thing to own if you're a Pokémon and looking to add to your collection. As a bonus, I'm throwing in this blu-ray limited edition Pokémon: I Choose You steelbook. I paid a pretty penny for these, I even included a screenshot of my purchase of the deluxe set to prove how expensive that set alone was. Though, price is negotiable.
PLEASE NOTE: I purchased the both of these from buyers overseas. I've already switched out the last few seasons of the set with region 1 DVD's, so those will work. The rest of the DVD's are of UK origin. Thank you.
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2023.06.06 20:36 snerdie I just spent 2 weeks in the UK. Wow.

If you're American and you thought our dog culture was bad, it has nothing on what I recently witnessed on my vacation to the UK. Now, maybe this was specific to the region I was in (northwest England/North Wales) but people bought their dogs with them EVERYWHERE. They were in every restaurant, every pub, every castle I visited, every-fucking-where. And so, so, so many of them were off leash and poorly behaved. And the incessant barking. JFC STFU! And I guess people not picking up their stupid dogs' crap is a HUGE problem, because there were signs EVERYWHERE begging people not to be gross, please pick up after their dogs, don't turn their beautiful country into a dog poop covered mess. Oh, but that meant I guess it's okay to leave the dog shit bags wherever instead of putting them into a trash bin.
I had an amazing time on vacation, but boy, am I glad the USA seems to have more rules about places one is allowed to bring their dog.
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2023.06.06 20:32 polacrilex67 DK and Casino to Support SB Habbit

Has anyone else figured out you can play Blackjack on DK, win a few hands (early on) stop, and then use the money to bet parlays, etc.? I've been doing this for nearly two weeks, and I have not had to dig into my BR! Even won a couple of easy parlays too (and made some crazy ones, like the 12-leg MLB for today $1$1K).
The trick is to not get greedy at the table and to quit right when you get up a few hands (a few dollars in my case). I think DK's BJ is fair and behaves like a real table in terms of odds (FD's is completely rigged!). Oh, but stay away from Rocket on DK...its too addicting!
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2023.06.06 20:29 Additional_Main_7198 Cinnamon.

“People love cinnamon. It should be on tables at restaurants along with salt and pepper. Anytime anyone says, ‘Oh This is so good. What's in it?’ The answer invariably comes back: cinnamon. Cinnamon. Again and again.”
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2023.06.06 20:27 biglad18 How should I (21m) deal with coworkers being nosy and making comments about another coworker (19f) and I?

So I 21m currently am working full time until I go to uni this September. It’s a kitchen job and it’s alright. Anyway it’s a very relaxed environment and as long as you get the job done you can do what you want and the managers are chill, like I can tell them to fuck off and it’s no issue.
Anyway we had a massive work party for our region and I got very drunk and made out with a girl (19f) from my restaurant that I kinda liked. We chilled and made out a few more times for like a month and we’d normally leave after work together etc but eventually she told me she didn’t want anything, kinda hurt but we’re cool. However we have become a bit distant because of it but as I said we’re still cool.
Now onto the issue, many of our coworkers obviously saw us leaving together after that and obviously they saw us at the party and assumed we were dating. Like if her name came up they’d always be like oh you mean your girlfriend and if I tried to deny it or she was there and denied it they’d just think we’re playing coy even though we tried to explain.
Now onto the main issue obviously we’re a lot more distant now and for some reason I have some of the women working there coming up to me telling me I’m so horrible for how I treat her, asking if we’re fighting because we’re not attached at the hip and other stuff just making it awkward. We’ve both tried to tell them so many times but they think we’re just hiding it and honestly it’s starting to piss me off to the point where I get annoyed when I see we’re on shift together because someone will mention it which I also hate because even though with everything that happened she’s a genuinely nice girl to talk to when bored at work etc.
So yeah do you guys have any idea on how I should handle this?
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2023.06.06 20:25 expertlurker304 Opinions Wanted

Opinions Wanted
First off, first lobes done at 10g by Drew at Bohemian Tattoo and Piercing Kokomo, IN Feb. 2020 and stretched to 2g, tragus done by Marc at Pinpoint Piercing and Tattoo (with externally threaded jewelry despite being an Anatometal distributor with an APP piercer on staff at the time and I didn’t know until I got the jewelry changed though I should have with how angry it was until I got the jewelry changed 😡) March 2021, second lobes and flat done by Dylan at Piercology in Columbus, OH December 2022.
So, originally this past weekend I was gonna get an industrial. However, the piercer didn’t have a long enough titanium bar. Since my ears are irritated and flaky right now because I thought I could wear a pair of steel plugs (before switching to the acrylic tunnels pictured for a procedure) I opted not to do the industrial. I was however able to get a daith with this super cute niobium ring. However, now I’m wondering if the planned industrial will look too crowded on that ear. What say you Reddit?
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2023.06.06 20:25 expertlurker304 Opinion on Setup

Opinion on Setup
First off, first lobes done at 10g by Drew at Bohemian Tattoo and Piercing Kokomo, IN Feb. 2020 and stretched to 2g, tragus done by Marc at Pinpoint Piercing and Tattoo (with externally threaded jewelry despite being an Anatometal distributor with an APP piercer on staff at the time and I didn’t know until I got the jewelry changed though I should have with how angry it was until I got the jewelry changed 😡) March 2021, second lobes and flat done by Dylan at Piercology in Columbus, OH December 2022.
So, originally this past weekend I was gonna get an industrial. However, the piercer didn’t have a long enough titanium bar. Since my ears are irritated and flaky right now because I thought I could wear a pair of steel plugs (before switching to the acrylic tunnels pictured for a procedure) I opted not to do the industrial. I was however able to get a daith with this super cute niobium ring. However, now I’m wondering if the planned industrial will look too crowded on that ear. What say you Reddit?
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2023.06.06 20:24 expertlurker304 Opinion On Setup

Opinion On Setup
First off, first lobes done at 10g by Drew at Bohemian Tattoo and Piercing Kokomo, IN Feb. 2020 and stretched to 2g, tragus done by Marc at Pinpoint Piercing and Tattoo (with externally threaded jewelry despite being an Anatometal distributor with an APP piercer on staff at the time and I didn’t know until I got the jewelry changed though I should have with how angry it was until I got the jewelry changed 😡) March 2021, second lobes and flat done by Dylan at Piercology in Columbus, OH December 2022.
So, originally this past weekend I was gonna get an industrial. However, the piercer didn’t have a long enough titanium bar. Since my ears are irritated and flaky right now because I thought I could wear a pair of steel plugs (before switching to the acrylic tunnels pictured for a procedure) I opted not to do the industrial. I was however able to get a daith with this super cute niobium ring. However, now I’m wondering if the planned industrial will look too crowded on that ear. What say you Reddit?
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2023.06.06 20:17 Joadzilla The alt-right economy is failing. Here’s the real performance of anti-woke entrepreneurs
In commenting on Bob Iger’s defense of Disney’s values and brand in the face of threats from Florida Governor DeSantis, Nike CEO John Donahoe said, “I think Bob’s doing a great job at this. If it’s core to who you are and your values, then you stand up for your values.”
That spirit has been rewarded by the free market. Across many fronts, we have shown in quantitative analysis of business performance that doing good for society is not at the expense of doing well for shareholders, with clear examples ranging from Russian business exits to public engagement on voting rights.
Yet still, grandstanding political ideologues are using opportunistic attacks on iconic U.S. enterprises to showcase their own nascent anti-ESG businesses, and reportedly build a “parallel economy” catering to conservative constituencies. But far from flourishing, an objective review of the facts suggests these anti-wokester jokesters are financially foundering.
One little-known index fund provider, the American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF), recently received a flurry of media attention for boycotting Target over what they described as its “pandering to the woke agenda,” confidently declaring that their boycott of Target will ensure “Target stock’s long-term performance will suffer.”
Target stock is down, but in reality, the fund’s total holdings of Target amount to just $100,000–equivalent to the revenue that Target nets every 20 seconds. In fact, ACVF’s total assets under management are a rather measly $40 million–and many of their other “boycotted” companies–including iconic All-American enterprises such as Apple, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Disney, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, and JPMorgan–have performed quite well since being targeted by ACVF. Delta is up 10% this year, American is up 15% this year, Microsoft and Apple are both up over 40% this year and Salesforce is up 60%. Thanks in part to missing out on these top-performing stocks, ACVF is underperforming the S&P 500 by over 2% this year through June 1. No wonder even politically conservative investors stay away from these anti-woke ETFs.
ACVF’s struggles rather pale in comparison to those of its much larger and better-known rival, presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s Strive Asset Management. We have contacted both firms about our findings by phone and email, but their representatives directed us to figures published on their respective websites, which we checked–and double-checked.
The business models of both Strive and ACVF are similar: They construct exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, for mom-and-pop retail investors to passively track a basket of stocks, matching rather than trying to beat the broader market. Unlike hedge funds, these ETF providers do not care if the stocks go up, down, or sideways–rather, they get their money from fees charged on anyone who has their money in a Strive ETF. Most ETFs are very low-fee products–but the anti-woke ETFs come at a premium. BlackRock ETFs, for example, usually charge around 0.03% fees. Strive’s fees are comparatively higher at up to 0.41%–but nothing compared to ACVF’s 0.75% fee.
To survive over the long run, these nascent ETF providers need to continually attract new money from mom-and-pop investors. And that is exactly what it appears they are struggling to do. All the evidence, out in the open, shows that Strive has had a hard time attracting additional investor inflows beyond its original anchor investors after the launch of its ETFs last year. Its assets under management appear to have stagnated despite Ramaswamy’s loud media presence.
For example, its largest flagship ETF, the Strive US Energy ETF (DRLL), has almost exactly the same amount of assets under management (AUM) as of June 1, $320 million, that it did when it was launched in August/September 2022, and its AUM is down nearly 25% from the start of this year.
Fully half of Strive’s eight current ETF products–including the Strive 1000 Growth ETF, the Strive 1000 Value ETF, the Strive 1000 Dividend Growth ETF, and the Strive Small-Cap ETF–have less than $12 million assets under management each, which is microscopic relative to the industry standard–and less than the average compensation of a single major CEO at most companies.
Thus it is hardly surprising that some of the most admired CEOs are flippantly swatting away Strive’s attempts at “activism.” Ramaswamy has become the court jester of corporate governance. The mere mention of his name brings anything from smirks to outright gales of laughter amongst some corporate audiences.
One hopes that Strive is not on a path to fail as badly as some of Ramaswamy’s previous ventures, such as Axovant, a Ramaswamy-founded company whose stock price plunged from $200 to 40 cents, or Campus Venture Networks, Ramaswamy’s much-hyped undergraduate startup which, despite his self-aggrandizement, he apparently sold for just a few thousand dollars, if his tax returns are correct. Even one of Strive’s biggest financial backers, Bill Ackman, is apparently embarrassed and rushing to disavow Ramaswamy. Meanwhile, Strive is reduced to seeking “consulting contract” handouts from friendly politicos. Perhaps this helps explain why Ramaswamy is running his longshot Presidential campaign: Nothing turns around sagging business fortunes quite like a new burst of free publicity!
It is not only in high finance that these “parallel economy” startups are flailing. Attempts to build a new alt-right media ecosystem are similarly landing with a thud.
Perhaps most infamously, Donald Trump’s much-hyped Truth Social alt-platform has imploded in value, with its SPAC packaging (ticker DWAC) shares falling from $95 to $13 even as the former president flails away on this otherwise quiet platform. Alt-right social media rivals such as Gab and GabPay are struggling to gain traction, begging for donations through crowdsourced funding, while provocateur Alex Jones and his Infowars declared bankruptcy after a record $1 billion verdict for the Sandy Hook families. More prominently, One America News has now been dropped by every major cable operator, partially driven by low audiences, while its behemoth rival Fox’s struggles are just beginning after the record $787.5 million Dominion settlement–with its board reportedly becoming weary of deviating too far from the mainstream.
Efforts to expand the alt-right parallel economy across digital services and even physical goods are running straight into the ground as well. Virtually all major retailers from Bed Bath & Beyond to Walmart to Kohl’s to Costco have cut ties with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow, which just months ago closed its last in-person retail mall store while losing $100 million, according to Lindell himself. Former Trump personnel director Johnny McEntee’s project–an alt-right dating site, “The Right Stuff”–has been lambasted even by its core constituency, with its mostly men frustrated by the lack of women users, and its seed funding from Peter Thiel is reportedly scheduled to run out in the next few months.
To a hammer, everything looks like a nail; and the exertions of some anti-woke activists in extrapolating politicized rhetoric into the economy can stretch into caricature. Strangely, the struggles of the nation’s regional banks, such as SVB, Signature, and First Republic, were superstitiously blamed on “wokeism” and the facts–that these less diversified banks were unprepared for the Fed’s interest rate hikes and that larger, equally “woke” banks were better insulated from these interest rate swings–were ignored. This month, even the conservative New York Post was bewildered by the sudden ire this month of anti-wokesters targeting the privately owned, very spiritual, Christian values-guided restaurant chain Chick-fil-A because, years ago, they promoted a longstanding internal HR executive to oversee diversity and equal opportunity.
Despite positioning themselves as reverent guardians of free markets against government and social overreach, many anti-wokester jokesters seem to have forgotten the most basic requirement of capitalism: to make a profit. Ironically, the free market delivers the most condemning verdict of all. The favorite “woke” targets of anti-ESG activists continue to soar to record economic heights, effortlessly shrugging off anti-woke attacks.
Clearly, despite all the hype and drama, there is little financial threat to mainstream business posed by the anti-woke economy. It’s not a genuine parallel economy–these are scattered cases of ideological grifters and struggling entrepreneurs. Their real talent seems to lie in fast-talking media platforms into giving them an undeserved platform to unfairly target iconic pillars of U.S. enterprise. But as these anti-wokester jokesters struggle to gain financial traction, the numbers will continue to disprove their claims.
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2023.06.06 20:04 sprashoo First impressions of dual lens helmetcam (Looking/LKT Pro DB1)

First impressions of dual lens helmetcam (Looking/LKT Pro DB1)
I posted a couple days ago asking about the current state of helmet 'dashcams', ended up buying one ( and now have had it for a day and ridden for about an hour with it. So these are fairly preliminary observations, but here goes.
Quality and appearance:
  • It looks good, in a sort of "tacticool" way. Definitely looks like serious business.
  • Initial build quality seems decent - finish is nice, although the metal is very thin. I'm not sure what will happen if dropped, especially to the lens covers. There are seals around the lens cover threads, over charge ports, etc, but have not tested in serious rain.
User experience:
  • The app (iOS) is predictably pretty rough, but it does work. There's a 'Looking' app from the company, but other random apps are available, although don't seem much better. The app allows viewing live video, downloading clips, and changing a few camera settings like the auto-off feature (turns off after 3 minutes of not moving). It connects by you joining the wifi network the camera can broadcast.
  • Device controls: There's a single button, 4 lights, and a vibrator unit that provide all on-camera input and feedback. In theory the controls are simple enough - long press to turn on (starts recording automatically), short press to stop/start recording, double press to turn wifi on/off (this is how it connects to the app), 5 presses to reformat card. That's it. However, i found that, at least after connecting with the app, the camera would stop responding to on-camera inputs. Haven't messed with it enough to know what's happening for sure, but it may be confused thinking the app is controlling it even after disconnection. I don't have high expectations for the software of these cheap electronics so kinda feels like par for the course. Seems to work OK when not connected to app, which would be typical use.
  • Remote: There's a wristwatch style remote, but it only does two things (which, incidentally, can't be triggered directly on the camera): still snapshot, and lock video. This seems like a weird selection of things to put on the remote. Why not start/stop video at least? Anyway, this doesn't seem useful enough to actually bother to wear it.
  • Helmet mounting/comfort: This is the biggest issue for me. While the camera doesn't feel particularly heavy, it sits high up, so it's very noticeable that it's on my helmet. This is in part because I have a light helmet, but still, it's not great feeling having it on there. My helmet is 285g and the camera with mount is 180g.. so that's nearly a 65% increase in the overall weight of my helmet, and all located a couple inches off the top of the helmet...
    • Helmet: 285g (Lazer G2 MIPS) - this is lighter than typical, but still...
    • Camera alone: 100g
    • Camera mount: 80g (with untrimmed straps)
  • Regarding the weight/positioning, i'm thinking that if I can ditch the mount and attach it directly to the helmet with a couple strong rubber loops or something, it would both drop at least 60-70g and also bring the center of gravity down a lot. As it is, I don't think I want that on my head every day.
Video Quality:
  • Video quality is good. Sensors and video compression have come a long way. It can do 1080p/30fps front and back simultaneously (recording to separate files), and the videos are crisp and clear. License plates are legible if the car is close (cars driving by on opposite side of street, not so much. This is in part due to the wide angle lens, so things within the FOV are not large. Someone said that 1080p is not useful for license plates, and I don't think that's true. Especially if a car gets close enough to interact with you, it'll likely be close enough to get the plates.
Other observations:
  • The camera does not automatically lock video after an impact. I'm unsure if it has a force sensor (it does auto stop recording after 3 minutes of no movement, but it could be using the video stream to determine that).
  • Had a kind of strange interaction with another cyclist at a stoplight while wearing the camera. He commented, sarcastically "Oh, are you out trying to record people doing ya wrong?". So it seems like there's a contingent of anti-camera bike commuters out there. I admit, it does look a bit robocop. Everybody notices it, and I could see some people not wanting to be filmed. I'm also not sure if I want to be 'that guy' appearing to be filming everyone when not actually riding in traffic.
So anyway, hit and miss. I wish it was half the size and weight and the mounting was a lot less clunky. Also, wearing it seems to piss some people off. Not sure if i'll be keeping it or not, going to decide in a couple days.
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2023.06.06 19:57 Most_Hand_937 I am being targeted because I have too much info

I have a group of people targeting me and it involves those websites when you Google your phone number. The ones with the string of names and a .ru or something else domain.
I worked with someone who wanted me gone. They are involved in drugs, prostitution, identity theft, laundering, and other things. Here's a little back story.
I lived in Arizona up until 23, where I left to go live in North Carolina. When I came back, things were fine at first. I got a job from my friend at a pizza place and people there were friendly. After a while I started noticing strange things at work and where I lived. I lived with a group of people I knew since I was young, so I trusted them.
It started when my roommates were up til 3am tapping on pipes and stomping on the floor. I didn't think much of it but it kept happening. My FOCUS was caught. I didn't bother asking them, because it seemed trivial since I slept there in a loft for cheap. It started to get worse.
I noticed my boss was bringing up topics relevant only to me and my closest friends, the people I lived with. He started to have my focus too. I asked my best friend if he told him anything, and he denied it. Nobody else could have known these things and told my boss about them except my best friend. It became unsettling how he strung together my life experiences throughout the day. Bringing up seizures and broken ankles and other things from my childhood.
I noticed one of my roommates, who I didn't know almost at all, was starting to speak louder and say things relevant to me then say "I'm going to bury this guy".
At one point, my boss started getting more people involved and speaking in a weird way so that I would pay more attention to their words. Phrasing things strangely and swapping words around. I started to become really paranoid when conversations would carry over. I would be at work talking with my boss, then get an Uber home, and the Uber driver would pick up the conversation where me and my boss left off. So on the day he brought up seizures (I asked him if he had experience with them, he said no) then the Uber driver brought them up immediately as I got in the car. It was as if there was a constant communication happening about me. They all started to carry over between home, work, and the commute inbetween. I never felt like I was having a new conversation. It all started to blend and it felt like my life was being picked apart.
I remember trying to learn how they were speaking so I could communicate. I realize now that what they were doing was setting up a dialogue that only they understood, so I would think I'm talking like everyone else but they're picking apart my words. At one point I didn't feel safe and tried to get my boss to leave me alone by getting police involved. What happened the next day was a line drawn in front of the shop door, two holes (insinuating shots) in the window next door and police tape covering an area with nothing to actually cover. The police did eventually look around, but it didn't amount to anything. I've tried communicating this to as many people I know. Only two who live out of state told me that it sounds like I needed to leave and find safety. Everyone else who I knew brushed it off.
Fast forward, I confronted my friends and my boss about all this. They denied everything. They kept saying they have no idea what I'm talking about. They have no clue what I mean. It got worse when they started moving my things around. They took my electronics or water bottles and would place them in strange spots. I'd leave a room, come back and something would be different. Near one of the peaks, I accused my best friend exactly of what he was doing and he said "if I'm doing that, I'm sorry". I'm not sure what to make of that.
I can't remember why, but I decided to Google my phone number. I saw a bunch of .ru and .tr sites with various names. I could click on those sites and it would take me to a long list of numbers and names. After I spoke to the police, I no longer had access to these sites. They became redirects to websites. I suspect there is a whitelist or blacklist to access these sites. I've seen the sites brought up before and people suspect criminal activity, but I believe it's more than that.
People started to insinuate that I'd be stabbed, shot, drugged, or hurt in some way. I became a paranoid mess. I had to leave that job and I moved in with family. It didn't get any better. The way my family was talking was like how everyone at work and at my other place was talking. There were moments though I could break through and get them to speak coherently. Other people I didn't know would have normal dialogue too, so I know it wasn't just me mishearing everyone.
The taps and stomps I mentioned earlier that my roommates were doing, I now believe were intentional. I noticed that there were a lot of bird calls nearby in the area. Separate and rhythmic from actual bird sounds. There was a pattern to them. My focus was drawn again. I started to notice more of a cricket or chirping noise at night. I thought maybe some bugs or something had gotten in the house so I would ignore it.
One night I heard something that froze me. I heard "do you think he noticed" in a whisper. It was dead quiet outside and everyone was asleep. I wasn't able to sleep and kept listening for more. I was pacing around the kitchen trying to figure out where it came from. I heard that chirping noise again and because I couldn't sleep, decided to investigate.
I walked next to an outlet in the wall, and realized the sound was coming from that direction. I couldn't see anything, a bug or otherwise in the cabinets or behind anything. Going outside and the noise stopped. I knew something was inside somewhere.
This happened multiple nights in a row, me looking for something making this noise. As I was looking one night, I heard another whisper "what's he looking for". I responded, I can't remember what I said, but the chirping stopped and I heard ringing in my ears. I heard a faint "did he hear us".
I couldn't understand what was happening, my body went into some kind of shock and I got cold. I went to lay down and calm myself. I didn't believe I had heard that. After a few moments with myself to assess my mental health, I decided to let it go for the night. The chirps started again, softer but faster. A higher pitch frequency.
One night, I remember looking up at my grandparents ceiling and seeing a thin line with a small strip just behind the surface. It looked like a wire. I thought it was strange, but I kept it in the back of my head. Eventually the chirping stops, or I thought it did. What the chirping did was pull my focus further in. I started to notice stranger things. One night I saw someone walking through our backyard. Another night, there were people out front behind cars making those same bird calls from earlier. It was obvious something was being communicated to me. I heard someone audibly outside say "come here". I quickly looked out the window and saw their feet underneath and behind a truck. One of the neighbors said "he knows you're there."
Paranoia had turned into self defense and investigation when I realized I was being targeted and nobody was trying to help. I tried reporting this to the FBI, however it isn't easy to get someone out here. I also can't trust local law enforcement.
The people after me have become more blatant with their communication and I'm going to share with you how. The tapping, the strange way they formed sentences, the chirps, the frequency of them increasing, was all a way for them to pull my focus for the next part.
That wire I thought I saw in the ceiling, did in fact turn out to be a wire. When the chirping eventually got so fast and high pitched, I noticed it was coming from more than one location. There were almost hot spots for this high pitch ringing.
I'm having trouble explaining this next part, but I'm doing my best. If you have a high enough frequency pitch, then it leaves a ringing in your ears. Now, if you couple that with someone's speech, then that ringing will carry their voice throughout the ring and further into your ears.
How I know that what is in the ceiling is a wire, is because one night I heard the frequency coming from that exact spot. I stabbed in the ceiling and the high pitch noise stopped. I didn't feel tense anymore. However, the ringing in my ears said "what did he just do?" I decided to respond, again not remembering what I said being too freaked out, but they replied "oh he gets it"
There have been wires planted in my grandparents home. People are using sound frequencies in the town I live in to communicate and/or kill. I know my family is part of it, they constantly wear noise cancelling ear pieces and speak like the people who are after me. They are either part of this and want me gone or are being used. I am unsure which. I know they're being spoken to tho. I can hear the same voices from the wire coming from their ear pieces. I've tried going up in the attic, but the floor boards are removed and any attempt to get up there is stopped by my family who is always home.
I've tried going late at night, but I hear someone say my mom's name and that she needs to get her son, then she comes out to scold me. I've found at least 12 hot spots, with some of them being inside things like light fixtures that I can't get to without going up to the attic. The ones in the ceiling, I've stabbed and they stopped emitting any pitch.
I've tried communicating because I know they hear me and they know I can hear them. They've said that they're hear to kill, they've said they were hear to pay me, they said it's all a joke and none of it is real, and they said they're rich assholes who are playing God (their words)
I've done a few things. I've tried tracking what frequency they're using. It just keeps getting higher tho. I've recorded with my shotgun mic to try and pickup any audio interference, I can vaguely make out what they're saying in some of the recordings. I baited it one night by recording, saying I was going to make a sandwich and then hearing in the recording them talking about it. Right now I have scattered evidence, don't know who to get it to or where to even focus. All of the audio high pitch feels like both an attack and distraction from their business, since the audio is much harder to explain.
I know this is bigger than just where I worked because at another job I had, they were all focusing on me, talking in the same strange way, and I caught how they were using that business. It was a thrift shop, and I would see the same product donated and sold constantly. It was a money laundering spot. What's worse is I believe I saw them scouting for a young woman. I saw an older man taking someone's photo with one of my coworkers intentionally stopping behind her in order to mark her.
At the very beginning of the thread I mentioned those strange sites when you Google your phone number. These are a collection of personal info about who you are. The numbers and names correlate to your patterns throughout the day. It's how they keep track of you and move you around. Ever since I've been targeted, I've been googling everyday because even tho I can't get on the site, the search results still show and change. Right now I have a bunch of "untitled" which means they've discovered some new behavior pattern I'm doing (which is intentional on my end to track).
What I need right now is a suggestion on who I can get out here, who I can get this info to, because this feels much larger than I initially thought. I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. It's not exactly easy explaining all this to someone over the phone or online, I feel like I need someone physically here to see what I mean. I believe I am the target of some kind of sonic warfare because of what I saw. They know I know because I confided in my friends, who I didn't know were part of it.
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2023.06.06 19:57 SadMST 26 [M4F] California/West Coast - Just trying to find a future wife and all, nothing serious

Oh man, talk about myself? I'm already bad at that in person, so I suppose I can't be that much worse online. Either that, or I'm really about to surprise myself.
Hmm, where to start? Well, I'm 26 years old, and honestly that doesn't sit quite right with me. Being closer to 30 than 20 makes me feel horrendously old.
I live in sunny, rainy, snowy, dry, wet, California! We really do have it all here somehow, lol. I work as a Software Engineer, and just from that you can probably already tell I'm a bit on the nerdy side. How nerdy you might ask? Well, I listened to the Cerulean City theme from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow while typing this, so that should give you a pretty good indicator 😂
Aside from my nerd hobbies, I enjoy cooking, travelling, trying new things, listening to music, and all the typical things that typical people enjoy.
I really wanna try skydiving one of these days, and I also want to get my pilot's license too. Though, I probably should NOT mix those two activities (imagine the horror on everyone's face in the plane if I just yeeted myself out the door mid-flight to skydive)
As the title says, I'm looking for true love on here! I would prefer a woman near my age range (20's-30's) who lives in California or at least somewhere nearby. Please do NOT message me if you do NOT live in North America.
This is either going to be the greatest thing I do, or quite possibly the biggest mistake in my life. Wanna find out together with me? Inbox me with a little about yourself, include the word "avocado" in your message so I know you aren't a bot, and let's find out 🥰
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