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2023.06.09 20:15 ThievingInTheNight Le Mans is a completely absurd event to host nowadays, and its fans are mind-boggling to me.

I live in the wonderfully average French city of Le Mans, home to one of the stupidest yearly events in modern history : An endurance race where cars run round and round a track for 24 hours. Greatest distance covered wins. Car fetishists from all around the world come to this absurd gathering to watch the brrm brrm machines go zoom zoom. This year is the centenary so it's even bigger and more obnoxious than usual.
Today was the parade before the actual event, where the drivers go around town in the cars as the hicks stuck behind barriers take pictures and go wild over the glorious machinery. The entirety of downtown was taken over by this crap, and I had to push my way through a sea of assholes to get home. Just wonderful.
But beyond the nuisance, I'm just appalled that none of those people consider how utterly absurd this shit is in this day and age. Like, I kind of get the point that this type of race had back when cars were in their infancy, I'm sure it led to a lot of design innovation that carried over to regular models, and pushing the concepts to their limit, while still wasteful, was kind of sensible at the time.
But in 2023? We don't need more, faster, or better cars. None of what's being worked on here is useful. It's just a waste, all for the most dubious piece of entertainment I've ever heard of : Cars going around the same boring track again and again and again. It's not even a sport where a pilot's skill is put on display. It's just a contest of pointlessly optimized machinery that fetishists drool over for some god-forsaken reason.
It's the absolute peak of irony that this shit is held in June, which becomes more problematic with every decade as the very cars those people idolize participate in this time of the year becoming more and more of a constant scorcher. Today was a wonderful sultry 30°C/86°F. Heat is a real problem for drivers stuck in small enclosed spaces with shitty ventilations, and it keeps getting brought up every year with nobody pointing out the sheer irony of it. Just... insane.
This shit isn't gonna stop anytime soon, for sure, it's the only thing this city is famous for aside from overcooked pork and I'm sure it's anything but ready to give up on it as a cash cow and yearly tourist magnet. But it's an appalling example of the lack of awareness of car fetishists. They just don't give a shit. Car goes brrm fast for long. Fun.
Fucking hell.
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2023.06.09 20:13 Curious_Progress8422 I have a minor nitpick for the Mojave dessert

Its a little boring. There's no fun environmental story telling skeletons, the broken buildings are generic and plain, and if your not in a town or city there's not a whole lot of interesting things to see. I know this is just a me issue but you'd think you'd see interesting scenes in a dessert. Skeletons by the race way, interesting scenes in the flats, and other minor things. I know this isn't a major issue, it just doesn't feel involved, to me at least.
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2023.06.09 20:09 rilesscott I'll be visiting LA soon and will be going around the Cheviot Hills/Century City area and then Brentwood. Are there any good food places around there? Middle Eastern or Asian food would be great. Mexican food too. Anything actually. Just need it to be affordable. Thanks.

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2023.06.09 20:09 rinrox Should I be expecting injured partner to contribute?

So back story, partner and I have been together for 10 years, married since mid 2016. We have 5 children through a blended marriage however his daughter lives further away, and therefore don’t see her often. As a couple we have battled with his severe ADHD, RSD, depression, rage, anxiety, insomnia, and OCD. He frequently is out of work, had a steady job for about 3 years working from home. I have always made more financially and have taken on the brunt of the responsibilities financially when he is unable to contribute. I have been in my career since 2008 when I graduated post secondary. He has always made minimum wage or just above. We live in a very expensive city but we’ve managed by me picking up from food banks, churches, and social programs. Recently, our son got terminated from daycare due to his behaviour. My partner was doing an online program from home to upgrade his skills. He worked for a courier in December and unfortunately it was discovered he has a degenerative bone issue and spurs which he was not allowed to return to work and therefore had to retrain. With his needs, the college was a super bad idea and he ended up getting removed from class for Language and behaviour. EI for this program has been an absolutely nightmare dealing with and he hasn’t ever received consistent pay from EI. We agreed he would stay home and manage our son who is 4 for the summer because he goes to K in September. My partner has consistently left the majority of the household to me. I work 90 hours a pay period, and come home daily to having to do the dishes and cook dinner. Due to his back, he can’t help out with bath times for the kids and I do bedtime. He won’t tuck them in or read to them, just tells them to go bed. These last few days, I noticed that our daughter had a significant ant issue in her room from her sneaking food to her room. Her and I worked together and gutted, cleaned, and bleached. She’s 9. I did the same with our other kids (8 snd 4) and organized with the teen to do hers as well. I did 20 loads on laundry, all folded and put away (that was all the bedding, towels, etc). Cleaned and vacuumed the floors, did the kitchen and bleached the Lino. The only thing I didn’t get done was the bathrooms. This is consistently the way he is in our marriage. I manage all the doctors apt (all our kids have adhd), all the meds, and therapy apts for them. I finally got really upset and told him he needed to contribute. Take on a part time job in the evenings and I can handle the rest. He won’t because he says it will aggravate his injury. But he sits on his computer for most hours of the day. And if he can’t contribute, even just in the house, we needed to separate. The bills are pushed to where they can get pushed. Our kids need groceries. He has advised me he is super depressed and in pain with his back and that I’m an asshole for abandoning him in his depression and he can’t do anything around the house because it’s painful. He won’t take our son out daily because it hurts so they watch tv all day or our son goes off and plays independently and literally messes up the house. I offered to take skip shifts and he told me no. He believes the kids should be doing all the chores and I do this do myself because I won’t make them do chores. Which I do, but we do it together and sometimes I just do the dishwasher because it’s easier. He has said I’ve abandoned my vows, I’m an asshole, and feel entitled to his services. Short, am I the asshole for wanting him to contribute to our household? Am I unreasonable in saying yes you lost your dream job and you’re depressed and we still need to follow with our responsibilities and get a game plan for your mental health? The mental health have always been an issue but he lost his job in December of 2022. I’ve totally detached emotionally and he wants me to hug him and hang out but by the time I’ve worked all day, made dinner, and done bedtime, I can’t do anymore. He also refuses to go back on his adhd meds because they impact his sleep.
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2023.06.09 20:09 begonla rec schools for south asian male in comp sci

posting for friend
Demographics: Gender, race/ethnicity, state, type of school, and hooks (URM, first generation, legacy, athlete, etc.) south asian male, first gen, low income, mid school in OH with about 5 aps
Intended Major(s): comp sci
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 27, retaking in july
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.228 W, top 5%
Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc: 7+ honors, 3 aps. taking the hardest math classes offered
Awards: none
Extracurriculars: volunteer @ homework help center, more volunteering at a food pantry, internship at accenture this summer
Essays/LORs/Other: 8/10 personal statement, 8/10 lors from teachers, 6/10 counselor rec?? doesn't interact with her much
Schools: EA osu. plz rec more schools! he has no location preferences, but needs aid
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2023.06.09 20:06 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 24 Jobs in VT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Global Partners Cashier Barnard
Global Partners Food Service Manager Barre
The University of Vermont Health Network Registered Nurse - Community Hospice Weekend Care Coordinator Colchester
Global Partners Food Service Manager Fairlee
Global Partners Wait Staff Fairlee
Global Partners Cook Fairlee
Global Partners Guest Service Supervisor Pittsford
Barre Gardens Nursing and Rehab Weekend Baylor Program LPN, LNA, & RN Roxbury
City Year Academic Tutor & Mentor (Entry Level, Paid, Full-time) South Burlington
Global Partners Cashier Taftsville
Barre Gardens Nursing and Rehab Weekend Baylor Program LPN, LNA, & RN Websterville
UniFirst Route Service Manager - UniFirst ($2,500 Sign-On!) Winooski
US Navy Cryptologic Technician Burlington
US Navy Bomb Technicial (EOD) Burlington
US Navy Electronics Engineer Burlington
LANTANA CONSULTING GROUP INC Analytical Modeler East Thetford
Hartford HealthCare Nurse Manager (RN) - HomeCare Orchard Lane
Suncrest Immediate Openings The Villa LNA Saint Albans Colchester
Suncrest Immediate Openings Nurse RNLPN Saint Albans Colchester
Suncrest Cook Saint Albans
Suncrest Restorative Nurse Saint Albans
Suncrest Immediate Openings Licensed Nursing Assistant LNA Saint Albans Saint Albans
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 20:06 OstensibleCroissant Help me create a Campaign based on our game of Micrsocope!

My friends and I finally started up a weekly Thursday night session (ya!).
Nick, Rizzi, and T.J., please don't read! I will make you roll with one less die during character creation!
I wanted to create a world that my friends are invested in. Sooo we gave Microscope a chance and had a blast creating a unique timeline over two sessions. Highly reccomend the game system as something quick to create a unique world for you and friends!
For our actual campaign, I am considering playing DND (heavy modifications), Scum and Villainy, or Stars Without Numbers. We will use the timeline and details from Microscope to influence the world and story beats.
Given the timeline we created, what are some cool campaign ideas??
  1. Intergalactic space pirate wars
  2. Religious Crusade of Malak's Medjahi
  3. Exploring the broken fragments of the Quadrant's planets?
This is the timeline we came up with.. thinking about playing within the timeline in periods 6,7, or 8.

1. The Amah lose the ability to reproduce
The Amah panic and lose any governmental structure. The land delves into chaos as different groups hoard children like gold
Public awareness of the lack of children being born ruptures into normal society. Dissent erupts in the Amah society signaling the beginning of the end
The Four PIllars are split, and a war for supremacy over the Cosmere begins
2. The Interpocket Pirate Ring
The “culling” festival begins. The Amah are introduced to blasters during the culling (one ship is designated as “free-kill zone”)
In response to coproductive issues, in quiet desperation, lives are attempted to be extended with augmenting
Feeling cooped in space for too long, the Amah begin experimenting with augments, letting them move quicker in space, withstand heat, etc. Whatever they choose or have done to them by artificers
Treatise/Compromise is made to escape from the pirates
One of the Pillars hires the largest part of the pirate ring to search for more pockets and head toward “the shimmering side” (top of God’s pond)
The pirate race scene:
Scarlet - hears “The Whisperer”, presumably a pillar, disables Twok’s ship and goes down via catapulted rocks hurled by Cudges ship
The Dread Pirate Quarth Kenway - hits Cudge’s ship with proton blasters and leaves
Turok the midget - very angry and now stranded in space
Cudge - wants a new ship made by the Amah
3. Period of Discovery
The Amah discover a technological marvel - a Dyson sphere surrounding a “planetary pocket”. Upon traversing the sphere, the vessel is damaged, causing them to crash land
The Amah homeship is irreparably damaged, and pilot Cudge, engineer Eugene, PC Lez’jhure all discuss their options. Crashing onto Jarro, the survivors look for a new home
Discovered Jaroo (planet) and it’s mountains are pillar shaped with vertical landscapes
The Amah discovered species. They negotiate to use the new world’s materials to augment and hopefully create more Amah. Called the “Tenne”. “Hyuupu” is the resource. It is used to expand scope of organic augments, synergizing with biological processes
4. The Dive of the Inner Planet (species/area exploration)
The Tenne lead the Amah to an Obelisk, they call the “Navigator”
The Amah corral the species of JArro to begin the new reproductive “project assimilation”
The elected Quadrant convene to decide the fate of “project assimilation”
5. Golden Age of Advancement (Jarro)
A new energy source, Kyzite, is discovered on Jarro. It seems to cause gravitic anomalies
The Amah build their new technologically advanced city powered by Kyzite, called Diabase
The Amah refine the Kyzite, and begin experimenting with gravity artifice. In their experiments, they unearth an artificial cavern containing an Obelisk.
Dizzo, the astronomist, notes the weather seasons are changing over the centuries, likely due to the local planetary shifting. (seasons drastically change over time)
The Gods collectively were surprised by the elemental artificer’s pushing the boundary
The Dread Pirate Captain Quarth Kenway, returns to the Planetary pocket with his fleet, ready for war
6. The Rise of Malak
Malak promises the Medjahi reproductive abilities in return for their devotion
The jettisoned labohermetic group from arrival so Jarro are stuck in the Dyson Sphere. WIth Their augment experience , they fuse with the elemental-biological structures of the “Root Rings”, and commune with Keth as a new species, called the Medjahi
Malak speaks to his chosen disciple, Keth, and warns him to destroy the Amah before they end the system
A new people, called the Medjahi, arrive to Jarro who worship their god, Malak
The Dread Pirate captain and his fleet, the Yuuzhan Vong, attack the Medjahi forces on Jarro
7. Jarro is beset by a Cataclysm
Medjahi assault the Amah homeland
The Amah discuss how to deal with the Medjahi
Decided to confront Medjahi with new gravitic weapons (Remote motion atrifice, RMA)
Threen - trade
Virnath - labor leader
Aphedious - general
Ayzir - artificer
The last of the 1st generation of Amah transcend
The Dark Hand of Malak pierces Jarro
After a lengthy siege by the MEdjahi of the mah capital Diabese, the city falls to the invaders
8. The World Summoning
Four celestial bodies are joined by a multispecies alliance
Habitants of one of the celestial bodies arrives on Jarro, Vampires and Werewolves.
The Whisperer warns the Draco and Wol clans to subjugate the Jarro people or they will lose themselves. Draco and Wol races prepare for the final conjunction
A fifth and unknown celestial body crashes into the “Conjunction”, causing catastrophic damage
Thian Gong dances with glee as Jarro begins to burn
The five celestial bodies are shattered into many smaller bodies. WIth the celestial bodie’s cores open, the Amah frantically attempt to use Kaizite to power a giant city sized space craft
The Amah discovered the world’s cores and use the world’s essence to power the Obelisk
9. The Amah return to their home
Each of the gods leaves species with a new compass, to lead them away from crumbling Jarro, towards the edge of the “shimmering side”. The transcended species decides to drag the remnants of Jarro to their old home
A new generation of Amah return to their home planet, Amesthan, for the first time in recorded era.
Three of the gods shrink themselves and enter god’s pond
Amesthan, the old home and the Haven’s (Jarro) smoldering remains are fused, to be both transport species and to be reforged in the “Shimmering Side”
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2023.06.09 20:04 coreyp0123 Saw this “Adult Indiana Pacers x Kid Super x NBA Fast Break Jersey” in the Pacers store. Why is this not an option for the city jersey? Pretty unique and shows the racing aspect of Indianapolis without it just being checkered flags. Thoughts?

Saw this “Adult Indiana Pacers x Kid Super x NBA Fast Break Jersey” in the Pacers store. Why is this not an option for the city jersey? Pretty unique and shows the racing aspect of Indianapolis without it just being checkered flags. Thoughts? submitted by coreyp0123 to pacers [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 20:03 PopDart6 Tuesday Night Xfinity Series - Starting July 11th

Tuesday Night Xfinity Series - Starting July 11th
Full Send Racing Series is recruiting for season 5! We'll be racing the Xfinity cars on Tuesday nights at 9:30pm EST.
Looking for whole teams and solo drivers. If you are a solo driver and want to join a team. We can find one for you.
We have a $45 per charter season fee. The charter fee covers the broadcasting cost and then the rest will go towards payouts.
We do a lot of drawings for giveaways throughout the season. So every driver has a chance to win.
We’ll be having recruitmemt races over the next 3 Tuesdays prior to our season starting. 6/13 - Charlotte 6/20 - Iowa 6/27 - Chicagoland
We also have a Thursday night alternate week NASCAR series and a Friday night GT road series.
You can join our Discord if interested or leave a comment.
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2023.06.09 20:02 BadgerBomb_2012 Leafblowers

Listen, just venting, but fricken leaf blower guys really grind my gears. They're out here every other day all year round. Even when there's nothing to blow, they just blow dust, dirt, and pollen around. And those little high pitched gas engines just sound horrible. I could put up with it more if they were quieter electric units like the ones they use where I work. Can we at least get a city ordinance going that promotes the electric ones?
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2023.06.09 20:02 Morgellons-Live "Superfoods" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

For Vegetarians And Vegans Or Who?
I have heard so much about superfoods and their benefits. What's your experience and what do you think about them?
Are there such things as superfoods? Gogi berries, cocoa beans, nibs and powder, noni juice and powder, maca root powder, acai berries and powder, hemp seed powder, camu camu berries and powder, green-tea extract, blue mangosteen, cod liver and fish oils, green powders and pills made from green grasses and their juices and algae such as spirulina, and chlorella are all claimed as raw superfoods by many people in the raw-food movements. I found that it is mainly within the vegetarian and vegan raw-food groups that people seek superfoods. It is helpful to understand why they must have superfoods.
Consider that humans have acidic and short digestive tracts producing acidic digestive fluids and harboring acidic bacteria, and 80% of teeth are designed for cutting, extremely similar to carnivores. Herbivores have mainly alkaline and very long digestive tracts producing vast amounts of alkaline- digestive juices and bacteria, and all teeth are molars for grinding vegetation. Rarely are there healthy long-term raw vegetarians and vegans. Usually, the more committed ones hit a wall at 7 years. Others that cheat may spend a decade or two before they hit the wall. Often, the wall is serious disease such as cancer. Half of my cancer patients were long-term vegetarians and vegans.
Ninety-nine percent of human vegetarians and vegans cannot get enough protein and fats, and lack minerals and an array of nutrients from their diets. Ninety-nine percent of their bodies are unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I know from 6 years of subjective and objective experience as a raw "balanced-diet- eating vegetarian evolved to vegan." I and ALL of the vegetarians and vegans I knew were usually malnourished with eating disorders. I adhered to it 99.9% of the time. Others were much less tenacious. However, occasionally, uncontrollably yet consciously, I stretched and contorted what foods were truly raw, trying to force reality to conform to my adopted concepts of vegetarianism and veganism.
I did not realize the irrationality of believing that humans were optimally healthy as raw-food vegetarians and vegans. I had accepted the false information that our digestive tracts were more alkaline like other primates, and herbivores. I was so malnourished, anytime anyone told me about a superfood such as amaranth "grain of Egyptian gods", I consumed it. However, all such promises of superfoods resulted in my slow but steady deterioration to 96 pounds at 5'8".
Primal-Diet-eating athlete Scott Wheeler of Australia for example won the race at the Raw Games in Hawaii November 2008. All of the other runners were vegetarians or vegans, some mostly raw and some not.
Ninety percent or more of all of currently purported superfoods are processed and not truly raw. They are not fresh so they lack enzymes. Whenever foods are dried, bioactive enzymes are inactivated like a dead auto battery. They cannot be resurrected any more than we can resurrect ourselves from dead. Therefore, even dried fruits are not really raw because they lack bioactive enzymes.
Although Native North American Indians lacked our laboratory sciences, they knew the inferior nature of dried food. They had empirical science called experience. Empirical awareness and knowledge is much more valuable, containing wisdom rather than conclusions based on chemical theories and hypotheses.
Each summer, Native Americans made large supplies of a mixture of dried meat and fat, sometimes adding berries. It is called pemmican. It would be eaten in case they could not find fresh kill. Eating pemmican would prevent starvation, fatigue and bodily deterioration. The process of making pemmican was time-consuming, both hunting and preparing it by drying, beating it until it became flour, soaking it in the sun with warmed fat, drying it in the sun and sitting near it and occasionally pressing it into 90 pound dried hard blocks. By spring, if they did not consume it, they buried it because they knew it would not be optimum for their health.
Let's take a look at the processes that so-called superfoods undergo to see if they are truly raw. Noni juice is chemically or heat processed to prevent fermentation in bottles. The chemical process utilizes kerosene derivative or alcohol. Both are natural but toxic. All "superfoods" that are powdered must be thoroughly dried so they do not cake and stick in the machines while being ground. When hard foods such as cocoa beans and roots are ground into flour, the machines reach a temperature of at least 176° F (80° C), cauterizing the foods.
Cauterization seals the food and makes it harder. It is therefore harder to liquefy and takes more time to digest in the digestive tract. Also, any metallic minerals in the foods will be released by the heat and be more toxic. Claims that such foods are 100% raw and have more antioxidants are false, after drying and cauterizing/cooking. They have the opposite effect in varying degrees.
Whole leaf grasses and fruits also have to be completely dried and hardened for powdering. Rarely are any grasses sun-dried. Usually, they are kiln-dried at temperatures above 118° F (48° C) and up to 138° F(59° C). They are also subjected to the same friction-heat from machines during the powdering processes that reach at least 176° F (80° C). They are not raw because all enzymes are destroyed and the food is cauterized/cooked. Also, we are not herbivores that can properly digest vegetable matter, especially when dried. The only exception is chlorella; I have experimented and found it to be somewhat beneficial. Commercial liquid green teas are all steeped in boiling water.
Sometimes, kerosene derivatives, distilled alcohol or other chemicals are sprayed on those foods to breakdown the oils and force them to dry faster. Since kerosene and alcohol are natural, they may legally call the product "All Natural." They know they mislead consumers and they do not care. Their interest is to supply products for abundant profits rather than produce quality products for which they obtain less profit.
The same is true of acai, camu camu, gogi, and noni. There are many beneficial claims about those foods so most people who consume them believe my analyses of those foods are wrong. However, consider that people feel better because most of those foods are high in carbohydrates and raise the blood and nerve sugar levels causing hyperactivity.
Raised blood and nerve sugar levels are not indications of health. In fact, they are indications of bodily harm. Columbia University found that we store 70-90% of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), byproducts from spent high-carbohydrates, in our bodies for a lifetime. AGEs are cancer feeding byproducts that cause many ill effects, including arterial sclerosis by attaching to venous and arterial walls.
Also, infusions of powders cause increases in hormones such as adrenalin, also elevating energy levels but not to healthful benefits long-term. All endocrine glandular production is for emergency purposes only. For instance, adrenaline is for fight and/or flight. We are supposed to derive our energy from foods that supply fats, proteins with little carbohydrate, rich in enzymes and bacteria. If we were to eat proper raw foods rich in fats and proteins, and digest and assimilate them properly, most of us would have improved energy and stamina. After many years of eating a proper diet, we would develop tremendous energy and stamina. Like primitive Eskimos, we could live happily in the most strenuous climates and environments.
Cocoa beans (cacao), nibs and powder contain theobromine which is similar to caffeine and a nerve irritant. When cooked and/or processed, that neural irritant is a free radical. It often stimulates hormones such as adrenaline, testosterone and estrogen, making people think their new energy is healthful.
The only truly raw cocoa bean retains it moist skin and must be hand peeled. In small amounts it may be briefly ground in a coffee-bean grinder or blender without reaching high temperatures to retain its rawness and nutrition. I discussed the benefits of eating small amounts of raw cocoa beans in the earlier PD newsletter issue Vol. 7, Oct. 30, 2007. I have a correction to that. Cocoa beans do not contain the nerve stimulants/irritants caffeine or theophylline. They contain theobromine of the same family as caffeine and theophylline.
Fish and cod liver oils must have all proteins removed on which bacteria can feed, according to USFDA standards. That requires heat and/or chemical processes to separate and extract proteins. Two companies claim they produce their fish oils without heat or chemicals but they add processed oils as preservatives. Although that is a small amount, those preservative oils have been heat and chemically processed. How much fish oil is lost to the heated and processed preservative oils? How much of the fish oil will be contaminated by the processed preservative oils? We can glean an idea by the fact that they add enough to prevent the oil from being predigested by natural bacteria. If all of the oil is prevented from predigestion, how much will we not be able to digest? How much will the contaminated preservative oils contaminate us?
As a civilized race whose members eat processed and chemicalized-food, we require air-conditioning and heat in our homes and transportation to sustain us or we cannot work, play or eat. Our perspiration would reek. So many people I know who exercise reek of old stinky sauces, especially tomato sauces. They have a body odor like the outdoor garbage bin of fast-food Italian restaurants or pizza parlors on a hot summer day. That odor is from chemically produced flavorings and fragrances added to tomato sauces to make flavor and odor consistent. Civilized man is now the weakest organism on this planet.
"Superfood" is a misnomer. All lack enzymes and little can be digested and assimilated. Some contain nerve irritants and other chemicals that cause the body to produce hormones that flow through blood and nerves, elevating a sense of well-being without elevated true health. Therefore, the body's responses to "superfoods" indicate toxic responses. Calling any processed food superfood is the same as calling supplements magic bullets. However, if I were to judge any food as superfood, one would be honey that was unheated above 92° F (33° C). Another would be bone marrow from completely organically raised animals, fresh and raw in bones."
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2023.06.09 20:02 OptionalGuest51 49 [m4m] Looking for some twinks to suck (League City/Clear Lake)

Looking for twinks in the vicinity of League City to come over and blow their loads in my mouth. I can host most of the day and possibly tonight. I am 49, 5'8", mixed race, 196lbs w/a 35" waist. Small 4.5" Uncut smooth cock. Send pics in your response.
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2023.06.09 20:00 TheRavinRaven Med School Overheard

In honor of the 4th years graduating medical school and getting ready for residency, I thought I would share some of the quotes I collected over my medical school journey. This post was inspired by this incredible thread many years ago.
As always, all comments were made by anyone and everyone during the time I was in medical school. All comments were made in good light hearted fun. Enjoy!

“The day is about 15 hours too short for what I need to do” -A very tired med student

“If I was stupid, it would explain a lot. Unfortunately I don’t think I am”

“Med school is about as real an example of “you either succeed or you die trying” as physically possible”

“I’m too stupid to be a doctor today. I’ll try again tomorrow”

“I accidentally waterboarded myself this morning in my shower so that’s how my day is going”

“I’m not smart enough to use decimals”

“Did you know there are TWO Adductor muscles in the leg?!”
“Yes, there’s actually three of them”

“Med school is hard as hell and twice as fun”

“It’s unstable and shit” -In reference to the wobble position

“They haven’t gotten me until I lose points”

“I’ve finally reached the point where I need drugs to make it through lecture” -Med student bringing coffee into lecture for the first time

“Isn’t it fun when you know you’re shitty at something and not being able to fix it?”

“I know people who are dumber than me that have made it through. At least that’s what I keep telling myself”

“Ahh I’m naked!” -Med student changing shirts.
“Relax, you still have your pants on, it’s basically just like OMM”

“How can we have so many labs left?! We’re running out of body at an alarming rate!” -Scared and confused anatomy student

“Hey look, that’s the moon, we saw it last night!”
“Yeah we see it every night” -Med student referencing a blood moon and another being a sasshole

“I’ve got a little bit of that Benadryl hangover”

“I don’t have the force. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being me”

“I’m basically a crack junkie” -Med student in OMM

“Whoever put a biochem lecture after lunch just wants me fail”

“I go to [restaurant] for a salad and leave just absolutely trashed. I’m serious, it’s a real problem, it happened to me last week” -PT student

“Will you promise me when you go to AA, you’ll introduce yourself as student doctor [name]?” -Med student after a night out at the bars

“I’m going to need you to calm the fuck up”

“Hardy-Weinberg is my hardy-hard on”

“Why are you so cold? Get some fucking capillaries.”

“New block, new me”

“It’s always nice to wake up breathing”

“It’s the small things in life that they do to really piss me off” -Med student being slightly inconvenienced the professors only posted their PowerPoint instead of a PDF of the PowerPoint

“I’m going to be furious fucking George if we have to do anything similar to this calculation on the test” -an annoyed Med student in Physiology

“That’s the closest I’ve been to contracting autism in a long time.” -Med student after a required wellness lecture

“Sometimes I wish I would get a brain tumor so I could have them cut my skull open and take a picture of my brain, just to prove to you I have one.”

“Hi I’m former student doctor [Name] welcome to Walmart” -Scared med student planning their life after taking a final

“You deserve all of the hell that you are going to.”

“When do they start preparing us for boards?”
“I think it’s the spring of our second year”
“What?! Oh my god, don’t they know how stupid I am?!”

“You gotta be tough if you’re gonna be dumb”

“Alcohol goes down a lot easier when you’re irresponsible”

“I will fake a MI before I call Dr. [Professor] over for my skills check” -A nervous student in OMM

“If I had to move one more electron, I was gonna lose my shit” - A dentist recalling Ochem

“It’s the multi step synthesis problems that made me want to drink bleach” -AA student also remembering Ochem

“Not only are the babies stupid, their organs are stupid too” -Med Student talking about bilirubin clearance in newborns

“I’m really good at feeling the imaginary movements” -Annoyed med student learning Cranial OMM

“I probably had so many developmental delays as a child. Like I probably missed so many milestones. Sometimes I get stressed when I have to draw the perfect triangle.”

“What the fuck are we supposed to say when our SPs call us?
“...[City] morgue, how can I help you? “ -Med students talking about doing a Virtual Standardized Patient encounter for the first time

“How do you guys think I got into med school? I have a superhuman ability to bullshit”

“I could really show my psychopathic side by going back to 2014 and wishing her a Happy birthday” -Med student on Facebook

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be stupid. It just happens”

“Is it about to go down?!”
“No it’s not. But it’s real close”

“God I’m about to get so fucking diabetic tonight” -Med Student at a doughnut shop

“My whole life is a cry for help.” -A very distressed Med Student

“Can’t believe we have to fuckin say this to you idiots, but that’s not professional” -Watching the first years fuck up

“Going into medicine is like being lured in with Chick-fil-A…but it’s Sunday”

“My whole body is a tender point today”

“My body kept growing, and so did my mind, but my music taste did not”

“You can’t get this abuse anywhere else” -A physician on the verge of retirement recalling his medical training

“If he was trying to light a fire under our asses, he succeeded.”
“He wasn’t trying to light a fire under our asses, it’s more like he was shoving the fire up our asses. It’s like Indian food but in reverse.” -Very scared med students

“I’m gonna go so fucked by this test, which is ironic considering it’s all about sex”

“Are you even doing anything right now?” ‘Yeah I’m waiting for you to be soft, so really its your fault we are waiting.” -Med Students attempting cranial OMM

“This meme is really sassy.”
“Give it to me, I need to be put into my place”

“Its all fun and games in OMM until Dr. [Professor] finds a dysfunction” -Med Student in pain

“I’m pretty sure I’m an invasive species” -Med Student trying to survive in a new state

“I’m really hung over right now. And by really hungover, I mean my tummy is a little upset.”

“At no point while reading this did I expect what I was going to read next.” -Med Student reading the Dean's email

Share your best quotes below. Its been real, i'll see you all in therapy
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2023.06.09 19:55 sanantonioreport Voters in District 1 and District 7 to decide City Council runoff races Saturday

Voters in District 1 and District 7 to decide City Council runoff races Saturday submitted by sanantonioreport to u/sanantonioreport [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:53 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Permanent Placement Resources, LLC Salina Regional Health Center Gypsum
Cargill Utility Helper Kansas City
Tyson Foods Maintenance Supervisor - Night Shift Kansas City
Cargill Utility Worker Kansas City
Cargill Electro Mechanical Technician Kansas City
Cargill Electro Mechanic Technician Overland Park
Permanent Placement Resources, LLC ER Physician Salina
Permanent Placement Resources, LLC Salina Regional Health Center Salina
CNH Industrial Welder - 2nd Shift Towanda
UniFirst Route Service Manager - UniFirst Wichita
Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER Cardiac Nurse Wichita
UnitedHealth Group Health and Social Services Coordinator- Field Based Pottawatomie, Riley, Clay, Marshall, Wabaunsee - KS Clay Center
24/7 Travel Stores Assistant General Manager Collyer
BG Products, Inc Technical Service Advisor Derby
Redbarn Pet Products LLC Administrative Assistant (Entry Level) Great Bend
Empowerme Wellness Clinic Director - Physical Therapist (PT) *$2,000 Sign on Bonus Leawood
UnitedHealth Group Health and Social Services Coordinator- Field Based Pottawatomie, Riley, Clay, Marshall, Wabaunsee - KS Manhattan
MTC Holding Corporation Administrative Services Specialist - Wealth Management Overland Park
Menorah Medical Center RN Medical Telemetry Part Time Overland Park
Menorah Medical Center Registered Nurse RN ICU Nights Overland Park
24/7 Travel Stores Maintenance Tech Salina
BayMark Health Services Part Time Addiction Counselor Tecumseh
UnitedHealth Group Health and Social Services Coordinator- Field Based Pottawatomie, Riley, Clay, Marshall, Wabaunsee - KS Topeka
BayMark Health Services A&D Therapist Topeka
BayMark Health Services Addiction Counselor Topeka
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 19:52 hemangiparmar49 Exploring the Hidden Gems of Rajkot - A Comprehensive Local Guide

Hey fellow Redditors,

I recently came across an amazing blog called Rajkot Local Guide, and I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you. If you're planning a visit to the vibrant city of Rajkot in Gujarat, India, this blog is an absolute goldmine of information.

Here's the link: Rajkot Local Guide

Rajkot is a city rich in history, culture, and traditions. It has so much to offer to both tourists and locals alike. Whether you're a foodie looking for delicious street food spots, a history enthusiast eager to explore ancient monuments, or an adventurer seeking offbeat destinations, this blog has got you covered.

The Rajkot Local Guide blog provides a comprehensive overview of the city's attractions, including:

Historical Landmarks: Discover fascinating historical sites like Watson Museum, Jubilee Garden, and Mohandas Gandhi High School.

Foodie Delights: Indulge in the culinary delights of Rajkot with detailed recommendations for local street food, iconic restaurants, and must-try dishes.

Shopping Extravaganza: Get insights into the vibrant shopping scene of Rajkot, from bustling local markets to modern shopping malls.

Art and Culture: Immerse yourself in Rajkot's artistic heritage by exploring art galleries, attending cultural events, and experiencing traditional dance and music performances.

Day Trips and Weekend Getaways: Uncover nearby attractions and scenic spots around Rajkot for a memorable day trip or weekend getaway.

The blog features well-written articles, captivating photographs, and practical tips to make the most of your time in Rajkot. The author's passion for the city shines through each post, making it an engaging and informative read.

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned Rajkot resident, Rajkot Local Guide is a valuable resource that will help you unearth the hidden gems of this beautiful city.

So, if you're planning a trip to Rajkot or simply want to explore more about this incredible destination, I highly recommend checking out Rajkot Local Guide. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Happy exploring, and feel free to share your own Rajkot experiences and recommendations in the comments below.
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2023.06.09 19:51 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in VA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cox-Powell HVAC Technician Richmond
TruBlue Total House Care Lead Handyman/Home Service Technician Roanoke
All Day Plumbing Plumber Virginia Beach
Castellum Inc Operations Research Analyst Arlington
Wegmans Food Markets Sanitation Worker $500 Sign On Bonus Ashland
Wegmans Food Markets Warehouse Worker $500 Sign On Bonus Ashland
Wegmans Food Markets Sanitation Worker Ashland
SimVentions, Inc Glassdoor ✪ 4.6 Cloud System Administrator Brooke
SimVentions, Inc Glassdoor ✪ 4.6 RF Sensors Program Analyst Brooke
Wegmans Food Markets Druggist Charlottesville
Wegmans Food Markets Full Time Jobs Charlottesville
Wegmans Food Markets Valet Runner Charlottesville
Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront Chief Engineer Chesapeake
Tyson Foods Registered Nurse Danville
SimVentions, Inc Glassdoor ✪ 4.6 Technical Editor - Mid Level Garrisonville
UniFirst Route Service Manager - UniFirst Manassas
Chippenham Hospital RN Navigator Mechanicsville
Chippenham Hospital PCU RN Mechanicsville
Chippenham Hospital Progressive Care Nurse Mechanicsville
Travel Nurse Across America Intensive Care Unit - ER RN - TravelNurse Newport News
Wegmans Food Markets Full Time Jobs Palmyra
Wegmans Food Markets Janitor Palmyra
Wegmans Food Markets Cook Palmyra
Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront General Engineer Virginia Beach
Lifepoint Health Support Center Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at Fauquier Health Warrenton
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 19:50 Morgellons-Live "Mercury In Fish; Do We Absorb It?" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"Mercury In Fish; Do We Absorb It?
I conducted a laboratory experiment in 1989 in which I planned to discover how much, if any, mercury stored in animal's bodies when they ate raw and cooked swordfish. I chose swordfish because it is considered to contain highest levels of mercury, and because it is my favorite-tasting fish. I wanted to know if I had been contaminating myself with that delicious tasting fish.
First, the lab technician placed ads for dogs and cats aged 11-14. We chose that elderly group because it is considered most susceptible to easy contamination and illness from all sorts of toxic sources, including food consumption. We obtained 8 dogs and 8 cats of various kinds. All appeared unhealthy.
To obtain a 30-60 pounds swordfish, I called several fishing boat businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura. After several days, I found 4 fishermen who promised to call me as soon as they, or one of their clients who was willing to sell his or her catch, caught a large-enough swordfish. After 5 days, I bought a 53 pound swordfish for the experiment. Seven cubes of swordfish equaling one pound were weighed, reduced1, tested and analyzed for mercury content. The mercury level was very high at 13.3 µg/g (probably because of all of the military and industrial waste from Oxnard and Ventura).
I divided the dogs and cats equally into 2 groups: Group A ate raw swordfish and Group B ate the same swordfish baked on a stainless steel grid. I joined Group A, eating nothing but raw swordfish for 5 days. Each portion was weighed proportionately to the size and weight of the animal and recorded so that we would know how much mercury each animal consumed.
All animals were equipped with catheters to collect their urine. All urine and feces were collected, bottled in glass, labeled with the name/number of the animal and preserved in refrigeration without additives. Imediately after urinating, animals were allowed to exercise only on concrete because we did not want them eating any grass or dirt. Only 4-16 ounces of water were provided for each animal to drink, according to size and weight.
No food was consumed for the last 2 days of the 7- day swordfish-eating experiment. Group A (raw) showed excellent energy levels and calm dispositions throughout. Group B (cooked) showed fair to good energy levels with moments of erratic energy surges where they paced anxiously for up to 40 minutes.
After seven days passed, all urine and feces were weighed and tested in batches for each animal separately. Group B's (cooked) mercury-results ranged from 1.1-1.64 µg/g. Group A's (raw) mercury-results ranged from 12.25-13.03 µg/g.
Analysis Group B discarded in feces and urine only 8-12% of the mercury contained in the cooked swordfish that they ate. Group B retained 88-92% of the mercury contained in the cooked swordfish that they ate. (Some of the mercury may have exuded out of the skin, nails and hair).
Group A discarded in feces and urine 92-98% of the mercury contained in the raw swordfish that they ate. Group A retained only 2-8% of the mercury contained in the raw swordfish that they ate. (Some of the mercury may have exuded out of the skin, nails and hair).
When we examined the feces and urine from both groups under an electronic microscope, we saw that in Group B very few cholesterols (fats) attached to mercury molecules. In Group A, massive amounts of cholesterols attached and encapsulated mercury molecules.
Conclusion Group B retained most of the mercury in the cooked swordfish and contaminated its consumers' bodies with mercury (neurological toxicity). Group A discarded most of the mercury in the raw swordfish, preventing mercury contamination within their bodies. Eating swordfish raw prevents mercury retention and contamination. Eating swordfish cooked causes mercury retention and contamination.
1 Both analytical methods were used for each animals waste:
Hotplate digestion, acid digestion of sediment, sludges and soils. Manual cold-vapor (new, at the time, EPA adopted methods in 1994). EPA Method 3050B, and 7470A, respectively."
submitted by Morgellons-Live to TrueAajonus [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:50 dispiriteddays Joe Hawley Joe Hawley Theory

To start, I don't know if anyone has thought of this before and before posting this I have searched for this exact theory but I haven't found it. So if you have seen or thought of it before then thats pretty cool and you should respond to this post.
My theory is that the album Joe Hawley Joe Hawley is a sort of love letter to his career and friends, with each song representing something.
Going in order, heres my interpretation:
Joe Hawley Attacks: I believe this either is about Joe himself or is about the album. Nothing too crazy here
Black People White People: This to me is either about Cojum Dip or Bora as he is featured on the song or could be about Good & Evil as the theme of Good & Evil is opposite spectrums. Many songs carry that theme but specifically "&"
Bring Her Along: This one is about Andrew or Edu as he is features on the song.
Crazy Food: I don't entirely have an idea of what this could be. If you have any idea, let me know.
Rotary Park: This one is about Zubin as it details the Rotary Park incident and Zubin is heard singing on the song. I also found the use of the term "And Lo" to be a nod to Hawaii Pt:ii
Your Mother is a Basketball: I also do not know what this one could be. It reminds me of Rob but I do not know why.
Hoodz'n the Woodz: This one too is a hard one for me so if you have anything let me know.
The Apologue of Hot Rod Duncan: This one is obviously to Ross who is featured on the song. The title and songs story is based off of one of their THIS episodes where they go to a music festival because they see a magazine that says Hot Rod Duncan with Ross' likeness on there.
Lained S'eltotsirA: This I don't know either but I feel the fact that its reversed is somewhat a reference to The Mind Electric as the beginning half is a reversed version of the song.
Bahamian Rap City: This one is to Hawaii Pt:ii as stylistically it is similar to Dream Sweet in Sea Major and it has a line saying "Dreaming Sweet in C" As well as the term "Lo" being said again.
We are in Space: I also don't have an idea for this one.
Go to Bed: This one is nod to his beginnings in anonYmous as it is the same song as Break It Down but with different lyrics.
I thought this was a cool theory and if you have anything to add please do as I'm obviously missing some pieces. Sorry if this is unorganized or there is any errors as I don't normally do stuff like this.
submitted by dispiriteddays to tallyhall [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:44 Cpt_Dizzywhiskers Mr & Mrs Fulco: Some recurring NPCs

This is something I didn't get a chance to fully incorporate into my last campaign, so I thought I'd stick the unused ideas up here to prevent them driving me nuts.
Basic premise
Mr & Mrs Fulco are a pleasant elderly couple of whatever race you like who have decided to devote their last years together to travel/sightseeing/tourism. However, their insistance on saving every penny possible via magic they have no idea how to use leads to the party regularly encountering them stuck in some situation they need rescuing from.
(It's important to note that the couple are more than wealthy enough to pay their way, they just stubbornly insist that it's just good financial sense not to spend money unless absolutely necessary. Often their schemes are counterproductive or needlessly convoluted, but it's the principle of the thing, you see.)
My party first encountered the Fulcos on the ship taking them to the city where the campaign was set. I'd ripped off The Oblong Box by having the superstitious crew convinced that a recent series of accidents was due to there being a corpse on board, with suspicion falling on Mr Fulco and the large sealed box he kept in his cabin. Party investigated, found Mrs Fulco dead inside. Mr Fulco frantically explained that this was their way of only buying one ticket on ocean voyages- they would take turns being smuggled aboard ship dead, then pay for a resurrection spell at the destination. Party had to choose between appeasing the ship's crew by tossing the dead woman overboard, or keeping the couple's secret. (If they toss her overboard, Mr Fulco jumps in after her and washes up at the end destination, still clinging to the box with his dead wife inside).
Some other ways I'd planned to have the couple show up as the party travelled around, not all of which I wound up managing to fit in:
* The Fulco's plan had been to use a levitate spell to get Mr Fulco up to their hotel room window without him having to pay. But as they bought the levitate scroll on the cheap from a bloke at the docks, the spell didn't wear off and Mrs Fulco last saw her husband drifting eastward over the city towards the mountains.
* Their plan was to sneak Mr Fulco into the theatre by mixing their own shrinking potion in their hotel bathtub and concealing him in his wife's handbag. Sadly Mrs Fulco's handbag was snatched by a thief on the way to the theatre. Party must find thieves, the bag, and the tiny man within. (The homemade nature of the potion can be used to explain why it doesn't simply wear off after one minute, and also why he shrinks by more than 1/2 his original size.)
* Mr Fulco approaches the party holding a wooden parrot, a distressed look on his face. They bought a polymorph amulet from a travelling merchant who seemed so trustworthy, hoping to enter an event with Mrs Fulco posing as an exotic pet. Instead when she put it on, she turned into a solid piece of wood shaped like a parrot and none of the mages in town seem able to remove the effect. Party must track down the travelling merchant to find out what the nature of the amulet actually is.
* A drunken sorcerer in a tavern convinced Mr Fulco that any idiot was capable of learning the spell Blink, and went on to provide a more or less coherant tutorial in between mouthfuls of rum. But when Mr Fulco tried to use it to get into an art gallery without paying he failed to un-blink, and now somebody needs to head into the Ethereal Plane to find him (assuming the Ethereal Plane is where he ended up of course...)

There's probably tons more you could come up with, but those were the ones I decided to stick with. I played the couple as friendly but eccentric, and endearing proud of their own demented schemes to save an insignificant amount of money, which helped with making the players want to help them out. If your party don't take to them, you can always use the fact that the couple are wealthy to let the party negotiate for enough a reward to get them interested.
Oh, and if anyone asks why they don't just use boring invisibility spells, it's because they aren't as young as they used to be and don't have the energy to spend all day trying to avoid bumping into people :p
submitted by Cpt_Dizzywhiskers to DMAcademy [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:44 CawmeKrazee Just finished writing up the basics for my first Capital. Need opinions

I want to get opinions on this homebrew capital that i wrote up. Get some ideas. It's just the bare basics at the moment.
Races: Human, Elves, tabaxi, Goblins.
Population: 150k
King Blaive’s Royal Guard
- To protect the King and Crystal Vale
- Massive Military Presence, special magic crystals that lets them use magic quicker and easier.
- force taxes on other towns outside what they have currently.
Noble Families
- to live in luxury
- influence over the market trade
- to spread out into other towns for the King to help rule over them.
Farmer’s guild
- To make sure they have food for their city
- lots of farmland outside the walls of the city
- to expand the farms making them larger so food can be easily available
Jackson Mining
- better equipment for mining
- have tools and people for mining the magic crystal
- Plan to try and make crystals not exclusive just in Crystal Vale & want to expand their distribution
Rebels of Balance
- lower taxes and help out the slums of the city
- spies, people within the mines of Crystal Vale that smuggles magic crystal to them.
- overthrow the monarchy and appoint a new leader
Crystal Mining Caverns
- Make Tools
-protective gear for miners
- process and refine the gems
- Make food that helps feed the miners
- gets crystals in return for use in farming
- provide homes to miners without one.
- trade the crystals but are taxed heavily
- have their own market stalls/buildings
- have connections to nobles
King’s Crystal Crown of Destiny
- Whoever wears this crown was chosen by destiny to lead
- is made from pear magic crystal
- was owned by the first King of Crystal Vale 1000+ years ago
- is said to be powered by the gods themselves
Fountain of the Kings
- Carved from a pure and massive magic crystal.
- has the past kings carved into it
- it is said the water has healing properties but no one is allowed to touch the water in it.
Royal Guard’s Drop of Fate
- A massive hole that prisoner’s are pushed into if the crime is deemed too severe for normal punishment
- Rumored to connect straight to hell
- if prisoners are able to climb out after surviving the fall somehow. They are allowed to walk free.
Magic Tech
- crystal powered street lamps
- magic crystal powered machines with robotic arms
- magic crystal weaponry
submitted by CawmeKrazee to DMAcademy [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:38 Morgellons-Live "Does Rabies Exist?" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"Does Rabies Exist?
You claim rabies is a myth, whilst science calls it a virus. What are purported 'carriers', such as frothy-mouthed dogs, detoxifying from and is there any danger from being bitten?
In all of my travels, especially living off of a bicycle for 3 years, out of the thousands of sick dogs and cats, I saw only four who frothed at the mouth. One was a puppy who had a terrible reaction to his puppy vaccines that dissolved his digestive tract. I saw another dog with frothing mouth which had eaten poisoned food from a neighbor. The poison dissolved his esophagus and stomach.
The third was my cat. Embarrassing as this is and as shamed as I am to have done this, I will reveal the circumstance. When I became a raw vegetarian, I forced my adopted cat, a known carnivore, to be vegetarian. It was about 3 years after my autism went into remission and my nutritional studies were all I lived for. After a few weeks, he refused to eat anything raw vegetarian, even raw dairy. Even though I did that and knew that I was responsible, he stayed loyal to me and cuddled with me. Two months after that change in his diet, he died in my lap frothing at the mouth.
I performed an autopsy on him in the bathtub. The decaying odor from the inside of his body was astounding. The frothing at the mouth was the result of him digesting his stomach. The rest of his body was almost completely dehydrated. Rigamortis was everywhere but not his stomach. He continued to produce hydrochloric acid but he had no mucous on his stomach lining. The acid ate his stomach lining causing a frothy reaction.
I have been bitten by several animals in my youth. One was a ground hog that we were supposed to keep for 10 days to ensure it did not have rabies but it died 3 days later. My mother and doctor talked about giving me the painful rabies shots just in case. When I saw the needle heading for my stomach, I refused and put up the biggest uncontrollable tantrum mom had ever seen. The doctor said that they should wait to see if I have symptoms in the next 5 days. I did not develop any.
Also, I was bitten by several snakes, horses, goats, a wild rabbit and several mad dogs but no Englishmen. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I was bicycling on a narrow road in a wooded area only 3/4 of a mile from home when a dog raced from its yard, chased me and bit my ankle. I noticed he frothed at his mouth but did not know what it meant. I immediately rode home and showed my mother the lesion. After examining it, she asked where was the dog that bit me. We got in the car and I showed her the way as she drove.
When we arrived at the dilapidated wooden house from where the dog had charged me, my mother parked on the street. The dog came charging at the car, growling and barking, frothing at its mouth. My mom looked more concerned. An unclean middle-aged-looking woman came and restrained the dog and put him in the house. My mother and I exited the car and approached her.
Mother asked her if her dog had its rabies shot within a year. The woman opened her mouth to speak and revealed that nearly all of the teeth she had were rotten and jagged, some were missing. In a somewhat loud voice, she gruffly told mom that her dog did not bite anybody and that it was none of her business.
My mother showed my lesion to the woman. The woman said that I must have crashed on the bike and one of the spokes punctured my ankle and I would not admit it. Mom looked at me queryingly. I did not understand the words but I knew the woman denied her dog bit me. Mom observed me and knew the dog had bitten me. Again, she asked the woman if her dog had its rabies shot. The woman blurted back, "Yeh. Now go on and leave us alone."
I could see in mom's face that she did not believe the woman and was concerned. When we arrived home, she called the doctor and he explained the indications to look for in the next 7 days. They symptoms of what rabies is supposed to do did not happen.
In my examination and research of rabies, all of the images I saw of the "virus" were computer or somehow graphically generated. All of the other imagines that are shown are of tissue that could have been altered by any number of causes and animals claimed to have rabies. Nothing with scientific evidence. In the late 70's, after I return from living outdoors mostly from a bicycle, I investigated two cases of people who the news stated had rabies. I used the Freedom of Information act to get the names of the people reported. County health department did not have any record of the cases.
Since one of them had been shown on the news, I called NBC News and asked for the name of the person interviewed. They gave me the name but would not give me the address or phone number. I told them I was a medical researcher and asked if they would call him and give my number to him. I received a return call from NBC that the number they had been given for him was not in service. I searched for the man with that name and there were many. I called everyone over the next 2 weeks and no one admitted to having had rabies.
Finally, I asked NBC News for the hospital in which he was videotaped. They did not know because they did not take it themselves, the recording was giving to them. Again, I called the county health department and asked about the two rabies cases reported last month and they did not know what hospital was involved. I stated that it was impossible for them not to know if it were reported to them. I asked who the doctors were who reported the cases. They did not know that either. I realized it was planted news. As journalist Jon Rappaport calls it "fake news" to generate gain for someone or many.
No one has shown me any evidence that rabies really exists. To me, it is simply another myth created by people promoting health fear and profiting from it. Just think how much money is involved when politicians make laws that every dog and cat must have yearly rabies shots. Billions if not trillions of dollars are involved yearly. It is exactly the same as health departments creating a mythical disease claimed to be caused by raw milk whenever they want to promote a law against raw milk or stop one that favors raw milk."
submitted by Morgellons-Live to TrueAajonus [link] [comments]