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2008.07.19 20:02 Tijuana

Welcome to Tijuana! Sister city to San Diego and over all borderland. This city is not as scary as the media might have you believe. Our community is small but the city is gigantic. There is much more to Tijuana than you can imagine.

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2023.06.02 10:49 Acrobatic-Standard87 Left Stranded: Coping with Heartbreak and Betrayal After Moving for Love

Hello everyone,
I'm reaching out to share my story of heartbreak. My (25F) ex-partner (29M), whom I had moved across the continent to be with, ended our relationship just two weeks before our wedding. I met him through a family friend who thought we would be compatible, and while I initially pursued him, he soon began pursuing me relentlessly. After multiple conversations about marriage, he assured me he was ready and, due to his immigration status, I made the decision to move to his country of residence.
We spent two wonderful months together preparing for our wedding, but then he suddenly left me without explanation. I was left without a job, very little savings, and unable to recover much of the money I had spent on wedding preparations. It's been 6.5 months since the breakup, and I'm still struggling to move on. I've asked him for closure, but he refuses to give me any explanation.
I find myself constantly ruminating on why this happened to me. I struggle with self-doubt and feel like I'm not worthy of love. I can't help but wonder if he intentionally left me stranded in a foreign land with no support. I've even considered seeking revenge.
I've tried therapy, but it hasn't helped me move on. I feel like I'm scarred for life and will never be able to trust anyone again. Seeing others happy in their relationships only adds to my pain.
If anyone has any advice or words of encouragement, I would greatly appreciate it.
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2023.06.02 10:48 kardiasteria Psych meds lessen my anxiety, depression, and mood swings... Along with everything else.

For reasons that aren't super relevant, I was staunchly against seeing a therapist or going on medications all through my teen years, but in my early-mid 20's, I reached a point where I was simply no longer capable of resisting suicide on my own, and I had people I needed to look out for, so I bit the bullet and got help. Got diagnosed with bipolar II, PTSD, social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD, which is a little different than OCD). Was put on meds, which, though having been tweaked and added to since, I am still on now, around decade later. I was in therapy for a couple years, but stopped going due to insurance changes.
The meds help, a lot. I literally would not be alive without them. To avoid making a whole list, I'll just say that there are many, many ways that they've made life infinitely more bearable. But I also feel like they've half hollowed out my whole chest.
I've much fewer mood swings, and when I have them, they're not as drastic. I don't feel anxiety or depression nearly as badly as I used to, nor as often, nor over as many things. I don't feel anything else the way I used to though, either; Joy, excitement, love, grief, anger, sympathy/empathy... It's not that I don't still have those things, but they're so much less now. Dull. I was always a very passionate person, with big emotions, and there just isn't the same kind of intensity in me anymore, to the point where sometimes my feelings are nearly unrecognizable to me.
Do I actually love X Thing? Because this isn't the same as when I loved something before. Am I actually looking forward to Y Event? This isn't the same as when I was excited for something before. Did I actually care about this Person/Pet that's died as much as I thought I did? This isn't the same pain as when I've lost someone I cared about before.
I'm relieved and perpetually thankful for how much less difficult it generally is for me to manage these days, but it's sort of like, what's the point of managing when nothing moves me the way it should? When the metaphorical colors of everything are so washed out?
I wonder, often, whether it's really a price that I'm willing to pay for the rest of my life.
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2023.06.02 10:45 psycho_frog_420_69 O/C after O/C What Shoes?

Hey all.. I'm a new GM, who literally wants all the hours. This leads to me either working Open to Close in one store, or opening one and leaving to go close another. I'm on my feet, up and moving around from about 8am to around 2am, every single day (like shoes on in the morning to shoes off at night).
And my feet are KILLING me. Big surprise, I know 🤣.
I've been battling this by changing my shoes a few (like 2 or 3) times a day. At this point my trunk is really just shoe storage... To be real, I'm kinda over my feet hurting, and in turn that causing my knees and hips to hurt... I love my hours, and literally wouldn't change them for the world (and when my bosses tried to, I panicked). I just don't want to hurt all day.
I've looked online trying to find the "best shoes for 18 hour days" and 90% says crocks (I can't stand them and my boss would perfer if we didn't wear them).
That brings me here. I know somewhere I'm the world of Reddit is another person who loves to OC 7 days a week, and has found the perfect shoe....
Can yall help me?
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2023.06.02 10:40 hsarda21 24M [Friendship] Looking for a potential best friend and more

Here are some details about me
Age - 24
Height - 5'8
Hobbies - Gaming, Reading, Writing, Music, Anime, Movies
Profession - Software Developer

Here are some specific things about me -
- I tend to get more comfortable after knowing someone, and that's when I can really show them my crazy and weird side by being completely myself.
- I like brutal honesty above everything. I believe if two people whether in a relationship or friendship can be honest and communicate without shame or ego, that would solve almost all the problems and help them both grow.
- Playing games has always been my escape as it's something I always have total control over, everything else in life always seems to stumble and not turn out the way I would expect.- I am looking for a friend who would really like to know me and understand me deeply. I of course would like to do the same. Having someone to talk to about things and general every day, both of us can have each other's back! :)
- I would be happy if we click then we can eventually move to another platform like Discord or voice chat.
Games I have played - Dota 2, R6 Siege, Sea of Thieves, Payday 2, New World, AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla, Skyrim and lots more

Games I am currently playing - Destiny 2 and Warframe
Movies I enjoyed a lot - Inception, LoTR Trilogy, Marvel and DC franchise, Harry Potter and others
TV Shows I have watched - TBBT, Friends, HIMYM, Rings of Power, Flash, Arrow
Some of my Fav shows - Sherlock, Mr Robot
Anime I have watched - Naruto, Attack on Titan, Bleach

Let's have a chat and find out more!
You can ask me for a picture in chat.
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2023.06.02 10:38 aloysha Door lock replacement without landlord?

I live in Philadelphia and a rent an apartment with an outside electronic keypad lock and and inside elecyronic keypad lock. Recently the inside door has been giving me trouble and not opening consistently, making me try a dozen times in different ways (ex. holding/pushing door at different angles while opening). I tried swapping to new batteries but it didn't help. I was given two keys when I moved in but they were only for the outside door and the mail box. I contacted the landlord via text more than a week ago and didn't get a response, tried contacting them again a couple days ago via text and phone with their official contact info and no response. Finally got through via a maintenance request and they're saying it will be Monday until they can call a locksmith. Can I just find one on my own and Bill the landlord?
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2023.06.02 10:37 Sufficient_Ad7727 Sister in Law living with MIL and boyfriend who doesn’t work.

I’ll do my best to explain the situation best I can. My sister in law moved in with my Mother in Law last year to help her pay rent. My husband’s Uncle bought the home some years ago from my mother in law and told her she could live there rent free. Unfortunately the house went into terrible disrepair due to an animal hoarding issue so it needed a complete renovation. Upon moving back into the house last year my husbands Uncle (who owns the house) decided to begin charging rent due to the costs incurred by remodeling. My sister in law and her boyfriend decided to move in with my mother in law and promised they would pay the full rent every month and that my mother in law wouldn’t pay a dime. Just yesterday my MIL told my husband that my sister in law has been asking for hundreds of dollars. Some of it was to pay for car repairs, late registration and part of rent. My sister in laws boyfriend hasn’t had a stable job for the last 17 years of their relationship and they lived with his father up until recently and never paid rent. My sister in law says it’s like pulling teeth getting her boyfriend to look for stable work. She works two jobs and goes to school so she definitely is doing the best she can. Her boyfriend is a nice person and does clean and cook but seems to have trouble going out and getting a job.
My question is… Should we intervene in anyway? My mother in law is 80 yrs old and has some health issues. We just feel like she shouldn’t have to be worrying about money on her very fixed income and of course not enabling her daughter & boyfriends situation.
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2023.06.02 10:36 Cool-Possibility-823 Anyone here an only child or only grandchild with narcissist parents or grandparents.

I feel so incredibly alone in the world. I’m an only child, and an only grandchild. I’m 35 and about to move back home to help with my 91 year old grandma who I’m pretty sure is a covert narcissist or just an incredible flying monkey for all of my narcissistic cousins. I grew up with my mom beating me, and I really don’t know where to go except to go take care of her. Tell me your stories give me a little encouragement. I’m getting evicted soon and I’m thinking about just going in the woods and shooting myself instead of walking back into my family after a decade. I also might have Huntington’s and no one in my family cares. I feel so alone.
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2023.06.02 10:36 Natural_Shoulder_729 I(24F) don’t understand the relationship between me and my potential love interest/friend(24M)

Before corona, I used to meet with this guy on and off for a while, on our friends gathering he tried to have sex with me and I refused. Then corona happened and we drifted off on our own lives. Recently he asked me to help him with his moving(bcs I have a car and he doesn’t). It was fun talking to him and I was finally open to a relationship after a long time so I kinda got attracted to this guy and started seeing him as my potential boyfriend/partner. Since then we met up almost everyday, spent a lot of time together and he was nothing but sweet and caring. Only problem was his friends talk about sex almost all the time and it’s uncomfortable for me. A few weeks ago he brought me to a mountain parking lot with a lot of cars and told me it was a popular spot for car sex and what and whatnot. We talked for 2hs and went our separate ways.
That night I told him I’ve never slept with anyone and it’s uncomfortable and confusing when he talks abt such things, and how I see him as a man with potential future with me and asked abt what he thought about our relationship via text. He left me on read for 2 days and told me he never thought me as a romantic partner, have been seeing me as just a friend this whole time, so he didn’t know what to do.
I do enjoy his presence, my feelings for him is almost close to nothing, so I explained that in detail and we’ve been meeting up like before the texting happened.
What I don’t understand is we look like couple on the outside and many people thinks that we are. And he reports everything he did, when where and with whom. I actually don’t care abt such things but when he asks what I did, who did I meet, I get the feeling he’s like a jealous husband. How do I proceed with this relationship? Do I meet with other people to go on dates? Or wait for things to naturally go south with him? The thing is I want a relationship NOW, and haven’t decided on a partner yet.
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2023.06.02 10:36 lirannl [Israel] Have any Israelis here done a legal sex change?

I (mtf) have a psychiatric evaluation booked with the gender committee at the end of the month. Has anyone been through them? What are they like?
So far, I've only dealt with transitioning under the Australian system, and I didn't know I was a woman until I moved out.
I'm hoping someone can help me understand what the Israeli gender committee expects.
Do I have to pretend like any of the following apply to me (none of these do)?
Any other advice?
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2023.06.02 10:35 louis417asdo Upgrade Exchange 13 to 16, while need to upgrade Veritas Enterprise Vault from 12.4 to 14.4


We try to upgrade Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016, and in meanwhile upgrade EV12.4 to EV14.4 with new OS and MSSQL server. In-place upgrade is not an option for us as there are risks to lose data (4TB size). We currently only do mailbox archive, no journal archiving or files archive.

Currently the environment is like below:
Exchange 2013, with EV12.4 & SQL Server 2012.

Migrate users from EX13 to EX16 I got experiences, but for Enterprise Vault I have no idea.... I planned to build a complete new EV14.4 site, then move archives from EV12 to EV14.

But what are the exact steps?? I have no idea... I have below questions:
  1. When I migrate users from EX13 to EX16, can they still access archives on EV12?
  2. How to migrate EV12 archives to EV14? Do I need to connect EX16 to both EV12 and EV14 so all users on EX16 can touch their archives?

Please bro and sis, I need help here!! Appreciate if anyone could share their experiences!!
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2023.06.02 10:35 ConsiderationPure742 Advice: US MBA in Australia? Profile Review: 26 Asian Australian Female, Consulting

Hi all! Really appreciate any thoughts or insights.
Overview: Worked at Monitor Deloitte (strategy consulting) for past 4 years and have had overseas project experience in Asia and Europe. Moved to the New York office and have been promoted twice ranked top of cohort in both Australia and the US. I would likely be aiming for R2 applications or R1 in 2024 as I have only just started considering the MBA route and have yet to take the GMAT / GRE.
- Flew alone to Europe to deliver a project for 3 months (partner stayed in Australia)
- Volunteered in Philippines to help microfinancing + building homes (many years ago - don't have any outside of work volunteering experiences in the US yet)
- Passionate about women in business / consulting: led organization of seminars in Aus and facilitated minority manager training sessions in the US
- Competed, led and placed in several international case competitions during college
- Held many high leadership positions (however this is also in college so not sure if relevant)
Why MBA: I did a 3-year undergrad business degree in Australia and would like a more holistic education. My experiences are quite narrow predominantly being in consulting and I am looking for more well rounded personal growth and to expand my network / experiences. Short term I'm looking at more operations associate roles at a PE firm (want to pivot from advice into operating). Long term I would love to have opportunities as GM / upper mgmt / c-suite ops roles in medium to large corporate companies and my hypothesis is that these qualifications are required in the US especially as a female + asian (not sure about Australia though).
- Is my profile generic / competitive? Would I have a chance at M7, if not what improvements would be needed (e.g. more recent leadership / volunteering experience)?
- Does my rationale for an MBA make sense in the US or would I be able to achieve that outcome without it?
- Does my rationale for an MBA make sense in Aus? I am struggling to understand how valued it is there as I have heard that practical experience is more valued and I am aiming to stay in the US in the medium term (5-8 years)

Any insight / advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.
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2023.06.02 10:34 Icy-Progress-4213 most insane game i have ever played

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2023.06.02 10:34 HabaschMa Battle Smith help

I have 2 questions:
Is there any publicly available podcast or video of a campaign with a battle smith? i know there was a short time when Sam Riegel played one for critical role but i have not been able to find anything else.
The other thing is, i need help from creative people for how my steel defender should look. I'll probably play some sort of dwarf runesmith as a frontline for our party in a low technology world and so far i was thinking that the best thing would be some sort of stone golem inscribed with lots of runes that would be imbued with the magic to make him move and function. What would be other looks it could have?
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2023.06.02 10:33 wifeofweasle2408 My step-grandma couldn't stand me

First I have to explain a bit about my family situation. My dads mother died under weird circumstances when my dad was only 14 years old. She crashed with her perfectly working car and it did burst into flames killing her instantly. My grandpa moved on rather quickly and married my dads stepmom. My dad and my aunt are pretty sure they had something going on while their mom was still alive and the car was manipulated but there's no evidence and my grandpa is still fighting everything off to this day. My step-grandma never once dropped something nice about their mother. She badmouthed her in every way possible. The stepmom wasn't the best person to be around in general and my dad moved out as soon as he could.
Soon after my parents met, got married and had me. I pretty much look like my dad so it was no surprise that I looked really similar to his mom when I grew older. We compared pictures of her at the age 11 to me (when I was 11) and we looked almost identical. Apart from the hair (I inherited my moms curls) I still am her Mini Me which makes my dad really happy.
My step-grandma hated the fact that I looked like my bio-grandma and despite being the only grandchild she was never fond of me. When I was around 12 years old the stepmother died. I've only met her 4 or 5 times so I wasn't too sad and neither was my dad. My grandpa however was devastated. This is the first time in 40 years he was on his own. So we decided to spend the summer with him to help him get settled. My dad, who is a professional chef taught him how to cook balanced meals, my mom cleaned out the house and me and my childhood dog Trevor entertained them with laughter and plays. His house was huge (he since moved into a nursing home) and really old school. I spent the nights in my dad's old bedroom.
One night I woke up at around 2 am. I tried to fall back asleep but Trevor, who slept next to my bed growled at the door. I thought that someone was going to the bathroom and woke Trevor up. I got up and looked out the hallway - nothing but pitch black darkness. I went back to bed but felt really uneasy. Something was off. I turned on my nightstand lamp and grabbed a book from my dad's old shelf to distract myself. I opened it and saw a signature
"Happy Birthday Chris, love Mommy" Darkness. My lamp was turned off. I tried to turn it on again but it didn't work. Mind you this room was really old so I thought the light bulb just gave up. I tapped through the darkness and turned the headlights on. They worked but they flickered like crazy. Trevors growling turned into whimpering so I turned it off again and went back to bed. I put the book on the night stand and closed my eyes.
But I listened. I heard my dogs breathing and... footsteps? Footsteps out in the hallway. I knew my family members footsteps and it sounded nothing like my mom. They were to light and dainty to be from a male. I jumped off, yanked my door open and turned on the hallway light.
Nothing. Just footsteps. They went quieter. Just like someone who's walking away from me.
The next day I asked if someone was awake and walked through the house that night but they all slept through. Only later I told my dad about my experience and about Trevors reaction. He laughed it off and just said that his stepmother probably doesn't want me to look at things related to his bio mom and she's only visiting me because I look like her. He was joking but deep down we both know he was probably right.
To this day I'm sure that my step-grandma was roaming through the night and didn't like that I, someone who resembles her husbands late wife, looked at things she bought for my dad. I am really proud to look like this amazing, elegant lady who brought my amazing dad and lovely aunt into this world. I wish I had met her since we apparently had my similar personality traits as well.
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2023.06.02 10:33 b1scuittt [PC] [2000s] A top-down game with cars

This is going to be a very low detailed description, but I will try my best.
In this game, you control several vehicles that have different colors and properties. I think there was at least a tank and some kind of a truck. I also believe that the truck always had a brown or purple color, and the tank was blue.
One particular vehicle that might help to identify this game - a vehicle with a drill. It could drill through stone (like walls on the map), and it was probably yellow.
You move your cars around (I remember it being turn-based) and fight something? Maybe a computer that controls the same set of cars. Different vehicles do different things, so it's some kind of a strategy game I guess.
I also remember a VOLCANO, or some sort of map with lava, with different paths and bridges made of stone across lava rivers.
The view was top-down or isometric.
If you have any idea, please let me know!
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2023.06.02 10:30 throwra262874 At a loss (Advice appreciated)

Throw away. I (17f) and my mom have always been close. It’s always been just us since she had me as a teen and my father abandoned us. I love my mom so so much, and she loves me but she has always has extreme anger issues and unable to control them. When she explodes she says whatever hurtful things she doesn’t mean just to hurt who she’s yelling at as much as possible. She always feels bad and apologizes afterwards. I have always tried to be the best daughter possible and to have her be proud of me. Our relationship was always good, she sacrificed a lot for me and spoiled me. But throughout the years things have cracked. Significant moments for example was when I was 10. I got a “gf” online. We where kids so it wasn’t serious and mostly silly role play but since the day she found I believe that was the moment that our relationship was never the same. I don’t remember much but she blew up and grounded me and that was that. As I grew up I mostly got in trouble for things I did on my phone, mostly innocent stuff but regardless she didn’t like it.
A couple years ago, one night she found out I had another unserious relationship with a girl and she blew up again (very experimental and self discovering years of my life) It ended up with me freaking out while she yelled at me about how she wished she didn’t have me and how she wanted to get rid of me. I was begging to be put into a mental hospital and that I needed help and there was something wrong with me. Since that night I saw everything differently and just can’t forget it. It’s embarrassing to say and this is my first time saying it to anyone but my mom, but I peed myself in my sleep a few weeks later for an unknown reason but now I assume it was from the trauma from our argument that night. Everything’s getting worse between us as now-days I know deep down she believes I’m evil bc I’m not religious.
I love her so much, she was a great mom during my childhood outside of her outbursts and she’s a good mom now in my eyes. But she thinks she owns me until I marry. And I think I need to move out and have a break from her. We need time apart and I can’t keep living under her values and do everything she wants instead of what I want for the rest of my life. I’m 18 next year and I’m scared. I’m scared of hurting her and me, I’m scared of her being mad at me for not being what she wants. I don’t know what to do anymore that won’t hurt either of us but I need to live for myself as well.
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2023.06.02 10:30 vloetharmon i got hired but i dont have any info on onboarding

hi guys! i recently just got hired at starbucks from a hiring fair and im soo excited! i got told i was hired via email 3 days ago. however, i originally applied to a different starbucks but i got moved to a new one (because it needed more people) and was asked to reapply and apply to this new location instead. i went ahead and applied. i was told by my manager on the same email that once the application had been completed, he would reach out to me via text or call to discuss onboarding. on the starbucks careers site it says my application is under consideration but not approved or anything like that. i was about to put my 2 weeks in at my current job but im not sure when ill be getting my onboarding info so i instead asked to be scheduled. should i reach out to the manager again via email and ask whats happening or is it too soon? i saw on a reddit post someone got their onboarding info a week later. pls help thank you guys!
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2023.06.02 10:29 pepperbihf [TOMT] [SERIES/MOVIE][2010s?] A horror/thriller movie of a religious community on a remote island, with a vampire being hidden by the priest

It is either a movie or a series, set on a remote, religious island in newer times. I think the movie/series was made at least after 2010 due to the production value, but I might be wrong. The more I think on it, the more I believe it is either a miniseries or a series.
We follow the lives of a religious, christian community, with a new priest who has just arrived. The main character is a guy who grew up on the island, but moved away to study and/or work, but now suffers from what I think was depression and PTSD, trying to come home to family and recoop. There are horrible tele-connections (bad phonelines, no internet), so the island is very secluded and focused on their religious community.
The community loves their new priest, saying he reminds them very much of their old priest who suffered from dementia and dissapeared after travelling to what I think was Egypt. Later, it is revealed to us that the new priest is actually the old priest, who in Egypt found a crypt with a creature he believed to be an angel. In reality, the creature was a vampire, who gave some of his blood to the old priest, revitalising him and making him young again. The priest, thinking this creature is an angel, brings the creature with him back to the island, where he keeps the creature hidden, slowly giving the community the blood of the vampire during their sermons, to help them become as revitalised as himself. I think there was a scene of a girl in a wheelchair who suddenly was able to walk again, strengthening the religious beliefs of the community. The sermons was also set later and later into the evening/night (midnight), since the priest become more and more like a vampire, not able to be in the sun as much.
In the end, the vampire escapes and feasts on the community, before leaving and hunting the people on the mainland. Not sure if they manage to kill the vampire or if it fled completely.
This has really bugged me for a while, and I really want to see it again, so I appreciate all the help I can get!
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2023.06.02 10:29 nun_atoll Peregrination

Since Mandy still had not turned up and most everyone else in the house had things to do, Paul decided little Dan could spend the rest of the morning, at least, with him. He got himself and the child properly dressed, then opted to tuck the lad into his own oversized coat as they stepped out into the blustery air.
"You can't walk much yet, eh?" Paul said.
"Haaa," Danny intimated.
"Well, I can haul you about. 'Sides, even if you could walk, you've no shoes."
They set off down the street, Paul humming to himself as he usually did. The baby's downy hair tickled under the shelf of his chin, and it almost made him laugh.
This was going to be an odd day.
At the corner, Betty and Joey from down the street were about to cross. Betty had her big shopping basket; they had paused so she could redo the buttons on Joey's jacket.
"Pree baby," Joey slurred as Paul stopped beside them, and his free hand fluttered upward for a moment before he looked worriedly to Betty.
"C'n I? C'n?"
"He's wondering if he could pat Danny's hair," Betty translated.
"Oh," Paul nodded. "Sure, I guess."
Joey's fingers gently played with the faint strands for a moment, and then Joey grinned.
"M'pal," he said, and pointed to Danny.
"You got duty today, hmm?" Betty murmured, trying to strike up conversation.
Paul nodded again.
"Yup. Mandy wasn't back yet, and everyone was busy, so..."
"Got a day off or that?"
"Sure," Paul said, and laughed weakly.
Betty and Joey headed on then, and Paul waved to them, then checked that he had Danny securely settled.
It was a little embarrassing to know he was one of the few on the street that had no proper job or other productive way to pass time. Mostly he walked around the city, window shopping and reading newspapers or magazines. Sometimes he went to a library and read up on things needed around the squat, like repairs. At least then he felt he was doing something.
Today, he figured, would be mostly a going-inside-places day. Probably he could have just stayed in the house, but that always made him feel half-mad. Still, with the baby along, it would make sense not to stay out in the cold too much. Poor little guy might freeze.
Still, they walked a long way before Paul decided to stop in at that silly little music shop, Muztara. That place was always a little too warm, but there were spots to sit, and the owners always had free tea and cake for customers.
The door of the shop had a whole little rig of tiny brass bells that it rang when opened; Danny seemed to like that. At least he laughed and made a repetitive little "Shhhiii, shiiii" noise for a bit after. The slouchy guy behind the till looked up and waved.
"Hey, Paul."
As Paul was moving toward the tea urn, the guy moved generally that direction as well, slotting some LPs into a bin.
"You got a kid now?" he asked.
"Uhm," Paul said, filling a styrene cup and settling himself on a bench.
"We got milk, if ya want. For the kid."
"Ah? Tha'd be great. Ta."
Unfastening his coat, Paul eased Danny out and plumped the kid down on the bench at his side.
"How old's he?" the slouchy guy asked, reappearing from some back room with the milk.
"Uh, just a year."
"Cool. 'S'name?"
"Daniel. Danny, mostly."
"Nice. Here ya go then, Danny."
The guy had poured some milk into a funny little plastic teacup, and he handed it carefully to the baby, who very seriously accepted it and then stared at it, confused. Shaking his head and smiling, Paul set his tea aside for a moment to help the little lad drink.
"He's not s' good with cups just yet."
"Ah. Figures, as he's s' young."
There were a lot of biscuits and cakes laid out near the tea urn in boxes, and now Danny was craning his head around to look at them.
"Bikit?" he asked.
"Okay, little guy. One biscuit."
Paul chose soft rather than something crunchy, figuring that was best for little teeth. Danny seemed happy either way, shoving his milk cup into Paul's hands so he could concentrate on the sweet.
They sat a long time there. Now and then other people entered the shop. A few commented on Danny, mostly saying he was real cute. Paul felt proud whenever they did, since they also mostly seemed to think he was the baby's dad. It was flattering, sort of.
Eventually, Danny got fussy, rubbing his eyes and leaning against Paul's arm, whining. Probably he was tired. Paul stood slowly, stretching, then picked Danny up and tucked him back into the coat, fastening it carefully.
"Headed back out?" the slouchy guy yawned.
"Have a good day."
Danny seemed happier once they were back on the street, burrowing his head against Paul's jumper and ceasing his whining. Paul decided a library might be all right next. It would be nice and quiet. Little guy might sleep a bit.
Sure enough, by the time they reached the intended destination, Danny was well asleep, drooling just slightly. No big deal.
For the hour and a half that Danny slept, Paul read mostly about gardening. At the squats, everyone sort of worked together to grow a bit of food in the back gardens to save money, and he had some ideas for new vegetable beds they could try in a few months. Nothing in the books seemed to indicate his ideas were insane; very good.
Once Danny was waking up, a little blinky and confused, Paul reshelved his books and they took off again.
"Wanna go to the park, Dan?" Paul asked.
"Parg? Parg."
So to a park they went. Danny toddled about in the grass, stopping here and there to sit or crouch and stare at some fascinating pebble or such. Paul followed him, making sure he did not swallow rocks or something. Presently, the kid stopped and, looking focused, stood very still a while, grunting. Then he looked up to Paul.
"Help," he said.
"What, little guy? What help?"
Kneeling, Paul instantly caught a whiff of what needed help.
"Ah, no. Jeez. Come on, Dan. We oughta head home."
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2023.06.02 10:28 Cautious-Radio7870 Sleep Paralysis Experience From November 2021

I have had sleep paralyais time to time throughout my life.
I had one in 2016 where I first heard a creepy noise in a dream that led to an experience where I felt like I was being poked.
In 2017, I had a non-paralysis experience where I thought I saw my brother standing beside the bed tightly wrapped in his blanket, but after asking what he was doing multiple times disappeared after I heard my brother being to my left.
However, in November of 2021 I had an experience that is one of my favorite to share.
Many people have stopped sleep paralysis by calling on Jesus. I had a chance to do this in one of my more recent ones.
Mine started with a dream. In the dream, I was standing outside at night on the porch. The sky was covered in very thick dark clouds, however, there was an opening in the clouds with a neon blue light coming from it. The sight was pretty surreal in a beautiful way.
After that, I suddenly remember waking into sleep paralysis, but in the experience, I was in bed in the opposite direction. I felt a terrifying weighty dread upon me during the sleep paralysis and couldn't move.
Suddenly, I felt an arm reach over me, pinning me down and I felt a dreadful feeling of horror. Next, I remembered how some of my favorite book authors teach that the imagination can help you See in the Spirit, like a bridge.(One of those books is "How to See in the Spirit" by Michael Van Vlymen.) The thought occurred to me to use my imagination to focus and meditate on Jesus. So I began to focus on him and suddenly I believe I saw what looked like a star in the night sky. A pin pick of light very high above me.
Then I awoke feeling relieved
Other times I've had sleep paralysis I would sometimes automatically try speaking in tongues. In my beliefs as a Charismatic Christian, speaking in tongues is a spirit to Spirit communication with God. That also helped me gain control
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2023.06.02 10:27 Newreddituserrrrrrr My Brother Left a Cult

My 22yr old brother just left a cult and came back home to live with the family. I've been helping him start his life again; got him new clothes, shoes and a phone because he didnt have anything. I am slowly trying to take him out to social events so he can be exposed to society. He said he missed being able to do whatever he wants. However, he is still very impulsive and hyperactive just as he left when he joined his cult at age 18. I'm sure he was brainwashed into thinking he learned a lot about life (but everything is just common sense and they made it complex to suck people into it). He lived over there for free but didnt earn any money. He left the cult and he now started smoking weed again (like he did before going into the cult), he is now money-driven and wants to "build his wealth" but I am worried because he has difficulty communicating, explaining his thoughts and also lacks some common sense. He believes he can make millions in 2 years because he started following Grant Cardone (he's full of bs and is also part of the cult), and I'm afraid he is going to get easily scammed and waste his money/time trying to buy and learn the courses he promotes. AND NOW he wants to move to florida (were from CA) to join his organization or whatever (a very impulsive decision) Can anyone give me any life advice on what I can do to help him? I don't want to discourage him but I also don't want him to follow that path because I know he won't get anything out of it. I think he may have some form of ADHD but he doesn't believe into going to a doctor. I truly don't know what to do.
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