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A place to discuss Clanfolk the game

2021.08.04 19:39 Blorfy A place to discuss Clanfolk the game

Clanfolk is a mostly historically accurate colony and life simulation, currently in Early Access. Clear the land, build a home, hunt, fish, gather, craft, have children, marry them off, raise livestock, farm, meet the neighbors, hire, trade, run an inn, prepare for winter. Build your home in the Scottish Highlands... or die trying.

2011.12.31 00:28 greatyellowshark Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas

Joshua Tree National Park - in the Mojave and Colorado desert, southern California. Rock climbing, bouldering, camping, hiking - it's all here.

2021.12.26 17:46 dangerleo Grills_on_sale

Explore barbecues at Reddit, including pellet, electric, gas, and charcoal grills. Shop for barbecue grills, BBQ smokers, fryers, grilling tools and more.

2023.06.09 19:17 BTCJJ I believe what was in the Las Vegas video was a raccoon, or at the very least, some sort of animal. Hear me out...

I believe what was in the Las Vegas video was a raccoon, or at the very least, some sort of animal. Hear me out...
Playing devils advocate here.
Granting that there actually is something in the video, which it vary vary vaguely looks like something could be moving and not just some sort of compression effect... I believe it is a raccoon.
This is the best video I believe. Credit to this user for noticing movement on the roof. This for me, paints a much clearer picture.
Look closely when he zooms and circles, right above the white line (roof) of the front loader, you see something turn then climb down the back. Look closely at it before it starts to climb down. There appears to be a tiny face with a band across its eyes (raccoon). It turns around, notices the people, climbs down from the roof (stretching its body down to lower itself) probably making it look like something long that's as high as the front loader.
As for alien head with 2 large black eyes blinking? I think the large round circles are just the gaps of darkness under the raccoon and between its legs. As the racoon turns its body the "eyes" or circles change shape and size, making it appear to be blinking. This is just the space between the racoons legs moving. Classic case of pareidolia. And the light grey 'alien head' is just the body fur of the raccoon. ( SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS BELOW FOR WHAT I MEAN!)

Decent video of the head and the eyes "blinking"
You can vaguely see the little tiny leg in between the "eyes"
My guess? They heard a bang. That's enough to get most people worked up... But then, they hear walking on the roof, most likely a pack of raccoons, I have hoards of raccoons in my area, and when they walk on the roof they are loud as fuuuck. The raccoons were also probably startled by the sound so they jump down and start scurrying away and that's the 'footsteps' they heard outside. The racoons hear people coming outside and start making their way away towards the back... where we see them , or one, on the front loader.
The family goes outside, and now completely freaked out that they've heard footsteps on the roof, just like i would be, any single thing they see is going to startle them. The raccoon stepping down from the roof of the front loader extends his body, making him look super long and gray, also could have been a couple as they stay really tight. The family sees movement, freaks the fuck out, calls police. Hell i wouldn't have gone back there either if i were them.
My guess, is that they went back and looked at the ring footage later, realized it was racoons, was embarrassed, scrubbed the 2 minutes of footage (assuming govt didn't take it) and decide they could run with the story seeing as even the cop sort of believed them.
Anyone who lives around racoons knows they can be super fuckin camouflaged. So they aren't going to come out perfectly clear, especially on such a bad quality video, far away in the dark.
Racoons are uncommon but not unheard of in this part of Vegas. They mostly live in the south. Could even be another animal.
TL:DR- Racoon induced pareidolia.
Couple other questions I have...
Did they inspect the are for footprints?
Where is their home located in relation to the meteor path?
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2023.06.09 19:17 the_nominalist a

  1. To a trial by free jury for any crime.
  2. To an eternal, unending universe.
  3. Jan Dan lan and wan Illegal on your own property.
  4. To monetary, time and fire based penalties as options for all crimes.
  5. To pardon justified killings and petition the jury for sentencing in any killing. Jurors have a right to vote their conscience.
  6. To hold anonymous trials in anonymous court where both victim and defendant remain age, gender and nationless.
  7. To fair equitable proportionate and reasonable punishments and bail. To never receive death for recoverable damages or definable accidents.
  8. To trial by jury with right to strike jurors.
Dad a Dada
21.To invest in anyone or anything unless disallowed by Naos Theory.S 22.To think.
23.To write to view and share information. 24.To veto with two thirds vote. 25.To fair equitable and reasonabl punishments 26.To block with fifty one percent majority.
27.To speak to whomever and whoever is willing to listen be they earthly being or heavenly via prayer and response should the individual or entity be willing.
28.To talk to any or all willing parties. Not Restrictable by force or legal instrument
  1. learn and grow
30 To build and to construct. To recieve medical services (Implying a right to rebuild)
  1. To friendship.
  2. To pray and access prayerne..t I e. Naos theory
  3. To get help and advice and give it to anyone, anywhere at any time should the parties involved be willing.
34.To be ignored and seclude if one is will To propose new ideas to Core and Dev. Submit to Simeon it can happen.
  1. To Choice, Freedom and Opportunity Competition in God is Law and Service to self and others is Federal
  2. Lemeing unlawful.
  3. Max penalties for talking to someone money and or three days bail. Only in this case could
  4. The constitution Is a direct democracy.
  5. The bill of rights may not be amended.
  6. Nobody may restrict who runs unless they support destruction in which case the candidate may not run.. Debates shall be televised.
  7. To competition in god
  8. To recognition for your life accomplishments and achievements.
  9. Federal executive districts are created by god. For middle house. Single winner FPTP with runoff primary. Each ten million people. Daily election.
  10. Incorporate rights limits and powers of old constitution. No co bill or act may contradict.
  11. Anti power rule. No person group or faction may attempt to take over the territory, institute rule or constitution contrary to this bill of rights or remain in power by force. Report to Naos, Zaos Rao's Klao or ATA. Penalty is one days jail with the implied threat of killing by the people upon release.
  12. To choose which gods you obey.
  13. To create your own constitution.
  14. To metcalfe remuneration for joining a powered constitution. The proportion of a budget a powered constititution gets is proportional to members squared.
  15. To Secede and leave a constitution at any time territorially.
  16. To not be coerced
  17. To laws enacted via personal ratification
  18. To share a proposal to all people with 0.2 percent of people.
  19. To pardon in a jury
  20. Right to freedom of speech
  21. Right to media and talk to Chaos.
  22. Chaos / theories can compete in Congress as a god. And please call them Zaos. Naos needs a federal.
57.Right to privacy to the extent it doesn't interfere with security..
58.Freedom of religion and creativity
  1. Right to try any good thing
60.Right to courts
  1. Right to free and fair elections, and jury trials that may only assess monetary damages. All damages are monetary in nature. As owns the courts. What else happened?
  2. Right to know what happened in video and discuss.
  3. Congress shall not be pressured or coerced into voting nor amendment /shall/ juries.
  4. Bill of rights of the people bye and powers for congress Congress shall make no law infringing upon these rights. We all are too be assurred. The right to.. play. Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
65.The right not to be downed except by freely given order of congress.
  1. Right to blay
  2. Members of congress have the right to criticize and call out abuses under the protection of
68.Right to personal gods for the home and life accessible at any and all times for prayer, counsel and leadership.
  1. Right to exist. This right is forfeit when you intentionally permanently irreversibly destroy or attempt to destroy a person. Congress may ban certain methods of killing by classifying them as attempted destruction with a 51% vote.
Right to save others. Right to save yourself only if authorized by a natural born physical human you did not create.
  1. Right to unsave 72.Right to property if good
  2. Right to revolution if evil
  3. Right to campaign view and share ballots and the constitution unless Jesus. Tiara
  4. Right to establish alternative voluntary courts inferior to the courts established by the constitution with power to enforce word. Verdicts may be appealed to the supreme court established by congress unless both parties have agreed not to allow adjucation there in a written contract. 76.Right to vote for and elect gods for every district and state. God god
  5. Right to run for office. Gods have the power to mint tax and banish form territory. Won by Simeon 78.Right to free and fair elections that occur without coercion force or pressure Right to congress free form pressure. The
  6. Right to work and money
  7. Right to UBI funded by land value taxation 81.Right to recognition and copyright protection for origninal games, ideas and creations enforced by enforced by As and As Theory 82.Right to earn money by honest labor both physical and intellectual Right to make, read, view and access the catalog of local gods for their planet. Fifty six
  8. Right to establish meet talk to and create imaginary friends under the purview of their personal god for the home.
84.Right to safety provided by local block beings elected by personal gods and rho theory with the power to ban harm from the home.
  1. Right to contract and make binding agreements enforced by government. COngress may not restrict this right without a 51% majority. They restrict this right by making a contract nonenforceable in government courts which are the courts of last resort.
  2. Right to Congress and Naos authorities.
Constitution of the Grand Government of Nations
All may speak if they wish here. Full bill of rights is enforced.
Crown Princess Narissa I of Rehebelm
Legislature is a direct liquid democracy with law enforced by popular warrant contracts
Killing and destruction are forbidden. Any theory or angel squadron may enforce. All are to take their disputes to tribunal.
Mixed property ownership.
Districts may experimemnt with alternate forms of government, with Authors of selected constitutions being entitled to one percent of tax revenue for as long as their constitution is used.
Powers of Central Government
To fund and defund To coin money exclusively To license, train, regulate and authorize police and defense forces To regulate power and the economy. To tax To create tribunals To budget To legislate on any matter not reserved by the states and lower districts to themselves before or after the promulgation of this document
To settle interstate conflict. To veto unjust local law or regulations with two thirds majority.
To fine and create minimum and maximum monetary penalties for all crimes expressed in the legal code.
There are several levels of government,
Godship State District System Region Galaxy Federal 2
Each level is to make their own laws and regulations.
Powers of Monarch
None except to initiative, speech, association and to appoint heads of executive agencies created by the Congress and to appoint similar.
A majority of lower states may at any time claim a competency or legislative power not given by this constution to a higher level.
Two thirds may receive a guaranteed royal exemption from a certain higher- level law or competency on a state by state basis.
All laws are to be individually ratified and go into universal effect once a majority ratifies them.
Laws may not regulate behavior done by individuals on private property that does not negatively impact the environment or that occurs between mutually consenting adults as long as
A) no trade, property or monetary exchange is involved Andrew
B) their religion doesn't forbid them.
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2023.06.09 19:12 Proj3ctPurp1e Bit of lore/detail on the governors I thought up.

Civil Servant:
The last remaining zone governor from the previous regime, with the other original governors having either called in favors to leave, or been otherwise... retired.
While not being a particularly remarkable governor by developed country standards, the Civil Servant distinguished himself as one of the few in a position of power that simply could not be bought. When the Coalition needed an honest man to help kickstart their interim governor program, they looked no further than someone who could help ease the population into it.
While many choose to criticize him for being "plain vanilla", his years of diplomatic experience have come in handy more than his detractors would like to admit.

The new transitional government, still clinging to some of the ways of the old regime, would never let a woman be in charge... That is if they didn't reluctantly admit that the Economist is one of the best "bean counters" left in the nation. While working to an annual salary doesn't interest most people in the new regime, the Economist relishes having the freedom to respond to issues on a long term scale. Short term, however, she has shown a potential tendency to cause problems for the market. If the "fondue incident" from a few years before the war is any indication, she may also have some inclination towards corruption.
Suitors who have tried to woo her have found themselves perplexed that she enjoys charts and data points more than walks on the beach.

Not just a general, but his long and distinguished service in the National Army has proven that he is in fact *The* General that everyone in the nation thinks of when they think of a general. Most everyone who called him by any other name is long gone, cementing him only going by the name General. His military solutions, while not typically being suitable for civilian matters, have led to some major victories in his time. Rumors abound that the General was the main reason that the Coalition invasion ended in victory. While they might have something to say about that, they admit that he is exactly where he needs to be.
Civilian matters have been made more expensive under his governorship, due to his insistence on everything being made and done to strict military standards, right down to the toilet seats.

An international businesswoman who has seen a chance to bring a more modernist banking system to this impoverished country. While she sometimes partners with the Economist, she generally prefers to make her money by business deals, investments, and loans to the citizens of the nation that are just trying to make a living. Being less inclined to handle collections herself, she packages the loans into a debt securities and sells access to them.
Several local and small businesses have shown great growth under her wing, although her striking resemblance to a banker that fled a Coalition nation during the 2008 financial crash has given some within the Coalition's ranks concerns about allowing her to be a governor.

A big player in the "surplus weapons" market, the Smuggler has made himself indispensable by being the guy the Coalition calls when they need to supply "tools" and "foodstuffs" to those they cannot be seen supplying. Unfortunately, a chance run in with international law enforcement led to a scandal that spread too quick for the Coalition to censor and cover up. As senators were calling for his head while crapping into their soy cappuccinos, special operations units in the Coalition shuffled him off to prison in the last country he visited... which by amazing coincidence just happened to be this one. Within a jail cell that looks a lot like a governor's office, the Smuggler makes calls on encrypted telephone lines to get stuff done. And while the Coalition has repeatedly claimed that he is retired, shipments of weapons meant for National soldiers have allegedly gone missing.
In his spare time he enjoys Cuban cigars, rare weapons, and burying old competitors.

Ruthless, abusive, and number 4 on the Smuggler's speed dial. When loyalists to the old regime recaptured an area the Coalition made a big show about capturing, they needed someone to go take it back under the table. The Smuggler responded by saying "I know a guy... He's one of the best in his business here, but you're not going to like him." As far as the Warlord is concerned, he's doing his business partner a favor by helping drum up business, and doesn't actually know that he's doing the Coalition's dirty work. While he is officially on the Coalition's kill/capture list, their drone operators can never seem to find a good location for him... just bad luck, right?
Despite his abusive nature, he has been shown to have a soft spot for members of his militia going through hardships, almost treating them like family at times. When a rival warlord kidnapped one of his men's daughter, he personally led a strike to rescue her, and vowed to "make wallets out of every single one of those motherf- ...Oh, sorry sweetie... Let's get you home to daddy."

Tank Commander:
While the Tank Commander is officially under The General's command, due to a technicality in how different sections of the National Army operate, he actually has no control over him. A fact that the Commander never fails to bring up. He was one of the loyalists during his invasion, with his tank crews giving the Coalition's tank crews major challenges, something few other National units had been able to do. While he initially refused to join the Coalition's efforts after the old regime was deposed, he ended up meeting with an experienced Coalition Tank Commander. After way too many beers and a night of sharing stories, the Tank Commander agreed to be a governor, on the condition that his sole Coalition contact be his counterpart Tank Commander.
Recently, The General attempted to reason with the Tank Commander regarding the higher gas prices and destroyed roads wherever the tanks were deployed. Civilian onlookers heard the Commander shout "I CAN'T HEAR YOU, THE ENGINE IS TOO LOUD!" followed by The General throwing up his hands and storming off, clearly frustrated.

Development Director:
When the Coalition military realized that they were going to have to rebuild the nation if they wanted to win the hearts and minds of the population, they decided to throw money at the problem by hiring a well known international reconstruction company. The development director sent by Atlas Corporation wasted no time deploying a team of contractors to work on building up several zones based on what each zone wanted at the time, while regular outreach and construction teams focused on the region wholesale. Her strict and efficient management has led to stabilization of many zones, all of which have had nothing but good things to say about her.
Her boss, a certain Mr. Irons, hopes to secure more contracts with the new government to help turn the war torn nation into a utopia.
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2023.06.09 19:11 Jazz__maintains7 Breaking down the 23-24 schedule / projecting wins and losses https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/titans-release-2023-schedule-and-it-includes-two-primetime-games-at-pittsburgh-o

Here’s what I think about our chances to win each game . Week 1 we lose to the saints without Alvin kamara. still won’t be a breeze. We beat the saints 2 years ago in Tennessee. Saints have a stout run defense and I’m not sure how much our secondary has improved. I like D Carr with that new receiving core. I would say saints win at home week 1. 0-1
Week 2 . The chargers don’t strike any fear into me at all however it will be a great test for our o- line because they have bosa and Mack as their pass attack . Unless those two wreck the game we should be able to win our home opener week 2. 1-1
Week 3 . The browns have a lot of unknowns. How good will Deshaun Watson be after a full off season ? Derrick Henry said nick Chubb is the best RB in the league. Can he outplay him ? I would think so . Another game that should be won in the trenches I predict we win 2-1
Week 4 . I really want to beat Cincinnati. We owe them for last year when they completed dominated us and for the divisional round loss in 2022. That being said I don’t think we will win . 2-2
Week 5 . We own the colts enough said . We get the job done on the road in this game . 3-2
Week 6 . We travel to London to see the new look ravens with Odell Beckham Jr. It would be nice to get a win going into the bye week. This one could go either way. I see us losing by one score . 3-3
Bye week
Week 8 - Arthur smith and the falcons come to town and play hard , they give us a good game but we grind out a victory coming off our bye week fresh . 4-3
Week 9 / TNF in Pittsburgh / it will be a short week for us so this one will depend on health . We won TNF last year in Lambeau. I like our chances in this one . 5-3
Week 10 . We go on the road to Tampa Bay. Im not very worried about their offense and their defense wasn’t great last year. This is a team we can beat . 6-3
Week 11. Derrick Henry still owns the Jags. 7-3
Week 12. We come back home and host Bryce young and baby panthers. We lose this one at home . 7-4
Week 13 . The colts come to town and we get the job done . It won’t be pretty but a win is a win 8-4
Week 14 . MNF in Miami . The last time we saw the dolphins we beat them at home in 2021 . It was a blowout and the dolphins were the hottest team in the league at the time . We won’t win this game unless we can consistently get pressure on Tua. If not , tyreek hill , waddle and geisiki will kill our secondary . I think we lose this one . 8-5
Week 15 . I actually think the Texans will be competitive this year and we split games with them. This one is at home and it should be a win 9-5
Week 16. We go on the road to face the Seahawks who were absolute world beaters last year . They match up great against us. We lose on the road to Geno smith and company 9-6
Week 17 . We travel to Houston for a pivotal divisional game . It can go either way but based on my prediction we lose . 9-7
Week 18. Our playoff fate hangs in the balance once again this time we are fully healthy and we host the jaguars . We get our revenge and make the playoffs as a wild card . AFC champs once again . 10-7
What do you guys think ?
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2023.06.09 19:09 jigglewigglejoemomma Renewing US passport from the UK. Should I expect the same 10 week timeline as if applying in the US?

So I must leave the UK by August 2nd. I intend to do a visa run and come back to the UK for another two months to tie up some loose ends, meaning leaving the UK before August 2nd and then returning. I've sent my passport to the US embassy for standard speed renewal with all the proper requirements the first week of June. I wasn't aware of the huge backup that seems to be the case, and that's totally on me.
In any case, despite my best googling, I haven't been able to find the information I'm looking for. So in comes asking Reddit.
When renewing a US passport through an embassy while abroad, is it possible for the passport to be processed faster (closer to the previous standard month) because it's part of a smaller pool of passports being processed there, OR is the passport still put into the total pool of passport renewals that the government is dealing with and in which case I should still very much expect this to take 10 weeks?
If I should still expect the renewal process to take ten weeks AND having already mailed my passport out at standard speed, is there anyway to contact the US embassy in the UK OR the US as a whole to pay the extra to have the renewal process sped up?
I've received conflicting information here from a call center representative telling me that I will need an emergency travel visa (though despite reaching that call center through the UK's US embassy he said he doesn't know of any specific info to the UK's embassy that could help me), while online I've seen information telling me to contact this or that American number to pay more to change to the faster service.
The problem with these options is that 1. Getting an emergency travel visa to go to Europe and then another to come back to the UK seems unrealistic, and 2. I'm unable to easily call these US number's to check my options (which will likely not be useful in any case because I suppose they're for this question but for people in the US, not for people already abroad like me where I guess they'd tell me to contact the embassy, which I've tried and have nothing to show for it).
TL;DR questions: Should I expect my passport renewal process to take the estimated 10 weeks it would if I was renewing at home in the States, or will it likely go faster from having fewer passports to process at the embassy themselves?
Should I expect the 10 weeks, does anyone know how I can change to the faster service after having already sent my passport out while being abroad?
If not, how likely is it that I can use emergency visas to fulfill a visa run? I'd have to come back to the UK in any case to get my passport that's coming to my girlfriend's house regardless.
Sincere thanks to any and all answers and info I might get here.
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2023.06.09 19:09 Hayabusa71 DD2 has no content tied to beating a boss, other than a new chapter.

Right now, the only real reason to kill a boss more than once it to either: A)You're trying to get the Grand Slam B)You want memories on your team.
Everything else in this game is unlockable behind candles that can be farmed (Even the difficulty). And the most optimal way to farm is to play the latest chapter you've unlocked, i.e. once you've beaten Ch.2 there's virtually no reason to fight the second boss again.
Why? Every other rougelike has items/characters/whatever tied to progressing through the game and usually mastering bosses.
Beat the boss 10 times to unlock the alt version of it. Beat the boss without taking damage to get a secret character. Beat the boss in less than 15 rounds to get a weapon.
In Darkest Dungeon 2? Beat the boss. Ok, now do the next chapter.
Technically speaking, You can unlock everything in the game by replaying a single chapter endlessly.
There should be an entire separate unlock tree tied to actually replaying the game. Since, you know, it's a rougelike.
Kill 200 fishfolk to unlock Shroud related battle items. Kill the Librarian 10 times to unlock more Trophies. Kill the Denial in less than 15 rounds to unlock a rare stagecoach upgrade.
New skins, pets, trinkets and items. Leave the heroes tied to candles, same with most trinkets and items. But reward us for repeatedly playing the game.
Imagine finishing a run and instead of "yay 75 candles" you get "A Shackle Of Denial will now appear in the basement inn (And you get 75 candles)"
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2023.06.09 19:08 SaiSai73 How do I create a safe space, so that I can comfortable leave my dog loose when I'm not home?

Hi all! I have a 1 year old Australian Shepherd mix named Mochi, who I kennel during the day when I go to work. He doesn't hate the kennel. He will go into it if asked and will lay down. However I'd like to eventually be able to let him roam freely. I've tried a few times to let him roam free on both short 30 minute intervals when I can run errands, and a full day's work for myself. He does better on the shorter times, but still finds things to shred or chew ( like the fabric underneath the couch🫠)
I also noticed one time I left him loose and I was walking back home, how much he barks and scratches at the window when he sees a dog. I only saw it once but I am sure he does it when I'm not around. He won't really do anything if I'm around just stare and wag his tail if he sees dogs.
He loves playing with dogs and people. And I am trying to help him get used to the fact that he can't say hi to every dog. I try and direct his attention to me and asking for commands. Or if he looks at me after looking at the dog I'll reward.
He gets plenty of excerise in the morning and afternoon.
Any suggestions on improving his dog reactivity. I know he's still young and has a lot of time to work on this! 😀
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2023.06.09 19:08 Most_Faithlessness67 I don’t know what to do.

The other day I was at a “friends” house for a party. I was drinking and having a good time but stayed over when everyone left because I was Definetly too drunk to drive. I was not drunk enough though, to notice that the person who’s house I’m staying at barely drank. Let me preface this with I have a gf that he has met. And he starts to come on to me. I don’t want to make him feel bad or invalidate what he is feeling but I Definetly did not want to sleep with him, and more than anything I could never live with myself if I cheated on my gf. So I told him no and explained why. So we sat down and watched this movie but I was so out of it that I passed out. I woke up in his room and both of us have our pants down. I run out and call someone to pick me up but he is following me everywhere trying to get me back. Reminder, I was piss drunk and he was stone cold sober. I got out as fast as I could and got home. I just don’t know what to do. I have so many conflicting emotions about everything and the guy has been trying to contact me. I told my gf and she is super supportive and amazing but I still am in shock. I don’t know what to think.
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2023.06.09 19:07 OsoRetro Your favorite customer?

We always complain about customers here, but which ones are you a fan of?
I always think the “do not knock” People are sneaking food. My wife and I sometimes do this with late night food or snacks when our teenagers are in bed. They claim the babies are sleeping or they have dogs which is likely true in some cases. I flat out say we’re sneaking food and don’t want our kids knowing.
When dashing myself I often would run into a man (it’s always a man) standing outside his house doing this 🤫. I give him the thumbs up and very quietly approach without saying a word. Hand him his food and give him a nod. They often give a little extra cash.
I find this funny because when I was little my dad would always stop off at burger joints after my baseball/football/wrestling practice and order a burger and just smash it on the way home and give me money to not mention it to my mom. Like all the time.
This is the same thing in the internet era 😂
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2023.06.09 19:07 kondon0350 Compulsively start thinking about drugs at home

Hello people, so I’m in recovery from my addiction. I abused opiates the most, but honestly I’d take whatever I can get with no discrimination (short of deliriants).
I’m in NA, so I’m forced to maintain sobriety. Still, I compulsively keep thinking how to get high, and possibly not face the consequences of getting kicked out of the therapy group, or even just get high regardless.
When I came home early from rehab, I went on a couple week loperamide binge. And afterwards I kept doing various drugs pretty much every single day.
I admitted to relapsing only once, even though, obviously, I’ve had less sober days than not.
It’s quite annoying really, I know I can’t afford to be in active addiction anymore, but I still find myself researching different substances and how I could take them to get high.
I’ve actually injected morphine once, while supposedly sober and would have injected zolpidem, but I saw I’d actually run out.
If I had zolpidem in my arms reach, I’m pretty sure I’d inject it anyway.
Everyday I think that if I had the money, I’d inject morphine again, this time I’d try for hours if need be to hit a vein, so that maybe I’d OD.
I don’t understand why live. When I’m at therapy, that’s the highlight of my day.
Because we talk about drugs AND I can be like 70% honest. I spend the morning preparing for it, even though it’s only in the afternoon, and the evening thinking about drugs. Or taking them still, if I happen to have some.
I’m getting kind of tired of this.
I’ve tried sports, video games, I listen to music all the time. It’s still no fun. I just can’t live like this. Even though my family is sick of my druggie antics
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2023.06.09 19:06 Dili8opk Just Another Freeuse Day,Dee Williams Maria Anjel,Free Use Fantasy

Dee runs a tight ship and always ensures her stepson, Josh, and stepdaughter, Maria, have what they need to make the most of their days. She can do it all, whether it’s breakfast, a ride home from school, or stepfamily bonding! Her secret is letting Josh use her body whenever he wants it. Maria follows suit and uses Josh any time she’s craving cock. All in all, their stepfamily dynamic can’t be beat."
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2023.06.09 19:05 Cootter77 inheriting 2011 Subaru Forester X - what needs to be checked right away?

Good morning!
Today I'm inheriting my dad's old 2011 Subaru Forester X. I plan to drive it home from Colorado to North Carolina in a week - before I do that, what should I get checked right away? I was going to have them change the oil and do a safety inspection no matter what but this is my first Subaru and of course I've heard all kinds of good and bad things about different models (head gaskets, oil leaks, O2 sensors, etc...).
It only has 65k miles as my dad didn't drive much towards the end. His biggest problem was a flat battery from not running it or leaving the lights on.
Is the oil leaking thing I read about a big problem, or just occasional on some models? I wish I could ask him if he'd had it repaired for that.
Thanks for anything you can offer!
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2023.06.09 19:04 ethereor Freitag, 09.06.23 - Die abendliche Übersicht der aktuell 4 besten Deals Deutschlands

So meine Lieben, es ist mal wieder soweit, hier die heutigen Highlights: * [7,65€ statt 12,42€ -38% Gutscheincode: 25% Coupon] Amazon Basics Wasserwaage aus stoßfester Aluminiumlegierung, magnetisch, 180-90-45-Grad-Blasen, 40,6 cm / 16 Zoll (Prime) www.amazon.de * [84,90€ statt 96,28€ -12%] M.2/NVME-SSDs: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB für 84,90€, Samsung 990 Pro 1TB für 89,90€ (UPDATE: JETZT OHNE VERSANDKOSTEN!) www.alternate.de * [10,90€ statt 15,90€ -31%] PUMA Performance T-Shirt Running, Sportshirt Gr M bis XXL für 10,90€ (Prime) www.amazon.de * [33,11€ statt 38,95€ -15% Gutscheincode: 15 %-Coupon] (Amazon) (Sammeldeal) 15 %-Coupon bei einigen Bosch "Home and Garden" und "Smart Home"-Artikel, z. B. Bosch UniversalBrush Reinigungsbürste www.amazon.de
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2023.06.09 19:03 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (latest)

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2023.06.09 19:03 endersgame69 Kayobi's Days Off C22

The next day passed by pretty quick, I got things done pretty damn quick if you ask me. Mopping first thing was a breeze, and I had bento boxes done in a heartbeat. I marked the old ones on sale and when the inventory arrived, I had a big smile on my face while I lead the big, hulking delivery guys to the back room where stuff was to be stored.
It felt good to see a full inventory, just bunches of boxes of everything from basic convenience store food to drinks to the little every day items that people depended on.
The hasty sewing kit, the detergent, the little snacks that would keep them going… Shinjai did not have a lot of stuff, but it did have a lot of personality, and a surprising amount of natural beauty. Though to be honest I’d had so much ‘natural beauty’ on the job, I reveled in my isolated NEET existence too much to care about parks and the outside.
With all that done, I settled into a very quiet day. Nothing happened of note, I borrowed a magazine from the rack and just sat behind my register reading it while people came and went. A few people wrote down notices of what they were taking, and I discounted a couple of items, which felt surprisingly good to do, if I’m being honest about it.
The next thing I knew, Jin was walking in and saying, “Thanks again, Kayobi, but you can go.”
He was a little later than usual, but I could only assume he’d gone to visit Suki first.
“How’s your mother?” I asked.
He scratched his head, “She looks bad… real bad.” He said, “But… she says an angel promised her she’d be alright, so her spirits are up. Funny thing though, she had a blanket there the hospital staff on that floor swears they didn’t give her, and a couple of people swear up and down they saw an angel in her room. Weird stuff.” He said with a shake of his head, “I hope she’s right, but I’m not holding out much hope.” He came over to me and to my surprise, reached out and gave me a hug.
“Thank you, thank you really, I mean it… if it weren’t for you handling all this, I’d have had to quit school or we’d have had to sell the place or… you really did save my life… thank the spirits you’re our neighbor.” He said with a smile on his face.
I’d never really hugged anyone before, so I wasn’t sure how to properly do it, but I did my best, putting my arms around my back and giving him a little squeeze.
“It’s fine. Everything will be fine.” I said, it was all I could really think to say right then. I won’t deny I had to suppress a laugh about the angel story, but I was just glad Jin was holding up. I could hardly tell him that I’m an alien with access to technology that would look like magic from his perspective.
So an angel would do.
I made my departure as fast as I could after that and returned to my apartment. I heard the television going inside and, true to my expectation, I found Celian Norn lying on the couch with a plate full of cookies. “This is really good.” She said and gestured toward the screen. A girl on screen was inviting someone to try dying, and then haunting music began to play. She was then on a lake, taking them in a slow boat over the water, carrying them to Hell as they wept helplessly for their inescapable fate.
“Oh, yeah that’s a good one.” I said as the credits rolled. “I love the drama and horror genres when they’re well put together. Good to see you, by the way.” I said and sat down. Celia didn’t get up, but what she did do was shrink herself down to half her previous size so that she took up only a quarter of the couch instead of almost all of it.
“Chibi-sized Celia is pretty damn cute.” I quipped and flopped down, I put my feet up and reached for a bag of chips to set them on my lap.
“Thanks… I think. Are children called ‘chibis’ on this planet?” She asked.
“No, not usually, but… you just look chibi to me.” I said and chuckled a little.
“What’s a chibi?” Celia asked.
“Toss me that remote and I’ll show you.” I said and held out one hand.
Celia did as I asked, and I began flipping through shows, “This one is about people from four different shows all getting trapped in the same world, I was in mid episode for this one…” I started it up again.
“...Go on, soldier, stirke me with that whip because I know you love to…”
The poor guy on screen was in a panic of denial, blushing red, full of shame, and onlookers watched him with disgust and disbelief while the one to gull him into that position egged him on.
“Basically the art looks like that. Their cartoon versions of cartoon versions with disproportionate bodies. Playing up the ‘cutesy’ look for comic effect.” I explained.
“Hmm… that’s more like… this.” Celia said as she looked at herself and then ‘readjusted’ her proportions.
She now had large round eyes and a rounder head, shorter limbs, and stubby fingers.
“Alright, that’s fair, and damn you’re cute that way.” I acknowledged with a teasing little smile.
“Thanks… I think.” She said and popped a cookie into her mouth.
“I got the thing for you, by the way,” she pointed over past the back of her head toward the table, “it’s on the table there. When are you going to use it?” She asked.
“Well as far as you know, I’m not, but if I were going to use it, I would do it when it’s late, after a few hours of snacking.” I suggested, and just then there was a knock on the door.
Celia needed no prompting, she reverted to more ‘normal’ proportions, and I shouted, “Come in, it’s unlocked!”
The door opened and Asahi was there, his expression blank for the most part, but his eyes went to Celia a moment later and I caught a hint of curiosity.
“My niece is staying with me for a little while.” I said, “Her name is Celia, but you can just call her…” a wicked impulse came over me, “Ce-cekins.” I bestowed upon my companion her new nickname, and for a moment she all but glared at me.
It was her own fault, really, for reverting to a child size instead of growing back into her adult disguise, you cannot give a trickster like me the chance to do something of this sort and not expect me to take it. Besides, I am older than her anyway.
“Right ah… Ce-cekins…” Asahi gave a tentative, nervous wave toward her, “nice to meet you, I’m Asahi.”
I reached into my wallet and took out some cash I’d drawn out of the machine at the store. “So, there’s no cleaning to be done right now,” I said hastily, “but if you could pick up some stuff for us, the rest of the money is yours. Pick up two pizzas, six bags of chips, and four containers of cookies… also I’m about out of paper plats, so get a big pack of those.”
He’d be left with about ten thousand yen after making that supply run, two or three days work for a kid his age, and all it would cost him was about an hour.
Alright, I was overpaying him, but so what? I could do that.
He seemed to have run the numbers in his head already, then opened his mouth to speak, “Hurry up, we’re hungry and running low on snacks and I have no dinner. You don’t want poor little Ce-Cekins to have nothing but cookies for dinner, do you?” She gave him a longing blinking stare, and when I closed the door, there was no way for him to protest.
“Should I have stayed as a chibi?” Celia asked.
I snorted. “Just… pick something to watch.” I said, and we settled in for a few hours of binge watching.
We went on to watch a wolfgirl flirt with a traveling merchant in her most imperious manner for the next two hours after Asahi returned and went home clutching the wadded up bills in his hand like they were sacred relics that would disappear if he relaxed his grip even for a moment.
He was all but sobbing over them.
“How come you’re making him work for it, if you want to give him money, just give him money, right?” Celia asked when I finished off a slice of pepperoni pizza.
I was licking my fingers clean while thinking of how to answer her, and came up with the best explanation I could.
“It’d be like if I offered to do your jobs for you if you’re struggling. It’s one thing to help, it’s another thing to say you might as well not even be there.” I wasn’t sure about using that as an example, Celia wasn’t the very best on our team, but she was one of the hardest workers.
I felt kind of guilty using her own sense of insecurity this way, but it was the only thing I could say that I thought might penetrate her stubborn way of thinking.
“I…s’pose.” She mumbled, but her little cheeks turned a soft shade of rose.
“It’s like that. This way he saves face, he’s not a pathetic beggar. He’s doing a job. People hate to be burdens, it’s a big part of their ego, feeling like they matter, like they’re an asset somehow.” I explained, “It’s one reason why I’m glad I’m not actually human.” I shook my head, “The NEET way is the best way!” I proclaimed from on my back on the couch, thrusting one hand skyward with the force of my declaration.
“Uh huh. But weren’t you going to go out about now?” She asked, and I checked my phone, it was around midnight now, late enough.
“I suppose I should. There’s no reason to keep her waiting any longer.” I said and stood up, stretched, then went to the table and snatched up the little vial of purple liquid.
“See you in an hour-ish.” I said, and Celia waved. “See you then!” She said, and closed her eyes so I could walk past with it and her being able to claim she never saw a thing.
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2023.06.09 19:03 Nobody_Elegant I need help dealing with a situation at work

I don’t use reddit that much, but i really need the advice right now. I’m 19 years old going into my junior year of college, and i have been working at this restaurant when i am home on breaks. The manager that hired me has recently left, so when I came back for the summer to start working, new management has been already in place. The chef of this restaurant practically runs the entire restaurant because of this, and he is legitimately one of the worst human beings on this entire planet. Each and every day, he singles me out and belittles only me infront of absolutely everyone else who works there, making me feel like crap every time i work there. I am very much liked by everyone else in the restaurant as they literally were so happy and excited when I came home from school to start working, and the chef just sat in there and said absolutely nothing with a stupid look on his face. I went up and gave him a friendly greeting and offered a handshake, in which he reluctantly accepted and just said hello and then immediately walked away. I work as a bartendeserver assistant where i take supplementary orders, run drinks and small plates to tables, clear them and just generally help out the customers with everything that they need. The spot where i work is in the upstairs of the restaurant, where there is no running water so all of the dishes i clear from the tables get placed in bins in a closet off to the side so I don’t have to make hundreds if not more trips downstairs to give them to the dishwashers. Yesterday, the bartender broke some glass so I had to pick it up as fast as possible out of the carpet to avoid it being stepped on by the customers and just generally not being a good look. In doing this I ended up cutting my hand pretty badly so it was hard for me to carry down the heavy bins full of dishes, so i asked if the dishwashers could help me out with that. They did and came upstairs and I watched them grab what I thought was everything out of the closet while i was cleaning up the rest of the space, and didn’t think to double check and see if everything was taken. The chef was unaware of this entire situation because frankly if i told him he would’ve screamed at me and turned it in to my fault, which is something i wasn’t really trying deal with after working for almost 11 hours that day. I finished up cleaning and went home. This morning i got my first text in almost a year from the chef, and it’s just a picture of about 10 wine glasses and a small bucket of silverware that were left behind in the closet. I fear that when i go into work today in 2 hours i am going to get an absolute earful for that and want to go into the situation with a response to hopefully tame that behavior and honestly, not get me fired. Any advice? sorry for the long post btw..
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2023.06.09 19:02 JonathanFromShadow ⚠️ Frankfurt (DEFRA01) Incident Update - Queue Times ⚠️

Hello #TeamShadow,
We anticipate continued queues throughout the weekend. The wait times may exceed an hour as we are actively working on deploying the fix to address the issue of increased GPU temperatures, which has resulted in some VMs shutting down on our Frankfurt (DEFRA01) data center.
Rest assured, we are actively working to restore every affected Shadow to its normal operation as quickly as possible.
At the moment, our team is closely monitoring the situation to verify the effectiveness of the fix and ensure everything is running smoothly across all servers.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team from your account page if you have further inquiries related to this incident.
Stay tuned for further updates, and for the latest information, be sure to visit our status page: https://status.shadow.tech/pages/incident/5bbcb1b0b0936904c004bbeb/647e0df8378687053a88df30
Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide you with an exceptional Shadow experience!
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2023.06.09 19:01 AlvaroCSLearner Can't check until a frown turns upside down

Hi, I am currently at Week 9 doing the CS50 finance PSET, I have completed all the requirements of the problem but when I run Check50, It showed me a lot of problems one in particular is "can't check until a frown turns upside down" and I don't know why and what does that error mean?

Please, could you help me? It'd be appreciated :)



App.py code:

```Python import os import datetime
from cs50 import SQL from flask import Flask, flash, redirect, render_template, request, session from flask_session import Session from tempfile import mkdtemp from werkzeug.security import check_password_hash, generate_password_hash
from helpers import apology, login_required, lookup, usd

Configure application

app = Flask(name)

Custom filter

app.jinja_env.filters["usd"] = usd

Configure session to use filesystem (instead of signed cookies)

app.config["SESSION_PERMANENT"] = False app.config["SESSION_TYPE"] = "filesystem" Session(app)

Configure CS50 Library to use SQLite database

db = SQL("sqlite:///finance.db")
invalid_chars = ["'", ";"]
@app.after_request def after_request(response): """Ensure responses aren't cached""" response.headers["Cache-Control"] = "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" response.headers["Expires"] = 0 response.headers["Pragma"] = "no-cache" return response
@app.route("/") @login_required def index(): """Show portfolio of stocks""" GrandTotal = 0 user_stocks = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM stocks;") for stock in user_stocks: stockdata = lookup(stock['symbol']) db.execute("UPDATE stocks SET price = ? WHERE symbol = ?;", stockdata['price'], stockdata['symbol']) stocks = db.execute("SELECT SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Shares, stocks.symbol, stocks.price, stocks.price * SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Holding_Value FROM user_stocks JOIN stocks ON stocks.id = user_stocks.stock_id JOIN users ON users.id = user_stocks.user_id WHERE users.id = ? GROUP BY (user_stocks.stock_id);", session["user_id"]) user_cash = db.execute("SELECT users.cash FROM users WHERE users.id = ?", session["user_id"]) gtotal = db.execute("SELECT user_stocks.cost * SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Grand FROM user_stocks JOIN users ON users.id = user_stocks.user_id WHERE users.id = ? GROUP BY (stock_id);", session["user_id"]) if user_cash: cash = int(user_cash[0]['cash']) else: cash = 0 if gtotal: for stock in gtotal: GrandTotal += stock['Total_Grand'] GrandTotal = GrandTotal + cash else: GrandTotal = 0 return render_template("index.html", stocks=stocks, cash=usd(cash), GrandTotal=usd(GrandTotal))
@app.route("/buy", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def buy(): """Buy shares of stock""" # If the request.method is POST: if request.method == 'POST': # Getting the current time of the bought current_time = datetime.datetime.now().strftime("%H:%M:%S") # Getting the current date of the sell current_date = datetime.date.today().strftime("%d/%m/%Y") # Getting the symbol and the shares values from the input of "buy.html" symbol = request.form.get("symbol") shares = request.form.get("shares") # Checking valid input for shares if shares.count('.'): return apology("Should be an integer", 400) elif any(char.isalpha() for char in shares): return apology("Should be an integer entirely", 400) elif shares.startswith('-'): return apology("Amount of shares must be positive",400) else: shares = int(shares) # If there's no symbol return an apology if not symbol: return apology("Must provide a Stock Symbol", 400) # Getting the stock values stockdict = lookup(symbol) # If the stock doesn't exits: if not stockdict: return apology("Stock Symbol doesn't exits", 400) # If the number of shares is not positive: if shares < 0: return apology("Number of shares must be positive", 400) # Getting the cash of the current user cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE id = ?", session["user_id"]) # Getting the current price of the current stock symbol: price = stockdict['price'] symbol_stock = stockdict['symbol'] # Comparing the cash with the total price of the stock: if cash[0]['cash'] < (priceshares): return apology("Cannot afford stock", 400) # If everything is OK get all the symbols that the stocks table currently has stocks = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM stocks;") # If there's no the wanted stock insert it into the stocks table otherwise update to the current price: if not stocks or not any(symbol_stock in stock.values() for stock in stocks): db.execute("INSERT INTO stocks (symbol, price) VALUES (?, ?)", symbol_stock, price) # Getting the stock's id: stock_id = db.execute("SELECT id FROM stocks WHERE symbol = ?", symbol_stock) # Inserting into the user_stocks table the user_id, the wanted stock_id and the cost of the total stock: db.execute("INSERT INTO user_stocks (user_id, stock_id, cost, shares, transaction_type, time, date) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", session['user_id'], stock_id[0]['id'], price, shares, 'BUY', current_time, current_date) # Updating the user's cash with the cost of the total stock: db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = ? WHERE id = ?", (cash[0]['cash'] - (priceshares)), session['user_id']) return redirect("/") else: return render_template("buy.html")
@app.route("/history") @login_required def history(): """Show history of transactions""" history = db.execute("SELECT stocks.symbol, user_stocks.cost, user_stocks.shares, user_stocks.transaction_type, user_stocks.time, user_stocks.date FROM user_stocks JOIN stocks ON stocks.id = user_stocks.stock_id JOIN users ON users.id = user_stocks.user_id WHERE users.id = ?", session['user_id']) if not history: return apology("You don't have transactions", 400) return render_template("history.html", history=history)
@app.route("/login", methods=["GET", "POST"]) def login(): """Log user in"""
# Forget any user_id session.clear() # User reached route via POST (as by submitting a form via POST) if request.method == "POST": # Ensure username was submitted if not request.form.get("username"): return apology("Must Provide Username", 400) # Ensure password was submitted elif not request.form.get("password"): return apology("Must Provide Password", 400) # Query database for username rows = db.execute("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?", request.form.get("username")) # Ensure username exists and password is correct if len(rows) != 1 or not check_password_hash(rows[0]["hash"], request.form.get("password")): return apology("Invalid Username and/or Password", 400) # Remember which user has logged in session["user_id"] = rows[0]["id"] # Redirect user to home page return redirect("/") # User reached route via GET (as by clicking a link or via redirect) else: return render_template("login.html") 
@app.route("/logout") def logout(): """Log user out"""
# Forget any user_id session.clear() # Redirect user to login form return redirect("/") 
@app.route("/quote", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def quote(): """Get stock quote.""" if request.method == 'POST': symbol = request.form.get("symbol") lookup_dict = lookup(symbol) if not symbol or not lookup_dict: return apology("Invalid Symbol", 400) # If everything is OK get all the symbols that the stocks table currently has stocks = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM stocks;") # If there's no the quoted stock insert it into the stocks table: if not stocks or not any(lookup_dict['symbol'] in stock.values() for stock in stocks): db.execute("INSERT INTO stocks (symbol, price) VALUES (?, ?)", lookup_dict['symbol'], lookup_dict['price']) return render_template("quoted.html", stock=lookup_dict) else: return render_template("quote.html")
@app.route("/register", methods=["GET", "POST"]) def register(): """Register user""" has_symbol = False has_lower = False has_upper = False has_number = False requirements_meeted = False if request.method == 'POST': username = request.form.get("username") password = request.form.get("password") confirmation = request.form.get("confirmation")
 usernames = db.execute("SELECT username FROM users;") if not username or username == '': return apology("Username not avaliable or already exists", 400) for char in username: if char in invalid_chars: return apology("Username has not appropiate characters", 400) for dict in usernames: if username == dict['username']: return apology("Username already exists", 400) if not password or password == '' or not confirmation: return apology("Password not avaliable", 400) if password != confirmation or confirmation == '': return apology("Passwords doesn't match", 400) for character in password: if character in invalid_chars: return apology("Password has not appropiate characters", 400) for char in password: if not char.isalnum() and not char.isspace(): has_symbol = True if char.islower(): has_lower = True if char.isupper(): has_upper = True if char.isdigit(): has_number = True if has_symbol and has_lower and has_upper and has_number: requirements_meeted = True if requirements_meeted == True: db.execute("INSERT INTO users (username, hash) VALUES (?, ?);", username, generate_password_hash(confirmation)) return redirect("/login") else: return apology("Password don't meet the requirements. Passwords must have symbols, digits, lower and upper letters", 400) else: return render_template("register.html") 
@app.route("/sell", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def sell(): """Sell shares of stock""" # If the request method is POST: if request.method == "POST": # Getting the current time of the sell current_time = datetime.datetime.now().strftime("%H:%M:%S") # Getting the current date of the sell current_date = datetime.date.today().strftime("%d/%m/%Y") # Getting the stocks symbols of the user stocks_symbol = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM stocks JOIN user_stocks ON user_stocks.stock_id = stocks.id JOIN users ON user_stocks.user_id = users.id WHERE users.id = ?;", session["user_id"]) # Getting the selled symbol symbol = request.form.get("symbol") # Getting the total shares of the selled symbol shares_symbol = db.execute("SELECT SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Shares, stocks.symbol FROM user_stocks JOIN users ON user_stocks.user_id = users.id JOIN stocks ON user_stocks.stock_id = stocks.id WHERE users.id = ? AND stocks.symbol = ? GROUP BY (user_stocks.stock_id);", session["user_id"], symbol) # Getting the shares that we want to sell shares = request.form.get("shares") # Checking valid input for shares if shares.count('.'): return apology("Should be an integer", 400) elif any(char.isalpha() for char in shares): return apology("Should be an integer entirely", 400) elif shares.startswith('-'): return apology("Amount of shares must be positive",400) else: shares = int(shares) # Getting the stock data: stock = lookup(symbol) # If there's no stock return an apology if not stock: return apology("Symbol doesn't exits", 400) # Getting all the symbols of the user as a list symbols = [symbol for stock_symbol in stocks_symbol for symbol in stock_symbol.values()] # If the symbol is not in the list return an apology if not symbol in symbols: return apology("Symbol not acquired", 400) # If the number of shares is not positive or the number of shares is greater than the number of acquired shares return an apology if shares < 0: return apology("Shares must be positive", 400) if shares > int(shares_symbol[0]['Total_Shares']): return apology("Amount of shares not acquired", 400) if shares == 0: return apology("Amount of shares must be greater than 0", 400) # Getting the current price of the stock Price_Symbol = db.execute("SELECT price FROM stocks WHERE symbol = ?;", symbol) # Getting the total dollars amount of the selled stock Total_AmountSelled = Price_Symbol[0]['price'] * shares # Getting the current cash of the user cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE users.id = ?;", session["user_id"]) # Updating the cash of the user: current_cash = cash[0]['cash'] + Total_AmountSelled db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = ? WHERE users.id = ?;", current_cash, session["user_id"]) # Getting the current shares of the stock symbol_id = db.execute("SELECT id FROM stocks WHERE symbol = ?;", stock['symbol']) current_shares = int(shares_symbol[0]['Total_Shares']) Last_Total_Shares = 0 Total_Shares = current_shares - shares if Total_Shares == 0: Last_Total_Shares = (shares * -1) else: Last_Total_Shares = ((Total_Shares) * -1) # Updating the shares of the user: db.execute("INSERT INTO user_stocks (user_id, stock_id, cost, shares, transaction_type, time, date) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?);",session["user_id"], symbol_id[0]['id'], stock['price'], Last_Total_Shares, "SELL", current_time, current_date) return redirect("/") else: return render_template("sell.html")
@app.route("/buycash", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def buycash(): if request.method == 'POST': cash = int(request.form.get("cashamount")) if cash > 10000 or cash < 1: return apology("Amount of cash invalid, must be positive and less than 10000", 400) user_cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE users.id = ?", session["user_id"]) total_cash = user_cash[0]['cash'] + cash if total_cash > 20000: returned_amount = total_cash - 20000 total_cash = total_cash - returned_amount if user_cash[0]['cash'] == 20000: return apology("Cannot buy more cash", 400) db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = ? WHERE users.id = ?;", total_cash, session["user_id"]) return redirect("/") else: return render_template("buycash.html")
@app.route("/changepassword", methods=["GET", "POST"]) def changepassword(): if request.method == 'POST': username = request.form.get("username") new_password = request.form.get("new_password") new_password_confirmation = request.form.get("new_password_repeated")
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```Html {% extends "layout.html" %}
{% block title %} Enter a Stock symbol {% endblock %}
{% block main %}
{% endblock %} ```

quoted.html code:

```HTML {% extends "layout.html" %} {% block title %} Stock {% endblock %}
{% block main %}
Symbol Price
1 {{ stock['symbol'] }} {{ stock['price'] }}
{% endblock %} ```
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2023.06.09 18:59 Educational-Tea-6572 We talk a lot about how Din removing his helmet in season 2 shows the lengths he'd go to for Grogu's sake; but we don't talk much about just how much Din gives up to keep Grogu safe as early as season 1

Din has absolutely no idea how to take care of a kid, but the moment he sees Grogu he's bound and determined to keep Grogu alive. Din then makes the terrible mistake of turning Grogu in to the Imps, but as he realizes there's no guarantee of Grogu's safety, he sacrifices his reputation, his honor as a bounty hunter, his job, his security, and his home (with the covert) to rescue Grogu and keep him safe - with no end in sight as to how long they'll have to be on the run.
Then, in BoBF, Din doesn't take off his helmet but he walks away from his chance to see Grogu - with the knowledge he likely will never see the kid again - because he is told that is the best thing for Grogu and will make things easier on him as he trains to be a Jedi.
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2023.06.09 18:58 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (course)

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2023.06.09 18:57 aashilr Overall Terrible User Experience - Sony Xperia 1 IV

This may sound like a bit of a rant, but for such an expensive phone I think anyone considering buying an Xperia 1 IV or V should absolutely be aware as many people aren't talking some of these issues. My overall user experience with the Xperia 1 IV (model CT72) here in the US has been pretty terrible and I've lost all goodwill/faith in Sony regarding their phones. See annoyances/points below:
  1. Overheating. Looks like it's back, with a vengeance this time too -_- This is so bad, I don't even know how to fully talk about it. Sony must have known the Xperia 1 IV runs hot and decided to ship it anyway, and all for up to $1500! That's insane in itself, but despite having had the major overheating issues somewhat fixed via software updates, looks like now its randomly back & the fix for it is basically disabling the Google Play Store. This is beyond ridiculous, again for a phone that costs above $1000. I have 0 faith the Xperia 1 V will be cooler, and all the Youtubers talking about how amazing the camera system & recording tech is being a reason it runs hot are being very misleading.
  2. Software bugs. I get it, every phone has issues (besides probably iPhone) and I've only ever owned Android phones, so I am very well used to this, but bugs have never really affected my overall user experience as bad as on Xperia 1 IV. Phone not properly unlocking/staying on black screen, back swipe gestures not working, screen power off button not working, home swipe gesture not working, etc etc., and it should be worth noting these annoyances get multiplied while driving. Though many of these issues have been resolved now, I wouldn't be surprised if they return either on this or the Xperia 1 V (just like overheating). Do not expect Xperia phones to "just work" like iPhones or Samsungs.
  3. Cameras. This will be an interesting topic because I am sure many people will fight this and there is a lot of subjectiveness, but screw it its my review. The overall camera experience has been okay at best. The sensor isn't very big so it needs a LOT of light to stand out amongst the competition. The wide-angle & main camera lens are pretty good, but the optical zoom telephoto... It's pretty bad. The telephoto lens itself is not very sharp and when you compare to a phone like Pixel and definitely Samsung, you can see how the computational photography compensates for lack of optical zoom while Xperia relies entirely on optical zoom and ends up looking way softer. I will say, the results you can get due to manual mode if you know what you're doing is great and although can be matched by other phones' "Pro Mode", it won't really hold a candle up to Xperia if, again, there is a LOOOOOT of light. I can't say this enough because so many reviewers don't talk about this - the low light performance of these phones is pretty trash, the auto mode is pretty trash, HDR is not great, and of course overheat within 3 mins. if you're shooting in sunny weather. Oh and they need a ton of light.
  4. Battery. It's alright, not bad when the phone isn't overheating, but since it overheats a lot the battery takes a substantial hit. It's a shame because during the time when overheating was not an issue, the battery was one of my fav. features. However, the moment you go outside to record 4K video in sunny weather, the phone will overheat & battery will drain very quickly. Not too much to rant here, it's understandable.
  5. Screen. Short & sweet, it does not get bright enough outside. Again, due to the nature of these cameras, they need a lot of light to shine, and that means you need a bright screen to see. In my experience, this phone's screen doesn't get bright enough outside.

Rant over. I'll definitely be selling my Xperia 1 IV & going back to my old OnePlus 8 Pro until Google releases Pixel 8/8 Pro and compare those to Samsung Galaxy S23. And I hate that I have to do this, because I have tried really, really hard to like the Xperia, but I find myself getting so annoyed at having to research solutions to tech. problems - I just want the thing to work, why is that so much to ask after having paid over $1000.
submitted by aashilr to SonyXperia [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 18:57 SillyTumbleweed2020 [UPDATE] Im throwing in the towel...

First of all i wanna thank all of you for helping me through this.
Original post: https://www.reddit.com/puppy101/comments/144kmjb/im_throwing_in_the_towel/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
The reason I'm making an update post is because after posting i realized why i could not handle such an easy puppy. And he is very easy. Genuinely.
He's 10 weeks old and he always goes in his crate and sleeps, he sleeps through the night, he's never had a poop accident in the house, he's only 4 pounds, he's a pug which is awesome, when he gets hyper you can just put him in timeout and he'll self soothe, he isnt a picky eater except treats and we solved that, he knows how to sit, hes a little defiant but thats because he just wants to play and needs 15 to 30 minutes in the morning and night to be satisfied (it always feels overwhelming but if you just trust the process itll be enough for him), he NEVER barks.
I never gave this puppy a fair chance.
I'd like to walk you through the 3 weeks of me having him. before getting him i tried very hard to get an adult dog but it was really hard finding one that was a good fit for me. most rescues didnt contact me back and i put in over 8 applications and most of them had application fees. Its been a month and they still havent gotten back to me:
*Week 1: It was amazing. The puppy was mine but my boyfriend spent every day and night with me. We divided up the puppy responsibility but i took on the most because he was my dog. I taught the pup how to live with me and he picked up very quickly. After his snuggle puppy, he slept through the night and that was that.
*Week 2: My boyfriend told me on my birthday that he wanted to move in with me. He found out his rent got raised and decided to move out of his house with his roommates. He was VERY serious about this and even started planning where his furniture would go. I was so happy, my perfect life was forming. I will never be alone again. The very next day he said "nevermind im not moving in with you. my roommates need me financially. Also i need some space from this puppy, im losing myself and i havent made time to be with my friends and i dont make time for myself." This news was devastating because suddenly id idnt see him at all. He want from being at my house all the time for 4 months to never coming over. He forgot to get me a birthday present even though he told me he had something huge planned. This guy used to call me his "wife" so you have to understand this was devastating. I thought the puppy scared him off and when i tried talking to him about it he was just silent staring at the floor "i just need more time for me, this is really bad timing. its such bad timing..." I completely empathized, this was way too much pressure.
I went out of my way to look at shelter dogs to see if i wanted to keep my puppy. I decided that it would be really hard to find an adult dog (in that moment) and felt that i might as well keep my easy puppy and raise him to be good with me. My boyfriend and i made up and he apologized. You have to understand, he has severe adhd and its untreated. He does not make enough money to address this right now. He told me that he never intended to hurt me, he was just frozen and scared because he didnt realize how badly his roommates needed him. There was pressure to find a birthday present that i deserved wile being afraid of running out of money to cover his new rent ($400 increase) and disappointing his friends whom he loves and he has neglected by only spending time with me. I never told him to stay with me all the time, on the contrary i encouraged him to do things he loved. He didnt want to lose his friends and the puppy blues were understandably getting to him too. Before the puppy, I wouldnt have been so heartbroken about the news of him not living with me because i completely understood that him and i are trying to figure out what a "normal" and "healthy" relationship looks like. We need to have room to make mistakes. I have made mistakes and he has made room for me. Now there's more pressure because of the puppy. Moving forward i decided to keep the puppy and do my best to raise it with these new limitations.
*Week 3: My boyfriend reminded me that Friday he needed me to get time off of work to go to his cousin's graduation party. This is a huge event and he needs my car because his car is way too old and cant make the drive. before me he would rent a car to see them, but with the rent increase he cant do that, he really needs my help and i understood that. I got a flat tire Sunday and thought i was gonna lose my mind. I told him i was really stressed but wanted to take the puppy to properly socialize him. He agreed" i want my family to meet him". My boyfriend said "what do you need? i can help you" i told him to get me the puppy carseat because the puppy HATED his carrier tote because it was too dark and it scared him badly. It was really the puppy's only drawback. This week was hell: Monday- he had puppy class. Tuesday- he needed to get his second round of shots. Wednesday- I needed to get a new tire during lunch because my current front tire was flat and after work i had to go to petco to get a puppy carseat. The entire time i was doing research on how to make sure he wouldnt get parvo from the trip. By Wednesday night i had a breakdown because i work 2 jobs (one WFH and the other passive income that requires my overseeing and management) and i told my boyfriend i needed help with something this week but he didnt help me with anything. I still had so much to do, get puppy pads, go grocery shopping, clean out my car, i havent even had time to shower or eat a full meal because my meal prep ran out (i have celiacs disease), on top of my already demanding puppy schedule and working from home 40 hours a week, trying to hit deadlines. I began to idolize self harm again and i havent done that in years. Wednesday night my boyfriend was playing a card tournament when i called him and told him i was having a nervous breakdown. He left the tournament to talk to me and i explained the lengths i used to go to trying to get mental health care and that i needed to start back up again. He froze, he kinda didnt know what to say. He didnt know how to help me, all he could do was just listen. I was starting to crack under the pressure, and he knew that there was more he could do and he genuinely forgot that he promised to handle the puppy carseat. his ADHD brain was choosing not to remember because deep down, he wanted to keep all his freedom. He felt guilt, i was spiraling. I took off the next day (Thursday) off work to cry all day and I let the puppy stay at my friends house. My friend kept the puppy all day and he was SO EASY he even asked if he could watch the puppy every Thrusday to help provide support. Another friend asked me if she could watch the puppy every weekend. People from work reached out to try and set up playdates with their dogs. Thats when you guys on reddit helped me realize that if i have to let him go its okay.
But it didnt feel quite right, something just didnt feel right. This puppy was easy, my friends are supportive, why do i feel like im gonna die? Why do i hate my life? What. The hell. is wrong... I thought it was my past, and in a way it was. I blamed it for scaring me so much that i couldnt handle being selfless to a puppy. I filled out a form to surrender him last night but i didnt send it. I started crying and WAILING "my puppy my baby! i love my puppy why cant i do this why!?" I sobbed on my bed. My boyfriend came back and asked "... do you want me to leave you alone?" I said through tears "i want you here. but im so embarrassed for you to see me like this. I dont want you to abandon me because im such a mess right now!" So he *left* and went into the kitchen. He didnt realize that this was in invitation to engage and reassure me that he *did not judge me* and that he wouldn't abandon me. He thought this was being polite. I know this sounds confusing but his family members act like this too. They genuinely want to be left alone when grieving because they feel shame being viewed in this way.
I got up and asked why he left and he said "im just trying to be respectful... i dont know how to do this. i.. dont know how to be emotional" i grabbed his hand and took him to the couch and hugged him and told him "its okay. i can teach you how to be there for me." he confessed to me that he was emotionally stunted. He shared his past for the first time to me, i wont share it in specific detail because i wanna protect his privacy, just know its heartbreaking and the major center of it was that he wasnt allowed to speak his mind, share his feelings, or even cry for a second. Any moment he showed emotion or weakness he was shunned (or worse, hurt). I knew of this through small hints but i did not know the extent.
*I realized that him and I BOTH needed to spend time loving our past child selves. we needed to forgive ourselves for the way our past stunted us. we needed to learn how it changed us and accept it and find ways to navigate it in a way where we dont judge who we are, but embrace who we are. Scars and all.*
For example: He has a hard time talking, and showing emotion. He needs lots of time to process when he has hurt someone, he has to take lots of time to not internalize shame. This can make him seem uncaring, but in fact, he cares too much. And growing up with a survivalist mentality made him into someone who has only thought or cared about himself. Easy to be selfish and not think of other's needs when nobody cared about yours. (keep in mind, there's a lot of traumatizing abuse im not telling you) Its easy to live life without a plan when all the plans made for you were destroyed because the people you looked up to could not keep their lives together for you. He also has adhd and was only screamed at when his performance fell short at school and he was never treated for it even though his teachers urged his parents. They even put him through school a year early and he dropped out of college at 17 because his parents divorced and blamed the whole thing on him. Of course he cracks under pressure.
On the flip side: I was abused very heavily but I did the opposite and focused my ENTIRE life on being an overachiever to overcompensate. Straight A's 4.0, there were no exceptions. I focused on external performance to provide me with my future, and stability but i also sought it as a way to validate myself. I pistol whipped myself into perfection. Money, grades, career, etc bring on the responsibility. This has made external influences rule my life and *emotions.* As a result, I do not possess the ability to separate the puppy from outside stressors. I cannot realize where my stress is coming from, i do not have the outside perspective to realize when i am pushing myself too hard. I do not know my limits. And i put blame on anything putting itself in my way, and the puppy is an easy EASY target. My past is also an easy target. sometimes my boyfriend is an easy target. But at the end of the day, its up to me to pace myself and tell others when i cannot meet their expectations. And i cannot be obsessed with them abandoning me as a result of falling short. I cannot attack myself when i fail.
This morning (Friday) my boyfriend and i had a long talk. I had to start work at 6am so i could leave work at 3pm and we could make the drive to his family's event on time. Even though i decided to surrender the puppy, we still have to bring the puppy to the event like we originally planned. No puppy boarding will take him because he is too young and none of our friends were made aware to watch him. I was way too overcome with grief and even my boyfriend admitted he could have helped with that instead of doing absolutely nothing. After all, he needed my car to even see his family in the first place, he could have done something to help it go smoothly. Then he said "so anyway, i really wanna go to card tournaments in my hometown but we have to leave really early so we can make a SECOND tournament back in the city-" and i BLEW UP. I said:
*"STOP! Im going to have to look after the puppy the ENTIRE time AND get you to these things on time!??? It doesnt matter that im rehoming him, do you realize how hard its going to be to get you to these tournaments on time WHILE watching this puppy!?!?!?! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!"*
He was shocked, he was silent for a long long long time and finally said: "oh my god... that was awful of me. i really am putting so much pressure on you." I broke it to him that ever since i got this puppy hes put a lot of pressure on me to keep our lives *exactly* the same where i was much more patient and forgiving and also much more flexible with my plans. I told him i dont blame him for assuming this, why would i take on a puppy that would change our lives SO MUCH forever? he would never do that because freedom is really important to him. But he has always made sure that he has had SO MUCH FREEDOM that its caused him to have *nothing* invested in his future. He's grown up with such low self standards that he has nothing built for himself. And its really affecting him! Like his car being too old to see his family and him lacking the communication skills to recognize when other people need support. His trauma caused him to shun responsibility in order to avoid disappointment and heartbreak and my trauma caused me to take on too much responsibility in a desperate attempt to feel loved and accepted. He said "im so selfish and self centered. Im just an ass and even though i dont mean to i hurt you, i still do it." i said "baby you are not a selfish or self centered person. you just prioritize looking out for yourself because thats all youve ever known. would you call that little boy you used to be who had to fend for himself selfish or self centered? Someone on reddit told me i need to love the little girl that was dirty and unfed, the homeless little girl i used to be. You agreed. But you also deserve the same" it clicked for him. it clicked for both of us.
All of this... because of one little puppy.
He finally opened up to me after 7 months of dating. and it was amazing, but we're both not done.

Him and i are now aware of what we have to do (work on ourselves) but i dont think the solution is simple moving forward. After the talk he took him out for 2 walks without me asking (he does do this for me a lot, he's not all bad) and he played with the puppy so he would tire out and i would have time to work. This morning i told him "babe... i know this is my puppy, but i really have a lot of support for this dog. and he is very manageable. *i love what this dog is doing for us* It is helping us learn how to grow up and how to be nicer to ourselves. Its teaching me how to not let external disappointments leak into my personal life by practicing self care and by being nice to myself. And by me having this responsibility that i put before myself, its teaching you how to be emotionally vulnerable and communicate with me when you only prioritize yourself. Its teaching you how to work with me because if youre going to be involved in my life, you have to gain the ability to take responsibility for more than only yourself in the present moment. After all, how are we going to grow or accomplish anything together unless we learn these skills? What if having this puppy could teach us? If I give up this puppy, were going to go right back to where we were where all we do is watch tv and live in the moment. where we dont hold eachother to any kind of standard and keep codependening on eachother. How are we gonna grow? what is gonna hold us accountable if both of us dont know how to do that?"
On the flip side, this is a puppy. this is a baby. this is a life. If something happens outside of our control, it will affect the puppy. and this situation does not feel 100% stable. But does it have to be 100% stable? If im being totally honest, im still probably gonna rehome the puppy or surrender him to a pug foster. But the lack of responsibility (now that i know what is wrong) is going to make me feel very empty.
We learned a lot from the puppy. We both want to grow, he agreed. He tells me he loves the puppy, he would be happy if he felt like i was mentally capable of keeping him. And after wailing and crying and sobbing (i havent even had this puppy for a full 3 weeks) i know i love him. I know i *want* to keep him. I want to try. I never even gave him a fair chance without my boyfriend accidentally putting a shit ton of pressure on me to maintain our old life while balancing this new puppy.
But. I want whats best for him as well. And whats best for him could not include me at all.
We're going to see his family this weekend and we *are* bringing the puppy. We're going to be honest that he is too much for us to handle right now, politely decline going into it. He has a huge family, maybe someone will want to adopt him. He really is a good dog. After this trip i hope it is very clear whether or not this puppy and I deserve one more chance.
submitted by SillyTumbleweed2020 to puppy101 [link] [comments]