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Breaker one-nine!

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A place to talk about CB radio: how to use them, how to install them, and how to get them working their best. Drop in to rag chew or just come check the mail. Either way drop by and say hi. That's a big 10-4, good buddy!!!

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Pickup trucks are the best type of vehicle, we all know this. Post your truck, your favorite truck, discuss why Chevy is the worst, etc. ANYTHING FOR PICKUP TRUCKS

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The true CB radio subreddit for everything cb radio and cb radio related.

2023.06.06 22:39 Doctor_Heinz Mastodon too OP for early gameplay?

Mastodon too OP for early gameplay?
Alright, let's have that talk. I'm by no means a veteran, but have been playing almost constantly the past year. I genuinely enjoy the game, and I'm NOT smack talking the Mastodon, I'd just like a friendly debate and some good opinions about this topic.
With that being said, when I first started playing, I felt like the game was a big challenge. Massive challenge, especially getting Michigan done. Most of my trucks were equipped with barely any good tires, nothing OP whatsoever. Hell, till I about finished Michigan, my best trucks were the P16 and the Twinsteer, and whenever I needed something recovered, I'd depend on the P16 (which is still somewhat true to this day, hundreds of hours in).
Now obviously, not everyone would have that experience, and to some they'd do things differently, which is ok, I didn't really start with DLC, and when I did get them, I'd already figured out other trucks were better than 70% of the DLC trucks.
However, I gotta throw this in. About a week ago, I got a friend to buy the game and start playing. Idk what game pass he bought, but, he got most, if not all, the DLCs. Including, you guessed it, the Mastodon. We, me and my brother, joined this friends world to help him, and I kid you not, he flat out refused to use any other trucks he had (DLC and non DLC) because in his words, "The Mastodon is the only truck I have that can do anything or go anywhere!". Now obviously, I'm not gonna tell him to not use it but... I don't really see the challenge in it? He pretty much has the budget version of The King Zikz and it's just kind of a bruh moment. Idk.
So anyways, what do y'all think? Any news players here who feel the same way he does? Like I said, I'm not bashing it but.. wouldn't it make more sense to be like some of the other DLC trucks where you have to go find them or go out of your way to get them and not have them right off the bat?
Like I said, not trying to start fights or bash, just want some friendly comments and debates please! c:
(Image isn't mine, and is just used for a placeholder!)
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2023.06.06 22:37 r3crac Retekes TR201 Portable Radio for 27.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: 28.99 USD)

Here is the link (Banggood): Retekes TR201 Portable Radio
Current price is 27.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 28.99 USD.There're already 3 records in DB. Price monitoring since 14.4.2023!
Damn, coupon doesn't work anymore? Currently best price is here: You can also set price alert there. Have a nice day!
I think it's a nice deal with good discount.
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2023.06.06 22:37 AutoModerator The System by Todd Valentine (Here)

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2023.06.06 22:35 Popular_Possible4286 The Best Website for Car Rental in Dubai: Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai

Introduction: Dubai, with its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and beautiful landscapes, is a city best explored with the freedom of a rental car. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, finding the right car rental service can greatly enhance your experience. In this post, we'll uncover a hidden gem in the world of car rentals – Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai – and explore why it stands out as one of the best websites to offer this service in Dubai.
  1. Wide range of vehicle options:
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  1. offers an extensive fleet of vehicles to cater to various needs and preferences. From compact cars perfect for solo adventurers to spacious SUVs ideal for families or group travel, they have it all. Whether you require a luxury vehicle or an economical option, their diverse range ensures there's a car to match every budget and style.
  2. Competitive Pricing and Transparent Policies: One of its standout features of Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai is its commitment to providing competitive pricing without compromising on quality. They offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Additionally, their flexible rental periods allow you to choose the duration that suits your needs, whether it's a day, a week, or even a month.
  3. Convenient Booking Process: Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai offers a user-friendly and efficient online booking system, making it incredibly convenient to reserve your rental car. With just a few clicks, you can easily navigate their website, select your desired vehicle, choose your pickup and drop-off locations, and secure your reservation. The process is seamless, saving you time and effort.
  4. Exceptional Customer Service: When it comes to car rentals, excellent customer service is crucial. Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai understands this and ensures that their customers receive top-notch assistance throughout their rental experience. Their knowledgeable and friendly team is readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  5. Commitment to safety and satisfaction: safety is of the utmost importance, and Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai goes the extra mile to prioritize it. They maintain their fleet in excellent condition, regularly servicing and inspecting their vehicles to ensure your safety on the road. Furthermore, their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every interaction, ensuring your experience with them exceeds your expectations.
Conclusion: When it comes to car rental services in Dubai, Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai stands out as a reliable and customer-centric option. Their wide range of vehicles, competitive pricing, convenient booking process, exceptional customer service, and commitment to safety make them one of the best websites to fulfill your car rental needs in Dubai. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, choosing Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai will provide you with a seamless and enjoyable car rental experience, allowing you to explore the wonders of Dubai at your own pace.
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2023.06.06 22:34 haytil E-mail Address to Praise/Defend a UPS Driver?

A UPS truck was recently on our street, delivering packages. The minivan behind him was refusing to drive past, even though there was room, and he was constantly banging his horn, annoying the whole block.
Eventually, a long line of cars built up, which also began honking. Finally, the car behind the minivan edged around the minivan and past the UPS truck. This was immediately followed by the remaining dozen cars - including a pickup truck that was much wider than the minivan.
Meanwhile, the minivan continued jamming his horn button, refusing to go past. The UPS driver was patient, asking him to go through, then waiting while the other cars went through, and then finally laughing at the minivan as it continued to ragefully yammer its horn at him. I eventually went downstairs to go and talk to the UPS driver myself, thanking him for his patience and doing his job, but just at that moment, he finally finished and pulled out (while the minivan behind him continued to trail him and honk his horn, well past the following intersection).
I would like to e-mail UPS to praise this driver, so they can pass my comments on to him. I'm also concerned that the minivan driver, acting out of pettiness and spite, may contact UPS to complain about him - my hope is that any contact on my part might serve as a defense, should the UPS driver risk being in trouble from UPS due to complaints from the minivan guy.
Looking at UPS's website, it seems the only way to e-mail them is to create an account. I'm protective of privacy and personal data, and furthermore don't feel it's necessary to "create an account" just to relay the above to UPS, as I am not a direct customer of UPS.
Is there an e-mail address I can send the above info to, in the hopes of it being routed to the driver and/or the right people?
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2023.06.06 22:31 ptorres324 The Story of Finn Balor and how he became The Demon King

The Story of Finn Balor and how he became The Demon King
Finn Balor was a normal human being, until one day he discovered a strange tattoo on his chest. It was a red symbol that looked like a pair of wings and a tail. He had no idea where it came from or what it meant, but he felt a strange connection to it.
He soon realized that the tattoo was not just a decoration, but a mark of a powerful entity that lived inside him. The entity called itself the Demon, and it claimed to be an ancient spirit of chaos and destruction. It said that it had chosen Finn as its host, and that it could grant him incredible strength and speed, but at a price.
The Demon wanted to take over Finn's body and mind, and use him as a vessel to unleash its wrath on the world. It said that Finn had to surrender to it willingly, or it would force its way out. The Demon also warned Finn that if he resisted, he would suffer unbearable pain and madness.
Finn was terrified by the Demon's words, but he also felt a curiosity and a temptation. He wondered what it would be like to have such power, and what he could do with it. He also wondered if he could control the Demon, or at least coexist with it peacefully.
He decided to test the Demon's abilities, and see for himself what it could do. He went to a local wrestling gym, where he met some of his friends who were also wrestlers. He challenged them to a friendly match, and activated the Demon's power.
As soon as he did, he felt a surge of energy coursing through his veins. His muscles bulged and his body became more ripped, his eyes glowed red, and his tattoo spread all over his body. He looked like a demonic version of himself, with horns, fangs, claws, and scales. His clothes transformed into red and black leather trunks with black boots and knee pads. He appeared as a wild demonic warrior!
He also felt a change in his personality. He became more aggressive, confident, and ruthless. He didn't care about the rules or the safety of his opponents. He wanted to dominate them, hurt them, and make them fear him.
He easily defeated his friends, who were shocked and scared by his transformation. They tried to reason with him, but he ignored them. He only listened to the Demon's voice in his head, which urged him to continue his rampage.
He left the gym, and headed to the streets. He saw people running away from him in panic, but he didn't care. He felt invincible and unstoppable. He felt like he was the king of the world.
He was wrong.
He soon encountered a group of criminals, who were robbing a bank. They had guns and explosives, and they were threatening to kill the hostages if anyone tried to stop them. They saw Finn approaching them, and they laughed at his appearance.
"Look at this freak! What are you supposed to be? A Halloween costume?"
They fired at him, but the bullets bounced off his skin. He laughed at their futile attempts, and charged at them.
He grabbed one of them by the neck, and lifted him off the ground. He looked into his eyes, and saw fear and pain. He smiled wickedly, and squeezed harder.
He was about to snap his neck, when he heard a scream.
"Please! Don't hurt him! He's my brother!"
It was one of the hostages, who had recognized the criminal as her sibling. She had been forced to join him in the robbery by their abusive father, who had threatened to kill them if they didn't obey him.
She ran towards Finn, and pleaded with him to spare her brother's life.
Finn felt her touch, and heard her voice. He felt a wave of emotion wash over him. He remembered who he was, and what he had done. He realized that he had gone too far.
He dropped the criminal, who gasped for air. He turned around, and looked at the hostage's face. He saw fear and gratitude in her eyes.
He also saw blood on her shirt.
He looked down, and saw that she had been shot in the chest by one of the other criminals when she ran towards him. She was bleeding profusely.
He gasped in horror.
"What have I done?"
He let go of her, and ran to her side. He tried to stop the bleeding with his hands.
"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."
He felt the Demon's power fading away from him. His body returned to normal. His tattoo disappeared.
He also felt the Demon's anger and disappointment in him.
"You fool... You weakling... You traitor..."
The Demon's voice echoed in his mind.
"You had everything... You had me... And you threw it all away... For her..."
The Demon spat out one last word before leaving him alone.
Finn sobbed uncontrollably.
He had lost everything.
He had lost himself.
But he also gained something.
He gained a new purpose.
He realized that he had been given a gift, not a curse. He realized that he could use the Demon's power for good, not evil. He realized that he could be a hero, not a villain.
He decided to make a vow.
He vowed to never let the Demon take over him again. He vowed to only use the Demon's power when he needed to protect the innocent and fight the wicked. He vowed to be the master of the Demon, not its slave.
He vowed to be the Demon King.
Finn Balor had become the Demon King, a superhero who used the power of the Demon to fight crime and injustice. He had learned to control the Demon's influence, and only unleashed it when he needed to. He had also made a secret identity for himself, as a journalist who worked for a local newspaper.
He had also found love. He had saved the life of the hostage who was shot in the chest by the criminals, and they had fallen in love. Her name was Leah, and she was a nurse who worked at a nearby hospital. She knew about his secret, and supported him in his mission.
They were happy together, but they also faced many challenges. They had to deal with the Demon's resentment and jealousy, which sometimes tried to sabotage their relationship. They also had to deal with the enemies that Finn had made as the Demon King, who wanted to destroy him and everything he cared about.
One of these enemies was a mysterious figure known as the Dark Lord. He was a powerful and evil mastermind who controlled a vast criminal empire. He had a personal vendetta against Finn, because he was the one who had given him the Demon's mark in the first place.
The Dark Lord had been searching for the Demon for centuries, hoping to harness its power for his own nefarious purposes. He had experimented on countless people, trying to implant them with the Demon's essence. But none of them could survive the process, or resist the Demon's will.
He had finally found Finn, who was the perfect host for the Demon. He had kidnapped him and tortured him, trying to break his spirit and make him submit to him. He had also branded him with the Demon's mark, hoping to bind him to his will.
But he had underestimated Finn's strength and courage. Finn had managed to escape from his clutches, and vowed to stop him from harming anyone else. He had also discovered that he could use the Demon's power against him, as it gave him an edge over his enemies.
The Dark Lord was furious and obsessed with Finn. He wanted to capture him again, and make him his slave. He wanted to take away everything he loved, and make him suffer. He wanted to make him pay for his defiance.
He devised a plan to lure Finn into a trap. He sent one of his agents to infiltrate Leah's hospital, and plant a bomb in it. He then contacted Finn anonymously, and told him that he had one hour to save Leah and everyone else in the hospital, or they would all die.
He also told him that he had to come alone, or he would detonate the bomb immediately. He said that he wanted to face him one-on-one, and settle their score once and for all.
Finn was shocked and enraged by the Dark Lord's message. He knew that it was a trap, but he also knew that he couldn't ignore it. He loved Leah more than anything in the world, and he couldn't let her die.
He decided to go to the hospital, and try to find and disarm the bomb. He also decided to activate the Demon's power, and prepare for a fight.
He kissed Leah goodbye, and told her that he loved her. He also told her that he would be back soon.
He hoped that he was telling the truth. ``` Finn Balor arrived at the hospital, and looked for the bomb. He used his enhanced senses to scan the building, and detected a faint signal coming from the basement. He followed it, and found a metal suitcase hidden behind some boxes.
He opened it, and saw a digital timer counting down from 10 minutes. He also saw a complex wiring system connected to a large explosive device. He realized that he had no idea how to disarm it.
He cursed under his breath, and tried to think of a solution. He wondered if he could use the Demon's power to destroy the bomb, but he feared that it would cause a bigger explosion. He wondered if he could call for help, but he remembered that the Dark Lord had threatened to blow up the bomb if he did.
He decided to try to cut the wires, and hope for the best. He took out his pocket knife, and looked for the right wire to cut. He had seen some movies where they always cut the red wire, but he wasn't sure if that was true.
He decided to take a chance, and cut the red wire.
He was wrong.
The timer sped up, and started counting down from 5 seconds.
He panicked, and dropped the knife. He grabbed the suitcase, and ran towards the exit. He hoped that he could get out of the building before it exploded.
He was wrong.
The bomb went off, and sent a shockwave through the basement. The floor collapsed, and Finn fell into a dark abyss.
He screamed, and activated the Demon's power. He hoped that it would protect him from the blast.
He was right.
The Demon's power shielded him from the fire and debris. He felt a surge of energy coursing through his veins. His muscles bulged, his eyes glowed red, and his tattoo spread all over his body. He looked like a demonic version of himself, with horns, fangs, claws, and scales.
He also felt a change in his personality. He became more aggressive, confident, and ruthless. He didn't care about anything else but survival. He wanted to get out of there, and find the Dark Lord. He wanted to make him pay for what he had done.
He used his claws to dig his way out of the rubble. He saw a hole in the ceiling, and jumped through it. He landed on the ground floor of the hospital, where he saw chaos and destruction.
He saw people running away from him in panic, but he didn't care. He felt invincible and unstoppable. He felt like he was the king of the world.
He was wrong.
He soon encountered a group of superheroes, who had arrived at the scene to help the victims and stop the culprit. They had heard about the bomb threat, and had rushed to the hospital as fast as they could.
They saw Finn emerging from the hole in the ceiling, and they recognized him as the Demon King. They knew that he was a hero who used his power for good, but they also knew that he was unstable and dangerous when he lost control.
They decided to try to calm him down, and talk to him.
"Hey! Finn! It's us! Your friends!"
They shouted at him, hoping to get his attention.
Finn heard their voices, but he didn't recognize them. He only saw enemies who wanted to stop him from reaching his goal. He ignored them, and continued walking towards the exit.
They tried to block his way, but he pushed them aside with ease. They tried to restrain him with their powers, but he broke free with force. They tried to reason with him with their words, but he didn't listen to them.
He only listened to the Demon's voice in his head, which urged him to continue his rampage.
"Kill them... Kill them all... They are nothing... You are everything..."
The Demon's voice echoed in his mind.
Finn obeyed.
Finn Balor had become a monster. He had lost control of the Demon's power, and had attacked everyone who stood in his way. He had fought the superheroes who tried to stop him, and had injured many of them. He had also caused a lot of collateral damage to the hospital and the surrounding area.
He had also lost Leah. She had survived the bomb blast, thanks to the quick intervention of one of the superheroes. She had been taken to another hospital, where she was treated for her wounds. She had also learned about what Finn had done, and she was heartbroken.
She couldn't believe that the man she loved had turned into a violent and ruthless killer. She couldn't understand what had happened to him, or why he had changed so much. She couldn't forgive him for what he had done, or trust him again.
She decided to end their relationship, and cut off all contact with him. She also decided to move away from the city, and start a new life somewhere else.
She hoped that she could forget him.
She was wrong.
Finn eventually regained his senses, and realized what he had done. He was horrified and ashamed by his actions. He remembered who he was, and what he had lost. He realized that he had gone too far.
He tried to find Leah, and apologize to her. He hoped that she would still love him, and give him another chance. He hoped that they could be happy together again.
He was wrong.
He learned that Leah had left him, and moved away. He also learned that she hated him, and wanted nothing to do with him. He also learned that she blamed him for everything that had happened, and wished that he would die.
He was devastated.
He tried to contact her, and beg for her forgiveness. He tried to explain what had happened, and how he felt. He tried to tell her that he still loved her, and that he needed her.
He was wrong.
She ignored his calls, messages, and letters. She blocked his number, email, and social media accounts. She refused to talk to him, or listen to him. She rejected his pleas, and his love.
She wanted him to leave her alone.
He was crushed.
He decided to give up on Leah, and focus on his mission as the Demon King. He decided to use the Demon's power for good again, and fight the Dark Lord and his minions. He decided to redeem himself for his sins, and make the world a better place.
He was wrong.
He found out that the Dark Lord had escaped from his hideout, and gone into hiding. He also found out that he had hired a team of assassins to kill him. He also found out that he had a new plan to unleash a deadly virus on the city.
He was furious.
He decided to hunt down the Dark Lord, and stop him once and for all. He decided to use the Demon's power to its full extent, and show no mercy to his enemies. He decided to end this war, and make the Dark Lord pay for what he had done.
He was wrong.
He fell into another trap set by the Dark Lord. He was ambushed by the assassins, who attacked him with advanced weapons and tactics. He was outnumbered and outmatched by them. He was wounded and weakened by them.
He was captured by them.
They took him to a secret location, where they tortured and punished him mercilessly. They beat him up, burned him with fire, electrocuted him with wires, injected him with poison, cut him with blades, lashed him mercilessly with a firey bullwhip on his bare back and buttocks, broke his bones with hammers, ripped out his nails with pliers...
They did everything they could think of to make him suffer.
They also mocked him for being a failure as a hero and a lover. They told him how Leah hated him and wished he was dead. They told him how she had moved on with her life and found someone else. They told him how she was happy without him.
They lied to him.
They wanted to break his spirit and make him submit to them. They wanted to make him beg for death or mercy. They wanted to make him their slave.
They were wrong.
Finn endured their torture with gritted teeth and clenched fists. He refused to give in or give up. He resisted their pain and their lies. He fought back with his will and his pride.
He also fought back with the Demon's power.
He felt the Demon's presence in his mind again, but this time it was different. It wasn't angry or jealous or resentful of him anymore. It wasn't trying to take over him or destroy him anymore.
It was trying to help him and save him.
It said that it had seen his suffering and his courage, and that it had changed its mind about him. It said that it had realized that he was a worthy host and a worthy partner. It said that it had decided to join forces with him, and fight against their common enemy.
It said that it was sorry for what it had done, and that it wanted to make amends.
It said that it was ready to be his ally and his friend.
It offered him its power and its support, and asked him to accept it.
Finn was surprised and touched by the Demon's words. He felt a new connection and a new respect for it. He felt a new hope and a new strength in him.
He decided to accept the Demon's offer, and trust it.
He said yes.
He felt the Demon's power flowing through him, healing his wounds and restoring his energy and health. He felt the Demon's voice guiding him, telling him what to do and how to do it. He felt the Demon's spirit joining him, becoming one with him.
He became the Demon King again, but this time he was different. He was stronger, faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before. He was also more balanced, calm, and focused than ever before.
He was ready to escape from his captors, and confront the Dark Lord.
He was ready to end this story.
Finn Balor escaped from the torture chamber, and fought his way out of the secret base. He used the Demon's power to defeat the assassins and the guards, and to destroy the weapons and the equipment. He also used the Demon's power to track down the Dark Lord, and to find his location.
He followed his trail to an abandoned warehouse, where he saw a large truck parked outside. He sensed that the truck was carrying the deadly virus that the Dark Lord had planned to unleash on the city. He also sensed that the Dark Lord was inside the warehouse, waiting for him.
He decided to confront him, and stop him once and for all. He decided to use the Demon's power to its full extent, and show no mercy to him. He decided to end this war, and make him pay for what he had done.
He entered the warehouse, and saw the Dark Lord standing in front of a large screen. He saw that he was wearing a black cloak and a metal mask, hiding his face and his identity. He also saw that he had a remote control in his hand, ready to activate the virus.
He greeted Finn with a cold and sinister voice.
"Welcome, Finn Balor. Welcome to your doom."
He pressed a button on the remote control, and activated the screen. He showed Finn a live feed of Leah's hospital room, where she was lying on a bed. She looked pale and weak, but she was still alive.
He smiled wickedly behind his mask.
"Say hello to your girlfriend, Finn. Or should I say, goodbye?"
He revealed his plan to Finn. He said that he had planted another bomb in Leah's hospital room, and that he had set it to explode in 10 minutes. He said that he had also infected her with the virus, and that she was dying slowly and painfully.
He said that he wanted Finn to watch her die, and to suffer as much as he did. He said that he wanted him to feel helpless and hopeless, and to lose everything he cared about. He said that he wanted him to know how it felt to be betrayed by someone he loved.
He said that he was the one who had given Leah the virus.
He said that he was Leah's father.
He took off his mask, and revealed his face.
Finn gasped in shock.
He recognized him as Leah's father, who had abused her and her brother for years. He recognized him as the man who had forced them to join him in his criminal activities. He recognized him as the man who had tried to kill them when they refused.
He also recognized him as the man who had kidnapped him and tortured him. He recognized him as the man who had branded him with the Demon's mark. He recognized him as the man who had ruined his life.
He was the Dark Lord.
He laughed maniacally at Finn's reaction.
"Surprised? You shouldn't be. I've been watching you for a long time, Finn. Ever since you escaped from me, and became the Demon King. Ever since you met my daughter, and fell in love with her."
He explained his motives to Finn. He said that he hated Finn for being stronger than him, and for resisting his control. He said that he hated Finn for being happier than him, and for finding love with his daughter. He said that he hated Finn for being better than him, and for being a hero.
He said that he wanted to destroy Finn's happiness, and make him suffer. He said that he wanted to take away his power, and make him weak. He said that he wanted to take away his love, and make him lonely.
He said that he wanted to take away his life, and make him dead.
He pointed a gun at Finn's head.
"Goodbye, Finn Balor. Goodbye, Demon King."
He pulled the trigger.
He missed.
Finn dodged the bullet at the last second, thanks to the Demon's power. He reacted quickly, and charged at the Dark Lord. He tackled him to the ground, and punched him in the face.
He fought with all his strength and all his rage. He used his fists and his claws to inflict pain on his enemy. He used his teeth and his horns to draw blood from his enemy. He used his voice and his words to insult his enemy.
He wanted to kill him.
But he didn't.
He stopped himself at the last moment, thanks to Leah's love. He remembered her face and her voice in his mind. He remembered her kindness and her compassion in his heart. He remembered her words and her wishes in his soul.
He wanted to honor her.
He decided to spare the Dark Lord's life, and let him face justice. He decided to use the Demon's power for good again, and save the city. He decided to redeem himself for his sins, and make the world a better place.
He decided to be a hero.
He got up from the ground, and grabbed the remote control from the Dark Lord's hand. He pressed a button on it, and deactivated the bomb in Leah's hospital room. He also pressed another button on it, and deactivated the virus in the truck.
He saved Leah's life, and the city's life.
He smiled with relief and joy.
He also felt the Demon's presence in his mind again, but this time it was different. It wasn't angry or jealous or resentful of him anymore. It wasn't trying to take over him or destroy him anymore.
It was trying to help him and save him.
It said that it was proud of him and his choice. It said that it had realized that he was a true hero and a true king. It said that it had decided to stay with him, and fight with him.
It said that it was happy for him and his love.
It said that it was ready to be his ally and his friend.
It offered him its power and its support, and asked him to accept it.
Finn was surprised and touched by the Demon's words. He felt a new connection and a new respect for it. He felt a new hope and a new strength in him.
He decided to accept the Demon's offer, and trust it.
He said yes.
He felt the Demon's power flowing through him, healing his wounds and restoring his energy. He felt the Demon's voice guiding him, telling him what to do and how to do it. He felt the Demon's spirit joining him, becoming one with him.
He became the Demon King again, but this time he was different. He was stronger, faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before. He was also more balanced, calm, and focused than ever before.
He was ready to leave the warehouse, and reunite with Leah.
He was ready to end this story.
But he also wanted to start a new one.
A new story of love and happiness.
A new story of peace and justice.
A new story of Finn Balor and Leah.
A new story of the Demon King Finn Balor of today
The End ```
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2023.06.06 22:20 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - The System Course (here)

You can chat +447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp) if you want The System By Todd.
I have The System By Todd.
Todd Valentine - The System is a revolutionary course, created by the famous pickup instructor - Todd Valentine.
The System by Todd covers everything you need to know to play the game. This program is applicable for beginners, as well as intermediate students.
In The System by Todd you will learn how to OPEN (Open, Premise, Establish, Narrative) as well as much more on how to lead proper interaction with girls, and how to close them (infields included)!
Todd Valentine's The System is one of the best and most effective courses ever created on dating, and one of the best choices you will make if you have decided to improve your game.
To get The System By Todd contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message to u/CourseAccess
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.06 22:16 super_aardvark Idea: active/requested dumping

Normally, material is only dumped when there's nowhere else to put it. The goal is to get rid of excess.
However, sometimes the goal is landscaping: you want to dump a certain thing in a certain place, excess or not. The only way to accomplish this is to create excess, either by excavating more material or by setting a storage to "keep empty" (and you need to set a route, or it'll all just get moved to some other storage or dumped where you don't want it).
What if a Mine Control Tower had a toggle for Active Dumping, which would cause trucks to actively take material (anything that the tower allows to be dumped) from storage in order to dump there? Obviously, they would only do this as long as there's room to dump it, and there would need to be some kind of calculation or heuristic regarding how much material is required, so you don't have 50 trucks loading up to fill one little hole. These active dumping jobs could be available to trucks assigned to the tower as well (or not... or exclusively? I'm not sure which would be best).
This would mean you don't have to set a route -- one big storage can supply any number of towers that need fill, and material from other sources can continue to be added to it. Trucks that finish a fill and still have some left over can put it back where they got it (unlike if it's set to "keep empty"), though maybe this would eliminate that case altogether.
The new Leveling designation in Update 1 increases the value of this feature -- you no longer have to micromanage dump-vs-mine, so this dumping source business is the next micromanagement bottleneck.
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2023.06.06 22:12 thedreamingseed ON Stock TL - a fools errand

I was promoted 6 mo ago to ON TL after working as a digital associate for a year. I did not know what I was getting into at all, but I’ve been determined to do the best job I can. Been a steep learning curve but I’ve built a great relationship with the team, and tbh I love the crew and I enjoy this kind of work.
Long story short, there’s a lot of management problems in the store. SM is demanding which is ok but he’s also sometimes mean and unreasonable. The coaches do not get along and some have no idea how to manage and develop a team. There’s a huge turnover rate. Overnight is the whipping post of the store. The freight is out of control and the coaches insist on bringing down everything every night. Crazy overstock, no bin space. No one else in the store will touch freight, even on nights we have double trucks with excessive backroom vizpics and maybe 14 people on the crew expected to finish both consumables and gm and even tho it’s impossible, I’m being held accountable when it can’t be done. It’s a nightmare.
I was left alone to manage the entire store after being ON only 1 month. Last week, after 6 mo on the job, I was alone 3 out of 4 nights. SM on vacation and everyone calling out. Almost 60 hrs just last week, my family life deteriorating, I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances, team is understaffed yet pushing as much as they can and still I’m getting shit from the cap 1 coach on a power trip demanding to know how many hours the truck was, doesn’t care how many ppl were on, and doesn’t understand the math or actual freight we are working with. I’ve been yelled at by the SM for things out of my control, written up, blamed, and given feedback where inaccurate and untrue things were written. I’ve never worked in a more unprofessional environment.
I’m supposed to work with another TL. Even tho he’s been there 3 years, he is disorganized and difficult. No one on the team likes him, and he has ongoing sexual harassment and gender based discrimination charges. He refuses to communicate with me and even tho I talked with the SM and a coach about it, we still have not had a meeting.
As I’ve grown in this position, a lot of the male coaches and TLs have started to target, belittle, demean, and blame me specifically for anything and everything relating to overnight. I’m a petite woman and I pull pallets, make bales, use the forklifts, stock as needed, refine the plan as we continue, check in with all the associates, and work damn hard all night long. All the people on my team always comment on my work ethic and they respect me, they work for me. But the management and my co-TL now act in ways that make my work life really difficult.
I don’t give up but I know when to walk away. I don’t want to fight to be where I’m not wanted. Truth be told, I’ve learned a lot in this time. I can take these skills and find a better situation. I don’t even know why I’m writing this post. I’ve been fighting the good fight for awhile now and I’m exhausted. It does feel soul crushing to work so hard and have the support of your team but never make progress because the management and even your co-TLs are constantly setting everyone up for failure … no thanks, next
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2023.06.06 22:10 Fancy_Tea_6182 Ranking the Borneo intro shots

I feel like so many of them are so iconic so I figured I'd rank them from best to worst:
  1. Colleen: This one was kind of a gimme. Such an iconic and creative shot with her surrounded by the mosquitoes.
  2. Kelly: Another iconic one. Straight out of a movie
  3. Gervase: I forgot about this one, but I love it. Very calming
  4. Richard: Another amazing, artistic one
  5. Jenna: Even my gay self had a crush on Jenna here. She's so pretty and I love how they used such an iconic and emotional moment for her intro. shot. Probably would have been third if it had been more focused and not had Kelly in it
  6. Susan: I love her dead stare lol
  7. Rudy: Simple but yet effective
  8. Dirk: He got the thirst trap one lol
  9. Sean: The only non-live action one I like
  10. BB: Its okay
  11. Gretchen: I love the image they used of her but its kind of boring overall
  12. Joel: Its not an actively bad one like the others but its just boring, I totally forgot what his was until rewatch and I can tell now why
  13. Greg: At first glance its okay, the more you look at it though its kind of creepy. He looks demented in it
  14. Stacey: Its honestly kind of funny they chose this one for her. Seems like they were trying to do her dirty.
  15. Ramona: Her looking absolutely miserable paddling with a cameraman in the back. Yeah, its bad.
  16. Sonja: Poor Sonja, an unclear picture that looks nothing like her and she looks unhappy in it also.

I was going to rank the "introduction to career" shots also but basically all of the mwere the same this season. Except you had Sue Hawk wearing a hard hat because you know that's what truck drivers wear lmao. Maybe they spent all their time/budget for that getting non-disclosures to show the kids in Gretchen's preschool in her shot that they ran out of time to put effort into anybody else's lol.
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2023.06.06 22:04 randopop21 Device for PA function? I want to run an outside speaker to warn off intruders.

For security reasons, I have an external speaker outside of my vehicle. Currently, it's hooked up to a device to generate siren-type noises if I hit a panic button. It works well.
I'd like to be able to broadcast my voice outside too. I think the PA function of a CB radio can do that. (Is that right?)
I was looking to buy an inexpensive used CB radio to do this. And I may still do so and thus get the functionality of a CB radio too.
Or I could look for a device that has a mic and can drive the external speaker too.
Does anyone know of such a device? (I'm also wondering if something like that could end up more expensive than a used CB radio...)
(This is for personal security when traveling in my vehicle. If I see someone skulking around close to my rig, I want to be able to warn him off without leaving my vehicle.)
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2023.06.06 21:58 SilentChallenge7158 Moving to Fairbanks potentially

Here’s my situation. I have a job opportunity in Fairbanks. It is a very very well paying job even factoring in cost of living changes. I’ll be moving from Texas to Fairbanks if I deceive to do so.
What I’d like to know from locals is this. What are the pros and cons of living there? For the transplants, what would you wish you’d have known, and would you have not moved there? Lastly, best ways to move to Alaska from the lower 48? Is it better to just sell everything physically possible and rebuy?
Edit: what’s the job prospects for my partner there in the medical field?
For the diesel truck drivers, how do you manage there?
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2023.06.06 21:58 AutoModerator [Pickup Program] The System by Todd

You can chat +447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp) if you want The System By Todd.
I have The System By Todd.
Todd Valentine - The System is a revolutionary course, created by the famous pickup instructor - Todd Valentine.
The System by Todd covers everything you need to know to play the game. This program is applicable for beginners, as well as intermediate students.
In The System by Todd you will learn how to OPEN (Open, Premise, Establish, Narrative) as well as much more on how to lead proper interaction with girls, and how to close them (infields included)!
Todd Valentine's The System is one of the best and most effective courses ever created on dating, and one of the best choices you will make if you have decided to improve your game.
To get The System By Todd contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.06 21:54 nickroar817 Pricey diagnostic fee after pointing out the obvious?

I am not typically one to complain about stuff like this, I don't take my junk to shops often but when I do I typically understand that their time is worth money just like mine is.
I took my old International pickup (1968 IH 1200C) in to diagnose/fix a coolant leak in two different areas. I just finished a full engine rebuild, I probably could take care of the leak but I was getting frustrated and I didn't want to get a bad attitude about the project, so I dropped it off at the shop down the road from me.
I had put a good amount of JB water weld putty around a steel water tube that was leaking to try to get it to seal up, and I understood that was going to be a PITA to deal with trying to clean up, but I thought I'd see what they said about it. I get back an estimate this morning, it's a lot more than I want to spend on something I just don't feel like fixing. All good, I called the shop and said I'd pick the truck up later. I expected some kind of fee for dragging the truck on the shop.
The fee is a diagnostic fee of $150.
They did not turn a bolt, nor did they tell me any ounce of what they thought the issue was. The only "diagnosis" I got was "we're going to have to drain the water, remove this tube and clean the putty off of it before we can tell you what's wrong, and then fill it back up with coolant once we fix it, and that's all going to cost $950 not including actually fixing the issue".
What the hell am I paying for? It doesn't take an hour of a diagnostic specialist to know that you'll need to clean the tube off before inspecting it, and that's going to really suck to do. Am I wrong for thinking $150 is too much?
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2023.06.06 21:43 Feeling_Willow_1644 5 Best Podcasts To Listen to While Driving Your Truck

5 Best Podcasts To Listen to While Driving Your Truck in eldmandate are:
1. "The Long Haul: Trucking Tales and Insights"
- This podcast shares fascinating stories and insights from truck drivers, covering various aspects of the trucking industry and life on the road.
  1. "The Trucking Podcast"
- Hosted by experienced truckers, this podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to truck drivers, including industry news, tips, and interviews with industry experts.
  1. "The Road is Calling: Travel and Adventure Podcast"
- Perfect for truckers who enjoy exploring new places, this podcast features travel stories, destination recommendations, and tips for making the most of your time on the road.
  1. "The Mindful Trucker"
- This podcast focuses on mental health and well-being for truck drivers. It provides strategies and tips for maintaining a healthy mindset while dealing with the challenges of life on the road.
  1. "The Trucking Entrepreneur"
- If you're interested in starting your own trucking business or exploring entrepreneurial opportunities within the industry, this podcast offers valuable insights, tips, and success stories from trucking entrepreneurs.
These podcasts are a great way to make your trucking journeys more enjoyable and productive. They provide entertainment, industry insights, and practical advice to enhance your driving experience. Happy listening!
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2023.06.06 21:38 la_cucaracha13579 How do I stop being a bum?

I'm 29m, 5'7, look a lot younger, in decent/average shape, overall average-sliiightly above average looks (can def be brought up if I make some changes and get some rest), very proportionate facial features. I dress really well, speak really well, and have high intelligence as well as broad knowledge. Gifted with talent equally in the sciences and humanities/arts. I'm a good friend, with lots of empathy, and a deep understanding of human psychology. I'm a summa cum laude genetic engineering/biosciences graduate, and belong to the nation's most prestigious honors society. Moreover I was admitted to and completed a separate honors college within my university.
I live with my girlfriend who is my best friend, soon to be my wife. We share 90% of interests in common, and are inseparable. By society's standards, she is considered very very attractive. She makes 70-80k and has a very easy job from home.
So, why am I bum?
I make $15 an hour for a job that provides me with 10-25 hours a week from home. Been doing that for several years. I make less than $1000 a month most months.
I own an old, beat up truck that 1) paint completely came off 2) no AC 3) beat up inside 4) no power steering 5) 1000 other issues 6) doesn't even run. Never owned another car, use girlfriend's car every day.
I have no physical tolerance. I cannot fathom working 8+ hours a day. Not only am I afraid of wasting my life away, but also, I actually do not have the physical tolerance. I work 3-4 hours a day and feel completely wasted, beat up, after staring into a bright screen. My head hurts, I get flashing in my eyes, and I feel done.
I don't know where to start. I am about to be 30 and I can no longer "start from the beginning" for the 10000th time in my life. All of my peers are balls deep into their careers and many are making 3 figures. I have so many dreams and ambitions, goals, but I can't start anything. I have confusion, anxiety, and obsessive tendencies that will not allow me to start, chronic feelings of lethargy. The doctors don't know why, they say it's life and everyone feels that way.
I feel like a complete bum. I can't start anything. No I do not have depression, I did before. I feel like a complete loser, that eventually everything else will go downhill. For me, I see things always downgrading, instead of upgrading in life.
I look at apartments near me and think "everything is for rich people. how is any of this affordable? why aren't there low-income apartments for everyone else, but without cockroaches and drug addicts?". Meanwhile, my peers never even glanced at the apartments I live in, and live like normal people but pay more.
What's stopping me from marrying my girlfriend immediately is loss of free health insurance and food stamps. Yep, you heard that right. She has too high of an income once I marry her, I have to give everything up. What am I going to do on $1000 a month with all of my health issues and no insurance?
I also have problem after problem. My parents keep getting evicted and I need to solve their lawyer problems, I'm always accumulating their problems and anxiety, rent is always increasing, I have new medical issues popping up every other week, huge expenses out of nowhere, and just life problems one after the other. I cant focus on starting anything, something is always in the way.
I am a complete loser who could be making significant money with my ideas and brain power, but... "I can't." I have no self-esteem, and don't know how to deal with difficult people. I ask my girlfriend why she even likes me and she says "you're just cute". I feel completely emasculated.
Some things that bring me down:
  1. terrible self image
  2. medical issues from head to toe - something is ALWAYS wrong (badly herniated spinal disc means daily chronic pain, severe heartburn, 20 years of GI issues that affect me 80% of the day, dislocated shoulder, all of my teeth have issues and cause me pain and cracking, allergies which never allow me a good sleep and puff my face up for hours and hours, legally blind, and I can name another 10 most likely).
  3. the cherry on top is that I developed severe panic disorder since January with agoraphobia and to this day, am struggling to be outside. I would rather break my back another 50 times than ever go through this again - the feeling of dying a hundred times a day, every day, for months.
submitted by la_cucaracha13579 to DecidingToBeBetter [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 21:36 Hopeful-Crow-8188 Kristian Logistics Dispatching

At Kristian Logistics Dispatching, we understand that the relationship between dispatchers and truck drivers is crucial, and we take a lighthearted approach to foster a fun and familial environment. Here's how our dispatchers work together with truck drivers to grow your business while maintaining a humorous and supportive relationship:

The Dispatching Dream Team: Our dispatchers aren't just colleagues; they're like an extended family. They work together seamlessly, sharing inside jokes and developing a teamwork that keeps the dispatching process light and enjoyable. With their teamwork and humor, they create a positive atmosphere that resonates with our truck drivers.

Dispatchers with a Sense of Adventure: Our dispatchers embrace the excitement and unpredictability of the trucking industry. They're always up for an adventure and willing to go the extra mile to support our truck drivers. From finding unique routes to uncovering hidden gems along the way, they make every journey an unforgettable experience.

Supportive Partners in Crime: Our dispatchers aren't just there to assign loads and track progress; they're true partners in crime. They have your back through thick and thin, providing guidance, resolving issues, and offering a listening ear when you need it most. They understand that a little laughter can go a long way in creating a supportive and enduring relationship.

At Kristian Logistics Dispatching, we offer dispatchers who not only work diligently to grow your business but also embrace a fun and enjoyable relationship with our truck drivers. We understand that positive attitude is the best fuel for success, and our dispatching dream team is here to support you every step of the way, bringing a smile to your face while helping your business thrive.
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2023.06.06 21:34 Quick_Island754 Best Friends to dating and back to best friends possible?

Me and my best friend were actual best friends before we dated. We both dated different people and after both of us went through different relationships I started to grow feelings for her. I thought because we are best friends it would be easy dating.
Long story short we gave it a shot and after a few months of dating she didnt think we were compatible romantically and wanted to go back to being best friends. I was devastated because I wanted us to work out and in return my energy came off desperate, anxious, and unattractive. Typical dumpee reactions. I felt like I was mourning 2 relationships. The friendship and the romantic relationship. This has been the hardest break up for me. Strange bc it was my shortest relationship but the person meant so much more to me because of our friendship before. We talked literally almost everyday for 3 years as best friends and to go from that to radio silence hurts.
We got into an argument about how to navigate this now and in return the solution is to go no contact for a few months to heal.
I will say this isnt a one way heart break. Shes cried to me about the break up and not wanting to lose me. Its a weird situation. Shes expressed how much she loves me and how she doesnt want to lose me but I personally find it hard to go back to how it was but I also dont want to lose her. It wasnt a bad break up or toxic relationship so to erase each other doesnt seem logical, It is just a werid situation that we both have never been in before because we had such a great relationship before as friends.
I did set a boundary clear from the moment of the break up that I do not think it was possible to have the exact same relationship before we got romantic because I do not want to hear about her dating life like how I did before.
Just want to hear some stories of anyone ever going through this. If you can go back to being friends or did you end up getting back together? I think going no contact right now was the best thing because we need this space apart so we dont resent each other.
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2023.06.06 21:34 This_Aint_No_Picnic My brother's wife had a miscarriage and I feel like he resents me for it.

To give a bit of context, my (M29) older brother (M32) and I have had a rocky relationship in the last ten years or so. Growing up, we were close, but as we got older and became more ourselves, we had very different looks on life. When my dad had an affair and we found out, my brother was angry. Meanwhile, I developed the very healthy coping mechanism of shutting down, which has since grown into anxiety about being good enough, imposter syndrome, and getting so frustrated that I don't finish a task. I have a habit of starting a project and not seeing it through because I feel like no one helps me so I just think fuck it.
As we got older, I turned a bit more left leaning while he maintained a hardline conservative view. I became a creature of leisure while working full time at a bank, starting a vinyl collection, getting into DND and fantasy sports. He, meanwhile, started working in the oil patch, planned out hunting sessions, going "mudding", that type of thing.
Inevitably, we grew apart, and both of us being blessed with dad's gift of stubbornness, have a hard time finding common ground, let alone agree on a singular topic, and neither of us know when to shut up and back off, and when we do, there's fireworks.
It all came to a head when he kept hounding me to get off my phone when I was talking to my LDR. He deemed it to be rude and I felt like it was rude to impede on my relationship. Eventually, I went to school in a city while he stayed in a town. We didn't talk much, but the 3-hour drive didn't help. I eventually started to learn how to put up barriers, and only grant access to those closest to me. I had been burnt in the past.
At some point, he crossed those lines related to my relationship, and I felt like it was worthy of cutting off contact with him. We didn't talk for a year and a half. He focused on his relationship and work, while I focused on my relationship and my studies. It was ugly, we wouldn't talk to each other, and my parents tried to intervene, with them saying it wasn't worth it (even though that statement is hypocritical - they don't talk to some of their siblings) and that we should just squash the beef, with me being the one to extend the olive branch.
Talking to my oldest sister, who I trust dearly, she was able to talk me off that ledge and I reached out to him. We talked a lot that evening, catching up a bit, but more importantly burying the hatchet, recognizing the barriers we put up, and for the first time in a very long time, finding some common ground. That night, he asked if I would be his best man because he was preparing to propose to his girlfriend. I was very flattered, accepted, and it seemed to be like a reinforcement of the new found relationship.
Our relationship was still a bit strained, but we were able to disengage whenever things got too tense - this is progress. I would visit him at his farm, he would help me fix my truck, we'd make time to try and see each other. We were able to bond over my grandma's death. We were both really upset by it, but we were able to get through it together. Neither of us really grieved though.
Fast forward to mid-April, and him and his now wife ask to get together with my parents, my younger sister and myself to get together at a restaurant. This is a tad inconvenient as I'm right in the midst of exams, but it's a Friday, so we meet up to which, after some laughs and supper, he breaks the news - they're very newly pregnant. Somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks. He asks us to not make any posts about it on Facebook and to keep the knowledge limited for now. We go about our business, I finish my exams and at the beginning of May, move south for my placement. I am currently 6 or so hours away from the farm, and a further hour or so from my parents.
I tell my girlfriend, which is fine, but make the mistake of telling my best friend and now roommate. When we travel back north to get my mom's car (my truck broke down), we have to do minor repairs at the farm, and my best friend didn't keep his damn mouth shut and blabbed about it. My brother went with it a bit, to which my friend kept talking. Nothing seemed out of the norm, and I felt as though like my brother wasn't upset I told him. I'm on the fence about this, but keep it to myself.
Last week, or the week before, I get a phone call from my brother. I figure "sure, it's been a little bit since we chatted I suppose" and picked up the call. They miscarried. His wife went for an ultra-sound, and they couldn't find the heartbeat, so now they are forcing a miscarriage. He tells me not to contact her as it's very fresh wound, and that he was very pissed off that I told my friend and that I should've just kept my mouth shut. We sheepishly caught up about work, but obviously it was very uncomfortable and very tense.
I do a bit of reading and find out that miscarriages are fairly common, 1 out of 5 pregnancies are miscarried in the first trimester. I also read a bit, and find out that it's bad luck to talk about it at all while they're in their first trimester, which was just an awesome thing to read. I'm not very superstitious, but I am enough to believe in luck and karma. Why test waters?
I feel horrible about the whole thing. I believe in science enough to know that there was a chance for it to happen anyways, but finding out that it's bad luck and that me spilling the beans could've maybe, probably not, but possibly have affected the trajectory just makes me feel horrible.
I was talking to my older sister, who is one of my best friends, someone I go to to confide in, relate with and use as a logic check and emotional soundboard (her answers are usually ones that are the best course of action and the right thing to do), and she didn't want to comment on me spilling the beans. To me, if she doesn't have anything to say about it leads me to believe that she agrees with my brother on this and that I severely fucked up.
Again, I legitimately feel horrible. No one wants to go through this, especially so early in their marriage. And I do love my sister-in-law; she's really good at tempering my brother.
When I think of my friend blabbing, or more importantly, his cavalier and cold attitude about life and death (paraphrasing: well that sucks, and I wish them well, but it's science can explain it away) pisses me off. It really sucked when my grandma died and all he could really muster was "that sucks...I'll give you some space, but at least she's not suffering" didn't help with my grieving.
Whenever I think about the day I told him, I get mad and sad at myself, knowing what I know now about the luck. Knowing that my brother probably believes in that and won't trust me with information like that again, and perhaps warranted, I blabbed, it just upsets me.
I haven't had a lot of good going for me in my life the last couple years. I did well in school. My girlfriend loves me, my parents love me, and I have friends....but I just can't seem to get happy, and when I do, it doesn't stay long. I try to keep busy, because of my other unhealthy coping mechanism of "I can't be sad if I'm too focused on 'x' task". I know I have undiagnosed issues of depression, anxiety and probably a healthy dose of ADHD (both sisters have been diagnosed and are treating it). I was really excited for this.
And now it's gone.
Everything sucks. I'm doing my best, it just never seems to be good enough.
ETA TL;DR: Rocky relationship with brother, and buried the hatchet. Recently had a miscarriage and probably resents me for sharing the news to my girlfriend and my close friend.
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2023.06.06 21:28 Relevant_Poet9670 She contacted me

So for context, i met this Girl on tinder around december, and we hit it of right of the bat. (Lets Call her F)
Well fast forward a few months i was texting with my ex (lets Call her L) while being in a relationship with this Girl (F), the dumbest thing i have ever done, one day i was heading Home from work and L had texted F and told her we had been sending nudes to each other, wich was true, But neither the less F didnt leave me right there. We tried for some time and i felt everything was good, till it was not, i Got a text from f one day telling me she was gonna come with her mom and pickup her stuff, i cant blame her.
After the breakup i tried everything to get her back But she Said if i kept texting her she would get a police restraint. So i dropped the hope of ever seing her again.
Suddenly this saturday she texted that she was going to a wedding and if i wanted to see her outfit she would like to show it to me, in the mean while of us not texting she started seeing another guy.(We Will get back to him) - So i accepted and talked back and forth and we end up meeting up yesterday for a date day, we spend like 7 hours together, she laid her head on my chest, kissed me so many times. We had a blast!
Best day i have ever had with a Girl, we just kept laughing, even tho i had done her dirty.
So i asked her about the other guy cause i knew who he was But he lives really far away from her, and she can’t see him that often, i know for a fact that they havent hooked up, and she told me that she didnt know what to do cause she dont wanna burn her bridges, or hurt the guy by telling him she is seeing me also. Cause she told me he really hates me after what i did.
So my question is, How do i make sense about this, why wont she tell him that i am seeing her, when i know she is seeing him, why do u guys think she texted me in the first place, they have had the chance to hook up, But didn’t, plz help. My head is a mess right now!
Sorry for the bad grammar, had some trouble in School 😅
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2023.06.06 21:27 fwump38 Mega Megathread (Megathread-ception): A PSA about all of our resources!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all starting to pack, stressing over the schedule release, and generally all aboard the HYPE train. I just wanted to take a moment to gather a bunch of our resources into one helpful post as a reminder to our forest family new and old!


First off we have our Guide to EF which was recently updated and lovingly written by the Mod Team here. This guide has all the basic info you could ever want to know about EF (and then some). We consider this our quintessential guide for first timers.
Next up is my personal pet project and this posts' namesake: our Megathread to collect all of the wonderful posts this community has made over the years into a repository of info grouped by topics and covering everything from Outfits, Earplugs, Tents and many many more. (PS we have a ton of Packing List templates too!)
Last but not least is our Daily (sometimes weekly) "No Dumb Questions" thread where the veterans of this subreddit do their best to answer your questions!


Did you know we have a Discord? Come chat with us! We have a bunch of channels to talk about crafts, discuss rumors, share photos, and camp-specific ones too!
Speaking of Discord, this year we're using the Official EF Discord to plan and organize Camp Reddit which is a special (unofficial) group camp for those that want to join a larger crew or make some new friends.


Have you been slacking like me and failed to listen to much of the lineup? Do you just wanna listen to some sweet tunes while you get absolutely no work done and instead think about packing? Checkout the Official Spotify Playlist created by the Mod Team here and if you're not sure what genre something is there's always the Lineup by Genre! If you're feeling something a little different, we also have the EF Radio streaming on Discord



Finally, a quick note that we don't allow ANY kind of buying/selling/trading here. We have automod remove a lot of these posts automatically which means your question about buying might also get flagged. Don't worry - we review all these posts and will either answer your question directly or manually approve it!
If you're trying to buy or sell tickets checkout this guide I wrote that covers all of the various options. Note that with wristbands shipping and the Official Ticket Exchange not accepting most kinds of tickets for return...your best bet is likely Stubhub, Facebook, or CashOrTrade when your wristband arrives.
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2023.06.06 21:27 Witchunter42_SK Today is a 1st birthday of my radio that plays Classic Fallout Soundtracks on repeat 24/7! Celebrate with me and read on how its doing!

One year ago, I have set up on a weird quest and started ☢️ Ambient Fallout Radio 24/7 ☢️ - music to explore wasteland to - radio that plays classic Fallout soundtracks and, as evolution asked for, dark ambient from few other associated games and Fallout mods.
You, this sub, gave me a lot of support to the beginning, I managed to keep it alive and today is its first birthday! I would like to invite you to look back on the year of this radio stream with me. Although not always easy, it is definitely a labor of love for me and I plan to keep airing for the wastelanders out there.
So happy birthday, thank you truly for all the support, go give it a listen, or just read how its doing!
Where it was and where is AFR247 right now?
There were significant improvements over the year, ranging from playlist to graphics and interaction. The more I learned, the more I improved the radio and ended up with what is now, in my opinion a decent, working stream!
Playlist was only F1&2 soundtrack for a very short time - I love was playing Fallout Nevada and absolutely love the music in there so I added more, currently the playlist consists of selected tracks from these games:

Fallout Van Buren ( Fallout 3 demo) Underrail
Fallout 2 Fallout Nevada Stalker
Fallout 3 Fallout Sonora Mad Max
Fallout Tactics Wasteland 2
Visuals are mostly focused on improving what I used originally - PipBoy 2000 screen that was later upgraded to PipBoy 2000 Ultra and has added another small useful screen for displaying good stuff!
Current “features” are what I consider standard for a good radio stream: Track info (must), progress bar and visualizer (nice touch) and a sub counter.
The static image was later replaced by a video loop of some nice, fitting locations from Fallout 4 and Metro: Exodus, but I eventually got to simple Fallout screenshot gallery (again from my other project) set on random rotation. I like it the best this way.
Sorry, I cannot add pictures to the body :(
I am very proud about this :D Stupid little thing, but you can play the most primitive Fallout in chat – you will write !critical and it will tell you back a status message, if you hit or missed. The active users are gaining Caps, but I need to continue implementation of this to create something meaningful out of the caps. I just love to pop into the chat and critically hit myself in the groin from time to time :D
What is it running on?
The hardware: Very nice (Ryzen5600/3060TI) and dependable Windows machine that I wanted to sell, but in the end realized that it was a stupid idea and I kept it. To replace it, I tried cloud servers, considered mini pcs and even a high end NAS, but in the end, the best way was to keep using what I have.
The software: OBS Studio and dozens of plugins and other small pieces of support software. Currently there is no reason for me to switch to anything else. The only cost is power - It costs about 10eur monthly on electricity, but the knowledge and good feeling is worth way more:)

So thank you again for support and tune in when playing Fallout 3, NV or 4 to change the atmosphere!

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