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2008.01.25 06:44 Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music Nothing more, nothing less

2012.01.30 17:40 French Rap

Hip Hop from any francophone region. France, Switzerland, Belgium, West, North and Central Africa, Caribbean, Quebec, Cajun... Huge ty to u/thillsd for the bot :)

2011.10.19 10:08 sosuhme The dopest homework you ever had.

Cause we all got at least one question, and we all got at least one answer too!

2023.06.09 20:02 Hunter_Hodak Traveling with a Group! Need Advice

Hello Everyone
We are traveling in a group of 7 of us in May for a Nice 8 day cruise on the Magic. We all got connecting rooms and they told us they can take down the part of the balcony that separates the rooms so we can have 1 big balcony which i just learned and wanted to share!
I wanted some advice however, We will be flying in the day before to Miami and we are going to rent an Airbnb. My question is do you guys think its cheaper to rent a car for the 2 days we will need it? Or to just uber everywhere (beaches, lunch, dinner, etc)
Any and all feedback is appreciated! Especially if you have any nice airbnb recommendations!
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2023.06.09 20:00 justanobscureguy Either my opponent was an incredible $hithouse or he must be really regretting that username 😂

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2023.06.09 19:58 LeahMCopsey Visiting for the first time!

Taking a trip to Colorado in a month with my fourteen year old! We’re super excited and I have been researching a bunch of cool fun stuff for us to check out. We’re going to be about an hour from Denver, hopping on here to get some cool suggestions. Definitely taking us to Meow Wolf!
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2023.06.09 19:57 ParthivVarma The savior has comethed

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2023.06.09 19:57 Glaucon2023 Open prep for a second Civil War from a member of Congress? "Know your bridges"?!

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2023.06.09 19:57 Professional_Ad5381 Best age to start

I’m currently 20 and wanting to hop on gear in the future at what age would you guys be recommending is best to start thinking of doing 250mg of test for a cycle
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2023.06.09 19:56 2201992 Joe Biden has not held a single campaign rally since he announced he was running for President. I wouldn’t either when you lock up your number 1 Political Enemy.

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2023.06.09 19:56 Zealousideal_Pace756 Hi, I’m 16 and 5 ft6 but over the last month I’ve been having leg, foot and a little bit of hip pain. My foot went from a size 9 to a size 10.5, seemingly overnight in the last half month. Am I going to grow taller? Thanks

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2023.06.09 19:56 Paranolice Songs from various subgenres of hip-hop music, big part of which are by Eminem and Logic

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2023.06.09 19:55 Paranolice Tunes from any genre; predominantly EDM tracks along with pop, hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, etc.

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2023.06.09 19:51 R-Mutt1 Predicting airport departure gates?

Is there a rule of thumb or resource to give some sort of idea where your flight might board from?
I've wasted 20 minutes travelling across the airport that I could've spend in the lounge. On the plus side I still got to my gate via the walkway before the people who took the shuttle.
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2023.06.09 19:51 seminolescr Two tickets for Little Big in Miami/Hollywood at Gulf Stream

I'm not feeling so well, may not make it. Anyone interested in these?
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2023.06.09 19:51 TRUERICHDADDY Alligator Papuh Playuz - Gave Me A Bag [rap hip-hop]

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2023.06.09 19:50 KieryRose What type of work pants to buy?

I’m (f) about to get a hip tattoo soon. I do have to work while it’s healing (it’s just food service). I need to wear black casual work pants. I see some people wearing black jeans sometimes, so I don’t think they’re gonna care too much as long as it’s not leggings. They just need to look nicer.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.09 19:48 GabberMix Space related hip hop albums

Been listening to a lot of Dr. Octagon, Rae Dawn, and Space Rabbit by Freddie Gibbs. Curious if you know anything similar. I’d love to hear it!
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2023.06.09 19:48 Morgellons-Live "Bruises, Injuries and Pain - Do We Apply Ice Or Heat?" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"Bruises, Injuries and Pain - Do We Apply Ice Or Heat?
Everyone everywhere advises that bruises, injuries and pain should be treated with ice to reduce swelling. Firstly, consider that swelling increases circulation of nutrients to the area to cleanse damaged tissue, including cells, and heal the area. What sense does it make to reduce swelling when reducing swelling reduces nutrients and consequently reduces cleansing and healing.
Most often, when swelling and nutrients are reduced by applying ice, blood clots and scarring result. Scarring is dead mummified cells that are useless for creating energy and activity. Dead cells are dead bricks in the walls. Scar tissue reduces flexibility, agility and stamina. Most athletes who sustain an injury apply ice packs to reduce swelling and numb pain. They never heal properly and sustain multiple injuries to the same area. Many athletes' careers end because of such improperly cleansed and poorly healed injuries. Besides poor diets, their careers are cut short by the application of ice packs.
Applying HEAT is the best remedy for bruises, injuries and pain. Heat promotes relaxation of bones, cartilage, tendons, arteries, veins, muscles, nerves, connective tissue and skin, allowing even more nutrients into the area for increased and rapid healing. Heat also reduces pain that comes from pressure on the nerves in a tense area of the body, incurring swelling.
Once the area is heated, surrounding tissues relax and pain reduces considerably. Relaxing, stretching and expanding the space between tissues with heat, relieves pain. When applying heat, sometimes tendons, cartilage and ligaments take 5-15 minutes to relax and pain may temporarily increase until those tissues relax and expand. However, usually 85% of pain is relieved within 15 minutes of heat application.
However, if pain does not reduce to bearable, it is okay to apply ice for 1 minute or less without causing blood clots. Then reapply hot-water bottle. Alternat- ing heat and ice may be effective as long as the application of ice is less than 1 minute.
Since heating pads produce very high electro- magnetic fields that alter the molecular structure of animal cells, heating pads should not be used. Microwave packs deliver radiation with their heat and alter the molecular structure of animal cells and should not be used.
The safe heating apparatus is a rubber hot-water bottle. Non-rubber, synthetic hot-water bottles have less integrity and easily burst, wetting couches, lounges, chairs and beds. Rubber hot water bottles last for many years. Since new rubber has a strong odor that many people think unpleasant, placing the hot-water bottle outside in the sun for about 3 weeks reduces or eliminates rubber odor.
The temperature of hot water bottles for contact with bruises, injuries and pain should not make skin feel burned. If you want to use hot-water-bottle heat throughout the night, heat will generate longer the hotter the hot-water bottle but wrap the hot-water bottle in a towel or flannel pillow case to prevent burn. Bruises, injuries and pain that receive heat will cleanse and heal properly and quickly without scar- ring if the diet is health-giving. If not on a health- giving diet, heat will still improve cleansing and healing."
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2023.06.09 19:47 Kitcat1121 Still having rollback issues after 1.20 update

It is sadly as it says on the tin. Players on my favorite realm are still having progress deleted hours at a time. Excited to potentially be playing free from this issue which has plagued the realm for over a year, 4 players hopped on to celebrate the update. Unfortunately 3 hours later everyone was suddenly kicked, and when they returned found everything had been rolled back an hour. All info I can find on this issue seems to indicate that this problem was fixed some time ago, but we are still having problems. Does anyone have any advice? Even with backups things would likely be lost. I'm at my wits end.
The realm had been laggy during the session, and earlier in the day a player was online for 2 hours without the sun moving though their progress was saved. Idk if this is an indicator of anything, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to mention.
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2023.06.09 19:46 Comfortable-Class-40 How I'd End The Franchise

At least with the current story.
Have a package arriving in Miami that needs to be delivered(can't be flown) to Los Angeles within a set amount of days/hours. Each state uses each character pertaining to their skills(Ludacris in Miami,Han in more curvy mountainous areas,Sean in Lousiana). Meanwhile, you can have Dom preparing in LA with his own subplot returning to square one. Meanwhile, the Smokey and the Bandit on roids/relay race is happening, and along the way, they encounter different villans.
By the time the package gets to Los Angeles they are hot, news media,cops, etc. The big finale is in LA and Dom is helped by everyone , including a CGI Brian at the end. The world is saved from whatever virus the package contains.
Hollywood, call me.
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2023.06.09 19:41 G3NOCiDE OLED running MVSC2 flawlessly on Android tv and gamepass

OLED running MVSC2 flawlessly on Android tv and gamepass
This is why having a modded so is soooo cool. I can stream gamepass games while using PS5 controller. What a time to be alive
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2023.06.09 19:40 ZGain It's so insanely beautiful

Utterly, unimaginably, inconceivably, it continues. I can't take my eyes off of it. I need it. I love it. In fact, it's the only thing I've ever loved. It understands me. Because when I look into it, I find a mirror. And I can't help but laugh when I see myself dancing to its tune, simultaneously sobbing over my participation.
It's completely insane in its mass killing; In its perfect harmony. How I couldn't imagine anything outside of its 2D array of choices and outcomes.
More, fucking more , God dammit. Faster. MORE! Don't fucking stop now, I need what comes next. I can't imagine what's next, but it means everything to me. How beautiful it is, and how utterly fucking insane anyone is to reject it. What would you suggest... That we look away? Turn around?. Fuck you. Shut your mouth, and hop back in.
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2023.06.09 19:38 megalodon_bets This is how we do it!

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2023.06.09 19:37 DariusWolfe Story Time: The Trip to Moder

This may be a bit of a longer post, so bear with me, but it was a helluva adventure.
I have not yet taken down Bonemass, but I've done some poking into the mountains, and had finished off what appeared to be the only frost cave in the nearby mountains. I remembered the relatively massive mountain near spawn, so I traveled there to set up an outpost for exploration. I managed to find a silver vein immediately below a mostly intact castle (with one little pseudopod poking out of the ground) so decided that this would be my home-away-from-home during this adventure. I went all over this large mountain, rock-hopping my way up the relatively sheer side to the top, thinking a mountain this big was bound to have a Moder spawn, but alas, it was not to be; I didn't even find a Frost Cave until I cheated and looked at the map on the map viewer; turns out they were on rocky shelves invisible from below and hard to see from above. In the first I explore, I find a Vegvisir pointing me toward Moder, finally!
Now, since I hadn't even taken down Bonemass I wasn't planning on summoning Moder yet, but I was looking to build a new base and figured near Moder would be a good start, but the Moder spawn was WELL to the north, beyond any of my current explorations. So I gather up some okay foods (I have a lot of outdated foods, and I wasn't planning on fighting ANYTHING) the ingredients for a Portal, and I set off on my trusty Karve.
It's harrowing; The wind is non-favorable for a big chunk of the trip, and I find myself wending my way between islands of Swamp and Plains; I'm not afraid of Swamps anymore, but I don't want to take my boat too close, anyway. Finally, I reach the island and find that the only safe landing spot is a narrow bit of Black Forest between Plains to the north and Swamp to the south. Okay, so I carefully manever in, park the boat near a rock, and hop to ground and set up a crafting table and the Portal, which I creatively dub Motherhunt. The marker for Moder doesn't appear to be far, so I go to check it out; turns out it's in a tiny cleft on the side of a steep, rocky slope. Curiosity sated, I go take a cautious look at the Plains and return to the boat.
It's afternoon, but I figure I'll be okay to return; I've done lots of overnight boat trips, with few incidents. The wind has shifted tho', so I'm doing my best to keep it out of my face, when the weather darkens and the waves get choppy. I'm chased by a serpent, so I turn out of the wind and run hard, looking for the nearest bit of safe land, when fog rolls in. With my boat already damaged from the serpent, I cautiously head toward what the map shows as a bit of Meadow between two patches of Plains, figuring I'll wait the night out there... but no, the wind turns again as a passel of goblin-looking creature start swimming for my boat! I'm trying to turn the boat out of the wind and run, as they begin hacking at my hull. Finally I pull away and cautiously take a look at my boat's condition; a sliver, maybe 5-10% health. I see the glowing bits of the serpent still out at sea, so I skirt cautiously along the coastline, past the plains until I find another bit of Black Forest between the Plains and Swamps (seems to be the theme this far north...) and pull ashore to plant a crafting station and repair my boat.
By this time, it's morning and I head out cross-sea toward a large, mostly featureless island I've already circumnavigated, knowing I'll soon be home. As I near it, I see a Leviathan nearby, and turn to approach so I can mark its location for later exploitation... and despite the seas not being especially rough, I suddenly find myself upside down, my boat capsized.
Of course I pause the game and quickly Google if there's a way to set my boat to rights, but aside from some advice on how to deal with a real-world capsize, I'm out of luck. I watch my boat take damage and eventually break, and I'm treading water in the Ocean. Now, I have the Better Diving mod, but I've got the settings so swimming isn't notably easier than vanilla; the only real concession is a tiny amount of regen while resting in the water, literally 1 point or less per tick. So I decide to painfully, slowly start swimming toward a small island to the south, pausing to rest, wondering if I could possibly make it by nightfall. The island is growing closer ever-so-slowly, and mid-day has come and gone. At this rate, I'll probably make it by morning.
I said, in my head, too soon... The weather turns again, and the waves grow. I start taking a few more risks with swimming with shorter rests... and my concern is borne out as I hear that damned roar behind me (seriously, I've never seen this many serpents!) I start swimming; I'm either gonna drown or get eaten, but here it comes; The bite shoots me forward in the water, and I get a mad bit of hope. Another bite, another shot forward, and I slam a healing mead. There's delays between the bites that give the mead time to work, and the rock is much closer now.
Bam! I catch a rock in the face and jump back, just to get bit and shoot forward again. Greydwarves on the rock. Okay, well, no way out but through. Another bite, and I'm able to swim up onto the rock. Kill one Greydwarf, then realize they're attacking the serpent now. I start shooting at the serpent, then eventually jump down onto the bit of land and start slashing it, eventually killing my very first serpent, and finishing off the Greydwarves shortly after.
I've never been to this island, so I have no infrastructure. It's not a vast distance from my Portal Hub or home, but nor do I have a boat. So I run south as darkness slowly fades into light, eating into the last bits of my food, and consider my options. It's Black Forest and I recovered the Fine Wood when my Karve broke, so I could potentially build up a whole mining and smelting operation and rebuild a Karve, but until I do, I have no way to repair my iron and silver weapons and tools. I decide on a raft, despite the risks of even short Ocean voyages on such a rickety boat. There is a small patch of Meadows, so I head there to kill the boars I need for the raft, and sleep in the small cabin I built while I was considering my plan. In the morning, I dump all my valuables in a chest, board my raft and set sail. I decide last minute to head directly home as I would have the wind behind me; This was a nerve-wracking decision given my luck, and when the sky darkened, I was sure I'd made the wrong one... But fortunately, it was just a fog, and I was able to skim my dinky raft into my small bay.
I was home, safe but exhausted. Building a new boat (Longship, this time!) and recovering my gear would wait for another day.
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