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2023.06.06 20:48 Raghav511 [H] 6x $4 off Jamba codes [W] $1.5 PayPal G&S each

Have 6x codes for $4 off any Jamba purchase. Must be redeemed by June 9th, 11:59 PM ET.
Not available in AK, AR, KS, KY, LA, ME, MS, MT, NE, NH, NM, RD, RI, SC, SD, VT WV, WY.
Asking $1.5 each, or $6 total
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2023.06.06 20:46 nessaquik [Online][5e][EST][Biweekly][Thursday] The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

“Find the alicorn and free the dormant queen at last.” was what Misters Witch and Light told you as you made your way through the portal into the Feywild.
Things were worse than you could have imagined in the realm of Prismeer: a coven of hags have wrested control of the realm from its Archfey and even now torment its denizens.
The party has managed to dispatch one of these three hags, but the danger and challenges that face you as you traverse the realm only grow.
This post is for two ongoing biweekly The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaigns that meet on Thursdays. If you have a preference for which thursdays work better for you please indicate which in your application!
Please have a reason why your character has stumbled into the Feywild!
Game Details
Game Format: Ongoing Campaign
Homebrew: On approval. Flying limited.
Ability Score Generation: Standard Array/Point Buy
Time: Alternating Thursdays at 7:00 PM EST
Players: 4-5
Level: 3
VTT: Roll20
Voice Chat: Discord
Applications Close: June 15, 2023

Message me on reddit or add nessaquik#4678 on discord for more info!

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2023.06.06 20:44 bosydomo7 Seeking Advice: How to Obtain Compensation for Vueling Airlines' Nightmare Experience?

I recently went through an absolute nightmare with Vueling Airlines at Gatwick Airport, and I'm in dire need of some advice on how to seek compensation for the horrendous ordeal I endured. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions you may have!
To provide a brief summary, Vueling Airlines not only bumped me from my originally scheduled flight on Monday, June 5th at 1 pm but also gave me false hope by assigning me seats on subsequent flights. Unfortunately, I faced a series of disappointments as they canceled or oversold the flights, preventing me from boarding despite having seat assignments. This continued to happen with a total of five different flights, leaving me in a state of constant frustration and uncertainty.
After being bumped from each flight, Vueling eventually redirected me to Valencia, Spain without providing any information on how to reach my intended destination, Barcelona. It was only after I confronted them with my concerns that they reluctantly moved me back to the Barcelona flight scheduled for the following day at 9 pm. To make matters worse, the promised meal vouchers tied to our boarding passes turned out to be non-existent, compounding the overall dissatisfaction of the experience.
Considering the numerous flight cancellations, overselling, and the continuous inconvenience caused by Vueling Airlines, I firmly believe that they should be held responsible for the distress and disruption they caused. However, I'm unsure of the proper course of action to ensure I receive the appropriate compensation.
If any of you have dealt with a similar situation involving Vueling Airlines or any other airline, I would greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences and any advice you can offer. Are there specific procedures, regulations, or passenger rights that I should be aware of when seeking compensation for repeated flight cancellations and denied boarding despite assigned seats?
Additionally, if anyone has information on relevant regulatory bodies, consumer protection agencies, or even effective methods of escalating a complaint, I would be grateful for your input. My goal is to not only obtain the compensation I deserve but also to shed light on the poor service and customer treatment by Vueling Airlines.
Thank you all in advance for your assistance and support. Your guidance will be invaluable in navigating this frustrating situation and ensuring that other travelers are aware of the challenges posed by Vueling Airlines.
Tldr - 5 flights canceled or oversold. Spent a total of 2 days at the airport. I’m over it, I just want compensation.
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2023.06.06 20:43 DeltaRouge FT: HA On-Hand Aprimon (SV/SwSh/BDSP/SMUSUM) LF: HA Aprimons

Hello hello :)
Looking to gain some new Aprimon combos across all games - I'm offering my collection of on-hand Aprimon spanning SMUSUM, SwSh, BDSP, SwSh and SV. Feel free to mix and match as you wish - cross-gen trades are welcome!
Only looking to trade my on-hands for now so I don't burn myself out breeding lol
Rates are 1:1 (me:you)
I'll be available to begin trading starting at 5:30 PM EST tonight - please find my spreadsheet here. Looking forward to making some trades! 😊
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2023.06.06 20:34 armyaviator129 UD 3slip for tonight NBA DENVER MIAMI

UD 3slip for tonight NBA DENVER MIAMI
Thoughts? Good luck!
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2023.06.06 20:31 Amarki1337 [Online] [COC] [Lancer] [5e] [Weekday] RP lover is looking for new tabletops to try!

Tabletop RPG advocate here looking to try something different! Player with roleplaying experience that holds back at least ten years, translating into D&D 5e for the few years I've been a player, and the 3 I've been a DM. I love combat and I love deep and meaningful storytelling between players even more.
I've been looking to try something different: Call of Cthulhu or Lancer RPG.
But I wouldn't mind a DND game again if a group needs a player.
I've been curious about both and own both player manuals for both and have been reading them. I am already DMing a game at the moment, so I would rather be a player instead. I am free any weekday after 5 PM Pacific (excluding Fridays where I DM a game) and Sundays pretty much anytime in the afternoon.
Thank you for reading, and I look forward to any friends I might make along the way.

P.S. No paid games please, I'm not in a place where I can afford it.
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2023.06.06 20:30 Deer-in-Motion GSX Aircraft Profiles Location

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2023.06.06 20:29 chronobrian [WTS] ProTech Mordax (BGM Regrind)

ProTech Mordax - Designed by Ferrum Forge. All black version from Drop. 3.5" CPM20CV drop point blade with a sexy BGM hollow regrind. Black aluminum handles. Button lock. 8.25" overall length. Bought from original owner as never cut, never carried, and I haven't either. Comes with box and dust bag. SV: $300 $275
Prefer to sell but will consider trades, cash going either way depending.
*Trade Interests*: SOC JCape V4 (satin), TW Price Dawn V2, CKF Justice, CKF FIF20 (full ti), CKF Gnome, Reate Starboy, Tashi Bharucha Krypton (large), Bradley Marais Vector (full ti harpoon tanto), Laconico Revel, Holt Specter, SBD Evo Typhoon (embossed or aspirated Ti), Arcane Design Anti-Matter, Rob Carter fullsize BBM. Open to others. Prefer LNIB or very close to it.
Payment via Paypal FF, Venmo, or Zelle
Please comment on the post before sending chat/PM
Yolo >
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2023.06.06 20:28 GraveFox-XIII [Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice] #41 - ''So strange that we go to such lengths to bury dead, something so very ordinary, inevitable. It's as we conspire to hide death, because we have no answer for it.''

[Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice] #41 - ''So strange that we go to such lengths to bury dead, something so very ordinary, inevitable. It's as we conspire to hide death, because we have no answer for it.'' submitted by GraveFox-XIII to Trophies [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:25 shutterbuug First time here

TLDR: I’ve gotten sober. I’m not sure it’s super interesting, but here it is. .
In my early 40s now, drank most of my adult life, and teens really. College was several days a week, grad school probably at least the weekends, professional life still drank heavily 2 or 3 days a week. Socially acceptable to drink casually when entertaining clients, but I always went home and had a stiff “night cap.” Got married, had kids, kept this up.
I was never a “bad drunk” insofar as I didn’t embarrass myself in public, get in fights, or other trouble. My wife and others I think genuinely enjoyed my personality drinking or not. People that know me have always said it was essentially the same. Most people have said they’d never really knew I was drunk. I could always ingest large amounts without displaying stereotypical drunk behavior. Even when I was young, when 4 or 5 beers would really impact most peers (heck, most adults), I’d kind of have a mild buzz. I could always tell I’d been drinking, but others really couldn’t.
During the pandemic it became an everyday thing, and not just a couple drinks. Large amounts of bourbon and scotch, probably a 1.75L every 4 or 5 days, supplemented on weekends and holidays by beer during the day. Massively hungover or drunk most of the time. I thought panic attacks were anxiety, but really it was alcohol withdrawal on a semi regular basis. When to hungover to even go to the store, magic, pandemic started home delivery. Obviously a quick stiff drink would fix the panic attack problem.
After sleeping through a school bus pick up (my wife was there to do it thankfully), I realized I’d had enough. There were innumerable other instances, many which were probably more significant for my wife, but for me that was the kicker. She didn’t know the panic attacks were alcohol withdrawal, but she knew it was alcohol related for sure. I’d already taken a work from home job which made being hungover even easier to get by. I would avoid going a lot of places where I couldn’t drink (eg school functions) and blame “social anxiety”. If it was a function with booze, I at least knew I could have a drink or two if needed without others judging alcohol on my breath to even out.
Two years earlier (a year into the pandemic) I reached a similar point, but thought I could control it after stopping for 2 months. Obviously, I couldn’t. I don’t think this is a unique occurrence. My wife was pretty frustrated, but didn’t fully understand the amounts I was ingesting. She’d see me have a drink before dinner or an afternoon beer or two after mowing the yard on the weekend. Her being an early bed time person, maybe 9 pm, the real drinking would happen after like 9pm-1am. If she got up, she’d see me with one more drink - no big deal. She didn’t think it was a huge deal. Here’s a guy having one more drink at night while dealing with his job, family, pandemic uncertainty, etc. I love(d) alcohol, I still probably do. The first feeling of warmth after a two or three finger pour, it’s the best. Problem is I’d make it 9 fingers worth by the end of the night.
Sometime in September, I came downstairs one morning after missing the bus. I told my wife how much I’d been drinking and for how long. the pandemic wasn’t the reason, it just gave me the opportunity to dive in and have meaningful excuses. My kids are thankfully young enough they won’t remember me flaking because of anxiety, withdrawal, or whatever, and I have an opportunity to do things right. I’ve had a ton of repairing the emotional distance the booze out between me and my wife.
After that conversation in September, I worked my day, then I went into a room with about 4 mini bottles of scotch and a 12 pack of Gatorade on a Friday, I can’t remember the exact date. I haven’t been honest with anyone about the amount and what I’d been doing before or since. Even the first time I tried and stayed sober a year or so ago, I did not acknowledge the extent of it. I told my wife I’d need at least two days, she said ok. Plan was to only have a mini bottle if I couldn’t get the heart rate under control, I knew it would spike from the last time I tried this. I had one at some point that first overnight. The next 48 hours were not pleasant, plenty of the falling off a cliff sensation when sleeping, tons of sweat, but got through it without more booze. I haven’t had any since.
Two weeks after I stopped I was laid off. This was less than ideal to say the least, but I didn’t start drinking again.
I haven’t taken myself out of social situations, drinking or not. I just say I’m not drinking. Or to friends that knew me as always having a whiskey with them, I just say I’m trying something else for my health or whatever. Nobody has ever pushed it on me. I still play cards. Or go watch the football game. Or hang out at the pool. Honestly, others drinking, including my wife, is not a trigger for me. Ironically, I miss drinking by myself the most. The 10 pm scotch when nobody is around. That’s the one I miss the most. Second would be having a drink with my Dad, I miss that too, and haven’t been totally honest with him about it. I just say I’m taking a different health approach. He doesn’t push it and respects it. But I do miss that.
I will also say that stopping hasn’t fixed every problem in my life, it has made me recognize that grownups deal with their problems head on. After getting laid off, I have since found the best job I’ve ever had. There’s no way I would have been able to make it a permanent thing if i was drinking.
AA wasn’t for me. I do believe in their system of living an honest life. Which I think I always did. I have shown my full self to my wife, which I didn’t until I stopped drinking. And now internet strangers I guess. Even now I can’t really imagine saying I’ll never drink again, but I can say with confidence I won’t drink today.
I won’t say life is better than ever since I quit. Some of my best times were drinking. However I can say my life is more full, or rich, now that I’ve stopped. If I miss something, I’m not lying when I say I’m sick. I just have COVID or the flu and it’s real. I can be there, and have been, for friends and neighbors at 3 am when previously I’d have been passed out. More important, I am willing to go throw the baseball or work on swimming with my kids.
I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been sober, mid September ‘22.
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2023.06.06 20:25 monsterultrablue new play set on amazon!

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2023.06.06 20:25 glass_ceiling_burner creepiest section of the Lornography to me

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2023.06.06 20:25 Tsukkis-baby Help with Day Supply

Help with Day Supply
I’m trying to complete an assignment for my training and it’s asking for Quantity Dispensed, Dose, Frequency, and Day Supply for Albuterol HFA Inhaler Disp#1 2 puffs q4-6 prn wheeze. I thought it was a 16.6 (i tried 16 and 17) but none is right… what am I doing wrong
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2023.06.06 20:24 InTheSkyCity 6/5/23 ("All a dream to begin with. Ain't nobody ever been free.”)

“Stars shining bright above you. Night breezes seem to whisper, I love you. Birds singin' in the sycamore trees. Dream a little dream of me.”
“Say nighty-night and kiss me. Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me. While I'm alone and blue as can be. Dream a little dream of me.”
“Stars fading but I linger on dear. Still craving your kiss. Now I'm longin' to linger till dawn dear. Just saying this.”
“Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you. Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you. But in your dreams whatever they be. Dream a little dream of me.”
I gave myself three alarms the night before. First one at 4:55 AM. The second at 5:00 AM. And a third at 5:05 AM. I’m happy the first one woke me up.
I didn’t take a shower, I probably should’ve, but I wanted to get as much sleep as I could get. I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast, I just got ready for work. My uncle soon picked me up.
We got to work at around 5:40 AM. We were setting up the buffet for the breakfast. The event was for 100 people. People didn’t really start coming until 8:30 AM. I could feel myself drifting to sleep while I was standing up, had to get some coffee to wake me up.
It was the same group we served a few days ago. And fuck, they weren’t as nice this time lmao. Tried talking to a guy four times to see I’m able to take his plate, and he was just ignoring the hell out of me. I just left his shit there, I was a bit angry about it because that was disrespectful.
Also had a few people who weren’t sure if they were going to eat more so I left their plates with them, they didn’t actually end up getting more. But it mostly went good, the breakfast was for until 11 AM.
The problem is when I asked the host if we can take down the buffet, she said she was going to make an announcement as a last call. What she didn’t fucking tell me was when she announced that there will be To-Go boxes for them to take. That’s a huge problem cause if anyone takes the food with them and get sick, they can blame us. Well, fuck.
I ended up providing them with some boxes and utensils since we already had some ready, in case, they needed it for people who were leaving the hotel. So I didn’t understand when my uncle was getting pissy about me that I provided them with the boxes. He mentions the thing I said earlier, but the same shit could be said about people who are leaving quick. They could just blame us about getting sick, so I didn’t really understand.
Anyways, I didn’t really give a shit after the fact since it was my bosses idea to make sure the client gets to have some of the boxes. If anyone gets sick, it’s on her. Once, we got rid of the buffet, I can tell that some people were upset about it. Tough, I don’t care, I have places to be.
What kinda pissed me off is that some people were staying in the rooms even after the event was over. Had to get the mom to start kicking them out lmao. Then proceeded to have a little break. I helped out my brother and uncle set up for a dinner for about 45 minutes, and my uncle told me I can punch out if I’d like.
I was slightly annoyed that I didn’t bother bringing my earbuds with me, but I began heading home. First thing I did was take a shower. I needed it because I felt exhausted after that. I got home around 12:40 PM.
I start having this weird headache once I got home, I was scared because I was having it for awhile, and was getting concerned it might be something serious until it went away in its own.
So what I did for the rest of the day? Actually have an excuse to be lazy for once. I finished watching Boardwalk Empire, I don’t like to make comparisons, but it’s in the same level as The Wire. So many well-written characters, it’s crazy. They picked out great songs for the show too. I’m a sucker for historically accurate shit, wow, that sentence makes me sound like a fucking nerd.
I then took a nap for an hour and a half, which rarely ever happens. It’s always been difficult for me to get a nap. I absolutely felt like shit afterward, naps usually do this shit to me. I honestly thought I slept for a whole day until I checked the time. Took me about half an hour to get back into myself.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I didn’t even bring my glasses to work, so that was fun. I honest to god thought I lost them until I realized that I left them in the basement… I’m happy I found them before I started turning my bedroom upside down.
That was the day, and this is the song.
Song Of The Day: Daughter Maitland (Margot Bingham) - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
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2023.06.06 20:21 ProjectsMind Project Manager Salary Revealed: The Truth Behind the Figures!

  1. "🤑 Buckle up folks! Did you know that project managers in the tech industry can pocket over $130,000 per year? Yes, you heard that right! 💻💰 #HighEarningPM"
  2. "😲 Brace yourselves! The highest-paid project managers globally reside in Switzerland, with average salaries touching $130,000 annually.🏔️🇨🇭 #ProjectManagementPays"
  3. "🎓💡 PMP certification can boost your salary by a whopping 40%! Think about that next time you consider further studies. #PMPCertification #HigherPay"
  4. "⏳💼 Experience indeed pays! Senior project managers can rake in up to 43% more than juniors. Stick with it, PMs! #ExperienceMatters"
  5. "🙍‍♀️💔 The gender pay gap is real, even in Project Management! Men earn, on average, 20% more than women in the same role. Let's change this! #EqualPayForEqualWork"
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2023.06.06 20:19 nuque_inattendue 2e entretien d'embauche, avec le directeur d'une entreprise. Je dois m'attendre à quoi ?

Après un premier entretien d'embauche avec mes (peut être) futurs n+1 et n+2, j'ai un entretien avec le directeur de la boîte (80 salariés). Je vais pas trop donner de détail mais c'est un poste de cadre bac +5, conseil client entre autre. Hors ça sera mon premier emploi et je n'ai encore jamais eu de 2e entretien. Je dois m'attendre à quoi ? Je prepare l'entretien comment ?
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2023.06.06 20:18 LostAnnnnndAngry Another one

Another one
Kid stuck in a crib while they hot box the room & yell out slurs smh
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2023.06.06 20:17 Ellie_Hphm_100 Looking for Tie at two k or anyone lese who wants to tie

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2023.06.06 20:16 spinaltap862 Im neva gonna stahp not showin my receipt at Wal Marr

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2023.06.06 20:15 Rick_and_morty_sucks Lars "The Fudd" Larson believes anyone who smokes weed doesn't deserve the 2nd amendment. Meanwhile he always has scotch handy.

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2023.06.06 20:14 anakinsth0t c4c!!!! pleaseee help me

c4c!!!! pleaseee help me
Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift again? I've got 5 free gifts, valued at $149.85 in total. https://temu.com/s/AUYDgizc7i1CQAF
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2023.06.06 20:14 ProjectsMind Unlocking the Secrets of Project Manager Salaries: Know Your Worth!

  1. "🤑 Buckle up folks! Did you know that project managers in the tech industry can pocket over $130,000 per year? Yes, you heard that right! 💻💰 #HighEarningPM"
  2. "😲 Brace yourselves! The highest-paid project managers globally reside in Switzerland, with average salaries touching $130,000 annually.🏔️🇨🇭 #ProjectManagementPays"
  3. "🎓💡 PMP certification can boost your salary by a whopping 40%! Think about that next time you consider further studies. #PMPCertification #HigherPay"
  4. "⏳💼 Experience indeed pays! Senior project managers can rake in up to 43% more than juniors. Stick with it, PMs! #ExperienceMatters"
  5. "🙍‍♀️💔 The gender pay gap is real, even in Project Management! Men earn, on average, 20% more than women in the same role. Let's change this! #EqualPayForEqualWork"
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