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2023.05.28 13:16 -_Astro_ This might help you!

Have you ever tried this: Watching u/Lethamyr_RL RTSSL video of your rank in full screen and with the controller in hand.
This is the latest series in 2's, btw (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReZ904QhDxU&list=PLMxCAPcJijYNt_-StjNbaqsMeHKunW1rh)
Imagine you are playing there and try to simulate all the action in to the controller.
Notice the moments when you are "going" and Leth is turning, or just notice the differences in action between you and him. I tried this and I think I am "over-committing" more that I should!
Hope it helps someone!
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2023.05.27 21:36 Deuphoric This is Rocket League!

I don't know how to clip videos, but the onejoke is from popular rocket league content creator lethamyr's latest video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGyhYvaXkq4 if you watch from 14:15 he says "I identify as a pancake" then snickers to himself. Normally it'd be pretty eye rolling, but the guy is one of the most popular content creators in rocket league so the casual transphobia is pretty disappointing
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2023.05.24 03:03 jercle_ Unmechanical C3, finally learning some mechanics, looking for any assistance and helpful comments

Hi all, first of all I'm damn happy to have found this subreddit finally, after years of playing RL. I've played with everyone from Gold to GCs over the past years and we've got a pretty good little Discord server going (pretty much everyone is OCE, with a few people in Asia and India) and play regularly. Have made quite a few friends playing the game.
My highest MMR I've reached through solo queueing is 1370, and I'm about as mechanical as a wet newspaper. I've got this far through trying to improve my game sense, as well as some of the basics.
Mechanics in which I'm proficient (or, at least consistent):
I've only recently (the past few weeks) actually started working on improving my mechanics. What I'm working on at the moment:
Any tips, training packs, custom maps, etc would be greatly appreciated.
For anyone that took the time to read all that rabble, thank you!!!
I'm going to stream at https://www.twitch.tv/jercle and post progress at https://www.youtube.com/@jercleRL, although this isn't an attempt at self promotion and I'm not requesting likes and subs, etc. I currently have pretty much no subs/followers, I'm not looking to become a proper streamer, and it's more for me to track my improvement and give anyone willing to provide live feedback somewhere to do so.

TLDR: I suck at mechanics more than pretty much anyone at my rank, and would love some advice on what to train, and how to do so. I'm also looking at coaching options.
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2023.05.15 23:52 fngbuildingapc Why does everyone spin in the air?

Brand new player trying to get better aerials, watching Lethamyr go through the rings map ive noticed him and pretty much everyone else spins constantly while they fly, why is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=132&v=BUU5A452Zc8&embeds_referring_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&source_ve_path=MjM4NTE&feature=emb_title
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2023.05.11 23:22 WARofROSES_ What's the best way to practice car control?

I feel like that's probably my biggest fault right now as someone that that juggles between D2 and D3. Lately I've been getting absolutely sauced on by the other team.
What are the best bakkesmod maps or training packs to use?
I've been told Lethamyr's rings but I cannot get passed level 4 on Lava Rings. Unless there's a more beginner friendly one?
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2023.05.09 00:07 johnprestonrebooted Let’s talk camera settings/sensitivity vs player “feel” after I experimented with enemy teammates and had some laughs.

I get it. Just use some pros settings and learn to get good at it right? Just put all the sliders in the middle or close to the middle and forget about it right? I mean the devs put the camera height slider all the way to 40, and sensitivity all the way to 10 for no reason right. Everyone knows that any sens over 2ish is a complete waste of time and makes you highly inaccurate right? Only like a handful of pros use “high sens” and they aren’t touching even 5 so why all the rest unused?
I suppose when they made the game they had to put SOME kind of limits right? It’s a virtual world with rules. But do the rules interrelate? Does any particular sens FEEL the exact same no matter the camera position? I argue no. My evidence? None. All anecdotal.
I looked around rocket science channel but I see nothing really relating to this and I’m wondering if it can even be done. I’m interested in the virtual world and rules created, but I have zero time or his equipment to test things.
Last night after being trolled in a match by a throwing teammate right out the gate, I asked the opposition to change camera settings with me in game to see what’s what and for laughs. We dropped camera all the way down to 40 and we flattened the angle out all the way. We could not hit shit lmao. It felt so different. But I noticed right away I could ground dribble and bounce dribble like a mofo. I was powerslide cutting like a crazed flakes maniac. Way better than at my usual camera settings. I could see the left and right edges of the car soooo well that I knew the margins and it felt so good to be able to hold the ball on the left of the car, and immediately switch to the right side without dropping the ball. At speed. And breaking opponents ankles. Even they were cracking up at a couple plays. Of course I was 1v2 and wasn’t gonna win anyway, and I couldn’t shoot for shit, but it was really eye opening to me.
But my fingers felt so much different yet the sensitivity was the same. So there’s some relationship our brains are doing given what our eyes are seeing. Duh. But it’s really eye opening to actually feel it. I’ve never bothered before TBH. I just copied common settings online and away I played.
So the next game I decided to do the opposite. camera all the way up, angle all the way down. IDC about my rank so much and I decided to just play back on D and told my mate to chase all he wanted. Again I couldn’t hit shit lol. Especially aerials. But my speed flips were fucking flawless. IDK why. I usually botch a fair amount of them when I try them. Lately been putting in a lot of hours on the Musty pack. So much that my thumbs are getting sore for the first time ever. Seems like some nights I’m fine and other nights I’m just dogshit and I can’t figure out why my fingers and brain fail me so bad. Like why do you just suddenly forget how to do it right?
But with my camera fucked up I was banging them over and over. It just felt so smooth and perfectly timed. IDK what my brain was seeing.
So my thoughts are something like this. If the joystick is a clock face, where is that clock face on the car? From the top down right? Obviously. But as you drop the camera down to the ground and flatten the angle a little bit, the entire stick circle would essentially be becoming more like an OVAL if you’re tracking what I’m saying. I hope it’s clear. So that would mean that your inputs would be within tighter tolerances front to back than from side to side.
I understand that most people DGAF about this type of thinking but there are a few who might be intrigued and maybe even have knowledge. IDK where to begin on my own.
I sure enjoyed easy consistent speed flips and easy consistent bounce dribbles. But both happened at different points on the spectrum.
“BUT THATS WHY YOU PUT THE SLIDERS NEAR THE MIDDLE!” You’ll say. Yes I know what youre saying. But what if you could put the sliders at an “outside normal range” setting, adjust sensitivity to go along with it, and suddenly open up a brand new experience for yourself that you never knew was missing!?
How does one even determine their own settings to begin with? What metric does one even use to decide “yep that’s mine and no one else’s” kind of thing. You might set a particular camera view you like, but then you copy some sensitivity that maybe doesn’t work as good with that camera for you, but you might never know ;) combine that nonsense with varying ISP speeds and latencies, various system specs and latencies, various controllers and monitor refresh rates various car hit boxes etc. and holy shit you might have a ton of “feel” differences than any other single player. How do I know that what I FEEL is the same as Lethamyr at his sens/ camera. I don’t.
I’d love to play on a high ranking persons system, or have them pay on mine, just as an experiment. I mean some of these pros straight up admit they can’t play with certain cars.
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2023.05.04 00:58 Mo_Official420 What is this layout...

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2023.05.03 14:59 Diogoelias Dribble workshop maps

What good dribble workshop maps are there? I already have dribble challenge 2, lethamyr's map and the path. Are there other good ones?
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2023.04.30 22:19 emfna Is the Custom Map Loader on Lethamyr’s website safe to download and use?

My younger brother wants to install the Custom Map Loader off of Lethamyr so he can play some custom maps, something about rings? I don’t know much about rocket league and I do not know who Lethamyr is but is the Custom Map Loader on his website safe and reputable?
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2023.04.30 17:10 RonBeyond Finally tried Lethamyr rings, and I do suck!

Played on PS5 all my 800ish hours and finally tried workshop maps on PC, first thing I had to try was the infamous Lethamyr rings. I actually thought I was better then this! couldn't get pass lvl 6, tried for one hour at that time. I can see why this is a good learning experience. Getting forced air roll in uncomfortable angles that I would easily ignore on freeplay.. It's great! Is it true though? Will I hit SSL after a week with the rings?
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2023.04.26 18:22 TestForNS Leth returns to pro scene as SSG sub!

Hope we get to see him play and see how he compares against current rosters!
Tweet link: https://twitter.com/lethamyr_rl/status/1651256401962967043?s=46&t=ttefy0RbnyD6SOhBJ7f1tQ
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2023.04.21 22:35 Pokidotgamer Rocket league folder is not in epic games folder

So I’ve been trying to get lethamyr’s map loader to work for me, but I keep getting the error that it can’t find the rocket league folder. Most of the tutorials I found have said that the correct rocket league folder should be located in the epic games folder, but when I go in there, I don’t see a rocket league folder, nor in steam. Is there any reason for this? If so how would I fix it?
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2023.04.20 03:07 sheriffamerica Is this the new Mario gamemode?

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2023.04.18 22:43 CharlesSpicyWiener Weird Pro Behavior

Anyone notice that some pros act super tame on someone else’s YouTube or Twitch, but act erratically on their own? I thought of this while watching SunlessKhans new video on GenG. I’ve seen rapid in a few Lethamyr videos and thought he was genuinely a nice guy, but after that video and seeing what he tweets I was shocked that he’s kind of a piece of shit. I wasn’t even aware he was a pro until I saw his Twitter, but he talks down to people like he’s got a reputation of being good in the scene. It’s wild cause the same thing happened with JG7 as well. In Lethamyr’s videos he’s a super nice and genuine guy, but I watched a few of his streams and he acts like a complete fuck boy. Spent 10 minutes talking about how many girls he was hitting up on tinder or insta, and playing off like he was big. Seemed super out of place from what I had seen from him thus far.
I’m so confused by this. In one single channel all of them seem like such amazing people, but outside that channel they just seem to be completely different. If you have seen this before what else have you noticed? If you believe I’m wrong, I’d love to have a legitimate discussion about this. I’m really interested to hear your thoughts.
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2023.04.14 08:06 noahhisacoolname what if leth joined optic?

imagine if Lethamyr came out of retirement in place of majicbear. not that I think that will happen, but I think that would be an interesting team.
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2023.04.08 06:54 wnxace Played an hour or so a day this week, my experience as a new player!

I've been meaning to try out rocket league for years and just never had the time to really do it. I've watched some YouTube videos here and there and a couple championship matches, but not much until last week YouTube started recommending lethamyr videos and I got hooked. I watched a ton of his content and thought hey I'm a gamer maybe I might be ok at it.
Day 1: My first hour or so I did a couple tutorials and Freeplay, thought I had the general mechanics down. Then I tried the aerials tutorial... I felt like a seagull fighting for his life to fly while firefighters blasted me with a fire hose, maybe it's too early for that. Tried a match against a bot and was demolished. So before I got too frustrated and quit the game for good I quit for the day.
Day 2 I started the day out playing trying a few training packs and then I played some casual matches and quickly realized just how much little I really knew when I went 2 and 10 in matches and I think I only won those two because they were either bots or kids.So I set my son's switch down and thought about it. Maybe I was just too old, was my memory and reaction just not good enough to learn a bunch of mechanics I've never used in other games? By rocket league standards I'm far past my prime, at 35 I'm not far away from being put in a nursing home by my kids because I won't stop wandering out of the house in my underwear.
Day 5 I didn't play for a couple days and apparently YouTube caught wind of that as today in recommended was a couple rocket league beginner basics videos. I watched them and practiced the mechanics in Freeplay for a little while. One video said to practice matches against the bots, to my surprise I won against them. I tried some training packs the first few I struggled, but made it through. Then came my archenemy the dreaded Aerial training pack. I spent more time flopping around like a magikarp then I'd like to admit but I did start to hit them every 20th time or so that's a win in my book. Ended up trying a few more casual matches and actually won a some which gave me some false confidence. Went to bed that night planning on trying out ranked matches the next day.
Day 6 I started off by playing against bots once again which boosted my ego even higher so I clicked ranked... Yeah reality loaded a white glove with marbles and tacks pulled back and full sent it into my face which quickly deflated the ego that had been inflated. It went about as well as you probably expected when youve only has 4 hours of playtime. First couple matches I only scored 1 goal and the opponents had 8+. Next match I actually won 4 to 0, but the one after that got stomped hard 12 to 0 that guy was flying around like a cracked out hummingbird. I guess the servers felt bad because my next couple of matches were really close games I lost one and won the other. Went up against a silver 3 for the next match and just barely beat him. Then I go against a silver 2 and this guy whoops me 7 to 1( though I was chasing a lot more than I should have).
That was my last match for tonight and I guess it was enough matches to determine my rank and I'm Silver 2, which of course is another universe away from the skills of people Ive watched on YouTube and most of you guys here, but for how little I've played so far I actually was pretty proud of that. Anyways this is already a long ass post and I honestly just felt accomplished which isn't something I feel too often these days so I thought I'd post to let you guys know my experience as a brand new player. Also thanks to all the nice players I played haven't come across a single salty or rude player! I'm sure they are around and I'll run into them the more I play, either way I'm looking forward to many fun matches and lots of learning to come. Any tips are welcome and have fun guys!
TLDR: Watched some YouTube videos and thought I might be pretty good I'd I tried and was very humbled by the amount of skill I can already tell people in the higher ranks have and the amount of time they must have invested to get there. Played for a handful of hours and having a blast!
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2023.04.06 23:58 Thegaspless Is creating a new account smurfing?

This is something I’ve noticed as a bit of a hot topic in the rocket league community and I want to start a discussion and hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.
From my understanding smurfing is defined as intentionally throwing games to lower you rank, thus playing against lower ranked players. This is against tos and is not allowed. A popular example of this was when a bunch of freestylers got banned for keeping there casual mmr really low essentially giving them sole control of the ball and allowing them to go for whatever shots they want against people who cannot defend.
On the other hand we have creating a new account. When you first play on a new account you start at 600 mmr and if I’m not mistaken that is around bronze 3. That means it essentially has the same effect, higher ranked players playing against lower ranked players. However this is not against tos and is allowed. A popular example of this is something like lethamyrs road to ssl where he plays on a new account and gives tips to help players rank up while showing examples of each rank as he progresses.
In my opinion? No, playing on a new account is not smurfing. My reasoning is simple, in the first example your impact in each rank is huge. In each game thrown to de-rank you are hurting the experience for everyone and as long as you stay at the lower ranks, you are hurting the experience for everyone.
In the second example, the impact is minimal. You do still hurt the experience for a few games each rank but assuming you aren’t throwing games on purpose you will rank up fast and get back to where you belong.
I’m open to having my mind changed though and I’m just curious as to how everyone else feels about it?
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2023.04.03 22:02 Liefx Brody Moore (Liefx, me!) Podcast: Lethamyr

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2023.04.03 01:05 WigglyKays Steam workshop maps on Epic Games

I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but all the solutions i've read are quite old/don't work for me. Specifically, I'm wondering how to get Dribble 2 on Epic Games, and I can see the workshop map on steam. I'm using Lethamyr's CustomMapLoader, but they don't have all the available maps. I've tried using the steamcmd to download the maps, but they didn't work for me.
Apologies if this is the wrong sub, lmk where else I can ask this, as I have been looking for a while with no avail. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 19:44 CookiesNCraem Lethamyr gets a first look at Rocket League 2!!!

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2023.03.29 08:02 No_More_Dakka Today i was able to complete Lethamyrs Giant rings level 4 on my 132nd life

Hold your applause. Thank you, thank you
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2023.03.29 00:44 Sammy_Ghost How has the game changed since 2019?

For context, I used to be a very enthusiastic player since I got this game in 2016. By Feb 2020 my laptop decided to commit die and I lost access to RL after having 1.2k hours on my steam account. Now that I finally got a device that can play RL I wanted to know how this game has changed.
I remember that back then the game had keys and that was used for the rocket pass and now there's some differeny currency. I used to be diamond 3 in 3s, the only gamemode I would play, so Im wondering what rank that is right now. I used to trade quite a lot, especially after keeping the RLCS stream on for the whole time for fan rewards, so how's the trading scene now? Are the most expensive items still TW zombas or apexes? Do crates still exist after the introduction of the new currency? And what are the pros from back in 2019 doing now? How does my man Doomsee do these days?
How many flat, dominus-like hitboxes are there now? How many black market decals are on the market and how rare are they? Did Psyonix/Epic/whoever owns the game now implement some way to get the new currency without buying/trading? After you pay to get the rocket pass, does it still pay you back the entire amount you paid by the end?
What's the skill level of the players now? I remember that the very first season of RLCS was platinum-ish playing by 2019 standards so how cracked is your average plat lobby now? Should I look out for silver people doing ceiling resets or backboard reads? Did the community as a whole evolve their teamwork as much as their mechanical skill?
Who are the big content creators now? I know about Sunless and Lethamyr and Rizzo but besides them who streams a lot and posts on YT often? Does Neatmike still play RL or even exist lol
I realize that I can just google almost all of these questions but I'd like the community's own input on this, if people even see this post. I guess I want to know if I should emotionally invest in the game again, after 3-ish years.
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