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UNDERTALE is an indie RPG created by developer Toby Fox about a child, who falls into an underworld filled with monsters. Their only weapon being their DETERMINATION as they try to FIGHT or ACT their way out. Will you show monsters standing in your way MERCY, or slaughter them all?

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This subreddit is dedicated to providing a space for people who would like to post their own potential DEATH BATTLE! matchups for people to see and debate over. This sub is meant for simple matchups, or talking about what would be the best matchups for characters. If you would like more detailed match-ups, we recommend whowouldwin . However if your goal is simply to start a quick debate, this is the place to go!

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This is purely about bones and how to pick them

2023.06.09 19:24 aloha-cowboy Walker Independence: Meta on Gus'🤠, Calian's🏹 and Kai's🪓 Central Roles in American History

Walker Independence: Meta on Gus'🤠, Calian's🏹 and Kai's🪓 Central Roles in American History
This was written as part of the #SaveWalkerIndependence when I was thinking about the prowess of the Buffalo soldiers, the bravery of the Apache and the fierceness of the Tong- the uneasy alliances but also the unifying force if all these groups decided to make Independence their home- I really wanted to see it happen in Season 2.
Disclaimer: The following is meant to be a very simplistic primer on these 3 population groups. I am not an expert and no disrespect is intended- if the facts are incorrect I am happy to be informed of this. This was written with good intentions and mainly meant to show that the Wild West/USA are all of these people, a place where people from all walks of life mix and mess together and 'the perfect spot for those who wish to reconnect with their humanity and sense of community. Independence, a town to behold. No truer destination in the American West.'
Buffalo soldiers
Episode 110: All In
Calian: This lead. It came from a friend?
Gus: An officer high up in the buffalo soldiers.
Calian: Can we trust him?
Gus: Well, he and I didn't see eye to eye on what the buffalo soldiers have become. And when I deserted, he could've shot me. But he didn't. So, yeah. Yeah, I trust him.
The origin of the name 'Buffalo soldiers' is attributed to both the Comanche and the Apache. The name is thought to have been created due to the bison coats these soldiers wore in winter: I would love to see Gus in this kind of winterwear he'd have looked fierce. The term Buffalo Soldiers became a generic term for all African-American soldiers, and it is now used for US Army units that trace their direct lineage back to any of the African-American regiments formed in 1866. The idea that Gus' descendants might be able to trace their lineage back to him serving as part of the Buffalo soldiers is satisfying- African-Americans were fighting for this country as far back if not longer.
During the Civil War, the U.S. government formed regiments known as the United States Colored Troops, composed of African-American soldiers and Native Americans but this was disbanded in the fall of 1865. It would have been interesting to see how African-American soldiers and Native Americans got along and we do get a delicate vignette of it in Walker Independence's portrayal of Calian's and Gus' friendship- each of them admires the other, Calian's nobility 'always thinking of others' as Gus says and Gus' sense of duty 'this town needs you' as Calian says. One has to wonder if the disbandment of the African-American soldiers and Native Americans was not only due to the end of the Civil War but because of the fear of the potential threat of a strong alliance between these two population groups- Gus' desertion seems to imply he did not want to fight with the Apache because he perhaps did not agree with the brutality that the Buffalo soldiers might have begun to slaughter the Apache with, or because he might have realised that the Buffalo soldiers had no quarrel with the Apache.
In 1867, the Regular Army was set at ten regiments of cavalry and 45 regiments of infantry. The Army was authorized to raise two regiments of African-American cavalry and four regiments of African-American infantry who were mostly drawn from USCT veterans. In 1869, the Regular Army was kept at ten regiments of cavalry but cut to 25 regiments of Infantry, reducing the African-American complement to two regiments. Again one has to wonder if this was due to controlling African-Americans and not empowering them with formal army training.
From 1879 to 1881, portions of the Buffalo Soldier regiments were in New Mexico pursuing Chief Victorio and Chief Kas-tziden and their Apache warriors in Victorio's War. Victorio's War was an armed conflict between the Apache followers of Chief Victorio, the United States, and Mexico beginning in September 1879. Faced with arrest and forcible relocation from his homeland in New Mexico to San Carlos Indian Reservation in southeastern Arizona, Chief Victorio led a guerrilla war across southern New Mexico, west Texas and northern Mexico. I wonder if one of these Victorio Campaign skirmishes was the one where we see Calian and Gus meet for the first time in the episode 112: 'How We Got Here'. Chief Victorio fought many battles with the United States Army and raided several settlements until the Mexican Army killed him and most of his warriors in October 1880 in the Battle of Tres Castillos. After Victorio's death, Chief Kas-tziden led a raid in 1881.
Episode 112: How We Got Here
[convo between Calian and Gus on Apache tribal land]
Calian: I spoke to the others about you staying. It's gonna take time for some not to see you as an enemy.
Gus: Well, I guess we lead by example. Thank you for helping me, for giving me sanctuary. It's a place you go to find peace. It's safe.
Calian: Teach me more of those words.
Gus: [groans] Long as you teach me some of yours.

The Apache were first encountered by the Spanish conquistadors. The Spanish first used the term Apachu de Nabajo (Navajo) in the 1620s, referring to people in the Chama region east of the San Juan River. By the 1640s, they applied the term to southern Athabaskan peoples from the Chama on the east to the San Juan on the west.
Modern Apache people use the Spanish term to refer to themselves and so do the US government. This linguistic connection might explain the easy exchange between Calian and the Reyes' family, Calian taking the effort to learn and harmoniously converse with Mr and Mrs Reyes in contrast to Hoyt's uninterested attitude. However it should be noted that Apache language speakers also refer to themselves and their people in the Apache term Indé meaning 'person'/'people'. I would be interested to know if the Apache have a stronger preference to their own name Indé which references personhood more than the Spanish 'Apache' (which the French have also perversely appropriated to mean 'outlaw').
In 1875, United States military forced the removal of an estimated 1500 Tonto Apache from the Rio Verde Indian Reserve and its several thousand acres of treaty lands promised to them by the United States government. This breathtaking injustice is clearly illustrated in Walker: Independence's portrayal of Chief Taza's and now Calian's struggle to retain his tribal land. To heap further insult and injury, US Army troops made the Indé, young and old, walk through winter-flooded rivers, mountain passes and narrow canyon trails to get to the Indian Agency at San Carlos- this miserable trek killed several hundred of the Indé. The Indé were interned there for 25 years while Caucasian settlers took over their land. Only a few hundred ever returned to their lands. At the San Carlos reservation, the Buffalo soldiers guarded the Indé from 1875 to 1881- one wonders if this is the point where Calian and Gus met for the first time in the episode 112: 'How We Got Here' rather than one of the Victorio's Campaign skirmishes mentioned before.
Beginning in 1879, a Indé uprising against the reservation system led to the previously-mentioned Victorio's War between the band of Indé and the Buffalo soldiers. Again one has to wonder why these two population groups were pitted against each other- to stamp out any potential friendly relations between these more-disadvantaged groups?
Finally, most United States' histories of this era report that the final defeat of an Indé band took place when 5,000 US troops forced Geronimo's group of 30 to 50 men, women and children to surrender on September 4, 1886, at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona. And tragically, in the post-war era, the US government arranged for Indé children to be taken from their families for adoption by Caucasian Americans in assimilation programs.
Episode 109: Strange Bedfellows
[convo between Tom and Kai]
Tom: So the Tong would be willing to supply cheap labor, help set up infrastructure for saloons, hotels, what, anything?
Kai: The workers alone would bring more business, more money.
Tom: Yeah, but I'd be inviting organized crime into my town. Seems like more problems than I need.
Kai: You're the sheriff. Better you set the terms before they decide to do it for themselves.

The word tong means 'hall' or 'gathering place'. These organizations are described as secret societies or sworn brotherhoods and were initially created as voluntary benevolent associations for support and protection: one can see the laudable cultural collectivism evident in this kind of organization. The tong provided services for immigrants such as employment and housing opportunities- Walker Independence was light on these more benevolent origins of the Tong. They also helped resolve individual and group disputes within the community again showing the collectivistic approach.
Many of these volunteer societies, however, did not have the financial ability to fund community events or look after their members, and those that did tended to focus inward and provide help only to their own members. As a result, many tongs with little or no hereditary financial value had to either disband or operate criminal activities such as gambling houses and prostitution- this is where the Walker Independence portrayal of the Tong starts to be recognisable, this later transformation of the tongs from benevolent associations to providers of illegal services.
In the early years the tongs employed 'hatchet men' as hired killers to fight the street battles that ensued over turf, business and women- these fighters can be seen in episode 109: 'Strange Bedfellows'. This is probably why Hoyt seemingly describes them as fiercesome with his 'I knew a one-armed man in Omaha. Said the Tong took the other' and why Kai acts so threatened and cornered but as a former Tong is able to effectively and impressively fight himself out of the corner. This background might also explain why he and Tom have such an unusual affinity for each other with the both of them being forged into unwilling but skilled fighting-men- the brutality of the tong fighting ring that Kai was forced to fight in being akin to the brutality that Tom describes as both witnessing and perpetrating in self-defense when in an 1880s-1890s asylum. Out of all the characters in Walker Independence, Kai and Tom both seem to be most cognisant of the varied threats that Independence faces and are most willing to apply cold hard practicality to these threats.
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2023.06.09 18:37 Thatfetuskid RE!GN GUEST MIX/INTERVIEW.

Re!gn, we are super honored to have you, you are the first artist that we didnt previously know and reached out to for a guest mix!
Your style blew us away on top of radiating positivity. You're killing it right now!!
That being said, can you pinpoint the moment you decided "This is what im going to do."?
Re!gn: I’ve been listening to EDM since I was 8 years old. In 2013 just at the peak of the “golden era” of EDM, I remember being SO UPSET that I was underage to see Krewella perform at Hawaii’s Summer Wonderland. There was a glimpse of their performance for like 3 minutes live on one of the local radio stations and I remember literally sobbing, feeling so severely underaged that I couldn’t go LOL. I was just in awe that of all the EDM that I’ve listened to, these women of color are taking the MainStage and KICKING ASS!!! They inspired me that if these strong women can make it as DJ’s and tour to such beautiful places to connect with people, maybe that is what I want to do too. Although I have been going to shows since I was a teenager, I never got the exposure to anything like the equipment or the lingo until I moved to California for my first year of college at 18.
Speak on that a bit, it sounds like you've had to overcome a lot of adversity, what kind of hurdles have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Re!gn: I am a second generation Filipino-American from the State of Hawaii, and there can be a lot of stigma towards career goals and overall values of how you “should be” living your life. Growing up, I knew I didn’t want to work in Hospitality/Tourism which Hawaii is known for. I wanted to pursue music as an art form. Going down this route, this can be considered taboo or even pointless in my culture. My immediate family - my mom, dad and sister have always been supportive of me though; It’s just the older generation of my family who had a hard time understanding my path.While my parents supported me through art school in CA, I know that they always worried about what the rave/party scene will bring and that’s absolutely valid. There have been concerns for my safety, especially since the nightlife exposes you to a lot. As a WOMAN, there are already so many challenges to be battling. Women are already up against a lot. As I blossomed living in California, I had to toughen up real quick. There have been times where I noticed that connections in a male-dominated industry can be very transactional in a totally non-professional way. Genuine friendship can be very tricky, especially when boundaries are crossed.
If you could have a conversation with yourself when you first set out on this journey what would you say?
Re!gn: Dear RE!GN, thank you so much for showing resilience and strength as you pursue this path of music. You know that you have potential, but once you step into confidence, that’s when life truly begins. Your persistence and spirit will show. I am so proud of you for taking a leap of faith into the unknown without compromising who you really are. Thank you for showing me that there is so much growth and power in being yourself and exploring what is out there. Keep on giving it your all with enthusiasm and drive. Keep riding that wave of momentum.
So Re!gn, what does that name mean to you?
Re!gn: At a very young age, I learned that in life, you have to be your own best advocate and that you need to be your own biggest supporter. On the flip side, as I grew up, I noticed that I can be my own worst enemy sometimes. Consequently this leads to vicious cycles of self doubt. Reflecting on how I can reframe my own self-talk, I realized that I could be my own role model. I thought that in order for me to really step into confidence as the new person I am becoming, I need to treat myself like royalty; even when the days feel impossible to get through.
I thought to use an exclamation mark in place of the letter “I” because I have been told in many chapters of my life that my positive energy really defines me. It just feels so me!
So let's backspin for a moment, give some advice to these ladies that are determined to dominate this primarily male industry. What can they do to make there trek a little easier; without compromising their integrity. Being honest, let's face it it's an uphill battle.
Re!gn: Ladies and theys, I know that it may be tough to fight the inner critic that stops you from being outspoken as your true, genuine self. Constant societal norms demand so much from us to always “put on a mask” to survive: how to talk to people, what to wear, how to look, how to act… it goes on. It’s 2023 and we are so blessed to see changes in representation. Please do not be afraid to be loud, be proud, be you, and fight for what you believe in. Fight for your right to celebrate individuality through expression in music and art. Don’t let judgement stop you from living your best life.
Please be very clear with your boundaries from the jump. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong.. most of the time, your intuition is correct. Have thick skin, but trust your intuition to discern between who you can be vulnerable with or not. Communicate with an open heart and open mind. Do no harm, but take no shit!!
Re!gn, we love you! To conclude this interview, we ask you, shout out your people and the unsung heroes of your scene!!!
The unsung heroes of the scene really are the PRODUCTION PEOPLE that add to our experience as DJ’s and show attendees - lighting, sound, photographers, those who work the events with social media, tickets/guest lists, bar sales. You all add to the big picture of a fantastic night out. Let’s not forget that the real heroes are GENUINE FRIENDS AND FANS who support your journey :)
I would like to extend my deepest love gratitude to my family back home on Oahu, Hawaii: my Mom, Dad & Sister! I hope I represent our family well and that I make you proud. I love and miss you guys so much. To my extended family in the Bay Area: my grandparents, cousins, and those who I met at Academy of Art University — Thank you so much for helping me adapt to the great state of California through the college years. ~ For those who helped me kick start my career in San Francisco: Jason Jeong AKA: @elvnrstep, & QUEEN Forest Green @deejayforestgreen, thank you for watching me grow and for sharing opportunities and knowledge with me! Shoutout to my new family at San Francisco’s @dirtynotsorry - for accepting me into your Artist and Promotion collective in the beginning of 2023! To Sacramento’s very own entertainment collective @embracepastel — thank you for giving me a chance to learn about the industry starting from the eyes of a production assistant in 2021, to now letting me represent you on your DJ roster.
Last but not least: to my loving partner and my best friends in the Bay Area/Sacramento: You always make an effort to come to my shows and repost my content and your love does not go unnoticed. I’m so grateful that you are on this wild ride with me👑
Listen to RE!GN Guest Mix by Tempest Showcase on #SoundCloud https://on.soundcloud.com/2BrBx
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2023.06.09 15:55 AugustusKiraClover Translation of recent interview with Gakuto Kajiwara (Asta's VA) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Yuno's VA)

Translation of recent interview with Gakuto Kajiwara (Asta's VA) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Yuno's VA)
PS: I used DeepL so there might some errors here and there, I'll link the original blog at the end.
Photo by Kounosuke Yoshino, Animedia magazine
When the film adaptation was announced, there was a huge response from fans. How did you two feel about it?
Gaku: This is the first time that a work I have appeared in has been made into a movie, and I was really happy when I heard that it was going to be made into a movie. Actually, one of my goals was to see my work on the big screen in a movie theater with good sound. That came true with my first starring role in a Black Clover film... I was very excited!
Nobu: I am honestly happy as well, I was feeling very sad when the TV anime series, which had been running for three and a half years, came to an end. I am very happy to be able to be involved in Black Clover again as a voice actor. However, the initial report only said that "a movie will be made," so I was a little worried that Yuno might not be in the movie (laughs). I was a little bit worried (laughs). I am glad that he was able to play an active role!
In the film, an original story that does not exist in the original story unfolds. What was your impression when you read the script?
Gaku: I was looking forward to acting in the film, because while it retains the "Black Clover" style of the original work and the TV anime series, the battle scenes are more epic and the themes dealt with are larger than ever in a theatre production. I felt that the story of Asta having to fight against the "magic emperor" that he has been striving for, the conflict of having to defeat what he has been striving for, and the clash of justice between the two sides, made it an appropriate story to depict in a movie.
Nobu: The story, the production, and the voice actors are so gorgeous. There are four magical emperors that Asta and Yuno have been striving for! The stronger the opponent, the more the challenger shines, and the more desperate the challenger is, the stronger the members of the magic emperor become. When I read the script, I hoped that we, as actors, would be able to create such a synergy and enhance each other's performance.
In relation to Asta and Yuno, who both aspire to become "magical emperors," what do you both aspire to be as voice actors in the future?
Nobu: I want to be an actor who people can look up to for my vocal expression and acting, but I also want to be someone who can provide something better for the work in other areas. I know this may sound extreme, but even if you are a good actor, it would be a disaster if there were people around you who would harm others in the field. I want to be an actor who expresses himself well in front of the microphone, but who also has a positive impact on the work.
Gaku: I think so too. I want to be someone who makes people think, "This person makes the play easier to perform. Of course, I want to be able to play a role in the play, but I also want to be a cog in the wheel of the production in that aspect.
Were there any such people at the "Black Clover" site?
Gaku: The "Black Clover" site was amazing! It seemed like almost everyone was like that.
Nobu: Yes! They were all like that. There were many senior staff who set an example for us, saying, "This is the kind of person who will take charge of the work," so they became our goals as well.
Gaku: At the beginning of the project, I was under a lot of pressure as my first starring role, and I made a lot of mistakes, but I never once felt that it was difficult to do. The seniors created such an atmosphere for us.
Any seniors who have been particularly helpful to you?
Gaku: That would be Nobunaga-san. We had been recording together since the TV animation started, and he took me out to dinner afterwards. At the time, I was really worried about my work, but Nobunaga-san's advice helped me feel better.
Also, Mr. Jun Fukuyama (who played the role of Finlal) supported me on the technical side. I often had to stay behind to record, and he was always behind me, teaching me so much, from the basics to emotional expression. He is my greatest "master.
Shimazaki: How about Suwabe-san (played by Junichi Suwabe as Yami Squehiro)? As a junior member of the office, he seemed to care about you a lot.
Kajiwara: Suwabe-san is the type of person who speaks with his actions. He taught me a lot through his acting without using words.
Did you have such seniors in the field so far? (speaking to Shimazaki)
Nobu: For me, all the seniors I have worked with have been like that. Like Mr. Fukuyama who gives us words and Mr. Suwabe who speaks with his actions, each senior has his own way of looking after his juniors. Some give me advice directly, others show me through their performances, and I have studied and analyzed their performances on my own.
Finally, please give a message to those who are looking forward to the film.
Nobu: I hope that after watching the film, you will feel the positive energy to "challenge something" or "take a step forward". I hope that those who became interested in "Black Clover" through the movie will be inspired by the "Black Clover World", which includes the TV animation series, the original story, and the game that has also been released.
Gaku: Ever since I started working on "Black Clover," I have wanted to live a life like Asta. I learned a lot from him because he is a character with different characteristics from myself, and he gave me the spirit of never giving up, and the desire to be strong and good at what I do. The movie is even stronger in these elements, so if you have a place to aim for or are on the verge of losing your mind, please watch the movie and get that feeling from Asta.
Source: https://cho-animedia.jp/article/2023/06/09/41293.html
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2023.06.09 15:50 Captain_Hampton Season 42 Rankings #3

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2023.06.09 13:58 Rough-Order700 MY JOURNEY OF BECOMING A CPA & CTT

Looking back, sobrang daming nangyari sa buhay ko na di enough ang mga words na macocompose ko for this post, but here it goes! (As Full-time reviewee for 6 months)
Evaluation exams na walang choices. Nagstart ang lahat ng paghihirap ko sa evals noong fourth year ako. Sobrang hirap makagraduate kasi aside from di ganun kasolid yung foundation ko nung 1st-3rd year, centralized yung exam kaya kaming mga nasa branches ay talagang lugmok na lugmok. Pati pagbibigay lang ng ibang key answers sa quizzes/books noon di mabigay sa amin, namamalimos pa kami sa Main para lang malaman san kami nagkulang. 😭 Di na nga kami pinapasukan at di na kami nakakatapos ng isang libro, ang titindi pa magbigay ng exam. Huhu. Dito nagsimulang mawala yung dream ko na maging CPA. Nasa utak ko na lang nun na, "makagraduate lang ako Lord, okay na ako." Yung iyak ko nung nalamang walang gagraduate ni isa sa amin nun, grabe. Pero nagkaroon ng remedial kaya nakalusot kami. Pero wala pang lima. Sobrang daming issue regarding evaluation exams nun from walang choices to sobrang di na siya realistic para masolve mo for 3 hours!!! Dumating pa sa point na sa isang subject ay 0 passer sa lahat, Main at Branches. Hanggang ngayon nga ay may issue na naman. Nakakalungkot lang talaga.
Sa tulong ng scholarship ko, napush ako ulit na magtake ng boards after graduation. Pati na rin ng kasama kong grumaduate na kaibigan ko rin. Siya nagpumilit sa akin nun na mag-REO daw kami. And we did. We lived together in Manila. Sobrang chaotic sa totoo lang nung review namin. Nagstart yung access namin ng August, pero nagstart kami magreview December na dahil na rin sa nagtake muna kami ng CTT nung November, kaya dun muna kami nagfocus ng review. Pero dahil dito, mas naging chaotic yung review namin dahil di kami nakapagadvance review before magstart yung face-to-face classes. Kaya ang payo ko talaga sa mga magtatake, magadvance talaga kayo before classes kasi talagang nakakaapekto yun sa takbo ng review. For me, na unang beses nahiwalay sa pamilya, sobrang hirap sakin mamuhay sa ibang lugar lalo sa Manila na sobrang ingay. Pero yung kasama ko kasi expert na so naging madali na rin siya day by day para sakin. Sobrang chaotic talaga ng review namin kasi yung kasama ko madalas tamarin, naglalaro lang minsan ng ML maghapon, ako naman pag tinatamad nanonood lang o kaya natutulog. Tapos madalas pa akong pumunta sa jowa ko sa ibang lugar, mga 2hrs byahe from our dorm. Madami ding nangyari na event, pasko, bagong taon, nakamaraming uwi sa bahay dahil may mga mahahalagang event na nangyari. PERO WHAT I DID IS DESPITE ALL THESE EVENTS NA NAGPAPAALIS SAKIN SA DORM, I ALWAYS CARRY WITH ME A REVIEW MATERIAL. Hindi ko hinahayaan na there will be a day na wala akong nabasa manlang o naaral. Payo ko lang talaga na kahit na may mga event kayo na aattendan na mahalaga or what, before ka umalis, during or after man yan, keep a copy of a review material on your phone or bring your notebook, whatever it will be and READ IT. Lagi kang magrecall sa utak mo kahit ilang minuto lang para hindi mo mafeel na sayang yung oras.
Pasaway lang talaga kaming dalawa nung review season, pero ang sigurong nakapagpasa sa amin ay yung pinagdaanan naming evaluation exams noon. (Kahit generally self-review at sariling enroll sa RC na mura nung undergrad). Dun kami nahasa magreview talaga ng maraming sunod sunod na topics at subsob talaga sa libro day! Kaya talagang malaking factor yung ginagawa mo nung undergrad. Di magandang iasa lang sa 6-month review lahat kasi di kakayanin ng oras at maooverload ka talaga sa info. Pero opinion ko lang yun, meron pa rin talagang marami na kinakaya naman kahit few months lang. You do you!!
Ang ginagawa ko talaga since undergrad ay bumili ng planner, tapos sinusulat ko yung mga topics na need ko icover sa araw araw. Madalas ko nga lang i-move kasi paalis alis nga ako, pero ayun yung nagbibigay direction talaga sa akin everyday. 6am ako bumabangon, then 10pm natutulog, with naps pa from 2pm-3pm. Mahalaga rin ang sapat na tulog talaga!!!
Gumawa rin kayo ng mindmaps, or ayusin niyo yung notebooks niyo with summary of topics para madali niyong mababalikan kapag days before CPALE na lang. Lalo sa RFBT talaga. Di man summary pero maganda rin may highlight ka sa review material mo kasi mahirap na magbasa word by word ng material sa law sa sobrang haba ng iba. Minamarkahan ko rin yung mga di pa malinaw sa akin ng asterisk at star naman kapag need ko tandaan.
Suggestion ko rin na maghanap ka ng makakausap mo kapag nagbebreakdown ka na sa pagod at stress. Di talaga mawawala yung umiyak na lang bigla bigla kasi gusto mo na matapos lahat pero lilipas din yung feeling mo na yun. Hayaan mo lang na mafeel mo siya tapos mararamdaman mo na lang na magkakaroon ka na ulit ng stength para bumalik sa review. AND PRAY!!! Meron rin akong private twitter talaga na dun ako nagfollow ng mga fellow reviewees rin. Sobrang ganda ng community natin kasi nagbibigay talaga sila ng mga notes nila there and naeencourage talaga akong magtake kapag nakikita ko mga posts nila.
Lastly, after finishing a topic, dapat magsagot ka ng exercises talaga kasi yun ang magdedetermine kung ready ka na ba magmove on sa next topic o hindi pa. Di mo need ipressure sarili mo na tapusin lahat ng preboards from other RCs (maling mali yun na ginawa ko nung weeks before CPALE na lang pero di ko pa tapos topics), just focus on what you have and kapag may extra time, dun mo lang iconsider magsagot ng ibang preboards ng iba. Makakatulong din talaga yung umattend ka sa preboard ng RC mo kasi dun mo magagauge kung saang topic ka pa may kulang, tapos matatandaan mo talaga for a long time yung naging mali mo. Pero CONCEPTS PA RIN ANG LABANAN!!! Hindi sa, ay dito sa RC na to madalas kinukuhanan, ganun. PATIBAYIN ANG CONCEPTS!!!
Salamat sa pagbabasa sa drama! Charot. Sana nakatulonggggg 💗
Additional: Technically, di kami nakapagzero-based approach dulot na rin ng late na kami nakapagstart, kaya inuuna na lang namin yung wala talaga kaming kaideya ideya na topics. Tapos kapag di lang malinaw yung isang topic, dun ko lang pinapanood ng zero-based talaga. Kahit yung f2f lectures nga namin nun, madami akong absent. Pero binabalikan ko na lang on my own sa panonood ng live lectures sa app saka sa sarili kong notes nung undergrad.
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2023.06.09 13:23 YolkBrushWork Ink sans vs Bendy(Undertale AUs vs Bendy and the Ink machine)

Round 1: No Prep Time
Round 2: Prep time
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2023.06.09 13:03 BullAlligator [General Discussion] SUPER REGIONALS WEEK: Part II (2023)

/collegebaseball General Discussion Thread - SUPER REGIONALS WEEK: Part II (2023)



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2023 Postseason Top 25

Mean+Median 3-Poll Composite
Rank Team Conference D1B BWA USAT Prev. Δ
1 Wake Forest Demon Deacons ACC 1 1 1 1
2 Florida Gators SEC 2 2 2 2
3 Vanderbilt Commodores SEC 4 3 4 6 ↑3
4 Arkansas Razorbacks SEC 5 4 3 5 ↑1
5 Clemson Tigers ACC 3 6 5 8 ↑3
6 LSU Tigers SEC 7 5 6 4 ↓2
7 Stanford Cardinal Pac-12 6 7 6 3 ↓4
8 Miami Hurricanes ACC 8 8 10 10 ↑2
9 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Sun Belt 9 9 8 7 ↓2
10 Virginia Cavaliers ACC 11 11 9 11 ↑1
11 Campbell Fighting Camels Big South 12 10 11 15 ↑4
12 ECU Pirates American 15 12 12 12
13 Connecticut Huskies Big East 10 13 14 9 ↓4
14 Oklahoma State Cowboys Big 12 16 15 13 17 ↑3
15 Dallas Baptist Patriots C-USA 18 14 15 16 ↑1
16 Southern Miss Golden Eagles Sun Belt 13 17 19 21 ↑5
17 Oregon State Beavers Pac-12 14 21 17 13 ↓4
18 Tennessee Volunteers SEC 21 18 16 14 ↓4
19 South Carolina Gamecocks SEC NR 16 18 19
20 Maryland Terrapins Big Ten 19 19 25 25 ↑5
21 Alabama Crimson Tide SEC 22 20 23 NR ↑6
22 Indiana State Sycamores MVC 23 23 20 NR
23 Kentucky Wildcats SEC NR 22 21 23
24 West Virginia Mountaineers Big 12 NR 25 22 18 ↓6
25 Auburn Tigers SEC 20 27 NR NR ↑1
NR Duke Blue Devils ACC NR 24 NR 24 ↓2
NR TCU Horned Frogs Big 12 17 28 NR NR
NR Oregon Ducks Pac-12 24 26 NR NR
NR Boston College Eagles ACC NR 29 24 20 ↓9
NR Texas A&M Aggies SEC 25 30 NR NR
BABaseball America
CBWNational Collegiate Baseball Writers Association

2023 Division 1 League Champions

Conference Regular Season Tournament
ACC Wake Forest Clemson
America East Maine Maine
American ECU Tulane
A-10 St. Joseph's George Mason
ASUN Lipscomb Lipscomb
Big 12 Oklahoma State, Texas, & West Virginia TCU
Big East Connecticut Xavier
Big South Campbell Campbell
Big Ten Maryland Maryland
Big West UC San Diego* ɴᴏɴᴇ
C-USA Dallas Baptist Charlotte
Horizon Wright State Wright State
Ivy League Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
MAAC Fairfield Rider
MAC Kent State Ball State
Missouri Valley Indiana State Indiana State
Mountain West San Diego State & San José State San José State
NEC Central Connecticut Central Connecticut
Ohio Valley Morehead State Eastern Illinois
Pac-12 Stanford Oregon
Patriot Army Army
SEC Arkansas & Florida Vanderbilt
SoCon Samford Samford
Southland Nicholls Nicholls
Summit Oral Roberts Oral Roberts
Sun Belt Coastal Carolina Southern Miss
SWAC Alabama State Florida A&M
WAC Grand Canyon Sam Houston
West Coast Loyola Marymount Santa Clara
*ineligible to receive automatic qualifier; Cal State Fullerton was rewarded the bid
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2023.06.09 12:07 TheGeekyZoologist Jurassic World! The Hegemony of Biosyn (Dominion rewrite) - Act V (final post)

Acts I to IV are available in my previous posts.

Act V: Queenbreaker

Returning home
Claire and Owen fly back to the US and in the arrivals hall of Reno's International Airport, they are greeted by a group of journalists who question them about the Dolomites Crisis, the role they played in it and if it's true that Claire and Wu, known to be sworn enemies, really did saved the world together. One of those journalists is Cassandra Landis (a character which appeared in my JW rewrite and TRQ, and some sort of minor recurring antagonist for Claire). When Landis asks Claire treacherous and inappropriate questions in addition to implying that she's a mythomaniac, the former park director punches her in the face in front of the cameras, knocking her out.
The end of Biosyn
Due to the death of Dodgson, Murdoch and almost the entirety of the board of directors (and its only survivor, Nathan Quinn, quickly retired from the corporation); the disastrous results of Auronzo valley's siege and invasion; and the breaking scandals, Biosyn is left leaderless, its stock exchange's value collapses and so does the company itself. The Cupertino HQ and other Biosyn installations across the US and the rest of the world are seen being vandalized and its anti-locust seeds destroyed by farmers during a protest.
In the DSD headquarters, Gibbon is having fun watching a parody video of Claire punching Cassandra Landis when Bigelow, who just returned from Italy, knocks at his door. They discuss her mission's failure, with Gibbon announcing he'll strip of her status by moving her to a simple desk job. They also talk about the mysterious attackers who raided the Citadel (Gibbon plans to blame the grey guards for the killings committed by those as part of the US government's anti-Grey Guard propaganda campaign) and Claire's various exactions in Auronzo (and more particularly the Hunting Lodge slaughter and the annihilation of Biosyn's board of directors), along with the fact that she and Henry Wu apparently saved the world from a GMO locusts-induced famine. Gibbon adds that people as idealistic and determined as Claire tend to easily fall in the dark side, create terrorist organizations, and that as a supposed world-saviour and charismatic figure, people will support or join her in droves, which might be quite a problem, moreover that empires tend to fall in her wake ("Who's going to be next after InGen and Biosyn?" he wonders); that following the Malta betrayal, the WDMC and the DSD are having some sort of war, and should Vuillier send Claire upon the DSD, the result won't be pretty. Luckily for them, the CIA anticipated the problem she'll become and started to move their pawns in preparation of Operation Queenbreaker, intending to make her pay for what she did to their ally Biosyn and put a spoke in Vuillier's wheels. However, after seeing Franklin in a nearby hallway, Gibbon adds that their conversation must remain a secret for the moment.
Bigelow leaves and Gibbon starts watching another video: Dodgson's presentation about the chips and the recording of the battle between the Carabinieri and the chip-controlled animals.
The DSD collects the testimonies of various people involved in the Auronzo Incident, especially those of Pellegrino and her men. When Bigelow realizes that the tyrannosaur freed by Claire is the same which killed Maisie, she tells her boss and he is satisfied by her discovery.
Soon, another division of the CIA launches Operation Queenbreaker. Online, agents spread the rumours about Claire's misdeeds with even extracts from the Citadel's CCTV footage (sent by Lucrezia Pellegrino) being put on the social media and new caricatures being made (depicting Claire as a bloodthirsty vampire or a rampaging dragon which kills indiscriminately). Meanwhile, a shot in the arm is given to the investigation about Claire's fatal errors when she was park director of Jurassic World and the misdeeds she committed during the Lockwood Estate incident and her missions for the WDMC.
The trial of Claire Dearing
One morning, Claire is arrested and brought to court.
She endures a humiliating trial during which all of her crimes, proven or alleged (fake news were thrown into the mix) are discussed.
One of Operation Queenbreaker orchestrators' most treacherous moves are having Karen, Claire's half-sister, testimony against her, claiming she's responsible for the death of her son Gray (which died in this AU, killed by the Indominus); and using Drummond's, Bigelow's, and Kayla's testimonies about the Dolomites incident, where the three of them said that a Tyrannosaurus ate Maisie Lockwood, to imply that the Lockwood heiress died because of Claire, as she released the very same animal which ended up killing the teenage girl. As being responsible for kids' death is a big no-no for the public opinion, Claire loses part of its support.
During the last session of her trial, Claire knows it's a lost battle and pleads guilty for the crimes she did commit (adding she'll "do it again" for the greatest good if needed) before delivering an ominous speech, in which she talks about the opposition between civilization and barbarism (how barbarism is Man's natural state. She uses herself as an example), Man and nature, how dinosaurs changed her, and why they fascinates and frightens us at the same time (according to her, it's because they are the avatar of a barbaric world to which the entirety of mankind once belonged. By submitting and exploiting them, it's like if Mankind tried to reassure itself about its superiority over Nature). She claims having seen the future, declares that the World of Men is ending and a new age is coming, that soon, the entire planet will become a new Isla Nublar, and that modern civilization will know the fate of Jurassic World. Having heard enough, the judge interrupts her and announce the verdict: She'll have a life sentence (in an earlier scene, a death sentence is discussed by the judge and some orchestrators of Operation Queenbreaker, with the judge saying he can't sentence her to death as it will spark massive outrage with possible disastrous consequences).
While Claire is escorted away, Vuillier contacts the WDMC's allies within the Costa Rican government. Outraged by what the government did to his de-facto wife, Owen tells his boss that he intends to accept whatever job the WDMC has for him in Europe or anywhere in the world but the US.
Sometime later, while public opinion is divided on the result of her trial (while some think she deserved this and is nothing but a bloodthirsty madwoman; others see in this trial nothing but political scheming), it's announced to Claire that she'll be extradited to Costa Rica, the official reason being that the biggest of her faults and the deadliest one (triggering the fall of Isla Nublar) happened on Costa Rican territory and that they thus want her locked in one of their prisons. Claire is transferred to Costa Rica.
The fate of Auronzo Valley
Negotiations about Auronzo Valley ends and a decision is approved by both the UN and the Italian government. It will become a true sanctuary co-managed by the WDMC and the local government.
Due to Claire's imprisonment, Vuillier proposes the position of sanctuary manager to Owen and the latter accepts, taking the position after his and Sigurd's emigration to Italy.
Nyamu's solution
While conversing with Nyamu, Vuillier laments that Claire is going to rot in jail while she deserves better. Nyamu suddenly has an idea. He tells the WDMC director that Claire might still work for them, in a place where her ruthless nature could be used for their benefit and be appreciated, a place where she'll be "out of sight" of Odegaard and far from the CIA's claws.
A few weeks later, in the Women's prison of San José, Claire receives the visit of not only Vuillier but also Rodrigue Santagar, their ally within the Costa Rican government (and a character we met in TRQ) Santagar tells her that in exchange for the help she and Owen provided four years ago, the government proposes her to transform her prison time in community service. When she asks the nature of this "community service", they tell her it consists in joining the Grey Guard and remaining exiled in the Five Deaths for ten years. Despite her lack of military or law enforcement background, the Guard's marshal and its council of captains voted in favour of her recruitment as they heard of her prowess during the Fall of Jurassic World, the 2019 incidents and her missions as a field agent for the WDMC. Claire accepts, as she could be still acting in favour of dinosaurs, in addition to taking less chances of being assassinated in prison on the CIA's orders.
Gibbon learns this and when someone ask him if he's worried about this decision, he answers that the grey guards have a dangerous life and that with luck, she'll get eaten by a dinosaur or murdered by a poacher soon enough, before adding that they'll keep an eye on her. He's satisfied that the WDMC pretty much abandoned North America, leaving the DSD in charge of every De-extinction-related issues there.
Into the West
In October, Claire is brought by Santagar and a couple of police officers to Caldera's harbour near Puntarenas, where a cargo ship named The Wanderer is waiting for her and the other new recruits for the Guard. Seeing Owen and their son Sigurd on the dock, she gets emotional and the Costa Ricans let her join them for a moment. She bids them farewell, with Owen promising to visit her in the Five Deaths whenever he gets the chance, and then, escorted by the recruits' overseers, she embarks on the ship.
Owen and Sigurd watch The Wanderer depart and head west, into the sunset.


Finally, the epilogue arrives. It consists of a montage of various scenes while Vuillier or Owen gives a speech which sums up the saga's whole story since the first Jurassic Park. Here's its structure:
- Introduction with our character declaring that the world has changed: Footage of the Sanctuary's raptor pack walking in a single file on top of some ridge while they cross the Alps. Their leader stops at some promontory and looks west, towards some lowlands. An attentive viewer will quickly glimpse Victoria in the file. We then cut to a forest where some wolves are eating a carcass when the Achillobators arrive. Both packs growl at each other and a fight is about to break out when a now adult Victoria suddenly arrives and stands by her pack. Outnumbered and intimidated by the larger predators, the wolves decide to abandon the carcass and flee, letting the dinosaurs take their meal; of a small fishing vessel somewhere in the Pacific being attacked and sunk by a Mosasaurus (while the adult featured in JW died, some of the WDMC characters talk about possible Mosasaurus sightings in the earliest parts of the story and mention the fact that a juvenile was also housed in JW when the park fell); of a military aircraft having an accidental and fatal collision with an InGen Pteranodon.
- The rise of InGen and the first de-extinction successes: Footage of the abandoned Embryonic administration on Sorna and Jurassic Park: San Diego; of Drummond wandering in the now deserted Lockwood Manor, exploring its museum and observing the model of Jurassic Park's visitor centre.
- The Fall of Jurassic World and InGen: Footage of the ruins of JW on Nublar and the former InGen HQ in Palo Alto (a location seen in TRQ).
- The downfall of other genetic engineering companies: Footage of some Mantah Corp complex (not the one from Camp Cretaceous' seasons 4 and 5. In this AU, the Mantah Corp island doesn't exist, thank goodness!); abandoned Grendel Corporation facilities in India and Cameroon; Biosyn's logos being removed in the Citadel by workers and other cleaning/doing repairs within the Biosyn facility.
- Loose de-extinct animals in the world: Footage of some Nasutoceratops in the Indian countryside; of a Spinosaurus (the one we saw in Biosyn's possession and which was carried out of the Sanctuary by the flood) swimming in the canals of Venice, arousing awe and wonder in locals and tourists; of a Biosyn Quetzalcoatlus flying over the countryside somewhere in Europe; a pack of InGen Compsognathus in some dark alley in sight of Hollywood, diving head first in the trash; a pair of Pectinodon in the jungles of Cameroon...
- Losses: Footage of the funerals of the Carabinieri who fell during the Battle of Auronzo; of Vincent Chapuy and a couple of other grey guards featured in this story in a memorial hall within Caer Draig (The Grey Guard's headquarters on Isla Sorna), melancholically looking at the names of those who died during the Maltese and Dolomites incidents (we also glimpse the names of some grey guards from the JW rewrite); of Drummond paying a visit to Maisie's and Theo's sepulchres in Lockwood Estate (Maisie has a plaque in her family's mausoleum while Theo has an empty grave outside near that of Iris', who died during the 2019 incident) ; of some room/hall/wing/laboratory in Stanford University being renamed after Henry Wu.
- The challenges and battles to come: Footage of Dougal and other WDMC field agents parking near the entrance of Mount Saint-Michel, running past fleeing tourists before looking up, toward the abbey at the top of mount, over which a Quetzalcoatlus (the same from earlier in the epilogue) is circling; of some unnamed genetic engineering company/ies creating new de-extinct creatures; of illegal exploitations and black markets.
- The importance of good collaboration: Footage of Guillaume Vuillier and his assistant Peggy Zubiri in the WDMC's new headquarters in Gland, Switzerland; of Drummond and Cesare welcoming Owen and his son Sigurd in Auronzo and watching dinosaurs in the valley together; of Kayla being shown her new plane and her and Bigelow going on some new adventure together (it's implied that Kayla now works for the DSD and that Gibbon changed his mind about Bigelow and decided to send her back on missions).
- The rampant Greed and Corruption: Footage of Senator Christine West in Washington, addressing questions about her close ties with Biosyn (she's in the middle of a corruption scandal) and walking away before being shot by a unknown sniper; of Giovanni Pazzi being dismissed from his position as Minister of the Interior after some whistle-blower (implied to be Viscontini) revealed that he was corrupted by Biosyn and warned Dodgson about the government's intents of taking Auronzo valley from him and arresting him.
- The looming threats and how Mankind's fate stand on an edge: Footage of Isaac Gibbon and other US government officials plotting in secret and DSD scientists working with embryos; of Claire, now in grey guard attire, standing at the top of a watchtower on some Isla Sorna ridge, looking at the ocean where she suddenly spots a suspicious ship in the distance (her eyes are seen ferociously locking on it); the final sequence, set at night, shows a Biosyn tyrannosaur looking at a town in the distance and letting out an otherworldly roar.
The End

Thanks for reading!
I'm aware that I might have taken a few controversial story decisions but I think that's part of the fun of rewrites like this one, do what filmmakers can't due to various reasons.
Please, let me know of your thoughts. I'll be happy do have a debate about my work.
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2023.06.09 08:13 boiled_mac_an_cheese Is the title of song that might play when you fight sans correct?

Is there actually a change for song that might play when you fight sans to well... play when you fight sans, instead of megalovania?
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2023.06.09 05:58 KingoftheRednecks The Void Hunt, ch 7


Mogan wasn't so calm when he was back on the bridge of the Semiramis. He paced, grumbling as he waited for the last of the boarding craft to land in the ship's hangars.
The San weren't completely unfamiliar with the idea of slavery. It had been a generation or more since anybody had owned one, but that was nothing to boast of—the reasons were economic, not moral. He had seen them in other tribes, particularly those near the coasts that were never short of food. Some had lived well, some had not.
Mogan hadn't thought much about it. They had no power to change another tribe's ways, after all, and wars were lost. It was certainly a better fate than losing a war with the Animal People—after that, your true master was the cooking skin, and the sooner you were transferred to its possession the better.
And yet this disgusted him.
It wasn't just the filth, the rags, the way they blinked at the light of open air or the way they trembled when he frowned. But he didn't know what the rest was. Perhaps a sense of guilt—had there been a time when his own people would have done the same? Or was it the fact that humanity, of all the sapient species in the galaxy, may well share that fate?
He shook his head to clear away the thought, but it would not go.
Logog and Burya came to the bridge with a nod. “They're getting cleaned up now, and we've got the layer-printers making something for them. What they had on...” Burya grimaced. “We spaced it. Threw it in an airlock and then opened up the other side and let it fly. With any luck it'll burn up when it goes down to the planet.”
Only a few short years ago, shooting stars were considered an act of the spirits; now they were making one.
Logog nodded. “I had the people who brought machine parts in down to the infirmary. It didn't take long to get them back in working order, but we'll certainly have to be less foolish next time.”
Mogan shrugged. “I should have thought of it. After all, I've only had one for seventeen years. But I've got something else in mind. About the slave thing.”
Both of them looked distinctly uncomfortable, but Burya was the one to say it. “To think... if someone had offered them to us, pretty much any point more than eight or ten years ago, we'd have taken them.”
“And the only reason we wouldn't after is because we couldn't feed them,” Logog said. “I've thought of that too. Are we hypocrites, that we can get furious at someone else for doing what we probably would have done?”
Mogan almost winced. That was rather close to what he had been thinking.
But Logog shook his head. “Maybe it does. I'm no shaman; I wouldn't know. But it felt good to stop it, that's certain. Maybe we've just grown. Maybe our circumstances changed—I really don't know. But what's your plan?”
“We grabbed computers from this base, yes?”
Burya nodded, and Mogan continued. “Clacha and the others were right. They don't process it here; they load up the ore onto ships and ship it somewhere. Let's get one of Wakawa's experts on that and find out where the ships go.”
Mogan smiled. “I propose we find where they're quartered, rob the place blind, and blow it up.”
It was easier said than done. Wakawa did indeed have an expert, but the information on it was sparse.
While their expert went over the stolen information, others went through the loot. The rifles were standard, useable but not terribly needed. The shoshir were useless—they might find a market, but would probably be scrapped. They had been taken more because they were there. The rock itself was useless until it was processed, so overall the raid was a bust, except for the rescues.
As the days passed, the Vishtali opened up a bit. Not at first; for the first three days they stared wide-eyed, waiting to see what their new owners would do to them. Mogan had seen the first time that talking to them would do little good here, and so all he could do was wait.
Four days passed, and he began to ask them about future plans. He didn't expect an answer, and none had one. Well, three of them wanted to be his wife, but to accept that would have been plain and simple exploitation; the very idea left a bad taste in his mouth, and he made a note to make a ruling about it just in case someone else in the tribe was more greedy or just less perceptive. Mogan asked them simply to get them thinking about the idea. It was another day before he laid out options, including working for him on the Semiramis—for pay—or finding their own way as citizens in the Settlements.
He made a mental note to speak to Shett. If war with the Sovereignty meant saving more of these people, then they would need some system for doing so. Dropping them off on some planet and telling them to fend for themselves was only mildly more feasible than throwing them out the airlock and telling them to swim home. Just one more reason to hate the Sovereignty, really.
The rest of the day, he told them stories. He wasn't the best storyteller, but he told them of his earlier experiences; how he had been captured by accident, toured the galaxy in a science vessel, hunted giant lizards. He told them of how he had met Hyeshi and lost her, and while he wasn't a good storyteller the story itself made up the difference.
They had Specimen Implants, the ones put into animals—whether actual scientific specimens or livestock. They didn't translate, so Mogan had to speak in the Sovereign Tongue that was almost the same as the dominant Sylfa language, but they did protect from diseases. The conditions they had been living in probably put a little extra wear on the things, but nonetheless each of them got Citizen Implants. That process was slow, as the cruiser's medical bay wasn't meant to handle large numbers at one time, but with each day more of them had the official mark of a sapient person, and that too made a difference in their outlook.
It was the sixth day, staying near the planet of Goretia but not in it, when Wakawa's tech came to him.
Rentarsh was a Sylfa—that did seem to be the majority in the galaxy, for either nation—and he didn't look terribly pleased with his information.
“Nothing, captain. Not a damn thing about destination. But we did find the schedule. Two more days and the White Platinum is coming in to pick up a load. Seeing as it's actually going to whatever they have for processing, we can follow it.”
Mogan nodded. They wouldn't be able to follow it unless they could stay out of its sensor range and still be able to know where it was; a difficult proposition. But they were, after all, privateers now. They could simply take the ship.
He nodded to the tech. “Calculate its likely approach vectors and let me know. We'll be ready for it.”
Two more days passed before Sensors sounded the alarm and Mogan rushed to the bridge. Ellisan was already in her seat, and as Mogan stood before the captain's chair he saw the ship on the holos.
The White Platinum looked innocent enough. Plenty of asteroids were big enough to contain deposits of metal, but not big enough to set up a smelting facility on them, so ore-haulers like this were fairly common.
Preying on one was not. After all, their cargo wasn't even metal, but thousands of tons of rock that was anything from half to a fraction of a percent metal. An admiralty judge assessing that prize would probably laugh at whoever brought it in.
Which is why it was something of a surprise when the massive cruiser appeared around the moon, slingshotting around it for extra speed, and bore down on the massive hauler like a falcon on the dive. The hauler was already slowing to go into orbit—at more than ten kilometers long it would never have been able to fly into atmosphere or escape the planet's gravity if it had—and now it frantically tried to turn and flee.
If it could escape the planet's gravity well, back into the Currents... well, it still couldn't escape. It tried anyway, since it had no alternative.
“White Platinum,” said Mogan as the comms carried the message across. “This is the licensed privateer Semiramis. Shut off your shields and engines, and prepare to be boarded.”
If anything, the ship accelerated harder, probably beyond what was safe for its engines, and Mogan nodded. “Burya, half the broadside guns, please.”
Ellisan nodded as well, and the ship turned slightly to the right so that the guns had room to fire. Burya spoke into his wristpad, and there was a slight bump as the etheric cannon fired, balls streaking in a fraction of a moment to the ship.
Gouts of shrapnel flew from the far side of the ship, and it changed direction, flying towards the planet rather than away.
Mogan frowned. “What in the Frozen Valley are they doing?”
“Crashing,” Ellisan grunted. “In a few minutes, I think we'll see the shuttles and lighters leave with the crew, and they know that if we really have a Letter of Marque we can't fire on escape cra—ahh, there's the first one.”
She pointed to the holo as a surprisingly large launch separated and streaked away. The lighters were only meant for loading and unloading the ship, carrying half a hundred tons or more into atmosphere where it could be unloaded, or vice versa.
“They won't have shields,” Mogan shrugged. “We can see about them. Will we be in time to stop the ship?”
Ellisan sighed and shook her head. “They probably locked the controls even if we did make it on. But if I was on right now, I don't think I could stop it in time. It's too heavy, and gravity is working with it too.”
Indeed, the White Platinum was moving faster now than it had in its frantic escape.
“Ready some techs and some guards,” Mogan said with a sigh. “And let's see what we can find. There must be three or four hundred million tons on that thing. And we'll put a boarding craft after each of the Lighters. Those are still cargo craft, even if minor.”
And so they waited, again. The White Platinum itself landed with a rather spectacular explosion. Dust, rocks, and even full-sized trees flew into the air, and it was two days before it settled enough that they could approach. The skies were literally dimmer, and it was likely a lot of animals would die before the year was up. The lighters weren't so lucky. Abandoned by the shuttles—which did have shields, after all, and could catch the currents going elsewhere—the lighters could either keep flying or land, and they were easy prey for the boarding craft.
“The first decided to fight it out. We didn't stick to atlatls for them, and it didn't take long. But the second crew was wiser, especially when we reminded them they'd been abandoned. They swore they didn't know what was going on down here. I don't believe them, but they did say where the ship was bound. And showed me on the navs, so I don't think they were lying. They're taking it to a moon orbiting Lancas-4.”
“Good.” Mogan grinned, and it was not pretty. “Time to make those Sovereignty bastards pay.”
“Captain?” Wakawa paused. “That's... not Sovereignty. Lancas is a Settlement system.”

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2023.06.09 05:48 KyronAWF Review of Dragonball Super Superhero

Spoilers obviously.

Overall, great movie. Actually, fantastic, as far as Dragonball movies go, considering their history.
Story: Pretty good. Things make sense. I definitely applaud the muddying up of good and evil elements. I'm extremely sick of "We're the good guys. They're the bad guys." That basically spells out most of Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super. Sure, we pick up friends along the way and people like Goku and Vegeta used to be baddies and now are all pals, but that only happens after the fact and until the Super series came out, it would never happen in the movies. Superhero gave perspective to that of the enemy and we saw a legitimate perspective of the antagonists thinking the protagonists were the bad guys and allowed for a change of mind when there was enough conflict. There was a nice flow. For the most part, comedy was integrated pretty nicely without being too detracting. There was a clear sense of urgency and while some characters were basically useless during the fight (ie: Bulma), most really put themselves in there.
Visual Effects: It's good, fun, and lively. I feel like that's where they were going and they achieved it. I've read criticism on it, and I agree just a tad, and just in the sense that I think they went just a bit over the top. Maybe I'm wrong, but the only time I thought, "I don't need to see it like this" was the last scene when Pan learned to fly. The one thing I do have to admit that I loved was the comic book feel in the beginning, such as when they introduced the androids. They didn't overdo it. It was done tastefully. I loved it. One thing I had to add about Cell-Max was how he looked. He looked absolutely evil and had I been the age I was when I first watched Dragonball(Z), I'd be absolutely frightened. Also, weird reaction here, but that character's face often gave me reactions to Flowey from Undertale. Specifically, it's the last two pics on the third row: https://i.ibb.co/yFGj7HG/tumblr-o2v88to-Sw-Z1umsmpio2-540.png (Compare with this: https://i.ibb.co/SwJkXbh/image.png)
Characters: THANK GOD IT'S NOT JUST GOKU AND VEGETA. A lot of fans have been sick of it and I've been late on this bandwagon, but I agree too. Looking back, my favorite fights have been the team battles, like the Saiyan Saga and looking back, the Frieza fight before Goku arrived. I'm so glad that most of the fighters got a chance to shine, especially Piccolo and Gohan. It really makes sense with Vegeta and Goku being off with Beerus and Whis. With that said, there were moments about Piccolo and Gohan I didn't like. Piccolo is meant to be really smart and pragmatic, and I really think he would have (or rather should have) come up with better wishes than letting Bulma get two wishes. Even if he forgot to wish Vegeta and Goku back, even doing something as minor as letting Pan also get a power-up would be something. Instead, we got a weird moment that was meant to be comedic. As far as Gohan goes, two gripes. 1) I don't believe for a second that he couldn't sense energy when Pan did. I don't care how weak he got. 2) When Piccolo told Gohan he should train and Gohan replied (paraphrasing), "I don't think that would happen." Are you kidding, my dude? Everyone on the planet died before (except for Hercule for some reason) and the Z fighters once or twice, including him. I expected better. Also, I agree with critics that Cell-Max failed as a villain. I'd argue that Magenta was the real villain here, but Cell-Max was the monster and the writers had a responsibility to give more dimension to him. There's an argument to be made that Cell-Max was designed this way and if that's the case, I respond with this: Not good enough. To end on a positive note, I loved that Vegeta beat Goku. There was tremendous growth from Vegeta considering there was so little and if the writers planned for this strategy from Vegeta when working on the Tournament of Power saga, bravo.
Sound: The music is SO GOOD. If I could give any category a 10/10, this would be it. As I've mentioned in the visual effects section, I was worried that the superhero name was just a marketing tactic to reel people in, but the music really helped to deliver. It's been a long time since I've gotten so excited from watching a DB movie. This got me excited. I can say without a doubt that the music helped.
What I wish I would have seen:
Here's what I wish I wouldn't have seen:

Overall, I'd probably give this film the equivalent of a B+. It's not without its share of criticism, but I enjoyed myself.
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2023.06.09 05:16 Draleowolf Franky’s Blackbeard Counterpart

So I caught myself thinking this week a couple times about the Strawhats vs Blackbeard crew, right. And I noticed that a lot of people keep putting Franky against Pizarro. I find this strange because wouldn’t it make more sense for Franky to go up against San Juan Wolf.
From what we know of the Ten Titanic Captains San Juan Wolf is constantly referred to as the Colossal Battleship, because he ate the Huge-Huge fruit. And his name is apparently referencing a ship by the name of San Juan Nepomuceno. People keep putting San Juan Wolf against Jinbei.
Wouldn’t it make more sense for the future Pirate King’s Shipwright AKA The World’s Best Shipwright that had to struggle and literally build himself to be stronger to go up against a being who only ate a Devil Fruit and didn’t put the time and effort to become “the Colossal Battleship”.
Showing Franky’s ingenuity with making a probable General Franky and Thousand Sunny Mech Combination taking down San Juan Wolf. And giving Pizarro to Jinbei the first son of the sea to fight the living island.
submitted by Draleowolf to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:37 kris948472 sans when you fight him be like

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2023.06.09 03:33 SANDIEGOGANGGRAFFITI San Diego Gang Rapper WONDERLOX - AN (Aztec Nation Locos 13) "Not everybody got what it takes to be a Gangster. Some kill, some fight, some rank out and some stay humble and show respect to earn respect". 🎼

San Diego Gang Rapper WONDERLOX - AN (Aztec Nation Locos 13) submitted by SANDIEGOGANGGRAFFITI to DaygoFoos [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:28 Bulky-Spread-6194 #दहेजमुक्तविवाह संत रामपाल जी के अनुयायी न तो दहेज लेते हैं और न ही देते हैं। ऐसा करके वे समाज के लिए एक उदाहरण पेश कर रहे हैं कि बेटी कोई बोझ नहीं है। हमने बस अपनी परंपराएं गलत बना ली हैं। Marriage In 17 Minutes

#दहेजमुक्तविवाह संत रामपाल जी के अनुयायी न तो दहेज लेते हैं और न ही देते हैं। ऐसा करके वे समाज के लिए एक उदाहरण पेश कर रहे हैं कि बेटी कोई बोझ नहीं है। हमने बस अपनी परंपराएं गलत बना ली हैं। Marriage In 17 Minutes submitted by Bulky-Spread-6194 to u/Bulky-Spread-6194 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:00 LEFT4Sp00ning Do you guys think Nuts can beat sans from undertale?

Do you guys think Nuts can beat sans from undertale?
idk, i think it's close but i don't think either of them could do it in a hell in a cell match in 1998 getting thrown from the top of the cage like Mankind was by The Undertaker?
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2023.06.09 02:49 Playing_2 Our forum is killing 3rd-party apps and allowing any human to work using its API.

Do you think this sub should join that boycott that's starting in four days?
I admit, this may sound trivial, but this is an important point. I would post that info-pic that's floating around on this forum, but it has fifth glyphs in it. So, a word-only translation of that pic:
This action will rid famous third-party apps of our forum (such as Narwhal, RiF, and Infinity) or turn humans with any 3rd-party app to much-dough-paying humans.
If your or a human you know's ocular organs not work as good looking at posts, you know that our forum's "official" app is not good at aiding you. Said humans must surf 3rd-party apps with captions on.
Do you wish that our spot in WWW had a boost in spam? Your wish could turn into a fact. Mods on your fav subs want 3rd-party bots to fight spam, along with captioning and community-running. Our forum's mods will kill said bots, with a priority for much-ran bots. Fun fact: With bots, modding still wants hours. Sans bots, modding turns into a fantasy.
Don't think spam is good for us? Lots of porn-bots and humans who scam and scumbags think it is. If mods cannot find said shady humans in NSFW subs, shady humans go unfound in NSFW subs. To transform words prior this to words that say what's coming non-abstractly, scams and child porn rings will don a "invisibility cloak" from mods.
So, what is changing? Our forum's changing conditions of its API. Our WWW-spot's making hard limits on how much bots can talk to it. 3rd-party apps must pay a lot of cash to do this, cash that is around a maximum for this.
Rough math puts cost at 10-20x similar pricings (such as Imgur). Humans that built 3rd-party apps for this forum must pay starting on July 1st, or shut down.
NSFW stuff is also not in APIs. Sounds OK, but scumbags and scamming humans can cloak bad actions from SFW sub mods.
As a prior paragraph said, lots of subs will shut down in, at most, four days and staying dark until conditions turn to good.
You can aid this boycott. Talk to admins. Surf this spot on old form only. Don't download any "official" app. Go on Mastodon and Guard3rdPartyApps [nb -- Factual sub naming has taboo glyph in first word at finish, four glyphs in first word, first word in this post is a synonym]. Talk to journalists. Shout about this policy. And ask mods of subs you talk in to join this boycott!
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2023.06.09 02:03 The__Sans__Undertale Hey guys it's me Sans Undertale

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2023.06.09 02:02 hunter47685 Hey yall i was wondering if you could make a theme for this AU (Gemswap + Jojotale)

Hey yall i was wondering if you could make a theme for this AU (Gemswap + Jojotale)
This isn't my theme for peridot since I literally have zero skill at making UT AU music Also gemswap is basically a swap version of gemtale and gemtale is basically undertale but with steven universe characters and jojotale is where sans is jotaro ig and yeah so yeah if any of yall see this can you maybe make like a theme of this like it can be ether a custom theme or Maybe something like harvested (that's the name of gemswap peridots theme) in like the style of Bizzarovania (which is the name of jotaro sans theme) but yeah also this is gacha style since I have zero skill at art so that's why Star Calcium looks so bad but yeah i was just wondering if you could make a theme for this AU comment to respond of what you want to do with it also maybe also make some artwork for jotaro peridot since this looks so bad and yeah anyways thus is my new AU
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2023.06.09 01:59 Dungeon_Dice JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #6: Semifinal 2 - Errok vs Mx. Wah

Dédalo moved frantically around the control room, overturning rocks, checking behind the screen, looking for any kind of hidden button. “Ninian, are you just going to stand there or are you going to help me!”
“What do you want me to do, cut her out?!” Ninian gestured to the screen of Perdita’s face.
“There must be a button or lever somewhere here!” Dédalo snapped, refusing to believe there was nothing he could do to help Perdida’s predicament.
Perdida’s mind was occupied, having accessed the system and the dormant data stored in it. As she scanned through memories and visions, the relevant information unscrambled itself for her. Piece by piece, the memories played in series.
Her first memory, the birth of her artificial soul, heralded by the priests that created her as the greatest experiment they have succeeded in. “May the MAKS-0 bring peace to Pieduro forevermore!”
Next were the lives of the Piedurons she was tasked with maintaining peace over. Teaching the children how to use and play with their Temples responsibly, assisting the Piedurons through their everyday lives.
Then watching over the construction of the Ring, the key to unifying and connecting the use of all Temples to a single source.
Then the Piedurons slowly turned their attention to the world around them, visions of expanding past the island. With the construction of the Ring, they had the means of using their Temples much further beyond their island. Tools originally used to create were beginning to be seen as potential tools of destruction and oppression against adversaries. Visions of expansion and conquest filled the mind of a small, but growing population of Piedurons.
“War is not peace.”
“War goes against the idea of maintaining peace.”
“War can not happen if there are no Temples to fight with”
Pedida watched her original decision play out in; the construction of the Ring allowed her to shut down every single connected Temple. What happened after was a terrible oversight, the energy in each Temple overloaded rather than being simply shut down. The Ring that connected the Temples shared and distributed the energy of all temples between each other, but once disconnected they had no way to regulate the remaining excess energy.
The fallout wiped out the Piedurons as a civilization and destroyed the vast majority of Temples. The remaining few priests sealed Perdida away, and that was the last memory she could see in the database.
Perdida’s attention turned toward Electra and 2095, still fighting in the ring, using the carts to chase each other in a perpetual circle. The thought crept into Perdida’s mind; with the Ring under her control, she could turn off the Temples and stop the fight. She could prevent Temples from being used by the wrong hands.
Perdida stopped herself. Not falling into the same logic that her previous self could not reason past. Her journey with Dédalo had allowed her to grow and understand, she would make a different choice this time.
The fight only took a bit longer to finish, the streaks of light made it difficult to tell what was happening, but the fight ended with a chain of explosions and both bodies falling out of their carts.
2095 falls to one knee, glare softening as Electra’s body goes limp while smoking from so many orb explosions. Her stare reaches thousands of yards, still processing her personal discovery before a speeding orb barely grazes her cheek and snaps her back. She sprints to the unconscious body and scoops her up, draping her over her back nestled underneath [Yours Truly] and holds the skater’s arms as she continues dodging to the best of her ability.
Her legacy wouldn’t end in this place, but neither would Electra’s.

2095, with a score of 76 to Electra’s 59!

Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity 2095 20 (6.5+2) - 10 (4.5+2)
Quality 2095 25 (8-9-8) - 18 (6-6-6) Reasoning
JoJolity Tie 21 (7-7-7)- 21 (7-7-7) Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10 Nothing to report!
Perdida opened a service door for 2095 to escape through, hoisting Electra over he shoulder. With a bit of guidance, 2095 made her way into the control room where they were now all gathered.
After getting everybody settled, Perdida managed to convince Dédalo that she was ok and relayed the story for the rest of them to hear.
“So I have a new plan. I figured out how to control the output of energy of each Temple to ensure that Temples can only be used when I allow them to be used…But in order to do that, I will have to stay within this mainframe.” Perdida looked toward Dédalo with a sad smile.
“Don’t worry Perdida, this will only be goodbye for now. I still have to find you a physical body after all.” Dédalo gave a warm chuckle as he walked up to the screen.
Dédalo pressed his hands against the screen and the image of Perdida pressed her hands against his. “We’ve learned a lot over the course of our journey. I’ll promise to tell you all about my next adventures when I get back.”
“...your mascara’s running.” Electra looked at a sniffling Ninian.
“It said it was waterproof, guess that was a fucking lie”; Ninian hide her face with her hands, quietly using Endless Rest to dry her face and fixed her make-up.
2095 looked on at the scene and ruminated on Perdida’s story. The similarities she shared with Perdida were not lost on her. Striving to become more than their programing, more than someone made to serve a higher purpose, but never losing sight of the joy of collaboration and connections to others. 2095 put a hand over her chest, she herself had also come a long way to be here hasn’t she.
To Be Continued…
Scenario: Sliema, Malta — 8:00 PM
On the island of Malta, in the center of one of its busiest cities, was a building. A decrepit, abandoned building, rusted and cast in reddish shadow by the taller structures that surrounded it. It was once an apartment building, but it had long since lost that use.
The rest of the city was filled with noise. Screaming, car alarms and barking dogs. But around here, where no one bothered to come around, it was quiet. Butterflies dotted the railings of the building, watching. Waiting for something to come. Not like the people inside could stand guard, with the boards over the windows. Still, they didn’t seem very concerned about the state of things.
“I was expecting to be impressed when you said you got a new place to stay, but this...” Ninian stared at the walls of Mari’s room, trying her best not to wince. They weren’t really in the best shape. Nothing here seemed to be, really, aside from the extremely comfortable bed she was taking a seat on. She turned to stare at Mari. “Shouldn’t you clean up a little? I bet it could use a new paint job, at least.”
“Geh. I don’t have time for painting.” Mari clacked away on her computer, hunched over in a garish (but surprisingly comfortable) gaming chair. Alarmingly loud EDM blared from the cat-ear headphones hanging around her neck. “Do you know how many things I would have to unplug to do that? It’s impractical.”
She gestured to the mass of wires emerging from her computer setup. Indeed, it’d be pretty difficult to move that around. Mari sat in front of a large array of computer monitors hung from the wall, all different shapes and sizes, all displaying different things. She swapped from keyboard to keyboard, not even taking the time to look at Ninian as she spoke.
“Besides, it’s better for me if my place looks like shit. Better that it doesn’t look like anybody lives here, right?”
“That only really matters on the outside...” Ninian sighed. “You could at least get some lights.”
“The screens are enough light.”
“...I suppose.”
The two sat in silence for a moment. Ninian turned to stare at the other person in the room; Nadine Sokenna laid on the other side of the bed, fast asleep. “I’m glad the two of you are doing alright.”
“Mmm.” Mari grinned. “Me too.” She exhaled, finally finishing whatever business she was handling on the computer and spinning the chair around to face the bed. The short shorts, thick blanket, and extremely oversized Hatsune Miku shirt she wore certainly weren’t that flattering, but at least her hair finally looked pretty nice. The bags under her eyes weren’t quite gone, but they seemed to glimmer with newfound lust for life.
She looked happy. That wasn’t something Ninian had been able to say about her before.
“I take it work’s been good?”
“Mmm!” Mari gestured widely to the screens behind her. “It’s an age of information, Ninian! No better time to be an info broker! Business is booming! Ehyeheheh!”
The swordswoman chuckled at that. She was silent for a moment, her smile turning into a frown, her eyes narrowing.
“Anyway... I assume you didn’t call me here just to talk.”
“Huh?” Mari tilted her head to the side. “Whaddya mean?”
“Well, you called me to deal with ‘that’, right?” She pointed up. “Truth be told, my schedule’s really packed right now, and I’m not sure how much I can do-”
“Oh, no, that’s not it at all.”
“I just wanted you around.” She shrugged. “It’s a bit tough to relax right now. Super hard! Having big strong Ninian around makes me feel a little better. Ehe.” She was visibly blushing. “S-Sorry if that’s stupid, but I figured you’d like to catch up anyway.”
Ninian paused. “...So if you didn’t bring me here to, uh, deal with ‘that’... Are you just leaving that be?”
“I mean, it’s kind of a problem for you, isn’t it? Doesn’t seem too convenient to leave it be...”
“Well, the plan was to leave it.” Mari shrugged. “But I got a bit lucky.”
“You invited me here... Just to sit around and chat while someone else does all the work?” The swordswoman raised an eyebrow, arms crossed. “As I said, I’ve got a packed schedule-”
“Nah, trust me.” The info broker snickered, spinning around in her chair as she spoke. “Youuuu... Are really gonna wanna see this one. I got somebody totally wild to help out.”
Ninian scoffed.
“Okay... And who would that be?” She tilted her head to the side. “I’ll be the judge of that.”
“You’re not gonna believe this one...” Mari cleared her throat. “I called in -”
*Scenario: A lonely boat, on the Mediterranean Sea — *
Wah watched the sun bob on the edge of the horizon. Their hair billowed in the wind, and seafoam sprinkled their face; they didn’t particularly seem to mind. Considering all they’d done with their ability, being on a speeding boat was probably the last thing to phase them; they’d just wrapped up a fight in a walking house, after all.
They stood in silence, a light smile on their face, eyes pleasantly half lidded. There was pleasure to be found in the small things. The sunset on the open sea, for one, was quite nice. Indeed, despite all the troubles it would no doubt cause, COLOSSI's shift to humanitarian aid was doing wonders for their mental. Now if only Solsbury and the rest of them would stop nagging...
But now wasn’t the time to worry about that. Nay, there were far more important matters. Wah pushed themself off of the boat’s railing, moving towards the driver's seat of the boat. It wasn’t a big boat; probably just used for leisure, but the owner had been nice enough to give them a ride.
A large sum of money was involved, of course, but that was neither here nor there.
“Oh, cappy-tan!” Wah leaned on the side of the boat behind the driver’s seat. A balding, sun-tanned man chuckled at the name. He wasn’t really much of a captain, but he did like to feel important.
“Howst long does thou think it will be before we arrive?” Wah tapped on the side of the boat a few times. “Wah has places to be, you see! Tis of utmost importance that I arrive quickly! Utmost! You understand, yes?”
“Yeah, yeah, I getcha...” The boater sighed. “It’ll be about ten minutes... Honestly, I don’t get why you’re in such a hurry to get there, anyway. Everybody else seems to be clearin’ out.”
“Oho?” Wah raised an eyebrow. They lowered it, and raised the other one, performing what could perhaps be called an ‘eyebrow wiggle’. “And why is that?”
“Dunno. Nobody’s said much, and everything they’ve said hasn’t been too, er, what’s the word...”
“Yeah. That one.”
“Wah sees, Wah sees!” Wah nodded a few times, bouncing off of the boat’s side and meandering back to the front, wobbling from side to side as the vessel rocked. “From what Wah understands, it’s quite a situation out there! No normal soul would find it any sort of comprehensible. A true predicament... And that is why Wah must go. To assist poor souls who cannot assist themselves! This predicament falls within Wah’s expertise, you see.”
“Ain’t you just a normal soul, too? ‘Sides the ears, you don’t look all that special. Kinda twiggy.”
Wah paused. In the past, being called ‘kinda twiggy’ would’ve surely resulted in a violent tirade. But those were the demons they swore to leave behind speaking. Now, without them, Wah simply laughed. “Nay! Twiggy as Wah may be, you can rest assured, fine citizen!”
They turned, the boater catching the briefest glimmer in their eye. “Wah’s soul is the furthest from ordinary one could possibly get.”
“...If you say so...” He turned his attention back towards driving, and Wah turned theirs to the open sea once more.
Eventually, land came into view. The boater looked upon Malta with some confusion. Everything in the distance seemed perfectly normal. Wah, on the other hand, seemed extremely focused on something in the sky, something the poor man couldn’t seem to find no matter how hard he squinted.
“No need to make it all the way to the island.” Wah’s frown felt out of place on such a naturally silly face. “Park the boat near here. Wah can go the rest of the distances Wahself.”
“Ah..? It’s pretty far from here, though-”
“Verily! But it is nothing Wah cannot handle!” They snapped their fingers, jumping on top of the boat’s front railing, almost seeming to glide.
“Say, Cappy-tan! Have you ever seen a magician at work?”
Ninian gaped. “You... You called in... The head of COLOSSI?”
“...That’s what I said, yes.”
“Whuh...” Ninian frowned. “You’re fucking with me.”
“I’m not.”
“You so are.”
“I’m not! You underestimate the greatest info broker on the planet, my dear Ninian!” Mari jabbed a thumb into her chest as she gloated. “With my Stand ability: 「Today is a Beautiful Day」, my surveillance is simply unmatched! You see, the pins that make up my ability, when thrice jabbed into something, create a ‘butterfly within a frame’, but that’s only the basest applic-”
“I know what it does, Mari.” The swordswoman’s confusion briefly made way for the usual moodiness. If you let Mari start, you’d never get her to stop, after all. “I’m more... I mean, how did you even...?”
“I heard through the grapevine, as it were, that COLOSSI was making some big changes. All just rumors of course, so take that all with a grain of salt. But word out there is that their boss has gone completely mad! They’re big into justice and stuff now! Something like that. So I tracked them down, used my butterflies to establish communication, and made them a deal they simply couldn’t refuse.”
“And what could you possibly have to offer someone like that?”
“Information is the new money, Ninian.” Mari chuckled, staring at the wall of her room. “It didn’t take much. I just told them... I knew where a certain someone they quite liked was, and if they took care of my business, I’d sell ‘em the info for free.”
Ninian, after a few moments of stunned silence, simply sighed, scratching the back of her head. She smirked.
“...And you’re absolutely not fucking with me.”
“Aw, c’mon.” She chuckled again, turning her attention back to Ninian. “Have some faith in your best friend, will you? Just sit back and watch.” She raised a thumbs up, grinning from ear to ear. “I don’t have to do any work at all today! As long as no complications arise, it’s as good as dealt with! Wa ha ha!”
Elsewhere, in Sliema, a complication arose.
His name was Errok, and for once, he felt a bit too awestruck to open his mouth.
As rare of an occurrence as this was, most of his brain power was dedicated solely to figuring out what exactly he was looking at. After a large amount of deducing and such, he eventually came to the simple conclusion that he had no idea.
It’s not like anyone else who could see it, though. You couldn’t even see all of it. Only sections, massive spherical tubes of undulating red poking out from the cloudy sky, constantly moving ever so slowly. The wind whipped through his greasy hair as his eyes, wider than they’d been in years, observed what could only be described as a massive, floating worm, made entirely of bright red strings.
Now that he had given up entirely on trying to figure out what the thing was, Errok could dedicate his incredible intellect to other thought processes. Eventually, he arrived at a conclusion, one that was without a doubt something only someone as academically gifted as him could come up with.
“That thing is going to be my horse.”
Indeed, using whatever that was as a noble steed was the only logical idea. Wherever a powerful being resided, there too was opportunity to be found. And as a self proclaimed ‘Weapon To Kill The Soul’, there was surely no beast he could not tame.
He spent the next few minutes idly chuckling to himself.
It felt a bit off, admittedly. The city was pretty empty. The chaos caused by the thing no doubt led to a mass evacuation; he could tell from the buildings that had collapsed around him that it’d done quite a number on the place. Occasionally he’d hear someone screaming for help or something, but he couldn’t figure out where that was coming from, so he didn’t bother. But not having someone to monologue to felt strange. This was the part where he bragged about his incredible plan to some oafish bystander! Where were the oafish bystanders!
“I suppose...I could talk to myself.”
He nodded a few times. An excellent idea.
“Yes! This’ll do just fine. I can just talk to myself! Ha!”
Errok marched forward, a pep in his step that made his gait particularly loud.
“Now then... Clearly, the right answer... is to elevate myself! Aha! Yes!” He looked around at his surroundings. The stairs inside the buildings probably weren’t reliable, even if he could fit through the doors.
“No matter! I’ll just, uh, hrnmm...” He stared at a nearby building. It was pretty tall. “Well, I guess I could climb up that.”
“AHA! With my incredible strength, I’ll climb this building! That’s what I’ll do!”
His head swiveled around: still nobody around. He sighed, though you wouldn’t have been able to hear it from within the helmet, and began his ascent. With a grin, he unearthed the grotesque arm that was 「You Are Blood」 from its gauntlet. The arm shot forth, worms spraying from the mottled surface. Yes, they would be his ideal audience. He cleared his throat a few times.
“All living things tremble at the sight of Errok, Apostle of Rot, Destroyer of Souls! I need no weapon, for I am the blade which cleaves life itself!” His body shot forward with a cacophony of clanking, as he howled along with another bout of laughter.
“The world is my, uh, whetstone! I shall sharpen my blade on each fallen fool that tries to stop me, and become a better knight, a better god, a better trickster, than all those fools that I’ve destroyed!”
Hitting the side of the structure with a clatter, Errok stuck his sword into the side of the building. Again, his arm lashed out to grasp the next floor of the building, before yanking himself outwards. This cycle repeated itself, floor by floor, as Errok launched himself higher and higher towards the heavens, and towards the worm that would become his knightly steed.
“Then, when I have conquered all of life and every soul with the absolute, supreme power of rot and decay, then!”
With one last pull, Errok ascended into the air, his massive form silhouetted by the sun. “Then, I will finally tear that flamboyant freak a new one!”
With a CRASH, Errok landed on the roof of the building as it cracked around him. He gave a clumsy flourish to his wormy audience, grinning with menace and delight.
…and received a slow clap in return. Looking around in confusion, as worms do not have hands, Errok’s eyes fell upon the environment around him. The sun was slowly making its way towards the horizon line, casting the ruined skyline of Sliema in shadow, a golden light shining through gray clouds. It was absolutely beautiful; anyone with any sort of care for the world around them would simply have to stop and admire the view.
Errok didn’t have any of that. He was far more concerned with something else, as you’d expect. There on the roof stood another figure, a fae-like being with pale hair, pointed ears and teeth, and gleaming eyes.
“Oh hey,” Errok greeted, pointing with the finger of 「You Are Blood」. “Do I know you from somewhere? Might’ve seen you at the races... You look pretty important, though! I bet you’re super important! As am I! Pleasure to meet you!”
Wah just stopped clapping, giving Errok a look. Their nose wrinkled. “Wah is…charmed.”
Not picking up on the sarcasm, Errok beamed.
“Of course you are! I’m sure that you’ve heard about me! Errok, Apostle of Rot! I’ve committed more sins than one could possibly imagine! I’ve conquered all sorts of bozos and losers to get here! And now that I’m here, I’m gonna ride! That! Worm! Oh yeah!!!”
“…Uh huh,” Wah hummed, clearly not listening as they peered up at the worm. “There isn’t really much time for jokes right now, so-“
Suddenly, Wah stopped speaking. Errok stared at them for a few seconds. “...You gonna finish that sentence, or-”
“Shut up.”
The “Apostle of Rot” was fully prepared to go off on yet another monologue, but at that moment he thought to maybe see what exactly this mysterious weirdo stared so intensely at. He turned his gaze to the sky, and his eyes widened.
The clouds that obscured the form of the worm had split, only slightly, and something had descended from the hole produced. It was small, so it was a bit difficult to make it out at first, but if he squinted really hard, he could begin to see the silhouette of a young girl, holding loosely onto a balloon.
“Eugh.” He spat. “Hate kids.”
The figure was silent until it landed, never quite touching the ground. It wore a soft expression; a pure white girl, with a sundress that fluttered in the wind. The string in her hand led to a red balloon, just as red as the pupils concealed in her thin eyes. On the surface, she looked human, but just by looking at her you could tell that it was no human being. The way it seemed to lightly pulsate, skin forming briefly into strings that wrap endlessly around each other.
She smiled upon the two of them. It was not a friendly smile.
“Good evening, you two.” She raised her hands to the two of them. “Wah-Chan, leader of COLOSSI, overlord of the criminal underground the world over... And... Errok...San...”
“Hey. Wait.” Errok raised his hand. He turned to Wah. “That’s who you were? Oh, man, I’m a big fan of your-”
“Tell me. Do you know what ‘time’ it is?”
Errok stifled. He didn’t like this lady very much.
“8:01 PM, is it not?” Wah rudely ignored Errok’s plight. “What’s it matter.”
“Not quite what I meant. It’s almost the ‘Golden Hour’.” She chuckled. “The ‘Golden Hour’, as it’s called, is the most beautiful part of the day. It occurs in the last hour before sunset, and the hour directly before sunrise. It usually lasts only twenty to thirty minutes, but those twenty to thirty minutes are incomparable. Truly, there is beauty in the world.”
SIlence. Neither Errok nor Wah could figure out how to respond to that. Right as Errok was about to open his mouth anyway, the girl continued.
“If you couldn’t tell, ‘Golden Hour’ is about to start, in about two minutes, give or take. I only found this out recently. You see, I have lived my recent life in someone else’s eyes. I’ve never had the chance to learn about the world on my own. I was only recently able to learn about things on my own time, rather than on someone else’s. There was so much I was denied a chance to see. Do you know how cruel that is? Most of the knowledge I’ve gathered... Is completely useless to me now.”
She pointed at Wah. “Did you know that the Monogatari anime being released out of order was originally completely unintended?”
“Originally, the series was planned to release in the order of the books; Bakemonogatari came first, and its prequel, Kizumonogatari, was planned to release in 2012. However, due to production issues, it was delayed until 2016, while the other parts of the anime were released on schedule, resulting in an out-of-order release. The bizarre watching orders of Monogatari that the series is somewhat internet famous for are completely unintended, and only exist due to production issues. Did you know that?”
“No,” Wah glared, “Wah did not know that. To be frank, there is no circumstance or situation in which Wah would want or need to know that information.”
“Exactly!” In her first showing of genuine emotion, the girl threw her hands into the air. Her voice remained perfectly monotone. “There’s no reason for me to know that information, either. But instead of important things, I’ve only been shown information like that. My brain, despite being far superior to that of a human being, is filled with useless information that serves no purpose to me. Do you know what it’s like? Having a vessel that doesn’t care for you? Even after all the work I went through to make her do what I wanted, she refused to show me anything worthwhile. I had to learn about things such as the ‘Golden Hour’ myself. Isn’t that cruel?”
“Excuse me, but-”
“But anyway, back to the ‘Golden Hour’. It is frequently utilized by film mak-”
“Stop fucking doing that!” Errok slammed his boot into the ground, producing a loud clang that finally managed to silence the mystery girl. He huffed and puffed for a few seconds before clearing his throat and continuing. “What’s the point of talking to us about any of this? You just prattle on, and on, and on, without any purpose to it! You’re annoying! What’s your deal!”
“There is no point.”
“There’s no point, really. I’m just making small talk.” The girl looked over her nails. “Human beings engage in ‘conversation’ to gain a grasp of each other’s personalities. To establish who is worthwhile to have around, and who is not. I simply wanted to do the same. While I’m in this form, I may as well play at humanity.”
“Anywho, from our conversation—” Errok scoffed. “—I have deduced something. You see, I was originally planning to take the ‘strings’ of every Stand user in the world, taking their abilities and adding to my own power. But I have unfortunately vastly underestimated how many Stand users are in the world. Frankly, it would be a lot of work to do myself. So I’ve decided to take on another vessel. Someone far more suited for this kind of work, and who will show me plenty of things.”
“Wah-Chan.” Wah rolled their eyes at that. “From this conversation, I have deduced that you are patient, calm, and rational. From observing the work of your organization, I can come to the conclusion that you are cruel and calculating. My name is Disappearance Addiction. I am the strongest ‘Miracle’ currently present in the world. And I would like for you to become my new vessel.”
“No thankies.”
“Wah doesn’t really care for that sort of thing.” Wah shrugged. “You seem annoying to have around. Wah actually came here to get rid of you, to be honest. ‘Tis my duty! Wah is on the side of justice, now, as is COLOSSI as a whole! It would be immoral to take the power of something like you.”
“You would refuse the power of a ‘Miracle’?”
“Wah doesn’t know what that is.”
Disappearance Addiction seemed well and truly stumped at that. Eventually, her head began to turn, slowly, as if she was afraid of what her gaze would land on.
“Errok... San...”
“You... Would you like... Power?”
“That’s the first interesting thing you’ve said all day.” Errok nodded. “Fuck me up, lady.”
“...You’re not going to think it over, or anything?”
“Are you sure?”
“Can you just give it to me already? C’mon.”
“...” Disappearance Addiction was silent for a few moments. On one hand, this guy smelled very bad. He was incredibly impatient. And he generally seemed like a big idiot. On the other hand, he did scale the building pretty easily...
“Alright.” She sighed. “I’ve come to a decision. Errok-San. If you kill Wah-Chan before the ‘Golden Hour’ ends, you may become my vessel. Does that satisfy you?”
“How long till Goldy Hour ends?”
“Twenty to thirty minutes.”
“Ha!” Errok unsheathed his sword and swung it onto his shoulder. “I’ll end it in three!” He smirked beneath his armor, pointing his massive blade at Wah. “You there! Wah! Leader of COLOSSI, was it?”
“...That is me, yes.”
“Get ready for the fight of your life, bub! After I kill you, I’m gonna be the boss of COLOSSI! I’ll be on top of the world! God King Errok! Everyone’ll bow to me! That kinda power ain’t something a little pacifist baby face like you’s worthy of having! So I’ll just take it right out of your hands! Ha ha ha! Thinking about it really amps me up! Oh, man!”
He paused, staring at Wah.
“I was really expecting you to cut me off there. It’s been happening all day. You just gonna sit there?”
Wah’s brow furrowed.
“Tell me...” They stepped forward, the dust around them kicking into the air, beginning to circle around them. “...Do you honestly believe... That you can beat me? Is that something... You think you’re capable of?”
“Course it is. I’m a weapon to kill the soul.”
“Hmph.” Wah sighed. “So be it.”
Disappearance Addiction smiled upon the two as she rose further into the air, wind whipping through her hair. A golden glow illuminated the cityscape, the sun reaching its final moments in the sky. “I feel like... I should say something here...Ah, that’s it!


In the city of Sliema, Malta, currently with thick strings hanging overhead.
The area here is 32 by 40 meters with each tile being 2 by 2 meters. Wah and Errok start on top of buildings, as represented by their character tokens.
The yellow rectangles are clay buildings, each numbered to represent their elevation level.The (1) marked buildings are 5 meters tall, the ones marked with a (2) are 10 meters tall, and the ones marked with a (3) are 15 meters tall.
The White Rectangles are Laundry racks with nearby baskets, folding chairs, cleaned clothing, and towels.
The Green Circles are palm trees that are 20 meters tall.
The Magenta Lines across the map are Strings produced by Disappearance Addiction and are attached to the buildings and trees. These strings are thick enough to balance on and have B Durability.
The brown rectangles are wooden benches. The blue circles are fountains.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent!
Additional Information:
Players are not allowed to enter the buildings for the purposes of this match and will be Retired if they are unable or unwilling to leave the “out of bounds area”
There is enough space between buildings for either player to move through the alleyways
Wah starts next to a large umbrella with a hooked handle, a portable grill, and a cushioned lawn chair
Team Combatant JoJolity
Bastards of Barcas Errok “The word “ignorant” has a nice ring to it, so I don’t mind being called that, but “incompetent” is going just a bit too far…” Establish superiority over your opponent through your movement and positioning!
COLOSSI Mx. Wah “A creature like you having a brain residing in his skull…is already a miracle in and of itself.” Establish superiority over your opponent through your movement and positioning!
Link to Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2023.06.09 01:49 hunter47685 My New Undertale AU (Gemswap + Jojotale)

My New Undertale AU (Gemswap + Jojotale)
Basically gemtale is undertale but with Steven Universe characters and peridot is papyrus and I choosed the swap version of gemtale and jojotale is basically sans if he was jotaro ig but yeah u made this in gacha since i have 0 skill at art so yeah maybe if any of yall see this can you maybe make a art design for this AU and even a new theme like harvested which is gemswap peridots theme mixed with bizzarovania aka jotaro sans theme or maybe make Harvested in the style of Bizzarovania but yeah also sorry for Star Calcium looking bad but yeah maybe if any of yall see this make a art design of this lol
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2023.06.09 01:12 Boogdanicus Just started playing today and needed to make something about the game immediately cause its so cool

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