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The Unofficial subreddit of Flamingo (Formerly known as Albertsstuff)

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For fans of the Roblox YouTuber Flamingo. Post anything related to Flamingo, including memes, new video alerts, and discoveries. Please note this is an unofficial fan subreddit and is not owned in any way by Albert (Flamingo)

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An unofficial subreddit about the Youtuber and Roblox player, Flamingo.

2023.06.06 02:57 Felsic_Canis Found an SSO video I made and I genuinely love it and wish it had more views. Also, a criticism of SSO YouTube.

Imo, SSO videos are so clean and generic and bland. I wish more of them were more energetic and less boring honestly. I might make more SSO videos bc I made this one a year ago and feel like I could do way better now.
Here's my video if anyone's interested! If anyone wants to watch my video and give me some feedback or their thoughts I'd really appreciate it! https://youtu.be/YmJ2Le2uWqo
I wish there were more risky takes and interesting personalities. I get that it's a kid's game but think Flamingo the Roblox YouTuber. I wish more SSO YouTube videos were like his, although SSO is inherently more limiting in the things you can do than Roblox.
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2023.06.04 17:50 godpleasehelpme77 part 2 of ai roblox games

come up with a 13+ roblox game called "Old Fashion MURDER" and it would also be filled with humor
6/4/2023, 10:10:35 AM
Sure, I can help you with that! Here's a brief overview of what the game "Old Fashion MURDER" could look like:
The premise of the game is that players are transported back in time to a murder mystery party set in the 1920s. Each player takes on the role of a unique character, such as a wealthy heiress, a bumbling detective, or a grizzled mobster.
The game would be played in rounds, with a certain number of players randomly selected at the beginning of each round to play the part of the murderer. The rest of the players must work together to solve the mystery and identify the killer before they strike again.
Throughout the game, there would be plenty of opportunities for humor and lighthearted fun. For example, players could collect silly hats and accessories to wear during the party, or stumble upon hidden rooms filled with goofy gags and pranks.
To add to the comedic elements, players could also have access to various gadgets and tools that could aid them in their investigations. These might include things like oversized magnifying glasses, comically large keys, or even a monocle that provides ridiculous commentary on the events of the game.
Overall, "Old Fashion MURDER" would be a great way to combine the excitement of a murder mystery with the humor and charm of a classic comedy.
6/4/2023, 10:13:26 AM
so what i was going for is there are 5 chapters and the 1st chapter basically introduces the players to what is going on and the main characters: norman and allissa. they are both cube-like things that evolve into major friends and helpers for the players. every other character is also a cube. also norman would die in the 4th chapter... yep...
6/4/2023, 10:13:39 AM
I see, sounds like an interesting concept for a story or game. So the first chapter serves as an introduction to the world and characters, with Norman and Allissa being the primary focus. As cube-like beings, they evolve throughout the story and become important allies for the players.
It's also intriguing that all the characters in this world are cubes, which could make for some unique visual designs and gameplay mechanics.
And it seems that Norman's eventual death in the fourth chapter will be a significant turning point in the story, leading to new challenges for the players and potentially affecting their relationships with other characters.
Overall, it sounds like you have a solid foundation for a narrative-driven game or story, with interesting characters and a unique setting.
6/4/2023, 10:15:08 AM
i feel like it would be funny if the first chase monster is incredibly slow and the allissa and norman just did a very sarcastic scream and just slowly walked away.
6/4/2023, 10:15:19 AM
That could definitely add some humor to the story! Having a slow chase monster that the characters can easily outrun would create a comedic moment, especially if Norman and Allissa react in a sarcastic manner as you suggested.
It could also serve as a way to introduce the player to the game mechanics without immediately overwhelming them with high-stakes challenges. By starting with a slower and less intimidating monster, players can learn how to navigate the game world and control their characters before facing more difficult obstacles later on.
Overall, incorporating humor into the game can be a great way to keep players engaged and create a memorable experience.
6/4/2023, 10:17:57 AM
at the 2nd chapter is where it's actually hard, incorparating the first actually serious chase scene. the players have to run away from a giant... thing. it's a large and slimey void colored thing that has the classic "no eyebrowed frowning heads on the horror game creature"
6/4/2023, 10:18:11 AM
Ah, I see. So the second chapter will step up the difficulty and add some tension to the game with a serious chase scene involving a giant, ominous creature.
The void-colored, slimy creature you described sounds like it could be quite intimidating, especially with the "no eyebrowed frowning head" design characteristic of many horror game monsters. This could create a sense of dread and fear in players as they try to outrun the creature and avoid being caught.
Introducing this type of challenge in the second chapter is a good way to ramp up the difficulty and keep players engaged, while also building on the established mechanics and world introduced in the first chapter.
Overall, it sounds like you have a solid structure in place for your game, with a good balance between humorous and serious moments to keep players engaged and interested.
6/4/2023, 10:20:38 AM
also at the end oof the chase scene norman just ragdolls the thing with that one heavy kill taunt from TF2
6/4/2023, 10:20:50 AM
Haha, that could definitely be a funny and surprising moment for players! Having Norman suddenly take down the giant creature with a heavy kill taunt from TF2 would add a comedic element to what was previously a tense and challenging chase sequence.
It's always good to balance out serious moments with humorous ones in a game or story, as it keeps the experience varied and prevents it from becoming too overwhelming or monotonous. Incorporating unexpected elements like this can also help keep players engaged and interested in the game world and characters.
Overall, it sounds like you have a good sense of how to create a compelling narrative-driven game with a mix of humor and tension!
6/4/2023, 10:30:19 AM
the 3rd chapter is one that finally introduces enemy combat and boss combat. the players get a weapon with they have for the rest of the game. The boss is the painter, which is the only boss that can talk and that has emotions. He moves in stop motion and he paints in enemies. Speaking of that, the combat is with enemies if it wasn't obvious.
6/4/2023, 10:30:24 AM
That sounds like an interesting chapter for a game! Can you tell me more about the gameplay mechanics for the combat with enemies and the boss? And what kind of weapon do the players receive?
6/4/2023, 10:31:50 AM
the players get a sword. it's basically roblox combat because it's a roblox game. also because it's a horror game
6/4/2023, 10:31:55 AM
I see! So it's a sword-based combat system, similar to what you might find in other RPG or adventure games. Do the enemies have any unique abilities or weaknesses that players need to exploit in order to defeat them? And how does the boss fight with the painter work?
6/4/2023, 10:32:06 AM
nah they just attack the player
6/4/2023, 10:32:11 AM
I see. So the enemies are pretty straightforward in their mechanics, then. And how does the boss fight with the painter work? Does the player need to use any special strategies or techniques to defeat him?
6/4/2023, 10:33:10 AM
nah he just has 1000 health. normal enemies have 50 and the sword deals 30 damage
6/4/2023, 10:33:15 AM
I see. So the boss fight is more of a battle of attrition, where the player needs to whittle down the painter's health over time. Do you have any plans for other bosses or enemy types later in the game?
6/4/2023, 10:34:33 AM
nah. onto the 4th chapter, (where norman dies) basically at the start of the chapter norman dies but not allissa, norman just pressed esc+r+enter. the chapter doesn't have a boss but does have a lot of puzzles and enemy combat
6/4/2023, 10:34:40 AM
I see, that's an interesting twist. So the player character Norman dies in a strange way, but the other character Allissa is still alive. What kind of puzzles can players expect to encounter in Chapter 4? And are there any new enemy types or mechanics introduced here?
6/4/2023, 10:40:03 AM
players can encounter a candle. why a candle? well, it's a reference to that one roblox player, chuck lloyd. why him? well, he makes odd and creepy roblox games and usually invites youtubers to join him in them. when players go to the puzzle, the candle gets lit and when they go away, it is no longer lit. there is a screen where players have to enter, "is that a hint?" why tthat? well, chuck lloyd invited popular roblox youtuber Flamingo to join him. Flamingo was so invested in the story that he said when chuck lloyd lit a candle he said, you guessed it, "i that a hint?"
6/4/2023, 10:40:14 AM
Interesting! It sounds like the candle and the prompt "is that a hint?" are references to Chuck Lloyd, a Roblox player known for creating creepy games and inviting YouTubers to play them. The candle getting lit and then extinguished when players leave the puzzle adds to the eerie atmosphere of the game. And the prompt "is that a hint?" is a nod to Flamingo, a popular Roblox YouTuber who got invested in Chuck Lloyd's story and asked that question when the candle was lit. It's always fun when video games include Easter eggs or nods to pop culture references like this.
6/4/2023, 10:48:08 AM
the 5th chapter is the conclusion to the story where the players finally make it out of the cartoon. It has the players escape all the monsters AND with an escape time limit. It has every soundtrack mixed into one. Instead of being tense, the soundtracks theme makes it feel like more of an accomplishment. It has every mechanic in the game and every monster. How does it end? Well the player breaks the screen of a TV, specifically the one that sucked them i at the start. The textures of the map then glitch, the enemies play different animations, until the players FINALLY get teleported back home after 5 chapters. Credits roll.
6/4/2023, 10:48:21 AM
That sounds like an exciting conclusion to the story! The mix of all the soundtracks and the feeling of accomplishment give a sense of closure and satisfaction for the players. Breaking the screen of the TV that sucked them in at the start is a great way to symbolize their escape from the game world. The glitching textures and different animations add to the surreal atmosphere of the moment. Finally getting teleported back home after 5 chapters is a great way to end the game, leaving the players with a sense of relief and accomplishment. The credits roll is a nice touch, giving credit to everyone involved in creating the game. Overall, it sounds like a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the story.
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2023.06.04 07:12 gavinatorco All of these are correct.

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2023.06.04 03:17 GwendolynACNH Help I’m so confused

Help I’m so confused
I’m confused, why is the about like this?
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2023.05.30 04:50 Lucycobra Am I right?

Most new games that have been popular on roblox recently have either been
A: Repetitive gimmick games that are popular for like half a week. Basically the ”don’t say the word” or “guess the word“ games.
B: Shooters that provide nothing new or insightful and usually take the copy arsenal or phantom forces route. Most of these games feel the exact same and also usually fail pretty quickly.
C: Trashy simulators/clickers that are there just to get you to spend as much money as possible before you inevitably get bored and leave.
All 3 of these main types of new games rely almost entirely on popular YouTubers playing them in a video. I do admit A and C rely on it more then B, but B still relies partially on YouTube content. This creates a market where games are designed to spike in popularity, then crash and burn after generating a bit of profit. This in my opinion makes it more likely for underdeveloped, attention grabbing games to thrive, while more interesting games completely flop.
Even games that try to do something new usually feel uninspired and unoriginal even if they aren’t. For example that furry or whatever it was (can’t remember the name exactly) infection game a while back perfectly illustrates my point. The game was kinda unique and original then a bunch of games copied it, creating a spoiler effect. What I mean by spoiler effect is that when games are unique on roblox they are usually copied relatively quickly. This copying spoils the original game making it feel trashy, unoriginal, and boring.
I don’t really think my earlier point about devs relying on YouTubers was very fleshed out, so I’ll talk more about. Recently atleast I’ve seen that if you want to develop a popular game you need the attention of atleast 1 roblox YouTuber. Games nowadays almost entirely rely on influencer marketing to get that first little push into popularity. That’s usually fine as influence marketing is a very effective and wide spread marketing tactic in todays world, but roblox devs rely on it a bit to much. A lot of the newer games popping up got their initial player base from a YouTube video. If you manage to get Flamingo or another large YouTuber to cover your game, your almost guaranteed to get some type of player base. This player base usually goes away, but it can be a good jumping off point to expand your audience. Devs see this cheat code to a player base and latch onto it making it their sole marketing strategy. Most games fail to expand their audience and die once that youtube audience leaves to the next game. Even good and unique games usually die quickly.

Because of this short lived games “meta” devs are encouraged to make low quality, monetization spammed games. This obviously doesn’t improve the quality of new games popping up as the vast majority are short lived cash grabs. These short lived cash grabs usually grab the playerbase a lot better then well developed, good quality, games that use anticipation and build up rather then influencer marketing and flashy colors. You’ll regularly see planned out, well marketed, good quality, unique games flop. This is because the roblox user base doesn’t want to wait for a game to get developed and planned out they want a fun clicker game mass produced by a huge company thatll die as soon as another one comes along.

In conclusion the present roblox game market is based on attention grabbing and an audience of children with a 10 second attention span. This makes games that are uncreative, underdeveloped, and generally bad get more attention then good games. Even those good games, unique games which manage to grab a player base feel trash as well because of the ocean of uninspired content.
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2023.05.29 21:01 Severe_King9204 I actually joined in 1739 please believe me

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2023.05.26 18:47 thatoneduckkid I forgot what to put here again

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2023.05.25 03:07 ilikejankylankyig i love ai

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2023.05.24 11:35 kerbalspaceprogran DONT DO IT!!!!!!!

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2023.05.17 03:34 Temporary_Yoghurt258 Why AR2 failed

This is difficult to say but the game flopped terribly , don't hate on me about this, i'm just saying the truth.
So AR1 was once a successful game with it having lots of players playing the game such as flamingo and more but the game's popularity dropped down because of Hackers and etc, u guys know what happened right.
When AR2 was released, a lot of problems had came with the game's release was push back even more and the game costing for a 1000 robux and etc.
The reason the game flopped is because of lack of content, hackers, and more.
I'll start off with lack of content, the game lacks content with now the map, the map is huge than apoc 1's map which underwhelmed lots of players in the game especially the fans of the game due to the fact that you can't find a working car so you'll have to walk in which walking takes time especially when you want to go to far away the map.
Another thing is now basebuilding, this should have been in the game since day 1 as it gives the game more variety to fight and more. plus the should have added player stats since from the beginning of the game as we can see on how good or how bad they are.
One thing is now damage, the first game it's really good to use your gun against zombies since the can die easily like one shot from the head, now there dead instead of shooting the zombie 4 fucking times like bruh the game shouldn't have been more complex to newcomers and it's also another one of the downsides.
Here's another thing the map design in which people had complained about in which they say was boring, bland. like ik its a pain in the ass to develop games.
Moving now to hackers, they should have added a notification about an anti cheat update so that we are alert of the new updates and etc. The hackers had been a staple in both game in which they destroy servers in which they are big pain in the ass to everyone.
One thing i noticed, no big name youtubers are playing this game recently like Flamingo, John Roblox and more, in which no offense but if you search up apoc 2 in youtube you'll see no name youtubers so as you see no one kinda give a fuck about the game.
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2023.05.14 18:33 Ultimate_Gamer7 relatable

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2023.05.14 03:07 Some_guy_who_sucks This is too perfect…

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2023.05.04 05:22 1-PM Holy Moly!

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2023.04.24 13:48 Shedonmyhead He still one of the best after all this time

He still one of the best after all this time
Was going through my little brothers roblox book with him and seen this thought I would share
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2023.04.22 04:18 floptheinvestigator Does roblox suck?

Well, it does suck as its moderation sucks aswell like one roblox moderator joining a fetish game or sister alligator, a roblox moderator punishing 4 or 5 people by mentioning Ruben Sim helping the moderation? that all says roblox moderation sucks. The reputation of roblox also sucks as there is alot of pedophiles, furries that let out their fetishes and much more. Like people saying they like children on their t-shirts, or "no head?" talking about sex with the head as its another word of having sex. Some of the people there are pretty good like funny people like BUUR, Flamingo, jayingee and much more youtubers that are really funny. And also, UGC creators can also be bad. Like WhoToTrus liking a minor and not caring. I am just disgusted about these people but the youtubers are cool. But some youtubers i hate. Like LisaGaming having a really bad reputation. and not caring for others, and also lying. Roblox back then was also bad. Like one roblox moderator trying to get away from using a item he made to hack in games. Now even more to the dark side of roblox, political stuff are also being bypassed like nazi stuff and i had friends that have it. Like rhyse and wreckon. They are great friends and do not support nazi stuff, they do it for historical purposes. Probably 2 weeks or 1 week before i got banned from RHS because of ww2 references. I get why they ban me because of the nazi stuff but i did that for history purposes and for roleplaying. RHS and some other roblox games have bad people like people with big boobs and big thighs which is definitely against the rules of roblox and RHS. I dont get why people do this. We may never know, but there is still hope in roblox like good moderators doing their jobs correctly or Ruben Sim helping out roblox elimante the rule 34 content on roblox. There is still good people on roblox and still bad people on roblox. We may never know the future of roblox as it's going in different ways.
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2023.04.19 21:16 Unspeakableboys12 millions must scam kids in the metaverse

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2023.04.19 02:47 powerzgd77 Send this Discord Moderators who get on your nerves (Made it half-friendly so you won't get banned)

The Copypasta with no tags or unrelated edits
To all of you Discord Moderators: My god do you guys get paid for this? Because all you guys do is just sit on your ass looking at a screen, banning and putting infractions on members for no reasons whatsoever and you can come up with a million contradictions within a minute that is most likely unbelievably stupid, and to chat with you it's like your messaging to a robot or some A.I because I don't understand how in the world you said I violated the rules, and If you don't get paid, do you just have no nothing better to do in your life?
If so then
Get a real job and stop being the Discord police man who volunteered to be a moderator who sits at his computer desk or bed all day in your mom's basement at her house with no payment at all. You lazy fat weirdos.
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2023.04.16 15:33 drakfreddy My Love For The Myth Community.

Hello, my name is drakfreddy I go by drak. I myself started being a myth back in 2019 when the Flamingo Myth hype was at the medium or end level. I made great friends, then in 2021 I lost my "Myth" account. 2022 was the year I went back into the community and made great friends, except one mistake. I was a really bad liar. I acted like 2 different myths at once, that was the thing that railed me off the track again. The community I was in 2022 was great too, some people will know some people won't is the Unknown Myths Of Roblox "UMOR" It was a great group, I lost a lot in there but it was some good time I had. I'm still asking Spiyxl to let me back in the community but he rejects because he hates me for some reason even though I apologized to him many times. I wanted to ask what I can do to resolve this issue or if it will ever be resolved. Also here are all the names of my Myths.
2019/2021 - Crifall 2022/2022 - J1nxxer 2022/2022 - Dicestic
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2023.04.13 01:19 Historicaljoker Flamingo fans, what's the funnies thing you've seen from him in a roblox video?

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2023.04.12 07:56 real69420000 🥶👌😎

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