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2023.06.09 19:38 crimecakes Jennifer Wilson Bodiless Case

Jennifer Wilson Bodiless Case
29-year-old Jennifer Wilson vanished without a trace after getting into a heated argument with her live-in girlfriend. The argument started at their workplace Jezebel’s where both women worked. Brenda Leonard, her girlfriend worked as a bouncer & was known by coworkers for her jealous tendencies & her previous girlfriend had filed a protection from abuse against Brenda. After the argument. Jennifer was never seen again. Leaving behind her clothing, her car & most importantly her beloved German Shepard Sadie. It’s been nearly two decades since Jennifer’s disappearance & it has puzzled investigators, because even though they think they know who’s responsible, they’ve struggled to come up with answers to the two remaining questions in her case: what happened, and where is Jennifer? Jennifer’s roommate was very sly when she first arrived at Paulette Mattingly’s home crying & upset. She told me all about how Jennifer and her had gotten into an argument and had left.”Paulette had told Alex Flippin with KWCH on October 4, 2022. Paulette said it wasn’t unusual to go for stretches of time without hearing from her daughter, and knowing her roommate like she did, she said she had no reason to think anything was wrong. After she didn’t hear from Jennifer for 18 months though, the worry began to set in. Why hadn’t she called? Jennifer’s mom decided she needed to have another conversation with the roommate. “I finally called her where she worked, and they said she hadn’t worked there for a long time,” Paulette recounted. “Later I found out during that time, she was working at another club using Jennifer’s social security number...that’s when I got suspicious, and I called the police.”By then it was March 2004. Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Investigator Jeremy Noel spoke to Factfinder 12 about the case.
“At that point, you know, you’re already 18 months behind the ball,” Noel said.
Noel says they began interviewing witnesses. They heard about that argument between Jennifer and her roommate. It happened at Jezebel’s one night in September 2002. Then they spoke with the roommate herself.
She) was a little reluctant, I would say, to initially come up and talk to detectives,” Noel said. “At some point during that interview though, she invoked her right to Miranda and said, you know, ‘I want to talk to my attorney’.”
By itself, that might not have made investigators suspicious but there was more. Something no one could seem to get past. Jennifer was gone, yes, but what was still there raised eyebrows with just about everyone close to the missing 29 year old.
“The dog was still there. That’s what everybody kind of got hung up on was, there’s no way in the world she would have left that dog at that house,” Noel said.
Left behind was Jennifer’s beloved German Shepherd Sadie, who eventually disappeared as well.
“I never thought about why did I not question why the dog was still there. That Jennifer didn’t take the dog with her when she left,” Paulette said.
There were other things as well that made investigators and Jennifer’s mother suspicious. There were conflicting stories Jennifer’s roommate told various people. Stories that Jennifer had moved to Kansas City, that she’d made withdrawals from her bank account, at least two different stories about what happened to Jennifer’s dog. None of which could be verified by investigators.
Tips did come in, in trickles over the years. Investigators searched the fields behind the home where Jennifer and her roommate lived, they used cadaver dogs several times and they dug looking for Jennifer’s remains.
“We probed areas inside of a barn out by a pond, out in the middle of a pasture,” Noel said.
Investigators used ground penetrating radar, pinpointing a location to dig, but found nothing. A tip Jennifer could be found buried beneath the deck of the home also produced no results.
“We dug a pretty deep hole behind the house looking for Jennifer’s remains. We did not find her body,” Noel said.
Now, 20 years after she last saw her daughter, Paulette said she knows Jennifer is gone forever. She had her declared dead in 2013 and purchased a cemetery plot to hopefully one day lay her to rest.
“I just would like to be able to put her where I know where she is. Out there,” Paulette said. “I would like to find her body.”
It’s a final wish for Jennifer, Jeremy Noel said he intends to make happen.
“If that’s the last thing that I can do for Paulette in my career, then I know I did good,” he said.
The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office cold case unit is actively working this case. If you have any information that could help them solve it and bring Jennifer’s mother some peace, please call (316) 660-3799.
Copyright 2022 KWCH. All rights reserved. To report a correction or typo, please email [email protected]
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2023.06.09 19:37 pint_of_harp [NPD] Sheaffer Defini Ballpoint

[NPD] Sheaffer Defini Ballpoint
Finally took delivery of this beauty today.
I haven't seen too much about this one except that it seems to be available mostly on the Indian market. I saw it come up on an Irish based ebay store and snapped it up brand new and delivered for €12.
It has a beautiful feel in the hand. A nice weight and size very comparable to the Zebra 701.
The body is a metal matte black with chrome finishes.
It takes a cross medium refill and has a twist mechanism.
Overall very impressed with my first Sheaffer. A really premium feel for the cost of peanuts!
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2023.06.09 19:37 jj090501 Can someone send me a specific clip?

I'm looking for the clip of Joe in the grocery store when he is on the phone talking about the person's booty and ends with "Alright, talk to you later Philip." It's one of my favorites!
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2023.06.09 19:35 Morgellons-Live "Dangers Of Salt" article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"Dangers Of Salt
"I just want to make sure you understand that salt is dangerous. Salt is an explosive. It is more volatile then nitroglycerin. If you have a pure cake of sodium as big as a football, it would take out all of New York city. Just like a 200T hydrogen bomb, could take out the New York city, and all of its buildings, one crystal this big, would take out all of new York City. So the war department, the industrial military complex, president Eisenhower called it disparagingly, he said that we would never have peace as long they run the government, they run the military. Because they want to make a profit on war.
Anyway the government, the military gave General Electric 2 billion dollars to make a weapon out of salt. My father worked at the project for 6 years. It was so untenable they could not make it in to a bomb, thank god. Because one and a half degree temperature change on completely isolated sodium could set it off. So they could never temperate, never break it down and utilize it.
So salt is a very bad thing, the reason that i say don't have salt with cheese is because when it goes in to your body it starts breaking up the cheese and then causing your body to digest it, the problem that happens in the blood is that if you have salt in there, of course your body will take the sodium chloride or the sodium potassium, however you are getting the sodium and separate it, isolate it because it is in rock form. We don't eat rock plants eat rock. So what happens is they start exploding in the blood. So you have all of these nutrients, a smorgasbord of nutrients, anywhere from 93 to 170 nutrients that feeds the cell every time it opens to eat, if you have salt in the blood, it breaks those up and fractionates it, so a cell maybe getting 23 nutrients in stead of 93 to 170, maybe it will get 15. Never getting a balanced diet if you are eating salt, any kind of salt. Because it will be separated and it will cause explosions and fractionations through out your body. You saw how it exploded that one guy skin as it came out, he was a heavy chip eater, and that is how his body handles it, throwing it out through his abdominal area, so it must have been stored in the abdominal area somewhere to do that. So salt is not a good thing, it is a horrible thing. It is the next worst thing to cooking."
WS_CH_2013_06_22 05:58:30"
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2023.06.09 19:34 marshview What am I missing? Salesdude edition

Now that I actually know I'm AuDHD I think I am beginning to develop more social awareness but I just recently had two interactions with salespeople (both middle-aged men) that have me questioning my personal, public presentation...again, uuuuuugh. This is long and I suck at summaries, so thanks in advance if you bother with this.
Possibly relevant context: I'm 51, look early 40's ish, pretty face, about size US 16-18 at present. I'm extremely happy in my marriage to my wonderful (also ND) hubby. He's my best friend and confidant, but he doesn't get social stuff either so he is useless in this particular situation.
I've been fat my whole life (deliberately, I chose it as a child in order to be less appealing to sexual predators. Yes, at age 8. And yes, for exactly the reasons you think). Just in the past year and a half I got dx'ed AuDHD, finally felt safe enough to figure out my diet, & lost a bunch of weight. Also figured out that my preferred wardrobe was making the average populace uncomfortable around me because the clothes were too pretty/too colorful/too formal (perfect for my former, academic job in a different city, but not ok in my new, rural area), and I was being perceived as "trying too hard". Now I am dressing waaaay down, in drab colors: jeans, tees, hoodies, sneakers. Greys, olive greens, navy blue, boooooring. I also hate the way sunlight feels on my extremely sensitive skin. I've always dressed completely covered from chin to toe. Overall, the recent changes have given me a newfound and very welcome sense of invisibility. But! Am having an issue with male salespeople and need advice about how to handle it better.
Scenario 1: antique store. I used to love this place but the sweet old guy retired and there's a new manager. Scruffy, sketchy looking, early 40's probably. He pounces on me before I even get in the door, wanting to use up my spoons in chitchat. There were plenty of other employees around doing furniture repair, etc, but only a couple of other customers.I make noises about wanting to go in and look. He lets me go in the wide open door but continues to follow me and talk. I politely say, "I'm really just looking" which I thought used to be universal for "fk off, I don't want help". Three minutes later, he's back, "looking for anything special?" I said, "No, thanks, I'll be sure to let you know if I have questions", thinking that would be the end of that. Five minutes later, dude comes at me again, trying to sales-talk me into a piece that was actually beside the one I was interested in, while physically blocking my progress in the narrowed aisle and blocking my escape. I was extremely firm in saying, " I really was interested in that other piece, and I wanted to look at these things on my own. I'll thank you to stop pestering me". And as he finally gave ground, under my breath, I said, "fk the fk off already", which I'm sure he heard...well, it was effective, and I escaped never to return (mourning what used to be a wonderful, safe place to find a little dopamine treasure). What was I supposed to say/how do I act the first time to nip this kind of behavior in the bud? Is "just looking" not the right phrase anymore? It was sunny and breezy, so I was wearing a ball cap and had my hoodie up because I was cold. Did he think I was trying to steal a dresser or something???
Second scenario, three days later, greenhouse. Middle aged salesdude. Just as thoroughly unattractive as saledude #1. I'm wandering in, ignoring people and not making eye contact as is usual for me, and he pounces. Again, I say "just looking", and do my socially-obligatory two seconds of eye contact and smile. Then I immediately dismissed the guy from my mind and refocused on the plants (exactly what I have always done in stores, and how I've always treated most strangers, to frank. I know it seems rude, but it's my go-to defense mechanism). Three minutes later he's back with the "looking for anything special" line. This time, I came down heavy right away, and said, "I really just like to browse on my own. I'll be sure to let you know when I have questions," but said with a bit of annoyance in my voice and a pointed look. Dude #2 scuttled away like I was a snake, and then I actually saw him, from a distance, clearly say something whiny about me to his middle aged female coworker.
So...analysis time. Am I being oversensitive, or are they actual sexual predators hitting on me, even with my big fat wedding ring? Are they, perhaps, also socially clueless ND and just overcompensating at their jobs? Was dude #1 performing, "look at me, I'm such a great manager, look at how solicitous I am to customers" for the benefit of his employees?? Am I imagining that I'm only experiencing this now, at this late date, because I finally lost the weight and wear what everyone else does??? Seriously, I thought I was too old to have to worry about that BS.
What do I do or say differently? Do I look "too normal" now? How do I look "normal" but still mostly unapproachable (by men)? I really don't want to have to gain weight again to be left the fk alone, and dressing incognito was going so well otherwise. I only realized the weight of the eyes in public was huuuge after they weren't on me all the time.
Thanks for any constructive advice.
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2023.06.09 19:30 Panic-Panic-Panic (US) Spending more than what we are making – what's the best route to stop drowning?

Between poor decisions, hours cut due to the pandemic, and just being down on our luck, my family and I have found ourselves absolutely drowning in debt and bills. On paper, we make a lot of money, but we are spending way more than we are bringing in. After taxes, health insurance, FSA, etc. we bring home a little over $7,100 monthly. Last month, we spent over $9,100. Holy shit.
Here is a breakdown of our May finances:
Daycare $2,235
Rent $2,056
Debt $1,800
Car $1,500
Groceries $560
Utilities $341
Food $290
Entertainment $160
Daycare – We just put a deposit down at a daycare that is $1,450/mo and will switch in August. The current tuition is about $450/wk, and it's over 35 minutes away one way (near my husband's old job). When we were planning for our kid, MIL committed to two days a week, my husband was off one day during the week, so we initially only needed care 2 days a week. This was discussed many times throughout the pregnancy. Since I've given birth, she's only visited maybe once a month, never to really help out – just to see the baby. We started off with a part-time nanny that didn't work out. I tried working remotely while caring for our baby, but I felt I was neglecting both him and my job equally. Daycares in our area have a 2+ year waitlist and usually require a deposit of at least $3,000. Also, daycare was on my credit card which as of now has been maxed out and over the limit.
Car – We used to be a one-car family ($560/mo in car payments), but right before I gave birth my husband was absolutely panicking about me not having a car for emergencies with the baby while he was at work. He worked in sales and was consistently in the top 2 salesmen, so at the time it was feasible to get a second car, albeit not the one he chose. He ended up leasing one (trust me, this was a very sore subject in our relationship for a while) and now trading it in would land us in so much negative equity. I got in an accident a couple weeks ago (not at fault), so now the value on the other financed vehicle dropped. This bucket also includes replenishment for tolls which I've now removed from autopay.
Debt – Yep. It's a big one. We lived in a state with a slightly lower cost of living, and my husband's employment was severely affected by the pandemic. We accumulated a lot of debt. Some of this is furniture that has no interest, but a large chunk is credit card / personal loan debt meant to keep us afloat. The personal loan initially was to consolidate student loans and a much smaller credit card debt.
Groceries – This includes baby and pet supplies. We only shop at cheaper grocery stores like Aldi.
Food – We absolutely need to get better at just cooking. We just feel like we're hardly surviving with the sleepless nights and long workdays.
Entertainment – Normally this is only $24 for streaming services, but we did celebrate my first Mother's Day.
Like I said, I do acknowledge that a lot of this is consequences of poor decision making. In January, we had a pretty solid snowball debt payoff plan, we deleted our food delivery apps, and we really tried to cut down on spending. We don't go out and try our best to keep our spending to a minimum. Unfortunately, the economy hit car sales pretty hard and while my husband was consistently a top performer across multiple dealerships it was still not enough. He finally got a job with much better hours and consistent pay. But in the last two weeks alone, we've had to pay for bed bug treatments, emergency vet bills, and the insurance deductible from the accident (not at fault and the other party has insurance, but they went through mine first then are pursuing his? Idk it's all been a headache). And yeah, as you can guess, the credit card became the emergency fund.
So – what's the next step here? Another personal loan? Credit card balance transfer (no idea how that works)? We're trying to sell as much as we can but that's just a temporary fix.
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2023.06.09 19:29 localfyi Local Events in Charlotte this Weekend!

Live After 5 -- Outdoor Concert Series at Old Town Public House - Old Town Public House - Friday at 5:00PM
Free baseball clinic for kids: Charlotte Knights PLAY BALL Clinic - Knothole Foundation Tuckaseegee Dream Fields - Friday at 5:30PM
2nd Friday Street Festival in Old Town Cornelius - Oak Street Mill - Friday at 6:00PM
Live From the Boileryard Music Series - Camp North End - Friday at 6:00PM
Live Under the Oaks music series - Birkdale Village - Friday at 6:00PM
Drive-In Movie at Badin Road Drive-In (price is per person) - Badin Road Drive-In - Friday at 6:30PM
Pineville Rock'n & Reel'n: Pandora's Box - Pineville Lake Park - Friday at 7:00PM
Fortune Friday - Red Clay Ciderworks - Friday at 7:00PM
Huntersville Movies in the Park - Veterans Park (Huntersville) - Friday at 7:30PM
Trap & Paint + Karaoke - Superstarz CLT - Friday at 8:00PM
Sports One Uptown CLT Free Friday Night RSVP LIST - Sports One Charlotte - Friday at 8:00PM

Free Yoga in the Park in Rock Hill every Saturday - Fountain Park, Rock Hill - Saturday at 8:00AM
Saturday Morning Yoga - Lenny Boy Brewing Co. - Saturday at 10:00AM
2nd Saturdays in the Park: Fishing - Camp TN Spencer Park - Saturday at 10:00AM
Summer NoDaHood Market - Divine Barrel Brewing - Saturday at 1:00PM
BEST OF ALL WORLD'S DAY PARTY (DEAR SUMMER) - Imperial Lounge & Rooftop - Saturday at 4:00PM
Tega Cay Concert Series: New Local - Runde Park, Tega Cay - Saturday at 6:00PM
Rockin' The Burg: Blue Monday - Harrisburg Park - Saturday at 6:30PM
Town of Dallas Summer Concert Series: Coming Up Brass - Historic Dallas Court Square - Saturday at 7:00PM
Comedy Open Mic at The Landing - The Landing at 4th Ward - Saturday at 7:30PM
Dress Like Your Grandma/Grandpa Party (plus, live music) - CityCade, Gastonia - Saturday at 8:00PM
Belmont Movies in the Park: The Princess Bride - Stowe Park, Belmont - Saturday at 8:30PM

A Walking Vibe Presents: Look Good! Heal Good! (donation based) - Weathered Souls Charlotte - Sunday at 12:00PM
Sunday FunDay Free Lunch - NoDa Company Store - Sunday at 12:00PM
Maker's Market CLT at Primal Brewery Huntersville - NoDa Brewing North End - Sunday at 1:00PM
Free Live Tunes Every Sunday - Free Range Brewing - Sunday at 3:00PM
Summer Concert Series at Seoul Food Meat Co. South End - Seoul Food Meat Co., South End - Sunday at 3:00PM
Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Summer Pops: The Music of John Williams - Pineville Lake Park - Sunday at 8:15PM

Want us to send you all the fun happenings in Charlotte directly to you? Join the LocalFYI newsletter (by clicking here) to get the inside scoop sent to your inbox every Monday.
Any other fun things happening this week? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.09 19:29 FourSpeedPizzaCuck The Milk Man

Hey folks, I made a new Reddit username after discovering this subreddit because I think I'll be posting here a lot. And I don't want to use my main account because if ANY of my coworkers or friends see this particular story, they will immediately know it's me. This is because I told everybody.
This is the story of The Milk Man.
I deliver food for a small Italian market. In addition to pizza, we generally get delivery requests for subs, wings, drinks, etc. However, it is an actual market in the front, so some people will order what you might consider "groceries". Produce, baked goods, and (important to our story) milk.
A few weeks ago, an order came in for a medium sausage and pepperoni pizza. Along with this, the customer wanted a half gallon of whole milk. (I later found out he told the person taking his order "PLEASE do not forget my milk.") Weird, right? Who drinks milk with pizza? But I have a 3 year old kid, and I reasoned that if I were ordering pizza I might throw in the milk just to save a trip if I were running low. Wrong.
I took the delivery, and the man answered the door. Late twenties or early thirties, looked like he might have just woken up. It was a hot day, so he was only wearing basketball shorts. Pretty normal so far, "Hey, how we doing? Just need you to sign right here for me if you could" blah blah blah. It is only while he is signing the receipt that I see it.
On his left pec.
Right above his heart.
In fancy script.
About 1.5" tall.
Is a tattoo of the word "Milk"
Again, this man is only wearing basketball shorts, and this is his only visible tattoo.
I was so bewildered that I took the signed receipt and my pen, thanked him, wished him a good day, and went back to my car. And then, as I backed out and pulled onto the road, I started to laugh so hard I stopped making noise.
When I got back to the store, tears were running down my face as I approached and told everybody who would listen.
I do not mean to pick on the man, and I hope it doesn't come across that I think poorly of him. He is my hero. He either just LOVES milk, or he thought of the funniest thing a person could possibly do: get one single prominently placed tattoo of the word "Milk" and use any opportunity to express your love of milk to strangers.
Wherever you are, Milk Man, I hope you are doing well.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 19:28 kmap1221 My Drag and Drop Weekly Meal Planner

Not sure if this will be interesting or useful to anyone, but I made this document a while ago and recently shared it with a colleague who thought it was helpful. This system has helped me stay organized, plan for what foods I already have, and save money at the grocery store without eating the same meals over and over again. Since covid, my grocery bill has actually gone down significantly by becoming an "ingredient household". I spend between $70 and $100 a week on groceries (and toiletries) for two people in a HCOL area. I do have a Costco membership, but I rarely go and when I do, I buy paper towels, detergent, etc. I have bought eggs there as well, but that's only two times per year. I'll try to make a post in the near future about my grocery budget and how I keep it under $100 each week for two adults (one male one female). Anyway...
Here is the spreadsheet I use for my own household weekly meal planning. They are color-coded to indicate if they are vegan, vegetarian, have fish, or meat/dairy. They include all of the main ingredients and meal names. Some of the less intuitive recipes are hyperlinked to external recipes that I like. Many of my favorite spice combos are there. There is a section dedicated to what I typically have stocked in my kitchen. I am also slowly beginning to add to a sauces and marinades section. This is not a comprehensive look at what I eat, but it's the baseline.
How to use:
Sheet 1: Cabinet stock.
This sheet breaks down the items that are sometimes, often, and always in my kitchen. It breaks them up into the ways I stock and think about them. Those items are color-coded to indicate how frequently I use and purchase them. There is a checklist next to each item which can be used to indicate what you have or what you need.

Sheet 2: Meal Plan.
I am not a vegan, but my diet is plant-based. In here, I have the name of the dish (some of which are hyperlinked to external sites with recipes that I like to loosely follow). Next to the dish name are the ingredients. These are the main ingredients, but not everything. Items that may not be listed: olive oil, salt and pepper, other seasonings, marinades, etc. Again, this is not a comprehensive recipe but rather a guideline to base your meals off. Each dish is color coded to the corresponding dietary base. For example, yellow for vegan, green for vegetarian, blue for seafood, and red for meat and/or dairy. Obviously you know your own dietary restrictions, but I find this helpful to get an idea of what your diet is really comprised of. For me, this helped me realize that I eat mostly plant-based (completely by accident). Are you eating more meat than you really want to? Do you want to be a vegetarian or vegan but think it would be too hard to start? By tracking your meal bases, you can get an idea of where to make adjustments if desired.

Sheet 3: Marinades & Dressings
This is a new sheet. I don't really use this because I just sort of store this in my head and pull from it as I go. If I want salmon tonight and I have cauliflower, I could take that a number of directions: Asian style soy-based sauce, garlic and herb forward, Middle Eastern, Latin, etc. I'm the kind of home cook with a ton of spices and tend to just get inspired once I pick the main ingredients, but I think it would be good to have it organized. Keep posted for more on this sheet.

Sheet 4: Notes?
This is sort of a catch-all page. Sometimes, I learn something while making a meal that I want to log for later. For example, a fun rice recipe that I think goes well for burrito bowls. This is the place to leave yourself tips! I might delete this sheet in the future because I don't use it much, but I am trying to.

Sheet 5: Spices!
Spice combos! This is just a picture I found online with a few easy seasoning combinations to make at home. Today, I have a ton of spices, but I didn't always. It can be a huge money saver to learn how to combine spices you already have rather than buy premixed spice blends.

That's it! This document is a work in progress (and it wasn't made for anyone's eyes but my own) so bear with me! Please feel free to copy this document to your google drive and make edits and suggestions so that I can make it more helpful and user-friendly. I will continue to use and update this document so check back for more additions that I will include in additional dated sheets. Hope this helps someone! If there are any questions at all, please let me know and I'll try to answer!
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2023.06.09 19:25 postcurryclub Indian Cooking Classes in Lisbon

My wife and I run a popular YT channel on Indian food. We recently moved to Lisbon for work.
We are starting Indian cooking workshops in Lisbon where participants will learn to cook something interesting, followed by a sit-down dinner + drinks. We are renting the Lisbon Cooking Academy space (it is lovely and spacious!).
The first class is an introduction to Indian kababs. The recipes will be modified for home cooking, and to ingredients available in Portugal.
We have a considerable experience consulting restaurants as well as with online classes, but are new to in-person classes. Since this is a new city, we don't have many people we know. I thought some folks on this subreddit might be interested.
(We are calling it Post-Curry Club, because we want folks to move beyond the stereotype of Indian food being just curries. Pretty kicked with myself for having come up with the name 🤭)
If you know anyone who might be interested, we would really appreciate it if you could share the link with them. Thanks!
Also, if you have any suggestions about the website, that will be helpful too. I just put it together in the past couple of days.
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2023.06.09 19:23 Wicked_Sleeper This is my 67th Reincarnation on this planet

This is long story because I want to document every little detail I can remember from this life changing experience since its still very fresh in my memory.
TL;DR at the bottom.
I’ve had a re-occurring dream every so often where I’m on a boat in an ocean in complete darkness with a group of random people. Most times I just walk around talking with different folks, sometimes I go out on the deck, but there are no stars, no moon, no lights at all except for the lights coming through the windows from inside. Complete blackness in every direction. The boat looks like an oversized tugboat with three levels of interior spaces and a large main deck. The boat is a little run down, seems like its been through some storms and is well weathered and banged up, its just floating along in a pitch black environment in a body of water with small waves lapping at the sides. Inside there are different rooms with different groups of people in each room doing different activities and other random stuff. Not much to think about and nothing of any significance ever happened in this re-occurring boat dream over the years, until last night.
Let me pause for a moment and mention that I have lucid dreamed off and on most of my life, I have a hard time triggering it, but when it does happen, I can usually do some crazy things in the dream world. I would say i'm well versed and experienced in lucid dreaming but not an expert, but I have successfully dream jumped in past lucid dreams.
This dream started out after a WBTB (Wake back to bed) method of lucid dreaming. I entered REM sleep and stepped into the dream on the 3rd floor of the boat and chatted with a random woman, and moved throughout the floor interreacting with different folks. Lucidity was triggered shortly after by my wife coughing in bed next to me so I was able to hear that in the background of the dream and I suddenly realized I was sleeping and became lucid. I was balancing right on the line between the physical world and the dream world, but I focused hard on remaining in the dream. As I take in the scene from this new lucid perspective, I can't seem to change anything about the scene. I could control my actions but I could not control the scene or any of the characters. I figured, alright lets try jumping out of this boring boat scene into something more fun and entertaining. I went through my preparatory process to jump out, concentrating on the scene I wanted to go into, and nothing happened. tried again and nothing. Then a third time, and nothing, strange. I’ve done this many times before where the scene would usually fade out to a bright white empty canvas and the new scene builds off that.
The woman was standing there watching me and looked very confused.
Her: What are you doing?
Me: I'm trying to jump out of here
Her: Why would you want to do that? this is your boat
Me: What do you mean this is my boat?, I'm just in a dream
Her: This is your boat, you don't normally leave until after we dock
Me: What are you talking about?
She gets closer and whispers in my ear, "this is your boat, you own this boat, and you own everything on this boat, all these people here are you"
Me: what do you mean all these people are me?
The wheels are turning in my head, "these people are me?" and it takes a few seconds to come to the shocking realization of what exactly is going on here.
Me: You mean everyone here is a version of me? is everyone here a past life?
She stepped back, slowly smiled and nodded her head and then a wave of energy that felt like goosebumps combined with a pressure wave just radiated across my body and I fell backwards to the floor. The shock of what I just realized brought me to the verge of waking up. The scene was starting to collapse and I could start feeling my bed, pillow and blanket on my body but I was not going to leave this dream on a cliffhanger like that. I concentrated as hard as I could, and as determined as possible and forced myself back into the dream, slowly trying to stabilize my consciousness back into the scene. I am normally not successful going back in after it starts fading from a shock like that but this time it worked!
I'm back on the boat, jump to my feet, and so many thoughts are racing through my head. Suddenly a bell rings and the woman says, "we're about to dock, this is when you leave" I realize I have only a minute or two at this point to try and gather as much info as possible before I wake up. The first thing I realized I must do, is count all the people. I have to know how many reincarnations are here. I want to start at the bottom floor and work my way up, going room by room, hopefully ending at the helm. I immediately run all the way down to the first floor, as i'm running downstairs I make a mental note to try and remember and the rough age, race, gender, clothing style or anything else unique that may stand out from each individual to ponder on later.
I hit the first floor and bust through the first door in the hallway like the cool aid man just tore through a wall of a building and there are several people standing around jamming out to some music, "oh, this must be all the lives I lived as a musician" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, clothing styles range from 1920's to 1980's. Next door, two middle aged women that look like they're cooking dinner in a kitchen, they must be chefs, 6, 7, next door, 8, 9, 10, cowboy hat, Indian garb, next door 11, 12, 13, and so on. Door after door, the count goes higher, up to 20 now, most common characteristic so far is mostly middle aged folks from different time periods and different regions of the world within the last 200 years.
Next floor up, level 2, kicked in the first door, this was the sports room, about 8 people here, mostly basketball players with football and soccer player mixed in, this must be why I used to be able to sink 3-pointers like nothing when I was 15 years old. total count of 28 now, next several rooms, 29,30,31,32,33,34,35, 2 Asian men, one middle eastern woman, a monk, other random normal looking people, until I got to the last room on this floor. This room was the largest room, had the most people, and was the most emotional for me. I bust through the door, and its the kids room! I literally gasped as I looked around at just over a dozen or so toddlers and young children playing games on the floor with some young teenagers mixed in. My heart absolutely sank for all these lives I lived that were cut short for whatever reason. I took a few moments to walk through the group and put my hand on the head of each young child as I counted them off as they peered up at me with a look of endearment on their faces. I had to keep moving though, time was running out. total count of 50 now.
Back up to the third floor, room by room, this is the floor I started on so I had a general idea of who was up here, 51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60, a mix of male and female, ranging from mid 20's to mid 50's. I get through all the rooms and start frantically looking for the staircase up to the helm, who's steering this boat? who's controlling this thing? how do I get up there? as I frantically look around, suddenly I sense the boat bump the dock as it slides into its berth. Its only a matter of seconds now, I don't even bother to try and look out the window to see what was out there, I was scrambling around looking for the door to the top of the boat to see who or what was in control of this thing. At that moment I come face to face with a past life, older gentleman with glasses, thin body and balding head.
Him: Calm down, everything is going to be okay
Me: There are 60 people here! I exclaimed
Him: No, there are 66 people here and we are all you.
At that moment a powerful force immediately started dragging me backwards out of the scene and I fought hard against it, I was pushing hard to stay to find out more, I wanted to know more, I wanted to interview every single life and for a few seconds I floated above the floor fighting against the forces, but eventually it overcame my efforts and pulled me out of the boat and the scene disappeared. I woke up in my bed in a pool of my own sweat and my heart racing as I jumped up in bed in shock at what just occurred.
Out of the 60 people I counted in less than 2 minutes here is a very rough breakdown:
Gender - about 40 male, 20 female Race - about 8-10 black, 3-4 Asian, 2-3 Indian, 1 middle eastern, 1 Tibetan, 2-3 Hispanic and the rest mostly white
Age - this surprised me the most, 15 children under 15, less than 5 above 60 and rest in between. It’s seems more than 2/3rds of my past lives died before age 40. (I’m currently 46)
Time period - it seems all past lives lived within the past 200-300 years based on the clothes I saw, with most in the past 100 years, which reinforces the fact I believe that reincarnation is not linear with time and lives do overlap with other lives along the same earth timeline.
I no longer believe our consciousness is destroyed when our soul is wiped during the reincarnation process. I believe the consciousness and memories from each lifetime is removed and transported to this higher dimension storage realm where they are collected for each soul for some sort of future retrieval. Kind of like a safety deposit box for holding all the souls lifetime experiences.
This experience has completely humbled me, I thought I was an old soul that lived hundreds if not thousands of past lives, boy was I wrong. 25% of my past lives didn’t make it to adulthood, which was shocking to me. Most wisdom comes with age so I now consider myself a young soul with limited experience in this world. A lot of things do come easy to me, like sports, music, cooking and other activities but I realize these skills were practiced and perfected in previous lives.
It’s a little comforting knowing my current life experiences and memories will be saved and transferred to the boat realm for safekeeping after this body’s death, but also a little uneasy about that because who knows no long this will go on for? Do these past lives just wait around for eons while more past lives continue to arrive with the main soul occasionally stopping by to visit?
At what point does the main soul say that’s enough, go and collects all of the past lives, absorbs their life experiences and memories and moves onto something else? So many questions.
TLDR: I became lucid in a seldom re-occurring dream where I'm on a boat with a large group of people surrounded by complete blackness only to discover all the other occupants of the boat are all my past lives. All 66 prior life experiences, memories and consciousness from each life my soul has lived on this planet so far are all stored on this boat like a safe, hidden in a higher dimensional realm that I have visited many times before, but this time I was lucid to understand what it was.
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2023.06.09 19:22 nerethrius Writing a Story set in India in English

I'm writing a novel which is set in one of the Indian cities (Pune). But as I'm writing it in English, I am confused as to what extent I should include Hindi and Marathi words in it.
For example, when addressing a middle aged man who is a stranger, we use "Chachaji" or "Uncle", but in English we use "Mr." with his last name.
I am trying to write it for a global audience but also trying to add an indian flair to it. The topic of the story is a global one, not restricted to our country. Also some phrases, when used seem american in usage and if I use indian phrases and translate them, they seem out of place.
What things should I remember while writing it?
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2023.06.09 19:19 LZBUM Ontario to stop free COVID-19 rapid test program in pharmacies, grocery stores

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2023.06.09 19:17 Electronic-Tour404 r/python found my resource helpful, so I thought I would post it here too! I spent 4 years developing a search engine just for food and finally launched the first-ever realtime menu API for almost all restaurants and grocery stores in the US+Canada. Check it out for your next project!

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2023.06.09 19:14 Environmental_Fig189 Thoughts?

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2023.06.09 19:08 beehapppyy Lauren Giraldo bringing her dog into a grocery store

Lauren Giraldo bringing her dog into a grocery store
I don't hate Lauren Giraldo or anything, but I think it's very selfish to bring a dog into a grocery store and allow the dog to place her head into displays of cheese and refrigerated goods. The FDA does not allow dogs to be in grocery stores with food preparation, unless a trained service dog, and her dog had her head in the cases of food. I think it's gross and rude to other customers who may be allergic or scared of large dogs, or just dislike being around them. I think she just doesn't care. I say this as a dog lover as well, but since she was with her husband one of them could have stayed in the car with the AC on while the other went shopping.
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2023.06.09 18:58 ChampionshipRight586 I've tried to help others my entire life and now I can't help myself. Being a lesbian doesn't help living in the south USA.

I've literally taken my shoes off in a store for a 7 month pregnant woman who had no shoes in the looming cold because her abusive babies father was mad at her.
When I drove the city bus I could be fired for feeding, contributing or aiding anyone in need because it could become a problem. Despite that, I never told a hungry person no. Even if I lost my job as a result.
I grew up in nearly severe poverty and my mom would feed anyone who knocked on her door. Anyone! This includes drug addicts, my mom has been a mom to many people. I want to be the person people can run to also but sadly I'm sick and can't help myself.
See Im down so bad, I was fired for being LGBTQ, was forced to have a hysterectomy as my own uterus was trying to kill me. I have this huge heart, I want to help people so much but don't know how to start. I'll never be rich because my heart is to big, I would give to so many people. No I'm not perfect but I try.
I want my last words in life to be those of a man I resemble a lot. Oscar Schindler- "I hope Ive done enough." At this point if I die tomorrow I feel I haven't done enough, but I'm giving up. I'm tired if fighting poverty, I'm tired of never having a real hand up when I need it so much, no one notices me. I literally faid into the background even when I ask for help. Im trying, I swear.
It's really hard being black, female and a lesbian in America.
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2023.06.09 18:57 SillyTumbleweed2020 [UPDATE] Im throwing in the towel...

First of all i wanna thank all of you for helping me through this.
Original post:
The reason I'm making an update post is because after posting i realized why i could not handle such an easy puppy. And he is very easy. Genuinely.
He's 10 weeks old and he always goes in his crate and sleeps, he sleeps through the night, he's never had a poop accident in the house, he's only 4 pounds, he's a pug which is awesome, when he gets hyper you can just put him in timeout and he'll self soothe, he isnt a picky eater except treats and we solved that, he knows how to sit, hes a little defiant but thats because he just wants to play and needs 15 to 30 minutes in the morning and night to be satisfied (it always feels overwhelming but if you just trust the process itll be enough for him), he NEVER barks.
I never gave this puppy a fair chance.
I'd like to walk you through the 3 weeks of me having him. before getting him i tried very hard to get an adult dog but it was really hard finding one that was a good fit for me. most rescues didnt contact me back and i put in over 8 applications and most of them had application fees. Its been a month and they still havent gotten back to me:
*Week 1: It was amazing. The puppy was mine but my boyfriend spent every day and night with me. We divided up the puppy responsibility but i took on the most because he was my dog. I taught the pup how to live with me and he picked up very quickly. After his snuggle puppy, he slept through the night and that was that.
*Week 2: My boyfriend told me on my birthday that he wanted to move in with me. He found out his rent got raised and decided to move out of his house with his roommates. He was VERY serious about this and even started planning where his furniture would go. I was so happy, my perfect life was forming. I will never be alone again. The very next day he said "nevermind im not moving in with you. my roommates need me financially. Also i need some space from this puppy, im losing myself and i havent made time to be with my friends and i dont make time for myself." This news was devastating because suddenly id idnt see him at all. He want from being at my house all the time for 4 months to never coming over. He forgot to get me a birthday present even though he told me he had something huge planned. This guy used to call me his "wife" so you have to understand this was devastating. I thought the puppy scared him off and when i tried talking to him about it he was just silent staring at the floor "i just need more time for me, this is really bad timing. its such bad timing..." I completely empathized, this was way too much pressure.
I went out of my way to look at shelter dogs to see if i wanted to keep my puppy. I decided that it would be really hard to find an adult dog (in that moment) and felt that i might as well keep my easy puppy and raise him to be good with me. My boyfriend and i made up and he apologized. You have to understand, he has severe adhd and its untreated. He does not make enough money to address this right now. He told me that he never intended to hurt me, he was just frozen and scared because he didnt realize how badly his roommates needed him. There was pressure to find a birthday present that i deserved wile being afraid of running out of money to cover his new rent ($400 increase) and disappointing his friends whom he loves and he has neglected by only spending time with me. I never told him to stay with me all the time, on the contrary i encouraged him to do things he loved. He didnt want to lose his friends and the puppy blues were understandably getting to him too. Before the puppy, I wouldnt have been so heartbroken about the news of him not living with me because i completely understood that him and i are trying to figure out what a "normal" and "healthy" relationship looks like. We need to have room to make mistakes. I have made mistakes and he has made room for me. Now there's more pressure because of the puppy. Moving forward i decided to keep the puppy and do my best to raise it with these new limitations.
*Week 3: My boyfriend reminded me that Friday he needed me to get time off of work to go to his cousin's graduation party. This is a huge event and he needs my car because his car is way too old and cant make the drive. before me he would rent a car to see them, but with the rent increase he cant do that, he really needs my help and i understood that. I got a flat tire Sunday and thought i was gonna lose my mind. I told him i was really stressed but wanted to take the puppy to properly socialize him. He agreed" i want my family to meet him". My boyfriend said "what do you need? i can help you" i told him to get me the puppy carseat because the puppy HATED his carrier tote because it was too dark and it scared him badly. It was really the puppy's only drawback. This week was hell: Monday- he had puppy class. Tuesday- he needed to get his second round of shots. Wednesday- I needed to get a new tire during lunch because my current front tire was flat and after work i had to go to petco to get a puppy carseat. The entire time i was doing research on how to make sure he wouldnt get parvo from the trip. By Wednesday night i had a breakdown because i work 2 jobs (one WFH and the other passive income that requires my overseeing and management) and i told my boyfriend i needed help with something this week but he didnt help me with anything. I still had so much to do, get puppy pads, go grocery shopping, clean out my car, i havent even had time to shower or eat a full meal because my meal prep ran out (i have celiacs disease), on top of my already demanding puppy schedule and working from home 40 hours a week, trying to hit deadlines. I began to idolize self harm again and i havent done that in years. Wednesday night my boyfriend was playing a card tournament when i called him and told him i was having a nervous breakdown. He left the tournament to talk to me and i explained the lengths i used to go to trying to get mental health care and that i needed to start back up again. He froze, he kinda didnt know what to say. He didnt know how to help me, all he could do was just listen. I was starting to crack under the pressure, and he knew that there was more he could do and he genuinely forgot that he promised to handle the puppy carseat. his ADHD brain was choosing not to remember because deep down, he wanted to keep all his freedom. He felt guilt, i was spiraling. I took off the next day (Thursday) off work to cry all day and I let the puppy stay at my friends house. My friend kept the puppy all day and he was SO EASY he even asked if he could watch the puppy every Thrusday to help provide support. Another friend asked me if she could watch the puppy every weekend. People from work reached out to try and set up playdates with their dogs. Thats when you guys on reddit helped me realize that if i have to let him go its okay.
But it didnt feel quite right, something just didnt feel right. This puppy was easy, my friends are supportive, why do i feel like im gonna die? Why do i hate my life? What. The hell. is wrong... I thought it was my past, and in a way it was. I blamed it for scaring me so much that i couldnt handle being selfless to a puppy. I filled out a form to surrender him last night but i didnt send it. I started crying and WAILING "my puppy my baby! i love my puppy why cant i do this why!?" I sobbed on my bed. My boyfriend came back and asked "... do you want me to leave you alone?" I said through tears "i want you here. but im so embarrassed for you to see me like this. I dont want you to abandon me because im such a mess right now!" So he *left* and went into the kitchen. He didnt realize that this was in invitation to engage and reassure me that he *did not judge me* and that he wouldn't abandon me. He thought this was being polite. I know this sounds confusing but his family members act like this too. They genuinely want to be left alone when grieving because they feel shame being viewed in this way.
I got up and asked why he left and he said "im just trying to be respectful... i dont know how to do this. i.. dont know how to be emotional" i grabbed his hand and took him to the couch and hugged him and told him "its okay. i can teach you how to be there for me." he confessed to me that he was emotionally stunted. He shared his past for the first time to me, i wont share it in specific detail because i wanna protect his privacy, just know its heartbreaking and the major center of it was that he wasnt allowed to speak his mind, share his feelings, or even cry for a second. Any moment he showed emotion or weakness he was shunned (or worse, hurt). I knew of this through small hints but i did not know the extent.
*I realized that him and I BOTH needed to spend time loving our past child selves. we needed to forgive ourselves for the way our past stunted us. we needed to learn how it changed us and accept it and find ways to navigate it in a way where we dont judge who we are, but embrace who we are. Scars and all.*
For example: He has a hard time talking, and showing emotion. He needs lots of time to process when he has hurt someone, he has to take lots of time to not internalize shame. This can make him seem uncaring, but in fact, he cares too much. And growing up with a survivalist mentality made him into someone who has only thought or cared about himself. Easy to be selfish and not think of other's needs when nobody cared about yours. (keep in mind, there's a lot of traumatizing abuse im not telling you) Its easy to live life without a plan when all the plans made for you were destroyed because the people you looked up to could not keep their lives together for you. He also has adhd and was only screamed at when his performance fell short at school and he was never treated for it even though his teachers urged his parents. They even put him through school a year early and he dropped out of college at 17 because his parents divorced and blamed the whole thing on him. Of course he cracks under pressure.
On the flip side: I was abused very heavily but I did the opposite and focused my ENTIRE life on being an overachiever to overcompensate. Straight A's 4.0, there were no exceptions. I focused on external performance to provide me with my future, and stability but i also sought it as a way to validate myself. I pistol whipped myself into perfection. Money, grades, career, etc bring on the responsibility. This has made external influences rule my life and *emotions.* As a result, I do not possess the ability to separate the puppy from outside stressors. I cannot realize where my stress is coming from, i do not have the outside perspective to realize when i am pushing myself too hard. I do not know my limits. And i put blame on anything putting itself in my way, and the puppy is an easy EASY target. My past is also an easy target. sometimes my boyfriend is an easy target. But at the end of the day, its up to me to pace myself and tell others when i cannot meet their expectations. And i cannot be obsessed with them abandoning me as a result of falling short. I cannot attack myself when i fail.
This morning (Friday) my boyfriend and i had a long talk. I had to start work at 6am so i could leave work at 3pm and we could make the drive to his family's event on time. Even though i decided to surrender the puppy, we still have to bring the puppy to the event like we originally planned. No puppy boarding will take him because he is too young and none of our friends were made aware to watch him. I was way too overcome with grief and even my boyfriend admitted he could have helped with that instead of doing absolutely nothing. After all, he needed my car to even see his family in the first place, he could have done something to help it go smoothly. Then he said "so anyway, i really wanna go to card tournaments in my hometown but we have to leave really early so we can make a SECOND tournament back in the city-" and i BLEW UP. I said:
*"STOP! Im going to have to look after the puppy the ENTIRE time AND get you to these things on time!??? It doesnt matter that im rehoming him, do you realize how hard its going to be to get you to these tournaments on time WHILE watching this puppy!?!?!?! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!"*
He was shocked, he was silent for a long long long time and finally said: "oh my god... that was awful of me. i really am putting so much pressure on you." I broke it to him that ever since i got this puppy hes put a lot of pressure on me to keep our lives *exactly* the same where i was much more patient and forgiving and also much more flexible with my plans. I told him i dont blame him for assuming this, why would i take on a puppy that would change our lives SO MUCH forever? he would never do that because freedom is really important to him. But he has always made sure that he has had SO MUCH FREEDOM that its caused him to have *nothing* invested in his future. He's grown up with such low self standards that he has nothing built for himself. And its really affecting him! Like his car being too old to see his family and him lacking the communication skills to recognize when other people need support. His trauma caused him to shun responsibility in order to avoid disappointment and heartbreak and my trauma caused me to take on too much responsibility in a desperate attempt to feel loved and accepted. He said "im so selfish and self centered. Im just an ass and even though i dont mean to i hurt you, i still do it." i said "baby you are not a selfish or self centered person. you just prioritize looking out for yourself because thats all youve ever known. would you call that little boy you used to be who had to fend for himself selfish or self centered? Someone on reddit told me i need to love the little girl that was dirty and unfed, the homeless little girl i used to be. You agreed. But you also deserve the same" it clicked for him. it clicked for both of us.
All of this... because of one little puppy.
He finally opened up to me after 7 months of dating. and it was amazing, but we're both not done.

Him and i are now aware of what we have to do (work on ourselves) but i dont think the solution is simple moving forward. After the talk he took him out for 2 walks without me asking (he does do this for me a lot, he's not all bad) and he played with the puppy so he would tire out and i would have time to work. This morning i told him "babe... i know this is my puppy, but i really have a lot of support for this dog. and he is very manageable. *i love what this dog is doing for us* It is helping us learn how to grow up and how to be nicer to ourselves. Its teaching me how to not let external disappointments leak into my personal life by practicing self care and by being nice to myself. And by me having this responsibility that i put before myself, its teaching you how to be emotionally vulnerable and communicate with me when you only prioritize yourself. Its teaching you how to work with me because if youre going to be involved in my life, you have to gain the ability to take responsibility for more than only yourself in the present moment. After all, how are we going to grow or accomplish anything together unless we learn these skills? What if having this puppy could teach us? If I give up this puppy, were going to go right back to where we were where all we do is watch tv and live in the moment. where we dont hold eachother to any kind of standard and keep codependening on eachother. How are we gonna grow? what is gonna hold us accountable if both of us dont know how to do that?"
On the flip side, this is a puppy. this is a baby. this is a life. If something happens outside of our control, it will affect the puppy. and this situation does not feel 100% stable. But does it have to be 100% stable? If im being totally honest, im still probably gonna rehome the puppy or surrender him to a pug foster. But the lack of responsibility (now that i know what is wrong) is going to make me feel very empty.
We learned a lot from the puppy. We both want to grow, he agreed. He tells me he loves the puppy, he would be happy if he felt like i was mentally capable of keeping him. And after wailing and crying and sobbing (i havent even had this puppy for a full 3 weeks) i know i love him. I know i *want* to keep him. I want to try. I never even gave him a fair chance without my boyfriend accidentally putting a shit ton of pressure on me to maintain our old life while balancing this new puppy.
But. I want whats best for him as well. And whats best for him could not include me at all.
We're going to see his family this weekend and we *are* bringing the puppy. We're going to be honest that he is too much for us to handle right now, politely decline going into it. He has a huge family, maybe someone will want to adopt him. He really is a good dog. After this trip i hope it is very clear whether or not this puppy and I deserve one more chance.
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2023.06.09 18:56 neevar79 Noob here - Need Advice

I want to have Shed installed in my backyard. Since the boundaries are not exactly rectangular, the best I think I could do is 10 X 12 ft. I I build custom, I can probably get a 12 * 16 ft.
I am in greater Los Angeles area and in-land, so I don't have a problem with humidity / rain / snow. I am going to be in this house for next 5 - 7 years at most. Some of the questions I have are :
  1. Should I get a resin or Wood Shed? Leaning towards wood as I don't think the resin shed walls can hold weight ?
  2. Should I pour concrete or wood with posts & gravel? If gravel how high should the gravel be ( 2" 4 ") and what type of gravel (3/4" ) ?
  3. My purpose of shed is to store stuff and put a elliptical / rower. If I bring electricity into the shed, I think I need to get city permits etc. Some one suggested a solar panel ( stronger than just basic ones) for lights and such. My whole house is solar but the shed will be about 50ft away from nearest electric outlet. So I can just draw an extension cord too I suppose. Any thoughts on that ?
  4. At Costco/HD, I see where they mention comes with installation. What type of base would they use ? Do they level before laying the base? Does the installation cover roof shingles and paint ?
  5. If I get a contractor for the install, is it better to add insulation and dry wall from a future proof standpoint ?
I may sound all over the place but this is our first time having a shed and I am kind of thinking from way too many angles.

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2023.06.09 18:53 RevolutionaryJob1266 What do you think of this SCP made by the Bing chatbot?

Item #: SCP-YYYY
Object Class: Neutralized
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-YYYY is currently stored in a standard anomalous item locker at Site-12. No further containment procedures are necessary, as SCP-YYYY has been rendered inert.
Description: SCP-YYYY is a Colt Single Action Army revolver, manufactured in 1899. SCP-YYYY has the words "The Last Stand" engraved on the barrel, and exhibits signs of extensive usage and deterioration.
SCP-YYYY's anomalous property manifested on 18/11/1899, when it was utilized by its original owner, John "Black Jack" Ketchum, a wanted criminal and gunslinger in the American Old West. On that date, Ketchum and his associates were pursued by a coalition of bounty hunters, Pinkerton agents, and law enforcement officers to the town of Fort Griffin, Texas. A violent confrontation ensued, during which Ketchum discharged SCP-YYYY at one of his adversaries, resulting in his immediate termination. However, upon the ejection of the bullet from the chamber, SCP-YYYY activated a temporal anomaly that affected the entire town and its inhabitants.
The temporal anomaly consisted of a stable time loop with a duration of approximately 15 minutes, starting from the moment of SCP-YYYY's discharge and ending with the termination of Ketchum by a gunshot wound to the cranium. During this period, all events and actions within the town repeated themselves identically, with no variation or deviation. The inhabitants of the town were unaware of the anomaly, and experienced each iteration as if it was the first occurrence. The anomaly was localized to the town and its immediate surroundings, and was not detectable from outside.
The time loop persisted for 120 years, until it was discovered by the Foundation in 2019. A team of Foundation agents infiltrated the town under the guise of tourists, and managed to locate and secure SCP-YYYY. Upon removing SCP-YYYY from the town, the anomaly ceased, and the town resumed normal temporal flow. The inhabitants of the town were administered Class-B amnestics and given a cover story of a historical reenactment that resulted in several casualties. SCP-YYYY was transported to Site-12 for further analysis.
SCP-YYYY was found to be inactive and non-anomalous after its removal from the town. No traces of temporal energy or other anomalies were detected on or around it. It is hypothesized that SCP-YYYY's anomaly was a one-time event, triggered by a specific combination of factors that are unlikely to be replicated. The exact nature and origin of SCP-YYYY's anomaly remain unknown.
Addendum YYYY-1: Note Recovered from Ketchum's Body
During the recovery of SCP-YYYY, a note was found in Ketchum's pocket. The note was written on a piece of paper torn from a journal, and appeared to be a personal confession by Ketchum. The note read as follows:
I don't know how long I have left to live. Maybe minutes, maybe seconds. But I have to write this down before I go. I have to tell someone the truth about me and this damn gun.
I wasn't always an outlaw. I used to be a decent man, with a wife and a son. We lived on a small ranch in Kansas, and we were happy. But then they came. The railroad men. They wanted our land for their tracks, and they didn't care about us or our rights. They offered us a pittance for our home, and when we refused, they sent their thugs to burn it down.
They killed my wife and my son in front of me. They left me for dead in the ashes. But I survived. And I swore revenge.
I tracked them down one by one, killing them with this gun. This gun that I found in an old pawn shop in Dodge City. This gun that had a strange inscription on it: "The Last Stand". This gun that felt like it had a mind of its own.
I didn't know what it meant at first. But then I realized. This gun was cursed. It gave me the power to kill anyone I wanted, but it also doomed me to die by its bullet.
Every time I pulled the trigger, I felt a surge of pain in my chest. Every time I killed someone, I felt my life slipping away. Every time I looked at this gun, I saw my own death staring back at me.
But I couldn't stop. I was obsessed with vengeance. I didn't care about anything else. Not even myself.
And now here I am. Cornered in this godforsaken town by a bunch of bounty hunters, Pinkertons, and lawmen. They want me dead or alive, but they don't know the truth. They don't know that I'm already dead.
I have one bullet left in this gun. One bullet that will end my life and my curse. One bullet that will be my last stand.
I don't regret what I did. I don't ask for forgiveness. I don't expect anyone to understand.
I just hope that someone will find this note and remember me.
Remember me as a man who loved his family.
Remember me as a man who fought for justice.
Remember me as a man who made his last stand.
John "Black Jack" Ketchum
Addendum YYYY-2: Analysis of SCP-YYYY's Bullet
The bullet that was fired by SCP-YYYY and caused the temporal anomaly was recovered by the Foundation agents during the investigation of the town. The bullet was found embedded in the skull of Ketchum's adversary, who was identified as James "Jim" Miller, a Pinkerton agent hired to capture Ketchum.
The bullet was subjected to various tests and scans, and was found to be anomalous in several ways. The bullet was composed of an unknown metal alloy that was resistant to heat, corrosion, and deformation. The bullet also emitted a faint temporal radiation that matched the signature of SCP-YYYY's anomaly. The bullet appeared to be the source and catalyst of the anomaly, as it created a temporal feedback loop between itself and SCP-YYYY.
The bullet was also found to have a unique property: it was able to penetrate any material or obstacle without losing any velocity or kinetic energy. The bullet was able to pierce through walls, doors, windows, furniture, and even human bodies with ease. The bullet left no traces of impact or damage on any of the surfaces it passed through, except for its final target: Miller's skull.
It is theorized that the bullet's property was related to SCP-YYYY's curse, as it ensured that the bullet would always reach its intended victim, regardless of any interference or protection. It is also possible that the bullet's property was a side effect of the temporal anomaly, as it ignored the normal laws of physics and causality.
The bullet was designated as SCP-YYYY-1 and placed in a separate containment locker at Site-12 for further study.
Addendum YYYY-3: Interview with ████████
During the administration of amnestics to the inhabitants of the town, one of them displayed an unusual reaction. The individual, identified as ████████, a local shopkeeper and witness of the shootout, claimed to have memories of the time loop and SCP-YYYY. The individual was interviewed by Agent ██████ before being given a higher dose of amnestics. The transcript of the interview is as follows:

Agent ██████: Hello, ████████. I'm Agent ██████, and I'm here to ask you some questions about what happened today.
████████: What happened today? You mean what happened over and over again for 120 years?
Agent ██████: What do you mean by that?
████████: Don't play dumb with me. You know what I mean. The time loop. The shootout. The gun.
Agent ██████: How do you know about those things?
████████: Because I remember them. All of them. Every single loop.
Agent ██████: How is that possible?
████████: I don't know. Maybe I'm special. Maybe I'm cursed. Maybe it's because I saw it happen.
Agent ██████: Saw what happen?
████████: The gun. The gun that started it all. The gun that killed him.
Agent ██████: Who are you talking about?
████████: Him. John "Black Jack" Ketchum. The outlaw. The gunslinger. The man who made his last stand.

Note: After the interview, ████████ was given a Class-C amnestic and released from custody. No further anomalous effects were observed in him or any other inhabitants of the town. It is unclear how ████████ was able to retain his memories of the time loop, or why he was the only one affected by this phenomenon. Further research is recommended to determine the cause and extent of this anomaly.
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2023.06.09 18:53 Ok_Ball1233 Did I make a mistake?

Back in the day I owned a 1989 Nissan pulsar NX it had T tops. It was a five speed manual to this day that Is still one of my favorite cars Never once had a issue with it Ok so in 2015 I bought a Nissan versa again 5 speed manual. Just a basic car. Manual windows cd player. I would hear people say how crappy the Nissan versus, but I never once had an issue with the car and never ever broke down on me. OK so that brings me to current times the versa was getting older had almost 100,000 miles because for years I had to commute 55 miles a day to my job. My current job is 3 miles thank God. Anyways, I decided to go out and buy a Nissan Sentra. This one is an automatic. This is my first automatic have ever had. Now I am hearing horror stories about the cvt. Did I make a mistake to buy this car? I am at 52-year-old woman who will not be beating on the car I drive 3 miles to work and back to the grocery store and here in there to go visit friends. I plan on changing the CVT fluid at the dealership every 30,000 miles I hope this car will last.
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